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Spring 2017

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New York Trip

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Chinese New Year Fantastic Beasts Party

MFL Valencia Trip World Book Day

NHS Careers Competition

Young Analyst Competition A Night at the Movies New York Trip

General Election Debate


New Head Girl

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Spring Edition 2017


A message from your new Head Girl I’m sure I know many of you already, but for those of you who I don’t, I’m Jazmin, your new head girl for 2017/18! I’m looking forward to another successful year at the academy. The team and I are excited in our new role and are privileged to be your representatives. We believe that the most important thing is getting to know your thoughts and ideas about school life, so would encourage you all to approach any one of us at any time, whether this be in the corridor or common room, we are always happy to help.


We recognise that being part of the Head Girl Team comes with many responsibilities, mainly making life here as enjoyable as possible. The team and I have had so many opportunities here at Belvedere and I hope that you have the same. So with that being said, we can’t wait to start off the new year and hope to do you proud! See you soon, Jazmin Mooney.

Spring Edition 2017


On Monday, 10th April 2017, 55 Belvedere Academy students and staff had the amazing opportunity to visit the sights and sounds of New York City. Over the 6 day trip we were lucky enough to visit the MOMA, Guggenheim, NBC studio Tours, Times Square, the Empire State Building, 911 Memorial Gardens, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Fifth Avenue and Central Park

Going to New York itself is a once in a lifetime trip but going with your best friends is something that not many people get to experience. To be able to visit the fantastic and globally famous sights with the amazing group of girls that came is something that I’m sure we’ll never forget. One of the best parts of the trip is that we always had something scheduled to do next. New York is a city full


of things to do so the fact we managed to fit so many things into our days there was incredible.

Avenue, the teachers gave us the freedom to allow us shop in our own groups and go into any of the shops and stores we wished.

There was something for everyone on the trip whether it be the art galleries, the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty cruise.

The places that we had our evening meals were amazing including Hard Rock Café, Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Co. and Hard Rock Cafe. We passed through Times Square every day and even on the last day everyone was still amazed by the sight, it was interesting to see the locals just pass through seemingly not bothered about their surroundings because it’s just part of their everyday routines.

For me and many others, one of the best experiences was the view from the top of the Empire State Building at night-time. The view was breath-taking and we were all so lucky to have seen it. Although many of us went with a group of our friends it didn’t matter because we all got split up into different groups with a group leader at certain times, I’m so thankful this happened because otherwise I would not have made such good friends with the girls I did from the year above and even my own year. Although we did so many tourist attractions we also had time to shop along Fifth

Just being able to walk around the streets of New York or Central Park with your friends is something we’re so lucky to have experienced and we’re all extremely thankful to the teachers who came and organised everything. Katie Russell – Y12

Spring Edition 2017



Spring Edition 2017

belvedere As well as producing some fantasic examples of Graphic Design, the Graphics GCSE students also undertake a photography module. Whilst compiling the final designs for the forthcoming Creative Arts exhibition, Mr Dykeaylen felt that this photographs from our current Y11 group were too good to not get some publicity! The work here includes examples of double exposure photography, where two images are working in juxtaposition, through to studies of tone and form, ‘popping’ colours - where a colour is isolated from a black and white image. Some really professional and outstanding work from our Graphics students!

GCSE Graphics Photography 9

Spring Edition 2017



Spring Edition 2017


Latest news from the Drama Dept This year’s academy production is fast approaching and there will be over fifty perfoming pupils from Years 7-12 will perform in a production celebrating the life and works of Roald Dahl. We urge you to get tickets for this production and see the wealth of talent that Belvedere has to offer. Tickets are just £3 for concessions and £5 for adults available from the Drama Department or on Parent Pay.

GCSE Drama Exam Success Belvedere sees Shakespeare’s work like never before Our Year 11 GCSE Drama students put on a selection of contemporary plays that defied the expectations of GCSE level yet again.

This fantastic cohort performed work exploring Thatcherism, class systems, mental health, the media, the Hillsborough tragedy and status and success through the looking glass of postmodern theatre styles. The performances were simply stunning and a real showcase of the talent we have on offer here.

