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Welcome to issue five of Beep! magazine. It‟s been nine months since the launch of Beep! magazine issue one, and such a long way we have come. This issue we have interviews with our new favourite bands The Kabeedies and Cats In Paris. We also have a list of eight new and upcoming bands from all around the country that we are tipping for success in 2009... and to top it off we have lots of reviews, interviews and news about the local scene as usual.

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It is not often I travel to Keighley from Bradford, however when I do I have three options on how to get there. One option is the 662 Shuttle bus. This bus is probably the best bus in the history of buses, ok, with the exception of the ‘bendy bus’. Anyway, if you have ever got on the 662 shuttle bus you will understand what I am saying here. You get on it , and for a start it is cheaper than the other buses in Bradford, you sit down on these big black, leather, padded seats and you get to relax for thirty or so minutes as if you’re in a transportable version of your living room. My second option is the train, the cheapest form of transport...well I don’t usually pay that’s why. There are two ways I avoid paying on the train: the first is the ‘pretend you are asleep trick’. If it’s early in the morning this usually works a treat. If you have a newspaper or a book it works even better as you can act like you were reading it and just fell asleep the ticket man/woman will walk straight past you. Another option is something I like to call ‘dodging’. There are a couple of ways you can do this. You can wait until the ticket man/woman is nearing you, walk towards them then walk past them right to the other end of the train. This way, by the time they have checked everyone else’s tickets along the train and have walked right back to your seat you are usually in Keighley. Getting on the train is more of a game than a form of transport for me... I don’t relax as much as I would on the 662 bus. The third option is the 698 bus, and this would be, as Papa Roach said, my last resort. It’s just not a touch on the 662, its a bit dirty and small like those old buses you used to get at school, but smaller. So if you are ever travelling to Keighley on public transport get the 662 Shuttle bus: its comfy, clean and relaxing. I could even go as far as to say I enjoy getting on that bus - it may not be as fast as the train, but it’s still nice to have that time to yourself.

worked on, as proven when knocked out of the BOTB in December, the band are     overflowing with potential and have the characteristics of a good band in the making. Catchy lyrics, sweeping powerful guitars and energetic, driving drumming - this band will definitely be making their mark and I‟m sure you‟ll be seeing their name on more and more flyers in the near future. The boys have recently recorded a eight track demo titled „12 „til Takeaway‟. It‟s The Zoo are a local three piece indie pop available for £3 from www.myspace.com/ band hailing from the local music scene. thezooreb They create music similar to the likes of Snow Patrol, Dinosaur Jr. and The Courteeners, yet fuse these influences with their own personal style. The Zoo have already managed to create a buzz about them, something that is very important for new bands. Although their live show needs to be

Cats In Paris Cats In Paris [Mike, Sara, Ben and ...] describe themselves as a „hardcore//experimental//folk band‟. Their debut single, which was released on 7” vinyl, has just sold out. The Manchester band have just released their debut album and are hyped for good things. We got in touch with them to see how the original sound they create came to be. Cats In Paris is a very original name. Who came up with the name and what’s the meaning of it, if any? All four of us did, actually. We all fell asleep watching The Aristocats, and when we woke up we found we'd all had the same strange dream about a monster cat taking over Paris and scaling the Eiffel Tower. There's probably a very deep and symbolic meaning in there somewhere. Most of our song ideas and lyrics seem to come from dreams. The sound you create as a band is very original and pleasing to the ears: how did this sound originate, and who are your main influences? Initially the sound of the band was just me ripping off Mike's old band, Scarecrows, albeit filtered through my own twee sensibilities. There was a lot of glockenspiel and cheap keyboards and smashing things about on stage whilst wearing cat masks. We were just fucking around, really, the first few gigs only happened because I was asked to put a band together for what was essentially a MySpace with a few songs that I'd made because I wanted to learn how to use Acid. Once we started to actually write songs, we found that chaotic element slightly limiting plus, we sounded a bit terrible - so we started using more synthesisers and actually trying to structure things in a more ordered way. I'm not sure how well that went! I think a lot of what makes us sound different is the fact that Mike and Sara build all the sounds on their keyboards from scratch, using keyboards with wave editors - it's far cheaper than buying fancy vintage keyboards, and more interesting too, we think. Plus we tend to use a lot of ideas that make us laugh and seem a bit stupid to begin with, that we try to turn into something

genuinely lovely, so it's fun but not kitschy or ironic. You just sold out your first single on vinyl, how does it feel to have done so? It's ace! It's really nice to know there's people out there who want to listen to us, let alone buy a 7"single, which seems like a slightly quaint and outdated way to release music. Though we did try to make it as appealing as possible so that it could be enjoyed as a physical thing, and not just for the music on it. It's given us hope that we could maybe release a few more things on 7", possibly tracks that we don't want to put out on an album. What do you see in the future for Cats In Paris? Well, we're working on a TV show at the moment, so we'll see how that goes. Hopefully we'll be able to carry on much as we are now, writing, recording, playing and enjoying ourselves. We don't really have many aims outside of putting out another album and playing heaps more shows. If you could have a dream gig in the UK with any bands, where would it be and who would it be with? I think we'd love to have some sort of Live Aid thing with us, Phil Collins, Robert Palmer, R Kelly, Prince, and Mariah Carey. In the Millennium Dome, or possibly the Millennium Stadium, or we might even put the dome on top of the stadium and as a grand finale fit everyone with parachutes and open the stadium roof and watch everyone float to the ground. There would be free ice cream for everyone.

