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Issue 6, Spring/ Summer 2019

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PROVEN RESULTS For symptoms including: • • • • • • • •

Tension Headaches Migraines Vertigo/Dizziness Neck and arm pain TMJ Low Back Pain Sciatica Post concussion syndrome

An upper cervical misalignment interferes in the communication between your brain and body, and robs your body of its true health potential. True Spine Chiropractic is Bend’s source for NUCCA, a unique chiropractic technique backed by over 50 years of research and stateof-the-art technology. Your body knows what to do, sometimes you just need to remove the interference.

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Tech Neck

How much extra weight are you putting on your spine?




pounds 15°


n 2018 the average American used mobile devices three hours and 35 minutes per day, that’s four and a half days per month. One health issue associated with this staggering amount of time is the posture held while browsing the internet, using apps, and texting. The tendency is to look down at the device rather than bringing it to eye level. This forward bending of the neck is known as ‘Tech Neck’. A protracted head is one of the most common postural deformities today and occurs when your head moves in front of your center of gravity. For a quick self assessment stand with your back against a wall. The back of your head should touch the wall. If not you may have forward head posture. Every inch your head moves forward, its weight increases by approximately 10lbs. At three inches forward your head weighs roughly 40lbs. As the neck flexes forward, not only does the weight of the head increase but the weight distribution shifts to the discs of the lower neck. 90% of spinal surgeries are disc related. The upper neck compensates by extending backward, causing chronic muscle tension and disproportionate pressure on spinal joints. Research points to ‘Tech Neck’ contributing to


pounds 30°



pounds 45°

pounds 60°

a number of conditions including headaches, spinal osteoarthritis, insomnia, decreased lung capacity, facial pain, and mid to low back pain. Solution: Unplug! Put the phone down and get moving doing something that facilitates good posture like yoga. Because tech devices are here to stay, you should also make an effort to change your habits. Instead of looking down at your device bring it to eye level, you’ll get a shoulder workout as a bonus. It’s also advisable to seek professional advice to discuss ergonomics, postural exercises, and have your spine evaluated for a misalignment between your head and neck. Dr. Kevin Hallmeyer DC is a practitioner of the NUCCA technique which focuses on the structural correction of head and neck misalignments. Learn more at: truespinebend.com.




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Contents 6. TECH NECK by Kevin Hallmeyer

8. MERMAIDS IN BEND by Katie Scott 10. ALLERGY RELIEF by Rob Neilson 13. KUNDALINI YOGA & GONG by Laura Purdy 14. #MadeInBend by Jamie Payne

18. HYDRATE 22. MEDICAL BILLS byDave Rosen






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This Spring, I plan to Unplug and get back to my life, family, garden, dog, friends in real life!

When I started this Guide being online and on my phone seemed like a necessity. I quickly

developed insomnia, tech neck and headaches from being on my computer and phone excessively. Sitting is the new smoking. Now I am regulating my time online to improve my health and creativity. Plus, all that time online didn’t help my business nearly as much as getting out into the community with our Health Meetups. I look forward to meeting many of you at our Health Fair this May.

Our last 2 issues we direct mailed our Health Guides to residents in Bend. As a Massage

Therapist, who advertises in this Guide; I’ve found my very best clients this way. I was amazed to learn that 3/4 of these wonderful, new clients are not on Social Media at all!

2018 Edelman Trust Barometer ranked people’s trust in social media at 41 percent current-

ly. Thanks to data breaches and consumer distrust, 60 percent of people do not trust social media and they are leaving it in droves! Many businesses think they can survive on digital marketing alone, but they are missing out on their very best clients - the ones we mail to, like you, reading this now. It’s a relief to know that Social Media is a complete waste of time, when you could unplug and live your best life! ~Terie Sandusky

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Bend is...

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Jenny McAteer, DPT I will work with you one on one to treat not only the symptoms; but get to the source of your injury so that it never comes back.


Mention the BHG and receive your Free Runner’s Rehab package! Includes a video, a gait analysis, and accompanying exercise program.

resolveptbend.com • 541-306-1099 jenny@resolveptbend.com

with a View

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Mermaids in Bend

Look for Mermaids in Deschutes River


nother reason to get off your computer & venture out to the Deschutes River MERMAIDS may be swimming there!

Katie Scott is a professional Mermaid in Bend who has crafted her own line of Mermaid tails out of silicone, proving you can make a living doing what you love! With no formal art classes, Katie is a self-driven artist, constantly push herself to learn and improve her crafts. She got a golden opportunity in 2012 when Bend Studio, a gaming studio branch of Sony Playstation, gave her a contract after she submitted her portfolio for a job opening. She is a Concept Artist, working on Days Gone Game from start to finish, a job she is so grateful for as it uses her artistic talents. One day, she got sick and tired of drawing on the computer all day, she found a

new way to be creative outside of the office. “Creating art on my own time keeps me sane, since 8 or more hours a day is spent drawing on a computer, I had to find something else creative to do in my free time. That’s what lead me to working with something a little more hands on, Mermaid Tails.” she says. The act of “Mermaiding” was first introduced to her in 2012 when she watched a video of Hanna Frasier swimming in a mermaid tail amongst a large group of whales. She decided her new life goal was to become a mermaid! She began her long journey of research and acquired her first silicone mermaid tail in the summer of 2013 from Merbella Studios. The mermaid

trend was skyrocketing, artists who made silicone tails were getting bogged down by an influx of orders. The wait times for some companies was over two years, too long for Katie to wait. She decided to make her own tail the next time. Working with silicone on a special effects prosthetic was completely out of her comfort zone and artistic knowledge. She spent an entire year online reading articles, product information, reviews, watching videos on special effects props and makeup. Working with silicone is expensive and it’s a temperamental product so there could be no mistakes. Her new tail line “Kaiju” after the Japanese word, meaning “strange creature” was a completely unique take on the Mermaid trend. She immediately became an internet fascination, she is deep in production with a 2019 Mermaid Fin line that showcases this Spring/ Summer. She hopes to inspire artists to step outside the box and create something unique to them. If you always wanted to quit your day job & become a Mermaid, Katie is proof, it can be done! Follow Katie on Facebook & Instagram at @Creaturefins Photography by: julielynnphotos.com @Julztakesphotos

ALLERGY RELIEF Rob Nielson, ND & LAC at Hawthorn Healing Arts

Juniper and Ponderosa are pollen-producing trees that trigger allergy symptoms for many. Central Oregon allergies can also be caused by Spring trees, grasses and Fall Ragweed. Symptoms include itching eyes, running nose, headaches, and sneezing when your immune system is triggered by allergens, which causes your body to produce inflammation and histamine.

