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Wednesday 5th Nov Manville Arms - DJ Pete Ska Night Thursday 6th Manville Arms - Bad Moon Rising DJ Howard 1in12 Club - BD7 Punx Presents.... Delius - Beat Authority : Scooter Meet Gasworks - Dead Message + Supports Friday 7th Manville Arms - Rock DJ Stevie 1in12 club - Young Bradford Music The Kabeedies+Minus Jack+The Marmozets+Bedrrom Gymnastics Gasworks - DeSilva Saturday 8th Manville Arms - Fungalpunk Presents.... Wild Trash + Support 1in12 - Josh Lee’s Presents 4.30 Gasworks - Iron Maden Tribute Delius - Midnight Special Tuesday 11th Manville Arms - Mon Mon + Men With Candy Wednesday 12th Manville Arms - DJ Pete Ska Night Thursday 13th Manville Arms - Bad Moon Rising DJ Howard Delius - The Electric Brains Gasworks - Uprising - New York Alcohol Anxiety Attack Friday 14th 1in12 - Buen Chico Launch Party With Spodni Pradlo + Montey Casino Manville Arms - DJ Stevie Gasworks - Definitely Maybe, Oasis Tribute

Saturday 15th Manville Arms - Brand New Analogues + Ctiusk 1in12 - Hannah’s 80’s Night Delius - Paradox Gasworks - Optic Nerve Rock Covers Sunday 16th 1in12 - Josh Lee’s Presents

Manville Arms - Bad Moon Rising DJ Howard Gasworks - The Night Herons + Support Delius - Josh Lee’s Friday 28th Manville Arms - DJ Jez Gasworks - Beed Rock And Grunge Covers + Catch On Quick



Monday 17th Saturday 29th BD1 Live - Guillemots + Support St. Manville Arms - Rockabilly Night Georges Hall Delius - Japanese Fighting Fish Gasworks - Dressed To Kill Tuesday 18th Manville Arms - New York Alcohol Anxiety + Nana’s Revenge Wednesday 19th Manville Arms - DJ Pete Ska Night Thursday 20th Delius - Men With Candy Friday 21st Manville Arms - DJ Deano Gasworks - Four Fighters - Foo Fighters Tribute Saturday 22nd 1in12 Club - On/Off Presents.... Solus Locus + Deed Poll + Support TBC Manville Arms - Point Froggs + State Of Error Delius - M62 Goddam Gasworks - Whitesnake Tribute + 98 Pages Tuesday 25th Manville Arms - Desilva + Desmond Rebellion

1in12-. Disco!plastique launch night 19th December beepmagazine for details

Wednesday 26th Manville Arms - DJ Pete Ska Night Gasworks - Charity Gig - The Tempus + Karma + Another Wasted Summer Thursday 27th



download from iTunes, just search for ‘themix’. The presenter of the show, Jools Slater, entertains, informs and educates you about all featured materiel, which makes the show very enjoyable experience.

5th NOVEMBER 2008 Issue 4

Produced By Lucas Jubb Sponsered By In association with YBM and The Mix on Drystone Radio EP, track and live reviews by : Lucie Hudson Scubadog Jordan Saxby Out and About Reviews Ben Clifford Sean Bottomley Emily Scurrah Mary-Clare Newsham Front Cover Art work by ‘ Rapid Design’ Thanks to the following bands for allowing us to feature them or their materiel : State of Error, Luke Hirst, Tom Mckenzie, The Mirandolas, Sounds Of Swami, Five Feet Of Air, Falling, Slum Hunnies, Just Handshakes (we’re biritish), Websters Interiors. Special thanks to Buen Chico, Young Bradford Music, Scubadog, The Frenetics, BORG, Belle Records, Save The Breasts, The Mix,, T&A, Mike Heaton and everybody else in the issue we may have missed

Dear reader, This will be the last full issue of Beep! Magazine until the new year. So keep an eye on our myspace for details of the exciting new things we have planned. I Hope you enjoy this issue, and would like to hear with any feedback Look out for issue 4.5 due out 1st of December. See you on the 6th December at 1in12 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Yours thankfully Lucas Jubb

Front cover design by Rapid Design Congratulations to Sammy Kofler who won the badge design competition. The design pictured top left will be one of three designs used for the Beep! magazine badge collection. Avaliable from the Beep! fundraiser on the 6th December. Special thanks for for supplying the illustrations for the other two designs complied in the other two badges.

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‘The mix’ is a unsigned Yorkshire –based radio show exclusive to Drystone radio FM. The show goes out on Saturday at 6pm and is repeated Thursdays at 9.00pm. It can also be heard live across Airedale and Cravendale on DAB radio. The show features songs from all local unsigned bands. If you want to discover new bands then this is the place for you. The show combines all genres of music from the local scene, the sound of pirate radio, and gives you all relevant information to follow up and indulge in the bands you hear. Don’t worry if you miss the show, as it can be heard as a podcast of which you can

Now’s your chance to be heard! Beep! are now helping out The Mix who are now looking for all musicians and bands based in Yorkshire to send in their CD’s, Demo’s, EP,s and single’s to be featured on the show. This allows free advertising and gets your music heard by a wide audience across Yorkshire. Send two copies of your CD to, 2 Fieldway Clayton Bradford Bd14 6RP One CD will be sent to The Mix to be played on the show and the other will be used to be reviewed for Beep! Magazine. All ages and genres of band are welcome. So what are you waiting for?!