Buen chico Myspace.com/buenchico

Buen Chico definitely experimented musically here, most likely enjoying the freedom they were given on the second album. Sadly I don‟t think the experimentation has paid off for them. Although the album is better technically and musically, using more instruments, the overall product is slightly disappointing. Five out of the twelve tracks are the usual upbeat, quirky, perky tunes that we have come to expect from Buen Chico. The other seven, however are a lot darker, slower and emptier than the usual. With an album title such as „Our Love‟s Enormous‟ you would have thought that the songs would have been jolly and friendly... yet this is something the album was severely lacking in. On the other hand, the songs touch on important political issues that have clearly affected Morgan (lead singer): he sings them with passion, showing that they have personal meaning. I think the album demonstrates a progressive maturity within the band, and this is definitely a good thing. „This Party‟ opens the album perfectly: the chirpy Britpop style guitars, basic yet driving drums and solid bass lines are welcomed with open arms, however they don‟t seem to stay around for long. At times the drumming becomes too simple, slightly boring and does not drive the music as it could be doing. The song lacks the catchy chorus, however this is made up for by the backing vocals and lovely guitar riff based in the pre-verses. Catchiness to the highest degree, „Tell „Em‟ is a track that rings through your head for hours on end, packed full of harmonies and confirming to all listeners why they bought the album. Cue the darker side of Morgan. „It Wasn‟t About That‟ is the first in the set of darker songs on the album, however this is not a bad thing. It‟s got a good chord structure, a brilliant melodic vocal line and a nice chirpy middle eight break down, although I must say this song is not a highlight of the album. „Our Love‟s Enormous‟ has an essence of The Housemartins throughout. Luckily I like The Housemartins. Overall a good album: although different, it shows a step forward for the band... even if I‟m not sure its in the direction I‟d like to see them going.

Our loves enormous

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freyed knot

myspace.com/freyedknot Packed full of laughter, energy, technicality, and pure funk „That Bradfunk‟ is the most original sound to come out of Bradford lately. With an infectious chemical drum beat intertwining with funk guitars and some great turntablism, „Positively Negative‟ is a great opener. On a different note, „Ego Trip II‟, the second track, isn‟t conventionally Freyed Knot, creating a softer, more relaxed atmosphere to the music. The lyrics are as meaningful and powerful as ever nontheless. The clash of calm music with turbulent lyrics is an interesting combination that they pull off perfectly. Overall „That Bradfunk‟ is a gem to fans of all genres: full to the brim with great songs and overflowing with funk guitars, hip hop mc-ing, infectious drum beats and an added sprinkle of foot moving bass lines. If you haven‟t heard the album yet it‟s available at all Freyed Knot gigs or available online at myspace.com/freyedknot. I‟m looking forward to hearing the second album...bring on More Fire!!

That bradfunk.

ONes tO WATcH Meet Me In Vegas www.myspace.com/mmivmusic Meet Me In Vegas are a four piece retro rock pop disco house band hailing from Skipton. Claiming to have created a new genre - „splash pop‟ - the band combine styles of rock and retro 80‟s electro to create their original and ever entertaining sound. Very new to the scene, Meet Me In Vegas can be seen gigging in and around West Yorkshire and Beep! predict that they will become a regular name . With funky slap bass, riff based guitars and synth, the band are creating a stir on the scene and quickly establishing a following. Check www.myspace.com/mmivmusic to hear songs from the band and to find updates on gigs.

Superpowerless www.myspace.com/superpowerless Bradford is lucky enough to have one of the new breed of chip tune or chip music artists that are emerging around the country. Chip tune is software used to programme Gameboys so that they can be used to create music. Superpowerless has taken chip music to the next level by using not one, not two but three game boys and a guitar live. He performs live with a local Nerdcore rapper, a Gameboy DS, a Gameboy Advance, a classic Gameboy, an electric guitar and two vocals. Not only is it a sight for the eyes, the music they create is top class. Electro dance music at its best mixed with the chip music beeps and squeaks famous from retro games such as Mario, Zelda, Tetris, Pacman etc. Superpowerless gigs in and around Bradford, so if you get a chance to see him live make sure you take up the opportunity as it is not an act to be missed

Track Reviews Sunshine Underground - Animals Myspace.com/thesunshineundergrou The somewhat ‘electronic’ feeling to the intro of this song originally put me off, but as it goes on, I quickly changed my mind. It isn’t so much that the genre changes, but more so that it is such an I nteresting mix of ambience, rock and indie that they seem to work together to create a thumping sound, ideal for inventing the type of environment fitting at a rather relaxed and yet powerful concert. Fairly telling, perhaps, is the description of the ‘Sounds Like’ on their MySpace… ‘A tree falling in the woods and one hand clapping’; ‘Animals’ is an interesting mixture of different feelings and sounds, difficult to sum up in words, and yet, somehow, when set together, a song that seems to work.. Review by Mary-Claire.

