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CT - South Fire District Middletown, was dispatched at 7:53 a.m. on November 23rd for a shed fire. - See full story on page 16

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January, 2014

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January, 2014


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Two car MVA sends three to hospital

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Swanton, VT. On November 30, 2013 at approximately 11:10 a.m., the Swanton Fire Department responded to a two car motor vehicle accident. Mutual aid was called in from AmCare Ambulance Service out of St. Albans. Amcare Ambulance responded to the two car MVA on Route 105 in Swanton just west of Rocky Ridge. The two vehicles collided, sending one car into a field. Three patients were trans-

JUMP TO FILE #120213133

ported by AmCare Ambulances with minor injuries. Swanton Fire Department responded with 13E2, 13U6, and AmCare Ambulance with 3 ambulances. The accident remains under investigation by Vermont State Police. - GREG RAMSDELL GREG RAMSDELL


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New Year’s Resolution? Increase your odds for success... Here it is again, January, and with it comes that slew of resolutions. As you probably know, most New Year’s resolutions are Health and Fitness Related. I haven’t noticed a shortage of individuals making resolutions. The volume of enthusiasts remains unchanged from year to year. I get many requests at this time of year for programs/exercise tips and that in itself is surely positive. I gladly oblige, but such information is only one piece of the puzzle. So, instead of just providing answers, I decided to also ask a few questions. My first question, “Have you ever had this resolution before?” As expected, many answer this with a resounding “YES”. Which of course, brings me to my next question, “How long did it last?” (Obviously, if they are remaking the same resolution, they have strayed from or never began their


mission). There are many who admit they never began and many others who report lasting from one week to two months. These answers fuel my next question – “WHY?” Here’s a sample of the answers I am receiving: “I didn’t know where to begin,” OK, on this one they are already on the right track because they came and asked me for usable information. Kudos on that! Having a plan is always a good idea, and a great place to start. “I hated the exercises”. Hey everyone, please choose activities you enjoy! Yes, some activities can be more effective than others, but please remember the best exercises/activities are the ones that

you will actually do! I would surely rather have you shoot hoops for 15 minutes than run for zero! Get the picture? “I couldn’t get/stay motivated”. This is a tough one, but I have found that the “buddy system” works well here. Partner up for greater compliance. Committing to someone else will help you to make a greater commitment to yourself. “It got boring”. Along with the buddy system, incorporate your favorite music into your workouts. You will be amazed at the difference it can make. Additionally; vary your exercises, the order of exercises and even the location of your workouts. Not only does variety combat boredom, it enhances effectiveness by providing greater challenges to your body. Furthermore; when you make your plan, make short term and long term goals to keep your attention. Be sure to plan ahead. Lay out

your plan for the first month, second month, etc. Focus on staying on track and moving onto the next phase with each phase utilizing a different set of exercises/activities, goals, location and schedule. (Heck, you can even switch “training Buddies”). You know “YOU” best. Plan accordingly! Log your workouts and chart your success. Please, by all means, Reward Yourself. Reward yourself for reaching Goals. Reward yourself for remaining compliant. Be sure to make rewards positive and avoid choosing rewards that will thwart your fitness efforts. Rewards such as a massage/spa service or new gadget will keep you on track. An ice cream sundae will most likely do the opposite. You can do it! Get going and keep going. I am pulling for you! Happy New Year! As always – be sure to have your physician’s approval.

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January, 2014

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January, 2014

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In memory of those who gave all 1st Responder Newspaper honors and remembers emergency responders lost in the line of duty North Carolina: David Heath, 48 Rank: Captain Incident Date: October 14, 2013 Death Date: October 14, 2013 Fire Department: New Hanover County Fire Rescue Initial Summary: While participating in a department training exercise, Captain David Heath collapsed from an apparent cardiac event. Although fire rescue personnel immediately performed CPR, applied a defibrillator and administered advance life support measures, Captain Heath passed away. Tennessee: Richard Floersch, 59 Rank: Captain Incident Date: October 2, 2013 Death Date: October 2, 2013 Fire Department: Milan Fire Department Initial Summary: Fire Captain Richard Floersch suffered an apparent heart attack while on duty at the fire station. Although fire and emergency personnel administered life support measures, Captain Floersch succumbed to the injuries sustained. Alabama: Jantzen Murrell Frazier, 28 Rank: Firefighter Incident Date: October 17, 2013 Death Date: October 17, 2013 Fire Department: Oden Ridge Fire and Rescue Initial Summary: Firefighter Jantzen Murrell Frazier was responding to the scene of a structure fire when the apparatus he was driving ran off the road, flipped and slammed into a power pole. Frazier, the only person aboard the apparatus, was killed instantly from injuries sustained as a result of the accident. Investigation into the cause of the accident continues.

Ohio: Leroy Murphy, Jr., 56 Rank: Firefighter Incident Date: October 18, 2013 Death Date: October 20, 2013 Fire Department: Gettysburg Rural Fire Department Initial Summary: Firefighter Murphy responded to a fire call involving farm equipment while on duty with the Gettysburg Rural Fire Department. The following morning, Murphy fell ill while teaching at a local fire academy. Firefighter Murphy was treated and transported to the hospital but passed away a short while later from an embolism. Kentucky: Arlie "Pooh" Hill III, 37 Rank: Lieutenant Incident Date: August 30, 2013 Death Date: October 27, 2013 Fire Department: Whitley City Fire Department Initial Summary: Lieutenant Hill and his brother-in-law, Lt. Adam Stephens who is also a firefighter with Whitley City Fire Department, witnessed a fire in a residence near Hill’s home. After reporting the fire to which their fire department also responded, the two initiated a search of the home. While inside the structure, the firefighters were caught by rapid fire progress and injured. Stephens suffered fewer injuries and was able to rescue Hill from the burning home. Lieutenant Hill succumbed to his injuries, severe burns, after nearly two months in the hospital. Pennsylvania: Blaine E. Wildnauer Jr., 58 Rank: Firefighter Incident Date: November 2, 2013 Death Date: November 2, 2013 Fire Department: Fox Township Volunteer Fire Department Initial Summary: Firefighter Wildnauer suffered an apparent heart attack while assisting with loading a patient into an ambulance at the scene of a motor vehicle accident.

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January, 2014

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January, 2014

1st Responder Newspaper - NE


Third alarm fire damages historic Burlington church


Firefighters battle garage fire and credited with saving nearby homes Richford, VT. On November 11th at approximately 2:01 p.m., the Richford Fire Department as well as Richford Ambulance responded to a garage fire on Intervale Avenue in Richford Village. Upon arriva, the first due engine found smoke and flames showing from the garage. Firefighters made an aggressive attack saving nearby homes. The cause of the fire is under investigation and Richford Ambulance stood by at the scene. There were no reported injuries.

The Burlington Fire Department responded to a report of a structure fire at the College Street Congregational Church at 265 College Street on Wednesday, October 23, 2013 at 5:47 a.m. Initial crews ar- JUMP TO FILE # rived on scene to 111513103 find heavy fire venting from the steeple. Three aerial apparatus were deployed to knock down the large volume of fire venting from the clock faces and windows above the bell tower. Several crews then advanced up the ladder-like stairs to attack the fire from below. All 80 Burlington firefighters were called in to this fire. No firefighters or civilians were injured. The building was unoccupied at the time of this incident. - MICHAEL CURTIN




Report of smoke On November 8th, crews responded to a report of smoke in the building in the downtown district of Burlington. Crews found a moderate smoke condition on the first floor and determined the smoke to be coming form an overheated air handling unit.

