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CLASS NOTES Welcome to Class Notes online. Moving notes online helps us be good stewards of both the environment and your generous contributions. We encourage you to continue to share any recent life events at or through your class rep so we may share your news online in future Class Notes.




Class Representative: Annette Rini Geraci

Class Representatives: Sr. Maureen McCarthy, OSU

Class Representatives: Barbara Schuele Schubert

Martha Fioretti Adams and Annette Rini Geraci represented our class of 1949 at the Reunion on September 21. Mass in the chapel was followed by a delicious buffet. It was great being part of this joyous celebration!

Judy Kish Amundsen

Judy Patterson Nieser

1950 Class Representative: Mary Ann Black Warner

1951 The Class of 1951 is in need of a Class Representative! Please email csalata@ if you are interested.

1952 Class Representative: Carol Baird Roddy

1953 The Class of 1953 is in need of a Class Representative! Please email csalata@ if you are interested.

1954 Class Representative: Patricia Koehn

1956 Class Representative: Patricia McIntyre Westropp Hope this year has been blessed with good health. It’s hard to believe we are in our 82nd year. This summer, Sr. Geralyn Stenger celebrated her 60th year as a Sister of Notre Dame. Janet Newsome Neff visited her sister Karen Neff Thurber (class of 63) in Cape Cod for 2 weeks in May. Dolores McDonnell Ritt went to her granddaughter’s wedding in Portland, Oregon. Peggy Conway McMullen spent September 2018 through September 2019 in Hollywood, Florida. Peggy made trips to the Wilmington, North Carolina Azalea Festival and the Atlanta, Georgia Psychology Conference. Peggy is also a member of Dragon Boat Racing team in Miami, Florida, biking groups of Hollywood, Florida and Fort Lauderdale Pride Festival. Lil Fischer Kelly has retired from Nursing. Lil spends 6months in North Carolina and 6months. in Youngstown. Congratulations! I visited my sister Sherry in St Louis this summer. We had a wonderful time reminiscing loved every minute! I don’t hear from many of you! Please send me your news anytime at

Class of 1957 met for lunch at The New Heights Grill and again had fun getting caught up with each other’s travels, grandchildren, pets and some more serious things such as health issues. We again gathered for lunch when Maryann Papes Semancik was in town in late August. She and her twin brother spent a few days in Ontario at the Stratford Festival seeing some remarkable theater. My husband, John, and I joined Maryann and Fr. Lou for dinner there before we four began our marathon play going. Maryann went back to California to face a surgery that we learned was not easy, but successful. She gets the prize for good nature despite some serious health problems. Send suggestions for alternate meeting places for a lunch gathering this fall.

1958 Class Representatives: Mary Jo Abraham Antoon Sr. Martha Mooney

1959 Class Representatives: Sheila O’Neill McKibben Cathy McReynolds Parent



1960 Class Representatives: Mary Carol Kundtz Lewis Diane MacDermott Mehling

1961 Class Representative: Joanne Eafanti Gilliam (440) 461-2193 On October 10, Harriet Deucher Kropf, Beverly Winslow Miavitz, Kitty Smith Elicker, Mary Defino and I took part in the inaugural Sensational Sixties luncheon in Beaumont’s theater. Each of the classes of the 1960’s had their senior yearbook on the group’s table. Conversation went back and forth from school memories to present activities. A couple members of other classes came up to our table, especially when that class included siblings of the class of ’61. Some the student helpers at the lunch were connected to our class. Ilona Paul Paulin’s granddaughter, Lauren, assisted our table. Mary is still working in the real estate field, although she is now working part time. Kitty is enjoying retirement and is busy with her family and volunteer activities. Harriet recently returned from a trip, with her sister Mary, to the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Stockbridge. Beverly looked well and happy and enjoying life. I still work in a library, part time—it keeps me active and engaged. We were the last class leaving the room! Sadly, I mention the passing of Ginny Strauss Sukenik’s husband Arnie. He was one of the "good guys."

