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Postcards in London GDST Rally Drama Festival China Day Lockerbie Trip

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Winter Edition 2016


Prize Giving Awards Ceremony Applause echoed around the magnificent Liverpool Cathedral as Belvedere girls walked proudly onto the stage to be recognised for their hard work and achievement during the annual Prize Giving on 11th November. This is an extremely important event in Belvedere’s calendar, which affords staff, governors, special guests and parents the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of so many students.

the music rang out melodically around the building causing visitors to the cathedral to stop in their tracks. There were more than a few spine-tingling moments when the voices of the chamber choir sang out.

Once again, the fantastic musical ability of the students in choir, chamber choir and orchestra did not fail to disappoint as

The guest speaker this year was the Chief Executive of Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Sir David Henshaw and he was


Mr Kennedy’s poignant speech reflected on the last academic year, commenting on the many highs as well as the challenges that were faced.

both entertaining and inspirational in his address, which told the story behind the building of the new hospital. The wise words of the Head Girl, Lili Johnstone, encouraged all of the students to reach high and to aim to be on the stage next year receiving a prize, if they had not received one this year and many students have taken up this challenge.

Winter Edition 2016


Our Head Girl’s Prize Giving Review I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to all of Belvedere and reflecting upon the amazing academic year we have had in 2016. It was an honour to represent the academy and act as a voice for the girls! Just a final note from me; if you are wanting to be awarded a prize on stage next year, or you wish to be a representative of Belvedere yourself as a form Head Girl, remember, every accomplishment comes with the decision to try. Following is the speech that Head Girl Lili made during Prize Giving service. “Good afternoon everyone. I am privileged to be standing here today as Head Girl representing the academy. It is an honour to be able to acknowledge all of the achievements you have made this year. Prize Giving marks a day of celebration and reflection allowing parents, family and teachers to come together to recognise your outstanding accomplishments. As Sir David Henshaw so rightly said, in order to succeed, you need remarkable people, remarkable research and a remarkable institution; everybody is significant in making a system successful. Alder Hey and Belvedere have these systems in common.

I remember when I joined Belvedere in 2010, I was shaking with apprehension. In hind sight I wish that I could go back in time to reassure myself that Belvedere would provide an incredible and unforgettable school experience. The opportunities the academy provides as a whole are second to none, whether it be a weekend at a GDST Leadership Conference in Bath, a day in Westminster or participating in the vast range of competitions from netball to Liverpool’s Young Analyst of the Year. Furthermore, the high expectations set by all of the teachers and their encouragement for us to become the best we can be, helps us to achieve and even exceed our goals. We are taught the important message that a Belvedere girl can achieve whatever she sets her mind to, which has clearly been demonstrated today. Adapting from a private selective school to a non-selective academy made a lot of people sceptical as to whether or not we could maintain the same high standards that Belvedere set over one hundred years ago. Nine years later, and we have achieved our best ever GCSE results, defying all expectations whilst proving that we continue to be one of the best schools in the

country. It is clear that Belvedere develops you academically and that good grades are important, however, the key skills such as confidence, self-motivation and dedication that Belvedere nurtures in its girls are essential to success in the future. Whether it’s competing as part of a sports team in the GDST Rally or performing in the annual Drama Festival, it is important to recognise that personal achievements are just as important as academic ones. Of course, I’d like to mention the devastating accident that occurred in February and how it evidenced the strong sense of community that we have at Belvedere. It proved that team work and resilience are so important when overcoming life’s challenges. Which brings me on to say; for those of you who are not receiving an award this year, set yourself a goal and work hard to achieve it. You too could be standing on this stage next year receiving one if you are selfdisciplined and motivated. Whether you are in Year Seven or Year Thirteen, I encourage you to make the most of the time you have at Belvedere because trust me it will fly by. In a way, I am envious of those of you joining in year seven as your journey as a Belvedere girl is just beginning.”


Winter Edition 2016



Winter Edition 2016


Friday 2nd December was a day not to be missed at the Belvedere Academy as we hosted our very own whole school Bake Off Competition...


Winter Edition 2016


Excitement and anticipation was palpable

and incredible talent displayed. Millie


as a queue formed outside the library of students eager to register their creations for Belvedere’s Bake Off. This year’s theme, ‘Children’s Fantasy Characters’, was a fitting challenge to all of those who dared to add some life and magic into their mixing bowls. With the standard so impeccably high, it was almost impossible to judge.