NATURAL TREATMENT OPTIONS FOR ALLERGY SYMPTOMS Stinging Nettle Leaf: Stinging nettle is a natural anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory herb taken as tea or capsules. Nettle is an excellent herb to start prior to your expected allergy symptoms begin. Quercetin: Quercetin is a bioflavonoid, a potent anti-oxidant, found in many foods like onions, berries, and apples. It reduces histamine and inflammation when taken as a supplement during allergy season. NAC: NAC (N-Acetl-cysteine) is an amino acid naturally found in proteins. Taken as a supplement, NAC has several powerful rolls in addressing allergy symptoms. NAC breaks apart mucous, is an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Probiotics: Probiotics change how your immune system responds to pollens and grasses. When taking probiotics, your body will be less sensitive to allergens, so those mast cells release less histamine, resulting in fewer allergy symptoms. Limit Exposure: Keep the inside of the home clean, dusted and keep allergens outside. Shower and change after being outside, close

IONBOX Negative ion generators can protect you from allergens, airborne bacteria and viruses in your home. Negative ions clear the air of harmful particulates such as pet hair, pollen, smoke, bacteria and viruses, odors, dust, and more. Negative ions attach to these particles making it hard for the germs, mold, pollen, and other harmful particulates to stay airborne since they’ve become too heavy with the added negative ion attached to it. This puts them out of the way, and removes them from the air we breathe and prevents these particulates from causing respiratory problems and other health issues. Negative ions are ions that are charged with an extra electron. They are often found in nature, especially in open running water sources like waterfalls and river, but they can also be found in the air, sunlight, and the inherent radiation of the Earth. You know that great feeling you get after being soaked in the beach, or after a storm? That’s your body soaking up the benefits of negative ions. Now you can have that feeling everyday, in your own home.

Available ONLINE at IONBOX.NET > Use Promo Code BHG for FREE SHIPPING! 10



idying via the KonMari Method™ is more than just organizing; it is a complete shift in how you relate to your belongings. Following the process takes you on a path of self-discovery that results in a joyful home, mindful living and an abundance of gratitude for all that you own. You will learn new skills, change your habits and finally put an end to the buy/ clutter/purge cycle. What makes the KonMari Method™ unique is that it teaches you how to pursue what is truly essential and meaningful to you. By envisioning your ideal lifestyle and then choosing to keep only the items that spark joy in your heart, you highlight the positive aspects in your life. This practice quickly moves you into a state of appreciation for what you already own and it generates clarity, balance and harmony in your home and life. As a certified KonMari Consultant, I’ve trained directly with Marie Kondo, author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and the popular Netflix series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” My role is to inspire action, provide accountability and offer support during difficult moments during the tidying process. I teach, assist and coach people through the five categories of the KonMari Method™ through in-home lessons. Appointments range from 3-hour lessons to all day tidying sessions. I have worked with clients all over the Pacific Northwest to make their vision a reality through tidying their Clothing, Books, Papers, Komono (Miscellaneous) and Sentimental categories. My clients have experienced life-changing results and live in alignment with their values. They have more energy and a clearer mind. Many have switched to more meaningful careers, made time for their passion projects and experienced better relationships with their family. They have all attributed these positive changes to focusing on their vision and choosing joy by way of the KonMari Method™. Does your home spark joy? I hope you will try the KonMari Method™ and live your ideal life. You will be amazed at the discoveries you will find when you follow this life-changing technique. By Melissa Jean

Curate. Spark Joy. Live in Gratitude.

KonMari Method™ services to tidy your home. www.tidyandflourish.com 541-480-1681 social @tidyandflourish Advertorial


understand how to balance family life with a ula Movement Arts is owned by Yoga practice. They offer supervised toddler Lotsie Cash and her husband play hours during certain adult classes and Stephen Thompson. It started as on-call/on-site childcare for most other a small, pop-up studio at Vibe Dance classes. Center, and in 2017, Tula moved to the Northwest Crossing neighborLotsie became a certified yoga MOVEMENT ARTS hood where their Yoga Studio instructor with frog Lotus Yoga in really thrived. This year they 2011, and has extensive training in a expanded their space with an inspired renovation mind-boggling array of movement and healing modalities. to include more Yoga classrooms, chill spaces and Her teaching style is an intuitive, flowing combinaMassage rooms. tion of all of her influences


in Vinyasa, Iyengar, Forrest Their new suite 500 and Kula yoga. space allows for a complete yoga schedule Stephen is the man behind with movement classes the curtain, the muscle, the for all ages and levels, one who makes everything In addition to Prenatal look good and function Yoga, Aerial Yoga, properly. He has traveled Acroyoga, and Kids the world studying yoga, Yoga they offer Lyengar, acroyoga, slacklining and Photos by Chip Fieberg, Megan Baker, Kat Tolstoy, Dana Johnson Restorative, Ashtanga, competing professionally in Kundalini, Vinyasa classes, and "creative" fitness adventure racing. classes like bungee bootcamp. Tula Movement Arts believes mindful movement, adventure Stephen and Lotsie first met at Yogaslackers Training. and community and FUN are vital aspects for a Together they created Tula, you just have to experience happy, healthy life. it for yourself to feel the Magic they have created

40+ classes a week for ages 0-70 Use Code BHG- 5 classes for $45 Tulamovementarts.com

Tula strives to be not only the most eclectic and diverse Yoga studio in Bend, but also the most family friendly. Lotsie & Stephen just had a baby, so they

together! Check out their extensive Offerings & Summer Kids Camps on their Website: Tulamovementarts.com

www.tulamovementarts.com // info@tulamovementarts.com // 541-322-6887 // 2797 NW Clearwater Drive Suite 100 AND 500

Painting bySusan Harman


Kundalini Yoga Teacher • Gong Sound Healer I took my first Kundalini yoga class in Yardely, PA with Mahan Rishi Singh Khalsa in 2000. I knew I had found MY yoga, MY path, MY medicine. It was like going home, as I discovered how to move energy through my breath and movements. I love the expression of soulful chanting and reprogramming my brain with powerful mantras. In 2003, I completed 500 hours of KRI Certified Kundalini Teachers Training approved by Yogi Bhajan. This practice brought me closer to my true self, giving me a healthy way to process issues I struggled with. I was gifted an ancient yogic treasure and I had to share it on to others. I am honored to teach this beautiful practice here in Bend, Oregon.


