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Welcome to the latest Edition of the Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce Magazine WELCOME to Business ConneXions, a quarterly magazine focused on promoting some of the best our business community has to offer.

the area through attendance at many Chamber events, engaging with local businesses and supporting good causes through their charitable foundation.

This edition focuses on the environment and how by taking small steps businesses can achieve BIG in the Green Revolution. The Chamber is committed to helping businesses go green and we welcome advice from environmental advocates to ensure we help businesses make the biggest impact.

The Wandsworth Business Awards Gala Dinner and presentations is on the 11th of October at Roehampton Club and a list of the finalists is now published on page 13. Please join me in congratulating all our Finalists and wish them every success on the night. The Black-Tie Gala Dinner sells out very quickly so reserve your place early.

Our Patron Member focus is on Banham Security, a company that is a household name in the UK, over 90 years young, privately owned and totally committed to quality. Since the relocation of their HQ to Earlsfield a few years ago, Banham Security have shown exceptional engagement in

You may have noticed an advertisement for Foster Carers in recent editions of Business ConneXions. As your children grow up and leave the nest is this something you would consider, or do you know someone who may. There is very little that is as fulfilling as helping youngsters to develop and

grow and the help available in Wandsworth is truly supportive. Help us to break negative thoughts around fostering by looking for the advertisement, following the link and reading some of the stories. Our children are our future and deserve all the help we can give.

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I hope you will enjoy this edition of Business ConneXions. If you’re business is not already a member of Wandsworth Chamber, why not join today and help us to create a better business environment. If you are a member, thank you for your support and belief in what we strive to achieve and please tell more businesses about us.

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WANDSWORTH BUSINESSES urged to think small to achieve big in the Green Revolution The need to tackle climate change has never occupied a higher place on the UK’s political agenda than today. The impact of Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg and the school pupils’ strikes she has inspired and the recent activities of Extinction Rebellion, primarily in London, have focused attention like never before on the need to halt Mankind’s

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contribution to potentially disastrous global warming. In addition, a recent United Nations report saw scientists warn that one million species of plants and animals are at risk of going extinct, with species being lost at a rate of tens or hundreds

of times faster than in the past, unless governments, companies and individuals take action. Just about everyone agrees on the need for action but what can a business in Wandsworth do faced with what often comes over as a global problem?

At a time of difficult trading conditions and economic turmoil, saving the planet can come pretty low down the list of priorities for businesses trying to make a living and many managers find themselves wondering if they really can make a difference anyway.


How thinking green can help the bottom line A few simple measures can not just benefit the environment, they can also benefit the bottom line. One recent estimate suggested that businesses spend at least 4% of their turnover generating waste because the cost of waste is not just the cost of its disposal but also includes wasted energy, water, raw materials, consumables and labour. Many business people may still assume that such issues relate primarily to big industry where major changes in processes can bring about major savings. However, there is a growing awareness among many owners of businesses of all sizes that changes in the office can have a significant effect as well, that switching off the light at night, turning off that leaking tap and recycling paper is not just a ‘good thing to do’ but it can also save money. Agencies working in the waste minimisation field say that the largest controllable outgoing in an office is often

energy consumption but that a few commonsense measures can cut bills by at least 50 per cent, according to some estimates. The same is true when it comes to other everyday office functions. The call does not just relate to the company itself because there is growing pressure on companies to ensure that the businesses in their supply chain are doing the same. Small businesses seeking to carry out work for larger companies are increasingly finding themselves required to demonstrate their green credentials. Wandsworth Chamber is determined to help them. Steve Pinto, CEO, said: “Wandsworth Chamber is committed to helping businesses improve their green credentials. “We will soon be launching a green audit to help businesses take positive actions, develop policies and record their contributions to making Wandsworth a greener place to live and work.”

Wandsworth Council has set out a strategy to become the greenest borough in London. Council Leader Cllr Ravi Govindia said: “We want to see this borough moving in the right direction in the fight against climate change and going forward no area of council life will be left unchallenged. By being creative and practical across all parts of the council, we will be working towards the goal of cutting emissions and reversing climate change.” See page 9 for the full story

So what can your business do to help? Does all this sound scary? Wondering where to start? Here are some simple ideas that businesses of all sizes can adopt. RECYCLING • Ensure that all photocopying and publications are produced in double-sided format on recycled paper • Consider setting aside one business printer for draft documents only – and load it with scrap paper • Use electronic material where possible to reduce printing and faxing • Use paper recycling bins, including one next to the photocopier • Post reminder notices on the walls to ensure that staff remember to switch off lights, printers and faxes etc when not in use. ENERGY • A single computer and monitor left on 24 hours a day can cost more than £50 a year, according to some estimates. Switching them off out of hours and enabling standby features could reduce this to £15 a year each and prolong the lifespan of equipment • Measure how much energy you’re using. Keep track of bills, and how they change after the introduction of energy-saving tips. LIGHTING • Artificial lighting can be automatically controlled through daylight sensors, motion detectors and zoned controls to switch off lighting in unoccupied areas – some estimates suggest that they could cut lighting costs by as much as 15%, possibly more • Replace high wattage lamps with low energy versions, which could make energy savings of 65-75% • Make the most of natural light cleaning windows and skylights regularly will allow maximum

daylight to enter the building and significantly reduce the need for electric lighting. HEATING • Temperature control – keep a thermostat set at the minimum comfort level. Heating costs will go up by 8% each time the temperature goes up by just one degree. • Keep the thermostat away from draughts or hot and cold spots - these will all affect the thermostat and automatically increase heating costs • Don’t put equipment that generates large amounts of heat, like photocopiers, near cooling vents - the cooling system will need to work harder to cool an area that is constantly being heated. • Maintain equipment properly - poorly maintained heating equipment could be adding as much as 10% to a heating bill. WATER The rate of water use by businesses in the UK is 1.3 billion cubic metres each year – the equivalent of 1,400 Olympic swimming pools every day. However, businesses that take action to cut the waste typically achieve a 20-50% decrease in the amount of water used, which in turn cuts costs both in water supply and water disposal charges. Tips include; • Identify areas of wastage, including leaks. Keep waterusing equipment well maintained and check it periodically for leaks. • Make sure staff are fully aware of the importance of water minimisation. Ensure staff are encouraged to report leaks and that leaks are repaired quickly. • When purchasing new equipment, take its water efficiency into account. Fit water minimising controls where possible, eg push taps, flow regulator/restrictors, cistern displacement devices an low flush toilets.

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Michael Gove said: “Together, we must end the moral, economic, and environmental scandal of food waste. The UK is showing real leadership in this area, but I urge businesses to join me in signing the pledge so we can bring about real change.” Susan Barratt, Chief Executive Officer at Institute of Grocery Distribution, said that 90 food businesses across the UK have already committed to reduce food waste.

Food and hospitality industries urged to act Businesses in the worlds of food retail and hospitality have been urged to take action to drive down food waste, seen as important as the planet seeks to make more efficient use of land. The call came from the Government’s Food Surplus and Waste Champion Ben Elliot ahead of a recently-held symposium called ‘Step up to the Plate’, which he hosted alongside then Environment Secretary Michael Gove at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. Attendees were asked to sign up to a number of commitments on measuring and reducing their own food waste and inspiring others to follow their lead. Every year, about 100,000 tonnes of readily available and perfectly edible food goes uneaten and the Step up to the Plate campaign aims to stop good food going to waste through a range of measures.

These include setting an ambitious target to halve food waste by 2030 in line with UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 and encouraging others to take the problem seriously and to change their habits to be Food Value Champion at work and at home, buying only what they need and eating what they buy. Food Surplus and Waste Champion Ben Elliot said: “Wasting food is an environmental, moral and financial scandal. We intend for the symposium and pledge to spark action, not just conversation, and inspire us all to champion change. It’s time to ‘Step up to the Plate’.”

She added: “The time is right for change, so it is encouraging to see so many representatives from both industry and government coming together to tackle this growing issue.” Helen Munday, Chief Scientific Officer, Food and Drink Federation, said the organisation encouraged members the industry as a whole to do more. She said: “Food Waste is an important issue to our members and by working across the value chain, we can make a real change happen on this important social and environmental issue.” You can find out more about the pledge at government/news/slashingfood-waste-major-playersurged-to-step-up-to-the-plate

How to Avoid Air Pollution in the Workplace Indoor pollution in the office or other workplace is a problem, which causes illness and sometimes more serious outcomes. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce, and this short article will outline some areas for managers to understand how to mitigate.

Indoor Air Quality – Important Factors to Note Air quality indoors is not a static thing – it depends on location factors, for example proximity to major roads, but also the season, temperature, how many people are there, what processes are involved – for example an office might have photocopiers and printers, a canteen cooking fumes, while a laboratory will have other potential pollutants.

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The three main ways of dealing with pollutants: 1. First, manage the sources of pollutants either by removing them from the building or isolating them from people through physical barriers, air pressure differences, or by controlling the timing of their utilisation. 2. Dilute pollutants and remove them from the building through good ventilation. 3. Use filters to scrub the air of pollution.

Sources of Pollutants

• Generators of chemical pollution include emissions from products used in the building such as office equipment, furniture, wall and floor coverings and cleaning and consumer products. Vehicle emissions can enter buildings too. • Biological hazards: Excessive concentrations of bacteria, viruses, fungi (including moulds), dust mite allergens, animal dander and pollen may result from inadequate maintenance, vermin control and housekeeping. Allergic responses to indoor biological pollutant

How to save the planet

The growing evidence of climate change brings with it a desire to take action, but it can seem difficult or overwhelming knowing where to start. This can lead some to a sense of anxiety associated with the future of our planet. But, with a little inspiration, everyone can unleash their power to act and make an impact. Wandsworth’s Family Learning Festival takes place during October half term, and the workshop ‘How to Save the Planet, more or less’ is well worth attending for anyone interested in doing their bit for the environment. Suitable for anyone 10+. Delivered by local business woman Gayle Cajee.

exposures cause symptoms in allergic individuals and also play a key role in triggering asthma episodes for an estimated 5.4 million people in the UK. • Particles of dust, dirt, or other substances may be taken into the building from outside and can also be produced by activities that occur in premises, like sanding wood or other substances, printing, copying, operating equipment and machinery.