Ferris-Griffiths stole the show with her ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Cake’. Showing immaculate attention to detail, with handmade accessories to set the scene and an excellent colour contrast selection, secured Millie first place in the cake decorating category.

impressive technical skill with her ‘Mermaid Cake’, a truly exceptional design. Emily Cuckson, made a beautiful range of perfectly piped ‘Christmas Tree’ cupcakes and was awarded first place in the cupcake making category. Katie Quine, followed closely behind in second place with her outstanding and colourful ‘Cookie Monster’ cupcakes and Yasmin Davies, in third place with her beautiful ‘Red Velvets’.

Our Belvedere girls certainly did not disappoint, letting their creativity take over and imagination run wild with plenty weird and wonderful design ideas. From ‘Harry Potter’s Devil’s Toad Candy Floss Cupcakes’ to ‘Winnie the Pooh Wonder Cakes’, ‘Mermaids’ and ‘Buzz Lightyear’, the judges were in for a real sweet treat. An event in this year’s calendar that was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Lower School: Year 7 and 8 were undoubtedly the most difficult category to judge, with such a high volume of entries


Lucy Whitfield, went on to steal the heart of the judges with her ‘I Believe in Fairies’ cake. She even managed to include Belvedere’s forget me not’ logo. This innocent and touching piece, secured Lucy a solid 2nd place in the cake decorating category. Third place resulted in a joint decision between Eva Williams, with her simple yet classic version of ‘Harry Potter’ and Yasmin Freeman who demonstrated an almost perfect icing technique and intricate design ability with her ‘Frozen Olaf’ cake.





Upper School: Year 9, 10 and 11 exhibited the most impressive display of cake entries, showcasing an extremely high level of talent and skill. Isobel Jones 9H, bestowed upon us a truly magical piece of art, with her own unique interpretation of ‘Red Riding Hood’ (image page 8). Setting quite the haunting scene, her perfect icing ability captured an appropriate snow white setting, against ragged shaped chocolate and little ‘Red’ herself. Isobel

Winter Edition 2016


was awarded not only first place in the cake

awarded to ‘Team Toy Story’ (Sabina,

decorating category but also showstopper for the whole competition, an amazing achievement. Caty Murray, was awarded second place for her traditional ‘Snowman’, a professional looking piece and a credit to her. Stephanie Roberts, was awarded third place for her ‘Minnie Mouse’ cake, a chocolate favourite.

Cora, Amber and friends) for their version of ‘Toy Story Part 2 – Buzz Lightyear’, an exceptional design consisting of multiple high skill components. Second place was most deserved by Katie Sweeney, for her outstanding ‘Alice in Wonderland’ cake, a complex and well-structured three tier design. Zarwa Malik, secured third place with her ‘Little Mermaid’ cake, displaying excellent creaming and colour mixing technique.

For the cupcake making category, Rebecca Brown brought great humour with her ‘Frosty the Snowman and Melted Frosty’ cupcakes. Her piping skills and ability to decorate such intricate detail added personality to her piece, gaining her first place. Second place was awarded to Ciara Cullen, with her very clever ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ cupcakes. Third place was justified by Gemma Crescenti, as she seized the minds of both younger and older generations with her ‘Sesame Street’ cupcakes. 6th Year and First

Form: Credit must be given to 12 and 13 for sheer enthusiasm commitment to the competition. place and most creative cake, was

“There were so many amazing cakes! The theme worked really well and helped to showcase everyone’s talent and creativity.” Hope Scannell, Year 7.

Staff: Mr Cassidy stayed true to his native roots and brew, with his ‘Guinness Cake’ entry and was awarded first place in the staff category. He captured a perfect blend of bitter and subtle flavours in his rich, moist sponge cake and his creaming technique was flawless, excellently spilled over to create the froth effect. Mr Hill was awarded second place with a very clever ‘Lego Cake’ interpretation. He managed to create a three dimensional version and cross sectional view of his cake, displaying high skill level icing skills with such precision and structure.

“I really liked that there were separate categories for Lower and Upper School because that made it fair.” Phoebe Jones, Year 8.

“The cake sale was a fantastic way to raise money for charity. We had so much fun during Food Enrichments making, baking and decorating cupcakes together.” Zara Chaudary, Year 10.