Belvedere Drama Department 21st in the entire country This year the Drama Department celebrate a recent report by Oxford Analytics which stated that the successes of our A Level Theatre Studies cohort put us 21st in the whole country, and the best for the North West of England, for value added progress. This reaffirms the fact that pupils studying Drama at Belvedere get the best chance to fulfil their potential and more! With GCSE and A Level numbers on the rise, we hope to continue our history of fantastic results, progress and outcomes in the Drama Department.


Year 13 students from Belvedere were lucky enough to be amongst the few people to see this year’s Royal Shakespeare Company production of The Tempest. This production reached new heights in theatre production value as the collaboration with Intel and Imaginarium studios allowed for the Ariel to become a digital avatar which has never been done before within theatre. This production was certainly beyond its time and much like Shakespeare’s work 400 years ago, pushed theatre to a new level.

Wednesday 5th, Thursday 6th, Friday 7th July. 7:30pm start. ÂŁ3 Concession, ÂŁ5 Adult. Tickets available from the Drama Department.

Spring Edition 2017


Latest news from the PE Department The Belvedere netball season is over for another year and a very successful season it was. We attended numerous local City League fixtures along with the Liverpool City Tournament hosted at Archbishop Blanch. During each fixture pupils from Years 7 to 11 displayed outstanding skills, determination and true sportsmanship. Within the Liverpool City Tournament our superstar Year 7 team were placed in the final against Blue Coat; a great achievement for the newly formed team and a great success to be crowned 2nd in the city. Well done Year 7! Year 11 proved to be unstoppable all season and retained their title of City Champions for another year running. The city tournament proved to be a great success. The Belvedere netball teams also had a successful year within the Liverpool City Netball League, where Year 7 were placed 2nd, Year 9 placed 3rd, Year 10 placed joint 1st and Year 11 placed 1st. The girls’ brilliant achievement will be celebrated during a Sports Awards Evening in June. An extra well done to the Year 11 netball team who won the County Tournament and went on to play at Wirral Grammar School for Girls, coming second in the Merseyside County Tournament.

Year 10 sports leaders have been working well with the PE Department all year. The girls helped at The Belvedere Preparatory School swimming gala and cross country competition. The sports leaders have also used their knowledge of team building to work with Year 8 pupils to support friendship and positive behaviours, as well as promoting the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign during a whole academy assembly. As a reward for their hard work and help within the PE Department, the sports leaders were visited by Sue Smith an England footballer who works in partnership with Sky Sports for Living. The girls completed both theory and practical workshops and thoroughly enjoyed the day.


Spring Edition 2017


Interform netball has taken place in the last term, with some brilliant skills displayed across the years. Pupils worked well within their forms to produce a strong competition for all year groups. During the interform event the PE Department promoted sportsmanship which was evident throughout: girls were polite, courteous and showed support for their fellow peers, no matter the score or outcome. Well done!

Year 7 Winners – 7J Year 8 winners – 8M Year 9 winners – 9H

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Belvidere Road Church has been running its services and holiday clubs at the academy for over three years now. We have been extremely impressed with the facilities available to us at the academy. We comfortably host our Sunday Services, our Wednesday midweek meeting, and our Friday evening children’s and youth clubs. And there’s plenty of room for the kids to play too! Why not pop along on a Friday evening (6:15) or Sunday morning (10:15) to see more? Graeme Back, BELVIDERE ROAD CHURCH.

Great facilities available: Sports Hall, Multi-use Hall with stage, Dance and Drama Studios and Lecture Theatre. 14

Spring Edition 2017


Year 12 Graphics:

Kate Moross Lecture at LJMU On March 31st, Mr Dykeaylen took his Year 12 Graphics group to Liverpool John Moores University to listen to a lecture by leading female designer Kate Moross. She may not be a household name, but Kate Moross’ work will almost certainly have been seen by you at one stage or another. From smooth, curly, hand-drawn typography for Cadbury’s (commissioned when she was still a student), to MTV Awards, Disclosure videos, Parklife posters and One Direction tours sets, Kate showcased a fantastic array of colourful, bright, contemporary and fun graphics. Kate has produced work that has touched a global audience. She told the story of how coming from humble beginnings and with determination, risk taking and a liberal dash of creativity she went from student to Design Agency Creative Director (Studio Moross). She is now one of Britain’s leading contemporary Graphic Designers and, arguably, Britain’s leading female graphic designer. The students learnt so much from having a university lecture environment, mingling with Graphics degree students and seeing


an inspirational female designer showcase her work. Here are some of their thoughts:

inspired everyone in that room to get out there, and be creative, especially me.”