Improving air quality Managers will need to control moisture and humidity, to stop moulds and fungi developing and issuing spores, maintaining good heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, including filtration to prevent outdoor pollution – for example from traffic – penetrating into the workplace. Although office plants are a good thing they can be the source of bacteria and moulds so should be cared for appropriately. Overall, it does not take much effort or outlay to ensure that the air quality in a workplace is of a superior quality, and this will have benefits that can be seen in happier and healthier staff. Julian Jackson is Wandsworth Chamber’s blogger:


REVEALED: higher salaries ‘do not boost staff loyalty’

Leading job search engine Adzuna has analysed data from 10,000 CVs to determine the average length of time that employees stay in a role before going elsewhere and the research seems to suggest that high salaries do not necessarily lead to staff loyalty. According to Adzuna’s data, it takes UK employees 28 months on average before they get the urge to take on a new job.

At the other end of the spectrum, the data explored the roles that employees are discarding the quickest.

The ten job roles in which employees stay the longest are:

The top ten job roles employees stay in for the least amount of time are:

1. Machine Operator - 5 years and 8 months (average salary of £23,576)

1. Medical Sales Representative - 11 months (average salary of £37,339)

2. Shop Manager - 3 years and 6 months (£25,253)

2. Marketing Assistant 1 year and 1 month (£28,255)

3. Social Care Worker 3 years and 4 months (£29,804) 4. Cleaner (Casual) 3 years and 3 months (£16,247) 5. Office Manager - 3 years and 2 months (£33,025) 6. Chief Marketing Officer - 3 years and 1 month (£108,693****) 7. Deliver Driver - 3 years (£23,461) 8. Security Guard - 2 years and 11 months (£20,691) 9. Forklift Operator - 2 years 10 months (£21,465) 10. Human Resources Manager - 2 years 8 months (£39,779)

3. Full Stack Developer 1 year and 2 months (£55,575) 4. Teaching Assistant - 1 year and 3 months (£19,200) 5. Waiter/Waitress - 1 year and 5 months (£22,036) 6. Customer Service Representative 1 year 5 months (£26,149) 7. Graphic Designer 1 year 7 months (£33,177) 8. Receptionist - 1 year 7 months (£22,695) 9. Kitchen Porter - 1 year 7 months (£18,282) 10. Personal Assistant 1 year 7 months (£22,379)

Adzuna says that the findings suggest that it’s not all about salary when it comes to an employee’s length of service, with the majority of the top ten roles keeping staff the longest offering a salary that is actually below the national average. When it comes to how to retain staff, YouGov data shows that there’s a natural desire for a good salary but also attractive benefits, with more than a third of employees (35%) saying they are looking for a higher salary and one in five (19%) seeking benefits like healthcare, childcare and holiday allowances. Outside of benefits, employed Brits said they are looking for a good work life balance (31%), variety in their projects (10%) and the ability to learn from their employers (17%). Andrew Hunter, co-founder of Adzuna, said: “Sometimes, life can get in the way and changes in circumstance can inevitably force people to move on quicker than expected, but this data gives job hunters a good outline of the roles that have the most longevity. “In terms of what employers can do to create the best possible working environment for staff, it’s clear from what YouGov can show us that while monetary benefits can help, it’s opportunities for development and progression, as well as a good work/life balance that makes people more inclined to stick around.”

“Outside of benefits, employed Brits said they are looking for a good work life balance(31%), variety in their projects (10%) and the ability to learn from their employers (17%).” Business Connexions | 7


Thursday 10th October is

World Mental Health Day

To celebrate this day and the recent opening of fellow Chamber members Wandsworth Oasis premises at: 225 - 231 Upper Richmond Road, Putney, SW15 CLANG Mental Health Training are delivering the extremely popular MHFA England one day ‘Mental Health Champion’ course. The course is workplace focussed and deals with the important issues: • Stress • Anxiety • Depression • Suicidal thoughts. The recommended retail price for this course is £200.00 per delegate, however, we currently offer all fellow Chamber of Commerce members the following exclusives: • Two-for-one pricing. • 30% discount off our usual charges for individual bookings Attendance numbers are limited to 16 delegates and are on a first come basis. To find out further information visit: Welcome to Mental Health First Aid Training - London | Mental Health First Aid

BREWING IS BACK IN THE HEART OF THE BOROUGH Wandsworth town centre’s 500-year-old association with beer brewing is set to live on with the announcement that London’s oldest independent brewer Sambrook’s is moving to Greenland’s Ram Quarter development. The Ram Quarter, which stands on the site of the former Young’s Brewery, will provide a new home for Sambrook’s, which is relocating from its premises in Battersea. Beer has been brewed on the Ram Quarter site since at least 1533 and continued there until 2006 when Young’s moved its brewing operation out of London altogether. Sambrook’s is to take a 20-year lease on a new 11,000 square foot headquarters, which will be housed within a newly restored Grade-II listed former brewery building at the development. The company will open a tap room set around the development’s central square with outdoor seating, serving food and its own handcrafted brews, as well as a bottle shop selling beers from around the world. It expects to produce more than one million pints of beer a year at its new home. It also plans to take over a heritage centre delivered by Greenland at the development, using it to present the history of brewing in London.

The news has been welcomed by council leader Ravi Govindia, who said “Wandsworth is famous for many things and chief among these is its unrivalled history and tradition of beer brewing. “I am delighted that it is Sambrook’s who will be continuing this 500-yearold tradition at the Ram brewery site. They are a highly successful Battersea based company with a great local following who will be able to grow and expand their operations at their new bigger home. They are a local success story and I wish them well in their new venture. “I am delighted, too, at this good news for the Ram Quarter and its developer Greenland. They are playing a key role in the regeneration of Wandsworth town centre and the arrival of Sambrook’s will raise their profile and give people yet another great reason to visit the Ram Quarter.” Other landmark regeneration schemes in the town centre include the Wandsworth Business Village, and The Filaments in Buckhold Road, Lyon House in Wandsworth High Street and the ongoing joint

venture between the council and South Thames College on linked sites in the high Street and Garratt Lane. This involves the replacement of under-used office blocks with attractive and modern new buildings providing new homes, including many affordable units, retail space, improved educational facilities, a new public square and a brand-new library. At the same time, Transport for London is also drawing up fresh proposals to redesign the Wandsworth one-way system which will remove through traffic from the high street and create better space for cyclists and pedestrians. Cllr Govindia said: “These town centre schemes represent one of the biggest regeneration projects in London with well over £1bn of investment flowing through the area. Hundreds of new jobs and homes are being created here alongside major improvements to the local environment.”

Development ‘topping out’ takes place Construction work for 46 new affordable homes at Winstanley & York Road Estate has officially ‘topped out. To celebrate the milestone, Councillor Ravi Govindia, Leader of Wandsworth Council, joined development partners at the site to oversee progress. Built by Winstanley & York Road Regeneration, a joint venture between Taylor Wimpey Central London and Wandsworth Council, the new apartment buildings will provide new council homes for existing estate residents. The council has invested £13.5m to bring forward the new homes, which will be ready to occupy next year. This forms part of major plans drawn up by Winstanley & York Road Regeneration to breathe new life into the estate. Under the proposals, 2,550 new homes would be provided, 35 per cent of which are to be affordable, including replacement homes for all existing secure tenant

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and resident leaseholders, as well as new community facilities including a state-ofthe-art leisure and community centre, a library, a children’s centre and nursery. The affordable homes will be offered in a range of tenures, including Social Rent, Shared Ownership, Shared Equity, Affordable Rent and Private Rent. Councillor Govindia said: “Winstanley and York Road are two of Wandsworth’s major housing estates and our vision is to completely regenerate both of these estates. Taking care of existing residents and ensuring that they are appropriately housed is really important to us, which is why this block specifically provides new homes for decanted estate residents. “However, this is more than just new homes, this will be a transformational

project – there will be untold opportunities for people to train, improve their life chances, education and skills. We want to build new homes and an exciting future for all who live in them.” Lee Bishop, Managing Director from Taylor Wimpey, said: “Importantly, the regeneration of Winstanley & York Road Estate will provide all existing council tenants and resident leaseholders with fantastic, high quality new homes on the same site. We hope that this new apartment building will provide the first of many affordable homes across the estate.” A masterplan planning application for the regeneration of the estate was submitted by Winstanley & York Road Regeneration earlier this year, with a decision expected this autumn.

Key benefits within the application include: • The provision of up to 2,550 new homes, 35 per cent of which are to be affordable • A mix of tenures including Social Rent, Shared Ownership, Shared Equity, Affordable Rent, Private Rent and open market sale • The re-provision of all council rent and resident leaseholder homes to be demolished, ensuring that no existing secure tenant or resident leaseholder will be required to permanently relocate from their community • Major new community infrastructure, including a state-of-the-art leisure and community centre, a library, a children’s centre and nursery • The creation of a new public park totalling 2.49 hectares • Significant economic benefits, including: in excess of 388 net additional permanent jobs and gross value added (GVA) to the local economy of £207.6m A new council employment and skills centre has already been delivered as part of the regeneration.

Council sets out GREEN TARGET


Join Us Tod ay

Wandsworth Council has set out a strategy to become the greenest borough in London – and is seeking support from businesses and residents. At a meeting of the full council, Council Leader Cllr Ravi Govindia laid out his ambition for the council to play its part in tackling climate change, with the goal of being carbon neutral by 2030 and a zero-emission council by 2050. He said: “The threat of climate change to our environment is one that none of us can take lightly. It is a threat to our way of life for us and future generations. “Councils, therefore, must join the fight to address the drivers of climate change. We need to do our bit to stop the huge impacts on our environment and begin the process of reversing the damage. This is something I feel passionate about.” Wandsworth already has a strong track record in both protecting the

local environment and speaking up for its communities. It has taken a stand against the expansion of Heathrow and the damaging effects of more noise and pollution that would bring, forming cross-party coalitions with other councils and environmental groups in the fight. Wandsworth has also made had great strides towards making a difference to the local environment, including reducing waste and encouraging recycling, planting hundreds of trees every year and making council offices and depots more energy efficient. Other environmental initiatives have included switching to LED street lighting, promoting electric vehicles and introducing a electric charging points around the borough, as well

as encouraging residents to join car clubs, with Wandsworth now boasting the highest membership in London. Cllr Govindia said: “We want to see this borough moving in the right direction in the fight against climate change and going forward no area of council life will be left unchallenged. By being creative and practical across all parts of the council, we will be working towards the goal of cutting emissions and reversing climate change. “I will be personally driving this work and I know Wandsworth residents will want to help and play their part in achieving that goal. Together I am confident we can reach our target of being the cleanest and greenest inner London borough.”

