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New York City, NY - Five alarms were needed for a fire at West 139th Street and Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan on Monday, July 22nd. - See full story on page 10

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September, 2013

1St Responder Newspaper - FDNY



Firefighters Vincent Sammarco and Jomo Thomas inch closer and closer to Albus for the rescue.

FDNY Tower Ladder 159 rescues a golden blue macaw in Mill Island On July 21st at approximately 12 p.m., FDNY Towerladder 159 was in the Mill Basin section of Brooklyn when they were flagged down by a frantic civilian reporting that her three month old Golden Blue Macaw flew the coop and was now perched in a tree approximately 30 feet off the ground. Tower Ladder 159 immediately sprung into action, raised the bucket and began the rescue attempt. "We were only a foot away" said Firefighter Vincent Sammarco when another much smaller bird perched itself beside the Macaw and spooked him sending Albus to an-

JUMP TO FILE #072113105

other tree. Seeing just how heart broken the owners were, there was a second attempt at the rescue. Ladder 159 again positioned themselves under the second tree and again raised the bucket through some wires and began their rescue. They inched the bucket very slowly toward the bird and Albus again began to move away. They inched and inched again very slowly closer and closer.

While Albus was attempting to move away, Firefighter Vincent Sammarco made the grab backed up by Firefighter Jomo Thomas. The three month old Golden Blue Macaw was then put into thebucket for the trip back to ground level, where they were met by the very happy bird owners. Anna and Matthew Trappiedi of Mill Basin, Brooklyn. "We have Albus three months and thats the first time he's ever flown anywhere," said very happy bird owner Anna Treppiedi. - STEVE SOLOMONSON

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Third alarm strikes on July 4th in Staten Island On July 4, 2013 around 11 a.m., the FDNY responded to 125 Lake Avenue for fire on the fourth floor of a commercial building. The fire went to a third alarm within 20 minutes that firefighters were on scene. A mayday was called by Engine 157 and all firefighters were called out of the building at that time. Two firefighters were taken to a local hospital with unknown injuries. The fire was placed under control shortly before 12 p.m. The cause of the fire is under investigation. RUSSELL CURLEY

Engine 236 in East New York (Brooklyn) at an alarm in Brooklyn with their 2010 Seagrave pumper.

1st Responder Newspaper - FDNY

september, 2013


AHA recognizes CPMU for saving a life


Third alarm in Staten Island On July 4, 2013, firefighters were alerted to a warehouse fire in Staten Island. Aerial and tower ladders operated and the fire elevated to a third alarm.

Central Park, NY. On a typical tranquil morning in Central Park, CPMU had all its ambulances, its Polaris Ranger, and its bicycle emergency response team on hand for the Parkinson’s Unity Walk. At approximately 8:00 a.m., a call was dispatched for an unconscious JUMP TO FILE # 071113115 person near the East Drive at 66th Street. A CPMU ambulance arrived on the scene within three minutes, where volunteer EMTs Garry Resnick, Rafael Castellanos, and Danny Poon, found a gentleman in cardiac arrest. The crew promptly continued CPR started by bystanders, managed the patients’ airway and provided several shocks to the patient via an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Minutes later, the crew was assisted by additional resources from CPMU, FDNY, and NYPD. EMS paramedics worked alongside the CPMU EMTs to continue CPR, defibrillation, and advanced cardiac life support while enroute to a local hospital. Nearly six weeks later, the patient was discharged from the hospital and is well on his way to recovery, a second chance at life! On Tuesday, June 25th, at the prestigious law offices of Weil Gotshal, Chairman David Lefkowitz of the American Heart Association/American Stroke As-


CPMU crew members after the call, Danny Poon, Garry Resnick and Rafael Castellanos

sociation presented Garry, Rafael, and Danny with the New York City Heart Saver Award. The American Heart Association / American Stroke Association award comes after recognition from Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama for the amazing work CPMU Volunteers perform. Read about it below. NYC Mayor Bloomberg hp/mayor-michael-r-bloombergcommends-cpmu/ The White House/President Obama

hp/the-white-house-recognizesand-awards-longtime-volunteerrafael-castellanos/ For almost 40 years, the Central Park Medical Unit has been at the front lines of emergency medical services providing compassionate and free care to Central Park visitors, and the larger New York City community in times of need. At your side when seconds count, CPMU is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. - RAFAEL CASTELLANOS


Six car accident in Queens On June 29, 2013, FDNY firefighters were alerted to an accident at 69th Street and Metropolitan Avenue in Queens. They arrived to find six vehicles involved. Four patients were packaged and transported to local hospitals.


