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PUEBLO – Pueblo Community College welcomed 5,855 students for the fall 2022 semester – a 12% surge over its 2021 enrollment. “We’ve put forth outstanding efforts to deliberately align all of the resources available to our team to recruit and re-engage with students,” said PCC President Patty Erjavec.

A key reason for the enrollment gain is the rise in the number of concurrent enrollment students.

High school juniors and seniors can earn college credit by attending classes on a PCC campus or through college-certified instructors at their high school.

The positive news doesn’t come only on the traditional enrollment side of PCC. Through Pueblo Corporate College, 519 students took noncredit courses between July and October.

“We’ve provided customized training for 10 different employers since July,” Corum said, “and more trainings are planned through the end of the year.”

Noncredit courses range from employer-customized training to lifelong learning and professional development courses.

PCC continues to adapt its offerings to fit the needs and wants of modern students. Certificate programs, eightweek courses and other options allow learners of all ages to get the knowledge and skills they need in a shorter time.

PCC has campuses in Pueblo, Cañon City and Mancos and sites in Durango and Bayfield. Registration for spring 2023 classes will open Nov. 7.

Pueblo Community College was founded in 1933.


There are 35 districts in the Colorado Senate. More than half the districts are in the Denver metro. And Pueblo County? We get only one. That’s right. Pueblo County

only gets one out of 35 senators. With our unique values and interests, it’s crucial we have a state senator who will protect Pueblo County’s values – someone who can make a differ-


Here is the Senior Beacon's exclusive interview with Ty Winter, who is running for House District #47 in November.

What is your platform?

I will stand up for rural Colorado, I will protect our constitutional rights, defend agriculture, fight for our children's future, support our brave law enforcement officers and reduce crime, reduce inflation, become energy independent, and work to improve medical care for our citizens and veterans.

Who has been the greatest influence on your political career?

The support that my family, friends, and community give me in all of my ventures.

Would you do anything differently if you had a chance to do it again?

I have logged over 24,000 miles traveling throughout the district building relationships and listening to voters about issues, concerns, and solutions

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We will have live

We’ve all either lived through it or heard of it but what was the energy crisis of the 1970s like? Short answer: horrendous and inflationary. Long lines for gas. Limited gas you could buy. Being at the mercy of an international cartel. High inflation. You needed real, physical assets to profit or you needed cash to lock-in the eventual high interest rates on bonds and other fixed investments.

wise man said, “History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.” And we’re possibly living in a “rhyme” right now. Maybe right in the middle of it. Our current inflation-led problems (lackluster growth, high prices, rising rates) are very similar to the 1980s back-to-back recessions. But I think we’re in a much, much better position this time.

Then along came the new decade. It started off with a mild six-month recession, dropping the economy by 2.2 percent. Then a year break then a longer recession, lasting almost a year-and-a-half, going into 1982. Add in the *worst* inflation recorded for 1980 and 1981. The Bureau of Labor says it was 12.4% and 10.4%, respectively. Yow! I thought we had it bad today. This was on the back of high annual inflation every year from 1974!

So, pretty bleak economically. Arguably pretty bleak culturally, too. Disco? Velvet? Just kidding.


First off, I feel *obliged* to say this. What we’re in now is, again, inflation-led. The Fed printed over $6 trillion dollars in about two years. Of course we’re going to have inflation and all of the by-product problems. So this is self-inflicted. Okay. Got that out of the way.

What else is different? Today is drastically better than yesteryear. We have a super economy in comparison. So much more diversified, larger, global, and innovative. What we’re witnessing is history’s greatest economy digesting a historically large money-print. We *will* get this absorbed.

Also, the OPEC+ oil cartel is not what it used to be. The US is still a major oil fuels producer and we can unbalance that once-great group. Whenever we decide to.


The inflation, drop in economy, and rising rates are, unfortunately, the same. But less severe so far. We haven’t had the extremes in inflation or interest rates yet and it doesn’t look like we will, either. The Fed is controlling things and it should work. The Fed is much more nimble and savvy than before.


Well, most bonds are getting clobbered by rising interest rates and those rates shouldn’t be good for stocks, either. Rising rates means eventual rising interest costs for corporations and lowered earnings. That usually means bad news for the stock markets.

So, for now, have a high-income portfolio; buy short-term bonds (T-bills are paying over 4%!); reposition to value stocks and sectors, take advantage of opportunities (high-yields look good); and stick it out.


Yes, we haven’t had another recession yet. Most everything I see or hear on the financial news, all the Big Boys, are predicting a 2023 recession. Hopefully not but it does make sense. The cure of higher interest rates is just as bad as the money-printing cause. So these higher rates will hit housing, spending, and jobs.

Boy-oh-boy, look at those rhymes.

This article is for illustrative purposes only. Ron is not recommending any investment security for you but just trying to educate the community. INVESTMENTS CAN AND DO DROP IN VALUE; THEY HAVE NO BANK OR OTHER GUARANTEE. He is licensed and regulated by the great State of Colorado.

Ron Phillips is The Investment INCOME Advisor, a Pueblo, CO native, and an independent business owner. Order a free copy of his book Investing To Win by leaving a message at (719) 220-3005 Visit or email RonPhillipsAdvisor@gmail. com

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*This column is rated NP (Not Political).

If you recognize yourself in any of the following, it’s not personal! I picked these because they relate to me best and it is believed that only older folks would get it!

First wave! Happiness is not having to set the alarm clock. When I get a headache I take two aspirin and keep away from children just like the bottle says. Just once, I want

the prompt for username and password to say, “Close enough.” Becoming an adult is the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. If you see me talking to myself, just move along. I’m self-employed. We’re having a meeting. “Your call is very important to us, Please enjoy this 40-minute flute solo." Does anyone else have a plastic bag full of plastic bags, or is it just me? I hate it when I can’t figure out how to operate the iPad and my tech support guy is asleep. He’s 5 and it’s past his bedtime. Today’s 3-year-olds can switch on laptops and open their favorite apps. When I was 3, I ate mud and maybe bugs for dessert. Tip for a successful marriage: Don’t ask your wife when dinner will be ready while she’s mowing the lawn. So, you drive across town to a gym to walk on a treadmill? I didn't make it to the gym today. That makes five years in a row. I decided to stop calling the bathroom "John" and renamed it "Jim." I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning. Old age is coming at a really bad time. If God wanted me to touch my toes, He would've put them on my knees. Why do I have to press one for English when you're just going to transfer me to someone I can't understand anyway? Your people skills are just fine. It's your tolerance for idiots that needs work. "On time" is when you get there. Even duct tape can't fix stupid – but it sure does muffle the sound. It would be wonderful if we

could put ourselves in the dryer for ten minutes, then come out wrinkle-free...and three sizes smaller. Lately, you've noticed people your age are so much older than you.

Second wave! For most people when you lose your "khakis" you've lost your pants. When you're a Bostonian and you lose your "Khakis" you can't start your car. People who ask me what I'm doing tomorrow probably assume that I even know what day of the week it is. Some call it multi-tasking, I call it doing something else while I try to remember what I was doing in the first place! I just ordered a life alert bracelet so if I get a life, I'll be notified immediately. (That one Groucho would like - kinda like his: "Why I'd horse whip you if I had a horse!" The brothers Marx never get old). Brain cells, hair cells and skin cells - they all die constantly, but lousy fat cells seem to have eternal life... Here's one from Einstein himself, "Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution." I don't know if Facebook, et al has ever caused the lame to walk but it sure caused the dumb to speak. Mahatma Gandhi said, "If there is an idiot in power, it means those who elected him/(her) are well represented. How to be happy: Decide Every morning that you are in a good mood. And who better to end these two waves than Mark Twain who said: ``The more I learn about

people, the more I like my dog."

That last one was a little harsh but Mark Twain (AKA Samuel Clemens) is one of my favorites. Hope you liked this month's column. Oh, I almost forgot. If you are Christian, especially a Catholic one, you are hoping to make heaven. I have a pamphlet about The Chaplet of Divine Mercy given to St. Faustina in a series of visitations just as WWII began, that explicitly tells us how to make heaven. Here's an excerpt from the words of Jesus as told to Faustina Kowalska "Priests will recommend it to sinners as their last hope of salvation. Even if there were a sinner most hardened, if he were to recite this chaplet only once, he would receive grace from My infinite mercy. That's powerful! The pamphlet is FREE. All you have to do is email me your name and address to No gimmicks. The pamphlet is truly powerful and could be a life changer.

Godspeed to you and yours!

Remember: contact me at SRbeacon@ for that great Chaplet prayer directly from Christ to Maria Faustina Kowalska at the beginning of Nazi invasion of Poland....... it's wonderful folks. Contact me and I'll send the pamphlet, no charge. It's a game changer!

