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Autumn 2019/Spring 2020

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Autumn 2019/Spring 2020

Autumn Autumn 2019/Spring 2019/Spring 2020 2020

Annual Prize Giving Ceremony 2019 Under the crown of thorns and in the stunning Metropolitan Cathedral, the choir’s rendition of Stormzy’s popular song ‘Blinded by your grace’ resonated round the impressive space. This year’s guest speaker, Gillian Reynolds MBE, an ex-Belvedere girl spoke with such warmth and passion about the lessons she learned at school that had prepared her for entering in the world and more specifically the male dominated world of work. An inspiring speaker, she spoke from the heart and entertained us with stories of her school friends. Her warmth and heart-felt

congratulations to each and every prize winner was lovely to witness. A rousing speech from Head Girl Elva Rwagasore was perfect to end the occasion and to encourage all students, regardless of whether or not they had won a prize that, this is our time, our moment to make a change. “Every Belvedere Girl has the potential to be influential and to leave a beneficial impact on those around them. We are motivated, stimulated and talented young women who can achieve anything when we put our mind to it.”


Annual Prize Giving Ceremony 2019

Annual Prize Giving Ceremony 2019

Annual Prize Giving Ceremony 2019

Annual Prize Giving Ceremony 2019

Autumn 2019/Spring 2020

The Belvedere Academy holds a lot of prestigious events one of which is the annual Prize Giving service and I was extremely grateful to be given the honour of addressing the academy, parents and guests. The amount of dedication and work that goes into such an event is often underestimated. I am pleased that the Head Girl Team and I could be part of the ‘behindthe-scenes’ preparation. The planning and preparation for Prizing Giving 2019 commenced when I began to write my


speech. During the chaotic period of preparing my personal statement and applying to universities I was supported by multiple members of staff, particularly Miss Speed and Mrs Adams, who were my first audience members and gave me valuable tips on presenting with regards to the acoustics of the cathedral. On the day of prize giving, I was nervous but equally excited about sharing my speech with my fellow pupils, staff members, teachers and members of the public. I found leading the procession along with my

deputies to be the proudest moment of my school career. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Prize Giving as it is a fantastic way to reward the strong work ethic and commitment of the students. When I took my first steps onto the podium my nerves were quickly replaced with excitement. I felt a great deal of pride when delivering my vote of thanks; it was certainly an experience that I will never forget.

I am honoured to stand before you to witness the

Being part of such a group of dedicated young women determined to

achievements of my fellow Belvedere Girls and to hear

strive for change has given me a sense of community and belonging,

the inspirational words of our Guest Speaker, Gillian

which echoes the ethos of the GDST, our sisters, who are offered an

Reynolds, MBE. On behalf of The Belvedere Academy I

equal chance to mature and develop into independent women who can

would like to express our gratitude to our guest of honour for giving us

take their rightful and deserved place in society.

time out of her extremely busy schedule. Reflecting on the last 12 months of being part of the CCF, I am extremely Women like Gillian are trailblazers. They use and continue to use their

grateful for the opportunities that have been provided to me. It has truly

voices to change power structures and create a lasting impact. I trust

been a once in a lifetime opportunity that has helped me to become a

that all of my fellow students have listened carefully and feel inspired

more well-rounded person whilst giving me the self-confidence to take

to aspire to reach their full potential whether that is in becoming a top

charge of my life so I can reach my full potential.

consultant, bestselling author or the next influential political leader. At a school like ours, you are given so many fantastic opportunities and Growing up in today’s society is hard. There is a lot of political

it is crucial that you take full advantage of them in order to achieve

uncertainty, social expectations exacerbated by prolific social media

and make the most of your time at Belvedere. All of the extensive

and it seems that competition for success, which can be healthy, can

enrichments and extra-curricular activities aim to take you out of your

create pressure in young people. The future is uncertain and ambiguous.

comfort zone and will help you learn essential skills required later on in life.

However, Belvedere creates strong, resilient young women who can tackle anything presented to us; whether that’s spending time at the

2019 has seen change due to the likes of young leaders such Greta

Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth living up to demanding

Thunberg. For those who are unaware of this remarkable Swedish

Naval standards or completing A level exams that dictate what career

teenager, she is an environmental activist on climate change whose

you will pursue.

campaigning has gained international recognition. After Thunberg addressed the 2018 United Nations Climate Change Conference,

In life you will go through many tough trials and hardship, but it is

student strikes took place every week. This year there were at least

the people you meet and what you learn from those experiences that

two coordinated multi-city protests involving over one million students

help you become a stronger character. Belvedere has taught me to

each. All of this was initiated by a young person described as “A kind,

persevere though the challenges of life and to embrace an uncertain

but poorly informed girl” - I disagree.

future; and I believe that this is what makes a true Belvedere Girl stand out in society.

This is our time, our moment to make a change. Every Belvedere Girl has the potential to be influential and to leave a beneficial impact on

Year upon year Belvedere’s students exceed the expected goals set

those around them. We are motivated, stimulated and talented young

from previous years. This year’s exam results are outstanding due,

women who can achieve anything when we put our mind to it.

firstly, to the hard work and resilience the Year 11 and 13 students have put in and I know that the current Year 11 and 13 are determined to

Reflecting on my life as a Belvedere girl, it hasn’t all been smooth

surpass this extraordinary accomplishment next summer. I also feel

sailing, if you’ll pardon the pun. From initially struggling in lessons

it important at this point to thank all of the teaching and support

and a feeling of not fitting in, I have had to face a lot of challenges. In

staff who gave up their time and energy to support these students to

addition, coming from an ethnic minority group and being the eldest

succeed. You are what makes Belvedere unique (round of applause).

child, I have felt internal pressures which some of you may be going through. Despite this, I have learned to bounce back and I am standing

Today is about accomplishments. But accomplishments are not

in front of you today not just through my own will but through the

only related to academia but are also linked to personal growth and

support of the encouraging teachers, enthusiastic peers and as Mr

development. Therefore, I would like to say congratulations to all of

Kennedy would say, through Belvedere’s “Outstanding” vision and

you who have received a prize today but equally I would like to publicly

ethos that has created a strong foundation for young women to flourish

acknowledge all of the girls who have taken part in Belvedere’s success

without any boundaries.

this year and may not have collected a prize today. Each one of you should be proud of the contribution you have made.

At Belvedere there are plenty of opportunities to seize and I am a strong advocate of getting involved in every chance you

One of my major accomplishments at Belvedere has been embracing

are presented with. So, may I finish by saying, you can

the role of becoming an active member of the first female Royal Navy

do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action,

cadet unit in the country.

perseverance, and facing your fears.

