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August Newsletter


You’re Approaching the Final Destination! Get Ready for a Safe and Exciting Landing! The time is almost here! Orientation is less than a month away and everyone here at Bentley cannot wait for you to officially arrive at our beautiful campus in Waltham. We

Upcoming Deadlines: 


  

891-2217), email (, and social media (@WelcomeFalcons)! This newsletter should help you get ready for New Student Orientation. We have a ton of

Electronically sign Terms and Conditions -Due ASAP

Complete part I of AlcoholEdu and Haven Course

amazing programs planned for all of you and cannot wait to get started. It is going to be

-Due August 17th

a blast! Have a great rest of your summer!

- The Orientation Central Staff

Upload your Bentley ID Photo


The Orientation Central Staff has been running around getting everything prepared for you to come to campus. We invite you to continue interacting with us via phone (781-

Complete StrengthsFinder assessment


hope that you are finishing up everything you have to do in order to make your transition as smooth as possible. You should be almost done with all of the tasks to the right!

Submit payments for student account bill

Submit Computer License Agreement -Due August 20th

Enroll in Tuition insurance (optional) -Due August 26th

Table of Contents: 

The Bentley Library………………………………….pp. 2

Tuition Insurance…………………………………….pp. 2

Athletics………………………………………………..pp. 3

Bentley Dining Tool………………………………...pp. 3

“Meet Bentley’s 8th President…”……………..pp. 4

“Are you PREPARED to Take…”………………..pp. 5

New Student Orientation………………………..pp. 6

Get Involved………………………………………...pp. 7

Bentley Business Bowl..………………………….pp. 7

Move-In Day………………………………………..pp. 8

Life in a Residence Hall………………………….pp. 8

Ben 1 Gen…………………………………………...pp. 9

Submit Credentials for advanced standing/ transfer credit consideration -Due October 15th

Make sure to check out our Bentley New Student Guide by clicking this photo! This guide will provide you with more info about adjusting to life at Bentley.

The Bentley Library

Bentley’s Academic Centerpiece Situated at the heart of Bentley’s Upper Campus, the Bentley Library is a prominent location on campus. Distinguished by its majestic clocktower, it can be viewed from any part of campus. Within its doors, the Bentley Library offers a wide–range selection of books, audio tapes, movies and daily newspapers. These include anything from the latest releases to alltime classics. Complementing these sources of media are the Library’s offering of professional research databases used within real-world business industries. As a part of the building’s interior, there are 743 relaxing study seats, 186 study carrels, 83 computer workstations, and 24 group study rooms. During the school year, students utilize these resources to work on projects, get work done, or study for exams. In particular, students are always booking study rooms to work on group projects. You can make a reservation for a room by clicking here. Additionally, the Library also houses Einstein’s Deloitte Café, the RSM Art Gallery, the Bentley Helpdesk, the ESOL (English as a Second or Other Language) Center and the Writing Center. Einstein’s is a fan favorite of students for its breakfast bagels and morning coffee options. Students convene within the Café area to meet and chill with friends as well as have group meetings. The RSM Art Gallery plays host to six to eight art exhibits each year “highlighting the work of emerging New England artists”. If you are ever in need of technical support with your computer, Wi-Fi connection, or just need to borrow a charger, the Bentley Helpdesk is available seven days a week to help out. Finally, the ESOL and Writing Centers offer one-onone writing assistance to those who want to improve their writing or get an extra set of eyes on a written draft. It is open to all students for drop-in hours and scheduled appointments seven days a week.

