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On October 14, 2013 at 4:42 p.m., Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department Companies 1, 2, 5 and the ambulance unit were dispatched to 27 Independence Drive in Manhasset Hills for a reported house fire. - See more info on page 2


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January, 2014

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New Jersey Heavy Fire, The 1970’s VIDEO REVIEW Video reviews by John Malecky

New Jersey Heavy Fire, The 1970’s By Advanced Print and Video Available from: FSP Books & Videos 188 Central Street, #4 Hudson, MA 01749-1330 1-800-522-8528 Price: $29.95 (DVD) LEE GENSER

This DVD is 52 minutes in duration. It covers four fires. Two are in Jersey City, one in Newark and one in Linden. All fires are at night so visibility is nil. There is no narration. The date of the incident is given and a basic description of what is on fire. The back of the jacket lists the four scenes, but is out of sequence with the footage. The first incident is at the United Chemical Company in Jersey City. It is a third alarm which occurred in June of 1978. There is no information as to what chemicals are burning. We just see a building heavily involved in fire. The building might actually be vacant, but that is not known. Firefighting forces seem to be

covering exposures while keeping a distance. Despite their being no flareups, the tactic is still best for the safety of the firefighters. The next fire is a fatal one in Newark in which there were four fatalities. Firefighters are seen carrying them to ambulances. The building appears to be a multiple dwelling. This occurred in February of 1978 on East Kinney Street. York Street in Jersey City is the scene of the next fatal fire, which claimed seven lives. The videographer again focuses in on firefighters removing fatalities to awaiting ambulances. This is also a multiple dwelling and looks like it may be a brownstone type some of which are in that neighborhood. It took place in January of 1979. The title on the video says York “Avenue,” but the street sign in which the camera focuses says York “Street.” There is no York Avenue in Jersey City anyway, though there is a New York Avenue! The last incident is a massive refinery fire in Linden, which is not far from Newark. It took place in March of 1979. Keeping a safe distance and using a telephoto lens, the fire which seems to involve a pipeline at least, is brought closer to the viewer. There is no other information as to what is burning. With many of the videos this column reviews, the lions share are in large cities in other states. This one reminds us that there are serious fires in New Jersey as well!


Manhasset-Lakeville makes quick work of house fire On October 14, 2013 at 4:42 p.m., Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department Companies 1, 2, 5 and the ambulance unit were dispatched to 27 Independence Drive in Manhasset Hills for a reported house fire. Deputy Chief Candanwas the first unit to respond and was advised that a call had been received through 911 reporting a kitchen fire. Upon arrival, Deputy Chief Candan gave a report of smoke showing with all occupants out of the house. Deputy Chief Candan reported to responding units that he had visible fire in the stove’s hood and that there was extension to the walls and ceiling in the kitchen. After hearing

JUMP TO FILE #110913101

that report, a Signal 10 for a working house fire was transmitted by Deputy Chief Farrone. Engine 8740, who was added to the alarm due to their proximity, was the first piece of apparatus to arrive on the scene and after securing a hydrant, stretched a one and three quarter inch hose line to the kitchen located on the first floor. A second one and three quarter inch hose line was operated by the crew of Engine 8712 on the second floor of the two and a half story

house due to extension. An extensive amount of overhaul was performed by the crews of Engine 8758, Quint 8728 and Tower Ladder 8724 to ensure that all fire was located and extinguished. The New Hyde Park Fire Department responded to the scene as the FAST with Tower Ladder 175. The fire was placed under control within forty minutes and all units were released from the scene within an hour and a half by Deputy Chief Farrone. The Nassau County Fire Marshal’s office is currently investigating the cause of the fire. - KIRK CANDAN


Two car MVA in Mastic On the afternoon of November 10, 2013, Mastic Fire Department and Mastic EMS responded to a two car MVA at the corner of Montauk Highway and Cumberland Stree. Mastic EMS arrived on the scene along with Mastic Fire Department’s chief and found that they had a two car rear end accident. Mastic Fire Departments Heavy Rescue 5-12-10 arrived on the scene, firefighters put speedy dry down, and checked both vehicles for any fluid leaks. One person was transported to a local hospital for what appeared to be non-life threatening injuries.