“Kate Moross is a graphic designer/ typographer, though the name was not too familiar, her work definitely was, from well known chocolate bar adverts to famous boy band world tours, her work sparked an inner fan girl in me, inspiring an interest to want to see and explore it more.

“What I like about her work…. * The bright bold colours she uses within her designs. * How she has variety within her pieces; the fact that one piece is not the same. * Her unique style * Distinctive flair * Colourful, bold, eye-catching and intriguing designs.”

The talk was extremely fascinating and I throughly enjoyed how care free and down to earth she was. Excelling from a student working on the side to such a huge designer, I think she

“I think that is inspiring as she made you realise that you could create anything you wanted to. It really inspired me to try my own style of work.”

Spring Edition 2017


Moross was an inspirational designer who started her career while still in education and now runs her own company which has created the design for amazing projects like the VMAs and Parklife Festival. She is something that ever designer aspires to become‌

Kate Moross was an inspiring speaker. She stressed how important it was to work in a team, and depend on those around you. She encouraged all young designers to put their work out as soon as they can, you never know what opportunities may be around the corner.

I thought that Kate Moross was very inspirational and I really enjoyed her work. It helped me to think about perusing a career as a graphic designer. It was very inspiring the way she was trying to get more people to work for the graphics industry. I enjoyed seeing all of her unique pieces of work.

It was inspiring to see a female graphic designer. Her work was really clever and unique and the video animations that she showed us encouraged me to try something different. The trip was a real insight to graphic design in the real world.


Spring Edition 2017


PHYSICS OUTREACH COMPETITION Congratulations to Hannah McCombs and Rosie Bell in Year 12, who recently entered a Physics Outreach Competition, run by the Universities of Warwick and Liverpool. They have won an all expenses paid place to visit the XMaS (X-ray MAgnet Scattering) experiment at the European Syncrotron Facility (ESRF) in Grenoble, France, in July this year. Hannah and Rosie will tour the XMaS and ESRF research facilities and meet the world-class scientists who work there, gaining a flavour of what life might be like as an international research scientist, as well as exploring the beautiful city of Grenoble. The contest was open to students across the country, so the girls has done extremely well to beat off the competition and win a place. We wish them a bon voyage for what should be an amazing experience!

YOUNG ANALYST COMPETITION On Saturday 4th March, 2017, we were invited to take part in the Young Analyst Competition, held by the Royal Society of Chemistry at The University of Liverpool. There were around 30 other teams competing, from many different sixth forms and colleges from around the North West, all in groups of 3. The competition assessed our practical skills, including familiar things like titrations and making up solutions, but also things from beyond the scope of A-level, which involved using very high tech equipment! For example, one of the investigations involved well-known painkillers like Paracetamol, in which we found out


how much active ingredient these pills contained, which involved many steps, including a titration and measuring the mass of one pill as accurately as 4 decimal places. It was a very stressful morning and felt as though we were on chemistry’s equivalent of the bake off, but we all had a fun day nevertheless and it was great to see the amazing facilities the university had to offer. Despite our best efforts, we won’t be progressing to the final but we enjoyed it and learned a lot. Hannah McCombs, Faye Sikora and Eve Turner, Year 12.

Spring Edition 2017


Fantastic Beasts Party & Harry Potter Reading Café Unbelievably, ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ was published in 1997 – 20 years ago! The last book in the series, ‘The Deathly Hallows’, was released 10 years ago. All of which means JK Rowling’s amazing series is being discovered for the first time by our youngest students. The recently released ‘Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them’ film became the theme for a special party hosted by the Library. Fans of the wizarding world took part in a ‘Fantastic Beasts’ treasure hunt, following clues to find the ‘beasts’ and picking up assorted letters along the way that, when strung together, spelt the password that would gain entrance to the party. Once safely inside, guests found themselves immersed in the 1920s, which is when the film is set. We played musical chairs to a

backdrop of jazz and the Charleston, played dominoes and the fantastic beasts doodle game, ate pizza and pretzels and had fun with props in our DIY photo booth. Carrying the Harry Potter theme over to World Book Day, the Library was transformed into a Reading Café. All pupils were welcome to read extracts and chapters from the books while relaxing on extra bean bags and couches, eating cake and biscuits and drinking butterbeer. Many chose to log into Pottermore; JK Rowling’s vast Harry Potter website, and take quizzes that defined their Hogwarts house and which animal their patronus would be. Library issues of the Harry Potter books have soared and the wizarding world has proven as popular as ever with the next generation.


