Murrays Bay Intermediate Yearbook 2015

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Colin Dale: Message from the Principal This has been an exceptional year for successes!! Our sporting news has consistently reported wins and terrific results. This year at the AIM s games was the best we have yet recorded every code did well and had significant wins. In performing arts we once again involved huge numbers learning and performing on instruments with high levels of attainment for students of this age. In every competition we have been ranked at the top of the award list. The growth of dance at our school continues to enable us to offer more options in this very popular aspect of the arts. ’

We have been visited by the Education Review Office this year. They affirmed our academic results were among the highest for a school of this level in New Zealand. We have been delighted with the professional discussions and affirmation that the team from the Education Review Office shared with our staff. Our community can be confident that the school is a high performing institution and a safe place for all of us who work and study here. This year we have signed and been approved as a community of schools. We are the first community to be approved as an official cluster of schools that have chosen to work together to improve our achievement. Rangitoto College, Murrays Bay Intermediate, Murrays Bay Primary, St John s, Mairangi Bay Primary Campbells Bay Primary, Browns Bay Primary and Pinehill have all agreed to work together to raise achievement in writing and mathematics. Specially appointed staff have been given time to make possible the introduction of new and innovative ways of helping students who find learning challenging. ’


The most significant aspect of our school is the wonderful atmosphere and community of care that exists for the welfare of each other. There is a culture of respect and this permeates through every facet of the school. For me the most important hallmark of success is where people are happy, are respected and are empowered to make the best of their future. Many of us have not been in a team, participated in a sport or activity, not been in a performing group, but have had a wonderful fulfilling experience and have grown expedientially as a person. This is the unspoken success the personal and most important success of all. ;

Congratulations to everyone who has made the very best of their years at Murrays Bay Intermediate. I wish each of you a very positive successful future.



Mrs on n n a Sh on s n i b Ro

Dean of Year 8, 2015

2015 marks my 12th year at Murrays Bay! I have been blessed to have been the Dean of a pretty fantastic year group for two years who I have watched grow from young, tentative Year 7 students fresh from primary school, to mature, confident young adults ready to embark on life at college-how time flies!! It has been a truly remarkable year with a fantastic ERO review, reinforcing the exceptional work of our staff with academic excellence and the many, many opportunities we provide for our students. Following this was the incredible success of our AIMS achievements-we are so very proud! I am currently writing this on a flight to Osaka to mark the beginning of our annual trip to Japananother highlight for students. To our students, take with you the following attributes and thoughts as you begin the rest of your Add subheading lives!! 1.-Allow yourself to get into the "Wobble Zone." If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got. Allow yourself to try something new and different, even when it feels uncomfortable, as that is how we grow. 2.-Make the most of every opportunity-and don't wait around for opportunities to come to you, -make them happen! 3.-Choose your friends wisely, and think before you make a decision about who and what it affects. Make time to spend with friends and family. 4.-You need to work hard, and practise and practise some more. Even if you have a natural ability, make it extraordinary through putting in 110%. 5.-Always think of others-be considerate and be grateful. Do random acts of kindness that make others smile, and you will feel fantastic too!! 6.-Smile often, always try and be positive, and think of the positive, even if a situation is challenging. 7.-Eat healthily, drink lots of water, sleep well, and exercise-have that balance in life. 8.-Always have a project and passion on the go-that's what keeps us motivated and alive! Addexperience, a little bit ofmeet body text and create memories. 9.-Travel! It is the best way to appreciate, people, 10.-Laugh lots and find ways to have fun!!

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday where you practise all these things, and continue to lead fulfilling and happy futures!!! And let us know how you re doing!!! : '



Sandra Jacobs Year 7 Dean

MBIS 2015-2045

Shooting rapidly into the future When I was much younger, many years ago, the must see movie was " Back To the Future" I never imagined back then, where I would be on the 21st of October 2015. The media on that day, was full of reports on how accurate or not, Stephen Speilberg had been in his predictions, as he sent Marty and Doc Brown hurtling into today in that famous Delorian. I am now wondering what the next thirty years in education will bring. Our present students will be in their early forties. What a crazy thought! We don't know for certain where they will be, or what the world will be like, but what I do know is that if they continue the way they are currently performing, they will be successful! I can say this with confidence, because our students perform at exceedingly high levels in all areas of their learning. Whether that be on the sports field, dancing up a storm in competitions, singing their hearts out at festivals, being awarded accolades in the ICAS tests or receiving awards at the Junior AIMES at the Spencer on Byron. Murrays Bay Intermediate students are well represented in all these areas. Another area of development essential for future success is building a clean footprint. Our students are busy building solid foundations for their futures. Relational, cyber and carbon footprints are being constructed in a dynamic and supportive teaching and learning community, where parents and school are partners, investing in an exciting future. 2015 has been an all round fantastic year. We may still rely on wheels on our scooters and skateboards rather than hover technology but our feet are firmly striding into the next thirty years! 3


Admin Team

Patricia Tan (Executive Officer), Nancy See Molina (Staffroom), Cherie Scampton (Canteen Manager), Janet Carmichael (Finance Assistant), Helen Congalton (Reception/First Aid), Jacinda Staveley (Printery/Uniforms), Margaret Ellett (Consultant), Rose Purchase (Librarian), Eva Murnane (PA to the Leadership team)

David Smethurst (Caretaker) Dave Orr (Groundsman)


Learning Support

Thank you Teacher Aides Sue Christman Nan Ferguson Amy Heffernan Irene Hemmingsen Sacha Holloway Moyra Jobson Jose Kirkbride Nathalie Lamont Julie Lichtwark Belinda Nealie Roxy O Dwyer Ross Jane Prosee Cheryl Roberts Jo Spicer '


Teacher Developers and Release Teachers

Thank you to all Teacher Developers/Release Teachers for supporting students and staff during 2015. These teachers assisted staff in their Teaching Development; areas such as Pedagogy, Planning, Practice and Assessment. The knowledge, commitment and dedication to this specific teaching position is a credit to you all!

Mike Gaffaney, Olive Leddy

Annette Fourie, Michael Billington, Janene Levett, Janine MacDonald, Amy Ruiz 6

Sarah Turner, Mark Young

Sports Prize Giving




ICAS Achievements:


North Harbour Junior AIMES Awards Cameron Brownsey - Classical Performance Blake Tolmie - Inventor Catherine Oh - Music Jadan Movold - Community Service Quillan Denton - Classical Performance


Jayden Norrish

Matauranga Toi

Visual Art 2015

Hanae Choi

Year 7 Year 8 Day Talent Art Extension Art Exhibition

Ivan Li 12


Music at MBI 2015

We learn to appreciate and love Music because it is a universal language

All students at MBI spend time doing Music classes as part of the specialist programme. Music brings people together in many ways and it has shaped culture, politics, the way people dress, where they go and how they act. There are many different musical styles. Some we love and some we learn have to work to appreciate. Good music is worth listening to on good quality equipment and some songs are best played loud. In Music we collaborate and create with fellow musicians. We "jam" and use musical equipment to perform in our own bands. 14

MBIS GOT TALENT 1st - Cameron Brownsey

2nd - Olivia Waters

3rd - Daphne King and Molly McGinn


This year we had 19 groups and individuals enter into MBI's Got Talent. We saw an incredible range of talent from singing and dancing to theatre and instrumental. Well done to all performers and our overall winners.

Kapa Haka 2015 Kapa Haka has been very successful this year, with a large group of strong, confident students. A big thanks to Matua Gary for teaching the group a wide range of waiata, poi and haka. Not only have the students learnt these, they have also been immersed in the language and culture. There were several opportunities to perform this year, including a powhiri for ERO and the culmination of the year - the Onepoto Cultural Festival. Well done to all students who made the commitment all year.


! e c n a D S MBI

MBIS Cheerlead ing !st Place!


1st Place at AIMS!


AIMS Cheerleading! We have had an awesome year of dance and cheerleading at MBIS! Placing 1st at Aims and competing at the Auckland Intermediate dance competition Placing first in everything with the exception of a great 2nd place in lyrical!!


Our Aims GOLD Medals!

Dancesport Team meets Pam Corkery!

