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Spring Edition 2018


Welcome to your 4

Spring Edition 2018


new Head Girl teams 5

Spring Edition 2018


Firefly Parents’ App now available for iOS and Android users! Good news! As part of Firefly’s ongoing development at the academy, the Firefly Parents’ App is now available for iOS and Android users! Mr Jamieson will be launching the App formally in the next few weeks. He will write to you with detailed step by step instructions explaining how to download/ install and log into the App.


If you wish to have a sneak preview before Mr Jamieson’s launch, please do the following:

daughter’s profile page including the homework she has been set, reports, attendance etc.

Go to your ‘App Store’ and search for ‘Firefly for parents’. Once installed enter the school code ‘belvedere’ and then log in with your usual Firefly credentials.

If you have any difficulties accessing or logging into the Firefly Parents’ App please send an email to fireflysupport@ or visit the Firefly help pages http://helpcentre.fireflylearning. com/parents for further information and guidance.

When you have logged in you will be able to access all the information from your

Spring Edition 2018



HOCKNEY Year 10 Graphics students were set with the task of researching the photo-collages of British artist David Hockney (see Hockney’s work top right). Hockney did not have the technology we do today; he would painstakingly photograph his subject from a variety of angles, often taking hundreds of shots that then needed processing on to paper. He called the collages ‘joiners’, and spawned a technique that has remained popular ever since. Back in the days of film you’d have to shoot the images, get them printed and then physically lay them out. Our Y10 students have used a variety of methods to recreate the style, mostly opting to do the work with computer based responses - however the violin example does use a variety of printed images. Whatever the technology, the Y10s have certainly got to grips with Hockney’s style and produced some excellent outcomes.


Spring Edition 2018


The Belvedere Academy hosted its first Dance Festival this year in December 2017. The PE Department decided to showcase a celebration of dances from around the world such as Chinese Red Ribbon, Bollywood, Greek Horos, Chilean Ghost Dances and American style Cheerleading. The Dance Festival also celebrated how dance has evolved through different decades by showcasing 1920’s Lindy Hop, 1940’s Land Girls, 1950’s Rock ‘n’ Roll, 1960’s Psychedelic and 1970’s Boogie Wonderland. The pupils worked exceptionally hard to create such a wonderful festival, which successfully sold out in 20 minutes. The PE Department would like to say a huge well done and thank you to the 262 pupils who participated in the event and a special thanks to the Sixth Form pupils who assisted with the event on the night.


Spring Edition 2018


7M Greek Horos

70 Bollywood

8B 1960,s Psychedelic

8P 1940,s Land Girls

,s 8Y 1970 Boogie Wonderland

9F 1920,s Lindy Hop

Dance Festival was an amazing experience and I am very glad I took part. All of the dances were very unique and energetic.

9M 1950,s Rock ,n, Roll

I did three dances and I was very nervous going on stage, but nerves soon went away. I enjoyed learning about the decades and I hope there is another Dance Festival next year. (Ellie J, 8B)

Year 11/12 Ghost Dances

I really loved being part of Belvedere’s first Dance Festival. I had a great experience with my form and we all got to dance on the stage together.

Chinese Red Ribbon

I did three dances and I had a great time learning them in my PE lessons and Enrichment. I won an award and I really hope I am part of the Dance Festival next year. (Aimee L, 8B)

Cheerleading Group 9


Spring Edition 2018



Spring Edition 2018




I’m very honoured and humbled that my work is used for inspiration. They all look fantastic! I hope they continue to create with love and passion. Nikki Farquharson’s response after seeing Belvedere students‘ work that took inspiration from her pattern work.


Spring Edition 2018


Year 10 Graphics students have been having great fun experimenting with patterns. Their work was initially inspired by the work of contemporary British female designer, Nikki Farquharson.

to plan for photoshoots (using their fellow Y10 colleagues as aspiring models!), using Photoshop to develop kaleidoscope patterns, 3D modelling and image mapping in Illustrator.

They produced pattern designs that were then developed further enabling the students to experiment, develop and showcase skills in mixed media, colour pattern with ink, photography and learning how

Some students have taken their designs even further by using animation to help them explore movement and further experimentation with different hues.