The Sneakypeeks - Damn Right Myspace.com/thesneakypeeks The Sneakypeaks combine stacatto guitarry stabs with vocals reminiscent of The Kooks (but less annoying) to create a smile inducing blend of knee bending and floppy fringed pop, with clever but simple lead guitar parts interspersed amongst the vocals. There is the odd occasion when the rhythm could do with splicing up a bit to give the songs more depth, but overall it's simple and solid anthemic indie fun. Closing track Mr Doormat shows hints of what could be a more varied and dynamic style, almost 'The Music'-esque with it's offbeat hi-hats and pounding middle eight. Definitely ones to look out for. Review By Michael

Sol Gravy - Remember Me Summer Gone Myspace.com/solgravy A wispy, almost 60's feel to this track which is further enhanced by the harmonica part. It's a song that wouldn't feel out of place on the sound track to 'The Wonder Years' TV show. That's not to say its a bad song, and it'd be excellent background music, but I somehow can‟t see people get excited about seeing this band. They'd make a cracking support though.

Spodni Pradlo - Pixels Nymphs and Jezebels Myspace.com/spodnipradlo It will be through some considerable effort that this review will end up sounding anything but ridiculously over-enthusiastic, but Spodní Prádlo are, I believe, truly a band to get excited about! Pixels, Nymphs and Jezebels, by its title alone, intimates at the quirkiness and originality of this Bradford seven-piece and the song itself is duly idiosyncratic with its inspired take on modern-day Feminism. A rousing chorus, shout-along bits which contrast the dulcet female vocals to great effect, lovely boy/girl harmonies (which never go amiss in a pop song), strange, possibly Middle Eastern, possibly Eastern European scales floating around, creating wonderfully colourful noise…Spodní Prádlo could certainly never be accused of falling under the category of dull, laddish guitar noise. Mercifully. Review by Emily Scurrah

The Night Herons - Salt In Your Coffee Myspace.com/thenightherons

Anola Grey - Diary Myspace.com/anolagrey

A worryingly familiar guitar riff follows into a jangly indie pop. Whoever decided that putting the lead singers vocals through an effect that makes her sound like she's singing through a transistor radio needs a good talking to, as it's perhaps the most dull part of a song that has a hard time rising above the tepid stakes. Review by Chris B.

30 seconds of feedback before a collision of bass, guitar and drums come together in an epic bang. This is basically Muse inspired rock: if you’re missing your local DND theatrics and wont pay the money to see Muse, these guys, although they may not have that original sound, are definitely ones to go watch. Review by Chris B.

In other places, we love the Norwich Arts Centre because it's our spiritual home. And in Edinburgh, the Liquid Room was amazing - mainly because it's right in the centre of Edinburgh which has to be the best place we've been. We all ran around at 4am down cobbled streets trying to get in Cathedrals, there's very few places on earth that isn't frowned upon.” If you could support one band, who would it be? “Jeeze that's a niiice question. Hrm.... I think the Unicorns would be sweet to support, and we'd probably suit them quite nicely...plus the crowd would be insane. Hrmmm, aside from that if we were to support a huge band they'd just be a bit introverted and we'd probably not enjoy ourselves too much (so kings of Leon and new found glory off the menu then). Personally, I think my favourite would be Death From Above (although they've split), the audience would be insane and after we played I could go watch.... <3” Your EP ‘Ten Animals I Slam In A Net' sold out. How did it feel to have done this? “Oh it was fantastic. A real weird one that's not struck us yet. We'd find it in strange record shops in Leeds or bath, and ask the shopkeeper and they'd tell us they had none left. It's an experience that we can't get our heads around... why are people we don't know buying our music... =D It's great, I think we might actually be a proper band now... knowing that people actually want to listen to our stuff.” As a band who’ve recently gained a large amount of success, how do you see the music scene changing? “The music scene is an interesting animal. Damn I just read the question below and probably should have used a better word to describe the music scene...The music scene is an ever-changing blob. Industry and bands alike have to adapt to change or perish, and that's reflected in record sales at the moment. Labels are going to have to get used to downloads being predominantly free, and bands are going to have to get used to the fact that record deals aren't ten-a-penny anymore. It's a difficult time to be a band, but an exciting one too. There's lots of musical diversity out there, and with a market crash there's a big opportunity for bands to go independent and manage/sell/release things on their own.” The Kabeedies have just released their new single „Treasure Hunting‟. It‟s out now and available from iTunes, or you can order it from

The Kabeedies, a four piece indie pop band from Norwich, have had a wave of recent success, playing sell out gigs as support for CSS. We interviewed The Kabeedies to see how success is treating them. You’re currently playing sell out tours...do you enjoy this or are you fans of the more intimate gigs? “Hello sir, well.... we played a few dates with CSS which was supercalifragilistic, and they were sold out and we were playing to 800 each night. Which was a brand new experience to us... it was immensely exciting and uplifting for us all. Kind of like a reward for hard work. But on our own tour we're playing much smaller venues, and it's really nice to see people who are just there for you... and you can see each character in the crowd and meet them afterwards, have a drink and talk about owls and such. So we're intimate fans, but we certainly love playing to lots of people too.” What’s the best venue you’ve ever played at? “Oooo jiminy. Well we played in Paris last weekend at La Fleche D'or which was amazing... it was over an old railway and full of sculptures....and the bar stools were bicycle seats. It was like if Stig of the Dump had built a www.myspace.com/thekabeedies palace. The stage was hidden from the crowd by a velvet curtain and it was all very demure. Marvellous.