Liberty Mutual Tuition Insurance Option This year, Bentley has partnered with Liberty Mutual to provide students with Tuition Insurance for the current academic school year. As a supplement to Bentley’s refund policy, Liberty Mutual’s Tuition Insurance program provides 100% coverage throughout the entire term. If you have to withdraw from classes due to illness, injury, mental health disorder or any other eligible reason, the plan will ensure that you get back all of your insured tuition, room and board and fees paid through Bentley. For further information please visit bentleytuition to learn more about the program and how to enroll. If you have any further questions, please email


Athletics Varsity, Club, and Intramural Sports. Bentley has 21 men’s and women’s varsity teams. All of Bentley’s teams compete in the Northeast-10 Conference at the NCAA Division II level, with the exception of the men’s hockey program. The men’s hockey team competes in the Atlantic Hockey conference at the Division I level. For a complete list of varsity athletic programs, visit Bentley Athletics’ website here. In addition to intercollegiate programs, Bentley University offers a number of club sports for students to take part in. The Student Programs & Engagement (SP&E) office operate these clubs, which are financially supported by the student activity fee. For a complete list of club sports, click here. Bentley also offers a variety of intramural sports for students to participate in. Students can make teams for the fall, winter, and spring season depending on what sport they are interested in. For a complete list of intramural sports, click here.

Bentley Dining Technology The Bite App and MyDtxt This past year, Bentley integrated new technology within its dining services to improve student convenience and satisfaction. These new technologies include the Bite App and MyDtxt texting service. Bite is a free app that can be downloaded in the App Store or Google Play Store. Students primarily use this app to the check the status of the 921 menu no matter where they are on campus. For each menu item, students can receive feedback on the meal’s nutritional value and potential allergens. Additionally, students can customize this app to filter for desired menus, allergens and nutritional content. MyDtxt is a new way of receiving exclusive, valuable promotions and giving Bentley Dining feedback. It’s as easy as sending a text to your friend! To sign up, all you do is text “Bdiningcomments” to 82257. Once you have joined the texting service, you can text the folks at Bentley Dining any time!


Meet Bentley’s 8th President: Dr. Alison Davis-Blake A New Leader for our Second Century Dr. Alison Davis-Blake, stated on July 1st as Bentley University’s 8th president! This comes at an exciting point in Bentley’s history as the university is on the rise as one of the nation’s top business schools. President Davis-Blake enters Bentley as an accomplished academician and leader in higher education, having served as the first female dean for both the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota (2006-2011) and Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan (2011-2016). During her time at Ross especially, Dr. DavisBlake successfully expanded the school’s presence by increasing global study opportunities for MBA and Business Administration students and forming new partnerships with universities around the world. She also assisted with broadening the school’s domestic scope by establishing an Executive MBA program in Los Angeles and introducing a Mas-

A Message from President

ter of Management and Minor in Business programs.


With her impressive background and experience, Dr. Davis-Blake plans to take Bent-

“Bentley’s mission of preparing

ley to new heights as the university moves into its second century of existence. President

students for successful careers

Davis-Blake’s inauguration will take place on Friday, October 19 from 10:00 AM to 11:30

and lives that make a positive

AM in the Bentley Arena. A formal invitation will be sent out in the coming weeks. For

difference in the world is at the

more information about President Davis-Blake, click here.

heart of why I became an educator… It’s an honor to join you as together we lead Bentley into its second century of success”

“Alison Davis-Blake is a recognized national leader in business education who has led transformational change at two of the top business schools in the country. As Bentley begins our second century, Dr. Davis-Blake is the perfect leader to advance the university’s mission and incredible growth.

Steven P. Manfredi ‘73, P ‘10, former chairman of the Bentley University Board of Trustees

“Given the pace of change in business and higher education, the next 10 years will be as important to Bentley as our first 100. Bentley’s next leader must be ready for the historic challenge. Dr. Davis-Blake is the right leader at the right time for Bentley”

Robert P. Badavas ‘74, chairman of the Bentley University Board of Trustees 4

Are You PREPARED to Take on the World? Study Abroad with Bentley!

