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Being 55+ Has Its Advantages (NAPSI) —The 55-plus crowd is

Whether planning for long-term savings for retirement or for shortmore active than ever, continuing term expenses like a post-panto stay in the workforce longer, demic vacation, saving money is growing in numbers—to the tune front and center in today’s world. of 73 million and counting—and exerting an even greater economic The good news is that there are so impact. In fact, 55+ers are respon- many great discounts created just sible for over half of U.S. consumer for you that it makes it easy to save tons by paying attention to where spending, according to AARP, contributing to the huge upsurge in you’re spending your money each month. online spending during the panHere are some “55 and over” disdemic. counts to be on the lookout for— If you are one of these lucky that you might not know about: ones—as in 55 or older—you may •Auto insurance: Insurance comnot realize that you are actually the panies sometimes offer discounts envy of many. People in this age for good drivers over a certain age. group can save thousands of dol•Travel: It’s almost time to travlars a year on everyday goods and el again so be sure to check for services so make sure you know about ALL of the discounts availa- age-related discounts with major airlines, hotel chains, and rental car ble to you.

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companies. •Restaurants: Over 55? Ask about special days, nights or menu items at your favorite fast-food or fancy restaurant—even if it’s takeout. •Wireless plans: Make sure that you are on a discounted 55+ plan—a failsafe way to save money each month. Given that 55+ consumers are spending 30% more time on mobile devices than they did a year ago, having an affordable wireless plan that provides unlimited text, talk and data with additional valuable perks is huge. Take a look at T-Mobile’s 55+ plans that it offers to customers across the United States. Verizon and AT&T, on the other hand, only offer 55+ plans for customers who live in Florida (even though 92% of people in the United States who are 55 and older live outside of Florida). And T-Mobile recently announced that customers on a Magenta 55+ or Magenta MAX 55+ plan can have up to four voice lines on their account. Always pay attention to details when considering your choice in wireless plans. T-Mobile’s Magenta 55+ and Magenta MAX 55+ plans offer unlimited text, talk and data combined with: •A guaranteed monthly rate that includes taxes and fees in the plan price—your price stays the same each month.

•Netflix on Us—Magenta 55+ plan includes Netflix on Us for families and its Magenta MAX 55+ plan includes Netflix Basic with one line or Netflix Standard with two lines. •Scam Shield that helps protect people from phone scams, hacks and robocalls. •Free stuff and discounts every Tuesday with T-Mobile Tuesdays. •Unlimited texting and 2G data without roaming charges in 210+ countries & destinations. •America’s largest and fastest 5G network—which is like having WiFi on the road to send pics and stay connected. Added bonus: the MAX tier includes unlimited premium data, so you can’t be slowed down no matter how much data you use. It’s important to highlight that T-Mobile’s 55+ plans include Scam Shield because recently scammers have become even more aggressive, targeting people with phony COVID-19 vaccine information. Scam Shield protects its users against phone scams and robocalls—and it’s free for T-Mobile customers.

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’ve stumbled upon a television station called MeTV on Dish Network and I suppose it’s on cable, etc. also. It stands for Memorable Entertainment Television. Most of us over 60 remember all the shows they present: Alfred Hitchcock, Gilligan’s Island, Gunsmoke, Dragnet, Leave It To Beaver, The Rifleman, Twilight Zone, MASH, Hogan’s Heroes, The Honeymooners and on and on. Talk about a Bonanza (they’re on the list also) of 50s and 60s nostalgia. My particular

favorite is My Three Sons. Besides Hogan’s, Gilligan’s, Honeymooners, et al, My Three Sons always, always puts a smile on my face. It’s not necessarily “laugh-out-loud” funny but it is so wholesome. Wholesome, but not sappy like today’s “wholesome” shows that sting with political correctness remarks and are littered with forced pandering but it’s the peacefulness that abounds after the episode is over. Most, if not all, told a story that ended with sound principles ruling the day. Now, everything seems to be made up as we go along and principles be damned. Even the westerns with all the gunfights and killings are handled in a peaceful manner. No real blood and guts. The bad get their come-uppance, yes, but the tale is couched in a learning experience for what is right and what is not right. Many of the tales from all those shows are told as wholesomely humorous problems which leave the viewer with a feeling that all’s right with the world, or will be. No infernal preaching. No pandering nonsense! Yes, yes, I know that we evolved away from those timid, tastefully done days in Hollywood to the one-upmanship of blood and gore and the political correctness that abounds in pandering to groups of people who should be offended by said panderers not sated by their disrespectful obviously forced

pandering. The tales were about just ordinary people. To the jacket and tie and respect of your elders and others in mainstream America of those times to the anything-goes rough and tumble world we live in today....... um, wait a minute! Those were the rough and tumble days. We were mostly all poor but hope abounded. We had Russian nukes at our doorstep and we were on the edge of our seats come tv news-time wondering which political personage got shot next or what war was about to break out. Hollywood was certainly hundreds of times mellower then. Times were slower then. Maybe ignorance was bliss. But here is what I think. It went down better because Hollywood was ever hopeful and showing us the right things. The way we Americans, new and old, ought to act in a respectful manner. Whatever happened to Hollywood? They used to lead the charge of all things wholly good. When and why have they become such absolute panderers! Recently I heard something that went a bit like the following (I am paraphrasing and I'm not sure who wrote it: “America’s Beautiful Freedom” Like ice cream we have 31 flavors (and more) of freedom. Some people think that freedom is wind blowing through their hair whilst standing on a mountain top. In the land of the free and home of the brave we choose what to do and where to go as freedom. It’s not a place to have our puppet masters

choose for us as liberated puppets. We must be careful to not fall into the trap of becoming liberated puppets and dupes, never having to make a choice. So when you reach that mountain top and you look upon our promised land you realize He already has blessed us and I believe He will continue to do so.” Something to munch on, that! The ever evolving carousel of modernity that seems to be an elusive mixed up mess is not the answer. So as we come out of this latest calamity called Covid-19, what we should have learned is to keep your loved ones close and the only One you can depend on is the Lord Almighty! Remember His words of love of God and neighbors as you would yourself. Term limits for all politicians would go a long way to weed out so many of our nation's woes and enlightened Journalism profs would help too. Godspeed to you and yours! Happy Spring!

