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2 | www.r ec eption to fo llo m

In this issue Real Weddings Jenna & Joe

July 11, 2020


Photography by Leslie Duffy Photography

Catrina & Jacob

August 30, 2019


Photography by Jake Wilson Photography

Ashley & Cory

January 11, 2020


Photography by Ember Lane Collective

Marya & Lucas

October 12, 2020


Photography by Renée Barth Photography

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Your Wedding Your Way • Enjoy your day the way you want to, not the way it is “supposed” to be. • We encourage you to be creative • Add your personal touch 4 | www.r ec eption to fo llo m

Jenna & Joe

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285 145th Avenue - Turtle Lake, Wisconsin

715-641-0791 6 | www.r ec eption to fo llo m


Rustic - Chic

Country Elegance

We will do everything we can to meet your expectations! • Complete with farmhouse, pump house, guesthouse, chapel and stables. Nestled on 40 acres of farmland, your gathering will enjoy privacy but still be only a quick three and a half miles from Turtle Lake Wisconsin. We offer shuttle service to and from all lodging in Turtle Lake. • Our reception area can seat 285 indoor; ceremony 240; outdoor ceremony 300-plus. • We are focused on providing quality individualized service and customer satisfaction. We hold a single wedding per weekend, this makes us very unique - we believe that your wedding is the most important day and should involve a day for rehearsal and decorating. • We work exclusively with our full-service catering company. We have a liquor license to help you plan not only food but also the beverage portion of your event. • We are a family owned business that has been serving events as caterers for 26 plus years.

715.828.7627 | Back-up photographs for Jenna &wJoe's wedding Brittany Sykora w w. re c e pt i otaken n t o f by o l | 7

S 4 E R O H S I S E etaway, just one hour aWwaey PA R A D ities. nsin g the Twin C ern Wisco

west led on ours from An iconic resort nest and two h l e te ir o la h C s n u iver Trail seaso from Ea ippewa R h dent fourn C e e p e th d n in l Day. ht o are an lcombe rig way on your Specia o H e k a L ble geta beautiful a memora that offers etails: r) nities + D e m r/Outdoo A  ite (Indoo S y n ) o 0 0 m 3 • Cere ce (up to Small Event Spa il Style or ta k c o (C • Indoor e ac r Event Sp • Outdoo e lake) th y le b Family Sty ible ap Access • Handic i-Fi W mentary • Compli ls: ding ck Specia r the Wed lo fo B e g it u in S d l  Wed limentary Whirlpoo • Comp t the couple r one nigh menity for A e Couple fo m o lc e r guests mentary W on for you ti u ib tr is • Compli d if t mentary G • Compli

, WI Holcombe M y w m H h 26364 Cty s e is d a par .4227 | 715.595

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 All-in clu


Majority of photos on these pages by Narvold Photography

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A COVID Wedding I

n a time where it seems we have little to celebrate, weddings become even more important. COVID-19 is hanging on longer than we had initially hoped, and it’s changing everything. Those changes will affect the course of all group gatherings, including weddings, for months or possibly years after a vaccine becomes available. The traditional pre-wedding activities and wedding format includes showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, a dinner rehearsal, ceremony, reception, and honeymoon. These are all still possibilities, but they will likely look very different: - Virtual wedding showers are immensely popular now—guests mail gifts to the future couple in advance, everyone signs on to the virtual platform on the designated day and time, maybe play a couple games (Google has loads of ideas!), and the couple can open the gifts for all to see. - Bachelor/bachelorette parties are either small and intimate, or are being reserved for a joint party as soon as the world opens back up again. - Dinner rehearsals might just be a rehearsal and not include dinner. If dinner is included, it might be a curbside-to-go meal. - Instead of a ceremony, many couples are opting for a “minimony” with just immediate family members, and planning a “sequel wedding” down the road. - Honeymoons are trickier with the constantly evolving travel restrictions. You might want to do a stay-cation, or treat yourselves to a week at a vacation rental home a few hours away. Just make sure you take some time to relax and enjoy each other without other commitments because you 100% deserve it. If you are planning to host a wedding, consider using the services of a wedding planner. These professionals have been tackling the problems of this pandemic since its beginning. They will already have experience in many of the areas mentioned in this article, and will likely have answers to a lot of your COVID-specific questions. They will also be able to help adapt your dream wedding into a social distance format that you can still fall in love with. With social distancing recommendations of at least six feet apart, it might seem like an added challenge to make your guests feel welcome. Make sure everyone knows what to expect before arriving. Consider adding a card to your wedding invitations about your desires for social distancing, masks and/or gloves. Create a wedding website where you can update information for guests as it becomes available to you. Offer an option for a live stream of the wedding for those who are unable to attend. On the big day, a way to remind guests to respect your wishes is to post signs about social distancing or hand washing. When thinking ceremony spacing, try to have guests seated by family and keep space between families. Another option is to have the bride and groom in the center of the aisle instead of the front, and the guests can be seated in a half-moon fashion for more of a 360 view of the couple.

