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July, 2013

Healthcare News - Westchester

After helping hundreds of Westchester County herniated disc sufferers eliminated their pain, Local Doctor explains how…

“Back Pain Technology Cheats Mother Nature Helps Herniated Discs Heal Naturally… In As Little As 25 Minutes!” At Last! Westchester County Doctor Offers Technology That Doesn’t Just End SEVERE Pain From Herniated Discs, But Helps Your Body To Start Rebuilding Them… As Fast As Humanly Possible! Best Part: You can check it all out for FREE if you like! There is no doubt… technology has made all of our lives better… and easier. Just about every miraculous medical cure and comfort of modern living can be attributed to amazing breakthroughs in technology. Heck, laser eye surgery can give people who are almost as blind as a bat perfect 20/20 vision. How amazing is that? That’s why it’s no surprise that technology might be able to solve your back and neck pain from herniated/bulging discs or sciatica…for good. Here is why: Back and neck pain can be devastating. And nothing is worse than going to doctor after doctor… trying treatment after treatment… spending money you can’t afford… and still suffering in pain. That’s why… I bet you would love to instantly end your pain… without any risk what-soever… and have it never come back for the rest of your life? Well, that might NOT be so easy. But, what if there was a wonderful advancement in technology that, with a handful of simple, non-invasive treatments, could possibly have you out of pain and on your way to healing naturally? Better yet, what if this technology could possibly heal your herniated/bulging discs (instead of cutting it out like surgery) so you have the best chance to live pain-free and do all the things you want and love to do? And what if this technology was: 3 FDA cleared! 3 Proven safe and effective! 3 Allows your herniated discs to heal naturally without the risky and dangerous side effects of surgery! 3 Relieves pain fast… in some cases in as little as 25 minutes! Well, guess what? There is such technology and there is a very good chance it can help you… like it has already helps thousands of herniated/bulging disc and sciatica sufferers all around the country… No Matter How Bad Your Pain Is, How Long You’ve Been Suffering Or How Many Other Treatments And Doctors Have Failed You! Don’t laugh. It’s really true. Here’s proof…

When you have a herniated disc, compressive forces cause your spinal bones to come together… basically squashing your disc. The space in between your bones decreases and the soft, jello-like disc material leaks out. This disc material that leaks out is called a herniated disc and can cause severe pain, numbness and tingling in your neck, back, arms or legs when the herniation pushes into and “pinches” a nerve. So it makes sense, if you could slightly pull the spinal bones apart… that would open up the space, take the pressure off the disc, the disc off the nerve and solve the problem. Right? But the only problem is… how do you do that? For years and years, doctors have been trying to do it with traction. But traction has been proven ineffective and often very painful. Why? Traction doesn’t work because when you have a herniated or bulging disc, the area is injured and when you try to move, your muscles go into spasm. Spasm is your body’s way of trying to protect you from causing further injury. That’s why traction hurts so much. As soon as the traction starts… your muscles overprotect the area and spasm. But the good news is: Now there is technology that out-smarts your body’s natural spasm reaction. In other words: It fools mother nature! This technology is called non-surgical spinal decompression (NSSD) and here’s how it works… NSSD is very different from plain traction because it has advanced computer technology that actually senses your spinal muscles. When it starts to gently pull, it immediately knows when your muscles start to contract and it stops pulling. As soon as your muscles relax, it starts pulling again. The amazing thing is: the computer senses your muscles contraction so early… you don’t even feel what is going on. Which means you never feel any pain! In fact, the only thing most patients feel is… RELIEF!!! But the best part is: NSSD is able to gently separate your spinal bones which, in many cases, actually sucks the herniated disc material back into the disc where it belongs! This takes away your pain and allows your herniated and bulging discs to heal naturally!

And check this out: Treatments are pleasant and simple. All you have to do is lie on your back, listen to your favorite music, read a magazine… or… take a nap! The wonderful technology does everything while you simply RELAX the pain away! To sum up NSSD: • For most patients it is 100% painless… in fact many patients actually fall asleep during treatment! • Works fast! Most patients get relief after a handful of treatments – some after the very first! • Is non-invasive so it does not have the dangerous risks of surgery! • Gets to the root cause of the problem and helps it heal naturally! Isn’t modern technology wonderful? And wouldn’t you like to… Give This Great Technology A Try… For Free? If you would, there’s great news. There is a Doctor located at 1241 Mamaroneck Ave. right here in White Plains, NY who has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in this wonderful technology and has been treating herniated/bulging disc and sciatica patients with incredible success. His name is Dr. Jonathan Donath DC, MS and he is so excited about the results he’s been getting, he would like to share it with as many pain sufferers as possible. But There Is A Catch… There’s always a catch... isn’t there? Even though this technology has helped a majority of the patients Dr. Donath has treated… it is not a wonder cure and it does not help everyone.

On the right: healthy disc. Center: Herniated disc with soft disc material leaking out. On the left: Herniated disc material compressing or “pinching” nerve.

For that reason, Dr. Donath does a complete examination on every potential patient and only accepts you if he feels you are most likely to get the pain relief and outcome you are looking for. Dr. Donath’s Special Deal For You! Because the economy is so bad and Dr. Donath wants to help you if possible, he is offering the first 17 people who respond to this article a free consultation and NSSD qualification examination. And if you qualify for NSSD treatments, Dr. Donath will also give you one treatment for FREE! And if you do not qualify, Dr. Donath will help you find the best option for you. That’s why, if you suffer with pain from a herniated/bulging disc or sciatica you should call 914-259-8104 right now. When Barbara answers the phone, simply tell her you would like your free non-surgical spinal decompression consultation and examination. If you are one of the first 17, she will schedule you within the next few days. If you are in a lot of pain or already scheduled for surgery, tell Barbara and she will be sure to get you in immediately. Maybe even today.

On right: Herniated disc with spinal bones “squished” together. Center: NSSD slightly pulls the spinal bones apart, opens up the disc space and allows herniated material to move back into the disc. Left: Herniated material completely back in center of disc allows the disc to heal naturally. Your consultation and examination should take about 60 minutes. During this time you can get all of your questiones answered in a warm and friendly environment. You will know exactly what’s causing your pain and the best possible way to solve it. Dr. Donath will explain to you all your possible options along with his recomendations so you can make the best choice for YOU.

Why Limited To 17? Dr. Donath has limited the number he will accept right now to 17 because he does not believe patients should wait and they should also get the quality personal attention they deserve. When you go for your free visit, I’m sure you will see how unique and pleasant the experience is. It’s nice to be treated like a person and not a number or based on insurance coverage. It’s also nice to know exactly what’s causing your pain and how to relieve it as fast as possible. Dr. Donath’s favorite cases are the one’s that were able to cancel back surgery after only a handful of treatments. Dr. Donath also loves when a herniated disc patient that is in excruciating pain and thinks they’ve tried everything, lays down on the NSSD table, takes a 25 minute nap… and… wakes up with all their pain GONE! Just imagine how it would feel to have all your pain finally gone. Imagine going to bed and being able to sleep the entire night through… … and waking up refreshed and energized… ready to take on the brand new day – without the pain and stiffness that has been terrorizing you. And imagine finally knowing you have the solution to your herniated disc pain. Well, you may not have to just “imagine” anymore… because… NSSD might start relieving your pain… in just 25 minutes! So, if you’d like to see if you qualify and give this amazing technology a try for free… give Barbara a call at 914-259-8104 right now. Why wait one more day in pain when the solution may be one quick phone call away? Call now before someone else gets your free spot. One More Thing It’s Important… Ever since getting this wonderful technology, Dr. Donath’s office has been flooded with calls. For that reason, if when you call, the lines are busy or you go to voice mail… just keep calling back. The possibility of living pain-free is well worth the time and effort it may take you to get through and schedule your appointment. 914-259-8104



July, 2013

Healthcare News - Westchester

Summer is here and it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors. Of course, this means freedom, relaxation, exploration, and being closer to nature. Whether you’re relaxing in the backyard, grilling with friends, relaxing poolside, or exploring the great outdoors, here are some ways to help keep you and your family healthy this summer. Enjoy the great outdoors. Have a safe and healthy summer:

Fun in the Sun Protect yourself and your family from recreational water illnesses (illnesses caused by germs or chemicals in recreational water) by doing your part to keep germs out of the pool. Do not swim when you have diarrhea, don’t swallow pool water, take a shower before swimming, and wash your hands after using the toilet or changing diapers. Keeping germs out of the pool means a healthier swimming experience for everyone. Check the Healthy Swimming site’s Resources page for helpful tools (such as videos, podcasts, and brochures) and “How To’s,” including how to use pool and hot tub test strips. Prevent skin cancer Avoid being outdoors during the midday if the sun is intense, use sunscreen with at least SPF 15, cover up with clothing, wear a brimmed hat, and wear sunglasses that block UVA and UVB rays. Be aware of the signs of heat stress. Dining Al Fresco Nothing says summer like the smoky flavor of foods cooked out on the grill. When grilling, use a meat thermometer to make sure that you cook meat and poultry thoroughly. Ground beef should be cooked to an internal temperature of 160°F in order to kill germs found in raw and undercooked meat. Also, put cooked meat on a clean platter, rather than back on the one that held the raw meat, to avoid cross-contamination. Wash hands, kitchen work surfaces, and utensils with soap and water immediately after they have been in contact with raw meat or poultry. Whether you’re cooking out in the backyard or on a picnic, always keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot.

Beware of Bugs Warmer temperatures aren’t just attractive to people, but to mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas. Mosquitoes can transmit West Nile virus, St. Louis encephalitis virus, eastern equine encephalitis virus and even dengue; ticks can transmit Lyme disease and other serious infections; and fleas can transmit plague. To prevent these illnesses, use an appropriate insect and tick repellent and apply it properly. Prime mosquito-biting hours are usually from dusk to dawn, but ticks are out at all times. Young ticks are so small that they can be difficult to see, but both young and adult ticks hungrily look to animals and sometimes people to bite. To keep ticks at a distance, avoid tick-infested areas (especially places with leaf-litter and high grasses) and use repellent containing 20% DEET. If it’s primarily mosquitoes that are the problem, CDC recommends repelling them with products that contain DEET, picaridin, IR3535 or oil of lemon eucalyptus. You can also treat clothing with permethrin (which protects through several washings) or purchase clothing that is pre-treated with permethrin. Always follow the directions on repellent packaging. After coming indoors, shower as soon as possible and check your body for ticks. Make sure that your children also bathe or shower and get checked for ticks.