1962 Class Representatives: Christina Collura Embrescia Cathy Reilly Doyle Sr. Bobbie Goebel writes to say that she has moved into the new Mother House at Ursuline College and loves it. She still is

visiting those, who are hospital bound and those in nursing homes in St. Anthony of Padua Parish...We have a traveling group of classmates. As many of us are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversaries, this year, Betty Ranney Thomas has written to us that she and her husband, Peter, spent their 50th touring New Zealand and Australia for three weeks. They thought that home (Utah) is much more beautiful. Chris Collura Embrescia also celebrated her 50th anniversary with her husband Jim, by taking a cruise to Cuba, the Bahamas and Paradise Island. They said that the infrastructure of the three Cuban cities that they visited, was terrible and broken down due to the Cuban government. Their Silverseas Cruise, though, was fab! Peggy Keeffe Baker spent this past summer traveling with her daughter and family to London and Ireland. Peggy said that in Ireland, she was able to look up her grandfather and his family. What fun! And then there is Bonnie Sheldon Martino, who has been all over the place. First, she and her husband, David, were on a River Cruise from St. Petersburg to Moscow, which they loved. And now, they are visiting cousins and other relatives and friends in Southern Italy. Such a life! Lots of laughs and fun was had by Judy and Julia (Jill) Sheehan on their annual Cape Cod summer vacation, when a tornado touched down a couple of towns from them. They did the only thing that they could do, which is to go to Quebec, Montreal and Peterborough, Ontario, where they were able to go back seven generations of their maternal grandmother, when she emigrated from France. Now, that is exciting! Carol Senda Damaso went on a mother-daughter trip to Barcelona, Spain. They (daughter Karen) had a wonderful time eating and shopping and eating, the usual things... Johanna Lansdowne Langham went to England, Scotland, Wales and had another good time. Kathy Machol Zimmerman and her husband Bob celebrated their 50th anniversary this May, but stretched the festivities to include a family cruise, dive trips, tours, etc. They are planning to start their RV summer travels to escape the Houston heat and hope to see a few classmates along the

way. And sadly, Judy Szabo Jacovits asked us to pass the word that her wonderful mother, Margit Szabo-Szilas passed away at age 98. Dedi, as she was known to many of us, led a very active life with her art and music, up until she passed away. She will be greatly missed, Rest in Peace.

1963 Class Representative: Kati Callahan Crawford On her drive back from Florida Kati Callahan Crawford stopped to see Mary Jo Rini’s new digs. She’s in Treetops in Lancaster, SC (20 minutes from Charlotte). What a great over 55 community! Regina Fana is also relocating there from Kiawah. Our niece from Calgary was in NYC for the summer at an opera �camp�. In June we went to see her sing at Carnegie Hall returned late July to watch all 5 hours of Die Walkurie (her part was toward the end!) Vince’s siblings also came to see their niece so we were all in NYC together. Early August, she packed for a trip to Phoenix with her daughter. She is a coach/motivational speaker and she took me to a week-long Jack Canfield seminar. (Chicken Soup author) There were about 300 people there from all over the world. It’s the first time Colleen and I did a trip together and that was great. In September, I went to Catawba with some Beaumonsters. We head to Florida in October. We sold our Naples house and are in the process of deciding what to do. I am �over� having two houses and all the work that comes with that. I would love a condo...but that is the family debate. We've been in the Ohio house 40 years. I’ve been de-cluttering but the actual �life-change choice� hasn’t happened. Next year is the big 75th birthday. We’re hoping to go to Bermuda but that will depend on Vince. He has lots of back/hip problems and isn’t very mobile, so travel seems like a poor choice. I’m sure many of you may be dealing with similar stuff.....If you have any advice please email me. It’s especially difficult because I am very mobile and active. Mary Jo Rini reports that she had another

A Catholic school in the Ursuline tradition educating women for life, leadership and service. I BEAUMONTSCHOOL.ORG


CELEBRATING BEAUMONT ALUMNAE fun-filled mini reunion at Camp Catawba with friends from the past—great hostesses, great food and great camaraderie. She says it's been so much fun getting to know some classmates she never hung around with in high school but enjoy so very much now! Pat Gilmore Kearney is proud to report that she and her husband Tim have 2 granddaughters at Beaumont now. Meghan Sommerfeld is a Sophomore and Maeve Sommerfeld, a Freshman. So happy to see the legacy continue!