By Becky Streeter

It’s still customary for the newlywed couple to receive their guests after the ceremony, but what do you do if you don’t want to get that close to everyone? Try making a game with colored circles on the floor where people have to wait until it’s their time to greet you (from six feet away). Instead of hugs, get creative with bows, curtseys, winks, waves, air fives—you name it. You could even turn it into a contest for the best social distance gesture. Make it fun! Reception venues are learning to adapt and allow for the strictest social distancing policies. It is no longer a matter of how many people can squeeze into a hall, it’s a matter of how many can fit safely. Many sites are adding various measures to keep staff and guests healthy such as contactless bathrooms and sanitizer stations throughout the room or on individual tables. Served meals are also now the norm instead of buffet or family-style--this includes appetizers, which simply becomes one of the meal’s courses instead of a grab-and-go option. Reception seating, already seen as one of the major challenges of planning a wedding, will unfortunately be a bit trickier. If you have an elderly grandmother who has some precursors for COVID, don’t seat her next to your cousin who travels for work. Try to put a positive spin on this task—treat it as being thoughtful instead of tough. As social distancing recommendations might mandate a smaller guest list than you initially planned, it could free up your pocketbook to spend a little extra to increase the guests’ experience. You might be able to purchase a finer meal or beverage, a different form of entertainment instead of a DJ and dance, or fancy favors for each guest. This will lead wedding celebrations to becoming even more personalized than they already are. Your guests could very well leave your reception saying, “Now that was a fun wedding.” You could be a trendsetter and a bar raiser. Through the entire process, try to be as flexible as possible. Many of the decisions and the concessions you will have to make because of the pandemic will be difficult and emotional. This might include rescheduling for a weekday wedding or planning a stay-cation instead of a honeymoon. Talk with your future spouse. Obviously this is an unprecedented time, and there are not many people who can give you advice in wedding planning right now. Good discussions will bring you closer as a couple, which is exactly what marriage is all about. Your wedding celebration might look very different than the one you imagined while growing up, but it can still be fun, meaningful, and wonderful. And keep in mind that at the end of the day you get to go home with the love of your life and start a new, amazing journey together. Source: Lee, Esther. “The Future of Weddings After COVID-19 and What It Could Look Like.” The Knot. May 8, 2020. https://www.




August 30, 2019

Goodman Community Center

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12 | www.r ec eption to fo llo m

CATRINA & JACOB August 30, 2019

Bride's Dress: Vera's House of Bridals

Bridesmaid Dress:

Catrina AND


Vera's House of Bridals


Balayage by Billie


Sara Marie Artistry


Goodman Community Center in Madison


Simply Glamorous Designs at Oregon Floral


Kuhl Entertainment


Craig's Cake Shop

All photographs by

JAKE WILSON PHOTOGRAPHY w w w. re c e pt i o n t o f o l l | 13

Along With Its Award-Winning Design Team & Outstanding Customer Service Staff


Invitations Thank Yous Save-the-Dates Programs Rsvp Cards Direction Cards Reception Cards Napkins Glassware Flasks Blankets Cutting Boards Photo Frames Insulated Tumblers Keepsake Boxes Wedding Party Gifts

Awards More AND


Monday - Friday Ten o’ Clock in the Morning Five o’ Clock in the Afternoon 2425 Seymour Road Eau Claire, Wisconsin Your Amazing Reception to Follow Our Open Invitation ~ No RSVP Required

SR Please Save the Date

06.30.20 For the Wedding Celebration of


Sara Marjorie Robert Randall Eau Claire, Wisconsin

14 | www.r ec eption to fo llo m


w ed d ing wo rkboo k

ReneĂŠ Barth Photography w w w. re c e pt i o n t o f o l l | 15

w edding countd own 12-18 Months Before

������ Determine wedding style ������ Select location and reserve dates for ceremony and reception ������ Decide on budget and expense sharing ������ Begin compiling guest list ������ Select your attendants ������ Select caterer ������ Select reception entertainment

9-12 Months Before

������ Register at bridal registries ������ Reserve rental supplies ������ Visit officiant to discuss ceremony plans ������ Choose gown and accessories ������ Choose bridesmaid dresses and accessories ������ Select and book ceremony musicians ������ Select and book florists ������ Select and book photographer ������ Select and book videographer ������ Discuss honeymoon plans

4-6 Months Before

������ Select men’s formalwear ������ Order wedding invitations and stationery ������ Finish compiling guest list ������ Check marriage license requirements ������ Select baker and order wedding dessert ������ Reserve accommodations for out of town guests ������ Help mothers select dresses ������ Make final floral decisions ������ Arrange wedding day transportation

2-4 Months Before

������ Start addressing invitations ������ Confirm ceremony plans with officiant ������ Plan rehearsal and rehearsal dinner ������ Arrange for decorations ������ Finalize honeymoon plans ������ Plan ceremony music with musicians 16 | www.r ecep ti o n to fo llo m