As first responders, we are invited to a lot of different settings and types of scenes, some of them may wind up being crime scenes. Bear in mind that a crime scene may not even appear to have been a crime scene such as a car accident or someone peacefully dying in their bed. If a police investigation is necessary though, then the scene must be treated as a crime scene. Most states, including New York, require that specific conditions be reported to the police or other agencies (know your local protocols) if a crew responds without law enforcement presence. These situations include violence (gunshot wounds and stabbings); domestic abuse; child abuse; elder abuse; sexual assault; intoxicated person with injury; mentally incompetent person with injury; and unattended death. Upon arrival, scan the area for hazards such as: hostile persons, dogs, uncontrolled traffic, spilled chemicals, gas, oil, down

power lines. Call for police assistance and wait until police secure the scene before entering for intimate partner or family violence, assault, any shooting or stabbing. Do not hesitate to call for police presence anytime you feel any threat to your safety. What are our responsibilities, as pre-hospital health care providers, at a crime scene? The foremost priority upon arrival at any scene, crime or not, is safety of self, then partner, the patient, and then public. Once safety is ensured patient care and life is the main concern, when possible it is best not to disturb any of the crime scene evidence. Even after police have “cleared a scene,” it is still smart to be observant of your surroundings and be aware of all exit and access points. Responding EMS personnel can be very helpful to law enforcement agencies if the crew minimizes what they touch and stays only in the patient area. Allow only necessary responders on scene and document any patient and furniture positions and movement. Try not to contaminate the scene by stepping in blood or other liquids, using the bathroom, washing your hands in the sink or leaving refuse such as gum, personal dirty tissues, etc. on scene. Use a single route to and from

the patient to minimize the footprint. If you must cut clothing from a victim of a gunshot or stabbing, try not to cut through any holes or tears made from a weapon and bag (or hand over to police personnel) the patient’s clothing separately from other property or other victims’ clothing. Have a list of all EMS personnel on scene so the police can eliminate any personal “evidence” left behind. Although there have been many arguments on both sides regarding photography, it is not a good idea to take pictures (i.e.: cell phone/camera) to document the scene as your camera may be confiscated as evidence. Also, there may be questions regarding HIPAA if you use those photos on social media sites or blogs. Unless you are specifically authorized by your department to record the scene, your role in EMS is patient care and not photography. Document any furniture you move and the position of the patient in writing on you patient care report. It is not a HIPAA violation to share patient information with police agencies if it concerns any criminal investigation; note any request for information, who made the request and what information was provided.

1st Responder Newspaper - NE

January, 2014

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January, 2014

1st Responder Newspaper - NE


Truck crashes into home in Wolfeboro


Wolfeboro, NH. A Nashua man is dead after a crash involving a commercial truck with a home on Center St. in Wolfeboro at 10:12 a.m. on Wednesday, November 27, 2013. Wolfeboro authorities were notified of the collision at 854 Center St., a home owned by James and Wendy Nelson. Responding police and firerescue personnel discovered the truck had come to rest against the home and the driver was slumped over in the cab. Fire-rescue personnel were able to remove the driver from the vehicle and placed him in an ambulance for transport. Wolfeboro Police Lt. Dean Rondeau said Normand Levesque of Nashua was driving northbound on Center Street when he suffered a sudden medical condition,

JUMP TO FILE #120213105

which caused him to succumb to his condition during which time the truck drifted across the center line, travelled approximately 300 feet, and struck the home. Both the truck and the home sustained minor damage and the family living in the home is safe. No other injuries were reported. The Wolfeboro Police Department continues to investigate the crash. Wolfeboro Police and FireRescue were assisted at the scene by Stewarts Ambulance, the Wolfeboro Building Official, and the NH State Police. - TOM ZOTTI

The door needed to be completely removed to access the patient.

Christmas Island Motel burns Laconia and Gilford were dispatched to a reported building fire on Saturday night, November 9th at 8:48 p.m. to Christmas Island Motel located at 630 Weirs Blvd. Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid reported multiple calls being received and flames were visible from their camera. Captain Beattie requested a first alarm and verified it was the motel not the restaurant. He arrived in four minutes and reported heavy fire conditions in a two story wood frame motel 150 x 40. The Weirs engine layed out two supply lines from the hydrant

JUMP TO FILE #111413115

in front of the restaurant and put a truck deck gun into operation, pouring 1,000 gallons a minute onto the burning building. The Central Station ladder setup in the parking lot and Gilford’s engine supplied that truck. They poured 1,200 gallons per minute into the building. The engine from Central layed a supply hose from a hydrant on Weirs Blvd. down through the back streets to the rear of the building and started a portable

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deck gun. Laconia Engine 1 pumped that hydrant. Incoming mutual aid were another Gilford engine as well as Belmont, Meredith, Tilton, and Franklin all with engines. These crews assisted stretching additional hoses to work the fire and protect the home behind the motel. The fire was knocked down fairly quickly; however, final extinguishment took hours. A crew remained on-scene all night. Chief Carrier assisted with Division A. Captain Landry had Division C. Chief Erickson assisted Captain Beattie with command. Stewarts Ambulance and Belmont covered Central Station and Meredith covered the Weirs. The State Fire Marshal, ATF, Laconia Fire and Police are investigating this fire. CERT assisted with traffic control. Earlier on Saturday morning at 2:08 a.m., there was a one alarm fire at Pittman's Freight Room on New Salem Street. That fire was quickly extinguished and the Freight Room should re-open mid-week. That fire is also under investigation.

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Piermont Volunteer Fire Dept. in Piermont NH

1st Responder Newspaper - NE

January, 2014

New Jersey Heavy Fire, The 1970’s VIDEO REVIEW Video reviews by John Malecky

New Jersey Heavy Fire, The 1970’s By Advanced Print and Video Available from: FSP Books & Videos 188 Central Street, #4 Hudson, MA 01749-1330 1-800-522-8528 Price: $29.95 (DVD) This DVD is 52 minutes in duration. It covers four fires. Two are in Jersey City, one in Newark and one in Linden. All fires are at night so visibility is nil. There is no narration. The date of the incident is given and a basic description of what is on fire. The back of the jacket lists the four scenes, but is out of sequence with the footage. The first incident is at the United Chemical Company in Jersey City. It is a third alarm which occurred in June of 1978. There is no information as to what chemicals are burning. We just see a building heavily involved in fire. The building might actually be vacant, but that is not known. Firefighting forces seem to be covering exposures while keeping a

distance. Despite their being no flare-ups, the tactic is still best for the safety of the firefighters. The next fire is a fatal one in Newark in which there were four fatalities. Firefighters are seen carrying them to ambulances.The building appears to be a multiple dwelling. This occurred in February of 1978 on East Kinney Street. York Street in Jersey City is the scene of the next fatal fire, which claimed seven lives. The videographer again focuses in on firefighters removing fatalities to awaiting ambulances. This is also a multiple dwelling and looks like it may be a brownstone type some of which are in that neighborhood. It took place in January of 1979. The title on the video says York “Avenue,” but the street sign in which the camera focuses says York “Street.” There is no York Avenue in Jersey City anyway, though there is a New York Avenue! The last incident is a massive refinery fire in Linden, which is not far from Newark. It took place in March of 1979. Keeping a safe distance and using a telephoto lens, the fire which seems to involve a pipeline at least, is brought closer to the viewer. There is no other information as to what is burning. With many of the videos this column reviews, the lions share are in large cities in other states. This one reminds us that there are serious fires in New Jersey as well!




Propane training held at Franklin On October 28th, Baltic Engine Company #1 participated in a four town training program on propane and LPG fires. The program was held at the Franklin Volunteer Fire Department and was presented by employees of Uncas Gas, who are also members in neighboring fire departments. Members were able to participate in the different positions that are required for the team to safely

Factory Trained Technicians • 24 Hr Emergency Service

JUMP TO FILE #112113121

approach a burning propane tank and get to the safety shut off valve by taking turns on the hand lines, application of different nozzle patterns as to where the firefighters are located when approaching the burning tank and also participating in being the person who has to

reach in for the safety valve. Members also were shown some videos on the characteristics of propane and LPG fires. At the end of the program, the employees of Uncas Gas showed the difference in how the two gases behave when there is a fire involved. - REG PATCHELL

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January, 2014

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How’s Your Driving? Last year across the United States, 25,580 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes. This figure includes those firefighters and emergency responders who are killed annually while responding to an emergency call, be it in an emergency response vehicle or their own personal vehicle.

