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Issue 14, 2024
Est. 2016

The Lookout Lodge offers guests 360 panoramic views of the Central Oregon Cascades.

Perched atop the Tumalo Butte is the historic Fire Tower that offers visitors a truly one of a kind experience to see Central Oregon far and wide. This legacy estate offers 7,000 square feet of living and gathering space including 6 private ensuite bedrooms and 8 bathrooms.

setting for gatherings, farm-to-table dinners, intimate weddings or a Wellness retreat with the majestic Central Oregon Cascades serving as a breathtaking backdrop for your photos. As the sun sets in a blaze of fiery hues, guests can gather around one of several patios adorned with inviting fire pits, where conversations, connections and shared memories are kindled beneath a starlit sky.

Surrounded by the Pacific Northwest natural splendor, The Lookout Lodge invites guests to immerse themselves in the great outdoors. A sprawling grassy area provides the perfect

Lookout Lodge can be rented for:

Family Vacation


Wellness Retreats


Corporate Retreat for Team building Classes & Workshops

OUR BUSINESS IS HELPING YOUR BUSINESS GROW Sign Up for a branding Feature NOW! 2025 FEATURE DEADLINE 11/11/2024 Featuring: 4 LOOKOUT LODGE 8 IM WELL 12 Redbird Readings 16 RAVVIVARE 22 Directory 27 BOOK REVIEW Cover Photo: Katy Nevinsky

Our Logo is a Flicker Feather because this guide has been co-created with Spirit who left Flicker Feathers to inspire me to create this offeringfor Healers in Bend. I LOVE that the Guide always comes out during Flicker mating season. Shells, beads, acorns, baskets & flicker feather headbands were monetary exchange used by indigenous people. When you find a Flicker feather it is a sign of abundance.

Editor: Terie Sandusky

Original Logo Watercolor art by Bill. I work with images drawn on napkins, water colors or just ideas to give clients their dream logos. An effective logo tells your story with symbolism to evoke emotions in your audience and convey your companies values purpose or meaning.

Photography & Design by: William T Sweigert


We Tell Your Story In A Branding Feature That Includes:

Branding photos & videos by WTSweigertphoto

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Dr. Sarah Dawson and Physician Assistant Joslyn Gibson designed IM WELL Internal Medicine & Wellness as an alternative to our current healthcare system. Their goal was to design a clinic that was the antithesis to the frustrating wait times, short appointments, and a reactive approach to medical problems commonly found in our healthcare system. IM WELL follows a membership-based model which limits the practice to a few hundred patients, allowing each person to receive the same “think outside the box” personalized medicine Dr. Dawson prefers for herself. No longer pressed for time, Dr. Dawson focuses on lifestyle changes that promote vitality and longevity. Inspired by Peter Attia’s Outlive and Medicine 3.0, IM WELL aims to assess what might be coming before it happens, arming patients with the tools to change their future. As an Internal Medicine

Specialist, Dr. Dawson is accustomed to caring for patients with chronic diseases, adults, & elite athletes wanting to boost performance. All can benefit from the IM WELL Model. Preventative cardiology, hormone management, and challenging diagnoses are areas of particular interest for Dr. Dawson. IM WELL offers integrative medicine services including IV therapies, Nutrition, Body composition, and the SOMADOME®, the world’s first technology enabled meditation pod. An embedded therapist provides priority access to a mental health expert and IM WELL is excited to be expanding this fall to include a physical medicine practice where patients can assess and optimize cardiovascular fitness, strength, and flexibility. Information about plan pricing and other resources can be found on their website: (541) 362-5919


Biohack Your Sleep for Deep Rest

Ccool, 68 degrees is optimal. A hot bath or shower can reflexively induce body cooling, this is a good bedtime routine.

hronically poor sleep can be as detrimental to your health as smoking. Lack of sleep has been linked to an increased risk of colon, breast and prostate cancer. Men who regularly sleep fewer than 6 hours match testosterone levels with men who are 10 years older. Sleeping less than 5 hours increases the risk of heart disease 200% and limits weight loss even while dieting. One night of bad sleep lowers cancer preventing immune cells in the body by 70%. At IM WELL Internal Medicine & Wellness we take our patients’ sleep seriously.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol triggers sleepiness that wears off and replaced by rebound alertness. Alcohol causes REM sleep to be shorter and later. This has a negative affect on memory & cognition. Alcohol is a diuretic leading to bathroom wake ups. Alcohol is a muscle relaxant which makes snoring and sleep apnea worse.

Limit Caffeine

Caffeine blocks the main driver of sleepiness Adenosine and raises Cortisol making it hard to fall asleep. Even a cup of coffee at noon means ¼ of the caffeine is still metabolically active in your brain at midnight.