1-2 Months Before

������ Mail invitations to arrive 4-6 weeks before wedding ������ Confirm details with all contracted services ������ Have final gown fitting ������ Have final fittings for attendants ������ Get marriage license and blood tests (if necessary) ������ Purchase gifts for attendants ������ Get your accessories ready: ring pillow, candles, guest book, etc. ������ Maintain record of gifts received and mail thank you notes immediately ������ Confirm pre-nuptial dinner arrangements

2 Weeks Before

������ Confirm rehearsal time and date with all wedding party members ������ Arrange name and address changes on bank accounts, credit cards, drivers license, etc. ������ Contact guests who have not yet R.S.V.P.’d ������ Keep up with thank you notes

1 Week Before

������ Provide final guest count to caterer ������ Plan seating arrangements ������ Confirm honeymoon reservations, pick up tickets ������ Pick up wedding attire and check fit

Wedding Day

������ Rings and marriage license ������ If pictures are being taken before the ceremony, the entire wedding party should be ready two hours before ������ Bring all accessories and an emergency kit including spare stockings, sewing needs, safety pins, etc. ������ Give officiant’s fee to best man for presentation after the ceremony

pr e - wedding d et a ils Invitations & Stationery

Stationery ____________________________________

Response Cards _______________________________

Phone _______________________________________

Place Cards ___________________________________

Order Date ___________________________________

Escort Cards __________________________________

Date Ready ___________________________________

Table Cards/Menus ____________________________

Notes ________________________________________

Guest Book ___________________________________


Rehearsal Dinner Invitations ____________________


Thank You Cards ______________________________ Napkins ______________________________________

Stationery Checklist ___________________________

Favors _______________________________________

Items ________________________________________

Other ________________________________________

Price _________________________________________


Quantity _____________________________________

_____________________________________________ _____________________________________________

Save the Date _________________________________


Invitations ____________________________________


Wedding Announcements ______________________


Programs _____________________________________



Wedding Rings

Favor Item ____________________________________

Phone _______________________________________

Store From ___________________________________

Address ______________________________________

Date Ordered _________________________________


Date Ready ___________________________________

Description of Ring ____________________________

Notes __________________ ______________________



Price _________________________________________

Favor Item ____________________________________

Jeweler ______________________________________

w w w. re c e p t i o n t o f o l l o w. c o m | 17

t he b ride Bride’s Checklist Bridal Shop_______________________________________ Phone # _____________________________________ Fitting Date_______________________________________ 2nd Fitting __________________________________ Final Fitting ______________________________________ Pick-up Date_________________________________ Dress Description_______________________________________________________________________________ Accessories ____________________________________________________________________________________ Headpiece/Veil ___________________________ Price __________________ Date Ready ___________________ Bra/Bustier _______________________________ Price __________________ Date Ready ___________________ Stockings & Garter ________________________ Price __________________ Date Ready ___________________ Shoes ________________ Size ______________ Price__________________ Date Ready ___________________ Jewelry __________________________________ Price __________________ Date Ready ___________________ Wrap/Cape _______________________________ Price __________________ Date Ready ___________________ Other ____________________________________ Price __________________ Date Ready ___________________ Something Old ___________________________________ Something New _____________________________ Something Borrowed ______________________________ Something Blue ______________________________

Book your

Wedding with us!

We’re here to make your day special. Two beautifully decorated ballrooms to accommodate up to 500 guests. Contact us today to book your big day. Guest Rooms Wedding Receptions Rehearsal Dinners Bachelorette Parties Bachelor Parties

333 Gibson Street. Eau Claire. 715-835-8888 | 18 | www.r ecep ti o n to fo llo m

Wedding Budget

The Angell Mirror Photo Booth is a unique photo generating product offering the newest technology in interactive picture taking. The full length mirror offers a sleek design and a user friendly interface, communicating with guests with a touch screen of colorful animations and entertaining voice guidance.

Percentages & Averages












FEATURES: Vibrant Animations! 1 Personal Custom Designed Picture ● Touch Screen Photo Signing ● Cool Emoji Stamping! ● Professional Studio Lighting ● Tons of Deluxe Props! ● ●

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LED Lit Picture Frame and Ring ● Red Carpet & Ropes ● Unlimited 4” x 6” Professional Prints ● Outgoing Attendant ● All Pictures Uploaded to Flash Drive ● Affordable Price

• Location Rental • Officiant Fee • Rings • Marriage License

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• Venue Rental • Catering • Bar & Drinks • Site Rentals • Planner/Coordinator



• Flowers • Dance Floor Wraps • Lighting • Décor Rentals

• Photographer • Videographer • Albums • Engagement Shoot

• Dress & Alterations • Tux or Suit • Accessories • Hair & Makeup


• Ceremony Musicians • Reception Band or DJ


• Signage • Favors • Invitations • Postage • Save the Dates • Transportation • Welcome Bags

Source: w w w. re c e pt i o n t o f o l l | 19

b ride's att end a nt s Bridal Shop___________________________ Consultant__________________ Fitting Date _____________ 2nd Fitting Date________________ Final Fitting______________ Phone #____________________________ Dress Description _________________ Style ____________________________ Price _________________ Shoe Description __________________ Style ____________________________ Price _________________


