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Tried-and-True Tips to Relocate Plants Like a Pro (STATEPOINT) – Whether your plants could stand a little more sun, a tad more space to grow, or you just want to redesign your backyard, transplanting plants offers them a fresh start. “Tried-and-true methods will help you safely move your plants; all it takes is some know-how, elbow grease and a shovel,” says Jamie Briggs, director of marketing, Exmark, a leading manufacturer of commercial mowers and equipment for landscape professionals and homeowners. This is the driving idea behind “Backyard Smart,” free online explainer videos full of facts to answer your most common lawn and garden questions. The following strategies, which come directly from a recent “Backyard Smart” episode, will have you transplanting plants like a pro: • WHEN TO DO IT: Time of year matters. Perennials should be moved in spring when other flowers are in bloom and the days are cooler. Conversely, shrubs should be relocated in the fall -- the cooler air and warmer soil make for perfect transplanting conditions. Never move plants in summer or winter. Hot weather, when plants need the most water, can kill sensitive roots. Likewise, the cold, hard ground in winter makes it virtually impossible for plants to take root. Always transplant on cloudy, cool days to protect roots from the harsh sun and retain moisture in their soil. • RULES OF THUMB: To begin, picture a circle around your plant. You’re imagining its root ball -- the mass of roots and packed-in dirt that help provide plants the necessary nutrients and stability to grow. For perennials, dig a circle at least three inches out from the plant’s edge. Shrubs are a different story. Instead of digging out

from the farthest part of the shrub, first measure the circumference of its stem. For every inch in stem thickness, draw the length from the circle to the stem a foot longer. If your shrub has a 2-inch-thick stem, measure a circle that’s at least 4 feet in diameter (or, a radius of 2 feet

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from stem to circle). Now it’s time to dig. Always dig straight down, as digging too shallowly and at an

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angle can lead to damaged roots, which can stunt growth and ultimately kill your plants. Once you’ve dug up your plants, knock a little dirt loose from the compacted root ball. This enables roots to hang free, and encourages plants to take root in their new home. • RELOCATION: Always dig the new holes at the same depth as the existing ones. Planting too deeply can encourage water pooling around the root system, effectively drowning your plants. Planting too shallowly has an opposite, but


equally deadly, impact: it exposes

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the root system to warmer weather and can dry it up. For an even easier reference when transplanting shrubs, the root flare -- the area where the stem expands at the base -- should be partially visible at the soil’s surface. Now fill the remainder of the hole with soil, water generously, rinse and repeat. For more easy-to-understand

text or call: (719) 247-6580 **EMAIL:

approaches to making the most of your outdoor spaces, check out the Exmark Backyard Life site at Now get outside and get moving -- your plants will thank you for it!

text or call: (719) 247-6580 seven days/week special rates, page 15

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NOT MANY GOT THE MEMO RONALD S. PHILLIPS Author of two books, teacher & trusted columnist

in the sand: We are experiencing a slow-down. That’s the memo, folks.

And, really, I don’t want to be a party pooper but we’ve had nine strong bull years in the market and more in the economy. We’ve experienced many, many new stock records and the party is winding down. Things are changing. ECONOMIC GRAVITY


es, I’m trying to bring that good old one back (“Did you get the memo?”). That’s about all I can incredulously come up with when reading the financial news. It’s as if most of the world collectively has their heads sunk

It also has to be said that the financial media are underestimating the effects of inflation. We’ve printed up about $6 trillion in two years. This is an extra 40 percent added to our money supply. That’s a big deal! In my August 2021 article, this was highlighted and back then the writing was already on the wall: Inflation was going to happen. Print a lot of money? Expect a lot of inflation,


ONE FOOT IN A REC***SION I don’t even like to mention the r-word (recession). Yet we have one foot in already. U.S. GDP has dipped for the most-recent quarter. It was initially down 1.3% and then revised down even lower to1.5 percent! Now that’s not earth-shattering but after factoring in inflation that’s pretty weak. But don’t they already factor-in inflation? Yes, but do you believe the government numbers? So we can safely assume even larger inflation and therefore even larger GDP weakness. I also don’t want to be alarmist but we, as investors, have to dig down and get prepared. Unfortunately, there are other cracks in the dam. Retail weakness is happening. The biggie was when

Wal-Mart missed their earnings numbers. The pros expected one number and it came in lower. That’s a miss. Other retailers, too. Many hit or beat expectations, though. Housing has been a big, big driver of the economy and usually always is. For good or bad. This time around it’s been helping us out a lot, though. When you add direct and related real estate industries, housing is a good 20 percent or more of our economy. And we’ve got just a small bit of weakness now, from existing home sales to pricing drops and a few more negative indicators. The Federal Reserve is also pushing along a slow-down. They’ve raised rates and it looks like they’ll do it again and maybe more after that. So…that’s just not good for the economy. Cost of borrowing increases for businesses, consumers decrease spending and refinancing, companies start really missing earnings, it’s a large snowball effect. WHAT TO DO? There’s quite a bit to do to reposition your portfolios. As mentioned last article, consider selling gains, lowering risky and volatile investments, upping your low-risk and shortterm bonds, keeping cash, switching to value stocks, and making sure your investments produce above-average income. There’s a lot of detail that goes into those move but, for example, DON’T LOSE HOPE As far as any potential r-word goes, it might be a small or medium event but it won’t be big like the recession of 2008 and 2009, in my opinion. We can be ready for opportunities by adjusting a bit and maybe profit from volatility.

Written on 05-31-2022 This article is for illustrative purposes only. Ron is not recommending any investment security for you but just trying to educate the community. INVESTMENTS CAN AND DO DROP IN VALUE; THEY HAVE NO BANK OR OTHER GUARANTEE. Ron is licensed and regulated by the great State of Colorado. Ron Phillips is a Pueblo native and an independent financial advisor. Order a free copy of his book Investing To Win by leaving a message at (719) 220-3005. Visit or email RonPhillipsAdvisor@gmail. com


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Getting To Know ProLube of Pueblo HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN BUSINESS? In this business? In

other businesses? Prolube was established in 2021. I have been in the auto repair business approximately 15 years. I have also worked in corrections as a counselor and a supervisor for 10 years. What did you do before this business? I worked in corrections for 10 years as a supervisor and a counselor and operated as a mobile mechanic and for multiple oil change and tire companies as my second job (Have always worked 2 jobs as we have 5 children). I loved helping people in corrections and made it my career choice over mechanics for ten years….and now I am returning to my roots as a mechanic. Why are you in business? We are in business because we have created a service that people want and many people need. By coming to our customers we eliminate them having to adjust their schedule for oil changes. We feel that our customers appreciate having more of their time for

themselves and once they compare how much time they saved to how much money they spent they call

us again. We also enjoy talking with customers. My wife and I (22 years married, since I was 17 and she was 19) find that we have a lot in common with customers and we love talking about traveling experiences. How did you get started in this business? My grandfather in Pennsylvania owned 2 auto repair shops outside of Pittsburgh. My father was a mechanic at one of his shops and I started as a child helping him

work on cars and trucks and have never stopped. My wife and I were always looking for a way to have more time together as it is tough when we worked 3 jobs between the 2 of us and raising 5 children. One day we went out to the garage to do our usual oil change routine for our cars, I change the oil and check everything else out and she goes inside the cars and cleans them out. This was always something we enjoyed doing together since we were teenagers, so we started doing it for friends and family, and are still doing it together now as Prolube. Can you describe your customers? Our main customers so far have

been people with very busy work schedules and retired people. Both like our services because their time is valuable to them. Our general age group of customers seems to be 40 and up. We do get customers with Rv’s as well. It seems that it is hard for people to get their RVs in the shops around town because of the size of the vehicle. Being mobile gives them sometimes a next day appointment with us. We also clean the insides of the Rvs and change the on board generator oil and customers really like this. We do get disabled customers and customers with health issues that prevent them from doing oil changes or getting around to the shops. Our customers are generally in the Pueblo West and Pueblo area. We also get business owners that have fleets. We can do multiple vehicles at one time after hours which saves the owners a lot of money in labor. Why do your customers select you over your competitors? Because we are mobile. Scheduling is very easy and is a time that is convenient for the customers



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June 2022 Sunday







1 Seasoned Baked Salmon Brown Rice Pilaf Broccoli Pear Cherry Cobbler Milk

2 Beef Tips Penne Pasta Brussel Sprouts 3 Bean Salad Applesauce Milk



6 Lemon Pepper Chicken Wild & Brown Rice Peas Beet & Onion Salad Orange Milk

7 Sweet & Sour Pork Jasmine Rice Asian Vegetables Applesauce High Fiber Cookie Milk

8 BBQ Beef Sandwich Seasoned Pinto Beans Coleslaw Tropical Fruit Milk

9 Chicken Carbonara Broccoli Green Bean Salad Spiced Peaches Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Milk

3 Lasagna Roll/ Marinara Broccoli WW Roll Tossed Salad w/ Raspberry Vinaigrette Tropical Fruit Milk 10 Beef Stir Fry Peas Brown Rice Asian Cabbage Salad Apple Milk


13 Cod Tuscany Baby Bakers Broccoli Banana High Fiber Cookie Milk

14 Pesto Chicken Florentine Rice Carrots Whole Grain Roll Strawberries Milk

16 Yankee Pot Roast w / Gravy Baked Potato Medley Maple Glazed Carrots Apple Milk

17 Mushroom Ravioli w/ Marinara Broccoli Salad w/ Avg. Dressing Diced Pears Raisin Nut Cup Milk



20 Chicken al a King Jasmine Rice Green Beans Carrot Raisin Salad Apple Milk

21 Swedish Meatballs w/ Noodles Peas & Carrots Tossed Salad w/ Italian Dressing Orange Milk

15 Pork Carnitas w/ Pepper, Onion, Cheese, Sour Cream, Salsa Tortillas Mexican Corn SW Black Beans Peaches Milk 22 Vege- Burger w/ Lettuce, Tomato & Onion Corn Coleslaw Banana Milk

24 BLT Sandwich Black Bean Lentil Soup Pasta Vegetable Salad Spiced Peaches Milk



27 Beef Chili w/ Cheese Baked Potato w/ Sour Cream Tossed Salad w/ Chick Peas (2 Tbsp Serving) Orange Milk

28 Chicken Fajitas w/ Pepper, Onion, Cheese, Sour Cream, Salsa Tortillas Spanish Rice SW Black Beans Peaches Milk

23 Roast Turkey w/ Gravy Mashed Potatoes California Vegetables WW Bread Apple Milk 30 Beef Stroganoff Penne Pasta Roasted Brussel Sprouts WW Bread Apple Milk

29 Salmon Burger w/ Lettuce & Tomato Cream of Mushroom Soup Broccoli Slaw Banana Milk



Silver Key Senior Services / 719-884-2300 /

Menu substitutions may occur without notice. Clients are advised to keep a 3-day supply of non-perishable foods and bottled water in the event ofinclement weather or other emergencies that may cause a temporary suspension of service.