STAYING SAFE Chief Henry Campbell

The good news is that there has been a steady decline over the past ten years in the annual road death toll thanks to the many safety upgrades in vehicles, stricter law enforcement, and better driver awareness. Annually in the fire service, we have an average of five firefighters killed in motor vehicle crashes. When was it last that you reviewed your states drivers manual or commercial vehicle operators manual, or taken a safe driving course? I hope you do it often and on an annual basis. Are you familiar with the rules of the road? Interpreting signs, signals and warning devices? Do you practice defensive driving when you are behind “the wheel?” Driving is a full time job no matter what the reason for driving; commuting, business, vacation, responding to and from an emergency. Driving requires concentration and observation which requires most of your time, while leaving little room to be involved in any other task or function, including conversation. Road hazards can appear in a fraction of a second, and if you haven’t been paying attention you may become involved in a crash or other type incident involving a motor vehicle, making you or someone else a statistic. So let’s have a Safe Driving Refresher. The first thing we should be interested in is what the causes of vehicle crashes are. For starters the top three are drunk driving, speeding, and distracted driving. These are the three we hear the most about. Other causes of motor vehicle crashes include weather, reckless driving, failure to comply with traffic control devices, young and inexperienced drivers, tailgating, improper lane changes, driving while drowsy, and road rage. The simple thing with drunk driving is if you are going to drink, don’t drive; conversely, if you have to drive don’t drink. Speeding is something many of us do, it may only be five miles above the posted speed limit, but those extra five mph may be enough to get you involved in a crash. The more you increase your speed, the greater the chance you have to be involved in a crash. The faster you are going, the more distance you will need to safely stop or avoid any road hazards. Today, distracted driving has become an

increased source of crashes as more and more people become involved with distractions while driving, cell phones, texting, checking on children in the back seat, applying make-up or shaving, eating, or involved in conversation and just about anything else you can think of. Many people drive as if they are in the living room of their homes, interested in everything and everyone around them. Unfortunately, driver concentration is far more important than any of the distractions that take them away from being a good defensive driver. Constant observation of the road ahead and around your vehicle far outweighs answering a cell phone call. Many times as emergency responders, we hear the drivers involved in a crash explain that they have no idea how the crash occurred. Well, either they do know and they are not willing to tell, or they were so distracted by doing or concentrating on something else that they really don’t have any clue as to what happened. Whatever the cause of the crash, if you were the driver at fault, you can be charged with a variety of driving and motor vehicle violations that could cost you financially in fines and, or, possibly being sentenced to imprisonment. Whenever you get behind the wheel of your own personal vehicle or an emergency vehicle you should always be alert, cautious, while you drive defensively, and responsibly; driving as your life, and the life of others with whom you share the road, depends upon it. There are many hazards and emergency situations that can be encountered while driving and one must be aware of what they are and how to quickly react in order to prevent serious injury or death to you, your passengers, or vehicles and their occupants. We will continue next month. Till next time, Stay Safe and God Bless!



Three alarm fire destroys Meriden apartment building Meriden, CT. Just after 3 a.m. on Thursday, November 14th, Meriden firefighters responded to 72 Meetinghouse Ridge at the Merritt station apartment complex for a reported structure fire. Car 3 was first on scene along with Engines 2, 3, and 5 and Truck 1 and reported fire showing from a two story apartment building. A second alarm was struck, which brought Engines 1 and 4. Heavy fire was through the roof and was traveling the length of the building through a shared attic space. Firefighters stretched several lines to try to contain the fire. A short time later, two additional en-

JUMP TO FILE #111413112

gines and ladder trucks were requested to the scene, which brought South Meriden Engine 10, Wallingford Engine 2 and Truck 1, as well as Berlin Truck 9. Mutual aid for Southington Engine 11 and Cheshire Engine 4 were dispatched for station coverage. Soon afterward, Middletown Truck 1 was sent to the scene. The fire ripped throughout the building and was brought under control in about an hour. At least 20 apartments were destroyed and 40 residents were displaced. They took

shelter in the complex leasing office while firefighters battled the fire. The American red Cross responded to help the displaced residents. There were no injuries reported. The cause of the fire was cigarettes smoked late Wednesday on a second-floor balcony. The cigarettes were in a plastic bucket and were not fully extinguished. The bucket began smoldering and it ignited a nearby plastic table and chairs, which then spread up to the attic and traveled the length of the building. - RICK KULMANN

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Congratulations Northwood Fire-Rescue Northwood, New Hampshire

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January, 2014




Fire safety in the schools The Baltic Fire Engine Company #1 recently participated in their fire safety program at both schools in town as well as a local day care center. Members showed the students the equipment what is used in firefighting, offered a question and answer time and spoke about how to survive in a fire. They also discussed how to drop and roll and how to have preplanned exit drills so that their families will know where to meet once out of a burning building. They were advised never to re-enter that building. Chief Les Shull and Asst Chief Tom Girard supervised the program as Firefighter Frank Narciso was the department member, who for the past two years took over the fire safety program to help teach all of the students what to do and not to do in a fire.



Torringtonirefighters battle kitchen fire At 7:26 p.m., Torrington Fire as well as Drakeville for their tanker were called to 413 South Main St. for the report of a kitchen fire in Apartment 107. Although there was nothing showing on arrival, the first crew in found the kitchen ablaze. All city volunteers were placed on standby in quarters and a shift was called back to man the reserve pieces. A hand line was stretched through the front door and up the stairs while ground ladders were placed around the building to the second story windows. Primary searches were conducted and the remaining occupants of the building were evacuated. The fire was quickly extinguished and the remaining smoke was ventilated with positive pressure. One tenant is displaced and there are no reported injuries. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

rFi e o H se, Ground a L dder & u Tes Phone (860) )P mp740-7105 740 7105nti g




Se Serving erving New England d

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January, 2014

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Bristol firefighters respond to structure fire Bristol, CT. On Tuesday, December 3rd, Bristol firefighters were dispatched to 104 Stafford Avenue for a working fire in the 7 Star Convenience Store. The call was received by the police department as a burglar alarm. Upon arriva, officers found the building on fire and had the fire department dispatched to the location. Engine's 3, 4, 5 and Truck 1 responded and knocked the fire down quickly. The fire destroyed the store and did some damage to an attached business. Tenants in a nearby apartment were evacuated and were able to return to their apartment a short time later. The fire is being investigated by the city fire marshal.

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Elderly man rescued from Wethersfield structure fire Wethersfield, Ct. At noontime on December 2nd, Wethersfield firefighters were dispatched to 81 Bittersweet Hill Road for reports of a structure fire. On arrival, heavy fire and smoke was coming from the roof of the 2,500 square foot ranch style home and the smoke could be seen for miles. Command requested the task force to be activated, which brought out mutual aid from Berlin, Rocky Hill, Newington, Cromwell and Glastonbury. Firefighters operated with multiple hand lines and ran a feeder line from a nearby fire hydrant. Several holes were cut into the roof to ven-

JUMP TO FILE #120213128

tilate the smoke and Wethersfield Truck 32 shot water in from above the roof line. The 91 year old homeowner, Joseph Parracino who is a WWII veteran, was home alone at the time. He was rescued by his neighbor, Dave Obedzinski, who came home from running errands and saw the fire. Obedzinski called for him and when he did not come out, he ran into the smoke to get him. The elderly homeowner was transported to Hartford Hospital to

be checked out. The fire, which may have started in the garage, was placed under control about an hour later. It is being investigated by the fire marshal. Several towns responded to the scene to assist Wethersfield firefighters and for station coverage. Units on scene were Wethersfield Engine's 11, 21, 31; Truck's 13 and 32; Rescue 23; Berlin Engine 8; Rocky Hill Engine 1; and Cromwell Rescue 1 along with additional units from Newington and Glastonbury for station coverage and on scene. - RICK KULMANN


Chief Bill Halstead awarded Fireman of the Year


We have proudly served the Torringford community and the City of Torrington, CT since 1957. Our coverage area is not only the Eastside of town, but mutual aid to the entire city and area towns.