Shoe Size


Maid of Honor ______________________________________ __________ ___________ ____________ Bridesmaid ________________________________________ __________ ___________ ____________ Bridesmaid ________________________________________ __________ ___________ ____________ Bridesmaid ________________________________________ __________ ___________ ____________ Bridesmaid ________________________________________ __________ ___________ ____________ Bridesmaid ________________________________________ __________ ___________ ____________ Flower Girl ________________________________________

__________ ___________ ____________

b ride's m other

groom' s moth er

Store ________________________________________

Store ________________________________________

Consultant ___________________________________

Consultant ___________________________________

Phone # ______________________________________

Phone # ______________________________________

Address ______________________________________

Address ______________________________________

Description ___________________________________

Description ___________________________________

Fitting _______________________________________

Fitting _______________________________________

Pick-up ______________________________________

Pick-up ______________________________________

20 | www.r ecep ti o n to fo llo m

g r oo m's atti re Fitting Deadline _________________ Bridal Shop _______________________Phone #____________________ Fitting Date_______________________ Final Fitting____________________ Pick-up Date ______________ Package Includes______________________________________________________________________________ Accessories___________________________________________________________________________________ Style/Color____________________________________________________________________________________ Sizes: Coat _____________ Trousers______________ Shirt______________ Shoes_____________

g r oo m's atte nd a nts Style/Color____________________________________________________________________________________

Coat Trousers Shirt Shoes Size Size Size Size

Groomsman__________________________ _____________ ________ _________ ________ Groomsman__________________________ _____________ ________ _________ ________ Groomsman__________________________ _____________ ________ _________ ________ Groomsman__________________________ _____________ ________ _________ ________ Groomsman__________________________ _____________ ________ _________ ________ Usher_______________________________ _____________ ________ _________ ________ Usher_______________________________ _____________ ________ _________ ________ Usher_______________________________ _____________ ________ _________ ________ Ringbearer___________________________ _____________ ________ _________ ________

f at h ers Style/Color____________________________________________________________________________________

Phone # Coat Trousers Shirt Shoes

Size Size Size Size

Bride’s Father________________________ _____________ ________ _________ ________ _________ Groom’s Father_______________________ _____________ ________ _________ ________ _________ Other Special Men____________________ _____________ ________ _________ ________ _________

w w w. re c e p t i o n t o f o l l o w. c o m | 21

r e hearsal d inner Date__________________________________________ Time________________________________________ Site___________________________________________ Address_____________________________________ Phone___________________________ Contact____________________ Menu Price____________________

Guest List Guest Name______________________________________________________ Invite Sent_________________ Guest Name______________________________________________________ Invite Sent_________________ Guest Name______________________________________________________ Invite Sent_________________ Guest Name______________________________________________________ Invite Sent_________________ Guest Name______________________________________________________ Invite Sent_________________ Guest Name______________________________________________________ Invite Sent_________________ Guest Name______________________________________________________ Invite Sent_________________ Guest Name______________________________________________________ Invite Sent_________________ Guest Name______________________________________________________ Invite Sent_________________ Guest Name______________________________________________________ Invite Sent_________________ Guest Name______________________________________________________ Invite Sent_________________ Guest Name______________________________________________________ Invite Sent_________________


____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ Houligans Gharrity Room is a private ___________________________________________ banquet facility that ___________________________________________ can accommodate ___________________________________________ up to 70 people with its private bar ___________________________________________ for sit-down, buffet and appetizer ___________________________________________ style functions. ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ 415 S. Barstow St, Eau Claire 715-835-6621 ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ 22 | www.r ecep ti o n to fo llo m

m u si c Ceremony

Musical Selection

Phone______________________ Price____________

Wedding Party Dance__________________________

Musician 1____________________________________

Bride and Groom First Dance____________________

Parents Dance_________________________________ Musician 2____________________________________

Dollar Dance Songs____________________________

Phone______________________ Price____________



Other Entertainment




Company ____________________________________


Phone _______________________________________


Photobooth______________ Flipbooks___________

Contact ______________________________________

Musician 1____________________________________

Date Ordered _____________ Time On __________

Phone______________________ Price____________

Date Promised ________________________________ Price _________________________________________

Musician 2____________________________________

Details _______________________________________

Phone______________________ Price____________



______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ For a day that deserves ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Bethany Shuda (715) 497-3245 ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Weddings and Receptions ____________________________________________ Popular and Classical Music ____________________________________________ Available as solo or duo

Beautiful Music

w w w. re c e p t i o n t o f o l l o w. c o m | 23

t h e desser t Bakery____________________________________ Address __________________________________________ Phone____________________________________ Contact __________________________________________ Consult/Sample Date_______________ Date Ordered______________ Date Promised________________ Price_____________________________________ Number Served____________________________________ Delivery Info __________________________________________________________________________________

