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Number of stories featuring illegal surveillance in this issue. See pages 8 and 22.

Number of visitors to the Bentley this past year.

1412.15 Number of gigabytes in new digital content.

@BENTLEYHISTORICALLIBRARY: Boy Scouts deliver Ann Arbor Community Fund ballots, 1938. (From the Eck Stanger photograph collection.)

1908 The year George Gregor William Andree received his D.D.S. degree, according to the Board of Regents Proceedings, making him the first deaf person in the United States to receive a D.D.S. BLUE FROGGE THE RUBAIYAT Bars frequented by Madonna when she was a student at U-M, according to Bentley Archivist for University History Brian Williams, in a story about the Material Girl on 2 BENTLEY.UMICH.EDU

“Contrary to what many believe, service to mankind need not necessarily be the building of a magnificent monument, the construction of a sewer system, the building of roads, or the giving of food, books, clothing, or tools. Service can be, and I believe is most effectively performed, when it is living with people. Service means ‘to give.’ Often this is construed to mean to give something material. But living with people is the most substantial form of service because it requires the giving of our most precious and personal possession—ourselves.”

The Regional Map of the Head Ever wonder where gregariousness resides in the brain? How about faith or suavity? The Regional Map of the Head was part of a turn-of-the-century guide called Yourself in the Light of Vitosophy, which offered a “scientific delineation of character.” For a fee, users could fill out the guide, then return it for an evaluation by Professor Elton Burwell McNeil, a “thoroughly qualified Vitosophist,” who instructed the user about life choices including professions, mates, interests, and areas of the brain to cultivate. The Bentley holds a full 25-page assessment in its collections for anyone who wants to learn more about their suavity. @GLASSPETALSMOKE:

Excerpt of a letter from Barbara Bassett McIver, who was part of the second cohort of Peace Corps volunteers and part of the first Peace Corps group to go to the Philippines in 1961. Her collection of letters, scrapbooks, diary entries, and more, was recently added to the Bentley archives.

Writer Paul Showers and artist Paul Galdone collaborated on a children’s book called Follow Your Nose (1963). Showers was a U-M graduate who studied English and theatre. He had an interesting career as a writer, editor & journalist. His papers are @umichbentley. #SmellLiterature

Detroit Egypt Ann Arbor Manhattan Jerusalem Palestine Virginia Nova Scotia Locations visited in this issue of Collections magazine.

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“Greg Kinney is probably the most underappreciated individual that we’ve had at the athletic department since the early 1990s. He’s like history. You have to find out about him. You have to take a look at him. I think the guy is just amazing. I’ll be honest with you. If we don’t have a Greg Kinney, I don’t think we have what we have at the Bentley. I’m not positive somebody else could have done it.” Quote from Bruce Madej, the longest serving Sports Information Director in U-M history, about Bentley Athletics Archivist Greg Kinney and his role preserving Michigan athletics history, in an article on

Average time a patron spends in the Bentley’s Reading Room.

11,324 Number of collections used this past year by researchers.

HEMISPHERIC SOLIDARITY What researcher Simone Kropf, a visiting scholar from the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation in Rio de Janeiro, called the allied relationship of the United States and Brazil against Nazism in World War II. She was featured on the Bentley’s Facebook page as part of a regular series, Stories from the Reading Room. BENTLEY.UMICH.EDU 3




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Collections Magazine, Fall 2018  

In this issue of the Bentley Historical Library's magazine, we explore the life of LGBTQ pioneer Ruth Ellis, as well as the Fourth Amendment...

Collections Magazine, Fall 2018  

In this issue of the Bentley Historical Library's magazine, we explore the life of LGBTQ pioneer Ruth Ellis, as well as the Fourth Amendment...