ATTORNEYS AT LAW Many Years of Experience Protecting the Legal Interests of the Elderly & Special Needs Populations Advising Families about: • • • • • • • • •

Medicaid Asset Protection Planning Estate Planning & Administration Special Needs Home Care Long Term Care Health Care Proxies Powers of Attorney Guardianships See more information on page 12

Client Testimonials You came to our aid during the most stressful time of life for my family. You are like a guardian angel to us - with every task you gave us 110 percent of your efforts and you have resolved many issues for us, in both financial and legal matters. We have known you for over eight years and you have always demonstrated fairness and good judgment. In addition, you have provided invaluable comfort, friendship and legal guidance for my family and we are grateful for your services. We look forward to continue to work with you and your firm. – Beatrice Y. Navigating all the overwhelming details and complexities in my mother's case was handled with the utmost efficiency and sensitivity. The expense and endless sharing of information and paperwork resulted in an outcome that is totally beneficial to my mother.

2 Gannett Drive, Suite #108 White Plains, New York 10604 Email:

Tel: (914) 816-2900

-Arlene L. Attorney advertising • Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome






July, 2013




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Healthcare News - Westchester

Let’s get this straight: Is summer or winter about to kick into full gear? With the wet, windy and cold weather over Memorial Day weekend, we were worried that Jack Frost would be rearing his head next. But, rest assured, summer is indeed around the corner. Finally! So get ready for great barbecues, swimming, outdoor activities, late nights on the patio and, of course, that vacation you so much deserve. Enjoy it! Since summer is about to start, Healthcare News dedicated a big part of this issue to all things summer, touching on topics such as barbecue safety and how to book a cost-effective vacation. We hope you have a great summer! Stay safe! And, most importantly, enjoy! As always we welcome your ideas and news! Our staff welcomes your e-mail, text or call!



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July, 2013

Healthcare News - Westchester

Five Tips for Healthy

Summer Living

Summer brings with it abundant sunshine, fresh foods and fun activities which is why the season inspires many people to be happy and healthy. However, in the warmer, longer, lazier days of summer, adults can slack off on their health. But this is a perfect time to improve your health. So get on it.

Stress Less To improve your stress level, plant a small garden, cultivate a flower box, or if space is really limited, plant a few flower pots - indoors or out. When life feels like you’re moving so fast your feet are barely touching the stuff, being mentally grounded can help relieve physical and mental stress.

Get a good night’s sleep Resist the urge to stay up later during long summer days. Instead, pay attention to good sleep hygiene by keeping the same bedtime and wake-up schedule and not drinking alcohol within three hours of bedtime. It’s also a good idea to avoid naps during the day unless you take them every day at the same time, for the same amount of time.

Get out there and exercise Pick one outdoor activity -going on a hike, taking a nature walk, playing games such as tag with your kids, cycling, roller blading, or swimming -- to shed that cooped-up feeling of gym workouts. The family that plays together not only gets fit together -- it’s also a great way to create bonding time.

Take a Vacation Improve your heart health: take advantage of summer’s slower schedule by using your vacation time to unwind. Vacations have multiple benefits: They can help lower your blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormones such as cortisol, which contributes to a widening waist and an increased risk of heart disease.

Ease up on alcohol Summer’s a great time to skip drinks with hard alcohol and choose a light, chilled alcoholic beverage (unless you are pregnant or should not drink for health or other reasons). A sangria, cold beer, or a wine spritzer are all refreshing but light. In moderation -- defined as one to two drinks daily -- alcohol can protect against heart disease.

Beauty tips for a fabulous summer

Healthcare News - Westchester July, 2013


VARICOSE VEINS? TIRED, ACHY LEGS? We have a solution! Look and feel your best! Dr. Arlen G. Fleisher, has successfully treated thousands of patients with venous diseases such as varicose and spider veins, and their related symptoms.

Makeup • To make your darker lipstick colors more luminous, swipe a sheer gloss in a gold shade over them. • The eye area is delicate and prone to dryness and windburn. Use a sheer indigo blue or emerald eye shadow to downplay redness, and apply it with a damp brush for a dewy look that will stay put longer. • Smooth on a tinted moisturizer half a shade darker than your skin tone. It will give you a subtle sunkissed look and even out a patchy complexion.

Premier Vein Centers offer state-of-the-art technology and techniques in the comfort of a doctor's office. Call our offices at 888-400-9105 for a free screening and visit our websites or for more information. IN-OFFICE PROCEDURES MINIMAL DOWNTIME LATEST LASER TECHNOLOGY INSURANCE ACCEPTED FOR MOST PROCEDURES DIPLOMATE OF THE AMERICAN BOARD OF PHLEBOLOGY

• Camouflage dark circles with a light-diffusing concealer, such as Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Concealer (B, $28, It provides heavy-duty coverage and also contains light-reflecting particles to brighten the eye area. Skin • To get rid of the dry skin cells that make your complexion lackluster, exfoliate your face with a gentle scrub, such as Neutrogena Deep Clean Relaxing Nightly Scrub ($7,, twice a week. • Add instant radiance by using a body wash with light-diffusing pigments. Olay Body Wash Plus Tone Enriching Ribbons (D, $4 for 10 oz, at drugstores), gives your bod a bit of sexy shimmer. Hair • Inflate drab winter hair by adding volumizing mousse to your styling routine. Distribute one or two golf-ball-size dollops of mousse through your hair and blow-dry, lifting hair with your fingers and blasting heat at the roots as you go. • To fight dullness, rinse your hair with a cup of apple cider vinegar after shampooing. Then apply a hot-oil treatment such as VO5 ($3, and pop on a shower cap for 30 minutes. Your hair will emerge shiny and healthy-looking.



280 N. Central Ave, Suite 70 // Hartsdale, NY 10530


5 Coates Drive // Goshen, NY 10924

Premier Vein Centers of Westchester

Premier Vein Centers of the Hudson Valley

The Premier Vein Centers is now F accredited by ICAVL, meeting essential standards to provide high-quality care. Setting PVC apart as a center of excellence.

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July, 2013

Healthcare News - Westchester

ASK AN EXPERT Are you Looking for Dentistry that Lasts? By Edward Feinberg DMD We live in a society that no longer values and longevity. Value is often measured superficially and value often means lowcost, esthetic and quick easy-fix--an "instant make-over" in only two visits! For dentists, value means quick, easy profit. The dentistry that is provided is serviceable but certainly not designed for longevity. Many dentists are trained to provide easy-fix with a piece-meal approach that only fills a hole or a space. This approach works around abnormalities instead of correcting them, so the patient is likely to continue to have dental troubles in the future. “We always hope for the easy fix, "says Dr. Atul Gawande in his best-selling book Better, "the one simple change that will erase a problem in a stroke. But few things in life work this way. Instead, success requires making a hundred small steps go right". A high percentage of longevity requires precision, which cannot be accomplished with the quick, easy-fix.

Figure 1

Why is precision important? Dentists and patients alike expect dentistry to last continuously in health for many years. That dentistry must function 24 hours a day under forces, under water, and bathed with bacteria. The tolerances for fabricating this dentistry are measured in tenths of millimeters, while the disease-causing bacteria are nanometers in size (one millimeter equals one million nanometers). It is amazing that dentistry can last at all under these conditions! It is not just the tolerances of measurement that must

be dealt with—it is the tolerances of the materials and the indirect methods by which they are shaped that can influence the outcome as well. Crowns and bridges are fashioned on models of the prepared teeth and they must be heated repeatedly at or near their melting points. Inaccuracies at any step can easily compound errors and compromise the end result. To a bacterium, these inaccuracies might as well be the Grand Canyon! The ancient Egyptians knew that precision objects last longer. The famous author and engineer Christopher Dunn has been studying the technology of the ancient Egyptians for years. He found the granite boxes in the Serapeum--which were carved out of a single block of granite--to be accurate to .0002". Even with today's sophisticated technology, these boxes would be very difficult to duplicate. Granite is one of the hardest substances known and requires sophisticated technology to carve at this level of accuracy. Thousands of years after their creation, these boxes stand in perfect condition. The fathers of modern dentistry also knew that precision lasts longer, and they strove for precision. How ironic that the precision dentistry of yesteryear often outlasts today's dentistry fabricated with the most sophisticated and digital technology! [Dunn, Christopher; "The Amazing Boxes of the Serapeum (at Saqqara);" 10/8/01 & 3/2/03; Precision.htm] "We do not create [precision]," says Christopher Dunn without good reason, because the costs of producing artifacts today go up exponentially if the demand for accuracy is greater." Certainly this is true in dentistry. The cost of providing precision dentistry has to subsidize a team of expert health care providers and technicians, as well as the sophisticated dental office infrastructure and expensive supplies such as precious metals. When fees are lowered below

realistic levels, the difference must be compensated with patient volume, substandard materials, inexpensive labor and cheap adjunctive services such as overseas dental laboratories. When these measures are employed quality has to out the window.

