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Advocacy and Representation Recognised Business Voice for North Harbour

Vision Develop North Harbour as Auckland’s location of choice for investment, businesses, customers, employees, visitors and our local residents. During the period of this Business Plan, we will expand our membership base and increase the depth of services provided, especially in the areas of economic development and advocacy.

Economic Development Innovation, employment, prosperity and growth

purpose Through member programmes and services we empower economic prosperity and growth, connect local commercial activity and encourage employment through attracting, retaining and developing organisations in our sectors of advantage (e.g. IT/Communications, Education, Niche Manufacturing , Import/Distribution, Elite/ Professional Sports, Tourism, Export, Services and Retail).

Activities and Member Services Enhanced member capability, events, networking

Transport Improved transport access and services

mission Represent members effectively and deliver quality services that add value to their organisations and the wider community in a focused, professional, cost-effective and sustainable manner.

Crime Prevention Crime minimised with Police coordination and collective private security services

Executive Summary - Business Plan 2012 and 2013 Welcome to our Business Plan for the two financial years ending 30 June 2012 and 2013. This year we have adopted a two year timeframe to align our planning activities with the Auckland Council annual planning process.

Our Business Plan is set out in the following three parts: • Executive Summary • Detailed Business Plan with Key Performance Indicators • Budget 2012 and 2013 The approach adopted in this Business Plan is to deliver a range of services and activities that will ‘Empower Better Business’, made possible through our established relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders, such as: Auckland Council; Upper Harbour Local Board; Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development (ATEED); Auckland Transport; New Zealand Police; and Ministry of Justice. Our ability to leverage and influence change will ensure that the collective voice of NHBA members are represented. The economies of scale made possible through the Business Improvement District (BID) will support efficient and effective infrastructure which has a positive impact within our BID and across the wider North Harbour community. Membership endorsement of this Business Plan will provide the impetus for even more positive results – delivering programmes and services in a costeffective way. We welcome your involvement in the Association and feedback on our planned activities.

vision, purpose and mission

The new vision, purpose and mission for our Association are shown on the previous page. They have been shaped by our historical development and current positioning, and reflect the structure of the organisation and our future development objectives.

Historical Development

NHBA was first launched 2003 as a voluntary, subscription-based organisation. The Association has grown strongly over the last eight years from its original foundation, driven

by issues relating to crime prevention and transport access around the closure of the southern end of William Pickering Drive. Since transitioning to a targeted rate-funded organisation in July 2008 the Association has developed to become a recognised leader within Auckland in the development and delivery of services to a Commercial/ industrial BID.

Current Positioning

NHBA now represents a membership of over 1,500 businesses and property owners within a community of approximately 15,000 people. A range of programmes has been developed internally and, in conjunction with current grant providers such as Auckland Transport and the Ministry of Justice, now covers: • Advocacy and Representation • Economic Development • Transport Management

Executive staff include a general manager and administration support funded by a targeted rate and programme managers funded primarily by specific grant activities from central and local government agencies. The current NHBA BID membership area is centred on the North Harbour Industrial Estate on the western side of Auckland’s Northern Motorway (see map on back cover). There is potential for expansion of this catchment to adjacent commercial and industrial areas to create economies of scale and additional services to current and future members.

“We aim to create real value for NHBA members through relevant, cost effective services and focusing on economic development and advocacy.”

• Crime Prevention • Networking • Communications

Organisation Structure Our organisational structure comprises: • Executive Committee Board of up to 12 Board Members Board Subcommittees for: • Crime Prevention, Infrastructure and Transport • Member Services, Events and Communications

Organisation Development The future success of our organisation will be shaped by: • Securing member support and engagement for ongoing operations through a re-poll of members in early 2012 • Maintaining member rate levies through economies of scale by growing the NHBA membership base and services by:

• Finance and Audit

• Polling and inducting new members from the eastern side of the Northern Motorway centred on Apollo Drive

The primary focus for the Board and its Subcommittees are planning, governance and executive support.

