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Highgate, VT - On Dec. 28, 2015, at approximately 8:15 a.m., Highgate Fire Department responded to a report of a chimney fire. Upon arrival of firefighters, flames were showing through the roof on Gore Road. - See full story on page 8

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February, 2016

1ST Responder Newspaper - NE

1ST Responder Newspaper - NE

February, 2016



February, 2016

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1ST Responder Newspaper - NE

Terrorism, Still A Threat, Part II


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First responders dispatched to rollover Swanton, VT. On December 27th at approximately 1:40 p.m., Missisquoi Valley Rescue and Swanton Fire Department responded to Interstate 89 for reports in the north bound lane of a one car rollover. Upon arrival of emergency crews, the car was in the median. The operator lost control on slippery roads, rolling the car over, and coming to rest on it’s wheels in the median. MVR transported three patients with minor injuries. It was snowing at the time of the accident. The incident is under investigation by the Vermont State Police.


Shaker Auto Group

Shipman’s Fire Equipment


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Feed a Family Food Drive Interim Chief Brown and Assistant Fire Marshal Keenan were on hand to drop off food collected by all five Burlington Fire Department stations to the Feed a Family Food Drive.

The ink had hardly dried on the last column, “Terrorism, Still a Threat” when it stuck its’ deadly face into the San Bernardino, California community on Wednesday, December 2. Two terrorists, acting in a matter of minutes, killed 14 people and injured another 20 gathered in a conference room for training and a holiday party. Later the same day, the two terrorists, after engaging police in a vehicle chase and shootout, were shot and killed by police. Were these the only terrorists in our country, or are there more? The answer is quite simple, there are more. Both homegrown and imported, operating alone or with others, determined to force us to capitulate to their ideals. So far they have failed therefore they continue sporadic attacks across the country, requiring all Americans to remain ever vigilant. “If you see something, say something”. For those in fire and EMS, you must maintain your training and coordination with local law enforcement agencies in our communities to stay updated as to incidents involving Active Shooters. Active shooters may be terrorists or just crazed individuals bent on killing for one reason or another. In the end, there may be any number of dead and wounded individuals, with the wounded in need of immediate medical assistance. Since the Columbine shooting in 1999, law enforcement agencies have changed their response strategy and tactics relative to active shooters, and they continue to do so today. A major change that took place is that there is almost an immediate response and entry into the building, where there is an active shooter. The police no longer stage and await SWAT teams. First arriving police officers have been trained and are expected to make immediate entry in an effort to neutralize any suspects. In doing so, this will enable faster medical response for injured individuals. There is no doubt that, in doing so; police officers place themselves in extreme danger in order to reduce the loss of life. Many Americans, including some emergency service personnel, feel they live in small communities that could not and would not ever be a target for terrorist activity, only big cities would be targets. Not so, terrorist activities can occur in any size community and any location, urban or rural. Terrorism causes fear, and fear spreads across the nation no matter the size of the community the event

occurred in, therefore all emergency responders must be prepared to safely respond and to act. In light of the San Bernardino shooting, the Department of Homeland Security has posted on it’s web site information and links that provide valuable information for first responders for keeping them safe. I encourage you to review, study, and pass on the information to fellow first responders. The following is excerpted from that page: “DHS Resources Available for Active Shooter Preparedness and Response Efforts; Materials to Help Raise Awareness and Strengthen First Response Efforts With the chilling rise in public mass shootings – exemplified by the devastating incidents in San Bernardino and Paris – the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other government agencies have released a broad range of resources to help first responders enhance active shooter preparedness and response efforts. The materials, which include videos, webinars, free online courses and literature, are available through the Active Shooter Preparedness Web Page, Active Shooter and Complex Attacks Resource and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Active Shooter website. Mission Manager users are encouraged to upload pertinent materials into their document libraries for team readiness or community outreach/PR efforts (see links below). The San Bernardino incident occurred shortly after the horrific Paris attacks in which multiple casualty events occurred simultaneously. Complex attacks such as the Paris massacre require a preplanned, integrated response among multiple agencies, including enforcement, fire and rescue personnel, and EMS across multiple jurisdictions. To help prepare first responders for complex, simultaneous attacks here in the U.S., the DHS Office of Health Affairs (OHS) released its Active Shooter and Complex Attacks Resource” (PDF, 236 Kb). The document was also distributed to emergency management personnel via the Dec. 3 issue of the EMRISAC newsletter. Additionally, the DHS also launched the Active Shooter Preparedness Web Page to help prepare first responders and the “whole community” for active shooter situations.” The link to the web page is: m/dhs-resources-available-for-active-shooter-preparedness-and-response-efforts-materials-to-help-rai se-awareness-and-strengthen-coordination-among-first-responders Till next time, Stay Safe and God Bless!

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February, 2016



February, 2016


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In memory of those who gave all 1st Responder Newspaper honors and remembers emergency responders lost in the line of duty

Kentucky: Terry “TC” Culver, 65 Rank: Assistant Fire Chief Incident Date: November 12, 2015 Death Date: November 24, 2015 Fire Department: Calvert City Fire Department Initial Summary: While responding to a fire call, Assistant Fire Chief Culver became ill with heart attack like symptoms causing him to fall from a piece of fire apparatus onto a concrete floor. Culver was treated and transported to the hospital but succumbed to his injuries almost two weeks later. The nature and cause of fatal injury is still to be reported.

Kentucky: Zachary Chase Clevenger, 30 Rank: Firefighter Incident Date: December 4, 2015 Death Date: December 5, 2015 Fire Department: Estill County Fire Department Initial Summary: Firefighter Clevenger worked a structure fire in the evening of December 4th returning home near midnight. Clevenger was found unconscious by his wife in the morning and emergency assistance was summoned. All efforts to revive Firefighter Clevenger were unsuccessful and he passed away from a nature and cause of fatal injury still to be reported.

Illinois: Mark Zielinski, 49 Rank: Firefighter/Paramedic Incident Date: December 4, 2015 Death Date: December 4, 2015 Fire Department: Matteson Fire Department Initial Summary: Firefighter/Paramedic Zielinski responded to a medical incident for a male who was in cardiac arrest at a local retail store. While performing CPR on the patient, Firefighter/Paramedic Zielinski suffered a medical emergency. A second ambulance was summoned and Firefighter/Paramedic Zielinski was taken to Franciscan St. James Hospital in Olympia Fields where, despite all efforts, Zielinski passed away from a reported cardiac related injury. California: Scott Carroll, 48 Rank: Captain Incident Date: November 28, 2015 Death Date: November 30, 2015 Fire Department: City of Oxnard Fire Department Initial Summary: Captain Carroll fell ill while working a duty shift that had included one cooking fire and two EMS calls. Carroll left the station for his personal physician’s office and then home to rest where, two days, later he was found by his wife having suffered a fatal brain aneurysm.

Wisconsin: Lawrence “Larry” W. Millard, 56 Rank: Firefighter Incident Date: December 11, 2015 Death Date: December 11, 2015 Fire Department: Endeavor Moundville Fire Department Initial Summary: Firefighter Millard was struck by a passing vehicle as he was directing traffic while the department was on the scene of a motor vehicle crash on U.S. I-39 at mile post 99.5 in Marquette County. Firefighter Millard was rushed by ambulance to a hospital in Portage then flown to the University of Wisconsin Trauma Center in Madison, where he succumbed to his injuries.

Illinois: Daniel V. Capuano, 42 Rank: Firefighter/Paramedic Incident Date: December 14, 2015 Death Date: December 14, 2015 Fire Department: Chicago Fire Department Initial Summary: Firefighter/Paramedic Capuano died from injuries sustained in a fall down an elevator shaft while operating with fire crews in heavy smoke conditions inside of a burning warehouse building. Capuano was quickly removed from the building and into a waiting ambulance then taken to Christ Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. The cause of the fatal fire incident remains under investigation by local and state authorities. New York: Jack H. Rose, 19 Rank: Captain Incident Date: December 19, 2015 Death Date: December 19, 2015 Fire Department: Mount Marion Fire Department Initial Summary: Captain Rose responded with members of his fire department to a mutual aid response call for a reported chimney fire. According to the fire department, when firefighters arrived on scene they observed fire coming from the ground floor. An entry team of firefighters from the Mt. Marion Fire Department entered the basement to extinguish the fire. During the interior firefighting operation, Captain Rose became separated from his team. Rose was quickly located by fellow firefighters and removed from the basement. Once outside, Captain Rose became unresponsive and firefighters initiated lifesaving measures. Captain Rose was treated by paramedics at the scene and transported by DIAZ Ambulance to the Health Alliance Hospital-Kingston Broadway Campus where efforts to revive Rose continued. In spite of all life saving measures, Captain Rose eventually succumbed to his injuries.

