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PENNSAUKEN, NJ - At approximately 9:19 P.M. on October 26th, the Pennsauken Fire Department and automatic mutual aid were dispatched to 6601 Route 130 S. at the US Auto Auction building for the report of a building fire. Units responding were advised that there were reports of fire through the roof.


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December, 2021

1st Responder Newspaper - NJ

Flexibility Chaplain's Corner Didymus McHugh

Most o f our lives we are taught to make plans for our fu­ ture. Sales people try to predict the sales o f a company, children and adults set their career goals. People plan on when they are going to have children or when they will have a house. We try to plan things and then tell God when we will do what and achieve what in our lives. We then start to learn what is truly in store for us. Life happens. We may not have enough money to obtain our goals or to help us. There may be health issues or other events that change the route that we have to take. You may be trying to go someplace that is important and there may be traffic or an acci­ dent. Why get mad? How is that going to change the situation? How flexible are you with what goes on in life? There are organizations that follow the way of Gum by. They teach that we need to be flexible. Their motto may be "hail Gum by" or "Sempre Gum by", while other organizations have the motto "Adapt and Overcome". Yes, as we are delivering service to clients, we also have to learn to be adaptable. We may not have the physical resources or the manpower, so we have to modify our delivery method or be diligent with each and every resource. People thought they had their life together and planned out and then they find out that they are going to have a child, or there is an unexpected jo b change, so they need to adjust. People plan on financial re­ ward o f getting a promotion or pay raise, but it does not happen so they have to adjust their spend­ ing. They may not be able to af­ ford the replacement vehicle that they desperately need. We also need to remember that being flexible is not all bad. If we stay completely rigid, we can get stressed out. Sometimes things just don't go our way. The Bible states that God works all things for His good. We need to remember that, believe that and hope that we can actually notice the good in things not going our way. Do you realize that the detour that you had to take or the traffic that you were in or the delay you had just saved your life? You missed being in an accident. Do you realize that the friend that

called you and wanted to have a cup o f coffee with you, that you changed your schedule for, they were thinking about taking their life? Think about somethings from long ago. Do you think that Mary planned on getting pregnant and being the mother o f Jesus? She was flexible. How do you think Joseph felt? He was flexible. He did not get rid of Mary and he raised her child, who name was Immanuel, God is with us. On their trip, an angel spoke to them to change their travel arrange­ ments. How many people that were called to work with Christ were to be flexible at that very m o­ ment? If we look at those that are called to serve, many change their lives immediately. The disciples changed their lives immediately and look what they ended up doing. They traveled and their lives were never the same again. Just look at the life o f emer­ gency responders. Their entire life is based on being flexible, even though their families cannot al­ ways figure it out. There are other occupations that require flexibility. Smart people plan for flexibility and they may leave to travel and leave extra time, just so that they can be flexible. There are people out there that want you to be flexible all the time, but they refuse to be flexible for a second. It is alright to be flex­ ible, but look at those people's hearts. If someone is telling you that you always have to be flexible but they refuse to be, maybe you may not want to be around them because maybe they are control­ ling. But be flexible, you never know where life will take you. You never know who you meet. You never know what good you will be performing. You never know who you may be saving. The Bible states in Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you,”declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." I have found that when my day does not go as I expect, I trust in the Lord because He already knows the why and the outcome of the modifications to our day. Remember to be as flexible as a tree in the storm. The tree with deep roots will stand and the tree with shallow roots will topple over. We, who have deep roots will be flexible but never give up on who we really are and the belief system and morals that are deep within us.


Heavy Fire Destroys Home in Franklin Lakes FRANKLIN LAKES, NJ Franklin Lakes firefighters re­ ported “fire out every window”as they arrived at 711 Cheyenne Dr. on October 11th. FLFD units were dispatched shortly after 12:30 A.M. after re­ ceiving several reports o f a work­ ing fire. A second-alarm was transmitted, bringing additional units to the scene and more for back filling of firehouses. A ladder

TD FILE #101321102

as I &

pipe, tower ladder, and multiple lines were put into operation, but the home was already starting to collapse. Within a half hour all that was left was part of the front wall, a chimney, and a pile of smoldering remnants. Two resi­ dents and their dogs were able to

escape before the arrival o f fire units. With no nearby exposures, there was no spread o f the fire and the blaze was placed under control at about 2:20 A.M. There were no reported injuries. Mutual aid from Wyckoff, Waldwick, Mahwah, North Haledon, and Oakland as­ sisted at the scene. - BILL TOMPKINS

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Stay safe, Didymus McHugh didymus-mchugh.com JOHN M. MALECKY

FF Recruit Christen Wilson is with the Franklinville Fire Company in Franklin Township, Gloucester County.

1st Responder Newspaper - NJ

December, 2021


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December, 2021

1st Responder Newspaper - NJ


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Pets Rescued from DAMIEN DANIS

Lodi House Fire LODI, NJ - At 5:50 P.M. on October 18th, the Lodi FD and po­ lice dept, communications center started to receive numerous phone calls reporting a house fire at 113 Wes ter vel t Place. While en route. Chief of Dept. Owen was notified that there were several calls reporting the fire, and Assistant Garzon reported smoke in the area upon his arrival. Capt. Justin Swank o f Engine 612 con­ firmed a working fire from the fire­ house (as hose l's firehouse is located just down the street), with fire and heavy smoke visible. Heavy fire on the first floor greeted first due units. A working fire dispatch was transmitted, bringing in mutual aid companies from Hasbrouck Heights, Garfield

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and a FAST team from Wallington to the scene. Fire was venting from several windows on the first floor of a two-story dwelling. Hand lines were put into operation and the heavy fire was quickly knocked down after about 20 minutes. Several pets were rescued and safely returned to their owners. Mutual aid companies from Rochelle Park, Saddle Brook and Wood-Ridge provided coverage. The fire remains under investiga­ tion by the Fodi Fire Prevention Bureau. - DAMIEN DANIS



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Maywood firefighters didn't have to go far on October 31st when a house fire broke out directly across from their firehouse on Park Ave.


Accessing utilities the hard way. Call in a "hook".

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The official fire ground "taster" does his thing to make sure Bergen County firefighters receive the best refreshments.

1st Responder Newspaper - NJ

December, 2021




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December, 2021

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1st Responder Newspaper honors and remembers emergency responders lost in the line of duty

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Joe B elsito

Montana: Tim Hart, 36

Ohio: Douglas Dugan, 62

Rank: Smokejum per/Firefighter

Rank: C h ief

(Rich@ 1stResponder.com)

Incident Date: M ay 24, 2021

Incident Date: June 16, 2021


Death Date: June 2, 2021

Death Date: June 16, 2021

Fire Department: West Yellowstone Interagency Fire

Fire Department: Tiltonsville Volunteer Fire





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Initial Summary: On Monday, May 24, 2021, Smoke­

Initial Summary: On Wednesday, June 16, 2021,

jumper/Firefighter Tim Halt was working the Eiks Fire

after returning from a mutual aid boat fire. Chief

in New M exico when he was injured. He was taken to

D ouglas Dugan becam e short o f breath and collapsed.

the hospital where he remained until his passing on

Fire department personnel were able to get C h ief

Wednesday, June 2, 2021.

Dugan into the ambulance. During transport to the hospital, he suffered a cardiac arrest. Shortly after ar­

North Carolina: Ralph DeBlasi, 62

riving, he passed away. The cause o f death has been

Rank: Firefighter

determined as a pulmonary embolism.

Incident Date: June 10, 2021 Death Date: June 10, 2021

M issouri: Rodney L. Heard, 56

Fire Department: N um ber 7 Township Fire

Rank: Firefighter

Rescue o f Craven County

Incident Date: May 5, 2021

Initial Summary: On Thursday, June 10, 2021, while

Death Date: June 15, 2021

on his way to the fire station to respond to a vehicle ac­

Fire Department: St. Louis City Fire Departm ent

cident that had occurred on Highway 70, Firefighter

Initial Summary: Firefighter Rodney L. Heard worked

Ralph DeBlasi was involved in a single vehicle accident

in the Support Services Division and was in contact with

at the 2200 block o f Brice’ s Creek Road. Fire depart­

many different fire stations and firefighters. He subse­

ment personnel responding to the first vehicle accident

quently contracted COVID-19 while on-duty and passed

arrived on the scene and immediately provided EMS

away from the virus on Tuesday, June 15, 202L

care to Firefighter DeBlasi, but he was unable to be re­ vived.


New Jersey: Dennis B. Shennard, 70 Rank: Firefighter

845-534-7500 ext. 211 • (fax) 845-534-0055

California: Christopher Yock, 57

Incident Date: June 26, 2021

Rank: Firefighter

Death Date: June 26, 2021

Incident Date: June 8, 2021

Fire Department: Kingston Volunteer Fire Co. #1

Death Date: June 8, 2021

Initial Summary: Firefighter Dennis Shennary went

Fire Department: San Francisco Fire Departm ent

into cardiac arrest during live burn training at the Mid­


Initial Summary: On Tuesday, June 8, 2021, Firefighter

dlesex County Fire Academy. Shennard received imme­


Christopher Yock responded to a large fire on the fourth

diate treatment at the scene by fellow firefighters and the

floor o f the parking garage at the San Francisco Interna­

Kendall Park First Aid Squad. Shennard was then trans­

tional Airport. After extinguishment o f the fire, he ar­

ported to Raritan Bay Medical Center where he was pro­

rived home. Shortly thereafter, he suffered an apparent

nounced deceased shortly after his arrival.

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cardiac arrest and passed away.