Autumn 2019/Spring 2020

November 2019 saw the biennial Belvedere University Fair take place, with almost forty universities from across the UK visiting Belvedere to speak to students and parents. All girls from Year 8 to 13 were invited and we had a huge turnout! We also had a guest speaker from the GDST, Karen Kimura, who introduced the Y12 Work Experience Week and Rungway App. The event gave pupils an opportunity to speak to a wide range of universities and learn more about student life, courses and entry requirements. Having the event in school meant that universities could give Belvedere girls their undivided attention, and our girls certainly made use of the expertise on offer! Many universities had long queues all night, but our students’


enthusiasm was infectious and the uni representatives were pleased to be taking questions until the end. The universities were so complimentary about the Belvedere students, in particular the maturity and knowledge shown by the younger students; how fabulous to see so many Y8 & 9 pupils thinking about the future at such a young age!

Several university representatives were left with hoarse voices as they didn’t stop all night, and countless ran out of all their prospectuses; so keen were our girls. Overall, Belvedere girls yet again represented themselves brilliantly, and hopefully pupils and parents were able to find out some useful information to help them with their next steps.

Autumn 2019/Spring 2020


Autumn 2019/Spring 2020

Record numbers attend our Assessment Morning

Last year, possibly in light of the outstanding GCSE results this summer, saw over 800 students coming to Belvedere for their Year 6 Assessment - was that number ever going to be bettered? This year saw even more students coming to Belvedere for their Year 6 Assessment - a real indication of both the success and the popularity of the academy! The queues started early;


people were waiting from 7.20am! The line of Year 6 students stretched the length of Belvidere Road. With over 800 students, plus their parents and friends, the queues numbered close on 2000 people!

in to the correct rooms. Once the girls were inside, and settled, the assessments began; but there was also time during the morning to relax, play a few games and make new friends.

Our amazing sixth formers helped with strategic operation of registering over 800 students and getting them

Good luck girls, we look forward to welcoming some of you in Year 7 as Belvedere Girls.


It has been a crazy few months for our cadets. They have kept themselves busy with a watersports trip to Southport Marina, an activities and leadership day at HMS Eaglet in Liverpool and more recently a wonderful day out at the Imperial War Museum in Manchester. In between these days out, some of our cadets have travelled

Autumn 2019/Spring 2020 the length of Great Britain attending Powerboat courses in Scotland, Dinghy sailing in Portsmouth and cruised around the south coast on a Navigation and Seamanship course just to name a few. We are proud to have almost doubled in size this new academic year, with over 40 cadets now parading every Wednesday after school taking part in a variety of activities such as learning about the Ethos and History of the Royal Navy, Drill and developing their Royal Navy key skills such as ropework, leadership and teamwork. A

special mention goes to Cadet Petty Officer Rachel Hugill who was not only selected to attend and represent Belvedere Academy at the Remembrance Sunday service in Liverpool but has also been successfully selected for First Sea Lord Cadet 2020. We are extremely proud and can’t wait to see the pictures from her Vesting Day aboard HSM Victory early next year. We are excited to see what 2020 brings all our cadets and look forward to welcoming new members in the near future!


Autumn 2019/Spring 2020

UCL IOE Confucius Institute Photographers Competition In the autumn term, some of the students at the Belvedere Academy participated in a national photography competition of the University College London. The competition was open to all of the students in the academy and some of the photos that the students submitted were truly stunning. The categories that the students could choose from included: - China at Home - China in Colour - The people of China - China and her food - Young China Here are some of the fantastic photo entries from our students. The photos display great photography skills. Thank you very much to all of the students that have entered their photos and we are proud to announce the winners - Sofia G won 1st prize in the China at Home category and Habiba H who came 4th in the China at Home category. Well done to both of the students!


Autumn 2019/Spring 2020

Year 8 China Day 2019 On the 18th November 2019, all of the Year 8 students at The Belvedere Academy participated in our fourth Year 8 China Day. Throughout the day visiting staff from Edge Hill University led activities that broadened the girls’ knowledge about the Chinese language, the Chinese culture and their traditions. Some of the activities included: Paper Cutting 剪纸 (jiǎn zhǐ) Qi Gong 气功 (qì gōng) Calligraphy 书法 (shū fǎ)

All of the girls really enjoyed the day and impressed the Edge Hill University staff with their Chinese speaking skills and their enthusiasm for Chinese. Thanks to everyone who supported this fantastic day, especially the students, Edge Hill University and all of The Belvedere Academy staff. “I enjoyed the Chinese Kung Fu and paper cutting the best. The paper cutting was fun because you could help each-other and Kung Fu was fun because it was nice to do something physical!” Amelie.

Chinese Knots 中国结 (zhōng guó jié)

“I enjoyed the calligraphy and the Chinese knots because it was very cultural and fun.” Kiesha

Chinese Movie 中国电影 (zhōng guó diàn yĭng)

“I liked calligraphy because it was fun.” Erin

“I found calligraphy fun and cool; using water and magic paper to write characters instead of ink was a great experience.” Kathryn “A great variety of fun activities.” Emmy “I really enjoyed learning about the Chinese culture and calligraphy.” Arabella “I have learnt much more and have gained more knowledge about Chinese calligraphy.” Layla “I absolutely loved Chinese calligraphy! The Edge Hill University staff were so nice!” Lily-Rose “Chinese calligraphy is really fun and I would definitely do it again.” Izzy


Autumn 2019/Spring 2020

Lotanna EO in Year 8 attended the British Trampolining Championships in September. Lotanna won a gold medal at both her individual event and in the synchronised event, which means that she is British Champion at both disciplines in the under 12 category. What an incredible achievement. Well Done!



To celebrate “Maths Week England” the whole of Year 7 and 8 were entered into a Timestables Rockstar Challenge. Pupils worked hard to answer as many questions as possible throughout the week in November to earn “coins”. Prizes and certificates were given out at the end of the week to the girl in each class who scored the most and also the top 4 competitors in the whole school.


These were: 1st place Rosie S (Year7) 2nd place Jembyen L (Year 7) 3rd place Lucy S (Year 7) 4th place Habiba HB (Year 8) There was also a prize for the top class. It was very close towards the end but Miss Convery’s Year 7 were the winners and in at 143rd in England out of over 12,500 schools! Well done to all who took part.