The Dancesport Team At The Road Show!


ce 2 015

Villans and Superheros 1st Modern dance XQuisite 1st Place Contemporary Division Project Sky 1st Place Cheerleading Section Glamour Girls 2nd Place Lyrical Devision

2015 Thanks For A Great Year Of Dance & congratulations all of our competition dancers! 17



Concert Band 2015 Our second year musicians have made great progress in the band programme! Our second year musicians had a very productive year with Mrs Spicer and Mrs Herbert. We played a variety of different musical pieces and we performed to both parents and our wider community. We loved our trips to the pools and we had a great time with our musical exchange with Te Awamutu Intermediate. This is just the beginning of your musical journey. Enjoy many more years ahead of playing, listening to and appreciating all kinds of musical styles. Most intelligent musicians - Saxophones The section most improved in 2015 - Flutes Loudest musicians award - Trumpets Hardest working section - Trombones Highest number of talented musicians in one section - Clarinets


Beginner Band 2015 Teacher John McGhie plus 148 AMAZING Band members! Aaron Hu Abby Miller Abigail Tsang Adele Jury Alan Gong Alex Haslemore Alexander Skuljan Amber Fraser-MacKenzie Alex Jobbins Allan Xu Amanda Harris Amanda Jackson Amy Han Amy Smith Amy Wang Amy Yang Andrew Jacobi Andrew Shin Andy Lee Angela Nguyen Anushka Rastogi Anya Powell Ashmera Prasad Austin Patterson Bella Emery Brenna McMichael Bruno Moore Caitlin Edwards Carmen Su Cameron McConchie Campbell Syme Chantal Rapley Charles King Chloe Chapman Clare Jones Connor Mason Cooper Williams Corin Fenwick – Rose Daniel Gover Demi Wilcox Dominic Cooper Dylan Minifie Eden Butterworth Edward Xu Elizabeth Yoo Emillie Morrison-Reid Emily Ren Emily Huang Emily Blythe Eric Liang Ethan Lu Eugene Gong Evelyn Harris Fern Ou Yang Freya McCourt Grace Chen Gwen Li Hannah Lees-Baker Hannah Lifting Harvey Strinati Hojun Jung Hollie Marshman Inez Teixeira Isis Pan Isaac Moore Ivan Li Jack Choi James Huang Jamie Bray Jamie Lee Jason Seo Jenny Li Joanne Lin Joshua Gomez Josh MacKenzie Joshua Trotter Julia Ortanez Kate Finlay Katie Clark Katie Woodward Kelly Poon Kelly Xu Kelly Zeng Kevin Cao Laura Allison Laura Haugh Laura Waretini Lauren Moody Leah Patrick Leon Jacobi Liberty Te Koea Lily Qi Lloyd Petrie Lucas Dearlove Lucia Groves Lucy Lee Lucy Ma Lucy Macready Luke Lee Marcia Kilpatrick Mark Richards Matilda Towers Matthew Crowhurst Matthew Leith Max Ji Michael Weng Miju Jung Mikaela Keer-Keer Monica Zhou Nani Puamau Natalie Honey Nathan Hill Ivan Li Olivia Kirk Oliver Xu Oliver Zhang Olivia Lee Olly McGhee Oscar James Oscar Yu Paris Chen Rayna Huang Rebecca Fleming Reina Zhang Riley Smith Russell Pereira Ryan Pai Samantha Mackenzie Samuel Wong Satori Edgeler Savannah Bakker Shaun Woods Sophie Glamuzina Sophie Hepper Solo Yoo Summer Jeffery Taro Nishida Taze Noom-Duckworth Tia Abert Tiana Marshall Tim Sinyakov Tonka Berthelsen Victoria Hunton Vinny Wong Will Davidson William He Yolanda Jiang Yoon Maeng Zoe Wu


Rock Band 2015 Good Music should always be played loud!! The Rock band programme is a big part of our overall music programme at MBI. This year we had 9 different Rock bands and a range of quality tutors who worked with our students. We even had tutors who had been part of the MBI Rock band programme when they were here. Check our our top competition band - "White Noise" (below)


Photo Caption:

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ORCHESTRA 2015 WITH MISS PARK & MRS LIM By Catherine Oh and Friederike Voit

Throughout this year, the MBI Orchestra have held two concerts, one for parents and teachers, and one for a group of eight people from the local retirement home. Our concerts were a success both times because we played a variety of different pieces to suit our audiences. Amongst these were: The Entertainer; Scarborough Fair; the theme from New York, New York; the Blue Danube; Carmen Fantasy; Rock Around the Clock; Marche Militaire; Symphony No.40- Mozart; and Singin' in the Rain. We also began to learn Christmas pieces to perform in the latter half of the year. In our orchestra there were 11 different sections. In the violin section we had Amy Lee as the concertmaster and leader of Violin 1, and Michael Xing as the leader of Violin 2. Jessica Lee was the leader of the cellos, and Catherine Oh was leader of the oboes. The leader of Flute 1 was Friederike Voit, and the leader of Flute 2 was Satine Finer-Neuhausen. In our clarinet section the leader was Enoch Han, and the leader of the trumpet section was Giona Basso. In the saxophone section we had Vanessa Xiong and the leader of that group. We also had 2 people for each the piano and drum section (Drums for only half the year). Angel Li and Sandra Kang for the piano parts, and Lachie Hardie and Charles King for the drums. As representatives from the MBI Orchestra, we would like to thank our conductor, Miss Eunice Park, as well as our former conductor Mrs Ajita Lim (previously Miss Goh), for their dedication to our orchestra, and the effort which they put into choosing our pieces and making sure that we all turned up to our practices each week. We wouldn't have done half as well without our conductors to help us. 2015 was a great year for all our orchestra players, and we all had a spectacular time in this opportunity. 23

Star Te Aukura Catherine Oh Deputy Brian Kim Deputy Mikah Buckley (




School Leaders, 2015

Hi, I m Star. This year I was lucky enough to be the girl School Leader for 2015. I have enjoyed MBI since the day I walked into school, my big brother was head boy in 2012 and everyday he would come home and tell me all about his day from interclass sport to Day T and to be honest it sounded pretty amazing. I couldn t wait till primary school was finished. One of my highlights of being School Leader was going to Young Leaders Day earlier this year with the other School Leaders and the Mini School Leaders. I learnt a lot there and listened to a lot of inspirational speakers. Young Leaders Day taught me how to be a better leader and how important leadership is. My days at intermediate have been the best... My first teacher in year 7 was Mr Kruyen Jr. I had a blast in that class I learnt a lot and laughed a lot. So I would like to thank Mr Kruyen the wise one for making my first year at MBI the best it could be. Next was year 8, work gets a little bit harder, books get a little bit thicker... But thanks to my year 8 teacher Mr McCormack, he made my year fun, exciting, and cool. I cannot explain how fun MBI has been. If I could, I would go back and do it all over again!!!

Hello, my name is Catherine and I am one of the four School Leaders for Murrays Bay Intermediate 2015. When I first started intermediate, I never imagined that I would be in so many groups that would improve me with my strengths and hobbies. In my first year, I joined in the Handbell group, the Notables choir, Orchestra, APPA Choir, The Kids Sing, and so many other groups. At the end of the year, I was in the Production and it was one of my greatest experiences I have ever had. I was in the Action Group in Year 7, and was lucky enough to be elected for the Chairperson of this Leadership Group. This year, I participated in as many activities as last year. Being School Leader was a great privilege for me during this year and is, my biggest achievement during my life of being Year 8. I got to speak at some schools, one of which included Campbells Bay Primary. When the primary schools came over to visit our school, I assisted with the tours and also attended the NYLD 15 at the Vodafone Centre. I would like to thank the following teachers:: Miss Mackrell,, Mrs Lim, Mrs Spicer, Mrs Tolmie, Miss Park, and Mrs Leddy, for my education and music!!!

Hi, my name is Brian Kim. 2015 has been my favourite year of my school life so far. Becoming a deputy school leader has been a memorable experience and I didn t expect leadership to present so many valuable opportunities and life time skills such as working with the Action Group, attending NZ Young Leaders Day, organising assemblies, advertising our school to primary students and many more. One of my highlights was earlier this year when the School Leaders and Mini School Leaders went to NYLD New Zealand Young Leaders Day . Over the course of a day, we listened to inspirational guest speakers who included Mr Pike, Riley and Steve, Rukumaana and Darryl Sabin. Young Leaders Day really taught me more about leadership and was an amazing experience. I also enjoyed showing MBIS to different primary schools as it allowed me to become more confident as well as giving something back for the school. Intermediate has been an amazing journey and MBIS, teachers, students and friends have made it so special.