Beep and the mix tag team Beep! are teaming up with The Mix radio to attack the local scene. Beep! and The Mix plan to record the sessions of our issuely featured artist along with other bands we like to create a compilation CD. This will include three songs, one to be featured on The Mix radio show, one to be featured on the Beep! MySpace and the other saved for the CD. Recording of the sessions will take place soon, and the CD is due out sometime in the future, meanwhile check out The Mix radio show and Beep!’s MySpace to hear exclusive tracks from the top Bradford bands. Watch this space for the Beep! issue four play-


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the frenetics

Finalists of the Musician’s Centre BOTB juniors on their first go, the Frenetics are establishing a name for being one of the best young local bands on the scene. Combining the vocal styles of The Macabees with the music of The Foals, The Frenetics produce music with catchy repeated phrases mixed with jolting guitar riffs and speed drumming. The Frenetics have just released their first EP, self titled, with four tracks on it. Winners of Beep!’s issue four featured artist competition by a large margin we interviewed The Frenetics to see how they feel about things moving on so fast for the band You haven’t being formed for very long, how did you all meet? “Originally we formed for a one off gig to help out a friend and it just seemed to work well. We've always just wanted to write good music.” You have a very recognisable style, who are your main influences? “We're all into the same sort of style of music. We know what direction we're heading too. Bands like Operahouse, The Maccabees and Foals are influencing us right now” How do you find the Bradford music scene is changing? “Its definitely changing for the good. Promoters like Young Bradford Music are making Bradford's gigging scene more accessible for younger bands which is great.” As a young band do you ever feel intimidated by older bands or promoters? “Obviously there's the exception of us perhaps not being able to play a venue because of the majority of the band not being over 18 but the promoters

we've worked with so far especially in Bradford have been welcome to younger bands like us. As for being intimidated by older bands, not at all.” Where is your favourite Bradford venue to play? “1in12 definitely has the best atmosphere out of all the Bradford venues we've played so far but the best and most enjoyable atmosphere has to be some of the house party's we've played for sure.” Where and when was your best gig? “We supported Mark Morris of the Bluetones at K2 in September and that was a really sweet gig. The turn out was great and we managed to sell the majority of our E. Ps that night.” Where would you like to play in the future? “We're trying to stay relitively realistic on this question. Obviously we'd love to play Leeds or Reading because that would be imense. We'd probably like to tour around the U.K actually” What’s in store in the near future for the band? “We're currently writing new music. Its sounding really good and the sound of the band is definately maturing. We're looking to increase our fanbase and gig more. “ What are you most looking forward to in the new year? “Your birthday gig” [Lucas] “in January of course”. [10th January 1in12 Club] When you reached the final of the Musicians centre BOTB did you expect to win? “Not really. We'd only been together for a matter of months and reaching the semi's was more or less our goal.“

Every band has a bad experience, where was your worst gig so far? “It’s got to be the first gig in Leeds for Bollocks To Poverty with minus jack. We were pretty unprepared and we wrote one of the songs on the train journey over actually.” As a band what is your most influential album/artist? “It'd have to be between Youth and Young Manhood and Is This it by the strokes. Quality stuff.” If your band could be one animal what would it be? 'Zebra cos it's stripy init' says Jordan.

YOUNG BRADFORD MUSIC Band of the month: <Minus Jack have been around for over 2 years now and are still only 16. Ben's song writing skills have always been a key strength in the band and his skill has matured over time. Their newer songs

have seen the band experimenting more, like "Too Embarrassed", which features Oscar drumming along with Tom and came as quite an exciting shock when I first heard it. On stage they are great to watch, no moody teenagers here, all smiles and bounce. Bass player Jordan is especially noted for his unconventional stage energy. Be-

The Frenetics will be releasing a two track CD for Joe Mitchell's 'Save The Breasts' breast cancer charity. The CD will be £2 each all profits going to the charity. You can see The Frenetics at the disco! plastique launch night along with The Zoo, Just Handshakes We’re British and Lego Castles. Check thefreneticsmusic for more details and news on the band.

tween the songs Ben's mindless mumblings are always entertaining. They are often compared to The MarmoZets but if you talk to either band you won't see competition just mutual admiration and respect which is a really great way to carry on. Minus Jack are tight, talented and hopefully destined for bigger things.