Autumn 2019/Spring 2020

Lots of memories from our Lockerbie trip “At Lockerbie 2019, many girls made new unbreakable friendships whilst doing some hard, team activities. Lockerbie Activity Centre is a great opportunity to conquer your fears, but you are not alone but with a whole team. In my group, one of my friends was scared to go over the stream and our whole team encouraged her, even though she was reluctant to do it. With much effort, she finally made her way across and the whole team was filled with joy, as was my friend. Lockerbie was an amazing experience that I am sure every girl enjoyed. I am also sure that any of us would love to do it again and see what other activities the centre have in store for us.“ Scarlett M “In October, I went on the annual year 7 Lockerbie trip. I was really looking forward to spending time with my new friends but I was a bit nervous about being away from my family and travelling all the way to Scotland. However, the teachers and instructors there were very kind and helpful and made me feel comfortable. When we arrived I was wowed by the amount of space they had for all of the activities. We were given all the information we needed and then we were sent to find our rooms. There were a few bunk beds and a bathroom in our room. It was very cosy! The activities were amazing, you got to conquer your fears and experience things you might not have done before. If you were struggling the instructors would help you and give you some advice. My favourite activities were climbing and obstacle course. It was nice to come back to the manor after some fun activities, particularly the muddy ones, and have a hot meal! I really enjoyed making new

friends, learning new life skills and making new memories.” Isabelle P “The trip to Lockerbie was probably one of the highlights of my Year 7 experience so far because it was really fun to talk people who I’ve never really talked to before and talk about how excited we were to have this experience it was really fun! When we got there I was really happy because my friends and I were all in the same room. We also made a window seat and put all our sweets there it was very funny. My first activity was great: I did orienteering. This was great because I go to see lots of activities and I got to know my way around. After that, we went inside for our second activity. I was very confused because I wasn’t sure what activity I was doing but we did a quiz. I was quite good at it and we came third that was really funny and I learned a lot of new facts did you know a hippo’s milk is pink! - after that activity we went to bed. I was really tired. It was really weird sleeping in a sleeping bag I really missed my bed!

it was very dark but I still put 100% effort into it. I tried really hard and every one was really helping me.It was very tiring as we had to help everyone by pulling the rope. After that I went to bed because I was really tired as I used up all of my energy! My last morning went really fast. My first and last activity was archery. I was not the best at it but I was getting there until, when I tried to hit the target and my bow bounced off the target and went into the forest! We had to go and find it, that was fun! After that my time was over at Lockerbie and it was time to go home. My time went really fast there! I would like to say thanks to all the teachers that came with us!” Amelia A

On the second day I was really prepared as I knew the activities. I did abseiling, which was really good but I was so scared. When I completed it I wanted to do it all again! After that we did the obstacle course; it was really muddy I put all my waterproof clothes on top of my clothes but I got so dirty. The Blind Man’s Trail was all about trust; this was my favourite activity as it was very fun. We had to use our words to guide other people. It was really funny because we all kept on losing each other and we would have to shout “I’ve lost my mummy duck” or “I’ve lost my baby duck”. Then we had free time during that time I got ready for climbing (my last activity). I was really tired by time we had climbing and


Autumn 2019/Spring 2020

Mrs Jones To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee

Mr Lamb The Grapes of Wrath - John Steinbeck

This is the story of the Finch family: Atticus, Jem and Scout who live in the south of America in Maycomb. Atticus is the wise father, bringing up his two children on his own and showering them with much wisdom. He’s a good man who does the right thing even if it costs him.

This was one of the first “grown up” books I read as a young teen and it made me think a lot about how we treat different members of society.

Although it’s the story of Scout’s childhood, the messages of standing up against injustice especially racism has stayed with me. Atticus’ advice on how to treat people has always stayed with me, “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… until you climb in his skin and walk around in it.”

The book follows the Joad family as they struggle to survive in rural America during the depression, and the cruel treatment that they receive from those who could help them the most as they move from farm to farm looking for work. In the face of such adversity, the family stay true to their morals and refuse to accept the unfair treatment given to poor working families by those in power.

Mr Woolley Kafka on The Shore - Haruki Murakami

Mrs Adam

This was my first exposure to literature from the non-Western canon and I quickly fell in love with Murakami’s sparse and evocative prose. Like many of his novels, Kafka on The Shore is set in the suburbs of Tokyo and blends astutely-observed social realism with bizarre narrative elements like talking cats and time-travelling pensioners.

As my grandad was a prisoner of war, I’ve always been interested in the individual stories surrounding World War Two. From my own grandad’s book documenting his plight as a prisoner, to teaching Boy in the Striped Pyjamas to Year 7 a number of years ago, The Tattooist of Auschwitz enabled me to gain another original perspective on the welldocumented facts of WW2.

I’ve since gone on to read most of his novels; each one being a fascinating portal into a familiar yet strangely detached other-world.

The Tattooist of Auschwitz - Heather Morris

A heart-felt and touching story of a role in the war that has never before been unearthed.

Mr Brazier The Picture of Dorian Gray- Oscar Wilde Wilde claims in the Preface that books can only be viewed as “well written” or “badly written”. He adds that books should not be categorised as either moral or immoral, yet, over the course of this plot I found myself repeatedly questioning my own morals, beliefs and ethics. These questions derived mostly from the words and behaviour of Lord Henry Wotton. A man of great intellect and a famous wit, his views on aestheticism and a life of Hedonism are crude and shocking, yet hilarious, thought-provoking and at times entirely persuasive.


Autumn 2019/Spring 2020

Miss Dickinson Little Women - Louisa May Alcott

Miss Johnson The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold

This coming of age novel follows the lives of four sisters. Throughout the novel, their family experiences many hardships: their father has been sent to war, they’re living in poverty and the threat of Scarlet Fever is looming over their community. Despite this, they come together and realise the importance of family and appreciating what you have.

‘The Lovely Bones’ was a book that I read when I was at school. I loved class reads and all of the analysis, however I had never really engaged in reading independently until I read this text. I realised that reading was a way I could not only experience new worlds but also learn about real life events.

This was one of my mum’s favourite books and I remember when she first introduced it to me. This was the first longer, more challenging novel that I was introduced to as a child and really inspired me to read more. Not only that, but it was also the inspiration for my name!

In this story Susie Salmon, the protagonist, learns she can have whatever she wishes for except what she most wants, which is to be back with the people she loved on earth. In the wake of her murder, Susie watches as her happy suburban family is torn apart by grief; as her friends grow up, fall in love, and do all the things she never had the chance to do herself. But as Susie will come to realise, even in death, life is not quite out of reach... Recommended for Key Stage 4 students. It was also made into a film but the book is so much better!

Miss Wood The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

Miss Brooks Frankenstein - Mary Shelley

‘The Alchemist’ is a fable about following your heart, and it’s one of the first novels I read as a teenager that really stuck with me.

‘Frankenstein’ was a text I first encountered in school and I was blown away by the idea a teenage girl had written literature that is revered.

The novel follows a young man, Santiago, who, understanding a recurring dream to be prophetic, believes he will find treasure at the Egyptian pyramids. Eventually, Santiago learns that his riches will come not from the treasure, but from his journey. Coelho’s simplistic yet beautifully metaphorical writing style is one that can really captivate the wonder in any reader, and ‘The Alchemist’ is one of my favourite books to return to. “Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.”

Every time I revisit this novel I find different ways to interpret the themes: man vs God, nature vs nurture, the ethicacy of science; each one open to a plethora of thought-provoking discussion.

The sisters may be radically different but they all have one thing in common - love - their love for their mother and father, for adventure and for each other, which unites them in troubled times.

Also, the debate around the idea that a teenage girl wrote one of the first science fiction texts is interesting, considering how ‘male-centred’ the genre has become in other media. Highly recommend to any interested in the philosophy of what is means to be human.