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& Bottle Washer

Beef Ravioli w/ Marinara & cheese Peas & Carrots Banana & Milk

10 Yankee Pot Roast w/ Gravy Baked Potato Medley Glazed Carrots, Apple & Milk

11 Lemon Pepper Chicken Wild & Brown Rice Peas, Beet & Onion Salad, Orange & Milk 14 Pepper Steak Brown Rice Succotash Orange V-8 & Milk

15 Pesto Cod Roasted Potato Medley, Broccoli Tropical Fruit Salad WW Roll & Milk

16 Egg Salad on WW Bread Tomato Basil Soup, Salad w/ Dressing Orange & Milk


Turkey w/ Gravy, Mashed Pot’s, Peas/ carrots, WW Bread, Apple/Cran. Sauce, Pumpkin Pie

18 Pulled Pork Sandwich Corn, Seasoned Pinto Beans Apple Sauce & Milk 21 Baked Citrus Tilapia, Lemon Herb Rice Mixed Veges Tropical Fruit Roll & Milk

11 Jerk Chicken Sandwich w/ Lettuce & Tom Cream of Potato Soup, Coleslaw Apple & Milk

29 Sweet & Sour Chicken,Jasmine Rice, Stir Fry Veg Pear, Salad & Milk

23 Spaghetti w/meat sauce & Cheese Italian Blend Veg Roll Banana & Milk

24 Thanksgiving Holiday 25 Day after Thanksgiving Holiday 28 Cod Piccata Wild/ Brown Rice, Broccoli, Mand. Orange High Fiber Cookie & Milk

30 Beef Fajita w/ Peppers, Onions Cheese, Sour Cream & Salsa, Tortillas, Spanish Rice SW Black Beans Banana & Milk

Page 4 - Senior Beacon - NOVEMBER 2022 VISIT US ONLINE AT: Menu substitutions may occur without notice. Clients are advised to keep a 3-day supply of non-perishable foods and bottled water in the event ofinclement weather or other emergencies that may cause a temporary suspension of service. SILVER KEY SENIOR SERVICES | 719-884-2300 / Why Not Give a Shout Out to SILVER KEY? Take a look at their website! And thank them for sponsoring these menus! STANDARD OIL CHANGE: just $77 CLIP FOR 15% OFF “Call me today and I’ll change your oil in a professional, clean, and safe manner, saving you a ton of hassle,” Call or Text: SENIOR DISCOUNT (719) 307-1822 says Emery Keller, ProLube owner and operator. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 1 Swedish Meatballs w/ Noodles Peas &
Salad, Orange & Milk 2 Beef Stew Succotash Whole
Compote & Milk 3 Pork Chow Mein Brown Rice
Blend Vegetables WW
Pear & Milk 4 Bratwurst
Milk Oranges, Raisin Nut Cup 8
Carrots Tossed
Wheat Roll, Pineapple Orange
Bread Banana, W M&M Cookie &
Chicken Chile Tortilla, Broccoli w/ Cheese Carrot Raisin Salad, Diced Pears & Milk

* Please call the day before or the morning of, before 9:00 A.M, to CANCEL your Meal

* IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Numbers in parentheses next to each meal item indicate the number of carbohydrates in grams for that item.


Consumers attending the congregate meal sites shall be advised and informed to keep a three-day supply of non-perishable foods and bottled water in case of inclement weather or other emergency that causes a temporary suspension of services. If feasible and determined by the Area Agency on Aging in their area plan, emergency meal packages may be provided.

NOVEMBER 2022 - Senior Beacon - Page 5 VISIT US ONLINE AT: SRDA NOV. 2022 MEALS ON WHEELS Lifeline With Philips AutoAlert!* The Only medical alarm pendant that can call for help even when you can’t press the button! S R D A KeeP YOur IndePendence with SRDA Lifeline • no Long Term contract • new Homesafe Wireless Solution • now Available, Go Safe Wireless GPS nO HOMe PHOne LIne needed Lifeline of Pueblo call Today! 719-545-1212 Lifeline Colorado Springs call Today 719-522-9779 Serving Pueblo for Over 28 Years! *AutoAlert does not detect 100% of falls. If able, always press your button when you need help. A+ rated PHILIPS Lifeline Affiliate Are you new to the Pueblo area? Looking to make new friends? Here’s the place to go!!! S R D A 230 N. Union Ave. Pueblo, CO 81001 Call us: 719-545-8900 MENUS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE Please
remember SRDA in your
giving. Your legacy lives on, our mission continues at Meals on Wheels.
* In order to prevent waste, we are on a Reservation System.
"In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision. -Dalai Lama S R D A MEALS ON WHEELS MENU MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAYTHURSDAY FRIDAY 1-Nov 2-Nov 3-Nov 4-Nov Cuban Roasted Pork (2)Pasta Primaverea (25)Grilled Chicken on Bun (1)Baked Ham w/Glaze (11) Rosemary Potatoes (15)Harvard Beets (16) Italian Vegetable Toss (17) Roasted Red & Swt Potatoes (19) Seasoned Asparagus (4)Dinner Roll w/Margarine (22)Steamed Broccoli (3)Green Beans Almondine (7) Squash Bisque Soup (15)Sliced Oranges (16) Peach Crisp (30) Cranberry Pear Salad (31) Peaches (15) Blueberry Buckle Cake (52) Garnish (1) /Condiments (2)Side Salad w/Dressing (8) Milk (12) / Milk (12) Milk (12) Milk (12) / Dinner Roll w/Marg (22) Calories: 895 Calories: 865 Calories: 780 Calories: 730 Carbs: 93g Carbs: 133g Carbs: 92g Carbs: 111g Fiber: 10g Fiber: 11g Fiber: 14g Fiber: 10g Protein: 46g Protein:28g Protein: 53g Protein: 38g Fat: 44g Fat: 32g Fat: 26g Fat: 22g Sodium: 515mg Sodium: 1070mg Sodium: 735mg Sodium: 1070mg 7-Nov 8-Nov 9-Nov 10-Nov 11-Nov Pueblo Beef Stew (17)Spinach & Swiss Quiche (26)Beef Tips w/ Gravy (12)Tuna Salad Sandwich (6) Cilantro Rice (18) Honey Glazed Carrots (12)Scalloped Potatoes (15) w/ 2 Slices WW Bread (22) Calabacitas (6) Split Pea Soup (20) Lima Beans & Carrots (12)Crunchy Cucumber Salad (4) Cornbread (42) Hot Fruit Compote (21) Dinner Roll w/Marg (22)Fresh Pear (29) Oranges w Whip Topping (18)Crackers (5) German Choc Cake (40)Milk (12) / V8-juice (7) Milk (12) Milk (12)/Cranberry Juice ( Milk (12) / Berries & Pineapple (10) & Frozen Meal for Holiday Calories: 905 Calories: 865 Calories: 970 Calories: 590 Carbs: 129g Carbs: 116g Carbs: 130g Carbs: 78g Fiber: 10g Fiber: 13g Fiber: 13g Fiber: 11g Protein: 48g Protein: 34g Protein: 45g Protein: 34g No Meal Service Today Fat: 29g Fat: 35g Fat: 37g Fat: 22g (frozen meal to be delivered 11/10) Sodium: 690mg Sodium: 635mg Sodium: 975mg Sodium: 1115mg 14-Nov 15-Nov 16-Nov 17-Nov 18-Nov Slopper w/Green Chili (11) Chef Salad (Turkey & Egg)Arroz con Pollo (32) Turkey & Rice Casserole (22)Lasagna - meat (32) Ranch Beans (26) w/ Italian Dressing (12) Sugar Snap Peas (7) Creole Green Beans (8)Brussel Sprouts (9) Bermuda Mixed Veggies (6) Navy Bean Soup (26) Mexican Corn (17) Roaster Cauliflower (5)Garlic Bread (17) Creamy Coleslaw (11) Cinnamon Roll (31) Cranberry Apple Crumble (30)Veg Florentine Soup (14)Side Salad w/ vianigrette (5) Hamburger Bun (27) / Garnish (1) w/ Raisins (45) Raisin Nut Cup ( 22) Fruity Tapioca Pudding (29)Chai Tea Poached Pears (35) Milk (12) Milk (12) / Crackers (5)Milk (12) Milk (12)/ Animal Crackers (23)Milk (12) Calories: 900 Calories: 880 Calories: 800 Calories: 590 Calories: 865 Carbs: 93g Carbs: 134g Carbs: 120g Carbs: 90g Carbs: 110g Fiber: 13g Fiber: 11g Fiber: 10g Fiber: 10g Fiber: 11g Protein: 49g Protein: 38g Protein: 38g Protein: 32g Protein: 33g Fat: 41g Fat: 25g Fat: 25g Fat: 17g Fat: 38g Sodium: 1105mg Sodium: 960mg Sodium: 385mg* Sodium: 1150mg Sodium: 1240mg 21-Nov 22-Nov 23-Nov 24-Nov 25-Nov Shepard's Pie (30) Mediterranean Salad BLT Sandwich Scandinavian Mixed Veg (11) w/Olives & Feta (9) on WW Bread (27) Cottage Cheese Hummus (12) Broccoli Salad (11) & Fruit plate (26) Pita Bread (11) Fresh Banana (18) Oatmeal & Raisin Cookie (23)Fresh Grapes (14) Blueberry Yogurt (22) Milk (12) Milk (12) Milk (12) Calories: 810 Calories: 690 Calories: 740 Carbs: 102g Carbs: 75g Carbs: 92g Fiber: 10g Fiber: 12g Fiber: 7g Protein: 44g Protein: 28g Protein: 30g Fat: 30g Fat: 36g Fat: 30g No Meal Service Today No Meal Service Today Sodium: 865mg Sodium: 940mg Sodium: 1160mg (frozen meal to be delivered 11/22)(frozen meal to be delivered 11/23) 29-Nov 30-Nov 1-Dec 2-Dec 3-Dec Chicken Fried Rice (17)Tuna Noodle Casserole (26) Cheese Tortellini w/Sauce (28) Meatloaf w/ Gravy (13)Fish w/Mango Basil Sauce (3) Egg Roll (23) Harvard Beets (13) Sugar Snap Peas (6) Mashed Winter Squash (25)Vegetable Couscous (17) Mandarin Stir Fry (6) Italian Vegetable Toss (17) Steamed Carrots (6) Seasoned Spinach (5)Green Bean Almondine (7) Egg Drop Soup (4) Fresh Apple, sliced (22) Cherry Crisp (36) Beef Barley Soup (12) Dinner Roll w/Marg (22) Strawberries & Peaches (12)Chocolate Pudding (6)Mandarin Oranges (15)Ambrosia(18) Fruit Cup w/ Grapes (16) Milk (12) / Yogurt w Granola (21) Milk (12) Milk (12) / Breadstick (14) Milk (12) / Cracker (5)Milk (12) / Fig Bar (41) Calories: 785 Calories: 680 Calories: 735 Calories: 820 Calories: 820 Carbs: 95g Carbs: 97g Carbs: 119g Carbs: 90g Carbs: 119g Fiber: 9g Fiber: 14g Fiber: 11g Fiber: 11g Fiber: 12g Protein: 59g Protein: 39g Protein: 28g Protein: 47g Protein: 47g Fat: 22g Fat: 19g Fat: 22g Fat: 35g Fat: 25g Sodium: 1015mg Sodium: 990mg Sodium: 795mg Sodium: 1010mg Sodium: 795mg IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Numbers in parentheses next to each meal item indicate the number of carbohydrates in grams for that item. *reassessing recipe for accuracy Consumers attending the congregate meal sites shall be advised and informed to keep a three-day supply of non-perishable foods and bottled water in case of inclement weather or other emergency that causes a temporary suspension of services. If feasible and determined by the Area Agency on Aging in their area plan, emergency meal packages may be provided. November 2022 MENUS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE Please remember SRDA in your planned giving. Your legacy lives on, our mission continues at Meals on Wheels. In order to prevent waste, we are on a Reservation System . To Cancel your meal for the day, Please call the day before or the morning of, before 9:00 A.M. YOU MUST BE HOME TO RECEIVE YOUR MEAL!!! 719-543-0100 For Important Nutrition Information, Please Turn Menu Over