1st Responder Newspaper - NJ

December, 2021


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December, 2021

1st Responder Newspaper - NJ

NJ D e p u ty & B a tta lio n C h ie f’s A s s o c ia tio n S e m in a r H uge S u cce ss UPS & DOWNS Notes from Ron Jeffers

Fire officers and firefighters, both career and volunteer, assem­ bled at New Jersey City University on October 2nd for the annual New Jersey Deputy & Battalion Chief's Association fire safety seminar. The speakers were described as the, “Influence in the American Fire Service,” by retired FDNY Deputy Chief, nationally and highly respected author and in­ structor, Vincent Dunn, who pro­ vided a background of the speakers to the audience. He added, they are, “Some of the most knowledgeable and respected authors and instruc­ tors.” As a young firefighter, Chief Dunn survived a fire and collapse that took the lives of 12 membersfrom deputy chief to probationary fireman-in 1966. To city firefight­ ers, it is known as “the TwentyThird Street fire.”The chief has dedicated his life to fire safety and has authored many books, and spoke at many seminars, to accom­ plish his goal of fire science educa­ tion and safety for all. The assembly was welcomed by NJDBC President Charles Lind, Jr., a retired Jersey City battalion chief. Lind and his organization put a lot of hours into providing the best seminar possible for fellow mem­ bers of the fire service, always re­ cruiting highly respected and knowledgeable speakers. Lind introduced, and thanked, University President Sue Hender­ son, Fire Science Chairperson Walter Nugent; Fire Science Ad­ ministrative Assistant Anna Scanniello; Victor Del Valle, Assistant Director-Center for Leadership & Engagement; Thomas Derienzo, Security Fire Safety Manager; and Ron Hurley, Security Associate Vice President, for their assistance in putting the program together at the Jersey City university. Chief Dunn “ warmed up” the crowd by providing a background of the speakers and their accom­ plishments. He displayed genuine respect and admiration for them all. He added that Anthony Avillo's book on fire ground strategies was a“ favorite”on his book shelf. In addition to Chief Avillo, the speakers were Dr. Denis Onieal, a retired Jersey City fire chief and re­ tired Deputy United States Fire Ad­ ministration (FEMA), author and instructor; John Jay College Pro­ fessor MEng.PE Glenn Corbett, au­ thor, instructor, former volunteer fire chief in Waldwick, technical editor for “Fire Engineering”; and FDNY Rescue Co. 1 captain, and instructor, John Ceriello. Anthony Avillo is a retired North Hudson

Regional Fire & Rescue deputy chief, director of the Monmouth County Fire Academy, author and instructor. Be advised that these in­ structors have many more creden­ tials. Chief Dunn also described the “ new-old professor”Corbett as the “Voice of the American Fire Serv­ ice.”When there is a major fire or disaster, TV and radio stations call upon the professor to describe what is happening and how first respon­ ders will handle the situation. Dunn said, in New York City, Glenn is called “Mr. 9-1-1.” In addition, after the 9/11 attacks, Corbett helped form the Fire Safety High Rise Commission. Corbett is co-au­ thor of Brannigan's “ Building Con­ struction for the Fire Service-6th Edition," editor of Fire Engineer­ ing's “Handbook for Firefighter I and II,”and he authored “ The Great Paterson Fire of 1902-The Story of New Jersey's Biggest Blaze.” At the beginning of the program a particular fire incident in Jersey City was brought up, with partici­ pants giving each other credit for life saving. Deputy Chief Onieal, while operating as the I.C. at a fire involving a three-story wood-frame abandoned building, observed little progress with a stubborn fire where there was a report of a squatter in­ side. Onieal remembered a book that he read authored by Chief Dunn (“Collapse of Burning Build­ ings”), and what to look for in ref­ erence to signs for an early collapse in such a structure. Onieal ordered the members out. As we have all heard in the past, an inside crew wanted to make one more push, be­ lieving they could knock the fire down. However, Captain Jack Far­ rington, and his crew, backed out of the building. The captain was the last one out, making sure his crew was safe. As they arrived on the street, the building experienced a pancake collapse. Present at the seminar were Far­ rington, a retired battalion chief, and retired Firefighter Farry Cureton, who was part of the fire fight and evacuated the structure. Far­ rington leads the Jersey City F.D.'s Honor Guard and he was in his dress uniform, that he continues to wear proudly. FF Cureton was recording the seminar and taking photos. Onieal thanked Dunn for saving their lives; however, Dunn told Onieal that he was the IC and saved firefighter's lives. Dr. Oneal was part of the first graduating class of the Fire Science program, when the University was known as Jersey City State College. Forty-five years later, he returned to present his program: “Fessons Fearned and the Impossibles.” Chief Onieal's lecture involved, “ IC Decisions at a FODD-The TestThe Fessons.”“When there's a cri­ sis...the IC is still responsible for the incident.”This talk was per­ sonal, and it involved a fire where two members were down at a resi­ dential fire, with exposure prob­


Members of the NJD&BC Association, and guest speakers, lined up after a successful and well reviewed safety seminar at New Jersey City University, October 2nd. lems, that was still burning. “Experience is the hardest kind of teacher. It gives you the test first and the lesson afterward.”Oscar Wilde. Chief Avillo is an adjunct profes­ sor at NJCU. He attended three col­ leges. He finished at NJCU in 2007 with a B.S. degree. He received his Master's Degree in 2015. For the seminar, he covered full contact leadership. The firehouse to the fire ground. “Feadership is never about you. It is about them.”Many per­ sonal experiences on the job were also part of Chief's Avillo's talk. Professor, and author, Glenn Cor­ bett discussed “ 35 Years as an Edi­ tor of Fire Engineering, a look back.”He explained how the publi­ cation does not jump into articles and may conduct a thorough inves­ tigation for as along as a year before reporting on incidents that have oc­ curred across the country from FODD, natural disasters, major fires, training, and much more. In addition, why the publication does some of the things it does. For ex­ ample, there can be a criticism re­ ceived about a cover photo in reference to operations, gear, etc. The August, 1995, cover is known as “ The White Cover.”That's all it was, a white cover. In the street, nothing is perfect, no incident is identical or by the book, and that's part of life. Captain John Ceriello discussed fire ventilation science and updated methods. During his talk, and off the cuff, he and Chief Dunn dis­ cussed operational procedures adding to the interest and knowl­ edge of the lecture. “ The door should be kept shut while the water is being brought and the air excluded as much as possible, as the fire burns exactly in

proportion to the quantity of air it receives.”James Braidwood, “ Fa­ ther of the British Fire Service.” During the breaks, fire service re­ lated vendors filled another room that support the organization, dis­ playing their wears. In another break room, refreshments were of­ fered by the Newark Bell & Siren Club and Jersey City Gong Club. Two volunteer organizations that have been in business for decades providing firefighter rehab services at fires and other emergencies in Essex and Hudson counties, respec­ tively. When the program was complete, raffle ticket winners were an­ nounced and firematic gifts were provided by many of the supporting vendors. In addition, books by speakers were donated. The book winners lined up to meet and get their books autographed by the au­ thors. It was obvious that the book winners were honored to meet the authors. Present at the lecture was Faura Single, President of Fire Service Women of New Jersey. “ I met Chief Dunn 30-years ago at the BCFA. Still in awe of the man. Incredible knowledge he shares,”she said on Facebook. DOWN S: The Raritan Township Fire Company's building was dam­ aged by flooding waters as the re­ sult of the remnants of Hurricane Ida, rendering it uninhabitable for several months. The company is raising funds to restore its equip­ ment. “We are hoping to (have a) modified return this year, hopefully November, but there is still some work to determine that,”said Chief Keith Paradiso. UPS: Anthony Schmidtberg has been promoted to battalion chief in Union.

DOWNS: Two Summit firefight­ ers were injured in September as they were exiting their apparatus that was positioned on the side of the road, according to “ Tap into Summit.”The rig was struck broad­ side by a civilian vehicle. UPS: The Cape May City Coun­ cil approved a $5.13 million con­ tract for the construction of a new firehouse on Franklin St. Mayor Zack Mullock hopes to begin dem­ olition of the current firehouse in October, with a schedule to have a new building completed by next winter. DOWNS: Heavy fire involved a Bay Way dwelling in Brick Town­ ship on Sept. 28th. Strong winds spread the fire, officials said. The home at 31 Bay Way was destroyed and the wind driven fire caused ex­ tensive damage 29 Bay Way. UPS: Recently promoted to fire captain in Union are Brian Rocklein, Richard Becker, Gerald Di Pisa and provisional Captain Ken Dehart. DOWNS: Fire units from Pas­ saic, Bergen and Sussex counties operated at a fire involving the B&B Organic Waste Recycling business on Marshall Rd., West Milford, Sept. 26th. The business sells wholesale mulch and topsoil from recycled organic material. LIPS: Recent promotions within the Summit Fire Department are: Paul Imbimbo to deputy chief, Ken­ neth Jenks to battalion chief and Michael Mammone to lieutenant. William Zagorski is the new proba­ tionary firefighter. - CONTINUED ON PAGE 10

1st Responder Newspaper - NJ

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December, 2021

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U ps & D ow ns Continuedfrom Page 8 DOWNS: Person or persons un­ known torched a portable toilet at Griffin Street Park on the morning of September 26th. Monmouth Beach police said vandals threw an office chair into the toilet and lit it up. The fire caused damage to a nearby dugout. UPS: Two pet cats were rescued by firefighters during a fire involv­ ing a Winding Trail home in Mahwah, Sept. 30th. Reportedly, flames ignited by a timer for the front door lights went up the front wall and into the house. First arriving police offi­ cers got two residents out of the building. DOWNS: The driver of a gasoline tanker was killed in a fiery crash on I. 287 in Mahwah, Oct. 2nd. The track overturned in the southbound lanes, a spokesperson for the state police said. UPS: Rachel Yates has been ap­ pointed as a probationary firefighter in Barrington. DOWNS: Police say a man sealed the windows and doors of his par­ ent's Dickerson Rd. home in Dept­ ford, Oct. 2nd; and, he then filled the sinks and tubs with bleach and am­ monia in an attempt to harm himself and his family. Investigators say the man's father found him and called for help. Arriving police and medics became short of breath and had to exit the house. The victim was in critical condition at a local hospital. His parents, sister, her boyfriend and the first responders all had to be treated at the hospital, officials said. UPS: The traditional Wallington Fire Department Holiday Parade is back on for November 7th, starting at 6 p.m. DOWNS: A Spirit Airline flight taking off at Atlantic City Interna­ tional Airport had to be evacuated due to a fire caused by a bird strike on Oct. 2nd. Spirit A320 was depart­ ing when the incident occurred. The airline said a bird flew into the plane's engine which caught fire. A total of 102 passengers and seven crew members were on board at the time. UPS: After four months of exten­ sive cleaning, the Somerville Ex­ empt Firemen's Museum reopened to the public in October. The build­ ing suffered heavy smoke damage from a fire in a next door building, June 5th. Volunteers worked hun­ dreds of hours to clean the North Doughty Avenue structure of grime and soot. The restored firehouse was built in 1888. DOWNS: On October 7th, Bay­ onne fire companies assisted the IMTT Fire Department at the scene of a storage tank fire at the industrial facility. In a statement from city Fire Chief Keith Weaver, city units ar­ rived and found a storage tank on fire that was damaged due to an ex­ plosion of an alcohol product. The B.F.D. struck 2-alarms and worked with the IMTT firefighters to con­ tain the fire to one storage tank and