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*Please note due to nationwide supply chain issues, menu subject to change*





Chicken Orzo w /Artichoke (11) Roasted Cauliflower (5)

Beef Chow Mein (29) Sweet-n-Sour Carrots (32)

Seasoned Spinach (5)

Hawaiian Asparagus (3)

Italian Chicken Noodle Soup (9) Heavenly Hash (21) /Crackers (5)

Chicken Barley Soup (10)

Roasted Pork Loin w/Apple Chutney (16)

Mashed Potatoes (27)

Milk (12) /Dinner Roll (13) Calories: 850 Carbs: 104g

Milk (12) / Blueberry Fruit Cup (14)

Calories: 970 Carbs: 108g

Oriental Green Beans (6) Vanilla Ice Cream (27) Honeydew (13) Milk (12) Calories: 855 Carbs: 119g

Fiber: 10g Protein: 52g

Fiber: 10g Protein: 56g

Fiber: 12g Protein:37 g

Fat: 28g

Fat: 39g

Fat: 31g

Sodium: 760mg

6-Jun Macaroni & Cheese (28) Winter Mix Vegetables (5)


Nilla Wafers (22) /Banana Pudding (31)

Sodium: 1060mg


White Cake w/ strawberry frosting (33)

Fresh Banana (18) Milk (12) Calories: 880

Carbs: 84g Fiber: 11g

Protein: 37g Carbs: 130g

Carbs: 107g Fiber: 11g

Carbs: 111g Fiber: 18g

Carbs: 66g Fiber: 11g

Protein: 42g

Fat: 29g

Protein: 46g

Protein: 51g

Protein: 32g

Fat: 35g

Fiber: 11g

Fat: 37g

Fat: 21g

Fat: 27g

Sodium: 1,155mg


Sodium: 1,405mg*

Sodium: 1,335mg*



Here’s the place to go!!!

Chicken Fajita (6) Seasoned Mixed Beans (48) Calabacitas (6) Apple Fruit Cup (22) Tortilla (17) Milk (12) Calories: 815

Egg Salad Sandwich (5) German Potato Salad (12) Brussel Sprouts (8) 2 Sli Bread (22) Cottage Cheese & Peaches (7) Milk (12) Calories: 605


Slopper w/Green Chili (10) Ranch Beans (26) Creamy Coleslaw (10) Watermelon (5) Hamburger Bun (26) Milk (12) Calories: 940 Carbs: 101g Fiber: 13g

Swedish Meatballs (14) Buttered Egg Noodles (16) Green Bean Casserole (9) Chocolate Pudding (6) Milk (12)/Fresh Apple (22)

Fiber: 9g

Polish Sausage (5) Roasted Rosemary Potatoes (22) Seasoned Green Beans (5) Tomato Cucumber Salad (4) Fresh Banana (17) Milk (12) /Mustard Pkt. (1) Calories: 780 Carbs: 68g Fiber: 7g

Protein: 39g

Protein: 22g

Protein: 26g

Protein: 47g

Protein: 35g

Fat: 28g

Fat: 25g

Fat: 47g

Fat: 39g

Fat: 40g

Sodium: 795mg

Sodium: 1,015mg

Sodium: 1,140mg

Sodium: 1,035mg

Milk (12) Calories: 725 Carbs: 83g


Chicken Sukiyaki (15) Caribbean Vegetables (5) Seasoned Asparagus (2) Egg Drop Soup (4) Blueberry Fruit Cup (21) Milk (12) /Crackers (4) Calories: 610



Fish w/Vegetable Sauce (3) Rice Pilaf (18) Green Peas (8) Wash Chowder (15) /Cracker (5) Cinnamon Applesauce (10)

Milk (12) /Vanilla Pudding (22)

Calories: 745


230 N. Union Ave. Pueblo, CO 81001

Call us: 719-545-8900

Sodium: 880mg


Vegetable Lasagna (10) Harvard Beets (13) Broccoli Walnut Parmesan (5) Fresh Pear, sliced (14) Garlic Bread (17) Milk (12) Calories: 560 Carbs: 71g Fiber: 11g

Tuna Noodle Casserole (26) Winter Mixed Vegetables (5) Squash Bisque Soup (15) Strawberry & Yogurt w/Granola (21) Crackers (4)

Are you new to the Pueblo area?

Looking to make new friends? 10-Jun

Caesar Dressing (2) Fresh Fruit - assorted (17) Milk (12) Calories: 800



Sodium: 1135mg

8-Jun Dijon Chicken (7) Rice Pilaf w/Mushrooms (25) Scandinavian Mixed Veg. (10) Chilled Pears (17) Raisin Nut Cup (21) Milk (12) /Sliced Oranges (15) Calories: 930

Chef Salad w/chopped turkey (20)

Sloppy Joe (20) on Bun (27) California Normandy (4) Baked Potato Chips (16)



& Frozen Meal for Juneteenth

Calories: 820 Carbs: 85g Fiber: 10g

Sodium: 1,030mg




Beef Chili Mac (24) Cape Cod Mixed Vegetables (8) Cheesy Cauliflower (4) Waldorf Salad (15) Fresh Grapes (14) Milk (12) /Dinner Roll (13) Calories: 705

Cheese Tortellini w/Sauce (28) Sugar Snap Peas (6) Steamed Carrots (6) Cherry Crisp (36) Mandarin Oranges (15) Milk (12) / Breadstick (14) Calories: 755

Please remember SRDA in your planned giving. Your legacy lives on, our mission continues at Meals on

Wheels. * In order to prevent waste, we are on a Reserva(observed) Protein: 52g Protein: 44g Protein: 38g Protein: 31g No Meal Service Today Fat: 18g Fat: 17g Fat: 25g Fat: 22g tion System. Sodium: 670mg Sodium: 875mg Sodium: 710mg Sodium: 805mg * Please call the day before or the morning of, 27-Jun 28-Jun 29-Jun 30-Jun 1-Jul before 9:00 A.M, to CANCEL your Meal Orange Glazed Pork (12) Chili Con Carne (22) Pulled Pork Sandwich (13) Chicken Enchiladas (49) Penne & Meat Sauce (29) Paslied Pasta (17) Steamed Rice (19) on Hamburger Bun (27) Seasoned Pinto Beans (22) Italian Mixed Vegetables (6) * IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Numbers in Broccoli & Cheese (5) Garden Vegetables (5) Scalloped Potatoes (15) Calabacitas (7) Seasoned Yellow Squash (4) Waldorf Salad (15) Cornbread (41) Rancho Fiesta Vegetables (11) Chocolate Ice Cream (24) Garlic Bread (17) parentheses next to each meal item indicate the Yogurt & Blueberries (14) Applesauce (13) Claremont Salad (5) Mandarin Oranges (15) Coconut Fruit Salad (20) number of carbohydrates in grams for that item. Milk (12) /Dinner Roll (13) Milk (12)/ Graham Crackers (17) Milk (12) /Apple Fruit Cup (13) Milk (12) Milk (12) Calories: 830 Calories: 920 Calories: 700 Calories: 960 Calories: 895 * YOU MUST BE HOME TO RECEIVE YOUR Carbs: 85g Carbs: 131g Carbs: 96g Protein: 69g Carbs: 88g MEAL!!! Fiber: 8g Fiber: 11g Fiber: 13g Carbs: 129g Fiber: 10g Protein: 56g Protein: 40g Protein: 36g Fat: 26g Protein: 45g Consumers attending the congregate meal sites Fat: 32g Fat: 28g Fat: 24g Fiber: 14g Fat: 37g shall be advised and informed to keep a three-day Sodium: 645mg Sodium: 950mg Sodium: 660mg Sodium: 1185mg Sodium: 825mg supply of non-perishable foods and bottled water IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Numbers in parentheses next to each meal item indicate the number of carbohydrates in grams for that item. *reassessing recipe for accuracy, estimating sodium to be between 1000-1200 for meal in case of inclement weather or other In order to prevent waste, we are on a Reservation System . Please remember SRDA in emergency that causes a temporary your planned giving. Your To Cancel your meal for the day, Please call the day before or the morning of, before 9:00 A.M. MENUS ARE suspension of services. If feasible and legacy lives on, our mission YOU MUST BE HOME TO RECEIVE YOUR MEAL!!! SUBJECT TO continues at Meals on 719-543-0100 determined by the Area Agency on Wheels. CHANGE The Only medical alarm pendant that can call for help even when Aging in their area plan, emergency For Important Nutrition Information, Please Turn Menu Over meal packages may be provided. you the button! Consumers attending the congregate meal sites shall be advised and informed to keep acan’t three-day supply ofpress non-perishable foods and bottled water in case of inclement weather or other emergency that causes a Carbs: 63g

Carbs: 111g

Carbs: 86g

Carbs: 112g

Fiber: 8g

Fiber: 10g

Fiber: 12g

Fiber: 11g

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temporary suspension of services. If feasible and determined by the Area Agency on Aging in their area plan, emergency meal packages may be provided.