Other Confections

Store_____________________________________ Address __________________________________________ Phone____________________________________ Contact __________________________________________ Consult/Sample Date_______________ Date Ordered______________ Date Promised________________ Price_____________________________________ Number Served____________________________________ Delivery Info __________________________________________________________________________________ ________Cupcakes __________Cookies __________Candies __________Pies ___________Ice Cream Notes ________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________

t h e ride Company Name________________________________ Phone_______________________________________ Contact/Driver______________________________ Limo_____________________ Carriage______________ Pick-up Time___________________________________ Length of Rental Time_________________________ Capacity__________________________ Price_________________ Additional Price/Time________________

What’s Included

□ Bachelor(ette) Party □ Bride and Groom to Ceremony □ Bride and Groom to Reception □ Bride and Groom to Hotel □ Others to Ceremony □ Others to Reception □ Other Transportation 24 | www.r ecep ti o n to fo llo m

Sunday, January 31, 2021 ◆ 12:00noon to 2:30pm VisionQuest Entertainment Center, Menomonie, WI

The Wedding Fair

• All Wedding Related Businesses & Exhibits on One Main Floor • See What’s Traditional, Hot, New, Trendy, Exciting & Fun! • Drawings for Fantastic Prizes • Free Samples (Beverage, Food, + More!) • Onsite One-on-One Consultations with “Putting You In Touch With The Best Wedding Professionals Wedding Services In The Area!”




12707 30th Avenue Chippewa Falls Stephanie Butler, GM

2017 Stout Street Menomonie Nick Rodolosi, GM


• After a busy day, relax in the heated indoor swimming pool, or work out in the modern fitness center. We offer extended later hours for groups.

• Get a great night’s sleep in the clean and fresh Hampton Bed®, • Enjoy the house breakfast 6am - 10am

• Retire to your comfortable guest room and feel at home with a microwave, a mini-refrigerator, and a coffee maker. • Check emails with free WiFi and watch DIRECTV channels on the flat-screen TV. • Choose one of our modern suites for more space and a comfy sleeper sofa – perfect for families and extended-stays.

• Now offering Digital Key • The 24-hour Suite Shop stocks all the snacks, drinks and essentials you’ll need during your stay. • With a 600 sq. ft. meeting room and a 24-hour business center, our Chippewa Falls, WI hotel is ideal for conferences, training sessions and board meetings for up to 50 people.

To set up an onsite tour, or to answer any questions you may have, please give us a call. We look forward to helping you make the lodging portion of your wedding as easy as possible. Please ask for Brianna Badtke in sales

w w w. re c e pt i o n t o f o l l | 25

pho to gra p h y Studio_________________________________________


Contact_______________________________________ Price______________________________________ Take List to Photographer: Discuss Which Stops Are Posed, Candid, in Color or Black and White.

Before Ceremony

□ Bride Alone □ Bride and Her Mother □ Bride and Her Father □ Bride and Both Parents □ Bride and Maid/Matron of Honor

At Ceremony

□ Guests Outside the Church □ Guests Being Seated □ Giving Away the Bride □ Groom Watching Bride Coming Down the Aisle

□ Bride and Bridesmaids □ Fixing Hair/Makeup □ Groom Alone □ Groom and His Mother □ Groom and His Father

□ Groom and Both Parents □ Groom and Best Man □ Groom and Groomsmen □ Other

□ Altar During Ceremony □ Saying Vows □ Rings Exchange □ Flower Girl/Ring Bearer □ The Kiss

□ Recession Up the Aisle □ Leaving Church □ Getting into Car □ Other

Before Reception □ Bride and Groom’s Hands

□ Flower Arrangements □ Bride with Parents □ Bride and Groom □ Groom with Parents

At Reception

□ Bride & Groom Arriving □ Tables □ Going into Reception □ Place Cards □ Receiving Line □ Favors


Studio__________________________________ Phone _________________________________ Contact________________________________ Price___________________________________

26 | www.r ecep ti o n to fo llo m

□ Cake/Desserts □ Cutting Cake Toasts

□ Group Picture □ Other □ Throwing Bouquet □ Dancing

t h e r ec eption Date/Time____________________________________ Address______________________________________ Phone #______________________________________


Food Service Time_____________________________ Contact______________________________________ Cost__________ Deposit______________________

Does the Facility Provide . . .

Catering Service?______________________________

Cancellation Terms____________________________

Servers (how many)?___________________________

Liquor?_______________________________________ Bartenders?__________________________________ Access for Decorating?_________________________

Tables & Chairs?______________________________

Dance Floor?__________________________________

Ample Power Outlets?_________________________


Handicapped Access?_________________________

Adequate Parking?_____________________________

Valet Parking?________________________________


Representative During?________________________

Notes ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Dinner/Reception Music Dance Music

Group________________________________________ Band/DJ_____________________________________ Contact______________________________________ Contact______________________________________ Phone #______________________________________