Copter on Hudson A young pilot maintained his cool on June 30th when the engine on his sightseeing helicopter cut out above the Hudson river with four tourists aboard-and he miraculously landed the disabled craft safely in the middle of the water. Everyone walked away without a scratch. The red copter can be seen in the rear right of the photo with its yellow emergency pontoons deployed, behind the Army Corps of Engineers vessel, at the W. 79th Street Boat Basin.


September, 2013

1St Responder Newspaper - FDNY


Queens grocery awning fire On June 7th, 2013 around 8:00 p.m., Queens FDNY engine and ladders responded to a call for a fire in a grocery store. Upon arrival, they found a smoke condition in the awning of the commercial structure. Companies opened up the walls of the awning soffit extinguished and minor fire.


Two alarms in Corona On July 30, 2013 in the Cornoa section of Queens, FDNY units responded to a fire in a one story commercial building located at 40-43 Junction Blvd. Units had a fire in a 20x50 restaurant, which extended to exposure two, a similar type structure. Battalion 46 transmitted the all hands and requested an additional engine and truck at 1:24 a.m. Division 14 arrived and transmitted the second alarm at 1:39 a.m. Fire had extended into the cockloft of both buildings and three lines operated at this fire. The fire was placed under control at 2:10 a.m.


Two car MVA in Queens On July 24th at 94th Street and 23rd Avenue, the FDNY responded to a two car MVA in Queens. They arrived to find that one vehicle was overturned. Two patients were packaged and transported to local hospitals. Responding were Engine 298 and Ladder 144.


Car falls on man’s head On August 4th around 6:00 p.m., Engine 302 along with FDNY EMS responded to a call for a male trapped underneath his vehicle. On arrival, they discovered a man with head trauma after his car jack failed while he was working on his Honda Prelude. The firefighters and EMT's treated and transported the man to Jamaica Hospital in stable condition.

1st Responder Newspaper - FDNY

september, 2013

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September, 2013

1St Responder Newspaper - FDNY



All hands in Corona On July 21, 2013 at 1:45 p.m., FDNY units in Queens responded to 101-03 Martense Avenue for a reported structure fire. Engine 289 arrived and transmitted the 10-75 followed closely by Battalion 46 ordering the all hands. B46 reported fire on the first floor of a two brick 20x40 occupied dwelling attached on both sides. B46 also reported water problems and second due engine was setting up for positive water. Members conducting searches reported difficulties due to a collyers mansion effect (numerous amount of debris) on the first floor. Two elderly residents were removed from the building and were treated by FDNY/EMS at the scene. Division 14 placed the fire under control at 2:20 p.m.

Assist Ambulance EMT's Michael Eagle (L) and Anthony Baisden (R) pictured with the six pound baby girl they both delivered. Both mother and daughter are doing fine.

EMT’s deliver healthy baby girl in Ditmas Park It was a very happy day for a Ditmas Park young pregnant mother because the EMT's she called were about to deliver her first baby girl. EMT's from the Assist Ambulance Service based out of Brooklyn were dispatched to an address on Foster Avenue just off Coney Island Avenue at approximately 12:00 midnight. When the EMT's arrived, they found a 25 year old female in active labor. EMT's Michael Eagle, a 25 year vetaran EMT and his partner

JUMP TO FILE #080513100

Anthony Baisden, a three year EMT, had never delivered a baby and were about to enegage in one of the greatest joys of their EMT careers. They placed the mom into the ambulance and began to prepare the new mom for her new endeaver in life. Both EMT's, Anthony Baisden and Michael Eagle who are also

volunteers with the Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Corps in Mill Basin Brooklyn, delivered the six pound baby girl seconds out of the ambulance bay of the Methodist Hospital in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The mom was extremely greatful that the Assist Ambulance was just minutes away and both EMT's had just a wonderful bedside manor. - STEVE SOLOMONSON

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Burning wires ROB PAV

FDNY Engine 284 and Ladder 149

On Saturday, July 19th around 9:40 p.m., multiple calls came in for burning power lines in front of multiple addresses on 114th Street starting from Atlantic Avenue and wrapping around onto 93rd Avenue and extending to 113th St. Squad 270 arrived along side E285, E308, L142, L143 and Battalion Chief 51. They requested ConEd, inspected private dwellings electrical connections and taped off the area while people stood inside their homes with no power.