Optimize Natural Melatonin

Actively seeking 10 mins of natural light in the morning and avoiding bright lights and screens in the evening sets your circadian rhythm so that melatonin peaks at bedtime. Increasing food sources high in tryptophan can naturally raise melatonin levels. Bananas, seaweed, oats, turkey, chicken & other food rich in Vitamin B3, B6, calcium and magnesium are good choices.

Lower Body Temperature

Our core body temperature decreases by 2 degrees to induce REM sleep. Avoid simple carbohydrates and rigorous exercise 2 hours prior to bed helps to prevent a rise in body temperature. Keep your sleep environment

Lower Cortisol

Chronic under sleeping leads to high cortisol levels. More anxiety means less sleep and less sleep means more anxiety. Avoid stress before bedtime, such as work, emails, social media and news. Go to bed relaxed. A regular Journalling or Meditation practice can help this.


Compounded Tirzepatide/Semaglutide

Active Ingredients of: Mounjaro, Zepbound, Ozempic, Wegovy

Over 70% Off Retail Cost

Free Clinician Consultation

Tele-health available in Oregon & Washington

Body Mass Index ≥ 27 to Qualify

Start Your Weight Loss Journey 541-422-FLOW (3569) $40 Off Your First Order Clinic in Downtown Bend

Psychic & Mediumship Development

In person course with Michelle Mejaski of Redbird Readings.

This course allows beginners to hone in on their psychic and mediumship abilities. Through guided mediation and connection you will create an understanding of the Clairs and how to incorporate them into your life to create inner peace and wonder.

Each class will focus on: protection and intention, understanding and developing each Clair, receiving and discernment of symbols, translating messages and language from Spirit

Dates for this in person 6 week course: May 13 & 27, June 3 & 17, July 8 & 22 7:00-8:30pm at private Westside studio. (location provided with registration) For pricing, information and registration, please contact

Michelle is a professional psychic medium known for her tactful, graceful, and empathetic approach to readings. She possesses a unique ability to feel, hear, and see Spirit vibration, allowing her to discern messages and relay them to her clients with clarity and compassion. Michelle’s readings provide insights into her clients’ energy, decisions, and life path, as well as cherished memories and messages from loved ones who have passed.

With experience in private and group readings, Michelle serves clients in various locations, including Salem, Portland, the Oregon coast, and Washington. She offers private readings in her home studio here in Bend and at Nature’s Bling, as well as at metaphysical, holistic, and health fairs and expos. These environments provide a comfortable and serene setting for her clients. Her dedication to her craft and her ability to offer meaningful guidance make her a sought-after psychic medium for those seeking insight and connection.

“My experience with Michelle at RedBird has been deeplypersonal and clarifving. It is extremely validating to bear witness and to participate in this speci c type ofenergetic work. 1 found my session to be humorous, helpful, deeply moving, and at times utterly miraculous.”

Watch her video on the BHG YouTube Channel!


e strive to create a sanctuary where modern science and artistry converge. Rooted in a commitment to innovation and integrity, our mission is to be your partner in achieving a harmonious balance betweeninner vitality and outer radiance. This is achieved through five-star patient care and personalized treatment plans focusing on cutting edge technology and enhancing inner and outer beauty.

Brandi Garcia and Dr. Cecily Reynolds bring a passion for beauty and a respect for the individual to Ravvivare Health & Wellness. With a commitment to inspiring well-being and confidence in the Ravvivare community of patients and team members, they focus on personalized solutions to achieve ideal results. Their combined dedication to the practice of medicine and desire to create long-lasting relationships with their clients brings a distinctive touch to Ravvivare. Kendal Richison Medical Assistant has 10

years of experience in the medical field. Born and raised in Central Oregon, she obtained her education through Central Oregon Community College. After graduating she went on to work at a successful start-up Urgent Care here in Bend, OR. Dominique Graham is a dedicated nurse with a mission to aid clients in their health & wellness journey while promoting natural beauty, building confidence, & aging gracefully. Dominique graduated from West Texas A&M University in 2017 with a Bachelors in Science & Nursing. She started her career in the Surgical ICU and then cross-trained into the ER. She gained further experience on Medical-Surgical units as a travel nurse prior to pursuing her real passion in the healthy & wellness industry. They have the most advanced medical equipment available for improving your face’s natural beauty.

16 Empowering Transformation Through Personalized Wellness and Aesthetics







EMFACE is the first procedure to apply A patented combination of Synchronized Radiofrequency heat to the dermis to stimulate collagen and elastin productionHIFESTM facial muscle stimulation selectively contracts facial muscles, like a workout for your face.













Terie Sandusky

Reiki Classes

Reiki Level 1

Saturday June 21st


Lookout Lodge

Reiki Level 2

Saturday July 27th 10:30 am - 6:00pm

Stillwater Yoga

Traditional Usui System of Natural Healing

Are you feeling burn out?

