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In the past three days (8th, 9th and 10th of february

2021), we had virtual meetings to gather the people participating in brewise, students and teachers. In the virtual meeting we did various activities involving the project’s goal, healthy breakfasts for wiser minds. Why virtual ? The meetings had to be virtual because, as a consequence of the current global pandemic, the trip to Latvia couldn’t be made.


In this project, a contest of photos



of students' healthy breakfasts was held, later published on instagram. ★

For the most original photo, the winner was Portuguese.

For the healthiest photo, Latvia won with their fruit cake

For the most colorful photo, Latvia took another win

The last, but not the least, most artistic photo came from Latvia as well.



The first day of our annual Erasmus journey started on the 8th of February. On Monday we watched an interesting video about Latvia. After that we did a quiz about it. Later that day we talked about healthy breakfasts. We visited an interesting website called “Mentí”. We found out that a lot of us don’t eat the most important meal of the daybreakfast. At the end of the day we had individual work with our groups. Is was a very nice day.

This activity was based on writing and presenting of our healthy versions of fairy tales. We were divided into groups and every group was given a fairy tale. To better explain, we needed to change some parts in tales like: Snow White, Sleeping Beauty or Rapunzel to be centered around healthy food and breakfast.We also needed to make videos with hand drawn paintings of the characters from the stories and the participants of the groups reading their stories.


Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl, who had a very balanced diet and only ate healthy food. She met a beast who loved her and kept her prisoner until she fell in love with him. She was his prisoner and she hates him for the reason that he hates the healthy diets. The beast always said a balanced diet doesn't matter and junk food like pizzas and burgers were better for his body. One day the beast started feeling very ill, but didn't know why. The beauty always said his unbalanced diet would have consequences but he didn't believe it.


On the very next day, she prepared him a very healthy breakfast including dairies, cereals and fruits. He ate it and started feeling better instantly. Starting since that day, the beast accepted that his unbalanced diet of junk food was very bad for his health and started a healthy diet for the rest of his life. The beauty recognized his growth and fell in love with him, End :)

RAPUNZEL In a very ancient kingdom, there was a happily married couple of merchants. One unlucky night, they tried to steal apples from their neighbour’s orchard, as they wanted to lead a healthy lifestyle. But unfortunately their neighbour happened to be an evil, ugly witch. She shouted: “You are going to regret stealing my precious apples! I’m going to kill you both!” The man fell on his knees and the woman started to plan an escape, knowing that it would be useless. The witch, when she saw this, had an idea: “If you are this sorry, I am willing to let you go, but only if you give me your first child.” They agreed, still trembling from the enormous fear, and left. Two years later, the married couple had a gorgeous baby girl. Instantly, the evil witch came and stole the little girl. The couple started crying but they had no other choice but to let this happen. The witch named her Rapunzel and kept her in a dilapidated tower. She grew up to be a lovely girl, but the best feature about her was her long, silky hair.

While growing up the only person she saw was the witch, with her wrinkles and her wicked voice. Every day, the witch came to the tower and shouted: “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!” Rapunzel then let her long golden hair fall out the window and the witch climbed up to her room. She fed her with unhealthy food: pizza, hamburgers, donut and all kinds of sweets. In this way, she kept Rapunzel weak and she could not escape the tower. One sunny morning, a brave prince who was hunting in the forest, saw what the witch was doing. When she left, he said: “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair”. She let her hair fall out of the window and he climbed up into her room. It was love at first sight. She had never before seen anyone as handsome as him, in fact, she hadn’t seen anybody. The prince fell in love with her. The prince came to the tower daily when Rapunzel was alone and their love story began. In one of those days, between hugs and kisses, the prince convinced her to eat healthier: he brought her fruit and vegetables and, as time went by, she became stronger.

One day, after the witch climbed up into her room, Rapunzel told her: “You are as lightweight as my lover! All the pizzas are finally taking a toll on you!” The humiliated witch realized what had been going on and she was furious. She tried to cut Rapunzel’s hair off, but she couldn’t. The healthy food made her hair so strong that it was impossible for her to cut it. With her magic and strength, she managed to defeat the witch and run away with her prince. They went away to his kingdom and got married. They planted a lot of vegetables and made a garden and all the healthy food they ate afterwards came right from their yard. They lived happily ever after, far away from the wicked witch.