Laura offers private Yoga Sessions and Gong Sound Healing at TULA Movement Arts Weds. at 7:15pm & Naji’s Midtown Yoga Tues. & Thurs at 6:15am “The Gong is the first and last instrument for the human mind, there is only one thing that can supersede and command the human mind, the sound of a Gong. It is the first sound in the Universe, the sound that created the Universe. It’s the basic creative sound. To the mind, the sound of the Gong, is like a mother and father that gave it birth. The mind has no power to resist a Gong that is played well.”

541.527.2033 WildThingBend.com Facebook.com/WildThingBend

~Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga

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#madeinbend Jamie Payne Designs

I have been a maker for as long as I can remember. As a child, I often drew pictures for friends, their delight thrilled me, giving me a sense of purpose. Making something with my own two hands, that brought joy to others, became my greatest joy. It explains my career as a pastry chef and my newest love, jewelry making. I stumbled upon copper electro forming online a few years ago and was immediately smitten with the rustic organic beauty of it. I have always been drawn to aging copper, rocks and minerals; so this seemed a perfect fit for my next maker adventure. People are attracted to my work because of the metaphysical property of a certain stone or the heath benefits of wearing copper or just the look of a piece in general; but the reasons they become repeat customers are my favorite! I’ve heard countless tales of pieces giving their owners strength, comfort, peace and joy.

I am always honored when people choose to wear or gift my jewelry to a loved one. I love to create customs for clients. They are always so sentimental and treasured. Making mamas jewelry from rocks their children have given them is my favorite. The beauty and magic that comes from the earth, astounds me every day. I am grateful I get to share a little bit of it with the world. jamie-payne-designs@myshopify.com



Available on Netflix

A NEW PARADIGM FOR HEALING Director Kelly Noonan Gore’s Documentary takes us on a scientific and spiritual journey to discover how our thoughts, beliefs and emotions can profoundly effect our health and our ability to heal. We follow 3 people on high stakes, life or death healing journeys. We learn stories about defying medical odds and spontaneous healing from changing beliefs and energy work. The latest science reveals we are not victims of immutable genes, nor should we fall victim to scary prognosis from Doctors. We have much more control over our health and our life than we were taught to believe. This film will empower you with a new understanding of the miraculous nature of your body and psyche to heal yourself. Within each of us lies an extraordinary healer ready to awaken and transform. Anita Moorjani recounts how she healed herself from Cancer with her will and mind power. Director Kelly Noonan Gore had her own health limitations that led her on a personal pilgrimage of healing, “I was fascinated with how intelligent the human body is, how it’s designed to repair itself, I wanted to sit down with these teachers and see what was truly possible. It feels like so many people are sick these days, and that they are ready to hear this information.” If you are fighting any illness or medical condition, you have to watch this and be inspired!

Features Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson, Michael Beckwith, Gregg Braden, Anita Moorjani, Anthony William, the Medical Medium, Joan Borysenko and more! Marianne Williamson who is featured in HEAL is also running as a Presidential Candidate for 2020; offering a New Paradigm for our Country. Her message is, “It is time to let go of an old and tired political conversation and forge a new, whole-person, heart-centered political dynamic. I hope you will join me in this evolutionary effort. It is time to create an entirely new phase of America's story; one in which we repair what needs to be repaired, pull ourselves up from the mire into which in too many ways we have descended, and forge a better future for ourselves and those we love.”

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Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression, Mood Swings, Brain Fog, Lack of Motivation...

Are You Ready to Start Feeling Your Best?

FREE 30 MINUTE PHONE CONSULTATION CERTIFIED NEURO NUTRITIONIST + HOLISTIC HEALTH COACH Specializing in Balancing Mental Health Restoring Gut Function Cultivating Emotional Wellness Nourishing From the Inside-Out

Call Today! 541.610.9925 Nourish. Heal. Thrive.



www.ElevatedWellnessAndYoga.com Info@elevatedwellnessandyoga.com



Gemstone Healing for an Active Life $5 OFF purchase of $25 or more*

$25 OFF purchase of $100 or more* *Cannot be combined with other offers or used on sale items.

Handsourced, high quality gemstones, jewelry, crystals, & fair trade accessories. Chalcedony Ring - Sterling Silver Chalcedony is a soothing stone of balance and harmony. It dispels selfdoubt and negativity, and replaces it with calm and self-confidence.

Labradorite is a stone of magic! It was first discovered by Inuits who believed it was the Aurora Borealis frozen in stone. Use Labradorite to connect to the universe and let its magic flow through you.

Rose Quartz Wrapped Pendant Rose Quartz is the stone of love. It opens our hearts to healthy relationships, and fills us with positivity and self-love.

Amethyst Drop Earrings - Sterling Silver A powerful protection stone, especially for travellers and those with an active life. Wear Amethyst to protect yourself against physical harm, negativity, and mental anxieties.

Moldavite Pendant - Sterling Silver An amazing stone of transformation, it removes blockages, focuses intentions, and gives you a boost! Extremely powerful with a high vibration, its energy is easily felt (a great stone for skeptics and Metaphysical beginners alike).

Smoky Quartz Tower A powerful stone of manifestation. It absorbs negative energy and increases practicality and organization to help you bring your ideas into the physical world.

Azurite & Malachite Ring - Sterling Silver Azurite and Malachite together make an interesting combination, one encourages adventure and learning, while the other keeps you grounded and connected to the earth.

Two Bend locations: 2660 NE Highway 20 & 706 SW Industrial Way


Hydration is essential for healthy performance as our cells use hydrogen molecules in water to make ATP, a basic unit of energy cells used to run your body. Staying hydrated gives you energy and reduces inflammation. You can use Electrolytes to hydrate such as sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium and calcium, these can be found in mineral water. Soluble fiber found in fruits and vegetables will keep you hydrated, too. If you are dehydrated, sometimes water is not as helpful as a juice or eating a water rich fruit or vegetable such as watermelon or cucumber because the fiber will help deliver hydration to your cells faster than water alone through the digestive process. Symptoms of Dehydration • Dry, itchy skin and hair • Chapped lips • Not peeing or having dark pee • Feeling dizzy • Rapid Heartbeat • Headache with nausea • Fainting Laird Hydrate Turmeric combines organic turmeric, plus freezedried coconut water + Aquamin™ mix with essential electrolytes plus trace minerals to provide a better sports drink. Light in a Spoon Smoothie mix has an Alkalizing Ingredient list including Superfoods: goji berry, maca, beetroot, rosehips, moringa, aniseseed, ginseng, turmeric, nettle, spinach, chlorella, bilberries, kelp, gotu kola and more!