• Attracting associate members from adjacent areas in the North and West sectors of Auckland NHBA Business Plan 2012 and 2013 1

• Extending current key programme funding lines in the Transport Management and Crime Prevention programmes to attract and retain personnel resources to achieve or better planned outcomes • Undertaking regular performance assessments of programme activity and key personnel to deliver service excellence and continuous improvement • Attracting and retaining experienced Executive Committee Board members from a broad range of industry backgrounds to provide effective representation, input, governance and support to NHBA Executive Team activities • Developing effective linkages to relevant special interest groups including not-for-profit organisations

Development Objectives 2011–2013

Through the following schedule of objectives, NHBA seeks to develop a vibrant, inclusive organisation that provides a sustainable range of quality, relevant member services for the long term.

Advocacy and Representation • Create a knowledge base of local activities and issues to provide an effective voice for members

• Enhanced commercial and public transport links between the North Shore and the CBD/Southern Auckland including Auckland International Airport

Activities and Member Services • Develop and maintain structured connections to members, key stakeholders and special interest groups to gain an understanding of key issues and potential member service requirements • Create, promote and deliver regular member events with quality speakers and informative content whilst providing effective networking opportunities • Maintain and enhance the current core service programmes in Crime Prevention and Transport Management

“Improving transport services and minimising crime will continue to be cornerstone programmes for NHBA.”

• Develop/maintain contacts with key stakeholders including: • Members and special interest groups • Local Government • e.g. Auckland Council, Upper Harbour Local Board, ATEED, Auckland Transport • Central Government • e.g. Ministry of Justice, New Zealand Police, Ministry of Economic Development, New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) • Maintain an active involvement with Auckland Council’s BID policy development • Advocate on behalf of members for: • Improved transport access to/from the NHBA BID area. • Better parking management within the NHBA BID area • Ongoing crime prevention initiatives with the New Zealand Police • The development and maintenance of appropriate local infrastructure and public services • Improved public recreational facilities within the NHBA BID area to promote health and wellness through better work-life balance in a safe and secure environment 2 NHBA Business Plan 2012 and 2013

• Develop innovative member service programmes and funding lines to achieve agreed outputs with funding agencies • Attract and retain sponsorship for events and service programmes • Establish further member services around building capability of member organisations to expand, generate increasing profits, achieve economies of scale and develop export operations

• Continue quality production of bi-monthly FYI print publication at minimum cost • Generate effective returns on investment for Gold and Event Sponsors through recognition and promotion at all events, through NHBA’s online activities and printed materials

Economic Development We wish to encourage: • Appropriate property development to suit available land footprints and identified niche sectors of advantage. • Clustering of special interest groups to focus resources and achieve shared objectives • Local and international investment in the NHBA area • Local employment growth through youth, graduate and post-graduate programmes • Innovation, research and development investment and export growth • Ongoing member investment in personnel development and training. • Continued development of key infrastructure including electricity supply, ultra-fast broadband, transport access, hotel accommodation and expanded all-weather sporting facilities • Member uptake of ultra-fast broadband and the carriers to make such facilities readily available at affordable pricing • Involvement in industry and regional business award programmes to improve business standards and member growth potential • Member energy efficiency, environmental responsibility and sustainability • Showcasing and celebrating success through events and promotional activity

• Deliver an inclusive range of member services which are cost neutral

Communications • NHBA Website • Develop the NHBA web-site and associated online tools as a key portal for member access to current business and member service information • Offer opportunities for members to establish local commercial connections via • Provide a platform for local employment opportunities and the promotion of professional/advisory/support services and funding sources • Maintain a positive public relations profile through key media organisations

Warren Kitchin CA Dip NZIM Chairman

NHBA Business Plan 2012 and 2013 3

NHBA Business Plan 2012 – 2013 Building on the strengths and momentum of the member services offered during 2010/11, the key operational drivers for the years ending 30 June 2012 and 30 June 2013 are outlined below. Empowering Better Business as our strap-line will continue to be the focus behind the development of core services through which we intend to deliver programmes or services which offer a cost-neutral or positive contribution (position) back to our membership.