Spring Edition 2018



Spring Edition 2018


Ski Trip - Passo Tonale 2018 ‘So it all started early on a Saturday morning; 6am to be precise. Everyone was excited and could feel the anticipation in the air. Most people would think a 30 hour journey by coach to be daunting however in my opinion the ferry crossing and stunningly beautiful scenery, especially towards the latter part of the journey through Italy, made it a pleasant experience. On arrival at the Hotel Piandineve we were all allocated our rooms; my room had three beds and a balcony overlooking the slopes. Many a wipeout was witnessed from that balcony! It also became apparent just how well located the hotel was to the slopes and lifts but that didn’t make the walk to the lifts any easier in those lovely, comfy ski boots. The hotel itself was very elegant yet modern with a gorgeous restaurant, again with outstanding views of the slopes. The food in the hotel was plentiful and lovely and if you’re a big fan of pasta it was your lucky day - or should I say days. After we were provided with our skis, ski boots and helmet, we were banded into our abilities. I ended up in Intermediate along with some Year 10s and Sixth Formers and not to mention the teachers. Our instructor, Nicola, was funny, sarcastic but in a nice

way, and an extremely talented skier and teacher. He took us on some amazing blue and red runs and if I’m not mistaken I’m sure we did a black and made it an experience of a lifetime. One other fantastic experience we had on the holiday was ice skating at night on a frozen car park which was certainly a first. I’m sure I spent more time falling than I did upright. And as for the funny stories and tales to tell, you know what they say “what happened in Tonale stays in Tonale”. If the opportunity to go again ever came, my name would be the first on the list.’ Frankie, Year 8

didn’t exclude all the comedy falls we experienced, some of them being, when I zoomed through the group and spun the instructor round and round, when Macy (Year 9) fell off the ski lift multiple times, when Alex (Year 10) skied down the slopes straight into a shed or when Abigail (Year 11) skied into a restaurant! Anna (Year 8) was nicknamed Anna lumaca, affectionately translating to Anna the snail, this was because Anna seemed to always be the last one down the slopes! You could always tell when Freya (Year 10) was coming down the slopes; you could hear her before you could see her!

‘To start off with, the ski trip was amazing, but to develop a bit further, the trip started off with the necessary, but long, 30 hour journey from Liverpool to Passo Tonale in Italy (the journey was tiring but definitely worth it).

The most important thing was, despite all the falls, we all got back up and were enthused to carry on the next day. The instructors were very funny and made everyone laugh. One of them was called Charlie and the other didn’t have a name, he said, as a joke, that he was running from the law! They really helped us individually progress throughout the week. The hotel was comfortable, close to the slopes and had a gorgeous view to wake up to everyday. This was probably one of my favourite parts of the trip along with the actual skiing. All in all, the trip was an incredible experience.’ Grace, Year 10

On the first day of proper skiing, I was in the Beginner group along with some other girls and we started off with some of the basics like trying to get our skis on and off, but even that seemed difficult! As the days progressed, everyone in the group made huge improvements, but that


Spring Edition 2018


Interform Netball Year 7 Results 1st 70 2nd 7B 3rd 7TB 4th 7R 5th 7M Year 8 Results 1st 8S 2nd 8J 3rd 8B, 8Y Year 9 Results 1st 9M 2nd 9W 3rd 9C

4th – 8P

4th 9LF 5TH 9F

Year 10 Results 1st 10C 2nd 10L 3rd 10H 4th 10J 5th 10D Year 11 Results 1st 11S 2nd 11C 3rd 11SM 4th 11N

Master Chefs! Mr Johnson has been keen to develop a wide range of culinary skills in his Year 11 Food Preparation and Nutrition class. Students have been enjoying practical master classes in preparation for their NEA2; they have learned skills including filleting fish, such as sea bream, and have made products such as fresh bread with heritage grains. Complex skills have been learned to make Black Forrest Gateaux and students have seen fresh pasta used to make Butternut Squash and Ricotta filled Ravioli, pan fried in a sage and almond butter.