Chief Bill Halstead was awarded Fireman of the Year by Fairfield County Fire Chiefs Association at their monthly meeting held on November 20, 2013 at Candlewood Fire Company in Brookfield. Bill Coffey of Padanaram Hose Co. and Chief Bill Davin of Monroe Fire presented Chief Halstead with the honor. Chief Halstead joined Sandy Hook Fire & Rescue on his 16th birthday in 1965 and hasn't looked back. He progressed through the ranks of Engineer, 1st Engineer, Asst. Chief and became Chief in 1978. Bill is also the Fire Marshal in Newtown since 2001. He has held numerous positions throughout the state relating to the fire service including being President of Fairfield County Fire Chiefs from 1994-1995. Bill Coffey stated Chief Halstead has done a tremendous job throughout his career and truly deserved this honor.

January, 2014

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PAgE 15



Canaan Fire Co. hosts light parade Several departments from all over Litchfield County and beyond gathered in Canaan on Sunday night to participate in their annual light parade. Participants gathered at the Stop & Shop in town and proceeded down Route 44, up Route 7 and over to the elementary school. There was an outstanding amount of participating departments with trucks decked out with lights galore. Following the parade, dinner was served at the school.


Rollover for Baltic Baltic Engine Company #1 was dispatched for a report of a rollover on Bushnell Hollow Road on October 9th. Upon arrival, crews found a pickup truck flipped onto its roof and a patient, who needed to be transported to a local hospital for evaluation. The accident is under investigation by the CSP Troop E- Montville. Members of Baltic Fire Department were relieved from the scene once the local wrecker service towed the truck from the scene. Baltic also performed traffic control until the scene was cleaned up by the wrecker company. Chief Les Shull was officer in charge at the scene.

IGNITE IGNIT TE YOUR R CAREER R in Fire ire Sciencee Mount Wachusett husett Community College hass been recognized by the National Fire Academy ass being among the first rst four colleges in the country too adopt the Fire and d Emergency Services Higher Education ucation (FESHE) Recognition cognition and Certificate Program..


Southington responds to rollover MVA Southington, CT. At 4:30 p.m. on November 9th, Southington Police and Fire Departments were dispatched to the area of West and Prospect Streets for an MVA with a multiple vehicle rollover and possible injuries. On arrival, Car 3 encountered a car that was into a fence and a flatbed wrecker from Volopies Towing Service rolled over on it’s side along with the vehicle the wrecker was carrying. Firefighters had to use a ladder off of one of the responding engines to get the driver out. Engine's 11, 21 and Eescue 2 along with an ambulance from AMR and several police officers responded to the scene.


For more information contact: Admissions Office Phone: 978-630-9110 Email: ADMISSIONS MWCCEDU Web: MWCCEDUCATALOGDEGREES CERTIlCATES

AA/EEO Institution on IP046-01 Rev:Jul13


January, 2014

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Overhaul in progress.

Brookfield auto repair shop gutted


Second alarm structure fire

Brookfield, CT. On December 5th at approximately 11:30 a.m., both Brookfield and Danbury 911 center's started receiving multiple calls reporting a structure fire at 132 Federal Road. Both departments were dispatched to their respective addresses along the same road, when it was finally confirmed to be in Brookfield. With Danbury's career engines already on the road and nearby, Brookfield dispatch continued them into the call, which was by now a confirmed working fire in a auto-

JUMP TO FILE #120513118

motive repair shop, which part of a much larger mixed commercial occupancy. With fire blowing out the overhead doors, Danbury Engine 24 was first in, with Engine 23 right behind, hitting the hydrant directly in front of the fire building, and laying in with a five inch supply line. Brookfield companies arrived shortly thereafter and joined in the attack.

There were two civilians treated and transported by EMS for minor injuries. Companies responding were Danbury Engine's 24, 23, 22, Truck 1, Car 30 (shift commander), Car 51 (safety/training officer), and Water Witch Squad 7 (air supply) and EMS. Brookfield Engine's 4, 5, Rescue 3, Tanker 2, EMS, and Fire Police. Candlewood Engine 21, Stony Hill Engine 1 (RIT), and Bethel Engine 6 on the cover assignment at headquarters. - ROBERT FISH

South Fire District Middletown, was dispatched at 7:53 a.m. on November 23rd for a shed fire. As Engines 30 and 32 were enroute, updated information from dispatch advised that the fire spread to a vehicle. On arrival, firefighters found the fire had spred quickly to large three bay two story garage with the winds pushing it fast. A second alarm was transmitted and a tanker task force was requested for water supply.

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January, 2014

PAge 17


Cheshire firefighters battle in attached garage Cheshire, CT. Just after 8:00 a.m. on Monday, December 2nd, Cheshire emergency dispatchers received a 911 call for a car fire inside of a garage of a home at 35 Sorghum Mill Drive. The first arriving responder was police officer Rob Regan, who relayed back to the dispatchers that there was heavy fire showing from the garage of the two and a half story home with two vehicles inside. Firefighters responded with Engine's 6, 7 and Truck 2 and also called mutual aid from Prospect for an engine and Southington for an engine and ladder truck. A supply line was laid in from

JUMP TO FILE #120213109

a nearby hydrant and multiple lines stretched to the garage as well as a line into the home to keep it from spreading to the rest of the structure. The bulk of the fire was knocked down in a few minutes and mutual aid from Southington was canceled enroute. Prospect was requested to standby at Cheshire fire headquarters. They were requested a short time later to the scene to assist with overhaul. There were no injuries re-

ported and the elderly couple escaped the fire. The woman was checked out by Campion Ambulance on scene as a precautionary measure. It is unknown if she was transported to a local hospital for further treatment. The fire destroyed both vehicles and the garage. The house sustained heavy smoke damage throughout the entire structure. The state fire marshal was called in to assist the town fire marshal with investigating the cause of the fire. - RICK KULMANN RICK KULMANN

FireďŹ ghters pull a burning door from the home

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Shed fire in Pawtucket On November 19, 2013 at 8:30 p.m., Pawtucket was alerted for a shed fire at 83 Farrell Street. Upon arrival of the fire department, crews reported a fully involved shed and companies went to work. One line was used to extinguish the fire. The cause of the fire is under investigation and no injuries were reported.


Shed fire in Pawtucket On November 21, 2013 at 7:30 a.m., Pawtucket Fire received an alert for a structure fire at 76 Woodlawn Road. Engine 6 arrived to find smoke showing from a one story wood frame shed. Firefighters used one hose line to knock down the fire. No injuries were reported and the fire is under investigation.

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Building fire in Pawtucket NICK ZABAWAR

This 1942 Mack L model was built for the Hingham Shipyards in Hingham Massachusetts. It was one of two built for the shipyard. Because of shortages created by World War II, parts normally chromed were painted instead. This was typical of most all ďŹ re apparatus built during World War II. After the war, the shipyards saw a decrease in business and virtually no need for the two trucks. One reportedly went to the Boston Fire Department and this truck went to Paxton, Massachusetts. When it was retired by Paxton, it was sold to a private owner in Worcester, Ma. The Wires and Fires group in Portsmouth, RI, purchased the truck and gave it a ground up restoration. It now lives out its retirement going to parades, musters, and car and truck shows.