Alternative Study Abroad Experience: Two-Week Study

The Cronin Office of International Education, located on the first floor Adamian, is responsible

Abroad Intensive

for offering international study abroad programs to Bentley students. Along with taking academically rigorous courses, students are exposed to cultural experiences that make them true global learners. Over the years, the Cronin Office has found that those who study abroad are better prepared to be socially responsible leaders in an ever increasingly interconnected world. Additionally, it has be found that “over 90% of employers believe that students who have studied abroad are likely to possess highly desirable skills”. As it stands, the Cronin Office offers more than 80 programs in 25 countries, which include semester programs, summer programs, faculty-led international courses as well as domestic programs.

”They’re great if you want to

According to the Institute of International Education, Bentley ranks #11 for undergraduate participa-

see a country but not spend a

tion in study abroad programs, with 50% of the class of 2017 having engaged in one of the afore-

semester there— they’re super

mentioned programs. In recent history, the top ten study abroad destinations have been Scotland,

intensive so you become super

Ireland, England, Spain, Ghana, South Africa, France, Italy, China and Australia.

close with the people and professor on the trip and become

While abroad, students use the opportunity to take courses outside of their major to enhance the diversity of their talents and critical thinking skills. They also spend time traveling to new coun-

a master on the class you’re studying”

tries, staying with host families and even getting internships! To learn more about getting involved in Bentley’s study abroad programs, click on the following links: Study Abroad 101, 2017 Annual

-Rachel Dobrzynski, Class of

Report and We offer Summer/ Semester Programs. Some of these programs have internships.


Why Go Abroad?

“This might be one of the only

“While I learned so much in a

”I wanted to be pushed out of my

times you will have the opportuni-

new classroom environment with comfort zone. I never would of

ty to pick-up and leave your nor-

a new teaching style, I found

thought that I would get the

mal lifestyle for something com-

that my most important takea-

chance to study in another coun-

pletely new and exciting. All I can

ways came from the amazing

try, but it provided me with the

say is that you have to go and

people I met and incredible ex-

opportunity to experience new

experience it for yourself. You

periences I had across the world culture, food, teaching styles,

won’t regret it. “

in a new culture.”

-Hannah McDonnell, Class of 2019

-Jared Oullette, Class of 2019

people and countries!” 5 -Casey Hutnyan, Class of 2019

“You’ll visit the most incredible places, meet the most amazing people and make memories that will last a lifetime. Studying abroad was the best decision I’ve made throughout my college career.” - Jack Murphy, Class of 2019

New Student Orientation Start your Bentley journey. New Student Orientation provides you with the opportunity to get to know Bentley University and your classmates before the rest of the students arrive at Bentley for the fall semester. The goal of the Orientation program is help you transition to campus and prepare to embark on your Bentley journey. The Orientation Team will do their best to empower you to engage in diverse interactions, discover your Strengths, and celebrate this new chapter. Throughout Orientation, you’ll participate in various activities and programs designed to help you acclimate to campus. A few of these activities are outlined below:

Convocation Convocation occurs on the first day of Orientation and marks the official start of students time at Bentley. All new students will gather in the Arena for a formal welcome address by Bentley’s President, Dr. Alison Davis-Blake, as well as other members of the Bentley community. After the ceremony, students dive right into the Orientation Program and its subsequent events and activities.

Academic Session This will be the first time you are exposed to the academic side of your Bentley experience. Starting off the day, you will be attending your first class as a Bentley student within the Arena! During the class, you will learn how to make the most of your academic experience while at Bentley. Following the class, there will be an academic overview session detailing the different course requirements for your first year as well as faculty available to discuss placements within certain courses (Ex: Exp 101, Math, etc). After the academic overview session, you will then be given the opportunity to sit-in on open houses and mock classes to gain a sense of classroom atmosphere. These events all culminate in you receiving your laptop computer towards the end of the day!