Figure 2

It is a mistake to believe that all crown and bridgework is the same so it should be compared by price alone--a common practice in tough economic times. People who make this mistake--as Oscar Wilde remarked in The Picture of Dorian Gray--often "know the price of everything and the value of nothing." Priceshoppers fail to consider the ultimate cost of dentistry in terms of longevity. How can you compare quick easy-fix dentistry that lasts five years to precision dentistry that lasts 35 years on the basis of price? The quick, easy-fix dentistry is 7 times more expensive! Such comparison is like comparing a jalopy to a ferrari--they are both vehicles, but they are certainly not the same. Precision dentistry begins with a threedimensional approach--preparing the teeth, gingiva and bone to create a healthy architecture that corrects the abnormalities and minimizes the forces on the periodontal foundation. The restorations--permanent and temporary--must play an important role in promoting health--they must be comfortable, esthetic and not fall out. Precision restorative dentistry must be created with sound engineering principles. The process begins with accurate

individual impressions of teeth made with copper bands--a practice that is no longer taught in any dental school but has a 70-year track record of success. As mentioned early, errors can easily occur during the process of fabricating precision dentistry. However, when no steps are skipped, errors that do occur can be easily identified and corrected before continuing to the next step. The result is dentistry that fits with such precision that it will not fall out without cement. In fact, precision dentistry is typically worn for a trial period with Vaseline ointment or a rubber-like material prior to permanent cementation and it is immediately comfortable. Real precision dentistry compensates for periodontal bone loss in order to prevent periodontal bone loss. This preventative measure is important because once the periodontal bone that supports the teeth is lost, it is gone forever. Precision dentistry is also "water-tight" and seals the teeth against decay because it is designed on the principle of the Mason Jar Cover--the best known method of food preservation. The Mason-Jar Cover design compensates for the fact that precision dentistry is measured in tolerances of tenths of millimeters while bacteria are measured in nanometers. Is all this precision worth it? There is no greater reward than watching precision dentistry last decades in health. The end of periodontal disease and decay so that patients can hold onto their teeth for a lifetime is our ultimate goal. Successful dentistry is really measured in terms of health and longevity rather than with the superficial criteria that most patients use--such as white color, space-age equipment or "quick fix."

Learn more: Visit and http//

Edward M. Feinberg, DMD Healthcare News - Westchester July, 2013

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Precision Restorative Dentistry 914-723-2170

Precision Restorative Dentistry Edward Feinberg DMD est. 1948

We offer the highest quality services for adults, baby boomers, teenagers and seniors: --General Dentistry and Prevention --Custom Made Crowns and Bridges --Perfect fit Partial Dentures and Implant Restorations --Cosmetic Dentistry We offer unique treatment options: --Saving “Hopeless” Teeth --Crowns and Bridges that do not decay or fall out --Precision Attachment Partial Dentures --Full Arch Restorations on 3 implants that is not a denture! Office Location: 14 Harwood Court, Suite 322 Scarsdale, New York 10583 914-723-2170

Dr. Edward Feinberg with Josephine Furnari, Office Manager Nadi Ali, Chief Dental Assistant Sandra Pugliese, RDH

Dr. Feinberg’s office has a totally unique approach encompasses total oral health. Our first mission is to "Educate" patients and colleagues alike, about the options and the techniques available for all types of dental issues. Dr. Feinberg has a unique and proprietary method of oral examination that considers an overall approach to the health of the entire mouth, rather than a piecemeal approach that considers only filling a hole or a space. Dr. Feinberg spends a great deal of time with each patient, and gives each patient a report that includes the options for corrective treatment. We help patients choose the option that is best for them, always taking into consideration health, comfort, needs and concerns. We want to educate you about dental care, about dental issues you may have and we want you to understand any options for necessary treatment so that you can choose the strategy for maintaining your oral health that is best for you. As a result, we are pleased to offer you this coupon:

$99 for your initial visit with this coupon! Includes thorough examination, X-Rays, Study Models, TMJ Exam, bite analysis, thorough discussion of oral health and treatment options. Also included: a comfortable hygiene experience and instruction for optimal care at home.

A $450 value!


June, 2013

Healthcare News - Westchester

2 Gannett Drive, Suite #108 White Plains, New York 10604 Email:

Tel: (914) 816-2900

The Importance of Elder Law: You must protect your assets, family and future now! For nearly 30 years, practicing law has been Ely Rosenzveig’s passion. His inspiration? That comes from, among other things, his life experiences, the people he has met, and the clients he works with every day. The widow who didn’t have a will and was concerned about her financial future. The family that was reeling from health issues impacting their elderly loved ones without any planning in place to address their needs, leaving them with the prospect of exorbitantly expensive care needs. Ely Rosenzveig was a rabbi in Westchester County. The plight of some in his congregation moved him to practice elder law and trust and estate planning. He would become a senior partner at one of the foremost elder law firms in the country, but left to join hands with his son, Ariel. “I really jumped at the opportunity to work in this area of law,” Ely Rosenzveig said. “I think it’s special kind of work. To help people and work with your son is incredibly rewarding. Ariel is a great asset – a wonderful and gifted young attorney.” The law firm of Ely J. Rosenzveig & Associates, P.C. in White Plains practices in all areas of elder law, including trust and

estate planning, administration, and litigation, tax counsel, asset protection and special needs planning, Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security disability benefits, guardianships, long term care planning, spousal recovery claims, and Medicaid lien resolutions. Father and son pride themselves on an unyielding commitment to the zealous advocacy of their clients’ interests. Estate planning is one of the most important steps any person can take to make sure that their final property and health care wishes are honored, and that loved ones are provided for in their absence. A comprehensive estate plan can resolve a number of legal questions that arise whenever anyone dies. Appropriate estate and Medicaid planning can help preserve assets, reduce taxes, and help individuals qualify for Medicaid. “People don’t want to talk about illness and death,” Ariel Rosenzveig said. ““It’s a tough subject. People are reluctant, but the type of measures that we implement for our clients can save them and their loved ones a lot of money. Proper planning will help provide financial and emotional security for all involved.”

The firm is very experienced in making sure that those eligible for Medicaid and Medicare get the benefits they deserve. Ely J. Rosenzveig & Associates, P.C. has been very successful in negotiating the complex bureaucratic minefield in which Medicaid is now mired, a dynamic only exacerbated with the passage of the Deficit reduction Act of 2006, and the new rules regarding the look-back requirements, and penalty period calculations for non-Medicaid exempt asset transfers. The firm has achieved remarkable results for clients on a host of Medicaid related issues, from getting Medicaid approvals for coverage of home care and institutional care benefits, to very accommodative resolutions of Medicaid spousal recovery claims, where the office of Medicaid aggressively pursues the non-institutionalized (i.e., or “community”) spouse for Medicaid benefits provided. No matter what the case, Ely J. Rosenzveig & Associates, P.C. prides itself on working with each client individually, catering to each one’s diverse needs. Estate planning should begin at a young age with a will, health care proxy, living

will and durable power of attorney. As you grow older and accumulate assets, it is especially important that you speak with an experience elder law attorney issues pertaining to issues concerning Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and further estate planning. Elder law is about more than just saving money. When viewed properly, elder law is about two major things: First, ensuring that your personal wishes — financial, medical, and legal — are carried out; and second, understanding that elder law is a family matter affecting an intricate web of individual relationships. Knowing that your potential long-term care needs have already been addressed frees you and your family from needless worry. And Ely and Ariel Rosenzveig are there to help their cherished clients every step of the way. “We want every client to feel like they are our only client,” Ely Rosenzveig said. “We are totally committed to ensuring that we be fully responsive to our clients’ every need. For us, this is tremendously rewarding. It is the very reason why we have become elder law attorneys.”

Healthcare News - Westchester July, 2013

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July, 2013

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The #1 Medical Spa treatment is Chemical Peels Chemical Peels increase collagen 200%, increase skins ability to self moisturize 150%, increase firmness 35%, smooth skin 44%, reduce wrinkles 55%. With no down time and in most cases under $100.

Who is a good candidate for a chemical peel? Generally, lighter skinned individuals are better candidates for chemical peels as darker pigmented skin may experience uneven skin tones.

What can I expect? The professional who does your peel will first clean your skin thoroughly. Then he or she will apply one or more chemical solutions -- such as glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, or carbolic acid (phenol) -to small areas of your skin at a time completely covering the area that creates a controlled peel, letting new healthy cells take its place. During a chemical peel, most people feel a burning sensation that lasts about five to ten minutes, followed by a stinging sensation. Putting cool compresses on the skin will ease that stinging.

Is Cosmetic Surgery the most popular way of turning back the clock? It’s Not! Glycolic Acid is one of the most popular natural skin peeling treatments. 70% acid is a deep strength peel that is for mature, sun damaged, or aging skin not recommended for the first time user. Initially 30-50% acid peels are used gradually increasing to 70-100% acid. Glycolic Acid peels will show dramatic results by removing pore-clogging debris evenly and stimulating healthy new skin cells encouraging elastin and collagen growth. Alphahydroxy Acids (AHAs) such as Glycolic Acid are the mildest of the peel formulas and produce amazing results with no down time offering smoother, brighter, healthier - looking skin. No anesthesia is needed for AHA peels since they cause only a slight stinging sensation during the application. Protecting skin from the sun is important following a chemical peel and should be worn daily. Chemical peels are cumulative, meaning the results improve with continued treatments. continued on next page

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Before You Get a Chemical Peel Consider a Medical Microdermabrasion It is recommended that you have a Medical Microdermabrasion prior to a chemical peel to remove several layers of dead skin cells that build from environment and sun exposure. Microdermabrasion is a manual correction of dead skin cells that are gently abraded off. The results are immediate after a Medical Microdermabrasion, improving the skin tone and texture. Microdermabrasion renders the skin for deeper penetration of the chemical peel. It is necessary to wait a week after your microderm to have a chemical peel to avoid any down time. The skin is able to absorb a L-Ascorbic acid, liquid vitamin C, after this treatment encouraging collagen fibers to regenerate.

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Facial skin normally is not available to the benefits of a vitamin c application because of the dead skin cells that build up over time. These treatments can be done during a lunch break. Combining the two with medical skin care will result in healthy skin beyond the surface for an authentic, esthetic, long lasting correction for ageless skin. Pretty Face Medi Spa in Montrose has been offering Glycolic Acid Peels and Medical Microdermabrasion since their opening in 2002. Linda Nicolo, owner of Pretty Face Medi Spa, was certified as a Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialist at Westchester center for Cosmetic Surgery in Mt. Kisco. These treatments are offered daily, by appointment only.