Pawtucket, RI. On December 1, 2013 at 3:00 p.m., Pawtucket Fire received a call for a building fire at 48 Comstock Avenue. Firefighters from Engine 1 arrived on scene to find smoke showing from the first floor of a three story wood framed dwelling. Crews entered to find a fire in the kitchen and quickly knocked it down. The Red Cross was called in to assist the occupants. No injuries were reported to civilians or firefighters.

January, 2014

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PAge 19


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Overturned car in Pawtucket On November 20, 2013 at 7:15 p.m., an overturned vehicle on Lemwood Avenue at Prospect Street was reported to Pawtucket Fire. Fire department crews arrived to find a two car MVA with one vehicle rolled over. Two injuries were reported. The patients were packaged and transported for treatment.

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January, 2014

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Whitman MA Firefighter Mike MacCurtain operates a Blitz gun at a recent house fire in Abington, MA.


Northbridge’s Lt. Lachapelle at a November fire at 8 West Street


Whitman, MA Firefighter Josef Kenealy carries a ground ladder at a recent fire in Abington, MA.


Whitman, MA Firefighters Steve Foster and Bryan Smith were the EMS stand by at a recent house fire in Abington, MA.


Sutton Fire Chief Belsito at a November fire at 8 West Street

1st Responder Newspaper - NE

January, 2014

Page 21


January, 2014

1st Responder Newspaper - NE


Extensive brush fire in Abington Abington, MA. Around 1:00 p.m. on the fall afternoon of Monday, November 25, 2013, the Abington Fire Department responded to North Quincy Street for a reported outside fire. Companies arrived and found a large landscape debris pile involved in fire, with a running fire heading into the woods. High winds fed the fire and caused it to spread rapidly. Due to the extent of the fire spread, three mutual aid brush units were requested. Avon, Holbrook and Whitman assisted on the scene. Abington Engine 2 and Engine 3 shuttled water back and forth and used deck guns on the debris pile. A feeder line could not be run due to the extremely long distance from the fire and the nearest hydrant.

JUMP TO FILE #112713122

The OIC requested the Massachusetts Forest Fire Control State Tanker 1 to the scene to assist with shuttling operations. Heavy equipment was brought in to tear apart the large debris pile and expose hidden pockets of fire. An engine company from Brockton covered Abington's headquarters during the incident. Crews contained all of the running fire and focused on the extinguishing the debris pile. Once the sun went down, companies picked up and returned in the morning to extinguish any remaining fire. The cause of the fire is not known. - PAT TRAVERS


Propane fed third alarm fire in Abington


Abington, MA. At 11:39 a.m. on the morning of Wednesday, December 4, 2013, the Abington Fire Department responded to a report of a fire at 160 Shaw Avenue. Companies found a propane fed fire, with heavy fire showing from the tank on the D side, near the A corner. A propane delivery truck from E. Osterman Propane was in the driveway and appeared to be in the process of a delivery at the time of the blaze. Crews on the initial alarm were hampered by heavy fire conditions fed by the propane, as well as downed live electrical wires that were in the area of the propane tank. National Grid was requested Priority 1.

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JUMP TO FILE #120513107

A second and third alarm were struck bringing mutual aid companies from Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, Hanson, Holbrook, Rockland, Weymouth and Whitman and an Avon engine company into Abington headquarters to cover. The propane tank needed to be shut off by hand while involved in fire by a firefighter in order to stop the tank from purging. The fire had already made its way into the home, spreading rapidly throughout the one and a half story wood frame. The house was only occupied by the family dog at the time of the fire. The dog was removed, unharmed by a Holbrook firefighter. Heavy fire conditions in the home required firefighters to make a defensive attack from the outside of the house. Several two and a half inch hand lines were in operation, as well as a Blitz gun on a three inch hand line set up in the rear. The fire was under control within two hours. The dwelling was home to a reported family of seven, who were displaced and needed the assistance of the Red Cross. The driver of the propane delivery truck needed to be transported to the South Shore Hospital via a Norwell ambulance with minor injuries. Rockland and Whitman ambulances provided EMS standby during the blaze. Rehab for the firefighters was provided by the Whitman CERT Team Rehab Unit and the Department of Fire Services Rehab-6. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation by the State Fire Marshal's office. - PAT TRAVERS

1st Responder Newspaper - NE

January, 2014

PAgE 23



Plympton shooting with medflight Plympton, MA. Firefighters and paramedics responded to a residence and found a patient with traumatic injuries from a gun shot wound. Medflight was called and landed at the ldanding zone behind the fire station. One patient was transported by Medflight to Brigham and Woman's Hospital in Boston.

Flames lit up the smoke at the rear of Arrow Fence Company.

Working warehouse fire in a fencing company in Marlborough Marlborough, MA. Calls for heavy smoke in the area turned out to be a fire in a large warehouse were wood fencing is assembled . On arrival, all I could smell was the heavy odor of cedar burning. Companies were already working to open up the ware-

JUMP TO FILE #111513111

house. The rescue was parked out front. Engine 1 and the tower were set up in the rear. Engine 2 had the

hydrant out on South St. along with Engine 3 as the RIT team. The fire investigating unit arrived a short time later. The fire is under investigation. Companies were tied up for several hours. - PATRICK BELLIVEAU


January, 2014

1st Responder Newspaper - NE


Vehicle News


Bidderford, ME. Ladder 1, E-One Cyclone III Quest HP100’ rearmount Platform with pump. ED HARVEY

The high winds fanned the flames.

Fire destroys Richmond home Richmond, MA. At approximately 12:15 a.m. on November 26th, Richmond firefighters were dispatched for a structure fire at 725 Canaan Road. Richmond and West Stockbridge firefighters fought the blaze that started in the basement. Crews had to be pulled out due to several explosions, caused by fireworks and ammunition in the basement. Defensive tactics from that

JUMP TO FILE #112713126

point forward were employed. Water supply problems in the rural area and high winds combined to allow the fire to grow exponentially. Mutual aid tankers and crews from around Berkshire County and nearby Columbia County, NY were called in. Over ten departments

were involved at one point. At about 4:30 a.m., several of the NY companies had to be released for a mobile home fire in their own district. A wood stove is said to be to blame for the fire that destroyed the home. By day break, an excavator was on scene and used to overhaul the remains of the house. No injuries were reported. - ED HARVEY


The boat is equipped with a 225 Honda outboard and a 5’ removable dive door allowing for rapid patient and rescuer recovery, along with a 120 gpm fire pump for firefighting as well as vessel de-watering.


Manchester, NH. Engine 3, 2013 E-One Custom Typhoon Pumper. JIM FORTIN JR

Fully involved home in Framingham The Framingham Fire Department dispatched a first alarm to 10 Stanley Drive for a reported house fire on November 30th at 2:45 p.m. Engine 1 reported a fully involved split level. A second alarm was requested, bringing an additional two engines and a ladder to the fire. Mutual aid was brought in to cover and a Southborough engine went to the scene. First due companies used a deck gun to knock down the heavy

JUMP TO FILE #120213131

fire. Hand lines were stretched and crews attempted to knock down the fire from the outside. There was a delay in getting the gas shut down due to a frozen shut off valve in the street resulting in at least one explosion. The fire wasn’t completely extinguished until a few hours into the incident.

The building was deemed unsafe due to the heavy damage caused by the blaze. One firefighter did suffer a minor injury. Crews returned to the scene 24 hours later for a reignition on the A/B corner of the second floor. Platform 1 used the master stream when firefighters were ordered to stay out of the building. The cause is under investigation. - JIM FORTIN


Islesford, ME. Engine 1, International 4400 Pumper. MaxxForce 330 hp engine, Allison EVS 3000 transmission

January, 2014

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January, 2014

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House fire in Harwich Harwich, MA. Around 11 p.m. on Sunday, November 17th, a working fire broke out in the second floor bedroom at 111 Long Pond Drive, Building 1A. Harwich was assisted by mutual aid from Dennis, Brewster, and Chatham Fire Departments. One person was taken to Cape Cod Hospital by the Chatham ambulance. Another person was checked at the scene and not transported. Long Pond Drive was closed to all traffic for approximately one hour.