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Columnist & founder of an international prison ministry



ew things surpass the power of a mama’s prayers for her wayward daughter. Could it be they are potent enough to close an airport. Here is my story. You decide! The series of events prior to my flight to St. Louis were not coincidental but God’s divine

orchestration motivated, I believe, by a mother’s powerful prayers. My flight was scheduled for Thursday night. As my husband drove me to the airport, we saw smoke in the distance and learned shortly that the airport was closed due to a prairie fire. I rescheduled my flight for Friday. Although Frontier Airline tickets are reasonable, all that is lost when you begin paying for selected seats and carry on and/or checked luggage. I had not paid for a seat on the flight from Colorado Springs to Las Vegas. However, God had my seat assigned on this flight from the beginning of time. I was on His mission. The agent checking my bag gave me seat 3A, a window seat which would have cost me $80.00 if I had reserved it. I was thrilled to have a seat with extra leg room near the front. My layover before my next flight was brief. Once on board, I stepped past a gentleman in the aisle seat and settled into my window seat. A pretty 40ish blond plopped onto the center seat, batting thick false eyelashes and flashing long nails with glittering rhinestones. She was on her way to gamble and party in Las Vegas. Due to technical complications, our plane was an hour late

taking off. God provided an hour extra to talk to this young woman who has a praying mom. Have you ever prayed your wayward child would encounter a Christian to share Jesus with them? God answers those prayers. I asked if she was supposed to be on the Thursday night flight that was cancelled. “No, this is my flight.” The Lord quickly turned our chit chat into discussions about faith. I shared my involvement in prison ministry with *Diana. She said, “You remind me of my mama! She has a big faith like yours. Would you pray that God will give me a big faith like yours and my mama’s?” She asked me when I was saved. What an open door. She got the whole nine yards. I shared that before I was saved, I had two church memberships and was baptized twice and still wasn’t saved. I told her how God came to me while I was reading Hal Lindsay’s book, Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth and told me point blank that I was on my way to hell without a relationship with His Son. That those pieces of paper would burn, and certainly wouldn’t get me to heaven. I shared with her the passion God instilled in my heart to reach prisoners with His love and message of freedom though Christ’s shed blood. I’ve learned the prisoners He sends me to are not always behind bars. She asked, “Oh, you sound just like my mama. Will you pray that I would get saved?” I shared with her the urgency to get her life

right with Jesus and that her time is running out. Look at the world right now. Even unbelievers are recognizing something is terribly wrong. Things are rapidly going downhill. Evil gets darker by the day. “Diana, tomorrow isn’t promised. This plane could go down and we could die tonight. Would you be ready?” She didn’t have an answer. She really didn’t want to get saved right then because she was on her way to Vegas. She wanted to party. I held her hand and prayed fervently for her salvation and that God would open her eyes to truth. That truth would set her free. I thanked God for her mama’s prayers and how our encounter was part of the answer to those prayers. After praying several minutes for her, I said, “Diana, think of this. Your mother is praying. God heard her prayer. He shut down the Colorado Springs airport last night so I could be on this Friday flight with you and remind you that your time is running out. Your mama’s prayers are moving the hand of God. Are you listening?” God will not allow Diana to forget our encounter. She acknowledged it as a divine appointment. God’s Word does not return void. Our plane landed in Las Vegas. Diana and the gentleman in the aisle seat blocked for me to get off the plane first to make my next flight, which God had also delayed so I wouldn’t miss it. I hugged her and promised to continue to pray




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Anniversary Edition of "IT HAD TO BE US" Available in June

(Conifer, CO) — To celebrate the 12th Anniversary of It Had To Be Us, an award-winning Kindle memoir by Harry and Elizabeth Lawrence will be available in paperback format on Amazon beginning June 1, 2022. This popular book won first place in the E-book category at the 2006 Hollywood Book Festival and was made into an award-winning short film titled CAKE: A Love Story, which can be seen on YouTube.

In this heartfelt romantic memoir, Harry and Elizabeth (pen names of Betty Jo and Larry Tucker) share their passions and feelings about the poignant events that brought them back together after being divorced and estranged for almost twenty years. Filled with emotion, suspense, and humor --- plus a surprising Las Vegas encounter, this true story proves genuine love can survive any of life's problems. The authors also include an amusing honeymoon revelation plus selected reviews of their favorite romantic movies and several vegetarian recipes (because Elizabeth “can’t eat anything that once had a face.”) Below are comments from four readers. “In this heartwarming and true story, the Lawrences prove that true love really does stand the test of time.” --- Missy Andrews, Romantic Times Magazine “This slender but sturdy novelette offers an extraordinary portrait of the power of love and forgiveness. The Lawrences are an uncommonly intelligent and sincere couple, and following the slow but eventually triumphant story of their rebuilt lives together is a true delight. Their tale packs more of an emotional kiss than many a supersized book.” --- Phil Hall, The New York Resident “I loved it!” --- the late great Debbie Reynolds “It Had To Be Us is a beautiful and touching tale of how true love can span decades, generations, marriages to other people, and the entirety of a lifetime. This is a story that, however brief, is an awesome saga of two lives brought together that were never really apart.” --- Chris Mansel, The Daily Art Source Publisher: Long Story Short Publishing Company, Inc. Price: $12.99 Amazon Page Link: Betty Jo Tucker is an award-winning film critic


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For Alexander Leszczynski, 22, of North Redington Beach, Florida, it wasn't enough to be charged with wire fraud, bank fraud and money laundering, the Tampa Bay Times reported. The U.S. Attorney's Office in Tampa claimed Leszczynski might face up to 30 years in prison for making up charitable entities to receive Payroll Protection Plan loans totaling almost $200,000 and trying to deposit fake checks to the tune of $2.7 million, among other schemes. But wait, there's more! "When he discovered that the money had been frozen, he attempted to have it released by producing a fabricated pardon purportedly signed by former President Donald Trump," the U.S. Attorney's Office said in a news release. One of Leszczynski's fake charities was trying to seize control of two properties that belonged to Jeffrey Epstein, the disgraced financier who died in prison while awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges. Leszczynski is being held without

bail at the Pinellas County Jail.

Wait, What?

During a preliminary hearing on May 16 in Saginaw County (Michigan) District Court, a 32-year-old unidentified woman testified that her "friend with benefits," 29-yearold Cortez L. Gill, accidentally shot her once on Nov. 11 -- but then proceeded to shoot her eight more times as she and her child struggled to escape him. MLive. com reported that the victim explained that she and Gill "tussled" over some car keys and he pulled out a gun, which he lowered to the ground. "The gun goes off and the bullet hit me ... in my abdomen. ... I was like, 'Cortez, I got hit. You have to call the police or get me in the car and take me to the hospital immediately.'" Instead, she said, Gill replied, "You see what you made me do?" and fired again at her, hitting her in the chest. She and her daughter ran outside, where she collapsed in a neighbor's yard. The next thing she remem-

bers is waking up in a hospital on the day before Thanksgiving, where she learned that she had been shot nine times in total. Gill was bound over for trial.

I'll Just Have Water, Thanks

Investigators in Vancouver, Washington, looking into the sexual exploitation of children uncovered another nasty habit of Stephen Sharp, a night manager at an Arby's restaurant there. On May 10, Fox11-TV reported, Sharp admitted that he had downloaded and distributed child pornography. After conducting a search of his digital devices, police also found a video of him urinating into a container of milkshake mix from Arby's. He confessed that he had done so at least twice for sexual gratification. Sharp said it would have been added to another bag of mix and used during the next shift to make shakes for customers. Officers are seeking people who might have ordered a shake on Oct. 30 or 31, 2021, and still have a receipt; Sharp is facing multiple

charges and eating institutional food at the Clark County jail.

Crotch Shot

Kingsland, Arkansas, about 70 miles south of Little Rock, is the birthplace of Johnny Cash, and the town has honored him with a silhouette of the Man in Black on its water tower, The Wichita Eagle reported. But when Betty Graham, water office manager, arrived at her office early on May 11, she noticed what she first thought was a leak from the tower. Later she realized a sharpshooter had hit the tank right at Cash's sweet spot, creating the illusion that the famous singer is relieving himself. Graham said it could take at least a week to repair the damage; in the meantime, comments on a local Facebook page ranged from "would be a better tourist attraction than Old Faithful" to "Someone here knows who did this. I hope they'll come forward and turn the vandal in." "People think it's funny, but a lot of hard work and effort went into getting the grant to get this painted," Gra-


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Ayumi Takada, 37, of Tokyo, has been compared to Elastigirl from "The Incredibles" because of her incredibly elastic earlobes. Oddity Central reports that Ayumi can stretch her earlobes up to 4.5 centimeters, or about 1 1/2 inches -- enough to, say, wrap them around a selfie stick, a calligraphy brush or the shaft of an umbrella. It's practically like having another hand. "People always ask me if it's painful," she said. "But there's no pain at all when pulling them or holding an item. The earlobe naturally bounces right back into place straight away."

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Students at Johns Hopkins University are putting their expensive education to good use. Whiting

School of Engineering students have invented Tastee Tape for their school's Engineering Design Day, United Press International reported. The chemical and biomolecular engineering students hope their invention will help themselves and others make their favorite foods less messy by taping burritos, tacos and other dishes closed, keeping the fillings inside. "All its ingredients are safe to consume, are food-grade, and are common food and dietary additives," said team member Tyler Guarino. They are in the process of obtaining a patent.


During an electrical storm on May 16, 15-year-old Giana Scaramuzzo of North Huntingdon Township, Pennsylvania, was inside her home when she was struck by lightning, WTAE-TV reported. At least four other homes


● Nutrition Services (Congregate) Eligibility Policy: Individuals are eligible to participate in the congregate meals service in one of the categories listed in this below: Persons 60 years of age or older and their self-declared spouses of any age; Disabled persons under 60 years of age who reside with persons over 60 years of age, when the care and maintenance of the disabled person otherwise prevents the older adult from participating in the program and when the participation of such individuals does not prevent the participation of older adults and their spouses. The disabled person must accompany the eligible older consumer to the site; Disabled persons under 60 years of age who reside in housing facilities occupied primarily by older adults and at which congregate nutrition services are provided when such participation does not prevent the participation of older adults and their spouse Persons under 60 years of age who provide meal related volunteer services and individuals providing volunteer services at congregate meal sites during meal hours when the participation of such individuals does not prevent the participation of older adults and their spouses; and Staff members of the nutrition program who are 60 years of age or older when such participation does not pre-

'I'll Have a Beer'

Olaf Brewing in Finland is launching a new brew to celebrate the country's likely acceptance to NATO, the Associated Press reported. The "OTAN" lager's blue label, with its cartoon medieval knight and NATO's compass symbol, uses a play on the French abbreviation for the multinational organization, OTAN. In Finnish, "Otan olutta" means "I'll have a beer." CEO Petteri Vanttinen said the new lager has "a taste of

NOTE: Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), meal sites are closed. Meals-on-Wheels is still open

vent the participation of other older adults and their spouses. Nutrition Services (Home Delivered) Eligibility Policy:

security, with a hint of freedom." Finland shares an 830-mile border with Russia, the longest of any European Union member.