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Market Risks For 2021? RONALD S. PHILLIPS Author of two books, teacher & trusted columnist



investors are in a somewhat sweet spot. We have a good economy, with bright estimates, and a market that won’t stop. But there are three risks that could jam-up the market and the economy. We have a very positive economic outlook; estimates are as high as 6.5 percent for 2021 growth. Plus, corporate earnings

are better for this year and next. By 2022 both of these could be at pre-crisis levels or above. Plus, we’re not Europe. I don’t say that in a mean-spirited way just in observance of the Old Continent not being able to catch a break lately. So I’m still cold on recommending any large positions to the Euro area along with limiting investments to Asia or similar overseas spots. The U.S. stock market is just too good to stay out of…possibly until we see one of the risks below.

tions. Coincidentally, it’s the same thing George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan did. The result was a pretty good economy and stock market for both. That’s an oversimplification but it’s also a major factor for the stock market: earnings. IF we see significantly higher corporate taxes and (maybe) personal taxes it could drop the market. Do we need more government revenues from higher taxes? That’s not my expertise. The talking heads on T.V. can argue that one out.

POLICY AND TAXES This is the big one, in my opinion. And as much as it sounds political it’s really not. It’s just the reality of markets and economies. I was talking with a bright neighbor of mine and he wondered what the previous administration had done economically. My response was simple: it lowered taxes on corporations (and individuals). It doesn’t matter whether we believe in that policy or not. It’s pretty basic math: lower corporate taxes = higher earnings = stock market usually really likes that. It also got me to thinking of the similarities of past administra-

RISING INTEREST RATES You can reference my article from February to get some deeper insights on interest rates. Basically, I don’t think they’re moving up much or soon. But that can always change. If we get big inflation, or too hot of markets or economy, rates can rise. The result is like a tax on corporate earnings again. If businesses are borrowing, which most do, and then they have to pay more in interest that hits earnings. Dropped earnings can mean a dropped stock market. An economic stew like that could also lead to a slowing economy.

THE ECONOMY CAN TAKE A HIT So far this one seems remote, though. We’re experiencing a return to average from a shut down economy. That’s leading to better-than-normal growth. The economy went down low and now it’s overcompensating on the upside. So we seem pretty safe on that front. Even if we just dropped growth to a normal-ish 2-3 percent that’s a strong position to be in. HERE’S A BONUS RISK The market is red-hot and that in itself could lead a decline. It’s like an engine running too hot. At some point it needs to cool down or fall apart. Ray Dalio and other billionaire money managers think the market is overvalued. It is overvalued based on historic numbers. But right now “the trend is our friend”, so owning growth assets has been and may continue to be profitable. To protect against the unknown, I’ve started to include very boring (and morbidly low-paying) Treasury bills in portfolios. These have done well on days the market is



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Connections Café Grab and Go Menu (Please visit the week prior to reserve a pick up)

Week of 5th – 9th

Mushroom Ravioli w/ Marinara Broccoli Diced Pears Raisin Nut Cup

Ham Mac and Cheese Spiced Peaches Sugar Cookie

Baked Citrus Tilapia Lemon Herb Rice Mixed Vegetables Roll

Slow Roasted Beef Mashed Potatoes Peas Apple

Bratwurst Cabbage & Carrots WW Bread WW M&M Cookie

Week of 12th-16th

Chicken Stir Fry Peas Brown Rice Apple

Pepper Steak Brown Rice Lima Beans Dinner Roll

Jerk Chicken Sandwich Cream of Potato Soup Apple

Meatloaf w/ Gravy Mashed Potato Peas and Carrots Orange

Breaded Catfish Wild & Brown Rice Peas Cookie Fruit

Sloppy Joe Carrots Fruit Sugar Cookie

Pork Carnitas w/ Pepper, Onion, Cheese, Sour Cream, Tortilla Corn, Black Beans Fruit 27 Chicken Cacciatore Pasta Green Beans WW Roll Diced Pears

Tuna Casserole Cookie Apple

Meatballs w/ Marinara Pasta Broccoli WW Roll

Chicken Chow Mein Brown Rice Asian Vegetables Pear Choc Chip Cookie

28 Baked Ham Sweet Potatoes Broccoli WW Bread Peaches

29 Chicken Pot Pie w/ Biscuit Lima Beans Tossed Salad w/Red Wine Vinaigrette Pear

30 Mahi Mahi w/ Mango Chutney Mixed Vegetables WW Roll Orange


Week of 19 -23


Week of 26th-30th

Grab N Go Pick Up 11:30 am TO 12:30 pm


26 Taco Salad w/ Lettuce, Tomato, Salsa, Sour Cream & Avocado Tortilla Chips Corn Chowder Apple MONDAY St. Andrews Woodland Park CSSC Pikes Peak Towers Reservations Requested

TUESDAY Holiday Village West Center Centennial Plaza Acacia Reservations Requested

Milk is served with every meal

WEDNESDAY Fountain Valley VSJ/VSM Monument Murray Reservations Requested

Menu substitutions may occur without notice. Clients are advised to keep a 3-day supply of non-perishable foods and bottled water in the event of inclement weather or other emergencies that may cause a temporary suspension of service.

Why Not Give a Shout Out to

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Thank them for sponsoring these menus!


96% Customer Satisfaction Satisfaction!!

Rate!!! IN COLO SPGS: 719-576-6683

3221 Elizabeth 4029N. Club Manor St. Dr.- -Pueblo, Pueblo,CO CO81008 81008


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SRDA NOVEMBER 2020 CALENDAR Special information from Pueblo’s SRDA (Plus)

Recreation Department is currently CLOSED due to Covid - 19. All information provided depends on when SRDA reopens, which includes Matter of Balance. Also, all outside activity start up, like AARP -Taxes and Driver Safety classes will be determined by their national office.

Senior's Shopping Time Scheduled EDITOR'S NOTE: The following article is rerunning because of the COVID-19 relief efforts. MANY STORES IN the area

are offering a separate time for senior only shopping to assist in keeping one of the most vulnerable populations protected from the spread of COVID-19. At this time, information for senior only shopping is as follows: Albertson’s Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7 – 9 AM Dollar General, 1245 Spruce Every day, 8 – 9 AM Dollar General, W. 18th Street Sundays, 8 – 9 AM Dollar General, 1502 Troy Every day, 8 –9 AM Dollar General, 609 Pueblo Boulevard Thursdays, 12 – 1 PM; All other days, 8 –9 AM Dollar General, 1610 Santa Fe Every day, 8 – 9 AM Dollar General, 2417 Prairie

Are you new to the Pueblo area?

Looking to make new friends?