Look Younger & Feel Beautiful We’ll Take 10 Years off your appearance Preserving Your natural Beauty is our business Linda &)# Nicolo, &"*'* Owner /)$+ Gabriella !+&$'' Mrugala, +-% ' RN Louis *-&, Busco, -,"* MD William &''& ( Byrne, 0+)$ MD Botox Dysport and fillers offered by our premier injector & trainer of over 2,000 plastic surgeons & dermatologists Laser Hair Removal Laser Wrinkle and Scar Removal Laser Sun and Age Spot Removal Laser Skin Tightening Permanent Makeup Expert Electrolysis Microdermabrasion Breast and Body Theromograms

Permanent Makeup is easier than you ever imagined and is completely safe! Upper or lower eyeliner $300 ! Upper and Lower $450 Eyebrows professionally ! ! designed and permently ! placed $400 Lip liner $400 Full lip color $550 Lip enlargement with permanent color $650 2081 Albany ' Post !" Rd. Montrose, " ! NY (• (914)

Laser ,$+ Hair &+ Removal $(*. '

Purchase a laser package for Bikini or Brazilian " and receive a full package of laser hair removal for !your underarms FREE!

SavE $750 Expires with offer. & ! June ' 30, 2013 and cannot" be combined % " any ' other "

788 9790 (• %%% ""' !

Summer Savings

.$ $25 Save Full Deep Cleansing Organic Facial and a Full Body! Massage for $150 !

Expires June 30, 2013 and cannot be combined with any other offer. & ! ' " %" ' "


July, 2013

Healthcare News - Westchester

Enjoy your trusty grill this summer, but remember safety tips What would summer fun be without some grilling on the barbecue? Juicy steaks, savory chicken, colorful kabobs and yummy ribs, among other things are all on the menu. However, as grilling season hits a fever pitch, it’s important to remember that a fun barbecue is a safe barbecue. Remember, anytime you work with fire, there’s a chance of getting burned. So take precautions. Common sense and planning will prevent injuries.

10 Barbeque SafetyTips:


Read the owner’s manual Always read the owner’s manual before using your grill and follow specific usage, assembly, and safety procedures. Contact the grill manufacturer if you have specific questions. (Be sure to locate your model number and the manufacturer’s consumer inquiry phone number and write them on the front page of your manual.)


Use long-handled utensils Use barbecue utensils with long handles (forks, tongs, etc.) to avoid burns and splatters.


Wear safe clothing Wear clothing that does not have hanging shirt tails, frills, or apron strings that can catch fire, and use flame-retardant mitts when adjusting hot vents.


Keep fire under control To put out flare-ups, either raise the grid that the food is on, spread the coals out evenly, or adjust the controls to lower the temperature. If you must douse the flames with a light spritz of water, first remove the food from the grill.



Grills are for outside, only Barbecue grills are designed for outdoor use, only. Never barbecue in your trailer, tent, house, garage, or any enclosed area because carbon monoxide may accumulate and kill you.


Use in well-ventilated area Set up your grill in an open area that is away from buildings, overhead combustible surfaces, dry leaves, or brush. Be sure to avoid high traffic areas and always barbecue in a well-ventilated area. Be aware of wind-blown sparks.



Follow electric codes If electrically-operated accessories are used (rotisseries, etc.), be sure they are properly grounded in accordance with local codes. Electrical cords should be placed away from walkways or anywhere people can trip over them.

Keep grill stable When using a barbecue grill, be sure that all parts of the unit are firmly in place and that the grill is stable (can’t be tipped over).

Be ready to extinguish flames Use baking soda to control a grease fire and have a fire extinguisher handy. A bucket of sand or a garden hose should be near if you don’t have a commercial extinguisher.


Consider placing a grill pad or splatter mat beneath your grill These naturally heat resistant pads are usually made of lightweight composite cement or plastic and will protect your deck or patio from any grease that misses the drip pan.


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Ah, summertime, the living is easy. It’s a great time to enjoy the fruits and vegetables of the season.


Avoid classic summertime items such as mayonnaise-heavy salads and sweetened soft drinks, lemonades and iced teas. Keep it healthy and you can still keep it delicious.

Start the meal off right: Enjoy as many appetizers as you want. Just make sure they are good for you. Sliced peppers, celery and carrot sticks make perfect dippers —much better than greasy chips. Whole-grain crackers and tiny cheese cubes will tide you over until you're ready to break out the main meal.

Don’t skip the sweets: What’s dinner without dessert? No fun at all! Just ditch the oversized brownies and pies and go for a lighter ending such as angel food cake. Cut-up fruit is great, too. You can even make it festive by dicing it and putting it on skewers.

Keep it lean: You don’t have to give up sandwiches. After all, hand-held food and picnics were made for each other. Still, skip the fatty tuna and chicken salads and go for sliced turkey or chicken-breast sandwiches and wraps. Add mustard and relish for flavor, and pile high with lettuce, tomatoes and grilled vegetables.

Pour it on: Hot days call for cold drinks. Along with plenty of water, indulge in a glass of flavored seltzer? A splash of juice in your cup adds taste without too many calories. A small glass of wine is nice, too. What to pass up? Calorie-heavy mixed drinks such as margaritas, sugary sodas.

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July, 2013

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green tea

Green tea has been used as a medicine for thousands of years, originating in China but widely used throughout Asia this beverage has a multitude of uses from lowering blood pressure to preventing cancer. The reason that green tea has more health benefits attached to it than black tea is (apparently) due to the processing. Black tea is processed in a way that allows for fermentation whereas green tea’s processing avoids the fermentation process. As a result, green tea retains maximum amount of antioxidants and poly-phenols the substances that give green tea its many benefits. Here’s a list of some of its amazing benefits — benefits that you may not have been aware of. Some of these benefits are still being debated, so please do your own research if you want to use green tea for medicinal purposes.

Healthcare News - Westchester July, 2013

Weight Loss. Green tea increases the metabolism. The polyphenol found in green tea works to intensify levels of fat oxidation and the rate at which your body turns food into calories. Diabetes. Green tea apparently helps regulate glucose levels slowing the rise of blood sugar after eating. This can prevent high insulin spikes and resulting fat storage. Heart Disease. Scientists think, green tea works on the lining of blood vessels, helping keep them stay relaxed and better able to withstand changes in blood pressure. It may also protect against the formation of clots, which are the primary cause of heart attacks. Esophageal Cancer. It can reduce the risk of esophageal cancer, but it is also widely thought to kill cancer cells in general without damaging the healthy tissue around them.




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ÊÊ/"" Ê  9 Ê /  " /  -¶ /…iÞʅ>Ûi˜½ÌÊÃii“i`Ê̜ÊܜÀŽ¶ ÃÊ>ʅœˆÃ̈VʘiÕÀœœ}ˆÃÌ]Ê À°Ê-…>…Ê Ž˜œÜÃʅœÜÊ̜ʅi«Ê՘VœÛiÀÊ>˜`Ê …i>Ê«ÀœLi“ÃʜvÊ̅iʘiÀۜÕÃÊ ÃÞÃÌi“ÊpÊ>˜`Ê̅iʘiÀۜÕÃÊÃÞÃÌi“Ê Vœ˜ÌÀœÃÊiÛiÀÞ̅ˆ˜}t

Cholesterol. Green tea reduces bad cholesterol in the blood and improves the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It is said to delay the deterioration caused by Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Studies carried out on mice showed that green tea protected brain cells from dying and restored damaged brain cells. Tooth Decay. Studies suggests that the chemical antioxidant “catechin” in tea can destroy bacteria and viruses that cause throat infections, dental caries and other dental conditions Blood Pressure. Regular consumption of green tea is thought to reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Depression. Theanine is an amino acid naturally found in tea leaves. It is this substance that is thought to provide a relaxing and tranquilizing effect and be a great benefit to tea drinkers. Skincare. Green tea can apparently also help with wrinkles and the signs of aging, This is because of their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. Both animal and human studies have demonstrated that green tea applied topically can reduce sun damage.

Spa for Beautiful Skin 300 Martine Ave. Suite 2M White Plains Phone (914) 285-7217 Rufina Fernandez has over 26 years of experience in the industry. We specialize in women and men skin care. Come to the Spa for Beautiful Skin for one-on-one treatment with a smile. Whether you’re looking to benefit from the latest state-ofthe-art anti-aging treatments, seeking a deep tissue massage, stress therapy, or if you’d prefer to sample one of our overall wellness treatments, then the Spa for Beautiful Skin is for you.

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º½“Ê >Ê …œˆÃ̈VÊ ˜iÕÀœœ}ˆÃÌÊ LiV>ÕÃiÊ Ài}Տ>ÀÊ “i`ˆVˆ˜iÊ œvÌi˜Ê `œiÃÊ ˜œÌÊ …>ÛiÊ >Ê œvÊ Ì…iÊ >˜ÃÜiÀÃÊ Ì…>ÌÊ ÞœÕÊ ˜ii`°Ê Ê >««Àœ>V…Ê “ÞÊ «>̈i˜ÌÃÊ vÀœ“Ê >˜Ê ˆ˜Ìi}À>̈ÛiÊ «iÀëiV̈Ûi°Ê ޓiÊ `ˆÃi>Ãi]Ê >˜`Ê œÌ…iÀÊ ÌˆVŽ‡LœÀ˜Ê `ˆÃi>ÃiÃÊ V>˜Ê >ÌÌ>VŽÊ >˜ÞÊ >Ài>Ê œvÊ Ì…iÊ Lœ`Þ]Ê ˆ˜VÕ`ˆ˜}Ê Ì…iÊ ˜iÀۜÕÃÊ ÃÞÃÌi“°Ê/œœÊ“>˜ÞÊ`œV̜ÀÃÊÌÀi>ÌÊ̅iÊ Ãޓ«Ìœ“ÃÊ܈̅Ê>˜ÌˆLˆœÌˆVÃÊ܈̅ʏˆÌ̏iÊ œÀÊ ˜œÊ Vœ˜Ãˆ`iÀ>̈œ˜Ê œvÊ œ˜}‡ÌiÀ“Ê Vœ˜ÃiµÕi˜Við»