Police Report

Dawn LaShawn Laprade, 54, REALLY wanted to get away from cops on May 18 in Martin County, Florida, reported. Laprade allegedly intentionally hit a sheriff's office vehicle as she tried to evade a traffic stop. Next, she drove up to 100 mph, hitting another patrol car and a civilian truck, injuring people inside, and motioned to officers that she had a gun. But the real coup de grace came when officers finally caught up to her and she threw a fake snake at them. Laprade was booked and held on $90,000 bond.

Call SRDA at 545-8900 for congregate meal sites and Meals-on-Wheels info!

homebound or who are geographically isolated; Disabled persons under age 60 years who reside with eligible consumers; and Spouses of home delivered meals con-

For more information, please contact us at 719-543-0100. CONGREGATE LUNCH SITES Avondale Community Center 719-947-4180 409 2nd Lane Avondale, CO Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Beulah Center 719-485-3100 5903 Penn Avenue Beulah, CO Tuesday 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Colorado City Community Center 719-676-3059 5445 Cuerno Verde Colorado City, CO Tuesday and Thursday 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. JH Edwards Senior Center (SRDA) 230 N Union Avenue Pueblo, CO Monday through Friday

Individuals are eligible to participate in the Home Delivered meals service in one of the categories listed in this below: Persons age 60 years or older who are



in the area were also hit during the storm. "All of a sudden I feel like a shock in my pinkie, and then it goes up my body and out through my leg," Scaramuzzo said about the strike. Paramedics checked her blood pressure and took an EKG, but, shockingly, she didn't go to the hospital.

sumers if, according to Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) criteria, receipt of the meals are in the best interest of the consumers. More Information

11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Fulton Heights Center 1331 Santa Rosa Pueblo, CO

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Columnist, author and lawyer


When the draft Supreme Court opinion overruling “Roe v. Wade” leaked on Monday, my first thought was: WHY COULDN’T THEY WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR? (“Roe” is in quotes because Planned Parenthood v. Casey already overruled Roe, but “Roe” is still used to describe the

nonexistent right to abortion.)

Yes, it’s human life we’re talking about. Millions of babies are killed in their mothers’ wombs each year — it’s a massacre. On the other hand, I thought, ending late-terms might end the midterms. But then I read Justice Samuel Alito’s opinion and was intellectually offended all over again by the idea that one of our precious constitutional rights, enshrined in a founding document, is the right to kill an unborn baby. Anyone complaining about the decision should be required to cite the exact parts Alito got wrong. Be specific. And keep in mind, no important discussion of constitutional law has ever begun with the words, “My vagina …”

have noticed it. In groups of liberal women, apolitical women, black and Puerto Rican women, no one is talking about the case.

about freely in the womb;” and — at 12 weeks the “unborn human being” has “taken on the human form in all relevant respects.”

They’re probably right. The end of a court-managed “constitutional” right to abortion isn’t going to produce the Roemageddon Democrats are predicting.

After 15 weeks, the legislature found, most abortions involve crushing and tearing the fetus apart.

More than half of the country already live in states where abortion will always be legal, subsidized and sacralized. For those who don’t, Harvard should set up an abortion scholarship program. Instead of spending $100 million “investigating” slavery, the university could buy bus tickets for girls who need to go to another state for an abortion. The Mississippi law being upheld in this case — contrary to everything I’ve heard on MSNBC — is shockingly reasonable.

The Nation magazine’s Elie Mystal took a stab at it by completely misstating Alito’s argument, then saying, “the Founding Fathers were racist, misogynist jerkfaces.” (I was planning on writing a scholarly and nuanced treatise on the framers, but Mystal just stole my title!)

It states:

I also noticed that, outside of the media, no one seems especially bothered by the decision. Or to

“Except in a medical emergency or in the case of a severe fetal abnormality, a person shall not intentionally or knowingly perform or induce an abortion of an unborn human being if the probable gestational age of the unborn human being has been determined to be greater than fifteen (15) weeks.” The Mississippi legislature provided a series of factual findings:

New Employee Spotlight!

— at eight weeks gestational age the “unborn human being begins to move in the womb”; — at nine weeks “all basic physiological functions are present”; — at 10 weeks “vital organs begin to function,” and “hair, fingernails, and toenails begin to form”;

Mitch Regal is from Milan,IL.He moved to Canon City,CO in 2020.Mitch has been in the auto industry for 15 years and has been a technician in the auto industry for the past 10 years which he formerly worked for Ford, he has many certifications and knowledge from working at Ford. Mitch started at Zerby Automotive on April 4th, 2022. He has excellent skills and knowledge in the auto industry, and he will be a perfect fit at Zerby Automotive. Mitch is a family man, him, and his Fiancé, Jessica, are very busy with their three boys! While he is not turning wrenches in the shop, Mitch can be found out in nature with his family camping, hiking, fishing, and/or shooting. Mitch also has a passion for music! We are so excited that Mitch has joined our crew and we are looking forward to growing with him in the future!

Laws should always err on the side against the decision-maker, and the decision-maker on the length of gestation is going to be the abortionist. (Which is also why “rape” and “incest” exceptions swallow the whole law. By the way, whatever happened to the morning-after pill?) So we’re really talking about four to five months. That’s not enough time? Give me a break, you freaks. I don’t think voters are going to say, Ukraine, inflation, the border, crime, transgenders in kindergarten — OH MY GOD, I CAN ONLY GET AN ABORTION FOR FOUR MONTHS??? Some states will surely roll back the right to abortion more than 15 weeks. Oh well. The abortion ladies will have to travel to other states the same way gunners do now to practice their marksmanship, shoppers do to get plastic bags, or breathers do to take off their masks. With a patchwork of laws, we’ll be able to see which regulations do best at reducing abortion, illegitimacy (which soared in lockstep with the legalization of abortion), venereal diseases, suicides and false claims of rape when women are pressured into having sex, undeterred by the risk of pregnancy. We’ll call it “federalism.”

— at 11 weeks “an unborn human being’s diaphragm is developing,” and he or she “may move

Watching MSNBC’s reaction


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Social Security Benefits Lose 40% of Buying Power

(Washington, DC) – High inflation has caused Social Security benefits to lose 40 percent of their buying power since the year 2000 according to the latest update of an ongoing study by The Senior Citizens League (TSCL). “That’s the deepest loss in buying power since the beginning of this study by The Senior Citizens League in 2010,” says Mary Johnson, a Social Security policy analyst for The Senior Citizens League who conducted the research. Based on the most recent consumer price data released today, the annual cost of living adjustment (COLA) for 2023 could be around 8.6 percent,” Johnson estimates. Social Security purchasing power tracked by this study plummeted by 10 full percentage points, from a 30 percent loss of buying power in March of 2021 to 40 percent in March 2022 — the largest such drop ever recorded by Johnson’s study. The study compares the growth in the Social Security COLA adjustments with increases in the price of 37 goods and services typically used by retirees. While prices rose in almost every spending category, benefits were most impacted by sharp increases in energy costs for home heating, gasoline, and higher food prices, and a steep 14.5 percent increase in Medicare Part B premiums in January of this year. This study examined expenditures that are typical for people ages 65 and up, comparing the growth in the prices of these goods and services to

the growth in the annual COLAs. It includes cost increases in Medicare premiums and out–of–pocket health care costs that are not tracked under the index currently used to calculate the COLA. The study found that since 2000, COLAs have increased Social Security benefits by a total of 64 percent, yet typical senior expenses through March 2022 grew by more than double that rate — 130 percent. The average Social Security benefit in 2000 was $816 per month. That benefit grew to $1,336.90 by 2022 due to COLA increases. Because retiree costs are rising so much faster than the COLA, this study found that a Social Security benefit of $1,876.70 per month or $539.80 per month more than currently paid would be required just to maintain the same level of buying power as in 2000. “Retirees know all too well that, Social Security benefits don’t buy as much today, as when they first retired,” Johnson notes. To put it in context, for every $100 of goods or services that retirees bought in 2000, today they would only be able to buy $60 worth,” Johnson says. To help protect the buying power of benefits, The Senior Citizens League supports legislation that strengthens and protects the annual cost of living adjustment and Social Security benefits. To learn more about these initiatives, visit www.

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The Father’s Love “Surely Your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life, and I will live in the house of the Lord forever.” Psalm 36:6 Do we know the love of our Heavenly Father? Are we passing it down to our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren? Father’s Day is the perfect time to take a look at our fathers and the opportunity we have to tell them we love them and to also look at how we are passing that love down to future generations. I would like to tell you a simple story that illustrates His love. When our son, Steven, was three years old, he came into the kitchen one day and asked my mom if she would teach him how to make biscuits. She smiled and said “sure” as she reached down, picked him up and placed him on the counter so he could get a birds-eye view of what she was doing. As she was mixing the ingredients, he interrupted her and asked, “Granny, how much flour and stuff are you mixing up?” She replied and said, “Oh, a little bit of this and a little bit of that.” And that was the truth! Granny never measured the ingredients, and little Steven did not question his grandmother’s answer. As I look back on this simple event, I realize what a wonderful picture it is of the

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love of our Heavenly Father. When we come to Him, as Steven came to granny, the Father picks us up, places us before Him and shows us His love by answering the simplest of questions. And, when He gives us an answer, we will not question it when we know He loves us. Rest in His love today because He loves you with an unfailing love! Our son, now 48, still makes biscuits just like granny -- “a little bit of this and a little bit of that.” He will always have happy memories of this event and the love shown to him as a young child. Let us not miss a single opportunity to pass on our own love and the love of our Heavenly Father to the next generation and the generations to come.

Happy Father’s Day!!

Kay Owen-Larson is the co-founder and President of Crossroads Ministries and the founder of the Crossroads School of Chaplaincy. This year marks her 59th year in ministry. An author, speaker, teacher and pastor, she has a heart for the elderly and would like to see many of them come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in their last days.