Reiki is the burnout cure!

Reiki Master Teacher & LMT

Kimimi Healing Arts est. 1999 B.A Psychology

Reiki is a non-invasive healing that brings balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Receive my Reiki for Abundance Book with class Scan QR code
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Alexon O’Neill, LAC

Acupuncture by Alexon 650 430-2445

Dr. David Wachtel, DACM, LAc

In Motion Acupuncture 541-508-7589


Tricia Leagjeld

Hearing Aids by Tricia Leagjeld 541-527-7347


Carly Wynn

Magnetic Meadow Wellness

Wellness Directory


Whitney Locke Breathe with Whjitney


Dr. AJ Garis

Dr. Sigrid Lakanen

Dr. David Juratovac

Dr. Macy Earl Discover Chiropractic Wellness Center 541-797-6224

Dr. Derek Murray

Dr. Alysha Murray Elevation Spine Center 541-275-5857


Natasha Ruegsegger, DC Elk Ridge Chiropractic (541) 388-0839


Bend Church 541.382.1672

680 NW Bond St.

UUFCO 541-385-3908 61980 Skyline Ranch Road


Joy Belonga Joy of Wellbeing



Jacquie Elliott

Certified Life & Spiritual Coach (541) 647-7053

Fawnda Kalebaugh Living Water Wellness

Willow Merchant Emerging Hearts

650 - 862-9336


Danella Durieux

Craniosacral & Organic Intelligence



Breathe Deep Dental

541 262-6101

Cascadia Family Dentist


Skyline Dental




Retreat Space

Hanai Foundation


Lookout Lodge

Functional Medicine

Dr. Sarah Dawson IM Joslyn Gibson, PA-C IM WELL Med 541- 362-5919


Ashley Joyce Bend Urban Gardens 541.728.3105

Hair Salons

Luminescence Salon 2445 NE Division St, Ste 304

Mint Nail & Hair Salon


Susan Harman Hairdressing susan-harman-hairdressing. 541- 604-2471

Health Insurance

Jesse Zimmermann Lic#20711629

503- 421-5487

More info about these businesses found in our Online Directory:

Hospice End of Life Doula

Mary Elizabeth Reiss (802) 585-3165

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Discover Chiropractic 541-797-6224

HALO Hyperbarics & Healing


Intuitive Reading

Michelle Mejaski Redbird Readings

Karen Sipes

Moon Song Energy Healing 541-815-9621

IV Hydration

Dr. Kevin Jones FLOW Wellness


Laser Therapy

Rose Archer Ignite Laser 541.728.3114

Julie Carda, MA

Everyday Brain Fitness 541-604-2857


Dave Rosen Personal Injury Lawyer

High Desert Law (541) 306-6553

Local goods delivery

Dylan Hatcher 541-280-5482


Katy Nevinsky 27112

Spectrum Massage 541-241-6031

Barrie Robbins Trager Moves

Terie Sandusky 22525

Kimimi Healing Arts 541-241-2458

Medical Clinics

Mosaic Medical 541-383-3005

24 Bend, Oregon • (541) 990-6580 By Appointment Only

Medical SPA

Cecily Reynolds, MD

Brandi Garcia

Kendall Richison

Dominique Graham Ravvivare Health & Wellness 541- 588-4252


Dana Johnson Radiant Grace Yoga

Andrea Rugg, CNM Evermore Midwifery & Health

Naturopathic Doctors

Dr. Laurie Grisez, ND Dr. Robert Skarperud, ND, MS 541-389-6935

Dr. Eric Olney, ND Pure Health Natural Medicine 541-639-3494


Suzanne Landry Natures Table Catering 805- 729-2916

Mayra Santana, NTP & Oscar Molina Roots at Heart 541- 241-6529

Jenni Whelan Spacious Table


Cascade Eyecare 541- 382-2020


Dr. Jasmine Low Mosaic Medical


Mosaic Medical 541-383-3005

Real Estate

Terie Sandusky Coming Home Bend 206-794-3118



Heather Bussman Universal Vibrations

Lisa Fulkerson


Chesley Strowd, MS, RMT 541-419-8137 Bend Reiki

Rachel Huff Pine & Prism

Terie Sandusky, RMT Kimimi Healing Arts 541-241-2458

Karen Sipes Moon Song Energy Healing 541-815-9621

Sound Healing

Kevin Kraft Sound Baths


Donna Kern Bella Nuova Day Spa 541-419-7793

Tai Chi

Master Jian Feng Chen Oregon Tai Chi Wushu

Teeth Whitening

Lisa Lindgren First Glance 541- 990-6580 direct firstglancebendcom


Wendy Wirtz


Ascenscion Counseling, LLC

Bend Animal Emergency 541-385-9110

Four Paws Wellness Center 541-408-9852

Weight Loss

FLOW Wellness 541-422-FLOW


Dana Johnson Radiant Grace Yoga

Groove Yoga Bend

Stillwater Yoga 775-339-8813

You Pick Farm

Well Rooted Farms 20377 Swalley Road


Say “goodmorning” with a heartwarming children’s picture book that pays homage to nature and wildlife.