extinguished the fire by applying foam to the flames within the tank. The tank was partially filled. Fire­ fighters also applied water to adja­ cent tanks to prevent fire extension. Investigators determined the cause of the fire was accidental in nature. UPS: Recently, the Bloomfield Fire Department had 35 members trained and certified as incident safety officers. The 16-hour course was developed by the National Fire Academy. DOWNS: An apartment building fire at the Colonial Gardens Apart­ ments in the Avenel section of Woodbridge, Oct. 3rd, displaced 32 people, destroying six units and six others suffered heavy water damage. UPS: Off of probation, Perth Amboy officials swore in new fire­ fighters, in October. They are: Fire­ fighters Novo, Ruiz, Aponte, Aviles, Snyder and Wicks. DOWNS: A 3-alarm fire raced through a wellness center on Main St., Hackensack, Oct. 9th. A portion of the ceiling collapsed as fire spread through the second-floor and attic, officials said. UPS: Philip Bussey has been pro­ moted to deputy fire chief in West Orange. Omar Guzman was pro­ moted to fire captain. DOWNS: Fire struck the Dunnellen Defender Fire Co. 1 fire­ house, on South Madison Ave., Oct. 12th. There were no injuries, but there was serious damage to the de­ partment's platform apparatus, plus other damage to rigs and the struc­ ture. The fire company thanked area fire departments that responded to the fire, and added that they would be “ensuring mutual aid coverage from the neighboring departments until there apparatus could be re­ stored to full sendee.” UPS: In October, Paterson Fire­ fighter Frank Lozada received the Hispanic Heritage Award for saving the life of a young boy. DOWNS: A 3-alarm fire burned through the floors of a South Broad St. commercial building in Trenton, Oct. 14th, leading to the collapse of part of the structure, officials said. UPS: Trenton firefighters rescued two people trapped inside of a burn­ ing row house on Carroll St., Oct. 17th. Neither was injured, officials said. DOWNS: A 2-alarm fire damaged the Zoodo African and American Restaurant on William St., Newark, on Oct. 17th, officials said. UPS: Firefighters rescued several pets during a roaring fire that in­ volved a Westervelt PL home in Lodi, Oct. 18th. There were no in­ juries reported. DOWNS: Firefighters in Lakewood found a 40-year-old man suf­ fering first-degree bums to his face due to a flash oven fire at a Wood Lake Manor Dr. dwelling, Oct. 17th. The victim was airlifted to St. Barn­ abas Medical Center in Livingston as a precaution, officials said.

UPS: After learning that Garfield Deputy 3's car was totaled as a result of recent floods, the Silverton VFC turned over a spare chiefs vehicle to Garfield until a replacement is se­ cured, according to Company 3's Facebook page. The two fire compa­ nies have had a relationship dating back before Sandy with Garfield members that responded down to as­ sist Silverton with their emergency calls. DOWNS: Two people were in­ jured when they jumped from a win­ dow of a burning Chadwick Ave. dwelling in Newark, Oct. 21st. The jumpers were taken to University Hospital, according to Public Safely Director Brian O'Hara. Ten residents were displaced. UPS: On October 25th, the Guttenberg Mayor and Council recog­ nized Richard Reilly with a Proclamation for his 50-years serv­ ing the town as a volunteer fire­ fighter, with Eclipse Hose Co. 4, and his 35-years as a devoted employee of the local school district. Reilly served in all line positions with the company. DOWNS: Jackson Township Vol­ unteer Fire Company and Honorary Fire Chief Nicholas A. Priori died after returning from a MVA incident, October 23rd. He experienced a “ medical emergency,”Jackson Fire District 3 said on Facebook. He was a 26-year member and most recently served as the department's safely of­ ficer and treasurer. UPS: The Bayville Fire Company has been celebrating 75-years of sendee all year long with special events. DOWNS: A 4-alaim fire de­ stroyed an auto sales and repair busi­ ness on South Crescent Blvd. in Pennsauken, Oct. 26th. Flames con­ sumed the building and small explo­ sions also occurred, according to reports. UPS: Members of the Eastern At­ lantic States Regional Council of Carpenters Local 253 have volun­ teered their sendees to help renovate Paramus Fire Company l's fire­ house. In October, they installed new drywall in the second-floor meeting room and staircase. Volun­ teer members of the International Union of Painters & Tapers District Council 711 Local 1976 later joined in taping and finishing the drywall. Local 253 has a long history of vol­ unteering to help area front line workers. Providing the equipment was Sloan & Co., with materials from L & W Supply, according to the Paramus Daily Voice. DOWNS: A pet dog died as the result of a 3-alarm fire at a Wilcox Court home in Old Bridge, Oct. 21st. No one was home at the time of the fire, officials said. UPS: The Ramsey Fire Depart­ ment congratulates their own Lt. Danielle “Dani”Dougherty on his appointment to the Myrtle Beach, S.C., Fire Department as a career

probationary firefighter. DOWNS: Four people were dis­ placed after a fire ripped through a dwelling on St. Andrews Ct. in Mount Laurel, Oct. 23rd, officials said. Two cats were rescued and treated at an animal hospital. UPS: Daniel Fresse has been pro­ moted to deputy fire chief in North Hudson. DOWNS: A fire broke out be­ tween the roof and second-floor at the Ross Berrie Home for Jewish Living in Rockleigh, Oct. 22nd. The building was evacuated and there were no serious injuries reported, of­ ficials said. UPS: New battalion chiefs in North Hudson are Jose Ramos, Jr., and Brian Miller. DOWNS: Arriving first respon­ ders reportedly found a man on the ground that had jumped out of a window due to a dwelling fire on Queen St. in Woodbury, Oct. 18th. UPS: New fire captains in North Hudson are Brian Testino, Kamil Mizinski and John Woltman, Jr. DOWNS: A 3-alarm fire tore through the Reydel Volkswagen

Sendee Center on East Elizabeth Ave. in Linden, Oct. 29th. Several master streams were used on the heavy volume of fire. UPS: On Halloween, Garfield Company 3 took part in the Garfield Middle School Trunk or Treat event at Century Field. Squad 3's truck was decorated and 2,500 pieces of candy were secured for handout. DOWNS: A Newark fire captain suffered bums to his face and was taken to St. Barnabas M.C. for treat­ ment as the result of a multiplealarm fire on North 9th St., Oct. 28th., officials said. UPS: At the monthly meeting of Lodi Hose Co. 1, ex-Chief Richard (Archie) Dowson was recognized for his 50-years of proud and dedi­ cated sendees to tide Borough of Lodi. DOWNS: One person was killed in a fire on Long Pine Trail in Hampton Twp., Nov. 1st, according to the NJSP UPS: Newly promoted fire cap­ tains at Picatinny Arsenal Fire & Emergency Sendees are Kevin Kasko and Charles Dickerson.

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Firefighter Anthony Culmone passed away on November 1,2021,born July 13,1954.He was 67 years.He was the fire inspector for Englewood for 23 years and on the Bogota Fire department for 41 years.being Chief 2006 and 2018.

December, 2021

1st Responder Newspaper - NJ


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December, 2021

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New Facility for Blaze Emergency Equipment Co. FRANK SAIA

Blaze Emergency Equipment Com­ pany's new facility is located at 715 Old Shore Rd. in Forked River, NJ. The facility is 5,000-square-feet that consists of (3) bays, (3) offices, parts loft and a reception area. The

facility is located on a one-acre paved lot which can accommodate up to 25 pieces of apparatus. The fa­ cility was purchased in January of 2021 from its previously owners, which was being utilized by them as

a commercial bus repair center. Renovations were subsequently completed and emergency vehicle repairs officially began in April of 2021.

Pennsauken Tower Ladder 11 operating in the rear of the US auto auction building at 6601 Route 130 S.

F o u r-A la rm F ire D e s tro y s A u to A u c tio n B u ild in g in P e n n sa u ke n PENNSAUKEN, NJ - At ap­ proximately 9:19 P.M. on October 26th, the Pennsauken Fire Depart­ ment and automatic mutual aid were dispatched to 6601 Route 130 S. at the US Auto Auction building for the report of a building fire. Units responding were advised that there were reports of fire through the roof. Responding units advised of a large column showing from a distance away. Upon ar­ rival, units confirmed heavy fire showing and fire through the roof. The working fire signal was sounded. Water supplies were quickly established and several master streams were placed in service.

Jump to file #102721105

i t



The second-alarm was quickly transmitted, and then third and fourth alarms followed for addi­ tional resources. Resources were assigned to the nearby neighbor­ hood to monitor and extinguish any spot fires from burning embers dropping in the neighborhoods. Units operated throughout the night and remained on location through the next day. The fire re­ mains under investigation.



Front of new Blaze facility. - FRANK SAIA


Merchantville Ladder Company crews prepare for elevated master stream operations at the Pennsauken 4th alarm fire at 6601 Route 130 south.


Rear of new Blaze facility.

