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Nurses Nightingale Program Recognizes 236 Exceptional Connecticut Nurses

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May/June 2014

Hospital Newspaper - NE

Whaler's Cove Assisted Living 114 Riverside Avenue New Bedford, MA 02746 Phone 508-997-2880 Fax 508-997-1599

• We proudly house over 40 Veterans and their surviving spouses • We assist residents that are eligible for Aid & Attendance Benefits with the application process • We offer different means of exercise to our residents, including Tai Chi, Chair Exercise and a brand new gym area • We offer painting classes monthly with a professional local artist • We partner with the local Council on Aging and participate in community events • We offer the state-of-the-art Life Line Auto-Alert Pendant • We offer many spiritual programs that residents can choose to attend regularly throughout the month • We offer the most affordable and largest apartments in our area

Hospital Newspaper - NE May/June 2014

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May/June 2014

Hospital Newspaper - NE

What’s different about Assisted Living nursing? Defining nursing is complicated. Nurses today have varied responsibilities in varied venues. The image of a white-uniformed, white-capped woman is not realistic anymore. For one thing, there are many male nurses. Nurses work in hospitals, schools, clinics, corporations, in offices or in people’s homes. Visiting nurses make house calls. There are different styles of nursing. Rose Banguela, R.N. has worked in hospitals, as a visiting nurse, as a home health care nurse and is currently the head nurse at The Greens at Cannondale, a wellestablished assisted living residence in Wilton, Connecticut. “Working in a hospital, there are lots of other people to consult. Coworkers you can lean on. A nurse in an assisted living residence has to be self-sufficient, able to handle different situations and make decisions independently. That’s why experience is so important. When I hire a nurse, the more experience the better,� says Ms. Banguela. The environment of an assisted living residence is the opposite of a hospital. “Assisted living, is, after all, a person’s home. You’re basically not dealing with sick people. At The Greens, my nurses and I know our residents as the whole person, their life stories, their personalities, not as an illness that must be remedied. The relationship here is more intimate, emotional, psychological. We have to be friendly and positive , respectful of the residents’ need for confidentiality and privacy,� Rose explains. As head nurse, Rose has regular meetings with her nurses to review residents’ health. “The thing we’re focusing on now is observing any change of condition, to be able to prevent trips to the hospital. Sometimes there’s no other choice but by being pro-active, observing any changes, we can prevent unnecessary hospitalization, which is better for the resident and the hospital. “The family is always informed of any change in orders or condition. Because the family’s not here most of the time, they don’t see what’s happening and we have to be extra observant. We value the family’s opinion. Most family members tend to know their relatives very well. Since residents may not always report things to us or the family, we have to be doubly aware of any changes. Sometimes a change in medication will cause subtle side-effects. It’s our responsibility to be aware of all this.


by Lois Alcosser

Head Nurse Rose Banguela and a resident of The Greens. Nurses in an assisted living environment need critical thinking skills. Recently graduated nurses with only some home care background aren’t ready yet. “Each day starts by sharing information about residents. Constant communication is essential and texting each other via cellphones has become the best way of doing it. We’re Assisted living nurses are concerned with coughs, colds, lowgrade fevers, stomach upsets, things that may seem minor, but need attention. The psychological condition of residents is equally important. Residents ‘moods, mental health, emo-

tions are quietly observed. We have to build a relationship of trust. “Things can happen quickly, overnight or in a day. As head nurse, I have s to know what’s going on with each resident. In a hospital environment, there’s may be lots of patient turnover. The Greens is a long term residence, so you can get to know each resident very well. You take them home with you, that’s for sure! I recapture the events of the day when I’m home. I’ll often check in by phone. I also pop in at the middle of the night, to see what’s happening and bring doughnuts to the night nurses.

“Of course, there are occasional problems and disagreements that need solving as soon as possible. Hospital nurses can go to their unit manager. I have to be a judge as well as a nurse. It takes me awhile to de-stress when I get home.� For many years, Rose has been holding a weekly spirituality class with nurses she formerly worked with. “Some of those nurses and aides are now working at The Greens and they’ve been a big help. I believe nursing has a lot to do with spirituality, but I’m also very reluctant to suggest it. Faith is a personal matter. I do best by being a good example. I do everything my nurses do. If it’s part of their job, it’s part of my job, too. That’s one way I can win their trust.� When Rose started her job at The Greens ,the former head nurse worked alongside her, but soon she was on her own. Currently, Rose is looking for an assistant, to handle the evening shift and supervise the nurses when she is away. “The Greens has a wonderful geriatric physician to consult, but nursing is a 24/7 job. Our nurses are happy here. Many of them continue their training and I encourage them to move on, if that’s what they want to do. Nursing is a kind of calling,

a natural gift. Excellence in nursing is directly related to loving people and loving one’s job. “We have to be good at improvising, if we don’t have the exact supplies needed, we have to be creative. Many residents bring their own supplies and medications. We have to know exactly what is being prescribed. Dr. Alan Radin has been with The Greens for many years. If there’s a serious problem, he’s always reachable. “When there’s any sort of argument, and problems arise, as they’re bound to, I find that the best thing is to listen, listen carefully and stay calm and lowkey. Every morning, before I start work, I say my prayers- for the facility, the residents and the staff. If I don’t do that, the day is harder. Every day is filled with new things. There’s a wonderful environment of caring here. It’s been carefully nurtured by The Greens management and staff and it makes nursing here a special experience. “Right now, my challenge is to find an assistant, who’ll be here for the evening shift. When I find the right person, I think I’ll know it. Excellence is recognizable. “ The Greens at Cannondale is at 435 Danbury Road, Wilton, CT. 203-761-1191.

h7E CARE ABOUT YOUR IMAGEv Contact us to learn more about XRIŽ‌ Providing facility-wide medical equipment maintenance, JCAHO compliance and asset management programs to hospitals, medical centers and healthcare institutions of all sizes.


Removing Equipment? XRI has experienced personnel ready to remove and properly dispose of any manufacturer’s medical imaging equipment. Call us for a quick, competitive quotation.




Hospital Newspaper - NE May/June 2014

PaGe 5

Cura Hospitality Prepares New Hospitality Strategies for Baby Boomers Cura Hospitality, a specialist in senior living and acute care dining services management, is proactively helping administrators design appealing venues and plan new dining menu and hospitality strategies for the influx of residents from the “Greatest Generation”. As these Baby Boomers age, they expect a new worldliness and desire for food and beverage options beyond the traditional dining room. Cura elevates their experience by offering dining-related opportunities more conducive to their lifestyle. Take for example Cura-managed “home brewing” clubs, which has several residents enthused about learning how to brew a variety of beers and ales right in the comfort of their home. At the Whitney Center in Hamden, CT, more than 20 residents are members of the new “social” brew club, who meet monthly with their cook/brew master, Tim Smith, to learn the tricks of the trade on how to brew a variety of ales! “When I moved here, I never expected to participate in a brew club. It’s quite popular! What was supposed to be a social gathering for men has now grown to include women, too. It’s a lot of fun,” laughs Sanford Zimmerman, 84, a Whitney Center resident. Since December of 2012, Whitney’s brew club has brewed nine beers including a Blond Ale, Maple Brown Ale, India Pale Ale, Double India Pale Ale, Orange Wheat, and Russian Imperial Stout. French Saison and a Single Hop Pale Ale are next! The brew club brings fond memories to Zimmerman, originally from St. Louis, MO, who grew up near the AnheuserBusch landmark brewery. Now Zimmerman can help create his own brew, while another brew club member/resident, Carl Puleo, designs the bottle’s label. Ales are served in Cura-managed pubs for all residents to enjoy! As we finally leave winter behind, more and more Curamanaged communities will also be tending to their gardens. “Growers Days” at Cura have grown in popularity as older adults are keenly aware and educated on the key health benefits of the food they eat. In fact, it’s important for them to know where their food is grown and harvested.

Residents of The Bridges at Bent Creek in Mechanicsburg, PA, are part of this “growing” trend. Since 2009, residents have planted vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, peppers, arugula, and tomatoes. With the help and instruction of a local greenhouse owner, the residents were educated on how to plant, water, and care for the plants in several raised beds constructed by Cura’s dining team members. Gardening not only improves residents’ health by helping to keep them active, gardens inspire and create enjoyment. Ron Moyer, the former CEO of Peter Becker Community (Harleysville, PA) for 25 years, is now retired and a resident at Peter Becker. “For me, gardening is a hobby and therapy which also helps me to stay active and eat healthier,” says Moyer who has planted peas, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, lima and string beans on a 50 by 50 plot located on the community’s acre-plus garden located just outside of Philadelphia. Gardening is also part of Moyer’s physical activity regimen. “I’m convinced that staying active prevents me from suffering lower back problems,” says Moyer. Some of the vegetables and herbs harvested by the residents are used by Cura chefs to prepare fresh and delicious meals. These foods are identified on the menu with a customized logo denoting “food from the garden”! To further enhance sustainable efforts, vegetable waste and wood material (cardboard, leaves and woodchips) are composted on-site and returned back to the gardens for natural fertilization. According to Becky Lockner, Cura director of partnership development, “Through our LivingLife philosophy, Cura’s goal is to encourage residents to be involved and give them a sense of purpose and belonging.” LivingLife strives to nourish, heal and uplift the spirit and body through great food, personal service and memorable dining experiences. Based upon six dimensions of overall well-being including physical, spiritual, vocational, emotional, social, and intellectual, these areas are used as a frame to put an extra twist on what we already do well – enhancing life around great food!