Here’s the place to go!!! S R D A

230 N. Union Ave. Pueblo, CO 81001

Call us: 719-545-8900 Every day, 8 –9 AM King Soopers North and South Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 7 – 9 AM LaGrees Every day, 8 – 10 AM Natural Grocers Sundays, 9 – 10 AM Safeway Southside and Pueblo West Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7 – 9 AM Sam’s Club Thursdays, 7 – 9 AM

Everybody has a responsibility to protect the most vulnerable in Pueblo Save-A-Lot Every day, 7 – 8 AM Target Every day, 8 – 9 AM Walmart; South, North, Pueblo West, Neighborhood Market Every day 6 -7 AM All public and media inquiries in Pueblo are answered through the local hotline at Pueblo’s Joint Information Center. Pueblo COVID-19 Hotline is answering questions 8 AM – 5 PM, Monday – Friday, 719-583-4444.   Everybody has a responsibility to protect the most vulnerable in Pueblo by: ■ Minimize social activities and being physically close to other people. ■ Do not go to the emergency

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KeeP YOur IndePendence

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nO HOMe PHOne LIne needed

Lifeline of Pueblo S R D A

A+ call Today! 719-545-1212 rated Lifeline Colorado Springs call Today 719-522-9779 PHILIPS Serving Pueblo for Over 28 Years!

Lifeline Affiliate

*AutoAlert does not detect 100% of falls. If able, always press your button when you need help.

room unless medically necessary. ■ Wash your hands with soap regularly. ■ Cough or sneeze into elbow or tissue. ■ Stay home when you’re sick. ■ Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth. Avoid close contact with sick people. ■ Clean surfaces frequently touched. Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment encourages residents to seek out credible, reliable sources of information on COVID-19: Pueblo’s COVID-19 Hotline 719-583-4444.

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Founder of Prayer for Prisoners International



nd when they had come to the place called Calvary,

there they crucified Him and the criminals, one on the right hand and the other on the left. Then Jesus said, ‘Father forgive them for they do not know what they do.” And ‘they divided His garments and cast lots and the people stood looking on. But even the rulers with them sneered saying ‘He saved others let Him save himself if He is the Christ the chosen of God.’ “The soldiers also mocked Him coming and offering him sour wine, and saying, ‘If you are the king of the Jews save yourself and an inscription also, it was written over Him in letters of Greek, Latin and Hebrew, THIS IS THE KING OF THE JEWS” (Luke 23:33-38). As we look ahead to Resurrec-

tion Sunday, this passage focuses our attention on God's great gift of forgiveness offered to all. Of the four Gospel accounts, only Luke recorded these words for us, and they are thought to be the first words Jesus spoke from the cross. Just about everyone had turned against Jesus. He was betrayed by His friends, rejected by the priests who were chosen to serve in the temple, and sold out by the crowd who chose a murderer, Barabbas rather than Jesus, when Pilate offered to free one criminal as a Passover gift. Jesus was mocked as a clown king by the Roman soldiers and then driven through the crowd. The crowd was a hateful mob, and they added insult to His

pain. Then the King of the Jews was crucified between two criminals, men who play a vital role in the story of Salvation. God’s grace is revealed in His willingness to save anyone at any time, even at the moment of death. The thief on the cross who repented had nothing to offer the Lord. In his utterly helpless condition, the only thing he could do was believe; but that’s all it took, because the only way to be saved is through faith. Although both thieves began by yelling insults and verbal abuse at Jesus, one of them had a change of heart. His railing against the Savior turned to rebuke of the other criminal and then to the defense of Jesus. He admitted his own guilt and then asked Jesus to remember him when He came into His kingdom. What was it that turned the mocker into a believer? I think it was when he heard Jesus ask His Father to forgive those who were crucifying Him. Only a week had passed since the crowd had given Jesus a hero’s welcome, the equivalent pf a ticker tape parade. Now the adoring crowd had become an angry mob. On that day, one man died in his sin, one man died for sin and one man was saved out of his sin. There are only two possible responses to the inevitability of death. We can either accept or reject Christ’s substitutionary payment for our sin. Jesus prayed to His father. He didn't want God the Father to punish his tormentors for His pain. It's a strange prayer to hear from one so abused, but it was very appropriate to everything Jesus accomplished at Calvary because the cross was ultimately about forgiveness. We talk a lot about forgiveness because it is one of the core values of Jesus and His kingdom. Forgiveness is not just a good idea; it is also vital to overcoming the attacks of the enemy. We must receive and give forgiveness to be an effective part of God's family. He went to the Cross to wipe out the penalty for sin by bringing us forgiveness. Being a Christian is being forgiven – to be without condemnation for what we've done wrong. The Bible also teaches us we are not only to ask for forgiveness from others, but to freely offer it as well. When the cross is effective in our lives, we not only receive forgiveness but also give it. And by forgiving in Jesus’ name, an impact is made on the world. How could Jesus forgive the ones who mocked and crucified Him? The people had done the unthinkable: they purposefully rejected and tortured Jesus. They asked that the blood of His death be upon them and their children. How do we forgive the unforgivable? In Jesus’ case, we see a mob in desperate need of forgiveness but still focused on continuing in their sin. The amazing thing is that Jesus’ words were n’t even heard by the crowd. The soldiers still gambled for His clothes, and the crowd mocked Him more. Yet, Jesus prayed for them. Jesus gave us one of the great principles of forgiveness there. They didn't know what they were doing: “Father forgive them for they do not know what they do” (Luke



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I want to buy your records $$$$$

I would like to buy your record collections and/or individual records. I will pay

a fair price for your collections. I am specifically looking for all genres of Rock, Pop, R&B, etc., in good to mint condition; 1960’s to current/new. I will pay in cash or electronically, as you prefer. No collection too large; actually I prefer buying large collections, so email me pics and details of what you have and a price you have in mind. Located in Pueblo but will come to you. Thanks! Please email me at: Or call: 720-403-0296