1st Responder Newspaper - NJ

December, 2021

P A G E 13

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5 Chambers +keel Aluminum floor/Fiberglass floor Reinforced HypertexTM Optional motors makes available Portable

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December, 2021

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Hackensack Firefighters Battle Three-Alarm Blaze HACKENSACK, NJ - On Sat­ urday, October 9th at 10:56 P.M., HFD 911 received a call reporting a fire at 952 Main St. First arriving company Engine 5 reported smoke coming from the building and stretched the initial hand line. Deputy 4 arrived and transmitted the second-alarm, bringing Englewood ladder and Teaneck FAST team to the scene. Companies stretched multiple hand lines into the building to con­ tinue extinguishing the fire that was burning between the floor and the ceiling. During the initial fire

Jump t o f iie #101521102

attack part of the drop ceiling came down on some of the members op­ erating. Heavy fire conditions ex­ tended to the second floor and attic via interior void spaces. Command evacuated the fire building and transmitted the third-alarm, bring­ ing in additional Hackensack com ­ panies, and Bogota and Ridgefield Park to the scene. Master streams were placed into operation to knock down the

heavy fire in the attic and second floor. After the bulk of the fire was knocked down, members re-en­ tered the building to continue over­ hauling and checking for hotspots. Hackensack Fire Prevention will conduct the investigation, but at this time the fire does not appear to be suspicious in nature. There were no reported injuries. (We would like to thank our mutual aid companies for their as­ sistance at the scene and covering the city.)

Firefighters were greeted by a column of smoke and flames, fol­ lowed by explosions, as they went to work at a fire involving a Bergen Turnpike truck and auto repair facility in Little Ferry, Octo­ ber 23rd. Master streams knocked down the heavy volume of fire. One worker sustained minor burns and was having trouble breath­ ing according to Police Chief James Walters. Local firefighters were assisted by units from Ridgefield Park, Hackensack, Carlstadt, Wood-Ridge, Moonachie and Wallington.




North Hudson firefighters operated at a fire in the ceiling of a 34th Street garage in Union City, October 13th.

1st Responder Newspaper - NJ


December, 2021

P A G E 15



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December, 2021

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“ FOREST FIRE SERVICE” a Rig Hit for the RURN FOUNDATION in Wildwood, NJ Burn Foundation Administrator John McCann was elated how well received the “ FOREST FIRE SERV­ ICE”print raffle and collector pin donations went during the Fireman’ s Convention for 202F Post-Covia-19 crowds occupied the L w S tent and open areas and donated over Jump to fiie # $14,500.00 to take a 101321111 chance at one of 30 of the signed and m | numbered “ FOREST FIRE SERVICE” 3 9 prints by artist Joseph M. Getsinger, or a framed signed number one giclee canvas print of that image. David Russell, President of Fire & Safety Services, who sponsored the prints and raffle tickets, helped John McCann pick out the winners on Saturday after­ noon. Artist Joseph Getsinger was present and assisted during the fundraiser and received many com­ pliments on this year’ s image, and his 41st year of creating art for the Bum Foundation. Ticket donations went well, and there was an overwhelming sale of the collector pins, which sold out for the first time. The pins were spon­ sored by First Harvest Credit Union through Senior Vice President Ken­ neth Bamshaw, who was present at the Bum Foundation booth with the artist. Many thanks go out to the Burn Foundation volunteers who stood at the gates collecting dona­

tions, handing out raffle tickets col­ lector pins and cards. Other sponsors that con­ tributed to the Burn Foundation fundraiser were: Wil Edwards of Premier Art & Frames, Pitman, NJ, who donated the framing of the Grand Prize giclee canvas #1. John Cortese of VanGoghAgain Galleries donated the giclee can­ vas for the Grand Prize. Chip Fillie of CHOICE Custom cards donated all the “Forest Fire Serv­ ice”Collector cards given out dur­ ing the convention. Many thanks to President Bill Eachus Jr. of B.C.& B. Graphics, Pennsauken, NJ who printed the full color raffle tickets and the full sized “Forest Fire Service”prints for the raffle. All of the combined funding and effort o f the aforementioned spon­ sors assist the Burn Foundation with their continuing mission of service to the Burn Centers and the Burn Patient communities. The Burn Foundation Raffle Winners for the “FOREST FIRE SERVICE”signed and numbered prints at the 2021 Wildwood NJ Firemen’ s Convention were: Maxfield, Michelle Davis Maywood, NJ, Joe Hartman - Egg Harbor, NJ, John Paul Jones Kansas City, Kansas, Ed Beck Dennis Township, NJ, Dave Wal­ ter, Emily Magno, Helmetta, NJ, Farry Olphant - Manhawkin, NJ, Michelle Arancio - Middlesex, NJ, Ed Fleming - Flemington, NJ,







(Lto R): Artist Joseph M. Getsinger, Sponsor: President David Russell - Fire & Safety Services, and Burn Foundation Administrator John McCann. Rick Woods - Cottage Place, Pa., Kristina Imboden - Nazereth, Pa., John Nunn, NJ, Adam Hartsoush Carney’ s Point, NJ, Kevin Berry, Pa., John Hebble - Stanhope, NJ, Dave Michael, Aitor Ostolaza Fanding, NJ, Brian Tierney South Amboy, NJ, Fred Porsicano - Mickleton, NJ, Dayton Kenney Barnegat, NJ, Jeff Shaw, Eileen

Buccino - Westfield, NJ, Casey Agliano - Barto, Pa., C. Sawboda - Tuckerton, NJ, Jerry Sheord Budd Fake, NJ, John D. Clark, Roy Hollahan - Fevittown, Pa., and Fee Smith - Wanaque, NJ The Grand Prize Winner for the #1 giclee can­ vas o f “Forest Fire Service”was Nikki Winkles o f Sewell, N.J. Special thanks go out to Wood­

bury Heights Fire Department who donated $100.00 to the Burn Foun­ dation, along with Fire Marshal Joseph Buono, Woodbury, N.J. who also donated $100.00. Great job to all the individuals who donated funds to help the Burn Foundation help burn survivors. - JOSEPH M. GETSINGER


(L to R): Burn Foundation Administrator John McCann and Sponsor David Russell, Fire & Safety Services.


(L to R): First prize winner Nikki Winkles with husband Sean and son Alexander,

Responder Newspaper - NJ

December, 2021


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December, 2021

1st Responder Newspaper - NJ

IM AGES FROM THE NEW JERSEY DEPUTY & BATTALION CHIEF'S ASSOCIATION SEM INAR To see your Faces in the newspaper upload them on our website www.lstResponderNews.com, email them to Lindsey@lstResponderNews.com or m a il them to 1st Responder News, 1 Ardmore Street. New Windsor, NY 12553.



FDNY Captain John Ceriello, left, and ret. Deputy Chief Vincent Dunn discuss ventila­ tion operations during the captain's lecture at the NJD&BC Association safety seminar at NJCU, Oct. 2nd.

As a technical editor for Fire Engineering magazine, Professor Glen Corbett discussed the reasons behind what became known as "The White Cover" (1995) during the New Jersey Deputy & Battalion Fire Chief's Association seminar, in October. See UPS col­ umn for additional information.


Authors, (L to R): Deputy Chief Vincent Dunn, Deputy Chief Anthony Avillo and Professor Glenn Corbett autograph their books after the NJD&BC Association's safety seminar at NJCU, October 2nd.


As the I.C. of a stubborn fire involving a three-story wood-frame abandoned building, with a report of a possible squatter inside, Jersey City Deputy Chief Denis Onieal (right) observed conditions that could be hazardous. He remembered from FDNY Deputy Chief Vincent Dunn's (left) book, "Collapse of Burning Buildings," signs of a possible early collapse of such a structure. Onieal ordered his firefighters out of the building. As the last crew, from Engine Co. 9, exited the building and arrived on the street, the structure experienced a pancake collapse. Retired Battalion Chief Jack Farrington, center, was the captain of Engine 9. At the New Jersey Deputy & Battalion Fire Chief's Association's October safety seminar, at New Jersey City Uni­ versity, Onieal thanked Dunn for saving firefighter's lives, that day. Dunn, however, told Onieal that he was the I.C. and saved lives.

During a break at the NJD&BC Association's seminar, retired FDNY Deputy Chief Vincent Dunn has a conversation with firefighters.

1st Responder Newspaper - NJ


December, 2021

FACES OF NEW JERSEY’S EMERGENCY SERVICES To see your Faces in the newspaper upload them on our website www.lstResponderNews.com, email them to Lindsey @1stResponderNews.com or m a il them to 1st Responder News, 1 Ardmore Street. New Windsor, NY 12553.



On October 6th, the Ocean County Board of Commissioners recognized the Seaside Heights Ocean Rescue Team for going above and beyond, answering more than 20 calls in two days and rescuing many lives in the dangerous ocean surf.

Members of Jersey City Ladder Co. 8 participated in the FDJC's 150th anniversary parade, October 3rd, with their E-One rear-mount aerial ladder. FDNY Ladder 343's 9/11 Memorial Ferrara rear-mount unit was also in attendance. (Lto R): Captain Matt Ostrowski and Firefighters Bray French, Gary Rabbit and Mario Barrera.



Wallington Chief of Department Chris Sinisi, left, and Little Ferry Deputy Chief Steve lurato discuss operations during a mutual aid fire on Bergen Turnpike, October 23rd.

Members of the Nutley Fire Department stand by their new Pierce pumper. (L to R): FF Robert Spagnuolo, Lt. Ted Capalbo and FF Mike Ferraro.



(L to R): North Hudson Captains Eugene D'Alessandro, Dan Me Eldowney, Jason Hodge and Firefighter Fernando Astralaga take a blow before picking up from a 2alarm fire on 76th St., North Bergen, October 7th.

Hamilton Fire Division (Mercer) Station 13, 'D' Platoon Capt. JR Summers, and Fire­ fighters Edward Glover, Dennis Martin and Mike Sunna, pose with Truck 13, a 2016 Pierce 100-foot Tractor-Drawn Aerial.

P A G E 20

December, 2021

1st Responder Newspaper - NJ

NEW JERSEY GIGS I f you have photos you would like to see in our “ NJ Gigs” feature, please upload them on our website www.lstResponderNews.com or email them to Lindsey@lstResponderNews.com.

NEW JERSEY M EM ORIES I f you have photos you would like to see in our “N J Memories” feature,please upload them to our website www.lstResponderNews.com or email them to Lindsey@lstResponderNews.com.


The Union City Fire Prevention Bureau operates three Jeep Com­ pass units.


Floral Park Engine 3 used this 1957 American LaFrance Series 800 pumper.


The Jersey City Fire Prevention Bureau uses several Chevy Equi­ nox models.


The Franklin Township (Hunterdon County) Fire Marshal operates a 2015 Ford Police Intersepter model.