wars, slander, and every evil imaginable. There are power grabs, stolen elections, political mania, unrest, riots and despicable acts toward children of all ages including preborn and just born. And you tell me to give thanks in all things.

a follower of Christ, the world will hate me because they hated Him. You have taught me that my suffering and pain always lead to a deeper hope for the things that will last forever. This life is just temporary, this earth is not my home.


"In everything give thanks’ for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” (I Thessalonians 5:18). Really, Paul? So, this might have been easy for you but look what is happening in our world today. There is dissension, division, discord, backbiting, hatred,

And in Ephesians, Paul, you tell me to give thanks for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let me get this right. . . you want me to give God thanks for my divorce, for my wayward children, for the job I just lost and the disease I will live with till I die? You want me to thank Him for the chaos in the world, the fear of another pandemic, for possible starvation? Give me a break!

And in Romans, you tell me that all things work together for my good if I love God and if I am called according to His purpose? No Way! How can the physical and sexual abuse I endured as a child and the abusive marriage I was in possibly work for my good? What were you drinking when you wrote those words, Paul? You were surely delusional.

Yet, Paul, my dear teacher and friend, you have taught me that without suffering, I will not grow in my faith in Jesus. And because I am

In kindness and love, Paul, you taught Timothy, your young disciple that, “Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted, while evil people and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived” (2 Timothy 3:12-13). And you commended the church in Thessalonica for their perseverance in the persecutions and trials they were suffering. Then you encouraged them with these words, “This is evidence of the righteous judgment of God, that you may be considered worthy of the kingdom of God, for which you are also suffering--since indeed God considers it just to repay with affliction those who afflict you. . . ,”

Thank you for that good word, Paul. You just gave me great encouragement. And somehow, the trials don’t seem as ominous. I’m thinking not so much for myself as for all the babies and children who are being used in such demonic and horrific ways by demon possessed traffickers and satan worshippers. Just knowing the perpetrators will get their just rewards lightens my burden. I only pray it is soon so more children will be saved and protected.

And Paul, my dear brother, you suffered beyond what I can imagine. You survived cruel brutality from fellow Jews and blind

self-righteous religious leaders. Your faith and trust in Jesus concerning the infirmity in your flesh encourages me. When I talk to Him about my thorn, I often hear the same words Jesus spoke to you regarding the “thorn in your flesh.” My thorn - tear ducts blocked with scar tissue leaving no drainage, causing my eyes to constantly fill with tears. His still small voice reminds me, “Jan, my grace was sufficient for Paul, is it not also sufficient for Jan?”

When I consider the suffering you endured, Paul, and the agony Jesus suffered on the cross for my sins, I am ashamed of my complaining. You, like our Lord Jesus, gave everything to win others to salvation. Jesus was innocent. You and I are not. Nevertheless, even when Jesus knew of our great sins, our unfaithfulness and rebellion, He loved us, died for us, and rose from the grave to prove His divinity. That He was/is who He said He is. God in the flesh, Immanuel, God with us.

I love this reminder you gave the Corinthian church because it also applies to me. “But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body. For we who are alive are always being given over to

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Military Weekend at Pueblo Zoo

PUEBLO, Colo.--In honor of Veteran's Day, and as a thank you for service to our country, active military members, veterans and their immediate family (partner and children) are admitted free, November 5th and 6th. The zoo is open 9am to 4pm with last admission at 3pm each day.

Military ID required. Military members and veterans will also receive a 15% discount in the gift shop and $10 off if they join or renew a member.

In addition to Military Weekend, the Pueblo Zoo celebrates another strong American icon – the American bison. November 5th, is National Bison Day. Bison played a significant role in the grasslands ecosystem, Native American culture, and the story of the American West. In 2016, the National Bison Legacy Act was signed into law, officially making the American bison the national mammal of the United States. This majestic animal joins the ranks of the bald eagle as an official symbol of our country – and much like the eagle, it’s one of the greatest conservation success stories of all time. In less than a century, the great bison herds of North America were nearly driven to extinction solely by the actions of humans during the westward expansion of European settlement in the 19th century. Though their population dramatically dropped from 40 million to under 1,000, concerted conservation efforts have thankfully brought the population back up to over 500,000. Pueblo Zoo supports the Laramie Hills Bison Conservation Herd and their efforts to return this native icon to the shortgrass prairie of northern Colorado. Pueblo Zoo is currently home to two majestic male bison – Father, Cody and son, CJ (Cody Jr.). In addition, we are pleased to welcome Wilder, from Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) who will be making his Pueblo debut, 11am-1pm.

Event details: Saturday, November 5th, 10am to 2pm, at the bison exhibit. Learn more about this majestic cornerstone species through crafts, educational presentations and conservation action activities. Giveaways while supplies last.

future for all living things. From October to April, the Zoo is open daily 9am – 4 pm. Located approximately 30 minutes South of Colorado Springs, Villa Pueblo Senior Living Community is an affordable option for Adults over the age of 55. Great Location! Close to Shopping, Walking Trails, Medical Offices, and Highways!

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From May to September, the Zoo is daily from 9am to 5pm. For more information, call 561-1452 or Shop around and see how we compare! Our great rates start at only $1850 & include:  All utilities (except telephone)  Cable television  Two meals a day—GREAT FOOD!  Housekeeping & Flat laundry services  Inside and outside maintenance/ grounds-keeping  Complimentary use of washers and dryers  Emergency call system  Assigned parking for residents and guests  Scheduled transportation & MORE! Tallest Building in Pueblo Apartments Have GREAT VIEWS!

The Pueblo Zoo is a not-for-profit organization and is an accredited member of the Associations of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) featuring more than 400 animals, 125 species, and beautiful spacious grounds. Look for the AZA logo whenever you visit a zoo or aquarium as your assurance that you are supporting a facility dedicated to providing excellent care for animals, a great experience for you, and a better Villa Pueblo Senior Living Community 1111 Bonforte Boulevard, Pueblo, CO 81001

What Burn Ban?



Things got a little heated -which is to say 73 vehicles were utterly consumed by raging flames -- at the annual fall festival at the Robinson Family Farm in Temple, Texas on Oct. 15, an event that features a pumpkin patch, hayrides, live music, kids' games and more. The Bell County Fire Marshall's Office is seeking information about an attendee who, according to witnesses reporting on social media, flicked a cigarette butt in the grassy parking lot, which, combined with the gusty winds and dry conditions that had already prompted the county to issue a burn ban, most likely started the blaze. "I have to say that is the most exciting and expensive pumpkin patch we've been to," one attendee posted on Facebook after the disaster claimed their family van.


David Alan Taylor, 41, of Pensacola, Florida, did not follow the guidelines for safe tackling recommended by the various youth, college and professional football organizations when he charged onto the practice field on Sept. 20, donned a helmet, got into a football stance and charged his target, burying his helmet in said target's chest before grabbing him by the arms and pushing him to the ground. But it wasn't Taylor's form that got him in trouble; it was the fact that his victim was 9 years old. The Pensacola News Journal reported that shortly before demonstrating his rusty football skills, Taylor had become enraged upon seeing his son being overpowered by the victim during a one-on-one tackling drill. The tackled youth was not seriously hurt, and Taylor was booked to the Escambia County jail on a

first-degree felony count of aggravated child abuse and a misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct.


When your horse runs off with a herd of wild mustangs, let him go, because man, he's gone. That was the reality Shane Adams of Fielding, Utah, had to accept when his 10-year-old horse, Mongo, joined a passing herd in the middle of the night during a camping trip eight years ago. Adams reported his horse missing and searched the area regularly for years, to no avail. But Yahoo Insider reported that the Bureau of Land Management recently contacted Adams with incredible news: Mongo had been found. The horse is seriously underweight due to the scarcity of food in the region where he and the herd were roaming, but Adams said Mongo is in good health and has not forgotten his training. Adams said his life had taken a downward turn in the years since Mongo disappeared; he and his wife divorced, and an auto accident in 2021 left him disabled. However, he now feels things are looking up: "My life is like down in the dumps, like the car accident. I lost my house, I lost everything. I got my horse back though."