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7 Behavioral Health Tips for Older Adults

(NAPSI)—Older adults experiDealing with a behavioral health encing a behavioral health issue issue? These self-care tips can help: such as anxiety or depression may 1. Find a Provider. “Cognibe embarrassed and think they tive disorders, such as dementia simply need to “pull themselves up and mood by their bootstraps,” but helping disorders, them seek help can empower them often look to live their best lives, according to the same,” experts. Dr. Ev“Everyone is different, but there ans-Mitchell are tools for better health, insaid. “Only cluding therapy, medication and a trained self-care,” said Dr. Lindsay Evprofessional ans-Mitchell, medical director for can make behavioral health for Cigna Median accurate care Advantage. diagnosis.” For help finding a proBehavioral health disorders affect vider, reach out to your primary one in five adults over 55. Older care physician or health plan, such men have the highest suicide rate as Medicare or Medicare Advanof any age group or gender. Among tage. Also consider virtual therapy. men who are 75 and older, the It’s easy to schedule and offers the suicide rate is 40.2 per 100,000 – convenience of seeing a therapist almost triple the overall rate. without leaving home. The most common behavioral 2. Nurture Yourself. Good nutrihealth disorder in older adults tion feeds the body and mind. If is dementia, and its incidence is you have questions about nutrition growing as the Baby Boomer genfor older adults, consult your phyeration ages. Experts project that sician or a registered dietitian. Admore than 9 million Americans 65 ditionally, drink water throughout Century years or olderInsurance will have dementia the day. “Dehydration can worsen Call or text: (719) 718-8090 by 2030. Anxiety disorders and cognitive issues,” Dr. Evans-MitchAsk about the Advantage 5 Advisory option: mood disorders are also common ell said. among older people. 3. Sleep Well. Like all adults, old-

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American Life. Great American® appearing with the Great American Logo is a registered trademark of Great American Insurance Companyissued and is by used under license.Life Insurance Company® (Cincinnati, Ohio), a wholly owned subsidiary of Products Great American

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Rates effective 4/18/22

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cognitive health. Additionally, research has shown that chemicals released from trees can stimulate brain functions. Don’t forget the sunscreen though, as skin cancer is most common in people older than 65. 6. Buddy Up. Papa, available through some Cigna Medicare Advantage plans, connects older adults and their families with “Papa Pals” for companionship and support. “Papa Pals” can provide transportation, help with everyday tasks -- or simply be a friend, doing activities like watching movies or playing games. 7. Parent a Pet. Caring for pets generates positive emotions and can reduce anxiety. Just petting a dog has been shown to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and pets provide a bond that can elevate two feel-good brain chemicals: oxytocin and dopamine. Dogs also encourage people to exercise outdoors. “Behavioral health issues can be complex and confusing to navigate, but taking positive actions can be empowering,” Dr. Evans-Mitchell said. “It’s never too late to make a new start.”

Fixed Rate, Guaranteed,

The guaranteed income benefit amount includes annuity benefit payments under immediate and deferred annuities, income benefit payments under guaranteed withdrawal benefit riders and contract withdrawals taken by owners after their rider benefit payments began.

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er people need seven to nine hours of sleep nightly. Dr. Evans-Mitchell noted that older people’s tendency to go to bed early, wake up early, and nap throughout the day can disrupt healthy sleep cycles and limit rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, potentially contributing to behavioral health issues. 4. Exercise. Even moderate exercise can improve mental and physical health. The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans describes benefits such as improvements in brain health, better cognitive function, and reduced risk of anxiety and mood disorders. People who exercise also tend to sleep better. Having trouble getting started? Some Medicare Advantage plans include a fitness benefit, which can pay for a gym membership or provide at-home fitness tools. 5. Head Outside. Being outside has numerous benefits, including vitamin D absorption needed for


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Penrose (719) 372-3872 Florence (719) 784-6493

June 2022 Upper Arkansas Area Agency on Aging Nutrition Program



Thursday 2 #36 Roast Beef Sandwich on Wheat Chunky Vegetable Soup Oven Browned Potatoes Confetti Salad Apple 9 #18 Bratwurst on a Bun w/Onions & Cabbage Oven Browned Potatoes Peas & Carrots Orange

Friday 3 #17 Black Bean & Tortilla Casserole Steamed Brown Rice Whipped Sweet Potatoes Mixed Fruit 10 #63 Pasta Primavera Spinach Salad w/Egg and Lite Italian Apple Pear Salad w/Almonds Plum Garlic Bread

15 #57 Lemon Baked Fish Scalloped Potatoes Spinach Salad w/Mandarin Oranges Malt Vinegar Banana

16 #83 Spaghetti and Meat Sauce Salad w/Lite Italian Green Beans Orange WW Bread w/Butter

21 #44 Ham and Beans Collard Greens Cornbread Orange Juice

22 #50 Honey BBQ Chicken Oven Browned Potatoes Broccoli and Carrots Diced Pears Carrifruit Salad WW Bread w/Butter

28 #59 Macaroni and Cheese Salad w/Lite Ranch Asparagus Banana WW Bread

29 #82 Smothered Chicken Cornbread Stuffing Peas and Carrots Cauliflower & Broccoli Applesauce Waldorf Salad WW Bread



A $3.00 suggested donation per meal is appreciated, but not required.

Must have assessment form for our meal program on file with UAAACOG.


6 #22 Chicken a la King Green Peas Salad w/Lite Ranch Raisin Nut Cup Orange

7 #79 Salisbury Steak Brown Gravy Smashed Red Potatoes California Mixed Veggies Nectarine WW Bread

8 #49 Hamburger on a Bun Catsup, Mustard, Onion Split Pea Soup Creamy Cole Slaw Banana

13 #45 Scalloped Potatoes Buttered Spinach Hard Boiled Egg Apple WW Dinner Roll

14 #109 Turkey Pot Pie Peas & Carrots Salad w/Lite Ranch WW Roll w/Butter Orange Oatmeal Cookie

20 #64 Porcupine Meatballs Whipped Potatoes w/Gravy California Vegetables Pears WW Bread 27 #106 Tuna Stuffed Tomato Cottage Cheese Spinach Salad w/Mandarin Oranges Pasta Salad w/Chickpeas & Sunnies Rye Bread w/Butter

#42 Enchilada Pie Refried Beans Tortilla Chips w/Salsa Clementine

Canon City (719) 345-4112 Salida (719) 539-3351 June 2021 Florence Senior Center Upper Arkansas Area Agency on Aging Nutrition Program

FLORENCE SENIOR CENTER Thursday 2 #36 Roast Beef Sandwich on Wheat Chunky Vegetable Soup Oven Browned Potatoes Confetti Salad Apple

Friday 3 #17 Black Bean & Tortilla Casserole Steamed Brown Rice Whipped Sweet Potatoes Mixed Fruit

7 #50 Honey BBQ Chicken Oven Browned Potatoes Broccoli and Carrots Diced Pears Carrifruit Salad WW Bread w/Butter

9 #18 Bratwurst on a Bun w/Onions & Cabbage Oven Browned Potatoes Peas & Carrots Orange

10 #63 Pasta Primavera Spinach Salad w/Egg and Lite Italian Apple Pear Salad w/Almonds Plum Garlic Bread

17 #96 Tahitian Chicken Seasoned Green Beans Brown Rice Salad w/Lite Italian Apple WW Bread w/Butter

14 #38 Corned Beef Sandwich on Rye Swiss Cheese Creamy Coleslaw Banana Roasted Unsalted Peanuts

16 #83 Spaghetti and Meat Sauce Salad w/Lite Italian Green Beans Orange WW Bread w/Butter

17 #96 Tahitian Chicken Seasoned Green Beans Brown Rice Salad w/Lite Italian Apple WW Bread w/Butter

23 #34 Chili con Carne Cornbread Spinach Salad w/Mandarin Orange Apricot Pineapple Compote

24 #65 Pork Chow Mein Steamed Brown Rice Cabbage w/Red Pepper Banana Fortune Cookie WW Bread w/Butter

23 #82 Smothered Chicken Cornbread Stuffing Peas & Carrots Cauliflower & Broccoli Applesauce Waldorf Salad

24 #65 Pork Chow Mein Steamed Brown Rice Cabbage w/Red Pepper Banana Fortune Cookie WW Bread w/Butter

30 #104 Tuna Salad on Romaine Tomato Slice Pasta Salad Orange Raisin Nut Cup

Must have assessment form for our meal program on file with UAAACOG.

21 #48 Hamburger on a WW Bun Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Catsup and Mustard Baked Beans Potato Salad Orange 28 #37 Combination Burrito Salsa, Lettuce and Tomato Cilantro Lime Rice Refried Beans Citrus Cup

30 #104 Tuna Salad on Romaine Tomato Slice Pasta Salad Orange Raisin Nut Cup

Must have assessment form for our meal program on file with UAAACOG.

Please call (719) 345-3064 before 9:30 a.m. for reservations for daily meals, served Monday Fridays. All menus subject to change.

Please call (719) 345-3064 before 9:30 a.m. for reservations. Congregate meals served Monday – Friday at noon. All menus subject to change.


A $3.00 suggested donation per meal is appreciated, but not required.

Please call (719) 784-6493 before 9:30 a.m. for reservations. Congregate meals served Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. All menus subject to change. Please call (719) 784-6493 before 9:30 a.m. for reservations . Congregate meals served Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at noon. All menus subject to change.

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How To Protect Your Privacy Online


What To Know About Online Tracking Cookies When you visit a website, it might place a file called a cookie on your browser. Websites use cookies to customize your browsing experience. When a website you visit places a cookie on your browser, that’s a first-party cookie. Here are some examples of how websites may use first-party cookies:

A news website shows local weather and stories about topics you’re interested in. A website remembers your username or items you left in your shopping cart. The websites you visit often allow other companies to place cookies as well — for example, to deliver ads targeted to you. These are third-party cookies. Here are some examples of third-party cookies: * An advertising company places a cookie and sees that you visited a website about running. It then shows you an ad for running shoes when you visit other sites. * An analytics company uses a cookie to get details about your visit to a website — like how much time you spent on the site and the pages you visited. It can use the information it collects to spot problems with the site and make it better. Other Online Tracking Companies may track you using methods that are not based on cookies. For example, when you use an app on your smartphone, advertisers may use a unique identifier generated by your smartphone to track you.