Businesses urged to back CLEAN AIR INITIATIVE

Tooting has been chosen as one of 13 areas in London to take part in the second phase of the Clean Air Villages project. The project is run by the Cross River Partnership (CRP) and aims to improve local air quality by reducing emissions from business deliveries and servicing. Tooting business owners are being urged to step forward and take part The scheme is funded by the Department of the Environment’s Air Quality Grant, with matchfunding from the private sector and seven central London boroughs including Wandsworth. Tooting has been chosen as a ‘village’, and the CRP will work with the council over a year to

reduce congestion and pollution by collaborating with local businesses. In London, about half of air pollution stems from road transport and of that one third from freight vehicles.

Ultra-Low Emission Suppliers Directory created in the first phase of the project.

The project will work with businesses to identify problems Clean Air Villages 2 aims to enable in Wandsworth and come up with and support businesses, schools potential shared solutions and other organisations to reduce Tooting’s inclusion is being seen as emissions from deliveries of goods a boost to Wandsworth Council’s and services through measures recently announced ambitions to such as sharing suppliers with their become the greenest inner-London neighbours and using suppliers borough with the goal of being who deliver using ultra-low emission carbon-neutral by 2030 and a vehicles, like the ones in the zero-emission council by 2050. Cross River Partnership’s • If you are a business owner in Tooting and would like to find out how to save time and money while improving air quality, contact Kate Fenton at

Whether you are part of a large organisation or work from an office at home, there are many good reasons for joining the Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce. As the business hub of Wandsworth, your Chamber is influential in helping to create the right business environment for local companies to flourish. Through membership you have the ability to use our “business voice”, the opportunity to meet key stakeholders, network and do business with many other local businesses that you won’t find anywhere else. So, do it now, online, and start enjoying the many benefits on offer. For more information or to discuss how we can help you, please contact us at: Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce

020 363 36575

Community Summer Fair success at Battersea Reach

Battersea Reach Summer Fair, in partnership with the Wandsworth Chamber, welcomed Battersea MP Marsha De Cordova and the Wandsworth Mayor, Councillor Jane Cooper, to a carnival atmosphere which included a performance car display, cupcake decorating, face painting, an animal petting zoo and live music. Both the MP and Mayor had not previously visited Battersea Reach and were impressed with the award-winning riverside development. They were delighted to talk to local business owners, with Marsha spending much time chatting to each and every one of them in great detail. Enley and Sandra Taylor, of Riverside Nursery, said: “Children, staff and animals were delighted to have Marsha making time to visit our nursery and fair on Saturday July 13th. She even made time to get up close and personal with Tony, the Shetland pony!”

The day was a resounding success with the charity raffle prizes drawn by the Wandsworth Mayor, who thanked the community for coming together, and gave a special mention to the people who had the initial idea and vison to make it happen. These included Simon Daws of St James’s Place, Eric Lanlard of CakeBoy, Serene Huynh-Metson of BoConcept and Shelley Routledge of Narratorial who organised all the PR for the fair. Raffle prize winners received vouchers worth hundreds of pounds,

donated by Fitness Space, Michaela Mitoi Hair & Beauty, My Healthcare Clinic, O Gourmet Libanais, Access Storage and BBO Dance. One businessman who felt the day had gone particularly well was Martin and Co Manager James Hutchison who said: “The Battersea Reach Summer Fair was a huge success this year. There were so many events for families and it proved to be an excellent day out. All the onsite businesses organised the day with the aim of bringing the community together. We also raised money for Great Ormond Street Hospital – a truly worthy cause.”

The Chamber partnership for the event was greatly appreciated, as CEO Steve Pinto gave essential advice and assistance. Ian Spencer of St George’s and Chris Pass, Development Manager at Battersea Reach also gave indispensable counsel. The event could not have happened without the fantastic concierge team who worked tirelessly to ensure the fair’s success. It was wonderful to see the public enjoy the event and participate in it to create a truly unique community event. By Director of Narratorial, Shelley Routledge

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Learn on the job

A group of Wandsworth apprentices and their employers enjoyed afternoon tea in the Mayor of Wandsworth’s Parlour to celebrate Apprenticeships. Dante John-Baptise is an apprentice in the council’s adult social services department. Senior administrator Heather Johnson said: “Dante is an amazing apprentice. He is keen, takes instructions well and is willing to learn. Dante has integrated well into our team and we enjoy working with him.” Apprenticeships are a great way to earn and learn with an employer and they can also help up-skill existing staff within their current role. Contact the Lifelong Learning team for a chat about whether apprenticeships might be for you for you as a learner or employer. Visit or call 020 8871 8491

Worth enquiring. Ashley Redman - 07966 218591 email:

Apprenticeships at all levels in:

Management, Business Admin, Customer Service, Child Care, Support Teaching & Learning.

Funded short courses in:

Team Leading, Customer Service, Conflict Management Understanding Employment, Business and Enterprise Financial Management Social Media - The Basics For the full range of courses contact us for further options

Worth its weight. 10 | Business Connexions

Empower your Employees

PATRON FOCUS Unable to obtain the insurance that they needed unless the shop’s door was bolted from the inside, William came up with the solution himself and invented the first ever automatic door bolt.

a security engineer is as much IT-orientated as it is based on traditional skills. “We still do a lot of our own R&D and have designed our security apps which can be used with our security systems so you are just as likely to see our engineers working on their laptops. We place great store on innovation.

The creation was a commercial success and ninety-three years later Banham Patent Locks has developed into one of the UK’s most respected security companies.

“The changes which we were seeing led us to create the Banham Academy.

Now known as Banham Security, it is one of Wandsworth’s biggest companies as well as a Chamber Patron. Banham currently employs 380 people, many of them from the local area.

“We were struggling to find enough of the skilled young people that we needed and the Academy develops apprentices who understand the Banham way and know how we do things.

Although the company has grown to become the largest security provider in London and the South East, it has remained true to its roots and is still a family business. It is run by the third and fourth generations of the family including the Managing Director Martin Herbert, who says that, along with the company being proud of its heritage, it is constantly looking to the future. This includes a dedication to training. Banham works closely with local colleges and organisations such as Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce to bridge the skills gap, primarily through its Academy. Based on the company’s main site in Wandsworth, the Banham Academy has already produced more than one hundred apprentices, not just for Banham but also for its competitors, who value the standard of training that it provides. Martin said: “We are very proud of our heritage and have always been known as a leading manufacturer of locks right from the days of William Banham and his invention. “We are still known for our locks and have taken out numerous patents, but the industry has changed significantly and so have we as a business.

Banham blends heritage with innovation to create a success story It was in 1926 that businessman William F. Banham and his wife Marie-Ann lost patience following a series of burglaries at their West London shop.

“Locks are still important to us but so are advances in security technology. In addition to the locks and gates that we have always designed and manufactured, we also

specialise in security alarm systems, electronic access systems and CCTV. “The job has changed over the years and technology is playing a big part. Today, the work of

“We wanted to bring through the people who can become the engineers of the future and who understand the way we work. We are proud of being a longestablished family business but that does not mean that we do not embrace new ideas. “We are working with local colleges and other organisations to train up our apprentices and have already employed more than sixty of them. We try to take as many of them from Wandsworth as we can. “We are also training people for some of our competitors, the big names in the sector, and are very proud of what we have achieved with the Academy.” Martin believes that the company’s status as a wellestablished family business is a strong selling point. He said: “We are always aware of our rich heritage and constantly draw on it to shape our future. We are a very close family and that makes for a stable business. We may be a family business but we try to think like a PLC and I think customers like that. “For all the company has grown and operates across London and the South East, we are still rooted in Wandsworth and are proud to be a member of the Chamber and to support its work.”

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Release the lease –

bringing your commercial tenancy to an end In a challenging commercial climate many tenants, particularly retailers, are looking closely at their leasehold commitments and considering ways in which their tenancies can be brought to an end. Frustration If you are a tenant there are several ways for you to terminate a commercial lease:

Expiry It almost goes without saying that the simplest way to end a lease is to wait for it to expire. If the property was let for a fixed term, and that fixed term is due to end in the near future, a tenant could simply vacate before the contractual expiry date. The lease will usually end without the need for any notice but always check the terms of the lease. Many leases are business tenancies to which Part II of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 applies. The 1954 Act is designed to protect business tenants who wish to remain in occupation and renew their leases following expiry and so it contains additional hurdles for bringing a business tenancy to an end. If a business tenant under the 1954 Act continues to trade from the premises beyond the termination date, the tenancy will continue automatically until terminated by notice from either the landlord or tenant. Business tenants should take care, therefore, as your leases approach contractual expiry, to consider when you would like to leave and what notice might be appropriate. At least three months’ notice is often required but you should take specific legal advice.

Surrender It may be possible to bring a lease to an end early if the landlord is willing to accept a surrender. This is where the landlord and tenant agree to terminate the lease. It can be done expressly by deed or it can be inferred from conduct of the landlord and tenant showing

12 | Business Connexions

that they both wish to treat the lease as at an end. The classic examples are where a landlord deliberately accepts the return of keys, goes into occupation itself or re-lets to a third party. A surrender agreed in this way is inherently uncertain, and it is always best to record the surrender in a formal surrender deed if possible.