Out and about live reviews And we’re off! After a long break Young Bradford Music was back at the 1in12 promoting young, you guessed it, Bradford music. Opening the night were four piece punk outfit ‘King Harry. Don’t let their looks fool you, although they look like heavy punks and with song titles such as the ‘oh fuck’ blues, these boys are a really friendly bunch. They performed energetically although at times they were a little bit messy. However, I am not sure whether or not the ’messiness’ was part of the act or genre of the music. The lads looked to be enjoying themselves which is always a good thing with a young band. ‘King Harry have a lot of potential and will only get better with time. Second on stage were, an hour late and arguably intoxicated : The Venue. Turning up late for a gig and then disappearing for a whatever reason is just not on when you are a young band. The last thing you want to do is establish a bad name with promoters, sadly this band did. A poor performance over all, the lead singer was out of tune and the guitarist made a lot of mistakes. They delivered long ‘Ska-rtic Monkeys’ style instru-

mental set which seemed to all blend into one big drone of a sound. Sorry guys you we’re just not good enough. Next on stage were the ever powerful ‘The Contract’. Sadly Matt, the lead singer, had a broken leg, but this didn’t stop him from diving around stage like a monkey on speed. The stage presence from these guys is jaw-dropping. The attitude and confidence stood out as usual, although I don’t think the soundman did them any justice. A good overall performance , always entertaining to watch. Headlining the gig were the MarmoZets. It has been around 2 month since I last saw the band, and what a difference. They have improved so much in that time it is scary to think about how good these guys will be in a year or so. As usual the band had the crowd up and dancing within minutes. They delivered a tight, well practiced performance that blew away everyone who was watching. Becca, the lead singer, seemed shy to start with, however towards the end she came out of her shell and shone out. A great collection of catchy pop songs, packed full of fierce

ONes tO WATcH guitar licks and harmonies. The first two songs of the set we’re ruined however due to a poor attempt by the soundman. Luckily Becca's uncle Anthony, stepped in and saved the MarmoZets set. If it wasn’t for him the performance wouldn’t have been half as enjoyable. Arguably the best young band on the scene, they are just getting better and better. Brilliant performance. They fulfilled the headlining spot perfectly. Hat’s off to the promoter : finally a gig in which underage drinking laws we’re enforced. No drunk kids passed out on the floor, in the toilets, in fact I don’t think I saw more than two people under-age drinking. 99.9% percent of the people there were actually watching bands, nobody was standing outside during a bands set. Well done to Chris, Young Bradford Music Promoter, and the 1in12, the night was a great success.

Websters Interiors - webstersinteriors A Happy up-beat four piece band that do nothing but make you smile. They have a soft, soothing vocal mixed with fast acoustic guitar picking and up-beat bongo playing. I have never seen the band play live and have only recently come across them. I Look forward to sitting down and watching them soon, I am confident that they will go down nicely with a cup Slum Hunnies - of tea. If you like Newton Faulkner or Bedouin Soundclash Check this band out. Now with a new drummer the Slums look to be hitting the scene again. Armed with strong powerful vocals, mesmerising guitar skills and solid bass lines the band will definitely deliver. They play music influenced by the likes of Carl Barat, Kooks and Johnny Cash. If you haven’t seem the Slum Hunnies yet, you are missing out, missing out big time! However the band need a concrete line up before they can deliver to their full potential Just Handshakes (We’re British) - justhandshakeswerebritish Lovely four piece indie pop band. Influenced by the likes of Pete and The Pirates, We Are Scientists and The Smiths, the band do nothing to disappoint their influences. The band have formed in July 2007 and are already delivering tight, powerful performances. Their first release ‘Operation Daybreak’ is a two track demo which does nothing but please the ears. With the guitars of Los Campesinos! and the vocals of Emmy The Great the band are definitely worth checking out before they get signed to some indie label.


Bee p Meets......

Mike Heaton

This month Beep! met up with Embrace’s Drummer Mike Heaton to discuss the music scene and what young bands can do to break it.

Mike Heaton is the Drummer of band ‘Embrace’. Embrace released five top ten albums including three number one albums. Embrace also had two number two hits in 2006 with ‘Natures Law’ and official world cup song, ‘World at Your Feet’ Mike now has his own Drum school despite not having any official drumming grades. He aims to teach kids how enhance performance. Mike has felt the highs and low’s of the music scene. From having a number one debut album , to being dropped by the record label. On October 13th Mike held a seminar at the Bradford Playhouse, it was here where Beep! managed to chat to Mike about the changing music scene and young bands.

During the seminar Mike raised some very important issues and answered questions raised by the audience. So Mike, you have started to mentor young bands, how do you chose these bands? “Well, what I'm doing at the moment, because I'm not doing it through myself. There is a thing called CYC (connecting Youth Culture) which is part of North Yorkshire council, and basically they have an organisation there, of which young bands aged 16-19 can go in and apply for a mentor. They’ve got a mobile recording structure up their. And they apply for a group of mentors, me being one of them, and if the bands are successful applicants they get a mentor” Are you planning to just mentor local bands or are you planning to mentor all over the country? “Erm.. Well it would be good just to do the local

area because there’s just such an amount of good bands coming out of the local area, you know, Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield. You was talking about how young bands should get managers, how do you recommend bands find the right manager for them? “Yeh well like I was saying, you can the unsigned guide and it lists all the managers in the UK. Look out what kind of bands they manage, then look at the bands and see how well they are doing, which bands are similar to your genre of music. The send of say three of your best tracks, try get a meeting with them, and then you interview then just as much as they interview you” So you fully recommend the unsigned guide? “yeh well, the unsigned guide is the best one I've seen out there, but they may be another one out