1ST Responder Newspaper - NE

February, 2016



February, 2016

1ST Responder Newspaper - NE



Crews respond to chimney fire

Swanton, VT. On Dec. 27 at approximately 7:50 a.m., the Swanton Fire Department was dispatched to John Drive for a report of a chimney fire. Firefighters found the chimney plugged, cleaned it out, and extinguished the chimney fire. There were no reported injuries. The fire was confined to the chimney.


Seven departments respond to apartment building fire


Highgate, VT. On Dec. 28 at approximately 8:15 a.m., Highgate Fire Department responded to a report of a chimney fire. Upon arrival of firefighters, flames were showing through the roof on Gore Road. Mutual aid from Swanton, Sheldon, Franklin, St. Albans Town Fire Departments in Vermont and Phillipsburg QC, and Bedford QC. Missisquoi Valley Rescue stoodby at the scene and the American Red Cross was called in. There were no reported injuries. The second story apartment was a total loss and the first story apartment received heavy water damage. Everyone made it out safely. The fire is under investigation. Firefighters fought the fire with temperatures in the teens with wind chills in the single digits.

Snowmobile on fire

Swanton, VT. On Jan. 4 at approximately 8:30 p.m., Swanton Fire Department 13E1,13T1 responded to a snowmobile on fire on South River Street. Upon arrival of Swanton Fire Department’s first due engine, the snowmobile was fully involved by fire in the road. Firefighters put the fire out quickly. There were no reported injuries. Swanton Police also responded to the scene. The fire is under investigation.

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Car versus pole with one transported Swanton, VT. On Jan. 2 at approximately 7:45 a.m., Missisquoi Valley Rescue and Swanton Fire Department was toned out for a car versus pole on Bushey Road. The car was traveling south on Bushey Road when the operator lost control on the icy road, hitting the pole and breaking it. Wires were down in the road. The operator was transported with minor injuries by MVR to a local hospital. Swanton Electric was called in to replace the pole and Swanton Police Department assisted with traffic control. Vermont State Police are investigating the crash. Bushey Road was shut down for hours so crews could replace the pole and restore power to the area.

1ST Responder Newspaper - NE

February, 2016


Accountability Tags

Chaplain's Corner

Man pulled from burning car in Salem

Didymus McHugh

Back in the 1990’s, my fire department started using accountability tags. Each person was assigned a number that was engraved on two tags. We were to wear these tags on our gear. We were to put one tag on the apparatus and the other at the assignment of your work. The idea was that when things got bad, and everyone got evacuated from a building, they could tell which person was missing, if any. When the evacuation signal was sounded or transmitted, firefighters are to evacuate and P.A.R. is to be taken, to see who if anyone, is missing. This system was devised because the incident commander is held accountable for every individual on the scene. What happened to us when we are not on the scene? Where do we tag in? Who are we accountable to and who is accountable for us? What are you accountable for? We are held accountable for our actions, words and deeds, even though we did not tag in to an apparatus. We as individuals are held accountable for ourselves in society. We are accountable. The first reported accountability that I have seen was that Adam and Eve were held accountable, to God, for eating the forbidden fruit. Also Cain was held accountable, to God, for murdering his brother. (Cain had even asked God, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”) We may not like to think of it but we are responsible for our deeds, actions and words. You may think that you do not need to be accountable because you have not physically murdered anyone. There are times when just saying, “my bad” does not cover things. When were you not truthful? When did your words or actions hurt someone, if they put their trust in you or not? It states that each of us is to give an account of himself to God. Do you know that the disciples were sent out in two’s? Talk about the first two in two out before the fire service. Well, it was done for a few reasons. First, when there are two people one can encourage the other. Second, if anything happens to one, the second can take care of the first. Third, accountability. If the two were given an assignment, they were accountable to make sure that the task was performed as it should have been. This made sure that no one was freelancing. We know how important it is not to freelance. If we are married or in a relationship, we hold each other accountable, especially with the most intimate details. If we hold our children accountable for what they say or do, should we also set the example since we ourselves are accountable? Search your own hearts and see what actions you did that may seem questionable. Accountability is so strongly tied in with ethics and caring for people. You may get away with certain actions in the “now” but you will be held accountable for it, in the “future”.


Firefighters stretching on the car fire


At shift change, Salem Fire alarm started getting calls for a car fire next to a home on January 13th. A first alarm assignment was sent under the command JUMP TO FILE# of Captain Young. 011416132 On scene units reported a car fire with exposure to a house. Crews stretched an attack line. As firefighters knocked down the fire and started to check further, firefighters found a person inside the car. Firefighters quickly removed the victim. They found that he had overdosed in the car, his foot became trapped around the gas petal, which caused the engine to overheat, starting the car fire. The person was transported to an area hospital with burns and CO poisoning. He was later flown to a Boston Hospital. - ROBERT SPRAGUE


February, 2016

1ST Responder Newspaper - NE



Second alarm in Unity

Unity, NH. On Dec 28 at 4:26 p.m., Unity Fire Department was dispatched to a house fire on Sawyer Brook Rd. The first units arrived at 4:40 p.m. to find the home engulfed in flames. A second alarm was requested by Chief Baker. The fire was brought under control shortly after 6 p.m., but there was heavy overhauling, with crews on scene until 8:48 p.m. The fire is still under investigation, but it appears that a wood stove may have been to blame. The occupants attempted unsuccessfully to extinguish the fire before the arrival of fire apparatus, but all occupants and their pets did escape safely. Many thanks to Acworth, Charlestown, Claremont, Gilsum, Goshen, Lempster, Marlow, Newport, North Walpole, and Washington, for providing assistance at the scene and coverage to area fire stations.


Fully involved fatal fire in Farmington At 9:27 a.m. on January 5th, the Farmington Fire Department received a 911 call reporting a house fire at 495 Ten Rod Road in Farmington. One occupant was confirmed as deceased. Upon arrival of fire units, flames were reported through the roof from the second floor of the two story private residence. Initial reports were of a person trapped in the house. Then, all occupants were reported accounted for when units arrived. Several persons from the residence were transported to a local hospital for treatment of smoke and severe cold-related injuries. The fire is under investigation by the NH State Fire Marshal’s Office. Farmington Police Chief Drury was the first person on the scene and attempted to reach the victim, who was found on the second floor of the residence, but was turned back by heavy fire and extensive smoke. No firefighters were reported injured at the scene. The house suffered extensive damage.

1ST Responder Newspaper - NE


February, 2016


by John Malecky


Vehicle strikes Derry house On December 24th, a vehicle struck a fence, traveled down an embankment and then struck a deck, shed, and single family home at #9 Fordway. The large deck was knocked off its supports and the house sustained structural damage to the side of the house. A female subject, who was believed to be the only occupant of the vehicle, was evaluated at a

JUMP TO FILE #122815102 nearby residence, but refused treatment and transport. The house was occupied by two adults and a young child, however, they were not injured. Engine 1 and Rescue 1 utilized struts and shoring to stabilize the

structure. The vehicle was removed through careful coordination with LBP Towing. The house remains occupied; however, the deck is not safe for use. The deck area was cordoned off with caution tape and the Derry Building Inspector was notified. - DERRY FIRE


Maltese Cross, By Vinnie Toland, Jr. Available from: FSP Books & Videos 118 Central Street, Suite #4 Hudson, MA 01749-1330 1-800-522-8528 E-mail: Price: $24.95 This is a hard covered book measuring six inches by nine inches and has 238 pages within 11 chapters. If you are one of those, who enjoys reading memoirs written by those who have put careers in emergency services then you will find this book extremely interesting! The author is a retired district chief, who put a career in the Manchester, NH Fire Department. His character is under an assumed name. He is from a firefighting family. The City of Manchester, which is tucked up in the corner of New England, is not always one identified as a common name when it comes to fires. However, it is a major city

with a daytime population of 117,000 and one with many old structures, which burned with vigor through the years when the author worked from the 1970’s through 2000. Protecting the 30+ square miles is 11 engines, six trucks and a rescue company running out of 10 stations. As the years went by, more modern improvements have been made. Many of these stories of fires no doubt gave rise to the opportunity to rebuild and regain tax ratables. Each chapter is titled and they take the reader through different categories such as becoming a tillerman, the first fire, unforgettable and bizarre, animal close encounters, a bad week for babies and others not mentioned here, but nonetheless outstanding reading much of which would be identifiable to firefighters who lived through similar experiences. The stories told are not chronological meaning that they jump back and forth at times from when the author was a firefighter to a lieutenant to a captain and district chief and back to the previous ranks in order to put together a truly action packed chapter responding to a vast array of calls. They do answer medical calls, so you will read about many of them and the memories of working in the street! There are also more fire stories than you might expect and I am sure you will like this book as much as I did.

