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issue 12

North Shore’s monthly Magazine for news, views, events and people.

JULY 2011




Priced well below 2007 rents 3/11 Orbit Drive, Mairangi Bay • • • • •

Office approximately 180m² Warehouse: 370m² Air-conditioned and tinted windows Private outdoor entertaining area. Covered car parking

Ryan de Zwart 09 488 4789 021 575 001


This month we introduce this lovable new feature to Channel presented by Louise O'Sullivan of DogHQ. A Pet-lover, Louise moved out of the corporate world a few years ago to launch DogHQ on the North Shore. The need to care for her own dog Indie, a Ridgeback, led to her move into the dog-care area. DogHQ is more than simply a Day Care service. It is your one-stop-shop for achieving a happy and fulfilling relationship with your dog. It is there to help through puppy-hood, obedience training, grooming, health care, fun events, dog sports and so much more. We are thrilled to have Louise as a contributor to Channel Magazine. Louise O'Sullivan (left) with her own dog Indie and members of her DogHQ team.

Shore Commercial Realty Ltd, Colliers International, REAA 2008


Why Dogs Need to play

View to die for

Dogs that do not get much opportunity to play with other dogs are missing out on important social development. Play provides stimulation and enrichment for the dog as well as proven health benefits. Dogs who play regularly are less stressed and far less likely to become ill in exactly the same way human exercise is proven as necessary and beneficial. Play is particularly important for a puppy’s social development. Play is nature’s life training tool. Play is how they learn bite inhibition for example. Of course, as with any situation, they can learn both good and bad behaviour from play so it needs to be monitored, interrupted and re-directed as required and this is where a Dog Day Care facility like DogHQ with experience staff who manage positive play can be so valuable.

4/10 Canaveral Drive, Mairangi Bay Well presented office/warehouse building, with modern partitioning • Available as either 70m² office of 140m² office • Warehouse: 315m² • Alarmed, air-conditioned. • Elevated building, providing picturesque and calming views overlooking a local reserve and Rosedale Road Ryan de Zwart 09 488 4789 021 575 001

Dog Body Language

Shore Commercial Realty Ltd, Colliers International, REAA 2008


Elevated Road front - Available Now 19A Triton Drive, Mairangi Bay • • • •

High stud warehouse 341m² Air conditioned offices 404m² Total floor area 745m² Motivated landlord says “ Present your deal” Mike Ryan 09 488 4777 021 402 461 Shore Commercial Realty Ltd, Colliers International, REAA 2008


Want to Buy or Lease Quality Office/Showroom? 1C and 1D, 3 Ceres Court, Mairangi Bay • 105m², 145m² - or take both totalling 240m² • Could suit Medical use • 10 Car Parks available - includes covered • Below market rentals

Janet Marshall 09 488 4775 021 684 775

Jo and Sophie North Shore resident Jo uses DogHQ on a regular basis to give her best friend Sophie what she needs. We asked her a few questions about her experience. How long have you been using DogHQ? Since the day they opened! I was thrilled to see DogHQ open their new facility after I had registered with them prior to opening. Have you noticed a difference in Sophie since she started attending? Yes, absolutely. Sophie had surgery on her knee prior to attending DogHQ and as with most labs, weight was an issue. She has never been so happy or been in such good shape as she is now. What is the best thing about using Dog Day Care? The complete peace of mind knowing my dog is getting great benefit from attending DogHQ while I’m busy at work. There’s no way I can give her the equivalent stimulation. She loves it. How do you know Sophie loves it? The fact she absolutely can’t wait to get in the door at DogHQ in the mornings is a give-away and how wonderfully content she is in the evening is delightful. Who would you recommend DogHQ to? Anyone with a dog!

Dogs use a wide range of specific body actions and postures to communicate how they are feeling. Most humans are completely oblivious to this language, or worse, miss read the language as meaning something completely different. Growling for instance if often seen as a threat when infact the dog is just vocal and having fun. It is common to hear owners commenting on their dogs’ behaviour in play. One owner thinks their precious pooch is the victim of a vicious attack, whilst another asserts “they are just playing”. As many play behaviours are acting out fight behaviours, the confusion is not surprising. Here is a very simple tool you can use to more clearly understand whether your dog is threatened or having fun. The Consent Test – There is a very simple way you can help determine whether your dog is enjoying “play” or being over-whelmed by another dog. If you are at all unsure, or concerned, simply disengage the play by holding back the potential “aggressor”. The second dog at this point is given the opportunity to move away if desired. If the second dog takes this opportunity and moves way, then you can safely assume it was not consent of that play style. If the opposite happens and the dog just comes back for more, you can be assured that this play is mutual fun and let them continue. Use the consent test as often as you feel the need to during the course of a play session. We will talk more about Dog Body Language next month. Happy play time! For more details contact:- DogHQ Limited – North Shore’s Premium Dog Day Care, 5 Goldfield (off Porana Road), Glenfield. Telephone 442-2365. Visit:

Give your dog the MENTAL, PHYSICAL and SOCIAL stimulation it needs at DogHQ, North Shore’s premium dog day care facility. OUR CUSTOMERS SAY IT ALL:

DogHQ 5 Goldfield, Wairau Valley (behind Animates)

P. 44 22 365

“…she’s definitely a much more balanceddog.” -Cara’s mum “I can’t believe the difference it has made.” -George’s mum “we’re thrilled at what a well behaved and beautiful puppy we have, and we’re sure her time at DogHQ has significantly helped” -Skye’s Mum

Dog Day Care can prevent or improve many behavioural and health issues. . . . . . . .

Boredom Destructive behaviour Lack of confidence Socialisation for puppies Obesity Fear of big dogs Separation anxiety



Shore Commercial Realty Ltd, Colliers International, REAA 2008 Issue 12 - JULY 2011

Channel Community Calendar This CHANNEL Community Calendar is published monthly for Community Events. If you would like to include your event in one of our upcoming



Students & Members Exhibition 2011 Mairangi Arts Centre



Multivitamins, The Depot, Devonport, 2nd-14th July, Opening 3-4.30pm Tic Tic, Bruce Mason Centre Midday & 8pm Hotel, Bruce Mason Centre, 6-7.15pm

Four Flat Whites in Italy, The Rose Centre, Belmont, 2nd-16th July, 8pm. Sunday Matinees 3rd & 10th July, 2pm

Robert Campion & George Hughes NZ Land & Seascapes in Oils Café Gallery, Lake House Arts Centre-FINAL

The Wonderfish Collective The Victoria Theatre, Devonport, 7pm

Weekend Watercolour Workshop with Brian Millard, Mairangi Arts Centre, 10am-4pm

Students & Members Exhibition 2011 Mairangi Arts Centre


Students & Members Exhibition 2011 Mairangi Arts Centre Jesus Christ Superstar Kristin School Auditorium, 7.30pm


Devonport Farmers Market Devonport Wharf, 9am-1pm Devonport Craft Market, Devonport Community House, 10am-3pm

Weekend Watercolour Workshop with Brian Millard, Mairangi Arts Centre, 10am-4pm

Guys and Dolls Westlake Boys High School Auditorium, 7pm

Sunday Takapuna Market, 6am-Noon


Mairangi Bay Farmers Market 8am-12.30pm

Auckland Smokefreerockquest 2011 Bruce Mason Centre, 8pm Guys and Dolls Westlake Boys High School Auditorium, 7pm

Students & Members Exhibition 2011 Mairangi Arts Centre-FINAL


A Lion in the Meadow and Other Stories The Pumphouse, 10.30am & 1pm The Wind in the Willows TheatreWorks, Recreation Dr, Birkenhead 15th-23rd July, 7-9pm

A Lion in the Meadow and Other Stories The Pumphouse 10.30am & 1pm

Mairangi Bay Farmers Market 8am-12.30pm Milford Craft Market, 10am-2pm Birkenhead Artisan Market Highbury House, 9am-1pm


BBNZ Junior SS Zone 1&2 Premiership Basketball Tournament North Shore Events Centre, 9am Kate McLean, Outerspace Gallery, The Depot, Devonport, 16th-28th July, Opening 3-4.30pm


Takapuna Market, 6am-Noon Devonport Farmers Market Devonport Wharf, 9am-1pm


Auckland Smokefreerockquest 2011 Bruce Mason Centre, 8pm The Kennedy Park WWII Tunnels Beach Rd, Castor Bay Open to Public 1-4pm

The Wind in the Willows TheatreWorks Birkenhead, 7-9pm

Takapuna Market, 6am-Noon


Auckland Vintage Jazz Society Plays New Orleans Jazz Live, Takapuna Boating Club Hall. Sir Peter Blake Pde, Bayswater, 7.30-10pm BBNZ Junior SS Zone 1&2 Premiership Basketball Tournament North Shore Events Centre, 9am

Organ Recital with Philip Smith St Peter’s Church, Takapuna, 2pm

Takapuna Market 6am-Noon Devonport Farmers Market Devonport Wharf 9am-1pm



A Lion in the Meadow and Other Stories The Pumphouse 11th-30th July, 10.30am & 1pm

The Three Little Pigs Bruce Mason Centre, 10am & 12pm Artz On Show Alice in Wonderland Workshop, Westlake Boys High School, 9am-4pm-FINAL Our Future-NZ Art Guild 2011 Exhibition, Mairangi Arts Centre The Great Art Cash and Carry Sale 2011 Lake House Arts Centre


A Lion in the Meadow and Other Stories The Pumphouse 10.30am & 1pm


BBNZ Junior SS Zone 1&2 Premiership Basketball Tournament North Shore Events Centre, 9am 60’s Up Indoor Bowls Methodist Church Hall, Takapuna, 1pm

North Harbour Rugby QBE Harbour vs Tasman North Harbour Stadium 6.05pm


A Lion in the Meadow and Other Stories The Pumphouse 10.30am & 1pm


Thursday 60’s Up Exercises Methodist Church Hall, Takapuna 10am

North Shore Harmony Club Concert Milford Senior Citizens Club, 7.30pm

Guys and Dolls Westlake Boys High School Auditorium 7pm

Students & Members Exhibition 2011 Mairangi Arts Centre

Students & Members Exhibition 2011 Mairangi Arts Centre

Jesus Christ Superstar Kristin School Auditorium 6th-9th July, 7.30pm

Jesus Christ Superstar Kristin School Auditorium, 7.30pm


Devonport Farmers Market Devonport Wharf, 9am-1pm


The Three Little Pigs Bruce Mason Centre, 10am & 12pm Shore Stitchers Quilt & Embroidery Exhibition, Vauxhall School, Devonport, 10am-4pm Our Future-NZ Art Guild 2011 Exhibition Mairangi Arts Centre The Great Art Cash and Carry Sale 2011 Lake House Arts Centre Many Choirs Festival Concert St Peter’s Church, Takapuna, 7pm


A Lion in the Meadow and Other Stories The Pumphouse, 10.30am & 1pm The Wind in the Willows TheatreWorks, Birkenhead, 7-9pm

A Lion in the Meadow and Other Stories The Pumphouse 10.30am & 1pm


A Lion in the Meadow and Other Stories The Pumphouse, 10.30am & 1pm The Three Little Pigs, Bruce Mason Centre, 26th-31st July, 10am & 12pm

School Term 3 Begins Morning Melodies-Corelli School of Music Bruce Mason Centre, 11am



60’s Up Indoor Bowls Methodist Church Hall, Takapuna, 1pm Our Future-NZ Art Guild 2011 Exhibition Mairangi Arts Centre The Great Art Cash and Carry Sale 2011 Lake House Arts Centre

A Lion in the Meadow and Other Stories The Pumphouse, 10.30am & 1pm The Three Little Pigs Bruce Mason Centre, 10am & 12pm


Artz On Show Alice in Wonderland Workshop Westlake Boys High School, 9am-4pm

Our Future-NZ Art Guild 2011 Exhibition Mairangi Arts Centre, Mairangi Bay 26th July-7th Aug, Opens 5pm

Massey University Albany Asian Hub Lecture Series 2011 Professor Paul Spoonley Massey University Albany Campus, 6-8pm

The Great Art Cash and Carry Sale 2011 Lake House Arts Centre Exhibition Dates: 26th July-14th Aug

The Great Art Cash and Carry Sale 2011 Lake House Arts Centre


New Zealand Institute of Education Open Day 62 Anzac St, Takapuna, 3.30-6.30pm


Artz On Show Alice in Wonderland Workshop Westlake Boys High School, 9am-4pm

Our Future-NZ Art Guild 2011 Exhibition Mairangi Arts Centre

A Lion in the Meadow and Other Stories The Pumphouse 10.30am & 1pm

60’s Up Exercises Methodist Church Hall, Takapuna, 10am

BBNZ Junior SS Zone 1&2 Premiership Basketball Tournament North Shore Events Centre 9am

60’s Up Indoor Bowls Methodist Church Hall, Takapuna, 1pm

Takapuna Market, 6am-Noon

A Lion in the Meadow and Other Stories The Pumphouse 10.30am & 1pm

A Lion in the Meadow and Other Stories The Pumphouse, 10.30am & 1pm 60’s Up Exercises Methodist Church Hall Takapuna, 10am


The Wind in the Willows TheatreWorks Birkenhead, 7-9pm


The Great Art Cash and Carry Sale 2011 Lake House Arts Centre

A Lion in the Meadow and Other Stories The Pumphouse, 10.30am & 1pm


Artz On Show Alice in Wonderland Workshop Westlake Boys High School, 9am-4pm 60’s Up Exercises, Methodist Church Hall, Takapuna, 10am Our Future-NZ Art Guild 2011 Exhibition Mairangi Arts Centre

The Great Art Cash and Carry Sale 2011 Lake House Arts Centre

Our Future-NZ Art Guild 2011 Exhibition Mairangi Arts Centre

North Harbour Rugby QBE Harbour vs Hawkes Bay North Harbour Stadium, 7.35pm

The Three Little Pigs Bruce Mason Centre, 10am & 12pm

Our Future-NZ Art Guild 2011 Exhibition Mairangi Arts Centre

Music @ Midday St Peter’s Church, Takapuna, 12noon

Mairangi Bay Farmers Market, 8am Milford Craft Market, 10am-2pm A Lion in the Meadow, 10.30am & 1pm-FINAL The Afrikaans Club of NZ presents Kurt Darren, Bruce Mason Centre, 7.30pm The Three Little Pigs, BMC, 10am & 12pm The Depot Members Show 2011, The Depot, 30th July-18th August, Opening 3-4.30pm Sophie Kaiser, The Depot, Devonport 30th July-11th August, Opening 3-4.30pm Shore Stitchers Quilt & Embroidery Exhibition, Vauxhall Art Centre Devonport 30th-31st July, 10am-4pm Our Future-NZ Art Guild 2011 Exhibition Mairangi Arts Centre


Operatunity Presents Vive la France Windsor Park Baptist Church Mairangi Bay, 11am

The Wind in the Willows TheatreWorks Birkenhead, 4-6pm-FINAL


A Lion in the Meadow and Other Stories The Pumphouse 10.30am & 1pm

60’s Up Indoor Bowls Methodist Church Hall Takapuna, 1pm

Artz On Show Alice in Wonderland Workshop, Westlake Boys High School, 25th-29th July, 9am-4pm

A Lion in the Meadow and Other Stories The Pumphouse, 10.30am & 1pm

A Lion in the Meadow and Other Stories The Pumphouse, 10.30am & 1pm


Students & Members Exhibition 2011 Mairangi Arts Centre

Students & Members Exhibition 2011 Mairangi Arts Centre

SING Concert, The Rose Centre, Belmont, 7pm

The Wind in the Willows TheatreWorks, Birkenhead, 4-6pm



Wednesday Guys and Dolls Westlake Boys High School Auditorium 6th-9th July, 7pm

Gondwana Chorale of Australia & the Choralation Choir of Westlake Girls & Westlake Boys St Peter’s Church, Takapuna, 7pm

Devonport Farmers Market, 9am-1pm

The Wind in the Willows TheatreWorks, Birkenhead, 4-6pm

North Shore Scottish SocietyDances 2011 Methodist Church Hall Cnr Tennyson & Lake Rds, Takapuna, 7.30pm

60’s Up Indoor Bowls Methodist Church Hall Takapuna, 1pm

Tuesday Turbo Touch North Shore NZ Breakers Training Facility 7 Atlas Pl, Mairangi Bay, 7-9pm

Mass of St Cecelia St Peter’s Church, 11 Killarney St, Takapuna, 7pm

Rob van der Touw, Main Gallery, The Depot, Devonport, 16th-28th July, Opening 3-4.30pm

Mairangi Bay Farmers Market 8am-12.30pm

Monday Morning Melodies Royal New Zealand Navy Band Bruce Mason Centre

issues email details to…

Students & Members Exhibition 2011 Mairangi Arts Centre

Jesus Christ Superstar Kristin School Auditorium 7.30pm-FINAL

School Term 2 Ends


ught Proudly brtoo you by

The Great Art Cash and Carry Sale 2011 Lake House Arts Centre


60’s Up Exercises Methodist Church Hall, Takapuna, 10am Our Future-NZ Art Guild 2011 Exhibition Mairangi Arts Centre The Great Art Cash and Carry Sale 2011 Lake House Arts Centre



out & about on the shore

out & about on the shore


North Shore National Party welcomes their new candidate Maggie Barry Prime Minister John Key joined the National Party faithful in welcoming Maggie Barry at the National Party candidate for the North Shore electorate at the Spencer on Bryon Hotel, Takapuna in early June.

Crazy Ladies – A North Shore Hospice Fundraising Event An outrageously funny play, Crazy Ladies by playwright Devon Williamson and directed by Annette Happy, was held on Thursday May 26th at the Belmont Rose Centre as a fundraiser for North Shore Hospice.

Shona Smith, Alison Gernhoefer.

Maggie Barry and John Key.

Stanley Park, David Hong (president of Korean Society), Grace Hong.

Pip Irwin, Joanne Price, Murray Irwin, Barbara Knowles.

Maggie Barry and Sir Don McKinnon.

Clayton Kimpton, Michelle Kimpton. Debbie Center, Alice Oborn, Jill Palmer, Therese Russel, Karen Lee, Chantal Chilcott.

Jennie Farmer, Donna Watson, Paddy Coley, Jenny Bateman.

Therese McNaughten, Andrew Wigney.

Charlie and Heather Reynolds, Murray Grace, Maureen Fairley.

Rob and Jenny Gill, Ruth Jillings, John and Marijke Knoester, Karen Lee.

Tom Bowie, Russ Boyes.

Judith Barraclough, Graeme Conning.

Ned Chou, Wayne Geer, Robert Wu. Cary Boggs, Howard Boggs, Dr Brian Hughes, Winston and Leanne Kidd.

you don’t have to be born with a beautiful smile Nicky Speedy, Gary and Leslie Monk.

It may be easier than you think to have a beautiful smile... braces are not the only answer. To find the answer that’s right in creating a beautiful smile for you, contact us for a consultation. We offer practical solutions and payment options. Peter Wall, Pauline Jago, Mark Jago, Bob Jago, Gillian Houser,

Jeff Todd, Glenys Todd.

Christine and John Appleton, Neil and Joanna Calvert,

We understand that confidence comes from having a great smile, and teeth that are in optimum condition

dr gil stehbens - the smile doctor

At Killarney dental we pride ourselves on providing you with the very best in dentistry and service. If you want more from your smile, call us today to make an appointment

Christine Cottell-Mayhew, Mike Jackson, Kening Court, Sarah Trotman,

Issue 12 - JULY 2011

Julie Gibbs, Heather Masefield, Nicky Speedy.

cosmetic and general dentistry

62A Killarney St, Takapuna, Auckland | Phone 09 488 9050 | Issue 12 - JULY 2011


out & about on the shore

out & about on the shore

Bayleys Commercial/ANZ Post-Budget briefing – How the game will be played


Bayleys North Shore Commercial and ANZ held a post budget briefing titled ‘How will the game be played’ at Como Towers in Takapuna at the end of May. Guest speakers were Cameron Bagrie (Chief Economist, ANZ) and Gerald Rundle (Manager, Bayleys Research).

Peter Saunders, Peter Suckling.

Stephen Scott, John Scott, Mark Peldmanis.

Kitch Cuthbert, Wally Thomas, Stephen Townta, Barbara Cuthbert.

John Mercer, Jennifer McIndoe, Luke Garea.

Gary McMahon, Warrick Mason.

Matt Mimack, Caleb Beliing, Ashton Geissler.

Telstra Clear with Len Brown

Janie Elrick, Michael Simpson, Rosemary Wakeman.

Stephen Irvine, Michelle Nasmyth, Michael Albert.

Jackson Living,Troy Campbell, Ashe Ceatter.

Michael Wright, Oliver Shaw, Craig Offwood.

Bill Marshall, Cameron Bagrie.

Gerald Rundle, Brendon White, Daryl Devereux.

Mayor Len Brown launched the TelstraClear Challenge, Auckland’s Premier cycle event across the Auckland Harbour Bridge on Friday June 17th. This was the first time approval has been given by the NZTA for cyclists to crossthe bridge. The inaugural event will take place on Sunday December 11th.

Ian and Debbie Kent.

James Northey, Greg Cross.

Louis Rattray, Murray Valle.

North Shore Club acknowledgement Takapuna Boating Club The North Shore Club joined with Takapuna Boating Club (around 2003) and all their members became Members for Life of the Takapuna Boating Club. This was formally recognised at a function held at the club on Tuesday May 31st.

Quality Diamond Ring, Watch and Jewellery Specialists Ian and Yvonne Munro, Maureen and Dave Bliss.

Alex and Gill MacDonald.

Ken and Robyn Eglinton.

Ralph Roberts, Rita Grigg, Murray Grigg.

Kaye Gilbert, Betty Collinson, Penny Roberts, Joan Hornibrooke, Lynn Craig.

Anne, John, Toni, John. John Hornibrook, John Collinson, Ken Eglinton, Warrick Sumpter.

Westfield Shore City Takapuna, Auckland Phone: (09) 489 8461, Fax: (09) 489 4905,

Issue 12 - JULY 2011

Rick Bush, Joanna Watt.

Hilary Cormack, Graham Bennett.

Susie and Darrell Nolan. Issue 12 - JULY 2011


out & about on the shore

Fashion: with Aktivworx

Variety Show in support of Starship Rose Center Belmont


A group of performers held a variety show at the Rose Centre in Belmont on Friday June 10th. Called ‘Spirit Rising’, this was an opportunity for up and coming performers to gain experience on stage in front of a live audience. Acts included poetry, guitar playing, singing and much more. An event in support of the Starship Foundation.

Maree and Merv Benjamin, Gerald Craft, Keitha Courtney.

Tania Biggs, Emma Carbourn, Kelly Allen, Shasta Willison, Rahel Shackel.

The ulTimaTe swim, gym & lifesTyle sTore! welcoming oPhelia king…

Janine Taylor, Chris Jeremiah, Lorane Magurie.


Arnse Cassrels, Gayle Donovan.

Barbara McCook, Sheila Underwood, Ross and Susan McCook.

Denise Dryland, Diana Kibblewhite, Susan Lambers.

Debs Wand, Sarah Frayne.

Zsolt, Elaine Atkinson, Buzz.

Christelle Jeremie, Megumi Otsuka, Josephine Murphy, Jim Murphy.

Rikki-Maria and Jacquie.




Issue 12 - JULY 2011


is on The strand, just up from Takapuna Beach and open 7 days. Phone 489-7335. Issue 12 - JULY 2011



in the channel

11 The Benefitz Channel Magazine team: (from left) Michael Campbell, Dustin Bisschoff, Mary Bukovac, Aidan Bennett, Ulla Bennett, Lee Darby, Helen Boswell, Jared Trice.

CHANNEL MAGAZINE is published monthly (on the first Friday of the month) by Benefitz, PO Box 33-1630, Takapuna. Telephone 09-477-4700, The opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily the views of the publishers. For further details on the magazine visit or contact one of our team detailed below. Aidan Bennett Publisher/Advertising DDI: 477 4701 Cell: 021 500 997

Ulla Bennett Advertising/ Photographer Cell: 021 411 667

Michael Campbell Journalist DDI: 477 4754

Mary Bukovac Advertising/Content Coordinator DDI: 477 4706

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Issue 12 - JULY 2011 Issue 12 - JULY 2011


views from the beach with Peter White

views from the beach with Peter White

An overview of what is happening in Takapuna Beach from Business Association General Manager. Happy Birthday Channel Hasn’t the year gone so fast? It seems only a few months since we welcomed the launch of Channel Magazine, then only 60 pages and distributed to 17,500 people. Now distributed to 22,250 between Devonport and Murrays Bay, and grown to 132 pages, Channel is rated as a must read by many thousands of people. This month we take a look over the last year and see what has happened in Takapuna during that time. We also feature local Law firm Simpson Western Lawyers, who were established in 1985 by Gary Simpson and Chris Western and have gained a reputation for being professional, approachable and providing efficient, effective and innovative solutions.


Last month we introduced a “Takapuna Experience” competition. Congratulations to Marianne Stevens who is the inaugural winner. Marianne nominated Pedman Spicer on Hurstmere Road and had this to say – “Very smart and clean shop. Their gel nails are much safer to use than others. I was also given a free pedicure as I was recovering from a cancer operation. I highly recommend Rosa and her staff.” Both Marianne and Rosa have won a $100 Bliss Reflexology Gift Voucher. Read on to see how you can win a prize flying a jet to any city in the world with Flyajet. I hope that you enjoy reading this edition of Channel and to see you in Takapuna Beach soon. – Peter White.

The Year in Review

In the first issue of Channel we announced that the Department Store had been voted number one new retail store in the world (it was later voted one of the seven retail wonders of the world by Conde Nast UK Travelers Guide). Alan McMahon, Director of Research and Consulting with Colliers International advised that Takapuna had its lowest retail vacancy rate in 14 years (this has risen since, however over the last month many vacancies have been filled again with quality businesses – Habitual Fix, Staxs, Sals Authentic New York Pizza’s, Partners Life, Greenville Organic, Crossmark and Imentor & Decysis as well as expansions and relocations of Dick Smith Electronics, Bayleys Residential, AFT Pharmaceuticals). Minister of Sport Murray McCully announced that Takapuna Beach (after having recently successfully hosted the World Splash Yachting Championships) was to become home to the $8.5 million National Ocean Water Sports Centre World. The Takapuna Strategic Framework had just been released and with the sale of land in Albany, Council decided to accelerate the Hurstmere Green upgrade. The French announced that Takapuna was to be their base for the RWC. ARTA advised that it would provide park n ride services to the All Blacks v South Africa Tri nations test at Eden Park. We welcomed the following new businesses to Takapuna - Bian Sushi , Macs Brew Bar, Raviz, Renkon, La Tropezienne French Bakery & Café, Next Page Please, Top Man, Penny Lane, Oscar & Co and Wallace Cotton. In subsequent months Channel reported that Westfield Shore City completed an ambiance upgrade including their food court, new carpeting and lighting and the provision of comfort zones. Hue opened a branch in Takapuna, My Room shifted to bigger and better premises and Caffe Massimo completed a major refurbishment, re-siting itself to take advantage of its beach views and northerly aspect. Auckland Council announced that the Policy and Strategic Planning team would base itself at Takapuna, Brand Developers and Infotools also relocated to the town centre together resulting in an increase of 550 workers to Takapuna. The TBBA hosted mayoral candidates over a number of months before Len Brown was elected in November (and has subsequently made many visits

Happy Birthday Channel!

to Takapuna talking to business leaders, attending events, speaking at our Two Degree meetings, judging the Xmas Festival busking competition and hosting Mayor in the Chair). Chris Darby was elected chair, and former TBBA chairman Kevin Schwass as Deputy Chair, of the Devonport – Takapuna Local Board, whilst former North Shore City Mayors Ann Hartley and George Wood were elected to serve as Councillors. A number of Takapuna businesses gained recognition throughout the year. Servilles Takapuna hairdresser, Armie Aninion-Avillanosa was named hairdresser of the year, the supreme award at the NZ L’Oreal colour trophy awards Colliers North Shore won the Colliers franchise of year award. The following Takapuna Businesses featured in the Metro Best of Auckland awards 2010 – Stephen Marr – Women’s Hair Salon; Bliss - Spa Treatments; Off Wax - Wax; Takapuna Beach Café and Store - Ice Cream in a cone; Lucy and the Powder Room - New Beauty Fad; Black Box - Shoes and accessories; Wild Wheat - Breads; Kiwi Velo (Barrys Pt Rd) - Bike Shops; Lucy and the Powder Room - Spa Treatments; Body Tech (Smales Farm) - Gym; Body Tech (Smales Farm) - Workout. Metro Honorable mentions included – First Glass - Wine Shop; My Room - Wine Shop; Phoenix Cosmetics - Make Up; Marr Labb - Beauty Store; Takapuna – Market; Also recognised was Marvell Grill as provider of one of Herald on Sunday restaurant reviewer Peter Calder’s most memorable meals of 2010. The Takapuna Beach Café and Store as one of the Weekend Herald’s best places to dine beside the sea and Takapuna Beach as one of the best Picnic sites. Pinot Plus and Jam received great reviews in Canvas.

Issue 12 - JULY 2011

Magascene sold the $13 million winning Christmas Powerball ticket. The Takapuna Beach Business Association undertook a strategic review in December, shifted offices and adopted a new logo and imagery. Over the last 12 months, Takapuna Beach reinforced its reputation as the events capital of the North Shore by hosting the Christmas Carnival, Sip & Shop, The NZ Body Arts awards, the State Beach series, Takapuna Triathlon (attracting 2.5 hours of prime time television on TV 1), Sailing, Outrigger and Thunder cat racing, the Coca Cola summer festival, Sail Auckland regatta, Beach Soccer, North Shore Coastal Challenge, Telecom changing sheds, Auckland Regional Dragon Boating Champs, Weekly City Nippers, Orca Swim Run series, the North Shore Grand Prix, the Saint Patrick’s Day Hurstmere Hooley, Massey and AUT Capping parades, Caffe Massimo hosted the Fashion Runway and Nathan Haines, The Department Store hosted Todd Selby and many Fashion shows, and Jerry Clayton BMW the X3 launch and Hospice fundraising auction. Takapuna businesses were quick and generous in their support of the people of Christchurch after their devastating earthquakes. Caffe Massimo sent a shipping container and two truckloads of water to Christchurch within the first couple of days of the quake, and Image Me, The Department Store, Westfield Shore City and Penny Lane all held fundraising activities. Last month we announced that a local identity has purchased a significant piece of Takapuna real estate and served notice on the cluster of $2 shops in Hurstmere Road, who all vacated their premises at the end of June.

We appreciate you informing your readers what is happening in Takapuna. It’s been a tough year for retailers, however Channel has had huge growth and success and the outlook for Takapuna looks similarly optimistic. We look forward to sharing many highs together during the next 12 months.

Experienced something special in Takapuna recently? We want feedback on the good things that are happening in Takapuna. If you let us know and you could fly a jet to any city in the world with Fly-A-Jet Takapuna. The Takapuna Beach Business Association wishes to attract and retain the “Best” businesses to Takapuna. We will reward one reader each month, who nominates an exceptional business or member of staff. The nomination can be for a product, service received or for an extraordinary experience. Tell us in 50 words or less who. and why. you would like to make your nomination for, and both you and they could Fly-A-Jet to any city in the world with in Takapuna (Each prize is valued at $195). Send entries to or PO Box 33-713, Takapuna Beach 0740, by Thursday 14th July. Fly-A-Jet is similar to the flight simulators that

airlines use to train their commercial pilots, and its authentic replica cockpit delivers a total immersion, virtual reality environment. The 180 degree wrap-around visuals, high fidelity sound along with seat vibration all combine to bring the cockpit to life. You will actually believe you are flying a REAL Jet Airliner! A great experience for everyone... Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast, a frustrated would-be pilot, a thrill-seeker an adrenaline junkie or a complete novice... there’s a experience to suit you. All without leaving the ground! Fly-A-Jet: 466 Lake Road, Takapuna. Phone 486-8193.

Why should you shop in Takapuna? The Takapuna Beach Business Association are working hard to attract destination retail and quality commercial tenants to Takapuna to complement our existing high quality members. Each month we highlight a Takapuna Business which we believe deserves the support of you our reader. This month we bring to you…

Simpson Western was founded with just 2 Partners in Takapuna in 1985. Since then the firm has gone from strength to strength and now has 9 partners, 7 solicitors, 5 legal executives and 14 support staff. They have a broad wealth of experience with specialist lawyers covering all aspects of law with an emphasis on business, employment, civil litigation, property and asset protection. When the firm was established, the North Shore had many small branch offices of larger city-based practices. The partners of Simpson Western saw this as an opportunity to provide the residents and businesses of the North Shore with a local firm, that was committed to the North Shore, providing expert legal advice of the same calibre as some of the larger New Zealand firms but with a more personal and down-to-earth touch. Their concern is to ensure that their clients receive pragmatic, effective advice that works for that client. The firm continues to grow and in September last year the firm opened a satellite office in Apollo Drive, North Harbour. They are regular contributors to Channel Magazine and also have articles published in the Sunday Star Times. Partner Robert Clark is on the Executive of the Takapuna Beach Business Association. Simpson Western Lawyers - Level 17, AIA Building, 5-7 Byron Ave, Ph 486 3058 -

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Smales farm News

Smales farm News

Giant sculpture wins public art competition New Zealand artist Gill Gatfield has won a $35,000 Smales Farm public art competition to create a permanent artwork depicting and celebrating the history of Smales Farm as a transport hub on the North Shore. Gill Gatfield won the competition with her entry ‘Silhouette’, which she will carve from a single giant slab of black granite. The artist had the one-and-a-half ton block of granite quarried in India especially for the Silhouette work. At threeand-a-half metres high and one-and-a-half metres wide, it exceeds any normal commercial quarrying parameters. Internationally the piece of stone is unique, taking the artist many months to locate. Gill researched options worldwide after trying first to find a seam of basalt in New Zealand - but the scale and qualities needed for the project, and the machinery, were not available locally. “It’s an amazing achievement just to have sourced such a massive piece of granite, and to have it landed here in New Zealand,” says Smales Farm General Manager Daniel Henderson. “Gill is now sourcing special equipment to enable her to handle a piece of stone this large.” The winning sculpture will occupy a prominent position adjacent to the Smales Farm Bus Station, which is located on the corner of Shakespeare and Taharoto Roads on Auckland’s North Shore. Smales Farm has been at the centre of the development of transport on the North Shore since 1898, when the farm grazed horses used for the first coach service in the area. This coach service was run from the site of the present day Smales Farm Bus Station, which used to be called Smales Corner. The judging process was led by professional art curator Rob Garrett, whose more than 30 years experience in the visual arts includes leading the former Auckland City Council and now Auckland Council public art teams, developing Hamilton’s 10-year public art plan, commissioning and curating Britomart’s ‘Auto Garage’ public art project and curating the New Zealand Sculpture Onshore exhibitions in 2008 and 2010.

Internationally the piece of stone is unique, taking the artist many months to locate. Smales Farm received 19 proposals from 20 artists, and Rob Garrett says he was impressed and heartened by the quality and number of the responses. “The proposals were so strong and so interesting – the calibre of thinking and imagination was very high. Gill Gatfield’s ‘Silhouette’ won because it was both artistically outstanding, and expresses a clear connection to the site and its history. This work will have a long life in the community. Because the artwork is a minimal abstract form, I think we will get a ‘slow burn’ effect where people gradually get their heads around the sculpture as they see it in different weather conditions and at different times of the day. It’s a work that will reward people with repeat viewings.” Gill Gatfield’s Silhouette is ‘a superbly elegant and imaginative response to the special history of the site’ the selection panel said. The solid form punctuated by space and the three elements of stone, air and shadow, contains ideas of endurance and aspiration. The judging panel felt there were evocative connections between the material and formal qualities of the sculpture and the story of the Smales Farm site and quarry, and the history of the land there. The Smale family has weathered recessions and land seizures in their journey to build today’s Smales Farm, Daniel Henderson says.

Issue 12 - JULY 2011


Your chance to cycle over Auckland Harbour Bridge

New Zealand artist Gill Gatfield won the public art competition with her entry ‘Silhouette’, which she will carve from a single giant slab of black granite. The winning sculpture will occupy a prominent position adjacent to the Smales Farm Bus Station.

“Endurance is a core value of the people and place,” he says. “This concept of endurance also translates to Smales Farm’s present day structures, from buildings which are green and modern, to the cycle tracks and Busway. It’s a value that has held true from pioneering times to the modern age.” Gill describes her work as ‘modern minimalism’. She produces abstract paintings and sculptures using stone, glass, grass, electric currents and magnetic fields. Her critically recognised work features in national awards, art collections, and public and solo exhibitions. “Abstract art can be intimidating - I’m interested in engagement, in making it accessible,” she says. “That’s my challenge: to retain the integrity of the work and all that it’s holding, and at the same time make it available and human. I self generate and explore, which gives me a pool of ideas that I can use to respond to an opportunity. I love to respond to a brief and work with people. Each of my works is unique yet connected. This is the first time for me working on this scale and with this form.” Although Silhouette looks like a masculine form it’s tactile, with curved edges. The detail is deceptively soft and the seamlessness of the granite causes a double take. “There is something for the eye, the hand and the head,” Gill Gatfield says. “I hope people will see the work unfold through the seasons. People travelling by bus or working around Smales Farm will see Silhouette every day as they come and go, cycling and walking in the green space around the Park. It’s an apparently simple form, but will constantly shift in subtle ways. Its shadow will track the sun’s path across the sky, and people who look closely will see themselves reflected in the high polished stone.” The artist is currently working with landscape architects Boffa Miskell to prepare a white horizontal plane for the site, to support the vertical black stone.

Smales Farm will host a major celebration of New Zealand cycle culture later this year with fun and cycle rides for all ages and abilities, including a 15km ride over Auckland Harbour Bridge. Auckland City Mayor Len Brown visited Smales Farm recently to formally launch the event - called the TelstraClear Challenge – which will take place on Sunday 11 December. The event is designed for riders of any age and fitness level including young children and families as well as elite competitive riders. A fun and energetic community bike festival is being staged at Smales Farm by Cycle Action Auckland and Auckland Transport as part of the event. Smales Farm is the hub of the TelstraClear Challenge, and the festival will feature bike demonstrations, obstacle courses for kids and learning centres for all ages. People can learn about commuting to work by bike - from where to ride, to what to wear and how to stay safe on the roads. For the first time, NZTA has given approval for cyclists to cross Auckland’s iconic Harbour Bridge. This leads on to another exclusive route: the Northern Busway. Cyclists will be protected from traffic by a line of 200 buses that will park end-to-end on lane one of the motorway, from the base of the Harbour Bridge through to Esmonde Road Busway. This ‘guard of honour’ will form a physical barrier between the motorists heading South, and the cyclists heading North. A choice of three rides means there is something to suit every rider, with routes ranging from 2km to 110km: TelstraClear ClipOn 110 - a challenging 110km ride for road cyclists - amateur and elite riders alike. Starts on Shelley Beach Road, over the bridge, up the busway, and ends at the Kumeu Showgrounds. Can be completed as a solo ride or in a team of two. TelstraClear Pedallers 15 - a fantastic opportunity for everyday cyclists. Enjoy the thrill of riding the Auckland Harbour Bridge and the Northern Busway without the sweat. The 15km ride loops back at Constellation Drive and ends at Smales Farm. TelstraClear’s Bike the Busway - the option of an 8km or 2km ride for kids and families on the busway which originates at Smales farm. General Manager Daniel Henderson says Smales Farm supports bicycle commuting by providing free bike racks every day for all riders, and is delighted to be the hub for the TelstraClear Challenge. “Cycling is an eco-friendly way to reduce vehicle numbers on the Park, and Smales Farm provides parking free of charge to all tenants who commute to work on bicycles, scooters and motorbikes. Every building has its own bike rack, lockers and showers, which are available for use by tenants of that building at no charge,” he says. “The TelstraClear Challenge will allow anyone and everyone to enjoy riding routes that are usually only accessible by car, and the community bike festival we are hosting at the Park will be great fun for the whole family.” The event will also raise money for MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

Cycling is an eco-friendly way to reduce vehicle numbers on the Park, and Smales Farm provides parking free of charge to all tenants who commute to work on bicycles, scooters and motorbikes. Every building has its own bike rack, lockers and showers, which are available for use by tenants of that building at no charge…

Auckland City Mayor Len Brown demonstrated good cycle skills in the ‘go slow’ race when he visited Smales Farm recently to launch the TelstraClear Challlenge.

Smales Farm General Manager Daniel Henderson (right) congratulates Auckland City Mayor Len Brown (left) on his sportsmanship in the fun ‘go slow’ cycle race. Issue 12 - JULY 2011

SmalesCorner@SmalesFarm – New Zealand’s best place to work and do business

“People don’t need to understand banks, banks need to understand people.” ASB Smales Farm branch

Banks don’t exist without the people who entrust their lives, dreams, or plans in them. It’s one thing ASB has never forgotten and it’s what drives us to be a better bank. Whether you’re just popping in to deposit some cash or sitting down with us to talk about your financial goals, we’re here to discuss and more importantly, listen. It’s not just about being a bank. It’s about being human too. Phone Number: (09) 448 4480 Hours: Mon — Fri 9:00am to 4:30pm

“BodyTech is unique in delivering 30 minute supervised workouts, which is like ‘personal training that’s free’.”

Lim, Manager

Lee Clark, Director

Carla Hickmott, Manager

Because you never workout alone and you’re investing just 30 minutes (or less) three times a week, your motivation stays high and you’ll get in shape fast. If you’ve ever felt out of place in a ‘regular’ gym environment, come try BodyTech. Call us on 486 6400 or visit

ASB Bank Limited’s current Disclosure Statement is available free of charge from any branch of ASB.

“We strive for simplicity and convenience.”

“At child® our goal is simple: to make learning irresistible.”

“Some days you just need to escape the daily grind. Meet you there!” Gordon Simpson, Owner

“We offer a fabulous environment for business meetings, or just relax with wine and some exceptional food.” Jayson Hayde, Owner

child® at Smales Farm is the highest quality pre-school available in New Zealand, setting the standard in both education and staffing. We offer five innovative and individual learning environments, catering for all pre-school children from birth to five years. Our holistic teaching programmes use leading technology, structured learning plans, lesson evaluations and child-initiated activities. Call us on 488 7766, or visit

“Servilles Barber is about fuss-free haircuts for the modern man who is short on time but still requires great style and a quality cut.”

Seriously good food and coffee has seen Columbus Coffee Smales Farm build a great reputation, win industry awards and gain a loyal following of regulars. Whether you’re seated in the plush leather lounge chairs, or out in the courtyard with its piazza atmosphere, you can relax in comfort and style. From 6.00am weekdays and 8.00am weekends. Call us on 486 3200

“We offer world-class facilities and care 24/7 in a tranquil, calming environment.” Mary Gordon, CEO Shorecare

Jeremy Foster-Moan, Owner Hatsuhana at Smales Farm bridges the gap between East and West. It’s a friendly and welcoming sushi and noodle bar where you can depend on getting the freshest fish and the tastiest noodles. This is deceptively simple cuisine, saluting the centuries-old methods used by the very best sushi shops and chefs in Japan and China.