You Can “B” A brand new component to this year’s orientation program, “You Can ‘B’” represents a powerful opportunity for the Bentley community to recognize and appreciate its unique and diverse community members. Here at Bentley, each person contributes their own vibrant cultures and dynamic experiences that make up the overall framework of what it truly means to be a Bentley Falcon. Through the “You Can ‘B’” program, students will be empowered to share and explore their own personal stories and see how these fit into Bentley’s greater cultural fabric. So, to end, I leave you with a question, “WHAT CAN YOU B at Bentley?”.

StrengthsFinder As we have previously noted, Bentley University is a Strengths-based institution. During Orientation, all new students will participate in a StrengthsFinder workshop with members of the Bentley community who are certified Strengths Coaches. This workshop will begin to introduce you to ways in which Bentley University integrates the StrengthsFinder curriculum into the Bentley experience. As a reminder, if you have not already done so, please remember to complete your StrengthsFinders Assessment.


YappApp: To ensure you always know what you are doing and where you are supposed to be during Orientation, we have made a schedule and other information available on the YappApp. You can download this app from the app store, and it will tell you anything you need to know about Orientation. Yapp ID is FALCONS2022, or you can scan the QR code below.. The

Get Involved

Student Suggestions:

Bentley is home to over 100 clubs & organizations.

”Make the time to go to the activity

Outside of the classroom, Bentley University offers endless opportunities to get involved.

mester. Even if it’s only for 15

No matter what your interests are, there is something for everyone. For a complete list of

minutes, you’ll find something you’d

clubs and organizations, click here.

love to be a part of!”

During your first few weeks on campus, Student Programs and Engagement, or SP&E, will

-Carissa Delvecchio, Class of 2021

host the annual Activities Fair. The Activities Fair, which is held on the Lower Campus field hockey field, provides students with the opportunity to explore many of the clubs and organizations Bentley has to offer. You will be able to meet with representatives of organizations in which you are interested and learn more about getting involved. If you do not find what you are looking for at the Activities Fair, or you have an idea for another organization, you can start your own! Bentley students have the opportunity to satisfy a demonstrated need for new organizations.

fairs at the beginning of each se-

“Sign up/join anything and everything that piques your interest. From there, you can go to the meetings and choose which ones are best for you and work within your schedule” -Lea Thompson, Class of 2021 “Don’t be afraid to try something new. If you like it, perfect. If you don’t, it’s no big deal because at least you tried.” -Will Isenburg, Class of 2021 “Ask around and talk to everyone, Bentley gets super involved. So, chances are the person you’re speaking to is highly involved!” -Riley Hynes, Class of 2019

Bentley Business Bowl Outside of clubs and organizations, Bentley students also get involved by participating in case competitions, such as the Bentley Business Bowl. This past school year, Bentley held its 21st Business Bowl on February 24, 2018 within Jennison Hall and the Executive Dining Room in the Lacava Center. The Bowl is open to all undergraduate and graduate Bentley students who team up in groups with the same class code. From there, they are given a case pertaining to real-world business issues and problems. Their job is to find solutions to these problems and present their findings to a panel of judges consisting of business professionals and alumni. At the end of the competition, awards are given to the top three finishing teams from each category of class codes. If you are interested in getting involved in case competitions like the Bentley Business Bowl, there will be a Deans’ Case Competi-

tion hosted during your Orientation program on Sunday, August 26th from 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM. Sign up by clicking here.


Move-In Day It’s right around the corner. We are so excited to welcome you all in less than a month to our beautiful campus. To ensure that your move-in experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible, we have provided you with your assigned move-in times below: 

Slade, Oak and Spruce - 8:00AM - 10:30AM

Alder, Birch, Cedar, Elm, Maple and Miller - 11:00 AM - 1:30PM

Transfers and Exchange Students can move in from 11:00 AM - 1:30pm at various locations across campus.

If you are participating in the MOSIAC program or in one of the Defined Communities, you will receive further communication regarding the specifics of your move in dates and times.