1.0 Organisational Development The future success of our organisation will be shaped by the following:





Vote Yes

• Re-poll February 2012

• Auckland Council • Upper Harbour Local Board

• Continuation of current NHBA BID

Member Service Range Extension

• Advocate for additional funding • Research membership requirements

• Auckland Council • Auckland Transport • NZ Police • Upper Harbour Local Board

• Expansion of current member benefits and programmes

Expansion Poll

• July 2012 – June 2013 • Establish support for an extended BID within North Harbour/Albany Commercial and Industrial centres

• Auckland Council • Upper Harbour Local Board • ATEED • Auckland Transport • Key business partners

• Achieve economies of scale for member services to maintain targeted rate level while offering expanded value-added services

Critical to the success of this business plan will be increased awareness and understanding regarding the benefits and value NHBA delivers amongst the wider North Harbour Business community. Through an annual survey of our membership we will measure the perception of the NHBA brand plus identify what future projects, advocacy and representation is required.

Membership mix Access to NHBA’s Crime Prevention, Transport Management plus Business Development programmes are key motivators for those outside of the BID area to electively join our organisation as Associate Members. The overall geographical focus for Associate Membership growth is in line with the proposed BID extension (2012/13)





Registered Members



1,100 based on existing BID location only

Associate Members




4 NHBA Business Plan 2012 and 2013

2.0 advocacy & representation


SIDE Issue 13

Information From the chair, associate members, new website and more Celebrating success Foresight Transport Give public transport a go, Ridesharing Institute and more Crime prevention and events Icon patrols, credit card fraud, 0800 Save Energy 7 Legislation The Unit Titles Act explained 8-9 Events Upcoming Business Breakfasts and After Fives 10 Events Unitec After Five and NHBA Golf Tournament ure 11 Business and pleas NHBA Wine Club and News in Brief es 12 Gold sponsor profil Coverstaff Recruitment and Vision Accounting

Dr Lester Levy. Join us on September tic 20 to hear this fantas ts speaker share his insigh on leadership. Book your

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Crime Prevention Initiative Launchactived ity


Business Breakfast:




The advent of the Auckland Super City in 2010 has changed the Auckland political landscape. The single council structure is designed to create benefits through economies of scale. However the increased scope EAT port GR INE of priorities which require local Transgovernment also brings a diverse range W ALS DE management. NHBA represents approximately 1,500 businesses and commercially zoned property owners. This collective voice provides NHBA with leverage to influence key decision makers at local and central 12 e page USINESS Se



government level, utilising media relationships to promote both the issues and outcomes as appropriate. Effective advocacy by NHBA - on behalf of our members, will ensure the local needs of North Harbour are understood and given appropriate attention. NHBA’s advocacy focus extends beyond local government, creating impact across specific member programmes. The objectives are detailed within the Activities and Member Services section to follow.





Key Stakeholder Relationships

• Conduct regular meetings • Contribute written and oral submissions regarding Auckland Council short and long term plans and Upper Harbour Local Board plans • Contribute written and oral submissions regarding Auckland Council BID policy development • Membership surveys as required

• Auckland Council • Auckland Transport • NZ Police • Upper Harbour Local Board

• Recognised excellence for BID operations • Attract additional grant and advisory incomes through support services to Auckland BIDs • Ensure the collective voice of our members is heard and their needs are addressed

NHBA Business Plan 2012 and 2013 5

3.0 Economic Development

Business Leadership and Development Functions Over the next 24 months, we will increase the depth of our economic development programmes to support the growth plans of our members. We will facilitate with partners such as Auckland Council and ATEED access to governance, improved infrastructure and special interest group resources. Educational institutions for example, Massey University and Unitec, will provide members with access to skills and resources to build individual’s knowledge. We will represent the needs of business amongst educators to facilitate increased student internships and project placements, which will generate ‘work ready’ candidates for our local employment market. We will develop opportunities for our members through specialist business capability providers such as ICEHOUSE, UKTI and NZ Trade and Enterprise based on the needs identified.

additional outcomes Below are activities we aim to influence and support partners in achieving.

NHBA Empowering Better Business Expo The first expo, held in April 2011, succeeded in providing the opportunity for businesses to build their profiles within the local North Harbour business community. It demonstrated the wide range and size of businesses that have chosen to locate in North Harbour. In the post-expo survey, exhibitors confirmed the value of keeping a local business focus and recognised the efficiencies this delivered for their business. Seventy per cent intend to exhibit at this expo in 2012. Recognising the 2009/10 trading conditions, NHBA kept the cost of entry at a minimum level. Going forward, larger premises will enable a greater marketing reach and continued growth of this annual event. Any surplus monies generated will be allocated against additional business development programmes to enhance local business capability.