Spring Edition 2017


On the 26th January 2017, the students of the Belvedere Chinese Club celebrated Chinese New Year at Edge Hill University. All the girls enjoyed participating in a variety of activities in the Chinese Street Market. Some of the activities included: • Chinese Chess 象棋 • Chinese Puzzles and Mahjong 中国游戏 和麻将 • Drinking Chinese Tea 喝中国茶 • Dressing up in Chinese Ethnic Minority clothing 穿中国民族的服装 • Playing a Chinese harp and other instruments 音乐具 • Paper cutting and calligraphy 剪纸和书法 All of the girls were praised for their enthusiasm and they astounded the native Chinese speakers with their Chinese language skills. They endeavoured to use all of the Chinese that they have learnt since September. They greeted others and introduced themselves in Chinese and they sang Chinese songs on the bus. The students also enjoyed trying traditional Chinese foods that were available at the street market. The part of the event that was enjoyed by most of the students was learning how to perform a lion dance. I would like to thank all of the students involved and Edge Hill University for organising such an eventful and exiting day. 新年快乐,石老师 (Miss Behrens)

Girls’ comments: The thing I enjoyed most at Edge Hill University was the street market. There were lots of intereting activities. My favourite activity was the one where you could have your name written in Chinese. I also really enjoyed the paper cutting activity. Ellie Hewitt


I really enjoyed the lion dance activity and the free food was delicious. Sophie Wilcox I enjoyed the tattoos and dressing up in the traditional Chinese costumes. Lower School student What I enjoyed the most about the trip was taking part and learning about the lion dance and kungfu. Lauren Jones I enjoyed all of the Chinese stalls and the lion dancing. Tracey Chinelle I really enjoyed the lion dancing and the calligraphy demonstration. Ella Smith I really liked listening to the music. I also had a go at playing the Chinese harp. It was very interesting to watch the calligraphy being written. Lower School student

Spring Edition 2017


Belvedere General Election Debate 2017 On 18th May, Politics A Level Students hosted a Lunchtime election debate in the Drama Theatre, before the General Election on 8th June 2017. The prospective candidates for Riverside were invited into Belvedere to answer questions relating to their policies. Many younger students also attended and posed questions. The candidates Louise Ellman The Labour Party Tom Sebire The Liberal Democrats Stephanie Pitchers The Green Party Pamela Hall The Conservative Party Questions focused on lowering the voting age to 16, funding of public services, immigration, and mental health. The candidates were impressed by the relevance of the questions and enjoyed what has been the only hustings held in the constituency.

UK General Election 2017 The decision by Theresa May to hold a snap election, has caught not only politicians “on the hop�, but plenty of school students and teachers who hold mock elections too. After the Belvedere Mock Election of 2015, we believed that it may well be 2020 before the next General Election. However the Fixed Term Parliament Act 2011, did allow for a General Election, if two thirds of MPs were in favour! Nonetheless with the help of Year 9 and Year 10 students we have selected candidates to represent the main political parties for 2017:Conservative Party Molly Jenkinson Y10 Labour Party Grace Marshall Y9 Liberal Democrats Charlotte Roberts Y9 Green Party Yasmin Adam Y10 UKIP Gemma Newby Y9 We stress that the candidates may not necessarily hold the views of the political party, but are playing a role in order to demonstrate the democratic process. In a very short time, as promises and manifestos have been published, the girls have produced their own party manifestos in preparation for the General Election on 8th June 2017. Belvedere Library will be set up as a Polling Station on Election Day, and it will be interesting to see whether the result in Belvedere will mirror the result in Riverside Constituency itself.