Or they may use a technique called device fingerprinting. Device fingerprinting uses your browser’s unique configurations and settings to track your activity. Companies may also use techniques to connect your identity to the different devices you use to go online — say, your laptop and your smartphone — and then tailor ads to you across all your devices. What You Can Do About Online Tracking You can’t completely get rid of targeted ads, but a few steps can help. The steps you take on one device (like your laptop) usually do not carry over to your other devices (like your mobile phone). And if you use more than one browser, the changes you make to one browser don’t affect the others. So remember to check all your devices and browsers. There’s no global, one-stop solution. Expect to spend some time modifying the settings the first time you do this. After that, follow-up checks should take less time. Change your browser privacy settings You can choose to have more privacy when you go online by adjusting the privacy settings on the browsers you use. These settings let you do things like see what cookies are on your computer and delete them decide what type of cookies you want to allow, including tailoring those settings by website turn on private browsing mode If you clear your cookies instead of blocking them, they’ll be set again when you browse, so you may need to clear them from time to time. Here’s how to change the privacy and security settings on different browsers: Chrome

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you use.

Microsoft Edge Firefox Make sure to adjust the settings

Change your smartphone privacy settings

on each device and each browser


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Catherine Keener (narrator) voices one member of a polar bear family as she looks back on how her mother bear took care of her cubs during difficult times. Keener may not be Morgan Freeman, but she does an excellent job here. Her voice comes across as soft and manner-of-fact, just like we would expect in this life-like situation. A hard-luck life for polar bears as ice melts away these past years.


A female bear cub lets us know

OLAR BEAR, a Disney Plus nature documentary film, makes us sit up and take notice of the tremendous challenges these beautiful animals must face because of global warming. It’s a bit sad to watch, but the eye-popping photography keeps our eyes glued to the screen from beginning to end.

about herself, her mom and bro. The mother teaches her cubs well. Swimming, hunting and where to dwell. Finding food takes most of their time. It’s scary when we watch one climb. Though “Polar Bear” lacks much in plot,

awesome vistas is what it’s got. Plus, visual lessons that we need about the Earth’s dangers indeed! While watching “Polar Bear” my husband and I felt awed by the wonderful photography of these animals playing together in the snow and ice. We did not know seals were the major source of food for polar bears, so the bloodshed between these two species surprised us. And the daring climb mentioned above is one of the most exciting scenes in a movie so far this year. Marvelous cinematography showing unhealthy changes taking place in polar bear land is also a highlight of this timely offering. Kudos to directors Alastair Fothergill and Jeff Wilson as well as to writer David Fowler for their caring approach to “Polar Bear.” Cinematographers James Ewen and Rolf Steinmann also deserve praise for the impressive look of this Disney nature movie.

How does “Polar Bear” compare to other live animal nature films? Although not as entertaining as “March of the Penguins” or “Naledi: A Baby Elephant’s Tale,” it ends up being a worthy movie for the entire family and should help viewers understand the massive challenges facing our planet. There will be no polar ice by 2060. Somewhere along that path, the polar bear drops out.” --- Larry Schweiger, President of National Wildlife Preservation. "Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty." --- Albert Einstein

(Released by Disney + and rated “PG” by MPAA.)


Bulova Marine Star MSRP $450

100 Meter Water Resistant


*For new Independent Living Residents Only. Must move-in by July 31, 2022 Incentive based upon apartment rent and applied to first full month. Not applicable with pay-for-referral sources.

Villa Pueblo Senior Living Community located in Pueblo, Colorado was established 60 years ago and we want to celebrate by giving you 60% off your first month’s rent. Our senior living community is proud to offer beautiful new décor, engaging activities, and affordability. Check out our NEW PENTHOUSE SPACE, and ask us about our ZUMBA classes and NEW ART STUDIO! • • •

No Community Fee Pets Welcome Bundled Rent Rates

Two Meals a Day Included

1111 Bonforte Blvd., Pueblo, CO 81001 /

Find us on


(719) 784-7664


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Gap Grows Favoring Hanks in U.S. Senate

(PUEBLO, CO)– WMay 20, 2022, Colorado Springs - Republican State Representative Ron Hanks won the top position on the primary ballot in April after defeating five candidates at assembly. Hanks is staunchly conservative on pocketbook issues, and on social policy. Hanks has been clear: Roe v. Wade should be overturned. He was instrumental in the longest debate in the history of the Colorado House, fighting against the abortion bill that made Colorado one of the most liberal abortion states in the nation. In stark contrast, Hanks’ opponent, a wealthy businessman, Joe O’Dea, had been trying to avoid the issue early in his campaign. On Denver’s KNUS radio with host Jimmy Sengenberger, O’Dea said, “I’m not running on social issues. It’s in place right now, Roe v. Wade, I wouldn’t vote to overturn that. I’m not running on social issues, that’s not what is important to working Americans right now.” But O’Dea moved much farther to the left by stating on air that not only does he refuse to vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, “I would probably vote to codify it, along with Casey”, into federal law. That vote to codify Democrat Chuck Schumer’s pro-abortion law would take away states’ rights and force Christian doctors and nurses) and Catholic hospitals perform abortions. O’Dea identifies as Catholic and told the host, “he and his wife had prayed about this.” Pastor Garret Graupner, Pastor of Fervent Church in Colorado Springs, said, “At first O’Dea was double talking, trying to keep Republican voters from finding out he wasn’t a social conservative. He doesn’t get to support abortion industry policies and still call himself a conservative Republican. O’Dea’s public statements saying he would vote for Roe, are jarring to pro-life voters and that reaffirms my decision to back Hanks.” O’Dea has already burned through hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign ads trying to portray himself as a conservative blue-collar candidate. Initially Hanks campaign feared conservative voters might struggle differentiating between the two candidates on the Republican ballot. But O’Dea’s camp is targeting unaffiliated voters and skipping many rural events attended by the conservative base of the Republican Party. This week, O’Dea released a list of endorsements which was comprised entirely of elitist establishment Republicans. One endorser took a swipe at Hanks not being wealthy like O’Dea. Much of O’Dea’s wealth came from government paving contracts. Hanks retired from the Air Force

to Canon City and won the District 60 State House seat on his first try in 2020. Hanks told the delegates at state assembly that he sought no endorsements. He asked only for the endorsement of the voters and he received the majority of votes from 64 counties, eliminating all other candidates. Hanks accepted the Republican nomination by saying, “Money does not move me. This country does.” Hanks joined the US Air Force immediately after high school and went on to serve 32 years in the military as an enlisted man and commissioned officer on active and reserve status. He served as an Arabic linguist, an intelligence officer, counterintelligence agent, and counterdrug officer, among other duties. Hanks is proud of his blue-collar upbringing and is uniquely positioned to bring hard working Americans into the Republican fold. Hanks said, “I’ve lived as an enlisted man, as a frack hand in North Dakota, working heavy equipment. I still have my truck driving license. The Republican Party is a better fit for Blue-Collar America.” Hanks believes this race is not about money or the arrogance of power. “This Grassroots campaign is about the silent majority voting to return this country to our traditional American roots, without the compromise of Liberty on social issues or mindless compromise with socialism.” O’Dea, a relatively political unknown, ducked out of the typically conservative Republican State Assembly. Instead, he chose to embrace the backing of establishment Republicans and petition onto the ballot rather than face Hanks’ strong, grassroots ground game full of blue-collar volunteers. Conservative support helped him defeat five other challengers, including wealthy self-funded candidates. After O’Dea’s jarring, pro-abortion statements over the past few days, it appears that he had been avoiding the overwhelmingly pro-life crowd at the Republican State Assembly as well. O’Dea gave an interview on the George Brauchler talk radio show in Denver where he said, “I couldn’t, um, support, um, putting limits on, on, uh, women earlier in their pregnancy. That’s between them and their doctor. That’s not my role.” In comparison this is what Hanks said on the Roe issue,

“I’m passionate about restoring America to the place we were when I grew up, a place where individual rights were cherished, and our Constitution was an example to the rest of the world. But in order to benefit from all of our wonderful constitutional rights, one must first be born. Everyone deserves to get a birthday.” This week, Hanks began advertising O’Dea’s pro-abortion positions and encourages voters to listen to O’Dea’s own words online. Those are sure to be eye-opening revelations for the majority of undecided Republican voters who vote for pro-life candidates. Joe

O’Dea is now not only running as a pro-abortion candidate in a Republican primary, he’s siding with the radical Democrat lobby set on taking away states’ rights on the issue. O’Dea’s pro-abortion position defies the Republican National Committee’s and the Colorado GOP’s pro-life platform. Democrat incumbent and proRoe U.S. Senator Michael Bennet has advertised polling numbers that show if he faces Ron Hanks in the general election in November, Bennet loses. Contact: HanksForUSSenate@ | Web: www.


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Pueblo Storyteller enthusiasts at the Pueblo Welcome Center. Volunteer for 2-40 hours per week... your choice. Have fun, while telling visitors about Pueblo! SPECIALIZING IN Contact: SENIOR house cleaning and home help.... affordable..Pueblo #0722 area....references....Call Debby BECOME A PUBLISHED AUTHOR We want to Read 719-564-5865......HOME HELPYour Book! Dorrance Publish- ING HANDS. ing--Trusted by Authors Since 1920 Book manuscript submissions currently being reviewed. Comprehensive Services: Consultation, Production, Promotion and Distribution Call for Your Free Author`s Guide 1-833-307-1759 or visit http:// #1022


Imperial Memorial Gardens, Last Supper Location. 3 spaces, side by side. (List Price is $3395 each). All 3 for $3500 or sold separately $1400 each. Call or text Patty 719-4064514. #0622w

ADJUSTABLE WIRED TWIN XL bed. Excellent condition. Comfy memory foam. $300. You pick up after 5 pm Call Thomas 719-569-2741 #0622


VETERANS LOOKING FOR yard, house, cleaning, mov-

ing, painting, animal care, misc work. Please call or email. Thank you. God Bless. Canon City Area ONLY (719)551-0234 #0622

FOR SALE: CEMETERY SPACES at Imperial Gardens,

Pueblo, Colorado. Two vaults for $5,000 and two spaces for $2,000 for total of $7,000. Location is the beautiful Last Supper, Lot 76, Spaces 1 and 2. These will not be sold separately. Serious inquiries only. I moved out of state, and no longer need. Please call or text if interested in buying. #0622 719-371-8926.