If you’ve got five members is a hard thing to do isn't there.” it? But deffinately something in a band, each one of “yeh it is something I can them has ten friends, if similar to that product still not to, and most other would be a great invest- they can get their ten bands find hard to” friends to wring their ten ment? friends - it may feel like a Anyway well the band is “Yep” starting know so we best Another thing I see a lot pain in the arse and that your putting them on the finish up with young bands is approaching people in a un- spot. But you know if you “yeh good luck with the beep! Mag.” believe in what you are professional way. I get doing then its worth it” Thanks a lot, good luck bands messaging you with new album. Yeh so when bands fisaying things like ‘oryt mayte. We wnt t get a gig nally land a gig and a promoter goes to see sumtime, will ya give uz one. Ta’ Is punctuality a them, say they get totally slated....” large aspect of making “yeh happened to us” the step up from Young Ok what did you do unsigned band to signed to a indie label or major then? “You read into what they label? “I think, you know, what I said and see what the truth say to these bands, and this is, you will probably find is what we are doing up at their is truth in it. And the CYC, get a good biog writ- truth might be there are things you need to change ten for you. If you can’t write a good biog for your about your band and we had reviews saying we band then find someone sounded like a goth band, else to do it, chances are and we just didn't believe you always know somebody who knows somebody it. Then we sat down and was like ‘yeh erm we actuwho can help you out. ally do sound like a goth Equipment is getting cheaper and cheaper, take band’ some photographs on a Yeh putting your self into digital camera. You can a genre r probably get your hands Mike’s Top Tips fo on some free photo editing Young Bands software , put those with your biog. Make a video everyone” bands, promoters and upload it to youtube “Network with other determination” or whatever. For me “You’ve gotta have at you are doing” it is about spreading “Work hard, enjoy wh box, think big” t : Think outside the bu ng thi ny cor the word and all the a s “It g writes g, some of the best son ways you can do it “Persevier with writin s staright away” didn’t write their hit

keep the beep! alive Beep! is now Bradford’s only music fanzine. It is written, designed, compiled and distributed free of charge. No money, as of yet, is made from the production of Beep!, in fact we are working at a loss. Beep! need money for them to carry on, and at the moment we have none. The production of Beep! is in jeopardy and may be forced to cease. Beep! live night is a gig night aimed to raise money in order to print the fanzine. We have seven 6 of West Yorkshires top acts performing at the 1in12 club Bradford. We will also have a ‘Save The Breasts’ stall selling merchandise to raise money for Airedale Hospital breast cancer unit on the day, along with lots of other band merchandise, limited edition Beep! and Young Bradford music badges and issue 4.5 of beep! So if you want the only Bradford Music Scene fanzine to carry on please come down on the 6th December to support us. yours thankfully Lucas Jubb and everyone here at Beep!

Already booked :

I Call Shotgun

I call Shotgun are a Leeds four piece electro band. They produce 80’s Electro Pop mixed with the sound of 90’s indie music. I Call Shotgun are all about heavy synch, catchy riffs and dirty bass. I Call Shotgun’s first appearance at 1in12 and could possibly be their only, so don’t miss out.

Mexican Kids At Home

Hailing from Sheffield this indie/pop/folk band produce an original sound without rhyme or reason. Creating music they love M.K.A.H, are a 5 piece band and will be the first support the headliner yet to be confirmed. They have previously supported Slow Club and Hot Club de Paris and are making their first Bradford appearance

Local support from Alt Track, Minus Jack, MarmoZets and State Of Error

MySpace .com /savethebreasts Save the breasts’ is a local fundraising enterprise for breast cancer. “While the effects, of cancer, are tragically serious, there's no reason that supporting the treatment, care and search for a cure has to be”. A batch of t-shirt designs has been created to raise money for breast cancer treatment. The first set of t-shirts, ( pictured right), sold within 12 hours and raised a total of £120 for charity. A new set of t-shirt designs has now been released, (pictured below). They cost £7.50 with roughly £4 going to the charity (with the rest of the price covering the cost of the t-shirt). If you want to support the cause then buy a t-shirt and wear it everywhere you go. If you are a band wear it for a gig, if you are going to a festival, and if you are being interviewed for a local video magazine, (not mentioning names), wear it there. Breast cancer is a serious problem and we all have, or know someone who has, been affected by it. We all need to do our part do raise awareness and help out with endeavours like this one. Not only do you get to support a great cause, you get a cool t-shirt

too. A little bit more about Save the Breasts Whenever someone buys a t-shirt, every single penny above the cost, goes to Breast Care unit at Airedale Hospital. The Breast care unit is responsible for the care and treatment of breast cancer patients from in and around Yorkshire. The money raised is used to fund new equipment, prosthetics, bras and swimwear, training, transport and therapy. You can find out even more about the charity at : http://www. bradford. nhs. uk/palliativecare/Pages/ localservices/AiredaleCancerSupport. aspx. So visit www. myspace. com/savethebreasts to buy a t-shirt and get news and updates on the fundraising.