Autumn 2019/Spring 2020



Autumn 2019/Spring 2020

Greetings from Year 9 Textiles Year 9 Textile students are given the creative task to design and make a range of Textiles greeting cards and gift tags. They research a variety of card companies including Hallmark, M&S and Paperchase to help inspire their designs. The course is quite face paced with many decorative techniques taught in the first few weeks with some independent time given towards the end to let the girls get imaginative. This showcase highlights just some of the fabulous work they have produced so far this year.


We are also lucky enough to receive some wonderful feedback from the actual greeting card industry. Kate Van Spall, Head of Creative M&S at Hallmark commented: Card #1: A great humour card which is one of greeting cards most popular genres. The innovation pop out is something unexpected, which is always great to draw customers. Card #2: Very sweet little Christmas scene, nice style, great for a ‘To the one I love’ or Beautiful wife/boyfriend’ etc, good use of emotional connection and relevant head


wear. This is the most commercial and would likely be picked for production. Card #3: Great use of the top third. An area of the card that attracts the consumer as usually displayed in shelves. Lovely layout and illustration style. Great to see generally that the embroidery can be removed making the card recyclable and the embroidery a keepsake… a growing trend in the card market! Overall, some fantastic cards produced from some creative budding designers. Keep up the hard work!


Looking for rooms for conference hire? Look no further... Large rooms available for conference hire which include use of a 4.4m wide & 3.2m high projector screen, a large stage with PA microphone and sound system (and mixing desk) and lights. Why not impress your clients; you’ll be surprised how little it costs, so call us on 0151 727 1284 or email facilities@belvedereacademy.net

Thanks for hosting the Academy Gifted and Talented day at Belvedere. There were 200 students in attendance... all of the schools who attended were deeply impressed with Belvedere and the conference facilities you provided. You may not be aware of the delicious lunch that your caterers provided for the staff, or of the swift response to provide lunches without warning for students who had forgotten to bring food with them. All very kind. The atmosphere was very special. Every good wish - and thanks again. Julie Arliss, ACADEMY CONFERENCES.

Great facilities available: Sports Hall, Multi-use Hall with stage, Dance and Drama Studios and Lecture Theatre. 2323

Autumn 2019/Spring 2020


Remembrance at Belvedere 2019

Autumn 2019/Spring 2020

Remembrance Sunday fell on the 10th November and two students represented the Belvedere Academy at St George’s Hall, and laid a wreath at the Cenotaph, in the City of Liverpool’s Act of Commemoration. Grace S from Year 7 and Rachel H represented the school community, and Rachel also represented the CCF. It was a moving event and they conducted themselves with great dignity. On Monday 11th we welcomed into school Major Elaine Overend from the Royal British Legion and Royal Naval, D Day veteran John Dennett, and RN Engineer Kath Hunter. The school assembly was on the theme of remembrance. Remembrance Day was first observed in 1919 throughout the British Commonwealth, countries that were earlier part of the British Empire, Canada, Australia, India. It was originally called “Armistice Day” to commemorate the armistice agreement that ended the First World War on Monday, November 11, 1918, at 11 a.m. on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. The poppy’s origins as a symbol of remembrance lie in the First World War poem in Flanders Fields by Canadian army officer John McCrae published in December 1915. Its opening lines refers to how the flowers grew from the graves of the soldiers across western Europe during the conflict.

In Flanders Fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row As the war ended, American poet Moina Michael used In Flanders Fields as the inspiration for her own work, We Shall Keep the Faith, and began wearing and distributing the red poppy as a symbol of remembrance. The practice quickly spread to the UK, where the first ever Poppy Day was held on 11 November, 1921, the third anniversary of Armistice Day. One hundred years ago, young soldiers recuperating from the effects of war rested in the gardens at the back of House 17 here in Belvedere. They smoked cigarettes and played cards. It was a time when they could relax with friends and leave the horror of trench warfare behind them. These men from Liverpool would have experienced combat and injury as well as the loss of their friends and “pals” that they had joined up with. Thanks to the work of the Estates Team the Belvedere sundial was put in place ready for its official opening at the Schools’ Act of Remembrance. It is engraved to commemorate the soldiers and sailors who relaxed in the gardens behind Belvedere 1916-1917. Also it has the quotation from Helen Keller, the educationalist and activist who wrote that “the highest result of education is tolerance”.

Royal Navy D Day veteran John Dennett cut the ribbon on the sundial watched by Major Elaine Overend, and RN Engineer Kath Hunter. After the completion of an act of remembrance. Charlotte F (Y12), Amaka EO (Yr12) and Nali S (Yr13) read Laurence Binyon’s ‘For the fallen’. Members of the school choir sang Karl Jenkins’s “Benedictus” and there was a drill from the Combined Cadet Force. It was a poignant and moving mark of respect, and the sundial will remain as a constant reminder of how precious time is.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them. Later John Dennett chatted to History students about his decision to join the navy at 17 years of age and how the navy became an extended family. Major Eliane Overend thanked the students for Belvedere’s support for the Poppy Appeal and explained that funds were used to support military personnel and their families. Royal Navy Engineer Kath Hunter was able to discuss her own career path since joining the Royal Navy. Further discussion took place in the school library with the CCF.


Autumn Edition 2017


Autumn 2019/Spring 2020

Autumn 2019/Spring 2020

The Kids’ Lit Quiz is an international literature competition that celebrates the ‘sport of reading’; allowing participants aged 10 to 13 to compete for great prizes and a place in the world final.

Belvedere does Question Time

Each year the Library holds a ‘Belvedere Heat’ where all pupils from Years 7 and 8 are welcome to join in with the quiz. The top scorers are invited to be a part of the official team. The Merseyside regional heat was held at Wirral Grammar School for Girls on Tuesday 5th November. Local schools took part, entering a maximum of two teams each. Belvedere was represented by Niamh Moon, Sakura Okamoto, Emily Thurgood and Lily Mason, Year 7 and Kirusha Suthanantan, Mabel Shone, Kitty Tooke and Sofia Lotto, Year 8. In preparation, the girls had checked out extra library books to read during the half term holiday and were ready to answer 100 questions from 10 different categories. There was a chance for the top scoring teams in each category to answer bonus questions for extra prizes. These were hotly contested but Kitty Tooke won two bonus questions! Competition was fierce and the questions were extremely challenging. In the end, Belvedere didn’t place but the girls represented us beautifully. An enjoyable time was had by all. There will be the opportunity for the Year 7s and 8s to earn a place representing Belvedere at this exciting competition next year.

Belvedere hosted its own version of Question Time with all of the prospective Liverpool Riverside candidates. It was a fantastic opportunity for students to grill the politicians on topics such as Brexit, the NHS, the economy and the environment. Tom Crone - Green Party Kim Marie Johnson - Labour Party David Raymond Leach - Brexit Party Sean-Paul Malkeson - Conservative Party Rob Mcallister-Bell - Liberal Democrats Many thanks to all the candidates for taking the time out of their busy campaign to visit us and to provide such an interesting and healthy debate. The students certainly posed some thought provoking questions and the audience left better informed as to how each party was applying its policies with regards the various topics raised.