Football Enrichment Our very popular Football Enrichment with our new coaches from Target Football. Lots of exciting things coming up!


Spring Edition 2018


Chinese Department’s trip to Edge Hill To start the Chinese New Year celebrations, fifty students from Belvedere Academy were invited to watch a Chinese Rock concert at Edge Hill University on Friday 2nd February 2018. The band they watched, Transition, is a boy band from Bristol who write and perform their songs in Chinese. The students had the opportunity to find out about the history of the band and how they themselves mastered the Chinese language. The band shared some of their experiences in China and some of the mistakes and misconceptions they had prior to really embracing this magical country. They spoke about how learning Chinese and singing their songs in Chinese paved the road to their success to the point they wrote and performed the song of the Taiwanese Olympic team. The concert also made students more aware of the Chinese culture and language. The band was very open about sharing stories and experiences of cultural differences such as acceptable and unacceptable gifts to give a Chinese person. Students learnt that you should never give umbrellas, shoes or clocks as presents to a Chinese person as they represent separation, departure and death in the Chinese culture.

As well as singing some of the songs from their next album, the concert also featured some of Transition’s previous hits. “I really enjoyed the cultural activities leading up to the concert. I think that the band was fantastic and I am going to follow them on social media.” Honor, Year 9. “I loved the band, especially their last song. I also enjoyed trying the Chinese tea before the performance.” Isabella, Year 9. “I liked the whole concert. It was good when we watched the videos and the subtitles helped connect the lyrics with the songs.” Charlotte, Year 9. “I really enjoyed learning about the different culture and listening to their Chinese songs.” Molly, Year 8. “I enjoyed the music and the band’s stories. I thought that it was a fantastic trip and I had a really good day.” Eve, Year 9. Thank you to Transition for their fantastic performance, Edge Hill University for hosting and financing the event, as well as all the staff and students involved.


Spring Edition 2018


Our first Chinese-English Exchange Day The Belvedere Academy hosted its first Chinese-English Exchange on Wednesday 7th February 2018. Sixty Chinese students from Guangzhou No.6 Middle School and their teachers visited the academy and performed beautiful Chinese music using traditional Chinese instruments. In return, our Chamber Choir performed songs that they have been rehearsing for their upcoming trip to Venice to the Chinese Orchestra and our Year 9 students. All of the students and staff involved in this event, were amazed at the high standard of all of the musicians and singers. This fabulous performance was followed by two group work activities which gave the students the opportunity to work together and learn from one another. The activities were very successful in allowing the students to show off and enhance their speaking skills. They also found out more about the Chinese education system and the academy students were shocked to learn that students in China are in school from 7.30am to 9.00pm!


This event was a true success; we look forward to future events like this and setting up more links with schools in China. Thank you to the students in the Orchestra, their teachers, the Belvedere students and teachers, the Chamber Choir and Music Department for this incredible event. “The thing I enjoyed most was meeting students from England. The students are so kind and helped me answer the questions I had. I loved this event!” Chenxi, Guangzhou “I enjoyed meeting new people and I learnt a lot about their way of life.” Hana, Belvedere “The thing that I enjoyed the most about the event was that I can communicate with English students and that I can ask them questions. This has helped me improve my English and has also helped me to make more friends.” Xingyou, Guangzhou “My favourite part was learning the names of all the instruments in Chinese. The Chinese students explained it all very well.” Honor, Belvedere

“My favourite part was watching and listening to the Chinese Orchestra and seeing the students writing the Chinese characters. The Orchestra was phenomenal and the Chinese students could write the characters really quickly.” Daisy, Belvedere “I enjoyed everything because it was a great opportunity for me to improve my oral English.” Ricky, Guangzhou “My favourite part was listening to the Chinese Orchestra; they were extremely good, the music was very enjoyable and they were very talented.” Isabella, Belvedere “The thing I enjoyed most about the event was communicating with the students because they were really friendly and we had a great time.” Yaqi, Guangzhou “The thing I enjoyed the most was hearing the Chinese students speak English and how they pronounced every day words. It showed me a different perspective of how people from another country cope with learning our language.” Anna, Belvedere