Flanders Hose & Utility 3 used this Ford squad truck.


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December, 2021

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December, 2021

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Absolute Fire Protection Celebrates 75th Anniversary Absolute Fire Protection is a New Jersey based company cen­ trally located in South Plainfield, New Jersey. The company was founded in 1946 and is owned by President - Tony Amoroso, Secretary - Frank Wrublevski, and VP of Service Sal Giannotta. Absolute Fire has been an EOne Dealer since 1983. They pro­ vide Chief Vehicles, Utility Vehicles, E-ONE Fire Apparatus sales and service, and 24-hour emergency service. Absolute Fire Protection cel­ ebrated their 75th anniversary with an Open House on October 15, 2021. The Open House in­ cluded vendor showcases, truck showcases, truck awards, door prizes, music and good food. “ Thank you to all who at­ tended and celebrated our Mile­ stone. We are proud to serve the fire fighters of New Jersey; and we thank you for your support for the past 75 years.”


(L to R): Tony Amoroso, Nick DiGuilio, Kevin Raycide


(L to R): Brian Corvinus, Chris Freeman, Tony Amoroso

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December, 2021

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December, 2021

1st Responder Newspaper - NJ

Vehicle News




Morristown Engine 4 is a 2021 Pierce Saber low-profile Boonton Township received a 2021 Pierce Enforcer 2000-GPM/500-GWT pumper possessing a flat roof with 1500-GPM/3500-GWT dry-side tanker, sold by Fire & warning light bar below the cab. It has an overall height Safety Services. at the cab of 101-inches. It was sold by Fire & Safety Services.

The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey Police ESU Truck 5 H (Heavy) operates this 2021 Pierce Arrow XT unit from the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City.




In Woodbridge Township Fire District 12, Colonia has placed into service a 2021 E-One Typhoon mid-mount platform that features a camera at the bottom of the bucket with a monitor at the turntable. It was sold by Absolute Fire Protection Co.

Fire Co. 1 in Lodi has placed in service this 2021 E-One Typhoon pumper. The new Engine 612 has a 2000-GPM pump, 750-GWT and 30-gallon class A foam tank. It was sold by Absolute Fire Protection.

At Parsippany Fire District 2, Rainbow Lakes Engine 22 received a 2020 Sutphen 1500-GPM/1000-GWT/50GFT pumper with a 10 kW generator, light tower, roll­ out tool tray and tool boards. It also carries saws and extrication tools.




South Amboy Engine 10 (Mechanicsville Hose Co.) South Amboy Engine 9 (Progressive Fire Co.) received a "Hole in the Wall Gang"' accepted delivery of a 2012 2021 E-One Typhoon 1500-GPM (two-stage)/750-GWT/30E-One Typhoon 1500-GPM/530-GPM pumper, sold by GFT pumper, sold by Absolute Fire Protection Co. Absolute Fire Protection Co.

This year, Morris Township Ladder 2's 2003 E-One 2000GPM/500-GWT/75-foot quint was refurbished by E-One. It now sports a solid red paint job.




Engine 615 of Hose Co. 1 in Lodi took delivery of this The Colonia First Aid Squad (Woodbridge Twp.) FA-17 2021 E-One Typhoon 2000-GPM/530-GWT pumper, sold is a Ford F-350/Osage ambulance. by Absolute Fire Protection.

Linden Engine Co. 1 has been assigned a 2021 Pierce Enforcer 2000-GPM/500-GWT pumper, sold by Fire & Safety Services.

December, 2021

1st Responder Newspaper - NJ

P A G E 25

FLASHBACK I f you have photos you would like to see in ou “ FLASHBACK” feature please upload them on our website, www.lstResponderNews.com or email them to Lindsey@lstResponderNews.com

PROVIDED BY TODD HOLLRITT The West Paterson FD gathers for a photo back in the 1920's. Pic­ tured are Engine 1 of the West Park Hose Co. 1, Engine 2 from Pas­ saic Valley Hose Co. 2, and Engine 3 from Rifle Camp Fire Co. 3 ("The Ridge Runners"). Each fire company is operating a REO Speed-Wagon fire engine. The Speed Wagon used REO's "Gold Crown" 268 cubic inch, 67 horsepower, six-cylinder series of en­ gines, and was well regarded for power, durability, and quality. They would remain in service in the volunteer department from 1939 until 1941 when the were replaced with new GMC pumpers. Two GMC's, Engine 1 (1939) and Engine 3 (1941), operate in the department as antiques today.


Second-Alarm in Downtown Newark NEWARK, NJ - A fire of major proportions was adverted as Newark firefighters made a quick stop on a fire that seriously threat­ ened a brand new six-story condo building that covered much o f a city block on October 17th. The full assignment was dis­ patched to 55 William St. at about 4:15 A.M. Smoke and fire were visible inside the first floor of a two-story brick 75'X125' with re­ tail businesses on the first floor and offices above. William St. and

Jump t o f i i e #101921102



Washington St. were the 'A' and 'B' exposures, but the condo build­ ing wrapped around the 'C' and 'D' sides separated by a narrow alley. A second-alarm was sounded as fire vented out the top o f the roll-up doors and out a side 'D' window. Trucks quickly opened up and hand lines were soon in op­ eration. Visible fire was knocked

down, but the smoke condition continued. An additional truck was called for to assist in opening up. The smoke slowly dissipated as members opened up both floors. The fire was placed under control in about one hour and companies began to be released. No injuries were reported, and the cause is under investigation. - BILL TOMPKINS

TOOLS OF THE TRADE I f you have photos you would like to see in our “ Tools O f the Trade” feature, please upload them on our website, www.lstResponderNews.com or email them to Lindsey® 1stResponderNews.com.

B ill TOMPKINS - WWW.BTFIREPHOTOS.COM On Independence Day in 1980, Carlstadt firefighters responded to 12th Street to battle a blaze that involved structures and numerous drums of flammable materials. The five-alarm fire took several hours to control with the help of many mutual aid companies.

B ill TOMPKINS - WWW.BTFIREPH0T0S.COM On April 29, 1978 a fire in Paterson that is known as “The Fulton Street Fire” destroyed three factories, five dwellings, a Chief's Gig, and two engines. Many other structures also received fire damage. Extensive mutual aid was called in to finally contain the blaze.

EJ RODE Bogota Fire Department recently bought four new battery powered Hurst tools; three for Hose 2 and a combo for Hook and Ladder Co.1. Holding the tools are FF Ken Guida and Robert Dirr of Hose 2.

P A G E 26

December, 2021

1st Responder Newspaper - NJ



I f you have photos you would like to see in our “Action Shots ” feature, please upload them on our website, mvw.lstResponderNews.com or email them to Lindsey@lstResponderNews.com. I f you have photos you w ould like to see in our Little Big Guys feature, please upload them on our website www.lstResponderNews.com or email them to Lindsey@lstResponderNews.com.

In Aberdeen Township (Monmouth County), the Cliffwood Fire Company operates Utility 494, a 2005 Ford F-450 XL, Super Duty with a Morrison body. Inventory includes a sump pump, garden hose, hazmat and decon suits, latex gloves, a decon sprayer, poly cord, face masks, speedy dry, safety cones, tarps, pads, a portable light kit, water vest, flares and an electric hose roller.


East Bergen firefighters battled a stubborn attic fire involving a Washington Avenue dwelling in Cliffside Park on the afternoon of October 23rd. The original FAST unit, Fairview Truck 2, was put to work. Fire units from Ridgefield, Edgewater, Palisades Park and Leonia were also on the scene. After the fire was extinguished, local firefighters returned to quarters to host their annual beef­ steak dinner at the firehouse. Quite a few firefighters from the mu­ tual aid companies that worked the fire also attended. A long day.


Cliffwood Fire Company, Aberdeen Township, Utility 494, 2005 Ford F-450, XL, Super Duty with Morrison Body.


Dumont Assistant Chief Baierwalter assessing fire conditions while providing mutual aid at a Bergenfield second-alarm, 9-3-21.


Right/rear view of Cliffwood’s Utility 494.

1st Responder Newspaper - NJ

December, 2021


DRIIIS/TRAINING To see your D rills in the newspaper upload them on our website www.lstResponderNews.com or email them to Lindsey@lstResponderNews.com


On October 19th, a multi-agency haz-mat/search & rescue/decontamination drill took place near MetLife Stadium, in East Ruther­ ford. Participating agencies included fire department members from Newark, Jersey City, Nutley, Linden, Clifton and Bloomfield. In addition, there were representatives from the NJ Division of Fire Safety, NJ DEP, NJ Fire Marshal's Office, Union County Haz Mat, and Morris County Haz Mat.

I RESPECT IT. I PROTECT IT* B r ia n W a lla c e

25+ years firefighting 19 years in insurance


The group at the beginning of the drill.


Firefighters stand in the decon line.

vfis.com/brian 800 . 233.1957

OVFIS A Division of Glatfelter Insurance Group


A search & rescue team locates a "victim".

© 2021 VFIS | CA Insurance Producer License #0B39073

P A G E 28

December, 2021

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ACTION SHOTS I f you have photos you would like to see in our “Action Shots” feature, please upload them on our website, www.lstResponderNews.com or email them to Lindsey@lstResponderNews.com.


West Paterson Firefighters Complete Training at Academy PASSAIC COUNTY, NJ - Pictured (L to R): West Paterson Chief of Department Paul Salomone, Jr., Engine Co. 3 gradu­ ate Firefighters, Pete Wilk and Dylan Spies, former Clifton FD Chief George Spies, and Engine Co. 3 graduate Firefighter Steven Spies. The ceremony for completion of Firefighter I and II took place at the Passaic County Public Safety Acad­ emy in Wayne, NJ on November 11th. Both of Chief Spies sons completed courses at the academy.


Maywood firefighters quickly doused an apparent electrical fire that broke out in the basement of a house located across from their firehouse at 24 Park Ave. in the late afternoon hours of October 30th. The fire was quickly knocked down and held to the basement. Mutual aid was provided by Hackensack and Rochelle Park. The Maywood Fire Prevention Bureau was investigating. No injuries were reported.