Spring Edition 2017


Latest D of E News Belvedere girls have continued to give up their time to volunteer in the community as part of their DofE programmes including commitments to Barnardos, Oxfam, The Cinnamon Trust and Willowbrook Hospice amongst others. DofE volunteers have also refreshed parents, pupils and teachers alike while on duty at parents’ evenings and wellbeing days throughout the year.


As for the Skills and Physical sections, our DofE-ers have been doing it ALL! Archery, first aid, dance and netball to name a few.

Spring Edition 2017


Chamber Choir Champions Again! On 28th April both Bronze and Silver Girls took part in their gruelling practice expedition in Ormskirk: Here’s what they had to say: “The expedition was tough, but I’m more prepared for the assessed one now.” “I loved seeing all the wildlife! The donkeys cheered me up.”

The Chamber Choir go from strength to strength! The Chamber Choir returned to Birkenhead High School Academy on 12th March to defend their prestigious crown as Youth Choir Champions of the Wirral Music Festival.

92 points, the highest grade that the adjudicator had ever given at the festival! The Chamber Choir were praised for their beautiful blend, balance and professional execution of the complex four-part harmonies.

Not only did they accomplish this for the third year running, but they also won the Open Choral Championship for the second year, scoring an ‘Outstanding’ grade of

If you would like to audition for the Chamber Choir then please see Mr O’Keeffe. Auditions will take place first week back in September.

‘Camping with my friends was boss; we had a marshmallow party.’

After a year of hard work our Year 12 Silver girls received their certificates and badges from Mrs Marshall and are now ready for the challenge of Gold! If you’re in Year 9 and interested in getting involved with Bronze next year? Speak to the girls in Y10/11 to see what it takes, then pick up an application in September.

Chamber Choir Impress at Liverpool Light Night!

“I really enjoyed it because it was great to get away from everyday life.”

Our competition winning Chamber Choir performed at the Walker Art Gallery as part of Liverpool’s fantastic “Light Night” Celebrations on Friday 19th May.

Eric Whitacre’s “Seal Lullaby”, and Ola Gjeilo’s “Northern Lights” and after their impressive 30 minute set, the audience showed them a huge appreciation.

The audience gathered and anticipation grew as the Choir took their spot. Amidst beautiful sculptures and pieces of art hung from the vast interior of the Walker Art Gallery, the angelic sounds of our Chamber Choir floated throughout the gallery, impressing and charming hundreds of amazed onlookers.

Charlotte Flynn (Year 9) said, “It was a truly mesmerising experience that I will never forget. Everyone performed confidently and it was an amazing night singing with some of my favourite people at my side, in such a stunning place.”

“I’d describe it as challenging, exciting and eventful!” “I found DofE fun and hard work as it required me to learn new skills.” “The expedition was extremely fun because I made great memories with friends and was able to indulge myself in beautiful nature.”

The Chamber Choir wowed the audience with complex choral pieces such as


Spring Edition 2017


Geography Club y this term making Year 7 have been bus aphy Club. The girls volcano models in Geogr cereal box and as started with an empty tographs, they ended you can see in the pho ! Year 7 thoroughly up with a masterpiece dels and are looking enjoyed making the mo t project; improving forward to their nex s at Belvedere. recycling opportunitie

the volcanoes in “I enjoyed making ause it was fun and Geography Club bec brought me together educational. It also in Year 7 whom I had with two other girls made the volcanoes never met before. We spaper and sticking it by scrunching up new tle. This took a long all to a large plastic bot very patient, as the time and we had to be ile to stick! newspaper took a wh maché to bring our We then used paper added paint to make models to life and We used vinegar and them look realistic. te the eruption of a baking soda to replica re fantastic!” volcano; our results we 7. Ashtyn Barlow, Year

NHS Careers Competition Y8 took part in a national NHS careers competition, Step Into The NHS. There were over 2000 entries from schools across the UK, so competition was tough. Belvedere rose to the challenge, and not one but two groups received certificates in recognition of their outstanding entries! ‘As part of our last PSHE topic, we looked at the different jobs in the NHS and how important they are. We were shocked at how many jobs there were that didn’t even involve medicine. For the Step into the NHS competition, we were given the task of creating a job description and advertisement for any job in the NHS that we were interested in.