Spring Edition 2018



Spring Edition 2018


HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL DAY 2018 Holocaust Memorial Day this year, was based on the power of words. To commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, a number of girls presented an assembly which recognised the importance of marking such a significant moment in history. On the 15th January 2018, girls from Belvedere listened to words; the testimony of three people whose lives were marked forever by the events of the Second World War and the rise of the Nazis in Germany. They were also able to listen to Lady Milena Grenfell-Baines who was born in Czechoslovakia in 1929. Her father was recommended to leave Czechoslovakia the day before the Nazis invaded, because he was Jewish and supported an anti-Nazi author. He had to leave his wife and children behind. Lady Milena and her younger sister Eva only managed to leave Prague, the capital of Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic, later, on a special train as part of the Kindertransport arranged by an English man called Nicholas Winton who was in Prague at this time, and who saved the lives of 669 Jewish children. The children each had a label. Lady Milena’s sister Eva who was three years of age had a label with the number 639. For many years the children who later grew up in England had no idea about the identity of the person to whom they owed their lives. Lady Milena was fortunate, as she was later reunited with her parents, but many of these children never saw their parents again, as they were taken by the Nazis to death camps such as Auschwitz Birkenau in Poland and to the gas chambers. Nicholas Winton never spoke of what he had done during the war, but his wife years later discovered a scrap book with information on children, photographs and details of people who were willing to adopt the children back in England. In 1988 the journalist and broadcaster Esther Rantzen decided to feature his amazing story on a BBC programme called “That’s Life”. She was able to organise researchers to find the identity of the children who had now reached adulthood and had children


of their own. Nicholas Winton had no idea that he was to be sitting next to a woman called Vera Gissing, who had been saved by Nicholas Winton and who wanted so much to say “thank you”. Words are powerful. Words can inspire, words matter. Lady Milena’s sister Eve later wrote a poem about the label that she wore as a small child. She still has the label. Extract of Eva’s poem “My number, a label round my neck in kindertransport days. When numbered children alone were transported to foreign lands to save their numbered lives, my number 639 has become a symbol, in my aging years of vast significance” Nicholas Winton was a modest man, but he said “There is a difference between passive goodness and active goodness, which is, in my opinion, the giving of one’s time and energy in the alleviation of pain and suffering. It entails going out, finding and helping those in suffering and danger, and not merely in leading an exemplary life, in a purely passive way of doing no wrong.” Nicholas Winton lived to 106 years. In Prague railway station a memorial has been placed to remember the remarkable life and action of one man, who chose to act in the face of prejudice and intolerance. Another memorial has been created for the parents of the children. Lady Milena indicated that the parents were the real heroes who took their children to the railway station and waved them off knowing that they would never see them again. Olivia, Year 10

Spring Edition 2018

belvedere ‘Deeds not words’ 100 years since women’s voices were heard. 100 years since women got the chance to participate in democracy. 100 years since women got the vote.


Spring Edition 2018


‘Deeds not words’

100 years since women’s voices were heard. 100 years since women got the chance to participate in democracy. 100 years since women got the vote. February 6th marked 100 years since women got the vote in the Representation of the People Act February 1918. There had been relentless protests and campaigns led by the suffragettes, although campaigns were halted during the First World War. Before 1918 women were not seen as able, intelligent enough or worthy of voting. Women were viewed as not able to participate in democracy, and were not able to have an opinion in the society that they lived, worked and contributed to. They were seen to be firstly wives and mothers, with sole responsibility for childcare. They followed the orders of men and were expected to conform to the world of men. Women had no business in local, national or international politics. This unequal way of life began to change when a group of women, now known as the suffragettes, started to protest against this status quo when a group of powerful and courageous women were strong and decided “enough was enough.” In 1903 the suffragettes, led by Emeline Pankhurst, started to campaign. Mrs Pankhurst believed that it would take an active approach and organisation to draw attention to “the cause”. Women of all classes were angry, frustrated, and passion filled their motivation. They wanted to show men that they were not ‘traditional lady like characters’ who waited on the calls of a man. No, they were ambitious, confident and powerful women who would achieve what they wanted, through their talents and abilities. Their methods, unlike the


