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July Newsletter

Are You Ready to Take Flight?


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A Student’s Perspective, pg. 2

Our team can’t wait to meet you!

Disability Services, pg. 3

Hey future Falcons! We hope you are all enjoying your summer. We are get-

Bentley Sustainability, pg. 3

Bentley’s Academic Trading Room, pg. 4

which will be here before you know it. We wanted to remind you to keep

Campus Safety, pg. 5

working on your tasks for the summer (see them below)! Remember to keep

Center for Women and Business, pg. 5

@WelcomeFalcons. This month we are hosting another photo contest on

Midnight Madness, pg. 6

Instagram! Post photos of your summer adventures with #FalconsInFlight to

Residence Hall Essentials, pg. 7

ting more and more excited to welcome you to Bentley in August. The Orientation Central Staff is working hard to get everything ready for your arrival,

interacting with your future classmates through our Instagram page,

be entered into the running for your first piece of Bentley swag! We are all eager to see what you are up to this summer! Lastly, your Orientation Student Coordinators wanted to remind you to continue to reach out with any questions you may have. Have a wonderful July!

- The Orientation Central Staff

Upcoming Deadlines Checklist 

Complete Bentley Beginnings Online Orientation (PAST DUE)

Register for fall classes (Individual registration dates and times specified in email from Academic Services)

Submit payments for student account bill (Due August 1st)

Electronically sign Terms and Conditions (Due August 1st)

Complete StrengthsFinder assessment (Due August 1st)

Transfer and International Student Newsletters Are you transferring to Bentley University from another institution, or coming to the U.S. from another country? Click here for the Transfer Student Edition, or click here for the International Student Edition.

StrengthsFinder Assessment All new students are required to complete the StrengthsFinder assessment by August 1st. Here are the steps on how to get started:  Click here!  Click on New Account to register  Register with your Bentley email  Complete the survey

A Student’s Perspective Hear from rising senior, Kai, on his Bentley Experience. My Bentley Journey I was excited to finally be on my own after my mom left me in my dorm. But, I felt like a deer in the headlights. Here I was free to do whatever, but had no idea where to start. I didn’t know who to talk to, what to say, or even where to start.

Kai Douglas Education | Class of 2019 Major: Marketing Minor: Gender Studies and Psychology

Student Life Involvement: 

Orientation Leader

STEP Mentor

Before getting accepted, I had previously been to the Multicultural Center (MCC) for a meeting during my MOSAIC overnight. I didn’t think much of the space, but eventually it became a family room for me and other students. During the day, the MCC staff would put on events which covered topics such as diversity, culture, and race. At night the MCC became a place for us all to do our homework and to just talk about anything. It was open to everyone and I developed a lot of long term friends from meeting in that area. Your Voice Matters During my third year of college, I started getting involved a little with public speaking. I was lucky enough to share my story to the 2017 incoming freshmen class and a lot of my upperclassmen peers. I got that opportunity again when I was

Bentley Favorites:

asked to speak at Bentley’s first Diversity Parade. I was honored to have the oppor-

Place to eat: Bentley Food Truck on

tunity to speak in front of all those people, but what I realized while speaking was

upper campus

how much my words resonated with the people in the crowd and the good con-

Relaxation Spot: Volleyball courts behind Kresge and Forest when it’s warm. Tradition: The Annual Black United Body (BUB) Fashion Show Takeout food: Carl’s Steak and Cheese

versation that followed after. I’ve always had an activist mindset, but in this particular moment, I didn’t feel like I was fighting alone. Students and faculty understood what I had expressed in my speech, and were willing to continue fighting to make a change. I could tell by the speeches and support that Bentley was on my side for that fight. Your Bentley Experience Lastly, I want to remind you that college is a place for growth. I came in plan-

Bentley’s Multicultural Center (MCC):

ning to be a whole new person freshmen year. I was going to leave my past behind

Located on the 3rd floor of the Student Cen-

and become this extreme social butterfly. However, while that worked for some

ter, Bentley’s MCC is a center dedicated to

time, it wasn’t who I was. You don’t have to come to college and do a complete

creating a diverse and inclusive campus community. To do this, the MCC hosts a myriad

180. Rather, what you do have to do is keep an open mind. By keeping an open mind and experiencing new things, college will be a high to your highs and lows.

of programs, workshops and events. Click on the MCC’s logo to the right for more information.