Quarry at Smales Farm was one of only two Auckland restaurants to place in the top six of the most recent Monteith’s Wild Food Challenge. The other was the Hilton. Come in and check out their great menu today! It’s the perfect place for a meal or just a quiet drink with friends, and the ultimate venue for private functions.

Servilles Barber is an extension of the Servilles philosophy to deliver a personalised service, to meet the needs of today’s busy professional men. Servilles Barber is a man’s space, simple and masculine. No bookings required, come in and enjoy Sky Sport, men’s magazines and the latest range of professional hair products.

Monday – Friday 10.00am to 3.30pm Call us on 488 0210

Monday – Friday 11.30am to Late Saturday 4.00pm to Late Call us on 915 0101

Sun & Mon closed, Tue & Fri 8.00am to 6.00pm Wed, Thurs 8.00am to 7.00pm Sat 9.00am to 2.00pm

“Shorecare Pharmacy at Smales Farm is open from 8.30am until 11.00pm every day.” Bryan Rowney, Director

“Ordering with SUBWAY restaurants is super easy – text, internet or in person. Great parking right outside means a no-hassle pick up.”

“The Hamper is a corner dairy, fruit shop and dry cleaning agent rolled into one.” The Hamper Smales Farm branch

Daniel Noble, Manager

Shorecare’s new accident and medical clinic is open to everyone 24/7 on a casual, walk-in basis. It provides a comprehensive range of services, including physiotherapy, X-ray and ultrasound, for the entire North Shore population. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year. Located on the ground floor of Sovereign House, Smales Farm. Call us on 486 7777

“Vivo Hair Salon has now joined our Vivo Beauty Salon in Smales Farm. If you haven’t been to Vivo Hair yet, then make the most of this fantastic introductory offer!” Natasha Salt, Regional Manager

Shorecare Pharmacy at Smales Farm sells a full range of pharmacy retail products including cosmetics, vitamins and supplements, baby products, sunscreens and sun hats, toilet bags and gifts, in addition to prescriptions and medicines. It is the last pharmacy to close on the North Shore every night. Shop 8, Q4 Building 8.30am to 11.00pm seven days 365 days of the year Call us on 488 0880

Order on the internet, from your mobile or watch our friendly staff make your food – just the way you like it. We custom make every order: breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have excellent catering options for all sized functions, and you can collect loyalty points with SUBCARD. Open from 6.30am weekdays Online ordering at Call us on 920 6450

Convenience store ‘The Hamper’ brings unique one-stop shopping to Smales Farm. You can get anything from a pie and a bottle of coke to frozen meals, sandwiches, cakes, muffins, magazines, chocolates, groceries and personal items. 7.00am to 6.00pm weekdays 9.00am to 4.00pm Saturday Call us on 488 7070

Enjoy a style cut, colour services up to the value of $110, Goldwell conditioning treatment, plus an eyebrow shape, & eyebrow or eyelash tint – Normally valued up to $246 – now just $146! Conditions: New clients to Vivo Hair Only Valid for beauty clients who have not had hair services before.

ANZ Business Centre, Corinthian Drive Albany

Channel Trend spotter


In 2011, the Smales Farm brand became ‘virtual’ with the purchase of the ANZ Business Centre. For the first time, Smales Farm expanded beyond the geographical footprint of the Smales Farm Technology Office Park. The ANZ Business Centre is now managed by Smales Farm Corporate Services, in keeping with Smales Farm’s philosophy of high quality and excellent service. We’ll see you there!

“We bring a taste of home to Africans living in New Zealand.”

“The beginner classes offer 26 poses that anyone can do.”

Luke Joseph, Owner

Andy Edwards, Owner

Inside Africa sells African groceries, snacks, clothes and more. If you have ever lived in Africa, you’ll find all your favourite things here. If you have never been to Africa but would love to go, get the flavour by visiting us!

Bikram yoga is practiced in a room heated to just above body temperature. Practitioners enjoy a wide range of health benefits including pain relief, weight loss, improved sleep and relief from tension, stress and anger. All this, plus a more flexible body.

Open 7 days 9.30am to 6.30pm Call us on 443 0548

“Big boys’ toys have never been this much fun!”

Classes run 7 days a week at two Shore locations – Albany at ANZ Business Centre call 415 4902, and Glenfield at 75 Porana Rd call 444 4070.

“We specialise in men’s haircutting and colouring in a male environment.”

Simon Lambert, Manager

Jackie Warren, Manager

Hobby City has a huge specialist range of kitsets and models, including trains and radio controlled planes, cars and helicopters. The speed, power and manoeuvrability of today’s radio controlled models is simply extraordinary – come and pay us a visit.

Want to look sharp this weekend? Then come and get your hair cut at everyguy – the salon for guys. No appointment necessary, just come when it’s convenient for you and enjoy Sky TV, Xbox and Playstation.

Call us on 441 2505 Open Mon – Fri 9.30am to 6.00pm Sat 9.00am to 5.00pm Sun 10.00am to 5.00pm

“We are open 7 days for all your liquor needs.” Dennis Tiktonov, Owner

Call us on 414 4026 (No appointment necessary) Open 7 days. Mon 10.00am to 5.00pm Tues & Thurs 10.00am to 7.00pm Wed 9.00am to 7.00pm. Fri 9.00am to 5.00pm Sat 8.30am to 3.00pm. Sun 10.00am to 2.00pm

“We serve Yum Cha 7 days a week, or try our famous Peking Duck.” Connie Ng, Owner

Salute Liquor stocks a great range of wine, beer, cider, spirits, mixers and liqueurs. We specialise in vodka, and stock many different varieties of Russian vodka. Come to us for all your liquor needs and enjoy our friendly service. Call us on 414 6366 Open 7 days Mon & Tues 12.00pm to 9.00pm Wed – Sat 12.00pm to 11.00pm Sun 1.00pm to 8.00pm

North Sea Village is a Chinese restaurant that specialises in food from the Southern half of China. It uses only Southern Chinese chefs, so the flavours are authentic. The Peking Duck is so good, it has its own loyal following. Live seafood is also a speciality – including paua, clams and crayfish. Call us on 441 3332 Mon – Fri 10.30am to 10.00pm Sat and Sun 9.00am to 10.00pm

Beauty Oils Why is it so popular? It is an all-natural product that has too many benefits to list in just one article – that’s why! From coconut and almond oils to oils with rosehip or jojoba extract, the fatty acids of all these oils strengthen and produce a natural glow for a variety of beauty needs. There are oils that produce shiny, healthy hair without weighing it down or leaving any residue. There are oils to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. And, there are oils to hydrate and repair dry skin. This is a trend that everyone should latch onto – especially in these winter months of dry, damaged skin! Trends in Motion • Morrocanoil has been the “it” hair product for the past few years with everyone from Fergie to Angelina Jolie claiming it as there must-have product • Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative Argan Dry Oil was named by Elle magazine’s 2011 Genius Awards for the ultimate skin hydrator • InStyle UK is recommending Aromatherapy Associates Fine Line Face Oil as one of the top 10 anti-aging creams on the market. Where to find this trend on the Shore • Linden Leaves – Found in local pharmacies, Linden Leaves is a range of natural products with New Zealand heritage made right here in New Zealand to nourish the skin and offer a sense of delight. - Linden Leaves Gold Oil is a luxurious approach to natural skincare combining a medley of fruit and flower oils with 23kt gold for skin rehydration. - Linden Leaves Aromatherapy Synergy Body Oil includes four unique natural blends with their own aromatic and healing characteristics: memories, in love again, pick me up and absolute dreams. Each oil contains botanicals grown in Christchurch and is a perfect cure for dry winter skin. • The Marr Lab – Stephen Marr’s concept store located in Takapuna’s The Department Store features Sans product range from Lucy Marr. - Sans Goji Cleansing Oil uses the antioxidant powers of goji berries to clean the skin while the oil retains the pH balance of delicate facial skin.

- Sans Activator 7 Body Oil uses active vitamin A to stimulate cell repair and increase collagen production – perfect for sun-damaged skin. • Lucy and the Powder Room – A beauty parlour in Takapuna’s The Department Store stock Intelligent Nurtients – a range of organic skin care and hair care products from the founder of Aveda. The products feature Intellimune, a blend of black cumin, pumpkin, red grade, raspberry and cranberry seed oils. • Certified Organic Hair and Scalp Treatment Oil – Intellimune plus jojoba seed, apricot kernal and safflower seed oils use their fatty acids to deeply repair and moisturize. • Certified Organic Intelligent Nutrients - A blend of certified organic essential oils including Awaken, Attune, Innercalm, Focus, Seductive, Nurture and Restore. Keep an eye out for @Channelmag on Twitter during the month of July to continue to give you the inside scoop on this beauty trend on the North Shore.

Men – no need to feel left out! Get the ultimate shave with Linden Leave’s new Rugby shave oil. The shave oil not only cushions and nourishes skin for a smooth glide and close shave, but its blended natural ingredients of almond oil and rosemary help tone, hydrate, refresh and brighten the skin. Find the shave oil and other new Linden Leaves products in the Rugby line at these North Shore stockists: • Shorecare Pharmacy at Smales Farm • Life Pharmacy Takapuna • Unichem Takapuna • Devonport Pharmacy Issue 12 - JULY 2011


caring for your car: with Car-Fe

The Channel Grill


Stuart Young is the new chef at Takapuna’s popular cafe Latin Larder in Hurstmere Road. He joined owners Justin, Rob and the team recently after spending time with catering company Urban Gourmet. He hasn’t taken long to stamp his mark on the place with an exciting new winter menu being launched in early June that features a range of totally new breakfast and lunch dishes. Aidan Bennett of Channel Magazine put some questions to him for ‘The Channel Grill’ during May. AIDAN BENNETT: It must be hard working for a character like Justin? Stuart YOUNG: There are a lot of characters in hospitlaity, including myself! It’s always lots of fun that’s for sure. AB: How long have you been working in the hospitality industry? SY: 23 years. Gee that makes me feel old. AB: If you weren’t working with food what would you be doing instead? SY: Fishing Charter Captain – I love my fishing. To me there is nothing better than being out on the water. AB: You have launched a new winter menu at Latin Larder. Where has the inspiration for the new dishes come from?

SY: I like to be seasonal, so it’s really just a rewrite of the old menu to bring it into season with good produce being my inspiration. AB: What dish on the new menu is your personal favourite? SY: The Black pudding ‘Toad in the hole’. AB: If you were to choose one particular dish you want our readers to try what would that be? SY: Poached Eggs, with Sourdough and Parsley Pesto – the best eggs on the Shore! AB: What country do you love visiting for their food and why? SY: France. It is just so interesting French cuisine – they really do know how to make food a real experience. I am also looking forward to visiting Korea, where my partner is from. Not only an interesting country but also one with interesting food which I am keen to explore. AB: What do you love to do on your day off? SY: Gardening, reading and of course fishing.

AB: What is your favorite food? SY: Fish, Chips and Mushy Peas! AB: Your background and training? SY: I did a Roux Brother apprenticeship. Paris Academy and 5 star hotels worldwide. The Roux brothers (Albert and Michel) are regarded as the godfathers of modern restaurant cuisine in the UK. They put Britain on the culinary map and raised standards across the board through their ground-breaking Michelin-starred restaurants, their TV series, their many books, and the unflagging training and encouragement they have provided to many of today’s top chefs. AB: Your greatest achievements SY: Becoming a national judge and hoping to become an international one shortly. AB: Who have been big influences during your career? SY: Gordon Ramsey was a Sous Chef at Le Gavroche and had a lasting effect. (Albert Roux owns London’s two Michelin-starred Le Gavroche). Charlie Totter creates art on plates (Charlie Trotter’s of Chicago is regarded as one of the finest restaurants in the world). AB: Most famous people you have cooked for in you career? SY: The Royal family, Sir David Attenborough, Lance Armstrong.

The Car Guy - Rob Bonnici lives, eats and breathes car cleaning products and services. Having a background in chemicals, car cleaning products and now owning a 7 day a week car cleaning and grooming centre, he is without a doubt the most passionate and the most knowledgeable car guy in New Zealand. Rob, along with his wife Siobhan, owns Car’fe facing the motorway in Barry’s Point Road, Takapuna. Contact Rob on either or 488-7000.

Paint Protection - does it work?

Paint protection, what is it? Does it work, or is it just a fancy polish? I must field these questions every week. Let’s start by clearing up some facts. Firstly, all major brands of paint protection work, and are very different to standard polishes. Paint Protection products all have higher resistance to acids, alkaline, UV, hot water and cold water. They promote ceramic or flora polymer technology as their additives, as the raw materials that make them the best paint protection available. I am a big supporter of Paint Protection products used and supplied to the right customers. Who or what vehicle should have Paint Protection? For a start, anyone buying a new car would be the right time to apply. Paint Protection works on secondhand cars as well. Generally applicators will only apply to cars five years and younger. It is all in the preparation. The question you need to ask is; what is the cost to get your cars paint work into a condition that will be able to have Paint Protection applied? Now, what brand? To be frank any major brand is fine the key to all products working, is in the application. All good applicators should use the whole bottle per application which means that you should have two coats applied to the flat surfaces to your car bonnet, boot and roof. All Paint Protection products come with a warranty. Most warranties state that when you wash your car you can only use water or their recommended wash product. The fact is that any PH neutral carwash product is fine to be used. Being PH neutral it cannot do any damage to any surface because it is not corrosive. You should always confirm this with your applicator before purchasing your chosen paint protection and understand what maintenance is needed. Most major products have a five year warranty period. Have I ever seen products fail? The short answer is yes. It is imperative to ensure you have your car’s paint protection checked on a yearly basis. No one person’s environment is the same. Let’s say you live within the sea spray zone and your car is parked in a carport. Salt is very corrosive, I’ve seen examples of cars with different paint protection brands that have failed due to poor maintenance. This doesn’t mean Paint Protection failed. I’m saying you must have real expectations of what it can do. If you think that your situation is extreme, always consult with the sales person. Paint Protection is like wrapping glad wrap around your car creating a second layer of protection. No paint protection stops stone chipping or scratches. Why do it? To date, no polish or wax can protect your car’s paint the way Paint Protection can. In most cases Paint Protection will exceed your expectations. All quality products have a great shine and keep this longer than any polish available on today’s market. We live in a harsher environment with higher acid levels in our rain water. Our UV is one of the highest in the world. You wouldn’t send your children out in the summer to the beach without sunscreen would you? Paint Protection at Car-Fe: At Car-Fe Takapuna we use Slipstream 5 year paint Protection. This was developed for protecting cars with ceramic, urethane clear coat, lacquer or enamel paints, by bonding the flouropolymers to the paint surface. Slip Stream 5 year paint protection contains fluoropolymers, resins and carnauba wax. It gives the best protection against oxidisation, industrial fallout, bird droppings and tree sap on your cars paint work. SLIPSTREAM Paint Sealant uses leading edge technology and contains a

specialised fluoro polymer in liquid form. SLIPSTREAM Paint Sealant flows easily and completely over the paint surface where its fluoro-polymer molecules elongate and interlock, before electrostatically bonding with the paint to give an all over total seal. SLIPSTREAM Paint Sealant imparts a high gloss and visual appeal along with exceptional chemical and environmental resistance. Slipstream products are exclusively formulated by Malcolm Swanney BSC Chemistry, who has over 36 years of industry experience.

Craig Baird endorses the Slip Stream 60 day paint protection product on the F3 Racing Porche that he races around the world. Fabric Protection at Car-Fe: At Carfe Takapuna we not only do paint protection we offer fabric protection and vinyl and leather protection. Save yourself $100’s of dollars please drop us a line to discuss the cost of your application.

Our latest car to have Slipstream 5 year paint protection applied to it at Car-Fe. This is no ordinary car actually a one of only two in New Zealand at present. The Abarth 695 1.4 16V turbo 180 bhp Tributo Ferrari. This little car packs a lethal punch with a top speed of 225kph with a combined fuel consumption of 6.5 litres per 100kms. That must make this the most economical fun on wheels and not for the faint hearted! This Abarth was designed working with Ferrari to create an eye catching internal external luxury sports car that is economical around the town. Thanks to Mark and Wendy for letting Car-Fe Takapuna look after your precious baby.

Protect your vehicle with Slipstream 5 Year Paint Protection from Car-fe. Contact Rob Bonnici today. 89 Barrys Point Road, Takapuna. Telephone 488 7000. Issue 12 - JULY 2011

21 Issue 12 - JULY 2011


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The recession causes interesting trends in hair & fashion taking us back to an almost punk DIY short looks, rather than fashion influencing the public it’s now coming from the street up to the runway. But there is always a place for long sexy rich hair. The biggest trend this winter coming through to spring are short strong genderless haircuts. This is a throwback from the early eighties British music tribes influencing today’s generation, for example Agness Deyn and Emma Watson. Enhance the cut with either texture in the styling or colour. Whether it’s a strong cropped hair cut or boyish straight bob, colour it second and customize your colour according to the cut to make it pop. Ask your stylist for strong panels of colour within the cut to off set and amplify the texture and shape that has been created whatever shade you desire. Beautiful long hair is still hot and on trend. Steely cool-to-touch dark browns with multi tones within the same depth of colour creates that Penelope Cruz velvety fabric-like hair. These shades are perfect for all skin tones. However if cool tones are not your colour picture a rich fusion of red, gold and copper that will set any room you walk in on fire. It’s all about paring natural hues with a hint of irridescent light to give that gleam.

Hannah - Master colourist at OSCAR&CO. 78 HURSTMERE RD, TAKAPUNA, Ph 489 9259


My Room

wallis inhouse designer anna Mountford gives you her picks of the wallis winter sale and features some fantastic new jewellery. Agness Deyn likes it

shor t!

z, lavish & Penelope Cru

it is an exciting time in store as our winter sale is in full swing and fabulous new season pieces are starting to arrive. there are some amazing bargins on the sale racks and it is a great time to purchase some pieces to see you through the rest of winter. many of the nyne velocity top was $168 trends are following through to now $128 the new season. lace and leather are still going to feature strongly for summer, as are colours such as cobalt, red and ink.


at Wallis we offer many labels exclusive to us in auckland so you can guarantee you will always find something different. We also have some fantastic new jewellery available in store and online, which is a great Ketz-ke lets go cardi way to make a statement was $98 now $68 and finish a look. Georgina Bakers jewellery uses antique spoons and are works of art at very affordable prices. come and visit us in store or shop online and enjoy your Wallis shopping experience.

Visit My Room for exclusive baby and children’s linen, clothing, furniture and accessories.

CLOTHING SALE 10-50% OFF while stock last 447a Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland • Tel: 09 488 7044

“The Best Spa Treatment” Metro Magazine 2010

Random stripe tunic was $174 now $148

Kirsten ash Bee Drop earrings $88 georgina Baker Bracelet $58

channel readers giveaway to reward our wonderful channel readers we are offering an exclusive giveaway prize draw. simply email with ‘channel Giveaway’ in the subject line and you go into the draw to win a $200 voucher to be spent at Wallis.


UNTIL 3 1 ST J U L Y ! 2 people usually $178

1 person






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“The Best of Auckland”

WALLIS Issue 12 - JULY 2011

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Voted by the people of Takapuna in The Best of Takapuna Campaign (Takapuna Beach Association Dec 2009).

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24 Residential Property management

shore people: Hilary Barry

specialist help in managing residential property

Why I Love the Shore

Quinovic has opened in Takapuna. It is a privately owned and operated business that has been around for 23 years. Their expertise is in renting and effective management of residential properties. Local business owners Graeme and Michelle Henderson are Shore people. They have lived on the Shore for over 25 years and are property investors themselves. They have operated a portfolio of homes and apartments Michelle and Graeme Henderson. for property owners on the North Shore for some time and have now opened a Takapuna office to enhance their services to North Shore property owners and to expand the business. There are many advantages to the Quinovic offering for property owners explains Graeme Henderson. “Firstly we don’t charge Letting Fees so we attract a wider group of tenants.” “We have leading edge computerised management systems that give owners 24/7 access to their file and a big advantage is that property management is our business. That’s what we do. Pure and simple. That’s our core business. We don’t have the conflict that is often associated with real estate agencies and body corporate managers.” We make the whole process easy for the property owner,” adds Graeme. “I challenge North Shore home owners who are looking for a better property management option to let us show you what we can do. We offer a free rental appraisal for your property with absolutely no strings attached.” Contact Michelle or Graeme Henderson at Quinovic – on 0508 27 27 86 or 021 928 261. Email:,

Live your life as you’d like to

North Shore local Hilary Barry has become a familiar face to all of us who tune in for our TV3 nightly fix to hear her share the nation’s news and take us through the events of the day. In the mornings she can also be heard on the RadioLIVE breakfast show and during the weekends you’re most likely to find her cheering on the sidelines of her sons’ cricket or rugby games. Hilary lives in Milford with her husband and those two sporting sons. This month she tells Channel readers her North Shore highlights and why she Loves living on the Shore. Channel Mag How long have you lived on the Shore? Where were you before? What was it that brought you to the Shore? Hilary Barry I’ve been living here for about 15 years but my family’s been here for generations. Our house sits on land that my greatgrandparents bought in 1930 and has been in the family ever since. CM What’s your favourite Shore restaurant and why? HB  Ah, so many choices. Dinner out is likely to be Marvel Grill, The Engine Room, GPK, Monthien or Musashi. For lunch or coffee; Takapuna Beach Cafe and Latin Larder are wonderful, as are the pies at the Swiss Bakery after a tough morning at footie and after a late night, Ian and Ruth’s gourmet sausage rolls at Robert Harris in Milford are impossible to walk past.

CM What’s your favourite Shore beach and why? HB Milford and Campbells Bay are my top picks. Great safe swimming, plenty of sand for everyone and what a view.

Don’t take chances with your valuable residential property assets – enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Quinovic’s property management service.








CM What’s the Shore’s best kept secret? HB  Kennedy’s Park and the beach beneath it. The new stairs the council built are fantastic and because it’s the only pedestrian access to the beach, you can have the whole place to yourself.


Individual is a women’s designer clothing boutique with New Zealand and International labels. Local designers create original collections that are wearable, affordable and made in New Zealand.



Thank you to all our loyal customers who have supported my store Individual over the last six years. It has been wonderful supporting New Zealand designers and supporting our ‘made in New Zealand’ industry. I am going on new adventures to see the world and very soon have babies! Individual has been an amazing experience and I have appreciated all of your involvement and support. Thank you



CM Where do you go to relax on the Shore? HB  When you live on the Shore everywhere seems relaxing. You feel the weight of the city lift as soon as your wheels touch the Northcote Road off-ramp.

CM  Have you ever found anywhere else in the world that reminds you of the Shore and if so, how? HB  No, never. VESTOR

Contact Michelle or Graeme Henderson at Quinovic 0508 27 27 86 or 021 928 261

New Zealand’s preferred national residential property management group since 1988.

Hilary Barry

CM Saturday morning North Shore style? HB  A takeaway double shot flat white and then hours spent on the sideline watching the kids playing rugby in winter or cricket in summer.

rgest NZ’s la wned ly o private l property tia residen gement mana p grou

Fashion: with Individual



CM Finally, what do you love most about the city you call home? HB  I love the people most of all. Shore people stop to take the time to talk to one another, everyone knows their neighbours and there’s a great community spirit.

Shop 10a, 1-7 The Strand, Takapuna Beach - Ph: 4887200 - - Issue 1112--JUNE JULY 2011

*Conditions tions apply. See


HEALTH & FITNESS with Patrick Harris of Les Mills Patrick Harris, Service Director at Les Mills Takapuna

Stuff You Should be Doing But Aren’t! While I’d like to sit here and tell you that this is going to be some advanced article about some quasi-functional dynamic eastern bloc programme promoting amazing health benefits and out of this world results – I am not. Rather the goal here is to give you a heads up and provide you some of the small (yet important) aspects that can, (actually should) be included on a daily basis that you tend to overlook, or worse, ignore altogether. Five Things you need to start doing today. Foam Rolling Our bodies’ fascia system, one of only three systems that are continually connected is what gives us our form and shape. If it were not for facia we would be a blob of bones and flesh. Fascia can along with tendons and ligaments suffer trauma causing adhesions and scaring. Massaging not only relaxes your muscle tension but also opens up your fascia promoting flexibility and mobility. Get a roller and use it daily, the results will be hugely apparent. Search the internet on this. Exercise 30 minutes a day Do I really need to go there? Ok I will, planned activity is key, to do this with a friend or group even better. Look at it this way, there are 168 hours in a week, meeting this means you are exercising 3 ½ hours in total per week. Time is not an excuse. If you can’t do that then I guess your arse just isn’t fat enough yet! They are onto something with the 30 minutes a day campaign. Five meals per day You’ve heard this time and time again but you are still not doing it. Eat like this and your metabolism will pick up promoting better

Issue 12 - JULY 2011

recovery and improved results. The majority of the people I deal with are under eating and they think that “if I am not getting results then I will just eat less” - No, no, no... your body is to smart to respond to this - you must eat to lose. Breakfast like the Queen - lunch like the princess - dinner like the peasant. Include a couple of healthy snacks between that. Love Yourself If you were asked to name 3 things you love would you include yourself? What about 5 things? Chances are it is no. It is all not what is seems out there. Perception is not reality but is often perceived as such. Happiness starts with you first and foremost. It is ok to feel and connect with your emotions; all too often this is suppressed. We all need to communicate, open up and be willing to change for the betterment of not only yourself, your family, your friends and your neighbour. Tell someone you love them but start with yourself! Slow the hell down! Although it has nothing to do with fitness but everything to do with cortisol, the hormone produced via stress has an adverse effect on your health and fitness, this is for impatient car drivers in general you know who you are! For what reason do you have to drive so fast and tailgate me when you are driving, am I alone in thinking this, I think not. We all need to slow down give each other time and space when on the road. Every day I see drivers shooting orange or red lights, if you drive the speed limit you get abused. If this is you then you need to slow down take a deep breath and love yourself. The bigger picture is that we can apply this in all aspect of our life but if you identify with this then you will probably need to be doing a lot more than just the five things listed here. Cool, Roger – OUT!


S ’ D L R WO




Discover what keeps 6 million people in 75 countries coming back to our classes each week. Take a free Les Mills class now and unleash yourself! Grab your free pass at

Les Mills Takapuna: Winner, Advance Fitness Distribution – Supreme Club of the Year, 2010 Fitness Industry Awards Rooftop Level, Westfield Shore City, Cnr Lake Road & Como Street, Takapuna



This month at

Your home with Home Fabrics

Taking a towelling When we called in on the Grandchildren the other night it was cold and miserable. They were both in the bath and playing happily with their toys with much laughter and giggling followed by loud complaints about having to get out. They were soon wrapped all snuggly and warm in lovely soft towels, contented and cuddly. It seems there are few things more luxurious than wrapping oneself, or a child, in thick, soft, fluffy towels after a long soak in the bath. One of those treasured moments of the day. So what makes a great towel? Firstly the fibre - what is it made from? Secondly the construction, and lastly the weight. Of course most towels are made from cotton which has the advantage that it is a natural fibre, hypoallergenic, is stronger when wet and actually releases a considerable amount of heat as it absorbs water. There are some types of cotton that are more absorbent than others. To my knowledge the Pima cotton is the most absorbent cotton commercially available and gives a very soft handle, as does Egyptian cotton though this is more suitable for sheeting and clothing as it is not quite as absorbent. At Home Fabrics we sell The Christies (now there is an old name) range of Pima cotton Towels in beautiful soft colours. So if you want a towel that dries, that is a great one to look out for. Linen is another fibre; very similar to cotton in its properties it also makes a great towel, though a lot harder, abrasive to feel. Great for a spa or sauna towel they are not readily available as they are much more difficult to manufacture and so we only get them in occasionally.t sounds a bit pathetic but it does take away from its feeling of luxury. Microfiber is also used for towels, mainly for camping and tramping. Made from a blend of polyester with nylon the fibre is split and split again to create tiny cells that collect the water. Construction. Now here is the next thing to look for. Generally the number

of twists in the loop of the towel the more absorbent its properties. The little twists collect the water as the towel runs over the surface. Again the Christies towel is a great example. Some manufacturers use Zero twist loops to give a softer more luxurious feel while using high quality cotton to maintain its drying properties. If softness is what you are looking for, have a look at the Catherine towel we have in store. There are also the velour type finishes, which are less absorbent because they have no loop but are a lot softer to the feel. This type is often used for beach towels with the idea that you lie on the soft side and dry with the looped side. Really though, I never plan it that much and just grab what ever side is available as I come freezing out of the water. Weight. The tendency over the last few years has been to produce heavier, softer towels but I am sure we have often overdone it and lost a lot of the feeling of luxury and drape ability of a good towel. You still have to be able to get it in to dry ‘all those squeaky little places’ and, I am told, be able to wrap it around wet hair and arrive at breakfast without feeling like you are wearing a lead helmet. Tonight when you take the kids out of the bath and wrap Home Fabrics them up all snug just linger a 28 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna bit, treasure the moment, soon 486 1103 enough they will be too busy to waste time on stuff like that with the old man.

Shore City and Albany

My favourite sporting things...

korina Preston - stirling sports, takapuna Korina Preston is the friendly Footwear Specialist at Stirling Sports Westfield Shore City. For those of us who frequently visit Westfield Shore City, taking the Stirling Sports entrance, you can see by the full wall of sports shoes that this is an important part of their business. Korina’s a rugby nut and just loves working in the sports industry. We wanted to know a bit more about the lady with the email address Fireykortina...

All BlAcks supporters G eAr In store now !

CM How long have you been at Stirling Sports Westfield Shore City? KP: I have been there for one whole year and its gone by rather fast. CM What did you do before this? KP: Worked in McFadziens Pharmacy at beautiful Kerikeri in the Bay Of Islands, and as Volunteer Fire Fighter, hence the email address! CM What do you love about working at Stirling Sports Westfield Shore City? KP: Meeting a wide range of different people and a few famous people hehe! Of course my workmates make it fun and interesting. CM You apparently love Rugby. Who is your team and favourite player? KP: I’m a northland girl through and through, so of course Northland and the All Blacks. Past: Kamo Kid Ian Jones and Jeff Wilson. Present: Richy McCaw.


CM What is the hottest item of apparel in store at the moment, and why? KP: All Blacks supporters gear – do I need to say more – and we’ve got a great range. Also, Nike Tech Capri because they look good on and are very comfortable. CM What do you get up to on your days off? KP: I like to go for walks along the beaches and around North Head, Yoga and go home (to Kerikeri) as often as I can.


Purchase must include fabric from Maurice Kain, Warwick, Dunlop Fabrics, Rowe or Living Studio. 1 prize draw each month for 3 months: June, July and August.

28 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna Beach, Auckland | Phone 09 486-1103 |

Issue 12 - JULY 2011

ALL BLACKS worLd Cup jerSey in Store AuguSt!

The Stirling Sports Takapu na team are excited to hav e one of the best ranges of All Black’s supporters gear.

Shore City Westfield Shore City, Cnr Lake Rd and Como St, Takapuna. Ph: 09 489 8981 Albany Westfield Albany, 219 Don McKinnon Drive, Albany. Ph: 09 441 2242

CM Why should people come to Stirling Sports Westfield Shore City to get their sports stuff? KP: We are a very helpful friendly bunch. If we don’t have an item in stock we will do our best to get it in. CM Are you confident that the AB’s going to win the Rugby World Cup? KP: I have been waiting a bloody long time for this so I hope they can. GO THE ALL BLACKS!!!!!


T Y I VI A T R E C E R CENT m p 2 – m a 0 1 , y l u J 2 2 i r F – 8 Mon 1 m 11am o r f g in t in a P e Fac

Maximum stay is one hour. See Customer Service for more details.

Terms and conditions apply.

Mon 25 – Fri 29 July, 1.30pm

Come and cheer on the talented performers in ‘5 Minutes of Fame’. They’ll be singing, dancing and playing musical instruments live on stage. There will even be spot prizes for the audience, so make sure you check it out.

1st Heat 2nd Heat 3rd Heat 4th Heat Centre Final

Monday 25 July Tuesday 26 July Wednesday 27 July Thursday 28 July Friday 29 July

1.30pm 1.30pm 1.30pm 1.30pm 1.30pm

Vote for the grand winner at between 8-21 August.


Come and play at the Creativity Centre. Kids aged 4-10 can join us for a whole hour of crafts, dress ups, story time and heaps of other activities.



westfield shore city

The Fifth Avenue name is an institution in Takapuna. The popular jewellery store has been part of the local landscape for over 50 years. The more mature Channel readers will remember that Fifth Avenue Jewellers was once in Hurstmere Road. When the Shore City Mall was first built Fifth Avenue Jewellers was one of the first retailers and they have been an integral part ever since. Fifth Avenue owner Adrian Turner and store manager David Stent have been in the trade for 24 and 16 years respectively and have seen many changes over the years. The name ‘Fifth Avenue’ was changed ever so slightly several years ago to ‘Fifth Avenue Diamond Jewellers’ – to reflect that their speciality was creating exceptional pieces – specialising mainly in Diamonds. “Our speciality is sourcing loose Diamonds and different coloured gemstones and turning them into lovely pieces,” explains Adrian Turner. “It’s something we’ve been doing for decades, so we changed our name slightly to reinforce that. We

westfield shore city

Life Pharmacy – Loving Westfield Shore City Fifth Avenue owner Adrian Turner (right) and store manager David Stent with members of their staff.

Fifth Avenue – an institution in Takapuna have a great point of difference.” Twice a year Adrian goes on buying trips all over the world to source unique high quality – and often fancy coloured Diamonds – as well as unusual coloured precious gems that will be transformed into something unique and individual pieces of jewellery. Adrian says that both he and David will hand-select their stones, ensuring that they get the best possible choice out of each stone parcel they view. “We have loyal customers who love our jewellery and also the fact that we can buy unique Diamonds and precious gems that are one-offs, so remain very special.” On a recent trip Adrian purchased a special green Tormaline from a Brazilian specialist stone company, that he believed was truly brilliant with incredible colours. Once back in New Zealand this was set in an 18ct gold mount with oval cut diamonds on either side. This is a one-off piece that will never be repeated again, the colour is amazing, and this unique piece will give some lucky owner many years of pleasure as they wear it and admire it! Adrian takes up the story. “I just happened to be at one of the world’s largest jewellery fairs and walked past a display and this stone just caught my eye. I knew the moment that I saw it that it had huge potential and the Gemlab valuation has proven that it was a great discovery. The way the completed piece has been designed and manufactured by our team has played a big part as well.” On the same buying trip Adrian had a request to buy a specific Emerald Mark Deancover a whole range of items, ) andrequests stone and toeprove thatager these (store man m Grac Adajust Westfield Shore City. ard, buy” Rich“to of Mar also included onk the list was an order for a strand of Lapis Lazuli.

Issue 12 - JULY 2011


Fifth Avenue Diamond Jewellers is about to do a “soft “ refit of the store which will mean closing for three days in early July. “We love being in Westfield Shore City,” said Adrian Turner when quizzed on the mall. “It did go a little quieter in foot traffic for a little while as people were excited about newer shopping centres, like Albany, but we are now finding that things are improving a lot. The enhancements that have been made to Westfield Shore City recently have played a part and I do think that people like the intimacy of this complex. There is much more activity than 12 months ago and the mall has a lovely feel to it. I go to the fabulous Les Mills gym upstairs and on my days off I find myself coming in to the mall even on those days because I just enjoy the feel – and to get my coffee fix.” So what changes are being made in July? “The layout of our store has always worked really well so we don’t need to do anything major. We are going to have new paint, wall coverings, display material and are adding marble tiles during the ‘soft’ refit in early July. Customers will love the new look” As well as lovely diamond and jewellery pieces Fifth Avenue also specialise in top-end watches. These include Tag Heuer – one of the biggest selling luxury watch brands in the world, Rado – for those who want a distinctive look, and Tissot – a great Swiss brand that offers quality and affordability. ......................................................................................... Fifth Avenue Diamond Jewellers, Westfield Shore City, Takapuna, Telephone 489 8460.

Shariar Jaber is the proud new owner of the fabulous Life Pharmacy store in Westfield Shore City – and he is loving it. Shariar purchased the majority shareholding in the business six months ago after spending five years as the dispensary manager and minor shareholder at Life Pharmacy WestCity. "I love the boutique feel of the mall. It is a real shopping destination with a luxury feel to it. I am proud to be part of Westfield Shore City and working alongside the other retailers." Shariar Jaber first completed a bachelor of science at Auckland University but ended up working in retail which he came to love. So he went back to Univeristy – the second time to Otago – to complete another degree, a bachelor of pharmacy, which has set him on the path of working in and owning pharmacies. "I genuinely enjoy the interaction with people," adds Shariar. "Being able to make a positive impact on peoples lives is very rewarding and for me it is much more than just a business. It is about helping people. Dispensing medicines, educating them on the effective use of these medicines to improve their quality of life and then being able to provide other items in the health and beauty areas which also add to their well-being." There is a team of 19 full time and part time staff, including two pharmacists. The pharmacy has been part of the Shore City mall for over 20 years and Shariar describes it as "a community pharmacy with a luxury edge". Colleen Janssen is the Retail Manager at Life Pharmacy Westfield Shore City and shares Shariar Jaber's passion for retail. "Beauty is a big part of our business with three key areas to it," explains Colleen. "Fine Fragrances, Colour Cosmetics and Skincare. We have a big range of top-end brands including Christian Dior, Chanel, Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, Lancome, Clarins, Clinique and Shiseido." In the make-up area Life Pharmacy has two

Being able to make a positive impact on peoples lives is very rewarding and for me it is much more than just a business. It is about helping people.

Life Pharmacy Takapuna owner Shariar Jaber and Retail Manager Colleen Janssen.

qualified makeup artists along with other beauty professionals who provide customers with expert and personal service. A recent addition is the inclusion of an area Colleen Janssen calls the "Savvy area". These are well-researched and respected European cosmetics that offer "more for less". Names like Revlon and Sax with pricing around the $19.95 to $24.95 mark. "A big part of our business is natural and organic skincare products," adds Colleen. "Products such as LIving Nature, Su Kin, A-Kin, Evolu, Linden Leaves and Olive Oil Skincare. Our natural baby skincare products are also very popular and we have an excellent range of nappy rash creams, massage oils and baby oils which are completely natural." Life Pharmacy Westfield Shore City also carries an extensive range of top-end fragrance items in the Aroma Therapy space, including fragrant soy candles, oils, fragrant diffusers, triple-milled soaps. These are very popular as gifts.

Natural health and vitamins is a growth area as is the Tony Ferguson Weight Management Porgramme that Shariar and his team are proud to offer. Shariar explains. "Tony Ferguson Weight Management is a very appealing programme as opposed to most diets it is personalised for each individual. For us 20% of the programme is about selling the meal replacement products but the remaining 80% is all about providing those on the programme with our support. The programme includes weekly visits when our support is very important to achieving good results."

Life Pharmacy Takapuna, Store 12, Upper Level, Westfield Shore City. Phone 486 3891, Email:, Visit: Opening Hours: Mon-Wed 9am-6pm, Thur 9am-9pm, Fri-Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 10am-5pm. Issue 12 - JULY 2011


Retail Therapy at Takapuna Beach

Retail Therapy at Takapuna Beach

There Beneath the Blue Takapuna Skies

All your lighting and design needs right in the heart of Takapuna

This month at

takapuna beach

At Channel a big focus is encouraging our readers to shop locally, this feature is all about highlighting some of the many interesting stores we have at Takapuna Beach. BARDSLEYS LIGHTING & DESIGN

Bardsleys Lighting and Design - All your lighting and design needs are right in the heart of Takapuna at Bardsleys in Auburn Street. Bardsleys specialise in professional no-nonsense advice offering the very best lighting design and products from New Zealand and around the world. Lighting for renovations, garden lighting, custom shades, interior and exterior lighting right down to a single light bulb! Bardsleys have all your special lighting requirements, many that you can’t find elsewhere. The team specialise in providing innovative solutions to your lighting requirements.

3-5 Auburn Street, Takapuna Phone 489 9099 • Email sales

Repertoire - It’s sale time! And the girls at Repertoire want to help you have some fun. Come in to Repertoire, on the corner of Lake Road and Northcroft Street, and see how many bargains are in their Winter 2011 range. There’s something for everyone. Don’t miss it! 30-70% OFF SALE on remaining stock. Visit www.

Womens Designer Fashion - in store NOW! On your marks... get set... shop!

TAKAPUNA Crn Lake & Northcroft Rds NEWMARKET Crn Teed & Osborne Sts


60A Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna. 486 6438 | |

THE NEW JAMES BOND NOVEL Hear Jeffery Deaver talk about writing the new James Bond novel Carte Blanche Thursday 21st July, 5.30pm Takapuna Paper Plus 20 Hurstmere Road Bookings essential. $10 entry. Please RSVP to Takapuna Paper Plus. Ph: 486 7472 or email

Issue 12 - JULY 2011

“Penny Lane here is a store selling gifts, artwork and home décor. Strolling through Takapuna you’ll have the pleasure to know, you can maybe even stop in to say hello. Named for The Beatles, Penny Lane has moved from Liverpool and can be found on Takapuna’s xx selling unique, classy décor for your home, gifts for friends and family, and decorative artwork for you to enjoy. Owner Tim Dwyer says Penny Lane is a store for people who want something a little different – home decorations and gifts with a sense of uniqueness and character. “We capture people who are intrigued by our store and the products we sell,” he says. “Our main focus is on decorative items and giftware that have a little something special to them. Classy but accessible to everyone, covering all price ranges.” One of the big sellers in the store are unique wall decorations, often made with metals and sparsely painted which character that are locally made by kiwi artist Crystal Ashley. On the art and decoration from there are a range of painting,

canvases and even original works by well known New Zealand artist Ken Garret, including a range of Italian inspired water colours. Handmade Swarovski crystal jewellery by Isa Dambeck is another of the popular items on display in the store, with beautiful necklaces and earrings crafted with that distinctive Swarovski colour and feel. There is also a rage of fragrances, room diffusers, soaps and body lotions. Brands include Pacifika, Scullies and the exclusive Banks line, which is only available from the Takapuna store. “Our Takapuna store has only been open about eight months and we’re getting a great responses from everyone who visits,” says Tim. “Our Browns Bay store has been going a while longer so we’ve taken what we learnt there and have brought the best of it to Takapuna – which is gaining in popularity all the time and has a wider range of products.” “We’re an ideal store for anyone who has a home really – everyone will find something they really enjoy in here and people are more than welcome to come in, browse and say hello to myself and Ruby – our cute little ‘designer’ mutt that everyone seems to love.”

Takapuna Paper Plus - This month Vanessa Kerr and her team at Takapuna Paper Plus at 20 Hurstmere Road have an exclusive event. Jeffrey Deaver will be instore on Thursday July 21st at 5.30pm to talk about his latest James Bond novel Carte Blanche. This will be Jeffrey’s only public event in Auckland. The new book has received great reviews. There is a cost of $10.00 to attend the event which is presented in association with the NZ Herald and Hachette New Zealand. Be quick as there are limited numbers. Tickets can be purchased instore at Takapuna Paper Plus.


magazine designer clothing & accessories Sz 10-26

Winter Warmers Sale 20 - 50% off

Winter Coats & jackets now 1/2 price!