Rare Vintage

A pair of Levi's jeans found in an abandoned mine in the American West sold for a staggering $87,400 at a New Mexico auction on Oct. 1, reported What was so special about the jeans? They dated

back to the 1880s, and while it's not uncommon for "denim archaeologists" to find jeans from that period of history, it's incredibly rare to find them so well-preserved. "There's a couple of soft spots on the jeans that could use a bit of reinforcement, but otherwise they're super-duper solid jeans," said Zip Stevenson, who runs a denim repair shop in Los Angeles and placed the winning bid with a partner. Though Stevenson would prefer the jeans were purchased and put on display in a museum, he said he would consider selling them to a private buyer. "I could easily imagine Johnny Depp or Jason Momoa wearing them," Stevenson said.

Smelly Situations

* An overturned semi on I-95 in Cumberland County, North Carolina, on Oct. 18 gave commuters more than the usual traffic accident inconvenience. That's because when 22,000 pounds of catfish and 150 gallons of diesel fuel hits the road ... it stinks. State troopers told WBTW-13 that the semi driver was unhurt in the crash, which was caused by another driver pulling in front of him.

* The Fairfield Sun Times reported that Ollie the black Labrador was safe and sound, but very stinky, after spending a few hours in the sewer behind his owners' home in Holbury, Hampshire, England on Oct. 18. The dog was missing when his owners returned to the house earlier in the day after a brief outing, and it was discovered that he had fallen through a manhole in the backyard into the sewer about three meters below. Neighbors were asked not to flush their toilets during the rescue operation.

People With Issues

Rorie Susan Woods, 55, of Hadley, Massachusetts, is facing multiple assault and battery charges after she took extreme measures in an attempt to prevent what she and other protestors believed was a wrongful eviction being carried out by sheriff's deputies in Longmeadow on Oct. 12. WWLP-22 reported that Woods drove an SUV hauling a trailer loaded with beehives to the residence of Alton King, the homeowner being served an eviction notice. While wearing a protective beekeeping suit, Woods

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Point of the Pines Gardens Medicaid & Private Pay Accepted 719-545-6222 330 Elkton Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80919 A ordable Assisted Living in a Scenic Setting I-25 & GARDEN OF THE GODS N Chestnut St Elkton Dr Rusina Rd Exit 146 I-25 W Garden of the Gods Rd Pointofthe PinesDr Point of the Pines Gardens 25 719-265-0030


shook the beehives, unleashing a swarm of angry bees on the officers, three of whom were allergic to bee stings. Sheriff Nick Cocchi said Ross' actions could have gotten someone killed: "We had one staff member go to the hospital and luckily, he was all right or she would be facing manslaughter charges."

But Is It Art?

The city of Cheadle, Alberta, Canada, is the temporary home of a newly revealed shrine to snacking. A 17-foot-tall statue commissioned by Frito-Lay was unveiled in early October. The work memorializes the signature Cheetos experience: three fingers holding up one of the crunchy snacks, their tips covered in the powdery orange residue the brand has christened "Cheetle." "We're excited to be

celebrating Cheetle and Canadians' cheesy, Cheetle-dusted fingertips on such a grand scale and in such a uniquely mischievous way," said Lisa Allie, senior marketing director at PepsiCo Foods Canada. CNN reports that the Cheetle Hand Statue will be on display in Cheadle until Nov. 4, when it embarks on a tour of Canada.

Court Jester

A municipal judge in Cleveland, Ohio, was ordered to be removed from the bench on indefinite suspension on Oct. 18 and will undergo evaluations for her physical and mental health after a long series of bizarre incidents and behavior, the Columbus Dispatch reported. The Ohio Supreme Court took action after Judge Pinkey S. Carr wore sneakers, spandex shorts, T-shirts and even tank tops while



● Nutrition Services (Congregate)

Eligibility Policy:

Individuals are eligible to participate in the congregate meals service in one of the categories listed in this below:

Persons 60 years of age or older and their self-declared spouses of any age;

Disabled persons under 60 years of age who reside with persons over 60 years of age, when the care and maintenance of the disabled person otherwise prevents the older adult from participating in the program and when the participation of such individuals does not prevent the participation of older adults and their spouses. The disabled person must accompany the eligible older consumer to the site;

Disabled persons under 60 years of age who reside in housing facilities occupied primarily by older adults and at which congregate nutrition services are provided when such participation does not prevent the participation of older adults and their spouse

Persons under 60 years of age who provide meal related volunteer services and individuals providing volunteer services at congregate meal sites during meal hours when the participation of such individuals does not prevent the participation of older adults and their spouses; and

Staff members of the nutrition program who are 60 years of age or older when such participation does not pre-

sitting the bench -- a bench that had become littered with so many cups, dolls and novelty items that Carr's own attorney described it as "resembling a flea market." The 58-page complaint filed by the Ohio Supreme Court states that, among many other incidents, Carr repeatedly discussed the television show "P-Valley" and joked about giving lenient sentences and accepting kickbacks with attorneys and defendants while court was in session. When a prosecuting attorney had not yet arrived for a hearing, Carr is quoted as having stated, "The prosecutor's not here. Let's see how much we can get away with." A temporary replacement for Carr will be appointed by Governor Mike DeWine and will sit the bench until voters elect a new judge in a future election.

NOTE: Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), meal sites are closed. Meals-on-Wheels is still open

vent the participation of other older adults and their spouses.

Nutrition Services (Home Delivered)


WRGB in Albany reported the arrests of Chrystal Thomas, 33, on Oct. 4, and Austin Smith, 20, on Oct. 15, for the duo's part in the illegal tattooing of a 10-year-old boy. Thomas, the boy's mother, claimed she was not in the room when Smith permanently inked the child's name on his arm "in full-size block letters." Authorities were made aware of the situation when the boy asked a school nurse for Vaseline to apply to the tattoo. Both Thomas and Smith were charged with endangering the welfare of a child, and Smith was additionally charged with second-degree unlawfully dealing with a child.

Call SRDA at 545-8900 for congregate meal sites and Meals-on-Wheels info!

Persons age 60 years or older who are homebound or who are geographically isolated; Disabled persons under


More Information

For more information, please contact us at 719-543-0100.


Avondale Community Center 719-947-4180 409 2nd Lane Avondale, CO

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Beulah Center 719-485-3100

5903 Penn Avenue Beulah, CO


11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Colorado City Community Center 719-676-3059

5445 Cuerno Verde Colorado City, CO

Tuesday and Thursday 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

JH Edwards Senior Center (SRDA) 230 N Union Avenue Pueblo, CO

Eligibility Policy:

Individuals are eligible to participate in the Home Delivered meals service in one of the categories listed in this below:

age 60 years who reside with eligible consumers; and Spouses of home delivered meals consumers if, according to Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) criteria, receipt of the meals are in the best interest of the

Monday through Friday 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Fulton Heights Center 1331 Santa Rosa Pueblo, CO

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only he’d kept his campaign promise and cut crime in the Big Apple. No mayoral candidate talked about “safety, safety, safety” more than he. As Adams told MSNBC during the campaign:

“Public safety and justice is the prerequisite to prosperity. And I think that we have become too symbolic, instead of realistic, on how you keep cities safe.”

think back to about five years ago. New Yorkers lived in a virtually crimefree city for 20 years under mayors Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg.

black, and nearly 90% are black or Hispanic.

Apology not accepted!



TNew York Mayor Eric Adams would have been the Democrats’ runaway choice for president if

If a black mayor had saved New York City, no one could have beaten him. Not only that, but Adams has a black deputy mayor for public safety (Phil Banks), a black police commissioner (Keechant L. Sewell) and a black district attorney (Alvin Bragg).

As conservatives never tire of pointing out, murder victims are overwhelmingly black (as are murder perpetrators, but let’s not mention that). In a world that has only recently discovered that “Black Lives Matter,” wouldn’t an all-black law enforcement team come down like a sledgehammer on crime?

Adams wasn’t setting some pie-inthe-sky, impossible goal for himself. You don’t have to go back to the 1950s to conceive of a safe New York. Just

In fact, those mayors made the city so safe, even communist Mayor Bill de Blasio couldn’t wreck it overnight. It took a virus from China (which apparently required that criminals be released, but citizens be locked up) and a fentanyl addict dying in Minneapolis for him to spring the criminals it had taken Giuliani and Bloomberg 20 years to catch.

The point is: You can’t fool New Yorkers anymore. They know it’s possible to keep violent psychos off the street.

Just not by a Democrat.

The problem is, no Democrat can support any policy that would reduce crime because, unfortunately, that would simply not be possible without putting more “black bodies” in prison.


The Democratic Party treats black criminals as sacred beings, much like the temple in India where they worship rats. Recall that when Bloomberg ran for president in 2020, he had to apologize for policies that reduced murders from 600 a year to an astounding 300 a year — in a city where more than 60% of murder victims are

Yes, perhaps vastly more black lives would “matter” in the sense of continuing to exist. But more “black bodies” would be subjected to stop-and-frisk by the police. Obviously, that’s a nogo. Unpack your invisible backpack, white supremacist!

Liberals love to boast about New York’s murder rate going up at a less astronomical clip than other crimes. Well, yeah — criminals are notoriously poor marksmen. They are approximately as likely to hit small children and elderly bystanders as their intended target. Congratulations, New York!

On the other hand, shootings in the city have gone from about 900 a year in 2018 to nearly 2,000 a year, according to The New York Times.

It turns out Adams is the Democrats’ Donald Trump: All talk, no action.

There were hints that Adams wasn’t going to get the job done when, earlier this year, Politico reported he was meeting with crime experts Al Sharpton and Joe Biden. He proudly noted that he’d recently thanked a group of police officers … for letting a perp get away. (At least no black bodies were hurt!) He even suggested that a video of the escaping suspect be screened for officers to show them how it’s done.