We chose a paramedic because we saw first-hand what amazing work these people do. John Moores University allowed us to interview some current student paramedics about what exactly the job entails. We created a video talking to the students and paramedics and even trying out some paramedicine ourselves. It was a very fun and educational experience. We were very surprised to find that we were regional winners and are thankful to our teacher and John Moores University for helping us to achieve what we did.’ Phoebe Jones. watch?v=CllSTSAfjb4

Spring Edition 2017


Anticipation grew as the thunderous music drifted through a star-lit gym and drama studio. People walked down the red carpet, clutching their popcorn and were about to experience a journey filled with thrills, action, adventure, love and laughter. Four hundred members of the audience were eagerly awaiting The Belvedere Academy’s Spring Concert 2017, “A Night at the Movies�. The lights went down and the audience were transported to a world of music from the movies. The curtains rose, revealing a sinister dark red glow and mist. Mysterious chords emanated from the piano. It was time for the epic, Force Awakens. The huge Orchestra and Chamber Choir once again proving that they themselves are a force to be reckoned with! This was accompanied with scenes from the film, adding to the magical evening. The force was definitely strong with this concert as the talent just kept on coming!

from films such as Saving Private Ryan, The Hunger Games, Sister Act and The Lion King, to mention but a few, entertained the enchanted audience. This concert was a true marriage of departmental collaboration, with the Music, Media, and Drama Departments ensuring that this was the most spectacular concert to grace the Belvedere stage. That evening, the school gym had been completely transformed into a breathtaking cinematic experience, but the true stars of the evening were the 130 pupils who gave an Oscar winning performance.

Wonderful performances ensued, all displaying a variety of talent. Iconic themes


Spring Edition 2017


Chamber Choir Invited to perform at the Lord Mayor’s Installation The Chamber Choir were honoured to be invited to perform at the Lord Mayor’s Installation at the Town Hall on Wednesday 24th May. The Choir were asked to perform 3 pieces, as guests gathered before their meal. The Chamber Choir performed a ‘local’ and emotional repertoire of “Imagine” and “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, before finishing with the thunderous and iconic gospel piece, “Hail Holy Queen”. It was a fantastic event and the choristers were praised highly for their impressive singing.

Chamber Choir Prague Tour 2016 Excitement is mounting as The Belvedere Academy Chamber Choir begin the preparations for their second international tour to Prague! This will be a week that the pupils will remember for the rest of their lives. The Chamber Choir will be singing in some of the most beautiful buildings in Europe including St Vitus Cathedral, St Nicholas Church, The British Embassy and The Church of Our Lady before Tyn. Charlotte Flynn of year 9 says, “Despite our different ages, we are all really good friends. I was really shy in Year 7 but the Chamber Choir has given me loads of confidence. I love it!” Olivia Reynolds of Year 9 says, “We are like a big family and we love singing together. It’s the best!”


Spring Edition 2017


The Annual GDST Chrystall Prize For Public Speaking Does Brexit spell the end of our democracy? Is the awarding of the Nobel Prize an elitist and outdated concept of achievement? Is music still a force for social criticism? These were amongst the topics discussed in the powerful and persuasive semifinal of the annual GDST public speaking competition, The Chrystall Prize.

This year, Year 11 student Anna Edwards fought off strong competition to reach the semi-final at Newcastle High School for Girls. Anna spoke eloquently and passionately about the future of global capitalism, and after her speech she faced questions from an esteemed panel of academics and lawyers. The event took place in front of a packed audience, who heard speeches from students across the GDST, including those

from both Sheffield and Nottingham Girls’ High School. Ultimately, Anna narrowly lost out to Anya Grayson from Sheffield High School, who went on to win the overall competition. Our congratulations go out to all the students involved in the prestigious prize, and especially to Belvedere’s Anna Edwards, whose impassioned and well-researched speech was extremely well-received by both the judges and audience alike.

Looking for rooms for conference hire? Look no further... Large rooms available for conference hire which include use of a 4.4m wide & 3.2m high projector screen, a large stage with PA microphone and sound system (and mixing desk) and lights. Why not impress your clients; you’ll be surprised how little it costs, so call us on 0151 727 1284 or email

Thanks for hosting the Academy Gifted and Talented day at Belvedere. There were 200 students in attendance... all of the schools who attended were deeply impressed with Belvedere and the conference facilities you provided. You may not be aware of the delicious lunch that your caterers provided for the staff, or of the swift response to provide lunches without warning for students who had forgotten to bring food with them. All very kind. The atmosphere was very special. Every good wish - and thanks again. Julie Arliss, ACADEMY CONFERENCES.