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February, 2016

1ST Responder Newspaper - NE



Fire in Derry apartment building At 2:48 a.m. on January 5th, Engines 3, 1, Ladder 4 and Car 1 were dispatched to 21 Linlew Dr for a Master Box Alarm (direct tie to the FD). On arrival, crews noted alarms were sounding. The building was partially evacuated and fire could be seen through a basement level window. A maintenance man exited the building and reported a fire in the boiler room with smoke throughout the building. Derry Engine 2, Medic 1 and Derry Police were requested to the scene. Crews utilized a large dry chemical extinguisher to extinguish the fire and shut down the oil feed to the boiler. A hose line was stretched as a precaution as crews searched for fire extension into the structure. Additional crews were utilized to evacuate residents, who did not self-evacuate when the fire alarm went off. Low levels of Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Cyanide were present in the smoke throughout the building. A warming center was opened at the Club House (18 Linlew Dr) to give the residents a place to keep warm (It was five degrees Fahrenheit without the windchill). The building was re-occupied after ventilation was complete. The furnace repair company estimated two hours to get heat back to the building. The Club House remained open until all residents had heat and hot water. The building was turned over to property mainte-

JUMP TO FILE #010616105 nance. Fire damage was limited to the boiler, pipes and chimney. Smoke throughout the structure was cleared with ventilation fans. There were no reported injuries. - DERRY FIRE

2015 LHS Outstanding Service Award Members of the Leather Helmet Society of Manchester gathered at Ollie's Restaurant for their annual Christmas and Outstanding Service Awards luncheon on Sunday, December 13, 2015. Deputy Chief Mark Klose, Bedford Fire Department, has 27 years of distinguished fire service to his community and state. He served in the U.S. Army Reserve and Army National Guard as a flight medic in the 1159th Medical Co. Air Ambulance, Concord. He is an 11 year member of the FEMA US&R Team representing Massachusetts Task Force No. 1, Chairman of the Granite Sate Fire Service Support team, a non-profit organization that provides assis-

JUMP TO FILE #011416102 tance to families and fire departments that have suffered LODD and also strives to secure LODD benefits, and is a New Hampshire liaison to the National Firefighter's Foundation. Retired Captain Joseph Flanagan, Manchester Fire Department's Rescue 1, is a municipal and New Hampshire State instructor and was principle in introducing enhancements of rescue and hazmat training requirements as well as swift water rescue training in the Manchester Fire Department and at the state of NH level. Throughout a 36

year career, his exceptional dedication to the firefighting profession and performance of duties and lifesaving actions at extreme personal risk and peril have been continually recognized by the New Hampshire Fire Service Committee of Merit. He was active in community service, introduced a lacrosse program to the local Boys & Girls Club and served as a high school football coach for 11 years in the Manchester school system. Congratulations to the 2015 LHS Outstanding Service Award recipients. We thank you for your commitment and dedication to the fire service and your community - CHARLIE TENTAS

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Congratulations to Town of Warren Warren, Maine

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February, 2016



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February, 2016

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Midweek “Routine Booster” FIREFIGHTER FITNESS Lori Ann Hodgkinson

Winter is here and many of those New Year’s resolutions have fitness routines in full swing. Having that routine is surely a good thing. It’s keeping you focused. It’s keeping you on track and chances are it’s working. Well, as often as we say “change is good”, we conversely say “if it aint broke, don’t fix it”. So while your routine is working, maybe you can hang on to it, but tweak it enough to keep it from becoming stale. I am a big fan of having it all! Your workout may be a good one. It may contain all the right things in all the right amounts. To top it off - if you are still doing it, chances are it’s comfortable, con-

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venient and working. Giving it up in the interest of change may not be the answer right now. But in the interest of prevention - here’s a midweek ‘routine booster’ designed to give you the best of both worlds. I have my clients swapping this in for one of their ‘full body’ workouts’ in the middle of the week. They get to keep all the stuff they love, all the stuff that works, but their routine gets a facelift before it gets stale. Their minds and bodies are responding to the change with new energy and physical results. It appears to be a terrific combination of staying on track and enjoying a fresh start. Give it a try. Chances are it will do the same for you. Here’s a sample format… We begin as always with a 3-5 minute gentle warm-up of walking cycling or any low level cardiovascular activity. We move on to 30 seconds of push-ups (or chest exercise) and alternate with 30 seconds of squats (or other leg/quadriceps exercise). This 1st sequence is repeated a total of 3 times. Movement is at a somewhat brisk pace without sacrificing proper form and alignment. Once this sequence has been alternated a 3rd time we move on to sequence #2 which is one arm rows (or any upper back exercise) and lunges (or leg curls or any leg exercise with hamstring involvement). Again each is performed for 30 seconds alternating between the two exercises. After repeating the sequence 3 times we move on to the 3rd sequence. The 3rd sequence combines upper body and cardiovascular exercise. Each upper body exercise is performed for 30 seconds and alternated with cardio for 1 min. Exercises include shoulder press for 30 seconds, bike 1 minute – bicep curls 30 seconds, bike 1 minute – triceps extensions 30 seconds, bike 1 minute. As in the previous sequences we repeat the entire sequence 3 times. For those without a bike, any cardio will do from a treadmill, walking in place, jump rope, jumping jacks, knee lifts etc. (The bike worked great because we kept the dumbbells nearby and lifted them while still seated on the bike – then went right back to pedaling after each exercise.) We round out the routine with 3 abdominal exercises (we vary them from workout to workout) and one set of lower back extensions. There were times that clients did cardio workouts separate from this routine and in that case we alternated shoulders, biceps and triceps with abdominal exercises instead of the cardio. Cool-down is 3 minutes of gentle walking followed by full body stretches. The entire session including warm-up, cool-down and stretches is usually 30 minutes maximum. Remember, all exercises may not be suitable for all participants. Observe all rules regarding safe and suitable intensity. Be sure to have your physician’s approval before beginning any exercise routine.