Phone #______________________________________

Playing from____________ to __________________

Playing from_____________ to ___________________

Types of Music________________________________

Continuous Music or Breaks?___________________

Musicians Attire_______________________________

How Often? ___________ How Long?____________

Need Early Setup Time?________________________

Overtime Policy_______________________________

Cost _______________ Deposit__________________

Types of Music________________________________

Balance Due When?____________________________

Musicians/DJ’s Attire__________________________

Early Setup Time______________________________


Is Leader/DJ Going to Emcee?__________________


Cost _______________ Deposit_________________


Balance Due When?___________________________


w w w. re c e p t i o n t o f o l l o w. c o m | 27

c a terin g Caterer_______________________________________ Address______________________________________ Phone #______________________________________


Service Date/Time_____________________________ Contact______________________________________ Reception Location____________________________ Price_________________________________________


Per Person________________ x # Guests___________ = $________________________________________


_____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Does the Cost Cover . . .

All Necessary Equipment?______________________

Room Setup?_________________________________

China & Flatware?_____________________________

Cake Cutting?________________________________

Servers (how many)?____________________________

Setup & Cleanup?_____________________________

Taxes & Gratuity?______________________________ Other?_______________________________________


Supplier______________________________________ Address______________________________________ Phone #______________________________________ Contact______________________________________ Pick-up or Deliver?_____________________________ Ice__________________________________________ Open Bar From _____________ To _______________

Wine(s) for Dinner_____________________________

Cash Bar From _____________ To _______________

Champagne for Toast__________________________

Other Beverages


Soft Drinks___________________________________

Non-Alcoholic Wine/Beer/Champagne___________________________________________________________

28 | www.r ecep ti o n to fo llo m

c e r e m ony Location______________________________________ Address______________________________________ Phone #______________________________________

Contact & Phone #____________________________

Officiant(s) & Phone #’s_________________________ Fee__________________________________________ Rehearsal Date/Time___________________________

Arrival Time__________________________________

Ceremony Time_______________________________


Does the Facility Provide

Aisle Runner ______ Canopy ______ Candles_______ Rice/Birdseed______ Dressing Rooms_______

Items to Bring to Ceremony

Marriage License_____________ Vows___________ All Clothing____________ All Jewelry_____________ Unity Candle_________________ Programs_______ Flowers________________ Decorations____________ Send-off Items (birdseed, bubbles, balloons, sparklers)_____________________________________________ Other________________________________________________________________________________________

Your Adult Party Store! Ignite the Flames of Passion


4 Mile S. of Minoqua on Bus. 51 Minocqua/ Hazelhurst 715-358-5683

Visit Our Super Store

15 Miles S. of Eau Claire in Osseo 715-597-5683


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Where you get more for your money and much, much more for your honey! Specializing in Videos & DVDs (6,000+) Lingerie | Shoes | Toys | Greeting Cards | Full Tobacco Shop Sensual Books & Magazines | Perfumes | Jewelry

Monday-Thursday 9am-10pm | Friday & Saturday: 9am-Midnight | Sunday: Noon-9pm w w w. re c e p t i o n t o f o l l o w. c o m | 29

f l ow ers Florist________________________________________



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Floral & Decor Checklist Item _________________________________________ Quanitity _____________________________________ Price _________________________________________ Bride’s Bouquet _______________________________ Flowers in Bride’s Hair _________________________ Corsages (Pin On/Wrist/Hand Tied; Mothers, Grandmothers, Attendants, Honored Guests) _____ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ Toss Bouquet _________________________________ Memorial Flowers (In Honor of Deceased Relatives) _____________________________________________ Reception Entrance ____________________________ Guest Table __________________________________ Place Card Table ______________________________ High Top Cocktail Tables _______________________ Hors d’Oeuvres Area __________________________ Head Table ___________________________________ Centerpieces _________________________________ Buffet Line ___________________________________ Dessert Table _________________________________ Ceiling _______________________________________ 30 | www.r ecep ti o n to fo llo m

Bar Décor ____________________________________ Bathroom Decor ______________________________ Lounges _____________________________________ Bridal Suite ___________________________________ Maid of Honor Bouquet ________________________ Bridemaid’s Bouquets # ________________________ Flower Girl ___________________________________ Boutonniere (Groom, Groomsmen, Ushers, Fathers, Grandfathers, Ringbearer, Godparents, Honored Guests) ______________________________________ _____________________________________________ Ceremony Entrance ___________________________ Aisle _________________________________________ Altar Arrangements ____________________________ Unity Candle __________________________________ Others _______________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________