Summer Edition 2016


Year 10 Graphics A-Z Posters

Mr Dykeaylen set his Y10 GCSE Graphics group a poster challenge. They had to design an ‘Alphabet of Liverpool’ poster. The task required them to find and photograph letters around the city and then produce a poster for a tourism company. Skills involved mastering PHOTOGRAPHY, LOGO DESIGN, GRIDS and POSTER LAYOUT. The girls really engaged with the project and produced some great ideas and well designed posters. A special mention must go to Ayla-Ray Cole’s poster (above); her brilliant photography made letters from everyday objects found around the city and her stylish grid design led to a contemporary and professional final design. A great eye for imagery and design, well done, Ayla!


17 Princes Park, Liverpool L8 3TF

0151 727 1284

Winter Edition 2016


Networking at the

Careers Fair October brought with it Belvedere’s Biennial Careers Fair, and this year it was bigger and better than ever! All pupils were invited, and the hall was packed with parents and pupils keen to learn more about the world of work. Over forty companies attended, representing a huge range different careers paths. Some, like PWC and EY were able to speak about a range of careers in the global corporate sector, whilst others presented more local apprenticeship opportunities, like Jaguar Land Rover, Liverpool Women’s Hospital and Plus Dane Housing. This year we were pleased to welcome many new employers to Belvedere, including British Airways, Santander, HSBC, Yodel, Travis Perkins, Maggie Mullen Architects and Atkins Global, who covered


everything from accountancy, architecture, banking, financial services, logistics, geology and construction to becoming a pilot or cabin crew! The University of Liverpool Engineering Department turned up with their record breaking bike and several inspirational students to really encourage our girls to understand more engineering, whilst the NHS was well represented with dentists, doctors, nurses, theatre practitioners, surgeons, midwives, radiographers and engineers all attending to talk about their roles and give advice about gaining work experience. For those more interested in patients with four legs we had Knowsley Safari Park, and local Vet, Viv Ryan. Between them they were able to give an insight into veterinary medicine, zoology and conservation, areas of interest to many of our pupils.

‘It was a fantastic opportunity to get a taste of the range of jobs available.’ Y12 The more creatively minded weren’t left out, with Liverpool Philharmonic, Purple Giraffe, Dolphin Dance and a local media academy all there to help guide in that direction. Karen Kimura from GDST attended the event, and was able to speak not only about teaching careers, but also about the role of the GDST in supporting students, and the opportunities on offer. Many of our ‘old girls’ were keen to come back to Belvedere and take part, sharing their experiences and inspiring current students. Who knows – in a few years’ time we might have our current pupils back discussing their careers post-Belvedere! Thanks to all those who volunteered their time and helped make the event such a success!

Summer Edition 2016


‘I liked the practical activities, and it was a nice atmosphere, I felt that I could ask loads of questions.’ Y9

‘There were so many careers to choose from, it was really interesting.’ Y10

‘I found the Careers Fair very useful because there was a variety of jobs that could offer me excellent opportunities.’ Y10

‘The Careers Fair was great and helped me decide what I want to do; we didn’t have anything like this in my old school!’ Y12


Winter Edition 2016









Winter Edition 2016


The Super Choir Over 300 young choristers and a 50 pupil orchestra from nine other schools across Merseyside brought their musical talents together to perform a special medley of songs for the prestigious Educate Awards at Liverpool Cathedral. Led by The Academy Chamber Choir and Orchestra, the Super Choir was a force to be reckoned with. All pupils sang beautifully and the sound created by the 300 strong choir was just incredible. It was a delight to rehearse and conduct this many talented pupils at such a special venue - some said it couldn’t be done but I like to take a few risks now and again! It is something that I will remember for a long time to come.

Photos courtesy of Educate Awards


Winter Edition 2016


Remembrance Liverpool, St George’s Hall On Sunday 13th of November we represented the Belvedere Academy at St George’s Hall Remembrance Day Commemoration. We were asked, on behalf of the academy, to lay the wreath. An hour or so before, we had the privilege of sitting in the Great Hall amongst all the representatives from a variety of organisations. We noticed that we were sitting next to an elderly woman who had several medals pinned to her coat. As we were intrigued, we asked her what they were for, and she told us that they were all of her husband’s medals, and that he had sadly passed away. Once we found our wreath, we lined up with the rest of the wreath layers in our procession and proceeded to the steps outside. During the procession we stood on the steps and watched the ceremony commence. Whilst we stood and listened to beautiful readings and songs, we took part in a two minute silence that was marked by two gun shots. Even though the seagulls protested at the sound, and it gave us quite a fright, it was a great way to bring everyone to attention, to show our respect for all those we have lost. After the two minutes silence