The Odeon, is it too late to save......? Host to some of Britain's most famous bands, some of England’s most memorable shows and arguably Bradford’s most eye pleasing building, the New Victoria building (Odeon) was shut down July 2000 and is still standing un-used, run down. Yet, after 8 lonely years idle the building still wanted by not only the Bradford music scene but the majority of the Bradford people. 70 years of history dominating Bradford’s city centre is at risk from council demolishment. B.O.R.G (Bradford Odeon Rescue Group), a organisation set up to save the Odeon, have being working on the campaign for a large period of time now and have proven to the council that the public want the Odeon to stay put. In early May 2008, Nirmal Singh declared interest for buying the Odeon building for £3,000,000 from the Yorkshire Forward for the City of Bradford. Kris Hopkins (Bradford Council Leader) and Jan Anderson (Yorkshire Forward Director For Environment) both said they would actively take part in selling the Odeon if a private buyer want to buy the building. However when B.O.R.G came forward with their buyer, Yorkshire Forward went against their word stating that the Odeon was never for sale due to a legal agreement with a developer hoping to demolish the building. On the 17th July 2008 B.O.R.G organised a rally in

which everyone who cared for the Odeon had to come down and ‘Hug’ the building. This rally confirmed to the council the public cared about the building. B.O.R.G. Managed to make a human ring around the whole building and the event was covered by BBC news. The building was covered head-to-toe in graffiti informing the council what people like about the building and personal memories of the venue. A petition was started to delay or hopefully stop the demolish of the building. A total of ?????people signed the potation, to date. In 2006 Bradfordians were asked to chose from three competing plans for the Odeon development and the land it is sitting on. Pictured below is the winner of this competition. Named ‘Victoria Place’

Go on, guess what it was set to be. Yep. You’re right. Offices and apartments. However this was two years ago and still nothing has changed in the Odeon building, although we are glad the council have not followed through with plans as the end result would have being devastating. Sadly all the past years work to save the building could have

meant nothing. It is arguable that the Odeon situation has gone to far and that the building is now in a state that the best option is demolition. After a long break B.O.R.G. have finally given the news update we needed. They have now informed us the Odeon is still set for demolition and at the moment replacing it is offices, despite shire house still not being fully occupied. However, good news is that Bradford’s Odeon building has being listed on The Theatre Trust’s top ten theatres in risk.... Which is a big deal!

NONO-DEON? Is this the end for the Odeon Building?

After issue one being a ’sell out’, issue two of the B.O.R.G. news letter is now out and available from most local venues.. B.O.R.G. Also now has a fully interactive website. Recently plans to demolish the Odeon building have being submitted to Bradford’s planners. Two applications have being submitted and they are : Demolition of the Bradford Odeon Building

Proposal - following the demolition of the Odeon building of former Odeon cinema use development compromising offices, cafes, hotel, further education and 175 residential dwellings.

To find out how you can stop the Odeon from being demolished visit

Proposal - Demolition of Odeon Building Construction of New Victoria Place Helping out Beep! with funding and , sometime in the future, a website are our sponsors Cypher music. Cypher music is a Bradford music blog site. On Cypher you can post information on gigs and events, general information, music related information and you can also write or read reviews of all things linked to the local scene. If you are a band, promoter, musician, band manager or anything related to the music scene sign up to Cypher Music to contribute to the many convocations taking place on the sight. You can also find out the latest news about bands and events. Beep! Magazine often post updates you can only find on Cypher Music along with many other members. So sign up now! It doesn’t cost a thing. Article by Lucas Jubb

Beep! Live night review The night was still young as I wandered in through the doors of our local and beloved 1in12 club to what I hoped to be an enjoyable night of music, friends and fun. My first thoughts were of surprise, due to the amazing amount of people who were there from the start! I'm a big supporter of watching whole gigs, so I was very pleased at the effort of both the fans (to turn up) and the promoter (to get people there in the first place)! The first band on were local young band "Smack Ali". Being quite a new band, they showed a remarkable amount of technical ability (especially in the bass playing) which was impressive for artists this young. However, they didn't really seem to be enjoying their time on the stage, I don't think I caught a smile all set! This meant that the band lacked a feeling of unity with each other and the audience. However, this will probably just improve with experience and isn't a big criticism. Also, The covers were a bit too ambitious; as they are tracks that many people know by amazing bands and they didn't really fit in with the rest of the set. The vocal sound produced overall was very interesting and shows great promise, but tended to lack variety. The guitar lines fit very well together and you could tell a lot of thought had gone into these songs, when even the small timing errors that were made were easily compensated by the cool sound. Overall I think this band are one to watch in the future, as with more experience they will learn how best to use their large base of technical ability to keep the audience interested. After Smack Ali had finished, the room emptied. Literally. I was one of about three people there... Where did everybody go? This sorry state of affairs was nothing to do with the promoter, but meant that many people missed the beginning of brilliant set by the next band, "The Slum Hunnies". The Slum Hunnies, although they began playing to a minute audience, played an amazing set. I was enraptured with the beautiful indie rock sound with catchy vocals and guitar hooks, bringing beaming smiles from many of the crowd members. My only criticism is that (as a bassist who has to work with drummers a lot) the drum lines were a bit uninteresting, making parts of the song lack the full sound they