Looking for Medicare plans? Overwhelmed? Wondering where to begin? Call me--I can help

Elizabeth Trent Licensed Agent

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AT&T TV -- THE BEST of Live & On-Demand On All Your Favorite Screens. CHOICE Package, $64.99/mo plus taxes for 12months. Premium Channels at No Charge for One Year! Anytime, anywhere. Some restricCall or text the Senior Beacon at tions apply. W/ 24-mo. agmt TV (719) 247-6580 price higher in 2nd year. Regionno answer, please leave a message al Sports Fee up to $8.49/mo. is #0722w extra & applies. Call IVS 1-844THE GENERAC PWRCELL, 503-0952 #1022 a solar plus battery storage system. HELP TAKING SAVE money, reduce your reliance NEED on the grid, prepare for power out- CARE OF your loved ones? I do ages and power your home. Full quality senior care. Reliable and lovinstallation services available. $0 ing, 20 plus years experience. PuebDown Financing Option. Request lo and Pueblo West area a FREE, no obligation, quote today. Contact: Peggy 719-778-7570 Call 1-877-650-3380 #0622 #0822

FROM THE HEART... Exceptional caregiver with 30 years experience, from A-Z. Available days, nights, weekends. Pueblo, Pueblo West. Please leave a message: 719-553-8552 #622



rial Garden. In great location in Pueblo. Includes marble crypt, open and close, bronze plaque, $7775. Privately sold. Section B, space X5. (719) 689-0507.

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provide & help with Rides and Running Errands, Yard/House GRAVE SITE, OLD Work; home-made meals deliv- Mountain View Cemetery. ered. Dog Walking/Sitting. Kind, Good location close to street. trustworthy, dependable. Refer- $1000 EMAIL: ences provided. Call Joel (719) 3 YEARS EXPERIENCE: 351-2365. #0622 Cleaning, cooking, appointments, #0622 errands. Honest and Trustworthy. Call Connie VISIT ONLINE: 719-214-0321 To sign up and pay for your Classified Ad

PORTABLE OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR May Be Covered by Medicare! Reclaim inde#0622 pendence and mobility with the compact design and long-lasting PRAYER FOR PRISONERS battery of Inogen One. Free infor- INTERNATIONAL is offering Christians an opportunity to bless mation kit! Call 855-749-0298 prisoners with Christmas cards and other amazing mission opportuniVINTAGE CLOTHING WANTED! 1950s-1990s. ties. Perfectly safe and incredibly T-Shirts, Jeans, etc. Call Adam rewarding. Call: 719-275-6971. 719-634-3675 #0622w

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WANTED: VINYL RECORDS Rock, Blues, Jazz, Etc. Call Adam 719-634-3675 #622w





2 bed 2 bath in excellent condition and move in ready. $69,000. Call 719-301-9182 for details.




SENIOR CLASSIFIED AD REQUEST This classified ad section of the Senior Beacon carries advertising of all sorts. The cost is $15.00 for the first 20 words or less and $.25 for each word over twenty words. TO PLACE AN AD either: (1) Write your ad in the space provided below. Please print clearly. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________ Your Name:______________________ Then mail ad and check (send no cash) to: Senior Beacon

P.O. Box 8485

(2) Email your ad to


(3) Visit and click the “advertise” page

Deadline is the 20th of the month #0622

Pueblo, CO 81008

(allow mailing time)


◀ FROM PRIVACY PAGE 15 Most mobile devices have privacy settings that let you control whether ads will be targeted to you based on your app usage and browsing activity. These may include: Reset advertising identifiers: Under the “advertising” section of your phone’s privacy settings, you may find an option to reset advertising identifiers. If you reset, your device will generate a new identifier. Any data associated with your previous advertising identifier will not be linked to your new identifier. But tracking will start fresh with your new identifier. Keep in mind that this setting relates to tracking while you are using apps. To address privacy when you use a mobile web browser, use the controls in your browser or one of the opt-out tools described below. Tracking control: Apple introduced a setting that requires app developers to ask for permission before they track your activity across apps or websites. As you use an app, you may see a notice asking if you want to allow the app to track your activity. If you decline, the app can’t access your device’s advertising identifier. Location controls: Many companies access your device location to send you ads based on your location. Your device’s location controls let you limit the sharing of your location. You’ll usually find these controls under the “location services” section of your privacy settings. Ad personalization: In the “advertising” section of your privacy settings, there may be a “Personalized Ads” or “Ad Personalization” control. If you turn off personalized ads, your phone will stop using your info to show you targeted ads.

Opt out of targeted advertising Groups representing members of the advertising industry — the Digital Advertising Alliance and the Network Advertising Initiative — also have free opt-out tools. If you want to opt out, be sure to opt out on each device and browser. Consider an ad blocker Ad blockers keep ads from popping up or appearing on your browser. They work by filtering specific content according to rules set by the program or by the user. A wide range of ad blockers is available and you can find them by searching online. Compare features and reviews to decide which ad blocker is best for you. Ad blockers don’t necessarily block all ads. That’s because some companies’ ad blockers show ads from advertisers that meet certain criteria set by the company. Ad blockers also do not detect or block viruses or malware. Change your internet-connected TV privacy settings If you have an internet-connected TV, you may also want to change the settings that let companies track information about what you watch. Many streaming devices and smart TVs have privacy settings that let you control advertising data

HomeTownMEDICARE 719-850-1110

JUNE 2022 - Senior Beacon - Page 19 collection and use. Search online for the name of your television or streaming device and “privacy settings” to get specific guidance on how to adjust these settings. Opt out of data broker sites that sell your personal information

Start by opting out of offers for credit and insurance at In addition, many data brokers offer opt-outs. For the most part, it’s a one-by-one process. To get information about data brokers, including whether you can opt-out, search this database from the state of Vermont.

Data brokers collect personal information about you from a variety of sources. Then they resell or share that information with others for many purposes, including verifying your identity detecting fraud making decisions about your eligibility for things like credit, employment, insurance, and housing

Another option is to pay a company to do the work for you. If you decide to hire a company to opt out for you, make sure you know how much it costs and which data brokers they cover, and share only the personal information needed.

A Seniors Real Estate Specialist®, or SRES®, is a REALTOR® who has received extensive training in helping 50+ homebuyers and sellers. Let me help you through the process of buying or selling your home, making the transaction less stressful and more successful.

Got a Medicare Plan you don’t like? Call today to see if you can change plans through March 2022!

Traci Giadone

marketing products Many data brokers are not affected by the privacy settings described above because they aren’t just advertisers.

Contact me today for more information! Cell: (512) 300-7646 Mara Duchanin Realtor & MLO GRI SRES NMLS 2098714

Office: (719) 744-2034


Email: Prosperity Properties Group, LLC Brokered by eXp Realty, LLC

Mara Duchanin Realtor & MLO GRI SRES NMLS 2098714 Prosperity Properties Group

Mara Duchan Realtor & ML GRI SRES NM Prosperity Pr eXp Realty, L The Collectiv

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55. Cuban dance step 57. *Popular prom dress choice 61. *Namesake of a lemon cake 65. Approximately 70% of Earth 66. Daniel ____-Lewis 68. City in Belgium 69. Not slouching 70. Khan's honorific 71. Viva voce exams 72. Expunge 73. Actor/director Howard 74. Boundary lines

THEME: FABRICS ACROSS 1. Ingratiating behavior 6. Testing site 9. Mix together 13. Veranda on Moloka'i 14. Lennon's widow 15. Pilaff, to some 16. Neural transmitters 17. Stumblebum 18. Renter's paper 19. *Plaid weave 21. *Cozy pajama fabric 23. Thanksgiving side? 24. Sign up 25. ____ Francisco

28. 100 centavos 30. *Woven reversible patterned fabric 35. Tucked in at night 37. Unwelcome mail? 39. Italian alternative 40. Brazilian indigenous people 41. Give out 43. Eye part 44. Violinist Perlman or violinist Stern 46. Toy flyer 47. Clickable text 48. Lady Hamilton's lover 50. Become puddle from icicle 52. Hula dancer's necklace 53. Bloody

Legacy Center

58. 0.405 hectare 59. Perceive by touch 60. *A wedding veil covers it 61. Blue hue 62. Notable achievement 63. Eye amorously

64. Scotland's famous lake DOWN 67. Gone by 1. Smelting waste 2. Longer than midi 3. Any day now, formerly 4. Long-limbed 5. Unfortunate outcome 6. *Rumpelstiltskin's weaver 7. Saint Anne, or Santa ____ 8. Resoundingly successful 9. Demeanor 10. Slovenian ski maker 11. Cut with a beam 12. Matt Damon/Adam Driver movie "The Last ____" 15. 2-dimensional 20. Single-cell protozoan 22. Manhole cover 24. Joviality 25. *"Nights in White ____" 26. Bullying, e.g. 27. Katmandu country 29. *Eurasian trade route namesake 31. Stake driver 32. Blacksmith's block 33. Part of a play 34. *Chinos fabric 36. "Buenos ___" 38. Adverse 42. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: "____ Your Children" 45. Powerfully persuasive 49. 1990s negation 51. Formerly, formerly 54. "M*A*S*H" character 56. FlambÈ 57. Three-____ sloth SODUKU Fill in the blank squares in the grid, making sure that every row, column and 3-by-3 box includes all digits 1 through 9.