One of Bradford’s many hidden gems, catchy rockers Black Feathered Feet have been buried away writing material with their new drummer, and have been recording for their first release. By all accounts it’s sounding amazing, and is going to be well worth checking out! I think it’s time to dig into them and see what they have to say: First question of all, who in the band are we talking to? What’s the line up? You're talking to Gareth here. We have Rob Rhodes, guitarist, Tom Greenwood, bass guitar, Nick Millbank on drums and me singing and playing guitar. How did the band come into being? We've all been in previous bands that had all come to an end, I was taking some time off when I met Rob at a jam session and got talking about music. I hadn't picked a guitar up for months and wasn't particularly looking to start a band. I hadn't sung lead vocal before before so when he mentioned starting a band I didn't realise he wanted me to sing. Saying that, its probably the best thing I've done. we started writing and allot of the songs seemed to come really easily. We then went through plenty of drummers, for some reason they seem to leave just as things get going, and a couple of bass players, but we're happy with the current line up!! Nick, Tom and I have known each other for years so its working really well. How would you describe you style? It’s not easy to pin-point! The idea was to be heavy, rock blues, soulful and most importantly it had to groove with good light and dark dynamics. We wanted to use vintage guitar tones too. As for the the name of it then I'm not sure. There's far too many different influences between us to put a label on it. I'm pretty sure we all hear it differently, but thats definitely a good thing. Taking an idea for a song to rehearsal with

an idea in your head and seeing it change into something completely different is the way we seem to be working. But it always seems to end up sounding like us. Who and what influences the band’s sound? Good tones and good songs, like I said before there's far too many different influences between us to say. We've been in plenty of bands before between us so you kind of pick things up along the way that you take with you. What is your favourite venue/gig you have played so far in Bradford? In Bradford I would probably say The Manville arms, even though the pa needs to be a bit better. It’s a good venue for the band and the audience. We also played at Victoria Hall in Saltaire before Christmas and that was awesome (cheers to live music promotions for that one). What has been your worst moment/gig/venue as a band so far... every band has them! Bad venue??? They don't exist do they?? Worst moment was turning up to a gig having been told that a kit was there and that all we needed was breakables, to find possibly the strangest kit ever, it had no hi hat, 1 tom and no cymbal stands!! its amazing what can be achieved with gaffer tape and ingenuity. We won't make that mistake again!! What does 2009 hold for BFF? We're doing some gigs with Sheffield band Sub Nova which is always cool. Booking now for this year, more writing and more recording. A slight insight into the world of Black Feathered Feet, and next time we give them a shout, there should be some new recordings! www.myspace.com/blackfeatheredfeet14 article by Tom Marshall

Beep!s next big things Yes, so over countdowns do have 10 bands or 15.. never 8. We have 8, get over it. This is countdown is to find acts who we are tipping for success in 2009. From indie to electro and from rock to pop we have it. Sit back, relax and read about all the great talent from all over the UK. Go to their myspace pages, listen to their music and tell them how much you love them.

8 - The Madigans You may not be seeing this band hitting number one in the charts this year but nethertheless these boys are doing all the right things to get their name out there. The lads are creating indie pop music and slide perfectly into the wave of bands this genre is creating at the moment, although this is not always a good thing. I don‟t know what it is about this band, but I just see something in them, a twinkle in the eye, the crowds of girls that seem to comment their profile.... Good work guys.


7 - Jonquil.


Signed to small indie label „Try Harder‟, Jonquil are a experimental pop band from Oxford. Jonquil create an original sound to say the least, with vast sweeping melodies created using a room full of orchestration the six-piece band top it all of with the vocal style similar to that of The Editors mixed with a slowed down version of the Mystery Jets. Expect to Hear a lot from Jonquil in the future.

6 - Klaus Says Buy The Record. Klaus Says Buy The Record is a solo artist producing acoustic folk-pop music. Klaus combines interesting person lyrics and story telling whilst intertwining them with soothing, calm acoustic guitar strummed from the heart. Influences such as Bjork, Fionn Regan and Laura Marling shine through Klaus‟s songs in various forms and styles. Bands such as Lightspeed Champion, Paul Simon and The Beatless automatically come to mind, however Klaus brings a different approach to his style of music making it more homely and personal, taking off his shoes and socks in true hobbit like style.


5 -

The Answering Machine.

Overflowing with energy and excitement, The Answering Machine are creating music that they love. Although it could lazily be categorized as indie/pop music it is much more than that! Brought together by the fear of getting a „real job‟ The Answering machine are influenced by brit-pop and Scandinavian indie music. Now recording their debut album with producer Dave Eringa (Idlewile , Manic Street Preachers), The Answering Machine will be on tour again in 2009. Clinkity guitars, toe-tapping drums, vocal melody lines and xylophones This band are definitely a hot prospect for the new, I‟m sure you can expect to see them on MTV 2 or Channel 4.....again!