• Utilisation of available land for targeted industry sector growth

No. of Exhibitors

• Business numbers and employment growth in identified key market sectors • Availability of key infrastructure

Expo Marketing Revenue Budget





70% of exhibitors intend to return





500 visitors 60% of 2011 exhibitors rebook





1,000 visitors 70% of exhibitors rebook

• Reduction in leasehold vacancy rates • Reduced time on market for property sales and leasing • Property value growth above national average in commercial/ industrial areas





Measures and Outcomes

Local Government Representation

• Provide written and oral submissions to Auckland Council Annual and Long Term plans • Identify and lobby key service suppliers - e.g. energy, broadband providers

• Auckland Council • Energy, broadband and other key infrastructure suppliers

• North Harbour Business Community receives efficient infrastructure

Increase local employment

• Develop youth, graduate and post graduate programmes

• Local Educational providers

• Greater interaction between business and educational providers • More internships and on the job training offered

Encourage Property Development and Investment

• Create a portal for local commercial real estate to be promoted

• Benefitz • Real Estate Agents

• Reduced vacancy rates • Improved demand for commercial real estate within the BID

Effective clustering and support for special interest groups

• Establish special interest groups • Research and prioritise sectors of advantage

• NHBA Members • ATEED • Upper Harbour Local Board • Auckland Council • Industry Bodies

• Focus of resources, achievement of shared objectives • Destination of choice for specialist and high growth industries.

6 NHBA Business Plan 2012 and 2013

4.0 Activities and Member Services

4.1 Transport Management Four primary goals focused our Transport Management Area (TMA) programmes and activities in 2010/11, and will continue to provide the base for the enhanced 2012/13 programme.

1. Efficient Transport Management • Advanced planning and facilities: Provide leadership and advocacy in advanced planning for on going efficiency improvements to transport infrastructure and services through key relationships with Auckland Transport and its delivery partners – MAXX, NZTA • Real-time operations: Improve the day-to-day efficiency of local transport through real-time operations management; for example ‘Look Before Your Leave’ cameras.

2. Promote the use of diversified travel options

3. Increase awareness and interaction • Communications: Maintain regular communications with commuters and BID/TMA stakeholders; feature services offered and TMA achievements in internal and external media

• Area-wide information: Use of electronic communications media to provide efficient travel information direct to commuters via the Smart Transport Solution (STS) Resource Pack

4. Provide an effective organisational team to deliver and grow the TMA programme

• Business programmes: Provide guidance and tools to employers as partners in improving the use of diversified options for travel to/from work via the STS Resource Pack and one-to-one presentations

• Transport Committee Comprises BID members who assist with driving operational governance on behalf of their fellow NHBA members and NHBA Executive Committee

• School programmes: Ensure travel plans are in place at all educational institutions and partner with schools to maximise success of these programmes

• Project management staff • Secure ongoing grant and R&D funding

What Transport Management benefits will we deliver over the next 24 months? CarpoolNow Scheme Launched November 2010, this programme has moved from targeting individual commuters through the use of strong consumer incentives for engagement, to becoming regarded as an ongoing programme for larger organisations within the BID area. Effective carpool management can assist with the granting of property resource consents, releasing valuable car parks for trade clients, and can improve the social interaction between commuters. We recognise that the promotion of NHBA’s CarpoolNow programme has increased the overall awareness of this transport option, with many of our larger employers noting that informal carpool activities have commenced since March 2011. It is our aim, through continued promotion and education, to convert some of these casual users to the Auckland Transport formal scheme so that they can take advantage of the NHBA’s Guaranteed Ride Home.



CarpoolNow registrations


Targets and Measurements

June 2011: 220

June 2012: 350 in total

Active Carpooler

Feedback and telephone contact

Less than 10% of registrations

10% or greater of registrations, June 2012

Dedicated Carpool Car Parks

Consent and signage

June 2011: 8 allocated

20 allocated by June 2012 35 allocated by June 2013

Smart Transport Solutions Resource Pack – Launch Date: 8 November 2011 To support and promote diverse travel options, we have developed this reference tool for employers, employees and regular commuters such as students into the North Harbour area. Relevant communication resources have been developed, driving awareness of the depth of solutions available. The overall purpose of the resource pack is to support the TMA objective to reduce the number of single-occupancy car journeys, changing behaviour through increased awareness and education.