1964 Class Representative: Mary Ferrara Supler

1965 Class Representatives: Betsy DeFino Wilson Kathy Gang Rini

1966 The Class of 1966 is in need of a Class Representative! Please email csalata@ if interested.

1967 Class Representative: Mary Ellen Shannon Malone Kathy Hespen Forster arranged a reunion at Acacia. The Beaumont girls that attended the luncheon are: Betsy Bambrick Sullivan (her brother Bill just died), Paula Burby Coakley, Virginia DeVinne, Vickie Henrietta Byrne, Kathy Hespen Forster, Mary Ellen Malone Shannon, Bridget McLaughlin Steck, Mary O’Donnell Gilbane, Lucy Oliphant Buzzee, Mary Kay Novak (aka Katherine Norian). Ginger Simosen Eby’s husband Peter passed away, and the funeral mass was at Gilmore on October 4th. Marta Ferenczy Geday and her husband Julius moved back to Hungary near the Slovenian border. 3

Mary Ellen Shannon Malone has two boys getting married this year. Tommy is getting married December 14 in the Dominican Republic and Patrick is getting married next July 4 in Pamplona, Spain.

1968 Class Representatives: Catherine O’Connor Holzheimer Geralyn Campbell

1969 Class Representatives: Deborah Koenig Brinda Linda Circillo Hickey

1970 Class Representative: Rosemary Amato Hello class of 70! Let’s start the clock. Our 50th reunion will be celebrated sometime in September 2020, so less than 365 days away. Pattie Schwalm Kurtz is our first volunteer for the reunion committee, and I hope after these class notes are read, many of you will volunteer. We are trying to update the Beaumont Alumnae database for our class, and we are missing a lot of people, especially those whose emails just changed: Ann Thompson, Pat Martin, Sandy Wigdalski, Lynn Callahan, Loretta O’Brien Parham, Sally Wilson. In the meantime, I have heard not only from Patti, but Joanne Dilling Shreve, Mary Ifft McKay and Barb Arnold. So let’s start planning!, let me know if you can volunteer. Send ideas, and as soon as we know the date, I'll make sure to send an email to everyone to reserve it. Enjoy the Fall! I have been enjoying the lovely weather in Malta, besides the US, UK and Amsterdam. Going between 4 places is great and I’m never bored. Egle Zygas recently celebrated her 20th anniversary of employment in the press

office at the Metropolitan Museum. On a daily basis she works with newspapers, radio, TV, and digital media on stories about the museum, and a few times a year she works on Hollywood movies that are shot there. We learned about the death of another classmate, Eileen Bechtold, who passed away on Easter Sunday. All the best, Rosemary Amato.

1971 Class Representative: Marianne Kerr

1972 Class Representatives: Adrianne Senft Kohn Mary Beth Walton Guzzo Happy Fall Y’all! I hope everyone had a fun and fantastic summer. Since our last edition of Class Notes, Pat Connelly Dubiel and her husband welcomed their twelfth grandchild. Baby Vivian joins five girls and six boys to make an even dozen. Congratulations to Mary Roncagli Johnson on her retirement after 25 years at Menorah Park. Mary enjoyed a sisters trip to Sonoma and Napa Valley. And she and her husband traveled to Pawley’s Island, SC, for some golf and beach time. Lynne Hornyak checked in recently. She and her husband crossed the pond on the QM2 in July. Brenda Woodworth O’Toole visited her dad on the west coast and toured Seattle and Vancouver. She and her husband escape to their tiny house in Andover, OH, with their two pups as often as possible. Brenda and Don are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first grandson in March. Ellen O’Haire Celmer and her daughter enjoyed the trip of a lifetime as they explored Bora Bora, Mo’orea, Tahiti, Huahine and Taha’a. My husband and I returned to Kiawah Island, SC, and shared family time at the beach with our little Miss Maddy. Pam Kear is busy with Soulful Preserves, her award-winning homemade preserves, butters and sauces