Myspace.com/ theansweringmachine

4. Blue Roses

Formally known as Laura Groves, Blue Roses is a solo artist hailing from Shipley, near Bradford. Soothing, calm, twee acoustic-pop music similar to that of the darker side of Kate Nash (if Kate Nash didn‟t put on that accent and was less commercial) and described as „Bjork doing Paul Simon‟ Currently working on debut album Blue Roses, has already played along side Lightspeed Champion on „Welcome To Our T.V. Show‟ making Bradford proud, Expect Laura to be in stores later this year. Myspace.com/musicofblueroses

3 - Eight Legs Brit-pop, guitar indie band Eight Legs were one of my favourite bands of 2008. Ever since they was first brought to my attention with their channel M performance in March 2008, their music has been on a constant loop on my generic non branded MP3 player. Their album „Searching For The Simple Life‟ is packed full of hits, containing both energetic thrash indie, slower softer songs and popular radio hits to be. Creating music with the lyrics of Blur, the energy of the early Libertines with an added broad London accent, fusing the originality and cult of indie music with the popularity of The Strokes or The Cribs. Proving that indie guitar pop is still growing in popularity and becoming more fashionable, Eight legs have already embarked on their mission to success and will continue the journey until they reach the success of their influences. .


2. Lilttle Boots The arrival of Little Boots has signalled something of a collective epiphany. Sometimes you don’t know what has been missing from your life until it’s right there in the room with you, and then you wonder how you ever managed without it. It has been barely a year since her solo project tentatively began, and already Victoria Hesketh is UK pop music’s most talked about new star. Her much-hyped series of bedroom Youtube cover versions and inundation of remixes have made her the bloggers’ wet dream, fuelling the tangible, human touch of the self-confessed synth-geek’s endeavours. Behind each flawlessly sculpted gem –aided by a hand-picked elite of helpers including Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) and Greg Kurstin (Kylie Minogue, Lily Allen)- is a universe of imagination ‘Stuck On Repeat’ was the song the started it all. The kind of irrepressible anthem that cannot be contained. Transformed from a forlorn piano-led anti-ballad, into a seven-minute butterfly-inducing electro-trance sky-reacher by Goddard, it stamped her name onto planet pop in emphatic fashion. Exploding from hipster dancefloors, where it was immediately deemed a classic, the song’s melancholic tension, and frosty melodic turns dually hark to her hometown’s clubbing heritage and her prolific musical schooling.


1. Casio Kids Old analogue and trashy keyboards, pop melodies and a digital & shadow puppet theatre make up the Norwegian electro-troupe that is Casiokids. The band sprung out of an idea of making electronic music more visual, but has developed further into being a collective of theatre blended with pop melodies often sung in their native language and influenced by afro-beat, techno and out-and-out pop. October 27 2008 saw the historic release of the first ever Norwegian language pop single in the UK. Refusing to accept the notion of b-sides, Casiokids released the Double A sided single Grønt lys i alle ledd/Togens hule on Moshi Moshi Records. The band became the latest in a select band of artists to have released through Moshi’s Singles Club including names such as Late of the Pier, Lykke Li, Florence and The Machine and Kate Nash


Random hand Making Bradford Proud....

Back with the much anticipated second album are Bradford‟s legendary Random Hand. Back from their UK tour and appearance at the Leeds and Reading festivals. Random hand took time out of their busy schedule to talk to Beep! magazine about the new album and the new tour they are adventuring on with punk ska legends Reel Big Fish. Described as "A punk rock mash up that will have you moshing one minute and skanking the next.” By big Cheese Magazine, Random hand have done Bradford proud by rocking all over the UK and the US. Although Random Hand are making the big time, so to speak, they talked to Beep! magazine to remind us they haven‟t forgot about Bradford What’s your favourite local venue? The 1in12 Club in Bradford, The history in that place is amazing both for us and thousands of other bands, we'll never get bored of playing there. Do you have a favourite local band/artist? It’s hard to pick just one, but I think collectively we all have a lot of love and respect for Sounds of Swami, Captain Hotknives and Luke Hirst. All doing great things, and making music their lives. Tell us about your favourite or most exiting gig you have had, growing up on

the Bradford music scene.... We have had countless awesome gigs at the 1in12, one of our first there was with Skindred, who rank very highly on our touring playlist, then more recently our last album launch and Leeds festival Warm up shows where great. If you could have a dream gig in Bradford where would it be and who would it be with? If we could do a St.George's show with a band we all look up to like Skindred or someone similar that would be amazing. If you’re band could be an animal, what animal would it be? I think we would have to be more than one, I think our adventures would be much like the animals of farthing wood. Since you have been on Tour where was your favourite venue? Its hard to pin down one specific, but we play the Underworld in London More than any other in the UK at the moment, and we know everyone that works backstage there so that's really cool, we get looked after.