Suffragists, were violent and unforgettable, and frequently led to their imprisonment. Hunger strikes, law breakings, bombings and protests were all methods the suffragettes used in order to seek the vote and to become equal to men. As a young girl in modern society I think that it is truly sad that women lost lives, spent time in prison and were hurt both physically and morally, because of having to fight for something that they should have always had as a member of their country. Emily Davison is a well know figure in history, with questions tied to her name. Emily Davison was a woman who was so passionate that she lost her life for the voices of women. On the 4th of June 1913 Emily Davison ran out in front of the king’s horse as it was taking part in the Epsom Derby. People will never truly know what her purpose was, whether she intended to lose her life or only to get the public’s attention for the cause. Whether she intended to lose her life, she is still remembered for this act, that was one of the key moments in the struggle for the vote for women. Emily Davison was a GDST girl. She attended the Kensington Preparatory school where she was able to become well educated and as an intelligent young woman wanted the vote for women. The GDST provided her education and helped make her into the passionate woman she became. As part of the GDST family of schools we should be proud to have such a link. We should

remember through our time with the GDST the women who have gone before us and made a difference. Their commitment, passion, drive and strength can continue in our lives, so that we can make society better for girls who follow us. Women now are seen as much more equal to men however there are still many inequalities that women face. In 2018, one hundred years after women got the vote, it is truly disgraceful that women in our country today face discrimination within their day to day lives. They may experience this in the workplace, for example through the gender pay gap. They may experience it in public, for example ‘cat calling’. They may experience it within the home when they are expected to be the stereotypical ‘home runner.’ One hundred years later we still face the inequalities of society, but I am positive for the future. I hope that not only women but people of all backgrounds, religions, cultures and sexualities will not be prejudiced because of what they are perceived to be by others. Emily Davison, Emeline Pankhurst and all the other suffragettes should never be forgotten for what they achieved for women of today. They should always be recognised for their bravery and selfless acts. Be proud to be a girl and regard it highly, and with passion. Grace, Year 10.

Spring Edition 2018



March 21st, 22nd, 23rd - 7:30pm

Tickets £5. 23

Spring Edition 2018

belvedere Drama Festival 2018 was undeniably the biggest and most competitive yet! 270 students, supported by over 100 Sixth Formers, worked tirelessly on their recreations of hit theatre and film classics. The day was judged by Miss Speed who was supported by the overwhelmed celebrity Holyoaks guests: Jessica Ellis (Tegan Lomax) and Lauren McQueen (Lily Drinkwell) who were stunned by Belvedere


Girls, as well as very jealous that they had nothing like this at their schools when they were younger! The real talent was of course on stage though; the day was packed full of atmosphere and high spirits. Never before has a Drama Festival seen so many big numbers: from Annie to West Side Story, Peter Pan to Lion King as well as reimagined

versions of Tangled, Sister Act and Aladdin. There must always be winners though, and this year’s prestigious first prize for Best Play was 9M with Beauty and the Beast, 2nd place to 8B with Grease and 3rd place to 9W’s Legally Blonde. It was also our current Tech Team’s final Drama Fest and new Tech Team’s first - a big thanks to Laura and Siobhan!

Spring Edition 2018



Spring Edition 2018


ICT & Computer Science Students participate in the

‘Innovate Her’ Programme The Future is Jobs in the Tech Industry. “Two thirds of Americans believe that, in 50 years, robots and computers will do much of the work that humans do. The World Economic Forum’s 2016 report, The Future of Jobs, estimates that 5 million jobs will be lost to automation by 2020 and the number will keep growing. Jobs that once seemed like “safe bets” – office workers and administrative personnel, manufacturing, and even law will be hit hardest, the report estimates.”

of study focuses on what employers and universities are looking for in candidates who desire to work in this field of employment.

At Belvedere Mrs Brown and Miss Foster have taken on the ‘Innovate Her’ Programme this January. The programme will run until mid-March and takes place in two hour weekly sessions after school.