June 2012

June 2013

Employer Pack

700 delivered

500 delivered

Employee/End-user Pack

500 delivered

1,000 delivered NHBA Business Plan 2012 and 2013 7

We aim to: Reduce congestion Provide real-time information

8 NHBA Business Plan 2012 and 2013

4.1 Transport Management continued

Additional key transport initiatives for delivery across the 24 months ending June 2013 Project

Purpose and Task


Measures and Outcomes

Look Before You Leave

• Provide real-time traffic flow information for all commuters via six cameras at entry/exit of estate


• Increase website visits by 40% year on year

• Armitage

• Increase cross-reference to cameras by third parties

• Represent members during resource consent applications which require Transport Management component

• Auckland Council

• Stakeholders refer specific applications to NHBA for consultation

• Auckland Transport

• Members are aware of consultation service

• Develop Best Business Practice Video to assist with the development of TMA network in New Zealand

• NHBA members

• Consult with educational institutions and business owners regarding diverse transport options

• Auckland Transport

• Erect and maintain signage by cameras Advocacy and Representation

Smart Transport Solution Programme

• Consult with project management before and during transport infrastructure changes

• ATEED • Upper Harbour Local Board

• MAXX • Auckland Council • North Harbour Media Partners

• Inbound investment and economic development are possible through the approval of resource consent applications • Continuous funding through Auckland Transport and consultation with potential TMAs on a project basis

• Increased awareness and interaction • Transport articles in each issue of FYI magazine and FYI Online • Increased representation and consultation across schools plus infrastructure and redevelopment programmes (Safer Schools, CarpoolNow, SH18, Albany Highway redevelopment) • External media coverage of key transport initiatives • Increased demands by members and media for transport information

Organisational Development

Public Transport Trials

State of Transport Report

• Develop current programmes • Consult with 200 members before June 2012 to establish project profiles

• Auckland Transport

• Retain and attract key personnel

• International TMA partners

• Created an additional non-grant revenue model for 2012/13

• Manage the development of projects effectively

• Monthly TMA sub-committee meetings

• Regional Transport Authorities

• Encourage increased patronage of public transport across the area through regular presentations and promotion across media


• Distribute 350 free passes, year ending June 2012

• Auckland Transport

• Distribute 540 free passes, year ending June 2013

• Monitor impact of changed behaviour, reduction of singleoccupancy car use, parking management

• Auckland Transport

• Reduction of congestion

• Members and public commuters

• Focused programme development based on trends and results (traffic counts, parking hotspots, Look Before You Leave flow)

• Annual full survey of total membership – online and via print (FYI)

• NHBA members

• Improved advocacy

NHBA Business Plan 2012 and 2013 9





4.2 Crime Prevention Programme Our Crime Prevention initiatives will continue to take a proactive approach during the next 24 months. Education via the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) surveys, the new Tool Kit initiative and business seminars will support our established security patrol and NZ Police relationships. NHBA will develop additional Crime Prevention products and services to assist members in addressing personnel safety, strengthen visible Crime Prevention signage, improve process around criminal activity reporting and support as well as educate and inform through the

inclusion of key partners’ messages.

Crime Prevention Tool Kit A core component of the ‘Crime is not OK’ programme, the Crime Prevention Tool Kit will provide all members with a tangible resource. It contains key messages from NZ Police and Ministry of Justice which support practical tools, such as a DNA Forensic Property Marking kit plus products to improve staff safety, target hardening and business crime prevention systems. The Crime Prevention Tool Kit which will be delivered to all commercially zoned properties before the end of Quarter 4, 2011.