Masonic Junior Achievement Awards Nadia Jackson

Austin Chase

Tanis Chavez

Savannah Autobee

Jordan Rittgers

Leyah Martinez

Adam Chavez

Alina Bartosz

Hayden B.P. Hall


Autobee es and Eastern Star Chapter of Jordan Rittgers, son of Mr. & Pueblo County are recognizing 14 Mrs. Leroy Rittgers East H.S."Outstanding Junior Achievement Leyah Martinez, daughter of Awards" recipients. One boy and one girl were chosen to repreMr. & Mrs. Lawrence Martinez sent each of the seven public high Adam J. Chavez, son of Mr. schools in the Pueblo County area. Javier Chavez & Mrs. Joeann The program will be held on SunRivera South H.S.- logo) (old, grainy day, April 18, at 7:00 p.m. at the Masonic Temple, 126 Broadway, Tanis Chavez, daughter of GerPueblo, CO 81004. (Rear parking ald Chavez & Jacqueline Medina off Evans.) Hayden B.P. Hall, son of Mr. In the event of Covid-19 cancelDean Hall & Ms. Hilary Pachelation, all plaques and pictures will be distributed to each family in the co-Hall Pueblo County H.S.downstairs cafeteria from 6:00Alina Bartosz, daughter of 10:00 p.m. South pueblo Lodge #31, will host Jerome Bartosz & Ms. Nancy the event, with W.M. Dustin Dodge Bartosz Seth Sherwood, son of presiding and serving as master of Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Sherwood ceremonies. Pueblo West H.S.The theme for this year's program Shannon Sheehan, daughter will be "YOUR PLACE IN THE of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Sheehan WORLD" with guest speaker: Mr. Kennedy Pugh. William Dammann, son of Mr. & Recipients of the 2021, "OutstandMrs. David Dammann ing Junior Achievement Awards" Rye H.S.are: Centennial H.S.Gracie Pfalmer, daughter of Mr. Nadia Jackson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marv Johnson & Mrs. Stacey Graham Austin Chase, son of Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Fox, son of Mr. & Mrs. John Chase Scott Fox Central H.S.-Savannah Autobee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rick

Seth Sherwood

Shannon Sheehan

Willam Dammann

Gracie Pfalmer

Nathan Fox


MTK INSURANCE Serving all of Southern Colorado

Home, Auto, and Business Insurance

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Keith Johnson

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SPECIAL TO THE SENIOR BEACON FROM THE EDITORS OF ANDREWS MCMEEL social media, and the idea was an instant hit. People lined up at Einstein stores, they "took photos, they had fun, they remembered their childhood," said Younes Molla, CEO of the chain, but others "were so angry they said horrible things." In Dubai, Kuwait and Bahrain, the government cracked down on the new cafe offerings, saying the bottles violate the countries' customs and traditions; in Oman, citizens were asked to report sightings of the baby bottle confections to a consumer protection hotline.

Can't Help Herself

Two weeks after a plea deal fell through in connection with a 2019 attempt to stowaway on a flight at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, Marilyn Hartman, 69, was arrested and charged with trespassing March 16 as she attempted to sneak onto another flight at O'Hare, the Associated Press reported. At the time of her 2019 arrest, Hartman was on probation after having bypassed security in January 2018 and boarded a flight from Chicago to London without a ticket. The Cook County Sheriff 's Department says it plans to seek a felony escape charge for Hartman.

Recurring Themes

Laura Rose Carroll, 50, and her daughter, Emily Rose Grover, 17, were arrested in Pensacola, Florida, on March 16 after an investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement found the duo had allegedly stuffed the ballot box with votes for Emily for homecoming queen last fall. Suspicions were raised when the Escambia County School District reported illegal


In March, Einstein Cafe, an upscale dessert chain with outlets across the Gulf Arab states, started a fad by selling its thick, milky drinks in plastic baby bottles, complete with nipples. The Associated Press reported the cafe was inspired by photos of trendy bottles on

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accessing of hundreds of its students' digital accounts. Authorities said Carroll, an assistant elementary school principal, had access to the district student information system, and investigators traced unauthorized entries into the system to Carroll's cellphone and computers, where nearly 250 votes were cast. Fox News reported that investigators also said students reported being told by Grover about her mother's activity. Each of them was charged with offenses against computers and other cybercrimes, along with conspiracy. Raffaela Spone, 50, was arrested in early March in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, after prosecutors say she created "deepfake" videos and photographs of at least three girls on her daughter's cheerleading squad in an apparent attempt to embarrass them and force them off the team. Prosecutors said Spone allegedly sent the manipulated images to the girls -- shown drinking, smoking and naked -anonymously and suggested they kill themselves, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. Parents of one of recipients contacted police, and detectives traced the IP address where the messages originated to Spone's home. Investigators believe Spone's daughter was unaware of what her mother was doing.

Compelling Explanation

Andrew Almer of Fargo, North Dakota, has flown an American flag from the balcony of his condominium for two years, but the condo association is now demanding the flag be taken down because it creates too much noise flapping in the wind. "You've got to be kidding me," Almer told reported KVLY-TV. "It's not rude,

it's not nasty, it's the American flag. ... It's not coming down anytime soon."

Home Sweet Home

Vietnam veteran Tom Garvey, 78, of Ambler, Pennsylvania, has released a new memoir, not about his service in Southeast Asia, but about the "secret apartment" he maintained for two years in an empty concession stand in Philadelphia's Veterans Stadium, once home to both the Phillies and the Eagles, reported The Philadelphia Inquirer. From 1979 to 1981, Garvey lived in an "off-the-wall South Philly version of the Phantom of the Opera," he said, furnishing the apartment with a bed, sink, refrigerator, stereo, coffeemaker, hot plate and seating for guests, who included players' wives waiting for their husbands after games. Leftover Astroturf served as the carpeting. Cousin Terry Nilon said being in Garvey's apartment, located literally in left field, felt like "Vet stadium was in his living room."

Sour Grapes

Andreas Flaten of Peachtree City, Georgia, quit his job at Walker Luxury Autoworks in November, visibly annoying his boss, he told WGCL-TV, but he was promised his final $915 paycheck would be paid in January. When the check didn't come, Flaten contacted the Georgia Department of Labor, and one night in mid-March, 500 pounds of oily pennies were anonymously dumped in his driveway, presumably totaling $915. Flaten has been storing them in a wheelbarrow, but they can't be cashed until they are cleaned.

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Work had begun on the small bungalow retired banker Charles Pole, 81, of Wiveliscombe, England, was building for himself on his property when excavators unearthed the remains of a 13th-century bishop's palace, simultaneously solving a local mystery and bringing construction to a halt. Historians had been looking for the site, once home to bishops of Bath and Wells, for 200 years, and a spokesperson for the South West Heritage Trust described it to the Somerset County Gazette in early March as a "significant find." In the meantime, though, Pole is stuck with the bill. "The cost of the investigation is going to cost me around ($26,000)," he said. Building will continue after the site is protected and covered over again.

Fine Points of the Law Lawyers filing briefs for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit were advised on March 16 the court would be officially discouraging the use of the Garamond typeface, a centuries-old font widely used in printed books, because it "can be more difficult to read," wrote court clerk Mark J. Langer. Fox News reported the font is popular among attorneys, but author and web designer David Kadavy, gets it: "Garamond is considered one of the best fonts in existence, (but it) "can be a disaster on the web. ... It's better to use a modern font that has been drawn with the screen in mind."