House fire reported in Laconia Laconia Fire Department was dispatched at 1:14 p.m. to a reported house fire in the area of the Elm Street School. Gilford and Belmont were also responding under automatic aid. Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid advised multiple calls were being received and they could see a column of smoke from their location. Lt. Ellingson requested a first alarm, which brought in off-duty firefighters, as well as Tilton and Meredith Fire and Stewarts EMS to cover the city. Off-duty Laconia firefighters were at the station for an EMS class so they responded with an engine and ambulance with an additional 8 firefighters. This is the second fire in four months where off-duty firefighters were close by at school. It made a big difference in both fires. On arrival Lt. Ellingson re-

JUMP TO FILE #011316106 ported heavy fire from a one story ranch with attached garage. His crew put two hose lines into operation; one through the front door to cut off the fire and one through the front porch to extinguish the main body of fire. Two occupants were outside on arrival. Both needed medical attention. The husband had burns to his head and the wife was suffering from smoke inhalation. Both had tried to enter the home to rescue pets. Unfortunately, two cats died. however. another pet was rescued by firefighters and revived on scene. The fire was under control within 20 minutes, but the damage was extensive. Fire heavily damaged the front

porch and breezeway, and smoke and heat damaged the remainder of the home. As the fire broke the window and entered the breezeway, the heat quickly broke a sliding glass door on the far side of the room. The heat then entered a three season room and melted a ceiling fan and window shades. Yet flames never entered the room. The fire followed the path from the breezeway into the kitchen and then started feeding on the kitchen cabinets. A bedroom at the back of the home had the door closed and was hardly damaged. This reinforces why you should sleep with a door closed. The exterior stream knocked down the heavy fire and stopped the forward progress of the fire. Damage is estimated at $70,000. - KENNETH ERICKSON


Masonic Lodge in Farmington heavily damaged in second alarm fire

The New Hampshire State Fire Marshal's office is investigating the cause of a fire in a auto parked next to a wooden three story building in downtown Farmington. The vehicle was heavily damaged on December 17th around 5 p.m. 911 reported a car parked in an alleyway next to the wooden building and was engulfed in flames. Flames spread to the top of the three story building and involved the roof of the wooden structure, causing the total closure of Main Street for over two hours during a heavy rain storm. One firefighter was sent to the hospital for minor injuries. Extensive damage occurred to the building. The vehicle was a total loss.

1ST Responder Newspaper - NE

February, 2016





Dump truck rollover New Gloucester, ME. On Thursday January 14, 2016 at 11:13 a.m., the New Gloucester Fire & Rescue was dispatched for a reported dump truck rollover at 1120 Lewiston Road (Route 100/202), JUMP TO FILE# reported with in- 012216118 juries. Fire and EMS personnel arrived within two minutes of the dispatched call. Fire and EMS officials on scene found a dump truck had overturned and one person was trapped inside with injuries. Fire and EMS worked to gain access to the cab of the truck. Crews laddered the side of the truck to get to the top and then placed a closet/attic ladder into the cab to gain access to the driver. EMS assisted with getting the driver out, assessed injuries and transported the driver to the hospital with minor injuries. Route 100 remained closed for four hours while crews uprighted the dump truck and removed the crushed concrete that the truck was hauling from the roadway. “The driver can credit the seatbelt for keeping his injuries to the minor side of things. If he was not wearing his seatbelt, his injuries would be much worse, or this could had been a fatal incident,� reported Paramedic/Fire Fighter Lee Johnson. - NEW GLOUCESTER FIRE RESCUE

Rollover for Wales

Wales Fire and Sabattus Fire responded to Pond Road in Wales for a single vehicle rollover with minor injuries on January 20th.


February, 2016

1ST Responder Newspaper - NE

1ST Responder Newspaper - NE

February, 2016



February, 2016

1ST Responder Newspaper - NE



Westport tractor trailer fire The Westport Fire Department responded to a Federal Express tractor trailer fire on Interstate 95 North between Exits 18 and 19 at 5:24 a.m. on January 14th. The driver of the tractor trailer was notified by another truck operator via CB radio of a fire around his right rear tire. The Fed Ex driver pulled over to the side of the road and attempted to put the fire out. The tire exploded and the fire extended to the trailer portion and storage area. Westport firefighters extinguished the fire and were assisted by Fairfield firefighters in removing packages from the trailer and making sure all the fire was extinguished. The last firefighting unit cleared the scene at 6:22 a.m.


Newington house fire

Newington, CT. On December 9th, a afternoon house fire that started in the garage at 28 Raymond Street caused heavy damage to the garage and the room above it. Newington firefighters made a good stop, bringing the fire under control in about a half hour.

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Danbury names new fire inspector Firefighter Terry Timan was recently promoted to the position of fire inspector. He will now be a part of the City of Danbury Fire Marshals Office, and will attend the State of Connecticut Fire Marshals program, after which he will then be Deputy Fire Marshal. Terry is married and has two daughters.

1ST Responder Newspaper - NE

February, 2016



Truck 1 has side A


Danbury makes quick work At 11:15 a.m. on January 10th, the Danbury Fire Department was dispatched to a reported structure fire at 44 Sheridan Street. Upon arrival, Car 30 (DC) reported smoke showing and declared a working fire in a one and a half story wood frame house. Five adults were still in the building making an attempt to fight the fire, rescue pets, and collect valuables. First due Engine 22 stretched a line through the front door and up the stairs to fight the fire in a bedroom. Truck 1's crew gathered up the family and brought them to

JUMP TO FILE #011016103 safety. One adult male had significant smoke inhalation, so he was transported to Danbury Hospital via City Ambulance. Engine 23 laid out 200 feet of five inch hose as a supply to Engine 22, while Engine 26 provided back up. Squad 6 arrived to provide air supply, and the fire marshals office is investigating the cause of the fire. - BERNIE MEEHAN


Second alarm garage fire in Danbury

On the afternoon of January 5th, the Danbury Fire Department was summoned to a garage fire at 77 South Street. Upon arrival, Car 30 found a four bay garage with smoke showing, and transmitted a second alarm. First arriving Engine 22 wrapped a hydrant 200 feet away and laid into the driveway of the fire. Firefighters pulled two, inch and three-quarter handlines and went to work. The truck company opened the roof and the fire was put out rapidly. Companies operating were Engines 22, 24, 23, 26, and 5, Truck 1, Squads 1 and 6, as well as Danbury EMS and the fire police. There were no injuries and the Fire Marshals office is investigating.


February, 2016

1ST Responder Newspaper - NE


Ten firetrucks filled with toys Danbury, CT. On December 19, 2015, ten fire trucks stuffed with toys lined up in the parking lot of Family & Children’s Aid. An assembly line of children, community members, Girl Scout troops and Family & Children’s Aid board, clinicians and staff lead by Sparky, the volunteer firefighter’s dalmatian mascot and Santa himself carried the toys into Playmaker Village. After only two firetrucks were un- JUMP TO FILE # loaded, the tables 123015107 were overflowing with toys. Toys were piled under the tables and stacked in every available corner. The amount of toys donated this year surpassed expectations by far. A crowd of community and Family & Children’s Aid staff and supporters welcomed the firefighters. “We were outside to cheer when the caravan of firetrucks arrived. It was very exciting to see the sheer volume of toys collected by these great groups of volunteer firefighters,” said Allison Carballo, Development Director for Family & Children’s Aid. “They are definitely our heroes here at FCA.” Inside, guests dined on chicken sandwiches and coffee donated by Chick-Fil-A of Danbury while a slide show with photos of

the firefighters from all the Friday evenings spent outside Toys ‘R Us collecting toys played. Family & Children’s Aid Foundation Board Member Gene Eriquez thanked the firefighters for all they did this holiday season for children and families. Chief Charlie Coakley, Danbury Volunteer Firemen's Council President, and Mayor Mark Boughton thanked everyone as well. In addition to Toys ‘R Us, whom Chief Coakley said was, “Absolutely terrific,” the Chief sent a special shout out to Engine 4 Company’s Jen Ortega. “She spearheaded the whole thing and was


outside collecting toys every Friday since Thanksgiving. She deserves a lot of credit for putting this together. We already put her on the spot for doing it next year!” Chief Coakley said, “Everyone enjoyed donating their time and helping out. We couldn’t have done it without the community supporting us. We were very happy to be part of it. We hope that this provides a lot of children and families Christmas presents that they otherwise wouldn’t have had.” - ALLISON CARBALLO


Lawn mower fire for Yantic

At 4:32 p.m. on November 15th, the Yantic Fire Company was dispatched to 4 Cedar Lane for leaves burning. Engine 32 arrived and found a lawn mower had caught fire and extended to a pile of leaves. The fire was quickly extinguished without any injuries.

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New Britain building fire

New Britain, CT. On November 24, 2015 at around 3:50 a.m., firefighters responded to 412 South Main St. for a building fire. Upon arrival, they discovered the rear porches fully involved in fire on a three story brick residential over commercial structure. All residents made it out safely. Firefighter's worked for a hour and a half knocking down the flames in dangerous conditions making a good save of the building. West Hartford and Hartford Fire Departments manned New Britain stations as most of New Britain's fire companies were on scene.

Ridgefield Fire Rescue in the Town of Ridgefield, CT.