Photo by Kevin Kubota 18



Living in the High Desert, you’ve got to drink more, here's to our fave healthy drinks!

Hydrate your Skin with OSEA Organic Seaweed, botanical-based body oil is loaded with Acai, Babassu, Passion Fruit and Ayurvedic Sesame oils to hydrate skin with aromatic notes of Citrus and Cypress Essential oils. Hydrate Sore Muscles with Arnica Birch Energizing Oil by Dr. Haushka This oil is like a first aid kit in a bottle for all your bumps and bruises when hiking, biking and adventuring this Summer.

Water Kefir People make a dairy-free cultured probiotic water infused with local fruits and juices that tastes like a healthy sparkling natural soda. www.thewaterkefirpeople.com

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WHAT TO WEAR THIS SUMMER Feel Good wearing Sudara Punjammies feel wonderful to wear, like being in your pajamas all day, yet they look classy enough to wear to work. They also feel good because you are supporting Women in India who are at the highest risk of exploitation through Human Trafficking. When you shop Sudara, you are helping provide a safe place and education for women and their children. sudara.org

Ripple Yoga Onesies A criss cross tank top combined with slouchy capri yoga pants to create the best workout wear, even if you’re workout is just going to the grocery store or tidying up, you will never want to take this off! rippleyogawear.com

You can purchase this bag at Hide Alchemy. www.etsy.com/shop/hidealchemy

YOGA SPRAY made with rose water, witch hazel, tea tree and lavender will keep your mat smelling like roses not sweat. Lotusnaturalsbend.com




photo by Seth Buck bendhealthguide.com | BEND HEALTH GUIDE


The Ins and Outs of Medical Bills

for motor vehicle injuries

So, you’ve been in a crash or maybe as a pedestrian or cyclist, you were hit by a car. You’re handling injuries and now you have to navigate a process to deal with three separate insurance companies: your auto insurance, their auto insurance, and health insurance. Here are some tips to help navigate the process efficiently, so you can focus what is most important – your health and getting back on your feet.

Medical bills:

Every auto insurance policy issued in Oregon, has Personal Injury Protection or "PIP"

There’s a priority to the order of who pays an injured party’s medical bills. Every auto insurance policy issued in Oregon, by law, has Personal Injury Protection, "PIP," that provides a minimum $15,000 to each individual for medical services provided within the first two years of the crash (see ORS 742.524(1)(a)). Regardless of fault, an injured person is first covered by the insurance company of the vehicle the person was riding in. After that, health insurance is generally next in line to pay.


Report the crash to the insurance company of the vehicle you were in and get a PIP claim number. Give this number to medical providers so they can bill the auto insurance directly. Do this as soon as possible, so there’s no mistake in billing. If you were in someone else’s vehicle, you’re first covered by their insurance. If you use up that first PIP, you can access a second PIP through your own auto insurance before using health insurance. This saves you on co-pays and make for a smoother process if you need to file a claim against the at-fault driver.


If you were a pedestrian or bicyclist hit by a car, you’re entitled to PIP coverage through your own auto insurance even though your vehicle was not involved. Report the crash to your insurance and obtain a claim number to give to medical providers. If you do not have auto insurance, your health insurance is primary. If you do not have auto or health, you can get PIP through auto insurance of the person who hit you.


If it was someone else’s fault, don’t worry about your insurance getting reimbursed by the at-fault driver’s insurance. Insurance companies have their own process to get reimbursed. PIP was designed so injured parties can immediately get the medical treatment they need without waiting on a determination of whose fault it was.


If you use up your PIP, ask the insurance company to send you a copy of what’s called an “exhaust letter” indicating that you’ve used up the coverage. Give that letter to your providers and health insurance, so your providers know to bill health insurance and health insurance knows to pay. As a covered party, you can always ask your PIP carrier to provide you with a ledger to keep track of your bills and know how much you have left. Allow for lag time between treatment, billing, and recording of that billing.


If PIP wants to send you to an Independent Medical Examination, this generally means they want to see if you need to continue to treat. Consult an attorney to discuss your options. Ignoring their request entirely will give them the opportunity to deny coverage for additional treatment.


Consider increasing your own PIP coverage. In a catastrophic crash, $15,000 may not cover the first day of bills. Most insurance companies provide policies that offer $100,000 in PIP. Also consider upping your uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, as it provides protection in the event you are hit by someone who has no insurance or carries the state minimum of $25,000.


Lost wages: Under Oregon law, PIP coverage also includes a wage loss provision under ORS 742.524(1)(b). If you miss two weeks of work consecutively, you’re eligible to receive 70% of your pay up to $3,000 a month for a period of 52 weeks. If your medical provider tells you not to return to work, ask for an off-work slip. PIP coverage will want to see that along with a paystub to issue payment.


Final Tip: Don't be afraid to contact an attorney with questions. Most personal injuries attorneys will provide a consult free of charge. If you have any questions about this process - even if you don’t want to hire an attorney, but just want some questions answered - please feel free to give us a call.

www.high-desert-law.com | 541.306.6553 Advertorial

The Center STRONG

Being an active woman my whole life, I was devastated to learn that I was going to need a new hip at age 51. The pain was keeping me from all the things I loved to do, so I decided to have outpatient total joint replacement at The Center. I felt really good about my decision. My doctor had a great reputation and the staff answered all my questions‌ Read the rest of Darla’s story at TheCenterOregon.com.

Make an appointment today. 541.382.3344 TheCenterOregon.com

Find your strength here.

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Laser TherapyAlternative to Vaginal Estrogen By Dr. Marta Johnson-Mitchell If you have pain or dryness with intercourse and are looking for a non-hormonal solution, the Mona Lisa Laser is it! As estrogen levels decline with age, most women notice thinning and irritation of the vaginal skin. This is referred to as Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM). Common symptoms include vaginal dryness, itching, burning, and pain with intercourse. Vaginal estrogen is a standard treatment for GSM, but it’s not an ideal treatment option for everyone. Many women cannot use estrogen as a result of other health issues, i.e. cancer or blood clots. Others wish to avoid hormone replacement entirely after reviewing the risks and benefits. Even women using vaginal estrogen may require additional therapy to completely resolve their symptoms. Thankfully, there is a non-hormonal alternative, MonaLisa Touch®. MonaLisa Touch® delivers gentle laser energy to the vaginal wall, improving tissue quality and moisture levels within the vagina. It works similarly to facial laser treatments, stimulating new blood vessels and colDr. Tammy Bull High Lakes Health Care Hospital District