Least Competent Criminals

Robert Radek, 29, of Marlboro,


● Nutrition Services (Congregate) Eligibility Policy: Individuals are eligible to participate in the congregate meals service in one of the categories listed in this below: Persons 60 years of age or older and their self-declared spouses of any age; Disabled persons under 60 years of age who reside with persons over 60 years of age, when the care and maintenance of the disabled person otherwise prevents the older adult from participating in the program and when the participation of such individuals does not prevent the participation of older adults and their spouses. The disabled person must accompany the eligible older consumer to the site; Disabled persons under 60 years of age who reside in housing facilities occupied primarily by older adults and at which congregate nutrition services are provided when such participation does not prevent the participation of older adults and their spouse Persons under 60 years of age who provide meal related volunteer services and individuals providing volunteer services at congregate meal sites during meal hours when the participation of such individuals does not prevent the participation of older adults and

New York, scored a hat trick on March 7 when he was arrested three times in one day, the Daily Freeman reported. First stopped that morning in the city of Newburgh, driving a Jeep Cherokee, Radek was found by the trooper to have a suspended license and crack cocaine with him, for which he was charged with a misdemeanor and released, according to authorities. At 2:30 p.m., police said, the same trooper stopped him again, this time in a Honda Civic, and again found him in possession of crack cocaine, along with heroin. His final arrest came at 5:45 p.m., when Radek was stopped driving the Cherokee again and detained after the trooper determined he appeared to be under the influence of drugs, said police. Radek was released with tickets on all three

NOTE: Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), meal sites are closed. Meals-on-Wheels is still open

their spouses; and Staff members of the nutrition program who are 60 years of age or older when such participation does not prevent the participation of other older

Call SRDA at 545-8900 for congregate meal sites and Meals-on-Wheels info!

in one of the categories listed in this below: Persons age 60 years or older who are homebound or who are geographically isolated; Disabled persons under

Belmont Senior Care Respite Care Program

“Pueblo’s Premier Assisted living Community” Respite care is temporary, short-term care lasting one day or longer. It gives your loved one the opportunity to socialize with others in a small, cozy setting. This gives YOU, the caregiver, time to yourself. Respite care can be used when: • You are going to be out of town on business • Planning a vacation • Allows you, the caregiver, time to participate in your hobbies and interests. 3 Douglas Ct. - Pueblo, CO 81001

719-544-3999 Become a fan of Facebook BSC is a local, private, non-profit corporation not affiliated with Belmont Lodge nursing home

adults and their spouses. Nutrition Services (Home Delivered) Eligibility Policy: Individuals are eligible to participate in the Home Delivered meals service

age 60 years who reside with eligible consumers; and Spouses of home delivered meals consumers if, according to Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) criteria, receipt of the meals are in the best interest of the


violations and ordered to appear in court in April. Volusia County (Florida) Sheriff 's deputies responding to a fire at Myers Marine Service in Deland on March 13 were met by witnesses who said they saw Sean Sword running out of the building saying, "I lit a tow rope on fire." Sword, who was severely burned, told deputies conflicting stories about his motives, according to court papers, but after being interviewed at the hospital, he admitted he was looking for a vehicle to steal, but "it didn't work out," so he set a tow rope on fire and the flames spread, adding that he hoped to be in jail for a long time. Boats and equipment valued at nearly $100,000 were damaged, records show, and Sword faces arson and burglary charges.

consumers. More Information For more information, please contact us at 719-543-0100. CONGREGATE LUNCH SITES Avondale Community Center 719-947-4180 409 2nd Lane Avondale, CO Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Beulah Center 719-485-3100 5903 Penn Avenue Beulah, CO Tuesday 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Colorado City Community Center 719-676-3059 5445 Cuerno Verde Colorado City, CO Tuesday and Thursday 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. JH Edwards Senior Center (SRDA) 230 N Union Avenue Pueblo, CO Monday through Friday 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Fulton Heights Center 1331 Santa Rosa Pueblo, CO

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Columnist, author and lawyer

GOP MOVES TO SAVE BIDEN: WE WANT AMNESTY, TOO! PRESIDENT JOE Biden’s immigration bill will put virtually all illegal immigrants on a bullet train to citizenship, provided that they meet the onerous requirement of claiming to have entered the country before Jan. 1, 2021. Only terrorists and convicted felons are excluded — at least in theory, but past experience suggests they’ll get amnesty, too. Even illegal immigrants who’ve already been deported will be invited back and given amnesty. So far, the Republicans’ response has been to propose their own amnesty, while throwing in some boob-bait for the rubes about border security. Even the election of Donald

Trump, a ridiculous creature who became president by promising to crack down on illegal immigration and build a wall (promises he ignored), hasn’t put a dent in Washington’s enthusiasm for overwhelming the country with the third world. On this, the parties are united! The only difference is, Republicans lie to the voters about securing the border. Under Biden’s immigration bill, a gigantic number of illegals will be given green cards immediately and will be eligible for citizenship in three years — just in time for the 2024 election. That includes all Dreamers (who entered as minors — or say they did); those who came in as temporary agricultural workers (or say they did); and any illegals who have been granted Temporary Protected Status because of some disaster in their home countries. Biden’s bill doesn’t even include the usual false promises of border security. That’s where Republicans come in! Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., is floating a bill that would grant amnesty to Dreamers in exchange for vague promises of a border wall system. A border wall system should not be confused with a border wall. It’s easy enough to write “wall.” So

Affordable Assisted Living in a Scenic Setting

Point of the Pines Gardens

M e dic a i d & P r i vat e Pay Ac c e p t e d to f th ine eP sD r

330 Elkton Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Point of the Pines Gardens


R us



Elkton Dr

N Chestnut St

719-545-6222 719-265-0030


in Po

t "-- 13*7"5& 300.4 #"5)300.4 t */%*7*%6"- )&"5 $00-*/( t Ȫ)063 $"3& t )064&,&&1*/( 4&37*$&4 t 0/Ȫ4*5& 4"-0/ #"3#&34)01 t '".*-: "5.041)&3& 8*5) "-- 5)& $0.'0354 0' )0.&