had finished, we noticed that red petals were falling from above, so we looked up to see that they were coming from the roof. This made us quite emotional, as it was very unexpected. We later descended from the steps and began to walk towards the Cenotaph. Once we got around to the other side, we walked carrying the wreath, to the place where it was laid. We also found it very touching when we saw all the war veterans saluting their fellow comrades no longer with them, as they laid their wreaths besides ours. Once the ceremony had finished we stayed on the steps as all of the groups participating marched off to the sound of music. Finally, we were guided back into the Great Hall where we enjoyed a few sandwiches and cakes and a cup of tea. The ceremony was very beautiful and a perfect way to remember those that have been lost to war. It was a great honour for both of us to participate in such a tribute and we are thankful that we were chosen. Lest we forget. Gemma Newby and Grace Marshall, Year 9.

The Merseyside regional heat was held at Merchant Taylors’ Girls School on Tuesday 8th November. Local schools took part, entering a maximum of two teams each. Belvedere was represented by last year’s team of Aamina Ho, Evie McCloskey Kelly, Hannah Adam, and Daisy Norman, Year 8, and joined by a new Year 7 team made up of Isabella Axworthy, Niamh Jones, Grace Holland and Madeleine Dickson. The Kids’ Lit Quiz is an international literature competition that celebrates the ‘sport of reading’; allowing participants aged 10 to 13 to compete for great prizes and a place in the world final.


In preparation, the girls had checked out extra library books to read during the half term holiday and were ready to answer 100 questions from 10 different categories. There was a chance for the top scoring

teams in each category to answer bonus questions for extra prizes. These were hotly contested but the Belvedere team were often among the top scorers and even had to compete against each other in one round! Competition was fierce and the questions were extremely challenging. In the end, Belvedere didn’t place but the girls represented us beautifully. Our Year 7 girls will be back next year to play as a Year 8 team. There will be the opportunity for the new cohort of Year 7s to earn a place representing Belvedere at this exciting competition.

Winter Edition 2016


Parent Portal Firefly, the academy’s Virtual Learning Environment, is now available for all parents to access and we are pleased to report that hundreds of Belvedere parents are already using it! As parents, you will be able to see your daughter’s latest grade card, her attendance record and all of the homework tasks that have been set by her teachers.

Sixth Form Wellbeing Rewards The 6th Form Team have recently introduced the ‘Wellbeing Reward Programme’ to encourage positive mental health across our 6th Form girls. We are encouraging students to think about their own wellbeing, as we believe this is one of the key factors in allowing them to succeed. The programme aims to promote wellbeing through rewarding students with fun or relaxing experiences to alleviate the stresses and strains of Sixth Form life.

out to our 6th Form students to reward them for all their hard work and effort over the coming months. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without the kind support of local businesses. Thank you to Liverpool Pizza Slice, Peaches and Cream and Cecilia Beauty Therapy. If any local businesses would like to support our rewards initiative, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

So far we have been able to reward our students an amazing Liverpool Pizza Slice lunch for all Year 12 students, a make-up lesson and makeover for two at Peaches and Cream and a treatment at Cecilia Beauty Therapy. We have plenty more exciting rewards and experiences to give

As well as all of this, parents can access a whole range of resources that link to the pastoral development programme that we run in school for each year group. In this respect, we truly believe that Firefly has enhanced teaching and learning here at Belvedere and really value your continued support and feedback. If you have any questions about the parent portal or if you are having problems accessing Firefly, our IT support team will only be too happy to assist so contact them at Soon, there will be a parent portal ‘app’ available to download which will make Firefly even more accessible to you! In the meantime, thank you for continuing to support the academy and we look forward to updating you on Firefly’s growing impact here at Belvedere.

Looking for rooms for community hire? Look no further... Weekends, evenings, summer holidays? We have successfully opened our doors and facilities to summer schools, church groups, dance companies and fitness groups; isn’t it time you thought of hiring our facilities to host your community event or club? You’ll be surprised how little it costs, so call us on 0151 727 1284 or email

Belvidere Road Church has been running its services and holiday clubs at the academy for over three years now. We have been extremely impressed with the facilities available to us at the academy. We comfortably host our Sunday Services, our Wednesday midweek meeting, and our Friday evening children’s and youth clubs. And there’s plenty of room for the kids to play too! Why not pop along on a Friday evening (6:15) or Sunday morning (10:15) to see more? Graeme Back, BELVIDERE ROAD CHURCH.