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January, 2014

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To learn more about how you can provide To maximum performance and safety fety to limited staff during initial al attack operations,, contact your local TFT TFT dealer today. today.

w www 80 00 348-2686 800 DUMPSTER/TANK DUMPSTER/ /TTANK LIP




January, 2014


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Manhasset-Lakeville battles Election Day house fire On Tuesday, November 5th, 2013 at 6:16 p.m., ManhassetLakeville Fire Department Companies 3, 4, 5 and the ambulance unit were dispatched to 46-24 Arcadia Lane for a reported house JUMP TO FILE #110913100 fire. The first unit to arrive on scene reported that there was smoke showing with the homeowner reporting a fire in their basement. Shortly thereafter, a Signal 10 was transmitted for a working fire in the basement of a two and half story private dwelling. Engine 8740 was the first piece of apparatus on the scene and its crew stretched a one and three quarter inch hose line to the basement and knocked down the main body of fire. However, the rapidly spreading fire managed to extend out of the basement via a pipe chase to both the first and second floors of the house. A second one and three quarter inch hose line was stretched by the crew of Engine 8735 to extinguish any extension on the two upper floors. The crews of Quint 8728 and Ladder 8743 vented and performed searches on all floors, which were negative with the exception of a dog. An extensive amount of overhaul was performed to ensure that all fire was extinguished and the fire was placed under control within forty minutes. The Great Neck Vigilant Fire Company provided a FAST with Ladder 8312 and the Port Washington Fire Department provided Ambulance 8546 for EMS coverage during the fire. One firefighter was transported with minor injuries, as well as one occupant. The Nassau County Fire Marshal’s office was notified for an immediate investigation and all units were released from the scene by Deputy Chief Farrone within one and half hours.


Crew of Q-8728 prepares to perform their primary search of the first floor while the crew of Engine 8740 stretches their hose line.


M-LFD members vent, enter and search the second floor and located a family dog.

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January, 2014


Public Safety Dive Trainers and Equipment Specialists Training Public Safety Diving Course • Surface Rescue Swimmer • Ice Rescue Ice Diving • Small Boat Handling • Full Face Mask • Dry Suit BOB TERRY

Freeport Exempts have a new home for JUMBO The Freeport Exempt Association of Freeport, NY has a new home for their 1906 steamer. It will be housed at the oldest firehouse in the Village of Freeport, built in 1913. The new extension is connected to the old firehouse. Pictured are from left to right, President Richard Grempel, Rick Grempel ( president's son ) and the Mayor of Freeport Robert Kennedy. President Grempel has been president of the Association for over 40 yrs. and his dream of having a home for Jumbo has finnally come true.

EquipmEnT Viking, Interspiro, OTS, Poseidon, Sherwood, Subsalve, RSA, Stearns, Marsars, Zodiac, OMS, Citizen, Propguard, R Heroes, Sea Pearls, Sartek, JW Fisher

For all your water rescue needs above & below 516-486-5733 • 718-948-4745 E-Mail: PO Box 541 • Franklin Square, NY 11010 All BIDS WElCOME MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED


Vehicle fire West Sayville On October 16th at 10:22 a.m., the West Sayville Fire Department responded to a vehicle fire in the Waldbaum's parking lot on Sunrise Highway in Oakdale. Upon arrival, Assistant Chief Gary Savino reported an engine compartment fire in a parked unoccupied work van. Under the direction of Assistant Chief Lucus Domingo West Sayville's Engine 1 and Engine 8 crews extinguished the fire in short order. No injuries were reported and the fire was not deemed suspicious. All crews were back in service at 11:10 a.m.


Southampton fire department responds to a working car fire At 12:31 a.m. on November 13th, the Southampton Fire Department was called out to the report of a vehicle fire on Sunrise Highway Eastbound East of the Shinnecock Canal. Upon arrival, the vehicle (an SUV) was fully engulfed. Southampton Fire Department with assistance from Hampton Bays Fire Department extinguished the fire. Sunrise Highway was closed from Flanders Road Eastbound to Exit 66 Eastbound. New York State Police assisted with traffic. Crews were on scene for approximately one hour. Chief Dennis Roy was in charge for the Southampton Fire Department.