W W W .BAGOLIEFRIEDM AN.COM B e n efits A pply to A ll F ire fig h te rs & F irs t Responders V olunteer, P aid, A ctive & R etired

648 Newark Ave. Jersey City, NJ

1st R esponder N ew spaper - NJ

MED-TECH EMS 2-Layer Coat and Pant Engineered fo r the EMS Professional and certified to NFPA 1999

Decem ber, 2021

P A G E 29

Morning Pride® Tri-Certified USAR Gear NFPA 1951 for Technical Rescue and Recovery Clothing

MR1 - Multi-Response Gear (New!)

NFPA 1999 for Emergency Medical Operations Clothing


NFPA 1992 for Liquid Splash and HazMat Clothing

NFPA 1 9 7 7 -Wildland

23 Hamburg Turnpike, Unit A, Riverdale NJ 0 7 457 / T. 973-57 9-3 473 / F. 9 7 3-85 9-0 904 / Email sales@safe-tonline.com / www.SAFE-TONLINE.com /

13(DO @safetonline

P A G E 30

December, 2021


1st Responder Newspaper - NJ


If you have photos you would like to see in our “ On The Liter Side”feature, please upload them on our website, www.lstResponderNews.com or email them to Lindsey@lstResponderNews.com.


Protect Yourself and Your Party Guests This Holiday Season


When a youngster passes the Jersey City Gong Club dressed as a police officer for Halloween, he gets a firefighter's helmet to wear!

One too many toasts can prove deadly during the holidays if partygoers choose to drink and drive. The long Thanksgiving weekend vies with Independence Day as the deadliest holiday of the year, pro­ pelled by increased alcohol sales and drunk driving. The National Safety Council forecasts as many as 485 people will die in auto acci­ dents during the Thanksgiving hol­ iday weekend. Throwing a Festive Fete

Bob Long

p.rr r r f rrr r r : prr

"I tried to rem arry my e x -w ife , but she realized th a t I was only a fte r my m oney!"

Spreading cheer and giving thanks to your loved ones is what the holidays are all about. Keep guests safe with these tips for re­ sponsible hosts: -Stay in control: If you choose to serve alcohol at your party, stay within your limits to set an excel­ lent example for guests. -Choose a reliable bartender or hire a professional: D on’ t let underage guests drink alcohol. Consider putting away alcohol 90 minutes before the end of your party. Offer non-alcoholic bever­ ages in addition to other drinks. -Watch your guests: Arrange rides for any guests who appear to be intoxicated. If they insist on leaving, take their keys and ask a sober guest for help getting them home. -Provide snacks: Food can slow the absorption of alcohol and reduce the peak level of alcohol in the body by about one-third. -Do not pressure guests to drink: Social pressures can be overwhelming. Your guests should feel comfortable not drinking. And never serve alcohol to guests who are visibly intoxicated. H ost Liability and Dram Shop

Jump TO FILE #111521102

If you are hosting a party or at­ tending a holiday event at a restau­ rant or bar, certain states consider the host liable if a guest is over­ served. “ Dram shop”laws refer to laws governing commercial estab­ lishments that sell and serve alco­ holic beverages to people who are visibly intoxicated or to minors who go on to cause injury or death to third parties. However, it isn’ t only commer­ cial establishments that can be cov­ ered by liability laws. In some states, a host who throws a party can be held accountable if a tipsy guest gets behind the wheel after leaving. For example, many state laws allow the victim of a DUI ac­ cident to sue and recover damages from a social host when: -The host provided alcohol to a “ visibly intoxicated”guest; -Circumstances indicated that serving the guest alcohol created an “unreasonable risk of foreseeable harm;” -The host failed to take reason­ able measures to prevent the harm caused; and, -The guest got into a car acci­ dent and negligently caused prop­ erty damages or injuries to another person. In some states, you may not be liable if a guest over the age of 21 causes damages, but you ARE li­ able if you provide alcohol to someone under 21. Dram shop and social host liability laws vary widely from state to state. - BAGOLIE FRIEDMAN INJURY LAWYERS

1st Responder Newspaper - NJ

December, 2021


OLD & NEW If you have photos you would like to see in our “ Old & New”feature, please upload them on our website, www.lstResponderNews.com or email them to Lindsey@lstResponderNews.com.


In Gloucester County, the Malaga Fire Company in Franklin Township took delivery of a 2021 Spartan Gladiator/SVI rescue vehicle (Rescue 4348.) In front is the former unit, a 1995 Pemfab/Rescue 1.


Firefighter Rich Burke with Ridgefield Park Engine 4 during the de­ partment's Independence Day fire department inspection, 2017.

Richard Burke Loved Being a Firefighter As a youngster, former Ridge­ field Park mayor and fire commis­ sioner George Fosdick remembered Rich Burke chasing fire engines in the village. He al­ ways wanted to be a firefighter. Firefighter Burke, 65, passed away on October 5th. He served the Village of Ridgefield Park as a volunteer firefighter for some 45years. He was also a career mem­ ber with the bordering Teaneck Fire Department for 30-years. He retired less than two-years ago. As a volunteer, he was as­ signed to Engine Co. 4. He served as an officer and helped design the company's latest apparatus.

Jump to file #101321106

dfP The fire service was in his blood. In younger days, he could be found “ buffing” fires in the Bergen and Hudson county towns. He was described by fellow mem­ bers as a “ firemen's fireman.” “ You made a difference to those that you served within both Ridgefield Park and Teaneck,”said Charles Lind, Jr., President of the New Jersey Deputy & Battalion Fire Chiefs Association.


On October 9th, Lodi Engine 612's 2021 E-One Typhoon 2000-GPM/750-GWT/30A-GFT top-mount pumper, left, went into service replacing the company's 1992 Spartan/Marion 1500-GPM/750-GWT model.


All Repairs Unconditionally Guaranteed Auto Body & Trucks Inc. FOUNDED1948 ‘ LICENSE* 01155A

•Specializing in Fire Trucks and Medical Vehicles •Expert Collision Work •Insurance Estimates

Free Estimates at your Location. Free Pick Up and Delivery! 381 -405 Raymond Blvd. Newaik, NJ 07105 Email: assoca u to@ a ol.com w w w .associatedautobodyandtrucks.com

Jack S iegel Bob Hahn Tel: (973) 589-9162 Fax: (973) 589-9230


Lodi Engine 615's 2021 E-One Typhoon 2000-GPM/530-GWT pumper, left, has replaced 615's 1989 Pierce Lance 1500-GPM/750-GWT model. The new 615 went into service at 1800 hours on October 31st. The Pierce saw original duty as Rochelle Park Engine 1.

P A G E 32

December, 2021

1st Responder Newspaper - NJ

FIRE EQUIPMENT I f your department has photos you would like to see in our “ Fire Equipment” feature please upload them on our website www.lRBN.com or email them to Lindsey @ 1stResponderNews.com


Saddle Brook Makes Quick Work of Basement Fire SADDLE BROOK, NJ - Firefighters rescued a dog while quickly knocking down a basement fire that damaged a Sad­ dle Brook home on the evening of November 13th. The fire broke out at 88 Alberta Drive at 9:16 P.M. Companies had an extra quick response to this fire, as they were already oper­ ating at an alarm on the other side of town. Mutual aid from Elmwood Park assisted on scene along with the Saddle Brook Volunteer Ambulance Corps. Stand by companies from Fair Lawn, Garfield and Rochelle Park covered the town. No injuries were reported.



Bogota FF Adam Schaefer of Engine 1 surprised the company members by buying everyone a new jacket, including the photographer, with his own funds. Adam is pictured on the right.


THE FULLY AUTOMATIC REVERSE BRAKING SYSTEM MINIMIZE DAMAGE TO SURROUNDING OBSTACLES BACKSTOP applies the brakes instantly and automatically when a reversing vehicle contacts an obstacle. COST SAVINGS Installing BACKSTOP minimizes damage costs to both the installed vehicle and surrounding obstacles. May reduce insurance premiums.

Thank You to our R ecent C ustom ers! Paterson FD • Scotch Plains FD

MINIMIZE VEHICLE DAMAGE BACKSTOP projects beyond the rear of the vehicle, minimizing collision damage to doors, lights, and rear steps.

'"b a c k ' ^STOPy

MAXIMUM SAFETY BACKSTOP’S instant and automatic braking system is much faster than a driver’s reaction time. The brakes remain applied until the driver manually releases the brakes by shifting the vehicle out of reverse gear.

IIHS: Rear Automated Emergency Braking Is Standout Safety Feature • Based on insurance claims for some vehicles, IIHS said rear AEB can reduce damage liability claims by 28 percent, while a backup camera or those beeping sensors reduce that by just 5 percent.

1 ^ Veteran Owned

B a c k s t o p USA 18 Hollywood Blvd. S * Forked River, NJ 08731 Phone: 609-971-2756 • Toll Free: (Outside NJ) 888-745-2983 • Fax: 609-971-2793 Email: support@backstop-usa.com • Website: www.backstop-usa.com

December, 2021

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The One & Only Mega Show 25 Years Strong!

P A G E 33

C heck Y o u r C a le n d a r For th e "R ig h t S h o w " T here's O n ly O ne M aga Show !

F ebru ary 19"& 20th Show Hours: S aturday & Sunday 10-4

B ren tw oo d S p o r t s Field H o u s e FREE PARKING! Show Pre-registration Now Accepted For All Departments C a ll 6



- 6

T 6

o 9

d - 4

a 3

y 0


Produced By Long Island Productions Joanne@liproductions.net Sharon@liproductions.net www.liproductions.net


December, 2021

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APPARATUS IN ACTION I f you have photos you would like to see in our Apparatus in Action feature please upload them on our website www.lstResponderNews.com or email them to Lindsey@lstResponderNews.com.


Elmwood Park Blaze Quickly Knocked


East Windsor Tower 42 operating at a recent dwelling fire.

m m

m M

ELMWOOD PARK, NJ - Firefighters battled a blaze in a Peruvian restaurant in Elmwood Park during the early morning hours of October 7th. The fire broke out in the kitchen at Sara Sara on Broadway just before 4:30 A.M. Arriving Battalion Chief Thompson had fire showing from the building on the ground floor, extending to the second floor through the duct work. Quick work by firefighters had the fire knocked down on both the first and second floors in about 30 minutes. A second-alarm was struck, bringing companies from Clifton, Fair Lawn, Garfield and Saddle Brook to the scene. Cover companies from Lodi, Maywood, and Rochelle Park stood by at Co. 4's firehouse. The fire was declared under control a little over one hour later by Chief of Dept. Robert Bruce. The American Red Cross was called to assist displaced tenants from the apartments on the second floor. Firefighters also rescued a cat in the blaze.