Kia Ora, my name is Mikah Buckley and I am the male School Leader for 2015. School Leader is a role where it s enjoyment is measured by your capability and ability to step up and take any challenge by the horns. This year, the opportunities have just kept on coming! The other leaders and I have taken part in many great experiences this year, including: Showing primary school students around our school to give a taster of what it s like at MBI., speaking at parents evenings about our school and showing parents and their children what a great place MBI is, and going to the New Zealand Young Leaders Day. As well as all this, a select group of leaders and I have been part of introducing modern learning techniques into our school e.g student to student coaching . Being a School Leader has pushed me to achieve what I am already capable of. To all the Year Sevens becoming Year Eights, you all have the potential to make a difference or change something for the better, and everybody can!!!

















s u c o dF n a p u o r G ders n o i t c ea A L 2015 The Action Group have been an innovative, curious, action taking, assertive, confident -

group! Initiatives this year have included: Working with Auckland Transport to collect information and share thoughts and solutions to the proposed bus route for Sunrise Ave. We have been very proactive in fundraising opportunities for child cancer, Sylvia, the bird lady the Achilles Marathon team, Starship phone collection, our sponsored child in Uganda, and our biggest fundraiser, for Nepal. We have built crosses for the ANZAC day commemorations, gathered student voice with our new proposed building developments and been a big part of the transitions for Year 6 students with making videos and hosting tours. This year we have had leaders in focus groups throughout the school Pastoral Care, Sport, Performance, Transport, ICT, and International. This group of students have been phenomenal with leading their area in liaison with the teachers in charge MC ing, speaking and manning a booth at the Open Day and Evening, creating an IT Helpline, and meeting involvement with the Management team and Board of Trustees to share ideas. We would also like to mention Caley McNeeley, who organised Orange Day in support of preventing domestic abuse in families. This initiative won us two Chromebook devices and a visit from two Warriors to school as MBIS was the school who raised the most money well done Caley! -







Mini School Leaders


Motutapu Leaders Cameron Marwick Rafe Bonniface Kawau Leaders Noah Tomlinson Grace Penberthy Tiritiri Leaders Stirling Bright Zahra Thomas Rangitoto Leaders Matthew Gould Gabi Chandler 25

ELIP & International 2015

ELIP helps students learn English and have fun. We go on lots of trips to learn new things and we celebrate festivals. We liked doing debating and speeches. ELIP can also help us make new friends. It is so cool! (Nicole, Jueun, Yurara & Danny - ELIP Leaders)

International Student Welcome at The Cloud


Trip to Japan, 2015 On Sunday 18th October, 23 students and nine parents, Mrs Robinson and Mr Kruyen Senior , travelled 10 hours to Singapore. We then had six hours in the Singapore Lounge where we shopped and ate six hours in transit, and no sleep! After another six hour flight we arrived in Osaka, Japan, and met Chizuko our guide. We immediately set off on our first sightseeing adventure to Osaka Aquarium, Ferris wheel and Castle. That night we stayed at the Shin Osaka Youth Hostel, some of us sleeping on the traditional tatami mats. The very next morning at 7.30am, having a breakfast of meat and vegetables, we braved rush hour in the train station, taking care to keep our eyes on the rugby flag ahead of us. We excitedly set off to Universal Studios. We rode the New Harry Potter ride, Spider Man, Jaws, the Hollywood Dream roller coaster and more! The following day we had a very different day mood wise as we visited the Hiroshima memorial and peace museum, and witnessed the devastation that brought World War 2 to an end. Miyajima followed, which is a shrine dedicated to nature, where deer followed us and hungrily searched for any food we had, or paper! That evening we met our home stay families at Nishihanahata School. Each person went home with their new family, excited about the adventure ahead. The next two days were at school. There we learnt calligraphy, how to make green tea, participated in karate and kendo, unicycling and stilt walking, and made spinning tops and fans. For school lunch we had fish and vegetables with a carton of milk, and before the afternoon programme began, we had to help clean the school. Saturday was a special day with our home stay families where we did a huge variety of things based on what we wanted to see and do. Sadly the next day we had to board the bus and bid our good byes. There were tears on both sides. Daizaifu Shrine dedicated to learning , Robosquare, Fukuoka Tower and the Citizens Disaster Prevention Centre marked our last day. This was particularly cool as we experienced a strong earthquake and typhoon, and put out a fire. It certainly was a jam packed adventure, which we will remember forever and hopefully keep in touch with our new Japanese families. We bring home many stories, gifts for our families, and memories of a lifetime!!! ;-







Mathex MBIS Mathex Year 7 First Place - Room 15 Second Place - Room 16 Third Place - Room 33

Year 8 First Place - Room 1 Second Place - Room 8 Third Place - Room 14

North Shore Mathex Year 7 Room 15 Room 16 Room 33 Room 44

Year 8 Room 14 - 2nd place Room 4 Room 1 Room 8

Our students were lucky enough to participate in the Year 7 and Year 8 Mathex, North Shore Mathex and Auckland Mathex in Term 3.

Auckland Mathex Room 15 Room 14

SCIENCE FAIR WINNERS Connecting the Past with the Future Zoe Penlington The Ultimate Charger. Isaac Bird Cleaner Drier Healthier Brian Kim Bike Charger Blake Tolmie Can I get Water with that? Alex Boyce An apple a day. Genevieve Kuan Don't stick your gum under your desk just yet. Jess Sheldon Dominant Hand Sensitivity. Friederike Voit Colour of Concentration. Helen Zhang What Was That? Mia van Essen On the Menu, Fruit Veges Bacteria. Ben Reshef What bugs you? Centaine Noom-Duckworth Hey Sugar. Rafe Bonniface Bread on the Rise. Grace McKee Nasty Stain . Amanda Jackson The Meltdown. Vanessa Xiong Oh for a Quiet Life. Stirling Bright Blood Splatter. Hannah Salatielu Mpemba Physics. Elim Lin Building Bridges. Luca Keltie Cycling under Pressure . Callum Hockey Pollution in the Sea. Dominique Solarte-Ramirez 28

Literacy 2015 MBIS Speech Winners!

Speech Finalist

Year 8

KawauNoah Tomlinson Tim Dann-Hoare Kezia Fraser MotutapuJames Nealie - Year 7 Mikah Buckley - Year 8 Isaac Bird Rafe Bonniface ICAS Winners 2015! Top Of NZ Callum Hockey RangitotoMikah Buckley Star Te Aukura Ella Moore TiritiriMarianne Magtibay Friederike Voit Grace King Elim Lin Nathan Morgan Writing Writing English Lymon Moller








Friederike Voit Stirling Bright Maya Holloway Jessica Bishop Grace Blakey Ben Holderness That Public Transport should be Free Year 8 SEMI Winner = Motutapu Sheryn Walker Ella Moore Finley Willcox Liam Cross Nancy Wu Mikah Buckley That NZ made is the Answer Year 8 SEMI Winner = Rangitoto Friederike Voit Maya Holloway Grace Blakey

Ella Moore Liam Cross Mikah Buckley

That Auckland should have Road Tolls Year 8 FINAL Winner = Rangitoto

Congratulations Rangitoto!


Year 7

KawauLiam Kumerich Jordan Settle Koto Shimizu MotutapuSophie Hepper James Nealie Luke Statham RangitotoAmy Wang Sam De Suza Vladimir Minkov TiritiriJack Doyle Matthew Kay Bruno Moore


Maggie Yu Lucy Macready Portia Howarth Sophia Roughan Jack Doyle Hanae Choi That Zoos should be Closed Year 7 SEMI Winner = Kawau





Sophie Hepper Thomas Bae Olivia Lee Ayrton Tuitahi Luke Statham Daniil Vasan That the Town is a better place to live than the Country Year 7 SEMI Winner = Motutapu Sophie Hepper Olivia Lee Luke Statham

Lucy Macready Sophia Roughan Hanae Choi

That Co​Education is Desirable Year 7 FINAL Winner = Motutapu

Congratulations Motutapu! 29


Day Talent is a learning experience enjoyed by all students in their Intermediate years. Day T is on every 6th day of the school timetable, and happens 4 5 times a term. Options offered throughout the day explore areas of the curriculum that may not necessarily be prescribed as part of a normal school day in the classroom. Students also have the opportunity to explore areas of learning they may find challenging, or need extending in. -

Along with their classroom teacher, students are encouraged to choose options that they are enthusiastic about and have an aptitude for. At the same time, teachers have the opportunity to offer options that they too have a passion for. The day is all about unlocking the talent that each individual has, whether it be apparent or hidden. Languages are inseparably linked to the social and cultural contexts in which they are used. MBI recognises that Languages and cultures play a key role in developing our personal, group, national, and human identities. Every language has its own way of expressing meanings each has intrinsic value and special significance for its users. ;

They are spoken in the community, used internationally, and play a role in shaping the world. Oral, written, and visual forms of language link us to the past and give us access to new and different streams of thought and to beliefs and cultural practices. MBI offers: Spanish French Chinese Mandarin Korean Japanese and German. ;





In Year 7, students experience a different foreign language each term. In Year 8, students choose a specific foreign language to work on intensively throughout their year. 30

ENVIRO ALIVE AND WELL AT MBIS Environmental study and focus has had another strong year at MBIS. Sustainability continues to be a popular session 5 subject for students. Compost heaps have now been built for the large quantity of leaf litter the school generates from deciduous trees and the vegetable gardens have reaped the rewards of rich organic food scrap compost through the schools bokashi system. ‘Cue Haven’ , a farm in the Kaipara being returned to native bush, has continued to be the stand out Environmental learning trip and experience for students, visited twice this year.



Ideas + Application = Technology

Soft Materials


Product Design Hard Materials

Creativity + Innovation = Technology

Food Technology 33

Club Murrays After School Care Club Murrays is our very own after school care. Based in the International House, the club caters for the specific needs of intermediate aged children. Students have enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with their peers, get support with their homework and have access to the school computer network. Some comments from the students: “It’s easy to get my homework done.” “I enjoy our afternoon tea.” “We can play on the basketball courts, go on the school computer or our devices when we have finished our homework.” “We can bring in our own games to share.” “We get to hang out with our friend.s” If you are interested in joining Club Murrays email Hours are 3-6pm Monday to Friday. 34

SPARCS 2015 SPARCS - Ringing in the Changes . Many changes have taken place this year within the SPARCS programme. All classrooms in the school now use individual devices as the main delivery of their learning programmes which means there has been an influx of devices into the school. These devices include a variety of operating systems (Windows, iOS, Android, Chrome mainly). SPARCS are kept on their toes coping with the issues that may emerge with connecting, operating and accessing information. Demanding further skill and attention has been the development of Single Sign On. SPARCS have had a big role in assisting students with wireless access issues.