What’s your favourite thing about touring? Meeting new people and making friends around the country. We have made so many good friends along the road. Is it hard being away from home for such long periods of time? It certainly is, reality on tour is very different but you get used to it. What do you miss the most? My own bed, and doing nothing. You are supporting Reel Big Fish on tour this February, how does it feel to be on tour with such Ska legends? Its feels awesome to be invited on to such a big tour. Its going to be like nothing we've done before, its a little scary as we're not exactly the perfect match for RBF fans, but we'll get through it ok. The new album is due out in February, what can we expect? We've done hundreds of gigs since the last album so we’ve got a lot better at what we do. So expect more of everything, done by better musicians than the last album. We're very pleased with it. Was it difficult to record? There was more pressure, the last album took 4 years to create, this one we had only a month to write it in, but we didn't crack and we've created our most proud work to date. Is there anything that you would of liked on the album that didn’t quite make it on? We actually managed to achieve everything we intended with this one! Are you planning anything special to coincide with the release? We have an album launch show at the Cockpit

in Leeds which is going to be awesome with some very special guests playing, and then we do the RBF tour. When can expect album number three? That something we haven't even talked about yet, but we will not be leaving the writing for that one till a month before we have to record it I assure you! Random hand are renowned for their live show, which means you should go see them on their February tour with Reel Big Fish on these dates.

9th - Cambridge Junction 10th - Sheffield Corporation 11th - Norwich Waterfront 12th - Peterborough The Creset 13th - Birmingham Academy 14th - Liverpool Academy 15th - Manchester Academy 16th - Newcastle Carling Academy 17th - Leeds Academy 18th - Edinburgh Picture house 19th - Nottingham Rock City 20th - Bristol Academy 21st - Oxford Academy 22nd - Falmouth Princess Pavilions 23rd - Exeter Lemon Grove 24th - Cardiff Uni Student Union 25th - Southampton Guildhall 26th - Northampton Roadmender 27th - London The Forum

“Bradford Metal isn‟t something often covered in zines especially with the current indie pop wave that is flooding into every corner possible! There is a strong presence of metal in the city, and I‟m going to touch upon it. “

Metal sCene For beginners....

Gig nights

There are various venues and clubs in Bradford, but not one of them caters for metal solely. It is likely there never will be a club especially for this. These said venues and clubs will play metal music, have metal bands and you will need to keep track of it all. There is one monthly night of metal which is The Great Northern Trendkill, this leans more towards the stoner metal aspect. This is held at The New Beehive, and is run by Max of Inner Turmoil. (www.myspace.com/ headroompresents)

Another night that is just starting up is Anvil at the Mannville, and this tends to lean more towards the HEAVY metal area, this is every 2/3 months. The next one is 10th January with Lazarus Blackstar and there sludge doom, upbeat good time rock n roll Threads support and new thrashers The Lamp of Thoth, it‟s a showcase of metal and rock from Bradford! (It’s also FREE!). (http://www.myspace.com/ anvilatthemannville) The Gasworks Bar is currently Bradford‟s only rock club. Although it doesn‟t do metal 24/7 if you keep your eyes peeled amongst all the tributes and cover acts, you will find the odd gleam of hope for metal! If you don‟t know (which you should) the next one is Sat 31st Jan, and this is another showcase of the loud bastards locally. Let ‘em Burn headline with their Thrash Thrash Thrash Metal supported by the Heaviness of The Aftermath and UKMU Band Of The Month Gods of Hellfire. (http:// www.myspace.com/gasworksbar) That‟s a small insight to another world of Music in the great city of Bradford! tom@beepmagazine.co.uk