Belevedere performs well at the GDST Rally “The GDST rally is an amazing experience and opportunity to become a more skilful player. I always look forward to the rally and this year I played badminton for our school team.

“This year I was selected to play in the GDST Rally at Birkenhead High School, playing badminton against other schools across GDST against all ages fromYear 8 to Year 13.

The games were very competitive and hard, however, they were also great fun. The GDST Rally was a fun experience and it has made me a better badminton player.” Hannah H, Y10

In the morning, we got the chance to watch the seniors play rounders, which was incredible to learn more of the sport and learn new techniques. It was also great to talk to the older girls for advice and tell the younger girls how to improve too! In the afternoon we went down to play badminton against the other GDST schools which was exciting and fun. Overall, the rally was fantastic and I feel like I have become a lot better at playing badminton and have met helpful, kind friends to help me in sports!” Emma H, Y10

Throughout the day, there were competitions in rounders, volleyball, swimming as well as badminton. I didn’t have to play in the morning, so I went to watch the seniors rounders and support all the other Belvedere sports women. The badminton games were in the afternoon, so after lunch we (the other 3 players in our badminton team and I) were taken to the sports hall to warm up to play. I played doubles with Emma against four other schools.

“This year the GDST Rally was held in Birkenhead High School. It was my first experience of the rally and was truly one to remember. We played a wide range of schools in rounders and the standards were extremely high and as a team we all played well and had a great time in that competitive environment. It was great to be apart of the rally and I especially enjoyed getting the chance to speak to people from different year groups and I hope to be there next year. “ Riya S, Y9


Autumn 2019/Spring 2020

Great experience for our girls at the Netball World Cup Katie Barnes, Hannah Day-Evans and Lucy Whitfield had the privilege of being ball girls, medal holders and flag carriers at the Netball World Cup in Liverpool. They loved the experience and met lots of the players. Their committed and outstanding professionalism led them to be selected as ball girls in the final and to present medals and trophies to the top 3 teams – New Zealand, Australia and England. All

matches were shown on Sky Sports TV. We are very proud of these superstars! The PE Department and our Year 9 Netball Team had a very exciting opportunity to have a camera crew from LMA to star in the official countdown for the Netball World Cup. This video was shown on the big screen before every Netball game played in the M and S Bank Arena and on Sky Sports TV.

Some of our Year 9 and 10 Netball team players attended the Netball World Cup with Miss Scott. They were given tickets from Culture Liverpool and watched Australia, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Barbados, Malawi, Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka, and Singapore play some sensational Netball matches. Our pupils are inspired to progress their Netball skills even further in the future.


Autumn 2019/Spring 2020

Netball Success Story I can remember being really excited about starting Belvedere in Year 7 as I knew I could get involved with sport and especially Netball. I soon became a member of netball team and enjoyed it so much that I joined Phoenix Netball Club outside of school. I first tried out for Merseyside Netball Academy when I was in Year 9 and I must admit I was disappointed because I was unsuccessful and wasn’t chosen. When the next set of trials came around, I was almost certain that I would not try out again, however in the summer, I was lucky enough to be chosen as a ball girl for the Netball World Cup, which was hosted in Liverpool. This was an amazing two weeks of my life where I was inspired by the talents and dedication of the world class athletes that were involved in the tournament. As a result of this I changed my mind and decided to pluck up the courage to attend the Merseyside trials again. When I was accepted into Merseyside, I was ecstatic, but very nervous too. After my first training

session I soon realised there was no reason to be nervous as all of the girls there had very similar interests to me and were all very friendly. It may sound cheesy but I have genuinely made so many new friends and I am so glad I decided to try out again and not to give up. At first, I thought that doing an extra two hours of netball a week would be too much commitment, I can honestly say that it has helped me more than anything, especially to plan and organise my time even better than before. I can go to netball and forget all about any stresses I have in the week and relax with my friends. I would really recommend anyone who is scared or worried about trying something new to push themselves out of their comfort zone and give it a go! You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose! Lucy W, Year 10

The PE Department are so proud of Lucy’s outstanding achievements in Netball especially being selected as Captain of the Merseyside Netball Club. Well Done!

Rock and River Trip 2019 Santa Dash The PE Department took 42 pupils to Rock and River Outdoor pursuits. We had a fantastic day. Pupils who study GCSE PE and BTEC Sport had lots of fun on their PE team building trip. Pupils enhanced their resilience, teamwork, communication and made new friends. The staff commentated on how well behaved and enthusiastic our Belvedere pupils were.


In December Belvedere Academy and Belvedere Prep took part in a very successful Santa Dash in Princes Park. All pupils made a fantastic effort wearing Santa hats, outfits, accessories and we had some very fast runners. Thank you to pupils and staff who took part.

Autumn 2019/Spring 2020

Do you wonder what the Pastoral ladies get up to when they’re not chasing you up for absence notes? Mrs McNeill and Miss Chesters, the voices at the end of the phones are true troopers. Their phones never stop ringing; they hand out sick bags; give biscuits to girls who’ve not eaten and high five students when they do well. These ladies comfort sick students, organise the disorganised and chivvy along those who are dawdling to their lessons! Miss Miller, Miss Doran and Miss Shelbourne are some of the most organised people in the school. Well they have to be when they’re sorting out all of the school’s admin! The general office is always a hub of activity and they’ll gladly accept an ASOS delivery or two for busy teachers! Surrounded by boxes of paper, coloured card and stationery of all sorts is Miss Bowyer, our Reprographics Technician. She’s always calm even when the copiers get jammed and you’re in a rush to teach 7J! Mrs Collin is the eagle eyed Administration Manager who will spot that rogue apostrophe and ensure that we’re GDPR compliant! And when things get a bit too busy Ms Backstrom and Ms Catesby-Evans are always on hand to help out.







Tea or coffee?

Winter or summer?

City break or beach holiday?

Chocolate or crisps?

Cat or dog?

Pancakes o


Tea - unless I am in Starbucks!

100% Summer!

Beach holiday, I love sitting by a pool in the sun!

Chocolate, no crisps.. I don't know... Lindt Nut Chocolate, maybe!

Dog, I don't like cats at all!!

Pancakes wit Nute


Neither, I don’t like any hot drinks!

Winter, I love the dark nights but 2 months in I’m wishing the summer again!

Beach holiday




Coffee, I do not like tea.

Summer, I like light nights and the warmer weather.

Beach holiday, I would have one a month if I could.

Chocolate, is every girl’s favourite.

Cat, I have two cats, Hugo and Lui both half Bengals and very friendly.

Waffles, wit choco


Definitely coffee need it to wake me up! At least 3 cups until I'm in the land of the living!

Summer just love the hot days and light nights and going on holiday to my favourite destination Lanzarote

Beach holiday - nothing better than Sun Sea Sand and a nice long drink to go with it.

Crisps - I even have them for breakfast 

Neither scared of both

Pancakes but have straw


Tea or Coffee - I quite like either it depends how I am feeling.

Summer love a bit of sun on my skin.