 Ê"1/\ pÊ/…iÊ,/ ÌiÃ̈˜}ÊvœÀÊ «Àœ«iÀÊ`ˆ>}˜œÃˆÃt pÊ/…iÊ,/ ˜>ÌÕÀ>Ê ÌÀi>̓i˜ÌÃÊL>Ãi`ʜ˜Ê ÌÀ>`ˆÌˆœ˜>Ê>˜`ʘÕÌÀˆÌˆœ˜>Ê ÌiÃ̈˜}t pÊ>˜`Ê̅iÊ,/ Vœ“Lˆ˜>̈œ˜ÊœvÊÌÀ>`ˆÌˆœ˜>Ê “i`ˆV>Ê>˜`ʘ>ÌÕÀ>Ê >««Àœ>V…iÃ]ÊvœÀÊޜÕÀʘii`Ãt

ˆ˜`ˆ˜}Ê>˜ÃÜiÀÃÊ܈̅Ê>`Û>˜Vi`Ê`ˆ>}˜œÃ̈VÃÊ Ê Ê Ê Ê Ê >˜`ʘ>ÌÕÀ>Ê܏Ṏœ˜Ã°

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July, 2013

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Do money woes have you on the fence about taking a vacation this summer? Not to worry. There are still lots of ways to enjoy a budget-friendly getaway. Remember, vacationing on a budget doesn’t need to involve three layovers and room service. Here are some tips to save on your summer vacation:

Use privileges you already have

What’s in your wallet? Perhaps, a few discounts. A Bank of America ATM, credit or debit card is good for free admission to about 120 zoos, science centers, botanical gardens and museums across the U.S. on the first weekend of every month ( If you’re a AAA member, you can save up to 20 percent on Hertz car rentals and up to 40 percent on tickets to theme parks, including Sesame Place, Six Flags and Busch Gardens.

Spend more time searching for flights

Airfare search engines are great, but they’re not always the cheapest. No matter what William Shatner says. So don’t assume you can find the lowest fare with just one click. Always expand your search to include nearby airports. Some smaller airports are starting to offer commercial flights.

Consider cruising

Reduce dining expenses and the stress of planning activities and outings with an all-inclusive cruise. Oasis of the Seas, Royal Caribbean’s largest and newest ship, offers play groups, craft workshops and sea-friendly science experiments in its Youth Zone, dedicated to kids 6 months and older. Babysitting is available for tots ages 1 and up for $10 to $15 per hour.

Pack those apps

For $2, road-trippers can download the “Lowest Gas Prices Finder” app onto an iPhone to find the cheapest gas prices. Plug in your area’s zip code, and a list of nearby gas stations with the best prices – and a map on how to get to them – pops up. Another good one: Mobile Magic, a $10 app for Verizon Wireless customers that tracks wait times for popular rides at Disney World as well as the whereabouts of Mickey, Cinderella and more characters.

Book and then keep looking – for a hotel You know you can save a ton by booking at the last minute, but you also don’t want to deal with the anxiety of possibly getting stuck in low budget lodge.You can book a hotel online with a liberal cancellation policy (ideally, one you can cancel at no charge up to 24-hours before the reservation). Then take another look at the last-minute deals the week before your vacation.

Travel light

Some airlines, like JetBlue and Southwest, allow you to check one or two bags for free, but most charge an additional fee for your luggage. Airfarewatchdog has compiled a list of airline luggage fees. If you’re flying on an airline that charges, downgrade your suitcase to a carry-on. Not only is it cheaper, it’s easier to handle and there’s less risk of loss or damage.

Bundle your trip

Even if you’re traveling solo, you can get a deal by purchasing your flight, hotel, and car service together. The reason: most sites will only show you the total price instead of an itemized bill, and airlines and hotels are more comfortable giving steep discounts when you can’t actually see the final price.

Stay outside popular areas

Having a hotel room in the center of everything is convenient, but staying a few miles outside the city is often cheaper.

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Why we need to get


As a society where obesity has taken over, it is more important than ever to get ourselves back on track to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If we don’t, diabetes and heart disease will be claiming more and more unnecessary lives each day! Don’t become a statistic. Dieting doesn’t have to be a chore or the end of the world. PLEXUS SLIM will help you get your body back on track both internally and externally. PLEXUS SLIM is a drink (much like a crystal light packet) that you mix with water just once a day and it helps regulate your blood sugar thus reducing cravings for carbs and sugars. In addition, PLEXUS sells a daily cleanse and a probiotic which both are pertinent to weight loss. Did you know that a build-up of yeast in the body can prevent you from losing weight? Also, by adding the daily cleanse with the probiotic, you are cleaning your body from the inside out and allowing the nutrients from your foods to be better absorbed into the bloodstream. People have reported that their cholesterol levels and blood pressure have gone down after being on SLIM. The best part — PLEXUS SLIM is not a meal replacement, there are no bars or shakes you have to drink and you don’t have to starve yourself. PLEXUS SLIM is Diabetic friendly! I know you are probably thinking — I’ve tried them all, nothing will work for me, this s a scam. I don’t blame you—I felt the same way too. I actually went to a meeting and made fun of the product saying “yeah, right, like this is going to work”.

I have PCOS which makes it very easy to gain weight and almost impossible to lose it. I bought a 3 day trial pack figuring I had nothing to lose. On day 2, I called the rep back saying I need another 3 day pack and how do I sell this stuff! I can’t tell you how many pounds or inches I have lost since I do not own a scale nor do I like numbers but I can tell you this—by February 2013, I should have been wearing a size 14 but was too ashamed to get them out of the closet so I was busting out of and muffin topping in my size 12’s. I now had to buy a belt for most of my size 12’s and am

fitting back into almost all of my size 10’s—this is since mid February. I achieved this all while I was laid up in bed for 2 weeks recovering from knee surgery, was sick for a week so stopped the SLIM for 5 days until I got

IT IS 1 PINK DRINK A DAY! There is NO diet! NO shakes! NO meal replacement! NO exercise involved!

better and went on vacation a few weeks ago where I drank and ate a lot more than usual. Feel free to friend me on Facebook (mention PLEXUS when you do) and you can see my pictures and my testimonials. You

can find me at Deana Burrett-Snyder. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Check out all of the PLEXUS family of products including breast health, nerve support, pain relief and more at:


FEATURES AND BENEFITS • Helps regulate blood sugars

• A simple solution combined with water to help you succeed

• Helps maintain healthy blood pressure

• Promotes beneficial cholesterol and lipid levels

• No meal replacements - No shakes

• Proven ingredients that address all areas of weight loss

• Safe and effective weight control

• Fast and easy - Saves you time

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xus e A Ple Becom ssador! Amba

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Coach Mike’s TOP

10 Weight Loss Tips

By Michael Massie, B.A.A.S, C.P.T If you’re looking for quick, easy-to-implement tips on losing weight, then this article is expressly written for you. For those of you who don’t know me or train with me, you should know that I’ve actually struggled to lose weight and keep it off. I used to be naturally skinny, but a string of injuries and a chronic illness wrecked my metabolism as well as my ability to exercise two to three hours a day (yes, I really did exercise that much, for years in fact). As you can imagine, I had to learn how to control my weight in spite of being limited in my exercise options and despite having a slowed metabolism. This makes for a tough challenge when it comes to losing weight. Although this list is not comprehensive, these are the best tips I know of for losing weight permanently. Some of these tips may be things you already know and accept as common knowledge. However, if you’re not doing them, then saying, “I know that already” doesn’t help. If you see something here that you already know but aren’t doing, start doing it! Tip 1: Skip The Sugar Sugar signals your body to release insulin, which in turn tells your body to store excess calories as fat. It also contributes to inflammation which elevates cortisol, another hormone that keeps you fat. Among all my tips on losing weight this one seems the most obvious, but the problem is that most people think they’re doing this but they aren’t. If you are trying to lose weight, skip all sugary foods except for a treat once or twice a week. Tip 2: Skip the Bread and Pasta This is another really important one among my tips on losing weight. You see, even whole wheat bread can be fattening. Why? For one, it’s calorically dense, but that’s not the end of the story. Starches are mostly digested in your mouth by ptyalin, an enzyme-containing compound in your saliva. In a nutshell, ptyalin breaks starch down into sugars, which leads us back to weight loss tip #1. So, save your breads and pastas for a treat once or twice a week when you’re trying to lose weight, or limit yourself to just one serving before or during lunch each day.

Tip 3: Eat More Fruits and Veggies Fruits and veggies are just plain good for you. Also, due to their fiber content the carbs you get from them are much more slowly absorbed than those derived from sugary and starchy foods. However, you should enjoy only limited amounts of fruits and as much non-starchy veggies as you want; this means skipping the baked potato bar and that morning banana if you’re trying to lose weight. Tip 4: Eat LOTS of Lean Protein Among the tips on losing weight this one gets the most resistance from women, since they think eating protein will make them fat. It doesn’t! Protein is lower in calories per gram than carbs or fat, and it has a favorable effect on your insulin when ingested with carbohydrates. Basically, proteins, fats, and fiber slow down the absorption of carbs into your blood, blunting the release of insulin. Since insulin makes you store excess calories as fat, this is a good thing. In addition, protein helps build lean muscle tissue, which burns more calories than fat. So, load up on lean cuts of fish, white meat, and limited amounts of lean red meat.

Tip 5: Eat More Fiber As I mentioned in tip #4, fiber slows the absorption of carbs into your body. In addition, a certain amount of calories remain bound to fiber and are flushed out of your system without being absorbed. Finally, fiber fills you up without adding much in the way of calories. So when it comes to green leafy vegetables, eat up! Tip 6: Eat More Good Fats! Good fats are unsaturated fats, particularly omega-3 fatty acids of the type found in fish. We get way too many omega-6 fats in our diets, and too few omega-3 fats. Your body needs fat, but you want to replace unhealthy fats with healthy ones.