4 Byron Avenue, Takapuna - 488 0406 Other locations: Mt Eden, Pt Chevalier, Mt Maunganui & Tirau



Magazine Designer Clothing - Their fabulous Winter Sale is on now at Magazine Designer Clothing at 4 Byron Avenue. Make the most of this opportunity to get gorgeous versatile trans-seasonal pieces to wear year round. Curves have never looked more beautiful so discover Magazine and be inspired! Life for Men - Some of the best menswear stores on the Shore are in Takapuna. One of them is Life For Men in Hurstmere Road. At Life For Men you will leading labels like Ted Baker, Ben Sherman, Hugo Boss, Peppy Jeans, Bauhaus and Macri Printed Tees. They have everything from footwear, to T-shirts, jeans, trousers, shirts and suits. Their Life For Men Outlet Store (on the first floor) means you can save on many of these leading brands. During June, owner Scott Donovan is offering a ‘selling on behalf of’ service. People can contact him if they have suits, jackets or interesting pieces they would like to sell through the Life for Men Outlet Store. Life For Men 31 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna. Florienne - “Congratulations to Channel Magazine on a fantastic first year! One reason to celebrate with some flowers, and here is another – Cymbidium Orchid season has arrived! These long-lasting beauties will delight anyone on a cold wintery day. Gorgeous as cut flowers with seasonal twigs, or presented in glass bowls or cylinders to adorn your coffee table or reception counter. Visit or call Florienne for gorgeous Bouquets, European Hand-Tieds, Lush Posies, Flowering Plants, Vessels and Vases, Lovely Giftware, Cards and more - - we deliver!” Trade Aid - Peruvian Alpacas in beautiful shades of brown and grey are disappearing in favour of the white alpaca, because white wool can be dyed for the export market. Trade Aid, at 55 Hurstmere Road, promotes the use of coloured alpaca and has a range of scarves, gloves, hats and soft toys available. This alpaca wool is un-dyed, fine hair, organically grown and hand spun by artisans in Peru.

8 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna 488 0884


Coloured Alpaca products from Peru. Includes hats, scarves, gloves and the cute bears. 55 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna - 489 2209 Issue 12 - JULY 2011

takapuna office suites

Book Reviews for Booklovers from The Booklover

This comprehensive, landmark book surveys products our society has made since pre-European times. Beginning with ingenious Maori tools, traps, lures and more, it moves to pioneer-era inventions, the industrial and agricultural inventions of early entrepreneurs such as Hayes Machinery and the products of the housewife’s friends -- Shacklock and Fisher & Paykel -- to our modern era, with its sophisticated products such as the Yike bike and Formway furniture, products which hold their own in international company. Many of the hundreds of products discussed are items we all use, or our parents and our grandparents used, every day: wool pressers, bathroom sinks, petrol cans, bicycles, stoves, washing machines, electric kettles, TVs and radios, crockpots, rocking chairs, industrial dredges, dishwashers, forestry tools, spinning wheels, office chairs, outdoor seating, rubbish bins, children’s toys, heaters, electric fences, stock drenching guns, gumboots, buses… the list goes on and on. There’s inspiration, dedication, perspiration and not a little number-eight wire and genius about the huge range of products that have been made and designed here, and enthusiastic and expert author Michael Smythe shares with us the ‘essence of Kiwi’ that’s in all of them.

Takapuna Beachfront Office Suites Your new office in the heart of Takapuna and only metres away from the beach. For business people looking for office space in Takapuna, we believe we have found the perfect solution – the Takapuna Beachfront Office Suites – located on the third floor of the Jonmer Building which over looks Takapuna Beach. As covered in Channel Magazine, Takapuna is a business area that is on the up with a whole range of initiatives under way to further establish the area as Auckland's premier seaside business and lifestyle area. It is blessed with a fantastic natural environment and these current initiatives, aimed at connecting the main business area with the beach, will play a part in cementing the area as the most desirable place to live and work as well. Right now is a very good time to make the move to Takapuna and Takapuna Beachfront Office Suites are an affordable option. These suites are priced from just $300 plus GST per week. The location of the Takapuna Beachfront Office Suites is simply superb. The address, 95 Hurstmere Road, is one of the most central spots in Takapuna. Takapuna's iconic beach is only metres away. The popular bars, cafes and restaurants of Takapuna start right on the doorstep. Westfield Shore City is only a two minute stroll away. This is your chance to secure affordable office space in Takapuna. The are seven offices spaces available. These range from just under 26 square metres to 13 square metres in size. Spacious rooms with generous stud heights. While this is one of Takapuna's modern office buildings this space on level three has recently undergone a fit-out to create the new office suite configuration. All are fully airconditioned and the rental rate includes shared use of the kitchen facilities, spacious meeting room and balcony.

THE STRANGER’S CHILD Alan Hollinghurst. $35 The physical office rental includes an initial fiixed licence term; rates, power, lighting and maintenance costs; Office cleaning and rubbish disposal; use of basement shower facility; 24/7 lift access. Carparks, which are very close to the suites, are also available to rent. For further information contact the building owners: Jean Davy, Crown AsiaPacific, telephone 486 8791, Email:

Takapuna Beachfront Office Suites 7 office suites available to rent now From 13 to 26 square metres in size. Priced from $300 per week. Metres from the beach in the heart of Takapuna. Contact: Jean Davy - Telephone: 486 8791, Email:

Issue 12 - JULY 2011

Alan Hollinghurst’s first novel since The Line of Beauty, winner of the 2004 Man Booker Prize. It is late summer 1913. Cecil Valance, a beautiful young aristocratic poet, is visiting Two Acres, the home of his Cambridge friend and lover, George Sawle. On his departure, Cecil leaves a poem, dedicated to George’s younger sister Daphne, which when published becomes a touchstone for a generation, symbolising an England in its final glory. Meanwhile Daphne has also become involved with Cecil’s family, visiting their Victorian Gothic country house, Corley, and developing a relationship with Cecil’s brooding, manipulative brother, Dudley, that will link the families forever. The Stranger’s Child begins as a novel about two families and two houses: by the time it reaches its profound and moving conclusion, it has become an epic tale told in five parts covering almost 100 years. It is a deliciously funny novel, glittering with acute observation and arch insight into the worlds of those who belong and of those who are excluded, of carefully hidden secrets which are finally, dramatically revealed.




NEW ZEALAND BY DESIGN: A History of New Zealand Product Design Michael Smythe. $65




STATE OF WONDER Ann Patchett. $37

From the award-winning, bestselling author of Bel Canto and Run, this is a provocative novel of morality and miracles, science and sacrifice, set in the Amazon rainforest. Infusing the narrative with the same ingenuity and emotional urgency that pervaded her acclaimed previous novels, Ann Patchett delivers an enthrallingly innovative tale of aspiration, exploration and attachment. Among the tangled waterways and giant anacondas of the Brazilian Rio Negro, an enigmatic scientist, Dr Annick Swenson, is developing a drug that could alter the lives of women forever. Her work is shrouded in mystery; when she refuses to report on her progress, her investors send Anders Eckman to investigate. A curt letter reporting his untimely death is all that returns. Now Marina Singh, a former student of Dr Swenson, is their last hope. Determined to uncover the secrets being jealously guarded among the remotest tribes of the rainforest, Marina does not know that, in this ancient corner of the jungle, she will face challenges beyond her wildest imagination. Thrilling, disturbing and moving in equal measures, State of Wonder is a gripping adventure story and a profound look at the difficult choices made in the name of discovery and love.

A myriad of reading choices for all ages...

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Cnr Anzac St and Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna Beach Ph 09 489 8836 Issue 12 - JULY 2011


Rugby World Cup on the Shore

Rugby World Cup on the Shore


La France est à venir! France is coming to town!

Come September 4 and Takapuna paints itself red, white and blue when the town adopts France as its second team. For a full 26 days – longer than any other team coming to New Zealand – France will make its home in our famous beachside suburb, bringing additional fans, tourists and lucrative trade. For North Shore businesses and community groups the tournament provides a platform to leverage on-going opportunities and development for our city. “It’s an exciting time for us,” says Takapuna Beach Business Association General Manager Peter White. “The opportunity here is to create a legacy that will endure beyond the competition.” The first part of that legacy is raising the North Shore’s profile. “The opportunity for Takapuna is immense – with France basing themselves here we are going to have huge numbers of visitors coupled with massive international exposure. Additionally, the Spenser on Byron is hosting a team for each the quarter, semi and finals, which is exciting for us at the point-end of the competition when most of the tourists are here.” “The great thing about competitions like this is you have a lot of people hanging around the hotels – we’ll have that in Takapuna.” White says this is the real opportunity for the ‘Channel’ area with Takapuna, Devonport, out round the bays and the North Shore as a whole all standing to benefit. “There are about 10,000 French supporters coming for the cup and they’re going to be out and about in our community, visiting our cafes and businesses, and walking along our beaches.” More important than having the teams themselves are the

Issue 12 - JULY 2011

journalists who will come, because they are the ones who go back and tell their countries how great it is here, where we’re close to the beach, close to the two stadiums, cafés and restaurants. The Takapuna Beach Business Association is doing all it can to implement “legacy” projects that will benefit Takapuna not only during, but also long after the world cup, regardless of what happens during the competition. Another of the key legacies is a new Park ‘n’ Ride service. Peter has worked closely with Auckland Transport to arrange the Park and Ride service that will provide free return transport from Takapuna to the North Harbour Stadium and Eden Park games for ticket holders. “You can eat and drink in Takapuna, get dropped off, then be back in Taka 30 minutes after your game either celebrating or commiserating your team’s performance and watching another game on TV.” This is one of the key legacy’s the World Cup should leave the city – getting more people onto public transport. “We’re leveraging it as best we can,” says White. “Yes it’s hard to get to the games, but it’s easy to get to Takapuna and then it’s even easier to get to the games and back again.” Once the world cup is over, there are plans for the bus system to remain in place for all major sporting events in the future as the

economic benefit of having people eating and drinking in Takapuna before and after matches is enormous. Another of the big legacy projects is a new night market being set up in Takapuna that will open during the world cup and return every Thursday night. “There is currently no night market in Auckland and the potential benefits for Takapuna are huge,” says White. “It’s going to be really special, as the only night market we’ll get to take all the best suppliers from all the other day markets throughout Auckland and bring them to Takapuna.” “Because Taka is so central to Auckland it will be great for the region and it’ll be great for tourists and locals alike, giving them something to do on a Thursday night – people can come from all over Auckland to enjoy the beach and the market, which will serve as a catalyst for people to go to our shops.” The market will serve to join the beach with the main road. “What a great night out – come down to the market, buy some fish & chips and go down to sit on the beach with a bottle of wine.” As well as Auckland’s best stalls, the market will host entertainment, celebrity chefs and music. “We’re really excited, this will be a great thing for Takapuna to come out of the world cup with.” The fourth legacy for Takapuna is improved basic infrastructure. “We want to impress on the council that it’s really important

More important than having the teams themselves are the journalists who will come, because they are the ones who go back and tell their countries how great it is here, where we’re close to the beach, close to the two stadiums, cafés and restaurants. – Takapuna Beach Business Association General Manager Peter White

that our infrastructure can cope with these tourists.” This is an opportunity to implement basic infrastructure such as signage pointing the way to the beach, parks, amenities and parking; and tidy-up the town centre. A lot of progress has been made with the council to get this done and there is a real drive to see Takapuna meet the challenge and come out of the world cup 10-steps-ahead, ready and able to take full advantage of all the opportunities being made available. “That’s going to benefit us in the long term,” says White. “The Rugby World Cup is fantastic, but we’re not going to hang our hat up on that, let’s see what we can leverage of the cup to make Takapuna a great place going forward.” Issue 12 - JULY 2011

The all new Lexus CT200h. The world’s first luxury compact sports hybrid. The perfect contradiction.



The New Lexus CT200h Luxury Lease Free Lexus Vehicle Insurance

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The new Lexus CT200h is unlike any other hybrid you’ve ever known. And now this Luxury Lease Offer gives you the world’s first luxury compact sports hybrid plus all these great benefits at a price you wouldn’t expect. From $795 per month* or $51,500 RRP it’s the perfect contradiction.


Hybrid 4X4

To look at the RX450h, it gives little away that this is a vehicle that is quietly rewriting the script of luxury motoring. Lexus engineers have now perfected the latest generation of the Lexus Hybrid Drive system. After just one test drive you’ll realise that the RX450h is quite unlike anything you’ve driven before. Being socially responsible never felt so remarkable.

2 Link Drive, Wairau Park • Phone: 09 442-3670 • * This offer applies to new Lexus CT200h models purchased and delivered from an Authorised Lexus Dealer between 01 April 2011 to 30 September 2011 and is subject to stock availability. At the discretion of Lexus Financial Services this offer may be extended. Offer is based on a 36 month / 45,000 kilometre finance lease with a $29,000 residual value. Offer is based on purchase of vehicle at recommended retail price excluding accessories. A $350 documentation fee is included. An initial rental is payable in advance. Offer is subject to Lexus Finance Services normal lending criteria. Includes Lexus Full Maintenance Service Plan and free Lexus Vehicle Insurance for 36 months (limited to regular drivers with a full New Zealand drivers license). The Guaranteed Future Value of $29,000 is provided by a Lexus Financial Services Guaranteed Minimum Value Certificate subject to normal Lexus Financial services criteria. For full terms and conditions ask your Lexus dealer or go to


Liven up the cold winter evenings with a…

Tasting Party


36 month lease / 45,000km

DELICIOUS TREATS with Devonport Chocolates

Winter is the perfect time to hold a chocolate tasting evening, what can be more enjoyable than good friends and great chocolate? In this article we will tell you how to taste chocolate and give you some helpful tips to make your evening an enjoyable one. What makes good chocolate? Chocolate that has been stored properly and tempered well will have a lovely glossy finish to it and an even colour. It isn’t recommended to store chocolate in the refrigerator, not only will you lose the gorgeous glossy finish but the taste will be dulled down. Good quality chocolate has a wonderful aroma. The minute you open the packet your senses should be on full alert with chocolaty goodness. Chocolate that has been tempered well should snap when you break it, not slowly tear apart. Tasting evenings: If you are holding a tasting evening this is a fun way to do it. Get everyone to bring a block of chocolate with them, try and get your guests to be adventurous; you don’t want to spend an evening eating the same chocolate. The host needs to remove the wrappers and break the blocks into small pieces and put them on numbered plates, the same type on the same plate. Make sure as host you know what type of chocolate is on what plate.

By Caroline Everitt of Devonport Chocolates

Give your guests paper and pens to rank each type of chocolate. Start with the lightest chocolate first and get your guests to rank the look, the aroma, the crack when they bite it and finally the

Does the taste linger or disappear quickly. Is it full bodied, have fruit undertones, earthy, bitter or sweet. Is its texture gritty or smooth? taste, discuss the chocolates as you go through. In-between each chocolate have plain crackers and water for your guests to cleanse their palates. Descriptions for chocolate are similar to wine, for example when you are looking at colour is it even, rich or warm? Does the taste linger or disappear quickly. Is it full bodied, have fruit undertones, earthy, bitter or sweet. Is its texture gritty or smooth? After you have tried all the chocolate reveal what brand they are and what type of chocolate it is. Your guests will probably find they liked something they had never tried before. And then.... you get to eat the rest of the chocolate! There is more detail in the book “for the love of chocolate” available in all of our stores. Happy Tasting!

Delicious chocolates and truffles for every occasion

Create you own tasting party with our delicious chocolate tablets from $11.50 Flavours include chilli and lime, raspberry, 70% cocoa solids,36% milk, 0800 00 2462 Visit us in our NEW Store, Queens Arcade, Shop 34, 34-40 Queens St Devonport: 17 Wynyard St, Ponsonby: 177b Ponsonby Rd (Franklin Rd Intersection) OPEN 7 DAYS Issue 12 - JULY 2011

North harbour club: News


The 2011 Overall AIMES Award winner was 15 year old Athlete and World Shot Put Champion Jacko Gill. Left: With his proud parents Nerida and Walter Gill. Right: Receiving the award from North Harbour Club President Peter Wall (left) and Patron Peter Menzies.

2011 AIMES Awards applications now open Channel Magazine is all about highlighting the good things on the North Shore and one of the best is the North Harbour Club Charitable Trust and the AIMES Awards. The North Harbour Club – and its annual AIMES Awards – have been around since 1995. Since that time over $1.3 million has been provided in awards (grants) to young people of the North Harbour Region who are deemed to be achieving excellence. North Harbour Club’s current quest to find our young people achieving excellence kicked off for this year with the launch of the 2011 North Harbour Club AIMES Awards at the Bruce Mason Centre on Wednesday June 1st. These prestigious awards provide the recipients – all North Harbour residents aged 13 to 25 years – with unconditional cash to celebrate their exceptional achievements and a helping hand to the next stage of their promising careers. In 2010, AIMES winners received a share of $110,000 which brought the total funds distributed by the North Harbour Club since the awards began in 1995 to over the $1.3 million mark. The awards are presented in six categories: The Arts (sponsored by ASB); IT, Innovation and Science (sponsored by Massey University); Music (sponsored by Albany Toyota); Education (Sponsored by Kristin School); Sport (sponsored by AUT

Millennium); and Service to the Community (sponsored by Auckland Council). In addition, Hayes Knight Emerging Talent Awards are given to young people with considerable promise in any of the awards’ categories, and are selected as part of the AIMES process. North Harbour Club President Peter Wall says: “The North Harbour Club’s awards are all about giving recognition to the extraordinary young people that live in our community. They not only recognise the remarkable talent of the recipients, but also acknowledge the phenomenal determination and hard work that has made them stand out in their chosen field. It gives us enormous pleasure to reward their outstanding efforts with cash grants to help them towards their brilliant futures. ” Applications for the 2011 North Harbour Club AIMES Awards close on July 15 at 5pm. Applications can be made on-line at Winners will be announced in October at two special awards ceremonies – the Hayes Knight Emerging Talent Awards evening, and the annual North Harbour Club AIMES Awards gala dinner. ............................................................................................................. For more information contact: Catherine Lidgard, General Manager, North Harbour Club & Charitable Trust, Phone 419 0273 or 021 2770699, Email:

The 2010 North Harbour Club AIMES Award Winners were: • Overall Winner & Sports Award Winner: Jacko Gill ($20,000) - Shot Putter • Arts Award Winner: Verity Burgess ($10,000) - Singer/Dancer/Actress • IT, Innovation and Science Award Winner: David MacDonald ($10,000) Computer Scientist • Joint Music Award Winner: Sophie Bird ($10,000) - Violinist • Joint Music Award Winner: Will Martin ($10,000) - Singer/Musician • Education Award Winner: Andrew MacDonald ($10,000) - Scholar • Service to the Community Award Winner: Anita Walbran ($10,000) • Judges Special Award Winner: Shaun Qunicey ($6000) - TransTasman Rower • Emerging Talent Award Winners (each receiving $4000): Stephanie Mitchell; Michael MacDonald; The Naked & Famous (Aaron Short, Alisa Xayalith, David Beadle, Jesse Wood, Thom Powers); Maddie Dillon; Chloe Francis; Joseph Bergin.

For more information on the North Harbour Club and the AIMES Awards visit: Issue 12 - JULY 2011


feature interview: Sara Tetro


Sara Tetro: model, business woman, television host – and most importantly, a Shore girl! Sara made her first big stamp on the modelling world in the 90’s with her agency 62 Models, and in 2008 she made her second big stamp as the host of New Zealand’s Next Top Model. Channel Magazine sat down with Sara to get an inside into this Shore girl – and what she finds so special about this place she calls home. CM: Where on the North Shore did you grow up? ST: Takapuna was my home from day one until about 5 years ago when I defected across the bridge much to my mother’s horror!

Servilles ad

CM: What are your favourite memories about growing up on the North Shore? ST: I lived on a great street with 17 kids all of different ages. I have the best memories of bike riding and playing four square at everyone’s houses. CM: How often do you come back to the Shore? ST: I still consider myself from the Shore. I have my mother, three brothers and six nieces and nephews to visit – in fact, yesterday I had lunch at mum’s for my brother’s birthday and tonight I have dinner at my brother’s house for my niece’s birthday. CM: What are your favourite things about the Shore now as an adult? ST: Apart from my family, I’d say the beach and The Department Store. CM: What are your top 3 beauty tips? ST: Sunscreen, smiling and sleeping – boring but true! CM: Are there extra beauty treatments that Kiwis should consider? ST: It’s no secret our sun is harsh. Make wearing sunscreen part of your morning routine just like brushing your teeth. And, make sure your kids are wearing sunscreen everyday as well. CM: Do you have any special winter beauty tips? ST: It’s never fun looking at white scaley legs! Use extra mosituriser in the winter. CM: What beauty products are your favourite? ST: I’m really lucky during the filming of New Zealand’s Next Top Model to have Stefan Knight, an amazing make-up artist, to do my hair and makeup every day! He uses a mix of great products, but some of my favourites include Lancome foundation, CoverGirl mascara, NARS eyeshadow, MAC Wonderwoman eyeliner (the one that looks like a permanent marker), Fudge dry shampoo and a Mason Pearson hairbrush.

Issue 12 - JULY 2011

CM: What beauty trends are you noticing right now in the modelling world? ST: I think trends should always be tailored to an individual. My advice is to go to a good hair salon and get a professional’s advice on what works for you. CM: Are there any beauty spot secrets on the Shore that our readers should check out? ST: The Department Store and Farmers’ beauty counter in Albany. CM: The third season of NZNTM has just started, what makes this season different from the first two? Why should we tune in each week? ST: This is the third cycle of New Zealand’s Next Top Model, and of course, the biggest difference is the girls. No group of girls will ever be the same, and they all bring to light controversial issues. CM: Do we have any North Shore contestants this season? ST: YES! Yanna is from the North Shore. Issue 12 - JULY 2011



QUALITY HEALTHCARE: With Medplus Lake Road

QUALITY HEALTHCARE: With Medplus Lake Road


new all inclusive Medical Centre at Hauraki Corner Anyone who has sat in the Lake Road traffic over the last two years will have noticed the old car yard at Hauraki Corner and wondered about its future. Well, the wait is over, and Medplus has emerged from behind the scaffolding and the site is now a fabulous new all inclusive Medical Centre. The only link with the past is the colour – you cannot miss the blue building at the Hauraki traffic lights. The new centre is the vision and investment of four local GPs who wanted to be able to provide quality healthcare to the community from well equipped and well designed rooms. The aim was to make accessing excellent healthcare both convenient and local.

Dr Heidi MacRae and Dr Fiona Brow.

Dr Annie Si.

The centre comprises a large general practice, called Medplus Lake Road, Medplus Pharmacy, Medplus Physiotherapy and Auckland Radiology. Clients can park right outside the door (entrance off Jutland Road) and visit the doctor, collect their prescriptions, see the physio and have their radiology all on site. The extended opening hours make access easy – the general practice is open from 8am to 8pm weekdays and there is a walk in service at weekends between 9am and 12 noon. The doctors – Fiona Brow, Michele Hollis, Jean Lim, Heidi MacRae and Annie Si – have all been practising in the local area for some time and are well known in the community. All are warmly welcoming their previous clients and new ones. To make an appointment, contact the helpful and friendly reception team on 489 2011. Pharmacist, Anne Marie Reidy, owns and operates Medplus Pharmacy (Phone 488 6664). She is available to offer advice, dispense prescriptions, blister pack medications and also has a range of retail products. Geoff Potts and his team at Medplus Physiotherapy (Phone 489 1020) are available five days a week to provide expert and innovative physiotherapy plus acupuncture. Their ACC surcharge is only $20. At Medplus you will also be able to access a wide variety of other medical professionals who visit the rooms regularly. These specialists are all well known to the GPs and clients can be assured of a very high quality of service and care. Gynaecologist, Mr Stephen Kruger (Phone 479 9016). Midwife, Denise Johnson (Phone 0274 199 979) has relocated to Medplus. Podiatrist, Wendy Hagon of Shore Footed Podiatry (Phone 4891011). Nutritionist, Sharon Carey (Phone 0272 588 599). Psychologist, Carolina Cavegn-Merrick (Phone 021 182 2634). Psychologist, Lize Strauss (Phone 489 2011). ENT/Head and Neck Surgeon, Rajan Patel (Phone 022 450 2245).

Drs Michele Hollis and Jean Lim.

Centre receptionists Sally, Kris, Anne.

Anne Marie Reidy and her Pharmacy team.

Geoff Potts, Jo Sheeny and their receptionist.

Practice nurses Pippa and Adelle.

Andrea Lawson, Practice Manager.

From left: Gynaecologist, Mr Stephen Kruger; Podiatrist, Wendy Hagon; Nutritionist, Sharon Carey; Psychologist, Carolina CavegnMerrick; Psychologist, Lize Strauss; ENT/Head and Neck Surgeon, Rajan Patel.

Medplus:- 327 Lake Road, Hauraki Corner, North Shore. Phone 489 2011. Visit:

327 Lake Road, Hauraki Corner • Open 7 Days • Phone 489 2011

Issue 12 - JULY 2011 Issue 12 - JULY 2011


HEALTH & FITNESS: Pilates Unlimited

Vitamin D

as I see it

Juliet Dewes

The Authentic Pilates

Marathon Team

n, Helen Walker,

From left: Harriette Blackma Carole Fraser.

Pilates Unlimited is a well established Authentic Studio for men and women located in Northcroft Street, Takapuna Beach – just along from The Department Store. The studio, owned by Carole Fraser, has been operating for over 11 years and has five certified instructors, including Carole. The Studio has a very loyal clientele who enjoy the benefits of regular Authentic Pilates. Juliete Dewes and Helen Walker have been clients for eight years. The two will be joining Pilates Unlimited Carole Fraser and instructor Hariette Blackman in the Auckland half and full marathon this year. Pilates Unlimited has entered a team so look out for them training in and around Devonport, Takapuna and Northcote Point. “I was initially attracted to the studio because it is aligned with Romana the Authentic Pilates Method. I had the opportunity in 2004 to meet Romana during her visit to Pilates Unlimited. I was inspired by her demonstration due to the fact that despite her grand age of 80 she was in top shape and so flexible, strong and youthful. I have maintained regular private lessons ever since. The studio is fully equipped with the best equipment from New York and all the instructors are well trained, friendly and professional. I am now incorporating Pilates with my walking training to do the full Auckland Marathon with Carole and Harriette.” – Helen Walker “Authentic Pilates has given me the strength to stay injury free during long distance running, tennis and all the other activities of my day to day life. I can more easily assume the correct and safe posture to manage the physically demanding role as a flight attendant. It has also improved my balance. Pilates Unlimited offers well taught and challenging private sessions and classes. Being part of a studio that is aligned with the Authentic Method of Romana’s Pilates was important to me. Why reinvent the wheel? Joseph Pilates taught the “Art of Contrology” which of course eventually became known as Pilates. I am looking forward to running the half marathon this year as part of the Pilates Unlimited team.” – Juliet Dewes This month Carole will head to New York to attend meetings and represent the Romana’s Pilates Authentic Studio’s in New Zealand. Carole has already booked in some lessons with Jerome Weinberg, who has spent the last 15 years studying with Romana Kryzanowska, the world-renowned protégé of Joe Pilates. Jerome visited Pilates Unlimited in April. “It will be great to meet & train with some of the senior teachers from around the world “ says Carole For more infomation contact:- Pilates Unlimited, 18 Northcroft Street, Takapuna. Phone 486-1018.

t aka puna be a c h 18 northcroft street . takapuna beach . phone 486 1018

Issue 11 - JUNE 2011

vehicle maintenance with AA Auto Service & Repair


I have been writing articles on topics related to our health for a number of years and now in ‘Channel’ I will be keeping you up to date with ways in which we might improve our health by becoming more aware of the many options that are available to us.

Recently I attended an event at a local Primary School and even though we have had one of the warmest summers on record, many of the children looked as though they had never seen the sun. I presume that if I looked around at other Schools, I would observe much the same thing. In most Schools nowadays, wide brimmed hats are worn as part of the uniform and I have often seen mothers literally spraying children with sunblock from head to toe. The question that arises is this - could our well-meaning attempts to prevent skin cancers contribute to even more significant health issues? Exposure to sunlight (UVB) is essential for our ability to make and maintain an optimal level of Vitamin D. Having read hundreds of studies and articles, as I see it; significantly reducing opportunities to make Vitamin D is not a good thing and we need to be aware of the potential consequences. So why is Vitamin D so important? The need for Vitamin D begins for us while we are in the womb. Researchers from University of Paris and Dept of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine Texas note that “Vitamin D sufficiency is critical for fetal development, and especially for fetal brain development and immunological functions. Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy may, therefore, not only impair maternal skeletal preservation and fetal skeletal formation but also be vital to the fetal “imprinting” that may affect chronic disease susceptibility soon after birth as well as later in life”. Considerable research has demonstrated the very important anticancer role of Vitamin D. Dr Edward Giovannucci, a Harvard University professor of medicine has this to say, “I would challenge anyone to find an area or nutrient or any factor that has such consistent anti-cancer benefits as vitamin D”. Professor Cedric Garland of University of San Diego California in a television interview stated that up to 250,000 cases of Colorectal cancer and 350,000 cases of Breast cancer could be prevented with adequate Vitamin D. It’s very interesting to note that the further away from the equator one is – the higher the incidence of many cancers and multiple sclerosis. In addition, heart disease – stroke – autoimmune diseases - diabetes – asthma – depression – arthritis and osteoporosis have been linked to Vitamin D deficiency. If you have ever wondered why colds and flu are more prevalent during the winter months – think Vitamin D. This doesn’t mean that Vitamin D deficiency is the only cause of these diseases or that you will not get them if you take Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is a very significant problem. Dr Michael Holick a leading authority on Vitamin D estimates that one billion people around the world have a deficiency in this essential Vitamin. Professor Robert Scragg an epidemiologist from Auckland University says “New Zealand has a severe Vitamin D deficiency”. With most New Zealanders living considerably more than 2,000 miles south of the equator it’s not difficult to see how this can come about if we are avoiding the sun during the summer months and unable to make Vitamin D due to limited UVB rays during the winter months. It’s not all bad news because we can easily do something about it. Next month we will look at options for addressing the problem. Contact: John Appleton, Email: Telephone 489-9362, Online:


Total peace of mind at AA After more than 17 years of serving the local community with its vehicle needs, AA Auto Service & Repair has expanded its network throughout Auckland. Now boasting ten sites near major shopping centres this company is a perfect option to cost effectively look after the maintenance of your vehicle. Two of their outlets are located right here on the North Shore. On Lake Road – on the way to Devonport, and at Wairau Park in Glenfield. With over thirty years in the retail motor trade, their recently appointed Managing Director Bruce Martin knows only too well that the basic principles of “trust and integrity” that are the pillars upon which the AA name has been founded are by themselves just the beginning of good service. Good businesses must also have highly skilled and friendly staff, a 12 months or 20,000km (which ever comes first) warranty, a “no bookings” required policy, convenient speedy service in modern facilities that reflect an open and clear approach. Above all, they charge a fair and unambiguous price for the work done. Unnecessary overselling is not the AA Auto Service way. If it’s safety related they let you know the risks of leaving it unattended. But in the end it’s your choice. At any of the ten AA Auto Service & Repair sites customers receive the best of both worlds – the same expert service they’ve come to expect and the benefits of being part of a team which has the backing of the AA brand which has been serving New Zealand motorists for over 100 years. Everyone is welcome at their sites and (you don’t have to be an AA member to use their services)! They are proud to be a multicultural company and many of their staff are bilingual. AA Auto Service & Repair cater for all makes and models of vehicles including, but not limited to, European, Diesel vehicles, four wheel drives, new and older vehicles etc. They can also help with your new or used vehicle mechanical warranty. There is also ample parking and easy access to all sites.

Customers are welcome to wait in the modern comfortable customer lounges while their vehicles are being serviced or repaired. All lounges are fully equipped with a flat screen television, extensive magazine selections and great tasting coffee or hot chocolate from the coffee machines. Staff are trained to look after your vehicle whatever the problem. You will be kept fully informed of all of your vehicle needs and no work is carried out without your prior approval. Your safety and that of your family is important to the AA Auto Service & Repair team. Therefore the staff are happy to work with you to help prioritise any repairs if need be. They want all customers to leave satisfied and happy with the service they have received as they look forward to welcoming you back when your next service, repair or warrant of fitness is due. Their warranty – backed up with AA support – ensures that customers can leave the work shops with peace of mind. Price is such an important consideration for most customers who are finding it harder and harder to part with their money, so AA Auto Service & Repair continually involve their long standing relationships with suppliers to ensure our pricing is very competitive. They can compete with any other workshop around. Keep an eye out for their monthly specials starting with the $20 offer listed below. Continuous improvement is important to them; they are always looking to the future and run apprenticeship schemes for up and coming mechanics. They are also conscious of the need to care for the environment and participate in an oil, battery and tyre recycling programme. AA Auto Service & Repair workshops are open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday and from 8am to 2pm on Saturdays for your convenience. So for all your service, repair and warrant of fitness needs pop into any of the AA Auto

The AA Auto Service & Repair Devonport team: (from left) Mike Rail (Manager) Lisa Robb, Conrad Glen, Matt Rich.

The AA Auto Service & Repair Wairau Park team: (from left, back row) Shane Gregory, Jackson Ngamotu, Ateel Sager, Na-aim Samaai. Front row Sa Vaineritu, Casey King (manager absent).

Service and Repair sites and their experienced team will find the very best solution for you. To take advantage of this offer mention it when you book your car today by calling 445-9732 (Devonport) or 443 1759 (Wairau Park). AA Auto Service and Repair Centres... DEVONPORT - 73 Lake Road / WAIRAU PARK – Link Drive, by the roundabout.

Everyone welcome Services available: • Vehicle servicing • WOF • General repairs • Battery testing and sales • Computer diagnostic reading • Brake and clutch repairs • Engine and transmission repairs and much more.

North Shore

* TERMS AND CONDITIONS • Offer expires 31 July 2011 • This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer • This voucher is only valid at our two North Shore AA Auto Service & Repair sites • One voucher per customer • This voucher must be presented to receive the advertised offer • This voucher is not redeemable in part or full for cash • A damaged, copied or defaced voucher will not be accepted • Car servicing is from $129 (AA Members price) Non AA Member price is from $149 • Applies to menu board servicing only.


North Shore Issue 12 - JULY 2011


spotlight on the takapuna markets

Say cheese!

North Shore based Fashion label Ketz-ke

If its ooey, gooey cheesy goodness that you are after – it’s time to head on down to the Takapuna Sunday markets to find your hearts desire. With a variety of cheese vendors with awardwinning products to the bakers that use cheese to enhance their breads, croissants and filo pastries, Channel magazine took the time to find some of the best of the best when it comes to cheese.

NZ Cheese Man

Located along the Lake Road side of the markets, this stand has an amazing variety of mouthwatering, I gotta have it cheeses. One taste and you will be convinced.

Puhoi Cheese

Iconic cheese producer offers a variety of cheese with quite a few varietals of blue cheese including the Kaipara Blue, a creamy gold medal cheese at $10 per wheel. And, if you haven’t tried it yet – this stand is worth going to the Takapuna Sunday Markets for the Art of Cheese salad dressing alone. A creamy, cheesy and utterly Moorish dressing at only $6 per bottle.

Takapuna Market Spotlight Stand: Mussel Madness. Owner: Pat Moana. Products: Mussel Fritters, Whitebait Fritters, Prawn Kebabs, Smoked Mussel Pate and Hot Mussel Chowder. Location: On the west side near the Arcade on Hurstmere Road. Best Selling Product: Mussel Fritter!

Mussel Madness has been at the Takapuna Markets for over 7 years which should come as no surprise as every weekend the bustling cart has a long line of hungry patrons ready for a weekend treat. According to Pat, the cart is so popular because it serves, as they call it, ‘old school’ mussel fritters from their grandmother’s recipe. No special herbs or spices – just fresh Coromandel mussels in a traditional batter on white bread! And, if one mussel fritter a week isn’t enough – check out their website for catering services and special event appearances.

Issue 12 - JULY 2011

We recommend the Evansdale Supreme Champion Farmhouse Brie and the Evansdale Bay Blue – each $9 per wedge or $60 per wheel. And check out the Matatoki Farm organic cheeses including mozzerella, halloumi, feta with rosemary, pecorino and sheep’s milk gouda.

Turkish Deli Products

Turkish pastries highlighting feta cheese: Savoury Cigars – Potato, cow’s feta, dill and parsley rolled in filo pastry; Spanikopita - Spinach and feta filled filo pastry shaped like a croissant. $3.50 per savoury cigar, $6 per spanikopita

Pukeko Bakery – Criossants and Schiacciata with cheese

Looking for an accent of cheese flavour then perhaps try the ham and cheese croissants at $3.50 each or the sausage and cheese schiacciata laced with mozzerella and rosemary for $6 per loaf.


Fresh bagels with parmesan cheese – 4 pack for only $4.



Jenny Drury designs Ketz-ke, a fashion label that is successful both here and overseas – but she has no plans to ever leave Auckland’s North Shore. When you have a resume that reads like Jenny Drury’s, its easy to see how creating a new independent label was a seemingly effortless step for the dynamo. From working in fashion retail at 17 to owning a small community newspaper on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, then moving to sales and merchandising in the clothing industry back in New Zealand before setting up her own business to design and produce Ketz-ke, Drury has never been afraid to boldly break new ground. “Back when I started working in retail, things were different – there weren’t as many designers and stores as there are now, and you had to work really hard to make your way in the industry,” she says. “I learnt a lot about what worked in terms of design and price points from dealing with customers first hand, before I moved on to work in other stores around the country, which allowed me to experience different markets and other ways of doing things. It was then I understood that just because a concept didn’t quite work once, it didn’t mean it wouldn’t work in a different place, at a different time.” The sales and merchandising experience she gained after that helped her to understand other fashion retailers businesses and strive to create product that worked for them, and 2007 saw her utilise her industry experience and launch her label Ketz-ke.

I have always felt a strong calling from within myself to be creative and to do something everyday that fulfils that desire,” she says. “Fashion is how I tempt my senses, prove my vision and communicate with women all over the world on a daily basis. And where I live has everything to do with that.” Now entering its fifth year, Ketz-ke is sold in over 80 stores across New Zealand and the USA, presently has twenty of its own stores in China; has expanded to doing four to five ranges a year and branched out into design bags, belts, jewellery and sleepwear. Drury is very self-effacing about the label’s runaway success.

“I was very fortunate that when I started the label I had a following of loyal retailers who had been dealing with me for many years,” she says. Then the chance came to collaborate with a mainland Chinese company and open Ketz-ke branded stores across China, with an aggressive expansion plan rolling out faster than Drury ever expected. “There is a saying that the best time to expand your business is in times of recession, but it took a leap of faith to believe this adage and open new stores at a time when other major retailers are either downsizing or closing down altogether,” she says. “But when I was approached to open Ketz-ke stores to cater for the local market and the large number of ex-Pats living in the region, I was delighted,” she says. With such a catalogue of achievements, why does Drury say she will never leave the North Shore, even if she climbs to further heights of international success? “Why would I?” she says. “I have lived here for nearly twenty years, it is truly New Zealand’s lifestyle city, and that is one of the reasons I have never lived anywhere else in Auckland or wanted to.” “On the shore we are surrounded by beaches and a beautiful natural environment,” she says. “At home, we are 500 metres from the water, which my husband Rob kiteboards on and our son Matt surfs and swims at. It is all just so perfect for us and our lifestyle.” Drury and her team operate out of an office in Takapuna and her home in Castor Bay, even shooting her lookbook and branding imagery in the garage there. “No one would ever know that we aren’t in a flash photography studio,” laughs Drury. “I have always felt a strong calling from within myself to be creative and to do something everyday that fulfils that desire,” she says. “Fashion is how I tempt my senses, prove my vision and communicate with women all over the world on a daily basis. And where I live has everything to do with that.” But perhaps it is also her no-nonsense motto that has assisted in Ketz-ke’s rapid rise: “Failure is only for those who stop trying,” she says. “There is really nothing more rewarding than setting out to do something and then accomplishing it. This is what I live for, and what I will continue to live for, for as long as I create.” Issue 12 - JULY 2011

Jerry Clayton BMW

Motoring with Jerry Clayton BMW



BMW 5 Series recognised as new car BMW vehicles have long been regarded as the ultimate driving machine, but one consideration they are equally renowned for is their classleading safety attributes. “All new BMW models provide a driving experience like no other and also provide peace of mind through a variety of active and passive safety features,” said the Dealer Principal of Jerry Clayton BMW, Steve Hilson. Safety is a particular strong-point of the new 5 Series and standard safety features abound, and as such was recognised as the safest vehicle available in New Zealand at the 2010 AA Motoring Excellence Awards. “The usual safety related features expected of a modern vehicle, such Anti-lock Braking System, Dynamic Stability Control, Dynamic Traction and six airbags are fitted as matter of course, but the BMW 5 Series excels when it comes to new and innovative safety devices,” said Mr Hilson. Leading features such as the BMW Heads-Up Display plus front and rear park-distance control are standard on all 5 Series models. There are also up to six cameras, three radar sensors and ten ultrasonic sensors fitted. Some of the cameras provide the means to achieve the amazing new Surround view experience, providing a literal bird’s eye view of the vehicle, delivering a 270-degree view of the front and side as well as the rear of the car. Other innovative safety features which are available on the BMW 5 Series include Lane Change warning, Lane Departure warning and Night-Vision with person recognition. Runflat tyres are standard equipment, which help limit the likelihood of a vehicle skidding out of control in the event of a puncture and also negate the need to stop and change a tyre on the motorway or beside a busy road in rush hour traffic. No other car has received as many top awards from internationally renowned safety testers straight after its market introduction, including a fivestar rating in the new, considerably more stringent US NCAP tests, five stars from Euro NCAP, and the ‘Top Safety Pick’ award of the American Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. With a total of five international safety awards, the BMW 5 Series sets

the perfeCt BUSINeSS MODeL. The new BMW 5 Series is the epitome of aesthetic design and supreme driving pleasure. Technology-wise it leaves others in its wake, with a raft of performance enhancing innovations that help make it the Ultimate Driving Machine. • h ead Up Display—projects essential information onto the windscreen, ensuring the driver’s focus remains on the road • BMW ConnectedDrive—innovative internet and portable device connectivity • Night vision—warns the driver of approaching danger in low light conditions • Innovative parking assist—uses sensors to control the steering and brakes enabling the car to park itself • Adaptive drive—syncs the vehicle’s handling to road conditions • Surround view—provides a bird’s eye view of the area surrounding the vehicle to make parking effortless Visit Jerry Clayton BMW for a test drive today.

Jerry Clayton BMW 445 Lake Road, Takapuna. 09 488 2000. *Pricing excludes on-road costs. Optional extras shown.


the NeW BMW 5 SerIeS frOM $109,500*.

new standards for occupant safety and ranks as one of the safest vehicles ever tested. In addition to a suite of safety enhancements, the 5 Series range features EfficientDynamics technologies including a third generation common rail diesel engine, brake energy regeneration, intelligent lightweight construction and automatic air intake flaps, all of which assist in achieving remarkable fuel consumption figures. As well as being presented with the AA Motoring Excellence ‘Safest Car award,’ the BMW 5 Series won four other accolades making it the country’s most awarded new model in 2010. These included the New Zealand Motoring Writers’ Guild Car of the Year title, the National Business Review Supreme Overall award winner for automotive excellence and Autocar Magazine Luxury Car of the Year title and the 520d won the large car class in the AA EnergyWise Rally. For more information contact the Jerry Clayton BMW sales team – Telephone 488 2000.