So how’s it going? In addition to the shootings, since Adams has been mayor, forcible rape is up 63%, grand larceny 38%, robberies 24%, car theft 25% and major felonies in the transit system 51%.

Every single day, there’s a new mind-blowing crime in New York.

Here are a few vignettes from Life in the Big City: On Tuesday this week, a 19-year-old public school teacher’s assistant in Brooklyn was shot in the head outside his school in the middle of the day. Last Thursday, three New Yorkers were stabbed on the subway within seven hours, one fatally. The previous Saturday night, nine (extremely body-positive) women dressed from head to toe in neon green bodysuits boarded the subway at Times Square and proceeded to pummel and rob a couple of 19-year-old girls. Days earlier, a random psycho stabbed an EMS worker to death in a frenzied attack in broad daylight outside a Queens deli.

The bad news for New York is that unless Lee Zeldin is elected governor this November, there is no hope. Things will continue to spiral downward into a dystopian horror. The good news for the country is that at this stage, it looks like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis isn’t even going to have to campaign to be our next president.

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Canon City True Value has new owners, a new look, and some new products, but Canon City True Value is committed to offering the same friendly service with the same experienced staff.

Bob and Mel Smith purchased the Canon City store June 8th at 1630 E Main Street, and have been busy ever since. They have expanded the fishing and camping area, brought in True Values new pre-tinted paint and laminate flooring along with EAB – Exchange A Blade- saw blade. The Garden Barn is still a fun place to browse and find that special yard ornament, patio set or browse the BBQ Alley and pick out that special grill.

The Stihl department has been revamped and upgraded. The Stihl Department has grown bigger and better and offers a larger variety of chains, accessories and chain saws. Husqvarna is also a fundamental part of our outdoor power department.

The U-Haul department is offering the same service as before but has added U-Boxes for your storage needs.

Canon City True Value continues to offer wood pellets, pellet stove, wood stoves and accessories to heat your home. We offer propane at a competitive price and can fill small bottles up to RV’s or farm equipment. The small engine repair and service center is here for your small engine repair needs. Additional services include making keys and pet ID tags.

The Smith’s are third-generation Colorado natives. They most recently lived in Pagosa Springs for eight years before relocating to Canon City. Their son, Eythan and his wife Rachel, along with son-in-law Morgan Minnis are working alongside them at the store. Bob’s mother, Sharon, volunteers a couple of days each week in the Garden Barn. We are bringing in our family and adopting the family that was already here – the staff. The original staff has come along side and are diligently working to meet the needs of Canon City and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in our customer service and look forward to being an integral part of Fremont County.

Grateful Hearts Reside Here

"Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise, be thankful to Him, and bless His name."

Psalm 100:4

Seasons of our lives change, just as the seasons of the year change, but one thing that must remain constant is having a "grateful heart." A grateful heart is one that expresses gratitude with deep appreciation for benefits received. I think that we as Christians, need to develop an attitude of gratitude, not only to the Lord, but towards our families and to those around us.

Why show gratitude? Is it the right thing to do, or does it have other intrinsic value? Demonstrating sincere gratitude takes energy, thought, and intentional decisions on our part, whether it’s toward God or others. So how can having a grateful heart have a permanent affect on you and those around you? When you express thankfulness, it not only impacts

the receiver—God or others—but it also has benefits for you, the one giving thanks. Recognizing the blessings we have in our lives and acting upon them regularly increases our awareness and appreciation of those blessings. Sharing your gratitude improves your quality of life which can only result in positive emotions for you and others.

The theme of our lives should always be, "As for me and my house, grateful hearts reside here."

"But above all these things put on love, which is the bond of perfection. And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also you were called in one body, and be thankful. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns, and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord. And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him." Colos-

sians 3:14-17


Kay Owen-Larson is the co-founder and President of Crossroads Ministries and the founder of the Crossroads School of Chaplaincy. This year marks her 59th year in ministry.

An author, speaker, teacher and pastor, she has a heart for the elderly and would like to see many of them come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in their last days.

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ContinuingInto AnotherCentury ofService

For, Montgomery & Steward Funeral 100 Years

Directors has had a reputation for excellence. Our focus has always been thoughtful, caring, professional, personalized service to families.

Moving into the next century, Gerry and Dian Montgomery, pledge their commitment and long tradition of providing care and compassion for the community they have always called home.

Continuing to set the bar high, we promise to go above and beyond for each family we serve –not because it's a business but because it's our way of life.

We invite you to call or visit us today.

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100 Years Serviceof 100 Years Service


SilverSneakers to Offer World Class Fitness Experience

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--SilverSneakers® by Tivity Health®, the nation’s leading fitness program for older adults, will offer members an Apple Fitness+™ subscription at no additional cost starting in 2023. With a Fitness+ subscription.

SilverSneakers members in participating health plans will have access to over 3,000 workouts and meditations including programs to get started or go after a goal and engaging audio experiences like Time to Walk and Time to Run to motivate users to get moving outside.

Fitness+, the award-winning fitness subscription service designed to be welcoming to all and help users live a healthier day, will empower eligible SilverSneakers members to exercise anytime, anywhere and no matter where they are on their fitness journey. The world-class workouts and meditations are led by a diverse and inclusive team of trainers, curated for a range of abilities, skill levels, ages and interests.

SilverSneakers is the only senior fitness program that will offer Fitness+ in January through select Medicare plans.

“We are excited to work with

SilverSneakers and offer Fitness+ to this inspiring community of active older adults, who are motivated to live a healthier day by staying

mentally and physically fit,” said Jay Blahnik, Vice President of Fitness Technologies at Apple. “Fitness+ is designed to be inclusive and welcoming to all, no matter what fitness level or stage of life people are in. With over 3,000 workouts and meditations, we can’t wait for SilverSneakers members to join us and introduce them to our trainer team who will keep them energized from start to finish.”

Aetna®, a CVS Health® company, will be the first health plan to offer Fitness+ through SilverSneakers.

Aetna Medicare Advantage members will have access to the full Fitness+ library of workouts and meditations at no additional cost starting in January.

“We continue to promote the benefits of physical activity to our members and are excited to offer them more ways to move with Apple Fitness+ made available by SilverSneakers,” said Christopher Ciano, President, Aetna Medicare. “SilverSneakers understands the unique needs and fitness preferences of older adults. We share their passion for encouraging older adults to keep their bodies and minds active for improved overall well-being. We hope our members will embrace this opportunity to exercise in new ways and have fun doing it.”

With Fitness+, SilverSneaker members in participating health plans can choose from the full library of Fitness+ content, with workouts and meditations ranging from 5 to 45 minutes across 11 workout types, including Dance, Pilates, Strength, and Yoga, along with video and audio guided meditations to support cognitive health and stress relief. There are also workout programs with custom content designed to support users through a season of life or help them prepare for important moments like Workouts for Beginners, Workouts for Older Adults, and Meditations for Beginners. In addition, users can access Time to Walk, an audio walking experience featuring some of the world’s most interesting and influential people such as, Billie Jean King, Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, Dr. Jane Goodall, Robin Roberts, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and Sugar Ray Leonard, and Time to Run, an audio running experience featuring popular running routes in notable cities around the world. Every Fitness+ studio workout includes modifications to accommodate all fitness levels, along with options for closed captioning and subtitles in six languages.

“Offering Apple Fitness+ to members is an exciting way for us to deliver more opportunities than ever to experience the mental and physical

benefits of exercise and meditation through a service that is welcoming to all”, said Richard Ashworth, President & CEO, Tivity Health. “We’re proud to be the only senior fitness program bringing Apple Fitness+ to our members with so many ways to stay motivated. This collaboration will provide eligible SilverSneakersmembers with more ways to access fitness using familiar technology with workouts and features to keep them engaged and help them track their progress.”

Beginning in January, eligible SilverSneakers members can activate their Fitness+ subscription through their SilverSneakers member account on or through the SilverSneaker GO mobile app. Users only need an iPhone to sign up, and can then experience Fitness+ on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Fitness+ users with an Apple Watch can continue to take their motivation to the next level with personalized real-time metrics that display on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, as well as the ability to experience Time to Walk, Time to Run, and meditations with just their Apple Watch paired with AirPods or other Bluetooth-enabled headphones.