January, 2014

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Fatal fire in Huntington Station Huntington Station, NY. On November 11, 2013, the Huntington Manor Fire Department responded to a house fire in Huntington Station, late Thursday night. Firefighters rescued two women that were in separate bedrooms on the second floor. They were transported to Huntington Hospital were they

JUMP TO FILE #111913101

were both pronounced dead even though great efforts were were made by firefighters and rescue members. A male who was inside was found outside the house was also transported to the hospital.

There were many fire departments and rescues on the scene and were under the command of Huntington Manor Chief Fred Steenson Jr. His efforts were supported by 2nd Assistant Chief Mike DePasquale. Also on scene were the Suffolk County Police and their Arson and Homicide Squads, the Suffolk County Fire and the Town of Huntington Fire Marshals and the Suffolk County Fire-Rescue Coordinators were on scene.

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Three volunteer firefighters win national contest for battling the leading cause of firefighter fatalties: heart disease Montréal, Québec. What do a former motorcycle dealership owner and MBA candidate, a marine scientist, and an emergency management consultant have in common? While their day JUMP TO FILE jobs might be vastly #111313108 different, they are all volunteer firefighters who have just been named the winners of the first Search for Cardioviva™ Heart Health Champions contest. Heart attacks account for more than half of on-duty firefighter deaths. To encourage exercise, a nutritious diet, and other healthy behaviors among firefighters, Cardioviva™, the first natural probiotic clinically proven to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels in adults, teamed up with the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) to conduct a nationwide search for three heart health champions. The search puts the spotlight on firefighters who are not only taking care of their own health, but who are also motivating their brethren and communities to live healthier lifestyles. The winners will receive a combined total of $30,000 in cash and prizes so that they can continue their efforts and educate emergency responders and the communities they serve on how they can proactively protect themselves against heart disease. After a nationwide search and public voting to narrow the field down to the top ten finalists, a panel of judges consisting of heart health, fire, and nutrition/fitness experts selected the following three winners: Grand Prize Winner: Peggy Smith (Coolin-Cavanaugh Bay Fire Company, Coolin, Idaho), First Prize: Thomas Gulbransen (Setauket Fire Department, Company 1, Setauket, NY), First Prize: William Moorhead (Duncan Chapel Fire

Department, Greenville, SC). While his fulltime job is a marine scientist at Battelle Memorial Institute in Setauket, Tom Gulbransen still tries to average at least one call a day as a volunteer firefighter for the Setauket Fire Department, Company 1. Firefighting is in Tom’s DNA. His grandfather was a charter member of Rescue Company 4 in New York City and his brother was a decorated firefighter in Brooklyn. Tom began as a volunteer firefighter in 1982 and has been with his current company for the last 15 years, currently serving as a first lieutenant. Motivated by his father’s commitment to staying physically fit and coaching others in marathon training, Tom and a cadre of firefighter runners started a health and wellness committee at their firehouse. Tom wants to continue his father’s legacy and be a good role model and coach to his department. “I am proud to be a Heart Health Champion because it is essential that older folks like me keep tuned up or we’ll break down. Between processed foods, desk jobs, frequent adrenaline jolts, and repeated smoke exposure, the battle to improve health is relentless,” said Tom. “We need to retain every viable member who can endure the physical and mental toll of being a volunteer firefighter or EMT, and we can only do this if we are operating at our full potential.” As a first place winner, Tom’s department will receive $5,000 for his firehouse, as well as a nutrition and fitness makeover, including $2,500 of fitness equipment and donated TRX FORCE kits, for Company 1. He looks forward to helping department members by combining fitness training motivation with expert advice on nutrition and food choices. - NVFC

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January, 2014

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MFD firefighter celebrates 90th birthday The Westend Massapequa fire house celebrated the birthday of it's oldest member, Deane Post, at the November meeting. Honorary Chief Deane Post turned 90 years old on November 26. Deane turned 18 on this date in 1941 and a few days after the attack on Pearl Harbor, he joined Ladder Co 2 of the Massapequa Fire Department. A short time later, Deane joined the Army Air Corps and became a gunner in a B-17, where he flew missions over Europe.