Break notices Many leases contain an option to terminate early by serving notice, known as a “break clause”. These can be something of a minefield for the unwary tenant as they usually have to be complied with to the letter in order to be effective. Particular issues for a tenant to consider include: • Who is the landlord? Landlords sometimes change and it is important to carry out proper checks. • Is the break clause personal to the original tenant? If it is, and the lease has been assigned, it cannot be relied on by you as the assignee.

There is a longstanding legal doctrine that where an event occurs after a contract is formed which renders the contract radically different, was entirely beyond what either party contemplated when entering into the contract, and makes further performance of the contract either illegal or impossible, the contract is frustrated and should be treated as at an end. Whilst there has never yet been a reported case frustrating a lease, it was argued in a recent case that frustration could apply and the argument may be developed in the future.

Issues to consider on termination There are a number of additional matters for you as a commercial tenant to consider as your lease comes to an end: • Dilapidations. Have you complied with all obligations to repair and maintain the premises? If not, you should instruct a surveyor to advise on what work needs

to be done and, if necessary, negotiate with the landlord’s surveyor to agree a settlement of liability. • Does the lease require alterations to be reinstated before the premises are handed back? • Underleases. Are there any subtenants and do their tenancies need to be terminated? • Rent and service charge. What does the lease say regarding apportionment of rent paid for a full quarter, where a tenancy terminates mid quarter? If there is flexibility as to when the lease is to come to an end a tenant may wish to ensure that it gets the full benefit of any payment made. There are many situations in which you might find you need to bring an end to your commercial lease. You do have options although it is well worth getting early advice from a specialist lawyer on the best approach.

• What does the lease say about the form of notice, how much notice to give, how to serve it and upon whom? Failure to observe all these requirements often renders break notices invalid. • Are there any conditions which must be satisfied before the break can be exercised? These might include repairs, vacating the property and leaving it empty, or up to date payment of rent and service charge. If such conditions exist, you might try to agree with the landlord precisely what is required but a landlord is under no obligation to enter into discussions about it. +44 (0)20 8789 9111


The shortlist for the 2019 Wandsworth Business Awards has now been published, with over 50 companies from across the borough shortlisted.

The awards, hosted by Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce, acknowledge and reward businesses for their success each year. Chamber chief executive, Steve Pinto, said “I am delighted to announce the shortlist for our 2019 awards. We have had a really great response to the awards this year;

• Best Business for

Marketing & Social Media

• The Tapas Room • Aim Solutions Ltd • Wandsworth Oasis • Narratorial Ltd • Poppy’s Funerals • Hetu • Cremoloso Gelato Ltd • CWUK Ltd • Love Dhlala • Boomerang Booth • MA&Y • Nuff Naturals

• Best Business

for Customer Service

• The Tapas Room • reCentre Health Limited • La Chai • Under The Doormat • The Better Body Studios • Minar Jewellers • The Wild Hare • Poppy’s Funerals • XTid Associates • Share Community Ltd • Indian Room • The Dessert Deli • Inside Marketing • TV Edwards LLP • Chit Chaat Chai • Nuff Naturals

• Entrepreneur of the Year

• Bag All Done • URBIS Business Consultancy • Aim Solutions Ltd

more companies have registered for the awards and as a result we have a great cohort of finalists. Companies recognise that winning an award is a great way to showcase the quality of their product or service, and helps them win new clients and increase sales. Wandsworth has a vibrant and fertile business community, which is reflected in our shortlist this year”.

• Under The Doormat • Evergreen Growth & Marketing • The Wild Hare • Go Natural Organic SKincare • Residenza Properties Ltd • The Single Boss • The Dessert Deli • Idea Space • Ding Ding • Blue Wave Swim School • Chit Chaat Chai

• Best Charity

or Social Enterprise

• WoW Enterprise Club • Sen Talk CIC • Wandsworth Oasis & South Thames College • Nazmin’s • Share Community Ltd • BYO Ltd.

• Best New Business • Sen Talk CIC • Aim Solutions Ltd • Delta Solutions Group • The Better Body Studios • Evergreen Growth & Marketing • The Wild Hare • Go Natural Organic SKincare • Hetu • BYO Ltd. • The Single Boss • Love Dhlala • Boomerang Booth

Finalists will attend an interview day in early September, and the results will be announced at a gala dinner at the prestigious Roehampton Club in 11th October. The Awards are sponsored by organisations across the borough, including Wandsworth Council, South Thames College, Battersea Power Station and Banham Security.

• Employer of the year

• Ayrton Windows and Doors • Lanop Ltd • Beaver Pest Control • Share Community Ltd • MA&Y • BITS BOBS AND ODD JOBS LTD • Inside Marketing • VBelly

• Independent Business of the Year

• URBIS Business • Consultancy • La Chai • London Barberhood • The Better Body Studios • Narratorial Ltd • Minar Jewellers • Evergreen Growth & Marketing • Go Natural Organic • SKincare • Nazmin’s • Arkenstone Wealth Management • XTid Associates • Cedar Bifold Company • jmsbespokespace • The Dessert Deli • Idea Space • Love Dhlala • Ding Ding • We Brought Beer

• Best Eatery

• The Tapas Room • La Chai • Nazmin’s Indian Room • Panzerotto Blues • Ding Ding

• Chit Chaat Chai • VBelly • Kaspas Wandsworth • Cremoloso Gelato Ltd

• Innovator of the Year • URBIS Business Consultancy • Delta Solutions Group • Evergreen Growth & Marketing • Wandsworth Oasis & South Thames College • Arkenstone Wealth Management • Narratorial Ltd • Dan&angel restaurant • POPTATA • Panzerotto Blues • Nuff Naturals

• Best Business with

under 50 employees

• Lanop Ltd • Sen Talk CIC • reCentre Health Limited • Under The Doormat • London Barberhood • Minar Jewellers • Poppy’s Funerals • Nazmin’s • XTid Associates • Cedar Bifold Company • Idea Space • MA&Y

• Best Business with

over 50 employees

• Beaver Pest Control • Inside Marketing Business Connexions | 13


Jermaine Browne

Associate Planning Director

14 | Business Connexions


Wandsworth witnesses the co-living revolution A revolution in co-living is under way in London, and Wandsworth is witnessing one of the latest examples.

New Chamber Patron, The Collective has been given approval to develop 292 co-living rooms at its Trewint Street scheme in Earlsfield. Councillors on the Wandsworth planning committee voted to approve the redevelopment of the scrap metal yard at Garratt Mills. For the company, the development is the latest stage in their ambition to offer Londoners with greater housing choice on scale, as the nature of living in The Capital continues to evolve at a time when housing is in such short supply. The Collective’s team believe that being a part of a community within their buildings and benefiting from genuine opportunities to interact with established communities of a local area leads to more fulfilling lives for everyone: it’s a belief that is at the heart of everything they do. Associate Planning Director Jermaine Browne said: “Co-living is an alternative way of living to traditional house shares, taking the best components of multiple house shares, complemented with inspiring shared spaces of significantly greater range, size and quality within one building. “The Trewint Street development with minimum stays of 6 months for future residents meets a specific housing need in Wandsworth, delivering single person rooms at affordable rents. The plans and associated benefits evolved through extensive engagement with local residents and interested parties. For us, as long term stakeholders and operators of all our buildings, it is important that we always build good relationships with the existing

surrounding local community to our developments. “A strong commitment to delivering tangible wide reaching public benefits for local communities led to us securing as part of the Trewint Street proposals the opportunity to deliver the ‘Missing Link’ extension of the Wandle Trail and a bespoke Community Investment Programme in conjunction with local businesses and organisations, which we will continue to develop post planning.” Browne said: “We know from experience that co-living serves a diverse range of people. The people who live in our developments range from people in their early twenties to those in their sixties. It all depends what stage of your life you are at. “The idea of co-living is not new, it is actually rooted in history. The advantage is that people can effortlessly go from the privacy of their own room to being part of a thriving community, a large family, who share amenities like cinema rooms, libraries and MasterChef-style kitchens.” “It enhances a sense of community. Living in London can be lonely and co-living helps address that.” In addition, The Collective is seeking partnerships with local public bodies, such as South Thames College and local hospitals, as part of their commitment to offer first preference on all rooms for public sector workers, including teachers and nurses. Browne said: “Co-living offers more choice for London’s private renters, providing an affordable and simple way of renting. Everything is included in one monthly cost.”

“Starting with the basics, we offer shared spaces such as restaurants, gyms, libraries, laundry, roof terraces, hot desks and more. Using such spaces, complemented by a curated daily events programme for all guests, we are able to bring everyone together and create collabrative and inspiring environments that introduce members to new people, new ideas and new experiences.” “Co-living really is so much more than the spaces on offer too. It’s an innovative way of living that combines state of the art amenities with buoyant and thriving communities, to produce an inclusive and uplifting living experience. Across our developments we offer both a short stay and long stay co-living experience, so you can stay with us for as little as one night or a year depending on the building’s location and planning use class.” The Collective currently operate in some of London’s most iconic locations. Sites include Old Oak, located next to the Grand Union Canal in West London, and the recently developed project at Canary Wharf. Browne comments: “Each of the buildings provide access to various communal spaces, so that people can experience the sense of community and programmed events that lies at the heart of what we do regardless of how long they stay.” The Collective, which started up ten years ago in London, is committed to helping other businesses and works closely with the Chamber and sponsors the Wandsworth Business Awards. Browne said: “A lot of the people who live and stay in our developments are very

entrepreneurial and we want to support them. “We are committed to creating business hubs for start-ups, local entrepreneurs. We still regard ourselves as a start-up and we are working with a range of organisations to support and assist SME’s to flourish. Being a Patron of the Wandsworth Chamber helps us with this work in Wandsworth specifically. “We also frequently work with local charities and social enterprise groups, as we want to help and support those who are making a real difference in our society. This often happens through us providing free access to our spaces for events and workshops, hosting free coffee mornings and funding a wide range of outreach initiatives and programmes. There is always more that can be done though, and we continue to push ourselves to maximise the social impact and value of all our developments. “Our sites are also open to everyone. The local community can come in and use the facilities, which is good for them and helps our residents become engaged and part of the wider community.” “Finally, we are very proud to announce that 35% of the rooms at Trewint Street will be at discount market rent levels with Wandsworth council retaining nominations rights, and working with the Council’s Social Services department, we will also be providing 5 permanently designated rooms for care leavers. Most importantly for us, all of our residents at Trewint Street will also benefit from the same living experience and all-inclusive comforts, regardless of their tenure”.