Great facilities available: Sports Hall, Multi-use Hall with stage, Dance and Drama Studios and Lecture Theatre. 26

Spring Edition 2017


It was a morning filled with excitement! Every form was competing to raise the most money for Comic Relief by wearing as many red accessories that they could. Our form room was bursting with red bows, ribbons, earrings, head bands and of course, red noses. We had a class photograph taken and then rushed to assembly where Miss Jones revealed the winners. Fortunately for 7Y we came out on top, but overall the whole school raised an unbelievable total of over £1,000! Lunchtime was the event that everyone was waiting for! Miss Achillios held an amazing session of disco fit. The gym was covered with lights and glow sticks, everyone had a great time while still raising money for Comic Relief, by donating £1 to participate. Red Nose Day 2017 was a day to remember at The Belvedere Academy. Ruby Linge & Amelia Dineen-Wyke, Year 7

This year’s World Book Day saw many exciting events taking place around The Belvedere Academy, with students from Year 7 to the Sixth Form taking part in all of the literary fun! In the English Department, there was a fabulous World Book Day celebration, with numerous activities including creating clay book characters, book mark making and book speed dating. We also saw many of our Sixth Formers taking the opportunity to dress up as their favourite book characters! Not only that, but the Library also held a Harry Potter themed event and even had some tasty butterbeer for students and staff to sample.

Spelling Bee ‘17

Belvedere’s annual Spelling Bee also saw our Year 7 and 8 students in a nail-biting competition. In Year 7, we saw Rachel Bulayima demonstrate her incredible spelling skills and defeat the other superb spellers in her year group. In Year 8, the crowds witnessed an extremely tense final round, in which last year’s champion, Daisy Norman, fought to retain her position as spelling champion. Daisy managed to hold her nerve and came out victorious once again to claim her title of Year 8 Spelling Champion. A massive congratulations to our spelling champions and a huge well done for all of the other students who demonstrated their spelling prowess in this year’s Spelling Bee!


Spring Edition 2017


Thank you... The ‘Sixth Form Wellbeing Reward Programme’ has continued to encourage positive mental health across our 6th Form girls. The programme has allowed the Sixth Form Team to promote wellbeing through rewarding students with fun or relaxing experiences to alleviate the stresses and strains of Sixth Form life. This term the Sixth Form Team have been able to reward our students with a mini spa treatment and manicure at Pure Spa and Wellness, a cut and blow from Fagans Hair, a £40 voucher for Matt Cox Hairdressing and a range of treats from Artisane French Patisserie. We hope to build on the success of the programme by offering more exciting rewards and experiences to give out to our Sixth Form students during the next academic year. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without the kind support of local businesses. Thank you to Pure Spa and Wellness, Matt Cox Hairdressing, Fagans Hair and Artisane. If any local businesses would like to support our rewards initiative, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


MFL Valencia Trip

Spring Edition 2017

belvedere Six subject teachers accompanied by fortyseven very excited girls from Years 8-11, set off very early on the morning of 7th April from Liverpool John Lennon Airport to embark on yet another fun filled, jam packed MLF trip abroad; this time to sunny Valencia for 5 days. The trip took several months in the making and was well planned and thought out by Miss Pozo and Miss Cosgrove, who did their utmost to ensure it was one to remember for everyone involved. We took part in various activities each day that included things like, informative tours of historical sites, a day at the stunning and undoubtedly a ‘Must See’ attraction of Valencia, El Oceanográfico, not forgetting the biggest highlight of all, a visit to our partner school, Colegio Helios. Here, the girls caught up with their penfriends and experienced life in a Spanish school, by joining in on lessons, having a go at the traditional Valencian sports and tasting Spanish school dinners! (Well… we must confess… they adapted them slightly for our arrival!!)

lasting memories of a successful trip to look back on in years to come. A massive thank you must go to the staff who volunteered part of their Easter holidays to come along, and also a huge thank you to the 47 girls who were a credit to their families, school and themselves. Their conduct, behaviour and mannerism was outstanding. You have done us all proud, girls! ¡Muchas gracias a todos!