Houligans Steak & Seafood Pub Eau Claire • 715-835-6621

400 •


• NA

Off Broadway Banquet Center Menomonie • 715-233-3333

500 •


• NA

Schultz’s Wedding & Event Barn Eleva • 715-418-0098

200 •

The Lismore Eau Claire • 715-835-8888

550 •

• 47

The Mill Events Chetek • 715-790-0491

250 •

• 34

• 32

The Oxbow Hotel and The Lakely Eau Claire • 715-839-0601

150 •

• 45

• • NA

Unity of Eau Claire Eau Claire • 715-836-0010

150 •

• NA

UW-Stout Conference & Events Menomonie • 715-232-2000

540 •

• NA

• NA

Westgate Sportsman's Club Eau Claire • 715-832-4548

400 •

White's Wildwood Retreat Chippewa Falls • 715-726-2068

400 •

• NA

Wild Ridge Golf Course Eau Claire • 715-834-1766

300 •

• NA



70 • • • • • 24

Lilydale Dance Hall & Event Venue Chippewa Falls • 715-456-2328 500 •

 •

• • NA

capacity 

• NA

• 18


see ad on page

rehearsal dinners

outdoor facilities

•  •

300 •

see ad on page

Holiday Inn Eau Claire South Eau Claire • 715-930-7081

400 •

525 •

rehearsal dinners

The Florian Gardens Eau Claire • 715-832-8836

outdoor facilities

Fest Valley Events Cadott • 715-289-4401


250 



Dixon's Apple Orchard Cadott • 715-313-0315

300 •


280 •

Paradise Shores 4 Holcombe • 715-595-4227

150 •

Celebrations at the Gables Turtle Lake • 715-641-0791

Eastbay Lodge Holcombe • 715-928-0735


in-house catering/bar •

in-house catering/bar

Cabin Ridge Rides Cadott • 715-723-9537

125 •

Sponsored by tables & chairs included

Bye the Willow Chippewa Falls • 715-559-0371

320 •


Best Western PLUS Eau Claire Conference Center Eau Claire • 715-838-9989

tables & chairs included



reception and venue guide

Available with some packages



Bar only

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32 | www.r ec eption to fo llo m

Holcombe, Wisconsin


715.595.6251 or 651.269.8120 | | FLAMBEAU LODGES

715.595.4271 | |

Holcombe, Wisconsin

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Weddings at Contact information:

646 Banks Street | Chetek, WI 715-790-0491 |

34 | www.r ec eption to fo llo m

The Venue: A premier conference venue in Northwestern Wisconsin! The 5900 square foot facility can accommodate groups from 20 to 400 people. The character of the original mill lends itself well to the current industrial design trend. A touch of the rustic with an industrial-modern, elegant flair (and all of the moden conveniences) combine to create an atmosphere that will wow any guest. From the one-hundredyear-old Gothic arch Quonset to the modern-industrial Bin room to the chic and luxurious bride room, no design opportunity was left untouched.

Standout Features:

Bridal Suite:

Elegance is everywhere at The Mill! The distinctive and fully equipped bar—situated in the Bin Room under the one remaining, massive steel structures that give the space character and presence— features quartz counters and original industrial bar stools. The grand ballroom is The Quonset. This space can seat 295 guests and the one-hundred-year-old Gothic arches make for great party acoustics! Other features include a groom's lounge, elegantly appointed restroom facilities, a 14'X20' deck and designated smoking areas. The two main spaces, the Bin Room and the Quonset can be separated by closing the commercial doors between them. This gives your guests a space to break away from the party if the need to do so, or we can open them up and keep the party flowing through both spaces. Either way, the stateof-the-art surround sound system will keep your guests entertained at the appropriate volume all-night long.

The elegant bridal suite has ample room so that you and your bridal party are pampered as you prepare for your wedding. We didn’t forget the other part of the wedding party as we created a comfortable groom's lounge to help occupy the guys as they wait for the ladies!

Extras: We want to make things as hasslefree as we can. Included in the rental fee are all of the tables and chairs, risers, technology package, and shuttle service! Source:

w w w. re c e pt i o n t o f o l l | 35

Romantic Winter Wedding at Ashley & Cory January 11, 2020

Photos by Ember Lane Collective (formerly L & H Photography)

36 | www.r ec eption to fo llo m




October 12, 2019

Kamp Kenwood w w w. re c e pt i o n t o f o l l | 37

MARYA & LUCAS October 12, 2019

Bride's Dress: Our Shop Bridal in Woodbury, MN

Bridesmaid Dress: Azazie

Groom's Suit: Muldoons

Groomsmen Tie: Etsy


Sabrina from Lavish Beauty Salon


Kamp Kenwood

Flowers & Decorations: Done by Bride


Groom's mother & aunt


Friend of Bride

38 | www.r ec eption to fo llo m (715) 432-2764

Marya AND


w w w. re c e pt i o n t o f o l l | 39

40 | www.r ec eption to fo llo m

N12282 430th St., Boyceville, WI


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Tidewater Series

Clearspan Structure

Rustic Farm Tables & Bench

Club Car and Yamaha Golf Cart Rental

42 | www.r ec eption to fo llo m


Bottoms up!




A guide for how much beer, liquor and wine will be needed for the reception.



25 50 100

• • • • • • BOTTLES NEEDED • • • • • •

Beer Wine Liquor

17 34 67



1 2 4

4 7 14







champagne liquor





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What Dress is Best for Your Body Type? Pear or Triangle: small bust with full hips


You want a dress that emphasizes your upper half. Think capped, poufy sleeves. Add appliqué or beading to the bodice. In contrast, chose a dress with a plain skirt and high waistline. Do NOT choose clingy fabric or cuts, and steer away from dresses with ruffly skirts or bustles.