Exit 146

25 W Garden of the Gods Rd .BQ EBUB ª 0QFO4USFFU.BQ DPOUSJCVUPST $$ #: 4"

why didn’t he do that? Because a border wall system will not have a wall. It will fund a lot of meaningless nonsense, such as drones (so we can amuse ourselves by watching illegals sneaking into our country); “boots on the ground” (so we can employ many more government workers to assist illegals as they cross the border); and surely the inevitable “commission” (so we can employ yet more government workers to produce useless reports). The only other difference between the Democrats’ and Republicans’ amnesty is that, in Sen. Scott’s bill, the amnestied illegals would get citizenship in 15 years, instead of three. By 2036, Sen. Scott will be 83 years old, enjoying the adulation of his corporate donors. The two key flaws with any amnesty are: 1) Real border security must precede amnesty. The two parts cannot be done simultaneously. A border fence must be started first — and completed first. Only after all the ACLU lawsuits and court rulings have run their course, and the border is still secure, do we move to Step Two. I happen to think we don’t do the amnesty part ever, but it’s tendentious even to discuss what to do with illegal aliens already here until we can prevent more from coming. 2) Despite low-ball figures being cited by immigrant grievance groups, the number of illegals eligible for the Dreamer amnesty is: pretty much all of them. I promise you, it will be in the millions. Almost any illegal alien can profess to be a Dreamer. The only requirements are that the illegal alien be between the age of 15 and 39; claim to have illegally entered the U.S. before turning 16; not be a convicted felon (which will be ignored, as it was under President Clinton); and have a G.E.D. or equivalent (which will be waived). Apart from the felony conviction (ignored) and G.E.D. (waived) — how can any of that be proved or disproved? With trick questions about “Baywatch” to determine the

applicant’s age? Reagan’s 1986 amnesty included a legalization program for illegals who’d performed agricultural work in the U.S. for a minimum of 90 days in the prior year. That seems pretty narrowly defined, right? At the time, it was estimated that only a few hundred thousand farmworkers would qualify. In the end, more than a million people applied. The Immigration and Naturalization Service determined that 888,637 of the applications were fraudulent: Alleged farm workers told interviewers that cotton was purple or claimed to have pulled cherries from the ground. Of the 888,637 fraudulent applications, guess how many our government approved? More than 800,000. Not one, but TWO of the 1993 World Trade Center bombers were in this country because of the farmworker amnesty. How much easier is it to lie about your age or date of entry, compared to lying about prior farm work? Of course, even if you’re somehow rejected, you can stay. (It’s not as if you’re going to be deported.) Has the public ever been so overwhelmingly on one side of an issue — and politicians on the other? In his first few weeks in office, Biden issued 28 executive orders, five of them pushing more immigration. According to a Morning Consult poll, all five of Biden’s immigration orders were among the seven least popular with voters. But Republicans didn’t become a minority party by listening to voters! Sure, they’ll disgust Americans by pushing amnesty, but that will give them more time to talk about the deficit and “socialism.” How about privatizing Social Security or maybe burbling on about Iran? The GOP could return to a 1970s-style, microscopic minority status in no time! As Talleyrand supposedly said of the restored Bourbon monarchy, re-creating the conditions that led to the French Revolution, “They’ve learned nothing and forgotten nothing.”


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Pueblo’s 2020 Public Health Champion Announced PUEBLO, CO - The Pueblo

Department of Public Health and Environment announced Cheryl Reid was selected as the 2020 Public Health Champion for displaying significant contributions to Pueblo’s public health. “Congratulations on a well-deserved award to the late Cheryl Reid. Pueblo’s public health community acknowledges Mrs. Reid as a role model in the Pueblo community,” stated Randy Evetts, public health director at the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment. The award was presented posthumously by the Pueblo County Board of Health. A community selection committee chose the Mrs. Reid for her promotion of health and protecting the environment. Mrs. Reid’s involvement as a role model for public health was observed in many areas: She worked for Crossroads’ Turning Points for over 15 years, most recently as the Director of Prevention, working in primary and secondary prevention of substance abuse issues. In 2008, she served on the Pueblo Coalition to Prevent Underage Drinking and Drugs; that same year, she co-founded the Pueblo Alliance for Health Teens that created healthier alternatives for youth to

engage. She secured hundreds of thousands of dollars for prevention-focused work in Pueblo, including the Strategic Prevention Framework grant through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) which provided funding for One Community, curriculums in schools, and special projects such as working with administrators at Dolores Huerta to improve graduation rates, among many other projects. For nearly a decade, she served as the backbone of One Community coalition to collectively address youth substance use issues. She provided a space for resource sharing between agencies and guided the development of common goals and metrics at the Annual Learning Summit and built a public data dashboard to provide updated social determinants of health indicators accessible to community partners and residents alike. She volunteered as a leader with several health department initiatives including serving as a Key Leader on Communities That Care since 2016, the community pod facilitator for the Substance Use Response Ecosystem since 2017, and co-chair of the funding workgroup on the Youth Behavioral Health Campaign Committee since

2019. She was also an active member of the Partners in Advancing Population Health, and the district 70 Health and Wellness Advisory Council. For several years she coordinated the administration of Healthy Kids Colorado Surveys in both school districts to gather data around risk and protective factors of Pueblo’s youth. This data is vital in informing numerous youth health initiatives in Pueblo including many at PDPHE. Nominations were received earlier this year from Pueblo community partners in addition to Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment’s Board of Health and health department staff members. Cheryl Reid joins past Public Health Champions in receiving this prestigious award: 2019 Dr. Gogarty 2018 Southern Colorado Health Network


Kim Arline


Pueblo Community

College 2015

Southern Colorado Run-

ners Club 2014

Dr. Anne Courtright


John Panepinto, BPh


Dr. Jarvis Ryals

View photos of the past Public Health Champion recipients by visiting public-health/public-health-champion. To nominate someone to be the 2021 Public Health Champion, visit Applications will be accepted through March 31, 2021.


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(HWY 115 @ 6th) 719-372-3012

Espresso, Coffee & Smoothie Bar

Morning menu Breakfast burritos Biscuits & Gravy Fresh baked pastries Breakfast sandwiches Afternoon/Evening Menu Toasted sandwiches Deli sandwiches Fresh Salads & Wraps Exquisite Desserts

The other bar... Beer • Wine Margaritas • Bloody Marys Mimosas Specialty Signature coffee drinks (hot and frozen)

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FOR A HEALTHIER YOU Managing Chronic Kidney Disease: Take Charge Of Your Health (NAPSI)—Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a serious condition, affecting 15% of U.S. adults—an estimated 37 million Americans. Kidney disease can get worse over time and may lead to kidney failure and other serious complications. Early-stage CKD has few or no symptoms. In fact, many people with CKD don’t know they have the disease. Ask your doctor if you are at risk and get tested. Early diagnosis can make a big difference. Managing CKD may be challenging, but it is key to preventing or delaying serious health problems such as heart disease. The earlier you get involved in your kidney care, the better your chances of slowing disease progression and living longer and healthier. Take an active role in managing your kidney disease by following these healthy lifestyle tips. • Meet regularly with your health care team. Stay connected with your doctor, either in person or via telehealth. Meet with your health care team for help managing CKD, keep appointments even if you feel OK and create a care plan. Ask your doctor to explain test results and bring a list of questions or concerns to appointments. • Manage blood pressure. Work with your health care team to develop a plan to meet your blood pressure goals. Steps to meet those goals may include eating hearthealthy and low-sodium meals and being active.