“The idea of co-living is not new, it is actually rooted in history. The advantage is that people can effortlessly go from the privacy of their own room to being part of a thriving community, a large family, who share amenities like cinema rooms, libraries and MasterChef-style kitchens.” Business Connexions | 15


The Coaling Jetty (Photo Richard Hanson – Hanson Images)

Power station redevelopment continues to take shape The Coaling Jetty, an historic Grade II*listed jetty located on the River Thames The Coaling Jetty (Photo Richard Hanson – Hanson Images)

16 | Business Connexions

in front of Battersea Power Station, has opened to the public for the first time.


To celebrate the launch of one of London’s most unique riverside spots, Battersea Power Station created a ‘Summer Garden’ on the water with live music, delicious food and drink popups, early morning Yoga and Pilates classes, wine tasting workshops and family fun for all to enjoy throughout August. The 133-metre long Coaling Jetty was constructed between 1929 and 1932 and serviced the Power Station in the loading and unloading of coal until it was decommissioned in 1983. The Coaling Jetty (Photo Richard Hanson – Hanson Images)

“The Coaling Jetty at Battersea Power Station provides our residents and visitors with a fantastic viewpoint along the Nine Elms waterfront, highlighting the scale of urban development here in Wandsworth.”

<< Artistic Director Paul Taylor-Mills. (Photos Mark Senior)

River Walk Market (Photo - Richard Hanson Hanson Images)


The Turbine Theatre launch

The jetty is an extension of the riverwalk at Circus West Village, the first phase in the regeneration of Battersea Power Station. Since opening in 2017, this exciting riverside neighbourhood has welcomed more than two million visitors and is now home to over a thousand residents, as well as an eclectic mix of bars, restaurants and shops. Simon Murphy, CEO of Battersea Power Station Development Company (BPSDC), said: “We are really excited to have opened the historic Coaling Jetty to the public for the first time in history. I’m sure it will play an exciting role in attracting people from the local area and across London to enjoy everything we have to offer at Battersea Power Station.” “It will anchor this new riverside destination with a mixed offering of shops, restaurants, bars and event spaces, opening up a previously inaccessible area and forming part of this new neighbourhood for the capital.” BPSDC have worked in close partnership with Historic England and Wandsworth Council to open The Coaling Jetty to the public. Wandsworth Council Deputy Leader Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “The Coaling Jetty at Battersea Power Station provides our residents and visitors with a fantastic viewpoint along the Nine Elms waterfront, highlighting the scale of urban development here in Wandsworth.

“This achievement is in line with the Council’s efforts and investment across the borough to join up the Thames river path and open up new public spaces, bringing this growing part of central London to life.” In other developments, the River Walk Market, an independent market which hosts food and drink producers, artists, designers, street food a live music at the foot of Battersea Power Station, is now open on both Saturdays and Sundays between 11am and 5pm until the end of September. Also, The Turbine Theatre, presented by Bill Kenwright and founded and led by Artistic Director Paul Taylor-Mills, has opened under the Grosvenor Bridge railway arches in Circus West Village. The theatre’s inaugural season launched on 22nd August with Torch Song, a new revival of Harvey Fierstein’s play, directed by Olivier Award-winning Drew McOnie. Torch Song will run until 13th October. For more information and tickets, please visit In other news, Battersea Power Station is partnering with the London Restaurant Festival for a second year in a row this October. Several bars and restaurants in Circus West Village will be hosting a variety of culinary events between 1 - 31 October, including Tasting Menus at Wright Brothers, Vagabond Wines and Tapas Brindisa Battersea and a Restaurant Hopping Tour of Cinnamon Kitchen, Tapas Brindisa Battersea, Vagabond, No.29 Power Station West and Battersea Brewery. For more information on the London Restaurant Festival, please visit For more information about Battersea Power Station please visit www. and follow @BatterseaPwrStn to keep up to date with the latest news and events. Business Connexions | 17


Your chance to help improve area’s trading conditions Battersea Park Businesses (BPB) is an opportunity to be involved in a local business association which is looking to improve trading conditions in North Battersea.

Le Bureau

Set up in March 2017, Battersea Park Businesses is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to increase opportunities for local businesses in the area surrounding the Battersea Power Station and neighbouring developments. It has three core objectives – Better Place, Building Communities and Promotion. BPB advocates for ‘Better Place’ by working to improve the public spaces in North Battersea through several initiatives, including an annual litter picking event with volunteers, working with the council to advocate improvements to the streets, and being a business voice in local projects such as the Nine Elms Placemaking Plan.

BPB seeks to ‘Build Community’ in North Battersea through its programme of regular networking events and workshops. These events are hosted at different local business venues, enabling businesses to meet and discuss opportunities. They provide opportunities for members to ‘spotlight’ their services, and BPB provides premium listings on its website and works closely with Battersea Power Station to promote local business for opportunities. BPB is delighted to invite businesses to be a part of this growing network, alongside current members, including the Masons Arms, Le Bureau and GoApe Battersea Park, and to help make a change in North Battersea.

Registration can be completed by filling in their online form via the link below: Or email You can follow them on twitter @bpbusinesses

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Finance event to connect local entrepreneurs to funds to start or

grow their business Wandsworth Council is running an all-day finance event in a bid to help inform local businesses about the various streams of finance currently available to them.

Access to Finance Wandsworth, takes place at Battersea Arts Centre on Thursday 26th September. The event runs as part of the council’s new online portal, Wandsworth Enterprise Hub, which acts a showcase for business support programmes and events across the borough. Access to Finance Wandsworth, which is aimed at start-ups as well as those looking for finance to scale up their existing business,

will feature a founders and funders networking breakfast, a panel discussion on crowdfunding and alternative finance for SMES; 1-1 meetthe-funders sessions and workshops on crowdfunding and bid-writing. Confirmed participants include Crowdcube, NatWest, Virgin Start up, the Metro Bank, Frederick’s Foundation, the British Business Bank, UK Business Angels Association, Funding Circle and the Big Issue Invest.

For further information and to book a place, please visit

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RUNNING A SMALL BUSINESS? You’re not alone The Government is promoting a wide range of schemes to support small businesses. The package, which includes finance, is part of the Industrial Strategy, which aims to support small businesses and improve productivity across the country. Support includes: •

Start-up Loans of up to £25,000 aimed at helping those setting up businesses or seeking to scale up existing ones Innovate UK supports businesses to realise the potential of new ideas through funding and research collaboration. Its Knowledge Transfer Network connects businesses to expertise, finance and markets to commercialise innovation Venture capital schemes can help you raise money for your company. The Government’s four schemes offer tax reliefs designed to help businesses attract investors Tech Nation provides programmes to support UK technology businesses, as well as access to free online courses to build digital skills

Be the Business provides practical tools and resources to help small businesses across the UK increase productivity.

Grow your workforce by taking on an apprentice. You can secure government funding to cover some of the cost of training

Contracts Finder allows you to search for information about government and agency contracts worth more than £10,000 and explore information on previous tenders to understand what opportunities there might be for your business

You can find more information, and access links, at news/what-support-is-availablefor-my-small-business

20 | Business Connexions

Cashflow ‘naivety’ a big regret for businesses Nearly half of business owners fear that they have held back their business by having a naive attitude towards cashflow during their company’s infancy, according to a new survey. Almost two-thirds (64%) of those who identified cashflow naivety as their largest regret suggested that they overspent before gaining any profit, ultimately leaving them in larger debt than they could manage. Those in business services, such as sales or marketing, regretted their attitude to cashflow, with 65 per cent in these sectors claiming that it almost ended their business venture. Training providers were second most regretful (63%) and manufacturing third (53%). The study conducted by Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance gathered data on 1,000 business owners to identify what UK SMEs view to be their biggest financial mistakes. Gaining enough funding was also a major regret with two in five business owners claiming that they made the wrong decision in starting a business with the budget they had. Recruiters felt that they made the worst choice with 62 per cent stating they didn’t take advantage of better funding options; this was followed by the manufacturing (54%) and retail industries (49%).

Those in the arts felt the most comfortable with their start up budget as only one in five claimed they had any regrets regarding funding. More than a quarter of business owners (27%) claimed they ‘didn’t know they could receive loans and grants’ and used their own money to help support their start up. Those in the legal sector (51%) had the least knowledge on funding options available to them, followed by owners in transport and logistics (46%) and healthcare (40%). Also, more than a quarter of UK business owners (51%) regret not creating a financial plan or forecast during their start up. Lack of funding for marketing during a start-up was also highlighted as a

major regret for UK business owners, with more than a quarter (27%) claiming they didn’t budget for this expense. The biggest culprits that didn’t have marketing budgets include business owners in transport and logistics, recruitment (42%) and manufacturing (42%). Surprisingly, 13 per cent of UK business owners don’t regret any of the financial decisions they made during their start up. Andy Dodd, Managing Director at Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance, said: “ It’s fascinating to find out just how many businesses have lacked financial planning such as not forecasting or budgeting for key start up essentials such as marketing costs.”

“More than a quarter of business owners (27%) claimed they ‘didn’t know they could receive loans and grants’ and used their own money to help support their start up.”

Discover the University of Roehampton and support your short or long term recruitment needs: n n


Local, graduate talent Placement students available for HR, marketing, business, media and psychology roles Benefit from our part-funded internship programme, supported by Santander

For an informal discussion about these opportunities or to find out more about venue hire, training, supply chain and consultancy email

Workforce Training South Thames College works with local employers to support them with training and development needs.

Apprenticeships • We’ll identify how and where an apprentice can benefit your business. • We’ll help you recruit the right candidate. • We’ll assist you to access appropriate funding and grants.