About Jerry Clayton BMW Jerry Clayton BMW has two sites located on the North Shore, employing a team of approximately 60 staff between sales, service, parts, vehicle detailing and administration. Takapuna Beach – the head office at 445 Lake Road, offering brand new and pre-owned BMW sales, servicing, parts & accessories sales as well as housing the adminstration team. Telephone 488 2000 Wairau Valley - BMW Parts trade centre, located at 9 Silverfield, operates to provide a central trade parts centre for all business to business customers throughout Auckland. Issue 12 - JULY 2011


The channel Cafe guide

The channel Cafe guide

Manuka Cafe, DEVONPORT

Devonport’s iconic Manuka Café has undergone fantastic renovations and expanded to take over the next-door shop. Along with the new look and size.


Iconic Devonport landmark cafe the Devonport Stone Oven is completely self sufficient. Everything they offer is made on premise with nothing being brought in. They even have their own unique blend of coffee. There are lots of gluten free products available with

They will be serving Guest Draught Beer - Gold Medal Winning MATA MANUKA ALE. Come down and enjoy the new winetr menu and environment of Manuka for the perfect afternoon beer.

torpedo bay cafe

cafe of the month

Torpedo Bay is now offering High Tea, Monday to Friday from 11am - 4pm, come along for dainty sandwiches, scones with cream and jam and other mini savoury & sweet delights.

Open 7 days.- breakfast, lunch & dinner. 49 Victoria rd, Devonport. PH: 445 7732


more options being introduced all the time. Generous servings for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The indoor and outdoor seating is perfect for Devonport’s climate. Fully licensed.



Tiger extends a warm welcome to all our regular and new customers who venture to our cafe. We offer a great range of coffee’s, smoothies, iced drinks and a yummy new food menu

Taka’s Southern Style


Buffalo bar & grill BUY 3 100g bags of Premium loose tea and get a tea of your choice (up to the value of $5). A little gem hidden in Milford for those Tea totalers. Enjoy a wholesome flavor that loose tea creates. Tea Total stocks 150 different teas. Enjoy meeting your colleagues or conducting business meetings or just to sit & have a good cup of tea & enjoy the homemade food. Atomic Coffee is also available.


Mon - Fri 8.30am - 4.00pm Sat & Sun 8.30am - 3.00pm 87 Kitchener Road, Milford. PH: 486 5291 Email: Redeem this ad to receive Sumo Soup for $6 (normally $9.50)

Mon-Fri 7.30Am-7pm. Weekends 8am-7pm. 67 HURSTMERE ROAD, TAKAPUNA PH: 489 7866 Email:

Altura CafÉ

The food and menu is typical of New Zealand café culture and ticks all the right boxes, catering to busy workday breakfasts and lunches during the week, while on weekends it turns into a popular, lazy brunch spot.

Mon - Fri 7am - 4.30pm Sat 8am - 4pm. 23 Douglas Alexandra Parade, Albany. PH: 448 1416

Issue 12 - JULY 2011

Mon-Sun 9am - 3pm Tues-Sat 9am - Late. Full Bar 3 Northcroft Street, Takapuna. Ph: 489 8615

Fresh. Local. Gourmet. These are the words that we live by. Situated in the heart of Takapuna with a warm, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Whether its lunch on the run, a private function or anything inbetween. June/July specials: Free coffee or tea

At the base of the Shore’s tallest tower – Takapuna’s Sentinel building – is the home of Takapuna’s tallest stack of steaks, ribs and tasty grill fare waiting to be stuck into and enjoyed at the Buffalo Bar and Grill. Rustic, as any good steak house should be, Buffalo is a favourite for an after work drink or big tasty warm meal with the family on these cooling winter nights. The café is actually open all day – opening at 9 in the morning for breakfast, lunch, dinner and those drinks.

Come down with the family for a great night, or even for some drinks and an early dinner before hitting the movie theatre – we’re friendly, comfortable and the right place for a good time in Takapuna. Breakfast highlights include homemade hashbrown – always a treat – and scrambled eggs. For lunch we can recommend Calamari Beignet Salad with aragula, cucumber ribbons, spanish onion, toasted nuts, red pepper and crushed caper salsa; and the Penne Pasta with Venison sausage, red onion, mushroom, sweet red capsicum in a creamy tomato sauce, or the chicken option with mushroom, red onion, sweet red capsicum in a creamy sauce. Of course the pizzas, burgers and other grill favourites are available… including the aptly named Buffalo Chicken – tender chicken breast marinated in lemon juice, olive oil and coriander,


grilled to perfection, and finished with a creamy apricot sauce, mashed potato and green beans. Delicious! But the highlight of Buffalo Bar and Grill is dinner. Bring the family, bring your friends, steak is the speciality here. Your choice of cut is cooked to perfection, exactly as you like it, whether that’s well-done medium or bloody as hell, served with a salad, Pimento potatoes and your choice of sauce, including demi-glase, Mushroom & Garlic, Béarnaise and Al pepe sauce. Of course there pork chops as well… and those signature buffalo wings are just as good at night. “We’re talking good, classic grill food here,” says owner George. “Come down with the family for a great night, or even for some drinks and an early dinner before hitting the movie theatre – we’re friendly, comfortable and the right place for a good time in Takapuna.” Don’t forget to check out the lunch specials if you’re done for a quick weekday lunch: $15 for a main, accompanied by a house wine, beer, juice or coffee.

Award winning Toasted espresso is the consummate in Boutique Coffee Roasting. We have designed our espresso bar to be an interactive


Introducing Chef Stuart Young – the latest addition to Takapuna’s culinary expertise is to be found at Latin Larder, along with his brand new, tasty winter menu. The new winter warmer treats include Eastern Egg, Poppyseed


Enjoy all of this with either a pot of Live Loose Tea or a glass of bubbles, while taking in one of the best views of the harbour and city skyline. (Booking are preferred).

OPEN 7 DAYS 8AM UNTIL 5pm. FULLY LICENSED 64 KING EDWARD PARADE DEVONPORT. PH: 445 5186 for 2011. Tiger offers a great space to meet up with friends - and while you’re here have a look at our amazing equipment. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Mon-Fri 6.30AM-4PM. SATURDAY 8AM-2.30PM 18 BARRY’S POINT RD, TAKAPUNA PH: 489 3084 when you spend $10 or more on breakfast. $10 panini and wrap lunch specials. X2 Gourmet pizzas for $30.

Mon/Tue 7am – 3pm Wed – Fri 7am – 10pm Sat/Sun 8am – 3pm (Brunch) 3pm – 10pm (Dinner). PH: 4894000

12 Huron Street, Takapuna environment. Where everyone can feel comfortable, converse and feel part of the whole coffee lifestyle.

MON-FRI 7AM TIL 3.30PM 42 Barry’s Point Road, Takapuna Phone 966 6485 Pancakes, Black Pudding, Toad in the Hole and Peppered Lambs fry. Still focused on great hospitality and fresh food, Latin Larder makes a perfect stop on any day. An out-catering service is also available.

latin larder

TUESDAY TO SUNDAY 6.30am-3.00pm 170 HURSTMERE ROAD, TAKAPUNA PH: 489 5563 Issue 12 - JULY 2011


Milford - Everyone’s place: News

Milford - Everyone’s place: News


Knitathon @ Crafty Knitwits There were five lucky Knitathon winners of a free cut and blow wave by Steve Middleton at Molton Brown Hair and Beauty Salon. They were Beverly Lonnigan, Kathy McCurran, Heather Edgecumb, Lorraine Male and Nikki Hall. What a great job Steve (left) did giving knitters a free wash and blow dry during the 48 hour event.

Your monthly update from Murray Hill, Manager of the Milford Business Association.

Milford joining in the celebration Welcome to our second edition of “Milford News“ in this fabulous Channel magazine that Benefitz produce. Congratulations to Aidan and his team on producing the first anniversary edition of Channel and were excited to be part of the magazine which has so much local content. We’ve been busy knitting in Milford this last month, with local business, Crafty Knitwits celebrating their first anniversary by holding a 48-hour Knit-A-Thon as part of World Wide Public Knitting Week. Hundreds of volunteers signed up to knit over the 48 hour period and they came from all over Auckland. I called in late on Friday night and met a lovely group of ladies having a ball knitting and chatting away – showing how a simple idea like this can bring such a diverse group of people together enjoying themselves and the interest they share. One even Linda Goer of Crafty Knitwits (left) and Tony Sands presents Sharese Foley with the 42” flat screen television she won in the recent Milford promotion. took time out to teach the only other male there at the time, how to knit – to the enjoyment and with encouragement of all the knitters! This month has also seen a new business open in the shop next to Colleen Murphy Florists. Milford Nutritional Pharmacy, owned by Jay Kumar, combines dispensing prescriptions with advice squares into ‘Watch the Rugby Rugs”. These will be auctioned off on Thursday on nutrition and beauty treatments. The addition of Jay’s business now gives you 30th July at 6.30pm in the mall with all proceeds going to the Child Cancer the choice of four pharmacies in Milford – the others being Amcal Pharmacy and Foundation. Unichem Milford in the main street and Centre Pharmacy in the Milford Mall. Make sure you mark that date on your calendar now!


Milford Promotions

To tie in with the 48 hour Knit-A-Thon, over 100 Milford businesses ran a promotion where customers had to guess how many squares would be knitted with the prize being a brand new 42 inch Panasonic Viera Plasma TV to the person getting the closest guess. Some businesses also had donation buckets for Child Cancer Foundation, who will benefit from the proceeds of the rugs that the squares will be sewn into. During the week, $1212.80 was raised for CCF. We had lots of entries and the winner was Sharese Foley, whose guess was 371 squares – amazingly the exact number! Thanks to all those who participated. Thanks to our sponsors, Harcourts, Carpro and Challenge.

Milford Village Square Project

Hopefully as you read this item, work will have started on the upgrade to the village square. The last month has seen the finalisation of the lighting design by Bardsleys Lighting and Design in Takapuna and the contracting of local electrican, Damian Hoareau of DNA Electrical for the installation. We still have a few lights that we would love to have sponsored – maybe you have been in business in Milford in the past or are a long-standing resident. The business association is subsidising the cost of the lights at only $250 each and will be putting plaques beside them with the donor’s inscription. Contact me if you would like to assist – details at the end of the column.

New Craft Market & Bazaar in Milford “Watch the Rugby Rugs” Auction

Thursday, 30th July at 6.30pm in the Milford Mall. They want a graphic of BLACK & WHITE SQUARES (like a rug) to go with this. Proceeds to the Child Cancer Foundation Linda and her team have the task of sewing all these

Issue 12 - JULY 2011

During June a new craft market opened at Milford Primary School Hall, 34 Shakespeare Rd. It operates from 10am to 2pm on every second Saturday – the next one is 16th July. It is concentrating on quality New Zealand made products. There are a great number of talented people involved and the market gives them a local opportunity to introduce their creations. Photos from the market held 18th June can be viewed on Facebook.

What’s great about Milford!

Talk about community spirit! Local businesses rallied around Crafty Knitwits KnitA-Thon with offers for the wonderful volunteers to get them through the 48 hours. Steve from Molton Brown Hair opened both nights and gave the knitters a free wash and blow dry plus gave some prizes of free hairdressing; Veni Coffee Roasting Boutique supplied their freshly roasted coffee at a fabulous discount; Milford Beauty Therapy delivered heaps of energy with a selection of sweets; Robert Harris baked some mouth-watering fresh muffins and cakes and Richard from The Frog and Barrel supplied some wine on Friday night. Well that’s my lot for this month – look out for this column every month in your monthly issue of Channel. This magazine is a great addition to our community. You should receive a copy at home, if you don’t you can pick one up from bins located at Crafty Knitwits (on the corner on Milford and Kitchener Roads) or from beside the information desk in the Milford Shopping Centre. In the mean time, remember to shop in your local shopping centre, Milford. We’ve got FREE parking, a great range of businesses all in a compact, communityfocused shopping centre – WE’RE NOT TOO BIG TO CARE! Bye for now, see you in Milford!


Murray Hill, Manager – Milford Business Association Contact me by email: or post, PO Box 31-825, Milford 0741. PS: Let us know about events in the community and we will discuss them in this column, space permitting. Residents Association Contacts: Milford Residents Association: Debbie Dunsford, Phone 410 3696 or email: Castor Bay Ratepayer and Residents Association: Fiona Downes, Phone 410 5304 or email:


Milford’s Lovely Gift Shop Homewares • Gifts • Accessories Jewellery, Scarves, Gift cards, Great range of winter nighties

Beautiful Gift WrappinG a Specialty 13 years in Milford


146 Kitchener Road, Milford, Phone 489 5553

1 4 5 K i t c h e ne r r d Milford 09 550 7808

M a n u f a c t u r i n g

J e w e l l e r s Issue 12 - JULY 2011


Milford - Everyone’s place: Crafty Knitwits

Milford - Everyone’s place: News

Well Crafty Knitwits are very busy right now with everyone coming in to start off their winter projects. We have some gorgeous yarn in store now for the discerning knitter including 100% Cashmere and 100% Baby Alpaca... and many more varieties of luxurious yarn through to the great practical ranges for kiddies. If you take the time to compare off the peg prices for quality knitted garments as opposed to knitting a garment yourself in a luxurious yarn (so you do know what the garment is made of), you may be pleasantly surprised to find you can knit the garment at half the price. Sure you will spend time doing it, but the satisfaction of making your own unique garment surpasses buying any label – especially when your friends ask you... “Where did you buy that?” and your answer is... “I made it!”.

Knitathon @ Crafty Knitwits

Wow – to say we were overwhelmed at the support we have had for the Crafty Knitwits Knitathon is an understatement. At times we only had room for some knitters to stand and knit and some had to sit outside! The ages of our knitters ranged from eight to 86. 48 Hours non stop knitting! Approximately 200 knitters and the local business support made this an event to remember. A big thanks to Wentworth Distributors for the donation of the wool for knitting and for 40 spot prizes for the knitters and to Milford Business Assocaition and the businesses participating in the TV competition! A very special thanks to Milford Beauty Salon for providing sweets for our table to keep the knitters going; Veni Coffee Roasting Boutique for the constant flow of real coffee; Robert Harris for the huge plates of chocolate brownies and muffins; Steve Middleton from Molton Brown – who not only opened his chair for free shampoo and blow wave for participating knitters (7pm to 12pm Friday and Saturday nights), but also entertained with full screen Music CDs and wine; Murray Hill, Chairman of the Milford Business Association for providing biscotti’s and setting up the tea trolley and serving tea to the knitters on Friday night. What has overwhelmed us with these businesses/people is that we did not ask for these services and goodies, they just arrived. There is such a good heart in Milford, what an amazing community! We did not have any down-time with knitters arriving from as far as Whenuapai, Howick, Orewa and Henderson. Just amazing – arriving from

Bring this advertisement into Crafty Knitwits and with any purchase be in the draw to win a Laurel Burch Tote Bag. Open 7 Days 10am to 5.30 pm Wednesday and Thursday late Nights until 9pm - Phone 4862724 Corner Kitchener & Milford Road, Milford Issue 12 - JULY 2011

Whenuapai at 2am in the morning – way beyond the call! Not only did the knitters knit, they chatted (of course), but they demonstrated such a genuine concern for the cause and the success of the event. What next? The number of squares knitted were 371. We are sewing in the ends and will construct the ‘watch the rugby rugs’ which will have heaps of personality and then we will auction them off. We have yet to set the auction date and venue, but we are hoping to auction them in the Milford Mall. So more on this will be advertised. We have already collected donations from sponsors of knitters (thankyou!) and still have more to come. All funds raised from this event and the auction will be going to the Child Cancer Foundation. You can donate online by going to CraftyKnitwits/ and this will deposit the funds directly to the Child Cancer Foundation.

Handy Hints... Why knit a tension square? Everyone knits at a different tension and this can affect the garment size and look, so it really is worthwhile completing a tension square before you start. Most patterns will have a tension square test to follow usually based on 10cm square. Always knit a slightly bigger square – say 12.5cm – and when you have finished, pin the swatch out and count the number of stitches across and the number of rows vertically as specified in the pattern to see if your tension will achieve the correct size. If when you compare it to your pattern, you have too many rows as compared to the specifications, that means your knitting is too firm. Change to a larger set of needles and do another swatch. If you have less rows, then your tension is too loose, change to a smaller size needle and have another go. It is worth taking the time to do this to achieve the best result. Really quite important to do this when you are knitting with a yarn that is different from the pattern specified yarn as even if it is the same ply/weight often the finish is different and this can affect the tension/gauge.




Come in and choose from our extensive range of delicious coffees. What has overwhelmed us with these businesses/ people is that we did not ask for these services and goodies, they just arrived. There is such a good heart in Milford, what an amazing community! Will we do this again? You bet – it’s now an annual event – always held on World-Wide Public Knitting Day! Filatura Di Crosa lines from Italy. Nice to have just landed some new ‘Filatura Di Crosa’ lines from Italy. Lovely colour range of Cincilla for those Faux Fur jackets, coats and scarves. New products such as Lupo, Felix, Felz and Astro Tweed are very creative yarns for those who want to create that exclusive and exciting garment. Also some new colours in the very popular Operadarte! We have had some of our very creative customers in already studying the patterns and thinking of what their next creation will be. Currently I have decided (besides my many other projects) that I will knit myself a cashmere sweater. It is my treat last thing before I go to bed to knit a few rows of the exquisite mix of yarns (Superior, Nirvana and Baby Kid Extra) to complete this sweater. It is so light, but warm and absolutely no itch factor and stunning to look at – very classic style. The patterns in our Golden Line and Lovely Jeans books are amazing, I just want to knit them all! Worth mentioning that if you do want to knit something but really don’t feel the cold or have an allergy to wool, knitting with Egytian Combed Cotton is the answer, it is beautiful to work with and you can achieve a warmth to the garment by adding some fine Baby Kid Extra or Superior (cashmere and silk). Not all the names are recorded here as we did our best to get all participants to signin but at times we just had so many we could not record names. So if your name is not recorded here or is mispelt, let us know as we would like your name for a banner we are making. Thankyou to:- Meg Manuel, Tiny Peppercorn, Nell Vandort, Heather Edgecumbe, Joy Martin, Sarah Wang, Ann Andrews, Dave Wilson, Shernaz Pardiwalla, Sylvia Durrant, Patricia Collin, Jill (knitting group), Priscilla Sim, Pauline Doyle, Olive Craig, Katherine Lucas, Ling Liang, Linda Johnson, Vanessa Belcher, Sunny Ho, Lynn Wilcox, Winnie FlavettMott, Joy Jones, Paula Turner, Robyn Sibson, Nahed Salib, Mattie McNish, Anne Newton, Cathy Edkins, Christine Tucker, Pam Anderson, Angela Boyer, Elaine Clegg, Pat Dennerly, Jo McElroy, Desiree Armstrong, Joan Tunnicliffe, Catherine Humphrey, Ann Davis, Annette Mouat, Avi Clark, Nicky Poor, Kay McGregor, Melva Doo, Dee Granville, Graue Brownlie, Linda Tagg, Kathy McCurran, Lorraine Male, Elizabeth Williams, Margaret Moorhead, Aylce Graf, Nancy Nielsen, Nicola Chatfield, Tina Stenberg, Phoebe Atkinson, Ann Pollock, Johneen Atkinson, Dawn Millard, Gail Lyons, Joclyn Magnas, Fleur Wilson, Joan O’Grady, Vanessa Cook, Andrea Elmer, Diane Treweek, Cheryl Watson, Carolyn Davidson, Louise Raynes, Nikki Hall, Carolyn Capper, Penny Carson, Michele Flight, Lynne Reed, Deb Avery, Moira Mallarkey, Nigel Michels, Gwenda Haylock, Alison Talbot, Lucy Zhu, Jo Short, Ann Baillie, Annette Robinson, Pamela McLaren, Fay Macrae, Danielle Turner, Irene Evans, Eileen Marshall, Jacky Vanweerd, Bev Lonergan, Allison Cherrington, Karene Gore, Sheryl Bartley, Audrey Harris, Larraine Stephen, Shirley Groul, Katherine Lucas, Jaqueline Barker, Louise Rygers, Jill Elliott, Sharon Fitzgerald, Natalie Sweetlove, Heather Stewart, Helen Stewart, Pauline Krinhel, Karen Jones, Sue Innes, Chris O’Carroll, Lorraine Murphy, Elaine Clegg, Jill Page, Lauren Page, Maya Neapane, Carolyn Milner, Bernadette Bristow, Sharon Shea, Delphie King, Sasha Gillies, Anna Rennie, Kate O’Rourke, Amy O’Rourke, Emma Bullock, Kathryn Stamp, Pat Madigan, Sue Ward, Charmaine Cole, Denise Van Dam, Aue Hayman, Elizabeth Wardell, Denise Pilbrow, Jane Chatterley, Eileen Ralph, Maureen Norris, Nancy Croad, Tracy Bowen, Penny Carson, Kevin Smith, Meg Manuel, Ann Brown, Michaelene Nui, Darah Bowles, Vanessa Bowles, Sarah Bowles, Alan Bowles... for making this event successful and great fun!

We roast 10 unique blends and 8 single origin coffees including Fairtrade, Organic and decaffeinated. Whole beans or ground to order.

AWARD WINNING COFFEE ROASTED HERE ALWAYS FRESH! Register your details at by 31 July 2011 to be in the draw to win a Bodum Coffee Grinder valued at $143.00 See our website for details

3 Milford Road, Milford, Auckland Ph (09) 4865650

PASSPORT PHOTOS Quality passport photos, ready within minutes. Guaranteed to pass. 164 Kitchener Rd, Milford Phone 488-0303

THE LAST THING YOU WANT TO DO WHEN YOU GET HOME IS THE BUSINESS ACCOUNTS ! Talk to us about our affordable accounting service. We will find ways to save you time and money for …… more important things. Visit us at 159 Kitchener Road, Milford or phone: 489 4801. Issue 12 - JULY 2011


Milford - Everyone’s place: News

Milford - Everyone’s place: News


Youro our




Platina Jewellery

For unique European fine jewellery


Classic Urban Style

Milford Shopping Centre • Open 7 Days • Ph: 4867555

14/06/11 4:35 PM

Traditional & Gourmet Meats The Milford Butcher is the place to shop for a range of traditional and gourmet meats. Amongst your choices are organic and free-range meats, preservative and gluten-free suasages made on-site and dry-cured smoked ‘Daddy’s Bacon’.

148 Kitchener Road, Milford. Phone 488 6720 OPEN 6 DAYS

Issue 12 - JULY 2011

MILFORD SHOPPING CENTRE 09 489 3883 Finally Available in New Zealand, Unique European Fine Jewellery Experience our Fine Jewellery collection in our upmarket store where you can view stunning brands which include: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and NANIS – Italian Jewels.

qua l ity men s w ea r , per s o n a l s erv i c e

NewMan-Channel Ad_June'11.indd 1


A chat with... RICHARD GUERRA

The Frog in a Barrel Frog in A Barrel is an interesting business run by Richard Guerra in the heart of Milford. Frog in A Barrel has added a bright green splash of colour to the main street. The store has a great deal of character with a narrow cellar-like interior and wine bottle covered walls. Relocating to New Zealand after 20 years in France, Richard wants to share his passion for wines and spirits with the people of the North Shore. We wanted to know a bit more about Richard – the Frog – so Channel’s Aidan Bennett put these questions to him during June. AIDAN BENNETT: Where are you from originally? RICHARD GUERRA: I come from Lyon, the second biggest city in France. It is a well known region for wine situated between Burgundy on the north side and Beaujolais in the south. AB: How long have you been in the wine & spirits business? RG: My passion for wine and spirits is in my blood! My grandfather had a bottling plant, my father was a wine inspector for 45 years in France and I was export director for “Renaud Cointreau” for many years. Even now my daughters are involved in the business. AB: Where did the Frog in A Barrel name come from? RG: My KIWI wife Louise is to be credited for the name ‘Frog in A Barrel’ and you can imagine who is the Frog. AB: What is your favourite tipple? Wine? What type? RG: My favourite tipple is a blended wine. It is a red wine from Beziers, south of France (Languedoc),”Coteaux du Libron” Grenache Syrah, it’s full of red fruits, spicy, and very well balanced. AB: Why should people shop at Frog in A Barrel? RG: People come to our shop for the wine and the atmosphere, thanks to the team. They will discover every time new selections of wine from New Zealand, France and all around the world, as well as top service! It is not only a wine shop but it is a place where people can share their love of wine and have fun. AB: Love what you do? RG: I like every single minute of my life in New Zealand and being able to taste some excellent New Zealand wines is an incredible pleasure. AB: What do you do on your days off? RG: I like to relax at home, with some nice steaks from the local butcher, and a glass of wine.... AB: What do you love about Milford? RG: Milford people – they are very friendly and open. AB: Complete the following... If I wasn’t working in the wine & spirits business I would be a... RG: Electrician

Those on the Shore who have a soft spot for unique European fine jewellery will love Platina, the fabulous destination jewellery store at Milford Shopping Centre. Josephine Fryer and her team at Platina Jewellery are proud to be the destination for unique quality jewellery never seen before in New Zealand. She explains that Platina Jewellery are manufacturing jewellers who can create an individual piece of jewellery especially for you. “Our specialised team will sit down with you in our jewellery lounge and discuss your requirements,” explains Josephine. “We will organise the best quality stones for you to view within your price range, along with a computer drawing to scale before commencement of your handmade piece, from our master jeweller.” Platina Jewellery can also work with once loved jewellery or sentimental pieces to design and create a new and beautiful piece for you to wear from your existing stones and gold. Experience the Platina fine jewellery collection in their lovely upmarket store where you can view stunning brands which include: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, NANIS – Italian Jewells and Kailis – Cultured South Sea Pearls. ................................................................................................................... Platina Jewellery, Milford Shopping Centre, Phone 489-3883. Visit:

GoinG somewhere hot?

Need something cool? La madu specialises in resortwear for your cruise or holiday destination all year around... We will help you put together a travel pod to see you through all occasions. New soft cotton samples in store now! 79 Kitchener Road, Milford (Beside Challenge Service Station) Phone 486-6685 • Open Mon–Sat, 10am to 5pm.

Robyn Cameron Dental @ Milford Dental Centre

• • • •

Excellent Kind Caring Restorative Dentistry Crowns at a reasonable price Oral Health Professional Hygienist/Dental Therapist FREE dental treatment for all secondary school students (up to 18 years of age)

Hours: Mon-Wed: 8.30am - 5.00pm Thurs: 8.30am - 7.00pm. Fri 8.30am - 4.30pm 2 Dodson Avenue, Milford. Ph: 489 8354

The Steam Ship Trading Co. At the Steam Ship Trading Co., we specialize in the restoration of antique ships’ trunks. Vintage luggage once restored, recall a glamorous bygone era of ocean travel, grand staterooms & bustling wharfs. As New Zealand’s only dedicated restorer of sea chests, steamer trunks & antique suitcases, we hold the largest collection of Antique Ships trunks available for hire or purchase. For enquires contact Julieanne or Heather on 09 4898138 The Steam Ship Trading Co., 136 Kitchener Road, Milford. Issue 12 - JULY 2011


The Life Coach: Jan Haldane

Jan Haldane BEd., Member ICF Cert. Life Coach

"Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them learn rather than teaching them" – (Whitmore, J, 2004)

What is Life Coaching? Coaching is a powerful tool that can help you to make changes in your business or career, improve your performance, enhance your relationships with others or develop specific skills. There is nothing ‘broken’ about a coaching client. Clients have the answers within themselves to find their own solution to challenges. Powerful questioning by the coach assists the client to implement strategies and structures for managing change, and moving forward. Of course, to obtain the full benefit from the coaching process you must want to move forward! Getting you unstuck is what it’s all about, and believe me it really works! It’s so easy in today’s busy world to become very set in our ways. How many people do you know who are doing a job they absolutely hate, or in a stagnant relationship, because they believe there’s no alternative, or the alternative requires a lot of effort? Is there a spring in their step, a smile on their face? What would you like to do with the rest of your life? There are no shoulds here. What would put a smile on your face and a spring in your step? Here are 14 Reasons to Hire a Coach (courtesy of Life Coach Mary, USA) 1. Design your life to maximise fulfilment. 2. Create clarity on “What you really want in life”. 3. Strengthen your personal foundation, raise your standards, eliminate tolerations and set boundaries. 4. Start ATTRACTING into your life rather than struggling. 5. FOCUS + ACTION= RESULTS 6. Accountability (to your coach) – The power of your word. 7. To create more balance in your life. 8. To fully engage the Beingness in your life (We are Human Beings, not Human Doings). 9. To challenge you to stretch and grow in new and exciting ways. 10. To explore your Life Purpose and Vision and integrate it fully into your magnificent life. 11. Tap your inner wisdom for guidance. 12. To process through problems and challenging periods. 13. Have your successes fully championed, acknowledged and celebrated (by your coach). 14. Give yourself an Edge in your career, in your Life. If you are ready to move forward in any aspect of your life contact me for a free 60 minute consultation to see if we are a good fit. There is no obligation. Also regularly check my website for upcoming workshops: • Create the Life you Want • Who am I?: Exploring your Values • Empowering the Midlife Years • Flying the Coop: From Salary to Self Employment • Back to the Drawingboard: Dating in Midlife • Why Weight? It’s Not Just about the Food! My question for you to ponder this month is – Is your life one of your choosing? If not, who is choosing it for you? Optimum Life Coaching - Put the spark back in your life! Specialising in midlife challenges. Village Medical. 2a Dodson Ave, Milford., 0800LIFECOACH, 21 043 5053, www.coachoptimum

Issue 12 - JULY 2011

Optometry & eyewear with Melissa Hay

Melissa Hay BOptom(Hons). CAA Accred. Oc.Cert.Pharm.


Our monthly OPTOMETRY & EYEWEAR column is provided by Melissa Hay, the owner of Visique Milford Optometrists. Melissa studied optometry for five years at the Auckland University School of Medicine and completed a Bachelor of Optometry (with Honours). Her qualifications also allow her to test the eyesight of pilots (CCA Accred.) and to write prescriptions (Oc.Cert.Pharm.).

Nutrition & Eye’s





WINTER SALE JULY 2011 MILFORD SHOPPING CENTRE Kitchener Road Milford North Shore City Phone: 09 489 1691



Good nutrition is important to your eye health, as well as your general health. Good food helps heal wear and tear, protect against infections and help our eyes function properly. High-quality nutrition gives us important vitamins and nutrients to help to maintain healthy cells and tissues in the eyes, largely due to their antioxidant quantities. Vitamin’s A, C and E are especially good for eyes. These are found in many fruit and vegetables, like carrots, tomatoes, oranges and even brussel sprouts! They are also in nuts, seeds, eggs and some dairy products to a lesser degree. There are two antioxidants that have been under the microscope recently – Lutein and Zeaxanthin. These antioxidants, called Carotinoids are found in vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, corn and peppers and have been proven to reduce the risk of developing macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is an eye disease affecting older people, where a part of the retina wears out. Unfortunately I see many cases of this in my practice with devastating effect to people’s eyesight and quality of life. Losing the simple pleasures of watching your grandchildren grow up or reading the paper is very sad. My recommendation is to start eating a healthy balanced diet containing lots of fruit and vegetables before you begin encountering the effects of macular degeneration. Prevention is always the best cure. If you would like to book an examination and discuss your eye health give us a call on 09 4894 797.

Visique Milford Optometrists

155 Kitchener Road, Milford. Phone 489-4797.


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08-Jun-11 4:31:19 PM

Secrete shhh half pg ad


TIGHT LINES & NO LIES: Fishing with Hunts Sports of Milford


At Channel we pride ourselves on having something for just about everyone in the magazine. In this issue we welcome Ian Hunt from Hunts Sports Store – that institution up the hill from Milford on East Coast Road. Hunts are big into fishing and also supply darts and accessories. 'Hunty' as he is affectionately known will be providing us with a monthly fishing report from the August issue. In this issue we have asked him to give us some history on the business which was first established in Takapuna way back in 1963 – 48 years ago.

Hunts Sports Store – Since 1963

Hunts Sports founder Stu



Ian ‘Hunty’ Hunt.

Hi and welcome to Hunt’s Sports Store, just a wee bit of history regards to the store. My father Stu Hunt, the founder, was an avid fisherman who loved nothing more than spending time with his mates on the rocks chasing those elusive 20lb snappers. He established the store in Takapuna way back in 1963. In those days it was a general sports store with a leaning towards fishing and hunting. We moved to our present location at 52 East Coast Road, Milford in 1988 and transformed the store into a destination store for fishermen and dart players. It was always one of my father’s belief's that service was the key to business so when the store was set up a reel repair workshop and a room solely for rod repairs was a must. We cater for both the saltwater and freshwater fishing enthusiast’s including all freshwater licences with a large range of lures for Lake Pupuke. We also stock a comprehensive range of darts with Puma (local manufacture) being our leading brand. A full range of stem’s, flight’s and accessories are also available as well as the new range of flight’s and stem’s from Japan that are taking the dart world by storm. If there is anything we can help you with on the fishing front drop us a line or pop in for a chat. We love a chat. We will be back next month with a fishing report and what’s new in store. So until then tight lines and no lies. Sure to be Shore – Hunty. .............................................................................................................................................

Meet the Hunt's team...

Ian Hunt (Hunty) Owner, Manager. As a youngster I cut my teeth chasing sprats and piper off our local shoreline. I enjoy all forms of fishing whether it be from the shore or out of my small boat. Just spending time on the water is what it’s all about. A lot of my time is spent in the Bay of Islands. Darts is also one of my passions. Roger Dobbinson – 2.I.C (Pictured right) Roger has been with me for four years and is not new to the fishing retail sector having previously work over in town. Roger loves all facets of fishing from squid to flounder, boats, rocks – if it swim’s it’s fair game! He has been known to knock off the occasional Kingi! Roger used to cut fish for a living so he’s our champion filleter. ............................................................................................................................................. Hunts Sports Store – 52 East Coast Road, Milford, Phone 410 9415. Opening hours – Monday to Friday: 8am-5.30pm; Saturday: 8am - 4pm.

Issue 12 - JULY 2011

We will be running a photo of the month competition starting from this month. The photo can be anything to do with fishing even old ones (black and white). This is not all about the biggest fish. What we are looking for are interesting photos that we can publish in Channel Magazine and they will be of real interest to people. If you wish to be in to win a Hunts Fishing voucher just email your photo(s) to... Entries must be in by the 15th of each month to be eligible to enter. The deadline for this month is July 15th.

localist full pg advert


Product of the Month KAISELECT 100 FISH SCALER Hunty says... “Believe me this is a fantastic little device. A real gem – one of the best Fish Scalers that I have seen. A single piece stainless steel Fish Scaler which is easy to clean and comes with a cover that prevents scales from scattering. It cleanly removes both large and small scales. With the jagged blade at the tip of the scaler, scales in small places such as around the gills can be cleanly removed.” Priced at only

$29.95 from Hunt Sports Issue 12 - JULY 2011


the smile doctor: Dr Gilbert Stehbens of Killarney Dental

Seven Key Parts of a

Great Smile

Welcome, this is the first of a regular column to pass on interesting facts about oral health and beautiful smiles. Throughout the year we look forward to sharing our passion for top end dentistry with you. You don’t have to be born with a beautiful smile to have one. Recent advances in technology has resulted in effective machinery and artistic mastery of techniques has meant that anyone can have a great smile. Here are some of the aspects we can aim for. 1. Health. We need the teeth to be free of decay and the gums to be a nice healthy colour. A visit to the hygienist usually sorts the gums and staining out and helps keep the breath fresh. Neglected gums often shrink later in life and leave unsightly gaps between the teeth . 2. Colour. Generally we aim to bring the teeth up to at least the colour of the white of your eyes - some people jokingly ask me if they’ll be bloodshot! There are numerous ways to achieve the right white smile just for you: tooth whitening being the most common, sometimes covering dark teeth or replacing stained fillings. 3. Alignment. The straighter the teeth, the better. Although this is usually achieved with the help orthodontics, some cases can be simply solved with the clever use of white fillings. 4. Symmetry. Nature loves symmetry! Ensuring the left and right hand sides are reasonably symmetrical especially the two front teeth can make a huge difference.

Issue 12 - JULY 2011

5. Profile. This is one of the most intriguing parts of a great smile. We like to get the outline of the upper lip following the curve of the lower lip. Even the shape of each individual tooth is slightly sculpted to fit gender, age and facial profile. This sculpting often makes the difference between a nice or a stunning smile. Experience, art and attention to detail are combined to make the smile more youthful and attractive. This is where individual character can be enhanced . 6. Proportion. This is also known as balance: a nice balanced smile is not only even sized teeth but one which doesn’t show too much gum. For most people, over time they have ground their teeth and this can really age your smile. We aim to get back the natural shape for a balanced smile. 7. Confidence. Our greatest reward is when we see people shine as a result of their new smile. Having a beautiful smile is a real confidence booster that can sometimes be life changing! If you have ever thought of enhancing your smile, find out all the possible options and create a plan best suited for you. You may be surprised what you can do to create a perfect smile with modern technology and skilled technician now days. The results might be instant and a painless experience or maybe it will take some time – regardless, it is always possible! Keep on smiling! Dr Gilbert Stehbens (The Smile Doctor) has a passion for general and cosmetic dentistry. For and enquiries or a consultation he can be contacted on 09 488 9050, at Killarney Dental 62A Killarney Street, Takapuna.



an essential shopping destination

Citta Outlet Albany is a very special shopping experience. If you appreciate the finer things in life as well as great prices then Citta Outlet in Albany is the place for you! Just in a fabulous array of new end of line product, together with a full range of Citta Essentials, a practical and stylish line that has been developed exclusively for Citta Outlet stores and features a great range of bathroom towels and sheets at fantastic prices in the latest styles and colours, as well as an extensive range of dinnerware. Stay warm this winter and stock up on some of the following: • Mens and Ladies Raschel Fleece Dressing Gowns. • Stylish Pyjama sets. • Blankets, Throws and Quilts. • Scarves. • Quality Dinnerware, Serveware, Mugs and Glasses. • An array of giftware from photo frames, silverware and candles. • Bags and Travel Bags. With a vast range of designer and contemporary homeware as well as clothing products, this shopping mecca is a treasure trove of gorgeous bargains that you can’t afford to miss so whether you’re looking for a gift, some luxurious linen, something for a baby, travel goodies, tableware or simply a fresh and rewarding shopping experience, take a trip to the best designer homeware outlet on the Shore and meet the friendly staff who are always happy to assist you. ............................................................................................................................ Situated at 7 Triton drive (just off Rosedale Road) open seven days a week Mon-Sat 10am – 5pm and Sun 10am – 4pm. Tel 09 478 9994. Also situated at Mt Eden (corner of Enfield and Normanby Rd) open Mon – Sat 10am – 4pm and Sun 10am – 3pm. Issue 12 - JULY 2011


THE TAKAPUNA STRIP Mac’s Brewbar Hurstmere Road

spotlight on Zonta North Shore


Zonta North Shore has been making a huge difference to the lives of many thousands of women and their families for 32 years. If this article provided by Lynne Lagan (Left, President of Zonta North Shore) strikes a chord within you and you think you’d like to be part of it, do make contact with her to find out more. You’re very welcome to “give it a try before you commit”.

Zonta North Shore Women like you, engaged in business or the professions, may sometimes feel that while their family and working lives are very fulfilling, there’s still something missing in their lives, something they could be contributing to society, or wanting to increase their own potential.

1st Birthday celebrations at

Macs Brewbar

Lots of good things started happening in Takapuna around the same time that Channel Magazine was launched 12 months ago. One of those was the Mac's Brewbar Hurstmere Road. Dean Lodge and his team are also celebrating their 1st birthday over the next few weeks. For Dean those first few weeks, which included an electrical fire in the roof, are just a distant memory. "We have been stoked with the way things have gone," explains Dean. "The Mac's Brewbar Hurstmere Road is now a firm favourite on the Hurstmere Road strip. The locals seem to love the place, whether they're coming in for just a drink, dinner, to take in the DJ's or to attend one of the many parties we have." One the day that Channel visited, for the purpose of this article, the Brewbar team were preparing for their Alpine Party on Saturday June 18th to really welcome the winter in style from 10pm through until 3pm. There is another big Mac's Brewbar Hurstmere party coming up in early August to formally celebrate the 1st birthday. Visit their website, detailed below, to confirm the exact date and details. What's new for their first birthday is the menu. A brand new winter menu has been launched that takes a bit of a 'Game' flavour – including Venison, Rabbit and Wild Boar Sausages . The Venison (leg) is char-grilled and served with chestnut puree potatoes, mini steamed pudding of kidneys and a blackcurrant jus. The Rabbit is braised in white wine and juniper, then served with potato gnocchi and Portobello mushrooms with wild rocket and pecorino cheese.

There’s that feeling of “I’ve got a pretty good life, but I know there are so many others in New Zealand and around the world who need help”, or “I’d like to expand my horizons.” The dilemma is in knowing how just one person can make a difference, or what organisation could make a difference to you personally. If either of these statements describes you, we’d like to invite you to consider Zonta International - a worldwide network of over 30,000 of women in business and the professions in over 64 countries – as a service organisation that might provide you with what you’re looking for. If you are looking for a change in your life for the better, and the opportunity to make a change in others, then we would be delighted to meet you. Zonta invites women interested in joining us in this valuable work to a function at the Spencer On Byron Hotel, Takapuna, on Monday 1st August from 5.30 – 7.30pm. Refreshments will be served from 5.30pm and information provided to you on Zonta. We look forward to welcoming you. Feel free to bring a friend. – Lynne Lagan For more information contact Lynne Lagan at or phone for further information on Phone 0272011732. Alternatively contact Jill Thomson Phone 486 0182 (after hours). PS: A visit to our websites (International), (New Zealand) or (Zonta North Shore Club - via the NZ website) will give you a real feel for this incredibly powerful international network of women.

Also very popular on the menu is the 30 day aged Black Angus Ribeye Steak, served with crushed new potatoes and roasted garlic, creamed. Dean Lodge confirms that this comes from an Angus bull that's actually black. "This new menu has gone down a treat," adds Dean Lodge. "With the interesting options on the menu we really seem to have hit the spot. It has been really successful. Our platters and pizzas also remain popular as does our 'pub fare' which includes fish and chips, a pie of the week and chicken ceasar salad." For those who want and affordable and quick lunch at Mac's Brewbar Hurstmere Road there's always a $12 lunch special, while all-day every Monday you can buy two pizzas for the price of one. For those of you who love dancing to top-40 style dance music, Mac's Brewbar Hurstmere Road have Rotating Dance Music DJs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights starting from 9pm through until 1am. For all the details visit the brand new Mac's Brewbar Hurstmere Road website which is very interactive. The web gurus have done a fantastic job with this one. You can sign up for news and also make bookings online – and of course take a look at the extensive new winter menu.