Second alarm in Kingston Kingston Ma. Firefighters responded to the Inn at Plymouth Bay for a reported fire in the laundry room. On arrival, companies had a two story hotel building. First arriving units found a fire in a dryer. The fire was found to have extended into the wall and a second alarm was struck, bringing in mutual aid from Plymouth, Duxbury, Carver, and Pembroke. Firefighters vented the roof and knocked down the fire.

1st Responder Newspaper - NE

January, 2014


Laugh your way to the bank with a stand-up comedy fund-raiser


Award ceremony for Harwich Harwich, MA. Smiling faces were all around for Harwich Fire honors two of their own. Anchoring this picture are Lt. Timothy Jaques (L) and Lt. Michael Mason (R) of Harwich Fire Department with fellow firefighters Lieutenant Dan O'Connell Dennis Fire, and Dan Kimball, Brewster Fire. Both Kimball and O'Connell were rescued after a training exercise in Brewster went terribly wrong. The incident happened on October 30th at a Barnstable County Tech Rescue Dive Team at Sheep's Pond. Lt. Jaques and Lt. Mason both awarded citations for their exemplary service that day. Lieutenant Mason, dive team leader, was recognized for his command presence where diver Kimball was trapped underwater under a vehicle and firefighter O'Connell was struck by the dive truck. Mason took command under a very sudden stressful situation

JUMP TO FILE #112513103

managing all resources and personnel. He completed all of the tasks required of an incident commander. When the brakes failed on the dive truck and the vehicle rolled into the pond, Lieutenant Jaques' quick action and knowledge of his profession provided the needed lifesaving assistance to the trapped diver. Jaques was able to locate the diver and pull him far enough to lift his head above the surface. This action allowed Kimball to be able to breath and provided the needed time for his complete extrication from under the dive truck. Lt. Mason is a twenty-seven year member of the Harwich Fire Department and Lt. Jaques has served thirty years.

Who needs to laugh more than the Fire Companies ---the first responders who deal with dangerous circumstances each and every day? There’s an innovative concept for fund-raising developed by Joey Novick, who is a stand-up comedian and the Fire Commissioner in his hometown: Stand-up comedy shows. Fire companies can get much-needed laughs and profit financially as well. Novick's company, ComedyWorks, provides all-star headline comedians from HBO, Comedy Central, Showtime, Last Comic Standing, and the Tonight Show. Novick’s been producing comedy shows since 1977, and has experience producing shows with such comedians as Jerry Seinfeld, Rosie O’Donnell, Larry The Cable Guy, and Tim Allen. "The comedians were very funny, and very professional," wrote Mark Bruhmuller, Fire Chief of the Churchtown Fire Company of New York. “Joey Novick did an excellent job. Everybody loves to laugh, and it's a great deal of fun." ComedyWorks produces more than 300 shows a year, almost 150 of those for emergency service organizations. The money these shows can

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raise varies, depending on things like the number of tickets sold, how they're priced, the amount spent on promotion and whether food and drink are available. "Mostly companies produce shows in their own facilities, which may hold 300–400 people," says Novick. "We'll put together a show for them that will bring in comedians from major comedy clubs, with a headliner from HBO, Comedy Central, or the Tonight Show. The feature performer will be someone who's headlined the comedy circuit: Catch a Rising Star, the Improv, the Comedy Store. The host of the show will be a comedian who's very high-energy, like a gameshow host, to get the audience warmed up. A triple headliner show!” The Somerset Fire Company of New Jersey produces two fundraisers a year through ComedyWorks. "We've done about ten shows so far, and it's been great," says Mike Rein-

beck, who coordinates the shows for the 65-member volunteer department. "A friend of mine who had used Joey told me, 'This guy books really good acts.' So, we did the first show, everything was great, and we've been doing shows with Joey ever since." "I find their people to be very funny," agrees Adam Hubney, chief of the Atlantic Highlands Volunteer Fire Department in New Jersey, which books comedians through ComedyWorks for its annual dinner. "We have a professional comedy club in our county, and the quality is just as good." Comedy Works provides a 30-page ‘How-To’ guide that assists organizations through the comedy show production and warns of mistakes to avoid. "We make sure they follow everything in the guide," says Novick. "If a company has never done this before, it gives you everything from you need to know. We make sure that things get done right. Clients who follow the guide always do very well and tend to make money.” For information on Comedy Works, call 1 (888) 782-4589, go to or e-mail

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January, 2014

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Companies arrive to find heavy smoke showing.

Basement fire takes down Uxbridge residence


Northbridge with a great midday stop A resident at 7 West Street called Northbridge Fire Alarm to report that his neighbor's house was on fire. Northbridge Fire Department arrived on scene with smoke showing from the A-side of 8 West Street, the left side of a two family dwelling. Companies made an aggressive interior attack and found smoke and fire in the A/B corner kitchen. Firefighters made quick work of the fire and stopped any extension to the upper floor. No reported injuries and the fire was under investigation.

Just after noon on November 11, as I sat on the bumper of Uxbridge Engine 2, talking with Firefighter Mike Vezina, in came the tone. "Uxbridge Fire Dispatch to all fire UMP TO FILE personnel, striking a J#112713118 Box 4 for a reported structure fire at 89 Johnson Road". Uxbridge Engine 2 took down Route 122 South and was updated en route per police that they had heavy smoke showing. Engine 2 struck the second alarm prior to arrival. They arrived on scene to find a Cape style dwelling with heavy smoke showing from the entire structure. Engine 2 brought their line to the C side walk out basement, where they were greeted with a fully involved basement that was rapidly extending. Johnson Road is in District 2 in Uxbridge, meaning they are out of the municipal water district. Tankers from Millville, Douglas, Upton and other area towns were responding in on the second alarm. Uxbridge Engine 2 and a Millville Engine attempted to hold back the inferno with tank water, while a tanker shuttle was set up. The fire, which was called in by a neighbor, had a massive head start on the companies and soon self vented forcing defensive operations. Uxbridge Ladder 1 was put into place on the A/D corner with their ladder pipe and multiple hand lines run. The fire went to three alarms with calls for extra tankers to the scene and appeared to be a total loss. - PETER OSTROSKEY JR


Captain Blodgett puts the ladder pipe into position.

1st Responder Newspaper - NE

January, 2014

PAgE 29




Attic fire damages Chicopee home A stubborn attic fire caused substantial damage to a two family home on Charles St. in Chicopee on November 22nd. Multiple 911 calls started coming into Chicopee Fire Dispatch starting at 12:30 a.m., reporting smoke coming from a duplex located at 11 Charles St. Car 21 (on duty Deputy Chief) arrived on scene several minutes and confirmed heavy smoke pushing from the gable end vents of a two and a half story wood frame


JUMP TO FILE #112313102

dwelling. First due Engine 1 stretched their attack line to the attic followed up by Engine 4 with a back up line. Tower 1 and Engine 3 filled out the first alarm assignment and joined Engines 1 and 4 up in the attic and second floor. Companies worked hard over

the next several hours chasing the fire from one end of the attic to the other. Despite the tight confines of the attic, Chicopee jakes made an excellent stop at this fire, containing the major portion of the fire damage to the attic with only smoke and some water damage below. The cause of the fire remains under investigation by the Chicopee Fire Department.

Operating under the influence in Harwich Harwichport, MA. A female driver of a Toyota Sienna van crashed into a fence at 287 Route 28 Friday, November 29th around 1:30 p.m. across the road from the Villa Roma restaurant. Harwich police arriving on scene found the driver to be disoriented and confused. She was not injured in the accident; however, after Harwich officer Peter Petell administered a field sobriety test, she was placed under arrest for negligent operation of a motor vehicle and OUI.