Workforce skills We can help you identify skills gaps, recommend training and professional development for your staff, and help access funding where appropriate. We can design Government funded pre-employment courses to help you fill vacancies and support your recruitment.

Bespoke and Commercial Training

Contact our Team today:

• We can help your business with

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• We can design programmes specifically for you.

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It’s never too late!! August and September are landmark months in the calendar for education – not only for teenagers!

The months of August and September are landmarks in the year’s calendar for many of us, and the media, in connection with education. Firstly, the Scottish Higher results, then the A level results and the launch of UCAS Clearing (a route for many to a degree and other higher education study at universities and colleges) and then a week later in August GCSE results. Families across the borough, and the nation, will experience the highs and lows of these events and read, watch and listen to their coverage in the media. In September, schools, colleges, such as ours at Wandsworth (South Thames College), and universities will open their doors to their new and returning students. Much of this relates to the more youthful members of our population, right at the beginning of their lives and is vital for their futures. For many of us of more mature years, we may have a memory of the past of these two months being times of receiving our results, and the associated emotions, and of starting on the different stages of our education journey. However, why should this be just a memory of achievement and fresh starts? Why should not August and September, and other points in the year, be new starting points for all of us irrespective of age? Lifelong learning is what we all do every day, but that expression in its formal sense has perhaps lost some resonance in recent years. The opportunities may be less obvious, less available and less well supported by government funding than in the past but the opportunities for adults to learn, grow and develop, in all sorts of ways, and not just linked to career development, is still there. Whilst Philip Augar’s recent Review of Post 18 Education, reported that “adult skills funding has reduced 45% in real terms between 2009/10 and 2017/18” and that “funding for adults in Further Education (FE) is fragmented, unpredictable and sits at a much lower level than higher education and the funding of 16-18 year olds learning”, there are still opportunities for learning in later life at FE colleges, such as South Thames College, Wandsworth, and its Tooting Centre located just by Tooting Broadway station.

Apprenticeships Many businesses and individuals are taking advantage of the 2017 withdrawal of the age limit for apprenticeships and the opportunity for businesses to use their Apprenticeship Levy (the additional tax that larger employers pay) to upskill existing employees of all ages. At South Thames College, its range of apprenticeships including accountancy, dental nursing, leadership for health and social care and children and young peoples’ services, civil engineering and building services design are currently providing opportunities for existing employees, of a range of ages, working in large businesses to be upskilled as part of high quality management and skills training programmes. Apprenticeship training such as this can also offer formal management, skills and specialist training for employees of smaller businesses funded favourably by the co-funding model also introduced in 2017.

Professional Development For those looking for a new job or wanting to progress in their career South Thames College offers a range of work-focused training providing the opportunity to gain industry-recognised qualifications, practical experience and new skills across a range of sectors and subjects. For those who are not currently in work the College also has a wide range of options to prepare people for employment, improve their CV and build the knowledge and experience needed to work in specific industries through apprenticeships and training for work courses.

Part Time Adult and Community Learning South Thames College, working with Wandsworth Council, offers hundreds of part time courses offering adults the opportunity of a great range of choice, some career focused, some for learning and some for fun!. Courses run in the evening and on Saturdays – “Make the most of Saturday” – over a range of time periods from 2 days up to 12 weeks. These include courses in accounting and finance, art, fashion and graphic design, business , law and professional studies, cake decorating and cookery, computing and IT, construction,

languages and writing, leisure and well-being, music and performing arts, professional and personal skills, sport and teaching. The College is committed to providing high quality and sustainable adult learning in order to improve the social, economic, health and wellbeing of Wandsworth Borough residents.

Access to Higher Education (HE) courses More than 200 mature learners every year join South Thames College’s range of Access to HE courses to achieve their belated ambitions to study at undergraduate level and prepare themselves for a different future. These one-year courses prepare students, generally, for the challenges of higher education by developing study, writing, research and numerical skills and provide an introduction to subject pathways including Business, Education and Teacher Training, Humanities & Social Science, Media, and Nursing.

Funding One of the most significant, of the many, barriers to study in later life is that of the funding and finance of the learning. Whilst the modern loan systems have their critics and their faults, for those studying for some professional courses, and Access to HE courses, the Advanced Learner Loan provides a different method of financing that learning. The finance arrangement has the advantage of avoiding up-front payment of tuition fee costs, repayment over an extended period after study has been completed, and the level of actual repayment is dependent upon levels of income. Indeed, those studying for an Access to HE course, who then progress to and complete an undergraduate course, will not have to repay their Advanced Learner Loan at all, as it is written off. Whilst the College’s part time courses incur a tuition fee discounts are available for those over the age of 60 and for those receiving certain benefits.

For further information about courses at South Thames College’s Wandsworth and Tooting sites please see the website; and for details of Advanced Learner Loans please see the website indicated below; Business Connexions | 23

24 | Business Connexions

Why more companies should provide work placements?

Having a valuable work experience before graduating, could lead the way to better opportunities in the future, as statistically, 80% of employers claim that work experience on the CV is essential. (Nisen, 2014). There are several benefits that a work placement provides, the student is to rise to the challenge and develop creative skills. Realistically, there is a decent reason why employers enhance the importance of it, before hiring someone. Therefore, our partnership with South Thames College is beneficial to us, considering we have brought value to each other’s portfolios, regarding the work placement opportunities. The McJones Group was founded by Marlon Commock, an accredited Coach, and formal international financial services professional. Our mission statement is unlocking the potential of our clients for business success. The McJones

Group enables business owners with precise knowledge, structure, and disciplines to incorporate a proficient business strategy that counts. We have partnered with South Thames College at the start of 2019 and have mutually benefited working in partnership together. Some of their students have been on a student placement with the McJones Group, and we have set them challenging goals to work towards. We equipped them with the techniques to develop the necessary skills to develop business activities. For example, we explore areas in; networking, presentations, and business development techniques. A primary example of a testimonial

story from one of South Thames College Business students: “It was an absolute pleasure to work alongside Marlon. He was positive, patient, and supportive throughout my internship journey with the McJones Group. He has given me the confidence and belief to achieve anything in life.” Moreover, the work placement represents an essential aspect of a student’s career. It provides them with the right industry exposure and many networking possibilities. The employer prepares the opportunity to add value exposure to their CV. We look forward to continuing our active relationship with South Thames College next academic year. Alessia Vogli

Club is a success

Women of Wandsworth founded the WoW Enterprise Club in 2010 to help single mothers become entrepreneurs and solve their employability problem.

Single mothers have a Catch 22 problem and have to choose between taking care of their children or going back to work and paying the childminders most of their wages.

WoW Enterprise Club has a good success rate in helping with the self-employment of women and became partners with Wandsworth Job Centre. The club gives motivational talks there quarterly to share success stories and also takes part in

business networking workshops at Stamford Bridge, organised by the Chelsea Foundation. It also attends business events organised by Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce and was nominated for their Business Award this year.

Multi-purpose community hub to serve local area

The Woodfield pavilion has sat on the edge of Tooting Bec Common since 1933, but this summer has seen it reinvented as a multi-purpose community hub to serve the local area.

Thanks mainly to funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund as part of the Tooting Common Heritage Project, the building has been thoroughly refurbished as an Activity Centre. The building consists of a main hall, locker room, upstairs room, and a kitchen and toilets (including all-ability access and baby-changing facilities).

Woodfield has run a number of events including bug hunts, scything workshops, and a successful launch event with taster workshops, and has also hosted private parties, yoga, and a pop-up cafe. A burgeoning centre for arts in the area, we have hosted art classes, summer camps, and two exhibitions with well-received private views. Woodfield runs all this as an independent charity,

and we are always on the hunt for new ideas and opportunities. We are looking to work even more extensively with local residents, businesses, and community groups for our collective benefit. If you or your business would like our support or collaboration, please do get in touch through our website,

Are Apprenticeships only for the young? Wandsworth-based company SureView, a fast-growing business development agency, is looking to expand its staff through The Government Apprenticeship Scheme. The company, which provides business to business telemarketing, initially thought that apprenticeships were for those beginning their careers, but having discussed this with several apprenticeship service providers, discovered that there are older candidates looking for a change of direction who are focusing on the apprenticeship route.

“We are a company full of passion and drive,” said Business Development Manager Rebecca Cunningham “so we wanted to offer an opportunity for innovative and enthusiastic people to develop a career in sales and to learn and grow with us. This scheme allows us to provide training and help somebody towards a respected qualification while they earn, and we benefit from having ambitious and motivated staff.”

The skills the apprentices develop at SureView include verbal communication, social media, marketing, business administration, sales, account management and helping companies grow their client base. SureView has found a way via the scheme to help not only those just starting but also those who take a little longer to find their career path.

Training within Businesses Customer Service isn’t always a priority within businesses. Many companies in the current climate are more interested in saving money and therefore, the main thing overlooked in company budgets, is training. Companies ask why budget for staff training, when they can save money, and increase profits? However, what’s not considered is the amount of potential customers - and staff - lost, due to the lack of investment in training. This, in my opinion, is short-sighted. Every organisation wants success and profits, but any form of training is imperative for staff development and motivation. Customer service training should be compulsory. It shouldn’t just be introduced to customer facing staff, but all staff. Whatever your occupation, you should be able to display good communication skills, which can be transferable, not just for the benefit of your customers, but also your colleagues. Without a good professional working relationship, it’s not a pleasant environment and impacts on standards, leading to high staff turnover. Customer service training has been acknowledged, but not prioritised with many organisations, because there’s always something else more important. Therefore, training becomes secondary to other business needs. What’s not considered, is how much potential business is lost, due to poor customer service. Making training a higher priority will ultimately encourage staff to become more motivated and productive. Psychologically, employees will feel valued and in turn, management will identify staff potential, and be able to implement relevant training accordingly. Any form of staff training is positive. We should always be ready to learn something new. If companies invested in customer service training, poor service would be a rare occurrence, instead of the epidemic we currently face. Companies would flourish - as trained staff are happy staff! Reeta Minhas-Judd, CEO of RMJ Training Services, specialising in Customer Service training.