Once upon a time there was a beautiful young girl- and her name was Cinderella. She was living in a beautiful, healthy house with her dear father and her evil step sisters. One day Cinderella’ father died in a horrible accident. From that moment her evil Step mother started eating very unhealthy food. Cinderella was dreaming about a handsome prince ... One day, when she was walking around the woods she heard about the course. The course said that the girl who knows how to prepare a good healthy breakfast could marry the handsome prince. She was very curious about that course. Few days later the mysterious letter came to her big, unhealthy house. It was written that the king was organizing the big party, with a lot of healthy food. It said that every girl from the village would get a chance to prepare a healthy food for his sonthe prince

The next night her evil stepmother and her stepsister started to prepare for the ball. They decided to make unhealthy burgers for the prince. When they left, Cinderella went to her garden to get some fresh apples. - Don’t be sad my dear...- an old voice started talking to Cinderella - Who is it?- she asked - Honey! I’m your healthy, fairy godmother! I will take to this ball and you will show them what healthy food really is!- she said - Amazing! Now I will become a princess!- said one of her evil step sisters - Be realistic. Everybody knows that it’s going to be me! All the girls of the village went to the palace to prepare a healthy breakfast, but no one couldn't. Except the beautiful girl, Cinderella. Cinderella brokes the course and everyone started to eat healthy, and finally she married the prince and lived happily ever after.


H ow Snow White became healthy Once upon a time, there was a girl with skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony, and she was named Snow white. One day snow white, was walking through the woods when seven dwarfs appeared before her 4 and said ‘’We’re here to help you from the witch, come with us’’. The witch’s plan was to make snow white unhealthy, giving her fast food, but the dwarfs were there to stop it. The witch has been chasing snow white for a long time, but snow white didn't know that, only the dwarfs did. The seven dwarfs took Snow White to a place where the witch couldn’t find her, and started giving her some vegetables because she was looking hungry and sick. They told Snow White about the witch and her intentions: - "If anybody tries to give you any junk food you do not accept because it could be the witch in disguise" , they said. She agreed to be cautious. Then the dwarfs gave her time to rest a little, so they could discuss how to capture the witch. However, the witch was planning her revenge against Snow White, but she was not prepared for what the dwarfs were about to do. The next day, when everyone woke up, they set off to find the witch, they had a plan.

H ow Snow White became healthy Basically, the plan was for Snow White walk alone in the woods and for the dwarfs to hide in the bushes, and wait for the witch's arrival. When the witch arrived and saw Snow White she started getting closer to her until she was in the range of the trap so the dwarfs could capture her. She continued to walk, and walk, and suddenly, the trap triggered and the dwarfs came out of the bushes at the same time. The witch was caught in a huge net. Then, the dwarfs sent the witch into a dungeon for the rest of her life. Snow white was very thankful for all the help from the dwarfs. In the end, everyone was really happy eating healthy meals together prepared by Snow White, who learned the importance of a healthy lifestyle!

Three little pigs Once upon a time there were three little pigs. One of them loved pizza while the other loved fried chips. They loved to eat junk food even though they knew it wasn’t healthy. The third little pig loved vegetables and fruits, he was a very healthy pig. A big bad wolf saw the two little pigs while they ate pizza and fried chips, “What juicy tender meals they will make!” He chased the first pig and he tried to run but he couldn’t because he was overweight. The frightened little pig ran to the second pig to get help. The second pig tried to help, but he couldn’t because he was overweight too. They ran to ask for help from the third one. The big bad wolf tried to outrun the third pig, but he could not. He kept trying for hours but the pig was very healthy. The wolf finally gave up and went home. The two little pigs now felt sorry for having been so unhealthy. The third pig taught the others how to be healthy and they lived happy forever.