Fine words from Fine People

SPARCS has had a huge impact on me - this group has expanded my knowledge of computers and taught me lots of things, such as: coding & computer set-up. It has also given me many opportunities to take up leadership roles." -Ben Reshef "

SPARCS wouldn't be possible without our passionate teacher and enthusiastic students. I have learnt and achieved so much in the past year. SPARCS teaches us leadership and responsibility to prepare us for the future field of technology" - Fergus Dean "

There is a world wide shortest of people who can understand and write code!" "

The points MBIS is house now a CODING school. learn wentKids ascan follows: code here!

I am By

Danielle Ouwehand

I am from sunsets and glorious moons, Staring at orange appearing from blue. I am from oceans and golden sand-dunes, Tumbling down getting sand in my shoes. I am from smiles and giggling faces, As my cousins and I trip over our laces. I am from a world of all different races, Of appreciation and respect for all different faces. I am from summer evening breezes, Chatting with family from overseas. I am from dancing beyond control, After all, dance is the hidden language of the soul. I am from books that sit calling my name, Reading pages and pages leaning on the window frame. I am from stories from my neighbours, my dad and my mum, Stories that will in my heart, forever be strong. I am from horses, that countryside smell, Freshly cut grass, climbing haystacks as well. I am from skyscrapers, a change from rolling hills, Looking around to see flying bank bills. I am from childhood memories of sucking my thumb, Of looking back and remembering, those times that have gone. I am from homemade brownies, that lingering smell, Wanting some warmth during a winter cold spell. I am from “I got your back” and “Friends for Life”, Having people I trust near, whenever I’m in strife. I am from family and tender loving care, Without that I don’t think I’d even be here.


Motutapu Camp - Finlay Park The first day of Term 4 began with 5 classes excitedly gathering in the hall. Our Y8 Motutapu students were heading off for the week to Finlay Park in Cambridge, right next to Lake Karapiro. The activities were fun, challenging and largely water based, which suited our students quite well. The ‘usual’ activities were not so straight-forward, with many opting to repeat their rotations! Our daily pursuits included favourites such as kayaking, waterslide, flying fox, rocket, swimming, spa pool and the blob! We managed to fit in quite a variety of sport with the large playing field, caged soccer and volleyball in the sand. If that wasn’t exciting enough we also had paintball and animal survival, where the wearing of old clothes was a must! During the evenings we had an adventurous nature trail, spooky spotlight and the highlight of the week our Lip Sync Extravaganza! Then of course there was outcamp, which had to be experienced first hand as a night under the stars! It was our first time there as a school and most likely it will be the start of many more annual journeys to this campsite. A huge thank you to our wonderful parents and amazing teachers who made this camp quite memorable.

Kawau Camp

Rooms 6, 7, 8 and 9 loaded onto four buses and headed down south early Monday morning near the start of Term 1. After an exhausting bus ride, we had reached our destination: Chosen Valley Christian Camp. Everyone rushed inside to claim a spot in their cabins, only having time to unpack and briefly meet their roommates before jumping straight into the activities. Surrounding the massive lake was: the water slide, the wet and muddy confidence course, the raft building station, the trolleys, archery, balance island, kayaking, double flying fox and crazy rope maze along with the scavenger hunt. Each activity was fun, thrilling and exciting, and we were extremely privileged to get to experience each of these twice. My personal favourites were the confidence course with its twisting ropes and bouncing tyre swings and the thrilling flying fox that was strung over the lake. Along with these amazing activities were the night games and challenges. After dinner, all of Year 8 Kawau would head out of the main building and outside to where our groups were met with the night activities. We were thrown into pitch black darkness in the middle of the bush where we did the burma trail. A lot of people got lost, including my own group! We played spotlight around the grounds and on the hill, participated in sock wrestling, and on the final night, we watched and lip synched to a variety of different songs in the famous and daunting Camp Concert. Between all of this we had to do our part by setting and clearing away breakfast, lunch and dinner, and clean the toilets and our cabins. We were also given group challenges each day to test our imagination and intelligence skills. Overall, camp was extremely fun, and even though it did have its ups and downs, everyone walked away with a huge smile on their face and a few achievements under their belt. By Sheryn Walker



Camp on Kawau Island was such a cool experience. We did heaps of cool stuff! Some of the activities we did were Archery, Kayaking, Raft building, Orienteering, confidence course, Fishing, Bivouac building, stand up Paddleboarding and Sailing. But not only did we do all these cool activities, we also did night games, had our camp concert, wharf jumping every night, and a really cool relay race. We were lucky enough to go on a big walk to the Mansion House. But the highlight for most of us was the camp concert. It was such a fun night, we all dressed up and performed a skit - there was dancing and singing and we all had a blast. For a lot of us we learnt new things and tried new things, like to trust yourself and peers out of your comfort zone, and also to work together and include everyone. It was so cool because most afternoons lots of us would go and jump off the wharf. It was such a fun time and Miss Kidd let us borrow her Go Pro which we used, and then watched all the videos on a slide show at night! Another thing that we all really enjoyed was the food. Whether it was breakfast, lunch or dinner the food was delicious and everyone went for seconds. But we would have to be careful otherwise the naughty wekas would steal our food! Overall Rangitoto camp was such an enjoyable experience. We all had so much fun and we all learnt something new and we would all love to go back there again some day. Thank you to all the parents and teachers who made this trip possible.

Tiri Tiri Camp in one word.........



Sport At MBIS 2015 Sport at M.B.I.S. is an integral part of school life. Opportunities offered include; Interclass games, Mini School Competitions, Zone Sport Competitions for Year 7 and 8, School Sports Events such as Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country and of course the After School Sports Teams; Badminton, Basketball, Futsal, Hockey, Netball, Orienteering, Table Tennis, Touch, Beach Volleyball and Water Polo. Most importantly our after School Sports Teams cater for all levels of ability. We encourage all to give it a go. M.B.I.S. is a leading school in offering a High Performance Sports Programme that challenges our students and helps establish routines and disciplines for sport. M.B.I.S. keenly promotes sports opportunities. This year three teams of 32 students were selected to participate at the Totara Springs Sports Camp. At this event teams compete in 27 different sports and games. It’s a very demanding but enjoyable week. A team of ten skiers represented us at the North Island Ski Champs. The biggest week of our sporting year is the NZAIMS National Sports Champs held in Tauranga. Our Teams who have achieved success during the year or have shown potential to compete at the national level are chosen to represent our school at this event. This year 162 students represented our school at NZAIMS placing 4th out of 252 schools and winning teams events top spot section. A proud sporting tradition has been built up over the years and this has seen many successes and large numbers of students participating as was the case this year. Many factors contribute to our school’s sporting success; Attitude, commitment and preparation of students. This year we have had excellent support from parents, and the valued efforts from staff and parents who have coached, managed and organised teams and events. Your contribution is valued and very much appreciated. I wish the very best to all of our Yr 8 Sports Students. Your contribution to MBIS Sport has been outstanding. Your achievements have been first class. I hope that you take with you the passion, joy and commitment to your new schools next year and I wish you the very best in the next phase of your sports development.. Kevin Anderson Director of Sport.


Swimming At MBIS 2015

MBIS School Swim Comp. Results. Our School swimming competition was held on Monday 16th of February at the Millennium Pool where there were 80 competitors. We were very impressed with the high standard of swimming.

Swimming Auckland Champs At the end of Term 1, MBIS was represented at the Auckland swim champs by 10 swimmers. The team represented the school brilliantly and came away with some fantastic results. Our year 8 boys relay team consisting of Ra eez Warley, Aubrey Sima, Callum Hockey and Callum De Moor took out both the Medley relay and the 4x50m relay convincingly while our Year 7 boys finished in a credible 3rd. This team included Rhys Pattimore, Lucas Dearlove, Matthew McDonald and Adam De Souza. Ra eez was the standout swimmer of the day. As well as taking two relay titles, he was crowned 50m freestyle champ, 100m freestyle champ, backstroke champ and butterfly champ. 1st place in every event he entered was an amazing performance. MBIS was also represented by two girls. Gabriela Pontes and Cassidy Coldicott both made finals for their events and did their school proud. Well done to all competitors for not only your efforts in the pool, but for the support you offered your MBIS team mates. -




Sports Camp 2015

On Monday, 3rd August, 10 teams from 7 different schools travelled down to Totara Springs Christian Camp in Matamata for a busy and competitive week of fun sports. Murrays Bay Intermediate was among those 10 teams, with 3 teams of 33 multi talented kids Stingrays, Dolphins, and Sharks. Our 99 strong squad of students competing, had to be fit, strong, well behaved, and able to adapt to new sports. A tight timetable to follow meant they needed to be in the ball and punctual. A week away doing the things they loved the most seemed like a good idea. It was great to see that throughout the week teams bonded, improved their gameplay and learnt to play even better as a team. We would not have been able to have such an enjoyable and successful week without the help of the 6 amazing teachers: Mr Anderson, Mr Kruyen, Mr McCormack, Miss Pawson, Mr Hollis and Miss King. We would also like to acknowledge our fantastic parent helpers, Viv Sheldon, Fred TeAukura, Michelle Chandler, Melanie Pritchard and Sheree Macready. -



A great week was endured at Sports Camp 2015, and many values were learned during sports throughout the week. Lots of friends from different schools were made, and we hope to see more new faces in 2016, for another successful year of sports.