1st Responder Newspaper - FDNY

september, 2013

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FDNY Engine 227


FDNY Engine 298 and Ladder 127 on Hillside Avenue in Jamaica, Queens. Engine 298 is a 2010 Seagrave with a 1000 gpm pumper. Ladder 127 is a 2006 Seagrave with a 95 foot tower ladder


Staten Island all hands fire All hands fire in a two story multiple dwelling on Sweetbrook Road in Eltingville, Staten Island.

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September, 2013


1St Responder Newspaper - FDNY

Engine 229 and Truck 146

FDNY HOUSES by Larry Woodcock

East Williamsburg is a forgotten neighborhood in Northern Brooklyn, forgotten in a sense that people do not refer to it as that anymore. Simply, it is either Green Point or Bushwick. With no official boundaries, some call it just Williamsburg. In the early 18th century, Bushwick and Williamsburg were already established, with Williamsburg having three districts the north side and the south side. In the late 18th century, a large wave of Italian immigrants began to settle in East Williamsburg, especially along Graham Avenue. While the neighborhood has changed significantly, the Italian contingent still resides here. Most of the immigrants came from Latin American countries in the late 19th century through the present. Of all the companies in the FDNY, the best slogan of any (to me anyway) is here on Richardson Street, home to “the mutha of all engines”. 229-Engine and 146-Truck (the thunderbolts). I wish I knew who came up with “the mutha,” A friend of mine, who is formally from the truck and spent six years there, doesn’t know either, but I laugh every time I hear it. Funny thing. This firehouse is a nice classic three story brick built in 1913, but there was a scaffold around it for five years. That is how long I waited to get the picture. At one point I just figured I would never get it. That is the city’s quick fix when a firehouse needs work, just put a scaffold around it-till they get to it. One of the neighborhood staples is Saint Cecilia’s Church at Herbert and North Henry Streets. Built in 1891 and added to the National Registry of Historic Places in 1983, it is most notable for its bell tower and copper roof. The Saint Cecilia’s School, which opened in 1906, was one of the largest parochial schools of its time and closed in 2009 due to declining enrollment, which rendered it inoperable. As with much of the Williamsburg area, there has been a large revitalization to the neighborhood mainly to professionals from Manhattan, along with a youth movement that includes artists and students giving it a trendy look with restaurants and affordable rents and making it a hip place to be. The eastern half of the neighborhood was once a large industrial area with many factories and warehouses. With many of these industries leaving the area, some of the warehouses were converted to loft apartments, similar to what has happened in Sunset Park and


the Dumbo neighborhoods. Graham and Manhattan Avenues have become well known for their main thoroughfares as well as for their restaurants and bars, which have been part of the renaissance of the community. If you are a fan of Italian pastries, don’t deprive yourself of this. The Fortunato Brothers on the corner of Manhattan Avenue and Devoe Street is one of several places that has been here for many years and one of the best in Brooklyn. If you like a feast, this is the place. Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, at North 8th Street and Havemeyer put on a show for two

weeks every summer, usually in June, where the surrounding streets are filled with vendors. Many of the original Italians that settled here were from Naples, which is where the “Festa Dei Gigli” originated and the immigrants brought the traditions of the feast to America. The highlight of feast is on Sundays when the “O Giglio” is carried, a sixty five foot tall statue with a band at its base that is carried around the streets by one hundred men. It is moved forwards and backwards and bounced to a thunderous boom as it is put down. It is lifted by large beams that