Three little pigs


𝓛𝓲𝓽𝓽𝓵𝓮 𝓡𝓮𝓭 𝓡𝓲𝓭𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓗𝓸𝓸𝓭 🍎 Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in a village near the forest. Whenever she went out, the little girl wore a red riding cloak, so everyone in the village called her Little Red Riding Hood. One morning, Little Red Riding Hood asked her mother if she could go to visit her grandmother as it had been awhile since they'd seen each other. "That's a good idea," her mother said. So they packed a nice basket with fruits and vegetables for Little Red Riding Hood to take to her grandmother. When the basket was ready, the little girl put on her red cloak and kissed her mother goodbye. "Remember, go straight to Grandma's house," her mother conscious. "Don't dawdle along the way and please don't talk to strangers! The woods are dangerous." "Don't worry, mommy," said Little Red Riding Hood, "I'll be careful." But when Little Red Riding Hood noticed some lovely berries in the woods, she forgot her promise to her mother. She picked a few, watched the butterflies flit about for awhile, listened to the frogs croaking and then picked a few more. Little Red Riding Hood was enjoying the warm summer day so much that she didn't notice a dark shadow approaching out of the forest behind her... Suddenly, the wolf appeared beside her. "What are you doing out here, little girl?" the wolf asked in a voice as friendly as he could muster. "I'm on my way to see my Grandma who lives through the forest, to give her a basket full of food" Little Red Riding Hood replied. Then she realized how late she was and quickly excused herself, rushing down the path to her Grandma's house. The wolf, in the meantime, took a shortcut... The wolf, a little out of breath from running, catches the Little Red Riding Hood before she could get to her Grandma’s. "You have nowhere to escape, give me the food basket!" said the wolf to the little girl. Shaking in fear, the little girl handed him the basket and begged him not to hurt her.

𝓛𝓲𝓽𝓽𝓵𝓮 𝓡𝓮𝓭 𝓡𝓲𝓭𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓗𝓸𝓸𝓭 🍎 The wolf opens the basket and is surprised by its content. Instead of containing candies and cookies, it contained healthy food, which was not what he was expecting. “What is this?” asked the wolf “I thought the basket had sweets, not disgusting food.” “How can you call it disgusting? Healthy food tastes great and it is good for your health. Eating sweets all the time can cause you stomach aches and other diseases like diabetes. You should try something from my basket, you will like it.” The girl takes an apple out of the basket and hands it to the wolf. Despite being a bit reluctant, the wolf tried the apple. “It is not as bad as I expected, it tastes pretty good actually!” said the wolf. The little girl replied “I told you it was good! I was on my way to a picnic with my grandma. Want to come and eat healthy with us?” The wolf accepted her offer and went on a picnic with the little girl and her Grandma. From this day on, the wolf started eating healthier and became friendlier with everyone in the village.

PEPPA PIG AND THE FAMILY LESSON Peppa and their family woke up early because they were going to have one awesome weekend, all together. Then, they all went down for breakfast, but Peppa and her brother George were the only ones who ate it, Peppa drank one cup of milk with coffee and ate an avocado toast and an egg and her brother ate three pancakes full of chocolate. Later on, they all left the house and went out. They firstly went hiking, Peppa was going very well but her parents had to take break because they were too tired and weak and her brother was too full. After the hiking they went for lunch, Peppa ate a salad with rice and the rest of her family ate pizza and a chocolate croissant with ice cream. After lunch, Peppa’s family had planned on playing tennis. She was very excited and energetic, but unfortunately the rest of the family was too full and tired, so they couldn't play for long. While Peppa was playing with other animals, the rest of her family was eating cake. Peppa's family started to feel disappointed with themselves because they couldn't do the same things as Peppa, and she was feeling sad for her family. After tennis they went for a swim. Peppa was having a lot of fun, however, her parents couldn’t swim because they were too full once again and also afraid to get dizzy. At the end of the day, when the family got home, they were all feeling sad because they didn’t enjoy the day as much as they expected, so Peppa started thinking of a way to make things better and convince her family to start eating healthier food. And that’s what she did, she convinced them to start eating the same healthy goods she did and they accepted the challenge and started feeling much better immediately. A month passed by with Peppa’s family eating healthy food and they went on another family weekend. This time they all could do the same activities that they couldn’t before. They promised that they would never eat the same way as they did before again and lived happy and healthy ever after.


Farewell of the project

After two years of project with a lot of fun, good moments, teamwork, friendship and learning, the time arrived to put an end on this amazing and unforgettable Erasmus project.

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