Athletics MBIS 2015 Athletics days were held at the Millennium track Thursday 5 November and Year 8 s Wednesday 11 November. Both days were very successful with excellent participation and results achieved. Congratulations to the following placegetters. ;



Water Polo

The Water Polo season is a very long and demanding one, starting in February, running through all four terms to end in December. We had 2 year 7 teams and 2 year 8 team representing our school. Our top teams have dominated the A grade in both year groups. Our players are to be congratulated for they have put endless hours in training, played up to 55 games this year (for those who played in Tournaments), built up impressive skill levels, had a lot of fun and achieved very good results. Highlights of the year include year 7 A team being the top ranked yr7 team not only in the North Harbour Competition but in the North Island Tournament. Our year 8 A team played strongly in the Yr8 Harbour Competition, winning the term competitions, and achieved 3rd place in the Auckland winter champs. Both year 7 and year 8 teams also entered the West Auckland Competition based at West Wave Pool complex in Henderson. This year we entered a mixed team to the NZAIMS Champs. The team played strongly take the bronze medal. A fine achievement. It has been very pleasing to see the players develop skills and improve their water polo game understanding in all teams that have represented our school this year. Water Polo is not only demanding on students’ time it’s demanding on parents as well.Thank you to all team parents for transporting and supporting teams. Special thanks to those parents who took on manager roles and coaching roles. Your contribution has been fantastic. Kevin Anderson

ll a b t e N

had tball. We e N in r ear l yea 1 and Y m ccessfu a u e s T a 8 d ha ear de while night. Y Bay has ship gra ursday n h Murrays io T p n m o g ha One s playin 7 Team in their C r d a n e o Y c 20 team e t. he s h fourth. T 4 came their Flig d n e o c w la 9 p 8 Team re nd and we d of their eam 7 a hamps be prou C Year 7 T n d a n c la d k n for Auc eason a . qualified ntastic s fa who a thusiasm n d e a h d n e a v t anagers a n m e d m n it girls h a s comm have a coache ll of the yers can a la p to r u u o o at l thank y nsure th A specia me to e ti ar 8 ir e th s a on. red . Our Ye s y a great se D voluntee e n d. e secon etball Zo N m a o c tw e n d O ende ear 7 7 Team 3, we att Team. Y ile Year h s y w In Term o , d B ir a Year 8 uckland placed th ed for A ar 7 and Team 1 fi e li Y a u a q k nd too etition a We also e comp th s. n o m w Cha p Boys



Chess In life, as in chess, forethought wins,

“ � Charles Buxton To play chess well requires intelligence, cunning, strategic thinking and a face that does not tell the opposition what you are thinking. All of these skills have been evident in all players this year and as a result 2015 has been another great year for chess at MBIS. The school participated in three tournaments in 2015, two with Chess Power and the third being the North Shore Chess Tournament. At all three tournaments the teams and individuals performed very, very well and achieved great results. Go chess! Chess Power and North Shore Tournament Representatives Logan Daly (Room 44), John Zhang (Room 44), David Li (Room 10), Joshua Samaraweera (Room 9), Daniel Gover (Room 15), Sam Holmes (Room 36), Vincent Chen (Room 4), Samuel Yoo (Room 1), Ronnie Readings (Room 36), Andy lee (Room 15), Junseo Kim (Room 25), Michael Zhou (Room 16)


This year Murrays Bay Intermediate was lucky enough to have been represented by 31 students at the North Harbour Gymnastics Zone day. There were over 100 students who competed at this competition. Girls Year 8 team one, consisting of Jessie Sheldon, Abi Potter, Skye MacDougall and Grace Penberthy, placed 1st overall in their division. Further individual placings included: Makenna McIntyre placed 1st overall in Girls Competitive Division. Kayla DeBeer placed 5rd overall in Girls Competitive Division. Alex Palazkov placed 2nd overall in Boys Competitive Division. Alex Jarrold 1st overall in Boys Division A. Jessie Sheldon 2nd overall in Girls Division B. Skye MacDougall 3rd overall in Girls Division B. All 8 teams participated with enthusiasm and were exceptionally proud of their achievements. Congratulations to all involved!!

CRICKET The boys and girls cricket teams had an enjoyable summer travelling around the North Shore and playing other Intermediate schools with the hope of making it through to the knockout rounds in the Active Post Competition. The girls notched up comfortable wins against Henderson and Takapuna, but unfortunately were unable to get past a very strong Belmont side.


The boys played 4 pool games before meeting Rosmini in a must win game at the end of term 1. Unfortunately again, the boys run chase came up a bit short. Some consistent high scores with the bat by Isaac Bird throughout the term were a real highlight, and helped build the platform for some very good wins over the season.

Orienteering- the art of trying not to get lost as fast as possible.. ORIENTEERING MBIS had its best year of results and participation in the “North Harbour Sprint Series” in Term !, where many students got the opportunity to check out this sport for the first time. In term 2 a number of students represented the school in the North Harbour Zone Day.There were outstanding results from this Zone day, with wins in both boys categories and a second in the girls as well. Onto the Auckland Champs and some equally impressive performances by our athletes, in particular the Year 7 boys who came 2nd. A term 4 Rogaine held at Shakespear Regional Park saw a 3rd and 4th position for Campbell Syme and Hayden Williams and Tom Appleyard and Alex Jobbis from nearly 200 teams. A fantastic year!

TRIATHLON Triathlon at MBIS continued with strong performances. A successful North Harbour Zone day at Long Bay resulted in some excellent results in both team and individual performances and formed the basis of the team who competed later in the year at AIMS in Multisport. Callum De Moor had an oustanding year in all disciplines. It was great to see some new people to the sport compete at AIMS in multisport and achieve well. We have the basis for a strong team in both triathlon and multiport next year. CROSS COUNTRY Our school champions were Alex Boyce, Mathew Gould, Suzy Jung and Kyle Goosen . At the North Harbour Champs our girls team qualified for the Auckland championships which were held in Pukekohe.We had a good team at the AIMS tournament and Alex,the two Callums, Mathew, Amanda, Suzy and Ella all competed well in very strong fields. Congratulations to the work the whole school put in for Cross Country training and well done to those of you that achieved higher honourst



This year, MBIS was fortunate enough to be represented by 9 teams into the Badminton North Harbour Competition. It was fantastic to see a range of both novice and experienced players competing this year. Our number one boys team consisting of Vincent Chen, Jack Li, Chuan Li and Jason Chu placed 1st overall in their division. While our Y8 girls teams placed 2nd and 3rd. Congratulations to all players for what was a very successful season! Nicole King


With an increasing number of students participating in Day T Squash this year, we have seen a large number of talented players emerging. Students have attended coaching sessions with a professional coach, Mark Waldon, at the North Shore Squash Courts. A great number of players have subsequently moved on to club squash and interclub competitions. Many of these students were also selected to play in the North Harbour Zone Squash Tournament. Thank to the parents who have supported us by supervising on Day T. North Harbour Zone Day. On Wednesday 20th May, six teams competed in the North Shore Zone Day. The girls teams were very successful, winning first and second place. The boys premier team came fourth and MBI 3 Boys came second in the plate final. Congratulations to all who played. The players were:Jack Butler, Henry Jordan, Issac Bird, Daniel Warman, Jordan Smithson, Vincent Chen, Danielle Ouwehand, Nadine Lees, Danny Yeo, Rachel Dean, Giona Basso, Tyde Ivatt, Matthew Gell, Nick White, Noah Tomlinson, Jimmy Terei and Paul Bunge. A big thanks to Mr Anderson and the parents who supported us. A big congratulations to all the players for their tremendous effort, and for displaying excellent sportsmanship and team spirit throughout the day.

Table Tennis Table Tennis is a growing sport at MBIS. This year students had two weeks of coaching during P.E. lessons followed by at least 10 teams playing in the Wednesday after-school Table Tennis Comp. At Zone day our girls had good success placing 3rd in the singles and 2nd in the doubles. Our boys just missed out on the medal table. Players to represent us at Zone day were. Brian Kim, Sam Lee, Jason Chu, Jack Quested, Jessie Sheldon, Danielle Goodwin, Caitlin Scott, Carrie Bagnall.