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January, 2014

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Centereach Fire Department successfully launches unique initiative to protect local families from carbon monoxide and fire danger Centerreach, NY. Just One Life, a community service initiative designed to protect residents from carbon monoxide (CO) and fire danger, was recently launched with an inaugural event at Centereach Fire Department. The Board of Fire Commissioners, along with the JUMP TO FILE chiefs of the Cen- #110713101 tereach Fire Department, were joined by representatives of Briscoe Protective Systems Inc., a premier supplier of fire alarm, security, video and access control products, on October 29th to welcome local families as the first beneficiaries of the Just One Life program. During the event, each family was given a smoke/CO detector. “Briscoe is honored to partner with fire districts like Centereach, whose volunteers risk their lives daily for our communities, and work to promote fire safety awareness by giving out devices,” said Bob Williams, President, Briscoe Protective Systems Inc. “What makes the Just One Life initiative unique is taking fire safety an additional step, by ensuring the devices are installed in the homes. I am proud of the staff volunteers whom have stepped up to install the devices into the homes.” According to the National Fire Protection Association, (NFPA), almost two-thirds of home fire-related deaths result from the absence of properly functioning life safety devices. NFPA also notes that fire-related deaths are more frequent between December and February. As winter on Long Island approaches, the importance of having these devices in the home becomes critical. The Just One Life initiative allowed Centereach fire officials to identify local residents who could benefit from the program.


Local fire commissioners, officers and staff are joined by volunteers and staff members from Briscoe and recipients of the smoke/CO detectors at the kickoff of the “Just One Life” program at Centereach Fire Department during Fire Prevention Month on October 29.

Recipients were selected based on financial or physical limitations. These families will have the units installed during the next few weeks, and over the next month, the initiative will continue with more device handouts and installations at the other Suffolk County Fire Districts that are cosponsoring this program in their communities. The intent is for the Just One Life initiative to be an annual fire safety program.

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North Babylon's 1-8-1 1990 Pierce/Lance at an alarm on Little East Neck Road.

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January, 2014

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Good fire officers should be courted MUTUAL AID GORDON WREN

I recently attended a meeting where a fire coordinator from another county stood up and stated that he was concerned about the poor quality of many of the chiefs, who were currently being elected into office in his county. Many in the room shook their heads in agreement with this statement and seemed to agree that the criteria for being elected chief should be more than a popularity contest. I thought about the gentleman’s statement on the way home from the meeting and concluded that, in general, we in the volunteer fire service are very lucky. The majority of our chiefs do a good, or at least an acceptable, job for us. And, the position of chief is more complex and demanding now than ever before. We do, however, have our share (just like any other field) of individuals, who have no business

donning a white helmet and assuming the awesome responsibilities of chief. I have been to some annual dinners where everyone in the department seemed to breathe a sigh of relief as the outgoing chief stepped down, and also at others where the members were genuinely sad to see an obviously great leader and administrator end his or her term. Great leadership is a complicated mix of talents and qualities: some individuals appear to be innately gifted, but for most it is a combination of talents, common sense, the ability to stay calm and think under pressure, and a tremendous amount of learned skills – EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE! Every community has a few leaders who are so well respected that they are almost legendary. How are these leaders able to motivate other volunteers? Not everyone is born with the temperament or the abilities to be a good leader. However, when individuals possess these abilities and has the energy and desire needed to educate themselves in the field of fire-

manics, the results and accomplishments can be incredible. Many fire departments now have educational prerequisites included in their by-laws. These departments require that an individual must take certain courses before he or she can advance in rank. Some of these organizations require a tremendous amount of education and years of experience. This is how it should be. It won’t guarantee a good chief, but it will help increase the chances. Many very talented people just don’t have the necessary time needed to meet all these requirements or to do the job as chief. When you do get that quality chief, who possesses all of the abilities, the right personality, the training and experience that are needed, it seems like before you know it, his or her term is up. Many fire departments traditionally rotate their chiefs every two years or so. Some departments are giving consideration to breaking the traditional two-year term and going to longer consecutive one-year terms if the current chief is doing an exceptional job and if he or she