Great facilities available: Sports Hall, Multi-use Hall with stage, Dance and Drama Studios and Lecture Theatre. 18

Winter Edition 2016


BIG BANG EXTRAVAGANZA! On July 5th, the Belvedere STEM club attended the Big Bang event in Liverpool. Along with other GDST schools, Belvedere participated in a competition (we won woop woop). We designed a 3D-printed water

du ct n Ou r In ve ntio n : P ro r tank with d created a wate We designed an we then aning filter which a straw and a cle . r the competition had 3D printed fo t H2gO, we call our produc We decided to l name use the chemica chose this beca olves inv t uc and our prod for water is H2O their on rs de water in cylin people carrying

container to help people carry water in poorer countries. As well as entering the competition, we also got the chance to participate in many demonstrations carried out by other companies and organisations,

including studying insects, controlling a remote control car through a mini nuclear power plant model, mixing chemicals and many more. This helped us see what options we would have as an engineer.

a m e - H2gO

r design using We modelled ou cylinder and a large 10 litre it on our ing mimicked carry it on our ing heads and carry n would sig de is backs to see if th parents e th of be feasible. One n and sig de r ou agreed to take . 3D print it for us

based on the Our prototype is ack that would into idea of a back-p arch by taking se re r ou n ga We be for everyone to women make it easier struggles that e th n tio ra ide their families; cons basis in carry water to e on a daily fac n re ild ch be poured into and Africa. the water would e top untries such as co d pe elo ev rd ugh a hole in th unde rbon filter thro ion and ss ca a cu dis of . s ek away After many we r safer straight tential making the wate s of our po ing aw dr ing lop deve uct even that we modify out prod up with a design If we were to product, we came it instead ed er aid filt er use silver to . For our comput more, we would were happy with ost all d alm lle l ca kil e e it would used a programm of carbon becaus design we initially r. The te ce wa e rfa th su a thogens in gan working on of the harmful pa Tinkercad and be carry to es le ap ab sh be der t initially sign using cylin product would no building our de nally igi a or d rm fo ha it to water we her shapes into the 10 litres of ing and extruding ot us ed s nd wa n pa ex sig it could be filter to fit. Our de planned for but We hole for a carbon . re tu d fu lle e ca e th ocess in using a programm a blow mould pr on developed further as ide d t ad en to fer us arching dif r which allowed spent weeks rese r ou Autodesk Invento of a me d so an d r se m of the cylinde er water and ba tto filt bo to e w th ho to p d a ta straw an To make as like the life drink water from. drawings on ide tube beside it to thinking ble as ta ll jus we ad packs, as tter we added on ordinary back our product be rape by r m de fro lin cy le otect peop strap to hold the about how to pr straps and a waist ion of dit ad e Th . a whistle. it easier to carry possibly adding in place and make



water to ttom allows the a tap at the bo can be it d an necessary be poured when time. of d rio oduct for a pe stored in the pr rson pe e th s a straw allow The addition of go e th on ter to drink carrying the wa ning sig de of t n we though H2gO. For childre rant vib d an s with pattern the back-packs ter wa ing rry ca age them to colours to encour . ion sit po ble ta in a comfor on their back r ou g nin sig de a lot of fun Overall, we had ed making especially enjoy we product and We had to n. r presentatio the video for ou ter school af d chtimes an meet up during lun ings and aw dr r design ou to design and re ary. It mm su r ou and rewrite video and write oduct pr r ou t ge g time to has taken us a lon work e th all th are happy wi finished and we has done. that everybody

Winter Edition 2016

belvedere On 28th June, Caroline from HS2, visited Year 9s and our STEM club to tell us about how HS2 works to educate students who want to become engineers. To start the day off, Caroline asked us, as a table, to participate in different challenges using pretend money. With the ‘money’, we had to ‘buy’ materials that Caroline brought in for us using a limited budget. For the first challenge we had to make a tower out of 15 pieces of paper and Sellotape (it had to be 30cm and had to stand up for at least 10 seconds). Secondly, Caroline challenged us to make a lift and conveyor belt. Most of us found this quite difficult with the time given as it was quite stressful working as a team, however we all enjoyed it. The last challenge Caroline asked us to do was to make a car using buttons for wheels, batteries for the engine and extra things like sticks etc. The car had to travel for more than 30 seconds. Overall we had a brilliant day! “It was a great experience that we will never forget,” Maria, age 13. “It was very fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it,” Hannah, age 13. “It was really good and I would definitely do it again!” Gabrielle, age 13. We would like to thank Mrs Traynor for her support that she has given us over all the projects and the organisation.