Firematic Specialties


rm m

Pjrefighters 5 ?Y ?a VS


We Create Totally Custom Full-Color Designs ■


NEW JERSEY ’ """is™ "0"™ ™ ;

i Thai H

F IR E -R E S C U E ,2019

Ceramic, Glass and Plastic Mugs Custom T-Shirts, Jackets, Sweat Shirts and Caps Job Shirts, Patches and Decals Custom Artwork Trophies, Plaques, Special Awards and License Plates

Contact Joe Landy for a free no obligation visit to your firehouse Phone: 610.996-2631 Fax: 610.853.3970 email: joetmugs@comcast.net

Visit T-Mugs.com or Facebook.com/T-Mugs for more informaton.

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ON THE BOOK SHELF b y J o h n M a le c k v

Tower-Ladders o f the New York City Fire Department By John A. Calderone Available from: FSP Books & Videos 433 Main Street. Suite 2A Hudson, MA 01749 1-800-522-8528 E-mail: support@fire-policeems.com www.fire-police-ems.com Price: $29.95 This book is 8 Vi inches by 11 inches and has 64 pages. Get it while it’ s hot! Another master­ piece has been turned out by the

ticulated boom demonstrations. New York felt that an articulated platform was not suited for the many narrow streets and overhead wires as well as firehouse door height restrictions, but that a tele­ scoping platform would be the an­ swer. Hence was the birth of the first tower ladder in 1964 after working with Mack Trucks, who in turn worked with a company named Truco to develop the first tower ladder. Through the years other boom manufacturers came into play, with Aerialscope being the latest. Two other brand tower ladder ap­ paratus were experimented with, including a rear-mounted model, however Mack was the predomi­ nant chassis and later Seagrave after Mack departed from the fire truck business. The history from that point is detailed in the book and is worth reading. The photos as usual are first class.

P A G E 35


TOW ER-LADDERS OF THE NEW YORK CITY FIRE DEPARTM ENT author, who has given us several books on apparatus o f New York City. The tower ladder was born out o f research to obtain an elevat­ ing platform truck. At the time, Chicago was using snorkels and snorkel squads which were trucks with articulating platforms that were developed by an idea from C h icago’ s Fire Commissioner, Robert Quinn, who one day o b ­ served a tree trimming truck at work with such a platform and wondered if something like it could be adapted to deliver ele­ vated streams. This was about 1958. The first Chicago snorkel was somewhat crude with boat hose for a waterway on a 50-foot platform. That truck is still in ex­ istence today, owned by the Figgie International, and it has been mod­ ified. All o f this is being told be­ cause it formed the basis of study by the New York City Fire Depart­ ment. After intense study and ar­

December, 2021

I f your department has photos you would like to see in our “ Fire Company Logos” feature please upload them on our website www.lRBN.com or email them to Lindsey@lstResponderNews.com


Morganville FD's 2020 Spartan ERV Wet Rescue 1500/750/30/20f now sports a mural on each side of the apparatus. The mural illus­ trates the two legacy volunteer fire companies, that have devel­ oped into the current Morganville Fire Dept.

Service Help Wanted

Join our Team Representing America's Best Emergency Vehicles! New Jersey Emergency Vehicles has full and part time job openings in our Service Department

"'mergencyvehlcles iPIOstanCWW


Email all resumes to: humanresources@plcustom.com

DOT 13009371

We are an equal opportunity employer with a drug free work environment

Or Call

732-223-1411 to schedule an interview


2201 Atlantic Avenue •M anasquan NJ 08736 FORD AUTHORIZED


F ollow us on...

(§) [T ]

New Jersey Emergency Vehicles A PL Custom Company


1 / w m a lle y I

l o L ) n e


December, 2021

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I f you have photos you would like to see in our “Action Shots” feature, please upload them on our website, www.lstResponderNews.com or email them to Lindsey @ lstResponderNews.com.

I f you have photos you would like to see in our Apparatus in Action feature please upload them on our website www.lstResponderNews.com or email them to Lindsey@lstResponderNews.com.


Hamilton Fire Division Squad 16 firefighters operate at a recent motor vehicle fire.


Hackensack Spare Ladder and Ladder 1 operating at a 2nd-alarm in Englewood on 9-8-21. The En­ glewood FD was using Hackensack's Spare Ladder 2 after Tropical Storm Ida.


North Hudson firefighters check out the "B" side wall of a 73rd Street dwelling in North Bergen, on October 21st, after knocking down flames involving the occupied home.



North Hudson firefighters used a working fire assignment to ex­ tinguish burning materials at a recycling business on Tonnelle Ave., North Bergen, Oct. 14th. Tower Ladder 3 used its two moni­ tors in the bucket to wet down the debris. Engine companies had to stretch large amounts of LDH to reach fire hydrants, causing the busy highway to be shut down in both directions.

V- r

v a l t e


Not expecting to see a Mahwah engine at the scene of an Englewood fire? Actually, this is former Mahwah Engine 217, a 1994 Pierce with a 1500-GPM pump and 500-gallon water tank that is on loan to Englewood while one of their engines is out of service. The rig supplies several handlines at a multiple on September 8th.





2 3 K T . H A N D LAID G O L D L E A F • 3 M R E F L E C T IV E • C U S T O M D E C A L S




752 20th AVENUE PATERSON, NJ 07504


(973) 278 - 1444 (FAX) 278 - 8332






73 A G IN S IG N S .



1st Responder Newspaper - NJ

December, 2021


ATTENTION A n yo n e W ho Has Been

Diagnosed w ith Covid-19 P rotect Yourself and Your F am ily C la im Your C O VID -19 B e n e fits NO W !


YOU MAY BE ELIGIBLE FOR: Medical Treatment Temporary Disability Payments Money Damages

D on't W ait Tim e is Lim ited




Lawyers Protecting COVID-19 Patients

201 - 6 5 6 -8 5 0 0 6 4 8 N ew ark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 0 7 3 0 6 w w w .co vid o n th ejo b .co m





B e n e fits A p p ly to A ll F ire fig h te rs & F irs t R e sp o n d e rs V o lu n te e r, P a id , A c tiv e & R e tire d

P A G E 38

December, 2021

1st Responder Newspaper - NJ

FF1 O pens S econ d Shop; Blaze R elo ca te s Two dealer moves have taken place recently. Firefighter One, whose head­ quarters and service center is based in Sparta (Sussex County), has opened a second shop in Burlington County. The shop geographically is located in Pemberton Township at 102 Firehouse Road with a Browns Mills mailing ad­ dress. It is a two-bay building for­ merly occupied by Blaze Emergency Equipment, who has relocated to Forked River in Facey Township (Ocean County). We understand that the building will eventually undergo an expansion. Firefighter One, part of the REV Group, is the exclusive New Jersey dealer of Ferrara Fire Appara­ tus and Wheeled Coach and Road Rescue ambulances. Blaze, who is the exclusive Fifeline Emergency Vehi­ cles dealer for New Jersey, also is the Sutphen Fire Apparatus dealer for all of our state with the exception of the counties of Sussex, Bergen, Passaic and Warren. They are now at 715 Old Shore Road in Forked River. The fa­ cility is 5,000-square-feet in area con­ sisting of three bays, three offices, parts loft and a reception area. The building was formerly a bus repair center. See additional information in the Vendor Spotlight in this issue. In the photos this month is a new EONE Typhoon HP-95 mid-mount for the Colonia Fire Department in Woodbridge Township (Middlesex County). It is with the newly designed Typhoon chassis and it is replacing a 1999 American FaFrance 93-foot mid­ mount platform, which we understand is now in Clark in Union County. The new E-ONE has no pump or water tank, whereas the AFF had a pump but no tank. Next is a Ford F-550/Rescue 1rescue in Rahway. It replaces a 1994 International 4900/Rescue 1 which originally belonged to the Railway Emergency Squad and was later trans­ ferred to the fire department. We un­ derstand it will be repurposed and remain with the FD. Next there are three apparatus from Freehold Town­ ship (Monmouth County). A Pierce Velocity pumper/tanker with 3500 water tank and a Pierce Velocity 100foot platform quint are shown. Both followed a Velocity pumper delivered in 2017. The third township unit is a Spartan ER Gladiator top-mount pumper at the East Freehold Fire Company. The last two are from Good Will Hose in Belmar. One is a Sea­ grave Fastrack pumper and the other, an oldie but goodie, 1991 Sutphen Monarch pumper still in service. In dealer news Defender Emer­ gency Products has received an order from Atlantic City (Atlantic County) for two Rosenbauer pumpers. The first is a high pressure pumper with side mount panel. Specs include a Com­ mander model, 60-inch cab length with eight inch raised roof, barrier free cab entry doors, Cummins F9,450 hp diesel engine, Whelen lighting pack­ age, stainless steel body, Max Force Bumper, Zone Defense camera sys­ tem, Rosenbauer hot dipped galva­ nized frame rails, Waterous CMUCGVC20C 2000-GPM three stage pump, 500-gallon poly water tank, custom storage compartments, Please send any comments or news tidbits you might have about Apparatus o f the Month to us at 1st Responder News, 1Ardmore Street. New Windsor, NY 12553. O r you can e-mail them to Apparatus@lstResponderNews.com.


look at what’ s new with apparatus around the state with John Malecky


Freehold Township T-16-90, 2020 Pierce Velocity, 2000/280/20/100ft. It was sold by Fire & Safety Services.


In Woodbridge Township, the Colonia FD Tower 12-21, 2021 E-ONE Typhoon HP-95 with 10 kw generator. It was sold by Absolute Fire Protection.


East Freehold E-16-2-78, 2021 Spartan ER Gladiator, 2000/1000/30 and 8 kw generator. It was sold by Campbell Supply Co., LLC.


Rahway Rescue-1, 2021 Ford F-550XL. It was sold by New Jersey Emergency Vehicles.