(and his or her family) are willing to make the sacrifice. Some departments are “recycling” former chiefs, who were good leaders. If your department is lucky enough to have quality leadership at management levels, you are lucky and should start looking to the future. If you are not lucky in the leadership area, start looking at the resources in your department. Each member of your department has a unique combination of qualities and abilities. A well-run organization needs responsible people as house officers, instructors, computer experts, safety officers, financially responsible people to handle the money, maintenance workers and well-motivated firefighters who are the heart and soul of any successful operation. Get to know your members; determine their strengths and weaknesses. Think of your members as a pool of talent and look for opportunities to utilize their talents. By choosing the right people, including them in activities and praising them for their accom-

plishments, you encourage these individuals and give them a feeling of satisfaction. Panic by leaders on the fireground is contagious and disastrous. Enthusiasm is also contagious, and it makes anything achievable. Keep your eyes open for future leaders. I have just ordered three firefighting tactics books that are well written and ideal for young line officers. I have identified three individuals in our county who seem to have many of the qualities needed for good leadership. I intend to give them copies of these books and explain to them that I feel that they have what it takes to be great leaders in the fire service. It will be interesting to see how these future leaders turn out in the years ahead which, I am sure, will be even more demanding than today. -GORDON WREN


January, 2014

1st Responder Newspaper - LI

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In 1956, Herman Moore founded the Wantagh-Levittown Community Ambulance Corps. They started out with a 1949 Buick and 1951 Cadillac. They have since responded to calls for over 55 years. In 2009, they were the Nassau County EMS Agency of the Year. Today, they have duty response 24 hours a day on weekends and 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. on weekends. - RUSSELL CURLEY





1947 Buick Ambulance


Chief in accident en route to scene On October 29th at approximately 12:00 p.m., the Wyandanch Fire Company had a accident involving 1-10-32 en route to a car fire. The accident occurred at Long Island Ave. and South 18th Street. The civilian car had to have the door removed. Both the lone civilian and the chief substained minor injuries and were transported to Good Samiritan Hospital for evualuation.


Ambulance 291

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January, 2014

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January, 2014

1st Responder Newspaper - LI

Heroes Mortgage Program

One more family enjoying the holiday season in new home thanks to mortgage program The other banks told Pete and Celeste Graziano no, they told them that their credit wasn’t good enough to obtain a mortgage. “So long, have a nice day.” However, the couple, married for 25 years, did end up buying their first home with the help of the Heroes Mortgage Program. Not only did the program help fulfill the Graziano’s dream, it helped them every step of the way, from initial inquiry to closing, with any questions or concerns the hard-working family had. “We heard about it down in Baltimore at the Fire Expo,“ Celeste Graziano said. “My husband said ‘Why don’t you call this place and see if they can get us a mortgage?’ I got in touch with them. They were just wonderful to work with. It’s a great program. They went above and beyond for us when the other banks wouldn’t.” The Graziano family is special, indeed. Pete, Celeste and their two children, Michele, 24, and Mike, 20, all serve with Richland Township (Pa.) Fire and Res-

Call 973-615-9745 For More Information cue. Pete Graziano began serving ten years ago and the rest of the family followed. “My husband really got us into it,” Celeste Graziano said. “When we moved to Quakertown, the kids were little and we didn’t know anybody. He always wanted to belong to a fire company. He got really involved. I thought if he was going to be there, I was going to be there. The kids wanted to do it, too.” 1st Responder and Sun Home Loans teamed up to create the Sun National Bank Heroes Mortgage Program. This enterprising initiative provides firefighters and other members of the emergency services community, the brave men and women, who risk their lives for us every day with an exclusive mortgage opportunity that provides discounted fees and low interest rates. The Heroes Mortgage Program

continues to flourish, helping firefighters buy their first house, purchase the home of their dreams and get better mortgage rates with a refinance. Most importantly, the Sun National Bank delivers unmatched customer service and attention to every client. Whether purchasing a new home or refinancing an existing one, the Heroes Mortgage Program is offered exclusively, providing personal service, benefits and rates not normally available to the general public. To receive more information about the program and its benefits, contact Steven Testa at or call 973615-9745. Sun National Bank Home Loans and 1st Responder Newspaper are not affiliated. All loans subject to approval. Certain conditions and fees may apply. Mortgage financing provided by Sun National Bank Loans, Equal Housing Lender.