Disability Services Bentley accommodates the academic needs of all of its students. Bentley’s Office of Disability Services works with all students who have a diagnosed disability and need academic accommodations in the classroom. This office specializes in working with students who have learning disabilities, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, psychological, medical, and physical disabilities. If you have a diagnosed disability and have received any academic accommodations, Disability Services asks that you consider registering with their office before the start of classes. It is only after you complete this registration process that you will have access to accommodations. In order to register, you must send in your medical documentation, your accommodation plan (IEP, 504 Plan), if you have one, as well as any documentation from SAT or ACT approving accommodations. They will then walk you through the process of requesting and receiving accommodations here at Bentley! Additionally, if you have anymore questions regarding Disability Services, please contact Stephanie S. Brodeur, Director at

Sustainability on Campus Bentley lives by the Triple Bottom Line The Office of Sustainability is here to guide your sustainability experience at Bentley through their three pronged approach:

Participation In terms of participation and outreach within the Bentley Community, the Office of Sustainability encourages you to get involved with Student for Sustainable Business. This is a student group that focuses on triple bottom-line thinking! During each year, SSB hosts the Blackout Challenge and Earth Fest sustainability events.

Recycling New this Fall! Each room will receive its own recycling and trash bin, making is easy to reduce, reuse, and recycle.


“Bentley University Office of Sustainability”

Website: 3

Bentley’s Academic Trading Room

A State of the Art Teaching and Research Center Bentley’s Academic Trading Room, also known as the Hughey Center for Financial

What do you like about the Trading Room?

Services, currently stands as one of the largest academic trading rooms in North America. Located in the Smith Academic Technology Center, the Trading Room is home to 60 Hewlett Packard dual-screen work stations, each equipped with real-time data and leading financial technologies. The Trading Room also features 16 LCD screens and three

"What I love is being able to become familiar with financial databases like Bloomberg, Factset, and Morningstar. These are great resources for class projects, as well as in-depth information for stock

ticker tapes that constantly display up-to-date market information, news headlines and

trading. Familiarity with these applications put you


one step ahead when looking for internships and

Throughout the year, the Trading Room is open seven days a week to Bentley students looking to gain firsthand exposure to financial concepts such as trading, portfolio

jobs. Even if you aren't doing financial research, it's a great place to do work or study for other subjects."

construction, corporate finance concepts, and risk management. When financial classes are not in session, students use this space to finish their projects and homework, con-

-Julie Slavin, Class of 2020

duct their own equity research, review news headlines, or study. If you ever need any

“The atmosphere! It’s just so stimulating and excit-

assistance, student Trading Room Analysts are always around to help.

ing! Every time I step into the Trading Room, I feel

One of the active student organizations within the Trading Room is the Bentley In-

as though I am on Wall Street. From stock tickers moving across LED displays to financial news play-

vestment Group (BIG). This group of students is responsible for managing a portion of

ing on the LCD TV’s , there is never a time where

Bentley’s endowment. Founded in 1997, BIG’s original allocation was $250,000, which

my interest isn’t piqued. Also, the trading room

has since grown to around $1,000,000 this past year! Each Wednesday, students deliver

analysts are extremely resourceful when it comes to

stock pitches, which get voted on for admission to the portfolio. If you are interested in managing investments and analyzing stocks, this is the student organization for you!


helping you out with your research and projects.” -Rob Zedros, Class of 2020

Campus Safety Bentley University’s Police Department is located in

Safety Tips from Bentley University Police Officer Travis Scott!

the Callahan building near the center of campus, and is committed to campus safety and security. Bentley

Always lock your room

operates under the Blue Light System, which is a series

Secure your belongings

of emergency alarm stations strategically located

Save University Police numbers in your phone

Carry your Falcon Card with you at all times

Do not leave any personal property unattended

residence halls, there are yellow emergency phones

Record the serial numbers of personal property

which put students in direct contact with University

Report any suspicious activity

Police at any time, day or night. University Police of-

Get to know your University Police officers

Travel in pairs, or connect with friends before travelling alone

Download the “Bentley University Emergency Response Plan” App

throughout the campus to provide assistance to anyone in distress. This system provides students with a way to easily contact university police if needed. Inside

fers various other services as well. For a complete list click here. Contact: Emergency line: 781-891-3131 Business line: 781-891-2201

The Gloria Cordes Larson Center for Women and Business (CWB) offers programs for students focused on critical workplace diversity issues and strategies for self-advocacy and inclusive leadership. We prepare students for success! Student Fellowship – Become a CWB Fellow and gain realworld leadership preparation through an exploration of current workplace diversity issues and best practices.