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ontians make a difference by pening their minds to the world etworking with interesting women aking time out and dvocating for change

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Issue 12 - JULY 2011 Issue 12 - JULY 2011


rEal estate: with Aaron Reid, Barfoot and Thompson, Takapuna

How relevant is the CV?

With new CV’s (Capital Value) being done by the Council soon, I thought it relevant to consider the impact this will have on the value of property. With that in mind, I have asked ex Registered Valuer and current manager of Barfoot & Thompson Takapuna, Ron Sadler to comment. His comments follow...... When considering the purchase of a major asset such as a home, it is imperative that the right professional advise is obtained be it legal, building, or valuation advice. For most people, this will be their largest lifetime investment, yet few people consider employing the services of a Registered Valuer when it comes to taking advice about their investment decision. Reasons for this may relate to the fact that valuation is not regarded as an exact science or may be there is a misconception that the market forces of supply and demand supercede traditional valuation methodology especially when the marketplace is fluid and there is a need for precise current information. Alternatively, it may be just a question of ignorance on the availability of such professional advice. In NZ anyone may call themselves a valuer but only those with the necessary tertiary qualification in land economy together with a minimum of 3 years practical experience and who meet the exacting standards of the Valuers Registration Board, may use the term “Registered Valuer”. As an expert, a Registered Valuer will physically and fully investigate the property; analyse sales evidence, make detailed inquiry about resource management and District Plan issues; make relevant comparisons and then draw conclusions as to value in a logical manner. It is

expert advice given with all due care and responsibility. Furthermore, as a recognised professional a Registered Valuer is fully accountable for their assessment. Given that the cost of such expert advice is not much more than your average building survey, it is most definitely professional advice well worth having. Lesser valuation advice just does not have the same merit as that from a Registered Valuer, yet consumers mistakenly place a great reliance on such information. This includes Government Valuations which are no longer provided by the Government but by contracted service providers and is a form of valuation produced on a mass appraisal basis with no physical inspection and usually carried out at 3 year intervals by manipulation of statistical data to produce the rating roll under the Rating Valuations Act 1998. The main purpose is to provide a basis for Local Authority rates. At best it is a guestimate which is out dated very quickly and deserves NO consideration when compared with the expert advice from a Registered Valuer. Similarly, the so called “E” valuations are no more than estimates of value based upon the manipulation of statistical data, carried out from a desktop without physical inspection and therefore lack relevancy and credibility. It has to be said that the North Shore residential property market is one of the most complex of any urban markets in New Zealand. Topography, views, proximity

to coastline and beaches, schooling, proximity to the Central Business District, demographics, shops and other amenities are all factors that add to this complexity. Even values in adjoining streets can be wildly at variance with each other on account of these locational characteristics. Accordingly, only those with in depth knowledge and experience are able to effectively analyse and assess values on a case by case basis. A statistical approach may be acceptable for mass appraisal purposes such as a rating database but can never replace the expertise required of detailed analysis and investigation to accurately value an individual home. Naturally, suitably experienced real estate salespeople often provide effective market appraisals and when carried out by an established agent with sound market knowledge will have relevancy; but it is always done on the basis of all care no responsibility. Therefore, if it is expert advice you require, then consider employing the services of a Registered Valuer. It will be money well spent when it comes to making that all important decision about your property investment. Article written by Ron Sadler, Branch Manager Barfoot & Thompson Takapuna and a Fellow of the Property Institute of New Zealand.

this month at Marvel grill, takapuna


Marvel Grill’s 1st Birthday

Takapuna’s fabulous Marvel Grill celebrated a year in Takapuna with a function on Monday June 20th. The restaurant and bar, owned by Wendy Sutherland and Alisdair Gribben has been a great addition to Takapuna, so their first year was well worth celebrating in style. And that was certainly done with fine product supplied by Treasury Wine Estates and Moncellier.

Jane Hawkins, Paula Morrison, Vicky.

Shane Cortese, Simon Salt, Wendy Sutherland, Deborah Caldwell.

Kate Luxton, Ric Church, Ginger Rogers.

Jen Robertson, Michelle Wall, Alisdair Gribben, Peter Wall.

Jane Hawkins, Hannah Lyness, Brianca Fallon, Paula Morrison.

Barbara McLean, Kevin McLean, Merrillyn Foreman, Rob Foreman.

Nick Hewitt, Nigel Kelly.

Vic Williams, Alisdair Gribben.

Chris Harrop, Dan Housley.

Colin Searle, Steven Overton, Keith Davis, Fiona Stoddard.

Therese McNaughton, Andrew Wigney.

Robert Johnston, Simon Salt, Frano Botica.

Greg Ward, Aidan Bennett, Gary Monk.

John Auld, Bill Spence.

Gabriella Becroft and Sam Revell.

Aaron works for Barfoot & Thompson Takapuna. If you have any queries he can be contacted on or 021 1191926

Great craic in the heart of Takapuna!

Matt Davidson, Alix Bushnell.

Leslie Monk, Michelle Bennett.

Trevor Stanaway, Pat Houlihan, Maria Bradshaw, Tony Ebert

Jane Cowie, Lynley Kirk-Smith, Joanna Cobb.

Steve and

Kathy Mansfield.

Anna Hewitt, Merrillyn Foreman, Lesley Petford. Kellie Larson, Leslie Monk, Michelle Bennett, Ulla Bennett.

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Issue 12 - JULY 2011

34 Anzac Street, Takapuna. 486 2249 -

Marvel Grill specialises in fresh quality meat cuts paired with lovely side dishes and an authentic kiwi menu, which still manages to borrow from exotic themes and cuisines. As well as serving the traditional 220gm scotch fillets through to the 450gm T-bones, eye fillet steaks as small as 80gm and 120gm are on the menu, which are proving exceptionally popular with women. Along with the grill offerings, a range of hot skillets brought steaming hot to your table are available, including pork ribs with tangy bbq sauce, prawns with garlic butter & sourdough toast, or a mixed grill of miso rubbed sirloin, chorizo, pork hunter & lamb cutlets with a red wine sauce and roasted onion. Marvel Grill offers an impressive wine list of reasonably priced wines which make the whole menu affordable. Issue 12 - JULY 2011


Eating out in takapuna

Eating out in takapuna

Restaurant of the month: MARVEL GRILL

macs brewbar Hurstmere road

Salmon steak, Big Eye tuna steak, Hapuka fillet or a Whole baby Snapper with sourdough stuffing. They really do have something for everyone which makes it such an easy place to eat at. As Marvel Grill is just as much a local neighbourhood bar as a restaurant, Wendy and Alisdair have put together an extensive selection of wine, champagne and beer as well. All at very reasonable prices which I am sure has aided their success. A night out at Marvel is not going to send you broke, that’s for sure. So there it is folks – Marvel Grill one year on. Well done Wendy and Alisdair. Lets hope you’ve got many many years ahead of you in Takapuna.

1st birthday for Marvel Grill It was a pleasure in mid-June to attend the first birthday of Marvel Grill. Owners Wendy Sutherland and Alisdair Gribben and their Marvel Grill formula has been a real boost to the local dining scene over the past 12 months. It is thrilling to see them doing so well, and it is even more thrilling to hear that they are about to open a second Marvel Grill down near The Viaduct in the city. Go on to their website and their cheeky first paragraph starts with “Marvel Grill is essentially where all of us want to eat and drink at least twice a week.” Interestingly, this is what I was doing myself in the first few months that they opened. It has settled back to around once a week – maybe a little less – these days, but there is no doubt that their offering makes you want to go back and back. Being a meat-lover, this is certainly an attraction for me at Marvel Grill. Their meat cuts are probably their signature dishes. But what is great about their menu is that by having the range of smaller meals they call “hot skillets” my good lady wife is just as keen to go there as I am. Her favourites are the Grilled Zany Zeus halloumi on roasted field mushrooms; Duck breast grilled red wine emulsion polenta toast; Veal schnitzel on warm potato salad; Grilled scallops and chorizo in a balsamic butter. All priced around the $12 to $14 mark. I must admit that I have a soft spot for the Te Makatu Oysters (natural – served natural with Seppelt Sparkling Shiraz dipping sauce) from their starters, which they call “From the Larder”. You can also have the Te Makatu Oysters Kilpatrick as well. Other popular starters are the Chicken liver pate with ciabatta croutes; Salad of Balsamic glazed vine tomatoes with fresh basil, buffalo mozzarella; Caesar, baby cos tossed with parmesan, anchovies, croutons and grated egg (add chicken breast or eye fillet if you wish). The mains are plenty as well at Marvel but as I have alluded to my favourites are their “Butchers Cuts” – Black Angus beef that is aged specially for Marvel Grill for a minimum of 20 days. There are 120 and 180 gm Eye Fillets, 250gm Sirloin, 450gm T-Bone, 200gm Scotch Fillet and a 500gm Rib Fillet which is dry aged an extra seven days. You can choose from any one of 13 sauces and butters to enhance your chosen cut. For those who desire Lamb, Venison or Chicken there is the 150gm Hawkes Bay Natural Lamb Rump 150gm or the 200gm Hawkes Bay Natural Lamb Cutlet, the 150gm Duncan Cervena Venison and the 200gm Rolling Hills Chicken Breast. With meat being such a big part of what they do, Marvel Grill promotes the fact that they “celebrate all the food heroes of New Zealand”. They always want the very best meat products available so they choose to use free range fresh meat from local North Shore based supplier Zealfresh. Great stuff – keeping it on the Shore! Also having a soft-spot for the odd Hamburger I’m well catered for at Marvel. My favourite is the Hamburger with Kapiti Blue, caramelized onion, baby spinach, pancetta and chili aioli (served with wasabi coleslaw and their sensational hand cut fries). They also have the Hamburger with Asiago “tasty’ cheese, streaky bacon & Dijon mustard—on the side iceberg lettuce with roasted vine tomatoes. It’s pretty good as well. For those who can’t decide Marvel also offer a Mixed Grill (Eye fillet, pork hunter & venison sausages & lamb cutlets with a red wine sauce & roasted onion) or a Mixed Seafood Grill (Fresh white fish, cockles, clams & prawns in a white wine butter sauce). Seafood lovers are not forgotten as the Marvel seafood dishes include John Dory fillet, continued on next page


32 Anzac Street, Takapuna. Phone 486 2249. Open Tuesday to Sunday 12:00 noon till late. Email:, Visit:

Issue 12 - JULY 2011


PInot Plus A visit to Pinot Plus means that you will be taken on a wine journey with John, an experienced sommelier formerly of Blott on the Landscape and Porterhouse Blue fame. He will ease you into wine tastings beyond your typical drop without committing you to a glass or bottle. It is a wine exploration in a relaxing, romantic atmosphere to ensure you enjoy not only each sip but the experience as a whole. Love good food? Don’t worry, Pinot Plus isn’t just about the wine. The restaurant offers a delicious menu of items that can be selected as tapas or mains. From prawn skewers, slow-cooked beef cheeks and pork belly to smoked duck liver pate and cheese boards, Pinot Plus offers a variety of Moorish delights in a variety of sizes.

Open daily from 11am 136 Hurstmere Road, TAKAPUNA. PH: 486 4102



MINT takapuna MINT is in a beautiful setting with outdoor seating close to Takapuna Beach for that lovely morning stroll. Great for Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner. Introducing one of the delicious breakfasts at MINT – Lambs Fry and Bacon. Great Coffee deal with loyalty card – Purchase 5 get 1 FREE. Superb Dinner Menu including Eye Fillet Steak with Bearnaise Sauce and Potato Gratin. Also popular is our Seafood Chowder.

Macs Brewbar Hurstmere Road has launched a brand new winter menu that takes a bit of a 'Game' flavour – including Venison, Rabbit and Wild Boar Sausages. The Venison (leg) is char-grilled and served with chestnut puree potatoes, mini steamed pudding of kidneys and a blackcurrant jus. The Rabbit is braised in white wine and juniper, then served with potato gnocchi and Portobello mushrooms with wild rocket and pecorino cheese. Also very popular on the menu is the 30 day aged Black Angus Ribeye Steak, served with crushed new potatoes and roasted garlic, creamed. Macs Brewbar Platters and pizzas also remain popular as does the 'pub fare' which includes fish and chips, a pie of the week and chicken ceasar salad. For those who want and affordable and quick lunch at Mac's Brewbar Hurstmere Road there's always a $12 lunch special, while allday every Monday you can buy two pizzas for the price of one.

Maria, Emilio and their team offer warm hospitality and their amazing Al Forno food is absolutely positively delicious. All this makes customers return for more time and time again. Emilio only sources the freshest and best ingredients for Al Forno’s pizza’s and meals. A favourite with many is Maria’s homemade Tiramisu. A main feature at Al Forno is their authentic wood fired pizza oven which helps to set an ambience for diners. They are celebrating their first anniversary with a fabulous newly painted mural on the restaurant wall. Al Forno – an Italian hideaway in the heart of Takapuna. Tantalize your taste buds with a Pizza (takeaway or dine-in) or enjoy a meal from the original European recipes on Al Forno’s extensive Menu. Delizioso!

Tue – Sun 11:30am till Late Closed Monday 34 ANZAC STREET, TAKAPUNA PH: 488 0179



From the moment you walk through the front doors you are enveloped in a friendly atmosphere that makes dining both a pleasure and an experience, regardless of the time of day. Whether you desire brunch, lunch or a romantic dinner, Aubergine is the best choice to make. Private functions, Business functions and group bookings, including Christmas functions are always welcomed and are easily accommodated at Aubergine Takapuna with seating capacity of up to 140, large enough for most business or family events. The menu offers an international style of cuisine that mixes old Kiwi favourites with the flavours of Europe and the Mediterranean.


Raviz indian Restaurant


Raviz in Takapuna. Authentic Indian Curry. Fully Licensed and BYO. A restaurant with great atmosphere that has a indoor, outdoor flow. A covered balcony for dining whilst looking at the views of Takapuna or a comfortable dinning area indoors catering for large or small groups for any occasions as well as areas for those special intimate dinners.

Open 7 days Lunch 11.30am - 2pm Dinner 5pm till late 178 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna. PH 489 2400



Goode Brothers is about giving you the goode life. It’s about having some goode fun around the table. We’ve got pasta bowls for groups to share, the option of ‘creating your own’ GOODE SALADS or finding the perfect GOODE PASTA and sauce combination. Try one of our GOODE PIZZAS or GOODE CLASSICS like… Di Primavara Soup, Chicken Ciabatta Burger, Goode Beef Ciabatta Burger, Grilled or Monteith’s Golden Beer Battered Tarakihi, Char Grilled Scotch Beef Fillet. Mon: Goode Traditional pasta $10.50. Tues: Goode Traditional pizza $10.50. Everyday: 2 Heineken and a Traditional pizza $24.50.Goode Food. Goode Friends. Goode Times at Goode Brothers Takapuna.

Enjoy the traditions of Belgian Beer and food in a distinctive, authentic Belgian atmosphere in the heart of Takapuna. New Flemish-French Menu launched from May 1st. Featuring ‘Beer Matches’, so each dish has been created to go with a certain Belgian beer. The menu has been developed to provide a more all round appeal and so that your experience at Blankenberge Belgian Beer Cafe is quite different than what you will get elsewhere on the Shore, or Auckland. All of the old favourites such as the legendary Blankenberge Mussels remain part of the menu. Monday Mussel Madness: 1kg Mussel Pot & Frites just $12 Tuesday Steak Night: ½ kg Angus Rump just $15 Conditions apply and booking is advisable…

OPEN EVERY DAY 11 am til late 138 HURSTMERE ROAD, TAKAPUNA PH: 489 8160

otto woo Gourmet Noodle Bar

Award-winning Gourmet Noodle Bar, the new Otto Woo Noodle Bar in Huron Street proves that healthy meals don’t have to be boring. Otto Woo provides western style, modern Asian cuisine, with strong Japanese and Thai influences. Every meal contains loads of fresh vegetables infused with high quality sauces, herbs and other ingredients. There are no less than 30 options to choose from at Otto Woo. Otto Woo is also popular choice for corporate lunches and client meetings. Take-out. Dinein. Delivered to you. Also at Ponsonby, Newmarket & Mission Bay.

Mon-wed11.30am til late thurs-fri 11.30am til 1pm sat 11am-1am/sun 11am til late 138 HURSTMERE ROAD, TAKAPUNA PH: 489 8030


Mon-sat 11.30am TIL LATE SUN 9AM TIL late 136 HURSTMERE ROAD, TAKAPUNA PH: 486 6331





Open 7 days From 11.30. Located in the Sentinel Building, Huron Street End, Takapuna (3 Northcroft Street, Takapuna) Ph 489 8001

For those of you who love Vietnamese food the New Vietnam Cafe is a must. Very special value for money food as well as efficient service. Great range of special Vietnamese style bread rolls. No less than 150 menu options cooked in their unique Vietnamese Style. Great appetizers like deep fried spring or shrimp summer rolls. If there is a signature main dish it is probably the Lemongrass Chicken, Pork or Beef dishes. Also available are noodle dishes, stir fried Chinese-style rice dishes, and a selection of drinks and desserts. Make sure you check out our daily Set Menu Special (2-10 people). Offering special Lunches daily between Monday Friday. Catering for any budget small or large (delivered off premise if needed) BYO - no corkage fee. Welcome phone orders for take out. Spend $40 or more and receive 10% off (takeaway only). Mon-Wed spend over $40 per table and receive one appertiser free (cond apply).

Accessories not included Accessories Accessories not included not included


TOY 3733

ALL MAINS $10.00* Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Nights $10 LUNCH SPECIAL* Every Day (Any curry, rice, naan bread) FREE TAKEAWAY DELIVERY (minimum order $25.00) *Conditions apply.

The Copper Room proudly serves the Monteith’s family of craft beers on tap and offers a warm and welcoming experience. With it’s comfortable and cosy interior, The Copper Room is a popular spot in Takapuna. Come in and watch the latest sporting action, catch a band, or enjoy our delicious menu. We’ve also got a great kids menu, so the whole family is welcome. Monday: Burger Heaven any burger $10.50.Tuesday: Chicken Wings or Ribs $ 10.50.Wednesday: Angus Steak 300grm Steak and prawns $18.50. Thursday: Local Bangers and Mash $12.50 (Supplied by the Milford Butcher). Friday: Fish and Chips $12.50. Saturday: Burger Sliders( Mini Burgers) 4 for $12 8 for $20. Sunday: The Legendry Sunday Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding $15.50. Experience some of Auckland’s best bands at the North Shore’s premier live music venue!

*The advertised *The advertised models models shown are the are Hilux the Hilux SR5 Manual, SR5full Manual, HiaceHiace ZL Manual ZL Manual andask Land and Land Cruiser Cruiser 70Toyota. Series 70 Series LX Cab LX Chassis. Cab Chassis. The The refers offer Cruiser refers to anyto70 Hilux, any Hilux, Hiace Hiace and Land and Land Cruiser Cruiser 70 Series 70 Series Cab Cab purchased between between 01 May 01and May and 30 June 2011 and is subject toshown stock availability. For terms and conditions North Shore Each new Hilux, Hiaceoffer or Land Series Cab Chassis purchased qualifies forChassis one Chassis King Tonypurchased Toolkit. 30 30 costs 2011 June 2011 and isand subject is subject to stock to included. stock availability. availability. For full Forterms full terms and conditions and conditions ask North ask North ShoreShore Toyota. Toyota. Each new EachHilux, new Hilux, HiaceHiace or Land or Land Cruiser Cruiser 70 Series 70 Series Cab Chassis Cab Chassis purchased purchased qualifies qualifies for one forKing one Tony King Toolkit. Tony Toolkit. On June road & accessories are not On road On costs road costs & accessories & accessories are not areincluded. not included.

2 Link Drive, Wairau Park, North Shore • Phone: 09 442-3600 • Issue 12 - JULY 2011

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Eating out in takapuna

TOY TOY 37333733



auckland council with George Wood GEORGE WOOD is a North Shore ward councillor on the new Auckland Council. The former three-term mayor of North Shore City lives in Forrest Hill with wife Myra.

Auckland Council: Life over the First Seven Months Thought I would give a few perspectives of what life is like as a councillor on the Governing Body of Auckland Council. I have spent day after day in meetings at the Auckland Town Hall or out in every part of the Auckland region including Great Barrier Island. In saying that I still believe the council has made a sound contribution. I am very pleased where things have arrived at for now. Looking back I can’t believe that so much has happened and there does not seem to be any let up. Having been the mayor of North Shore City for nine years I thought I know what is normal in the life of a council. One would have to say that this new council has taken the intensity up a couple of levels. There are annual plans, long-term council plans, spatial plans, unitary land use plans, by-law reviews and a host of policy decisions to finalize. Numbers mean so much in politics alongside the ever present need to build alliances on an issue-by-issue basis. The Independent Maori Statutory Board (IMSB) was a complicating factor at the early stages; however, but for the taniwha incident I am very happy at the way these people have settled in. I have got alongside the IMSB members and their support has been helpful on a number of votes. Their votes even enabled me to win a contest for the deputy chair position on the Accountability and Performance committee. There are a myriad of issues that just seem to keep coming along. Top of the list has been the completion of the 2011/2012 Auckland Council annual plan. Getting the rate increase down to 3.9% was certainly good for me in a personal way. Mayor Len Brown had talked about a figure of 4.9% against the Citizens and Ratepayers proposed increase of 3.9%. The officers went into an intense cost reduction exercise and eventually they found about $80 million in savings, which was a real coup for us, the figure arrived at was 3.94%. How things will go

Overall, I believe, the Auckland Council has made huge progress since 1 November 2010. I get good feedback and it is something that I am vitally interested whenever I talk with the community. next year will be anyone’s guess at this time. It does concern me that we have so many unknowns in the Auckland Council accounts as we go into the long-term plan (2012/2022) development work. The revaluation of the Auckland region, under the capital valuation of properties, is going to throw up some very interesting results. The pressure will be on council to find ways to control the under and over variations; where rates paid either reduce or raise well above the median level. There will be substantial guesswork done, at this time, to try and find reasonable and fair thresholds. I am the deputy chair of the Accountability and Performance committee that oversees the seven Auckland Council CCOs. These organisations cover water; transport; events, tourism, and economic development; facilities; council property; waterfront development, and council investments. We have a huge task in keeping on top of these organisations but one that I relish. Overall, I believe, the Auckland Council has made huge progress since 1 November 2010. I get good feedback and it is something that I am vitally interested whenever I talk with the community. It has been a rewarding but topsy-turvy time and I hope the end result will be an improvement in the quality of life for Aucklanders and increased levels of services provided by the new Auckland Council.

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A local company providing a local service Issue 12 - JULY 2011

The Vic theatre Devonport


The Shore Cinema

redemption After an impassioned campaign mounted by a group of proud supporters, Devonport’s famous art deco inspired Victoria Theatre got the film rolling and reopened its doors to the public six months ago. In that time the old theatre has recaptured hearts and imaginations with its eclectic screenings and live performances. In its current set up the Victoria is split into three separate cinemas – with 44 seats in the Lounge, 116 in the Albert Cinema and 176 in the famous Victoria Cinema, which also acts as a life theatre. Indeed, on any night of the week one is just as likely to find highly acclaimed art-house cinema playing along side the latest Hollywood blockbusters, or even live plays, in one of the cinema’s three screens. There have also been popular screenings of classic films from the so called “golden age’ of

“That’s something you don’t get at the big cinemas these days but I like being able to bring a mix of films that our clients want to see – I’m running an old-time cinema with an old-time community focus.” John is also bringing a new “added-value” concepts to the cinema, such as a panel discussion featuring Shakespeare experts after the theatre showed Helen Mirren’s Hollywood adaptation of The Tempest, or the classic Came a Hot Friday, followed by a discussion with the director Ian Mune and a few of the stars.

We’re playing classics, new films, art house and Hollywood so there is something for everyone in our community, no matter what their tastes are. Hollywood. For example, screening from June 16 to July 14 is a series of events celebrating the cinema of the great Sir David Lean, with his four most famous films screening every morning for a week each. Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago, Ryan’s Daughter and A Passage to India will all be showcased. “We’re a community cinema and we like to put these events on for the older members of our community who were perhaps there when these films came out and want to come back and enjoy the experience again,” says manager John Davies. “We’re playing classics, new films, art house and Hollywood so there is something for everyone in our community, no matter what their tastes are.” John describes the Victoria as a cross between the Bridgeway in Northcote and Berkley in Takapuna, taking the best of both formats to cater to every group in the community. “Our community is on the peninsula,” he adds. “People love going to the movies but have always had to travel from Devonport for the experience. Now they can go out in their own community, take a walk, visit the markets and enjoy cinema in their own backyard.” That community focus extends itself to the choice of movies on offer and John can often be found mingling with the clientele, getting their reactions to films and finding out what they would like to see come to the theatre.

“These have been hugely popular and I’ve had people approach me in the street saying how much they enjoyed the sessions,” John says. Next in line is a Billy T James special, with the theatre screening Ian Mune’s Billy T: Te Movie, followed by an open panel discussion with the director and friends. The history of the Victoria is long and varied, starting when the theatre was built by American John Leon Benwell in 1912 and is the earliest purpose-built cinema still in existence in the Southern Hemisphere. This was during the silent movie era, when up to a thousand people could be seated in the theatre. The Victoria was a thriving entertainment centre for the community and in 1914 the Victoria was bought by a new picture company - Fuller-Haywards – who transformed the building from a ‘picture palace’ into an art deco, up-to-date cinema in order to cash in on the ‘talkies’ boom. However the depression struck soon after, audience numbers plummeted and the company ceased operating in 1930. From 1945 Kerridge Odeon took over the Victoria and ran it successfully for 43 years, but by the late 1980’s patronage had dropped and the theatre was closed and put up for sale. Publisher Bruce Palmer, who converted the Victoria into Charley Gray’s Twin Cinemas Devonport, by separating the original stalls and circle, transformed the Vic again in 1989. The Victoria

changed ownership several times during the 1990’s and into the new millennium and operated with various degrees of success. In 2001 it faced being turned into apartments and there were a number of attempts by local groups to retain the Vic as a theatrical and cinema space. Following the energetic efforts of the original Victoria Theatre Trust, the North Shore City Council was persuaded to buy the building in 2006. In 2009 the current Trust successfully won the tender to lease the Victoria for 33 years. With the Victoria safe there are now extensive plans for refurbishment, redesign and updating the theatre, while still retaining the original character and charm that makes it so special. “There is currently a seven-to-10 year plan in place to restore and upgrade the building so that it will last another 100 years,” says John. “The original Victoria is going to stay the same, it has to – it’s what makes this place so special, but we will update it and bring it into the 21st century with a new digital projector and a new, more refined, paint job.” “The old lounge area will be restored which will bring back an important piece of our history, and the top, Albert Theatre, will be split to give us an additional two, or possibly even three cinemas.” So it’s an exciting time for the Vic and thanks to the passionate members of the Devonport community this piece of history has been saved for the next 100 years. With its restoration, the whole top end of town has been transformed. With Dida’s wine and tapas bar downstairs, as well as Corelli's on the corner and the Olive Tree, new life has been pumped into this part of Devonport, making it a top destination for fun, culture, food and entertainment on the Shore.

As a special treat for Channel Readers, John has given us five double passes to Victoria Cinema, to win, simply answer the following question: SEND ANSWER TO???????? Name the two Helen Mirren films to have played at The Victoria Picture Palace and Theatre since it reopened in October last year. Issue 12 - JULY 2011


Eating out in DEVonport

Eating out in DEVonport


Restaurant of the month

Bistro style dining & wine bar in cosy surroundings • Tasty tapas selection • Great Bistro style meals at affordable prices • Extensive wine list • Over 30 wines by the glass • A cosy interior with fireplace • Regular winemaker hosted dinners

Wine, Tapas, Theatre and Fun Devonport has enjoyed a little bit of a renaissance in recent months with the reopening of the Victoria Theatre and new restaurants and bars springing up – the most noteworthy of which has to be Didas Wine and Tapas Bar. Found right under the famous theatre, Didas is the perfect place for a pre/post show drink and nibbles. In fact, it’s the perfect place for a drink at anytime – something the locals certainly enjoy - pop into Devonport on any night of the week and you’re sure to see that for yourself. A Spanish themed tapas and wine bar, Didas is all about the wine and food… great food and great wine from around the world. Premium wines from Australia, Spain, Italy, Argentina and, of course, New Zealand are all available on the respected wine list. The tapas menu serves the tastiest in delectable food that, like the atmosphere, has a distinctive Spanish flavour. Pancetta con aioli – Sherry braised pork belly with quince aioli – is by far the most popular dish on the menu. Another interesting and highly recommended tapas is Pincho de Cordero – Roasted Lamb on a Rosemary Skewer served with Sardinian Salsa… and you can’t visit Didas without having the PatatasBravas – Crispy Agria Potato with Spicy Tomato Sauce and Saffron Aioli. It’s compulsory! As well as the fine wine and tapas, Didas has the new offering from the famous McCashin brewing family, Stoke, on tap. “The locals love it here,” says Assistant Manager Hannah Creaghe. “Devonport was screaming out for something like this – somewhere people can come relax, enjoy some wine and food, or, on a Friday/ Saturday night, to come and let their hair down because this is the place to be in Devonport.” “It’s great because it means we have a real cozy wine bar feel during the week that turns into a loud, fun bar on a weekend night.” Hannah describes Didas as a real social centre of Devonport – the type of place where you can go for a drink by yourself and strike up a

WINE LOUNGE Issue 12 - JULY 2011

conversation with every second person to walk through the door. “It’s the only place like this in Devonport – it’s new, fun and has filled a real void.” Adding to the fun, Didas hosts monthly wine tastings from it’s impressive wine list. Check out the for the latest info on upcoming wine evenings. Also, this month Didas celebrates Bastille Day on July 14 with lots of specials and surprises lined up over the week – so be sure to keep that in your diary.

BUONA SERA A perfect spot to enjoy your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Your favourite meals served on the waterfront while looking at Devonports magestic views of Auckland harbour with the city scenery in the background. A truly beautiful setting right on King Edward Parade. Stop in for a coffee or one of Platter’s favourite dishes. Platter has a new branch opening soon in Newmarket.

open 7 days - Breakfast & Lunch 7.30am – 4pm. dinner Wed to Sun 5pm till late 33 King Edward PD, Devonport. PH: 446 6626

Nicolino Restaurant & Cube Bar

Didas Wine Lounge 54 Victoria Street, Devonport. Phone 445 1392. Monday to Saturday: 11.30am – midnight. Sunday: 11.30am – 11.30pm.

Dinner; Tuesdays to Saturdays from 5:00PM Lunch; Saturdays & Sundays from 11:00AM 2A Rattray Street, Devonport. Ph: 445 1618 EMAIL:

Nicolino provides a “taste of Greece and the Mediterranean” in every sense of the word: the food, atmosphere, live entertainment and relaxed, but attentive service. Several new Greek dishes have been added to the popular existing menu, including “gemista” (stuffed capsicums) and vegetarian filo wraps. Thursday nights are Greek Nights at Nicolino, featuring live Greek music, dancing, traditional Greek and Mediterranean dishes, ouzo and breaking plates. Nicolino is BYO and also provides takeout pizzas and meals, including free delivery within the local area.

“It’s very traditional, old fashioned Italian,” says Owner Plamen Gueorguiev. Using the freshest ingredients and recipes straight out of an Italian mamma’s cook book, Buona Sera succeed in bringing a little piece of Italy to Devonport. Pasta made fresh on site, everything is cooked A La Carte, to order. Well stocked bar of Italian beers and wines. Buona Sera is casual, friendly and open for you to come relax and enjoy your favourite food and wines.

open 7 days 5.30 – 10pm. ALSO BYO. 99 Victoria road, Devonport. PH: 445 8133

Manuka Cafe Devonport’s iconic Manuka Café has undergone fantastic renovations and expanded to take over the next-door shop. Along with the new look and size. They will be serving Guest Draught Beer - Gold Medal Winning MATA MANUKA ALE. Come down and enjoy the new winetr menu and environment of Manuka for the perfect afternoon beer.

Open 7 days 4.00pm till late. 103 Victoria Road, Devonport Ph: 446 6664

Open 7 days.- breakfast, lunch & dinner. 49 Victoria rd, Devonport. PH: 445 7732 Issue 12 - JULY 2011



5 Favourites on the shore


Mairangi Bay’s Chet O’Connell

Car parking charges changing

Cutting the ribbon to the North Shore Dialysis Centre. L-R: Waitemata DHB’s renal Clinical Leader Dr Walter van der Merwe, Kaumatua Pita Pou, Maria Felise (renal patient), Nora van der Schriek (Kidney Society Auckland executive director Nora Van der Schrieck).

Dialysis Centre open Waitemata’s long-awaited renal service is now a reality with the opening this month of the North Shore Dialysis Centre. The centre, opened by Health Minister Tony Ryall, is part of a comprehensive renal service for Waitemata DHB and includes a West Auckland presence with a satellite dialysis unit and clinics at Waitakere Hospital. The dedicated renal team of 60 (doctors, nurse, technicians, allied health personnel and administrative staff) and the building of this new dialysis centre signals the completion of the first phase of a five-10 year programme to repatriate renal services back to Waitemata and provide care closer to home for its kidney patients.

Healing art exhibition Sitting magnificently in the main public corridor on the ground floor at North Shore Hospital is the world renowned Jharna Kala collection by Sri Chinmoy, an international humanitarian, athlete/ founder of the World Harmony Run, a biennial Olympic-style torch relay that spans 80 nations on all seven continents. Sri Chinmoy was also a world renowned composer/ musician and motivational speaker dedicated to hope for world-harmony. Exhibitions of Sri Chinmoy’s paintings have been held in many significant locations and prestigious galleries including UNESCO in Paris, The Louvre, Parliament Building Wellington New Zealand, The United Nations and the Empire State Building, The exhibition will be running through to the first week of September and is part of the North Shore Foundation Healing Arts/Art for social inclusion programme. Like us on Facebook

Issue 12 - JULY 2011

Carparking arrangements for visitors and patients to North Shore hospital are changing, from July 1. Due to growing demand for public carparking spaces, Waitemata DHB is extending paid parking for patients and visitors. At North Shore Hospital paid parking hours for patients and visitors will be extended to include weekends and weeknights. There will also be a slight increase in charges, with the first hour now $3, an increase of $1. The maximum charge per day will also increase by $1 to $11. Along with helping to manage parking demand, proceeds from the parking charges will go towards helping fund new parking facilities at the hospital The new parking charges (applicable 24 hours, 7 days a week at North Shore from 1 July): Less than 30 minutes = Free; First hour $3; One to two hours $5; Two to three hours $7; Three to four hours $9; Four to five hours $11; Maximum charge per day $11.

North Shore Hospital hits ED targets

The North Shore Hospital Emergency Department (ED) has consistently hit the national health target for shorter ED stays over the past few months. The national health target for shorter stays in Emergency Departments is 95 percent (an accepted measure of a well functioning hospital) of patients being admitted, discharged or transferred within six hours. Since the appointment of Board Chairman Lester Levy, to the Waitemata District Health Board in June 2009 the percentage has increased from 61 percent to 95 percent. “The partial opening of North Shore Hospitals new $50 million ED in late March has lead to a dramatic improvement compared to the 61 percent just under two years ago.” Said Board chair Lester Levy. “I have placed the highest priority on resolving the long term and very serious (and also very public) issues surrounding our emergency departments” The new ED department at North Shore Hospital will be open fully by the end of 2011.



on the Shore Graeme Henderson

Principal at Quinovic Apartments Online and Milford resident tells Channel his five favourite things about living and working on the North Shore 1. Awaking to tranquil views across Lake Pupuke to Takapuna 2. Our cultural diversity and deep seated sense of protecting and supporting our community. We have a unique culture where we enjoy a relaxed lifestyle in an environment which encourages excellence and rewards winners. 3. Walking to the multitude of excellent restaurants and bars in Milford and Takapuna. 4. Getting out on the Gulf on a sunny day where catching a fish is a bonus. 5. Strolling around Takapuna Markets on a Sunday morning, meeting with people and joining the banter with stall holders.

How many of us dream of playing an E power chord on a 62 Stratocaster in front of 200,000 people? Most of us have done it in the comfort of our lounge with only a vivid imagination between dreams and reality. Just up in Mairangi Bay lives my mate Chet O’Connell. Chet has lived that dream many times. He is quite possibly the most in-demand lead guitarist on the New Zealand circuit. With a name like Chet it was really only going to ever be one occupation that this talented young man was going to pursue. He picked up his first guitar at four years old and played his first song “Cottonfields” six months later! His father Johnny was an accomplished guitarist in Whangarei and Chet joined his band at the ripe old age of 11 years old and played his first professional gig not long after. 26 years later Chet is one of New Zealand’s hardest working guitarists. One could imagine that having achieved many musical goals he could sit back and watch the work come in. Now I know Chet personally, not only is he a great friend but he is my lead guitarist with the Class of 58. I am continually astounded by the level and frequency of practice he does every day to maintain that level of professionalism. As most people go to the office for a full day, so does Chet. His office is his studio where no less than eight hours a day is spent honing his already expert skills, not only by continual scales and riffs but also by listening to the masters of guitar, and replicating their music until perfect Chet has recently played alongside music legend Gerry Marsden of Gerry and the Pacemakers fame. In fact this was the second time Chet has played alongside the Liverpool legend and is now in negotiations to play his next Australian tour as Gerry was so enamored with his skill and stagecraft. Next up for the North Shore local is standing beside John Rowles on his upcoming national Farewell Tour. This concert is sure to be a huge success and in no small way as a result of the many hours of practice to perfection by the guy standing slightly behind John’s right shoulder. Get your tickets today for the concert on the 12th of August at the Bruce Mason Centre and look out for the lad with the Orange Strat. He’s not bad!! See you at the show! Shane Cortese –


she looks fantastic for her age! Looking younger is just one of the perks!

Great Gyms located at:


MILFORD (ladies only)


w w w. j u s t w o r k o u t . c o . n z



ph: 0508-587-896 Issue 11 - JUNE 2011


The pumphouse theatre: What’s On


School holidays theatre for children at PumpHouse. A visiting child once likened the PumpHouse to a gingerbread house. Surely the quaint, picturebook ambience of the historic PumpHouse is one of the reasons it is such a popular venue for children’s theatre productions. The old building provides a unique, magical quality that thrills children and enhances the experience of performances. The PumpHouse’s charming location beside stunning Lake Pupuke with its abundant birdlife is an added bonus for parents wanting to keep the kids entertained outdoors before or after a show. Although it’s not recommended that toddlers are left alone with a bag of bread near the geese as they are much cheekier than the other birds and can get a bit impatient for a free lunch. The ducks and swans are much better behaved and will gather round patiently waiting their turn for tidbits. In the July school holidays, The PumpHouse welcomes the return of Tim Bray Productions’ theatre for children with A Lion in the Meadow and Other Stories by New Zealand’s national treasure Margaret Mahy. Tim Bray’s stage adaptation incorporates four of Margaret Mahy’s works into one magical and beautiful show. It features the stories A Lion in the Meadow, The Witch in the Cherry Tree and Leaf Magic, as well as a poem from Mahy’s award-wining anthology The Word Witch. This year marks the 20th birthday of Tim Bray’s theatre company, now recognised as Auckland’s leading professional theatre company for children. The PumpHouse congratulates Tim Bray and his company on this considerable achievement. The company began in 1991 as The Central Theatre. In 2004 the company name was changed to Tim Bray Productions and began presenting theatre for children regularly at the Takapuna PumpHouse. Tim Bray Productions now attracts over 20,000 theatre patrons annually from all over Auckland and the North Island and has become one of the North Shore’s ‘must-see’ family events th abe (Eliz Mum David (Adam Burrell), Kupa) A Lion in the Meadow and Tierney) and Lion (James Other Stories runs for three Photo by David Rowland/One


adapted by Tim Bray, songs by Christine White

weeks in total, both weeks of the July school holidays as well as the last week of term two, (education season) which allows groups from schools and early childhood centres to attend as part of their curricula. Tim Bray Productions offers special price tickets for performances of A Lion in the Meadow on the first two days of the school holidays (Monday 18th & Tuesday 19th July). Be in quick to get tickets for these dates. SpiritRising Talent Quest Final and Showcase SpiritRising is a North Shore performing artists collective formed in 2009 by Rob Edwards. SpiritRising offers live stage performances as a platform for emerging artists, young and old alike. It is an expanding collective currently with a performing base of more than twenty individuals, who are also committed to raising money for charity. This year they will stage a talent quest of contestants sourced from the North Shore community. Auditions have been ongoing since January to identify new talent. The PumpHouse performance in early August will incorporate the talent quest final as well as showcase the individual talents of the SpiritRising collective artists. Gong for PumpHouse Trustee Long time North Shore resident John Antony is well-known in music theatre circles both locally and nationally. A life member of North Shore Music Theatre, John spent a term as President of Music Theatre New Zealand and has for many years given much of his time and expertise to the PumpHouse as a board trustee for the North Shore Theatre Arts Trust which administers the PumpHouse. The PumpHouse staff and trust board congratulate John Antony on being awarded his much deserved QSM in last month’s Queen’s Birthday honours. Becroft Grand Opera Aria Final And more congratulations are in order. In May the PumpHouse hosted the 57th annual Becroft Grand Opera Aria Final which saw budding baritone Russell Watson Anthony Schneider take out the Aria Cup. Anthony also received $5000 prize from the David and Genevieve Becroft Foundation as well as a $2000 grant from the Les and Sonia Andrews Cultural Foundation to enable him to enter the McDonald’s aria Contest in Sydney. Congratulations Anthony and good luck in Sydney. Takapuna’s worst kept secret – Russell Watson sings at The PumpHouse Last month Russell Watson, one the world’s most popular tenors, performed an industry showcase evening at The PumpHouse. His appearance was a low key private affair and there were no public ticket sales. Sadly for his legions of Auckland fans the only way they could get to see Russell was to enter a competition draw. The winners were treated to a short set of four of Russell’s well-known pop-opera hits then invited to join Russell and industry heavyweights for drinks afterwards. Lucky them!

What’s On at The PumpHouse

Live on stage at The PumpHouse Theatre

Term time 11 - 15 July School holidays 18 - 30 July Bookings ph 489-8360 or

Tim Bray Productions Presents A Lion in the Meadow and Other Stories By Margaret Mahy July 11 – 15 (education week - for school and early ed. centre groups) July 18-30 (school holidays) Daily – 10.30am & 1pm except Sundays Running time 1 hour Tickets $21 each

Family Pass for 4 $75 Group/school concessions available Special price tickets $16.50 for performances on Monday 18th & Tuesday 19th July. SpiritRising Presents Variety Show and Talent Quest Final August 6 @ 7pm Adults $10 Students $5

Bookings: Ph 489 8360 or The PumpHouse Theatre (off Manurere Ave) Killarney Park, Takapuna.

Issue 12 - JULY 2011


JOHN ROWLES – Now is the Hour, Final Tour!