Ellie Nolan Y10 took part in a Public Speaking Competition sponsored by the Garston Rotary Club. She wrote and delivered a speech on the positive contribution that animals make to our lives. She recalled events from her own personal experience as a pet owner, and her love of horses. Judges were most impressed with her confidence and the amount of research she had put into her talk. She conducted herself on the evening and was extremely polite and sociable. Ellie was rewarded with a runner up prize of £25, she was an excellent ambassador for Belvedere.

On March 10th 2016, our STEM club met at 6am in Liverpool South Park Way station and set off to Northampton. We travelled to Northampton to compete against other GDST schools in a 3D project design challenge. The 3D project ‘H2g0’ was based around helping people in less unfortunate places to transport clean and safe drinking water. We had set off to Northampton, travelling with our 3D product with stops along the way. The first stop we encountered was Rugby, where we had taken many pictures standing behind a rugby player photo stand. We hopped onto another train into Birmingham New Street and then finally onto to Northampton.

Coats 4 cash! A BIG THANK-YOU to all those girls who paid 20p when borrowing a lab coat. Just over £100.00 has been donated to various charities including £25.00 bought food for the Food Bank and the following:

When we arrived at Northampton High School, our STEM club were given a place to set up and showcase our project. We were given the chance to go around the hall and see what other GDST schools had invented also. When it was our turn, the judges, consisting of people from the charity Wateraid and specialists in 3D printing, gathered around us and listened to our presentation. After the presentation, it was finally time for the results. Once everyone had been given a prize and it was time for us to go back to Belvedere. On the way back, we had decided to create our very own risk assessment for our trip that was very ‘specific’ to our particular journey. This was then later handed into Mr McGarry, the Associate-Principal of the Belvedere academy who was very impressed. The Northampton trip was a very interesting experience, where we had the opportunity to learn many new things. For example, we were able to see a product being 3D printed. We had also learnt how 3D printing can impact someone’s life. The Stem club really enjoyed this trip and are grateful for all the memories made that day. Once again thank-you.


Winter Edition 2016


Lockerbie Manor: the perfect way to kick off everyone’s time at Belvedere. When we found out the fun activities we were going to be doing, everyone knew we would have a fantastic time together at Lockerbie Manor. I don’t think any of us realised how much fun we would have, how many new friends we would make and how muddy we would all get! Our first challenge was to survive the threehour journey without our mobile phones. On arrival, we went straight into our groups and off to the various activities. The first day was a long one, but I think that was the teachers’ plan, to tire us so we would be asleep by 10. But the teachers forgot that girls love to talk and talk and talk… On Thursday, we packed in five activities. For me, the blind trail was the best because we learnt how to work together as a team and in our case, have a mud fight during the activities. The night ended with a brilliant quiz hosted by our lovely instructors. Everyone would agree that this was one of the main activities that brought us together as a year group. The last day came upon us too fast, but even though we had an amazing time, I’m


sure we were all ready to go home and relax over a well-deserved, 2-week holiday. It was the perfect way to end our first half term at Belvedere. The trip has made us all feel like true Belvedere Girls. Lucy Whitfield I really enjoyed Lockerbie. We were all set challenges every day of our trip. Our first being the 3 hour bus trip! All of the activities were incredible and made us use initiative; my favourite was abseiling. I loved my room because I was with amazing girls and it had a massive bathroom! I found the staff to be extremely helpful and kind. I think the whole trip was a great bonding experience for all of the Year 7 that went and is a trip we’ll definitely remember. Eva Kilbride

Winter Edition 2016


On 18th November 2016, all of the Year 8 students at Belvedere Academy participated in the Year 8 China Day. The girls learnt about Chinese traditions, arts and crafts through a variety of activities including: • Calligraphy 书 法 (shū fǎ) • Paper Cutting 剪 纸 (jiǎn zhǐ) • Kung Fu

功 夫 (gōng fū)

• Chinese Painting 国 画 (guó huà) The day broadened the girls’ understanding of the Chinese culture and language. Some of the highlights included writing Chinese characters on magic paper using a calligraphy brush, painting a panda, creating and performing a Chinese Kung Fu routine and the cutting out of a “double happiness” sign. Students interacted in Chinese with the visiting staff from Edge Hill University and some even became teachers themselves as they taught Chinese greetings to some of their peers, who had not studied Chinese before. Thank all of the students involved, Edge Hill University staff and Belvedere Academy staff for all of their contributions as it has truly made it a wonderful day.