What crime prevention benefits will we deliver over the next 24 months? Action



Targets and Outcomes

CPTED Surveys

• Executed through one-onone appointments

• NHBA members • Ministry of Justice

• Target: complete a further 500, 30 June 2012

Crime Prevention Tool Kit

• Researched, designed and produced

• Local content suppliers • NZ Police • Auckland Council • Ministry of Justice

Launched: 1 September 2011 Target: Personalised Tool Kit delivered to each member, 30 November 2011

Training and Seminars

• Bespoke based on CPTED analysis

• External specialist trainers as required

Target: 24 seminars/training conducted by June 2012 Further 26 conducted by June 2013

Incident Reporting

• Agreed communication process with BIZwatch partners

• Icon Security • NZ Police • Community relationships • NHBA members

• Crime Prevention Specialist provides first line of contact • Clear multi-level process for emergency and non-emergency reporting promoted through the website as well as Crime Prevention Tool Kit contents to ensure a seamless process and greater understanding




Targets and Outcomes

Security Alerts

• Establish clear procedure for members • Liaise with security partners

• Icon Security • NZ Police

• Security alerts published online • Online within 24 hours of verification • Non-time-sensitive incidents published in FYI magazine

Security Patrol

• Management of partnership • Review contract 30 June 2012

• Icon Security • NZ Police

• Fewer insecurities recorded by patrol • Fewer break-ins reported to the NZ Police • Daily incident reports to Crime Prevention Specialist • Improved GPS control

CCTV Cameras

• To maintain a network of cameras at exit/entry point which provide live security and transport reporting

• ISP • Armitage • Auckland Council

• Increased footage requests by NZ Police • Greater co-operation with NZ Police • 40% increase of Google Analytics statistics year on year

Police Liaison

• Regular communication and formal meetings with NZ Police and community partners

• NZ Police • Auckland Council

• BIZwatch bi-monthly meetings • Increased sharing of intelligence between partners • Greater efficiency with communication and reporting

10 NHBA Business Plan 2012 and 2013

• To complete a further 500, June 2013

4.3 networking

During the 2010/11 year, over 1,000 members attended NHBA events. Our signature events are: NHBA After Five This event will remain an important aspect of the Networking and Business Development function for 2011 to 2013, with five events planned per calendar year.

NHBA Business Breakfast The potential impact and influence from the presentations given at these breakfasts extended beyond just the CEO level across our members’ businesses. Therefore, to ensure the depth of learning and benefit reached a deeper audience, these events were rebranded from CEO Breakfast to the NHBA Business Breakfast – September 2011. They remain aimed at the key leaders and influence’s but now reach second-level management also. Sponsors have effectively used the NHBA Business Breakfast as an effective forum to announce innovation and new products and services or to reiterate their ongoing commitment to the North Harbour business area. A minimum of five sponsored Business Breakfasts per financial year will be hosted for years ending 30 June 2012 and 30 June 2013.

NHBA Annual Golf Tournament

Mark Hawthorne

Dr Lester Levy

The inaugural NHBA Golf Tournament will take place 8 December 2011, at North Shore Golf Club. The purpose is to provide a competitive yet social backdrop for business development. The format will provide sponsorship opportunities for those companies looking to raise their profiles within and beyond the BID area. Any surplus monies generated from the entry fee will be donated to a North Harbour charity or worthy recipient. It is expected that there will be a full field for the 2011 event.

NHBA Gold Sponsorship Programme Rob Fyfe

Mayor Len Brown

The financial contribution from our Gold Sponsors has a significant impact on the quality of the programmes we can offer. As

recognition of their commitment, each Gold Sponsor receives both profile and branding at all business development events and throughout our media. As local business owners, our Gold Sponsors also provide exclusive value-add and discounts to all NHBA members. Details of these offers are displayed on our The number of sponsors is restricted to 10 per year with exclusivity among business sectors. Thank you to past and current sponsors.

2010/11 Gold Sponsors were: BNZ Partners, ILG Insurance, Vision Accounting,, Trade Colour Print (TCP), Coverstaff, North Shore Golf Club, Speedy Signs, NZ Net. NHBA Business Plan 2012 and 2013 11

5.0 Communications Leave cameras, Crime Prevention as well as Advocacy and Representation


Online communication is a cost-effective and appropriate method of reaching a wide-ranging audience. Ongoing technological and business services developments within the wider Auckland online media space (e.g. Localist/ GrabOne/ dictated an upgrade for to ensure this platform remained accessible and valued by our members. Connection between local business-tobusiness, retail and educational institutions was an important element of the redesign process. This has been achieved through:

The 2012/13 year will see revenue being produced to support ongoing programme development through member advertising on

Social Media

Twitter is our main social media tool as it enables us to broadcast short messages to business and key partners. LinkedIn will become increasingly important during 2012/13. training and networking opportunities to be promoted to a wider audience

• An improved Business Directory – which enables members to upload a consumer or business-driven deal

• Greater knowledge as to the depth of services available to all NHBA members

• Self-managing Events Calendar to provide a collaborative platform for local education,

• Easier access to core services and information such as Traffic Management, Look Before You

FYI Magazine

This publication will continue as it provides members with timely news, crime prevention, transport management and advocacy updates together with events through which they can connect.