from fresh-picked fruit. Kathy Kolb continues to amaze us all with her beautiful paintings. Terri Robinzine Shelmon says Hi! Mary Beth Walton Guzzo is packing up her house in the Chicago suburbs and moving back to Cleveland after 24 years away. Her new home is in her hometown, Shaker Heights. Welcome home MB! On June 15th, fifteen of our classmates gathered at ML Tavern in Moreland Hills for dinner and conversation to share laughs, stories and fond memories (picture to the right). In attendance were Karen Bartko Reming, Barb Monroe, Kathy Simoson O’Brien,Karen BirdMellon, Mary Roncagli Johnson, Linda Zeleznik Knast, Kim Binder Carroll, Mary Beth Walton Guzzo, Tess Dreka Rosch, Janet McDonald Amill, Ellen O’Haire Celmer, Mary Beth Jamieson DiCorpo, Juliana Scurec Barnick, Pat Connelly Dubiel and myself. Our next get-together is planned for November 22nd at 5 pm, Geraci’s Pepper Pike. RSVP to Karen Reming or Kathy O’Brien. We’d love to see you! We extend our sincere condolences to Kathy Brown on the loss of her sister, Liz Somody Davis on the loss of her mother, and Kathy O’Brien on the loss of her brother-in-law. Please continue to keep our classmates and their families in your prayers.

1973 Class Representatives: Annie Kachurek Pamela Smith Transition seems to be the overarching theme for those of you that responded to me in writing. Linda Cipriani Manley is doing well and hopes to join us for our 50th reunion. Lynn Baucco is in a new role as en events coordinator after retiring with many years with the same advertising firm. Dottie Mekker Bauer says “hi to all and I had a great time at the last reunion. It was great to see all the girls that were there. Life is good. I care of aging parents and help with her 6 grandchildren attending their school and sporting events.” Mary Bourke Hughes

reports having retired from teaching and

Class of 1972: Fifteen of our classmates gathered at ML Tavern in Moreland Hills for dinner and conversation to share laughs, stories and fond memories.

working now as a part time reading teacher in Beachwood. She and Dan celebrated 43 years of marriage— God bless you both! Pam Peebles Smith is fortunate to be able to “work from home” as her husband Loyal is receiving treatment at the Cleveland Clinic for congestive heart failure. They’ve downsized to a lovely new home in North Carlolina and are anxious to get back there. Please keep them in your prayers. Please keep Coletta Hayes Isaacs in your prayers. Coletta’s husband Steven passed away in June after a long battle with cancer. I’m preparing for my second total knee replacement this week so that I have a matched set! It’s that time of life ladies. I’m asking myself – do I want to be a “go-go”, slow-go, or a no-go person in retirement? I hope to hit the ground running after January 1, 2020. I’d love to hear from more of you on the next cycle.

1974 Class Representative: Teri Ianni

Suzanne DeGaetano was honored at the annual benefit for FutureHeights for her community contributions as co-owner of Mac’s Backs books on Coventry in Cleveland Heights.

1976 Class Representatives: Ellen Triskett Strand Karen Eichhorn Straub Betsy Miller has made the cut! She will be running in the 2020 Boston Marathon. Please keep Susan Sudyk Scruton in your prayers, her father passed away in June.

1977 Class Representatives: Nancy Busch Montgomery Maureen Reilly Callam

1975 Class Representative: Sharon Latkovich Valente

A Catholic school in the Ursuline tradition educating women for life, leadership and service. I BEAUMONTSCHOOL.ORG



1978 Class Representatives: Rosemary Leone Nemeth Maidie Volpe McGarry Hi girls! We would like to extend our sympathy to Michele Spodnik Connors who lost her father and Margie Paulett Lubis who lost her mother earlier this year. We will keep your families in our prayers. At our 40th, we had a notebook for our classmates to write about favorite Beaumont memories. Here are a few. Anne Campeau Ruffell remembers leaving Beaumont for two weeks to go to Shaker Heights High School. Anne realized that Shaker was not the right place for her. On her own, she went to Beaumont and asked to come back. By the time she got home, Beaumont had called her parents and said Anne could return the next day. Anne said it was a great learning experience. Patty Blackwell Butausky remembers senior assemblies, senior skits and seniors leaving their chairs to the juniors. In junior year, Patty remembers the break we all got from wearing saddle shoes and our class rushing the senior chairs at the end of that year. Laura Hammer Miller loved every minute at Beaumont. Laura remembers freshman orientation and making new friends, decorating for all the dances, dances, ski club, tennis team, friends, great teachers, decorating cars, and senior year. Laura’s two favorite classes were gym and sewing. Judy Puckett Hannon made exactly the same dress with the same material as Laura did for the Thanksgiving dance. So much for one of a kind! Laura said, �Beaumont will have a special-heartwarming place in my memories.� Lisa Adams shared that her fondest memory of Beaumont was doing her Senior Project at Holzheimer’s. She thought she was going to be the world’s best interior designer. An anonymous classmate’s memory was the picnic at Beaumont. Thanks for sharing those wonderful memories girls!