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January, 2014

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Truck is removed from the water


Truck and trailer into Plymouth Harbor Plymouth, MA. Around 10:30 a.m. on the Fall morning of Friday, November 15, 2013 the Plymouth County Technical Rescue Team was on scene at Plymouth Harbor conducting the final day of a four day diving class on moving water oper- JUMP TO FILE #112713125 ations. While training was going on, a civilian in a truck was attempting to load a boat onto a trailer at the town boat launch. Suddenly, a commotion was heard along with yelling. The truck somehow began coasting down the ramp and into the water. The operator was already out of the vehicle as it began to enter the water. The truck and trailer slid into the water, until water entered the windows and bed of the pick up. The truck was fully submerged within one minute of entering the water. The training evolution remained on going as crews were working a safe distance away from the incident. The Harbormaster was notified and they notified the police and a tow company. At the request of the tow company, the Plymouth County Technical Rescue Team provided divers to help retrieve the sunken pick up truck. Two divers went under and connected rigging equipment to the truck so that it could be retrieved by the tow company onscene. No injuries were reported and the truck was considered a total loss. - PAT TRAVERS


Dive Team Member Michael Cardoza suits up during the incident.

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Divers from the PCTRT assist the tow company with recovering the pickup truck from Plymouth Harbor.

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January, 2014

PAgE 31

Yankee Fire & Rescue, Inc. “Where Quality is Standard Equipment” Yankee Fire & Rescue is excited to announce that it is expanding its sales and service departments to meet our customer’s growing demands. Covering most of New England, Yankee Fire and Rescue is proud to represent the industry’s most diverse and innovative emergency apparatus manufacturers: Toyne Fire Apparatus and McCoy Miller Ambulances.

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January, 2014

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House fire in Harwich

Firefighters stretch a forestry line off of Holbrook Squad 1.

Harwich, MA. Around 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, November 16th, a smoke condition at 6 Meadow Lane brought the Harwich Fire Department to the scene. Firefighters found an electrical problem in the attic. The small fire was quickly put out. No injuries were reported.


Extensive brush fire in Abington Abington, MA. Around 1:00 p.m. on the fall afternoon of Monday, November 25, 2013, the Abington Fire Department responded to North Quincy Street for a reported outside fire. Companies arrived and found a large landscape debris pile involved in fire, with a running fire heading into the woods. High winds fed the fire and caused it to spread rapidly. Due to the extent of the fire spread, three mutual aid brush units were requested. Avon, Holbrook

JUMP TO FILE #112713122

and Whitman assisted on the scene. Abington Engine 2 and Engine 3 shuttled water back and forth and used deck guns on the debris pile. A feeder line could not be run due to the extremely long distance from the fire and the nearest hydrant. The OIC requested the Massachusetts Forest Fire Control State Tanker 1 to the scene to assist with shuttling operations. Heavy equip-

ment was brought in to tear apart the large debris pile and expose hidden pockets of fire. An engine company from Brockton covered Abington's headquarters during the incident. Crews contained all of the running fire and focused on the extinguishing the debris pile. Once the sun went down, companies picked up and returned in the morning to extinguish any remaining fire. The cause of the fire is not known. - PAT TRAVERS


Fire in fence shop held to one alarm The Marlborough Fire Department was dispatched to the Arrow Fence Company on South Street at 7:00 on November 15, 2013, for a report of heavy smoke in the building. Companies arrived to find a concrete garage type structure with heavy smoke showing. Crews gained access through the garage door on the A side. Multiple hand lines were pulled from Engine 1 and fire was found in a back room. Command reported the fire was under control minutes later and that overhaul had begun. The cause of the fire is under investigation.


Firefighters from Holbrook and Whitman operating forestry lines at the rear of the debris pile.

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January, 2014

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January, 2014

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Heroes Mortgage Program

One more family enjoying the holiday season in new home thanks to mortgage program The other banks told Pete and Celeste Graziano no, they told them that their credit wasn’t good enough to obtain a mortgage. “So long, have a nice day.” However, the couple, married for 25 years, did end up buying their first home with the help of the Heroes Mortgage Program. Not only did the program help fulfill the Graziano’s dream, it helped them every step of the way, from initial inquiry to closing, with any questions or concerns the hard-working family had. “We heard about it down in Baltimore at the Fire Expo,“ Celeste Graziano said. “My husband said ‘Why don’t you call this place and see if they can get us a mortgage?’ I got in touch with them. They were just wonderful to work with. It’s a great program. They went above and beyond for us when the other banks wouldn’t.” The Graziano family is special, indeed. Pete, Celeste and their two children, Michele, 24, and Mike, 20, all serve with Richland Township (Pa.) Fire and Res-

Call 973-615-9745 For More Information cue. Pete Graziano began serving ten years ago and the rest of the family followed. “My husband really got us into it,” Celeste Graziano said. “When we moved to Quakertown, the kids were little and we didn’t know anybody. He always wanted to belong to a fire company. He got really involved. I thought if he was going to be there, I was going to be there. The kids wanted to do it, too.” 1st Responder and Sun Home Loans teamed up to create the Sun National Bank Heroes Mortgage Program. This enterprising initiative provides firefighters and other members of the emergency services community, the brave men and women, who risk their lives for us every day with an exclusive mortgage opportunity that provides discounted fees and low interest rates. The Heroes Mortgage Program

continues to flourish, helping firefighters buy their first house, purchase the home of their dreams and get better mortgage rates with a refinance. Most importantly, the Sun National Bank delivers unmatched customer service and attention to every client. Whether purchasing a new home or refinancing an existing one, the Heroes Mortgage Program is offered exclusively, providing personal service, benefits and rates not normally available to the general public. To receive more information about the program and its benefits, contact Steven Testa at or call 973615-9745. Sun National Bank Home Loans and 1st Responder Newspaper are not affiliated. All loans subject to approval. Certain conditions and fees may apply. Mortgage financing provided by Sun National Bank Loans, Equal Housing Lender.


The Graziano’s in front of their new home with their dog, Harley.


January, 2014

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January, 2014

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Three sent to hospital in Harwich Harwich, MA. Around 4:45 p.m. on Monday, December 2nd, a two vehicle crash sent three people to Cape Cod Hospital with unknown injuries. The accident happened at the intersection of Great Western Road and Lothrop Road. Harwich Police Sgt. Kevin Considine aided Firefighter Lt. Michael Mason preparing an injured girl for transport to the hospital. From first reports, the driver of the Toyota Highlander allegedly failed to yield after stopping and struck the Nissan Altima on Great Western Road. Harwich Police are handling the investigation.

Overdose accident in Harwich Harwichport, MA. The young female driver of a Pontiac sedan overdosed on drugs while driving and struck a pole. Two companions in the vehicle were not hurt. The crash happened on Archibald Circle around 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, November 30th. When Harwich Police arrived on the scene, the victim was lying in the roadway unconscious. Harwich Fire and Rescue transported her to Cape Cod Hospital in an unknown condition. The pole will have to be replaced by NStar.


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Van into pole in Harwichport Harwichport, MA. Around 5 p.m. on Sunday, December 1st, a young man driving a Ford van smashed into a NStar pole, snapping it at the base. The driver of the vehicle was not hurt. The crash happened on Route 28 across from Casual Designs of Cape Cod. The road will be closed from Gorham Road to Julien Road for some time while NStar replaces the pole.