We arrived at the Albany Soccer Club feeling nervous for the North Harbour Soccer Zone Day. Our first game was against Takapuna Normal. It was our hardest game, yet we won 2-0. We won the rest of our pool games without conceding a goal. In the semi-finals we played Northcross and won 4-0, and in the final we played Mahurangi College and we won 3-0. Our team advanced to Auckland champs but the tournament got cancelled due to the weather.

We arrived early in the morning at the Albany fields to play at the North Harbour soccer zone day. Our first game was against Wairau and we won 1-0. Our next hardest pool game was against Pinehurst and we narrowly won 1-0. We finished first in our pool without conceding a goal. We won our semi-final with a big margin of 5-0. Then came the final against Northcross. It was by far the most challenging game and after the first half they were up by 2 but then in the second half we got one back. The final whistle blew and we finished second.



The girls had a very successful day at the Harbour zone day. We won all of our pool games and then in the semi-final we had a convincing win over Northcross 3-0. In the final against Belmont, we played some great football and came out on top with a 2-0 win. It was a very good day for the football girls.

It was a very successful day for the boys. We played some very convincing football but an unfortunate loss to Northcross in the final gave us a final placing of 2nd in North Harbour.




Year 8 Girls Softball Team


Zahra Thomas Polly Fenner Lara Albiston-Hatak 4 Tyde Ivatt Grace Penberthy Annabelle Ward Mikayla Judd Bailey Crone Kylie McGahan Centaine Noom-Duckworth Holly Strong Zephyr MCarthy

SEVEN Lizzy Blount Phoebe Searle Poppy Selby Charlotte Ross Lily Methven Jess Dickson Bree Speck Tamara Nu'u Rosa Paterson


RUGBY 2015

It has been a very eventful year of Rugby at MBIS. Boys and Girls have thoroughly enjoyed participating in different formats of this wonderful code.

Sevens The Sevens boys have been fortunate to compete in three tournaments this year. After being beaten by Rosmini in the final of the first tournament, we had the chance to seek revenge in the final of the third tournament, which was to be played as a curtain raiser to the North Harbour v Otago ITM Cup game. Unfortunately, Rosmini were still to strong but it was a great experience to play at North Harbour Stadium. Ten girls also had the opportunity to give sevens a go this year, with the help of local Black Fern Chelsea Alley. They placed second in two tournaments and are currently preparing for a national tournament to be held in mid November. All girls really thrived in the physical nature of the sport and have very much enjoyed their first taste of women s rugby! -


Rippa Our Girls Rippa Zone Day team has been extremely successful throughout the year, finishing Term 3 with a final played on the main field of QBE Stadium, which they went on to win 9 7. Their ball handling skills, agility, and willingness to put their bodies on the line when diving for a rip have all contributed to their first place achievements. They are a truly fantastic group of girls, who are a pleasure to take to any tournament. '


2nd North Harbour zone


Hockey 2015 This year MBIS was able to register six hockey teams. In the Girls competition we had a 1st XI, two 2nd XI and a 3rd XI. In the Boys competition, we had a 1st and 2nd XI. All of the teams, were well supported by their coaches, managers and parents, and the kids made great progress with both their stick and ball skills, and their understanding of game strategy and field position. '


Volleyball Girls

Our campaign to win our zone day began well with a comprehensive win over Orewa in the first game. Northcote were worthy opponents, they pushed us in the semi and with some minor adjustments in the rotation we were able to book a place in the final against Birkdale. In Term 4 the girls represented the Harbour Zone at the Auckland Champs, which was held at the Trusts Stadium in October. There were 9 teams and the girls fought hard all the way into the semis against some very well drilled teams from all over Auckland. We ended up finishing fourth overall. A huge thank you to our parents Barbara Scholten and Dee Holdsworth­Perks for their time and energy during the season.

Volleyball Boys The Volleyball boys zone day was a very fun day. The Year 8s started off the day well with a couple of wins. It came down to our final pool game against Northcross ­ we were quite nervous because they had won the zone day last year. They got off to an early lead after which we made a fighting comeback, but we sadly left it too late ­ the final score was 25­22. After that loss our hopes were gone and we starting losing to teams we shouldn't have lost to. I think we thought they were going to be easy games so we starting being silly and doing different serves which meant we lost the games. But overall we had a great day and at times we played some great volleyball but ultimately it came down to the unlucky loss to Northcross. The Volleyball zone day was a great experience for the year 7 boys. As the tournament progressed we learnt many more skills and got better and better as the day went on. We started off a bit shaky and nervous in our first game against TNIS, and we lost to them by one set. But we didn’t give up and won our next three games quite comfortably to make the final. In the final we played off against Northcross which we knew was going to be a tough game. After losing the first set, we were determined and came back to win the second set 25­ 13. The last set was only to 15. We made a few mistakes we didn't need to make and ended up losing 15­12. Overall it was a really great experience for all the boys. 48

NORTH ISLAND PRIMARY SKI CHAMPS: Mt Ruapehu Aug 31st to Sept 3rd

Out of 52 teams the MBIS Ski Team A placed 8th overall and Team B placed 29th. There were 115 boy skiers and 83 girl skiers. Team A 8 th TEAM B 29th Cameron Brownsey 4th Leila Partington 35th Blake McGlashan 32nd Sam Charlesworth 49th Theo Hardy 37th Summer Jeffery 57th Jacob Howarth 39th Poppy Page 77th Ollie Scott 51st Brenna McMichael 79th -


Basketball The semester one basketball competition came to an end on the last Monday of Term 2. MBIS were represented by 25 teams in this year s competition which was the most by any school in the competition. Although we didn t take away as many trophies as we might have liked, I was absolutely thrilled with how the season went. The development of our players is clear to see and this is a credit to the coaches that put the hard work in every week. I want to thank all coaches and managers for all of their efforts. Our one and only trophy went to the MBIS Bobcats who took out Girls League 3 Under the guidance of Miss Kidd. We also had both of our top teams Sharks and Storm place 2nd in their grades. We will look forward to continued success when the semester 2 competition rolls around in Term 3. Congratulations to the MBIS Girls Basketball Team for winning the Harbour Zone Basketball Competition. In Pool competition the team beat Mahurangi 27 4, Northcote 37 6, Belmont 49 3. In the Quarter Finals we beat AJHS 32 7, then won the semis against Wairau 31 8 and beat Northcross in the final 10 9. Team scored 186 points for and had just 37 against. The girls played quality basketball and worked exceptionally well as a team unit. Next top Auckland Champs. Team from the front row. Rachel Dean, Kylie McGahan,Holly Strong. back row Mercedes Grey, Ella Moore, Centaine NoomDuckworth, Melanie Nicolova, Tamara Nu u. ’













NZ AIMS Sport Champs


This year 261 Intermediate and Middle schools involving 8007 athletes competed at NZAIMS Sporting Championships held at the sports venues of Mount Maunganui and Tauranga, September 6 11. M.B.I.S. In all 162 students represented our school in 18 competitions. Special thank you to all coaches and managers who worked tirelessly throughout the NZAIMS week to best prepare our teams for competition. Further thanks to all coaches and managers who have planned and prepared our teams during the last year. Their contribution to MBIS Sport and School has been of the highest quality. This is also reflected in outstanding results achieved. The MBIS team proved to be a fantastic group to work with. They were well disciplined, well behaved, supportive and kept sport as their number one focus and were a pleasure to take away. -

Football Boys Girls



Players named in NZAIMS Tournament

Teams Basketball Boys Josh Kooiman MVP . Jake Martin Football Boys Liam Cross, Ben Old. Football Girls Niamh Quann, Astaria Te Aukura, Makayla Rose Judd Hockey Boys Chris McDonald Hockey Girls Zoe Penlington Water Polo Ra eez Warley -









In Summary.


Team Highlights include.

1st Place Gold Medal Trophy. Teams: Cheerleading, Boys Football, Girls Football, Basketball Swim 3 Golds Swim 1 Gold Medley Relay ,NZAIMS Record Gymnastics 1 Gold Rhythmic ;




MBIS placed 4th 261 schools in the medal count. MBIS Placed FIRST in the team trophies 2nd Place Silver Medal and golds won. that s 1st 261 NZAIMS Swim Yr 8 Boy 2 Silvers , Yachting Yr 8 Girl. Schools. 3rd Place Bronze Medal A Fantastic Achievement. Gymnastics ArtisticGirl, Swim Yr 7 Boy 3 Kevin Anderson bronze, Swim Year 7 Girl 1 bronze, Team Director of Sport. Water polo, Team Yachting. /













NZ AIMS Reports NZAIMS Basketball

MBIS basketball boys headed down to Tauranga with excitement and great expectations. We had seen the draw and knew that the competition would be tough. Our pool included a local team (TNIS) who we have never beaten and we lost to them again by 1 point on the second day. That loss was a turning point and from then on the team played with focus and determination. The team survived tough playoff games from a spirited Rosmini side and a staunch team from the Waikato, Maeroa Intermediate. An 8 point deficit with 3 minutes to go, our boys rallied to win in overtime and afterwards we were treated to a heartfelt haka by the plucky Maeroa. From 44 teams and 9 games in 5 days, we face none other than TNIS in the final. It was a hard fought battle with both sides managing fouls on key players, but our boys showed grit to the end and won by 5. An added bonus was the tournament team honours which went to Jake Martin with Josh Kooiman named MVP.