ABOUT CURA HOSPITALITY A member of Eat’n Park Hospitality Group, Cura Hospitality is a highly responsive and innovative dining services and hospitality provider dedicated to a mission of Enhancing Life Around Great Food. Cura serves over 50 senior living communities and hospitals in the mid-Atlantic region. Cura’s culinary, guest service and clinical professionals provide hospitality and clinical care to more than 20,000 residents, patients and guests each day. Visit us at

Waveny provides ceiling gait system for Rehab Thanks to generous funding from the Jeniam Foundation, a ceiling-mounted Solo Step™ gait assist system was recently installed in Waveny Care Center’s inpatient gym. Able to accommodate two patients simultaneously, the weight-bearing system eliminates the risk of falling to increase patient confidence and enable a more advanced level of physical therapy. From left to right: Adele Levine with Waveny’s director of rehabilitation services, Anne Newton, PT and Ron Barlow.


By Grace Zarnas-Hoyer, Cura Hospitality


May/June January,2014 2009

Hospital Newspaper - NE Healthcare Newspaper - Westchester



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Boomer’s & Beyond choose to age in place Deck the Halls in this economy? Most homeowners age 55+, like their parents, are choosing to “age in place,” but a large and growing number—moreBythan million households—are choosing to move to Jim1.2 Stankiewicz communities designed to meet General their needs. Manager The main reasons for moving to a 55+ owner-occupied community were family or personal financial or employment and the desire haveonatraditional higher quality home. reasons, In a most challenging year most reasons, people are poised to cuttoback In multi-family communities, family was the number one reason, but reducing costs and holiday expenditures. increasing qualitysome werememories also top priorities. growing up when things seemed very tight I was recalling the community, lookscloser. were most 55+ Isingle-family home Within almostand become One important such year to when was and our family seemed todesign buyers, while closeness to family and friends was a higher priority in age-restricted rental about 11 years old I joined my three sisters and brother in the downstairs area and multi-family communities. of our home in Newburgh. We made Christmas tree decorations out of conHome and community location relative to work location are important for a growing number struction paper and glitter and my Mom popped a bunch of popcorn and we of 55+ households. spray painted of popcorn for garland. Whenwho I look it was Active adultstring communities are gold attracting more buyers areback age 60 andone under. of The the most Christmases we shared. There was with spiritsome of being sharememorable of home buyers in age-qualified communities college education or together. more increased from 50% in 2001 to 73% in 2012 This was when I realized it wasn't about what gifts we received or who had55+ ownerThe share of minorities has trended upward in age-qualified and other the best light show on theand block. It really is about spending time with is likely to occupied communities, is likely to continue. The 55+quality housing market becomeyou more racially and ethnically diverse. people love. It's about helping others less fortunate then your self. can be reached Pleasethe share your with us:can't With events ofstories this year you help think that there is a newJim opportuat 845-534-7500 ext. 219 and via email at nity to enjoy the basics. Are there seniors who need a little attention? What can we do for those hospitalized around the holidays? What can we do for the troops risking their lives at holidays for our freedom? I want to thank all of our loyal customers for their support in 2008. I wish all of our readers a very memorable and meaningful holiday season!



Correction: Our apologies that the photo captions on page 17 of the March/April edition for Kiki Kennedy and Ted Kennedy, Jr. had accidentally gotten switched.


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Hospital Newspaper - NE May/June 2014

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Gaylord Specialty Healthcare named Quality Respiratory Care Provider provided

Gaylord Specialty Healthcare, a not-for-profit long-term acute care hospital that specializes in the care and treatment of people with medically complex and intensive rehabilitation issues, has been named a quality respiratory care provider under a new program aimed at making sure residents in long-term care facilities have access to respiratory care services provided by quality respiratory therapist. The Quality Respiratory Center Recognition (QRCR) program was started by the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) in 2003 to help consumers make informed choices about their healthcare and identify those facilities using qualified respiratory thera-


pists to provide respiratory care. Hospitals earning the QRCR designation ensure patient safety by agreeing to adhere to a strict set of criteria governing their respiratory care services. “At Gaylord, we pride ourselves in providing the highest standard of respiratory care for our patients,� said George Kyriacou, President & CEO. “Being named a Quality Respiratory Care institution is a great honor and we will continue to support and work together with the AARC towards our collaborative goals.� To qualify for the recognition, organizations must meet several requirements. Some of the conditions include a policy and procedure

public regarding the safety and quality of health care services provided to patients. Hospitals that meet the QRCR requirements provide a level of respiratory care consistent with national standards and guidelines, and should be commended for their commitment to quality care.

manual that is reviewed annually and addresses the provision of respiratory-impaired residents to respective physicians. In addition, all

At Gaylord, we pride ourselves in providing the highest standard of respiratory care for our patients,� said George Kyriacou, President & CEO. “Being named a Quality Respiratory Care institution is a great honor and we will continue to support and work together with the AARC towards our collaborative goals.�

Se venn Hills PPediatric ediatr ic C enter Seven Center TTop op 1% of U.S. Nursing Facilities Facilitiees U.S. News & World World o Report

respiratory therapists employed by the hospital to deliver bedside respiratory care services are legally recognized by the state as competent to provide respiratory care services and hold the CRT or RRT credential. The AARC’s Quality Respiratory Center Recognition program grew out of growing concerns among health care leaders and the general

About Gaylord Specialty Healthcare Gaylord Specialty Healthcare (GSH), headquartered in Wallingford, Connecticut is a not-for profit long-term 137 bed acute care hospital that specializes in the care and treatment of people with medically complex and intensive rehabilitation issues. Gaylord also operates outpatient therapy centers in Wallingford and North Haven, and sleep medicine centers in Glastonbury, Guilford, North Haven and Trumbull. For latest news or more information go to their website at

Att Se ven Hills P ediatr ic Center (SHPC), HPC),, w e’re taking Seven Pediatric we’re thee quality of nursing nursing car w heights as one of caree to ne new thee top nursing nursing facilities facilities in the nation. tion. U .S. News & U.S. W orld Repor ed SHPC in the top 1% of U .S. World Reportt has rank ranked U.S. nnursing u sing facilities ur facilities based on a perfectt fiv e-star rating bbyy five-star thee Federal Federal Go ver nment. nment Government. SHPC HPC pr ovides long-ter m skilled-n ed-nursing car e, provides long-term skilled-nursing care, shor hort-ter m rrespite espite car e, and shor ort-ter m postshort-term care, short-term ho ospitalization to childr en and young young adults with hospitalization children complex omplex medical needs. Our state-of-the-ar -of-the-art ffacility acility state-of-the-art pr ovides a sophisticated,, medically adv anced w orking provides advanced working en nvironment for the highly skilledd nnursing ursing staff that environment is able aable to provide provide indi ividualized vidualized tr e eatment to each individualized treatment privacy child hild in the pr ivacy of his or her beautifully appointed rroom. oom.. In this home-like home-like setting,, the he SHPC staff thr ives thrives in a family family atmospher where the eciation atmospheree where theyy feel appr appreciation and nd suppor dication. supportt for their skills and dedication. T ortunities at Too lear learnn mor moree about the job oppor opportunities Se even Hills P ediatr ic Center, Center, call 978.448.3388 Seven Pediatric or visit www Seven Hills

Se even Hills Celebrates National onal Nurse W eek! Seven Week!