• Monitor blood glucose levels. Check your blood glucose level regularly if you have diabetes. Use the results to guide decisions about food, physical activity and medicines. • Take medicines as prescribed. Your pharmacist and doctor need to know about all the medicines you take, including over-the-counter medicines. Tell your doctor about any side effects before stopping or changing how you take your medicine. • Avoid nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen and naproxen. NSAIDs are sold under many different brand names, so ask your pharmacist or doctor if the medicines are safe for you to use. • Stay up to date on vaccinations. The COVID-19 vaccine is especially important for people who may be more likely to get very sick from COVID-19, including people with certain medical conditions such as kidney disease. • Aim for a healthy weight. If you are overweight or have obesity, work with your health care team to create a weight-loss plan. • Develop a healthy meal plan. ­Create a meal plan that contains ­kidney-healthy foods and beverages. Ask your doctor about finding a registered dietitian who can help. • Find ways to reduce stress and make physical activity part of your routine. Consider healthy, stress-reducing activities and get at

least 30 minutes of physical activity daily. • Get enough sleep. Aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Try establishing a bedtime routine if you have trouble sleeping. • Quit smoking. Smoking cigarettes can make kidney damage worse. If you have financial or resource challenges that make it difficult to start or maintain these behaviors—such as difficulty paying for medicines, providing enough food for you and your family or finding a safe place for physical activity— ask your health care team about support programs that may be available to help. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

(NIDDK) spearheads research to help improve kidney disease management and treatment. “It’s important to educate patients and their health care providers about ways to treat and manage chronic kidney disease,” said NIDDK Director Dr. Griffin P. Rodgers. “People should know their risk factors, like underlying health conditions. And they should know that, if diagnosed, chronic kidney disease is manageable. Staying engaged and managing the disease’s progression protects the kidneys.” For more information on managing CKD, visit the NIDDK website at


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Penrose (719) 372-3872 Florence (719) 784-6493

April 2021 Upper Arkansas Area Agency on Aging Nutrition Program





Thursday 1 #32 Chili con Carne Steamed Broccoli Cornbread Trail Mix w/Nuts & Raisins Apple

Canon City (719) 345-4112 Salida (719) 539-3351 April 2021 Florence Senior Center Upper Arkansas Area Agency on Aging Nutrition Program


Friday 2 #4 Baked Ham w/Raisin Sauce Sweet Potatoes Green Bean Amandine Cranberry Mold Pecan Pie WW Dinner Roll 9 #60 Meatloaf Brown Gravy Roasted Sweet Potatoes Salad w/Lite Ranch Pineapple Tidbits in Juice WW Bread w/Butter

A $3.00 suggested donation per meal is appreciated, but not required.

Must have assessment form for our meal program on file with UAAACOG.

5 #18 Bratwurst on a Buns w/Onion & Cabbage Oven Browned Potatoes Peas and Carrots Orange

6 #97 Teriyaki Beef Brown Rice Chinese Vegetables Asian Cabbage Salad Orange Fortune Cookie WW Bread w/Butter

7 #58 Lentil Soup Egg Salad Sandwich Shredded Lettuce Three tomato slices Banana

8 #93 Swiss Broccoli Pasta 5-Way Vegetables Salad w/Lite Ranch Banana Mitzie’s WW Rolls w/Butter

12 #85 Spinach Cheese Squares Tossed Salad w/Pear Whipped Hubbard Squash Citrus Cup WW Bread w/Butter

13 #16 Beef Stroganoff Orange Spiced Carrots Pickled Beet & Onion Salad Orange WW Bread w/Butter

14 #50 Honey BBQ Chicken Oven Browned Potatoes Broccoli & Carrots Diced Pears Carrifruit Salad WW Bread w/Butter

15 #80 Salmon Patties Cream Sauce Steamed Brown Rice w/Parsley Mixed Vegetables Tangerine Raising Nut Cup WW Bread w/Butter

16 #89 Submarine Turkey Sandwich Chunky Vegetable Soup Potato Salad Orange Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

19 #10 BBQ Pork Ribs Creamy Coleslaw Corn Cob Seasoned Greens Strawberries Bran Muffin

20 #59 Macaroni & Cheese Salad w/Lite Italian Asparagus Banana WW Bread w/Butter

21 #27 Chicken Fried Steak Cream Gravy Smashed Red Potatoes California Mixed Vegies Apple WW Dinner Roll

22 #40 Cream of Potato Soup Tuna Salad Wrap Lettuce & Tomato Slices Creamy Coleslaw Peaches

23 #109 Turkey Pot Pie Peas and Carrots Salad w/Lite Ranch Orange Oatmeal Cookie WW Dinner Roll

26 #28 Chicken Noodle Soup Egg Salad Sandwich Spinach Salad w/Mandarin Oranges Raisin Nut Cup Lemon Meringue Pie

27 #11 Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry Steamed Brown Rice Steamed Carrots Pineapple Tidbits WW Bread w/Butter

28 #72 Roast Chicken w/Broth Scalloped Potatoes Seasoned Brussels Sprouts Apple WW Bread w/Butter

29 #17 Black Bean & Tortilla Casserole Steamed Brown Rice Whipped Sweet Potatoes Mixed Fruit

30 #79 Salisbury Steak Brown Gravy Smashed Red Potatoes California Mixed Veggies Nectarine WW Bread w/Butter

Please call (719) 345-3064 before 9:30 a.m. for reservations for grab-n-go meals served Monday – Friday. All menus subject to change.