1979 Class Representative: Mary Kelley Ebner

1980 Class Representative: Dee Curtis

1981 Class Representative: Marianne DiSanto Storath Mary Curran is the President of the Beaumont Board and proud to have a 6% increase in enrollment and a new International Bachelorette degree. Sandy Murray welcomed her newest grandson on August 28th! Robert William Potter was born to her daughter Rachel and son-in-law Cory. Joi McLaughlin Wilson starts a new job in October with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Center for Tobacco Products, in Silver Spring, MD. She is joining the Legal Enforcement and Compliance Taskforce preventing youth from vaping. Mary Ellen MerryI welcomed her first granddaughter Peyton Suzanne Merry on June 22nd to son Max and Daughter in law Emily. Peggy Monastra lives with her husband, two sons and two cats in Ossining, NY – a wonderful town in the gorgeous lower Hudson Valley. She has worked at famed American music publisher G. Schirmer for over 25 years. A few years ago she decided to switch from an executive position as Artistic Director to working part time from home in order to be able to better manage the whole work-life balance thing and to accept an advisory position with Opera Philadelphia. She currently continues to work with Schirmer and also is a consultant for Cincinnati Opera, Opera America and for a handful of very talented composers. Joi McLaughlin Wilson climbed Machu Picchu, Cusco, Peru in September – 11,400 feet above sea level. Monica Hart Finch started a new job at Cummins and relocated to Indianapolis.

1982 Class Representative: Mary Walton McBride

1983 Class Representative: Kristin Nigro Kranz

1984 Class Representative: Pam Strong-Marlow

1985 Class Representatives: Rachel Schuele Verderber Karen Ritt Grealis

1986 Class Representative: Heather Fowler Nacke

1987 Class Representative: Gina Robinson-Harris After 23 years of self-employed consulting bliss in Boulder, Bridgette Braig has moved to Boise for a 2 year faculty role at Boise State. Since moving to Idaho she is taking advantage of the rivers, dams, and lakes, and has added paddle boarding to her list of outdoor activities. She is enjoying the challenge of teaching, and learning to teach online. She is also getting back into research with papers on brand activism, celebrity endorser scandals, and a class project she developed that teaches empathy as a strategic skill with a focus on transgender consumers. Gina RobinsonHarris joined the staff of the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital after 18 years in private practice. She is enjoying the opportunity to do more community outreach, as well as


taking on some administrative responsibilities. Her daughter, Kendal, is a high school junior. She is an avid equestrian, and hopes to compete on the A circuit this year, and continue riding in college.

1988 Class Representative: Laurie Klopper

1989 Class Representative: Marie Miechelle Luna Javitch

1990 Class Representatives: Jennifer St. John Bolander Shannon Brown Burke

1991 Class Representative: Lethia Grimes

1992 Class Representatives: Tresa Rice

It was great to see everyone at the reunion. We had classmates come from near and far to reconnect to celebrate 25 years! Congratulations to the alumni crew team who participated at the Head of the Cuyahoga on September 21st. Beth Bruns Mitchell, Kasey Weigand O’Reilly, and Colleen Connell, along with 5 other alumni from different years, competed in the race. The crew came in 5 out of 7 and can’t wait to do it next year!

1998 Class Representatives: Maureen Christy Yates Jennifer White Mulligan Megan Wheeler and Brian McLaughlin celebrated their wedding on July 26, 2019 in Cleveland. The couple honeymooned in Italy, Croatia, and the Greek Isles (photos below).

1995 Class Representatives: Meredith Owendoff Sonby Molly Mooney Beam Kate Fitzgerald Herberth

1996 Class Representative: Helen Curak

1997 Class Representative: Christine Natemeyer Walanka

Terese Adomaites Fennell Johanna Keenan Henz

1993 Class Representatives: Megan Comiskey Bayhurst Amy Fistek

1994 Class Representative: Kathleen Koehler Quail

Class of 1998: Megan Wheeler and Brian McLaughlin celebrated their wedding on July 26, 2019 in Cleveland. A Catholic school in the Ursuline tradition educating women for life, leadership and service. I BEAUMONTSCHOOL.ORG