The Graziano’s in front of their new home with their dog, Harley.


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January, 2014

PAgE 13

How’s Your Driving? Last year across the United States, 25,580 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes. This figure includes those firefighters and emergency responders who are killed annually while responding to an emergency call, be it in an emergency response vehicle or their own personal vehicle.

STAYING SAFE Chief Henry Campbell

The good news is that there has been a steady decline over the past ten years in the annual road death toll thanks to the many safety upgrades in vehicles, stricter law enforcement, and better driver awareness. Annually in the fire service, we have an average of five firefighters killed in motor vehicle crashes. When was it last that you reviewed your states drivers manual or commercial vehicle operators manual, or taken a safe driving course? I hope you do it often and on an annual basis. Are you familiar with the rules of the road? Interpreting signs, signals and warning devices? Do you practice defensive driving when you are behind “the wheel?” Driving is a full time job no matter what the reason for driving; commuting, business, vacation, responding to and from an emergency. Driving requires concentration and observation which requires most of your time, while leaving little room to be involved in any other

task or function, including conversation. Road hazards can appear in a fraction of a second, and if you haven’t been paying attention you may become involved in a crash or other type incident involving a motor vehicle, making you or someone else a statistic. So let’s have a Safe Driving Refresher. The first thing we should be interested in is what the causes of vehicle crashes are. For starters the top three are drunk driving, speeding, and distracted driving. These are the three we hear the most about. Other causes of motor vehicle crashes include weather, reckless driving, failure to comply with traffic control devices, young and inexperienced drivers, tailgating, improper lane changes, driving while drowsy, and road rage. The simple thing with drunk driving is if you are going to drink, don’t drive; conversely, if you have to drive don’t drink. Speeding is something many of us do, it may only be five miles above the posted speed limit, but those extra five mph may be enough to get you involved in a crash. The more you increase your speed, the greater the chance you have to be involved in a crash. The faster you are going, the more distance you will need to safely stop or avoid any road hazards. Today, distracted driving has become an increased source of crashes as more and more people become involved with distractions while driving, cell phones, texting, checking on children in the back seat, applying make-up or shaving, eating, or involved in conversation and just about anything else you can think of.

Many people drive as if they are in the living room of their homes, interested in everything and everyone around them. Unfortunately, driver concentration is far more important than any of the distractions that take them away from being a good defensive driver. Constant observation of the road ahead and around your vehicle far outweighs answering a cell phone call. Many times as emergency responders, we hear the drivers involved in a crash explain that they have no idea how the crash occurred. Well, either they do know and they are not willing to tell, or they were so distracted by doing or concentrating on something else that they really don’t have any clue as to what happened. Whatever the cause of the crash, if you were the driver at fault, you can be charged with a variety of driving and motor vehicle violations that could cost you financially in fines and, or, possibly being sentenced to imprisonment. Whenever you get behind the wheel of your own personal vehicle or an emergency vehicle you should always be alert, cautious, while you drive defensively, and responsibly; driving as your life, and the life of others with whom you share the road, depends upon it. There are many hazards and emergency situations that can be encountered while driving and one must be aware of what they are and how to quickly react in order to prevent serious injury or death to you, your passengers, or vehicles and their occupants. We will continue next month. Till next time, Stay Safe and God Bless!


Two vehicle pin job At 5:29 a.m. on November 29th, the Southampton Fire Department was called to the report of a motor vehicle accident on CR 39 just west of Hill Station Rd. An SUV and a small sedan collided, causing the sedan to be impacted into the guard rail. The drivers of both cars had to be extricated. A Suffolk County medivac was called for the driver of the sedan. Three others were taken to Southampton Hospital with non-life threatening injuries by Southampton town and village ambulances. The westbound lanes were closed from Hill Station Rd to North Rd. While at the scene, a tractor trailer in traffic eastbound on Sunrise Hwy had a mechanical issue, causing a tire to blow out and igniting it’s brakes. Additional crews were called to put out the smoldering brakes. Crews were on scene for two and a half hours. Chief Dennis Roy was in charge of the scene.