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can give you an opportunity to thank your


As summer comes to an end and the nights begin to lengthen, it can be a gloomy time. 26 | Business Connexions


However, a shrewd business manager knows that giving staff something to look forward to can work wonders, which is why it’s not too early to think Christmas. Plenty of Wandsworth company owners have shown down the years that they recognise the value of a staff Christmas party and now is the time to select the venue for your event before it gets booked up; Wandsworth’s pubs, restaurants, cafes and hotels are very popular. However, there will be business owners and managers who question the wisdom of staging a company Christmas party, who see it as an unnecessary expense at a time when the business world faces so many uncertainties with Brexit looming large in everyone’s thinking. The shrewd business people know that the question has a simple answer, that a good Christmas Party can do wonders for staff morale. Getting the festivities right is not difficult in Wandsworth, an area that is blessed with excellent venues that can stage the best parties possible plus taxi companies that can get you home or hotels and guest houses should you decide to spend the night. However, the party does require some careful thinking. Selecting the best venue is crucial but how do you get it right?

The first questions are does it feel right? Do you like the décor, does it look like it can generate a good atmosphere, are the staff friendly and helpful? Also ask yourself is the ambience right for your people? Older staff members might not appreciate a busy pub, younger ones might not want a restaurant whose clientele are normally on the older side.


If you want to try something a little different this year, themed parties can work really well and London has plenty of companies skilled in making the magic happen. If you do decide to experiment, bringing in a specialist company to help you plan and work with the venue to get the décor right makes a lot of sense. Also, it is good to remember that people like to be appreciated. Maybe your staff and suppliers have gone over and beyond what was expected of them to help the business during tough and uncertain times. Maybe they have played a key role in helping you survive and thrive this year, providing quality work or maybe bringing in new contracts. A good boss knows that it makes sense to acknowledge their contribution at the Christmas party. Maybe a tribute in a short speech would go down well or a thank you note on place settings would be a good idea. But be warned. A cheap party looks cheap and reflects poorly on the business so if you are a boss who is determined to hold an event, loosen the purse-strings a little your staff will appreciate the gesture.





Entertaining over 200,000 guests annually, we’re renowned for offering great value for money for an exceptional evening of food, entertainment and fun. Our mission is to ensure you have the perfect Christmas party!

0844 499 4040 | Business Connexions | 27

For all of your medical and dental requirements, become a member of Smart Medical Clinics. Same day appointments, at a time that suits you.

For one simple monthly direct debit payment, you can cover your and or your family's medical and dental requirements. Unlimited visits, including Saturday mornings. For more information, either call us on 0207 052 0070 or visit one of our clinics today. • Also learn about Smart Life, your personal medicine

• Introducing our latest treatment:

• Have you heard of Smart rTMS:

• Smart Clinics offers aesthetic treatments,

plan to enable you to live a longer, more fulfilled life, A depression treatment.

• Smart Clinics has an inhouse nutritionist and

provides IV infusions, supervised by our inhouse anaesthetist. Ketamine treatment. including botox and fillers (by two of the country’s top aesthetic experts, Dr Richard Sibthorpe and Dr Ross Perry) together with Coolsculpting (

These are just a few of the services available to our Smart members. For private or corporate membership, please contact The Smart Clinics on 0207 052 0070 to find out more information. Alternatively, you can email us on:

GP and Consultant Services

Dentistry & Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Personal Medicine

Fat Freezing

Depression Treatment

Ketamine Infusion Treatment


The future of Medicine and Healthcare

The expression of “growing old gracefully” has been the polite way of saying that you are actually getting old and preparing to die with respect.

By Mike Parker Chairman & CEO Smart Medical Clinics The fact is most people’s bodies take on average 16 years to die. These 16 years, in the majority of cases, amounts to an illness which eventually leads to natural death. The future of medicine and healthcare now allows you, for the first time, to do something about this process. Like most things, life is about choices. Thanks to advances in medicine and science, our bodies and how they work are now understood in greater detail. Smart Medical Clinics, under the guidance of Dr Yadhu and his team, have pioneered a program called, ‘Smart Life’. Patients who commit to the Smart Life program will live longer and healthier lives. Smart Life will allow patients to live a better quality of life doing what they love for a longer period of time. So how is this achievable? Science has discovered the NAD gene which controls the ageing process. This gene can be measured, and for the first time, we can slow down and, in some cases, extend the ageing process.

Science, for many years, through gene and DNA technology, has been able to enlighten medical professionals on the individual body’s state. However, don’t take my word for it. Watch or listen to: Professor David Sinclair on - watch?v=HOTS0HS7aq4 The Smart Life program has brought a number of factual medical diagnosing sciences together, with a lifestyle program. The individual on the program is monitored and mentored on their progress and how to improve it. Their bodies are restored and repaired under the guidance of a nutritionist and an exercise physiologist who

works with the medical team by analysing the blood on a three-monthly basis. The initial program involves a fascinating technical assessment of the body which, in some cases, takes up to three months to receive the full results. The medical profession now understands that all previously understood illnesses are actually attributed to a protein DNA imbalance. Whilst this is a simple statement to make, the science behind it is extremely complicated and requires very technical understanding. It is this understanding, and the rebalancing of the body’s natural composition, that is the answer to solving the problem.

“Personally, like most of you, the prospect of living forever and the science of that happening rings alarm bells. However, being able to live a better quality of life for a longer period must be in all of our interests – i.e able to do what you love most now at the age of 100 years is an achievable target with Smart Life programme.”

Scientists believe that the person has already been born who will live forever. Personally, like most of you, the prospect of living forever and the science of that happening rings alarm bells. However, being able to live a better quality of life for a longer period must be in all of our interests – still being able to do what you love most now at the age of 100 years is an achievable target with Smart Life programme. If you would like to meet the Smart team and book a FREE consultation on the Smart Life program, please contact Smart Medical Clinics but be aware, the program costs £9,750 as an upfront payment and a further £350 per calendar month for your supplements and vitamin requirements. Smart Life is for individuals who are serious about committing to their health and the prospect of living longer. Whilst it is initially a high price for most people to consider, I simply say this, what price do you put on a life? Surely for every year you remain both active and healthy, the price is insignificant.

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The business specialists

Comprehensive Practical • Cost effective Legal Solutions

• Agreements

• Shareholder / Director / Partnership Agreements

• Commercial Property • Employment Law

• Corporate Immigration • Debt Collections

• Buying and Selling a Business “It was an outstanding response and professional work - truly outstanding” Mr C May 2018

15% discount to members of the Wands worth Chamber o f Commerce

Read all of our customer reviews at

Email: Tel: 08442 640 290

Hodders Law Limited is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority number 554857 and is a company registered in the UK under company number 07221841. The registered offices are at 50 Station Road, Harlesden, London, NW10 4UA

1979 - 2019

Keeping Your Business Running 24 Hours - 7 Days a Week 365 Days a Year

020 7928 8888

London’s Leading Service Company


Gas Safe Registered Engineers Installs, Repairs & Servicing Gas Safe Testing & Certification Planned System Maintenance


NICEIC Registered Electricians Complete & Partial Rewiring Circuit Board Installs & Repairs Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)


CCTV Video Camera & Reports Blocked Toilets & Drains Vermin Removal Maintenance Contracts

1 Hour Emergency Response (Subject to Availability) - Free Estimates - London Based Call Centre - 12 Month Labour Guarantee (Subject to T’s & C’s)

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Beyond Pipe Dreams The fundamentals of building a successful brand


hen I set up Pimlico Plumbers I quickly realised what branding really means. Having a recognisable name is one thing, but your brand has to have a strong and positive reputation, which comes from everything you do in a business. Plumbing has been blighted by rip off merchants, so we made a conscious effort to change poor public perception. The two best advocates for a business and it’s brand are it’s staff and it’s customers. Treating a customer well, who then recommends the business to their friends, is better than spending ten grand on advertising. That’s why the fundamentals of a business have to be right - and that includes making sure every stage of a job is delivered correctly. Our aim from the very start was to overcome the stereotype of the unreliable, unprofessional plumber. A handbook was created that not only set out working practices of the business, but defined what customers expect and should get from us. You’ll never see an unkempt Pimlico engineer or a dirty

Search ‘pimlicoplumbers’

Pimlico van, period. If you start by getting the workforce to believe in customer service first then they will believe in the brand and deliver. It sounds like common sense, but trust me, it ain’t always that common! If the fundamentals are right, a business owner can be confident with their brand standing out for the right reasons. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of eye-catching brands out there, but too many are style over substance with the business and the brand suffering as a consequence. At Pimlico, we have built our brand on the expertise of our people and their ability to deliver on our promises. We have then embraced a wide range of ideas to market our offering to potential customers, which included some of the following. Firstly, decide on a unique selling point. Work out what the organisation stands for and stick to that core ethos in business transactions. Business owners need to make it the aim of their marketing effort to get that message across to their customers – and that means anybody they can reach. The guy who never buys a bean from you might inadvertently refer your biggest ever booking over lunch after liking something read about the business. In the past decade the use of social media has changed the way companies put their names into the public consciousness.

Post on industry and consumer sites and understand that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are not just for kids. Perhaps hack out a niche for yourself by writing a blog and link it up to other social media channels to obtain the maximum reach. PR activities must be engaging, so business owners shouldn’t be afraid to have strong opinions. Sure, they need to be careful what they say when the tape recorder is running, but sitting on the fence won’t get them in the papers or on TV and radio. People like interesting characters who are unafraid to say what they think, within reason! Even if they don’t necessarily agree with them.

...People like interesting characters who are unafraid to say what they think... Even when they don’t necessarily agree with them... 24/7 media culture requires input from experts on all manner of subjects, but many people are afraid to take the plunge. There are extremely good businesses opportunities available by embracing social media, but it’s best not to become obsessed with it as not every customer is engaged in the digital world. Memorable signage at your business premises, well-liveried vehicles, and unique traditional advertising are all high profile assets. Incidentally, our latest vehicle branding presents a new colourway to celebrate our first electric vehicles, a step forward into the green era and our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. You may also notice that our name has developed from ‘Pimlico Plumbers’ to simply ‘Pimlico’. A decision not taken lightly but as a multi-trade company we felt it necessary to change the perception that we were only a plumbing company, although people still refer to us as ‘Pimlico Plumbers! Change takes time, careful planning and perseverance!