Open your eyes, stretch your arms, and gather the kids for a perfect story to begin the day. Good Morning, Mother Nature lets readers of all ages awaken to celebratory text that serves as an ode to the great outdoors. Follow a chickadee at sunrise as it flits through the forest, wishing “good morning” to bears, beavers, deer, and other beloved critters. Along the way, the friendly bird encounters common sights and sounds of the forest, from fresh dew on leaves to a burbling brook.

Megan Marie Myers Artwork has been featured on our BHG Cover. She was riding her bike one day when she

was unexpectedly hit by a car, sustaining injuries that made it difficult to get back to work. As a self employed creative this is especially difficult. I urge to support this beloved local Bend artist by buying her art.

Megan’s vision for her work is to cultivate connection between all people and nature through art. She has made it her life’s work to use art to inspire deep love and appreciation for wilderness and encourage the protection of our only home. Megan Marie Myers Art’s is a proud business member of 1% for the Planet.

Feed Your Chickens Grubs 10% Off at GRUB TERRA! scan this code: Coupon code: BendHealthGuide

How to Grow Food in Central Oregon

Watch Backyard Chickens & Garden Videos

30 A creative gathering space that cultivates authentic connection Host your next event at Hanai! Visit our website to learn more! Nurturing Self & Community Community classes, workshops, and events Free weekly Community Open Hours Visit our event calendar for more information >>> 541-668-6494 62430 Eagle Rd Bend OR 97701
31 Take QUERCETIN & overcome Allergies! Quercetin supports the body’s mast cells to store and release histamine better, so taking it daily reduces allergy symptoms. You’ve got to try it & see. Got Allergies?

Bend is a Healing Vortex

AHealing Vortex is created by swirling centers of geomagnetic underground energy found on earth that are conductive to healing, meditation and spiritual enlightenment. These are magical places in nature where the earth seems especially alive with energy. Many people feel inspired, recharged or uplifted after visiting an energy vortex. Central Oregon has several energy vortexes including the Lava beds, Mountains, rivers and lakes.

LAVA Heals

Central Oregon Lava beds have a positive effect on the energetic magnetism of our bodies & minds. Lava rock alleviates stress and anxiety to bring us peace of mind. Lava rocks connect us to ancestral wisdom and help us listen to Spirit. Lava beds hold ancient, sacred waters that energetically cleanse negative thoughts, bad energy and emotional trauma. Lava is known as a “grounding stone” that deepens our connection to Mother Earth. Lava gives strength, courage and guidance in times of change. Lava rocks are called “Warrior stones.” Folklore says they were given to soldiers for protection and to find inner resilience to power through battles and survive. These stones always brought them home.

The Mountains are Calling....

Some feel the Healing Vortex comes from the Cascade Mountains. Native Americans believed Volcanoes & Mountains represent Creator as the sacred center of our Universe. The Mountains can ignite your creativity, you will often see people painting or photographing our mountains. Some Bend locals believe those smooth, saucer-shaped lenticular clouds that gather over the Mountains are proof of higher beings in the area, known as Alien clouds.


Sacred Waters of rivers, healing springs & lakes heals. Water is cleansing, it purifies our energy even if it’s just walking along the river trail taking in the scenery. Submerging yourself in a body of water, lake, river, ocean or stream can cleanse you of stuck negative energy and restores your energy, especially if it’s a cold plunge. If you have visited Crater Lake, you may have experienced how supernatural the deep blue waters can really be. Water helps empaths clear their energy.

Sacred Land Spirits protect Central Oregon

There is a legend of Lava Spirits who protect sacred lands in Central Oregon causing havoc for anyone who disrespects it, from offenses like littering on nature trails to cutting down old growth trees to over developing sacred sites, people have had mysterious karmic accidents, illnesses, cancers and bad luck.

Even if you don’t believe in metaphysical notions like Lei lines or vortexes, you will feel better in Bend. Your heart will be lighter, your smile gets wider and you become energetically aligned. Energy vortexes are found in scenic spots that uplift you with their beauty. I recommend going outside at golden hour about an hour before sunrise or sunset. Anytime you get nature therapy, to walk in sunshine, breathe fresh, mountain air and take in the wonder of Bend, you will feel your energy rising.

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