This helps reduce inflammation in the body, which in turn helps reduce cortisol, and some researchers even believe it lowers leptin resistance as well (leptin being the hormone that increases the amount of fat you burn – being leptinresistant is bad for weight loss). So, increase your intake of healthy fats and cut back on your intake of unhealthy fats. continued on next page

Healthcare News - Westchester July, 2013

Coach Mike’s TOP 10 Weight Loss Tips

Page 23

continued from previous page

Tip 7: Skip the Fried Foods I just told you to cut back on unhealthy fats in tip #6, and this is how you’re going to do it. Fried foods tend to be laden with unhealthy saturated fats. Moreover, they are often stuffed with trans fats, which wreak havoc on your metabolism. Finally, fried foods are often breaded, which ends up being a double-whammy (fat + starch = calories going straight to your hips, thighs, and tummy). So, skip the fried foods, as well as margarine and other processed spreads.

Tip 9: Eat Less, But More Often Among this entire list of tips for losing weight, this one seems to be the best known but least done. Eating smaller meals and portions more often has a positive effect on your insulin, so long as those meals align with the previous eight tips above. Portion control = calorie control, and eating more often has a stabilizing effect on your metabolism. Plan to eat 5-6 small meals a day to keep your metabolism higher and to keep your blood sugar levels stable.

And there you have it; my top ten weight loss tips. Follow them and you will find it much easier to lose weight. I sincerely hope this list helps you in your weight loss and fitness journey, and I invite you to contact me through my website at or on Facebook @fightingfitbootcampaustin if you have any questions concerning the information in this article.

Tip 8: Cut Processed Foods from Your Diet Entirely Processed foods are filled with trans fats, added sugar, and added chemicals – we really have no idea how they affect our bodies. Show me a person who eats all processed food and I’ll show you someone with a high body fat percentage. Even “skinny” people who eat a lot of processed food have high percentages of body fat. Take the extra time to eat food that is as close to its natural state as possible. You’ll feel better and the weight will come off easier.

Tip 10: Drink Plenty of Water, Exercise Often, and Get Plenty of Sleep Okay, so that’s three tips in one. Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day, as studies have shown increased water intake may assist with weight loss. And be sure to exercise at least three times a week; a study of 160 people who lost twenty pounds or more permanently showed that 70% exercised at least three times a week. Finally, get enough sleep. Lack of sleep leads to increases in cortisol, which I’ve already told you can contribute to weight gain.

about the author: Michael Massie developed an early interest in natural health and wellness due to a lifelong involvement in martial sports and fitness activities. An athlete and martial arts instructor turned health and fitness writer, he is the author of The Simplified Diet. He holds a bachelor’s degree in allied health sciences, and is also a certified personal trainer and the creator of Fighting Fit Boot Camp™. Michael is a dedicated father and husband and enjoys spending quality time with his family. In addition to his writing career, he also teaches fitness classes in his adopted home town of Austin, Texas.

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Resource Directory Adult Day Health Center JewishHome Lifecare / Sarah neuman Center 845 Palmer Avenue, Mamaroneck, NY 10543 phone: (914) 864-5800

Audiology Premiere audiology Karen Manley Au. D. CCC-A Doctor of Audiology At Premiere Audiology we strive to offer you a wide variety of choices for your hearing solutions. We work with many hearing instrument manufacturers so you can find the right hearing instrument for you at a price you are comfortable with.

House Calls available! 2065 Boston Post Rd. Larchmont, NY 10538

(914) 834-0130 Insurance Accepted —Financing Available

Chiropractors westchester Spinal Decompression Center Dr. Jonathan Donath, DC, MS 1241 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plains, New York 10605 (located in the Full Circle Family Care Building)


Contract/Practice Management Services mED★EXCEL USa Providing Emergency Medicine Excellence for over 20 years EmErgEnCY mEDiCinE COntraCt managEmEnt Physician Owned and Managed Award winning Customer Relations Program Continuous Quality Improvement Risk Management Innovations Cost Containment Measurable Outcomes EmErgEnCY mEDiCinE SErViCES COnSULtatiOn SErViCES Customer Satisfaction TeamBuilding/Staff Development Conflict Mediation ED Systems Analysis PraCtiCE managEmEnt SErViCES Hospital and Physician Billing/Coding/Auditing/Consultation nEw YOrK BaSED OFFiCE mED★EXCEL USa Please contact Marie Buchanan at 800.563.6384 Ext. 249 all inquiries are confidential


Prepare for a Career in Healthcare Sector Management at Long Island University. Earn an advanced certificate or an M.B.A. degree in the growing field of healthcare management at Long Island University’s Hudson Graduate Center at Westchester. Demand for healthcare managers with business skills has never been greater. Responding to this need, Long Island University has launched a new Healthcare Sector Management program, offering two graduate study options in the field of healthcare administration. After completing your advanced certificate or your M.B.A. at the University’s Hudson Graduate Center at Westchester, you will be prepared to advance in middle and upper management positions in the healthcare industry. Option A: The Advanced Certificate in Healthcare Sector Management Enhance your credentials by enrolling in the advanced certificate program. Certificate candidates will complete four healthcare sector management courses for a total of 12 graduate credits on a part-time basis in just two semesters. Option B:The M.B.A. Degree with a Healthcare Sector Management Concentration Students in the M.B.A. program follow the standard 48credit curriculum, normally completed by part-time students over a 24-month period, with a focus on leadership in healthcare organizations. The Healthcare Sector Management Program will be offered at Long Island University’s Hudson Graduate Center at Westchester, located on the grounds of Purchase College, 735 Anderson Hill Rd., Purchase, N.Y. Courses are offered on weekday evenings and on Saturdays. “The healthcare management field is one of the few sectors of our economy we know will continue to grow significantly over the next five years,” according to Dr. Lynn Gunnar Johnson, director of the M.B.A. Healthcare Sector Management program. For information, contact Dr. Johnson at 914-931-2711 or Long Island University Hudson Graduate Center at Westchester 735 Anderson Hill Rd. Purchase, NY 10577

Elder Law Estate Planning EttingEr Law Firm 150 Grand Street, White Plains, New York 10601 (914) 684-6100 9 NY locations. Call 800-500-2525 ext. 117 or email to schedule a free consultation. Combining Elder Law and Estate Planning, we address our clients’ needs for comprehensive estate planning to avoid probate, save estate taxes and keep assets “in the blood”. At the same time, we take steps to ensure that our clients’ assets are protected from the costs of long-term care as they age by using Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts. Our trademarked free maintenance program includes a review every three years to insure your plan will work when you need it.

Elder Law Estate Planning

Lamson & Cutner, P.C. 9 East 40th Street New York, NY 10016 Tel: 877-493-3535 Tel: 914-449-1300 Email: ELDER LAW ATTORNEYS WHO CARE AND GET RESULTS Frequently, individuals who need long-term care, and their families, must confront the fact that the ruinous costs of home care, or nursing home care, will soon deplete their life’s savings, often leaving them, their spouses, and other family members in dire circumstances. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Lamson & Cutner, one of New York’s preeminent Elder Law firms, can show you how proper and ethical tools and strategies will allow you to obtain the care that you need from Medicaid, while preserving your money, investments, and property. Make an informed decision about your future. Call now for an in-depth consultation, where you will receive sophisticated and thorough advice, and straightforward answers to all your questions.

Life & Health Insurance

Residential & Health Care Services • 24- Hour On-Site Nursing Services • Attending Physicians/ Medical Director • IV Therapy/ Wound care • Dental/ Podiatry • Mental Health/ Social Services • Registered Dietitian & Specialized Diets • Full Service Dining-Room • Housekeeping & Laundry Services • In-House Beauty Parlor • Therapeutic Recreation • Exercise Program/ Nursing Rehabilitation • Palliative & Comfort Care • Specialized Residence For Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care Rehabilitation Services • Physical/ Occupational & Speech Therapy • Short Term Stay Available • Surgical Recovery • Cardiac Recovery • Pulmonary Care • Orthopedic Recovery & Care • Neurological Recovery & Care • Medically Complex Care • Disease Management Education

Physical Therapy A Healthier You, L.L.P.


Keystone Financial advisors 50 Main Street, Suite 1000 White Plains, NY 10606 Tel: 914-682-2190 Fax: 914-931-8400 Toll: 877-676-9900 ANDREW J. CAVALIERE, CLTC Life Insurance Health Insurance Long-Term Care Insurance Long-Term Disability Insurance Guaranteed Fixed Annuities Medicare Supplements

Hospitals Burke rehabilitation Hospital 785 Mamaroneck Ave. White Plains, NY 10605 914-597-2268

Nursing & Rehabilitation VICTORIA HOME Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Person- Centered Care on a Riverview Estate Since 1916. Victoria Home is a New York State Licensed Nursing Facility. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a tour. 25 North Malcolm Street Ossining, New York 10562 (914) 941-2450 Fax: (914) 941-2962

Move Better • Feel Better • Live Better Personalized In-Home Physical Therapy and Wellness Services for All Abilities! A Healthier You, LLP (A.H.Y.) provides personalized and integrative in-home physical therapy and wellness services in lower Westchester and Fairfield Counties. Owners Dr. Delali Goka, PT, DPT and Stacey Rittenberg, PT, MPT, NCS bring over twenty years experience in rehabilitation, fitness, and wellness to your doorstep. Their passion and expertise are evident in their approach to patient care. Choose A.H.Y. to: • Gain peace of mind at home • Recover faster from surgery or injury • Take back control of your health • Manage a chronic condition or pain effectively • Achieve you personal best In-Home Physical Therapy Services • Evaluation/Treatment of Orthopedic, Cardiopulmonary and Neurological Conditions • Balance and Fall Prevention • Customized Home Exercise Programs • Caregiver Training Programs • Home Modification/Safety Assessments • Aquatic Therapy • Vestibular Rehabilitation Wellness Services • Wellness Assessments • Personalized and Diagnosis Specific Wellness Programs • Wellness Seminars • Wellness Parties Phone: (914) 458-2249 E-mail: Web:

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Healthcare News - Westchester July, 2013

DO give your kids water to keep them hydrated, indoors and outdoors. Try adding fruit slices or berries to the water for an extra fun taste! DO serve 100% fruit juice (check the label) from a cup. Try diluting it with water to train your child’s palette to enjoy mild sweetness. DO model healthy drinking by avoiding sugar drinks in front of children. DON’T serve juice continually throughout the day. It’s always best to eat whole fruit, which includes important dietary fiber. DON’T serve water or 100% juice or nectars to infants under the age of 1 year (unless otherwise directed by your doctor). DON’T serve juice from a bottle or sippy cup because of the increased risk of tooth decay.

❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦


As the weather gets hotter, it’s becoming more important to make sure that kids stay hydrated. Healthcare News provides a tip sheet of do’s and don’ts that offer great advice for keeping your kids safe and healthy this summer.

White Plains Hospital is excited to announce the completion of our Food Matters Cookbook; a compilation of over 240 recipes for cooks of all levels, a healthy, helpful guide, and cooking tips. Many of the recipes were contributed by the White Plains Hospital Community as well as 21 local Westchester restaurants including Benjamin Steakhouse, BLT, Iron Tomato and 42 The Restaurant & Bellota. The recipes included range from big flavor favorites such as Baked Artichoke Dip, and Red Bliss Lobster Mashed Potatoes; sophisticated dishes, including Herb Crusted Beef Tenderloin, and Horseradish-Crusted Tilapia with Orange Dill Sauce; and traditional comfort foods like Chicken & Dumpling Soup as well as some surprising delights that you will have to see for yourself. Food Matters will be available for purchase at White Plains Hospital Gift Shop as well as online at It has been sponsored by Sprain Brook Manor Rehab and all proceeds will directly help enhance the delivery and quality of care at White Plains Hospital. provid

Drink up & stay cool!

PAgE 25

Armonk Vision CAre Experience the benefit of a Doctor owned practice. We are pleased to welcome you to our optometric practice. Serving the community for over 25 years. We offer a extensive line of designer frames including sunwear and childrens. Quality eyecare and personal attention are our focus at Armonk Vision Care. We are a family optometry practice that prides itself on the individual care and attention we provide all of our patients. Your entire family is welcome at Armonk Vision Care.

Please give us a call to schedule an appointment: Phone: 914 273 4264 • Fax: 914 273 4265 Hours: Tue, Thu, Fri 10:00 am - 5:30 pm Wed 10:00 am - 7:00 pm Sat 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Elide Plaza 111 Bedford Road Armonk, NY 10504


July, 2013

Healthcare News - Westchester

Resource Directory Senior Living

Services DML LICE SERVICES OF WESTCHESTER (914) 424-1367 60 Blanchard Avenue Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

FREE Service Helping Families Find Senior Residences Golden Years Living Solutions is a FREE senior living advisory service. We help families navigate the overwhelming process of finding and selecting a new senior residence for a loved one. We work directly and personally with each of our clients to guide and assist them through the entire process in choosing the right residence. We provide information regarding various senior living options (including care, services, amenities, activities and costs) and we help evaluate the most suitable arrangement for you or your loved one. These residences include: 55+ Communities, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Residential Care, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Skilled Nursing, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, please call (914) 437-8675 or email Golden Years Living Solutions, Inc. 333 Mamaroneck Avenue #211 White Plains, New York 10605 Phone: 914-437-8675 Fax#: 888-900-9850 Email: Website:

Senior Living

Getting better…. just got better. We are proud to announce that our stunning new nursing center has opened and has private and semi-private rooms with magnificent views of Long Island Sound. United Hebrew is a not-for-profit, non-sectarian, multi-service senior living campus serving the Westchester metropolitan area since 1919. Our dedicated short-term rehabilitation suite is staffed by Burke Rehabilitation professionals. The exemplary clinical team of professionals will design a personalized treatment plan for care in our nurturing environment. Features include country kitchens, recreation rooms on each floor, a courtyard garden for recreational use, private dining and family rooms and wireless internet access. United Hebrew Family of Services: • Nursing Home Care • Burke Rehabilitation at United Hebrew • Willow Towers Assisted Living Residence • Soundview Apartments for Independent Seniors • Long Term Home Health Care Program • Azor Home Health Agency For more information or to schedule a tour please call Admissions at 914-632-2804 x1148 or email Karen Nodiff at United Hebrew 391 Pelham Road, New Rochelle, NY 10805 914.632.2804

Dale Longworth, the Original Lice Expert of Dobbs Ferry/Westchester has removed lice and eggs from thousands of children and their families using all natural and non-toxic products. She has been in business as a professional lice technician since 1997 and is highly recommended by doctors and nurses throughout Westchester County. Her services provide a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere for you and your children during treatment and you will be guaranteed to leave satisfied and lice free!

Weight Loss

WELLU MEDICAL WEIGHT LOSS Terry Ellman, M.D., M.P.H. 34 South Broadway, Suite 210 White Plains, NY 10601 (located next to The Westchester shopping mall) 914-920-7217 WellU Medical Weight Loss offers the ultimate in bariatric care using a comprehensive and individualized approach crafted for you. Dr. Ellman specializes in preventive and bariatric medicine (non-surgical weight loss/management) and uses the most advanced innovative interventions consistent with the latest and best available scientific evidence and guidelines. Our medically-supervised weight loss programs will guide you through your journey to achieve and maintain a healthier weight and lifestyle. You will enjoy one-on-one physician support every step of the way. Call us today for an appointment at 914-920-7217 or schedule online at

Women’s Health FULL CIRCLE WOMEN’S HEALTH Holistic, Integrative Health Care for Women of all Ages 1241 Mamaroneck Avenue White Plains, NY 10605 914-421-1500

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Farmer’s Market Hudson Valley Hospital Center has opened its Farmer’s Market with a variety of vendors offering fresh produce and other specialty items. This year, markets will be expanded to twice a month and held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month from 12 noon to 6 p.m. Hours of operation were changed to accommodate community demand for after-work hours. The Farmer’s Market, featuring organic produce, fruits, baked goods and gourmet food items, is held in the hospital side parking lot at 1980 Crompond Road, Cortlandt Manor, NY. Farmer’s Market Days: June 25; July 9 and 23; August 13 and 27; September 10 and 24; October 8 and 22; November 12 and 26. “We are happy to be able to expand our days and hours this year to make it easier for members of the community to attend our farmer’s markets,’’ said John C. Federspiel, President of Hudson Valley Hospital Center. “We hope to encourage everyone to buy local, fresh produce and educate the community on how to maintain a nutritious, healthy diet.’’ The farmer’s market series is part of Hudson Valley Hospital Center’s Seeds for Health and Harvest for Health programs aimed at using healthful eating as a way to prevent disease and positively influence a patient’s recovery. Seeds for Health launched in April 2012 with theopening of the Organic Garden for Healing, serving as the classroom for the program which stresses the importance of nutrition in healing. HVHC’s Organic Garden for Healing is maintained by patients, employees, and members of the community. Future plans include a demonstration kitchen, which will offer healthful cooking classes to the community. The farmer’s market will feature produce grown by local farms as well as baked goods, meats, cheeses and gourmet food items. Staff from HVHC’s Nutrition and Education departments will be on-hand with information to help integrate healthy eating practices into everyday life.

Healthcare News - Westchester July, 2013

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Students at Yonkers’ Museum School 25 Learn Heart Health Basics Three organizations partner to present “Alli’s Heart Lesson” Allison’s Heart Foundation for Children & Young Adults (AHF), an organization that promotes good heart health in children, teens and young adults, recently sponsored three presentations of “Alli’s Heart Lesson” to children at Yonkers Museum School 25. More than 40 second graders, as well as a group of special needs students, participated in the interactive sessions, administered through Westchester Children’s Museum’s (WCM) “Museum Without Walls” outreach effort, in partnership with the Family Service Society of Yonkers, to learn about the basic concepts of heart anatomy, exercise, and nutrition. Children gathered in the library, where WCM educators Barbara Marchewka and Tristan Siegel began the lesson by reading Alli’s Healthy Heart, a book written by Adele R. Fuchsberg for AHF, which talks about the fundamentals of heart health. The children were then led through several activities and learning stations where they listened to the beat of a model heart, designed a wholesome dinner plate and enjoyed a healthy snack, listened to their own heart rates using a real stethoscope, and got stamps in their “passport to a healthy heart” along the way. “Alli’s Heart Lesson is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn firsthand the importance of taking care of their whole body, including paying attention to how they eat and whether they are getting enough exercise,” said Museum School 25 Principal Dr. Valencia Brown-Wyatt. Alli’s Heart Lesson has reached approximately 250 children since its inception in 2012, when the program was developed through a grant given by Allison’s Heart Foundation to the Westchester Children’s Museum. The grant has been renewed in 2013 with the intention of expanding the program.

“It’s so important that we start teaching children at a young age to be aware of their health and what they can do to keep their hearts healthy, and this program accomplishes that in a fun way,” said Allison’s Heart Foundation President and Founder Sandra Wilkin Frowley. “It’s our hope to have this important lesson reach every child in Westchester.” Allison’s Heart Foundation was founded in memory of Alli-

son Frowley, an energetic, courageous and loving young woman who died suddenly at the age of 22 from Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD), a pre-existing heart condition that was undiagnosed. Alli’s Healthy Heart Lesson will continue in schools throughout Westchester in 2013 as part of AHF’s mission to promote good heart health in children, teens, and young adults, raise awareness of potential heart health issues, and

encourage practices that foster early detection of problems. Allison’s Heart Foundation for Children & Young Adults (AHF) is dedicated to promoting good heart health in children, teens and young adults. Our goal is to raise awareness of potential heart health issues and encourage parents and children to make proper inquiry of doctors, other medical professionals and teachers in order to foster early detection of

any potential heart health problems – and in doing so, save lives. AHF initiates and sponsors awareness programs throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania for parents, children, educators and the medical community. To learn more or make a donation, call 646.895.0626, email or visit


July, 2013

Healthcare News - Westchester

Why Whole Life is still the best choice. By Andrew J. Cavaliere, CLTC The answer is quite simple. Whole Life is the only permanent life insurance product on the market with a guaranteed premium, death benefit and cash value to age 100. Let me say that again. It is the only permanent life insurance product on the market with a guaranteed premium, death benefit and cash value to age 100. How can that be…? First, term life insurance by design is not a permanent contract. It clearly has a beginning and an end. In fact, did you know that only 2% of term life insurance death benefits are ever paid to their beneficiaries?1 Do you know why…?