Assisted Living Residence As Now g Acceptin ns io Applicat

Move-In Special 50% Off the 1st Month We Offer: • 24-Hour care and assistance as needed • Very reasonable pricing / No hidden costs • Utilities included except phone & internet • Small pets allowed (with some limitations) • Close to hospitals and doctors • Private pay and Medicaid-approved seniors • Private bathroom in every room

Call or stop by for a to tour 275-2917 • 1335 Bauer Lane • Cañon City Owned and Operated by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and Rebekahs of Colorado





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guess they don’t think their arguFROM PROLUBE, PAGE 3 ments about the abortion ruling are particularly strong, so they rather than the customer having to for her. have to warn about scary rulings to come in when it is convenient for Does God orchestrate our come. a shop. Payment is easy. You can plans to fit His agenda? I think you pay online, know the answer. His plans are far Finally, President Joe Biden has in person, greater than anything I could come put Vice President Kamala Harris via text up with. Diana took a picture of us in charge of the response to this or email. to share with her mother. Will that decision. Previously, she was put We accept amazing prayer warrior mama know in charge of the border, and then all mathat God shut down an airport so Ukraine. Any day now, we’ll find jor credit her daughter would be sitting next out she was in charge of the Chal- cards. We to a Christian woman on her flight lenger space shuttle. are insured to sin city to gamble? Whether she and stick knows or not, God is using her Maybe I’m just in a cheery mood, by our zero prayers to change her daughter’s life. what with the imminent concluspill policy. “The mind of man plans his way, But sion to this hideous chapter in U.S Any fear of history. Who knows? Let’s wait oil spillthe Lord directs his steps” (Proverbs nine months and see. age is dispelled by our policy and 16:9). One day, Diana’s mother will insurance. declare with the Apostle John, “I I have only two absolutely defihave no greater joy than to hear that nite predictions flowing from the Where do you see your business my children are walking in the truth” leak of the abortion opinion: in the next year? (3 John 4 NIV). Expanded into our neighboring 1) Liberals are about to start counties with an additional vehicle * Name has been changed. claiming that black people not added to our fleet. We want to do only are incapable of getting IDs this with a 100% customer satisfacto vote, but are also incapable of tion rating. © 2021 Jan McLaughlin. Jan can knowing that they’ve been pregnant for four months. (And then: be contacted at 719-649-2937 or by Whom do you seek advice from NIGHTMARE! THEY’LL HAVE e-mail for your business? TO GET A BUS TO NEW YORK With mechanical advice my OR CALIFORNIA!) father is always my go to. For logisFROM LIVES PAGE 10 tical advice my mother is my go to 2) As for the leaker, if the perp also reminded me that everybody person. turns out to be a conservative who hates the feminists. The ladies How has technology, such as was trying to pressure Chief Justice computers and the internet, imcouldn’t even keep the “#MeToo” John Roberts or Justice Neil Gormovement going. How long did pacted how you conduct business? such, he will be ruined for life. If that last? Fifteen minutes? And a Greatly. When I started working lot of the cases were egregious. But he turns out to be a clerk for one on cars we didn’t even have cell of the liberals, he will get a book a month later, transgenders were phones. Now I can accept paycanceling J.K. Rowling and wom- contract and a regular spot on ments and make an invoice right MSNBC. en’s sports. off of my cell phone! The web-

Now they’re hysterically babbling about the court banning contraception, interracial marriages and requiring forced sterilizations. I


site makes it easy for me and the customer regarding appointments. I also have better communication

with my customers because of technology. How can our readers get ahold of you? 719-307-1822 Other thoughts, ideas, comments? We do like servicing senior citizens and veterans. For senior citizens we tend to have a lot in common as many of them have been married for a long time and most of them have raised children. For veterans it is easy to do a good job for someone that has put everything on the line for our safety. We respect our veterans and are proud to serve them as they have served us. For veterans 15% is the least we can do.

Ask Marlene, your Real Estate Consultant! • How many Senior Citizen Clients have you assisted? • What resources can you recommend for the move? • What will you do to market my home?

Friendship House

I Have the Answers to These Questions!

Assisted Living

“Let’s write the next chapter of your life story together. Call me today for a free market analysis of your home!”

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Serving Cañon City, CO, for Over a Century · Single and double rooms · Free Wi-fi · Flat-screen tv in every room · Persons with disability accessible · Relaxing environment · Mature trees · Gazebos · Chapel and beauty shop on-site

More of a Family Than a “Facility”

1020 N. 15th Street Cañon City, CO 81212 Business Hours: Monday Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM *Closed Saturday - Sunday Staff is on premises 24/7

Call Tisha or Marisela at (719) 275-7451 50% off first month’s rent with this ad!



Proven success with over $41 million in team real estate sales in 2020!

Questions about

Medicare Plans?? L

et me show you how you could benefit from the Medicare-related plans out there.

John B. Reed III

Independent licensed and certified broker


Serving Southern Colorado and New Mexico

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GLEN VOLLMECKE Author: "Intermission a Place in Time."

Francis Sylvester Mahoney wrote: Legend. There is a stone that everyone kisses, he never misses to grow eloquent: 'Tis he may climb to a ladies' chamber or become a member of parliament. A noble spouter. Don't try to hinder him or be wilder than he for he's an Irish pilgrim of stone.

As promised in May, for our latest encounter we now discover this extraordinarily celebrated yet enigmatic structure. Still standing sturdily among cultured gardens, emerald grass and rolling hills, in County Cork. Blarney castle is a testament to the Irish 'gift of the gab.' This inevitable and relished verbal dialogue of chatter, could influence a sale of swampland in Florida. Bizarrely even the storyteller believes his/her patter. Evidence of his strength of ego and certainty in his culture/ history…known all over the globe as the Irish blarney. Originally built in1200 AD it was renovated in 1444. Today, a tourist haven, Blarney castle with its crumbling algae laden walls sharply contrast with its surroundings. Partly hidden is its cave like- interior where shafts of light linger in daylight only to reveal ghostly shadows at night. A sample of rock was achieved by either an

antiquarian, or geologist, hanging upside down from the battlements no less….no easy feat. (I'll explain that accomplishment later!) Presently few samples exist, except a microscopic slide ground so thinly it was transparent to the light. Included were evidence of fossil brachiopod shells, all unique to the region where it's based. This particular unit of stone was created long before safeguards were installed. We've all heard the expression 'kissing the blarney stone.' However, this required an act of heroism… a gamble with life or death. I kid you not! Prior to complex safeguards now in place, originally participants dangled precipitously held only by their ankles as family and friends cheered them on. Soon they bravely puckered up for a snatched kiss on ancient stone, ready to relate this story in local pubs back home. Inevitably in the year 1946 the unavoidable happened. By ascending the castle's peak this naïve vacationer valiantly leaned backwards on the parapet's edge, and possibly the victim of a sudden fear of heights he swiftly plunged to his death. Beginning in the early 19th. Century fallacies flew regarding reasons for such acts of heroism such as kissing a stone. Francis Sylvester Mahoney wrote: Legend. There is a stone that everyone kisses, he never misses to grow eloquent: 'Tis he may climb to a ladies' chamber or become a member of parliament. A noble spouter. Don't try to hinder him or be wilder than he for he's an Irish pilgrim of

stone. Queen Elizabeth 1st. requested an Irish native Cormac Teige MacCarthy to be deprived of his land rights. Summoned to court he sadly made the journey with few hopes of convincing her majesty. He was an inept speaker to be sure. Suddenly he encountered an old lady who guaranteed success if he kissed the blarney stone prior to his audience with royalty. Ostensibly it would favorably promote her final decision. His newly found confidence would guarantee success: so he followed her advice and was relieved when the queen decided in his favor, not to restrict his land rights. "The stone can impart deception without offending." These words are now engraved today on a boulder high above the castle. If the speaker is confident in his codswallop, you may even eventually agree with him. To date millions of tourists and locals have kissed the legendary stone. OMG! Can you imagine the historic germs/DNA left behind on that particular rock? It boggles the mind! Ugh!

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Simply email now to:


written by:

Ron Phillips

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David M. Shribman is a North Shore native and Pulitzer Prize winner

WISDOM IN THE WORDS LEFT UNSPOKEN Americans often reflect on Robert Frost’s meditation on roads not taken. Today, we might reflect on speeches not given — and on truths unspoken. One was from 1963, when President John F. Kennedy planned to speak of “ignorance and misinformation” and characterized Americans as “watchmen on the walls of world freedom.” He was killed an hour before the luncheon at the Dallas Trade Mart, but the slain president’s words speak to us today. One was from 1969, when President Richard M. Nixon had at hand remarks to address the nation if the Apollo 11 astronauts were stranded on the moon, left to perish in the lonely lunar landscape. Speechwriter William Safire wrote for him, “the men who went to the moon to explore in peace will stay on the moon to rest in peace.”

The world breathed in relief that there was no need for these words to be spoken, and for that moment, humankind was united in a way unimaginable a half-century later. Now let us consider the remarks President Lyndon Johnson’s speechwriter prepared for the commencement at the University of Michigan 58 years ago this weekend, some of which were cut — perhaps by Johnson, perhaps by itchy-fingered members of his staff — from the original version. That first draft of the 1964 speech set out the 36th president’s ambition and vision for the Great Society. It was crafted by Richard Goodwin, the gifted speechwriter who wrote several of the most poignant speeches of the 1960s. He can be credited with Johnson’s words before a joint session of Congress in support of voting rights, with its stirring opening (”I speak tonight for the dignity of man and the destiny of democracy”) and its unforgettable refrain that brought Martin Luther King Jr. to tears (”We shall overcome”). Goodwin is responsible for Robert F. Kennedy’s fabled 1966 speech in South Africa (”Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope ...”). Goodwin’s first draft of the Great Society speech — offered in the sixth month of the Johnson presidency and in many ways setting forth the great themes of the 1960s — came to light when his widow, the historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, donated her own papers to

the University of Texas along with her husband’s. In that draft was a passage that never was uttered but that captures the purpose of the presidency with more precision than hundreds of pages of meditations on the presidency by commentators, former White House aides, political scientists and historians: The presidency is a relentless place. It is beset by the clamor of current crisis, the insistence of immediate issues, the demands of developing danger. To steer the nation through momentary pressure toward fixed purpose is one of the highest duties of my office. Goodwin wasn’t finished with a three-sentence prescription for greatness in the presidency. He went on to speak of the challenges of the office, and the dividends provided when the president is infused with a sense of purpose — and destiny: He must sense amid the welter of events and prophecies the shape of things to come. He must look beyond impending hazard to widening horizons, beyond today to tomorrow. And he must set his course so that, in decades to come, Americans will be the masters and not the victims of their times. Other recent presidents have succeeded to the Goodwin standard, but only in part: Kennedy in his ambition in space, his summons to national sacrifice, and the vision of peace that he set out in a remarkable speech in June 1963 — but not in his reluctance to give a full embrace to the civil rights movement for the first two years of his presidency;

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Nixon in his (much-forgotten and under-praised) inaugural address of 1969 — but not in the conduct that led to his Watergate resignation; George W. Bush in his grit in the days after the 2001 terrorist attacks — but not in his adventure in Iraq; Barack Obama in his determination to win an overhaul of the health care system — but not in redeeming his repeated promise to change the direction and character of the country. Even so, the Goodwin standard remains the gold standard, always sought, seldom reached. And so it is a shame that his prescription for greatness in the presidency was lost, unspoken and, alas, unattained. But it turns out that history, like the presidency, can be measured in part by what was not done.

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