22 Hillside A venue, Gr oton, MA 01450 Avenue, Groton, t'tXXXTFWFOIJMMTPSH  t'tXXXTFWFOIJMMTPSH


May/June 2014

Hospital Newspaper - NE

Ask An Expert By Roberta Knab Senior Vice President, Nexera Management Services

Empower Clinical, Administration Leaders to Find the True Value of Value Analysis Despite tight budgets, healthcare organizations can achieve both quality and cost savings in clinical care delivery using value analysis. Value analysis targets the supply chain—the intersection of cost, quality, and outcomes (CQO). At its best, it functions in a cross-disciplinary vein, bringing supply chain professionals and clinicians together to evaluate the use and effectiveness of products and services. Those assessments lead to stakeholder decisions that directly impact patient care and quality, as well as the bottom line. By using a clinician/supply chain-integrated value analysis that relies on vetted analytics, enterprise-wide communication, and physician-led teams, organizations can affect meaningful change. Hospitals must take into consideration all costs: supplies, procedures, and total delivered care costs (which are all dependent on quality and outcomes) and the way in which they intersect to determine reimbursement levels. An integrated supply chain and a value analysis program can lead providers to the intersection of cost, quality, and outcomes. The challenge, however, is not only to show the CQO connection, but to provide persuasive, meaningful information that overcomes ingrained practices and the cultural status quo. A multidisciplinary value analysis team that includes clinical and supply chain representatives ensures that the key stakeholders are involved and engaged, resulting in realistic action plans. Change can be difficult. But value analysis experts who have clinical and healthcare administrative backgrounds are armed with the tools to surmount those hurdles, hurdles that may be preventing savings on such products as physician preference items, which can account for as much as 60 percent of an institution's supply costs. Because there are so many complex healthcare products and services, it is essential to find value analysis practitioners with the expertise to both speak clinicians’ language and who know how to link clinician needs to supply chain financials effectively. In order to achieve optimal returns, it is critical to identify and buy safe, effective products at the best prices by using evidencebased data, then clearly outlining products, services, and processes that weigh patient care quality and outcome merits along with their financial impact. At Nexera, the extensive healthcare experience of our staff, combined with our partnership approach to client relationships, yields proven results. Nexera identifies savings using a multidisciplinary methodology. First, our team members, whose healthcare industry backgrounds range from doctors to nurses to administrators, evaluate organization-wide spend by clinical service line. We then engage hospital clinical staff in product selection and use based on quality and patient outcomes. Sustainable results are achieved by validating savings, tracking outcomes, and providing data-driven reports. Transparency and accountability are crucial to creating a successful program. Nexera’s results-driven differentiators include assigning a clinical professional to each client’s value analysis program using a physician-led approach combined with clinical resources to lead decisions. Value analysis is a proven strategy for constructing the most efficient, cost-effective supply chain, which can have a positive effect on clinical, fiscal, and administrative performance. With empowered clinicians collaborating with supply chain professionals and relying on empirical data, impactful decisions can be made that will offer long-lasting results. Roberta Knab is Senior Vice President, Nexera Management Services. She is a healthcare professional with over 16 years of experience supervising initiatives for supply chain operations, including materials management and purchasing, strategic sourcing and contracting, cost reduction through operating and strategic improvement, value analysis, and vendor management.

Hospital Newspaper - NE May/June 2014

Lower costs. Increase quality. Let Nexera’s Value Analysis team help you find the right balance. Physician preference items account for up to 60% of hospital supply costs, presenting an opportunity for supply chain professionals, clinicians, and leadership to work together to offset economic constraints. Value analysis is a physicianled, hospital-wide, evidence-based process that collaboratively establishes, prioritizes, and monitors initiatives that reduce costs while maintaining or improving the quality of care and clinical outcomes. Implementation and support of the value analysis team structure is a Nexera core competency. We look at total spend by clinical service with two goals in mind: rationalizing the approach to product sourcing and utilization, and creating accountability at all levels. By working with your teams, we customize a value analysis program that is tailored to your resources, your needs, and your existing purchasing processes.

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555 West 57th Street | New York, NY 10019 |

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May/June 2014

Hospital Newspaper - NE

Nightingale Program


The Nightingale Awards for Excellence in Nursing was originally developed by the Visiting Nurse Association of South Central Connecticut (VNA/SCC) to be a collaborative effort to celebrate outstanding nurses and elevate the nursing profession. In 2003, the program grew to include galas in the Hartford, New London, and Fairfield county regions. The goals of the Nightingale Awards are to encourage retention, inspire future nurses, focus public attention and recognize the breadth and scope of nursing practice at the local level. On Thursday, May 8, during National Nurses Week, Nightingale Awards galas were held in Hartford, Mystic, and New Haven. The Greater Hartford Nightingale Awards, which was hosted by VNA HealthCare, was held at the Hartford Marriott Downtown with 520 in attendance. 103 deserving nurses, representing 31 different institutions, were chosen as Nightingale honorees. Hilarie Jones, Uconn was the Keynote Speaker and the event’s lead sponsors were Hartford Hospital, and Saint Francis Care. The New London Nightingale Awards, hosted by the VNA of Southeastern Connecticut, was held at the Mystic Marriott Hotel & Spa with 403 in attendance. 48 exceptional nurses from 19 different healthcare organizations were honored. p e's ca Mary Lenzini was the chair person and Donna Blackstone was the co-chair. tingal h g i N ce The event’s lead sponsors were L+M Healthcare, Backus Hospital, HHC East Floren Region, VNA of Southeastern Connecticut, and Dominion Resources. The VNA of South Central CT hosted 450 attendees – including 85 deserving Nightingale honorees from 28 local healthcare organizations – at the New Haven Nightingale Awards held at Anthony’s Ocean View. Leadership for the event included Honorary Co-Chairs Kiki and Ted Kennedy, Jr., Guest Speaker Alyce Block, RN, and Co-Hosts Gil Simmons, WTNH-8 Meteorologist, and Renee DiNino of Clear Channel Radio, who emceed the awards ceremony. Special greetings were given by Governor of Connecticut, Dannel P. Malloy. The New Haven Nightingale Awards gala was generously supported by Platinum sponsor Yale-New Haven Hospital as well as other corporate and media sponsors, such as First Niagara, Masonicare, and Hospital Newspaper. For more information about the Nightingale Awards for Excellence in Nursing, including updates on the 2015 events, visit the Nightingale website at


Recognizes 236 Exceptional Connecticut Nurses


H NEWSPAPER Congratulates 2014 Nightingale honorees!

Hospital Newspaper - NE May/June 2014

PAge 11

2014 Nightingale Nominees – Hartford

provide d

Zenaida Acevedo, RN - Jerome Home (Member Central CT Senior Health Services) Stephanie Adkins, RN, MSN, CCRN - Bristol Hospital Evelyn Anthony, LPN - Hebrew Health Care Pamela Aselton, PhD, MPH, APRN-BC - University of Saint Joseph Audrey Bakanauskas, RN, MSN, FNP, ACNS, ADNP, CCRN, CHFN - Saint Francis Care Sheila Baudin, LPN - Uconn Health, Correctional Managed Health Care Keith Bergeron, RN, ASN, ACM - Hartford Hospital Michelle Bower, RN, CAPA - Eastern Connecticut Health Network Robin Bradshaw, RN, BSN, ONC - Connecticut Children's Medical Center Jennifer Briggs, RN, MSN - Johnson Memorial Medical Center Janice Brown, RN, MSN - Saint Mary's Hospital Charlene Buden, RN, BSN - Hartford HealthCare Medical Group Paul Campbell, RN, BSN - Hartford Hospital – Institute of Living Erik Carlson, RN - Interim HealthCare of Hartford, Inc. Mary Chahoud, RN - Visting Nurse and Health Services of Connecticut Helen Clements, RN, MSN - Eastern Connecticut Health Network Katharine Coggshall, RN, BSN - Hospital for Special Care Kathy Coleman, RN, MS - Uconn Health, Correctional Managed Health Care Cindy Colston, RN, BSN, CPN - Connecticut Children's Medical Center Anne Costello-Heath, RN - Uconn Health Denise Gail Cox, LPN – River Ridge at Avon (Benchmark) Diane Cybulski, RN, BSN - State of Connecticut Department of Public Health Joan Davidson, RN - The Atrium at Rocky Hill (Benchmark) Michelle DeLayo, APRN, MS, ACNP-BC - Uconn Health Mary DelCiampo, RN, BSN, NCC - Hartford Hospital Karen DePasquale, RN, ASN - Hartford Hospital Jaime Donahue, RN - MidState Medical Center Janet Donato, RN - Saint Mary's Hospital Lina A. Dureza, RN, BSN, LNHA, MSM - Hughes Health and Rehabilitation Patricia Fink, RN - Uconn Health, Correctional Managed Health Care Diane Freeman, RN, MSN - Saint Francis Care Gisele Frigault, RN - The Hospital of Central Connecticut Marianne Fuchs, RNC - Uconn Health, Correctional Managed Health Care Neal Galeota, RN, BSN, TNCC - Hartford Hospital Lynn Gaski, RN, BSN, MSN - Bristol Hospital Lawrence Girardin, RN - Saint Francis Care Amber Hammond, RN, BSN - The Hospital of Central Connecticut Kathryn Hann, RN, BSN - Saint Francis Care

N, N, BS kler, R in W da N : Belin ead, R orees Deborah H n o h are and ealthC , MA ; VNA H bimbo, RN Fred Im

Co-w Co-worker. worker. Mentor. Me entor. R l model. d l Role Friend. Friend.

Hartford cont. on next page


And now now, w,, Lina Dureza eza is our 2014 Nightingale ngale Award A ward Winner for fo or Excellence in Nursing. ng.

Congratulations, tulations, Lina! We We are so very ery proud of you!