Tel: 020 7928 8888 Web:

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Events September

Business Networking + Golf

Thursday 19th September 7AM - 1PM Venue: Silvermere Golf Club, Surrey

Wandsworth Big Breakfast & AGM “How to do your own PR” Mary Murtagh Wednesday 25th September 8-10.30 AM Venue: Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel & Spa


Rosslyn Park RFC Business Club

in association with Wandsworth Chamber

Wednesday 2nd October 6-8.30PM Venue: Rosslyn Park RFC

Metro Mondays

Monday 7th October 6-8.30PM Venue: TBC

Earlsfield Business Meet Up Wednesday 9th October 6-9PM Venue: TBC

Wandsworth Business Awards 2019 Friday 11th October From 6 PM till Late Venue: Roehampton Club

Business Networking + Golf

E V A Sthe date


Putney Business Hub

Metro Mondays

Nigel Laurie

Monday 4th November 6-8PM Venue: TBC

Rosslyn Park RFC Business Club

in association with Wandsworth Chamber

Wednesday 6th November 6-8.30PM Venue: Rosslyn Park RFC

Earlsfield Business Meet Up

Wednesday 13th November 6-9PM Venue in Earlsfield: To Be Confirmed

6-9PM Venue: TBC

Business Networking + Golf Thursday 21th November 7AM - 1PM Venue: Silvermere Golf Club, Surrey

Wandsworth Big Breakfast Wednesday 27th November 8-10 AM Venue: TBA


Metro Mondays

Metro Mondays

Monday 2nd December 6-8PM Venue: TBC

Rosslyn Park RFC Business Club in association with Wandsworth Chamber

Monday 6th January 6-8PM Venue: TBC

Rosslyn Park RFC Business Club in association with Wandsworth Chamber


Wednesday 8th January 6-8.30PM Venue: Rosslyn Park RFC

Venue: Rosslyn Park RFC

Earlsfield Business Meet Up

Wednesday 4th December

Wandsworth Chamber Christmas Lunch

House of Commons

12.30 - 2.30PM

32 | Business Connexions

Wednesday 20th November


Thursday 17th October 7AM - 1PM Venue: Silvermere Golf Club, Surrey Hosted by Marsha de Cordova MP for Battersea “Accessibility and Ideology: Making London More Inclusive” Jean Marc Feghali Thursday 24th October 6.00 - 8.00 PM Venue: Jubilee Rooms, House of Commons

“Know Yourself to Grow Yourself” -

Wednesday 11th December Venue: To Be Confirmed

Business Networking + Golf Thursday 12th December 7AM - 1PM Venue: Silvermere Golf Club, Surrey

Wednesday 15th January 6-9PM Venue: TBC

Business Networking + Golf Wednesday 16th January

7AM - 1PM Venue: Silvermere Golf Club, Surrey

Putney Business Hub Wednesday 22nd January 6-9PM Venue: TBC

For further details go to



to new members Aquamax Services

PO Box 68520 Putney London SW15 9EL Ben Cloke 07946420055 Building Services;Property Services;Refurbishment & Developers

Arkenstone Wealth Management Ltd Hyde Park House 5 Manfred Road London SW15 2RS Simon Ben-Nathan 020 8371 0982 Financial Services; Investment Services;

Beyond Autism

The Foundry 17 Oval Way London SE11 5RR Mike Calver 0203 031 9705 Charities;Schools & Education;

Boundless Security Services Ltd

40 Wandle Way Garratt Lane Earlsfield London SW18 4UJ Rose Jan 07540227469 SIA Security Training Courses; Office and Co-Sharing Work Space, Meeting rooms for hire;Training and Personal Development

Children of the Mekong

22 Lavender Hill London SW15 5RN Eugenie Munakarmi 0203 674 1953 Charities; Retail

Crew Energy

164 Trentham Street London SW18 5DJ Toby Costin 07515968615 Renewable energy FSE Computer World 499 Garratt Lane Earlsfield London SW18 4SW Mubarak Ali Kashmiri 0208 875 1155 Computers; Computers and Web Services; Networking; Office Supplies; Print

Green Shoots Foundation

22 Lavender Hill London SW11 5RN Muneezay Jaffery 0203 674 1953 Charities

Jansen Birch Ltd

41 Kennet House 8 Enterprise Way London SW18 1 GF Stefan Jansen Birch 07595418475 Graphic Design; Web Services;Business Services;Design; Marketing & Promotions

Listen & Engage

17 Pentland Street London SW18 2AW Ms Beth Collier 07551265773 Professional Development and Coaching; Writing Services; HR- Human Resources; Guest Speaker;Workshops

Rogue Opera

A Passion for Tea Name: Philip Joseph Company: Teasup Q1 In no more than 50 words tell us a bit about your business? We are a specialist independent tea company based in Putney, with a mission to seek out the best quality whole leaf tea from the top tea gardens across the globe, ethically sourced and in environmentallyfriendly packaging. Q2 What gives your business ‘the x-factor’?

67 Chestnut Grove Balham London SW12 8JF Bronwen Grove 07739721086 Theatre,Shows,Drama,Arts

The taste of our whole leaf tea - we have taken the quality of classics like English Breakfast to a new level - with the “Teasup Breakfast Blend” - as well as seeking out more unique teas with real wow-factor like “White Tea and Mango”, and “Malawian Lapsang Souchong”.

36a Comyn Road London SW11 1QD Stuart Serjent 07799537370 Graphic Design;Design;Print;Media,

Q3 What motivated you to set up in business?

Serjent Design Ltd

Street Levels

233a Balham High Road Balham London SW17 7BG Simon McKenzie 07961076308 Marketing & Promotions;Advertising; Media, Design, Theatre, Shows, Drama, Arts


23 Carmalt Gardens Putney London SW15 6NE Philip Joseph 07855666078 Wholesale, Import & Export; Web Services; Retail;Business Services;Catering

The HR Dept

521-525 Battersea Park Road London mSW11 3BN David Hudson 0207 781 8208 HR-Human Resources;Professional Development & Coaching;Business Coaching & Support;Training & Personal Development

VR Messaging

100 St Paul’s Church Yard London EC4M 8BU Dylan Fernando 0333 222 1142 Business Services; Marketing; Advertising; Media,Design; Promotions

I’ve always had a passion for tea, and always dreamt of running my own business, and so here we are! Q4 What do you like most about working for start-up? The possibilities are endless and it is up to you to make it work - the buck stops with no one else! Q5 What has been your greatest business success to date? We’ve absolutely loved meeting and working with high quality local cafes, coffee shops and businesses in Wandsworth - it is a real joy seeing how all of their hard work has manifested into the amazing venues that they have created. Q6 What has been your lowest moment? Getting sprayed on by a truck going through a puddle when it was pouring with rain and I was doing door-to-door was a moment when I had to dig deep! Q7 In terms of business achievements, where do you want to be within the next year 5 years? We want to continue to work with cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and businesses, and spread the word, taste and experience of incredible tea. Q8 What would be your top tip to someone thinking of starting up their own business? Do it! Business Connexions | 33


5 Minutes with ... Paul Martin

Chief Executive at Wandsworth & Richmond Councils Q1 Who are you?

Q6 Biggest gripe?

Paul Martin, Chief Executive at Wandsworth and Richmond councils.

The constraints on councils to manage our own affairs without Government interference.

Q2 What’s your business all about? Making South West London a world class location in which to live and do business.

Q3 Three words to describe yourself? Optimistic, impatient, resilient

Q4 Ideal customer? Every passionate advocate for living here. Thankfully, there’s a lot of them.

Q5 Biggest achievement? Being a small cog in the machine that enabled Apple to locate its HQ south of the river. 34 | Business Connexions

Q7 Your inspiration? Simon & Garfunkel, trying to keep the customer satisfied.

Q8 Philosophy in business? Every contact counts.

Q9 Sporting hero? Bobby Robson

Q10 Biggest tip for success? Don’t get too big for your boots.


Reliability and Quality Of The VIP Class

SERVICES We at BOUNDLESS Security Services Ltd specialise in Elite Close Protection Services. We provide Close Protection Services to VIP’s, their families, property and assets. We have over 35+ years experience in the Close Protection industry globally. Our experienced and highly skilled staff have the ability to be flexible, therefore we tailor specifically to the requirements of our clients. For all your Close Protection requirements please contact the BOUNDLESS Team on: 07540227469 or email:


INTERESTED IN WORKING IN THE SECURITY INDUSTRY? BOUNDLESS Security Services ltd is an approved training provider awarded by AOFAQ Qualifications. We provide security training courses in the following:-

Become a Security Guard/ Door Supervisor SIA Badge Only £129

Become a CP Officer Only £1200

First Aid Level 3 Only £150

All courses on offer & low prices in London! “Only female courses available too” “TRAIN WITH BOUNDLESS...SAY BYE TO BEING JOBLESS”

Firearms Only £1200


At the end of learners training we refer learners for work. Our work referrals range from different sectors within the security industry to Close Protection work in London and Dubai. We believe in supporting our people, our communities and our great British Government Monarch and therefore we are actively helping our veterans into civilian work and actively helping to eliminate unemployment and better people’s lives. BOUNDLESS Security Services ltd are in partnership with and working alongside:- MRHQ (Military Resettlement Head Quarters), Jobcentre Plus across South London, South Thames College, Anglo Protection, Fighting Fit, Wandsworth Chamber Of Commerce and Mans Media. For all your security training needs please contact the BOUNDLESS Team on: 07540227469 or email:- Business Connexions | 35





llect i ve

We believe people can be more together. More connected, more inspired. That’s why we’ve designed co-living buildings to bring people together and help them get the most out of city life. Live as part of a community, share one of a kind spaces and events, with private space to retreat to. You might just meet your next mentor, lover or business partner. We are re-imagining renting so city folk can get more from their homes. This is the future of living.

be more together Old Oak | Canary Wharf | Queens, NY