Bad luck, drugs problems and the passage of time led to Spend a little time with Black Bikini Alpha and they‟ll tell you stories of their misadventures. You soon realise why they‟re very happy to have their first two singles out and he five-piece splitting up in 2005. Eoin, Darren and anan album due in Spring. other musician, Ben, then formed the short-lived punk band, Videostarr (so named because Ringo Starr was one It‟s been a long and tortuous route for them, full of weird of the first people in the world to own a video recorder). and wild times, freaky „friends‟ and the kind of bad luck Soon after this, Eoin and Darren brought back Mike (now that‟d have driven lesser men into day jobs. on drums) and Simon. They called the band Grand MadThere was the American tour. They took on a female ness who, true to their name, were the outfit that got manager who knew a woman who could set them up with ripped off by the promo co. a string of gigs around New York and get a major airline Ever the optimists, Eoin and Darren are keen to paint to sponsor the whole jaunt, picking up the tab for their positives over that slight setback… “We were going off flights. With the tour just a couple of weeks away, both the name Grand Madness and wanted to get back to being women – the second of whom they‟d never met – had Black Bikini Alpha, so maybe getting ripped off was been behaving increasingly strangely. Suddenly they good.” discovered that there was no second woman, just one That four-piece incarnation of BBA split up in April seriously schizophrenic woman. All the emails between when Simon left to emigrate to Oz. Since then it‟s been the two of them discussing tour details were their manager down to Eoin and Darren, the former in London, the latter talking to herself. When the band confronted her, she (as he has been since the start) commuting from his home came clean on it all but claimed the tour was okay. near Cambridge. Reassured that the promised dates were still there, they Darren‟s keen to point out that there‟s real strength in it arrived in New York. Only two gigs materialised. The rest just being down to the two of them. Eoin adds that from were her invention. Making the best of a mess, they the outset there have only ever been six musicians, four of salvaged the tour by successfully sorting gigs for whom are still involved. So BBA‟s now a stable unit themselves including one at seminal punk club, CBGBs, based on firm friendships and long-term trust, which is the and another at The Lion‟s Den, the club where Bruce key their musical tightness too. They gig heavily and have Springsteen played early gigs. Thus a disaster became a already clocked up supports to Fun Loving Criminals, memorable and worthwhile jaunt. Feeder and Reef. Soon after this, the PR company they were employing to They‟re ace as an acoustic duo, even better as an electric promote what was to have been their first single trio. Believe in Black Bikini Alpha. Check out their absconded with their money, leaving them with a thousand September debut single: “London Town (Is Falling CD singles pressed up but with no distribution or Down)” and their November follow-up single: “Kicking promotion. “We sold a few at gigs, the rest are gathering and Screaming”. And in Spring 2009 their first album, dust in our homes.” Grand Madness, will be up for grabs. Black Bikini Alpha is a three-piece in which core duo Everything eventually pays off if you weather the storms. Eoin (guitar, electronica, vocals) and Darren (bass and Article by Nick Tozeck. backing vocals) are augmented by one of two drummers, Mike or Sebastian, depending on availability. As a band they‟ve a clutch of strong songs lifted by the sheer power of Eoin‟s voice. If you like The Killers, you‟ll love BBA. The band traces its roots right back to primary school in London. There, Eoin and classmate, Simon, started a band. This became Small World, a five-piece with Darren on bass, Sebastian on drums and Mike on lead vocals. This outfit lasted throughout the late nineties and well into the noughties. It was in New York during that abortive US jaunt that someone suggested the name change to Black Bikini Alpha (an accidental misquote of black bikini amber, apparently British intelligence code for a high security alert).

Beep! Live night review Alt Track//Mexican ids At Home//Minus Jack//MarmoZets//State Of Error

State of Error kicked the night off with a corker of a performance. It was the boys first appearance at the 1in12 club and the majority of the crowd hadn‟t seen them before. Considering this I received many approving looks and raises of the eye brows when these boys stormed the stage with a tight, energetic performance. Next up was The MarmoZets. This group of youngsters are becoming a familiar face at the 1in12 club, and manage to bring a crowd every time they play. The „Zets kicked off their set with the constructed „mess‟ and smoothly moved into their first song. The band delivered an excellent performance, and it was obvious they had spent endless hours in the practice room, making sure their set was spot on. Minus Jack were up next. After a long, long time setting up, the boys got underway with their set. The set seemed to be messy at times, with mistakes placed hear and there, however this didn‟t seem to effect how the audience reacted to their performance. This was not the boys best performance, it was enjoyed by all, which is all that counts on a night like this one. I met this next band half an hour before their performance stood in centenary square with their arms covered in instruments and from that moment I knew they was going to be amazing. And I was right. Mexican Kids At Home showed Bradford how is done. They played a set of lovely folk pop music, using every instrument in existence. From keyboard to accordion, from cajon to meldoica and from ukulele to banjo this band had it. On stage the band enjoyed them selves and looked like they was having a lovely time. The performance was incredibly tight and the songs were ever so catchy. Although the songs were not exactly complex, the simplicity of the songs was over taken by the sheer amount of instrumental skills this band has.. If you haven‟t hear Mexican Kids At Home yet I full recommend you listen to them now, I‟m sure we will be seeing more of the band in 2009.

Next up were Alt Track. Although Pete from the band was not pleased by me describing them as „ambient electro‟, I‟m not bothered and I am going to do it again. This ambient electro two piece have being playing around the U.K. Non stop recently so it was nice to have them back in their home town of Bradford. The boys started off by delivering a technically brilliant set, using synthesisers, laptops, pads and guitars in ways they have never being used before. The bass was so loud for this band that the building across the cobbles from the club had it‟s windows shaking, literally. Alt Track have become a lot more upbeat since the release of there first EP „A Nation On Fire‟ and they are starting to capture this in their recordings. However after around forty minutes of their usual set, Pete and Micky decided it would be fun to play old country/folk songs until after mid-night, and oh what fun it was. Micky took to the drums and Pete on lead guitar. Although the room slowly emptied, probably due to the time, and not the performance of the boys, it was good fun to see a band do something that is so un-conventially them. The night was ended by Oscar from Minus Jack throwing a banana skin at Micky whilst playing drums. The night was a fun night overall and thanks to all bands who took part in the event. See you next time.