29 Highland Str Street, eet, West Weest Hartford, Hartfor ford, CT 06119



May/June 2014

Hospital Newspaper - NE

2014 Nightingale Nominees – Hartford Hartford cont. from previous page Holly Harris, RN - Eastern Connecticut Health Network Deborah Head, RN - VNA HealthCare Susan Herdlick, RN – Natchaug Hospital Eileen Hermann, PhD, RN - Hartford Hospital Fred Imbimbo, RN, MA, CHPN - VNA HealthCare Mary James, RN, CARN - Rushford Leslie Juliani, RN, OCN, CHPN - Eastern Connecticut Health Network Kathy Kendrek, RN - Aetna Inc. Jodi Kochin, RN - Saint Francis Care Jennifer Kolakoski, RN - MidState Medical Center Linda Krikawa, RN, MSN, CDE - The Hospital of Central Connecticut Monique Landi, LPN - Cherry Brook Health Care Center Celia Landry, RN - The Hospital of Central Connecticut Annie LaPoint-Mills, RN, BSN, CCES - Eastern Connecticut Health Network Elizabeth Laska, RN, BSN, CSPI - Uconn Health Francine Leach, RN, MSN, CCM - Bristol Hospital Rebecca Leblanc, RN - Eastern Connecticut Health Network Lucile Lew, RN, CHPN - Southington Care Center (Member Central CT Senior Health Services) Meghan Link, RN, BSN - Hartford Hospital Susan Lumbra, RN, ADN - Hospital for Special Care Wendy Martinson, RN, MSN - Uconn Health Amanda Massaro, RN, BSN - Saint Mary's Hospital Amy Michanczyk, LPN - Eastern Connecticut Health Network Denise Ann Mikkelson, RN, RRT - Saint Francis Care Michelle Moeller, RN, MSN - Goodwin College Judith A. Montgomery, RN, BHCA, BMS, CNOR - Johnson Memorial Medical Center Linsley Mordasky, RN - Johnson Memorial and Community Health Services Kathy Morris, RN - Aetna Inc. Barbara Mulholland, RN, BSN, CPN - Connecticut Children's Medical Center Melissa Mulvey, RN-BC, MSN - Saint Francis Care Monika Nelson, RN - The Hospital of Central Connecticut Brittany Odackal, RNC, BSN, CHFN - Hartford Hospital Kathleen Ostrowski, RN - Masonicare Partners Home Health & Hospice

Nancy Peer, RN, MSN - CCSU Julie Purzycki, RN, BSN - Hartford Hospital Regina Radikas, APRN - Hartford Hospital Bradley Renner, RN, WCC - Hebrew Health Care Janet Richardson, RN - The Hospital of Central Connecticut Mary Clare Robinson, RN, BSN - Hartford Hospital Christine Rooney, RN, MSN - Hartford Hospital Diane Ruskys, RN - Jefferson House (Member Central CT Senior Health Services) Rhiannon Salcius, RN, MSN - Saint Francis Care Renee Sandone, RN, BS - Hartford Hospital Erin Scanlon, RN, BSN - Community Health Center, Inc. Norma Schuberth, RN, BSN - State of Connecticut Department of Public Health Nancy Shepard, RN, BSN, CRNI - Professional Home Care Services Marlene Silvis, RN, MPH, OCN, CHPN - Hartford Hospital Shannon Sorensen, RN - Saint Francis Care Karen H. Stasinos, RN, MSN - Saint Francis Care Angelica Stott, LPN - MidState Medical Center Karen Summit, RN, MSN, NE-BC - Hospital for Special Care Dianna Taraskewich, RN - The Hospital of Central Connecticut Lucille St. George Taylor, RN, MBA - Integrated Care Partners Patti Thomas, RN - Cherry Brook Health Care Center Gisele Tillbrook, LPN, RDCS - MidState Medical Center Deborah Venditto, RN - The Hospital of Central Connecticut Susan Walters, RN, BSN, CCRP - Uconn Health Elizabeth Welk, RN, BSN - Masonicare Partners Home Health & Hospice Beth Wentland, RN, BSN, MBA - Connecticut Children's Medical Center Tara Wesoloskie - RN, BSN - Connecticut Children's Medical Center Sarah Wheeler, RN, BSN, CEN - Hartford Hospital Diahann Wilcox, RN, MSN, APRN, AE-C - Uconn Health Belinda Winkler, RN, BSN, CCM - VNA HealthCare Joanne Wright, RN - Johnson Memorial Medical Center Ellen Zagorski, LPN - The Village of Buckland Court (Benchmark)

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Medical Assistants Counselors Medical Imaging Dieticians

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2014 New Haven Nightingale Awardees

VNA/SCC Board Members: Anthony DiSalvo, Susan Barrett, Diane Vorio, Governor of CT Dannel P. Malloy, Robert H. Motley (Board Chair), Jane Steidley Shaw, Anthony Candido, and VNA/SCC President & CEO John R. Quinn. (All are Board Members other than Governor) Madeline Aguayo, RN - Benchmark Senior Living: The Village at East Farms Leslie Alexander, RN, BSN Yale-New Haven Hospital Jen Balzi, RN, BSN - Yale-New Haven Hospital Erica Bartol, RN - Yale-New Haven Hospital Elizabeth Brown, RN, BSN New England Homecare Marcia Burkitt, RN, BSN, ONC VA Connecticut Health Care System Diana Cardella, RN, BSN, CHPN Jewish Senior Services Cary Carpino, RN - Griffin Hospital Amanda Caswell BS, RN, CCRN, WCC - Yale-New Haven Hospital Shahida Chaudhary, RN New England Homecare Erika Clements, RN, BSN Waterbury Hospital Adriana Clesidor, RN, BSN Masonicare Home Health and Hospice, Inc. Leslie Coburn, RN - Gaylord Hospital Kristen Cocca, RN Yale-New Haven Hospital Julie Colantonio, RN - Gaylord Hospital Kimberly Cox, RN, BSN, MHCA VNA Community Healthcare, Inc. Monica J. Dalton, RN - Gaylord Hospital Elaine Delillo, LPN VA Connecticut Health Care System Christine Denhup, PhD, MSN, APRN Southern Connecticut State University Susan DeNisco, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, CNE, CNL - Sacred Heart University Carl Mick Dillon, RN, MSN VA Connecticut Health Care System Kimbra Dombroski, RN, BSN Yale-New Haven Hospital Cris Donovan, RN - Yale Health Indira Figueroa, RN, BS - Masonicare Home Health and Hospice Inc. Karen Fulcher, LPN – Benchmark Senior Living: Carriage Green at Milford

New Haven cont. on page 15

ir with o - C h a ts ). C y r a nor -Hos Jr., Ho immons (Co , y d e il S enn Ted K iNino and G D e e Ren

Congratulations C Congr gratula lations ns tto oo our u rrecipients ur ecipients o off tthe he N Nightingale igghtin ngale Awa A Award w rd wa for Nursing for Excellence fo Excellen ence c in Nur Nursin s g

Monica M onica D Dalton, alton, RN

Julie Julie Colantonio, Colantonio, RN

Wallingford, W aalllingford, CT C

T Tina ina M Marie arie U Uff Ufferfilge, ffeerfilgge, RN ff ww w ww.gaylord

L Leslie eslie C Coburn, oburn, RN R


May/June 2014

Hospital Newspaper - NE

2014 Nightingale Nominees – New London Judith Albright, MSN, CWOCN - Three Rivers Community College Carol Artiaco, RN - Day Kimball Hospital Angela Authier, BS, RN, CNOR - Backus Hospital HHC East Region Heather Bader, RN, MSN, CNE – L+M Healthcare Karen Barbone, MSN, RN, CDE - Windham Hospital HHC East Region Joan Barton, RN - Day Kimball Hospital Kimberly Cady, RN, AS - Day Kimball Hospital Pam Cheney, BSN - Windham Hospital HHC East Region Pamela Croxton, RN - Mary Morrisson Elementary School Nancy Deady, BSN, CPAN - Backus Hospital HHC East Region Cheryl DeleCruz, BSN – L+M Healthcare Patricia Egan, BSN – L+M Healthcare Donna Faragosa, RN - Backus Hospital HHC East Region Donna Feria, RN - Westerly Hospital Janet Fernandez, RN - Day Kimball Hospital Stephanie Gavitt, BSN - Village at South Farms Linda Gervasio, RN-ACU - Day Kimball Hospital Giselle Goupille, MSN, RN - Backus Hospital HHC East Region Laurie Gwin, BS, BSN, MPH, NCSN - Ledyard Regional VNA Linda Hart, RN - Academy Point Susan Hibbard, RN - Day Kimball Hospital Joan Lane, BSN - Interim HealthCare Kristen Lescault, BSN - Day Kimball Hospital JoEllen Lindblom, BSN - Backus Home Health HHC East Region

Suzanne Lord, BSN, CWOCN - Visiting Nurse Association of Southeastern CT Jessica Maksim, BSN, IBCLCL – L+M Healthcare Annette T. Maruca, PhD(c), MS, RN-BC - Uconn School of Nursing Lorraine Moon, RN – Center for Hospice Care Southeast CT Sarah Niemiec, RN - Day Kimball Hospital Ryan Ort, BSN - Backus Hospital HHC East Region Bruce Patterson, RN, APRN - Fairview Mabel Payne, RNC-OB, BSN - Westerly Hospital Pricilla Quilter, MS, APRN, ACNP-BC - Backus Hospital HHC East Region Corinna Quimby, BS, RN - Backus Hospital HHC East Region Lawrene Rafferty, BSN, NCSN, C.L.C., I.B.C.L.C. - Visiting Nurse Association of Southeastern CT Joyce Ray, BSN, RN-BC - Windham Hospital HHC East Region Carol Rinzler, CNM - OBGYN Services, PC Judy Serra, RN, MSN - Westerly Hospital Jan Sevieri, RN, WCC - L+M Healthcare Robert B. Taylor, RN - Coastal Digestive Care Center Marie Lucille Tetreault, RN - Day Kimball Hospital Jean Van Arnam, BSN - L+M Healthcare Janine Vose, RN - Day Kimball Hospital Portia Wade, MSN, RN - Interim HealthCare Noah J. White, RN - Masonicare Home Health and Hospice Sandra Woodward, RN, CMSRN - L+M Healthcare Anne Marie Wright, RN - Visiting Nurse Association of Southeastern CT David Yearick, RN - Masonicare Home Health and Hospice

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REHABILITATION Advances in Special Care for those Injured

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT & RECRUITMENT The Top Education and Recruitment Opportunities

Hospital Newspaper - NE May/June 2014

PaGe 15


2014 New Haven Nightingale Awardees

Most of the honored nurses with Gil Simmons and Renee DiNino (Co-Hosts).