Targets and Outcomes

• Increase number of visitors • Increase interaction with Business Directory • Increase member usage of Events Calendar for promotion of nonNHBA-hosted events • Increase exposure for Gold Sponsors • Gold Sponsor banners hosted on the Home Page, dedicated Gold Sponsor webpage • Host Annual Satisfaction Survey

• NHBA Board • Benefitz • NHBA members • Partner websites

• Google Analytics statistics to show an increase of 5% month on month against each measurable • 500 fully branded directory listings by March 2012 • 600 fully branded directory listings by June 2012, 1,000 by June 2013 • 100 active promotional vouchers, June 2012, 250 by June 2013 • Increased business capability through the promotion of wide-ranging networking opportunities and training seminars • Make it easy for members to contact us and provide feedback via online surveys and webforms

FYI Online

• Provide an effective communication tool to support bi-monthly printed magazine • Promote business development • Communicate security and transport news flash

• NZ Police • Auckland Transport • Upper Harbour Local Board • Auckland Council • Key media partners

• Distribute a minimum of one e-shot per month • Distribute security and transport newsflashes as advised • Manage database to less than 20% bounce-back rate • Increase opening rate to greater than 50%

Social Media NHBAOrg

• Broadcast key news such as security or transport flashes • Broadcast NHBA and non-NHBA events, • Support NHBA overall media plan

• NZ Police • Auckland Transport • ATEED • Auckland Council

• Increase the volume of followers and re-tweets from June 2011 position by 25% year on year • Increase the number of relevant tweeters NHBA follows as appropriate

All Media

• Extend media coverage across mainstream news and business publications

• NHBA members • Media partners

• Exposure across media platforms will leverage impact for advocacy and representation • Profile award-winning businesses • NHBA’s core activities and projects will be represented in two external publications per month

Printed Media

• Publish FYI Magazine five times per year

12 NHBA Business Plan 2012 and 2013

• North Harbour business community is better informed and connected

Budgets 2012 and 2013 For the year to 30 June 2012 we have reasonable certainty of the range of programmes that are being funded by both our current NHBA targeted rate and other grant-based programmes from the Ministry of Justice and Auckland Transport. For the year to 30 June 2013 we have made a number of assumptions as to the continuance of the current programmes or that alternative programmes of similar value will be identified and implemented. If that does not eventuate we will reduce our revenue and our contract costs accordingly to ensure our budget remains in balance.

Budget Summary FY 2012

% of Total

FY 2013

% of Total

Income Member Targeted Rate





External Programme Grants























Crime Prevention





Events and Communications





Other Total Estimated Income

Expenditure Activities


















BID Ballot





Office Premises





Transport Total Activity Costs Operating Costs






Total Operating Costs





Total Estimated Expenditure






Estimated Surplus/(Deficit)


Income 2012


Expenditure 2012

Member Targeted Rate


E xternal Programme Grants

E vents and Communications






BID Ballot

Crime Prevention

Office Premises IT/Communications

North Harbour Business Association Business Improvement District (BID) Map The map below shows (in red) the BID area as of June 2011. The area shaded (in blue) indicates the potential expansion into adjacent commercial and industrial centres – effective July 2013.

North Harbour Business Association Membership Full NHBA Membership is available to all owners and tenants of commercially zoned property within the NHBA geographically designated Business Improvement District (BID). If your business is located outside of the BID area, we can make available an Associate Membership. This offers all the privileges and benefits of Full Membership – with the exception of voting rights. Complete membership details can be found on

Contact us F4, 27-29 William Pickering Drive, North Harbour, Auckland 0632 I PO Box 303 126, North Harbour 0752 I Phone: (09) 968 2222 I Email: I Web: 14 NHBA Business Plan 2012 and 2013

NHBA Business Plan 2011  

NHBA Business Plan 2011

NHBA Business Plan 2011  

NHBA Business Plan 2011