Beach Holiday love to get away with my family.

Crisps - Cheese and onion Walkers are my fave.

Coffee, I definitely need a caffeine hit to get me started.

Most definitely Summer!

City break, and preferably from Liverpool airport as it is so convenient!

That's a difficult one chocolate.. but then again, maybe crisps if they are sea salt and black pepper flavour...

Dog, but not one that slobbers everywhere...

Pancakes - w spread

Definitely coffee to wake me up!

Summer without a doubt

Beach holiday 100%

Crisps all day everyday

Absolutely love both!

Not a fan

Tea as I have given up coffee due to drinking too many coffees

Winter for some nice Winter Sun.

Beach Holiday- nothing better than relaxing by the pool with a cocktail

Chocolate especially white chocolate

Cat as very friendly and affectionate.

Pancakes wit strawb

It can only be tea.

Winter (in Barbados)

I love going on city breaks especially to see my grandchildren down south.

It has to crisps as I love chocolate to much.

I'm just the ultimate cat lady.

If I had the ch be waffles as for your m






Dog because they are cute Pancakes with and cuddly like my booboo. syrup,






or waffles?

Morning or evening?

Text message or call?

Theatre or cinema?

Book or movie?

Comedy or horror?

th banana and ella!

Morning, I much prefer starting the day early and going to bed early

Text, it is so much easier!!

Theatre, I love going to see a musical! My favourite of all time is Blood Brothers!

Book - I get too distracted with films or end up falling asleep!

Comedy - I get scared so easily with horror!



Evening, takes me ages to wake up!




Comedy, I get scared quickly!



th fruit and olate.


Call, I like speaking to people in person.

Theatre, great night out.

Books, I love reading.

Comedy, love to laugh. Working with Miss Chesters we are always laughing about something.

t only if they wberries in

I am a morning person definitely

Have you seen me text (ha ha)

Don’t sit still long enough so neither

Book but only read on holiday

Comedy nothing better than a good laugh


h lots of Maple , yum!!

Evening - I am defo not a morning person, haha.

Text Message - it can be easier sometimes.

Theatre - Love a good musical

Movie like to watch a movie when I can

Comedy - Defo comedy like a good giggle.


with chocolate d - yum!

Morning, especially in the summer when the sun gets up earlier too.

Call - I'm not very good at text talk.


Books, I love reading it is so relaxing.

Comedy, can't stand horror I'm a real scaredy cat.


Definitely the evening, I love my lie ins.

Text - I always leave my phone lying about.


Movie - Love getting all snug to watch a film.

Comedy, although I do love the occasional horror film.


th Nutella and berries

Morning, I enjoy getting up earlier and going to the gym. Good Start for the day

Call, nothing better than having a good chat with friends and family


Book, as nice way to relax

Comedy as get too scared with horror movies


hoice it would you get more money (LOL)

I hate mornings!

I can't spell hence why I like talking

I love the theatre & cinema both but they are both so expensive I don't go.


Nothing beats a good belly laugh from a comedy.


n of either






Singing or dancing?

Phone or computer?

Superman or Batman?

Fruits or vegetables?

Meal out or takeaway at home?

Sweet po salty po


Singing - especially when driving or in the shower!

Phone, I have no idea why though… the screen is smaller!

Neither - never had much interest in Marvel.

Fruit as I have a sweet tooth

Meal out - I am ALWAYS looking for new places to try!

Mixed, I like toge






Takeaway, so I can eat in my PJs!



Dancing, when I hear music, I have to dance.




Really erm probably dancing but not much good at either

Phone I’m a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to computers


Dancing - Love Dancing especially when strictly is on.


Fruit, I have fruit every day Meal out, which we do every for lunch. weekend with friends.

Sweet p

Superman - like the outfit better

Vegetables favourite is sprouts every week on my Sunday Roast yum 

Fancy meal out!

Salty p

Phone - Easier than computers.

Batman well he's just boss isn’t he haha.

Vegetable - but I like both to be honest.

Fancy meal out Love to try new restaurants.

Sweet Popcor when at th

I like to watch dancing. I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket....

Phone, but only to make calls, a computer for working on.


Both! In fact I just love all food....

Cosy take away, I love a nice curry....

Sweet popcor choose, but I


Dancing - I can't sing!

Phone - Its easier.

Batman - Love the suit

Love both!

Takeaway - you can order as many meals as you want without being judged.

Sweet p


Singing but neither as no talent for both


Batman - has more gadgets


Both; love to go out for food, but takeaways are more convenient

Sweet P


Can't sing therefore I prefer to make a show of myself dancing

As a ex computer technician, I have to say computers.

I love the old Batman & Robin. Only Fools & Horses parody was brilliant

I love them both but vegetables are so versatile

I got my love of cooking from the dad. A very talented chef.

R A where's sw I'll go w






opcorn or opcorn?

Football or Rugby?

Bath or shower?

TV Shows or movies?

Breakfast or dinner?

Online shopping or retail therapy?

e them both ether!

Football - I have no choice in our house!

Bath - I love relaxing in a nice hot bath

TV show


Online Shopping, it is so much easier!





Dinner, I struggle to eat of  a morning takes me ages!

Online Shopping



Football, I have to like football as the whole family are football mad.


Movies, I love the Christmas movies.


Retail Therapy, every girl likes to shop till they drop.



Football go to watch Everton when I can don’t understand the rules in Rugby

Bath - I get very upset on holiday when there is no bath ha ha 

I love a good movie 

Well considering it's crisps for breakfast I will have to say dinner

Online shopping though half of it goes back.


rn Got to have he cinema.

Football - it’s part of my family unfortunately haha

Shower - Love a nice hot TV Show/Movies - I like both shower, baths take too long

Dinner- I love to cook

Online Shopping - it can get out of hand haha.


rn if I have to prefer crisps.


Shower, nice and hot.

TV shows, lots of good box sets.

Dinner, but I don't like cooking it....

Retail Therapy, I like to see what I'm buying in real life.



Football - "Allez Allez Allez"

Love a long hot shower.


I don't really eat much in the morning so definitely dinner

Online Shopping means no human interaction.



Rugby as I go and support St. Helens when I can

Bubble bath to relax but shower for convenience



Online Shopping as easier than going around several shops


Blue nose!

I love a soak in the hot bath with bubbles of course (& to drink)

Not bothered really, I love listening to music.

I hate the mornings so brunch or dinner.

I love a good mooch around the shops.



weet & salt but with Salt

Autumn 2019/Spring 2020

The Graphics Department organised a trip for its Year 10 and Year 12 students as part of the ‘DISCOVER! Creative Careers Week 2019’ week. Discover! Creative Careers Week was designed to give young people a unique insight into the types of jobs that they may have never even heard of across the creative industries by introducing them to the real workplaces in which they happen and to the people that do them. The trip took place at the Liverpool Tate and consited of a variety of activities with the emphaisis on creating ‘encounters with employers and employees’ and offering ‘experiences of workplaces’. Firstly, there was a Q&A session with a variety of staff from the Tate including the Marketing and on-line areas. This was followed by a tour of the Tate and a currator explaining how to analyse pieces of art and design. Finally, there was a creative workshop that included print-making and badge making.