Friday 12th August @ 7.30pm For 45 years New Zealand has watched the ‘Kawerau Kid’ John Rowles scale the highs and lows of the global music industry. Now in his 65th year Rowles has decided to go out on top in true show biz fashion with one final tour of New Zealand theatres – Now is the hour! “The voice feels great, I feel great and the time feels right,” says John. “The farewell tour is intended to take in over 20 New Zealand cities and towns over the remainder of 2011 and the Bruce Mason show will be one of the best. When the curtain falls on his illustrious performing career, Rowles wants to spend more time with his two boys Dane and Blake who are growing up fast and complete writing his Autobiography ‘If I only had time’ which will be released in New Zealand through New Holland Publishing in 2012. “These stories have been with me for a long time and I’m looking forward to telling them in my own words.” “It’s a hell of a way to make a living, but looking back I wouldn’t change a thing.” Ticket Prices: A Reserve $65 / B Reserve $55 Running Time: 2.5 hrs. Interval: Yes

July Tic Tic Saturday 2nd July @ 8pm & Sunday 3rd July @ 4pm Music, laughter and Tourettes! Paul Barrett, well-known actor, singer and musical director, reveals the challenges of living with Tourette syndrome in this entertaining and insightful one-man show. This 60-minute cabaret-style show is perfect weekend entertainment! Join a cast of characters for an hour of tics, laughter and tears in this thoroughly entertaining cabaret show that’ll have you in fits. Written by award-winning playwright Michelanne Forster and Paul Barrett. Directed by Jennifer Ward-Lealand. Tic Tic premiered to great acclaim as part of the NZ international Comedy Festival in 2010. Tickets: $20 - $30 Hôtel – A Cabaret Saturday 2nd July 6pm & Sunday 3rd July @ 7pm Enter any one of the rooms of a slightly faded, small hotel to find four woman. The pensione has seen better days, but there on the waterfront, under the shadow of an overpass, it provides a welcome breathing space, a stopping place for each of them. The glamour girl on tour, the call girl on the make, the proprietress on the gin, the murderess on the run - all with a story to tell. Enjoy the first Auckland performances as chanteuse Helen Medlyn and

pianist Penny Dodd unpack their fabulous new cabaret show, in an evening of musical storytelling that will delight, intrigue and entertain you. Tickets: $20 - $30 Morning Melodies Royal New Zealand Navy Band Monday 4th July 2011 Bruce Mason Centre Presents Morning Melodies - Royal NZ Navy Band Performances: 11am Tickets: $4.00 The Three Little Pigs Tuesday 26th to Sunday 31st July 2011 @ 10am & 12pm daily The Three Little Pigs is a vibrant, up beat production which promises the usual music, mayhem and magic! There is a host of comic characters who will have your toes tapping, your sides splitting and your ribs tickling! Of course the big, bad wolf is there too, and he is as bad as ever! Tickets: $14

Tickets available from Ticketmaster, or in person from the BMC Box Office. (09) 970 9700 Ticketing fees may apply


Morning Melodies - Corelli School of Music Monday 1st August 2011 Bruce Mason Centre Presents Morning Melodies - Corelli School of Music Tickets available from the Bruce Mason Centre Box Office from Monday 30th May 2011. Performances: 11am Tickets: $4.00 JOHN ROWLES – Now is the Hour, Final Tour! Friday 12th August @ 7.30pm See Feature Above. Capital E presents “Hear to See” 18 August @ 10am & 11.30am Step out of the modern world and follow a young boy as he leaves his gaming behind to chase the creatures and places he glimpses out of the corner of his eye. Cleverly combining the artistry of Sydney puppetry company ERTH, stunning lighting and projection, and a haunting score from Richard Nunns — this is gripping storytelling and breathtaking theatre. Writers Sara Brodie & Teina Moetara based on an idea from the creative team. Composed by Richard Nunns Directed by Sara Brodie Designed by Scott Wright Duration: 50 minutes Price: $12 per person The Gruffalo Saturday 13th to Tuesday 16th August 2011 @ various times

Christine Dunstan Productions presents Tall Stories’ Production of The Gruffalo. The magical musical adaption of the award winning picture book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, published by Macmillan Children’s Books. After sellout seasons on London’s West End, New York’s Broadway, all over Australia and on the North Island, The Gruffalo returns to The Bruce Mason Centre! ‘A mouse took a stroll through the deep, dark wood…’ Whether their favourite food is roasted fox, owl ice cream, scrambled snake or Gruffalo crumble, audiences eat up this delectable tale about the adventures of a clever little mouse in a forest full of predators. Join Mouse on an adventurous journey through the deep, dark wood in this big scary monster of a show. Mouse can scare hungry animals away with tall stories of the terrifying Gruffalo, but what happens when she comes face to face with the very creature she imagined? Let your imagination run wild with songs, laughs and fun for children aged 3 and up, and their adults. Show Start Times: Sat 13 Aug - 11am & 1pm & 3.30pm Mon 15 Aug - 10am & 12pm Tues 16 Aug - 10am & 12pm Ticket Prices: Adult $27 / Child $20 Running Time: 50 mins Issue 12 - JULY 2011



Student Patricia McCormick

Lake House Arts CENTRE: News

Drawing Tutor Joan Taylor


One of the winners last year student and members exhibition Helen Bruce


A hub of activity!

Mairangi Arts Centre is only a hop, skip and a jump from the shops in Mairangi Bay. It’s a hub of activity within the local community, offering a vibrant meeting place for artists, art lovers and those just wanting to take time out in a relaxing, creative environment. Mairangi Arts Centre was initiated after a group of East Coast Bays residents saw the need for an arts centre in their area, and after more than ten years of fundraising the centre was opened in May 1991. Comprised of two galleries and three art education studios, Mairangi Arts Centre offers the general public a diverse exhibition programme featuring group and solo exhibitions from emerging artists, various community groups and international artists. Exhibitions are varied, with artists showing paintings, drawings, ceramics, sculpture, photography, glasswork and installations. Artworks displayed encompass all styles and are created by artists from a wide range of cultures and socioeconomic groups. Our Inhouse retail store stocks artworks, ceramics and books and is the perfect place to find a special gift for a friend. WHAT’S ON IN JULY July promises to be yet another exciting month at the Mairangi Arts Centre with two exhibitions opening and the art class programme continuing to offer the public opportunities to become actively involved in art. Mairangi Arts Centre Students and Members Exhibition Opens 28th June 5 – 7pm. Show runs until Saturday 9th July. The Centre holds an annual exhibition to celebrate the artwork produced by its members and by the students in its classes. The exhibition features paintings, sculptures, glasswork, jewellery and much more in a wide range of styles and media. This is always a good exhibition to view as with such variety there is bound to be something that will appeal to all tastes. In addition to this, if you have been thinking about joining an art class, this will be a chance for you to see what the Centre’s students have managed to achieve and to help you envisage what you would like to do. Artrageous Opens 12th July at 5pm runs until 24th July. Mairangi Arts Centre is proud to present Artrageous, a selection of the best artwork from North Shore Secondary schools. Come and view the emerging talent from the local schools on this impressive exhibition.

Our Future - NZ Art Guild Exhibition. Opens 27th July – 7th August. Mairangi Art Centre is proud to present for the first

Issue 12 - JULY 2011

time Our Future – NZ Art Guild Exhibition with collaborative artwork Light of my Life. The NZ Art Guild is a nationwide, award winning, organization that provides promotion, support, opportunities and resources to New Zealand visual artists of all career stages and mediums. This large group exhibition features work from the members of this organisation. ART EDUCATION PROGRAMME Our art education programme is diverse and interesting offering something for everyone. We have two spacious, well lit art studios as well as a ceramics studio equipped with three kilns and eight wheels for clay and glassmaking. We run classes for adults in the daytime and evenings as well as workshops on the weekend. Teenagers and children love our fun and educational classes that we provide after school, on the weekend and as part of our school holiday programmes. All of our tutors are practising artists and experts in their chosen fields. Our programme includes term classes in painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, ceramics and glass casting. We also host weekend workshops with tutors from all over NZ. Weekend workshops range from one to two days and are great if you want to try something but can’t commit to a class. This term workshops include creative writing, silicone mould making for glass, calligraphy and soft stone sculpture. Our new education programme is now available. We are currently taking bookings for classes starting in Term 3 as well as the Children’s Holiday Programme. You can book online, by phone or pop into the centre. Be sure to book early as places fill quickly and we don’t want you to be disappointed. Children’s Birthday Parties Book a children’s birthday party with Mairangi Arts Centre, a fun and original way to celebrate your child’s special day. One of our expert children’s tutor will provide a creative activity for the kids like painting or clay while you can go and grab a coffee and take a breather down the road in Mairangi Bay Village! Vouchers If you know someone with a creative streak, a Mairangi Arts Centre gift voucher for a class or workshop is the perfect gift.

We welcome your visit and pride ourselves on friendly, individualised service. If you have any questions or need any assistance you are always most welcome to contact us... Mairangi Arts Centre, 20 Hastings Rd, Mairangi Bay. Ph.478-223, open 9.30am-4pm Monday-Saturday, Email:

Art Galore at Lake House Arts Centre Lake House Arts Centre located on Barry’s Point Reserve, Fred Thomas Dr, just outside Takapuna is always a warm retreat rain or shine, with a delightful café on-site and an ever changing Exhibition and Education Programme. The Term Three arts education classes compiled by Tracy Sampson begin in early August and booking your spot is essential. From clay sculpture, mixed media, acrylics, screen printing to calligraphy and figurative drawing, there really is something for everyone. For the month of July you can view the detailed oil paintings of Tina Hyde’s in the Tindall Room. Her work is inspired by familiar and nostalgic spots from around New Zealand. In the Becroft Gallery 9 of Anneke Laan’s Tuesday painting group including Alison Anderson, Trilby Coleman, Brenda Cashmore, Lynn Goodall, Pat Hadlee, Lorraine Harvey, Jo Hutchinson, Mary May and Helen Oborn combine to show their exciting eclectic mixture of paintings.

& h s a


For more information visit or contact the Centre on 486 4877 or email

y r r Ca

t a re


Following this, hundreds of artworks from paintings, print, photos, mosaics and ceramics will be for sale from 27 July in the annual Cash and Carry Great Art Sale throughout the Centre. A fundraiser for the Arts Centre but also a great opportunity for artists to sell their work, the Centre takes no commission on art sales during this show, so artists receive the full sale price. If you are looking for art bargains or are in the process of redecorating then this could be the show to visit, so ensure Lake House is on your activities agenda. In July the Café will feature acrylic paintings by new artist Kevin Logan. The Galleries are open daily Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm and on the weekends from 10am – 3pm. The Café is open Tuesday to Sunday from 8am, closed Mondays.

t r A 26 July - 14 August Exhibition Information for artists and sellers Intake of work: Fri 22, Sat 21, Sunday 22 July Small fee per work, no commission taken on sales

Lake House Arts Centre 37 Fred Thomas Drive, Takapuna, North Shore - Issue 12 - JULY 2011


Wines & cheeses with Liz Wheadon

Wines & cheeses with Liz Wheadon

It’s all about France this month

Our monthly Channel Wines and Cheeses columnist is Liz Wheadon, General Manager of Glengarry Wines. Liz is also a passionate foodie. Weekends are often spent first planning the event and then entertaining friends and family with magnificent food and wine experiences.

With the Tour of France, Bastille Day, Glengarry’s celebration of all things French this month and the fact that I’ll be in France all month it seems only fitting that I write about French cheese this month. Perhaps first a little about what I am doing in France. I’ve travelled to firstly attend Vin Expo. A large trade event that occurs every two years in Bordeaux, 50,000 of the worlds wine trade gather in Bordeaux to taste, meet and explore business opportunities. Following Vin Expo I’ll travel to Burgundy to meet with our suppliers and then to champagne to do the same. Whilst it sounds like a dream job (and it is my dream job) it is a large amount of work – lots of meetings and work – but all while talking about and tasting wine. There are over 400 different styles of cheese in France, and that’s only the ones known about. There are likely to be many more produced in small batches on family farms. Most French cheese eaten in France is unpasteurised – in New Zealand – there’s a mixture. All are clearly labelled in Didas. Some cheeses are produced under the AOC regulations for that particular cheese – like with wine. This controls all aspects of production.

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Fleur de Champagne Brut NV WAS $83.00


Alsace Pinot Gris 2009 WAS $29.00


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The Champagne deal of the year is back!

Beaujolais-Villages 2009 WAS $24.00 VE YOU SA




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Comte This hard cheese is made from raw cow milk. It matures in a fortress in the Jura Mountains for one year, and it is regularly washed of with brine. Full-bodied, nutty flavour, its one of the top sellers in France.

Continuing South, just below Lyon is the top of the Rhone Valley. The predominant grape variety here is Syrah. The different quality levels found in Burgundy are not used in the Rhone, the wines are labelled from the village they come from. For example Rostaing Cote Rotie is a Syrah from the village of Cote Rotie. At the bottom of the Rhone valley just outside Avignon is the village of Chateauneuf du Pape, wines from this village can be made by blending up to 13 different varieties together. Often Grenache and Syrah dominant, these are soft and supple red wines. Wines labelled Cote du Rhone can come from a blend of varieties grown throughout the Rhone Valley. Usually a blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mouvedre (GSM) these are labelled, Cote du Rhone, then the next step up Cote du Rhone Villages. Now to Bordeaux, white wines from Bordeaux are not often seen in great quantities in New Zealand. They are produced with Sauvignon and Semillon. Red wines are made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec. The area in Bordeaux that the wines are from determines the grape variety that is predominant. In the Loire Valley, the wines from Sancerre are made from Sauvignon Blanc and those from Vouvray are from Chenin Blanc. Glengarry imports an extensive range of French wines from all areas, this is a quick guide to understanding the areas, don’t hesitate to pop in store and discuss our French wines with the team. Do make sure you pop in for our Bastille Day celebrations, jump on-line today and sign up for our weekly email, you’ll get advance notice of our Bastille Day events and all upcoming activity.


From amazing Alsace


90/100 – Wine Review Online

Ossau Iraty Brebis Ossau-Iraty is french AOC mountain cheese from the Pyrenees in the very south. This cheese is a blend of milks, predominately sheet. It has a wonderful texture and tastes of almonds, hazelnuts and olives, it is mild but complex and instantly satisfying.



Here’s a guide to some of the my favourite French Cheeses:


The difficulties with understanding French wine lie in their labelling. Unlike New Zealand, Australian, Chilean and Argentinean wine which show the variety on the label. French wine labels tell you the region the wine is from, often the village and the appellation. There’s of course an exception, in Alsace the wines are labelled with the variety. Having been for a large part of history part of Germany, the region is a little confused and often sits outside the norm in France. Here’s a quick guide breaking down the main regions and identifying the variety. Starting in the North, an hour south of Paris is the Northern tip of Burgundy and the village of Chablis. All Chablis is produced from Chardonnay, the style is very different to the predominant style in New Zealand, and the wines are flinty, having gorgeous lime and lemon characters. The different quality levels in Chablis are, Grand Cru Chablis (the top), Premier Cru Chablis, Chablis and Petit Chablis. In addition to the quality level the wine is often labelled with the vineyard. A great way to start experiencing Chablis is with a Petit Chablis. The Seguinot Bordet Petit Chablis is excellent valueThe winery dates back to 1590; it’s contemporary in approach and over delivers on its price point. Further South is Beane, the heart of Burgundy. In Burgundy, reds are made from Pinot Noir and whites from Chardonnay. Similar to Chablis, the wines are labelled Grand Cru, Premier Cru, Village, and Region. For example; Nicolas Potel Chambolle Musigny is a red Burgundy (Pinot Noir), from the village of Chambolle Musigny. The Southern most point of Burgundy is home to Beaujolais, wines from this region are made from Gamay. Two styles are produced, one through a unique process that accentuates the fruit and one into very serious Gamay wines.



Saint Nectaire

Pont l’Evêque Pont l’Evêque is a washed-rind cow’s milk cheese made in Normandy. It is somewhat similar to Livarot with warm, buttery, savoury flavours and tangy, fruity undercurrents Saint Nectaire Saint Nectaire is an ancient cheese, similar to cheeses made in monasteries. Saint Nectaire has a nutty and fruity flavor with a touch of salt and spice. A milder washed rind cheese, Saint Nectaire does develop into a creamy soft cheese as it matures. Roquefort One of the greatest blue cheeses in the world, Roquefort has a white to ivory colored curd with a velvety appearance and creamy texture. The veined cavities of intense blue give it a generous and unique flavour typical of Roquefort cheeses.

Ossau Iraty Brebis

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Leading the way

as New Zealand’s first athlete friendly university

Massey University has become the first New Zealand university to sign up to a new ‘Athlete Friendly Tertiary Network’ set up by the New Zealand Academy of Sport. The academy has recognised Massey’s drive to nurture high performance athletes and wants all universities to join the network. The network will be made up of tertiary institutions that agree to adopt a set of guiding principles to support New Zealand’s high performance athletes to combine their sporting and academic aspirations. “We’re delighted that Massey is the first member of the Athlete Friendly Tertiary Network. It is very fitting given the considerable support they have given athletes,” the academy’s athlete life manager, Susan Thomason, says. Massey Vice-Chancellor Steve Maharey says the University has placed huge emphasis on creating a supportive environment for student-athletes both on and off campus. “We believe Massey is the number one choice for athletes who want to successfully combine their sports careers with their study. Massey allows athletes to study and sit exams wherever they may be in the world, and with the flexibility they need,” he says. “On campus, our Academy of Sport gives young studentathletes the support they need to achieve in their chosen sport and academically, and our campuses are home to high-quality facilities.” The University employs a high performance co-ordinator who is dedicated to supporting student-athletes with all of their sporting and academic requirements. This year, Massey is the largest tertiary provider for 119 of the Prime Ministers’ Athlete Scholarship recipients. At last year’s Commonwealth Games, 41 members of the team were Massey student-athletes, with 31 winning at least one medal. Eight of the 10 medallists at the 2010 World Rowing Champs were Massey students. The value of athletes being able to pursue academic studies is well documented and the Athlete Friendly Tertiary Network will enable a more structured and effective system for both athletes and tertiary staff.

Swimmer Amaka Gessler, Massey Vice-Chancellor Steve Maharey, New Zealand Academy of Sport athlete life manager Susan Thomason and New Zealand hockey player Blair Tarrant.

Massey University led the way to sign the agreement followed by Victoria University, AUT University and the University of Waikato. Massey student-athlete and double Commonwealth Games medallist Amaka Gessler is in training for the World Swimming Championships and World University Games, both in China, this year. “But I’m also continuing studying towards a Bachelor of Science,” she says. “The flexibility and support offered by Massey makes it possible to continue my studies while preparing for, and competing in, these big events.” Bachelor of Business Studies student Blair Tarrant has just returned from Malaysia with the New Zealand Black Sticks hockey team. “It’s really good to have an opportunity to continue to study while travelling with the Black Sticks. I was studying internally but have switched to distance-learning, with Massey’s help, this year because of overseas commitments.”

Massey launches new life-long learning centre Dog behaviour, digital illustration, home finance, employment mediation, whānau development and history from a Hollywood perspective are among topics available via Massey University’s new lifelong learning initiative PaCE (Professional and Continuing Education), launched at the Albany campus last week. The new programme aims to connect Massey’s academic expertise with people seeking new skills and professional development as well as with those wanting to ‘learn for learning’s sake’ without the requirement to do assignments and exams. Vice-Chancellor Steve Maharey told the gathering the PaCE initiative is driven by Massey’s desire to provide new ways of learning for a diverse array of students and learning needs. “We are matching what we do here at Massey with the knowledge needs of people in the workforce and the community. We are not a traditional kind of university, we are a change-embracing university,” Mr Maharey says. “We want to shape the future of the new New Zealand and take the best of what New Zealand has to offer to the world. We can do this because of our reach, with three campuses – in Albany, the Manawatu and Wellington – and distance learning.” PaCE director Andrea Flavel says the offerings for continuing education and professional development draw on Massey’s strengths and areas of specialisation, including agriculture and horticulture, arts and humanities, communication, design, fine arts, food and nutrition, information technology and computing, kaupapa Māori, land and the environment, languages, music, nursing and health, sciences, social work, teaching and education, and erinary science and animal behaviour. PaCE offers customised short courses for industry professionals, such as Life

Assistant Vice-Chancellor Academic and International Ingrid Day, ViceChancellor Steve Maharey and PaCE director Andrea Flavel at the PaCE launch, Albany.

Cycle Management and Whānau Whanake – led by Professor Sir Mason Durie for practitioners working in whānau development, with the first two-day course at the Albany campus, June 30 – July 1. It also offers the Campus Passport for access to a selected course or lecture without needing to sit an exam or complete assessments, as well as English language and university preparation programmes for international students, and conference services. “For a small fee you get access to learning for general interest or as preparation for future study,” Ms Flavel says. Mr Maharey said New Zealand has evolved from a mono-cultural, commoditybased, low education to an increasingly urban, multicultural and creative society where people wanted to learn in different ways. Issue 12 - JULY 2011


Millennium institute of sport & health News

Swim School No.1 in New Zealand We love stories like this in Channel Magazine. Local organisations over achieving warms our heart. One such organisation is the Millennium Swim School at the fabulous Millennium of Sport & Health in Mairangi Bay. The Millennium Swim School has been recognised as the “Outstanding Swim School 2011” by the New Zealand Swim School and Teachers. The award was open to swim schools from throughout the country and was announced at the New Zealand Swim School and Teachers (NZSCAT) annual conference held recently in Auckland. The accolade is recognition of all the work the team has put in swim school manager Christine Curtis is over the moon. “I’m delighted. We have a great team of dedicated teachers and receptionists and this recognition is a fantastic acknowledgement and reward for all their efforts,“ says Christine. NZSCAT Judges look at a range of criteria including health and safety procedures, management procedures, customer service, swim teacher training, community involvement and operations based on a video presentation. The Millennium Swim School offers a wide range of classes to people of all ages and skills. These include learn to swim classes from babies through to adults, focusing on teaching fundamental swimming skills through to squad swimming for more advanced swimmers requiring fitness. Many of the Shore’s primary and intermediate schools use the Millennium Swim School for their swimming instruction and water safety training. “The swim school strives for excellence in all areas of our operation beginning when a family first makes contact with the Reception Staff,” adds Christine Curtis. “The increased awareness for children needing to learn to swim and have water safety skills has contributed to the success of our swim school.” The Millennium Swim School is operated by the Millennium Institute of Sport


OUTSTANDING and Health. The Institute is New Zealand’s premier swimming centre, with the New Zealand’s most successful club North Shore Swimming Club and Swimming New Zealand’s International Training Centre also based at the Institute. Well done to all the team at the Millennium Swim School.

Construction update Millennium Institute Chief Executive Mike Stanley has thanked the facility’s users for their patience - particularly with car parking during the current major building project. “We understand that the shortage of car parking has been an issue. We’ve taken the step of developing temporary extra car parking, which will provide some welcome relief. We’ll be encouraging staff to use the car park, freeing up spaces for our clients and members.”


from Mike Stanley


by Swimming Coaches and Teachers of New Zealand Inc

Despite the onset of winter, the facility upgrade is progressing well and keeping to schedule, Mike reports. “The first stage of the new gym - including new changing rooms, an aerobics studio, spin room and extra floor area - is due for completion early November. In preparation for this, new strength gear is being ordered and additional cardio equipment is being sourced.” The new entry way/foyer is also on track and is scheduled for completion in late October. Meanwhile, fundraising to complete the project is nearing its $43-million goal with a recent significant donation from the Lion Foundation, which has been earmarked for the extension of the Aquatic Centre..

For more information about Millennium Swim School call 477 2074 or visit

Issue 12 - JULY 2011 • 17 Antares Place, Mairangi Bay • 477 2000

Education: Westlake Boys

Issue 12 - JULY 2011

Yuanye Xu, (pictured with Prime Minister John Key) was named as one of the top nine students in New Zealand for 2010 at the Premier Scholars Awards function in Wellington during May. At Westlake Boys’ Senior Prize Giving last year Yuanye was awarded the Proxime Accessit Award. He was an outstanding academic performer throughout his school years achieving 100% in Cambridge AS Mathematics and the accolade of ‘Best in the World’ Cambridge student in this subject. He also received a silver medal at the international Biology Olympiad as a member of the New Zealand team. In addition to his academic achievements, Yuanye was a Prefect and a mentor to younger students. He regularly devoted his time to assisting those who struggled with Mathematics and Science. Yuanye achieved four Outstanding Scholarships in Physics, Chemistry, Maths with Statistics and Maths with Calculus. He also gained an additional two Scholarships in Chemistry and Science. Yuanye is currently studying Biomedical Science at Auckland University and plans to become a cardiothoracic surgeon in the future.

Parlez-vous francais? Travelling to France and want to speak with the locals? Needing extra help with your French studies or grammar? Being able to speak the language will mean you appreciate your trip so much more. Sometimes, a little extra tuition can make the world of difference to your grades and your enjoyment of study. I am a highly-experienced, qualified French teacher who has lived and taught in France, and I give private tuition for individuals or groups of people looking to improve their grasp of the French language. Contact me, (Jill), on 021 323 803 to discuss further, or email:

Westlake Boys’ Sports Institute produces some of New Zealand’s finest Sportsmen in basketball, cricket, rugby, hockey and football. James Coughlan: North Harbour & Black Sticks

Mike Harris: North Harbour & Queensland Reds

Year 12 ball committee

Tommy Smith Tommy Smith: Ipswich Town & All Whites

Hockey Club U18’s and the 1st team beating Dean Close School 1st XI 4-3. We were part of the millions of people that were out watching the Royal Wedding in Hyde Park. Cranleigh School was next on our fixture list. The boys were blown away by the facilities and were also blown away by the skill of the Cranleigh boys on the field. After some London sightseeing and shopping the boys tackled Forest School from North East London. The 1st team bounced back and won 10-2 and the 2nd team also won convincingly, 8 nil. The Leys School was our fixture for the evening and both teams should have won, playing better Hockey but not taking their opportunities. The 1st team lost 2-1 and the 2nd team lost 3-1. Thursday morning and off to the London 2012 site. In the afternoon we played St Georges Weybridge and the hosting was once again brilliant! The 1st team snuck in a 3-2 win and the 2nd team smashed them 9 nil.Our last fixture of the tour was against Sir William Borlase’s school at the National Hockey Centre. Both teams were determined to finish well and they did. The 1st team won 6-4 and the 2nd team won 4-2.This was a trip of a lifetime for the boys and it was only made possible by the help and support of their parents and the Westlake Community.

Premier Scholars Award for Yuanye Xu Issue 12 - JULY 2011

Tom Abercrombie: NZ Breakers & Tall Blacks

The squad of 29 boys with teacher coaches Messrs McCracken, Meredith and Jacobs, together with Manager Miss Le Court arrived in Singapore late on Saturday night and the boys were immediately blown away by the heat as we left the airport. Day three was our first game day. Both were great results for us with the 2nd XI drawing 2-2 with the Singapore National u16 team and the 1st XI winning 5-4 against the National u18 team. Both teams had to come from behind in their games and all the boys struggled in the heat with the pace of the Singapore Boys. The Singapore experience, overall, was amazing. The local people were very friendly and accommodating to us and all were interested in what we were doing.

The overnight flight from Singapore to Amsterdam was pretty good and most of the boys got some sleep. On arrival we visited Anne Frank’s house and Ajax Stadium before making our way to Den Haag where we were based for 6 nights. In the evening we travelled to Rotterdam to play against Rotterdam Hockey Club. With the history and honour of playing for this club at the top level, it is no surprise that their young men were very good Hockey players. Our 2nd XI lost 6 nil to their top team and our 1st XI lost 6-2. This was a great learning experience for our boys, especially the 2nd team who got to play on a field that could easily seat 5000 people! The main Hockey in Holland for us was a tournament at HDM Hockey Club. In the final Westlake played HDM, the hosts of the tournament, and were blown away by a very large margin. 2nd Place in an international tournament is very respectable however. At the tournament prizegiving, the 2nd XI were awarded the Fair Play team award. On ANZAC Day we were special guests of the NZ ambassador to Holland and the ANZAC service held in Holland. After a very pleasant Easyjet flight we landed in Bristol and started to prepare for our first British fixture the following day. Both these were competitive matches with 2nd team drawing 1-1 with Cheltenham

Cameron Jones receives Michael Campbell Scholarship. Westlake Old Boy and North Harbour Golf Representative Cameron Jones is one of three players selected to receive the Michael Campbell Foundation Scholarship. Cameron attended Westlake Boys from 2005 where he was Senior Golfer of the Year in 2010. The ultimate goal of the Michael Campbell Foundation is to ensure more New Zealanders dominate their chosen field on the international stage. It is designed to better prepare New Zealand’s top amateur sportsmen and women for successful professional careers.

Thomas Abercrom-

Hockey Tour to Singapore, Netherlands and England


Recent Westlake Old Boys Awarded

Tommy Smith

The ten hour flight straight to Changi Airport in Singapore was a surprise to some of the group of 32 boys, but not to Mesdames Rogers and Nolan, the accompanying teachers. After two nights there, the next stop was Siem Reap in Cambodia. This was the city and the base from which the fabled temples of the ancient Khmer empire, the Angkor region could be explored. The group continued onto the Angkor Thom temples of Bayon and Baphoun. Later on the incredible Ta Prohm temple was visited, one that was undiscovered (and subsequently not restored) by the French colonials during Cambodia’s time as a protectorate. Angkor Wat, the main attraction for many tourists, lives up to its reputation; its name means City Temple. From Siem Reap the group crossed over to Phnom Penh and visited the Royal Palace and gardens and walked over to the edge of the Tonle Sap River. The time in Phnom Penh however also rightly involved a more sombre time at Tuol Sleng, otherwise known as S-21, the detention and torture centre used by the Khmer Rouge. From there the group went to the killing fields, now a peaceful area with an incredible multi-tiered Stupa which houses the skulls, bones and clothes discovered from the mass graves. Crossing the border the next day from Cambodia to Vietnam was a hassle; the huge lines and heat to get through customs delayed the group. There were a few noticeable differences. The traffic was monstrous (motorcycles moved by the herd) and was more urbanised in general. Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon would be the group’s base to jump to the various nearby locations and was itself a wonderful city to explore and to shop. Possibly the best part for many of the tour party was the Cu Chi tunnels,

where they crawled through the very same tunnels used by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam war against the Americans. They also saw the ingenious and horrific bamboo traps used by the Vietnamese. The highlight of the tour for many of the boys was firing guns used during the war. There were the classic assault rifles (AK47, M16) some oldies (M1 Garand) as well as a few machine-guns, something for everyone. They also headed towards the War memorial and museum for a look at the Vietnam War through the eyes of the victors, including a sobering look at pictures of victims in the Agent Orange Section. The next few days were bus rides and stops at Nha Trang to Qui Nhon and then a ride to the site of the My Lai massacre. From there it was a further eight hours until they reached Hoi An where art, craft and tailor shops lined the streets of the old quarter. Most of the boys made sure to get something tailored for the ball or some special occasion or simply to look awesome any time. From Hoi An the tour party travelled to Hanoi. Similar to Saigon, the busy city was a huge contrast to the easy-going historical town in Hoi An. The final full day in Hanoi and in Vietnam was one of the most interesting: when the students saw the embalmed body of Ho Chi Minh, the national hero of Vietnam, responsible for their independence. The last two days were spent hopping from one flight to another, waiting a couple of hours in Singapore airport and then a ten hour flight from Changi to Auckland international.The experience shared was unbelievable; the trip was a success for everyone involved and although ‘actual’ schoolwork was not on the agenda, everyone learnt more in those three weeks than they could have in a year of sitting in class. Grateful thanks must be extended to Miss Nolan and Miss Rogers for the brilliant adventure!

James Coughlin

History trip to Vietnam

Education: Westlake Boys

Craig Cachopa: NZ U19 Cricket Captain



Education: Westlake Girls

Education: Westlake Girls Sports Fields Development

Roz Mexted

NEW PRINCIPAL appointed Later this year, Westlake Girls’ High School welcomes their new Principal, Ms Roz Mexted. Roz has been the Principal of Nga Tawa Diocesan School in Marton, since January 2002 and knows what it takes to lead a high performing school on a number of levels. Nga Tawa is well known throughout New Zealand for its outstanding academic achievements, particularly in NCEA with pass rates between 97%100% every year. Nga Tawa is also home to 240 boarders and owns an on site equestrian academy, catering for up to 100 horses. Currently the New Zealand Alliance Principals’ representative on the Australasian Alliance of Girls’ Schools’ Executive Board, Ms Mexted says “girls’ education has been a passion of mine for many years, so I really look forward to working with Westlake Girls’ staff on initiatives which enhance strengths,

while developing wider innovations for Westlake girls. I believe strong teams can achieve incredible results and that education must be engaging and enjoyable for everyone involved in learning”. While proud of her achievements at Nga Tawa, Ms Mexted looks forward to new challenges. “Nga Tawa is an excellent school and we have enjoyed outstanding academic, cultural and sporting successes for many years however the time is right to leave. I will bring the same commitment and enthusiasm to my leadership role at Westlake Girls’. I particularly look forward to encouraging and supporting staff and students and strengthening the culture of personal excellence at Westlake Girls”.


Alana Lythe and Hannah Amende.

The multi-million dollar sports field development is well underway at Westlake Girls with completion due in the next few months. The development which will accommodate a state-of-the-art artificial hockey turf, two similarly top class artificial soccer fields with a cricket pitch between them - and a new dual purpose tennis/netball court facility and two outdoor cricket practice nets. The hockey turf and soccer fields will be flood lit, ensuring more practice and game time. Stage two will see covered netball and tennis courts. The total cost, including covered netball and tennis courts is about $7.5 million. Sports Technology International, are providing the surface and overseeing the work with OCTA as the Project Managers. There will be 350 tonnes of rubber in the 20mm shock pads under the three fields and in the rubber infill. There will be 110 tonnes of sand which will come in once 10,000 cu m of top soil has been scraped away from the 11,000sq m site. The soccer fields will meet Fifa’s two-star rating (their highest) while the hockey turf is London Blue identical to the one to be used in the London Olympics in 2012. These facilities will provide Westlake Girls High School students and the community with world class sporting facilities.

The Westlake Girls Sport Committee show their sporting colours on a sample of the London Blue Hockey Turf.


Cross Country Championships

Year 12 Ball

The 2011 Year 12 Ball was once again held at the Ellerslie Events Centre, with the ball committee designating the theme of ‘Moonlight Soiree’. With aspirations of sophistication, elegance and serenity, the girls successfully commissioned the décor to match – flowing sashes of satin in the varying blue hues of dusk, thousands of white fairy lights twinkling like stars from above, and table tops beautifully laid out with scented clusters of white lilies encased in fairytale glowing spheres of glass. Enhancing this picture even more, was the grace and poise of our young ladies that attended, and their courteous and well-mannered partners. On behalf of Mr Hartley and the Year 12 Deans, Westlake Girls would like to extend congratulations and a very big ‘thank-you’ to the students for making this year’s ball an astounding success.

Issue 12 - JULY 2011

Westlake Girls sent students to both the North Harbour and Auckland Secondary Schools Cross Country Championships. The North Harbour event was held at Moire Park, Massey with the highlights being that of Alana Lythe and Hannah Amende who finished first and second respectively in the Intermediate Girls section. Year 12 student Natasha Bowyer placed third in the Senior Girls and Greer Noble Tawhai fourth in the Junior Girls. The Auckland Championships were held at St Kent’s College with Natasha Bowyer placing fourth in the Senior Girls.


Year 13 student Anona Pak was a dominating force at the New Zealand Under 19 Badminton Championships in Dunedin. She won all three available titles including the prestigious singles title plus the women’s doubles and mixed doubles.

Envirogroup Gardening Early this year when the work started on the new fields, the Envirogroup gardeners lost the beds that they had been using and were relocated. Using the existing boxes, new soil was added, mulch laid on the ground and a trellis fence erected to shield the gardens from the public. They now have the use of the old horticulture shed and also large bins from the previous woodwork area. An enthusiastic 20 to 25 girls joined the gardening group and with the very kind donations from Veronica at Kings Plant Barn of their throw-out punnets, the gardens are bountiful. Girls have been able to pick lettuce, silverbeet and spinach. They will have broad beans ready to harvest soon plus potatoes, lemons and limes. The girls are learning how to plant, weed and harvest as well as using compost bins and worm farms.

Strength through experience The adolescent years are particularly important in education, in that students are formulating and stabilising the identity and the values that will underpin their behaviour in future years. A school needs to offer the support of a stable and secure environment and be sensitive to changes in society itself. More than ever before students must learn to be flexible and to develop the judgement and discernment needed to cope with change and the explosion of knowledge. Westlake Girls High School fulfils this dual role by encouraging girls to learn about themselves and their constantly changing environment, while at the same time

offering support and guidance as they practise decision making and social skills. As well as fostering high standards of academic, sporting and cultural achievements, the school promotes social responsibility and maturity through its corporate life and discipline. This calls for commitment and identity with the school’s activities, and fellowship and co-operation with its standards of conduct. Finally, we welcome an active, continuing interest and involvement of parents in the progress and activities of their daughters while at school. Indeed, this is essential if we are to achieve the best results for them.

WeStlake girlS high School 2 Wairau Road, Milford, North Shore City • Phone: (09) 489 4168 • Issue 12 - JULY 2011


Education: Takapuna Grammar

Education: Kristin School


The programme allows the students to learn about taking risks, exploring new challenges and interacting with a different group of peers.

Kristin Elect to Learn from Local Experts Kristin Middle School students have recently taken part in an Elective Programme to discover new talents. Each year all of Kristin School’s Year 7 and 8 children (ages 11-12) participate in this annual Elective Programme and select a topic of choice to do for a day. This year the break-out day took place on 27 June. Middle School teachers ran the workshops where parents and members of the community, experts in the relative topics, were invited to lend their knowledge and enthuse the students. Activities on offer were vast and varied. Most of the Elective Programme subjects are short term, high interest, in-depth, instrumental courses with a focus on the practical. Students enjoyed an array of 20 activities from blokarting on Murawai Beach, building ‘chuck gliders’ in the hard technology room and creating their own music in a ‘rock factory’. Some played a round of golf, while others turned their hand to horse riding or surfing. Windsurfing and paddle boarding were some of the most

popular electives, yet others opted for the less physical but more intellectual demands of ‘releasing their inner spy’ where they learned to crack codes and solve mysteries. Many of the girls loved the Zumba day and the school was an adventure playground for those who chose to rock climb. The Elective Programme has developed as a result of the importance and benefits of Middle School students experiencing a wide range of lessons beyond the usual classroom routine. The philosophy is to offer students the chance to try something new in a ‘no pressure’ situation. They had the opportunity to mix with different students and in some cases staff, they had previously not had contact with. The programme allows the students to learn about taking risks, exploring new challenges and interacting with a different group of peers. Staff equally enjoy the opportunity to plan a day which plays to their recreational strengths and offers the students a chance to see them in a different light. Kate Dickson is the Assistant Principal for Years 7 and 8 and believes the programme adds a positive

variation to regular school work. “The children really do benefit from a change of routine and it allows them to focus on something new. They all wish the programme ran longer”, says Kate. The concept of Middle School, for children aged 11-15 was introduced into New Zealand as part of a growing movement around the world. Adam Heath, Kristin Middle School Principal believes having a Middle School provides best for the needs of adolescent students. Kristin fosters a positive environment for them to develop. Academically it allows students a gradual introduction to Senior School. Half the day is spent with their familiar home-room teacher and the rest in specialist tutor periods, eventually moving around the campus from class to class. It also provides many opportunities for expanding the range of learning opportunities. This is a time for students to uncover their strengths and to explore new directions. The Elective Programme is an excellent tool and Kristin School staff and students would like to thank all those in the community who took part.

Progress. Progress. Progress. Progress.

Progress. Progress.

Progress. Progress.

enquiries, contact the For all enrolment For enquiries, please contact theplease Director of Admissions Forall allenrolment enrolment enquiries, please contact theDirector Directorof ofAdmissions Admissions ph: +64 9 415 9566 ext 2324 ph: +64 9 415 9566 ext 2324 ph: +64 9 415 9566 ext 2324 Foror allemail: enrolment enquiries please contact the Director of Admissions, Foror allemail: enrolment enquiries please contact the Director of Admissions, Foror allemail: enrolment enquiries please contact the Director of Admissions,

415 9566please ext 324 or 415all 9566 ext 324 or For enrolment enquiries, the Director of Admissions 415 9566 ext 324contact or ph: +64 9 415 9566 ext 2324 Foror allemail: enrolment enquiries please contact the Director of Admissions, 415 9566 ext 324 or

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Issue 12 - JULY 2011

For all enrolment enquiries, please contact the Director of Admissions 2/12/09 10:59 AM 2/12/09 10:59 AM 2/12/09 10:59 AM ph: +64 9 415 9566 ext 2324 Foror allemail: enrolment enquiries please contact the Director of Admissions, 2/12/09 10:59 AM 415 9566 ext 324 or

Innovative new software programme

An innovatively designed downloadable software programme, BlockA-Web®, specifically created to help students to control their use of the internet, has been created by seven Takapuna Grammar School senior students. They have put a new twist on something young people know very well – technology. This new system allows students to create a realistic and personalised balance between study time and free time, minimising the impact of one of the most distracting procrastination tools of the 21st century – the internet. This unique product is being developed as a part of the Lion Foundation’s Young Enterprise Scheme, which encourages high school students to build their own company, product and marketing strategies. Block-A-Web® stands out because of its inclusion of a specifically designed timetabling system, which encourages students to take responsibility for their own study. Key concentration times can be selected as ‘study’ time, during which their selection of harmful or distracting websites are blocked, and other times can be selected as ‘free time’, during which identified sites are available. In this way the software can be uniquely personalised. Led by Managing Director Kun Qian, this team of senior students have created Aim Plus. The team is TeApatu McCrea, Hannah Brightley, Sophie Hayman, Ashleigh Giles, Craig Inger and Joyce Wang. Throughout 2011, they will receive advice and mentoring from professional business people, and attend inspirational events, such as E-Day. The concept for Block-A-Web® was sparked after Kun Qian’s struggle to stay motivated for his school exams in September 2010. He Decided to design a basic computer programme which would restrict the time he could spend on especially distracting websites, such as Facebook and YouTube, Kun developed an early prototype before the team, with the help of Jim Qian, developed a slick new programme, which will be released on and in selected stores in late July. Block-A-Web® has been designed by students, for students. As high school students themselves, the Aim Plus team understand very well the distractions presented by the internet, and how adversely this can impact on grades, especially during exam time. These personal experiences have resulted in a distinctly locally-grown and genuine product, which caters directly to the needs of teens in an increasingly engaging yet distracting environment. By Sophie Hayman.

Top left to right: Craig Inger, Kun Qian, Sophie Hayman, Ashleigh Giles, Joyce Wang, Hannah Brightley and TeApatu McCrea.