For more information, visit

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Financial Strength You Can Count On Does Your CD Pay 5.25% ?? * Fixed Rate * No Downside * Guaranteed 5.25% Century Insurance Call or text: (719) 718-8090 Fixed Rate, Guaranteed, No Downside $50k minimum for 5.25%

Penrose (719) 372-3872 Florence (719) 784-6493 Canon City (719) 345-4112 Salida (719) 539-3351


Please call (719) 784-6493 before 9:30 a.m. for reservations. Congregate meals served Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. All menus subject to change. Please

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Let's thank Kopper Kettle for sponsoring--Stop by soon!! PLEASE SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS Thank You Very Much! Senior Beacon Newspaper 115 E MAIN STREET FLORENCE, CO 81226 (719) 784-7664 Find us on Facebook PLEASE SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS by giving them business, referring customers to them and giving them well-deserved, good reviews online. Thank You Very Much! Senior Beacon Newspaper November 2022 GAC Upper Arkansas Area Agency on Aging Nutrition Program Please call (719) 345-3064 before 9:30 a.m. for reservations. Congregate meals served Monday – Friday at noon. All menus subject to change. Monday A $3.00 suggested donation per meal is appreciated, but not required. Tuesday 1 #71 Roast Beef Sandwich on Wheat Chunky Vegetable Soup Mustard, Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato Waldorf Salad Banana Wednesday 2 #26 Chicken Fajita Savory Black Beans w/Cilantro Tortilla Whole Wheat Cheddar Cheese Mexicali Corn Orange Thursday 3 #35 Chili Relleno Bake Corn & Zucchini Mexicana WW Tortilla w/Salsa Tossed Salad w/Lemon Wedge Purple Plums Friday 4 #46 Scalloped Potatoes w/Ham Spinach Salad w/Mandarin Oranges Hard Boiled Egg Mixed Vegetables Sliced Peaches 7 #49 Hamburger on a Bun Catsup, Mustard, Onion Split Pea Soup Creamy Cole Slaw Banana 8 #14 Beef Stew Green Beans Salad w/Lite Italian Banana WW Bread w/Butter 09 #101 Tuna Noodle Casserole Italian Green Beans Spinach Salad w/Mandarin Oranges WW Dinner Roll w/Butter Pineapple Tidbits 10 #86 Spinach Lasagna Green Beans Tossed Vegetable w/Lite Italian Banana WW Bread w/Butter 11 CLOSED VETERANS DAY 14 #24 Chicken Cacciatore Seasoned Green Beans Smashed Red Potatoes Banana WW Bread w/Butter 15 #66 Pot Roast Brown Gravy Baby Carrots & New Potatoes Sliced Peaches Raisin Nut Cup WW Bread w/Butter 16 #58 Lentil Soup Egg Salad Sandwich Shredded Iceberg Lettuce/Tomato Slices Banana 17 #80 Salmon Patties Cream Sauce Steamed Brown Rice w/Parsley Mixed Vegetables Tangerine Raisin Nut Cup WW Bread w/Butter 18 #11 Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry Steamed Brown Rice Steamed Carrots Pineapple Tidbits WW Bread w/Butter 21 #44 Ham and Beans Collard Greens Cornbread Orange Juice 22 #41 Dijon Chicken Brown Rice Broccoli Florets Tossed Vegetable Salad Strawberries Raisin Nut Cup WW Bread w/Butter 23 #77 Roast Turkey w/Gravy Cornbread Stuffing Cauliflower Broccoli Mix Cranberry Mold Pumpkin Bar Trail Mix WW Dinner Roll 24 CLOSED THANKSGIVING 25 CLOSED THANKSGIVING OBSERVANCE 28 #83 Spaghetti & Meat Sauce Salad w/Lite Italian Seasoned Green Beans Orange WW Bread w/Butter 29 #67 Pueblo Beef Stew w/Brown Rice Cornbread Coleslaw Raisin Nut Cup Orange 30 #27 Chicken Fried Steak Cream Gravy Smashed Red Potatoes California Mixed Vegetables Apple WW Dinner Roll Must have assessment form for our meal program on file with UAAACOG. Eligibility 60+ November 2022 Florence Senior Center Upper Arkansas Area Agency on Aging Nutrition Program Please call (719) 784-6493 before 9:30 a.m. for reservations. Congregate meals served Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at noon. All menus subject to change. Tuesday 1 #48 Hamburger on a WW Bun Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Catsup, and Mustard Baked Beans Potato Salad Orange Thursday 3 #35 Chili Relleno Bake Corn & Zucchini Mexicana WW Tortilla w/Salsa Tossed Salad w/Lemon Wedge Purple Plums Friday 4 #46 Scalloped Potatoes w/Ham Spinach Salad w/Mandarin Oranges Hard Boiled Egg Mixed Vegetables Sliced Peaches 8 #5 Smothered Pork Chop w/Gravy Mashed Red Potatoes Cooked Collard Greens Apple Bran Muffin 10 #86 Spinach Lasagna Green Beans Tossed Vegetable w/Lite Italian Banana WW Bread w/Butter 11 CLOSED VETERANS DAY 15 #34 Chili con Carne Cornbread Spinach Salad w/Mandarin Orange Apricot Pineapple Compote 17 #80 Salmon Patties Cream Sauce Steamed Brown Rice w/Parsley Mixed Vegetables Tangerine Raisin Nut Cup WW Bread w/Butter 18 #11 Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry Steamed Brown Rice Steamed Carrots Pineapple Tidbits WW Bread w/Butter 22 #77 Roast Turkey w/Gravy Cornbread Stuffing Cauliflower Broccoli Mix Cranberry Mold Pumpkin Bar Trail Mix WW Dinner Roll 24 CLOSED THANKSGIVING 25 CLOSED THANKSGIVING OBSERVANCE 29 #53 Hungarian Goulash California Vegetable Medley Green Peas Pineapple Tidbits WW Bread w/Butter A $3.00 suggested donation per meal is appreciated, but not required. Must have assessment form for our meal program on file with UAAACOG. Eligibility 60+
call (719)
before 9:30 a.m. for reservations.
meals served MondayFridays. All menus subject to change.


Pueblo Public Health Encourages Annual Flu Vaccine

Public Health Officials in Pueblo stated the importance of getting an influenza (flu) vaccination to prevent the flu, as flu data collection began on October 2, 2022.

“It is important to get the flu vaccine each year—for yourself and for the people you love. It helps protect against influenza, a serious disease that can result in hospitalization and even death,” said Jody Carrillo, RN, BSN, MS, program manager at the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment.

The flu vaccine is available in Pueblo. Public Health encourages people to check with their health care provider or local pharmacy to get vaccinated. The flu and COVID vaccines may be received in different arms at the same time depending upon medical history of the individual.

“Everyone six months and older is encouraged to get their flu shot,” stated Carrillo. “The earlier you get the vaccine the better, since it takes about two weeks after vaccination to build up protection. Even if you have been previously vaccinated for the flu,

it is recommended to get vaccinated every year as flu strains change each year. The vaccines are updated each year to reflect the flu strains circulating during the current flu season,” Carrillo added.

You cannot get influenza from the vaccine. There is a chance you can get sick if you are near an ill person before or after receiving the vaccine while your body is building protection.

Common side effects from the flu shot include:

Soreness, redness, tenderness or swelling where the shot was given Low-grade fever


Muscle aches

While these symptoms may be bothersome, they are mild compared to having the flu.

When you feel flu like symptoms, contact your doctor. Flu symptoms may include: Cough

Sore Throat Runny or stuffy nose Muscle or body aches


Fatigue (tiredness)

Fever* or feeling feverish/chills (Not everyone with flu will have a fever.)

Some people may have vomiting and diarrhea, though this is more

common in children than adults.

For additional information about influenza prevention visit

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IfI hadn’t seen Disney’s animated PINOCCHIO many moons ago, my reaction to this latest screen adaptation might be quite different. Most of the delightful songs were downplayed this time, except for a few tunes like “When You Wish

Upon a Star,” sung glo-

riously by Cynthia Erivo as the Blue Fairy who gives the wooden puppet life. Also, the look of the 1940 animation offering was seamless, which made everything seem more real and cute and scary to me.

On the positive side, this live-action remake stays mostly on track story wise, and it’s much better than Roberto Benigni’s dreadful 2002 version.

The poem below lists 2022 “Pinocchio” highlights.

Puppet wants to be a real boy to give his sad father some joy. Blue Fairy relates to him how good real boys honor fathers now.

Pinocchio, the puppet’s name, then tries to play a righteous game. First off to school but he’s thrown out. What in the world is this about?

He’s glad he has at least one friend, Jiminy Cricket to the end.

This tiny creature, his conscience, attempts to help with his good sense.

The dangers that puppet faces! Finding himself in bad places. And Pleasure Island where donkeys bray because they’re boys turned that day

His song and dancing leads to fame. But also to things that bring shame. Pinocchio’s nose grows too long because he lies, and that is wrong.

A giant monster in the sea. Will it swallow son and daddy? Live-action with special effects not as easy to stop some wrecks.

But Hanks plays father Geppetto. That’s a reason to see this show.

Whether he’s mumbling while working on his clocks or smiling while talking with Pinocchio, Tom Hanks makes us care about Geppetto. He always surprises me by the way he transforms himself into the character he’s playing. He just gets better and better.

Benjamin Evan Ainsworth provides the voice for Pinocchio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt does the same for Jiminy Cricket. They both sound like the characters they play. Also, talented

If director Robert Zemeckis (“Gremlins”) wanted to make another entertaining Pinocchio movie, then his mission is almost accomplished. But it can’t compare to the 1940 animated classic, and many viewers who have seen both films will probably agree with me. (Released by Disney+ and rated "PG" by MPAA.)

To be a real boy, you must prove yourself to be brave, truthful and unselfish. ---The Blue Fairy

NOTE: Just found out there’s another Pinocchio film coming before the end of this year. Guillermo del Toro serves as the director of a darker version filmed in stop-motion animation. Enough already!

Personal TesTimony and Kudos To Canon CiTy Tire and serviCe 1504 royal GorGe Blvd. Canon CiTy, Co

Finding a trustworthy auto mechanic is not always easy. Several that I thought were trustworthy proved to be more on the shady side. Recently, I took an RV to have new brake pads installed. The job went well, and the price was reasonable. A couple weeks later, I took the same RV back to have an oil change and a tune-up. When I picked the vehicle up and found the only charge was for the oil change, I asked why they hadn’t done the tune-up I had requested. The answer was that it didn’t need a tune-up. I was stunned and delighted at the owner’s honesty.

Repair from Canon City Tire

Buying Tires from Canon City Tire & Service

Hours: M-F 7:30am - 5:30 pm Sat.: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

On another occasion, my husband took his Legend to the same shop. The car was struggling and occasionally sputtering and hard to start. Because of the car’s age, he was certain the repairs would be terribly expensive. When he went back to pick it up, he was told to put an additive in the gas and to use a mid-grade gasoline instead of regular. There was no charge.