deserve. Throughout the set, the crowd increased back to a good size and the band played a brilliant cover of a dance track, adapting it to fit their style in an amazingly competent way. The set was ended with their single "Leaving the City" and it was the best I think I have heard them play this song. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole set from this interesting local band. Next on were "Freyed Knot", a captivating Bradford hiphop/funk band who I have seen on a number of occasions. Their set at 1in12 was brilliant, any band that can freestyle a song like this band deserve respect! The mikes were a bit quiet, but it didn't detract from the sound that makes this band a must watch when they come into town. The band could obviously sense the mikes were a bit quiet, but the sound guy probably had them at the best level he could, so there was no real need for the sound guy bashing in the freestyle track... That however is my only complaint, the band kept me interested from start to end with crazy percussion, funky bass/guitar lines and clever, funny lyrics. Overall, a performance from this insanely tight, amazingly funky, band that they should be proud of. The night has had a diverse range of acts so far, and it got more interesting in our last act, "DJ Dips" a drum and bass/electronica DJ from Bradford. He played a technically brilliant set, the remixes were smoothly done, and the scratching ability was frankly amazing. There were however places in the set that seemed to loose too much of the momentum necessary to keep the crowd interested; to solve this he needs to keep an eye on the audience to see when a track needs to be changed; but overall this set was pretty amazing. Beep have excelled themselves in creating such an interesting night, my only criticism is that it may have been a bit too eclectic, with only sections of the crowd enjoying each band as they had all come to see a band of a different genre. However, I take my cap off to the promoter at his level of professionalism and promotion that can create a night as good as this one. I'd give this night overall a 4 out of 5. Review By Jordan Saxby

The MarmoZets were first onstage and were fantastic as always. Even though the Lead Singer, Becca Macintyre (AKA Big Mac) had a sore throat and bassist, Sam Macintyre, had a broken thumb, the band still played to the best of their ability. They were amazingly tight and had no slip ups. A major highlight of the set was the drummer, Josh Macintyre's, drum solo. The control and skill of this drummer is facinating but at the same time he has a phenomenal wildness. The only downside to their set was that they didn't put on much of a performance. Normally they are dancing around and jumping about but at this gig they were fairly contained. Overall they were great. If you haven't already, these are a band to see. If there is a hole in the market left by Green Day and Blink182 then Mike TV should be the guys to plug that gap. They have energy in shed loads and songs -a-plenty too. They really know how to entertain and do it in style. Their songs are fast and furious and scarily catchy. These guys have superb harmonies which were brilliantly demonstrated on, what for me was their best song, Salamander. Mike TV are well worth tuning in to. Random Hand were the last to do their thing and they were amazing as ever. They thrilled the crowd

with their old classics but threw in a couple of songs from their new album which were great. Robin, the lead singer, kept the crowd wild with his charming interactions. There was quite a mosh pit going on and overall Random Hand were awesome so watch out for their new album in the future. Review By Oscar Allan

Beep! Box Bye bye Young Bradford Music. Sadly, Young Bradford Music has had to close. However there is a chance YOU could keep it going. If you are interested in running the YBM gig nights then contact them at Thanks for YBM for supporting the scene for the time it did

Belle records is a small independent record label based in Bradford. It Specialises in creating hand designed EPâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, LPâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and Demoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. Currently signed to the label are local legend Sol Gravy and Water. Check for updates.

RETAI L THERAPY LP to CD Converter - £299.95 -

We all love our old vinyl, but it's a drag to slap on a disc, turn it over after twenty minutes like a grilled kipper, then take it off again. What you need is a way to get your vinyl tunes on to a CD without the fuss of downloading it through a computer. Step up, the LP 2 CD: a one-stop-shop for popping your 33, 45 and 78 rpm records direct to compact disc, with zero bother. And because it doesn't need to run through a computer, you can hook it up to a pair of speakers to use like a regular stereo for records and compact