GRAMMAR SCHOOL YEar 9 2012 oPEn aFtErnoon WEdnEsdaY 03 auGust 2011

Information Sessions and Presentations by the Principal and Students in the School Hall from 4.00 to 4.20pm and from 5.30 to 5.50pm. These sessions will be followed by guided tours of the school campus by Senior Students

in ZonE EnroLmEnt EVEninGs Enrolment interviews will be conducted between 4.00pm and 7.00pm on the following dates:

Tuesday 09 August Wednesday 17 August Thursday 25 August no aPPointmEnt nEcEssarY out oF ZonE aPPLications

must be received by Thursday 01 September 2011 prior to the ballot on Thursday 08 September E n qu i r i E s c a n b E m a d E to The Enrolment Administrator, Mrs Helen Parker Telephone 4894167 extension 9221 or email Issue 12 - JULY 2011


Education: Pinehurst School

Education: Carmel College

Cecilia Wang at Colleen Murphy Florist

Grace Bergin at Lonely Hearts Design

Angelica Begley at North Shore Vets Hospital

Students Experience the Real World

For more than 25 years, Carmel College has provided a 3-day Work Experience for Year 12 students. Coordinated by the Careers and Transition Departments, along with the Year 12 Dean, 140 students organise their placements in careers which interest them, throughout the North Shore community and even across the water in Auckland City. For over 75% of the students the work experience is hugely beneficial. It gives the students an insight into the world of work. Employers often provide a variety of tasks so that students can Far left: fully appreciate Artfusions art by the range and Alice Rose depth of what is required within Left: Artfusions that profession. art by SandraJane Suleski Placements

range across a wide range of career possibilities, including education, medicine, veterinary science, engineering, law, business and retail. The outcome for students is usually one of two things: the work experience confirms the thoughts they already have about their future direction and leads them to explore it further, or it helps them realise they are not suited to that career and begin to investigate other alternatives. One Carmel College Old Girl had decided in Year 12 that she wanted to pursue a career in medicine, but her placement as an aide at Southern Cross hospital convinced her she did not really like being around sick people, so these days she is a very happy engineer! At a time when student loans for tertiary study can mount up very quickly, such information can prove invaluable. Invaluable, too, are the links forged between the school and the wider community. Employers who generously accept a ‘newbie’ for three days comment favourably on the enthusiasm of the students and the back-up provided by the school.

Budding Scientists

12th August - 14th August


Over 100 established and emerging New Zealand artists exhibiting painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, garden art and jewellery. Tickets to the preview evening at 7pm on Friday, 12th of August are now available for $40 each or $70 double. It will be an evening of fabulous art coupled with superb local wines from our major sponsors, Babich Wines. Entry over the weekend of the exhibition is by gold coin. Venue: Carmel College, 114 Shakespeare Road, Milford, Auckland For ticket sales or more information please phone: Ann Coughlan on (09) 410 1218

Theme Artwork by: Sarah Findlay

Issue 12 - JULY 2011


Not content with studying Science during class time, many girls in Year 7 have signed up for the NZ Science Badge scheme, which has been offered at Carmel for many years. The scheme requires students to carry out a number of science activities Year 7 Budding Scientist, in one of 24 possible fields. The most Joanne Tijono popular badge this year is the Human Biology badge, which has attracted the interest of several girls this term. One of these students, Joanne Tijono, has recently constructed a working model of the human eye, as well as a body parts game. Joanne and two of her classmates are racing each other to get this badge finished in record time. Watch out Med School!

Aerobics Champion

Year 10 student Tessa Mullins has been selected for the NZ Aerobics Team to compete at the World Championships in October. Tessa finished 2nd in a very tight battle at the FISAF National Aerobic Championships in the Junior division held recently. She won the Prelims but missed first place by .40 pts, scoring 52.30 to the winners 52.70. However, she finished the day elated after hearing that she had been picked for the NZ Team.

Pinehurst is a premier

PM Visits Pinehurst New Zealand Prime Minister Mr John Key accepted an invitation from Pinehurst’s Head Girl Emma Cavanagh and Head Boy Ben Wedd to hear their perspective on several issues including youth having a voice and changes to tertiary education. Pinehurst Senior College Year 13 student, Emma Cavanagh is an old hand when it comes to politics, having been involved from a local perspective on the North Shore City Youth Council since 2007, Co-Chairperson in 2010 and currently on the PR Committee.

independent school for students aged five to 18, based in Albany on Auckland’s North Shore. Small class sizes and a total school roll of only 850 students ensures your child will be exposed to a wide range of opportunities. With passionate teachers, a nurturing learning environment and a world-class Cambridge curriculum — your child is set to leave Pinehurst as a confident, well-equipped adult.

Student Chosen NZ Men’s Lacrosse Year 12 student Lex Edmonds has been selected to represent New Zealand Men’s Lacrosse team. A keen sportsman, Lex was also a member of Pinehurst’s Dragon boating team who won the Mixed Novice final at the 2011 Secondary Schools Regional Dragon Boat Championships.

Pinehurst Vex Robotics Represent NZ at Worlds Pinehurst’s Vex Robotics team, together with 2010 world champions Freerange Home School, formed an alliance to win the New Zealand Championships, securing a place at the World Championships held in Florida where they won more than half their competitions. Congratulations Pinehurst Vex team: Mark Glover, Fraser Richardson, Iain Heap, Tannen Bonneau, Sam Kerse, Calum Richardson, Angus Forrest and Weston Cowley.

ACADEMIC CURRICULUM A global leader in Cambridge International Examinations, Pinehurst has an extensive curriculum, taught by teachers who are focused on achievement and results. We are proud to have achieved two Top in the World’s (A Level Geography and A Level Physical Education) in the recent 2010 Cambridge International Examinations with an outstanding 100% pass rate in our A level examinations. SPORTS We cater for more than 150 sports teams offering students of all sporting abilities the opportunity to play. THE ARTS A wide range of music, visual arts and cultural opportunities.


G 18 AU

For further information, or to book a spot in our 9:30am Primary Tour contact our Enrolment Manager Heather Mills on 09 414 0960 ext.614

Phone 09 414 0960 Aerobics Champion Tessa Mullins


MONEY & INVESTING with Mark Houghton, Saxe-Coburg

100 investing with PieFunds Mike Taylor is the Managing Director of Pie Funds, a boutique Fund Manager that specialises in Australasian small companies.

Mark Houghton is the founder of Takapuna based company Saxe-Coburg Ltd.

09 486 1701

489 4890 or 021 878 887

How do you kill the Bull? The equity bull market is now over 2 years old and growing in maturity, in this article I’d like to explore the expected life span of this particular bull that started in March 2009.

rather acquire. And so the market will just keep bumping along despite often quite negative news flow. Therefore, in order to complete an “estocada” on the bull, we need something significant. For example: 1. Full scale banking crisis in China, massive drop in Asian growth and ensuing collapse in commodity prices; 2. Breakup of the EU; 3. Oil prices rise to US$150 a barrel and force the world into recession; 4. Bond vigilantes attack either US or Japanese debt markets and cause some sort of force majeure; 5. US Bond rates rise above 5% killing off any potentially sustained recovery; or 6. Iran nukes Israel. In summary, it’s not as easy as you think to kill the Bull. Any good Bull market should last at least 4 years, but like a good bull fight, you know that at some point it’s going to end – just watch for signs of the Matador lining up his estoque.

Before we even began the discussion, I will refer you to the famous investor Sir John Templeton’s quote (as I have done in the past), “Bull markets are born in pessimism, grow on scepticism, mature on optimism and die in euphoria”. In my view there are two possible outcomes that could kill the bull. The first is what most investment commentators would consider to be the least likely road to travel and is therefore the most likely; being that the current bull continues its natural progression through the various stages building to the euphoric point in a few years. Recent examples include 1987, 1999, 2007. However, whether the next euphoric point is reached in 2013 or 2019 as the previous data suggests it might be, is irrelevant. One needs to be able to recognise investment Euphoria and the madness of the crowd and exit accordingly, knowing that if you get it right you will always sell too early. Most people who’ve been burned by bubbles or investment euphoria in the past are often the first to identify “froth” and leave the party well before most of the guests arrive. Mike Taylor is the Managing Director of Pie Funds, a boutique However, judging the appropriate time to slip out the back door after the dancing on Fund Manager that specialises in Australasian small companies. tables has started but before noise control arrive is quite difficult. From an investment The Pie Australasian Growth Fund was the top performing retail fund in perspective, I recall people talking of a property bubble in 2004, yet it took 3 years and a financial meltdown for the bubble to burst. Usually the best outcome is to start slowly New Zealand for 2009 and 2010 as ranked by Morningstar and Fundsource. selling down over time so that perhaps byBoutique the time theInvestment bubble bursts you are mostly Contact us on (09) 486 1701 Manager Boutique Investment Manager Contact us on (09) 486 1701 cashed up and can easily cut those last positions. The good news is that I see no signs of euphoria in equity markets at present. Therefore, we are probably some time away from a euphoric end to this bull market. This brings me to outcome two, where the bull market is ended prematurely by a series of events, or perhaps just one large black swan event. We’ve got to remember that although gravity pulls everything down, the underlying trend for asset prices is up. Always has been. It’s in our DNA to be buyers of assets not sellers – we’d much

Go big, go global! Naaa... Go big, go global! Naaa...

Invest locally. Invest locally. Pie Funds

Mike Taylor Managing Director Pie Funds

Pie Funds

Channel Trivia

1. How many U.S. states border the Gulf of Mexico? 2. What’s the ballet term for a 360-degree turn on one foot? 3. Who averaged one patent for every three weeks of his life? 4. From what famous song does the lyric ‘How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people’ come? 5. Who, after anchoring off Hawaii in 1779, was mistaken for the god Lono? 6. What element begins with the letter “K”?

Issue 12 - JULY 2011


7. What Lewis Carroll book was banned in China after censors decided: “Animals should not use human language”? 8. What national holiday in Mexico has picnickers munching chocolate coffins and sugar skulls? 9. What was the first planet to be discovered using the telescope, in 1781? 10. Lake Pupuke is a freshwater lake occupying what? Answers are on page 113

The share market and funds management This series of articles is aimed at people who have a lump sum to invest, whether from savings, an asset sale, inheritance or some other settlement. Over the past two months, I have written about the need to be diversified when building an investment portfolio, which doesn’t mean having three term deposits, or five finance companies all with the same underlying risk. Then we looked at income generating investments and I recommended a portfolio of bonds and listed property trusts. I also warned of the dangers of ‘unlisted property syndicates’, which I believe should be avoided without exception. In this month’s article I want to make some observations about the share market and the funds management industry, to give you an understanding of how it all works. This is important because I fundamentally believe that investing in managed funds is your best option, but not just any funds. This is particularly true since the tax changes in October 2007, but more on that next month. The share market is made up of companies who sell themselves or part thereof to the public. Companies do this for a number of reasons, but primarily to access the pool of capital built up from savings which are looking for a higher return than cash or bonds. The share market provides the opportunity to become a part owner of many businesses like Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Google, Contact Energy, Burger Fuel or Charlie’s. Most people invest in the share market via a fund manager. In fact more than 80% of the turn-over on the share market is from fund managers. Fund managers dominate the market and are the primary price-setters. As with all markets, share prices are set where a willing buyer meets a willing seller. Every day these prices change as the world changes, and buyers and sellers circumstances change, affecting the need to transact. For example, a fund manager may receive an inflow of money and have to buy more shares, or they may lose clients, and have to sell. The prices of all the shares listed on an exchange determine the ‘level’ of the share market. When you read that the share market gained twenty points today, it means that more shares went up today than went down (it does also factor in company size, so if a big company goes up, it will more than offset several smaller companies going down). For example, the ASX200 is a commonly used measure for the Australain share market. It comprises the largest 200 companies in Australia. Just less than 40% of the ASX200 is in six companies, the four banks, Rio Tinto and BHP. The other 194 companies make up the other 60%. The way the market is measured has given rise to a whole industry of ‘market investors’. Let me explain what I mean by ‘market investors’. Most fund managers, who invest in shares, are expected to deliver a return at least as good as that of the market, as defined and measured by an index such as the ASX200. This expectation leads to what we call “indexing” or “closet-indexing”. You may have heard the term ‘Index Fund’. An index fund will buy all of the shares in the market (as defined by the companies which make up the index), so will definitely give you the same return as the market. This is a mechanical exercise so you don’t need to pay smart people to analyse companies and watch interest Mike Taylor Managing Director Pie Funds

rates or geo-political events, and it can be done very cheaply. A closet-index fund is one which stays close to the index, so as to avoid significantly underperforming the market, but will buy a few extra shares of companies it likes, and a few less shares of companies it doesn’t like. They take this approach because the industry has made ‘the market’ their benchmark, and their jobs depend on never being too far beneath that benchmark, which of course implies that they will also never be too far ahead of it either. They will still buy virtually all of the companies in the index, regardless of price or quality. These funds are expensive to run, and the problem is, there is only so much return to go around. When you subtract roughly 2% for their costs, it becomes clear that far less than half of these managers will in fact do as well as the market. So this is how the bulk of money invested in funds is managed. Yet, in my view, the only way to invest in the share market is to find managers who understand businesses and ignore these ‘market’ measures, managers who have the ability to protect your capital and reduce the risk of being in shares, while still delivering a better return than the market. Many consider this to be impossible. But there is ample proof that great managers do exist, and will always exist. A well known example of a fund many Kiwis invest in is Platinum International, a Sydney based fund which invests in international shares. Since it started in 1994 (we invested on day one), it has risen 700% while the market has risen less than 100% (measured in AUDs). Platinum has achieved these outstanding results by protecting capital in times of serious market down-turns. So when you are looking at a fund in which to invest check to see if it is a closet-indexer. Just look at a graph of its return versus the market in which it invests. If they look pretty much the same, you’ll know it is a closet indexer, and you would be better off buying a cheap ‘index fund’. However, even better than that, look for a manager who can protect your capital, and make you a lot more than either. ........................................................................................................................... Mark Houghton is the founder of Takapuna based company Saxe-Coburg Ltd. Telephone 489 4890 or 021 878 887. Email: Issue 12 - JULY 2011

STAND UP PADDLING: with Mark Jackson 103

102 Health & Rehab with KneeCare The KneeCare programme was founded by local North Shore Physiotherapist Geoff Potts (MHSc) after he completed a 6 year tour of duty with NZ Rugby and NZ Rugby Sevens. After doing years of research into osteoarthritis of the knee, he recognised that a large number of New Zealanders were suffering needlessly from this problem. He and colleague David Cooper then developed and tested individualised, research based physiotherapy programs to help people with knee osteoarthritis, and got fantastic results in community based trials. Geoff has also now been joined by Jude Spiers (PGDipHSc - musculoskeletal physiotherapy) who joined KneeCare as a partner after being involved with the NZ Warriors and NZ Kiwis Rugby League teams since 2000. Throughout this decade of service, he was at the coal face of elite sports injury management, working with Sports Physicians and Orthopaedic Surgeons perfecting knee injury and post-surgical rehabilitation protocols that maximise functional return to sport.

For Mike, it’s all about


One person who swears by the benefits provided by Kneecare is Devonport resident Mike Capper. Mike has had issues with his knees for many years. His wife read about Kneecare at Shore Physiotherapy and pushed him to go along. As he tells us in this article he is very glad that he did. Channel’s Aidan Bennett put some questions to him in mid June about his Kneecare experience. AIDAN BENNETT: Tell us about your knee problem Mike. How had it occurred? MIKE CAPPER: I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both knees about three years ago. It was troublesome, but not crippling. I took a lot of pain relief tablets. Then walking became difficult. Getting in and out of the car became a real challenge; and by mid-afternoon the aching in my legs was having a really bad impact on my life. One evening, I had to leave my theatre-seat. It was just too painful to sit without stretching. In order to avoid pain, I began to avoid activity. AB: Who referred you to Geoff, David and the team at Kneecare? MC: My wife was becoming increasingly concerned about my aches, pains and (uncharacteristic!) grumpiness. She saw an advert for the North Shore Knee Clinic and encouraged me to check it out.

Mike Capper.

AB: What sort of programme did you go on? MC: I had an assessment session with David Cooper which confirmed just how debilitated I had become. Subsequently, at the YMCA Recreation Centre I was introduced to a range of exercises tailored to the individual needs of my left and right legs, which I had previously thought of as giving me equal aggravation.

If you’ve had a lower limb injury, or if you’re interested in preventing injuries get your knee warrant of fitness at KneeCare. It could save you a lot of pain.

I was impressed by that attention to detail. I continue to be impressed by David’s seeming awareness of what goes on inside my legs.

AB: What have the benefits been? MC: After twelve weeks, almost to the day, the pain stopped. There is still some aching some days, and I’m still working on strengthening my legs. But I’m now able to walk up and down stairs confidently, in a straight line – rather than sideways/crablike $ .00 cautiously. I get in and out of my car without it seeming like an Olympic achievement. · KneeCare clinical assessment After a lifetime of gym-avoidance, I’ve · KneeCare physical assessment · KneeCare exercise plan decided that the twice-weekly sessions · Complementary 1-week gym membership are enjoyable, and that they make good sense. I work with people challenged by dementia illnesses. Our catch-cry is “what’s good for your heart is good for your brain”. So hopefully, I’m looking after my brain as well as my knees!

KNeeCARE W.O.F 150

Specialised Lower Limb Rehabilitation Local Knee Care provider:- Shore Physiotherapy, 2 Byron Avenue, Takapuna. Tel: 09 489 7573, Email:

Issue 12 - JULY 2011

Our regular Stand Up Paddling (SUP) contributor is the energetic Mark Jackson, North Shore native and owner of Stand Up South Pacific Ltd. After 25 years competing and teaching in Hawaii, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, Mark Jackson has brought Standup South Pacific to New Zealand. As a water sports instructor he has taught for many well known sports stars and celebrities. Some of his competitive results include: 1987 Wailea Speed Crossing 1st Place; 1988 Maui County Slalom Championships 1st Place; 2nd 3rd & 4th places in the Papa He’e Nalu Tandem Maui Surf; 2007 Maui Canoe & Kayak Club S.U.P. Division Champion; 2007 SUP Starbucks Maui to Molokai Challenge 1st Place.

Hull oh Aloha lo – what’s all this then? It’s one hull of a concept squared! It was inevitable – the 'Standamaran' – from Stand Up South Pacific, and it’s coming to a toy store near you! It has always been forward thinking minds that bring about futuristic changes. Remember when Dennis Conner’s Cat, Stars & Stripes US1, slaughtered Bruce Farr’s New Zealand challenge KZ1 in the 1988 Americas Cup (yeah, we'd rather forget that one too!). Well forget all the painful appeals in New York courts between Michael Fay and Dennis Conner, because without them, we would never have reached the bizarre and mind blowing phase of the present day Americas Cup racing. Another forward thinking mind, disguised behind Joe 90 spectacles, and a Dave the Wave haircut, is the Chairman of the Takapuna Beach Business Association (TBBA). He’s Dave Donaldson, a thriving optimistic adventuring capitalist multi hull freak. I like the nickname DD squared since every project he’s involved in more than doubles it’s ROI and has been a DD smash success. Dave has been involved in properties for many years, specialising in developing older buildings including the Steel Works (Mt Eden) and the fabulous Takapuna Beach Cafe. He was also involved in remodelling 10 Northcroft Street – home to The Department Store – which subsequently was named number one new retail store in the world by Monocle Magazine. Dave lives in Takapuna and wants to be involved in its future. He believes that Takapuna has fantastic potential but it needs to be realised by land owners, businesses, developers and residents all working together. Along with like minded members of the TBBA, Dave’s on a mission to put the '*Puna back in our *Taka'. He’s a Stand Up Takapuna guy, standing up for our Takapuna. His present mission is to turn Takapuna to the tātahi (the beach).

Dave Donaldson testing the new 'Standamaran' which is now available from Stand Up South Pacific

Step 1 in his mission – Renovate the old Roberts Electric Store (most recently a toy shop) so that it flows through to the tātahi. Step 2 – Find a retailer who goes with that flow and also 'stands up' for Takapuna. Both these Missions are accomplished. Stand Up South Pacific will be the new front door/back door watersport store at 53 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna. Our mission – Flood Takapuna with saltwater serious cruisers, inviting everyone to 'come around' and play. A big thank you and tribute (rahi mihimihi) to 'Dave the Wave' Donaldson for igniting my entrepreneurial mind to be part of the *Taka *Puna! Give Mark Jackson a call at Stand Up South Pacific: 0220 PADDLE, 0220 72 33 53 or get online Opening soon at 53 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna. *Taka (verb) to come round – as a date or period of time. *Puna 1 (verb) to well up, flow. 2. (noun) spring (of water), well, pool.

AB: Was it all pretty straight forward and no hassle? MC: A very impressive professional team: No hassles.

Jimmy Lewis MANO

Jimmy Lewis Cruise Control

Jimmy Lewis Hanalei

Jimmy Lewis Slice

Jimmy Lewis Albatross

Jimmy Lewis Bombora

Jimmy Lewis Blade Issue 12 - JULY 2011


LOCAL GOVERNMENT with Schnauer and Co 105

104 NEW ARRIVAL: STAXS Clothing, Takapuna

The Elephant in the Room

Horotiu the Taniwha!

STAXS CLOTHING Now open in Takapuna There's an exciting new clothing shop now open at 4 Hurstmere Road in Takapuna. STAXS is a dynamic New Zealand clothing retailer successfully providing today's women with sophisticated fashion, styled for today's world. STAXS was established in 1987 and still is a New Zealand family owned and operated company - they’ve been bringing New Zealanders fabulous fashion for over 23 years. The new Takapuna store is one of 12 spread throughout New Zealand. STAXS has recently relaunched with a bold new identity in the New Zealand fashion market and the new store in Takapuna is a big part of this. The new STAXS appeals to the woman who loves great design and isn't afraid of a little edginess or modern styling. She wants to reference trends but doesn't want to slavishly follow them. The STAXS woman gets style that stands

the test of time. The team at STAX have taken it upon themselves to offer you the best of the current trends with their own personal touch. They'll take you from the office to drinks after work, or dress you up for your next special occasion. They are offering well made, fashion forward pieces which are also affordable. New designs are shipped into the store every week so there is always something new for you to try and fall in love with. After all, nothing makes you feel more feminine than a new dress in a beautiful fabric and a fabulous colour. STAXS offers you a boutique experience with fabulous clothes, friendly staff and no hefty price tags in sight. ........................................................................................................................... STAX, 4 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna. Telephone 486 0693.

Prior to the local body elections last year, Mayor Brown stated he had a goal of completing the innercity rail loop. As early as April 2010, Mr Brown was making public statements of this nature. Mayor Brown had his supporters, one of which was mayoral hopeful, John Banks. In an election pamphlet, Mr Banks said he had a vision of the inner-city loop improving the Auckland CBD. The inner-city loop is not without its detractors, one of which includes Transport Minister, Steven Joyce. Other detractors included those who saw the government borrowing $300million per week. And those who were concerned at the forecast rates increases of 8.9%. Then there were the roading protagonists. They maintain that a modern city has to be connected by people travelling in cars. Even as recent as four weeks ago, Minister Joyce and Mayor Brown were again at loggerheads over the issue. Strangely absent from all this was any comment from Iwi. It is not as if they weren’t vocal on wanting reserved Maori seats for the Auckland Council. They certainly were very quick to ask for millions of dollars of funding for the Maori Statutory Board. There has been plenty of time for Iwi to consider the prospect of the inner city rail loop. Public

pronouncements by the Mayor started as early as 18 months ago. Yet it wasn’t until just this month that the Taniwha mysteriously appeared. Did the Maori Statutory Board demand consultation over the rail loop because of the Taniwha? No. They demanded to know when the city planned to let the Taniwha know! Of course, Horotiu (the Taniwha) is not alone in asserting authority over planned transport routes. In the mid 1990’s plans were announced to supply Aucklanders with treated water from the Waikato River. At that time, a tribe near Cambridge made comment about persuading a local Taniwha to damage the water supply around the input pipe. Strangely enough, the water seems to be reaching Auckland just fine and tastes pretty good from the tap in our kitchen. There have been Taniwha successes. When Transit wished to erect State Highway 1 near Meremere, local Iwi claimed the road would be cursed because of the Taniwha, Karu Tahi. The bureaucrats listened and an alternative route was found.

On that occasion, there was no added cost. But can the same be said in Auckland? Maori Statutory Board member Glen Wilcox made an ambiguous statement at the Council meeting that discussed the issue. He said that “there are always ways to placate taniwha”. Considering that Maori wanted the Taniwha to be consulted, it is not clear what this statement meant. Obviously one way to placate Horotiu was to consult with it. Considering it doesn’t really exist one wonders how that is going to be possible. Of course the other way to placate the Taniwha is to make it go away, or make the issue go away. We suggest you don’t need to stretch your imagination too far to figure out exactly how this might occur. At the end of the day we can debate until the cows come home, the merits or otherwise of the inner-city rail loop and whether it is going to cost $4 billion or $2 billion. If one opposes the rail loop, it should be because of those and other objections, not because of mythical monsters. There are already enough monsters stifling progress in this country as it is – the Resource Management Act for example. Mythical monsters are best left for storybooks and Hollywood movies. If the Auckland Council was established to move the city forward, then dealing with (Taniwha) elephants in the room has to be a top priority.

Think North Shore Lawyers Think Schnauer and Co is a boutique law firm dedicated to providing personal and specialist assistance. We aim to develop and promote quality professional legal advice on the Shore commensurate with this area’s growing status as a centre of business excellence. We live and work within the North Shore community. We understand the issues facing people and we can help to resolve them. 222 Kitchener Road, Milford Ph +64 9 486-0177 Relationship Property | Trusts, Asset Protection and Estate Planning | Property | Commercial

Issue 12 - JULY 2011 Issue 12 - JULY 2011

Education: Unitec 107

Your life could change on 1 August.

Unitec’s Northern campus opens in Albany. We’re opening a brand new campus right in the heart of the North Shore. We’ll be offering the very best training to meet the huge demand for skilled workers in the growing areas of trade training, health care, business, communication and IT.

Pre-apprentice training in: - Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Pre-apprentice training in: - Multiskill Building Construction

We’ll also be the leading provider of language skills for new arrivals in New Zealand, and foundation programmes to get you into further education or employment. If you’re ready for your life to change, talk to us now. Txt ALBANY to 244 for more information or visit

Pre-apprentice training in: - Automotive and Mechanical Engineering - Autotronics

Or choose to study: - Animal Care - Community Skills - Health Care Worker

UNI7834 Albany MAG A4.indd 1

Or choose to study: - Foundation Studies - General - English (Beginners and Advanced)

Or choose to study: - Diploma in Business, Business Administation and Computing - Computer Systems Engineering - Communication and Media Arts

change starts here

Or choose to study: - Free 4U Computing courses - Real Estate (Sales) - Retail Sales

25/05/11 10:28 AM

Expanding Options

Unitec’s new Albany Campus will open its doors in August.

New Albany Campus Expands Options for Education on the North Shore The opening of Unitec’s new campus in Albany has been welcomed by North Shore Principal Russell Brooke. Unitec is New Zealand’s largest Institute of Technology and currently has over 23,000 students enrolled at four campuses located across the city. The new campus, located at 10 Rothwell Avenue in Albany, will open its doors on 1 August. It will offer a number of certificate programmes including autotronic, automotive and mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, multiskill building construction, information technology, animal care and health care, business services, foundation learning and English languages programmes. In its first year of operation around 300 students are expected to study at the campus, with student numbers expected to rise to over 1,000 within a few years. Previous studies have identified that there is a shortage of vocational educational provision in the North Shore and Rodney areas. Demand is likely to increase noticeably in the future as the population of Auckland north of the Harbour bridge is expected to grow from 329,000 now to reach 431,000 in twenty years time. Long Bay College Principal Russell Brooke has welcomed the arrival of a vocationally oriented tertiary institution to the North Shore. “The new campus will broaden the post-school options of our students,” he says. Okura resident and former Long Bay College student Kyle Goodall is one of

the first students to enrol at the new campus. After studying business studies at school last year and taking part in the Young Enterprise Challenge, Kyle has enrolled in the New Zealand Diploma in Business programme. He says he looked at studying business at lots of different institutions but found the “hands on,” practical approach that Unitec offered appealed to him. “It’s really great for me to be able to study in Albany which is so close to home. If I was to travel across the bridge it would take me an hour to get there,” Kyle says. Unitec Chief Executive Rick Ede says that the opening of the new campus is exciting news for North Shore residents. “We are very pleased to be able to offer a range of programmes at our Albany campus which will provide North Shore residents with access to quality, practically orientated vocational education,” he adds. ........................................................................................................ For information about the new campus visit Enrolment applications can be submitted via mail or in person to Unitec student central at the Mt Albert, Waitakere and Takapuna (132 Hurstmere Road) campuses. From 12 July onwards Unitec’s new campus at 10 Rothwell Avenue, Albany will be open to receive enquiries and applications from 8am 4pm. Semester two classes commence on 1 August.

Unitec Student Profile

Ashley Yan, Electrotechnology Bright Spark Unitec electrotechnology student Ashley Yan might just be the definition of a superwoman. During her first year of study she managed to hold down a full time job while studying for two degrees at different institutions. She doesn’t recommend trying it though and after one hectic year juggling work and study, Ashley decided to give up her job and concentrate on being a full time student. She’s now in her final year of study and is a student at both Unitec Institute of Technology completing an electrotechnology degree and Whiteria Polytechnic where she is enrolled in a Bachelor of Marketing.

It’s an unusual mix. In 2005 Ashley completed a Certificate in Electrotechnology, one of the many programmes which will be offered at Unitec’s new Albany campus. After finishing her certificate Ashley wanted to further her studies by completing a Bachelor Degree. As the only girl in her class in the traditionally male dominated field of electrical engineering Ashley’s also a good example that girl’s can do anything and they can do it well. “Being the only girl in my class has actually worked out fine for me. The boys just treat me like a brother.” Ashley hopes to find a role which focuses on electrical design or project management and wants to complete a Masters Degree. “My course has been really interesting and I would like to continue studying. I think that because so many systems are electrically based now it should be easy for me to find a job.” There’s something very switched on about this young electrical engineer that makes you confident she’s right. Issue 12 - JULY 2011


CHEWING THE FAT: by James ‘JD’ Dominion In the traditions of great magazine columnists this month we introduce James Dominion to the Channel team. James tells us that he is a Takapuna local – although nobody can actually verify this – or that this is actually his real name. But hey, he has put up his hand to be a monthly contributor at very little cost to the magazine. An offer that is very hard to refuse due to the tiny editorial budget we exist on. So here's the first installment from the man simply referred to by his mates as 'JD'.

Cool down in summer, stay Warm in winter

Issue 12 - JULY 2011

Calling all Shore men by James ‘JD’ Dominion

As the winter solstice approaches the sea is becoming toe-curlingly cold, our BBQ’s are entering a state of hibernation and our back yard cricket pitches are flooding. Men all over the Shore are being ushered indoors leaving them displaced from their man space. Left bemused they wonder where they will spend ‘man time’ from June until October. Fortunately there is resolve to this problem in the form of a ‘man cave’! The title ‘man cave’ suggests that this room is a dark, seedy, primitive hovel capable of entertaining only the most neanderthal of friends, but it is far from it. With a little kiwi ingenuity, any spare room, garage or garden shed can be transformed into an eden of masculinity fit to host any like-minded guest. Its sports memorabilia covered walls resonate with the stories of past sporting glories. The fridge has a sole purpose of chilling a certain amber nectar and the stereo should be capable of annoying deaf neighbours. Sports on the ridiculously large television should only ever be interrupted by in- house sports – such as darts, pool, foosball, table tennis or a putting competition. This is a place where a man can be a man without fear of upsetting any female company. Where referee abuse is not frowned upon and certain bodily functions are never inappropriate. I have a dream – and whilst it is at the other end of the altruistic spectrum from Martin Luther King’s – equality is the common goal. Equality for men who put up with wardrobes stuffed full of shoes and handbags, bathrooms overflowing with cosmetics, couches covered with floral pillows and kitchens littered with redundant herbs. It is only fair that blokes have one room to hoard their most prized possessions too! Picture this my Channel friends... A feature wall concealed by a 52 inch mounted plasma with surround sound that is accompanied by all the necessary condiments – MySky, blue ray dvd player, Playstation 3. On the left, either side of the well stocked bar is the framed David Kirk World Cup winning jersey of 1987. On the other side, an empty frame waiting for Richie’s 2011 jersey. The opposing wall has New Zealand sailing great Peter Blake’s lucky red socks, Aussie cricket great Steve Waugh’s lucky red handkerchief and Baywatch great Pam Anderson's lucky red one-piece – all signed, unwashed and framed. The floor is conveniently carpeted with astro-turf for an easy clean up. In front of the ridiculously large TV are three couches – all with Lay-Z-Boy capability. Behind the viewing area is an 8x4 foot pool table which can be quickly transformed into a table-tennis table with an 8x4 sheet of plywood. Next to the beer fridge at the rear of the room there is a six seater poker table (where the house always wins) and a Trevor Chappel dart board with his bowling arm as the bull’s-eye. A real feast for all man’s senses! This too perhaps is just a dream for now but with the days until the Rugby World Cup numbering double figures, now is the perfect time to start constructing your own man space. Rugby is best watched live but unless your Graham Henry’s nephew you have got about as much chance of getting tickets to Eden Park as you do have of sneaking in. So what better place to watch the AB’s lift the Webb Ellis trophy than with your mates than in front of your unjustifiably massive TV in the luxury of your own man cave. At least the beer is full strength and you will be able to get a car park! – Have a great July, JD.

netball NEWS with Adele Lendich 109 By Adele Lendich, CEO of Netball North Harbour.

Bad Sport As CEO of Netball North Harbour and Regional Manager for Netball North overseeing 20,000 netballers I do not support or condone bad sideline behavior. Recently however I had to reign in all my gut instincts not to become angered with an appalling display of bad sportsmanship by a group of adults. I watched our North Harbour Under 15 team play a Waikato team at a nationwide tournament hosted here at AMI Netball North Harbour with 105 visiting teams and thousands of spectators on a miserable rainy day. If you have ever watched a game of netball on television you will know that the whistle is continually blown for obstruction under the goal. During this particular game however the whistle was not blown once under the post allowing all obstruction and contact at the Harbour attack end. At the defense end of the court however the Harbour umpire (who was doing a very proficient job) was abused by both spectators and players of the visiting team and who subsequently needed to be counseled post game as he was confused and upset at what had taken place on the court where he had no jurisdiction. To our Harbour players, coaches and management’s credit the girls continued to hold their heads up and play their best. They lost. There was injury, frustration and tears in what amounted to be a game of two halves. Three cheers – yes… but

one for the umpire! As a sporting body we all support our umpires and officials who are after all volunteering their time. At North Harbour we provide the best Netball umpire development programme in the country. We work very hard to ensure performances are monitored; umpires receive constructive feedback and are continually up-skilled. We invest considerable resources to provide a pathway for our umpires and officials to develop and reach the highest accreditation possible. With this investment in mind it is very disappointing when this type of unacceptable behaviour occurs by others. Don’t we all have the same philosophy? On one hand I witnessed grit and determination from a group of young athletes who knew they were going to lose a game. I witnessed their coaches, management and supporters continue to cheer them on and not react negatively to poor decisions. I was extremely proud of these girls and their parents for their sportsmanship and courage under fire. On the other hand I witnessed obvious avoidance of the enforcement of rules by an adult umpire to benefit her team. Most disappointing of all I witnessed terrible sportsmanship as the visitor adults yelled and abused a young up and coming Northern umpire (who has been talent I’D’d by NNZ) in an attempt to stem his confidence and ability. Gosh its dam hard not to be incited with anger when you witness adults destroying their children’s sport with poor sportsmanship, bad behaviour and blatant cheating. ..................................................................................................... For further information contact:- Adele Lendich, CEO, Netball North Harbour, Email:

IF YOU CAN DREAM, YOU CAN ACHIEVE: YES Disability Resource Centre It is our pleasure to introduce this new monthly column to Channel Magazine. This column showcases the news, views and reviews important to young people linked with the YES Disability Resource Centre in Albany ( This month we read the words of Debbie Bennett from the Carabiner class of 2010. Debbie is an aspiring writer and poet who currently studies journalism under a scholarship at AUT. Debbie joined Carabiner to gain exposure to and knowledge of the industry she hopes to work within. Through having the dream and sharing it with others she writes this piece for Channel, capturing the journey of Blake Noble.

Blake Noble, Mentor Have you ever met someone whose bread and butter job is in a family business, who has various leadership roles, including mentoring and that’s been part of an 18-month-long nation-wide scholarship-based leadership programme? The man is Blake Noble, whose primary job is working for Allied Medical, which provides equipment for people with disabilities. Through the business, he is able to meet “lots of amazing people from all walks of life.” Blake loves his job, “knowing that a wheelchair is not something just to mobilize, but a product for people to go to school, work, meet their friends, go to the zoo, and get out there and live!!” That’s exciting stuff, he says. He has also mentored a girl studying business through Carabiner Mentoring, a program for young people with disabilities to help them pursue their ambitions. Through Carabiner, he now mentors a boy who’s a budding film screen writer. Blake has welcomed the challenge of mentoring someone whose dream is unfamiliar. “It scares me,” he says. However, he’s also learnt what it meant to be a Screen Writer and his Mentoree has found what it takes to succeed with dreams and aspirations. Blake has found mentoring for Carabiner was not about having the best knowledge, but in helping to set goals and direction. His second Mentoree now has a “solid plan” for his film screen writing dream. “Anyone can be a leader” Blake says. He believes it has to do a lot with self awareness, knowing your limits and when it is better to ask someone to step in. He believes you don’t need to be a leader 100% of the time and leadership does

not occur by status. So how does Blake keep motivated? What works for him is doing lots of different things as he gets bored easily. “You need to be a whole person, (get involved in various things) that’s a critical thing.” He helps young business owners and plays sport. He’s driven by seeing people in Carabiner Mentoring do some mind-blowing things. He is motivated by young people who have lots of energy. So now, like me, you know a little more about Blake Noble. If you also want to become a Mentor with Carabiner Mentoring contact the team: Email: or Telephone 4145360. About Carabiner Mentoring: A carabiner is a vital piece of equipment that provides support, confidence and guidance required for a Climber to reach the pinnacle of their mountain. Carabiner mentoring supports young people with disabilities to reach the pinnacle of their lives by acting as a Carabiner (or link) between young people with disabilities and adult mentors in their common area of interest. Carabiner links potential with success. (Visit: Issue 12 - JULY 2011

110 Legally Speaking with Simpson Western Lawyers Nicola Russ.

TIME TO REVIEW YOUR TERMS OF TRADE? Do you have terms of trade? If so, have you reviewed them in the last 10 years? If you answered “no” to one or both of these questions, then read on for an overview of important aspects that should be covered in your Terms of Trade.

In writing and signed Your Terms of Trade should be clearly recorded in writing so your customer knows exactly when payment is required and the consequences of failing to pay. However, even if you have the best Terms of Trade containing all the necessary clauses, they are useless unless they form part of your contract with your customers. Your Terms of Trade should be provided to your customer before you start doing any work for them. If you fail to do so, there is scope for your customer to argue that they were not aware of the Terms of Trade and therefore, they do not apply to them. Where possible, you should have the customer sign a credit application form which incorporates your written Terms. The benefit of doing this is that the credit application form will give you an opportunity to obtain detailed information about

Nicola Russ is a partner in Simpson Western’s commercial team. Her primary areas of practice include buying and selling businesses, business banking and finance, and advice on shareholder, licensing and supply arrangements.

your customer so you can carry out reference and credit checks, before you agree to do any work for them or to supply goods on credit terms. It is very difficult for a customer to argue that your Terms of Trade will not apply if you have a signed signed copy on file. If your customer has not signed your Terms of Trade, you can still insist they form part of the contractual arrangements with your customer, but it can be more difficult to prove. Website sales Procuring signed Terms of Trade is impractical where you sell goods through a website. In this case, you should ensure the customer pays for the goods, and has read and agrees to your Terms of Trade, before the goods are dispatched. Agreement in this situation will likely involve displaying the Terms of Trade on all relevant pages of your website, and then requiring the customer to click a button confirming they have read and agree to your Terms of Trade before the sale is completed. Up to date Make sure your business Terms of Trade are up to date and comply with the current law. We are still seeing terms of trade that have not been updated since the introduction of the Personal Property Securities regime over 10 years ago. This oversight could compromise your ability to recover your goods in a liquidation or receivership.

1531 Simpson Western for Channel Magazine01-AW.indd 1

Issue 12 - JULY 2011

Also consider including provisions such as contracting out of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 in respect of business customers and including the relevant compliance clauses where you wish to disclose personal and credit information about customers (covered by the Privacy Act 1993). Do you want to send out notices and marketing materials to your customers by email? If so you require your customer’s consent to do so. Consent can be obtained through your Terms of Trade. Liability Have you included necessary exclusions of liability and limitations of liability in your Terms of Trade? These clauses are very important if a claim is brought against you for a defective product or service. Exclusion of liability clauses and limitation of liability need to be well drafted as the courts review these clauses carefully and usually interpret any ambiguity against you, the defendant. Debt recovery You should ensure you have the right to charge interest on overdue amounts, and to recover costs incurred when enforcing against your customer. Interest and enforcement costs can be significant, and can deter your customer from failing to pay on time or ‘stringing you along’. You should consider including a guarantee and indemnity provision if you believe you can obtain one from a company customer. These provisions can be included in your Terms of Trade or in your credit application form. They are strongly recommended where the company customer has a limited trading history or cannot provide credible trade references. In these changing times good contractual documentation is vital. Ensure your business has up-to-date credit application forms and Terms of Trade. Most importantly, make sure your procedures with your customers are correct so you can be sure those Terms of Trade form part of your contract. At the very time you wish to rely on your contractual documentation you do not want to find out that you cannot. The information contained in this article is true and accurate to the best of the writer’s knowledge. It does not constitute, and should not be substituted for, legal advice. 21/6/11 3:57:36 PM

Sometimes bigger is just better. When bad things happen sometimes bigger is just better, especially in the world of insurance. Aon is New Zealand’s largest insurance broker with an office right here on the Shore, in Takapuna, and a network of more than 650 staff in 70 offices throughout the country. For all your domestic and commercial insurance ask for Aon CPF backed by market leaders NZI, Vero and Allianz. Do something big today, call Aon on 486-0499 or 0800 189 020.

Accountancy Beyond the numbers with Hayes Knight 113

112 Bathroom Concepts Bathroom Concepts

23 Years on the North Shore

Bathroom Concepts are a specialist bathroom renovation company who have been renovating bathrooms on the North Shore for over 23 years. With well over 1000 bathroom renovations under their belt they have the experience and expertise to handle the most challenging of bathroom renovations. The Bathroom Concepts team provide a full design and project management service to take your dream bathroom from concept to completion. And they take away the rubbish! Bathroom Concepts work collaboratively with clients to design and create a bathroom that meets their needs and their budget with no hidden costs. They provide a scale design of your bathroom and a fully transparent fixed price quotation. They also carry out the full project management of the bathroom renovation, ensuring that materials, fittings and tradespeople are on site when required, schedules are kept to and their high standards are maintained. Bathrooms generally are the most labour intensive room in the house to renovate. A bathroom renovation can have anywhere from eight to 12 different subtrades required, who all have to be coordinated accurately to ensure a smooth and efficient renovation. Many people just don’t have the time to coordinate and project manage a bathroom renovation themselves, which makes Bathroom Concepts full turnkey solution a great option if you’re thinking of giving your bathroom a new lease of life. If you want the piece of mind of a company with over 23 years bathroom renovation experience, Bathroom Concepts are the sensible choice. Bathroom Concepts:- 38 Barry's Point Road, Takapuna. Telephone 486 3800, Email: or visit:

Tired of your bathroom?