1ST Responder Newspaper - NE

February, 2016



February, 2016

1ST Responder Newspaper - NE



One transported from Yantic fire

At 11:01 a.m. on Jan 4, the Yantic Fire Department was dispatched to 182 Vergason Avenue for a house fire with six kids still reported to be in the residence. Car 3 arrived to find a two story cape with smoke showing and transmitted the working fire. Engine 32 stretched a one and three quarter inch line to the front door and extinguished a fire in the living room. Engine 33 laid the supply line, but luckily, they didn't end up needing it. One female was transported to the hospital for an evaluation. East Great Plain, Taftville and the Mohegan Tribal Fire Departments provided mutual aid and the Norwich Fire Marshals Office is investigating.

CFA Recruit Class #56


CT Fire Academy Recruit Class #56 On December 11th, Class #56 of the Connecticut Fire Academy Recruit Program graduated from their 15 week program. The ceremony was held at Welte Hall on the campus of Central Connecticut State University. The class was made up of fifty one recruits representing nineteen departments across the state of Connecticut. Fire Administrator Jeff Morrissette was the Master of Ceremonies, and began the program by introducing the CT Firefighters Honor Guard, who presented the colors while being piped into the

JUMP TO FILE #121115126 auditorium by the Connecticut Firefighters Pipes and Drums. After the National Anthem was sung by Kelly Ann Clark, an Invocation was given by New Britain Fire Chaplain Rev. Joseph Crowley, followed by welcoming remarks by New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart. Deputy Chief Tim Conroy of the Stamford Fire Rescue Department gave the keynote address, delivering a moving speech while reflecting on his career in

the fire service. The Michael C Reilly Hard Charger Award was presented to Milford Firefighter Justin Sansone, presented by Class #55 recipient Milford Firefighter Maureen Hickey. Jed Morrissey of the UConn Health Center FD was presented the Instructors Award. After viewing the action packed video presentation developed by Class #56, the platoon was released from the academy to go forth and begin their careers with their respective departments. - BERNIE MEEHAN

Tractor trailer rollover with entrapment Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue, Newtown Volunteer Ambulance and a medic were dispatched to the Interstate 84 East of framp for a reported tractor-trailer rollover with possible injuries. Firefighter Archie Paloian was first on the scene and reported one person was trapped in the cab of the vehicle. Chief Bill Halstead arrived next and took command of the scene. Rescue 444 and Engine 441 responded with crews. Hook & Ladder was also dispatched to respond with Rescue 113. The passenger in the tractor trailer was able to self-extract and


JUMP TO FILE #121715115 was sitting on the side of the road. The driver was trapped with his legs pinned underneath the dash. The extrication took about 40 minutes to complete. The truck was hauling tires, and fortunately the trailer did not break and the fuel tanks stayed intact. Sandy Hook cleared the scene around 1:45 p.m. - KARIN HALSTEAD

1ST Responder Newspaper - NE

February, 2016



Phone: (203) 445 6536 • Built by firefighters, for firefighters



February, 2016

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Roxbury car fire

On January 14th at 12:37 p.m., the tones sounded alerting Roxbury Fire to a reported car fire on Booth Road. Booth Road is a dirt road in a very rural section of town. While enroute, Northwest Public Safety relayed that a member was on the scene and the car was fully involved. Engine 12 arrived to find a Suburu wagon had run off the road into a muddy area, and was now fully involved. A line was stretched and the fire was knocked down in short order. The fire marshal and State Police are investigating. MICHAEL CARENZA JR

New Britain bedroom fire

New Britain, CT. On Dec. 19th, New Britain firefighters responded to 447 Church Street for a reported bedroom fire. Engine 5 arrived on scene reporting smoke showing and started stretching in. A second alarm was called for more manpower sending in another engine and ladder company. Firefighters made an aggressive attack preventing the fire from taking hold of this three story wood frame house.


Vehicle leaves roadway in Long Hill Around 10 a.m. on December 21st, Long Hill was dispatched to a motor vehicle accident on Main St near Lake Ave. Firefighters arrived and found a single vehicle that left the roadway, went through a fence, and came to rest after striking a tree in the front yard of a home. The lone occupant was transported to the hospital for treatment and firefighters remained on scene for two hours assisting the police department and the heavy wrecking company.

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Eleven companies respond to recycling center fire Eleven companies responded mutual aid to a three-alarm fire that broke out at Calamari Recycling in Essex, Connecticut on Jan. 6. The fire burned for more than 24 hours.

1ST Responder Newspaper - NE

February, 2016



Dominick and pit crew, his Father Matt and Capt. Robertson.


Christmas magic for firefighter son Vernon firefighters were busy on Dec 20th sorting toys for the annual toys for Tykes drive set for delivery on Dec 21st. Time was taken to present a special gift to the son of firefighter Matt Lattimer, a member of Engine 441. Dominick, his six year old son who had a brain tumor, is recuperating after surgery and several months in and out of the hospital. Dominick is very proud of his firefighter father, and loves firetrucks. His father's captain, Dan Robertson, and many members of Engine 441 took an electric car that Dominick had and converted it into a

JUMP TO FILE #122015106 special fire car. Over 40 hours went into the project but the results were a working electric fire car with plenty of lights! The look on his face when he uncovered the car was one of surprise and great joy! He immediately took it for a test drive in the parking lot with his cousins looking on. This will be a Christmas he will never forget. - CHAS KONARSKI

Ladder 25 to the roof


New Milford works acquired structure On January 13th, members of the New Milford Fire Department ran some training evolutions at an acquired structure at 34 East Street. The building is an 1860's Victorian that was most recently a two family house, that is slated for partial demolition and conversion to a 34 unit apartment project. Members of the Water Witch Hose

JUMP TO FILE #011416101 Company, and the Gaylordsville Fire Company gathered at the site to work on their firefighting skills. Live fires were not allowed in the building, so the building was filled with smoke from two smoke gen-

erators and the crews practiced their hose stretching, search and rescue, and truck company operations. The drill was supervised by Chief Todd Russell, and the New Milford Ambulance stood by as a precaution. - BERNIE MEEHAN


February, 2016

1ST Responder Newspaper - NE



Rollover for Tiverton Late on the afternoon of November 20th, a rollover accident occurred at Bliss Four Corners. Tiverton Engine 3, Rescue 2, Car 3 and 1 responded. No entrapment. NICK ZABAWAR

This plane made an emergency landing at T. F. Green airport in Warwick, RI on December 30th after passengers began smelling smoke in the rear of the plane.

Plane makes emergency landing at airport in Warwick On December 30, 2015, an airplane made an emergency landing at T.F. Green Airport in Warwick, RI, about 4:30 p.m. The plane from Allegiant Air was flying from Orlando, Florida, to Bangor, Maine. During the flight, passengers began smelling smoke near the rear of the plane. The pilot made an emergency landing and the passengers were

JUMP TO FILE #010216103 evacuated from the plane without incident. Firefighters from the T. F. Green Crash Fire Rescue and Warwick Fire Departments investigated and found nothing wrong. The plane will checked over by maintenance personnel before

being allowed to return to service. All of the passengers were offered rooms at hotels near the airport, but some elected to find their own way home that night. The remaining passengers were put on a new plane on the 31st. - NICK ZABAWAR


Tiverton responds to two car MVA

Main Rd was down to one lane on the afternoon of December 21 while firefighters and police officers handled a two car MVA at the in- JUMP TO FILE # tersection of 122215112 Canonicus and Main Rd. The cause of the accident is under investigation by local officials. -TIVERTON FD

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February, 2016

1ST Responder Newspaper - NE

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The Newport Ambulance Service in VT recently put this Demers Sprinter into service that was purchased from Robert Gleason of North Eastern Rescue Vehicles, Inc.