Bentley will be having professional movers assist you in your move-in process and University staff will be present all around campus to direct you to the proper locations. Once you are in your residence hall, additional staff members will provide you with your student ID and room combination.

For more information about the Move-In Process can be found here. For further information about first year residence halls c lick here.

Life in a Residence Hall Get to know who you’re living with. As you already know, college is going to be full of new experiences! For many students, this is your first time living away from home, and it may be your first time sharing a room. Having a good relationship with your new roommate(s) will require you to make an effort. The Residential Center is here if you ever have any questions or concerns about your living arrangement. Below we have provided some tips and tricks to get to know your roommate(s) and have a positive living experience on campus. Communication is key: 

When you receive your roommate’s contact information, reach out! You can chat via text, email, and social media to begin to get to know each other.

Student’s Thoughts

Discuss who is bringing what, especially in terms of larger items. You only need one refrigerator, and talking with your roommate can help avoid duplicates. It is also important to note that you can rent microfridges at the following site:

Get to know your Resident Assistant (RA) once you get to campus—they will be with you for the entire year and are a great resource when you or your roommate have questions.

The Roommate Agreement: 

In order to ensure your living arrangement is a positive experience, your RA will guide you through the Roommate Agreement process. The Roommate Agreement is a document that will set expectations of living with a roommate.

When making your Roommate Agreement, make sure to consider your own needs and expectations within the room.

Areas to consider thinking about: study and sleep habits, personal vs. shared possessions, visitations/guests, etc. 8

Ben 1 Gen An Initiative for First Generation (to college) Students at Bentley University Bentley’s campus is home to almost 800 first generation undergraduate students (that’s roughly 19% of the entire undergraduate population)! If you’re not familiar with the phrase, being First Generation to college means that no one in your household (siblings, parents, etc.) has completed a 4 year college degree in the United States. It means that you are a trendsetter, a trailblazer in your family who has crushed obstacles to get to where you are today. The BEN1GEN campus wide initiative is aimed at supporting, promoting, and celebrating Bentley’s first generation students, faculty and staff as a collective community. BEN1GEN is an additional resource for all students, but specifically addresses questions and concerns about almost any ‘first’ while at Bentley! Questions like accessing tutors, fi-

”It’s difficult sometimes when you try to

nancial aid, student employment and even just meeting or making new friends can all be

look for answers to questions you don’t

answered by participating in any of the BEN1GEN programs (run by current BEN1GEN stu-

even know how to ask. The Ben 1 Gen has

dents, faculty and staff). BEN1GEN also strives to promote and celebrate YOUR hard work

established a community where we not

with a variety of social events throughout the year starting with the First Generation

only find answers to the questions we

Hotspot on Thursday of Orientation (check us out at the Student Center, 3rd floor from 1-

have, but also educate ourselves on the


questions we should be asking. It’s been the most supportive community and the

If you’re looking to get involved with BEN1GEN or just want to check in, email us at

one I can relate to the most at Bentley. or feel free to introduce yourself to current First Generation Bentley students Luisanny (Luli) or Alexandra when you get to campus!

-Luisanny Germosen Mejia, Class of 2020

First Gen Student Spotlight: Alexandra Yassemedis

Q: Describe your experience as a First Generation Student. A: Personally— and not speaking for everyone, being a first generation student doesn’t feel too different, mostly because I’ve never known anything else. I had never stepped back to consider myself less privileged than the rest of my classmates. Luckily, I was able to lean on my friends when it came time to apply to colleges because my parents had no idea how the process worked. It was no fault of their own, as they were able to work their way up the corporate ladder and provide very well for our family. Unfortunately in this day and age, I don’t believe success stories like theirs are heard of as frequently. Neither of my parents had firsthand experience in the college application, payment and room and board process. However, they were willing to learn along with me and pushed me to get a good education where I wouldn’t constantly be forced to prove myself, as they have had to do. 9

August Newsletter (New Students 2018)  
August Newsletter (New Students 2018)