(541) 389-7741

lagen growth. The therapy is performed in office with 3 treatments over a period of 18 weeks. Each treatment takes around 5-10 minutes with minimal discomfort and down-time. Both Urology Specialists of Oregon, Dr. Johnson-Mitchell and High Lakes Healthcare - Gynecology, Dr. Bull are now offering MonaLisa Touch® therapy to treat vaginal symptoms related to menopause. If you are interested in learning more about MonaLisa Touch®, please call to schedule a consultation: (541) 389-7741 for Dr. Tammy Bull (541) 322-5753 for Dr. Marta Johnson-Mitchell Dr. Marta Johnson-Mitchell is the only fellowship-trained female urologist in Central Oregon. She specializes in voiding/bladder dysfunction and female urology at Urology Specialists of Oregon. Urologyinoregon.com

Dr. Marta Johnson-Mitchell Urology Specialists of Oregon

(541) 322-5753

for Vaginal Rejuvenation

3 treatments for $1800 with 4th treatment FREE* *4th treatment must be completed within 12 months of 1st treatment session.

Schedule a consultation with one of our providers to see if the Mona Lisa Touch is right for you.

The physician recommended and most effective treatment outcomes are obtained by performing a series of three (3) procedures over the course of 18 weeks, with each treatment being 6 weeks apart. This treatment is not covered by insurance and the cost of each treatment is due at the time of service. Medical Savings accounts are accepted. Present coupon for special pricing.

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Infant Massage Education: Foundation for Healthy Beginnings By Sara Weimers, LMT

We all want what is best for our babies. As a Certified Educator of Infant Massage, I teach a modality of infant massage that’s been around since the 1970’s, practiced in 70 countries, and yet is not being utilized by millions of parents here in the US, where there’s less accessibility to it. I teach parents of infants 0-12 months massage techniques to support better sleep (for all of you), colic relief, communication, bonding, confidence in parenting, and much more! Techniques are taught over a 5 week course once a week in classes lasting 60-90 minutes. Moves grow and adapt as your child grows and adapts, so it can continue for the rest of their lives. These are small, intimate classes where we discuss parenting struggles, victories, and as a collective, support each other. I am a mom, what a great resource to have at your fingertips! I am also a retired massage therapist. I know from having my own practice, the more you get massaged, the more in tune with your body you are. What a great gift to give to your baby and to yourself! We always ask permission before we massage, so consent, safe touch, self esteem, and confidence are instilled right from the start. I truly believe infant massage can change the world. Studies have found that both moms and dads benefit greatly from these courses. Sometimes dads can feel lost, out of touch when a new baby arrives. For dads to spend a full 90 minutes watching, bonding, listening to their baby, does wonders for their confidence and attachment to the newborn. Siblings also love to learn and be a part of the process. If you’d like to learn more or attend a course, go to www.bundleofjoyinfantmassage.com. I look forward to working with you! bendhealthguide.com | BEND HEALTH GUIDE


Building a Better Community Through World Class Dentistry Our dentists, Dr. Anne Scott, Dr. Peter Yonan, Dr. Kylie Wasserman and Dr. Blake Quigley, together with our professional staff, are dedicated to keeping you and your mouth healthy.

Awbrey Dental Group 541-640-5365 www.awbreydental.com 965 SW Emkay Drive Suite 100 Bend 97702

Dr. Peter Yonan | Dr. Anne Scott | Dr. Kylie Wasserman | Dr. Blake Quigley

A Healthy Smile Improves Longevity by Dr. Peter Yonan

Current medical research found inflammation as an underlying precursor to diseases such as coronary artery disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and premature low weight babies. Primary sources of inflammation in our bodies are found in the mouth; with dental conditions such as gingivitis, periodontal disease, a necrotic or dead tooth, and deep cavities. Periodontal disease creates an elevated level of an inflammatory precursor called c-reactive protein circulating in the blood stream. C-reactive protein is synthesized in the liver in response to interleuken-6 secretion. Interleuken-6 can be secreted by cells in your immune system responding to bacteria from periodontal disease. C-reactive protein increases risk of both heart attack and stroke. Your physician can check your c-reactive protein level with a simple blood test. Bacteria from periodontal disease has been found in arteries at the site where both heart attacks and strokes have occurred in victims. Imbedded in arterial walls, the bacteria causes inflammation, weakens arteries and increases risk of rupture. A dental health professional can decrease inflammation in your body thorough a comprehensive dental examination, radiographs and treatment. In the process of an examination, your dentist will examine your gum and bone health. They will examine the health of your gums looking for areas of swelling, redness or bleeding. They will measure the depth of “pockets� to determine periodontal health. Your dentist will review your dental radiographs to determine bone and tooth health. A dentist will diagnose the health of your teeth, bone and gums to recommend a proper course of treatment. If there is any periodontal disease, your dentist can prescribe periodontal therapy to reduce levels of circulating c-reactive protein and reduce inflammation. For gingivitis they will prescribe a prophylaxis cleaning. For a tooth that has died or teeth with cavities they will Advertorial

recommend a necessary treatment to get those teeth healthy and remove sources of inflammation. A healthy mouth is so important to your overall health. Our team at Awbrey Dental Group are committed to providing exceptional care and dedicated to keeping our patients happy and healthy. A beautiful healthy smile will contribute to your longevity and vibrant life.

Peter Yonan has been a practicing dentist in Bend for 26 years and is a graduate of the Oregon Health Sciences School of Dentistry. He is an instructor and dental educator of other dentists keeping ahead of the newest techniques, materials and technology in dentistry. He and his talented team at Awbrey Dental strive to provide the highest level of care thereby enhancing the wellness and lives of their patients.