stick out from its base and lifted with the shoulders by men of all ages, some who have been doing it for many years as well as many generations. It is a site to see, for all cultures. One of the traditions is to put money on the statue. It is covered by the news every year and has appeared in movies as well. Many people come from all over Brooklyn and from neighboring states to partake in the festivities. When in Williamsburg for food or feast, be sure to stop at this firehouse and see some classic construction. A friend of mine spent six years in this firehouse

and has nothing but good things to say about his time there and the reputation of 229 and 146. 29 Engine was organized on November 1, 1890 and located at 246 Frost Street. On October 1, 1899, they were changed to 129 Engine and on January 1, 1913 changed to 229 Engine. They moved into their present quarters in July of 1915. 146 Truck was organized on January 1, 1916 and this is their only home. There have been three line of duty deaths in the history of both companies.

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1st Responder Newspaper - FDNY

september, 2013

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All hands in Staten Island An all hands fire broke out in a dumpster located at 173 Brabrant St., in the Mariners Harbor section of Staten Island on June 27th. The fire communicated to a storage room in the building. The fire was knocked down in 20 minutes.


Engine 227 in Brownsville, Brooklyn had a 1993 Seagrave (1000 gpm pumper) and now have a 2004 Seagrave (1000 gpm pumper).


Centennial celebration Engine 279 and Ladder 131 celebrated their centennial on June 19,2013 at quarters located at 252 Lorraine St. in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn.

Car accident in Brooklyn Firefighters were alerted to a car accident at 24th Avenue and Shore Parkway in Brooklyn. They arrived to find an overturned vehicle, which had collided with a parked car. One patient was packaged and transported to a local hospital.


September, 2013

1St Responder Newspaper - FDNY


MVA in Queens FDNY crews were alerted to a motor vehicle accident on August 1st at Linden Street and Grandview Avenue. Engine 291, Ladder 140 and EMS arrived to find a motorcycle versus truck. The driver the motorcycle was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries.


Five alarms needed in Manhattan New York City, NY. Five alarms were needed for a fire at West 139th Street and Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan on Monday, July 22nd. Crews arrived to find fire on the top floor in the B wing of a seven brick H type building. Firefighters found extension to the cockloft and A wing, but used eight handlines and two tower ladders to extinguish the blaze.



Electrical manhole fire On July 17, 2013 as the temperature reached a hot 97 degrees, firefighters in Elmhurst Queens responded to a Con Edison manhole fire at the intersection of Justice Avenue and Broadway. As firefighters were checking surrounding buildings for spread of fire, a crew from Con Edison arrived and instructed the fire department to flood the transformer vault and extinguish the fire. Firefighters remained on the scene for two hours while Con Ed shut power to the effected vault.

Overturned convertible with one lucky driver On June 9th, 2013, a speeding Chrysler Sebring Convertible traveling on the Belt Parkway lost control, went sideways and rolled over multiple times uphill until it came to a crashing halt. The vehicle was wedged upside down in between a tree and the guardrail of South Conduit Avenue (Service Rd.) at 130th St. "If that tree wasn't there, the car would've came right across the

JUMP TO FILE #070813150

S. Conduit and into the line of oncoming traffic," said a witness. Ladder 158 and Engine 302 arrived around 2 p.m. and confirmed the pin. A helpless woman was trapped upside down inside the vehicle. A belt-in baby car seat was found smashed alongside the vehi-

cle. Fortunately, the child was not in the car at the time. Ladder 158 stabilized the vehicle and was able to open the drivers door without cutting and prying. EMS arrived and the patient was removed to Jamaica Hospital where she was declared in stable condition. - RICHARD YORK

1st Responder Newspaper - FDNY

september, 2013

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Head on into guardrail On July 21st around 12:45 a.m., FDNY and the West Hamilton Beach Volunteer Fire Department arrived to an entrapment on the Nassau Expressway at Lefferts Blvd. in Queens. The driver of a rent-a-car vehicle went head on into the starting point of the guardrail alongside the highway. The patient was transported to Jamaica Hospital with minor injuries.


FDNY Engine 82 and Ladder 31

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FDNY Squad 288 firefighter after recent all hands in Corona, Queens.

FDNY Engine 65

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Members of the Engine 279 and Ladder 131 pose in front of their firehouse.


September, 2013

1St Responder Newspaper - FDNY

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