New Haven Continued from page 13 Deborah Jane Gallagher, RN, BC, CPEN, SANE CN III - Yale-New Haven Hospital Karen Giarnese, BSN - Visiting Nurse Services of CT Kimberly Goux, LPN - Masonicare Primary Care Physicians Jennifer Grasso-Torlish, LPN - Fair Haven Community Health Center Cynthia Grof-Tisza Zayas, LPN - Masonicare Home Health and Hospice Inc. Michelle Guarnieri, RN, BSN, PCN – Visiting Nurse Association of South Central CT Shelley Guerrera, RN - Waterbury Hospital Susanne Halim, RN - Yale-New Haven Hospital Susan Hannabury, RN - VNA Community Healthcare, Inc. Stephanie Hedberg, RN - Yale-New Haven Hospital Loralie Held, RN, BSN, CGRN - Milford Hospital Danielle Huseman, RN, BSN, MBA - Yale-New Haven Hospital Margaret Janvrin, RN, OCN, WCC - New England Home Care Christine Jencik, RN - Yale-New Haven Hospital Catherine Jenkins, RN - Masonicare Health Center Cecilia M. Jevitt, CNM, PhD, FACNM - Yale School of Nursing Scott Kangas, RN - Visiting Nurse Services of CT Michelle Keithline, RN, MSN, CCRN - Yale-New Haven Hospital Brenda Keller, RN - Waterbury Hospital Dan Kelner, RN, BSN - New England Home Care Andrew Kloter, LPN - Jewish Senior Services Melanese Kotey, RN - VA Connecticut Health Care System Lynn Kravitz, RN - New England Home Care Nancy Lang, RN, BSN - Milford Hospital Cynthia Lawrence, LPN - Amedisys Home Care Cheryl Levesque, RN, OCN - Yale-New Haven Hospital Lyndell Lubin, LPN - Visiting Nurse Services of CT Elizabeth Magenheimer, APRN - Fair Haven Community Health Center Diana McSherry, LPN - Benchmark Senior Living: Maple Woods at Hamden and Middlebrook Farms at Trumbull Barbara Milazzo, RN - Yale Health Michelle Miranda, RN, MSN, NE-BC - Yale-New Haven Hospital Christine Moran, RN - Yale-New Haven Hospital Patricia M’Sadoques, RN - Yale-New Haven Hospital Andrea Murrell, RN - Yale-New Haven Hospital Jennifer Napoleone, MSN, APRN, BC - VA Connecticut Health Care System Krisztina Nemeth, RN - Yale-New Haven Hospital Rick O’Connor, RN - Yale-New Haven Hospital Pearl Onas, RN - Aaron Manor Lynette Palm, RN, MSN - Gateway Community College Nina Pearlin, RN, BSN, MA - Sacred Heart University

Maricor Repato, RN, BSN - Milford Hospital Elizabeth Rickard, LPN - Jewish Senior Services Kirsten Rioux, RN - VNA Community Healthcare, Inc. Geraldine Robinson, RN, CNOR - Griffin Hospital Darlene Rogers, RN - Quinnipiac University - School of Nursing Jessica Rosario, RN, BSN - Visiting Nurse Services of CT Patricia Russell, RN, BSN - Masonicare Health Center Cheryl Santiago, RN, BSN, BC - Griffin Hospital Martha Smith, RN - Yale-New Haven Hospital Julie Stewart, DNP, APRN, MPH, FNP-BC, AAHIVS - Sacred Heart University Christina Strachan, RN, MSN, CEN, SANE - Waterbury Hospital

Elizabeth Tecza, RN, BSN - Benchmark Senior Living: Coachman Square at Woodbridge Kate Topazio, RN, BSN, CEN, EMT - Griffin Hospital Michelle Tousey-Rowold, RN, MSN Ed. - Masonicare Home Health and Hospice Inc. Tina Marie Ufferfilge, RN - Gaylord Hospital Rose Vaccaro, RN, ASN - Milford Hospital Christina Vanacore, RN - Masonicare Health Center Diane Voccia, RN - Benchmark Senior Living: The Village at Mariner’s Point Deborah Wasko, RN - Waterbury Hospital Eileen Yost, PhD(c), MSN, RNC - Sacred Heart University

Congratulations to Pearl Onas, RN, BSN for receiving the Nightingale Award for Excellence in Nursing 2014.

Aaron Manor

Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 3 South Wig Hill Road, Chester, Connecticut 06412 Tel: (860) 526-5316 • Fax: (860) 526-2436

Ryders Health Management Nursing & Rehabilitation Centers


May/June 2014

Hospital Newspaper - NE

Mercy Community to host charitable golf tournament June 9th A preview of the 2014 Circle of Mercy Golf Outing in support of The Mercy Community The Mercy Community, West Hartford’s premier continuing care retirement community, is pleased to announce that the 14th Annual Circle of Mercy Golf Outing, will take place Monday, June 9, 2014. The tournament benefits The Mercy Community, the people it serves, and the program it delivers through Saint Mary Home and The McAuley. The Circle of Mercy Golf Outing returns to the picturesque Hartford Golf Club in West Hartford. For the seventh consecutive year, Sodexo Heath Care will return as Title Sponsor of the Golf Outing. At this printing, Platinum Sponsors include Connecticut ad agency Mascola Group; commercial brokerage firm O,R, & L Commercial, Inc., Friends of Bill Fiocchetta, and Metro-Realty Group, Ltd. The Circle of Mercy Golf Outing is a JetBlue Challenge Tournament, awarding vacation packages and other great prizes to the winners. Registration for the event is $300.00 per individual golfer. The day of golf will also include a buffet lunch, cocktail hour, dinner,

awards, and a silent auction. Sponsorships, at a variety of levels, are also still available for organizations that wish to support the residents, clients and programs of The Mercy Community. Tickets for dinner guests only are $80 per person. To learn more about this event, register, or for more on The Mercy Community and the services that they provide to seniors, please call Christine Looby, director of community relations, at 860.570.8305, e-mail, or visit About The Mercy Community: The Mercy Community offers a comprehensive and integrated continuum of senior care and services, including: SAINT MARY HOME, which provides skilled nursing, short- and long-term rehabilitation, dementia, hospice, palliative, subacute, residential and adult day services. THE McAULEY, a Continuing Care Retirement Community, which promotes and fosters an in-


dependent lifestyle within a life care setting. In addition, The McAuley offers an Assisted Living Program for those residents who re-

quire more assistance with the tasks of daily living. For more information about The Mercy Community, The McAuley,

Saint Mary Home, rehabilitation services, or any of our other programs, please visit

Jeffrey W. Hillis, J.D., M.B.A., President of AdCare Hospital, appointed President of the Massachusetts Association of Behavioral Health Systems (MABHS) Jeffrey Hillis is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the National Association of Psychiatric Health Systems (NAPHS), the NAPHS Addiction Treatment Committee; and

the American Health Lawyers Association. State and local affiliations include serving as Board Member and Current Treasurer of the Health Foundation of Central Massachu-

setts; and Board Member of the Worcester Research Bureau. AdCare Hospital is New England’s most comprehensive provider of alcohol and drug abuse

treatment, offering a full continuum of inpatient treatment in Worcester, MA, and outpatient services throughout Massachusetts and in Warwick, RI.

When Patients Turn to You, You Can Rely on AdCare ®


Jeffrey W. Hillis, J.D., M.B.A., President of AdCare Hospital, an alcohol and drug abuse treatment hospital in Worcester, MA, has been named President of the Massachusetts Association of Behavioral Health Systems (MABHS), the only trade association in Massachusetts whose central mission is to focus on inpatient psychiatric and substance abuse issues. Founded in 1989 by the freestanding psychiatric hospitals, MABHS now consists of 42 inpatient facilities statewide, including freestanding psychiatric hospitals, substance abuse facilities, and psychiatric units in acute general hospitals from the Berkshires to Cape Cod.