GLUTEN FREE PEACH COBBLER INGREDIENTS Filling: 2 lbs fresh peaches, sliced 3 tbsp coconut sugar (or pure maple syrup) 1 tbsp tapioca flour 1 tsp cinnamon 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg


INGREDIENTS 1 fresh pineapple 2 lbs boneless chicken thighs (or breasts)

Topping: 1/4 cup coconut butter, melted 1/2 cup full fat coconut milk 1/4 cup pure maple syrup 1 tsp vanilla 1 cup almond flour 2 tbsp tapioca flour 1/4 tsp sea salt

• Preheat grill or oven to 375° Fahrenheit or medium heat. • Place filling ingredients in a large mixing bowl, and stir to evenly coat peaches. Transfer to cast iron skillet. In the same mixing bowl, add almond flour, tapioca flour and sea salt. Stir to combine.  • Add melted coconut butter, coconut milk, maple syrup and vanilla. Mix again to form batter. Use a spoon to drop dollops of the batter on top of the peaches, leaving some gaps and space around the perimeter of the skillet. Place skillet on the grill or in the oven and cook for 25-30 minutes. The peaches will get bubbly and the topping will turn golden brown. • Optional toppings like coconut ice cream or whipped coconut cream are a plus! 28



Marinade: 1/2 cup coconut aminos 1/4 cup water 1/4 cup tomato paste 4-6 pitted dates, 2 tsp garlic powder 2 tsp chili powder 1 tsp smoked paprika INSTRUCTIONS

•Soak dates in warm water 15 minutes to soften. Make the marinade, place all ingredients in a blender or food processor, combine until smooth. Place chicken in a bowl, pour marinade over, coat chicken. Cover and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes or up to 24 hours. • Skin & Cut pineapple into rounds, removing tough inner core. • Heat your grill to high heat (about 500° F). • Add chicken and pineapple to grill and cook, flipping once and basting chicken with any remaining marinade until cooked through, about 5-6 minutes on each side depending on the size of the chicken. Serve chicken and pineapple with your desired side, over rice or over greens with green onions for topping.

GRILLED STEAK SALAD Paleo + Whole 300 Summer vibes are grilling, outside patio dining, and soaking up sunshine. Serves 4 INGREDIENTS Steak: 2 lbs skirt steak (or flank steak) 1 tsp sea salt 1 tsp pepper 1 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp onion powder 1 tsp chili powder Dressing: 1/2 cup parsley, packed 1/4 cup cilantro, packed 2 green onions, roughly chopped 1 avocado, peeled 2 cloves garlic sea salt & pepper 1/4 cup olive oil 1 tbsp white vinegar 1 tbsp water (add more for desired consistency) Salad: 8 cups mixed leafy greens 1 red onion, cut into rounds 3 tomatoes, cut into fourths 4 green onions, roots removed 4 pieces baby bok choy 2 avocados, sliced INSTRUCTIONS

• Season steak on both sides, massaging spices in with your hands. Set aside. • Prepare dressing, add all ingredients into a food processor or blender, process to a smooth consistency. • Grill steak, onions, tomatoes and bok choy, 3-4 minutes and flip everything. Grill for another 3-4 minutes until steak and veggies are done to your liking. • Remove and allow the steak to rest while you assemble the salad. Start with a bed of leafy greens, add onions, tomatoes, sliced avocados and bok choy. • Slice the steak into strips against the grain and add to the top of salad, drizzle dressing over everything.

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Book Review

To Kneel and Kiss the Earth by L.R. Heartsong

For nearly five years, the Soul Artist Journal, a weekly e-column/blog by author and healer, L.R. Heartsong, explored the art of living a meaningful connected existence, celebrating “a life for the senses.” An underlying theme of his diverse posts was always, how do we nourish the soul? This is the first compilation volume, a gathering of posts selected from archives that span the Journal’s arc of existence. These heart full writings praise an ordinary sacred and offer inspiration for one’s daily journey, perfect to savor with a cup of tea. Here is a timely and welcome nod toward the re-enchantment of everyday life with a luminous heart. Readers will delight in this offering of lyrical prose in praise of nature, soul, food and cooking, all woven into a sensual relationship with the Earth. “I’ve been reading your archives, reading and rereading everything I could find. You are an amazing creature. Bravissimo.” ~Marlena de Blasi, bestselling author of A Thousand Days in Venice and A Thousand Days in Tuscany L.R. Heartsong is “a healer who writes.” An author of two books, the pen behind TendingSacred and host of Embodied Soul Podcast. Learn more at SoulQuests.com

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For more info on all of these events please see our Online Meetup LONGTABLE DINNERS AT RAINSHADOW ORGANICS Enjoy an organic, locally sourced dinner on their Farm in Sisters, Oregon. April 26th June 21st July 26th August 23rd September 21st RSVP & buy tickets at Rainshadoworganics.com DIG DOG HOTEL & SPAW SHINDIG Friday May 3rd, 5:30-9pm GRAND OPENING MAY 4TH Digdoghotel.com

SPRING TONICS KATELYN DEXTER & ORA JUICE April 19th, 4:30-8pm Fettle Botanic Bend EARTH DAY OPEN HOUSE April 20th Blissfulheart.com EARTH DAY CONCERT SHIREEN AMINI ORA JUICE TASTINGS April 20th, 7-10pm The Hive ORA JUICE CO. TASTING PARTY April 26th, 5-7pm Hawthorn Healing Arts Center EVOKE ENERGY YIN NIDRA YOGA 1 & 2 BRANDY BERLIN April 27th, 6:30-8pm level 1 April 28th, 9am-6pm level 2 namaspa.com


REIKI 2 CLASS SYMBOLS FOR DISTANCE HEALING May 4th, 2019 10-5pm kimimihealingarts.com Casa Cascadia Retreat Space in Bend INTRO TO CRANIOSACRAL AND SENSITIVE TOUCH May 5th, 2019 reginacallahan.com


INFANT MASSAGE CLASSES Mondays 3:30-5:00pm May 13th-June 10th Series 2 starts July 8th-August 5th Bundleofjoymassage.com HEALTH FAIR Join us to learn more about Health Providers, products, food and drink. Enjoy performance by Fairies, Wushu, Aerial Yoga, Hula Hoops, Belly Dancing & music. First 50 in the door will receive Swag Bags full of healthy gifts! Saturday May 18th, 10am-6pm Holinshead Barn

Glinwood Fae Fairies will be at our family friendly Health Fair

POWER OF FILM FUNDRAISER FOR HEALTHY BEGINNINGS May 31st Unitarian Universalist Churchbendfilm.com

Yoga Indigo COLUMBIA RIVER GORGE RETREAT AUGUST 9-11 2019 This all-inclusive  3-day  women’s  retreat  located  at  The  Columbia  Riverside  Lodge  will 

BANDHAS TO BREAKTHROUGHS Suzie Newcome June 1st, 1-3pm Namaspa.com BHG HEALTHY HAPPY HOUR MEETUP June 13th 5:30-7:30pm Ora Juice Co

BIKE TO FARM TO TABLE EVENT Saturday June 15th 10:30am-4pm Join our BHG Bicycle Distributor in an Epic Ride with cycling friends going from Bend to Rainshadow Organics Farm in Sisters.When you arrive on their farm, you will enjoy A healthy lunch featuring seasonal organic food from their farm and local beer. Buy tickets at RainshadowOrganics.com Thank you Three Creeks Brewing for Sponsoring our Bike to Farm to Table Event!