NZAIMS Water Polo

Our NZAIMS Water Polo Team had a very successful tournament. The team had strong wins moving through as top qualifier from their pool round to the semi finals. Here they lost to the tournament winners Aquinas. In the play off for bronze MBIS regathered to beat a strong Mt Maunganui. Congratulations Bronze Medal winners. NZAIMS Tennis

Early trials saw good performances from a number of established interclub players . These players made our school teams for the North Harbour Intermediate Tennis Zone day. Danielle Goodwin, Brody Glanfield and Aubrey Sima eventually were selected to represent MBIS at AIMS. We performed well at the North Harbour zone days and Danielle, Brody and Aubrey competed with distinction at AIMS. Well done to all the players who represented MBIS this season. We are looking forward to another good year in 2016.​

NZAIMS Yachting

This was the first year that Yachting was held at the NZAIMS games. We are very pleased with our team. Congratulations to our Yachting team of Blake McGlashan and Henry Wilson who won Bronze medal in the teams event and Sofia Fyfe who won Silver in the Yr 8 Girls category.​ 51

NZ AIMS Reports

NZAIMS Swimming

Well it was a fantastic two days in the pool for the Murrays Bay AIMS swim team. We were the 5th team on points 132 points , 5th on the medal table 4 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze 10 medals and 2nd overall in the relays. And this was out of 119 schools that competed in the swimming. In the Auckland region we were 2nd only to Auckland Dio. Special mention to Ra eez Warley for winning 3 Individual Gold Medals and setting 3 new AIMS Games records in the process. Ra eez, along with Callum Hockey, Nicole Mathew and Gabriella Pontes also won Gold in the Medley Relay and set a new AIMS Games record time doing it. It really was great to see the Murrays Bay Team in their team caps, wearing their team tracksuits and performing so outstandingly well. Commiserations to Cassidy Coldicott, Nicole Kelly and Astaria TeAukura who were unable to swim due to illness or injury. (







NZAIMS Girls Hockey On the first day Sunday we played Kristin and we won. On the second day Monday we played Tauranga and we lost, 2 1. Tauranga came 6th last year, so it would ve been quite a surprise for everyone if we had won against them. We also played Baradene and we won against them with help from our awesome supporters, the Hockey boys . On the third day Tuesday we played Samuel Marsden as well as Monrad. We won against Samuel Marsden and we drew with Monrad. This meant that we were in the top 8! Our next game, on Wednesday, was against Otumoetai. We lost against them 3 0, but they had been aiming for 5 0, so we did really well at defending against them. Also, they were freaking out in the first 10 mins of game because it was nil all. Then, on Thursday, we played Kamo. We lost to them as well. Our final game was against Dio. Thanks to our coaches, Kath and Pierre Jones, and our manager, Marie Claire McDonald. Makayla Jones (













NZAIMS Netball Twelve girls were selected for our AIMS Netball team this year from both Year 7 and 8. We began the week in pool play where we cruised to win all of our games by large margins. We got better and better as our confidence grew and we confirmed that we had a strong team this year. By Wednesday afternoon we had made the top 8 teams in A grade and were now in for some challenging games. Unfortunately we came up against the overall winners, Holy Cross, and experienced out first loss by just one goal. From there, we played two more games and ended up 7th out of 98 teams. Our girls did incredibly well to make the top 8 in A grade and can be very proud of themselves. Thank you to Mikayla and Sam Kooiman for their amazing coaching and commitment to the team.

NZAIMS Gym Sport Hannah Moore I came 1st at Aims and competed in open junior rhythmic gymnastics. I did a clubs, ball and rope routine. Last year I came third at Aims Kayla de Beer I came 3rd overall at AIMS in Artistic Gymnastics in open junior. I did floor, bar, beam and vault. Skye MacDougal I came 3rd and 4th at aims and I competed in open junior trampoline. I did 2 DMT passes and 2 tramp routines. -






Lynne Darell Year 12 Captain 53

ROOM 3 2015

keeping it cool....

the coolest of them all)



ROOM 4 has got the goods!


Miss Pawson and the crew 55



Room 7

Lucas Louw

Cameron Fox

Miss King

Fin Knapp

Sahil Raniga

Sheldon Ries

Nancy Ko Lachie Matheson Jaz Anderson Zac Shirley

Jack Park Gemma Mclntyre

Sam Charlesworth. Henry Searle

Amy Bodell

Tim Dann Hoare Grace Penberthy

Ethan Consterdine


Reuben Natusch Jessica Pritchard

Portia D ath '

Rowena Goh Nandini Brueck

Alex Moody

Olivia Swann Lucy Chen

Sam Nolan

Annabelle Ward Kate Morris

Holly Spargo Sophie Hough

Danielle Hazelden 58

Mr Aaron Lancaster, Hunter, Kyle, Sera, Thomas, Sylvia, Jerry, Irene, Sam, Matt, Sammy, Lexi, Mitchell, Alexsia, Joyce, John, Chris, Mya, Cale, Jess, Nicole, Kalib, Xanthe, Nate, Enzo, Ethan, Sarah, Blake, Zenita, Richard



The Amazing Room Ten

We are an amazing class of individuals who made lifelong friendships At the start of term 2 we got a new teacher The fantastic Miss Castle joined our class and definitely brought a new sense of fun with her Apart from the basic facts everyday .


. (


We are Motutapu We had camp in term 4 but man it was worth the wait People got out of there comfort zone and showed true compassion and helpfulness as they conquered their fears Of course camp was fun especially watching Miss Castle belly flop off the blob in slow motion !





We are ready to greet year 9 with a smile We are all rounders with sporting and academic talent We are room 10 We strive to be the best of the best The crème of the crop .





We have had an incredible year 8



Room 11

We began as strangers, but have finished as friends, We have been through highs and lows, and enjoyed each other's company. When one of us succeeded, we all celebrated. When one of us was down, we pulled them up. We shared honour together and laughed together, for we were a class together, at MBIS in 2015.













ROOM 15 Queen Tabs ruled over MBI-land with her iron paw. Servant Kim and Servant Josh joined forces with the valiant Prince Chulshin (recently recovering from heartbreak by Princess Jamie) and Servant’s Rayna and Grace to try and overthrow the tyrant feline ruler. Additional help was needed. Enter: Fahd the White, Daniel the Great and Gabriel the Magnificent Who Appears Out of Nowhere. After weeks at war, victory was won; Prince Chulshin was crowned King Chulshin and his new love, Servant Grace, was the beautiful new Queen. However, Queen Tabs was not dead as initially thought. Musical Michel, resident musician played sweet tunes whilst the Dark Knight rescued Queen Tabs from the canyons great depths. Sergeant Sophie, Head of Discipline and Decency and her second in-charge Mighty Mark escorted the once great tyrant to the cells. Judge Julian presided over Queen Tabs’ war-crimes case, whilst the Campbell the Duck hastily took notes with supersonic stenography speed. Unfortunately, interruptions by the subversive group known as 3M (Mikaela, Molly, Matilda) brought the proceedings to a temporary halt. During the recess, Lovely Leah and Happy Hannah provided thoughtful refreshments supplied from their jointly owned cafe, Cardboard Star. Tempers flared as Applecart Alasdair wanted to partake in the enterprise and began selling his locally grown, and, therefore fair-trade organic giant apples. Accountant Andy grinned with glee as he saw the digital profits start to accumulate. Back in session, Barrister Kimberly opened the case for the prosecution. However, the much feared and well respected defence team, known locally as KFC: Kat, Freya and Corin, looked incredibly well prepared. As the first prosecution’s witness, Hayley the Comet, walked to the stand; she accidentally tripped over Tabs’ tail and opened a sizeable gash above her right eye. Never-fear, for Medic Miju was on hand to patch her up, well practiced from her own injuries. Testimony after testimony, the witnesses recounted years of atrocious abuse suffered under the reign of Queen Tabs. The verdict seemed clear. Just as Judge Julian was about to rule over the case, the Dark Knight swooped in. “Get down everybody! Get down!” shouted the Dark Knight. “Up the back, someone has a gun.” Always wanting the last word, Tiana the Assassin took her loaded shotgun, aimed and fired two shots: first taking out Judge Julian then Barrister Kimberly. “Long Live Queen Tabs!” Tiana cried. "Nooooo!" shrieked a traumatised Tackling Tyler, who cowered in the corner. "Tiana, what have you done?" Tyler's usually tenacious spirit seemed to be truly tested as chaos began to ensue. However, Mighty Mark quickly dragged Tiana into custody whilst Sergeant Sophie restored order amongst the 15er's. Sensing now was potentially a turning point in the history of MBI-land, the Dark Knight stepped forward. "15er's, I know you have suffered greatly: slavery, warfare, and now senseless murder," the Dark Knight said. "But, it is from darkness comes light. And from light comes love. We must stand together as one, one faithful family of fifteen." "But who are you, Dark Knight?" a lone voice enquired. As the Dark Knight shrugged off his mask and cape, the 15er's exclaimed in unison: "Nate The Great."