A medical facility dedicated to addiction treatment, AdCare Hospital is New England’s most comprehensive provider of alcohol and drug abuse services. Our Services Include: s Inpatient and Outpatient Care s Day and Evening Treatment

s Support Groups s Community Service Programs


Outpatient Locations: Boston, Quincy, North Dartmouth, West Springfield, Worcester and Warwick, RI.

Visit our website to view current employment opportunities

Hospital Newspaper - NE May/June 2014

Page 17

education & careers Hebrew Health Care is proud to welcome our new Nursing Home Administrator, Lisa Holloway. Lisa brings more than twenty five years of health care experience to Hebrew Health Care both as human resources professional and a skilled nursing Administrator. In her most recent experience she was responsible for assisted living and skilled nursing in a medium-size continuing care retirement community. In addition to her Nursing Home Administrator’s license, Lisa brings her multiple degrees including, a Master’s Degree in Social Work, a Master’s Degree of Science in Management, and a Master’s in Business Administration. A graduate of the International Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro North Carolina, Lisa’s experiences combined with her clinical background, frequent seminar and training sessions give her current skills that will enhance the team’s effectiveness. She is an active member and Fellow of the American College of Health Care Administrator. Her experience, expertise and talents make her an asset to Hebrew Health Care. Lisa lives in Bloomfield with her husband and their daughter. Hebrew Health Care is a nonprofit, non-sectarian health care provider featuring a full spectrum of integrated and seamless inpatient; out-patient and community based geriatric services to meet the needs of older adults in the Greater Hartford community. Hebrew Health Care is committed to providing comprehensive care of the elderly. Not simply saying it, not simply building it, HHC does it – every day, every week, every year, for over 100 years. Hebrew Health Care’s commitment to the elderly in the Greater Hartford area is unparalleled and is the foundation on which our reputation for excellence is based.


Hebrew Health Care welcomes new Administrator Hebrew Health Care is comprised of the following service affiliates: The Hospital at Hebrew Health Care Hoffman SummerWood Community Hebrew Health Visiting Nurses Hebrew Health Hospice Hebrew Health Assisted Living Services Hebrew Health Adult Day Services Hebrew Rehabilitation Group Connecticut Geriatric Specialty Group The Gene and Anja Rosenberg Hebrew Home and Rehabilitation Center

Lisa Holloway

`l_\YX! `lVb__XZX!

Your Health Care Career Is Waiting. @T^X<g;TccXaGbWTl Explore the health care profession with Cambridge College v8QGHUJUDGXDWH%6ZLWKDFRQFHQWUDWLRQLQ



mi vida. mi college.

CAMBRIDGE Wednesday July 16, 2014 6:00 p.m. 1000 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts

LAWRENCE Saturday June 14, 2014 10:00 a.m. Wednesday June 18, 2014 5:00 p.m. 360 Merrimack Street Building 9, Entry K, 4 th floor Lawrence, Massachusetts



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May/June 2014

fo for n i t s Late s and

nursdeents stu

Hospital Newspaper - NE

Nurseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Viewpoint

By Alison Lazzaro, RN

Hospital Newspaper Correspondent

Safe Haven? Each morning (or evening) before stepping onto your unit, you take a moment to set an intention. Perhaps it is to give the best possible care you can, to have more patience, or to be more present in the moment when connecting with a patient. These humbling intentions are why we chose this profession. After working so diligently to earn this degree, you are proud to be a nurse. But with such hard work and dedication, you never believed you would be among the occupation with the highest risk of assaults. Health care workers are actually more likely to be attacked at work than police officers or prison guards, according to the International Council of Nurses. Workplace violence unfortunately plagues nurses far too often. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health defines violence as physical assaults and threatening behavior including verbal abuse. In 2006, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the healthcare industry topped the charts for workplace violence and 45% of assaults were committed against nurses. In 2011 the American Nurses Association found that 50% of nurses have been threatened or verbally abused according to a 2011 survey of 4,600 nurses. These alarming statistics require legislative action, policy change and personal reflection in your field. The American Nurses Association takes a firm stance on the topic of workplace violence. The organization supports nurses by expressing their "right to work in healthy work environments free of abusive behavior." The Joint Commission also addresses inappropriate behaviors by calling upon leaders to create a process for managing disruptions and enforcing an organization wide code of conduct. Nurses go into the profession to help people each day to restore their health and wellness. Nurses should not have to fear physical harm in order to do their job. The culture of inappropriate patient behavior in the Emergency Department or on the units is unacceptable. Employers need to minimize violence by decreasing the notion that violence is tolerated, by providing training for nurses to avoid or de-escalate potential violence, by providing a policy for reporting incidences in order to report data and by flagging charts of patients who have a history of incidents. In most states, it is a crime to assault a police officer. Yet, it is expected and assumed to be part of the job description for nurses. We need to stop justifying the actions of patients and pass national legislation to make it a crime to commit violence against healthcare workers. Employers and nursing organizations need policies that stop the tolerance of inappropriate behavior. It is time to make our workplace the safe haven we deserve.

Hospital Newspaper - NE May/June 2014

pAgE 19

education & careers Continuing Ed opportunitiEs Cambridge College information sessions CAMBridgE Wednesday July 16, 2014 6:00 p.m. 1000 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts

Our staff loves working at BEAUMONT! Here are a few reasons why…

LAWrEnCE Saturday June 14, 2014 10:00 a.m. Wednesday June 18, 2014 5:00 p.m. 360 Merrimack Street - Building 9, Entry K, 4th floor Lawrence, Massachusetts

Gateway Healthcare honors James F. McKenna, of AdCare Hospital, with Advocacy Award


Gateway Healthcare, Rhode Island’s largest provider of community behavioral healthcare, recognized James F. McKenna, Vice President of Marketing and Development at AdCare Hospital, with the 2014 Advocacy Award at an Awards Luncheon held May 19 in Warwick, RI. Mr. McKenna was honored for “his unwavering leadership and advocacy of Gateway’s Caritas, Inc., a provider of substance abuse programs for adolescents and women”. A member of AdCare Hospital’s management team since 1991, Mr. McKenna is a member of the Board of Directors of Caritas, Inc., a provider of residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment in Rhode Island; a

founding member of Drug and Alcohol Treatment Associates (DATA) in Rhode Island; and a past executive director of the Alcohol Council of Fall River, MA, and the Massachusetts Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (MAADAC). He is a long-time support and an honorary member of the Board of Directors of Steppingstone, Inc., a provider of residential substance abuse programs in Fall River and New Bedford, MA. A licensed and certified social worker, a licensed alcohol and drug counselor, and a board certified interventionist, Mr. McKenna earned a bachelor’s degree in social science from Roger Williams University in Rhode Island and a master’s degree in education from the University of Massachusetts. He is an instructor in the Westfield State College Addiction Counselor Program at AdCare. AdCare Hospital is New England’s most comprehensive provider of alcohol and drug abuse treatment, offering inpatient detoxification and rehabilitation services in Worcester, MA, and outpatient services at sites throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

“ The CNA career ladder has taken me to new heights.”

• HIGHLY COMPETITIVE WAGE AND SALARY PROGRAM • We do NOT answer to stockholders… we have been family-owned and operated for over 60 years. • Experienced and stable Administration and Nursing Management • We have a fully staffed and highly experienced Inservice Department. • Low Patient-to-Nurse ratio • Advanced Training Offered • We support professional growth through tuition reimbursement, CEUs, professional certifications (ANA Certificates and Rehabilitation Nursing Certificates), and more! • Excellent Health and Dental plans • Life Insurance • Long & Short Term Disability Insurance • Generous Paid Time Off • Indefinite accrual of earned time • Full-time benefits for 30 hours or more • Part-time benefits from 24 hours • 401(k) with employer contributions (with immediate vesting) • On-site fitness centers… FREE to all staff • Subsidized child care for all staff at Early Education Centers located in Natick, Northbridge and Worcester

If you are interested in working with a progressive, family-owned company, call Peg Kayser at 508.898.3490 ext 3507

Amputee Accreditation The Joint Commission (TJC) has awarded Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital disease specific care accreditation in amputee rehabilitation. TJC, the country’s leading healthcare accrediting organization, only awards disease specific care accreditations to hospitals that meet rigorous criteria in a specialty area. Fairlawn has also earned TJC specialty accreditations for stroke, brain injury, and Parkinson’s disease rehabilitation.





w w w. S a l m o n H e a l t h A n d R e t i r e m e n t . c o m


May/June 2014

Hospital Newspaper - NE

Waveny Care Center to offer IV Therapy Waveny LifeCare Network is pleased to announce the introduction of IV therapy at its skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility, Waveny Care Center. Launched through generous funding from the Jeniam Foundation, this initiative now makes on-site IV treatments available to patients at the Care Center. Waveny’s new IV capabilities will expand its scope of services and effectively reduce the need for patient hospitalization, particularly for common IV treatments related to hydration or infection. “Whereas in the past we would have needed to send a patient to the hospital to receive intravenous antibiotics or hydration, we can now provide that level of care on the premises,” said Donna Sammarino, RN, Director of Nursing at the Care Center. Across the nation, nurses are becoming increasingly responsible for providing more and more specialized or clinically complex care in skilled nursing settings. “As the acuity of nursing home residents and patients continues to rise, IV therapy will become a more frequent treatment modality,” said Bill Piper, Waveny CEO. “The launch of this skilled service at Waveny represents an effort to directly deliver upon our mission to adapt to meet the growing and changing needs of those we serve.”