Augustus Mantia, MD receives Advanced Trauma Life Support recognition Suffolk County, NY. On July 9, 2013, Augustus Mantia, MD was recognized as having completed the Advanced Trauma Life Support Course for Doctors according to the standards established by the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma. Dr. Mantia oversees all medical response and protocols for the Emergency Medical Response Teams and defibrillator programs for the Hauppauge Fire Department. In addition, he responds to fire department calls to assist when his medical expertise may be needed. His medical expertise was much needed and he responded to the calls of both the local fire departments and the Suffolk County Police Department. July 23, 2008, Dr. Mantia was

JUMP TO FILE #092213107

appointed as a Deputy Fire Coordinator-Medical Doctor for the County of Suffolk and on July 9, 2008, he was selected for appointment to the position of Critical Incident Police Surgeon for the Suffolk County Police Department. His appointment followed successful completion of critical training in FEMA Incident Management, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Police Field Operations and Protocols and certification as a Field Physician by the Suffolk County Department of Health Division EMS. - ROSEANN MARIANI


January, 2014

1st Responder Newspaper - LI

Southampton celebrates with Festival of Lights Parade The Southampton Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the Southampton Fire Department held its annual Festival of Lights parade on Saturday, November 30th. It was a huge success with record JUMP TO FILE # crowds and many 120313111 ambulance and fire departments. The prize for best decorated apparatus went to the North Sea Fire Department. A fun night was had by all. A thanks to all the departments that attended. - CHRIS BRENNER





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New Year’s Resolution? Increase your odds for success... Here it is again, January, and with it comes that slew of resolutions. As you probably know, most New Year’s resolutions are Health and Fitness Related. I haven’t noticed a shortage of individuals making resolutions. The volume of enthusiasts remains unchanged from year to year. I get many requests at this time of year for programs/exercise tips and that in itself is surely positive. I gladly oblige, but such information is only one piece of the puzzle. So, instead of just providing answers, I decided to also ask a few questions. My first question, “Have you ever had this resolution before?” As expected, many answer this with a resounding “YES”. Which of course, brings me to my next question, “How long did it last?” (Obviously, if they are remaking the same resolution, they have strayed from or never began their mission).


There are many who admit they never began and many others who report lasting from one week to two months. These answers fuel my next question – “WHY?” Here’s a sample of the answers I am receiving: “I didn’t know where to begin,” OK, on this one they are already on the right track because they came and asked me for usable information. Kudos on that! Having a plan is always a good idea, and a great place to start. “I hated the exercises”. Hey everyone, please choose activities you enjoy! Yes, some activities can be more effective than others, but please remember the best exercises/activities are the ones that you will actually do!

I would surely rather have you shoot hoops for 15 minutes than run for zero! Get the picture? “I couldn’t get/stay motivated”. This is a tough one, but I have found that the “buddy system” works well here. Partner up for greater compliance. Committing to someone else will help you to make a greater commitment to yourself. “It got boring”. Along with the buddy system, incorporate your favorite music into your workouts. You will be amazed at the difference it can make. Additionally; vary your exercises, the order of exercises and even the location of your workouts. Not only does variety combat boredom, it enhances effectiveness by providing greater challenges to your body. Furthermore; when you make your plan, make short term and long term goals to keep your attention. Be sure to plan ahead. Lay out your plan for the first month, second month, etc. Focus on staying

on track and moving onto the next phase with each phase utilizing a different set of exercises/activities, goals, location and schedule. (Heck, you can even switch “training Buddies”). You know “YOU” best. Plan accordingly! Log your workouts and chart your success. Please, by all means, Reward Yourself. Reward yourself for reaching Goals. Reward yourself for remaining compliant. Be sure to make rewards positive and avoid choosing rewards that will thwart your fitness efforts. Rewards such as a massage/spa service or new gadget will keep you on track. An ice cream sundae will most likely do the opposite. You can do it! Get going and keep going. I am pulling for you! Happy New Year! As always – be sure to have your physician’s approval.

January, 2014

1st Responder Newspaper - LI

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January, 2014

1st Responder Newspaper - LI

1st Responder News Long Island January  

1st Responder News is the first newspaper to cover emergency service personnel on such an intimate basis. We give detailed coverage to the...

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