Class Representatives: Tia Durham

Class Representatives: Alisa Benedict

Class Representatives: Jaime Vleck-Mitra

Lauren Santoriella Meek

Lauren Conochan Smith

Victoria Yuko

Jennifer Bencin Pelc

Carol Ferkovic

Suzy Music

Beth Cogan is getting married March 2019, and baby boy due June 10, 2019. Beth Ruane welcomed baby girl Ryann Grace Crane in January 2018. Katie Hauer Landies welcomed 3rd child, Grace Margaret Landies, on September 28, 2018. Erin Ellis Spencer is starting new job January 2019 as Senior Research Analyst at Deloitte. Kristina Lechner Esposito is deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan currently, and selected for promotion to Lt Col and will pin-on 1 June. Selected to be a Squadron Commander and will move to Robins AFB, Georgia in late June. Kari Mazanec welcomed a second child, baby boy, on September 23, 2018. She also celebrated 13 years with Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America and was promoted to Sr. Director, Meetings and Conventions. Megan Lewicki Quesada moved back to Cleveland after 20 years and took a job with University Hospitals, as a Licensed Acupuncturist in Rocky River. Christina Byrne welcomed a baby boy, Jake Thomas Talley, on July 17, 2018.

Maggie Mooney

Molly Dise

Class of 2005: Sophie Hilaire climbing Mount Everest in May 2019.

Class of 2005: Ashley Mathews married Noah Cepela in September of 2019 in Chicago, and 12 Beaumont alums were in attendance

Jennifer Kramer

2001 Class Representative: Gina Mazzone

2002 Class Representative: Ana Tremaglio Hinchcliffe

2003 Class Representative: Shannon Hawkins

2005 Class Representatives: Dia Dalsky Kaleigh Gallagher Sophie Hilaire climbing Mount Everest in May 2019 (pictured below, left). Sophie also added her name to the Guinness Book of World Records for finishing a marathon in 4 hours and 54 minutes wearing a full Army combat uniform. She recently transitioned from the Army to consulting via Wharton MBA, and lives in NYC. Ashley Mathews married Noah Cepela in September of 2019 in Chicago, and 12 Beaumont alums were in attendance (pictured below, right). Shannon O’Connor Steele became a geriatric clinical specialist physical therapist this year.


Barbara Polster Griffith recently accepted faculty position at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Laura Ivec is recently engaged to Brian English. Hillary Hackman Soliwoda is married to Steve, with sons Harlan, 4 and Theo who turns 1 in October. Sarah Mancini Dudash and her husband had their first child – baby girl Charlotte – in June! Alicia Brzozowski Nevin and her husband are expecting their second child in November 2019. Valerie Andrus Schott is working as an ObGyn Resident Physician in Columbus and very happy to be back home in Ohio. Brie Barbu has been a handbag designer at Coach and Kate Spade over the last 9 years and now she’s designing for Away travel. In November, Brie had a little girl named Finley; she’s been married for 5 years to John Erwin.


future Beaumont Class of 2037, was born in June 23, 2019. Leigh Bornhorst welcomed a baby boy, Finley James Perkins, into her family this past May. Anne Roberto received a Master of Arts in Environmental Studies Degree with a specialization in Policy & Administration from Cleveland State University this past May, 2019. She is currently enjoying fulfilling environmental and public service work as a Stormwater Inspector at the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District.

2007 Class Representatives: Margaret Eppright Maura Jochum Caitlin Monahan

Class Representatives: Ronni Garofoli

Kerry Hawkins

Anne Roberto Kaitlin Daly Heisler Mary Carney and her husband, Aaron, welcomed a little baby girl into their family (pictures below). Josephine Carney Sayre,

Kamilah King is now the Coordinator of Alumni Communications at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Amy Schwabauer wrote and performed a one-woman show entitled “This is NOT About My Dead Dog” to critical acclaim, also earning the title of Cleveland’s “Best Actress” for 2017.

2008 Class Representatives: Sara Keller Kristian Gist

2009 Class Representatives: Meredith Muir Carrie Killeen Christiane Mhanna

2010 Class Representative: Kristen Mackay

2011 Class Representatives: Mia Delcalzo Leah Adams Liz Calvey Diana Hauptman Our dear friend and classmate Catherine St. John passed away on July 23, 2019. Please keep the St. John family in your prayers.