The launch of Waveny’s IV therapy program follows its introduction of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy or “Wound VAC” treatments earlier this year, which utilize vacuum dressings to promote healing in acute or chronic wounds. In preparation for the program launch, Waveny nurses have undergone comprehensive, handson training on IV administration through a highly-regarded certified program over the past several months, and will continue to do so on a regular basis. Waveny LifeCare Network provides a comprehensive continuum of healthcare to serve the growing needs of older adults from all

areas. Waveny is a not-for-profit organization that offers independent living at The Inn, assisted living for people with Alzheimer’s and memory loss at The Village, and skilled nursing at Waveny Care Center. It also includes Waveny Home Healthcare, the Brown Geriatric Evaluation Clinic, a Geriatric Care Management team that provides 24-hour coverage, an Adult Day Program available on weekdays with flexible hours, inpatient and outpatient Rehabilitation Services, and respite programs at The Village and Care Center. For information call 1-855-WAVENY-1 or visit


Waveny Care Center prepares to launch a new IV program. From left to right, Advija Dedic, LPN, Laurie Knowles, RN; Mary DiPaola, RN, Assistant Director of Nursing; Cy Walters, RN and Donna Sammarino, RN, Director of Nursing.

Coverys announces Partnership with Academic Professional Insurance RRG, LLC Providing medical professional liability insurance to medical students Coverys, a leading provider of medical professional liability insurance, is pleased to announce it has partnered with Academic Medical Professional Insurance RRG, LLC (“AMPI RRG”), a member insurance company of Academic Group. AMPI RRG, a risk retention group domiciled in Vermont, provides professional liability insurance coverage to domestic medical professionals, foreign physicians temporarily in the U.S. and visiting students. AMPI RRG operates independently and is owned and capitalized by its subscribers. The organization is committed to supporting medical professionals and offers policies designed to cover clinical rotations domestically and abroad to eligible U.S. students. “The partnership between Coverys and AMPI RRG provides the opportunity to reach medical professionals who currently may not have access to specialized services within their current insurance program. It will allow both organizations’ programs to expand while maintaining quality services and continuing to provide superior products to the medical professional liability marketplace,” said Gregg L. Hanson, CEO and president of Coverys.

“Academic has been committed to serving medical educators for over two decades. This partnership greatly enhances and enriches our ability to offer available coverage and medico-legal education services across the full academic spectrum from faculty, residents, nurses and medical students on clinical rotations. We are excited about bringing our brand and knowledge to Coverys, a physician first company that shares so many values with our leadership,” said Martin Kern, executive director of Academic. Through this collaboration, Coverys will provide financial stability, reinsurance support and enhance the medical professional liability program offered through AMPI RRG. The partnership reflects Coverys’ strategic direction regarding continued expansion of its service footprint and geographic growth. For more information about Coverys, contact Loren LeVasseur, public relations specialist, at (617) 946-8665 or For more information about Academic, contact our senior marketing representative, Jay Roberts, at

Metro West Medical Billing P.O. Box 312 Hudson, MA 01749 Tel: (978) 562-4503 (888) 568-MWMB Fax: (978) 562-MWMB Fax: (978) 567-MWMB

Let Metro West Medical Billing take care of your billing needs so you can save time and money focusing on what really matters; your customers Specializing in third party insurances: Aetna, Bankers Life & Casualty, BC/BS, Cigna, Fallon Community, Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan, Humana, Medicaid, Medicare, MetLife, Tufts, UniCare, Unysis/MA Health, and all other major health insurance plans

Hospital Newspaper - NE May/June 2014

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education & careers VNA of South Central CT Awards Nightingale Scholarships to nursing students The Visiting Nurse Association of South Central Connecticut (VNA/SCC), recently awarded five local nursing students with a $1,200 scholarship through the Nightingale Awards for Excellence in Nursing program. The Nightingale Awards for Excellence in Nursing was originally developed by the VNA/SCC to be a collaborative effort to celebrate outstanding nurses and elevate the nursing profession. The goals of the program are to encourage retention, focus public attention, recognize the breadth and scope of nursing practice at the local level, and inspire future nurses. To help

achieve these goals, for the past eleven years, the Nightingale program has provided scholarships to outstanding students from five local nursing schools. This year’s winners were Mary Gallagher of the Yale School of Nursing, Rachel Henderson of Southern Connecticut State University, Melanie Powers of Quinnipiac University, Mellissa LaParre of Sacred Heart University, and Debra Bagni of Gateway Community College. The 2014 scholarship recipients were honored at a special reception hosted by the VNA/SCC on April 15.

Worcester Nurse named Fairlawn Employee of the Year Augusta Ishola, a certified registered rehabilitation nurse who serves as the nurse educator and wound team coordinator at Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital, was recently chosen as the hospital’s Employee of the Year. The annual award honors an employee who exemplifies teamwork, the pursuit of excellence, and outstanding dedication to improving the lives of patients and their families. Ms. Ishola resides in Worcester.


From left to right: Debra Bagni - Gateway Community College – Department of Nursing, Mellissa LaParre - Sacred Heart University - School of Nursing, Rachel Henderson – Southern Connecticut State University - Department of Nursing, Mary Gallagher – Yale School of Nursing, and Melanie Powers Quinnipiac University – School of Nursing

Augusta Ishola, BSN, CRRN

Visit us at

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TAKE THE NEXT STEP IN YOUR CAREER As a Registered Nurse you can stay ahead in the health care field by enrolling in Goodwin College’s RN-To-BSN Degree Completion program. With the increased demand for BSN graduates continuing to grow, now is the time for you to increase your experience and advance in your career.

A PROGRAM DESIGNED FOR RNS We’ve designed our RN-To-BSN program Kelly Michaud, RN-To-BSN student around your busy lifestyle. The RN-To-BSN curriculum can be completed part-time in 16 months or uniquely designed to meet your specific needs. Graduates are prepared to practice in a variety of areas with knowledge and skills that are transferable to multiple settings. Our RN-To-BSN program can be taken online or in a hybrid format.* Infant (from 12 wks) • Toddler • Preschool Pre-Kindergarten • Kindergarten • Full Day/Part Day Schedules

With our fixed tuition model, you know the total cost of completing your BSN degree before you begin classes. Start classes September 8.

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May/June 2014

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AssIsTEd lIvIng


WHAlER’s CovE AssIsTEd lIvIng “ExCEpTIonAl CARE AT An ExCEpTIonAl pRICE”

Bernstein & Associates, Architects Founded in 1990, Bernstein & Associates, Architects, specializes in the design and construction of hospital and healthcare facilities. Our focus: high-quality design, excellent service, and client satisfaction. We have worked for over 100 hospitals and another 200 private healthcare facilities, across the United States. Our project types have included all hospital and healthcare service groups, including: Adult Day Care, Alcoholism Treatment Facilities, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Assisted Living, Cancer Centers, Cardiac Cath, Cardiology, CCU/ICU, Clinics, Coronary Care, Dental, Dermatology, Dialysis Clinics, Doctors Offices, Drug Treatment Facilities, Elder Care, Employee and Student Health Support Services, Emergency Departments, Emergency Preparedness, Endoscopy, ENT, Expert Witness, Group Practices, Hospices, Hospitals, Infectious Disease, Information Systems, Intensive Care, JCAHO Survey, Joint Commission Survey, Laboratories, Master Plans, Medical Offices, Medical Equipment, Medical Libraries, Medical Records, Neurology, Nursing Homes, Ophthalmology/Eye Center, OB/Gyn, Orthopedic, Pain Care Facilities, Pathology, Patient Safety Consulting Services, Pediatric, Pharmacy, Physical Fitness and Sports, PT/OT, Primary Care Programs, Psychiatric, Radiology, Rehabilitation, Senior Citizen Facilities, Sleep Centers, Social Services, Statement of Conditions, Surgical Suites and Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Urgent Care Centers, and USP 797 Consulting Services. The firm's projects have won design awards from Progressive Architecture, Architectural Record, and the Architectural Woodworking Institute, and have been published in Advance, Health Facilities Management, Medical Technology Today, Bio/Technology, Progressive Architecture, Architectural Record, Design Solutions, Hospitality Design, Sound and Communication, Contract Design and Hospital Newspaper. Architectural Services include: programming, planning, design, construction documents, bidding and negotiation, and construction administration. The firm also offers sustainable or “green” healthcare design. The firm has a number of LEED-accredited professionals, has successfully completed numerous green healthcare projects, and has published articles on “Greening the Healthcare Environment”. Project Management (or Owner’s Representative Services) is offered as a stand-alone service through our affiliated project management company, Empire Projects, Inc. ( Bernstein & Associates, Architects - PLLC 100 Pearl St. - 14th Floor, Hartford, CT 06103 Contact: William N. Bernstein, AIA Managing Principal Tel: 860-616-2200 Fax: 860-616-0018 NEW YORK - HARTFORD - PRINCETON