“I really enjoyed my trip to Valencia with the school. We took part in many different activities, and we were able to see a lot of the city, especially when we went on the tour bus. The tour bus was one of my favourite parts of the trip because as well

As well as the tour bus, our beach day was one of my favourites because you had more freedom and you could interact with lots of the locals, which helped me with my Spanish.” Nicola James- Year 9 “Valencia was such a blast and the entire trip was filled with fantastic events. The highlight of the trip for me was probably visiting the school, Colegio Helios, as we were able to visit our Spanish friends from when we last met them in school. And also the fact that we were able to spend a day in a foreign school. The trip was terrific from beginning to end and would definitely recommend others to go on school trips.” Olivia Isama- Year 9

as visiting all of the landmarks, you could find out more about the history of them and you could see every side of the city.

All in all, we had a fantastic time. Our confidence in speaking Spanish has improved and we have all come away with


Spring Edition 2017 Winter 2016


Design Your Own Fantastic Beast Competition

The library ran a ‘Design Your Own Fantastic Beast’ competition alongside the party. Although there were many outstanding entries, the winner was Izzy Moore, 7P. Her brilliant beast won her a copy of the screenplay for ‘Fantastic Beats & Where To Find Them’. Well done, Izzy!


ousands... th by en se be d ul co rt ve ad Your from teens to parents to grandparents ... makes sense to advertise your business or event in the Belvedere magazine. The Belvedere Academy magazine is published several times a year, with 1500 electronic copies being widely distributed among parents, primary schools, local businesses, nurseries and churches. Advertising with us in the magazine will reach a large target audience throughout Liverpool. The magazine is also published on - offering global exposure to your brand. The magazine is designed by Mr Dykeaylen and articles are contributed from both pupils and staff.

GREAT RATES! The advertising rates and advert dimensions are: • PRIME POSITION FULL PAGE COLOUR ADVERTISEMENT ONLY £250 Position - back cover or on the inside front or back cover. 210mm x 297mm.


• 1/2 PAGE INSIDE PAGE COLOUR ADVERTISEMENT ONLY £175 Landscape 210mm x 148mm or Portrait 148mm x 210mm.

All revenue is put back into the production of the magazine.

Low cost, high coverage, wide audience range. FORTHCOMING DATES FOR YOUR DIARY JUNE





Creative Arts Exhibition 4:00-6:30pm

It’s easy to book your space: To place your advertisement, please contact Mr Peter Dykeaylen on 0151 727 1284. Advertisements should be submitted electronically as either high resolution JPEG files or as PDF files, either on CD or emailed to Cheques should be made payable to GDST Academy Trust. All copies and payments must be received one month before publication.

Year 7 Open Evening 4:00-7:00pm

Yr 12 Induction Evening 5pm

The magazine is also published online at, publicising both the school on a global level and also any potential advertisers.

Many thanks to teaching staff who have contributed articles and photographs. For more news please visit If you have any comments or suggestions for the magazine then please contact Mr Peter Dykeaylen:

Yr 6 Induction Evening 5:30pm

The Belvedere Academy, 17 Belvedere Road, Princes Park, Liverpool, L8 3TF. 0151 727 1284 E:

Spring Edition 2017


Year 13 Graphics - A Focus on Illustration Graphics covers a wide range of design diciplines. Here is a showcase of some of our Year 13’s work, with a focus on Illustration. As you can see , the variety of work ranges from drawing with 3D pens to collage, 3D designs combined with 2D (on the first day stamps cover) through to tradition hand drawn and computer illustration. A great variety of work and styles!

12th best A Level in the whole country! This year, the Art and Graphics departments celebrated a recent report by Oxford Analytics. This report stated that the successes of our A Level Art and Graphics cohort put us 12th in the whole country for value added progress. Why not consider an A Level in either Art or Graphics and help us develop your skills even further!


2017 Belvedere Spring Ezine  

Our latest new look E-Zine is packed full of exciting stories and events from last term. Read all the latest about life at Belvedere Academy...

2017 Belvedere Spring Ezine  

Our latest new look E-Zine is packed full of exciting stories and events from last term. Read all the latest about life at Belvedere Academy...