2012 Class Representatives: Elaine Sims Gabriela Leskur Maribeth Teresczuk Class of 2006: Mary Carney and her husband, Aaron, welcomed a little baby girl into their family A Catholic school in the Ursuline tradition educating women for life, leadership and service. I BEAUMONTSCHOOL.ORG



2013 Class Representatives: Johanna Tomsick

Class Representative: Bethany Garin

Chelsea Day

Tessa Langa is now a Kindergarten teacher at St. Robert & William School. Another Langa in Catholic education! Dawn Fann graduated from the University of Dayton in May with her BA in Communications. She is now working on her masters, (all expenses paid for) thanks to her job at The Dayton Foundation! Emily Brady graduated from UD in May of 2019. She took her first job in a studio as a junior graphic designer in Lakewood, Ohio. Mary Elizabeth DeWitt graduated from Xavier University in May 2019, and moved back to Cleveland to begin working for Great Lakes Publishing as an Advertising Coordinator, specifically on Ohio Magazine, Lake Erie Living, Long Weekends, and various custom publications around the state. She is very happy to be back in “The Land” working in beautiful Playhouse Square District! Daisy Sirk is licensed as an early childhood educator and as an early childhood intervention specialist. Currently she is subbing as an elementary school teacher in South Euclid-Lyndhurst, Mayfield, and Orange. She donated 10" of hair last December! Rachel McGraw lives in Toledo and is working at the Residence Inn 10 minutes from University of Toledo. She graduated in May of 2019 from Bowling Green State University with a degree in Tourism, Leisure, and Event Planning. Nora Dovishaw graduated from OU in May 2019, and currently works as a Support Specialist at OnShift. Jordan Martin has been working for National Interstate Insurance Company since May of 2018 as their Associate Communications Representative and lives in Copley. After graduating from Ohio State in May 2019 , Mia Saracusa moved to Denver, CO and is working as a coordinator for the Department of Psychology at the University

Katie Hankins Kailyn Brooks The class of 2013 is very busy developing in both their professional and personal lives! Caroline Molnar (Bacevice) was married in May, recently finished graduate school, and began working as a mental health therapist in Mentor. Frances Prijatel and Chelsea Day are both recently engaged. Frances now works at Fox 8 News in New Orleans, and Chelsea is pursuing her PhD in clinical psychology at Case Western Reserve University. Kate Siefert is working in Pittsburgh, PA as a morning anchor in a television station. Kathryn Gambatese also began a new job as a relationship banker in Chesterland. Virginia Savage recently finished her degree in psychology and is a behavioral interventionist for over 400 children in an elementary school. Alex Fath is living in El Paso, Texas working at an immigration non-profit called Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center. There, she works for immigration relief for children, survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking, and victims of the El Paso shooting and is on track to become a Department of Justice Accredited Representative.

2014 Class Representatives: Christine Baucco Ellen Fisher



of Denver. Ali Weilacher graduated from Miami University with a bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communication & Sociology. She started a job as an account manager for ECRM, a retail marketing company.

2016 Class Representatives: Brianna McElrath Elizabeth Skelin Reilly Girardot Isabelle Klayman Molly McCann

2017 Class Representatives: Reba Bartram Deja-Verenda Baker Alexandra Andrus

2018 Class Representatives: Christine DeSantis Megan Pophal Katie McGreal


IN MEMORIAM Beaumont Alumnae: Margaret Martin Paulett ’46 Ann Harrison Kelley ’46 Alberta Burke Oswald ’47 Margaret Bova Donahoe ’49 Mary Jo Lanigan Hallisy ’49 Mary Kay McDowell Roddy ’49

Jane Ross O’Brien ’51 Mary Kay McAuley Futty ’51 Kathleen McMahon ’52 Louise Carlini Brian ’53 Sally Moir Wiesenberger ’57 Bridgett Slattery Moreno ’59 Judith Vadas Paquelet ’59

Jane (Esther) Holtwick ’63 Eileen Bechtold ’70 Megg O’Brien Hawkins ’77 Katie Davey Nicolli ’96 Catherine �Cat� St. John ’11


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A Catholic school in the Ursuline tradition educating women for life, leadership and service. I BEAUMONTSCHOOL.ORG


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Class Notes, Fall/Winter 2019  

Class Notes, Fall/Winter 2019