In December 2008, disco!plastique released a compilation CD with bands who had performed on the gig nights in Bradford. The following are reviews of tracks taken form the CD. The CD is available to buy online at myspace.com/ discoplastique for £2

Lego Castles - keyboards and romance Www.myspace.com/legocastlesmusic Tom Wilson - One Armed Trigger finger Www.myspace.com/rawmelodyman Tom Wilson could come from anywhere, actually his sounds much more Yankee than Tyke which I suspect is the sound he's going for, though admittly he has the vocal reminisant of Cast's John Power. The song itself has a great crowd pleasing chorus, let down by some weak verses, though this does enthise former. Review by E.Moon

A very messy introduction with reverb vocals, almost have me having reaching to turn the speakers off. It quickly turns into a jangly indie tune which is half the Tings Tings, half The Cure. Throughout the song I found the echo-y vocals very off-putting and the drumming to be pretty week. These guys have the components to write a good song, I just don't think this one is. Review By E.Moon

€ €

Minus Jack - Too Embarrassed Www.myspace.com/minusjack As the title suggests, it is about awkward situations, and lines such as ‘I try to talk to you/it’s not my choice/I feel myself turning red’ are maybe perfect for the audience they are singing to, summing up entirely how most of them will have felt at some point. The composition of the song is also laid out pretty well, with a steady introduction, catchy chorus and pounding chant at the end, which is likely to stay in your head for several days after one listen. Admittedly, at times, the song can appear slightly rushed, but overall ‘Too Embarrassed’ is simply a captivating and memorable song from one of Bradford’s most contemporary bands of the moment. Review By Mary-Claire

The Frenetics - Grace Ok www.myspace.com/thefreneticsmusic Beautiful bursts of guitar with some fantastic, assured vocals that pour over the addictive 'jingle jangle twiddle twiddle' of this piece of pop perfection (pleasantly.) Although clearly influenced by the Macabees, there is a definite original, Bradfordian (Keighlian?) spark to the song. With well thought out lyrics, attention to detail, and a flipping catchy tune, the Frenetics are far, FAR from your average local indie band. I'd a recommend a listen just for the effect on the final line (so good!) I think it's pretty clear that overall I love this song and love the Frenetics. Review by Ben Clifford

I Call Shotgun - If you Like www.myspace.com/icallshotgunband Gary Numan would probably have taken this band under his wing and made them into a band in his own image... maybe he has already. These electro inspired pop nugget has a excellent vocals, beat and use of guitars... the bass however needs to work hard keeping up with a band on a definite ascent. Review by Chris B.

MarmoZets - Young And Underrated. Www.myspace.com/themarmozets The track is called "Young and Underrated" and the opening bars remind me of a style of indie rock which has not seen the light of day since I was their age back in the early 1990s. It would not have been out of place on the playlist of Tumblers - a long gone legendary Bradford nightclub. The music is very well played and kind of reminds me of "Siamese Dream" era Smashing Pumpkins with a touch of Dinosaur Jr and a smattering of The Wildhearts. I cannot fault the song structure or the musicianship and the sound is a refreshing change. The vocals initially reminded me ever so slightly of Harriet Wheeler from seminal 80s/90s indie band The Sundays. The singer "Becca" has a voice which oozes the potential to melt a few hearts but at the moment is still finding itself. The tone is definitely there and she isn't overly harsh-sounding like a lot of young female singers. However, the melody and the vocal phrasing could definitely do with work. I found myself initially enjoying the vocal but towards the end, it became a bit monotonous. A bit more creativity and melody with perhaps some backing vocals would turn this good song into an excellent song. However, one must keep in mind the young age of the band members. I wish I had been this talented at that age! A bit more songwriting experience under their belts and practice on improving those melodies and The Marmozets could be the

We like....fancy Fancy a LOL? Is an independent clothing company. F.A.L?, was originally started to be a place in which art work could be displayed, however due to popular demand FAL started to print t-shirts. After the first batch sold out F.A.L? has carried on since then. Fancy a LOL? Endorses bands such as „If Sharks Were Land Mammals‟, „Linda‟s Nephew‟, „Charlie Costello‟ and „The Last Picture Show;‟. Fancy a LOL? Has released 3 t-shirts and a set of badges all sold out, and have been seen worn by Look See Proof. F.A.L? is influenced by BBC nature documentaries, folk music, the country side and David Attenborough, the creator F.A.L? Said “In the future id love to be as big as drop dead and be able to live off just making T-shirts. However, not having a big band or face behind "F.A.L?" makes this seem far off but with an ever growing fan base of bands and promotions companies, its not impossible!” Although nothing is yet fully confirmed F.A.L? would like to release a wider range of tees and possibly some jumpers. Fancy A LOL? Have just released a new tshirt design which is available for £10.00 from

About The Front cover....

a lol?

http://fancyalol.bigcartel.com. The t-shirt also comes with a 17 track CD called „The Sea Lion CD‟ which includes tracks from bands such as; Gods Little Eskimo, Don‟t Come Home, Maycomb and many more To see more of F.A.L? Merchandise visit http:// fancyalol.bigcartel.com/

Issue five‟s front cover was designed by a young, budding artist from Bingley. Sammy Kofler is still only 16 years of age, yet is still designing artwork worthy of any artist. Creating lovely, twee, pastel coloured images Sammy‟s work does nothing but impress people whenever it is shown. Not only did Sammy create this issue‟s front cover, she also has her designs on two out of the three Beep! magazine badges along with the inside sleeve of the Disco!plastique compilation CD. Sammy‟s artwork will be shown at Disco!plastique gig nights so if you fancy having a look at some come down to a gig. Alternatively you can see some of her work at www.myspace.com/sammy_girl14 Big thanks for Sammy for doing the artwork for us here at Beep!


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