It has been fabulous having visitors from Shop Direct and Alder Hey bring the project and learning to life. The group had already seen some of the innovation taking place at Alder Hey when they met a robot during Session 2 in preparation for our school trip to Alder Hey in February.

It is excellent that the students have the opportunity to work with some role models from the Tech Industry. The programme


We are delighted that 22 students from across the academy year groups have signed up; this makes it a real life project management challenge because students are working alongside their peers from other year groups.

In total there are eight two hour sessions

which will allow the students to discover more about jobs in the Tech Industry through completing a real life innovation project. To date, the students have been involved in Analysis and Design through understanding their audience, problem solving and wire-framing. Next session, the students will begin to get to grips with coding, before moving on to prototyping, pitching and marketing their idea in the future sessions. We plan to have a celebration event in the department in April and students will receive a certificate for their participation. To find out more about the use of technology at the NHS please visit our Firefly pages in the ICT ‘Resources’ section and select ‘Inspirational Women in Tech.’ Please watch this space for more updates on the exciting innovation going on with our Girls in Tech!

Spring Edition 2018


Kids’ Lit Quiz - Regional Winners! The Kids’ Lit Quiz is an annual international literature competition that celebrates the ‘sport of reading’; allowing participants aged 10 to 13 to compete for great prizes and places in the national and world finals. To select teams to represent us at this event, first a ‘Belvedere Heat’ takes place in the library one lunch time. Anyone from Years 7 and 8 can compete, answering questions from a bank made up from the previous year’s KLQ heats. The four top scorers from each year are then invited to represent Belvedere in our final team. This year, our Year 7 team comprised of Sophie Murphy, Malika Nafees, Isabelle Roy and Olivia Conlan. Our Year 8 team were Isabelle Langford, Molly Warburton, and Bella Axworthy and Grace Holland, who both competed last year when they were in Year 7. The Merseyside regional heat was once again held at Merchant Taylors’ Girls School, on Friday 10th November, attended by approximately 18 local schools. The atmosphere was exciting and highly competitive! Every person in the room was a keen reader and raring to answer 100 reading-related questions from 10 different categories. As ever, there was a chance for the top scoring teams in each category to answer bonus questions for extra prizes. These were hotly contested but the Belvedere teams were often among the top scorers

and our Year 8 team managed to secure the free book prizes. Competition was fierce and the questions were extremely challenging. Come the moment of revealing the winners, we were delighted that our Year 8 team had triumphed and won the entire event, and would now go on to represent Merseyside at the National Finals in London. Our team were the toast of the school on their return but didn’t have long to bask in their glory – the Nationals were only three weeks away. Each team member checked out a dozen extra books from the library and spent every spare minute reading, in the hopes of improving their knowledge.

schools nationwide to have achieved such heights. Our Year 8 team should be proud of their amazing achievement. One of our members, Molly Warburton, had to contend with a broken foot and crutches as well, but there were perks – on the journey home, a kind Virgin Train steward took pity on her difficulty getting along the platform and upgraded our whole party to First Class for free. A fitting end to the day! It doesn’t end there. There will be the opportunity for the next cohorts of Year 7s and 8s to earn a place representing Belvedere next year at this prestigious competition.

On Tuesday 5th December, the girls were accompanied to London by train, to The City of London School for Girls where 19 regional winning schools from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland assembled to compete for a place in the World Finals, to be held in New Zealand. This heat differed from the regionals in that it was a ‘hands on buzzers’ situation, with points not only being added for correct answers, but deducted for incorrect ones, which added enormously to the tension! Our girls competed well, answering incredibly tough questions and were in the top half of the overall scoreboard, with first place eventually being won by fellow GDST school Oxford High. We are delighted that Belvedere was among the top 2% of


Spring Edition 2018


Year 8 China Day


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Many thanks to teaching staff who have contributed articles and photographs. For more news please visit If you have any comments or suggestions for the magazine then please contact Mr Peter Dykeaylen:

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2018 Belvedere Spring Ezine  
2018 Belvedere Spring Ezine  

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