February, 2016

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New Year’s Day fire destroys two buildings in Springfield Just two hours after they rang in the New Year on January 1, 2016, frightened residents of Centre Street in the Indian Orchard section of Springfield rang another bell. One they hoped they'd never have to ring, the fire alarm. Just before 3:00 a.m., city firefighters were summoned to the address of 266-268 Centre Street for the reported structure fire. Upon arrival, Engine 5 and Ladder 5 had an occupied three story wood frame multiple dwelling that was fully involved with heavy fire venting from all sides and all floors. Fortunately, all residents had managed to escape the fire prior to the fire department’s arrival. Unfortunately, the power lines that came into the building from the pole had broken free of the building due to the heat and had fallen across Centre Street, preventing first alarm companies from accessing the original fire building. The utility company, Eversource, was called for immediately, but linemen took nearly an hour to respond to the scene. Without power company linemen on scene to kill the power to the

JUMP TO FILE #010116106 downed line, jakes were forced to set up a defensive attack on the fire from across the street and attempt to avoid hitting the wires with their master streams. Because of this, the fire extended to the Delta side exposure building, a similar three story wood frame multiple dwelling and eventually took total possession of that building too. Even with a second alarm assignment of companies on scene, Springfield firefighters were unable to save either building and could only concentrate their efforts on containing the fire to the two involved triple deckers. A total of thirty six residents were displaced by the blaze and are being assisted by the Red Cross. SFD Arson investigators determined that the fire started on the first floor of 266-268 Centre Street, but were still trying to pinpoint exactly how the fire started at the time this article was written. - NATE ARNOLD

Ladder 5 plays their master stream into the A/B corner of 266-268 Centre Street.



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Fire protection in Wayland started as a private enterprise. The first fire station was built in 1878 on Main Street. The fire station moved in 1882 to Harrison Street until it was torn down in 1953. It was replaced by Fire Station 2 at 145 Main Street. In 1956, the town hired four full time firefighters. Wayland has grown from a staff of four firefighters in 1956 to a full time staff of twenty-five in 1970. For the past 35 years, the staffing level has remained constant. Fire protection, EMS, fire prevention, and public education are a few of the functions that the Wayland Fire Department handles. Currently, Wayland responds to over 3000 incidents per year, with medical calls regularly accounting for 60% or more of the incidents. WAYLAND FD


Car fire at Kingston Collection

Kingston Ma - Firefighters responded to the Kingston Collection Mall for a car fire. First arriving Engine found heavy fire in the engine compartment. The fire was quickly extinguished. There were no injuries.

February, 2016

1ST Responder Newspaper - NE



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Kingston, Bomb Threat

Kingston Ma - Kingston Fire and Police personnel responded to the Sacred Heart Elementary School for a report of a Bomb Threat. Students were evacuated to the near by early education facility for precaution. Personnel checked the building and did not find any threat of a bomb. Students were allowed to return to the school without further incident.

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February, 2016

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Cataldo Ambulance Service receives September 11th Community Partnership Award


Med Flight in Sandwich

Sandwich firefighters were out on the afternoon of Nov. 25 for a truck versus car motor vehicle accident involving several vehicles at Quaker Meeting House and 6A. A driver required extrication and was transported by Med Flight to Rhode Island Hospital. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

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Somerville, MA. Cataldo Ambulance Service was selected to receive the September 11th Community Partnership Awards from the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office. The SepJUMP TO FILE# tember 11th Award 123015119 is presented to one or more first responders or investigators for demonstrating extraordinary courage, bravery, and/or selflessness in a way that reminds us of those who responded to the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. The awards ceremony was held on Tuesday, Dec. 15th at the John Glenn Middle School in Bedford. Chief Operating Officer Ron Quaranto accepted the award for Cataldo Ambulance Service. Cataldo Ambulance Service is extremely proud of all employees whose actions contributed to the company’s recognition of this prestigious award. - LINDSEY SONN

Pictured L-R: Middlesex District Attorney Marian T. Ryan; Ron Quaranto, Cataldo Ambulance Chief Operating Officer; & Shawn MacMaster, Director of Community Partnerships at the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office

Engine 2 of the Middleboro FD was a 1928 750 gpm rotary gear pumper. It was restored and is now privately owned in PA. KEN SNYDER

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MVA rollover with ejection in Duxbury Duxbury MA. Firefighters responded to Route 3 North at Exit 11 for a motor vehicle accident rollover with ejection on December 24th. Units on scene found a vehicle off the road that rolled over with one patient was ejected from the vehicle. The availability of Medflight was checked, but declined with a 30 minute ETA. One patient was transported by ground to South Shore Hospital with traumatic injuries.

1ST Responder Newspaper - NE

February, 2016



February, 2016

1ST Responder Newspaper - NE

1ST Responder Newspaper - NE

February, 2016



February, 2016

1ST Responder Newspaper - NE

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Taunton, MA. Engine 1 is a 2015 E-One Custom Cyclone II Pumper. This pumper is powered by a Cummins ISX 500 hp diesel engine with an Allison EVS 4000 automatic 5-speed electronic transmission with transmission retarder.

Topsfield, MA. This 2016 Freightliner/Horton ambulance is powered by a Cummins 6.7L 270 hp diesel engine with an Allison EVS 2200 Automatic Transmission.



Barnstable County TRT assists in search On Dec. 31, the Barnstable County Technical Rescue Team assisted Wellfleet Police in a search for a missing person on Lieutenant Island. The male, retired Barnstable firefighter William Fleming, was reported missing on Dec.20. His vehicle was located by a JUMP TO FILE# passer-by in a remote 010416116 area of the Island on Dec. 28 and reported to the police. A ground search by Wellfleet Police and other law enforcement agencies using K-9 resources on Dec. 29 and 30 proved unsuccessful. In a joint request for assistance, the Wellfleet Police and fire departments contacted the Technical Rescue Team, whose members are trained in wide area search techniques to assist in an additional ground search of the Island on the morning of Dec. 31. 30 members of both the technical rescue and dive team components of the rescue group mobilized in Wellfleet at 6:00 a.m. and were briefed by task force leaders and team managers as to the operational search plan for the day which included the use of drones supplied by police and private owners as a method to examine areas that team members would be unable to access due to the islands soft and marsh like terrain. A significant benefit to the operation was that approximately 12

members of the rescue team recently participated in a formalized Wide Area Search Training Program that provided them with the tools and resources necessary to develop and implement an effective and efficient search operation that included the use of mobile GPS equipment. To ensure proper command and control of the incident and coordination of resources, police and fire commanders established a unified command post on the island using a command and rehabilitation vehicle supplied by the MA Department of Fire Services. A plan dividing the search area into five sectors was developed and technical rescue team members were assigned to each. After several hours of intensive searching of the entire island, a drone located the missing person’s body in a marsh area approximately ¼ mile

from the main access road to the island. State Police were requested to the scene and after documentation of the location, members of the Barnstable Fire Department were deployed to remove the body from the marsh. This response of the TRT highlights the type of resources and services the unit is able to offer local police and fire departments. The team is trained to respond to and operate at building collapses, trench rescues, confined space rescues, high angle rope rescues, water rescues and recoveries, and wide area searches such as thi incident. The regional team is comprised of approximately 80 highly trained firefighters from a number of participating Cape Cod fire departments. ROBERT MORAN


Warwick, RI. Ladder 3 is a 2014 E-One Custom Cyclone II Metro/LTH 100’ rear- mount aerial. This ladder is powered by a Cummins ISL 450 hp engine with an Allison EVS 3000 automatic transmission. GREENWOOD EMERGENCY VEHICLES


Fire ravages vacant wood frame dwelling in Holyoke


Albion, RI Ladder 20 – 2015 E-One Custom Cyclone II HM 100’ rearmount Aerial. This ladder is powered by a Cummins ISX 500 hp engine with an Allison EVS 4000 automatic transmission

A fire that local and state arson investigators are calling suspicious in origin heavily damaged a vacant three story wood frame dwelling just outside the downtown section of Holyoke early in the afternoon of Dec. 27, 2015. City fire fighters responded to 190 Chestnut Street at 2:00 p.m. for a reported structure and arrived on scene to find the vacant dwelling with heavy smoke and fire venting

JUMP TO FILE #122815121 from the second floor. Companies faced an uphill battle as the fire had already taken possession of half of the structure prior to their arrival, and to make matters worse, second due Engine Co. 2 was browned out for the day due to low manpower. This delayed critical fire-

ground tasks by minutes as the second due engine company was now coming from the Northampton Street firehouse, several miles further away. In spite of this setback, Holyoke jakes made the best of a bad situation and fought hard to contain the fire to the building of origin. - NATE ARNOLD

1ST Responder Newspaper - NE

February, 2016




Car versus pole in Duxbury PETER LOBO

Head on accident in Waltham

On Monday, December 28, a call came in to the Waltham 911 center for an automobile accident with one car on fire. Engine 4, Rescue 6, Ladder 1 and Ambulance 1 responded. Two vehicles hit head on, one of which hit a parked car. Upon arrival, there was no fire but smoke coming from under the hood. The driver of one car fled the scene. One person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Duxbury, MA. Firefighters responded to a car versus pole on Dec. 26th. First arriving units found a car into a pole with heavy intrusion into the passenger compartment. Command requested the jaws be put to work for one patient heavily trapped. A mutual aid engine from Kingston was called to the scene for a second set of jaws. Medflight was requested for a 16 year old patient with multi trauma. The patient was extricated and the Kingston engine was diverted to the school to secure the landing zone for Medflight. The patient was transported by Duxbury Fire and transferred to the care of the Medflight crew. The patient was transported to Boston Medical Center by Boston Medflight.