Men of Alliance – Join other male-identified students interested in learning about gender equity issues and actively supporting their female peers in the classroom and the workplace. Bentley Women’s Network (BWN) – Become a member of BWN and participate in on-campus conferences that build student awareness and confidence. CWB Connection – Sign up to get invitations to CWB events that will help you gain knowledge and confidence as a future leader. Kick off your Bentley experience with a CWB connection! Women's Leadership Program – Selected during the admissions process, women in this four-year program gain the essential skills, realworld experiences, and confidence needed to advance into leadership roles. The CWB is located in LaCava Center room 298 – stop in any time and look for their events on campus! 5

Midnight Madness A Bentley Tradition of School Spirit At the beginning of each November, the entire Bentley Community comes together within the Dana Athletic Center to celebrate its long-standing tradition of Midnight Madness. For Bentley students, this night serves as a way to get HYPED for the upcoming Men’s and Women’s basketball seasons, as well as participate in competitions for awesome prizes. They also enjoy performances from the cheer, dance, and acapella groups on campus.

This past Midnight Madness, the night kicked off at 9pm with students filing into the bleachers to await the introductions for each basketball team. Shortly after, both teams ran onto the court where they received a grand ovation from the crowd and they began warming-up with their team shootarounds. Following the shootarounds were electrifying and captivating performances from Bentley’s Dance Team, Cheer Team, Hip-Hop Dance Crew “Craze”, Step Squad “F.I.R.E.”, and acapella group “Off the Clock”.

Then, to cap off the night, students participated in competitions including knockout, dizzy bat, dribble relay, head pong, tug of war and a shot to win $10,000! Winners of these competitions were awarded prizes ranging from Celtics and Bruins tickets to hammocks and Yogibos. Although most students were tired by the end of the night, this event was a great way to start the upcoming basketball season and spark falcon spirit..

Stu Your Falcon ID From the minute you arrive in August, your Falcon ID will be your key to getting around campus. In order to be eligible to receive your ID on MoveIn Day, you must upload your own Bentley ID photo. To do so, go to and login using your Bentley email and network password. Here are a few ways you’ll use your Falcon Card:  Gaining access to Residence Halls  Entering the main dining hall—the 921  Using discretionary dollars/ Falcon Funds  Retrieving packages from the mail stop  Boarding the Harvard Square Shuttle and Campus Loop


Residence Hall Essentials Moving into a residence hall for the first time is exciting. Here are two checklists to help you remember what to pack in

Student Pro Tips

The Must-Haves:

The Nice-to-Haves:


Throw Blanket

Sheet set

Back-up sheet set


Mattress pad

headphones got me through my first year.”


Single-serve coffee maker

-Lauren Davis, Class of 2019

Shower caddy




Laundry bin


Clothes hangers

Posters, pictures, and other decorations

Cleaning supplies/laundry detergent

Adhesive hooks/strips

-Riley Hynes, Class of 2019

Storage baskets

“Coming from a quiet household, I wasn’t used to the noise accompanied with living in a residence hall. My earplugs and noise cancelling

“Bring tons of 3M command strips and hooks, you never know what you might need to

“I would be lost without my extra storage bins


Desk mirror



Water bottle


Power strip (with a built-in surge protector)

Shower shoes

Dishes, glasses, and utensils


Iron/Static spray

Basic office supplies

Storage bins

Trash bin

and plenty of hangers. I always bring way too many clothes to school, and bins and hangers allow me to store them all.” -Casey Hutnyan, Class of 2019 “Since you are living in your dorms for a full year, it’s a great idea to come with some posters, flags, tapestries, etc. Make it truly feel like a home away from home.” - Tyler Sloman, Class of 2020

Click here to view examples of your first-year residence halls


GET PREPARED FOR REGISTRATION! We are excited to assist you with registering for your first semester of courses at Bentley. Your registration process will be conducted online, with academic advisors available to assist you. A reminder that all new students are assigned a specific registration date, as follows: FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS Wednesday, July 18, 2018 students whose last names begin with A - F Monday, July 23, 2018 students whose last names begin with G - N Wednesday, July 25, 2018 students whose last names begin with O - Z Registration will take place from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. ET on each date. Please note that seats in first-year classes are evenly divided among the three registration days so that all students have equal access to classes, regardless of which day you register.

For more information about academics and advising at Bentley, visit academic-services/ your-first-year.

Additional details will be sent to you via email in the coming weeks, so please be sure to regularly check your Bentley email for updates!

Office of the Registrar and Undergraduate Academic Services

Save the date:

Registration Webinar Tuesday, July 10, 2018 10:00 a.m. ET Sign up via online orientation or the New Student tab at

Questions? Contact Academic Services at or 781.891.2803.


Are you a first generation student?

Email to connect with staff. Also, make sure to check out our August edition of the Newsletter, which will provide more details about the first generation student experience at Bentley. 9

Bentley University, New Student Orientation--July Newsletter  

Please take a look at the July Newsletter to learn more about the upcoming opportunities and resources.

Bentley University, New Student Orientation--July Newsletter  

Please take a look at the July Newsletter to learn more about the upcoming opportunities and resources.