Facing-off with Social Media Sometimes hearing some home truths can be a difficult pill to swallow, so last month when Aidan Bennett, the well respected and esteemed publisher of Channel, called me a dinosaur over my inability to tweet I figured I needed to investigate further. So off I set on some research and I came face to face with some hard facts – social media integration is no longer an aspirational thought, or a good idea to be mulled over later. This became clear to me at a recent Hayes Knight business improvement forum (T3). I learnt that in the UK 1 in 4 people are less inclined to engage with a website that uses no social media tools.* Sure we can argue “but that’s the UK, however, further discussion suggested that Google also factors social media integration into its ranking system. This was followed by two more hard hitting facts: • 56% of people surveyed feel more engaged with companies that interact on social media • 57% of people surveyed say that as consumers they feel better served by socially engaged companies** This was a well needed wake-up. But where do we start? It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the things you should be doing; so at Hayes Knight we plan to start by building on the things we do well. Two things immediately came to mind; we have great looking website and our team author insightful articles that are useful. Website integration is at the top of our social media strategy. For us, and most businesses, this means considering: • Converting general news posts into an engaging blog format, where visitors can comment, review, ask questions and get answers. Visitors also appreciate blogs that utilise keyword tags, which they can then use to find related articles. • Introducing a news feed (RSS) to stay connected to clients and stakeholders. The reverse is also true. You can pull in fresh, up-to-the minute

content by adding relevant content feeds from partner networks to your website, or alternatively from social media platforms you’re already active on. • If we’re doing our job and providing content that shares a resource, solves a problem or improves a life then people will want to share this. So step two; add functionality that allows visitors to share your website’s content via Email, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other relevant social networks with just one click. • The above point rings true for e-newsletters. So much effort goes into preparing them so why not add functionality that will allow readers to share your great content with others. • Opportunities to repackage content and tools to make them more engaging. For example, Slideshare is great for sharing presentations (something we do a lot of) and video content. Embed this new content into blogs, website pages and e-newsletters. And voila, you have interactive multi-media content. The next hard fact: Several clients (including, but not limited to Mr Bennett!) have recently shared with me the success they’ve having with Twitter. Now if our clients are having conversations via Twitter that’s where we need to be. The same rule applies for any business. Find out where your customers are most active online. What next? • We plan to start by listening; finding relevant feeds and then learning how people in our industry and our clients use Twitter. Find your customers, contacts who are centres of influence, and thought leaders relevant to your industry. • Decide what your point of difference is and get the right people using Twitter (or Tweeting). You already know who the thought leaders in your organisation are. Use Twitter to give them a voice and the medium to share relevant opinions, observations, trends, tools and help the Twitter community where they can. Help them save time by showing them how to update Twitter (or Tweet) on the go via their mobiles. • How often will you Tweet and what about? Twitter is a long-term investment so develop a communications plan at the start to help keep

the momentum up. Initially, this may mean sitting down with your Marketing Manager every week and planning your Tweets. • Once you’re away, leverage Twitter by integrating it with your website and LinkedIn profiles, include it on all email signatures; print advertising; direct mails etc to get more followers. • Remember, being on Twitter is just like walking into a room of people and networking. Don’t start bleating on about yourself in a loud voice, rather approach it like a normal conversation, join in on the conversation and once you know what is going on you can share your two cents worth. Social people have a natural affinity to always be on the move. This brings me to the final hard hitting fact: The swing to mobile or portable web is the next biggest change to hit the internet industry. This makes total sense. I just have to look to my team – most of them now prefer the convenience of their iPhone over their laptops. Mobile sites, that are device independent, are going to become the norm for publishing and making information instantly available and convenient. One thing is for sure we’re not going to park this as another good idea to mull over. I believe that to be competitive, we have no choice but embrace social media and start using the tools available to enhance business credibility; help people make decisions and build traffic. It will be an investment, but start by choosing the features that will be most helpful to your customers and aim for incremental progress. Why don’t you share our journey? Visit and sign up for our business improvement updates. *UK Customer Satisfaction Index. ** The Saatchi & Saatchi and Colmar Brunton Social Networking Survey

Matthew Bellingham is CEO of innovative chartered accountancy practice Hayes Knight

To choose the right accountant, look beyond the numbers

With over 20 years experience Bathroom Concepts, will design and project manage your bathroom renovation to the very highest standards. Guaranteed.

Keeping your business future fit is about being better equipped to make bold and powerful financial decisions. At Hayes Knight, rather than just work the numbers, we

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Issue 12 - JULY 2011

interpret them. The result is a more empowered, knowledgeable client able to be proactive with the next steps of their business. To find out more, visit Issue 12 - JULY 2011

114 get to know your BYO with Kellie Larson

Channel community news 115

Twelve months ago I began a search for the best BYO restaurants on the Shore, and eleven BYO reviews later I feel pretty confident to announce my favourites from the last year. The results below are based on the points assigned in each review while taking into consideration changes in how restaurants may have been scored differently from the beginning of the year to the end of the year after 11 reviews!

BYO Restaurant

year in



All in all, these are the places that I now frequent regularly and recommend to all of my friends and colleagues. These are the places of which I now compare other restaurants and BYOs, as I have favourites at each. If you haven’t taken the time to check out all of the restaurants below, I highly suggest you do this month! Look out for the August issue of Channel magazine when we will resume our BYO reviews, and if you have a recommendation for a BYO restaurant to review either email or Tweet @channelmag with your suggestions!

Supreme Winner Raviz

178 Hurstmere Road Takapuna Raviz is Indian food heaven in Takapuna, and it is my supreme winner because it received the most points by far when I reviewed it in December. This is a BYO restaurant that is quickly becoming a staple for restaurant goers on the Shore – especially Monday through Wednesday with its $10 curries. Sit back and relax in the modern atmosphere with its outdoor seating overlooking the bustling Hurstmere Road. Enjoy a wide selection of rich, flavoursome curries. And enjoy the personal attention given by senior wait staff to ensure all wine, naan and curries continue to flow to your table uninterrupted. A place that can become your local without breaking the budget and delivering consistently good food every time.

SPECIAL OLYMPICS - Changing Lives When it comes to making a difference on the Shore - it’d be hard to go past a unique sports club that provides sports coaching, training and regular competition for people with an intellectual disability. Special Olympics isn’t ‘some international sports event that happens somewhere overseas every four years’. It happens every week, just around the corner. And it changes lives. Special Olympics North Harbour has 150 athletes. Here’s how, in the last year, Special Olympics has enabled life-changing experiences for three of them. Mark Liggins – joined an international team to play at the FIFA World Cup Yes – South Africa – and the biggest sporting event in the World last year. The inaugural Coca-Cola sponsored ‘Unity Cup’ football match was played as a curtain raiser at the Germany/Argentina quarter final of the FIFA World Cup. Nations with a team in the World Cup selected one of their Special Olympics footballers to join with former international football stars and celebrities to make up two international teams. Mark played alongside former All Whites captain Steve Sumner and against South Africa President Jacob Zuma. He was filmed, photographed and interviewed on TV One News, in several newspapers and on Attitude TV. He was introduced to the crowd at the Football World Cup Launch at Sky City, and did extra training including one-on-one coaching from NZ superstar player Wynton Rufer. The South African experience was an eye-opener for Mark, from training with Special Olympics athletes in one of the poorer areas of Capetown to living in a five-star hotel, shaking hands with President Zuma to (best moment) scoring a goal! “It was absolutely fantastic!” Mark says. One year later and he’s still smiling. Mark joined Special Olympics North Harbour in 2006, participates in Football, Athletics and Basketball and gained the bronze medal for football skills at the 2009 National Games.

Teresa Nicol – represented NZ at the World Games in Athens.

Best Food Kyo-ya 426 Lake Rd Takapuna Kyo-ya serves a standard of Japanese food second to none. This local BYO offers the freshest seafood, tastiest sushi combinations, but best of all – its combination dinners are brilliant works of art that leave you wanting for nothing. I recommend the Kyo-ya Delight. The meal begins with a bowl of miso. The main is a tiered platter covered in banana leaves with wire baskets brimming with tempura vegetables and prawns, sushi rolls, sashimi, nigiri, salad, beef tataki and teriyaki chicken or fish on rice. And, if you have room – end the meal with an ice cream sundae topped with a sweet wafer. You will never regret eating the amazing Japanese creations at Kyo-ya on Lake Road.

Best Atmosphere and Service

Best Value for Money

Buona Sera

New Vietnam Café

99 Victoria Road Devonport Buona Sera raises the expectations of what to expect from a BYO experience here on the Shore. As you walk into this charming brick restaurant, you are automatically transported to another world – a taste of Italy. Enjoy the atmosphere, personality and offerings of an authentic Italian experience – including staff that claim themselves as “homemade just like the pasta”. And, if you didn’t read the original review of Buona Sera, let me assure you that the food is amazing as well!

62-78 Hurstmere Rd Takapuna New Vietnam Café is a unique addition to the North Shore dining experience, and at an average of $12 per dish it won’t brake the bank to give it a try – or in my case frequent at least once a week! New Vietnam Café offers tasty, fresh cuisine in heaping proportions for substantial value. $9.80 can buy you a bowl of rice vermicelli noodles with lemongrass chicken, herbs and pickled vegetables OR traditional pho soup of seared beef and noodles. And, if you aren’t sure what to order, be sure to ask Jane and she will make sure you love every bite of your meal.

Issue 11 12 -- JUNE JULY 2011

Teresa Nicol has just returned from competing at the 13th Special Olympics World Summer Games in Athens from 25 June to 4 July. This was theis year’s biggest sporting event in the world. (Yes – bigger than the Rugby World Cup!!!) Athens welcomed 7,000 athletes from 185 countries, who competed in 22 sports. Teresa swam in the 400m freestyle, 200m individual medley and 100m butterfly individual events, and in the 4 x 50m freestyle relay. Aidan – I will have t her results by July 5th if it’s not too late to replace this paragraph with a slightly longer one giving her placings! From the moment she was selected for the New Zealand team Teresa got stuck in to ‘going for gold’. As well as training with the Special Olympics squad at their regular Sunday night sessions at the Takapuna Aquatic Centre Teresa did three additional weekly training sessions with North Shore Masters and one weekly at the Millennium Institute, often alongside NZ’s elite swimmers. Teresa, (25) has been a member of the Special Olympics North Harbour swim team since 2000 and has competed in local, regional and national competition in New Zealand and in the Australian national games in 2006. The Special Olympics New Zealand World Games team comprised 35 athletes: Aquatics (6), Athletics (7), basketball (9), equestrian (2), golf (1), power lifting (3), tenpin (7) and a support team of coaches and officials from Special Olympics clubs throughout New Zealand.

Andrew Boyce

– Global Ambassador and first athlete to sit on Board of Trustees. It started when Andrew was identified as a potential Special Olympics ‘Global Ambassador’. For the past two years, as well as being one of North Harbour’s A

Teresa Nicol

Mark Liggins

SONZ CEO Kathy Gibson, Andrew Boyce and Prime Minister John Key

grade basketball players, he had been coaching Special Olympics junior basketball and football teams and speaking to groups as co-presenter. Special Olympics has a development programme for such people. Last year Andrew was selected to enter the Special Olympics Global Messenger programme, along with nine others from all over New Zealand and was their spokesperson at the programme launch at Parliament (photo). But wait – there’s more! Last month Andrew was the first athlete representative to sit on the Board of Special Olympics New Zealand. His role is to know what’s going on, give the board an athlete perspective of what athletes want and how they feel. Special Olympics is about athletes – not just the athletes who are best at sports, every single one of our 5,000 athletes throughout New Zealand. Andrew has to listen to athletes, coaches and the Board members so that he knows what’s happening throughout New Zealand While his Board role and Global Messenger role keep him busy speaking at numerous public and corporate events, he continues to play basketball for North Harbour and to coach the Greenhithe’s Giraffes basketball team and Grasshoppers’ football team. .............................................................................................................................. Special Olympics North Harbour • 150 athletes – one of NZ’s largest clubs • 10 sports : aquatics, athletics, basketball, football, golf, indoor bowls, powerlifting, tenpin, skiing/snowboarding. • Hosts the Auckland-wide golf and winter sports programmes. • Was ‘Club Initiative’ winner at 2007 Harbour Sporting Excellence Awards • Awarded ‘Companion of North Shore City’ for services to the community in 2010. • Always welcoming new athletes • Always looking for volunteers Contact: Issue 1112--JUNE JULY 2011

116 North shore history with David Verran

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Alexander Alison, senior. In 1881, two brothers, Alexander (1846-1923) and Ewen Alison (1853-1945), founded the Devonport Steam Ferry Company, and Ewen continued to manage the ferries until 1934. That Company’s ferries were the main means of transport for North Shore residents David Verran wanting to travel to and from the City side of the Waitemata Harbour until 1959, with the opening of the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Their father was also an Alexander, and his pioneering spirit and personality was passed on to his children, as was that of his wife and their mother Jean. Alexander (senior) and Jean’s other two sons, Roderick and Toby are likely less known. Roderick (1850-1882) was a house builder, contractor, champion yachtsman, and proprietor of the Willow Grove Strawberry Gardens tearooms. The Gardens were on King Edward Parade, between Duders Avenue and Church Street, and were later managed by a forbear of mine, Mark Parrish. Roderick contracted a lung disease while working in the Thames gold mines, and died young. Duncan Donald (Toby) Tobias (1855-1935) was also a house builder. Alexander (senior) was born in Inverness on 30 January 1810 and came to New Zealand in the early 1840s. He had worked as a ship’s carpenter and later became a boat builder, at first along the Auckland waterfront on the City side. His wife Jean Cameron was born in Oban in Scotland in 1815 and came to Wellington in 1840. They married in 1845 and came to Auckland in 1848. In 1852 Alexander bought 5 acres of land fronting Sir George Grey Special Col what is now King Edward Parade, and bounded lections, Auckland Libraries (Ref #: 7-A3471) from the by Duders Avenue, Domain Street and Cambridge North Shore Image Collec tion, Takapuna Library. Terrace. The property was just past the then eastern wharf. The family moved to that sparsely populated area in 1854, where he opened the first boat building yard in Devonport. By 1865, Devonport was a major centre for boat building in Auckland and unsuccessful. However, he was soon to New Zealand. be off-side with the Board, when in 1869 he extended his seafront It is claimed that Alexander also built the first proper wooden house in boundary on advice from a surveyor hired by the Auckland Provincial Council. the area. Its front rooms were certainly used for Church and other public The Council then claimed he had extended his property illegally and hired another meetings. Before the first Anglican Church in Devonport was built in 1855, surveyor to confirm this. Alexander and Jean were taken to Court charged with Bishops Selwyn and Patterson were rowed over on a Sunday morning from obstructing a road and Alexander threatened to prosecute anyone who pulled the the Melanesian Mission, at what is now Kohimarama, to preach at the Alison wall down. On occasion the family threatened to physically defend their wall. The home. case dragged on through the Supreme (now the High) Court until 1888, after his At the time there were two heavily populated Maori kainga, or unfortified death. villages, in the area and Maori outnumbered the local Pakeha population. Alexander was also interested in science and astronomy and at his death was One was between Lake Road, Albert Road and Derby Street north of Mount known for his “sterling qualities”, his “warm-hearted and genial disposition” and Victoria, while the other was between Cambridge Terrace and Cheltenham was “widely respected”. He died “peacefully at home”, after being ill for some time, Beach. This all changed in 1863 following Auckland becoming a garrison on 26 June 1887. His wife Jean died on 4 February 1893, and they are both buried town as a prelude to the government’s march into the Waikato. Alexander in the Anglican section of the Devonport cemetery, as is Roderick. became a sergeant in the North Head Volunteer Corps or militia. Alexander continued his trade as a boat builder, specialising in five oared David Verran is a local history expert and auther of ‘North Shore; An Illustrated whaleboats, dinghies and cutters. His sons soon became expert rowers and History’, available at most local bookshops. Thanks to Kirsty Webb from Takapuna sailors. He stood for election to the Flagstaff Highway Board in 1867, but was Library for the use of the photographs.

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Retirement lifestyle at The Poynton 119

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120 gundry's grumbles with Simon Gundry Simon Gundry is a Devonport and North Shore identity, and character, who is known for calling a spade a spade. He is a director of contracting company Gill & Gundry, is an enthusiastic and active sailor (past crew-member of Ceramco New Zealand and Lion New Zealand in Whitbread Round The World races and Shockwave in Admiral’s Cup) and is a life member of the North Shore Rugby Football Club. This is his regular and lively contribution to CHANNEL.

Park Pleasure and Leisure… but at a Price Goodness me, it’s July again, the shortest day has been and gone and we are crashing quickly towards the Rugby World Cup 2011, and then, as suddenly as it began it will be over and Christmas will be arriving. I’ve said in previous columns, visitors to this country must leave with a desire to return. We must make their stay as pleasurable as possible. There might only be a small part we can play, such as asking visitors if they need directions, or even inviting them in for a cup of tea. It doesn’t take much. I hope our hospitality industry can stand the strain from 80,000 odd visitors. Everyone must be given a fair deal and not leave feeling ripped off. It’s going to be a fun 44 days, I can hardly wait. I read with interest recently that a working party has been set up to create a pocket park at Hauraki Corner. This working party will be made up of members of the Devonport and Takapuna Local Boards, and will work in conjunction with the Lake Town Green Community Board, whoever the hell they are. The history behind this is, the old North Shore City Council bought an old house on the corner of Jutland Road and Sydney St, Hauraki – they took the house away with the proposal of putting a park there for the locals, as admittedly there aren’t too many parks in that area. The area now sits with a picket fence around the green lawn. The local residents now want this to be a place for older residents to meet, and socialise and the under-fives can have access to a playground. This sounds like a wonderful idea, as I said: there aren’t a lot of parks in that area. Mind you, there

is a beautiful foreshore nearby to be walked upon and explored, especially at low tide. There is also the beautiful Takapuna Beach no more than a brisk ten minute walk away. This is one thing they haven’t got though, a local park. The suggested plans and ideas that have been put forward to the local board for consideration are a seating area, swings, exercise equipment and a green space. The Lions Club of Takapuna has said that the Hauraki area has an increasingly younger population and there are no suitable playgrounds for children in the area. The only playground in the area is at Hauraki Primary School. The Takapuna Lions’ Club also suggested the name for this green should be Lake Town Green – which all sounds very nice. I fully agree that the area probably does need a playground or an area where locals can meet, but here we go – the budget for the park is $1.1 million. How the hell can $1.1 million be spent on some 600m2 of park? I know quite well you could build a beautiful home on that piece of land for $1.1million, that would include European bathrooms and kitchen, double garage, and all the bells and whistles. On thinking about this, I did a basic budget and you’d struggle to spend half a million let alone $1.1 million. I just find it incredible how frivolously our ratepayers’ money gets spent. I suppose 50% of this budget will be for planners, consultants, then the building consent, resource consent, more consultants, the odd arborist or two, a road management plan, a Health and Safety plan, and various hangers on all ready to clip the ticket. I know quite well I could get in there and build a beautiful park for well less than $200,000 let alone $1.1m – mind you I am led to believe by my impeccable sources that the park on the corner of Lake Road and Hauraki Road that has suddenly appeared, has a cost of well over $1.1m. As I drive past there at least half a dozen times a day, I have yet to see anyone sit there quietly reading a book, doing their macramé or playing chess with their family. I wonder where these planners get their ideas from? There is another park on the corner of Esmonde and Lake Road, as you turn left into Esmonde Road from Hauraki, which was developed a couple of years or so ago, a small and cosy enclave but I’m yet to see anyone sit there. I can fully understand Councils buying up foreshore houses and converting them back into green areas, as has been successfully done adjacent to the Takapuna Boating Club – this provides a beautiful area of green for lunchtime readers, weekend yachtsmen and family groups picnicking in the summer. It’s a damn pity it’s surrounded by a giant car park and not enhanced by restaurants and cafes as it so richly deserves. I went to visit a friend recently at the Takapuna Hospice, he’d been a great friend over the years, since Primary school, and was not much younger than I am. It was indeed a very, very sad half hour I spent with him, because I knew it would be the last time I’d see him. I left in tears, and I walked back through the corridor of the Hospice and outside to where my vehicle was parked. On the way back, one of the staff noticed my distress and asked if I was alright. She spent a few minutes with me, with comforting words, it made me feel so much better. What a wonderful job those people do at the Hospice in Takapuna, I would love to thank them for the wonderful love and care they gave my friend when he was there during his last days on the North Shore. It is a place of much sadness, but also a place of much love and happiness. They do their best to make these people’s last days as happy and comfortable as possible. Thank you, all the staff at the North Shore Hospice, you are a wonderful collection of people. Enjoy your lives and enjoy your families.

Issue 12 - JULY 2011

Commercial real estate with Andrew Hiskens of Colliers North Shore 121 AUCKLAND COMMERCIAL PROPERTY CONFIDENCE HITS ALL-TIME HIGH Andrew Hiskens of Colliers International in Takapuna offers some guidance and answers to commonly asked questions for people thinking about investing in commercial property. Commercial property confidence in Auckland has hit an all-time high, underpinned by improving business confidence and job security, according to Colliers International’s latest quarterly Investor Confidence Survey. Furthermore, Colliers has noted that Auckland as a whole – including the North Shore - is leading the rest of the country in the same fashion. This has been underscored spectacularly in the latest Colliers International Investor Confidence Survey. A net 32% of respondents think that things will get better over the next year for investors. This is the highest level of confidence experienced since the survey began in Auckland five years ago. In addition, the survey indicates the first national overall positive result since its inception, at +10%. Eleven centres were surveyed, with 3,695 responses utilised to construct the results. Businesses and other organisations need property to accommodate the people that provide the services or carry out the manufacturing or selling or whatever their business is. If their business is growing, more people are needed, and that usually means more property. From an investor’s point of view they are feeling more confident that not only will their existing tenants continue to occupy the space they lease, but perhaps they will sign that right of renewal and they may even expand. People are feeling more confident about job security, leading to a slight improvement in the level of retail spending, which has been static or declining for a couple of years, which in turn leads to increasing demand for retail property and indeed property occupied to provide manufacturing facilities or for services businesses, many of which are tending to do slightly better than they did last year. This increase in confidence, we think, comes down at a basic level to increased feelings of job security, leading to a tendency to increase spending on goods and services. Auckland +32%: positive This is Auckland’s highest result ever recorded level of confidence since the survey began in March 2006 - and Auckland’s first time as most positive region. Overall Auckland confidence has risen at a consistent +16%in each of the last four quarters, the biggest and most consistent rise in New Zealand. Auckland’s most negative overall result was in March 2009, at a net -72% negativity. In Auckland, since December 2009 the industrial sector has led the way, consistently out-performing the retail and office sectors. In Auckland we would expect the office sector to maintain its recovery. Investors in office properties are now nearly as confident as industrial investors with retail inventors lagging, and we would expect this trend to continue. To contrast Auckland’s confidence levels with other main centres: (Christchurch +14%: positive) Easily Christchurch’s most positive overall result since surveys began for Christchurch in December 2008, this result refers to a survey recorded just prior to the earthquake this week, so may be anomalous.

Confidence in Christchurch has been understandably volatile, but results taken since the two main earthquake results underscore the resilience of the market, as confidence has risen more sharply and further after each earthquake. It is impossible to read anything into the volatile Christchurch data series. While in this survey they recorded the biggest increase, +47%, of any centre, the survey was taken in early June. The last one in March was just after the February 22 earthquake when of course confidence plummeted. In early June people would have thought the year ahead was looking brighter, at least in the context of the horrendous events of the last few months, but I’m sure if we took the survey again this week – not that anyone could be bothered answering our survey if we sent it to them now – it would be way down again. However, it is still not clearly appreciated that most of Christchurch’s industrial areas are still working as normal, and many of the suburban malls are doing very well. However, small CBD businesses that use retail or office property in particular cannot be easily relocated. Until there is clarity around redevelopment of the city we would not expect confidence to be anything except highly volatile. Wellington -15%: negative Consistently one of the most negative outlooks in the country continues in Wellington, which drops -1% to -15% and last place on the table, after a strong surge upwards to March this year. Despite this, Wellington is still at its most optimistic since surveys began in December 2008. And, if the office sector’s responses were removed from the statistics, the result would be considerably higher, reflecting the continued Government pressure on the office sector. In Wellington, when the impact on owners of the earthquake strengthening costs are clear and the extent of the Government’s planned reduction in public sector employment is clear, we expect that confidence will begin to rise again, particularly in the retail and office sectors .Industrial is already the most confident sector in Wellington.

Colliers International North Shore Andrew Hiskens Issue 12 - JULY 2011

COMMERCIAL PROPERTY with Bayleys North Shore Commercial 123 Unit A, 65-76 PorAnA rd

Wairau Valley


Great road exposure Popular complex in busy commercial area Large signage opportunity Approximately 276m2 ground floor retail space - Approximately 154m2 airconditioned office/ storage - Shared use of huge car park - For Sale or Lease

- Returning $48,000 pa + GST - Freehold, high profile corner location - Floor area 186m2 approximately with wide frontage - Secured long lease until 2029 if it is exercised This property is located on a main arterial route in East Coast Bays in Auckland. Neighbours include takeaway shop and buffet restaurant. It is an affordable investment for entry-level investors who are looking for passive hands free investment. Trevor Duffin M +64 21 245 9731 roseMary wakeMan M +64 21 225 4960

Wairau Valley

110 APollo driVE

- Total area 354m2. - Warehouse 236m2. - Offices 73m2. - Mezzanine 45m2. - Floor areas are approximate.


- Burger King returning $146,500pa + GST + outgoings laurie BurT M +64 27 413 6174 joHn algie M +64 21 772 932

ranjan unka M +64 21 711 755

Don ParTingTon M +64 274 761 113

greg Healey M +64 21 805 854

13 BirkEnhEAd AVEnUE


Busy BirkenHeaD TenanTeD reTail invesTMenT

42 ForgE roAd


MulTi-TenanTeD inDusTrial invesTMenT

A delightful small retail investment opportunity on Birkenhead’s busy main street. Rarely do properties of this calibre become available for sale in this area. A character building in well maintained condition. An excellent opportunity for a first time investor.

- Established principal tenant with new 6 year lease. - Standalone modern architecturally designed - diversified risk with 3 units - returning $244,743 net pa with upside CHrisTina Heaven M +64 27 446 5656

Claire rawkins M +64 21 892 928


roseMary wakeMan M +64 21 225 4960 asHTon geissler M +64 21 252 9277

42 MAin roAd


ouTsTanDing MulTi-TenanTeD invesTMenT

siMPly suPerB Leased to Mobil Oil NZ Ltd. for 12 years from 31st August 2010. Rental $160,000pa + GST + rates + outgoings. High profile freehold property. Strategic location on high traffic volume road.

angeline wong M +64 21 730 688

- BP Oil NZ Ltd. returning $130,000pa + GST + outgoings.

Rarely does a trophy property like this become available and it should not be missed. This Mobil service station facility is situated within the popular Red Beach shopping precinct and surrounded by a rapidly growing residential area and nearby Orewa Village and beach. Red Beach Road links SH17 and Whangaparoa Road which has a high daily traffic flow.

Terry kiM M +64 274 711 446

- Two tenanted investments with long term leases.

Road front industrial unit located in the heart of Wairau Valley with exposure, flat access and five car parks. An ideal opportunity for owner/occupiers or investors looking for a bite sized industrial unit.

72 rEd BEACh roAd

Two fanTasTiC invesTMenT oPPorTuniTies

Don’T Miss THis one!

TENANCY DETAILS Name of Tenant: Ashore Fine Foods Term of Lease: Three (3) years Commencement Date: 1st April 2007 Rights of Renewal: Two (2) x three (3) years Net Rental: $25,000pa + GST + OPEX

Browns Bay

soliD invesTMenT - long TerM TenanT

Don’T Delay - Call now!!

Unit A, 5 MArkEn PlACE

Unit A, 537 EAst CoAst rd

- High profile level corner site of approximately 2,648m2

- Easily accessible from a very busy main road - Four tenants returning $252,750pa + GST + OPEX - A sound multi-tenanted investment in a growth area. Brian CalDwell M +64 274 815 505

Daryl DevereuX M +64 21 647 773

A busy Shell Service Station anchors this multi-tenanted retail investment located on Main Northern Highway 16. The area is thriving and growing as development of Auckland steadily pushes westwards.

Devereux Howe-Smith Realty Limited. Bayleys, Licensed under the REA Act 2008. CHrisTina Heaven M +64 27 446 5656

Good news from Bayleys Research Declining vacancy rates, stabilising rentals and yields and the return of capital growth for prime property are providing the impetus for a slow but solid recovery in Daryl Devereux the Auckland industrial property market, Bayleys Research says in its latest overview of the market. Bayleys Research senior analyst Ian Little says industrial vacancy rates, which climbed sharply during the recession, have begun to decline across Auckland due to a combination of increased leasing and owner occupier activity and a big slowdown in development activity. He says this trend is clearly illustrated by the results of the latest Bayleys Research survey of the Albany Basin industrial precinct. Vacancy rates increased sharply as the economy cooled in late 2007 and throughout 2008, reaching nearly 10%. This was driven by a combination of companies contracting to cut costs and a continued rise in inventory as development projects commissioned before the recession were completed. Between Bayleys Research’s January 2007 and 2009 surveys, total industrial floor area within the Albany Basin grew by approximately 79,600m2 to reach 1,032,650m2. However, since then the increase has been just over 8,500m2 as the development pipeline shut off. Over the last two years, leasing activity has also picked up again resulting in an increased uptake of total occupied space of approximately 23,000m2 compared with a fall of approximately 7,000m2 in the previous two years. This improved leasing market, coupled with owner occupiers taking advantage of attractive prices and lower interest rates to acquire vacant buildings plus little new development, has pushed the Albany Basin industrial vacancy rate back down to close to 8%. “Reports from the real estate agency coal face suggest that the leasing uplift north of the bridge is being mirrored elsewhere in the region, “says Little. “ It is also illustrated by the significant reduction over the last year in premises greater than 1,000m2 available for lease within East Tamaki. The number, according to agency estimates, has fallen from just under 100 a year ago to less than half this. In West Auckland, agents are reporting a scarcity of good quality premises in the major industrial precincts of Lincoln Road, Central Park Drive and Rosebank Road.” The Bayleys Research report also says while there is still ample capacity within the leasing market, falling vacancy rates and stronger owner occupancy activity have begun to lay the foundations for a return to development activity. The improving development environment has been bolstered by the correction in land values which has occurred over the last three years and which is reflected in recent sales, says Little. “In East Tamaki, a 1.1 hectare site in Ormiston Road sold in mid 2010 for $3.4 million or approximately $310/m2. In 2007, sites of this nature would have achieved prices of up to approximately $400/m2. Agency opinion, however, is that values have rebounded from recent lows and it is likely that this land would have sold for approximately $250/m2 had it been brought to market in 2008/2009.” The re-emergence of interest in land and development is again illustrated by the results of the latest Bayleys Research industrial survey of the Albany Basin which also tracks the absorption of vacant business zoned land in the area. The curtailment of development activity brought about by the recession, and lack of occupier demand, led to land absorption falling rapidly from 2006 onwards. In the year to February 2010, there was no recorded change in available greenfield land. Over the subsequent 12 months, however, there has been a return to absorption. While the quantities are still small, this is partly due to the fact that vacant land in the precinct is scarce, totalling less than 32 hectares, says Little. Further evidence that plans for a return to development activity are being formulated is provided by the sale of large blocks of land such as a 19.13 hectare greenfields site on Hobsonville Road in west Auckland for $10 million. The block is located within the Proposed Plan Change 14 area, and will be rezoned from the current Countryside Environment classification to facilitate development for industrial and retail activities. Little says given the spare capacity within the industrial property market and the fact that development finance is currently hard to source, there is little likelihood of large-scale speculative development taking place in the near future.

However, in cases where tenant pre-commitment can be obtained or owner occupiers are identified, then design build projects have become far more viable given current lower land values. “As the economy strengthens, there is no doubt that the levels of land absorption will again increase, led by design build schemes. This is reflected in the number of such opportunities being offered to the market across the region both in large scale subdivisions and on stand-alone sites.” The latest Bayleys Research Industrial Trends Survey of Auckland’s main industrial precincts shows rentals and yields have stabilised over recent months having experienced falls since 2007 as the economy slipped into recession. Headline rentals are currently at similar levels to those being achieved in late 2009 and early 2010, says Little. However, these figures do not take into account incentives which landlords have had to offer in order to attract and retain tenants. The value of incentives varies across locations and quality of property. At the prime end of the market, a ratio of incentives equivalent to the value of approximately one month’s rent for each year of a new lease is common, says Little. This is in line with figures reported by Property For Industry Limited (PFI) in its 2010 results and briefing report issued earlier this year. In the same report it is noted that on lease renewals, average incentives equate to approximately three months against an average lease term of approximately 4.75 years. As with incentives, yield trends are governed very much by the quality of the property and strength of the tenant covenant, says Little. “ At the prime end of the market, yields have stabilised over the last year, and there are indications that strong competition for a limited amount of prime product and low interest rates is resulting in some firming of yields. At the secondary end of the market, sales evidence remains scarce. However, a general softening of yields appears to be continuing, resulting in a widening spread between prime and secondary stock.” Capital growth has also returned to industrial investment property according to figures released by global property research agency International Property Database (IPD) last week. The Property Council/IPD New Zealand Total Return Index shows industrial capital returns in the 12 months to March 2011 totalled 0.3%, the first time that a positive return has been recorded since the June quarter of 2008. Little says capital values were driven down as yields softened, reflecting heightened risk, and rental levels fell as companies consolidated and vacancy rates increased. From the March 2008 peak to the September quarter of 2010, the IPD Industrial Capital Returns Index fell by 10.6%. “It should be noted that a majority of the property included within the index portfolio is owned by institutions and therefore of ‘above average’ quality. This suggests that the reduction in the value of secondary quality industrial premises has been far greater, and in all likelihood is continuing.” Despite the capital value correction, the industrial sector has, by comparison with office and retail premises, been the steady performer during the recession, says Little. Total returns, which combine capital returns and the income return from industrial premises, have declined by less, and recovered more quickly, than has been the case for the retail and office sectors. Total returns from the industrial sector fell into negative territory for just one quarter, compared with four for both the retail and office sectors, and stood at 9.2% in the year to March 2011, up 0.5 percentage points on the return for the December 2010 year, according to the IPD index. Theses returns are well ahead of the other two sectors, with a total return of 4.9% being recorded for both retail and office property in the March 2011 year. Little says Bayleys Research expects returns from industrial property to further improve as the market continues along its path of a steady but solidly based recovery.

Daryl Devereux is Director, Sales & Leasing of Bayleys North Shore Commercial (Devereux Howe-Smith Realty Limited).

Brian CalDwell M +64 274 815 505 Issue 12 - JULY 2011

A messAge from NAdjA... We all know the North Shore is one of the best places to call home… the beaches, cafes, holiday atmosphere, friendly neighbours… and relaxed coastal lifestyle second to none. So it will be no surprise to you that right now there is a real shortage of property for sale. Many buyers are looking, but having difficulty finding a home that fits their family’s needs. The best way you will truly know whether it is the right time to sell, is to speak to your local real estate salesperson. They can provide you with up to date, local sales figures and marketing methods that are

Barfoot & Thompson No.1 Agent North Shore Barfoot & Thompson No.2 Company Wide

achieving the best results right now. Many owners believe selling in summer will achieve a better price as their home presents better and there are more buyers in the market. However over the winter months there is a shortage of good property and homeowners achieve well above their expectations. If you are thinking about coming to the market this year, I’m happy to meet, have a chat about what would work best for you…

86 Hebron Rd

28 Penguin Dr

Spectacular View – SHORT NOTICE TENDER – Stunning sea views over beautiful Waiake Beach & the Tor. Superbly built and fully refurbished. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 living areas and designer kitchen. Fabulous flow to the private, sun-drenched grounds, gardens & entertaining decks. Flexible layout or easy to create granny flat. Super large garage, rumpus… Space for the boat. A sensational home in a private coastal location – FLEXIBLE SETTLEMENT TO SUIT.

Design Excellence – Entertainers Oasis… Absolutely stunning home and legal granny. What could be more perfect… space for you, the whole family and MORE?... Bathed in sunshine, stunning indoor/outdoor flow to heated swimming pool. A rare combination of spaciousness, modern design and divine living.

For Sale: By Negotiation, ref: 455233

For Sale: By Negotiation, ref: 454644

27 Churchill Rd

Where Beach Lifestyle and Design Excellence meet – simply put “there is none better”. This was the owners brief to architect and builders. Entertaining is just sensational with gourmet kitchen, pool, open plan spaces… the view. Three stunning bedrooms, each with its own ensuite, and a master suite to surpass all others. A home that offers everything including an elevator to whisk you up from the spacious garaging. Move in and truly live the dream.

Secure your position – It’s always about location! Churchill Road – much revered, coveted, blue chip coastal street and rarely affordable… until NOW! POTENTIAL, SEA VIEWS, LOCATION and the opportunity to add further VALUE. Seawardside, solid well built 1980’s home, offering 3 bedrooms, open plan living, great entertaining and easy care gardens. Situated amongst prestigious homes, an astute buyer will appreciate the change this home offers to enhance their lifestyle and invest in their future.

For Sale: By Negotiation, ref: 449724

Excellence in Service / Excellence in Sales


Excellence in Service / Excellence in Sales 1/5 Gull Lane


WINDOW TO THE SEA - Set in a very quiet cul-de-sac in the heart of Mairangi Bay...huge windows... light filled and with sea and coastal views!

62 Sunrise Avenue


Single level ‘Absolutely Affordable’ weatherboard home in the very heart of Mairangi Bay.

11B Tudor Place


An opportunity just too good to miss - Overseas owner selling up! A Home OR a great rental and investment opportunity.

22 Centorian Drive


Mairangi Bay - affordable, desirable and in the right location - make this work for you!

15 Vaughans Road

21 Brighton Tce

For Sale: By Negotiation, ref: 453633

Wanting the same result?


SO VERY, VERY, HARD TO FIND...a Blue Chip seaward side location in the very heart of the best street in the Bays - with POTENTIAL!

10 Long Bay Drive


The Ultimate Kiwi Lifestyle - Quite simply a stunning opportunity - a traditional family property with so much to offer.

101 East Coast Road


You will love this gorgeous home set quietly off the road in a very tranquil setting with panoramic water views over the ocean and the Hauraki Gulf.

7 Penning Road


One of the Very Last - Original 2 bedroom cottage on a full freehold 848m² - subdividable site, may need resource consent.

63 Lonely Track Road


- Picture you and your family here - bathed in the country life just a few minutes from the hustle and bustle of it all. POTENTIAL TO ADD VALUE!

20 Galaxy Drive


Excellence in Service / Excellence in Sales Barfoot & Thompson No.1 Agent North Shore Barfoot & Thompson No.2 Company Wide

Bring All the Kids - This is what life is all about - in the very heart of Mairangi Bay this five bedroom home offers you space for a growing family through all the


126 LOCAL REAL ESTATE: The Power of Two

LOCAL REAL ESTATE: The Power of Two 127

Takapuna lakeside living...

1/7 Killarney Street, Killarney Bay Close to the Hub of Takapuna, this crisp modern terrace home allows for the perfect blend of work and play. Located in a chic Lakeside resort with its own jetty, this could just be what you have been looking for. With a peak of the lake from your window and views out to Rangitoto, this home is sure to impress. 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 3 Toilets, open plan living that flows onto a private Sunny courtyard. This is the perfect pad for a retired couple, executive couple or singles who want the added security and central Takapuna location. What was to have been a long term family home... now is a MUST SELL! Expressions of Interest close 21st June 2001 if not sold prior. id#5256

2/14 Lakeview Road, Takapuna Situated in the exclusive Lakeview Road, this terrace home is positioned to capture the best sun and views possible. Recently upgraded to a high standard, it has an uncluttered modern feel, yet retains a solid feel of warmth and character that belies its original design. The living area flows onto a sun filled deck, with easy care lawn and garden. This 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home promises a magnificent lakeside lifestyle. Price by Negotiation. id#5192

Contact: Rosie Houghton Ph: 021 623 952 E: | Rose Arnott Ph: 021 876 333 E:

Issue 12 - JULY 2011 Issue 12 - JULY 2011

128 Shore People: Sue Evans Barfoot and Thompson Real Estate

Sue Evans – “Rookie of the Year”

The Barfoot & Thompson Takapuna residential real estate office has another award-winner amongst their team. Sue Evans was recently named Barfoot & Thompson’s 2011 “Rookie of the Year” for the entire Company. At Channel Magazine we love highlighting these fantastic achievements by successful people in our community. Sue is a born and bred local girl having attended Westlake Girls High School. She is married to Peter and they have a son Tom who attended Takapuna Grammar before embarking on a career in aviation. Sue and Peter were heavily involved with school rowing when Tom was there, and now proudly follow him in his chosen career. These days Sue’s interests include many outdoor activities and fitness, when time permits – although Sue says this now seems confined to trawling the streets dropping off those much sought after flyers! While real estate is obviously a recent thing for Sue she has a strong background in business which has obviously assisted with her success selling many local homes. Sue was involved in establishing the Promenade Business Centre and Takapuna Secretarial, a healthy business which she operated for 14 years before selling it by Tender about 8 or so years ago. “I first started thinking of a real estate career during a personal real estate transaction,” explained Sue in June when quizzed about why she decided on a career in real estate. “It was an experience I became increasingly frustrated with – but I might add that I was also an unrealistic vendor! This experience, coupled with the unchallenging PA role I had at the time, also influenced my decision to make the move. “I always imagined I could be quite successful selling real estate, but did not realise the rewards that would come through from just good old fashion hard work and graft, especially during the challenging real estate market of the last year. That saying of ‘the harder you work the luckier you get’ is very applicable in real estate, as long as you retain a diverse sense of humour.”

Sue Evans receiving her “Rookie of the Year” award from Garth Barfoot, Director, Barfoot & Thompson.

“My motto still remains the same as when I first created my profile which is ‘offering a fresh new perspective and boundless energy to real estate’. Always trying to exceed expectations by going that extra mile and being very thorough with follow-ups. A good attitude is absolutely essential as I want everyone’s real estate experience with me to be the very best. In this business if you do a fantastic job for one customer then they will tell others and that really does lead to the type of success I have achieved.” ............................................................................................................................ Contact: Sue Evans, Barfoot & Thompson, Takapuna. Telephone 021 448 977, Email:

Exceptional Achiever Barfoot & Thompson’s 2011 Rookie of the year.

opening more doors than most... Sue Evans Residential Sales M 021 448 977 B 09 489 5084 E 0800 783 38267

6 Issue 12 - JULY 2011






Memories are made of this • Superb heritage ‘A’ listed original homestead with turret • Full of exciting period features ready to be renovated • 1080sqm north facing site a minutes from Cheltenham Beach and North Head

Swim and kayak from your own garden • Superb waterfront property with beach access • Large sweeping lawns & double water frontage • Perfect to develop into your dream home

Salty scent of sea breezes • Elevated North facing character bungalow • Renovated with great indoor/outdoor flow • Superb street with Cheltenham Beach a minutes walk away

To view Victoria’s listings visit

Victoria Bidwell 021 947 080 or 09 487 0735

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