FERTILITY ACCUPRESSURE June 22nd, 10-4pm kimimihealingarts.com

offer picturesque  yoga  sessions,  a  day  hike  in  the  gorge  and  plenty  of time  to relax  and  restore  your  soul.


 July 14, 2019 reginacallahan.com


TULA MOVEMENT ARTS SUMMER CAMPS FOR KIDS Moving Joyfully Summer Camps Ages 3-6 Session 1: June 17-21 9-11:30am Session 2: August 12-16 Circus Ninja Camps Ages 5-8 Session 1: July 15-19, 1:30-4pm Session 2: July 29-August 2, 1:30-4pm Session 3: August 12-16, 1:30-4pm Circus Ninja Camps Ages 9-12 Session 1: July 8-12, 1:30-4pm Session 2: July 22-26, 1:30-4pm Session 3: August 5-9, 1:30-4pm Aerial Cirque Dance Camps Ages 9+ Session 1: July 8-12, 4:30-5:45pm Session 2: August 12-16, 4:30-5:45pm

ADVANCED YOGA TEACHER TRAINING BE SHAKTI JUNE 27-JULY 2/JULY 5-8 Tula Movement Arts HEALTHY HAPPY HOUR ANGELINA’S SPA July 20th 4:30-7pm Botanical Infusion Drinks at Angelina’s Wellness Spa aosskincare.com COLUMBIA RIVER GORGE YOGA RETREAT August 9-11th Yogaindigo.com Join Us on Meetup, Facebook & Instagram for more Healthy Events.

Saturday, May 18th, 2019 10am to 6pm Hollinshead Barn Enjoy Free Health Sessions including Chiropractic, Massage and bodywork. Performances by Silks Rising Pixies, Oregon Taichi Wushu, & Willow, a Fairy of Glinwoodfae Free Yoga, Tai Chi, Aerial Yoga & Hula Hoop classes n the lawn all day!

$5 entry includes Swag Bag & a Raffle EVENTS DIRECTORY

105 SW Hayes Ave, Suite B, Bend

Contact us today to schedule your camp!


(541) 390-0396


Laugh, play and make new friends at Eco Kidz Today! 9am-1pm, 3-5 yrs - Preschool Adventures 1pm-3pm, All Ages Open AFTERSCHOOL WEDNESDAYS CAMPS Bend La Pine Bus from Silver Rail, Pine Ridge, and Elk Meadow

Home Schoolers • Full day Summer Camps • Live Animals to Love • Yoga Tea Parties • Birthday Parties First Friday Nights Out • No School - Art & Nature Days • Cooking/Slime/Clay Camps

Perfect Outdoor Adventure gear is this Two Pan Tin Cloth Vest, inspired by generations of hunters, ranchers, loggers, miners, cowboys and cowgirls. The design was based on timber cruiser vests and hunting vests, durable and made to be used. It features multiple pockets for big things, small things, phones and pens, it even has a "game pocket" in the back for your map, water bottle, book, or snacks. photos by Cyr Photographic

The exterior is made with 12.5 oz waxed canvas and is fully lined with 24oz Pendleton 100% wool, this an heirloom, hand-crafted piece made to order by Alicia Renner at Howl Attire at The Northwest Trading Post in the Workhouse, visit their shop to try on a vest in person and get measured for an heirloom piece of your own! howlattire.com

If you are visiting any Cascade Lakes this Summer, do not forget your All Natural Bug Spray from Wise Owl, it smells like the Forest with Essential oils of Cedar, Clove, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus and more, let the mosquitoes bite someone else! Find it at thewiseowl.com 40


Get OffLine & Go Outside

Photo by Seth Buck

this Summer because...

Photo by Matt Crowley

You live in Bend!

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by Alice of Growing Life Therapies You pick up your phone to check the time and you see a red dot hovering in the corner of your app, notifying you to get up to date on what is going on. Before you know it, you’ve spent 20 minutes or maybe even hours, scrolling!

Are you addicted?

Social media addiction is not a formal clinical diagnosis.

Social media likes and comments have a deep impact on how you feel on a daily basis.

You need to spend more and more time online to get the feelings you seek.

You’ve tried to stop being online so much but cannot seem to manage it.

The thought of being off social media and not knowing what is going on causes stress.

Responsibilities, experiences, and

relationships are neglected so that you can scroll.

You have to photograph all of your

experiences to share, including food, nature, family and pets.



If you check 3 or more, you might want to seek out a therapist who can help, but don’t panic. Social networking has become a way of life all over the world, and many struggle to find balance with it. There are simple actions you can take to manage it.

Install an app, like Moment, to measure time spent online & on your phone, then adapt your behavior.

Cancel notifications on your apps and computer. Login when you’re ready, not when a red dot tempts you to have a Pavlovian response.

Pick 1-3 situations when you really want to be present for yourself and your family, stay offline at these times.

Pick a time in your day when your phone is not in your hand. You will open the door for new real life connections.

Be gentle with yourself as you navigate this great social experiment that is online connectivity.

Talk about it openly with friends, family and your therapist to decide if you are handling it right.

Social Media Detox Tools Digital devices to monitor the amount of time you spend on your phone. Freedom Creates: blocks to prevent you from going on Social Media at certain scheduled times of the day (like when you should be working!) $7/ month In Moment: tracks and provides data on your social media habit, showing how much time you’re spending on Instagram or Twitter, allows you to set limits on your daily social media usage. $10/month. Space: helps you set goals to be more mindful of your screen usage. Complete a short questionnaire about your screen habits, then select a user type that is the best match. The app sets screen unlock and time use goals, with notifications and rewards for use. AntiSocial: is one of the best-known screen-reduction apps available on Android. It provides features like screen time limits and app blocking, compares your screen usage data to other people in your age and gender. For Parents limiting Kids Screen Time Our Pact : A screen time parental control app, app blocker, website blocker, GPS locator, kid tracker and family locator. Parents can create GPS geofences around specific locations, receive real-time alerts when their k ids leave and arrive at home, school or any set zone.