Winter Edition 2016



NOW FESTIVAL Year 10 Drama students are currently involved in the prestigious NOW Arts Festival where they are creating a piece of innovative theatre to inspire and educate their audience on mental health. These performances are aimed to give local children and young people, aged 9-18, the opportunity to showcase their original creative performances devised around the theme of Rights of the Child. On Saturday 3rd December 2016, Year 10 had the privilege of working with guest artists; Darren Suarez; Maurice Bessman; and Carl Cockram along with the CAMHS organisation and other groups of young people, exploring and discussing the subject of ‘Mental Health & Children’s Rights’. The programme, which is funded by the Liverpool CCG, will culminate in a celebration of creativity on 8th - 10th of February 2017 when the children will then perform their productions in The Epstein Theatre, Liverpool. Tickets are now available for the festival and can be purchased directly from the Epstein Theatre using their booking form, or via the ticket line. The Drama Department look forward to seeing these amazing performances performed by our Year 10 GCSE Drama groups.

YEAR 13 PROFESSIONAL PHYSICAL THEATRE WORKSHOP Year 12 and 13 had the pleasure of working alongside and be directed by a trained actor from the Tmesis Theatre Company. The Physical Theatre Company, who is currently touring nationally with their performance of ‘Happy Hour’, consists of trained actors who have performed with other theatre groups such as Frantic Assembly. The girls enjoyed a three hour workshop where they explored physicality and gesture through Physical Theatre. This intense workshop enabled the 6th Form Drama Students to experiment with their spatial awareness, movements, creating relationships and symbolic representations on the stage.

YEAR 13 DEVISED PERFORMANCE OF THE 96 This year’s Y13 Devised piece evoked a range of emotions of their audience made up of Belvedere Girls, parents, teacher, the local community and survivors of the tragedy that was the Hillsborough disaster. The Year 13 girls have worked all term researching, documenting, writing, and designing their visceral and poignant performance that was closely inspired by those affected by Hillsborough. The storytelling performance utilised many mediums of drama creating a fantastic total theatre performance. The audience feedback was stunning and particular comments from the victims and survivors of the disaster certainly struck chords with the cast who had worked so hard to create this provocative but sensitive verbatim performance.


Winter Edition 2016


Belvedere’s Drama Festival 2016 was a triumph. Besides being an indulgent feast of talent in as many forms as can be mustered over one day, it is also a competition that is growing in prestige year on year. Ten forms from Year 8 and 9 took to the stage, directed by over eighty committed Year 12s, whose effort, enthusiasm and burgeoning skills created the best set of performances Belvedere has ever seen. For 8 weeks the 6th Form, working with Drama staff worked tirelessly in and out of school, writing, choreographing, directing, costume making and prop sourcing all to make the performances as professional as possible. The result was impressive, verging on spectacular. Opening the day was the annual film made by Mr Lamb, documenting each group performance in a mannequin challenge, even including a guest mannequin moment, showcasing life in the staff room…..

And then it was straight into the performances. From the impressive Jungle inspired costumes and makeup from 9L to the flying carpet of 8G; from the Grinch’s wonderful choreography to 8F’s Poppins’ and 9O’s Little Shop’s ensemble work; from 9D’s Home Alone’s beautiful singers to terrifying Truchball of 8B, the festival had it all. But there could only be three winners - 1st Place: 9C’s Zero to Hero, 2nd Place: 8W’s Bugsy, 3rd Place: 9H’s Billy.

It was a Drama Festival that demonstrated, yet again, the all-round creativity and panache of life as a Belvedere Girl.

With skill, stage craft and sheer talent these three forms nailed the performances. As our special celebrity judge we had Bafta winning, Coronation Street writer Jan McVerry. It was such a privilege to hear her passion and support for the Festival and what it stands for. She was so impressed with the confidence and ability of the girls who, as well as acting superbly, performed solos and dance routines with aplomb.

TRIPS This term, as always, has been a busy one for trips for the Drama Department. From a binaural promenade performance around Liverpool city centre to the work of Tmesis Theatre’s Happy Hour, not forgetting the fantastic work of the world renowned Gecko Theatre with the inspired performance of Institute the Drama Department and their students certainly keep their finger on the pulse of Liverpool’s Theatre offer.