When these things happen, you can be assured the mechanic is trustworthy and I am grateful the Lord sent me to Canon Tire to get my RV fixed. I had tried other places, but many shops don’t have a rack to lift an RV. I mentioned that to Matthew Tatum, the Canon City Tire and Service owner, he said, “We don’t have a lift either!” But they got the job done.

Thanks again to all the folks at Canon City Tire and Service. You do a great job and I love your courteous staff.

Jan McLaughlin, Light For The Journey and Senior Beacon Advertising Consultant

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Keegan-Michael Key lends his voice to Honest John. Plus, Giuseppe Battiston stands out as the bombastic Stromboli and Kyanne Lamaya makes her mark as a sensitive puppeteer. I already mentioned the terrific Cynthia Erivo as the Blue Fairy.
Get a FREE Instant Repair Quote Online:
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House District 47 needs the strongest leadership possible to protect our ranchers and farmers, our oil and gas workers, our coal miners, and our small businesses. I have energy, and work ethic that it is going to take to properly represent the constituents of SE Colorado. I have served on numerous boards and

at both the local and state levels and have my finger on the pulse of many of the issues that we face within the district which will allow me to hit the ground running once elected in November.

What do you think is the biggest difference between you and your opponent?

I have the fire in my belly, energy, strong work ethic, open mind, and the resolve to represent the will of the citizens in HD 47 to the best of my ability. To do that, I will spend a lot of time not only listening to the

concerns of the voters but also keeping them informed of what is happening at the Capitol and how it may affect their lives in either a positive or negative way. I will be their voice.

Why do you want to do this job?

I am tired of watching the attacks on rural Colorado and how we choose to live our lives. Instead of sitting on the sidelines and witnessing this happen to our state, I decided to step up and serve the people. House District 47 needs the strongest leadership possible to protect our ranchers and farmers, our oil and gas workers, our coal miners, and our small businesses. I have the fire in my belly, energy, and work ethic that it is going to take to properly represent the constituents of SE Colorado. I have served on numerous boards and committees at both the local and state levels and have my finger on the pulse of many of the issues that we face within the district, which will allow me to hit the ground running once elected in November

7. What is your experience?

Chicosa Water Users Assoc:Pres-

ident 2015-2020, board member until 2022 * Colorado Farm Bureau

* Holy Trinity Academy School Board 2019-2021 * Las Animas County Fair board 2017-2021 * Hoehne Fire Protection District May 2014- February 2019 * Trinidad Las Animas County Chamber of Commerce 2021-2022 * Las Animas County Republican Precinct Chairman 2018 - 2019 * Las Animas County Republican Party Vacancy Committee 2018- 2022

* Las Animas County Republican Party Chairman 2019- 2021, Reelected to second term, served until 2022 * HD 64 Vice Chairman 2018-2020 * HD 64 Chairman 2021- 2022 * Colorado State GOP Rules Committee 2018-2020 * Colorado State GOP EXCOMM Small County Rep Appointed by Chairwoman 2021- 2022 * Colo-

rado GOP 2021 Republican of The Year * Leadership Program of the Rockies 2020 Grad * Leadership Program Of the Rockies Advisory Committee 2020- 2023.

If you could change one thing about politics today, what would it be?

The lying and slander that is used to vilify candidates.

What politician would you say best represents you and your views?

Rand Paul

How can our readers get ahold of you?

Email: Facebook: Winter for Colorado HD47 Website:

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and want addressed under the golden dome.
Prevention with impact
that they have
Why should people vote for you?

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Mountain View Cemetery. Good location close to street. $1000


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Social Security Announces 8.7 Percent Benefit Increase for 2023

SOCIAL SECURITY AND Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits for approximately 70 million Americans will increase 8.7 percent in 2023, the Social Security Administration announced today. On average, Social Security benefits will increase by more than $140 per month starting in January.

The 8.7 percent cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) will begin with benefits payable to more than 65 million Social Security beneficiaries in January 2023. Increased payments to more than 7 million SSI beneficiaries will begin on December 30, 2022. (Note: some people receive both Social Security and SSI benefits). The Social Security Act ties the annual COLA to the increase in the Consumer Price Index as determined by the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“Medicare premiums are going down and Social Security benefits are going up in 2023, which will give seniors more peace of mind and breathing room. This year’s substantial Social Security cost-ofliving adjustment is the first time in

over a decade that Medicare premiums are not rising and shows that we can provide more support to older Americans who count on the benefits they have earned,” Acting Commissioner Kilolo Kijakazi said.

To view a COLA message from Acting Commissioner Kijakazi, please visit www. watch?v=Vgm5q4YT1AM

Some other adjustments that take effect in January of each year are based on the increase in average wages. Based on that increase, the maximum amount of earnings subject to the Social Security tax (taxable maximum) will increase to $160,200 from $147,000.

Social Security and SSI beneficiaries are normally notified by

mail starting in early December about their new benefit amount. The fastest way to find out their

in the mail. People may create or access their my Social Security account online at myaccount

new benefit amount is to access their personal my Social Security account to view the COLA notice online. It’s secure, easy, and people find out before the mail arrives.

People can also opt to receive a text or email alert when there is a new message from Social Security--such as their COLA notice--waiting for them, rather than receiving a letter

Information about Medicare changes for 2023 is available at For Social Security beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare, their new higher 2023 benefit amount will be available in December through the mailed COLA notice and my Social Security’s Message Center.

The Social Security Act provides for how the COLA is calculated. To read more, please visit www.ssa. gov/cola

NOVEMBER 2022 - Senior Beacon - Page 19 VISIT US ONLINE AT:

Colorado’s quality of life has been hit hard in recent years, and I’m ready to take on the challenge of turning things around.

I love America. I love Colorado. And I love Pueblo County. We have so much potential! I believe some good, common-sense Pueblo values can make a difference in the legislature. As a former Democrat myself, I believe I’m well-equipped to put the people of Pueblo County ahead of politics to help bridge the partisan divides at the State Capitol.

Some background on me: I’m a veteran, a family man, and a community activist.

I served four years in the Army and four more in the Colorado Army National Guard (COARNG). My service included two deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. My service gave me a tremendous appreciation and passion for our veterans. Upon completing my Army service, I took a position at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Page 20 - Senior Beacon - NOVEMBER 2022 VISIT US ONLINE AT: FUN & GAMES FOR YOU THEME: ANIMAL WORLD ACROSS 1. Canned meat 5. Like low relief 8. First prime number 11. Itty bit 12. Deity, in Sanskrit 13. Adams of "Summer Of '69" fame 15. Wild plum in gin fizz 16. *Type of mountain goat 17. *Nest for an eagle 18. *Plant and animal lover 20. *Dapple animal mark 21. *Conform, according to Darwin 22. Battleship game success 23. Summer shoe 26. Famous Roman historian 30. Don McLean: "A long, long time ____..." 31. Diaphragm spasm 34. Reluctant 35. Whatchamacallit 37. "Days of ____ Lives" soap opera 38. Like Halloween 39. On a deck, perhaps 40. Assembly of all members 42. Card with single pip 43. Hindered 45. Unfortunate outcome 47. Business master 48. Soil for cultivation 50. Highlands hillside 52. *Host's unwelcome guest 55. Dough 56. Biblical birthright seller 57. Volcanic rock 59. Rainbow-producing device 60. *Badger's den 61. Newspaper piece 62. Hair controller 63. Miner's bounty 64. *Deer group DOWN 1. Sib 2. Horseback rider's ball game 3. Minute bit 4. Dionysus' follower 5. Yardbird's jazz style 6. Deflect 7. Original home of the Saxons 8. Pro's opposite 9. Hang around 10. Bit of binary code 12. Festival of Lights 13. Fundamental 14. *Snake or lizard 19. Montana's neighbor 22. Accident 23. Long stories 24. To take in and feed livestock for payment 25. Like Curious George 26. Zig or zag 27. Synagogue scroll 28. Carthage's ancient neighbor 29. *First animal clone 32. *____-blooded, like a snake 33. Prompter's line 36. *Orca and elephant, but not crow or fish 38. Gives off 40. Princess tester? 41. Two dots above a letter SODUKU Fill in the blank squares in the grid, making sure that every row, column and 3-by-3 box includes all digits 1 through 9. 44.
girder 46. Civil
49. About to explode 50. Not the life of the party 51. Agitate 52. 100 centavos in Mexico 53. Measuring roll 54. "Happily ____ after" 55. Frugal driver's acronym 58. Put together ▶ ANSWERS ON PAGES SIX AND SEVEN Vote 4
War battle
Policeman's shocker


death for Jesus’ sake, so that his life may also be revealed in our mortal body. So then, death is at work in us, but life is at work in you” (2 Corinthians 4:7-12).

I admit, brother Paul, I don’t always feel like a treasure. However, I get the jar of clay point. Sometimes I feel like the street people in Les Misérables who sang, “Every day I’m another day older!” And every day, I feel like the return of my Lord is another day closer. Therefore, I will sing their tune with new words. “Everyday, You’re another day nearer.” I get it, Paul. What you said is true. I must give thanks in all things for this is God’s will for me in Christ Jesus. As praises pour from my heart and over my lips, I thank you for your messages of hope and encouragement that are still powerful and alive in this dark world of today. Get ready my brother, because when I see you in heaven, I am going go give you one gigantic hug and say thank you face to face. In the meantime, I keep looking up and praying maranatha. Nevertheless, come Lord Jesus.

“He who testifies to these things says, “Yes, I am coming soon.”

Amen. Come, Lord Jesus (Revelation 22:20).

© 2022 Jan McLaughlin. Jan can be contacted at (719) 649-2937 or (719) 275-6971 And by e-mail at Also visit

rate is at or near the highest in the nation because Colorado Democrats have chosen to double-down on Joe Biden’s inflationary policies. Expensive regulations on housing, health care, and energy and driving up the cost of living. Our schools are still reeling from misguided, COVID-era policies and shutdowns. Student achievement has declined substantially in the past three years. Do we want this to be Colorado’s new normal?