Ball Gown

Apple or Full-figure: full bust, hips, and waistline

Simple design is your friend. A fuller skirt, angled lines, V-neckline, and waist. Princess A-line dresses work well for you. Don’t go with form-fitted dresses or ones with lots of detailing.


Petite: short height, overall smaller bust, hips, and waistline

Vertical lines will add height visually. Try mermaid or sheath dresses. Use high necklines to lengthen the torso. Try Princess style or dresses with an empire waist.


Avoid large, poufy dresses. They will only make you look wider not taller.

Rectangle: proportional bust and hips, undefined waistline


Look for a dress that will add curves to your body, such as the Princess style. Or try an empire waistline and lots of detail on the bodice. Off-the-shoulder necklines provide horizontal lines to break up the straighter line of your figure.


Better not to choose a dress that clings or one requiring you to fill it out (like a darted bustline).

Inverted Triangle: full bust with small hips

Seek to highlight your lower half while de-emphasizing your upper half. Stick with a simple bodice. Try a dropped waist design, or use bows, pleats, or beading to emphasize the skirt.

Inverted Triangle

Don’t go with low-cut bodices, high waistlines, slim skirts, or decorated, accented sleeves.


Hourglass: full bust and hips, small waistline

You can go with almost any style of dress. A mermaid style dress would show off your curves. Or to downplay your curves, go with a simple, classic look. Just be sure to avoid very high necklines, and avoid too much decoration because it may make you look heavier than you really are.



w w w. re c e pt i o n t o f o l l | 44

516 Galloway Street Downtown Eau Claire, WI 715.839.0601

** ***

Located inside The Oxbow Food | Drinks | Music



the options

For more information or to set up a tour, please contact: 715.839.0601


The Gallery The Lakely The Patio Entire Venue

Size Seated Cap. Cocktail Cap.

625 sqft. 1038 sqft. 550 sqft. ---

30 85 40+ ---

50 125 100 150

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10 Tips for Booking a Block of Rooms W 6.

ith so many wedding details to take care of, one you want to be sure not to overlook is booking a block of rooms at a hotel. Stephanie Butler, Leanne Cynor, and Lisa Goodwin from the Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, Hampton Inn hospitality team offer their room-booking tips.


Review the benefits of blocking rooms. Encouraging several, if not all, out of town guests to stay at the same hotel has several benefits. A discounted room rate is a big one, but there are other benefits too. “Even more special is the opportunity to extend the together time for friends and family who may not often have the chance to be together,” Stephanie Butler notes. “Having breakfast with all the cousins at our family table is something our groups enjoy.” With this in mind, book rooms that are close to each other within the hotel, allowing people to visit more with each other.


Tour each hotel you are considering. Be sure you understand what is included in each facility’s wedding room package. Is there a shuttle? If so, verify the cost and the schedule. Is this hotel within a good price range for your guests? Is there a pool? Is complimentary breakfast or a restaurant available?


Choose a hotel that provides a website just for your wedding. Hampton Inn offers this service, which allows you to create and personalize a group website for your wedding. Guests may book online 24/7, using the rate specific to your event. This website is great for sharing details about the wedding with guests, and you can upload your own photographs too.

Book ahead. Generally it is a good idea to book the rooms eight to eighteen months ahead of the wedding. “The most popular hotels book up the earliest, so look for your hotel as soon as you book your venue,” says Butler.


Motivate your guests to book. “We encourage couples to have guests reserve rooms as early as possible so that, if more rooms are needed, the chances of getting additional inventory are more favorable,” the team recommends. Post booking information on your customized wedding website. Include booking details, or a link to the website, on your “save the date” cards. Make guests aware of the limited number of rooms blocked for the event and what the cut-off date is to reserve one of the rooms. Remind them that booking early ensures they will get the type of room they prefer at the special rate. Enlist them to book early to help you have a better idea of how many people will be attending the wedding, to help your planning process.


Reserve other needed facilities at the hotel. Hampton Inn Chippewa Falls has a roughly 600-square-foot room ideal for a bridal shower, a gathering area for the immediate family, or a giftopening Sunday morning. This room is available on a first-come, first-booked basis. Rental fees for the room may be waived depending on how many rooms in your block end up reserved.


Understand check-in and check-out times. Then let your guests know, along with any related policies.

4. Estimate how many rooms to book. First, include 10. Find out what payment methods are accepted.

anyone in your wedding party that does not live locally. Second, add 10 percent of everyone else you invited.


Consider what types of rooms to book. Look through your guest list. If more guests are families, double queen rooms are preferable. Remember to add a few handicap-accessible rooms for elderly guests or others who may need them who are traveling to the wedding. It’s nice to include a suite for the bride’s and the groom’s parents.

Then make sure your guests are aware of this, as many hotels no longer accept cash and debit cards are not very hotel-friendly. Submitted by Hampton Inn Chippewa Falls, WI

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