Winter Edition 2016


Success at the GDST Rally Wednesday 14th September 2016, saw a great day out for the Belvedere PE Department, bringing home three special trophies from an excellent day of sport. Hosted by Shrewsbury High School, Belvedere got off to a flying start winning the A team Tennis competition along with an excellent performance by the senior rounders team. Unfortunately they were pipped to the post by a mere difference in overall rounders scored, but were able to show their passion and ability throughout, against tough competition.

Winners Table Tennis (A) – Claudia Wong & Yasmin Al Zuhairi

Winners Table Tennis (B) - Anisha Singh & Alexandra McDermott

Senior Rounders 2nd Place

Winners Tennis (A) - Tia Morris & Mel Griffiths

The afternoon saw yet more trophies, with outstanding performances from both pairs in table tennis, allowing Belvedere to gain first place in both A and B competitions. The girls came up against tough competition in both volleyball and junior rounders, but their commitment and effort never failed to show. All in all, an incredibly successful trip and a very happy Team Belvedere.


Winter Edition 2016


Latest news from the PE Department Belvedere Netball has got off to a good start this season. Year 7 and 9 have both had a win and loss so far this year. However, improvements are being made match by match. Year 11 are continuing their amazing winning streak with two wins in the bag, so far this season. All in all Belvedere netball are up and running and ready for the competition. 8M and the PE department organised ‘Bedtime Bench ball’ in aid of Children in Need. The competition ran from Years 7 to 9, with girls dressed head to toe in onesies and pyjamas. Throughout the event we had a jam packed sports hall with all girls being incredibly generous. A total of £118.70 was collected on the day, making a huge contribution to a truly amazing cause. Well done and a big thank you to all that took part!

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Thanks for hosting the Academy Gifted and Talented day at Belvedere. There were 200 students in attendance... all of the schools who attended were deeply impressed with Belvedere and the conference facilities you provided. You may not be aware of the delicious lunch that your caterers provided for the staff, or of the swift response to provide lunches without warning for students who had forgotten to bring food with them. All very kind. The atmosphere was very special. Every good wish - and thanks again. Julie Arliss, ACADEMY CONFERENCES.

Great facilities available: Sports Hall, Multi-use Hall with stage, Dance and Drama Studios and Lecture Theatre. 26

Winter Edition 2016


London Gallery exhibition for our students Belvedere students recently had the exciting opportunity to exhibit their work in a London gallery as part of a GDST wide event. Over 100 girls applied, with some fantastic artworks produced and a selection of 40 of the best and most creative ‘postcard’ responses from Art and Graphics were exhibited at Gallery Different in London’s West End over the weekend of 8-9th October 2016. Visitors to the event were hugely impressed with the artistic and graphic talent that the Belvedere Academy had to show. Well done to all involved!


Erin McStraw (Year 7), Hope Scannel (Year 7), Zoe Jones (Year 8), Lucy Whitfield (Year 7), Alessia Lotto (Year 8), Sara Shah (Year 7), Eve Williams (Year 8), Eva Cox (Year 8), Molly Warburton (Year 7).

Lily Hayes (Year 9), Rida Asif (Year 11), Mina Graham (Year 11), Ruby Turner (Year 9), Amelia Byrne (Year 9), Mia Bickerton (Year 11), Alex Wilson (Year 9), Phoebe Brack (Year 9), Emma Tracy (Year 10), Amaia Hemmings (Year 9).

Amy McDonald (Year 12), Niamh Mahoney (Year 13), Isobel Wall (Year 12), Faye Walmsley (Year 12), Megan Bankier (Year 12), Emily Wright (Year 13), Angelina Steward (Year 12), Keziah Thomas Mellor (Year 13), Leia Owens (Year 13), Charley Heague (Year 12).

Laura Briscoe (Year 12), Nadia El Jamai (Year 12), Siobhan Greenless (Year 11), Heather Lawton (Year 12), Lauryn Thomson (Year 11), Sana Gubari (Year 11), Esraa Abou-Elkawam (Year 11), Hannah McCombs (Year 11), Laura Briscoe (Year 12), Abbey Pybis (Year 12).

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Yr 9 Parents’ Evening 4:00-6:30pm

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Year 12 Parents’ Evening 4:00-6:30pm

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Winter Edition 2016

belvedere Showcased here are a few examples of Year 11’s practical mock GCSE exam created from scratch and including illustration, Photoshop manipulation and 3D modelling. The brief: to create a logo and design for a retail outlet or cafe with the theme Natural or Urban.


2016 Belvedere Winter Ezine  

Our latest new look E-Zine is packed full of exciting stories and events from last term. Read all the latest about life at Belvedere Academy...

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