EP reviews The Mirandolas are a young local indie/pop band. ‘Create A Diversion’ is the boys second EP and deffinately an improvement on the first. Solid powerful drumming mixed with the chirpy guitar licks make the EP an overall pleasure to listen to. The Mirandolas sound have the vocals of The View or Liam Gallagher mixed with the guitar sounds of The Wombats but lack

the catchy chorus’s. ‘One Way Holiday’ opens the EP perfectly, upbeat drumming and a repetitive guitar riff makes you tap your foot without realising it. The only thing that I can criticise on the EP is the repetitiveness. Repetitiveness can sometimes be a good thing when the thing being repeated is exciting but often the songs seem to drag on. ‘Ghost Writer’ is my least favourite track on

the EP, nothing seems to happen. ‘Drama Queen’ is a good track to end the EP on as it leaves the listener remembering a good track and not the drag that came before. The lyrical content on track three is also the best on the whole CD. Overall an average EP here, I wouldn’t say it was anything to write home about but on the over hand it is rather good.

iKaraoke for Ipod - £29.95 - Even those of us who can't hold a note in a bucket enjoy a bit of a sing song. The X Factor proves that every week. But now thanks to Griffin's brilliant iKaraoke you can sing along to your favourite tunes without being laughed at by an entire nation. You won't even have to go to a karaoke bar or strut around the bedroom in your pants yelling into a hairbrush. iKaraoke is a truly ingenious iPod accessory that sends the music from your iPod to your stereo minus the lead vocals, so you can step up to the mic and sing your favourite tunes without the likes of Beyonce and Bono cramping your style. How? Well, a clever button quietens the frequency carrying the vocals, leaving the backing track for you to sing along to. Clever eh? You can hook iKaraoke up to your stereo via the line-in cable. You can even pause, scan forward/backward, add reverb to your warbling or temporarily drop the original vocals back in.

Sounds of Swami of a great band and all are evident on this gem of an EP. The opener ‘Lions Share’ gets the EP off to a rip-roaring start (clever pun intended) and this is a great track by ANY standard. The rest of the tracks are less immediate, but the quality grows on you after very listen. The songs don’t conform to the usual rules and are sprawling, complicated and change gear a number of times reminiscent of the sounds pioneered by the likes of

the Pixies and Nirvana. The chord sequences are complicated (the guitar tab would make interesting reading) but somehow work very effectively. The fantastic reggae outro to ‘Identity Crisis’ reveals their impressive versatility and the psycho guitar riff in the middle of ‘Glassroots’ is gloriously unhinged. The EP is rounded off by the anthemic ‘Bank’ – a song about being skint, but if these lads carry on producing output of this quality I’m sure they could

make a decent living out of the music business. Go Swami!!! Review by Sean

Beep! has an all new rating system. This allows you to easily see what the reviewer thinks of the track or EP. The Beep! rating system is out of five stars, five been the best and zero the worst.

Beep! has an all new rating system. This allows you to easily see what the reviewer thinks of the track or EP. The Beep! rating system is out of five stars, five been the best and zero the worst.

Five feet of air

A ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’- alike intro, some obvious rhymes and Ramones-style chainsaw guitar; this could work, in a glorious DIY punk-pop (not pop-punk) sort of way, but it doesn’t quite. Pleasant enough vocals, but lacking the catchiness or the driving riffs that made the Ramones Www. myspace. com/ fivefeetofair music actually listenable, this comes across rather like a romantic comedy without Hugh Grant…or something. ‘Everybody’ should, and is intended to, come across as upbeat, lively and effervescent but fails due to its poor lyrics (I take objection to a Leeds band using the word ‘awesome’, unless it’s a pisstake, which this isn’t), and less-than exhilarating instrumentation, which simply creates a feeling of mediocrity and tedium.


Still, 5 Feet Of Air have potential. A female vocalist fronting a power pop band is a winning formula, and with some better riffs and catchier melodies, this band could make some brilliant, exuberant pop songs. Review By Emily Scurrah

Luke hirst

doo wop wonsta number two Www. myspace. com/ lukehirst

Luke Hirst names some of his influences as Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Jeff Buckley, the kind of iconic Folk-Rock figures that perhaps would make you think he was in entirely the same genre, or maybe trying to prove himself too soon. However, when he mixes this with far more melodic-pop influences such as the Beach Boys, Weezer and Queen, it’s difficult to know just what to expect. In his song ‘Doo Wop Sonta no.2’ both sets of influences are clear, and seem to combine together to make an entirely new genre of music. The result is fantastic; something that manages to be both heavy and light at the same time, with brilliant lyrics and flawless vocal, Luke Hirst certainly seems to have a lot of potential. Review By Mary-Clare Newsham

State of error

The revolution

Www. myspace. com/ stateoferror

First off, I've got to say that I've become a fan of this band just after listening to them for this review! Seriously, State of Error have defined themselves as a "pop-punk" band, but I'd prefer to put them in the genre "pure class" because that's simply what they are. And this song just highlights that. With really catchy tunes throughout the song, and a searing hot guitar solo which is like the icing on the cake. State of Error are a diamond in the rough and I strongly recommend you give it a listen. Review By Lucie Hudson