February, 2016

1ST Responder Newspaper - NE


CALENDAR OF UPCOMING EVENTS February 6, 2016 NY - Annual FDNY Lt. Andy Fredericks Memorial Seminar & Exhibits will be hosted by the Elmsford Fire Department. Registration, refreshments & exhibits begin at 7:30 a.m., Program 9am-1pm. Visit to register.

February 14, 2016 NJ - Palmyra Fire Department will host their 19th Annual Fishing Tackle Flea Market on Sunday, February 14, 2016, 9am-2pm, Admission: $3. For details contact John at 856-786-0718.


Three alarms in Waltham

Waltham’s 911 center dispatched Engine 1, Squad 5, Ladder 1 and Deputy C2 to 750 Moody Street for a fire alarm activation. Upon arrival, C2 transmitted a working fire, bringing Engine 4 and Rescue 6. Smoke was pushing out the rear of the building and the roof. Access to the ceilings hampered firefighters. The fire ran along he roof and shortly, a second alarm was transmitted. A third alarm brought the remaining Waltham apparatus plus numerous pieces from Newton, Cambridge, Weston, Belmont and Lexington. The fire was under control in about two hours.

February 18-21, 2016 ME - International Ice Rescue Train-the Trainer Academy in Portland sponsored by Lifesaving Resources,, 207-967-8614.

February 20-21, 2016 NY - Long Island's Fire, Rescue & EMS Mega Show 2016 will take place at the Brentwood Sports Field House

February 27, 2016 NJ - South Amboy Fire Department, Mechanicsville Hose Company #1, presents an Evening with Uncle Floyd at Sacred Heart Memorial Hall, South Amboy. For tickets, call Larry at 732-642-4608. April 16, 2016 PA - Coudersport Volunteer Fire Department presents Chief Marc Basher "Setting an Effective Battle Rhythm-What is your Tempo? at Coudersport Jr/Sr High School, $50/per person. Contact Chief Phelps at 814-558-3102.

May 12 -15, 2016 ME - International Ice Rescue Train-the Trainer Academy in Portland sponsored by Lifesaving Resources,, 207-967-8614.

May 20-22, 2016 PA - Lancaster County Firemen's Association Annual FIRE EXPO Show will be held at the Pennsylvania Farm Show & Expo Center in Harrisburg, PA. For information, call 717-464-3291. June 15-18, 2016 NY - Register Now for the NYSAFC 109th Annual Conference, EDIAFC 89th Annual Conference, and FIRE 2016 Expo at the Turning Stone Resort in Verona, NY. Visit for more details.

June 26, 2016 NJ - Tri-Counties Fire Association is holding it's annual muster at Thompson Park, Jamesburg. Parade starts at 10:30. Contact David for information at 732-938-2685. June 30, 2016 NJ - 2016 Green Township Volunteer Fire Department Golf Outing at the Farmstead Golf & Country Club in Lafayette. For information, contact Michael at 201-230-7707.

August 13, 2016 NY - The 2016 SPAAMFAA National Convention will be held in Middletown, New York. August 1013, 2016, sponsored by the Fairchester Hose Haulers of the Hudson Valley Chapter of SPAAMFAA. V i s i t for more information.

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Cambridge collects large amount of toys The Cambridge Fire Department runs a Toys-for-Tots Drive every year in Cambridge. In the attached photo members of Engine 2, Ladder 3 and Squad 2 collected a large amount of toys, which were collected by the employees of Draper at Technology Square in Cambridge, MA.



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February, 2016





Close call in Waltham On January 1, a Waltham DPW worker was scared to death when his snow plow started to fall through the Newton Street railroad bridge and almost fell 30 feet to the tracks. Waltham Engine 3 and Rescue 6 responded. Firefighters secured the vehicle and monitored the scene while a pay loader lifted the plow up and over a curb.

Commercial structure fire in Lowell

The Lowell Fire Department dispatched Engines 1, 4 and 11, Ladder 1 and Rescue 1 to Meineke Automotive at 948 Gorham Street for a reported structure fire just after 11:30 on December 27. Companies arrived to smoke showing from the roof of the structure and two hand lines were stretched. Crews were delayed at making entry due to multiple padlocked doors. The fire was knocked down in a short amount of time and companies began making up 30 minutes into the incident. A cause was not immediately available.


February, 2016

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Portsmouth Firefighters Care Enough to Wear Pink. Portsmouth Firefighters Association (Local 1949) is raising money and awareness for breast cancer research. October is breast cancer awareness month, the association has purchased and will be wearing pink uniform t-shirts. All proceeds go to breast cancer research charities.


Abington MA Firefighter Chris Cotti, a member of the Plymouth County Technical Rescue Team, cuts a steel I-beam with a cutting torch.


Christmas came early for firefighters in the four county region of Western MA on December 1st. Officials gathered to dedicate the new Department of Fire Services training academy



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February, 2016


He Who Saves A Single Life, Is Said To Have Saved The Entire World Lifesaving Resources 207-967-8614


Gas leak closes Waltham School

Waltham Fire sent Squad 5 and Ladder 2 to a gas leak at the Whittemore Elementary School minutes before school opened on January 5th with buses dropping students off in 15 degree temperatures. Captan Peter Forbes of Ladder 2 arrived and had a gas leak with high CO2 readings. He then requested a full assignment bring C2, Engine 1 and Rescue 6. The building had minimal employees at the time and they had to leave the school. The school had to be closed for the day and students sent to another facility


International Train-the-Trainer Academies Ice Rescue Academy February 18 - 21 Portland, Maine

Water Rescue Academy May 12 - 15 Portland, Maine

C&S Specialty, Inc. Serving the needs of New England Fire Service for over 27 years! • 1-800-321-0325 1181 Old Smithfield Rd. N Smithfield, RI 02896

C&S Specialty is on the Mass FIR 03 and Plymouth County Bids

Fire Equipment & Supplies - Fire Apparatus Sales - Maintenance - Repair



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• K2 – The dream of a basic TIC in the hands of every firefighter has become a reality


• 2 year battery warranty • 5 year camera warranty • 10 year detector warranty • Super-fast service turnaround

* Sales Territories Available *



February, 2016

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Rollover in Brewster

Brewster, MA. At around 3 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 9th, a Honda Elment pulled out of Henry's Road onto Millstone Road, struck another vehicle, rolled, and hit an Eversource pole causing a complete power outage in the area. Two people were transported by Brewster and Orleans Fire and Rescue to Cape Cod Hospital with unknown injuries. The damage to the other vehicle was minor. Millstone Road between 6A and King Philip Road was closed for approximately two hours.