Graphics @ Creative Careers Week I really enjoyed the workshop, it has given me a collection of new skills to apply to my future projects. Many of the things I learnt I would never have thought of doing myself. Thank you!

A great trip to understand how vital Graphics and the Creatives Arts are to the workplace

Careers opportunities in the creative industries are increasing daily with employment in the sector growing three times faster than the rest of the UK economy, but there are vast skills shortages. The Creative Industries Council estimates that there are more than 77,000 positions in the sector currently vacant with many requiring specific skills. In 2017, the creative industries contributed £101.5bn to the UK economy (more than 5% of GDP - an increase of 53% since 2010) - That’s greater than the automotive, aerospace, life sciences, and oil and gas sectors combine! With 87% of creative jobs are at low or no risk of automation. For more information visit: https://discovercreative.careers 36

“I found the Tate workshops extremely useful because we were given advice about how to succeed within the creative industry, which is what I hope to do in the future. I also learned that the gallery offers so many more creative jobs than I initially thought.”

“The trip was really fun because we got to learn more about jobs in the design industry and it really opened my eyes to the sort of careers are there are.”

Autumn 2019/Spring 2020

Pyjama Walk in the Park - Children in Need

We LOVE our new PE leggings!

Old Girls Netball Reunion On Friday 13th December we hosted our annual Old Girls Netball Reunion. Our current 6th form team won by 1 goal in a very competitive Netball Match. Year 7-11 School Netball team players and pupils who have been committed to Netball enrichment really enjoyed watching the game. Everyone had a great afternoon.


Autumn 2019/Spring 2020

Belvedere’s General Election The General Election, on 12th of December 2019, will affect the future of our generation. This election comes nearly three and a half years after the UK voted in favour of Brexit in 2016. MPs refused to back the withdrawal deal negotiated by Theresa May. Our nation has been undecided since the EU Referendum, as to the way that we should resolve the Brexit turmoil. Boris Johnson did not have enough MPs in Parliament to easily pass his new Brexit deal. He called this general election in the hope of increasing his majority within Parliament. Within Belvedere we have been holding our own mock general election to help support young people getting involved in the political process. For every political party that is being represented in the Constituency of Riverside, the constituency which Belvedere falls under, we have a Belvedere pupil acting as a party candidate.

They were asked whether they thought that this election was about Brexit or the NHS? They were also asked to consider whether the spending plans of their party were realistic in light of the reports from the Institute for Fiscal Studies. In addition a question was asked about whether the candidates thought that food standards and animal welfare would be affected post Brexit. In the light of the Channel 4 row, after Boris Johnson was replaced on the climate debate with an ice sculpture, the candidates were asked what ice sculpture would they choose to be and why? The Labour Party prospective candidate Kim Johnson, grew up in Liverpool 8 the most ethnically diverse community in the constituency and she said that she wanted to be a strong socialist and Scouse voice for all the constituents of Riverside.

On Election Day there was a polling station in the library where every student and member of staff could exercise their right to vote.

The prospective Liberal Democrats Party candidate Rob McAllister-Bell, regarded himself as a proud Liberal because he cares about the welfare of people, their health, housing, schools, jobs, civil rights and civil liberties. The prospective Green Party candidate Tom Crone, is an elected Councillor for St Michael’s ward and is the leader of the Green Group on Liverpool City Council. In 2016 he stood for the Liverpool mayoral elections winning 10.9% of the vote.

Belvedere invited all the prospective parliamentary candidates for Riverside in to debate key issues and answer questions.

The prospective Conservative Party candidate Sean Paul Malkeson, was raised in Bootle and now works at Liverpool

The Labour Party - Margaret Saunderson The Conservative Party - Lisa Dube The Liberal Democrats - Nina Swinnerton The Green Party - Leena Vardak The Brexit Party - Zoe Halpin


John Moores University. He is a chartered engineer and lecturer. He said that he had a heartfelt desire to make Liverpool better. The Brexit Party prospective party candidate David Leach, a retired hospital laboratory scientist and governor of several local Primary schools. He has consistently been opposed to membership of the EU since the first referendum in 1975. We would like to extend a huge thank you for all the candidates for coming into Belvedere and for answering our questions. We would also like to extend our appreciation to the chairman of the debate Dr Rob Busby, Senior Lecturer in Politics at Liverpool Hope University. He has consistently supported political events in our school assisting with the 2015, 2017 and 2019 Mock General Elections within Belvedere and also chairing our European Union Debate ahead of the 2016 referendum itself. Hannah F and Isabelle M, Year 12.

Turnout 534

% of Vote

% Riverside


390/ 534




10 / 534




43/ 534



Lib Democrats

42/ 534

7.8 %



48/ 534



Turnout Without staff 534 cast (1 spoiled ballot) out of electorate of 949 56% With teaching and non-teaching 574 out of electorate of 1,065 53.8%

Autumn 2019/Spring 2020

Labour victory - reflecting Riverside ward result 39

Autumn 2019/Spring 2020



23rd October


Embark our journey to Beijing



24th October


, Arrive at Beijing s Capital Airport


, Guided walk through Beijing s Hutongs



25th October

26th October


, Visit to Beijing s National Museum


, Learn about China s imperial history at Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. Take in the panoramic view of historic Beijing from Jingshan Park.


Travel to the Great Wall of China

AFTERNOON ITINERARY Hike along the Great Wall of China




Welcome dinner and trip briefing

Watch the Red Theatre Kung fu Show

Watch an Acrobatics Show

Once in a lifetime trip; Belved From the 23 rd October to the 1 st November 2019, twenty students were pleased to attend the Beijing Trip organised by the academy’s Chinese teachers. During the time in Beijing, the students had days packed with meaningful and enriching activities that aimed at deepening their knowledge of China and its millenary culture. Overall, the students really embraced the opportunity to visit China and the experience broadened their views of the world. They explored how differently people live and behave on the opposite side of the world. Furthermore, they learned a new


language, tasted new foods and flavours, admired some of China’s most impressive ancient heritage sites and gained a deeper understanding about one of the world’s most culturally rich countries. Here are some comments of what the students thought: “In my opinion, the China trip was brilliant and a once in a lifetime opportunity. I enjoyed it because of the variety of beautiful places we saw, fun activities we did and delicious food we ate. Another reason I loved the China trip was the teachers, they were so selfless and caring the whole time

while still getting stuff done. One of the highlights of the trip was the Great Wall as the views were amazing and we learnt so many interesting facts. I also enjoyed the way that the teachers would sit with you during meal times and taking the time to get to know us. Honestly, I can say there was never a dull moment and I’m so grateful for the opportunity and would definitely come back!” Miya D, Y9 “The China trip was a great experience and something I will hopefully have the chance to do again in the future. I have made lots of new friends and I’ve learnt many interesting facts about China and about the culture.

