Mix Up Your Application with Magnetic Stirring Bars

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Mix Up Your Application with Magnetic Stirring Bars Spinbar® Stir Bars – Your Science & Industry Essential Large Scale Industry

Buffer - Media Prep


For production that requires sizeable, dependable products from measuring to mixing

Reliable preparation tools for buffers, media, and more

From thorough mixing to safer storage, find your solutions

F37028-0001 Large Volume Magnetic Stirrer

H14716-0000 Drum Funnel

F37158-0010 Octagon Spinpak® & Restrainer

F18315-2322 Flexible Arm Stand

F37118-0006 Giant Polygon

Environmental Chemistry As a vital part of environmental chemistry, ensure you have the tools needed for field testing

F18520-0000 No-Wire® Cuvette Rack

F36911-0100 Flat Bottom Sampling Scoops

F37150-0000 Cell (Cuvette)

F28456-0000 Graduated Cylinder

F37895-0010 Vari-Pet® Pipettor

Electrophoresis Gel Prep & Executions Process and store gels or antibodies with confidence

Synthetic Chemistry F37123-0003 Spinwedge®

Round-Bottom Flask & Support

Stir thoroughly in round bottom flasks for experimental results you can rely on



F37805-0008 Sample Splitter

F37130-0158 Elliptical (Egg-Shaped)

F13595-0000 Gel Plate Drying Rack F45100-0001 Antibody Saver Tray

H37017-0000 Battery Powered Magnetic Stirrer


F37152-0000 Capsule

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More Solutions for Your Stirring Applications Large Scale Industry • Poly-Hand 55 gal. Drum Pump – H32887-0000 • Sterileware® Pharma Scoops; 2500ml – F36909-2500

Buffer - Media Prep • Electrode Holder for Flexible Arm Stand – F18317-1000 • Graduated Griffin Low-Form 1000ml Beakers – F26216-0000 • Polypropylene 784ml Powder Funnels – H14660-0150 • Non-Electric Benchtop Glassware Dryer – F18933-0011

Spectrophotometry • Triple Holder Clamp for Pipettor Holder System – F18954-0000 • Cuvette Washer – F38960-0000 • Microliter Pipettor Rack; 10 Places – H18962-0000

Electrophoresis Gel Prep & Executions • Electrophoresis Fixing Tray – F13554-0000 • Gel Staining Box with Cover – F13551-1001

Synthetic Chemistry • Bluetooth® Stainless Steel Stem Thermometer – B60910-0000

Environmental Chemistry • Sterileware® Liquid Thief; 190ml – F37871-1000 • Sampler Syringe – F37879-0000 • Vernier Calipers – H13415-0000

Parallel Synthesis • Heavy Duty Test Tube Rack for 25-30mm Tubes – F18859-0000 • Sterileware® Long Handle Spoon; 1.23ml – H36940-0000 • Spinfin® Magnetic Stirring Bar; 12.7 x 12.7mm – F37125-0012

Glassware • Erlenmeyer Flask with Glass Stopper, 250mL – LG-7790-108* • Graduated Cylinder, Class B, To Deliver, 100mL – LG-5510-108* *Find on SP-WilmadLabGlass.com

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