Whaler’s Cove Assisted Living has 120 safe and affordable rental apartments in a beautifully restored historic building. Life at Whaler’s Cove means living independently for senior adults who no longer want the responsibility of maintaining a home, but may need a helping hand with personal care and other needs. Located in Southeastern Massachusetts, on the site of the former Whitman Mills, bordering the Acushnet River, Whaler’s Cove offers all of the comforts of home. Amenities include a spacious dining room, large sunroom with interior gardens, chapel, library, beauty/barber salon and beautifully furnished lounge areas. Whaler’s Cove has recently added a billiards room and gym, as well as refurbished the Reception Desk area. At Whaler’s Cove, our professionally trained and dedicated staff is sensitive to residents’ changing needs, assuring that they receive the services they need to maintain their independent lifestyles. Whaler’s Cove is one of the most affordable assisted living facilities in the area. In addition, our units are 20-50% larger than other local facilities, making ours the most generously sized apartments in Southeastern Massachusetts. Are you in need of accommodations following surgery or an injury or just want to try us out before you decide? Ask about our Short Stay Suites. At Whaler’s Cove, we understand that everyone’s financial situation is unique and that these circumstances determine how you will fund your or your loved one’s stay in an assisted living. There are a wide variety of options available which offer the flexibility and additional resources that you need. Call us today to ask how we may be able to help you make the transition to assisted living. Whaler’s Cove Assisted Living 114 Riverside Avenue New Bedford, MA 02746 Phone 508-997-2880 • Fax 508-997-1599

ElIMInATIng HospITAl ACQUIREd InFECTIons TSK Products has over 5 years experience in hospital wide surface disinfection and 20+ years in environmental engineering applications. As an engineers, we develop solutions, not simply sell products. We offer two unique, mobile, surface disinfection options; an UltraViolet light and a hydrogen peroxide fogger. Both are very effective. We look for the best solution to help you control costs and reduce hospital acquired infections.

TsK products Inc 732-982-1090

Connect with leading Healthcare Recruiters Join BlueSteps, the executive career management service of the Association of Executive Search Consultants Healthcare executives are in demand. Are you being considered for the top leadership jobs? Join BlueSteps today to put your resume and confidential careerprofile at the finger tips of over 8,000 of the world’s top executive recruiters, including hundreds who specialize in healthcare and life sciences recruiting. In addition to a unique connection to the executive search community, BlueSteps also provides a suite of proactive career management tools including: • a free resume review and career consultation • access to the International Executive Search Firm Directory • exclusive information on hundreds of active executive searches • online brand management tools • career management content and events specifically for senior-level executives As a service of the Association of Executive Search Consultants, you can rest assured that your career details will be confidentially and securely managed within BlueSteps. Unlike other mass job boards, only the highest caliber executive search consultants (all members of the AESC) will have access to your BlueSteps profile. Each year, AESC members recruit for over 70,000 of the highest level executive positions globally, many of which are never advertised publically. Join BlueSteps today and receive 15% OFF your membership! Visit and enter Healthcare15% at checkout to get this exclusive discount. Contact to learn more or for assistance getting started! or for assistance getting started!

nEW pRodUCT TECHnologY

NO Calibration & NO Drops Icare® Tonometers for measuring Intraocular Pressure (IOP) with unique, patented rebound technology which enables quick and painless measurement with no drops or air. Quick, easy to use and patient friendly. The technology requires no calibration. From beginning to end the test takes under 60 seconds. Icare® has over 32,000 satisfied users in over 50 countries.

Contact: Bob Goldbacher (609) 412-2134

Contact Jim Stankiewicz to find out how your organization can be featured in Hospital Newspapers Resource Directory. 845-534-7500 ext.219 Fax: 845-534-0055 Online Directory available at

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Villar looks to Sun Homes Loans for ‘HELP’ and gets results To receive more information about the program and its benefits, Sun Home Loans has established a direct telephone number exclusively for members of the hospital community call 1-973-805-4156. When you call you will speak to a live program specialist who will discuss your needs and explain how the Sun Home Loans Hospital Employee Loan Program can H.E.L.P. Sun Home Loans and Hospital Newspaper are not affiliated. All loans are subject to approval. Certain conditions and fees may apply. Mortgage financing provided by Sun Home Loans, a division of Sun National Bank, N.A. Equal Housing Lender. Other Products and services are not banking products, not FDIC insured, may lose value, and are not a condition of credit or any banking product or service offerings. You may inquire about these additional services when you apply.

Win an iPad! If you are a member of the hospital community, now is your chance to enter Sun Home Loans and Hospital Newspaper's contest to win a free iPad. Just fill in the entry form on our website at Once you complete it, you will receive an email that requires you to confirm your email address. Once you do that you are entered. Hospital Newspaper will also be accepting applications at all conventions that it attends. A total of Five iPads will be given away so your chances to win are excellent. Sign up today to win today!


Melissa Villar was referred to Sun Homes Loans by a realtor who spoke highly of the firm’s excellent customer service, expertise and mortgage rates. As Villar will tell you, Sun Home Loans certainly lived up to its reputation, and than some. After speaking with Sun Home Loans, Villar learned of the innovative Hospital Employee Loan Program (H.E.L.P.). Whether purchasing a new home or refinancing an existing one, H.E.L.P. is offered to members of the hospital community and their families. The unique program provides discounted mortgage rates designed for hospital employees and pre-qualifications to shop for your next home. Villar, a clerical associate at Hackensack University Medical Center, used the H.E.L.P. program to purchase a beautiful condominium, proudly closing on Feb. 10. “It’s a big step. I’m very excited,” Villar said. “Sun Home Loans was excellent. They answered all of my questions quickly, they answered all of my phone calls. I’m definitely happy that I was referred to Sun Home Loans. They were always in touch with me throughout the process.” Sun Home Loans and Hospital Newspaper teamed up to bring the emergency services community this unprecedented mortgage opportunity. The popular program offers benefits, including a complimentary evaluation of your particular financial situation, and credit repair if needed. You may take advantage of these other products and services, though they are offered separately from the H.E.L.P. Among other things, Villar was excited that the H.E.L.P. program offered a lower mortgage rate than other brokers. Villar’s purchase was a short sale, which could have been complicated, but the Sun Home Leans team made the transaction a seamless one. Sun Home Loans, a division of Sun National Bank, and Hospital Newspaper are both proud to serve the hospital community, who dedicate their lives serving the rest of us. They are the core fabric of our society. H.E.L.P. clients enjoy unmatched customer service and attentiveness throughout the process – from their initial inquiry – to closing. However, after closing, the staff is there to address other financial needs. “We have worked extremely hard to put together a group of impressive incentives for the hospital community,” said Steve Testa, Vice President Regional Sales Manager of Sun Home Loans. “We remain confident that those who are currently in the market for a mortgage will discover that the Sun Home Loans Hospital Employee Loan Program exceeds what they are able to find elsewhere in the marketplace. We have received a lot of positive feedback and its always a pleasure working with a hard-working woman such as Melissa Villar. We were glad to help her.”

Hospital Employee Loan Program

Sun Home Loans, a division of Sun National Bank,


is proud to serve the heroes in our community who dedicate their lives to serving the rest of us: doctors, nurses and other hospital employees. That is why we teamed up with Hospital News to create the Hospital Employee Loan Program (HELP). With a competitive mortgage rate and discounted fees, this program helps our community heroes purchase new homes or refinance existing homes. Plus, the program comes with our pledge to get hospital employees in their new homes by their contract dates.

We understand that the current economic environment has created challenges to home ownership. Working with our own resources and Federal government programs we will create a solution that opens the path to home ownership. The Hospital Employee Loan Program delivers these advantages: » A competitive mortgage rate, available specifically for hospital employees » Discounted fees » Personal service from program specialists » Our pledge to have you in your home by the contract date

COMMUNITY FOCUS Sun National Bank, a full-service provider of banking products and services, is dedicated to playing an active part in the communities we serve. We support a variety of organizations, events and programs whose goals are to make our neighborhoods a better place to live and work and improve the lives of those living around us. Hospital News is the leading provider of local news and information for doctors, nurses and other hospital staff.

Learn More To find out more about our Hospital Employee Loan Program, email or call 973-615-9745 to talk with our program specialist, Steve Testa (NMLS #460176), who will discuss your need and explain how the program could benefit you. Sun Home Loans, Sun National Bank, and Hospital News are not affiliated. All loans subject to approval. Certain conditions and fees may apply. Mortgage financing provided by Sun Home Loans, a division of Sun National Bank, member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender.

NMLS #429900


May/June 2014

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