Autumn 2019/Spring 2020



27th October

MORNING ITINERARY Visit the Lama Temple

28th October


Drive to the countryside to visit Chuandixia Village





29th October

Head to the top of the Beijing TV Tower and shop at the Pearl Market

30th October

Visit a Chinese School




Visit the Confucius temple


Walk around the ,village and eat at a local s home

Visit the Summer Palace and take a boat ride across the palatial lake

Visit the National Olympic Stadium





Chinese Cooking class

Rehearsal of essential Chinese for shopping

Visit the Wangfujing Night Market

Enjoy a Peking roast duck banquet

dere’s visit to China We visited lots of new places and saw a lot of beautiful views. The teachers took such good care of everyone and I’m so thankful for this experience. I’m so sad that it’s over already and I will definitely go again in the future.” Amy B, Y10 “I loved the China trip because it felt that the best way to learn about a culture is to be surrounded by it. We also got to try lots of authentic and traditional Chinese dishes which were delicious. My favourite part was visiting the Lama temple and seeing all the beautiful statues. We even got to experience the way people worship first-hand. It was amazing to see how things have changed

and what things have stayed the same.” Caitlin S, Y10 “I loved the Belvedere trip to Beijing because it allowed me to experience new things like food, culture, language etc. My favourite part about the trip was visiting the 789 art district because there was a variety of street art everywhere and it was very interesting to see the Chinese styles and designs and being able to compare them to the ones we have in the UK.” Hana H, Y11 We would like to thank everyone involved in the trip and Swire’s contributions to the funding of the trip.

DAY 9 31st October

MORNING ITINERARY Kung Fu lesson in the park, visit the temple of Heaven and Experience a Tea ceremony


EVENING ITINERARY Try a traditional Beijing Hotpot

DAY 10 1st November

MORNING ITINERARY Arrive at the airport for our flight home



Above is a summary of the activities that the students participated in


Autumn 2019/Spring 2020

Green news - school buying in to more recycling With the help of Year 10 and their work in Citizenship with Ms Carroll on reducing plastic, we have managed to secure funding for £750 through the Liverpool Educational Grant to support the school in gaining more recycling bins for various other parts of the school. This is a fantastic initiative and highlights how passionate our girls are in caring for our environment. Year 10 have

received time in lesson to talk to our Head of Catering, Chris Soutter about their ideas to try to reduce plastic in our canteen; excellent work girls!

meetings. You will now see jugs of water and glasses. Small changes can make a big difference to our planet. The next steps for Belvedere include the possibility of a ‘crisp packet depot’ for staff and students to recycle their empty crisp packets once used… watch this space!

It’s not just the students who are trying to reduce the amount of plastic used but the staff too and there has been a move to eliminate plastic water bottles from


Summer 20

Spring 2018

Spring 2017

Autumn 20


My Kaywa





My Kaywa QR-Code


My Kaywa QR-Code

me ’s Welco


New Pri

w e Arts Sho Creativ Year On ets One Navy Cad



thor Vis

ning Au

Win Award

Trip Valencia

ults Day

Exam Res

Carol Service

New Head Girl Teams

Ski Trip

Drama Festival

Year 12 Induction Trips

Dance Festival





the Kaywa

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(App Store



and scan

your code!

Exam Su

ccesse s

Creati ve Ar http://kaywa.me/v5Qax

Download the Kaywa QR Code Reader (App Store &Android Market) and scan your code!

ts Exhib


New He ad Year 12 Ind

Girl Te ams



My Kaywa


New Head Girl Team

Young Analyst Competition

NHS Careers Competition

New York Trip

Fantastic Beasts Party

A Night at the Movies




Year 7 Locke rbie Tri p Cham ber Ch oir Tour


Download the Kaywa QR Code Reader (App Store &Android Market) and scan your code!




Digital magazines - the way forward Download

You may have noticed that we haven’t printed copies of the Ezine this year. This decision by SLT was inspired by the students who came to see us to talk about how Belvedere could be more environmentally friendly.

the Kaywa

Although we loved being able to showcase the wonderful achievements and activities of our school in a glossy magazine, we were made aware that after it’s been read, it was most likely to end up in the bin and that the ezine can be read and shared on-line.

QR Code


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your code!

Our students are particularly passionate about saving the planet and led by Miss McLean, the Eco-Reps are a force to be reckoned with! With the financial saving of not printing the ezine, we have been able to buy new recycling bins which can be found in the canteen and a number of classrooms.

ousands... th by en se be d ul co rt ve ad Your from teens to parents to grandparents ...

...it makes sense to advertise your business or event in the Belvedere magazine. The Belvedere Academy magazine is published several times a year, with 1500 electronic copies being widely distributed among parents, primary schools, local businesses, nurseries and churches. Advertising with us in the magazine will reach a large target audience throughout Liverpool. The magazine is also published on issuu.com - offering global exposure to your brand. The magazine is designed by Mr Dykeaylen and articles are contributed from both pupils and staff.

GREAT RATES! The advertising rates and advert dimensions are: • PRIME POSITION FULL PAGE COLOUR ADVERTISEMENT ONLY £250 Position - back cover or on the inside front or back cover. 210mm x 297mm.


• 1/2 PAGE INSIDE PAGE COLOUR ADVERTISEMENT ONLY £175 Landscape 210mm x 148mm or Portrait 148mm x 210mm.

All revenue is put back into the production of the magazine.

Low cost, high coverage, wide audience range. FORTHCOMING DATES FOR YOUR DIARY JAN

15 JAN

20 JAN

23 JAN


Yr9 Options Evening

It’s easy to book your space: To place your advertisement, please contact Mr Peter Dykeaylen on 0151 727 1284. Advertisements should be submitted electronically as either high resolution JPEG files or as PDF files, either on CD or emailed to p.dykeaylen@belvedereacademy.net Cheques should be made payable to GDST Academy Trust. All copies and payments must be received one month before publication.

Yr11 Parents’ Evening, 4-6:30pm

Yr12 Open Evening 4pm

The magazine is also published online at issuu.com, publicising both the school on a global level and also any potential advertisers.

Many thanks to teaching staff who have contributed articles and photographs. For more news please visit www.belvedereacademy.net If you have any comments or suggestions for the magazine then please contact Mr Peter Dykeaylen: p.dykeaylen@belvedereacademy.net

Yr9 Parents’ Evening, 4-6:30pm

The Belvedere Academy, 17 Belvedere Road, Princes Park, Liverpool, L8 3TF. 0151 727 1284 E: info@belvedereacademy.net www.belvedereacademy.net

Profile for Belvedere Academy

Belvedere Academy Ezine Winter 2019/Spring 2020  

Our latest new look E-Zine is packed full of exciting stories and events from last term. Read all the latest about life at Belvedere.

Belvedere Academy Ezine Winter 2019/Spring 2020  

Our latest new look E-Zine is packed full of exciting stories and events from last term. Read all the latest about life at Belvedere.