January, 2014

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PAge 37

ICE RESCUE SUITS Mustang and Stearns Ice Commander Suits Size: Universal Adult IC9001-02 $707.55 IC9002-02 $860.94


Accident in Harwich Harwich, MA. Around 10am on Saturday, November 23rd, a female driver in a red Honda Fit ran the stop sign at Belmont and Lower County Road slamming into a Hyundai sedan sending four people to Cape Cod Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Dennis and Chatham ambulances assisted Harwich Fire and Rescue in transporting the injured. While waiting the arrival of paramedics Harwich Police Sgt. Kevin Considine comforted the driver of the Hyundai while keeping her from moving. Lower County Road was closed for approximately 45 minutes. The driver of the Honda will be cited by Harwich Police.

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January, 2014

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Barn burner in Chicopee A fast moving and unusual fire put fire fighters in this Hampden County city to the test on Veteran's Day, November 11, 2013. 911 calls for smoke in the area and a possible barn fire came in to Chicopee fire dis- JUMP TO FILE patch starting at #111213100 2:30 p.m. While a barn fire is a common occurrence in rural settings, it is almost unheard of in a city like Chicopee due to the fact that not many are left. This particular barn was last used as a coal storage building for the now defunct rail line that ran parallel to the building. When Chicopee firefighters arrived on scene, they were presented with a significant problem. Not only was the barn fully engulfed in fire, embers from the barn fire had started a large brush fire across the canal

from the fire building and multiple exposure buildings near the barn were in danger of igniting. Working fast, Chicopee jakes along with a mutual aid engine company from Westover Air Reserve Base Fire stretched multiple large and small diameter hand lines into position and knocked the main body of fire down within an hour. Multiple exposure buildings on the A and D sides of the fire ground received radiant heat damage, mostly melted siding, but thanks to the efforts of Chicopee and Westover firefighters, were spared any more significant damage. The barn, which was slated for demolition in the next several years, was heavily damaged in the fire and will have to be torn down sooner than planned for. The cause of the fire is under investigation by the Chicopee Fire Department and the State Fire Marshals Office. - NATE ARNOLD NATE ARNOLD

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Attic fire damages duplex in West Springfield


This is Firefighter Amanda Bachman of the Bethel (CT) Volunteer Fire Department, operating at a live burn at the Danbury Fire Training Facility on Nov 30, 2013

A deep seated and stubborn attic fire damaged a two and a half story wood frame duplex at 20-22 Warren St. in West Springfield, Mass. on November 9, 2013. West Springfield fire companies were toned out to respond for the report of a structure fire on Warren St. shortly before 8:30 p.m. and first due Engine 1 and Ladder 1 arrived on scene three minutes later to find heavy, pressurized black smoke pushing from the gable end vents on the A side and C side of the dwelling with all

JUMP TO FILE #111013104

occupants of the home already outside. Jakes advanced several hand lines through the A side second floor porch and C side porch as well, making quick work of the fire in the attic. West Springfield firefighters had to set up a rotating fire watch detail. However, for the rest of the night and into the following day,

to make sure a rekindle did not occur, due to the fact the home was under renovation at the time of the fire and embers from the attic crawl space had managed to get into the void spaces in the walls. The fire displaced a family of ten living on the first floor and caused several thousand dollars damage to the home and contents. The cause of the fire remains under investigation. - NATE ARNOLD

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Indiana Convention Center Presented by


Lucas Oil Stadium


Indianapolis, IN

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January, 2014


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January, 2014

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FACES OF NEW ENGLAND’S EMERGENCY SERVICES To see your action shots in the newspaper upload them on our website or email them to


Brookfield, CT, BVFD Candlewood Company Firefighter's Alan Owen Jr, and Max Zargo catch a job.


Hingham MA Firefighter Mark Durling stands by as the 90% diver on Duxbury Marine-1 during recent dive training held by the PCTRT.


Brockton (MA) Firefighter Rick Heenan works on tending a diver in the water off of Duxbury Marine1 at a recent training session held by the PCTRT.



On November 13th, members of the Burlington Fire Department conducted a live fire training exercise in Burlington's (VT) New North End.

Holbrook MA Fire Lieutenant Scott Collins delivers the family dog back to the owner at 160 Shaw Ave on December 4th

January, 2014

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End of an era in Whitman, municipal fire alarm system dismantled Whitman, MA. On Tuesday, November 19, 2013, the last box rang through the municipal fire alarm system in the Town of Whitman. Street Box 3244, located at Broad Street and South Avenue, rang through four rounds a little after 2:00 p.m. It was the last remaining box to be removed from the municipal fire alarm system. This is a portion of a statement regarding the removal of the municipal fire alarm system that was posted on the Whitman Fire/Rescue Facebook account by Whitman Fire Chief Timothy Grenno; "Today's technology far out performs and is far more reliable than

JUMP TO FILE #112813104

the older system, which was built back in the 1920's. Although the fire alarm division has done great work over the years attempting to maintain the system, the old wire and antiquated equipment is extremely expensive to maintain. Options were looked at, a cost/benefit was done and records show the fire alarm system has NOT been utilized for any type of true emergency, fire/medical call, in over 17 years." Businesses that utilized master

boxes that would alarm directly into the firehouse are now required to be monitored by a central station alarm company, who receive the alarm and then contact Whitman Fire by telephone. Some businesses chose to keep their fire alarm box attached to their building. These boxes contain a switch that contacts the alarm company, which will then contact the fire department. Residents of Whitman are advised to utilize 911 for all emergencies in the town. - PAT TRAVERS


Whitman Box 3244 at the corner of Broad Street and South Avenue was the last street box to be removed from the municipal fire alarm system.


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Whitman Fire Alarm Superintendent Firefighter Nick Grasso disconnects wires inside a master box and removes it from the municipal fire alarm system.

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January, 2014

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Boynton Beach hosts record event to help NFL alumni charities BOYNTON BEACH, FL - It wasn’t supposed to happen at all. The crippled economy, the housing slump, the unemployment explosion, even the oceanic conditions threatened to beat down the 4th Annual Fishin’ & Firehouse Chili Grand Slam put on by the Boynton Beach Firefighter Benevolent Association on April 18th. It just wasn’t supposed to happen this year—the members looked at the state of the world and asked themselves, “How do we ask for sponsorship money, boat entry fees, donations and support at a time like this?” Somehow though, in a mighty confluence of tenacity and generosity, South Florida’s firefighters, fishing fanatics, chili connoisseurs and their taste testers pulled together for a full day of fun and excitement to set a few records and raise over $20,000.00 for some kids who really need it—especially during this economic crisis. The popular Boynton Beach fishing tournament and chili cook-off has grown like a wildfire since it’s first go-round in 2006 when it attracted a respectable 43 boat entries—not bad for a first year tournament in South Florida, the fishing tournament capital of the world. With hopeful expectations for the same in 2007, Boynton firefighters were shocked when 74 captains entered their boats. In 2008, that number fell to 63 entries, but understandably so as there were three other tournaments that same day, most with much higher payouts to draw some captains away. However, with the global economic abyss swallowing boats and every other luxury item folks have to unload just to stay afloat, a decision was made to forego the 2009 event. Then, suddenly, a title sponsor— Sutphen--offered up the $5000.00 sponsorship donation, and then, other large sponsors sent $1,500.00 checks, $500.00 checks, boat entries, chili teams, prizes, food! In the end, this “little engine that could” wound up beating its own records with 76 boats registered, the tournament’s recordbreaking fish weighing in at 63plus pounds, over 870 pounds of fish donated to the cause by their captors, and a new department single event donation record of over $20,000.00 for charity! It’s a story that speaks to the overwhelming generosity of Americans—people helping people who need it when they need it most, giving of themselves when


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the last thing that makes logical sense in such trying times is to give at all. The Boynton Beach Firefighter Benevolent Association and IAFF Local #1891 can not possibly express the heartfelt gratitude that each shares for everyone who stood up and threw down for this very worthy cause. Heroes all.

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January, 2014

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January, 2014

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1st Responder News New England January Edition  
1st Responder News New England January Edition  

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