Second alarm restaurant fire, Kingston

Kingston, MA. Firefighters responded to Carmela's Restaurant for a report of smoke in the building. A Plymouth engine responded on the line box. First arriving units found heavy smoke in an occupied restaurant. Firefighters made an aggressive interior attack. A second alarm was struck bringing mutual aid from Plymouth, Duxbury, Carver, Pembroke, and Plympton to the scene and for coverage. Heavy fire was found on the second floor of the building and vented out Side A of the building. Companies were pulled from the building and the deck gun on Kingston Engine 2 was used to bring the fire under control. There were no injuries at the incident. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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February, 2016


Laugh your way to the bank with a stand-up comedy fund-raiser


Rollover accident for Hinsdale On January 13, 2016 at 8:18 a.m., the Dalton Communications Center dispatched the Hinsdale VFD to a rollover accident on East Washington Rd. Chief Larry Turner responded to the scene as did nine firefighters on Rescue 4 and Squad 1. The Dalton VFD ambulance covered for Hinsdale on this call. Hinsdale Police on the scene reported a car off the road and on it’s roof with no personal injuries. Car 1 found a 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe on its roof 15 feet below the road in a small stream. A combination of extremely cold weather and a steep, icy road condition at the intersection contributed to the accident. The lone occupant, a female, had exited the vehicle through the back hatch as all the passenger

JUMP TO FILE #012016116 doors were wedged into the stream banks. All airbags deployed. Ambulance EMTs confirmed the occupant did not suffer any injuries and after being checked out, she signed a patient refusal of further treatment. This was the second such accident for the driver involved in just over a year. That rollover situation occurred in December, 2014 under similar road conditions on Ridge Rd. near the intersection with Gentian Hill Rd. on the Peru/Hinsdale line. All fire units were returned to service at 9:20 am. - DICK SCIALABBA


Annual ice rescue training

Despite windy freezing temperatures, Waltham Fire department conducted it’s annual ice rescue training for all it’s members this week.

Who needs to laugh more than the Fire Companies ---the first responders who deal with dangerous circumstances each and every day? There’s an innovative concept for fund-raising developed by Joey Novick, who is a stand-up comedian and the Fire Commissioner in his hometown: Stand-up comedy shows. Fire companies can get much-needed laughs and profit financially as well. Novick's company, ComedyWorks, provides all-star headline comedians from HBO, Comedy Central, Showtime, Last Comic Standing, and the Tonight Show. Novick’s been producing comedy shows since 1977, and has experience producing shows with such comedians as Jerry Seinfeld, Rosie O’Donnell, Larry The Cable Guy, and Tim Allen. "The comedians were very funny, and very professional," wrote Mark Bruhmuller, Fire Chief of the Churchtown Fire Company of New York. “Joey Novick did an excellent job. Everybody loves to laugh, and it's a great deal of fun." ComedyWorks produces more than 300 shows a year, almost 150 of those for emergency service organizations. The money these shows can

VENDOR TIDBITS Notes from the emergency service business community

raise varies, depending on things like the number of tickets sold, how they're priced, the amount spent on promotion and whether food and drink are available. "Mostly companies produce shows in their own facilities, which may hold 300–400 people," says Novick. "We'll put together a show for them that will bring in comedians from major comedy clubs, with a headliner from HBO, Comedy Central, or the Tonight Show. The feature performer will be someone who's headlined the comedy circuit: Catch a Rising Star, the Improv, the Comedy Store. The host of the show will be a comedian who's very high-energy, like a gameshow host, to get the audience warmed up. A triple headliner show!” The Somerset Fire Company of New Jersey produces two fundraisers a year through ComedyWorks. "We've done about ten shows so far, and it's been great," says Mike Rein-

beck, who coordinates the shows for the 65-member volunteer department. "A friend of mine who had used Joey told me, 'This guy books really good acts.' So, we did the first show, everything was great, and we've been doing shows with Joey ever since." "I find their people to be very funny," agrees Adam Hubney, chief of the Atlantic Highlands Volunteer Fire Department in New Jersey, which books comedians through ComedyWorks for its annual dinner. "We have a professional comedy club in our county, and the quality is just as good." Comedy Works provides a 30-page ‘How-To’ guide that assists organizations through the comedy show production and warns of mistakes to avoid. "We make sure they follow everything in the guide," says Novick. "If a company has never done this before, it gives you everything from you need to know. We make sure that things get done right. Clients who follow the guide always do very well and tend to make money.” For information on Comedy Works, call 1 (888) 782-4589, go to or e-mail


February, 2016


by John Malecky

Maltese Cross, By Vinnie Toland, Jr. Available from: FSP Books & Videos 118 Central Street, Suite #4 Hudson, MA 01749-1330 1-800-522-8528 E-mail: Price: $24.95 This is a hard covered book measuring six inches by nine inches and has 238 pages within 11 chapters. If you are one of those, who enjoys reading memoirs written by those who have put careers in emergency services then you will find this book extremely interesting! The author is a retired district chief, who put a career in the Manchester, NH Fire Department. His character is under an assumed name. He is from a firefighting family. The City of Manchester, which is tucked up in the corner of New England, is not always one identified as a common name when it comes to fires. However, it is a major city with a daytime population of 117,000 and

1ST Responder Newspaper - NE

one with many old structures, which burned with vigor through the years when the author worked from the 1970’s through 2000. Protecting the 30+ square miles is 11 engines, six trucks and a rescue company running out of 10 stations. As the years went by, more modern improvements have been made. Many of these stories of fires no doubt gave rise to the opportunity to rebuild and regain tax ratables. Each chapter is titled and they take the reader through different categories such as becoming a tillerman, the first fire, unforgettable and bizarre, animal close encounters, a bad week for babies and others not mentioned here, but nonetheless outstanding reading much of which would be identifiable to firefighters who lived through similar experiences. The stories told are not chronological meaning that they jump back and forth at times from when the author was a firefighter to a lieutenant to a captain and district chief and back to the previous ranks in order to put together a truly action packed chapter responding to a vast array of calls. They do answer medical calls, so you will read about many of them and the memories of working in the street! There are also more fire stories than you might expect and I am sure you will like this book as much as I did.


New New England England

Armor-Tuff Supratiles installed in Ridgefield, CT

Armor-Tuff Fire House & EMS Flooring announces the installation of a NEW Armor-Tuff Supratile Floor at the Ridgefield Fire Department in Ridgefield, CT. Chief Kevin Tappe said, "The flooring in our front hallway at the fire station looks great. It's easy to maintain and keeps our visitors and firefighters safe, and makes a great first impression. Armor-Tuff Supratiles are definitely a smart investment!" The Armor-Tuff Supratiles are a worryfree, problem-free flooring system that

is easy to maintain and easy to clean. The tiles stand up to the rugged abuse and the wear and tear that floors have to endure. The Supratiles not only are indestructible, but provide a safe working environment in a busy fire station. They provide a non-slip floor when either dry or wet, keeping firefighters safe from the perils of a slippery floor. The Supratiles do not chip, break, crack, fade or stain from any liquids used in the fire service. The single most beneficial factor is that they are maintenance-free and only require washing with soap and water.

NEO Concept

Drawing on Easy Pow'Air technology, LEADER's engineers have developed the NEO concept: an optimal combination of GRILLE, PROPELLER and SHROUD allowing to the LEADER fans get up to 20% greater flow rate, for unrivaled power in their category! The synergy between their technology and their aeraulic design

significantly boosts the performance of the 420mm diameter petrol-driven, electric, and waterdriven fans of the LEADER ranger. The NEO concept offers an operational advantage to the firefighter because as he employs compare and lightweight fans with performances until now obtained by the higher category fans.



20’ Rescue 1® Walk-Around Demo Available for Immediate Delivery. Spartan Metro Star MFD-2015 chassis, Cummins ISL 450 HP diesel engine, seating for crew of six. 20’ all extruded aluminum body, upper storage compartments. Curb side roof access lift-up stairway, absorbent compartment with electric re-loader and dispenser, 9000 lbs. portable winch with three receiver positions. Participating co-op purchasing programs: GSA, H-GAC, and New Jersey State Contract. Contact Mike Marquis (800) 752-8786, (732) 223-1411 in New Jersey, or

For Sale First Priority Renaissance Wheeled Coach CitiMedic Type III on a 2014 Chevrolet G 3500 Diesel Chassis $101,995. LonPlate Fllor, FPEV RCT Electrical System Whelen M Series LED Emergency Lighting, Eberhard Handles Exterior Compartment Bedliner Paint, Interior LED Lighting And Much More!!! For additional information or photos, email or call 732-657-1104.

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February, 2016

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Profile for Belsito Communications Inc.

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1s Responder News New England February Edition