A s k

Individuals are unable to maintain coverage at older ages because: ➢

Annual renewable premiums become too expensive so they drop the coverage.

Individuals no longer believe they need it so they drop the coverage.

The original level term contract expires while the client has already become uninsurable due to a serious chronic illness so they no longer can secure coverage.

Policies non-renew at age 80 in New York so they can no longer secure coverage.

Second, for the last several years, Universal Life (UL) policies have gone under some changes that are making them less attractive in my humble opinion. Many carriers are no longer offering the “No Lapse” or “Secondary Guarantee” Rider.

A n

What does “Secondary Guarantee” mean…? Universal Life has historically been a non-guaranteed product. It was originally offered as a more competitive alternative to Whole Life. The cash value of the contract is solely based upon current interest rates and there is no annual dividend. Often, due to poor design and underfunding, these policies can run out of money in later years and lapse. To circumvent this scenario, the carriers added what is known as a “No Lapse” or “Secondary Guarantee” Rider (ULSG) at a premium. This rider effectively guarantees the death benefit of the insured to age 120 even if there is zero cash value, provided the insured makes all the scheduled premium payments and does not borrow against the contract. So what has changed…? In July of 2005, the National Association of Insurance Commissioner’s (NAIC) Actuarial Guideline 38 (AG 38, also known as Regulation XXX), became effective. It requires all insurers to hold greater reserves on both new and some existing no-lapse UL policies. This increased financial obligation as well as the ongoing negative effect of the extended historically low interest rate environment is hampering the life insurance companies who depend upon earning an interest rate spread and/or substantial long-term growth on their reserves. Many actuaries simply no longer feel confident that they can cover these liabilities with the existing razor thin profit margins. The majority of carriers that have decided to continue to offer these products do so at a much higher premium. When you compare these new higher UL premiums to the benefits and corresponding premiums for a comparable Whole Life policy, the answer is abundantly clear that Whole Life is the richer contract. Some carriers like AXA Equitable Life exited the marketplace years ago, but recently there have been a number of other companies abandoning ULSG. Look at what has happened with some of the industry’s largest insurers in just the last six months: ➢

Effective November 7, 2012, Protective Life suspends ULSG sales2

Effective December 31, 2012 ING suspended ULSG sales3

Effective February 23, 2013, MetLife suspended ULSG sales4

Effective May 30, 2013, Lincoln Financial Group suspends ULSG sales in New York5

In summary, if you are contemplating purchasing permanent life insurance and are undecided between superior benefits and lower premiums, the answer is really not that difficult. The old adage still holds true… ‘you get what you pay for’. For more information about Whole Life insurance please call Andrew J. Cavaliere, CLTC at 914-682-2190 or toll free 877-676-9900. Andrew is certified in Long-Term Care (CLTC) from the Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification, Inc. Andrew is a member in good standing of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), which is the premier Association of financial professionals nationally. Andrew’s offices are located at 50 Main Street, White Plains, NY 10606 and at 500 West Putnam, Greenwich CT 06831. 1

U.S. Individual Life Persistency, LIMRA International and the Society of Actuaries, 2005 2012 Protective Life Press Release 3 2012 ING Press Release 4 2013 MetLife Press Release 5 2013 LFG Press Release 2

E x p e r t

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Visit us at one of our locations: 19 Bradhurst Avenue Suite 700 Hawthorne, NY 10532 (914)593-7800

15 North Broadway 2nd Floor White Plains, NY 10601 (914) 428-6000

5 Coates Drive Suite 2 Goshen, NY 10924 (845)294-1234

30 Greenridge Avenue Suite 207 White Plains, NY 10605 (914)328-8555

180 East Hartsdale Avenue 3 Michael Frey Drive Suite 1E Eastchester, NY 10709 Hartsdale, NY 10530 (914)337-3500 (914)725-2010

688 White Plains Road Suite 210 Scarsdale, NY 10583 (914)723-3322


July, 2013

Healthcare News - Westchester

What do doctors do to treat their own pain? As a board-certified internist who has been in practice for over 13 years, I spend much of my time attempting to alleviate the pain and suffering of my patients. As a clinician, one of the biggest challenges I face is helping my patients deal with musculoskeletal and neuropathic pain syndromes—those all-too-common, yet frequently debilitating ailments caused by bad backs, pinched nerves, arthritis, and the like. Unfortunately, much of what I have to offer my patients boils down to the following: take a pain pill, stretch if you can, wait, and hope for the best. After a failed trial of “conservative” therapy a call might go out to the orthopedic surgeon for assistance; a truly satisfactory result is not common. The simple fact is that physicians are not well trained to deal with musculoskeletal pain, and patients can suffer as a result. Thankfully, my views on this topic have been turned completely upside down since I havepersonally discovered Dr. Jonathan Donath’s outstanding practice. After beginning a vigorous exercise regimen I started to experience awful neck and upper back pain, accompanied by numbness and tingling down my left arm and fingers. For weeks I tried to nurse the pain with non steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, but the pain persisted and got to the point that I was almost unable to work, sleep, or most importantly, play guitar. I wasliterally in tears from the excruciating pain. A neurosurgeon diagnosed a herniated disc and pinched nerve in my neck and offered to decompress it with an operation. In desperation I called Dr. Donath instead. My visit to Dr. Donath’s office was an outstanding experience. He spent about an hour with me and combined multiple modalities to fix the herniated disc in my neck: deep massage, active release techniques, traditional manipulation, cold therapy, and finally spinal decompression. After that first hour with Dr. Donath my pain had decreased from a 10/10 down to a manageable 4/10, and I was able to comfortably move my head and neck. That very night I was able to play guitar again. Two days later I went back for another series of treatments and the pain decreased even further. After about five days the pain was absolutely gone. Unbelievable! Since then he has used the same wonderful techniques to help me overcome painful bouts of sciatica as well. My own patients and family members have become “believers” in Dr. Donath’s abilities as well--- the results he achieves are real and lasting. He is my go to guy for the majority of musculoskeletal and neuropathic pain syndromes that I now realize are truly treatable. Dr. Robert Sidlow MD, Associate Professor of Medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine

I am a pediatrician and in my work, I have to bend down a lot and I’m constantly lifting kids. I usually have one to three bad flare ups of low back pain every year. When my back would "go out", I could barely walk to the bathroom and would have to lie down in bed for a few days. I have tried everything: doing nothing and "toughing it out", muscle relaxants, physical therapy, chiropractic, therapeutic massage, and even painful steroid injections. Nothing worked. When I moved to Westchester, I met Dr. Jonathan Donath. In just a couple of sessions with Dr. Donath, the pain completely disappeared. If it hadn't happened to me, I wouldn't have believed it. During my last flare up, I was expecting to be on my back for 2-3 days and in pain for 2 weeks. Instead, after one session with Dr. Donath, I was able to walk; two more sessions and I was fine. I could walk, bend down and I had almost no pain. Since that last back episode, Dr. Donath has helped me with my tendonitis in my right hand and with my chronic knee problems. I recommend Dr. Donath to everyone with back, muscle or joint pain. Even if you have not had relief with other treatments and other Chiropractors, give Dr. Donath a chance. I did and he changed my life. Eugene Dinkevich MD, Mount Vernon, NY It’s my great pleasure to write about Westchester Spinal Decompression Center. I really don’t have words to express my feelings about the care I got in last 3 months. I was almost handicapped, living with terrible pain all the time, crippling my day to day life. I am a medical doctor and work in a hospital with all sorts of amazing physicians, but after seeing a physical therapist, getting epidural steroids injections, many orthopedists and neurosurgeons, finally my destination lead me to see Dr Jonathan Donath. With great skepticism, I lied down for spinal decompression therapy. It was unbelievable that after only two initial sessions, my radiating pain down my leg had almost disappeared. Gradually, I started getting better, started doing exercises that they gave me midway through the treatment. Now, I am doing all my daily activities without any pain. I highly recommend Dr Jonathan and his colleague Dr Kavita for any problems related to the musculoskeletal system, you will definitely feel at home and will get better. Dr. Pankaj Jain, M.D New York, NY Dr. Jonathan Donath DC, MS, Clinic Director Joint Effort Chiropractic / Westchester Spinal Decompression Center

1241 Mamaroneck Ave. White Plains, NY 10605 914-259-8104

Celebrating 115 Years For 115 years, Westchester residents have trusted us for their home healthcare needs. Now Putnam residents can too. In addition to the hospice and licensed homecare services we have been providing to Putnam residents for more than 20 years, we now also offer certified home care services. Our programs provide an unparalleled continuum of care and innovative services, including skilled nursing, physical therapy and rehab, eldercare, hospice and Telehealth. You can rely on VNA of Hudson Valley to help you maintain your quality of life while remaining in the comfort of your own home.



540 White Plains Road, Ste. 300 Tarrytown, NY 10591-5132 ƒ (914) 666-7616

20 Milltown Road, Ste. 101 Brewster, NY 10509-4309 ƒ (845) 278-4068

where doctors go to

GET BETTER Where do doctors go when they need medical treatment? For hernias, many of them go to the Hernia Center at Phelps Memorial Hospital Center, where even the most complicated cases are managed every day. From common inguinal hernias to complex abdominal wall reconstructions or other more complicated cases, the Hernia Center offers expert diagnosis and treatment – with revolutionary procedures that require fewer incisions, speed recovery time and reduce the risk of the hernia recurring.

So for diagnosis and treatment from doctors whom doctors trust, call the (ERNIA#ENTERAT0HELPSTODAY sPHELPSHOSPITALORGHERNIA

Get better. Here.

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