We can and must do better. Being a senator involves dealing with a myriad of issues, of course, but here will be some of my initial priorities. First, put bad guys behind bars. Lock up the repeat offenders who endanger our communities and the fentanyl dealers who are preying on our kids. Criminal justice is not complicated. When you punish crime, you get less of it. When you go easy on crime, as the current legislature has done, you get more. We know what we need to do.

Second, while inflation is largely a national problem stemming from Joe Biden’s inflationary policies, Colorado’s legislature has made matters worse. I’ll work to reduce the costs of energy, housing, and health care by repealing expensive regulations. The legislature passed Senate Bill 181, which put many energy workers out of a job and made Colorado more reliant on expensive, out-of-state energy. Let’s reform that. Likewise, the Legislature has approved a number of bills that drive up the cost of housing and health insurance. These policies need to be repealed or reformed. And I’ll work to repeal the newly approved tax hikes on gasoline and delivery services, such as Amazon and Door Dash.

Third, as a board member of a charter school, educational opportunity and excellence are a personal passion for me. Let’s give parents and kids more options. Education choice is the civil rights issue of our era. Underprivileged

kids should never be trapped in underperforming schools. Let’s get our public schools focused on the basics: reading, writing, and arithmetic. And for kids and young adults who are not fortunate enough or choose not to attend a fouryear university, let’s expand trade and vocational education opportunities so they are prepared for the workforce.

My name is Stephen Varela. I’m a combat veteran, family man, and community activist. I serve on the Pueblo County Planning Commission and on the boards of a charter school, the Early Learning Ventures Policy Council, the East Side Childcare Center, and the Pueblo Zoo. Pueblo County is my passion. I would be honored to be your next State Senator, and I ask for your vote. Learn more at www.Vote4Varela. com

Stephen Varela is the Republican nominee for Senate District 3, which includes all of Pueblo County.

ence for Pueblo County. That’s why I am running to be your next State Senator.

As a combat veteran, I know something about taking on tough fights. And let’s face it. Since Denver-area legislators do not always have the best interests of rural and smaller town Colorado at heart, we need a senator who will work hard to protect and advance Pueblo County’s values: respect for hard work and family, an appreciation for agriculture and industry, and reverence for faith and freedom.

Here in Pueblo County, Republicans and Democrats have a tradition of working across party lines. I want to bring some of that can-do spirit to the state senate, which has become highly partisan and polarized in recent years. The majority party (Democrats) has rammed through major changes in recent years on party-line votes.

The result? Colorado’s quality of life in recent years has been in decline. Skyrocketing crime, drugs, and vagrancy jeopardize the safety of our streets and neighborhoods as a result of policies that coddle criminals instead of putting them behind bars. Colorado’s inflation


dults over 60 can face unique challenges when it comes to keeping their teeth and gums healthy. About 3 in 5 adults over 65 have gum disease and nearly 1 in 7 have lost all of their teeth. Numerous recent scientific studies indicate associations between oral health and a variety of general health conditions – including diabetes and heart disease.” – American Dental Association If you are experiencing oral health issues or interested in chronic disease prevention, contact us today. Dr. Reece Cochran is a periodontist with advanced training in dental implants, treatment of chronic periodontal disease, gum grafting, bone regeneration and IV sedation.

We care about you and strive to provide optimal patient comfort and a pleasant experience when visiting our office.

NOVEMBER 2022 - Senior Beacon - Page 21 VISIT US ONLINE AT: ◀
Dr. Reece Cochran, DDS Call today (719) 569-5959 **ORAL HEALTH MATTERS** 332 S
Springs Dr. Suite #110 Pueblo West, CO 81007 Address: Email: DSSC ***** Accepting New Patients *****

cContinuing with variations and aspects of the ‘Good People’-faerie faith’ we’ll understand and determine what dictates our desire to delve into simple basics of nature. Most of us can attest to unusual happenings during our lifetime, only to be verbally related amongst those we trust. While journeying into the faerie faith of the Celts we maneuver in and around not just occurrences but spiritual possibilities, which strengthen our resolve and need to comprehend that which usually isn’t discussed. Inwardly we all feel the silent pull of nature. The peace associated with certain parts of the universe, albeit even in one’s own back garden. Staying within areas originally mentioned in our series the Southern Highlands of Scotland, notoriously on foggy dark days of isolation, stories persist of Holy men fighting black demons committed to invade their monasteries. Suddenly angelic hosts appeared. Once his soul appeared in the tiny chapel on the

As mentioned in the popular T.V. series the Outlander, we now introduce the infamous Kelpie. Taking the form of either a horse or a hairy man, this being with its formidable reputation installs terror, and continues to cause dread amongst young and old.

beach, a majestic light illuminated the altar. Times change as do people’s recollections which may vary. Islanders now see ghosts and ‘Good People.’ By today’s customs and folklore, death is initiated by faeries not angels. Often stories such as these will influence a youngster, a means of keeping him/her out of danger. As mentioned in the popular T.V. series the Outlander, we now introduce the infamous Kelpie. Taking the form of either a horse or a hairy man, this being with its formidable reputation installs terror, and continues to cause dread amongst young and old. By inhabiting seas and lochs its clear and present danger cannot be underestimated. A seemingly quiet scene, a passive mesmerizing lake gently moving in the breeze can quite abruptly be a scene of a critical catastrophe. Known in Ireland as the ‘Aughisky’ the Kelpie drags victims into a watery grave, greedily tearing apart then consuming the bodies, leaving only the liver. From the Celtic-Saxon England and situated in the Irish sea, lies the tiny island of Mann. Lying in the beautiful Kingdom of the great Tuatha De Dann God-MannananBeg-Mac-y-Leir, the god responsible for unleashing angry powers at will. Another time we’ll investigate this island in more detail. Not unlike the Western coasts of Ireland or the Hebrides the tumultuous sea assaults rock bound coasts with consistent force and unrelenting power. However, on South Barrule Mountain dwells the god Manocunan, though invisible to mortal eyes his nonphysical appear-

ance forms golden gorse, and magnificent purple heather blossoms, which gently sway to warm ocean streams. All from distant Mexican shores of another world, far from our Celtic coasts. This is natures temple an inwardly private place which stirs feelings of the past. This is part of you, and with concentration can be part of a daily cerebral activity, where ever you live. The mind is an incredible source of change, and acceptance. Land birds unite and bathe in tinkling brooks while forming dark clouds of confident fleeting activity. Multiple sea birds echo unanimously from mist laden mountains at dusk, while a magic stillness allows inevitable voices of the night. All these are within reach cerebrally, just take the time and realize your skills on this level. With patience and awareness, they are accessible to all.

Thought for today: Respect and see all creatures small and large as an extension of yourself. Then you’ll know no sorrow.

Page 22 - Senior Beacon - NOVEMBER 2022 VISIT US ONLINE AT:
GLEN VOLLMECKE "Intermission a Place in Time."


of which has been obtained by The Globe and Mail, has some ominous news – and some rays of hope. This landmark study, to be released Monday, shows that the gap between Democrats and Republicans concerning election integrity has diminished but that significant doubts about the integrity of American political contests remain stubbornly persistent.

However, the large number of

States elections carefully,” said Regina Bateson, a political scientist at the University of Ottawa. “The U.S. has been at the forefront of democracy promotion, and so when American democracy falters, democracy worldwide suffers. Election denying has consequences globally.”

The American midterm contests will determine control of Congress. That is vitally important. The apparent Republican surge may change the tone and timbre of Capitol Hill for the next two years. That is deeply consequential. But the most significant indicator of the character of contemporary American democracy this fall is not at the ballot box. It is in the courts where, a week before Election Day, more than 100 legal challenges –the most ever at this stage of a political battle – already had been filed.

In that context, perhaps the most comprehensive assessment of the health of American politics, a copy

Even a decade ago, hardly anyone would pay attention to such a study, let alone summon top scholars from around the country – as Bright Line Watch, a non-partisan group of scholars that monitors threats to democracy in the United States, did – to conduct one. For most of American history, and particularly in modern times, doubts about election integrity were minimal and mostly confined to fringe elements and conspiracy theorists who had little visibility and even less credibility.

Political professionals, commentators and voters acknowledged there that there always were irregularities in elections. However, they were confident that, apart from a few blatant cases – the 1948 Senate primary in Texas where Lyndon Johnson won by 87 votes by virtue of the mysterious late appearance of 202 votes in a remote county precinct is perhaps the most egregious case – elections were generally fair and abuses generally inconsequential.

pre-election lawsuits in this election cycle come from both sides. Where Republicans see voter fraud, Democrats see voter suppression – and each side makes its claim out of the belief that these critiques motivate base voters. The result: charges of fraud and suppression are, according to Benjamin Ginsberg, who has represented GOP candidates in political disputes including Republican legal efforts during the Florida recount in the deadlocked 2000 election, “baked into” both parties’ strategies.

Even so, four in five Republicans agree that it is important for candidates who lose fair elections to acknowledge defeat publicly. But the key element in that calculus is whether individual elections, from the presidency on down, are indeed fair; Democrats (91 per cent of whom believe their vote will be counted fairly) are far more likely than Republicans (68 per cent) to believe so, according to the study. The implications of this study, and next week’s election, spill beyond the border of the United States.

“The world always watches United

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Political scientists consistently are more confident in American democracy than the public. But that might not matter, for this is an era when elites and expertise are at least as mistrusted as political figures themselves.

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DAVID SHRIBMAN David M. Shribman is a North Shore native and Pulitzer Prize winner
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