Healthy Tech Tips Nielsen survey found average Americans spend 11+ hours a day with electronic media that produces EMFs, electronic magnetic frequency, found to be harmful to our bodies. Protect yourself from EMFs with Defender Shield, a pad with multiple layers of shielding material to filter out harmful EMFs and radiation. defendershield.com Copper is known to block out harmful EMFs, too so wearing Copper Jewelry or Copper Socks helps. At night set a timer to turn off your internet router to reduce harmful EMFs, you will sleep better. Blue Blocker Glasses Protect Your Eyes Prolonged exposure to high-energy visible (HEV) blue light can lead to eye strain, blurred vision and insomnia. Studies show it may damage retinal cells leading to an increased risk of developing age-related macular degeneration, causing vision loss over time. The Blokz blue blocker lenses block blue light and provide maximum UV coverage to protect your eyes. Children are especially vulnerable to the effects of blue light because their eyes have not yet developed natural defenses against UV and blue light. Now that smartphones, computers, and tablets are a regular part of kids' lives, they need blue protection more than ever. zennioptical.com DefenderShield® is the the most effective radiation shielding device to protect against harmful EMFs from electronics. FCC certified lab tested DefenderShield® technology and found it was capable of blocking up to virtually 100% of EMF radiation from mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, cell phones & other electronic devices. This includes both 98% of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) and 99% of Radio Frequency (RF) emissions.

www.defendershield.com Customers receive 20% off everything on their website using

promo code: BHG20 bendhealthguide.com | BEND HEALTH GUIDE


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Ingredients: 2 Tablespoons olive oil 2 bunches green onions, washed, cut to 1 inch 4 cloves garlic, rough chopped 1/2 to 1 whole jalapeño*, seeds removed, rough chopped 3 cups green tea, or any herbal tea of your choice* 1 bunch asparagus, bottoms snapped off, cut in 1 inch lengths 4 cups English cucumber, cut in 1/2 inch chunks 2 large or 3 medium sized ripe avocados 1 cup fresh soft herbs, I used a mix of mint, cilantro + chives 1.5 Tablespoons sea salt Juice of 2 limes Directions: Heat soup pot to medium heat, warm olive oil. Add green onion, garlic and jalapeño, sauté till soft. Pour in green tea and bring it to a boil. Add asparagus, cook until soft, about 4 minutes. Add cucumber, cook until white flesh turns translucent, maybe 2 more minutes. Remove pot from the heat. Ladle soup into your blender. Add avocado, herbs, salt and lime juice to the blender and puree till smooth. Serve warm with toasted pumpkin seeds, a drizzle of good oil, more chopped herbs, maybe a dollop of greek yogurt. Rose Archer has been a chef for over 20 years, after marrying her husband Stephen, a bariatric surgeon, she knew she had information to share with his patients that would support them on their journey of healing, health, and happiness. After being asked multiple times to teach patients to cook, Rose realized that if she filmed it all she could share this life-changing information with patients everywhere.

For more recipes go to:www.trueyoufood.com

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Opening this Spring‌ A brand new day spa in Bend, nestled on the Deschutes River, greets you with champagne or local draft beer. We hand select our product lines and treatments to ensure your perfect match. Choose Rescue Experience and Revitalize with our Espresso Mud Detoxifying Treatment or a Deep Forest Aromatherapy Massage.

Expect to be in a deep state of relaxation for 4 hours and 40 minutes in this immersive experience.

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Coupon: Free consult and aftercare kit with microneedling treatment, plus a 20% discount if booked in pack of 3 or more!

facials for all skin types/conditions · dermaplane facial · enzyme peels · skin tag and broken capillaries treatment Kelly Tracy-Holly, LE, CAE, CMLT 2275 NE Doctors Dr., Suite 11-D Bend, OR 97701 541.390.0066 endlessbeautyskincare.com kelly@endlessbeautyskincare.com

License #COS-FT-10130487 | #CAE-P-10183222

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Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is gaining momentum as a wonder drug to reverse aging, it promises optimal health at a Cellular Level. HGH naturally occurs in our body to maintains cell regeneration, repair and reproduction. The Science Behind Human Growth Hormone Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a composite of 191 amino acids responsible for development of bone, muscle and cartilage in children. HGH is created by the pea-sized pituitary gland located at the base of the brain, the Mayo Clinic explains it as “HGH fuels childhood growth, maintains healthy cells, tissues and organs throughout our lifetime.” HGH production peaks at age 25. As we age, our pituitary gland reduces the amount of growth hormone it produces, starting in our forties. Supplementing with Transdermal HGH potentially reduces the downsides related to our natural aging process. HGH gel is a nearly identical transdermal version of Somatropin. Benefits of Transdermal HGH • Reduced body fat • Improves deep sleep with better dreaming • Increased energy • Improved bone mass and bone strength • Greater endurance and stamina • Increased mean muscle mass • Recovery from injuries faster • Improved joint mobility • Better skin tone, decreases wrinkles • Healthier hair, skin & nails • Regrowth of hair, reversal of balding • Heightened libido and sex drive • Mood elevator • Improved memory and brain function

Active Ingredients Glandula Supperanalis Suis 6X Thyroidnum 8X Somatropin 30X Ascorbic Acid Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Ginkgo Biloba Wild Yam Root Green Tea Leaf Licorice Root If you would like more information about ordering the only FDA registered, transdermal Human Growth Hormone gel available without prescription, contact Kimimihealingarts.com Advertorial 48


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Morning Altars: Impermanent Earth Art by Day Schildkret Morning Altars: a 7 Step Practice to Nourish your Spirit through Nature, Art and Ritual; blends Nature and Art to captivate us and clear our busy minds, returning us to this moment with full awareness. Day teaches this practice as a morning meditation that can be done at the beach, forest or in your backyard with foraged and found gifts: pebbles, feathers, sticks, flowers or seeds. He asks you to take time each day to notice your surroundings, what will you find and are you paying attention? Let your musings nourish and ground you each day. Even if you never make a Mandala of your own, this book is worth owning to admire his beautiful Artwork. It will most likely inspire you to try it out, too! It is a fun activity for kids, to get them off screen and back into nature. Day Schidkret has inspired the masses to do his Impermanent Earth art in gatherings around the globe. He began creating Morning Altars as a way to heal his broken heart after a breakup. What began as his personal expression of grief, transformed into a movement to bring people in touch with their creativity, nature and collaboration. He tours doing Workshops and coaching for spiritually minded people who want to tap into their own actualization through Mandalas. 50


A boutique law firm with a selective focus in personal injury claims.


When serious injuries take you off track, we get you back on the path forward. www.high-desert-law.com | drosen@high-desert-law.com | 541.306.6553 990 NW Brooks St Suite 1 | Bend, OR 97703

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Bend Health Guide Spring 2019  

Bend Health Guide Spring 2019 Promoting Health & Wellness in Bend, Oregon

Bend Health Guide Spring 2019  

Bend Health Guide Spring 2019 Promoting Health & Wellness in Bend, Oregon