Seeing You - Tom Mckenzie$kenzietom Seeing You”, from what can be made out by the lyrics, is the tale of love, told through some rather obvious rhymes, Jimmy Eat World influenced melody lines and “wtf!” impressive guitar solos Without a huge amount of variation to justify the length of this track, many may write “Seeing You” off as being just seven minutes of self indulgence. These people have made a mistake! They would be ignoring the addictive chorus (if we aren’t given our dosage of it perhaps a little too often), the actual technical ability shown and the simple fact that this is a really well put together, enjoyable ambient track. Review by Ben Clifford

falling Tonight youre gone Www. myspace. com/ fallinguk Not the best quality recording. Definite strains of Evanescence in the tack. A tight performance and generally well played. It's not always possible to hear the lyrics which is a let down. Unfortunately for me the bestial backing vocals are laughable. It sounds like retching. Review by Scubadog

Since issue one of Beep! fanzine Buen Chico, meaning Good Fellow in Spanish, have being our exception to only writing about Bradford bands. Hailing for Leeds Buen Chico formed in 2003 and since then have created a large portfolio of great achievements. They have supported such bands as ‘Nine Black Alps’, ‘Lethal Bizzle’ and ‘The Cribs’. DJ’s such as Zane Lowe, Steve Lamacq and Huw Stevens have played their music on both Radio 1 and Radio 2 showing great interest. Buen Chico are a three piece band featuring : Morgan ( pictured right) Lead vocals and guitar, Kirsty ( pictured below) Bass, and Dave (pictured left) Drums. Influenced by the likes of The Kinks, Blur and The Flaming Lips, they produce a sound described as “brilliantly spiky geek-pop firecrackers that jolt like Foals knifing Supergrass” by NME. With their second album, ‘Our Loves Enormous’

in the pipeline for the release date 13th November and their first album ‘Right To ReArrange’ attracting interest from NME and Q magazine, Buen Chico have found time to talk to Beep! Music fanzine to find out how album is coming along. Buen Chico are locally a Leeds band however they often have played gigs on the Bradford scene, we asked Buen Chico how the Leeds music scene compares with Bradford they replied saying that “Bradford’s a lot more friendly” they believe that Bradford “probably has a lot more great bands per square mile” compared to Leeds and that “their is a lot less annoying semesters”. Buen Chico’s favourite Bradford venues are Love Apple and 1in12, however they have not yet performed at any other

local venues . Monty Casino, Spodni Pradlo, Laura Groves and Le Tounoi are among the list of Buen Chico’s favourite band and they would have a ’dream’ gig with them at St. Georges hall if Buen Chico themselves become “really famous” Beep recommend that you check out Buen Chico on the internet, and if the opportunity arises that you see them live. For updates on the new album, gig dates and two hear their new single and two other tracks off of the album visit : buenchico

We've really enjoyed the responsibility of doing everything ourselves, I think we get nervous when things are left to other people. We've gone pretty much all out on the packaging, which is gonna be made from recycled card and vegetable inks, which we're gonna assemble ourselves, possibly using homemade rice glue.” What’s in store with the release of the new album, are you going on tour with any bands or got any large events planned? “We're planning a launch party for 13th Nov at the Brudenell, and some friends are Is the new album a step forward for you guys kindly sorting us out with gigs in Bradford musically and lyrically or is it a follow on and Wakefield (not sure of dates or venues from the first, sticking to the same style, lyriyet), and we've got a London date, and hopecal content and what not? fully we'll get some others too.” “Lyrically the new album is more positive than Can fans expect anything different with the first album, which centred on all the things the new album, your new promo the hushots connoted that maybe man the use of new instruments race is will be on the doing wrong. album? The new one “Ha ha, I'm afraid focuses on the the accordion was importance of love and happiness, and talks for illustration only! Kirsty played a bit of about how we can achieve these things without recorder (she's one of Leeds tooters of the destroying the world. Musically we didn't have strument), but it got any particular direction in mind, but I think it's humble inscrapped I'm afraid. ended up being a lot more varied, with a masThe only developsive epic at the end with loads of ment on that front strings and a choir, and 90 second is that we bullied Fugazi-ish thrash, and an a'capella Alan into singing on piece thrown in. There's also generone song, which is a 4 ally a lot more pissing around with part a'capella piece harmony. Most of the reviews (Morgan did 2 thought 'Tell 'Em!' was really dumb, but parts!).” we threw 5 different keys in there on Buen Chico the sly.” can be As a band was you dreading the seen playoften difficult second album? ing along “It was really easy, we recorded it with side Monty Jamie at Greenmount Studios in Wakefield, Casino and and he's so merry that, as much as we might Spodni Pradlo at have liked to, we were unable to make a diffithe 1in12 club cult second album. I think also we were a lot November 14th more confident and sure of ourselves this time round, and there weren't as many people stickInterview and article by ing their creative oar in as we're releasing it Lucas Jubb ourselves.


“no one ever said anything Perfect, although it surely seems like it sometimes”

Beep! Issue Four  

Bradford's Music Magazine. News, Reviews, Updates, Interviews and much more! Gig listings, events in bradfords, live music events, local ba...

Beep! Issue Four  

Bradford's Music Magazine. News, Reviews, Updates, Interviews and much more! Gig listings, events in bradfords, live music events, local ba...