Belmar E-375,1991 Sutphen Deluge 1500/750/30.


Freehold Township E-16-1-80, 2019 Pierce Velocity 2 0 0 0 / 3 5 0 0 / 2 0 with 8 kw generator. It was sold by Fire & Safety Services. and Amdor roll-up compartment doors. The second is a standard pumper on a Commander chassis with the same specs as the first, but with a Waterous CMUC20 two-stage 2000GPM pump. VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists has made the following ambulance de­ liveries: to the BellmawrFD (Camden County) a Horton 553 on a Ford E-450 chassis; to the Guard Well Medical transport in Edison (Middlesex County) a Ford T-250/AEV medium roof Transit; to the West Orange FD (Essex County) a Horton 603 on a Ford F-550 4x4 chassis and to the Jackson Township EMS (Ocean County) a Horton 555 stock remount on a Ford F-550 4x4 chassis. Fire & Safety Services reports the following Pierce orders: for the Port Authority of NT’ & NJ (Essex County) an Arrow XT, PUC pumper; for Berlin Boro (Camden County) an Impel heavy duty rescue pumper; for Branchburg Township for North

Branch FC/Bridgewater District 3 (Somerset County) an Enforcer pumper. Pierce deliveries include to Willingboro Township (Burlington County) a Velocity 100-foot Ascen­ dant mid-mount platform. To Boonton Township (Morris County) an En­ forcer dry side tanker and to Ocean City (Cape May County) an Enforcer pumper. Campbell Supply Co., EEC has de­ livered two apparatus. The first was to the Malaga FC in Franklin Township (Gloucester County). It is an SVI heavy rescue with 25-foot non-walkin body. Specs include a Spartan Glad­ iator EFFD chassis, Cummins X15, 500 hp diesel engine, Winco 25 kw PTO generator, Will Burt Night Scan, 6-ton Ramsey front winch, Weston 4.5-ton portable winch with three re­ ceivers, ROM roll-up compartment doors and Speed-Aire air compressor. The other delivery was to the East Freehold FC in Freehold Township (Monmouth County). It is a Spartan


Belmar E-376, 2018 Seagrave FASTrack 1500/750. It has a 31.5-foot overall length. It was sold by Seagrave Sales & Service. ER top-mount pumper with a Gladiator LFD chassis. Specs include a Cum­ mins L9, 450 hp diesel engine, Hale Qmax, 2000-GPM pump, Foam Pro 2002 system, UPF 1000-gallon water and 30-gallon Class “ A”foam tanks, Harrison 8 kw generator, Will Burt Night Scan, TFT Hurricane deck gun, Whelen scene lighting and ROM roll­ up compartment doors. They have re­ ceived an order from the Hampton Fakes FC in Southampton Township (Burlington County) for a Spartan ER Star Model 3000-gallon Tanker. It will be on a Metro Star EMFD chassis with 10-inch raised roof cab, and have a Cummins X12, 500 hp diesel engine and a Hale Qmax 2000-GPM pump.

Also, the Allenhurst FD (Monmouth County) ordered a Star rescue pumper. It will have a Metro Star FFD chassis with 10-inch raised roof cab, Waterous CSU, 2000-GPM pump, 750-gallon water tank, Harrison 10 kw generator, Command Fight Shadow Series FED light tower and two bottle air cascade fill station with Sierra booster pump. Firefighter One has received Ferrara orders from Oakhurst in Ocean Town­ ship (Monmouth County), Bemardsville (Somerset County) and Colesville in Wantage Township (Sus­ sex County). We hope to have more details in next month’ s column.

1st Responder Newspaper - NJ

PA G E 39

December, 2021

FACES OF NEW JERSEY’S EMERGENCY SERVICES To see your Faces in the newspaper upload them on our website www.lstResponderNews .com, email them to lindsey@ IstResponderNews .com or m a il th e m to 1st R esp o n de r N ew s, 1 Ardmore Street. New Windsor, NY 12553.




Maywood Chief of Department Matt Reiner directs a Lodi Chief of Department Moses Owen gets updates Cliffside Park firefighters take a blow after operating at house fire on October 30th on Park Ave., across from during a house fire on Westervelt Place, October 18th. what was described as a hot attic fire on Washington fire headquarters. Avenue, October 24th.




Hackensack Firefighter Mike Greco keeps a watchful Lodi Assistant Chief Alex Garzon operates at a house North Hudson Deputy Chief Mike Falco, right, was the eye on Ladder 1 's ladder pipe operation during a mutual fire on Westervelt Place, October 18th. incident commander at a 2-alarm fire involving an occu­ aid fire in Little Ferry, October 23rd. pied wood-frame dwelling on New York Avenue in Union City, October 14th.

P A G E 40

December, 2021

1st Responder Newspaper - NJ

FACES OF NEW JERSEY’S EMERGENCY SERVICES To see your Faces in the newspaper upload them on our website www.lstResponderNews.com, email them to Lindsey@lstResponderNews.com or m a il them to 1st R esponder N ew s, 1 Ardmore Street. New Windsor, N Y 12553.

RON JEFFERS Each year, during the Jersey City Fire Department's annual Family Day Picnic, the Captain Mark Lee Award is presented by the Jersey City Firefighter's Distress Fund to a person or organization that supports the efforts of the fund and the department. On October 3rd, retired Chief of Department Michael O'Reilly, center, received the award from Mrs. Cheryl Lee, left, and Firefighter Mark Lee, Jr., right. The award is named in the memory of Captain Lee, of Engine Co. 10, who died of health com­ plications believed stemmed from his work at Ground Zero after the 9-11 attacks in 2001.

RILL TOMPKINS - WWW.RTFIREPH0T0S.COM Englewood Captain Jeff Kaplan works at the scene of a secondalarm in the city on September 8th.

RON JEFFERS A magician entertains the kids during the Jersey City Fire Department's annual Family Picnic Day at Liberty State Park, October, 3rd.

RON JEFFERS RON JEFFERS Retired Jersey City Fire Chief William Sinnott, left, and retired Hoboken Fire Chief Richard Tremitiedi got together at the Jersey City Fire Department's annual Family Day Picnic, on October 3rd.

North Hudson 4th Battalion Chief Al Pratts, left, confers with 2nd Battalion Chief Moises Valdes as operations commence at an all hands fire in a Tonnelle Avenue recycling business in North Bergen, October 14th.

1st Responder Newspaper - NJ

December, 2021

Three days of exhibits and education on Long Island for fire/EMS personnel of all ranks.

Tickets: $20 per day/person,available on-site. A new educational expo hosted by and to benefit the Islip Town Fire Museum & NYSAFC:


P A G E 41

P A G E 42

December, 2021

1st Responder Newspaper - NJ

APPARATUS IN ACTION I f you have photos you would like to see in our Apparatus in Action feature please upload them on our website www.lstResponderNews.com or email them to Lindsey @ 1stResponderNews.com.

RON JEFFERS Hackensack Ladder 1's ladder pipe operation knocks down remain­ ing fire inside of a one-story truck and auto repair facility in Little Ferry, October 23rd.


Two-Alarm Garage Fire Damages Englewood Cliffs Home ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ Firefighters battled a stubborn sec­ ond-alarm fire on Barbara Drive, Sunday night, November 7th, that destroyed two cars and caused ex­ tensive damage to the home. Just before 9:00 P.M., the En­ glewood Cliffs FD was dispatched to 16 Barbara Dr. for an activated fire alarm. First arriving units were met with heavy fire from the garage doors, with multiple cars burning inside. A working fire was transmitted, bringing mutual aid from Englewood to the scene.

Jump t o f i i e #110921120

Engine 1 arrived and hooked up to a hydrant, stretching multiple lines to the garage and through the front door. A second-alarm was transmitted, bringing in additional units to assist on scene. The heavy fire was knocked down quickly and crews began opening up to check for any extension to the first or second floors. Firefighters bat­ tled small stubborn fires in and

under the automobiles. Crews switched to foam operations to ex­ tinguish the remaining fire. All firefighters performed ex­ tensive overhaul, however were able to contain the fire to the garage with minor extension into the home. Mutual aid from Engle­ wood, Leonia, Cliffside Park, Edgewater and Fort Lee assisted on scene. No injuries were re­ ported, and the fire remains under investigation. - CHRIS TOMPKINS

RON JEFFERS Little Ferry H & L Co. 1's American LaFrance/LTI 100-foot tower op­ erated at a commercial building fire on Bergen Turnpike, October 23rd.

RILL TOMPKINS - WWW.RTFIREPH0T0S.COM With Engine 3 out of service, Elmwood Park firefighters responded with Squad 3 instead to a multiple-alarm fire on Broadway. Squad 3, a 2020 Ford F-550 4X4/E-One with a 1250-GPM pump and 300gallon water tank, hooked up to a nearby hydrant and supplied a LDH supply line into the fire scene.


F D fC

PA GE 43

December, 2021

1st Responder Newspaper - NJ

APRIL 25 -3 0 ,2 0 2 2











Fire Engineering

M m m m .


& .

Emergency Equipment





)thermdemv( Fire Engineering B O O K S & V ID EO S


December, 2021

1st Responder Newspaper - NJ

Pierce Enforcer Pumper Enforcer 70" Cab with a Flat Roof Cummins L9 450hp 2021 EPA Compliant Engine Allison EVS3000PR Automatic Transmission TAK-4 Indpendent Front Suspension Waterous CMU 2000 GPM Two Stage Pump 500 Gallon "New York Style" Water Tank Job #35833 Delivered in November 2021 Sold by: Sam Squire


c e t c e

LWELL BODIES • ti<j,thiliiv*scrvigj




Pierce Velocity 100'Ascendant Midmount Tower > Velocity 70" Chassis with a 10" Raised Roof > Cummins XI5 605HP 2021 EPA Compliant Engine •Allison EVS4500P Automatic Transmission > TAK-4 Independent Front Suspension Harrison MID 8kw Hydraulic Generator > Job 35478 - Delivered in October 2021 > Sold by: Ed Miller

phone: 800-400-8017

Congratulations to Willingboro Township on their 1st Pierce Apparatus

Fire & S afety S ervices South Plainfield, NJ

web: www.f-ss.com

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