If our class was a device... It would have these apps! 2








A spokesman from Room 16 is quoted to have said, “This year, Room 16 has had a crazy year! We have had some amazing achievements, as shown with our ‘oPad’ above. With Mr Burrows as a teacher though, is it really surprising? Some of our accomplishments include our amazing success with debates, and our #glassonsareyouguilty campaign. We also have eccentric morning ‘traditions’ such as ‘Lolz with Holz’ and ‘Feel Good Friday’."















"This c Room 19 day a lass has m ade e new a ve nd ex citing ry "We are a very caring and friendly class. We try neverlook da forwa to put someone down on purpose. We treat each rd to. y to " - Sop other equally and fairly. Room 19 is AWESOME!" hia Mariam

"My class is the type of ne of the o is s s la c y M class that never has a "My class i s really wackiest class I have boring day. The competitiv e and been in. Every time minute I walk in the sporty. I ha ve nice you walk in there is classroom, there is no friends and g e et along always a crazy scen day which is not fun. with everyo ne quite happening and it is Because of Room 19 I well." - Jam al day." m r o n es B a r e v e n always look forward - Rebecca to each and everyday." "To me , the c lass - Jin" nd crazy. I ' m i n is re un a f d ally s n i a s s c i a s t l u e c p l portiv ath "My y Room 19 e of r e e v ' v I e s e r s a a a c l h y other The fun c t and 2015 s k o c c o m a r r e i n B h g t ." - Ge it's in!" orgia n e with Miss Park e b r e ev 69






Emily Langridge

Ben Sesto

Jordin Okkers Demi Wilcox

Lachie Hardy

Jordyn Cotton

Sophie Ryazanova

Luke Cowley

Emillie Morrison-Reid

Emily Hall

Tia Abert

Hannah Leifting

Room 23 Taro Nishida

Leanne Strand


Clarke Norman

Ethan Lu

Bruno Moore

Olly McClelland

Jack Doyle

Ryan Van Niekerk

Brayden Shield

Cooper Williams

Jess Dickson

Tiffany BunceLeverne

Jasa Pritchard

Bree Speck

Portia Howarth

Joshua Javier

Kate Finlay 73




Briannagh Isabelle Joshua

nayR yentruoC



cinimoD nosaJ




H moD

B noremaC Linda 74


D maC


Room 24 #allblacksRWC


iJ nooY






Grace Miss Walters Truman


Onward and

Upward The end of the beginning and the start of something great

Room 28 2015 Mr Ewing 76

Room 29 Room 29 are a bunch of royally, rowdy, rambunctious rattlers! We rock, rattle and roll like the Rattlers we are. We give everything a go, we re going to go oh so far. Our futures are ahead of us, so what will we be? A teacher, a doctor, a pilot or three? We are a great team, we play by the rules, because we know those who don t are just crazy fools. We support each other because it s the right thing to do. We are a team and we re stuck together like glue. In whatever we do, we do our best because Room 29 is better than the rest! GO TEAM 29! '




What We Will Be Doing in 20 Years?!?!

Amy-Border Security

Iasonas-Marine Biologist

Isaac Youtuber

Cole Player for FC Barcelona

Nathan ICT Teacher

Isabella Architect

Daniil Pro Golfer

Grace Dentist

Daemon Youtuber

Tomek Awesome

Tim-Having 32nd birthday

Zara Lawyer

Zoe Dancer

Sophie Lawyer

Noah NZ Army

Lucia Pharmacist

Hojun Mathematician

Chloe-Research Doctor

Vladimir Programmer

Hollie Athlete

Lauren Astronaut

James Plumber

Reef Soccer Player

Amanda-Marine Kelvin-FC Biologist Barcelona Player

Jesse-Magic Bean

Naomi Scientist

Billy Scientist










Alice ge ran o t ay wen We muftid for



Room 30 2015



A wonderful year with a wonderful bunch of students. Look at some of the things we got up to...


Casey Conquered our fears at MERC

Showed off our skills at Water Safety



Soccer with Miss Harvey

Challenged ourselves at Woodhill and on the Okura Bushwalk Looked after International students

Team building


Farewelled Peter


Mrs Pollard

Ryan 78



Samuel M

Samuel W




! T S E B E H T E R A E W

Room 31



Sharon, Harvey, Rosa, Dan, Ash, Caleb, AJ, Paisley, Alan, Eve, Kane, Ben, Kate, Mr S, William, Jaz, Dylan, Adrienne, Shreeya, Kang, Abby, Jaden, Eva, Miss Fallon, Dan, Phoebe, Taikai, Em, Danny, Alan, Trin




Cell Block 39

JAILTIME BECAUSE: Fiona: I dance too much, and I dance on my street roads and the police got me. Para: I was eating all the chicken in the area. Caitlin: for having an obsession with Russian fudge. Amelie: for too many cheesy jokes and being clumsy. Caleb: the cops were jealous of my moustache. James: for drinking Coca Cola


Zakk: for eating a palm Brody: arrested for tree. following Sofie into Callum: For helping Zakk Hogwarts. eat a palm tree. Robert: for Grand Theft Jordan: for skating back Auto. yard pools Alex: for parkouring out of Nadine: For surfing at the no where. wrong beach Emma, Amy, Zoe: Trying Rosie: For practising and failing at being the witchcraft three musketeers. Anna: For loving her cat T.J: arrested for stealing too much -_dunk in donuts. Max: For being too innocent >_< Lyman: for friendly fighting



The Future is Bright Room 42 2015

Most likely to be...

A Pro Athlete

Stephen Curry

The next Mother Underwear Model Teresa


Interpretive Dancer


Pro Gamer

Surf Lifesaver Panda Lover

Sharpay Chess Champion

Celeb Protester

Have 5 wives

Eric's #1 fan

Own a Cat Store


Nail Artist

Next Bachelor

Illustrate Instagram Pro Kids Books WWE Diva

Kneecap Model 84

Party Clown

Taxi Driver


Room 43 2015

Mr Kruyen The Wise One

Hannah, Summer, Hanae, Cass, Amanda, Hayley, Lucy, Georgia, Lulu, Hailey, Koto, Jordan, Alice, Sophia, Alice.

Interclass Netball Interclass Soccer Cross Country RELAYS


Rico, Luke, Kyle, Rohan, Ben, Ryan, Sam, Isaac, Jayden, Rhys, Harri, Andy, Boston, Seb, Seth, Corbin, Albert. 85

HELLO I'm in

ROOM 44 With MRS LIM & Miss Kim


Abbey, Josh B, Logan, Rosie, Amber, Guy, Damian, Emily, Jade, Yu-Chan, Charles, Olivia K, Ivan, Josh M, Dmitri, Olivia M, Hadley, Stephen, Amy S, Chelsea, Bella, Inez, Michael, Amy V, Liam, Hayden, John

Mr Kruyen "Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world." Adrian Shui "I can resist anything. Except temptation" Andi Hey "The pain you feel today, will be the strength you feel tomorrow." Andrew McPherson "Do to others what you would only want for your self" Anna Sunderland "Just Keep Swimming" Audrey Perratt "Windsurfing for life" Brooke Duncan "The truth may hurt for a little while but a lie hurts forever" Elena Alipour "If you really want to do something you will find a way if you don't you'll find an excuse." Hannah Moore "Dance forever!" Henry Wilson "Don't let what other people think stop you from doing the things you love" Holly Strong "Train Insane or remain the same" James Whisken "Always check your email." Jessica Slater "Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth!" Joshua Newman "Work hard play hard" Kylie McGahan "Train like an athlete, eat like a nutritionist, sleep like a baby, win like a champion" Leighton George "Be yourself because that's the only person you know how to be" Lucas Plowman "The older I get the more I realise I hate people" Lucy Perks "It doesn't matter how slow you go, so long as you do not stop" Marianne Magtibay "Everybody wants happiness nobody wants pain, but you can't have a rainbow without rain." Mat McDonald "I never make the same mistake twice... I make it five or six times just to be sure" Michael Chappell ""Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."" Morgan Lyon "Why fit in when you were born to stand out - Dr Seuss" Riley Schaefer "Dont let your dreams be dreams, JUST DO IT!" Rohe Rastkar "If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be" Seth Long "What are thoseeeeeeeee" Sophia Fyfe " Turn your cant's into can's and your dreams into plans. " Stirling Bright "Trust is like paper. Once it's broken, it can never be perfect." Taahier Wentzel "This year success wasn't given it was earned through hard work, long hours and lots of effort" Tara Gray "Hakuna Matata" Teo Napan "Don't ever play yourself" Zachary Franklin "Congratulations, you played yourself" Zahra Thomas "The only time you should ever look back, is to see how far you've come" Zhi Wang "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

Rm45 : Tiri Tiri Tigers