A $3.00 suggested donation per meal is appreciated, but not required. 6 #39 Corned Beef Brisket Parsley Buttered New Potatoes Cabbage and Carrots Spinach Salad w/Mandarin Oranges Apple 13 #90 Swedish Meatball Whipped Potatoes w/Gravy Chopped Spinach Orange Bran Muffin

20 #7 BBQ Beef Brisket Ranch Style Beans WW Hamburger Bun Broccoli Florets Honeydew Cilantro Lime Salad 27 #95 Taco Salad Salsa, Tomato, Lettuce Garnish Strawberry Applesauce Flan Custard Cornbread

Thursday 1 #32 Chili con Carne Steamed Broccoli Cornbread Trail Mix w/Nuts & Raisins Apple 8 #93 Swiss Broccoli Pasta 5-Way Vegetables Salad w/Lite Ranch Banana Mitzie’s WW Rolls w/Butter

Friday 2 #4 Baked Ham w/Raisin Sauce Whipped Sweet Potatoes Green Bean Amandine Cranberry Mold Pecan Pie WW Dinner Roll 9 #60 Meatloaf Brown Gravy Roasted Sweet Potatoes Salad w/Lite Ranch Pineapple Tidbits in Juice WW Bread w/Butter

15 #80 Salmon Patties Cream Sauce Steamed Brown Rice w/Parsley Mixed Vegetables Tangerine Raising Nut Cup WW Bread w/Butter 22 #40 Cream of Potato Soup Tuna Salad Wrap Lettuce & Tomato Slices Creamy Coleslaw Peaches

16 #89 Submarine Turkey Sandwich Chunky Vegetable Soup Potato Salad Orange Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

29 #17 Black Bean & Tortilla Casserole Steamed Brown Rice Whipped Sweet Potatoes Mixed Fruit

30 #79 Salisbury Steak Brown Gravy Smashed Red Potatoes California Mixed Veggies Nectarine WW Bread w/Butter

23 #109 Turkey Pot Pie Peas and Carrots Salad w/Lite Ranch Orange Oatmeal Cookie WW Dinner Roll

Please call (719) 784-6493 before 9:30 a.m. for reservations for grab-n-go meals served Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. All menus subject to change. Please call (719) 784-6493 before 9:30 a.m. for reservations for grab-n-go meals served Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. All menus subject to change.

Menus are sponsored by

ADVANCED DENTAL--in Canon City!!

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Gain Physical Security With Grab Bars WHETHER ONE IS aging in

place or has a sudden need for mobility solutions, it can be daunting and stressful facing up to accessibility needs. Tackling accessibility can be a frustrating and frightening first step in getting back to normal daily living. Restoring an equality of access for our customers and their families is at the heart of every accessibility plan we develop. A feeling of stability in the home leads to an increased sense of comfort and freedom. Grab bars are a simple change to your home— small and unobtrusive and it helps a person gain physical security as they move, so it gives them – and you – an enhanced sense of safety.

CHRONIC PAIN MOBILITY TIPS Living with chronic pain is not easy, yet many people are forced to live with it. In a 2016 report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 20% of adults in the United States deal with chronic pain. This type of pain can impact everything you do in life, depending on the severity. One of the biggest concerns people striving for independent living have is the inability to navigate their home to take care of their daily needs. It is a valid concern, there is good news as there are tips to help you keep your pain levels as low as possible.

Rest Your Body When It Needs It

Resting your body can be challenging when you are naturally an active person. However, you have to pay attention to the pain points in your body and rest if they

are becoming too painful. Your instinct may be to power through the discomfort and live life as normally as possible, but you could be doing more harm than good to your body. Chronic pain may not go away on its own, so your role is to respect your body and take a break any time you feel like you need to. Most things you need to do can wait; if they cannot, then ask a friend, relative, or neighbor for help.

This month’s Senior Safety Page is Proudly Sponsored byAMERICAN VEIN! Give them a call right away! And thank themfor sponsoring this valuable addition to the Senior Beacon!! chronic pain. Sometimes a simple mobility device is all it takes to help people move around more and be healthier as a result. If there is anything we can do to help you in

your efforts to deal with chronic pain, contact us Call us today! 719-494-0443

Prioritize Your Health

Consuming the appropriate food and beverages may not cure your chronic pain, although they can help make the body feel better. Focus on getting a healthy mix of fruits & vegetables, along with the proper proteins. Many health issues stem from improper nutrition. People with chronic pain who do not practice healthy eating habits can experience more severe pain than people who are healthier overall. Nourishing the body correctly is important for helping you cope with chronic pain and keep you moving as much as possible.

Seek Appropriate Resources When Needed

Utilizing the resources available to you means asking for help when needed or investing in some type of mobility device to aid with independent living. One of the most popular products is a stair lift for people who live in two-story homes. You should not have to sacrifice your home space just because you have chronic pain. Investing in the right mobility device can keep you moving and living freely in your home. Next Day Access enjoys helping people live a more comfortable life when they are dealing with

Healthy Leg Month April 1st - 30th, 2021

Don't Forget Your Veins! Many people don’t realize the uncomfortable symptoms they experience in their legs could stem from their veins. If any of the following are common symptoms for you, we encourage you to check on your vein health for a pain free summer. • • • • •

Spider and varicose veins Swelling of the legs or ankles Pain or heaviness when you stand Leg cramps Leg ulcers

Buy 2 Pairs Get 1 Free*!

During the month of April, all in-stock compression wear is on sale.* Stop into any clinic for your free compression wear fitting.

*Compression wear purchased must be the same brand to receive offer. Free pair is equal or lesser value.


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EFORE MY husband and I watched NOMADLAND two times, I never thought about buying a van and traveling through the Southwest, picking up jobs along the way and learning the rules of the road. Now I feel envious of the modern nomads who have made that decision. Of course, there’s loneliness plus weather problems as well as no indoor plumbing. But the natural wonders to see and the freedom involved are compelling reasons to consider this lifestyle instead of the closed-in “normal” world of today.



“Nomadland,” this year’s Golden Globe drama winner, stars the great Frances McDormand, who appears in every scene and delivers a raw performance as a widow trying to live this type of existence. But don’t expect an extroverted character like the angry mother in “ Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.” This time, McDormand must draw on her inner strength and project that on the screen. Mission accomplished. Her facial expressions and body language show us a woman in her sixties coping with tragedy and still not giving up or blaming anyone. She’s taking things day by day and helping others along the way. Deserts, mountains, plains and the road

Her life needed a re-arrange.

fering so realistic! Linda May, Swankie

The town she lived in was wiped out.

and Bob Wells stand out. Bob (Godfa-

So time for Fern to leave, no doubt.

ther of the VanLife movement), offers counseling and regular get-togethers,

On her journey new friends she makes.

Linda May becomes Fern’s good friend,

and lots of jobs she gladly takes.

and Swankie gives her excellent advice

But most of all she sees the West

about vans.

with gorgeous landscapes at their best.

beckon Fern, so she packs a load

Frances McDormand makes us care

into her van and off she goes.

in a role where her soul is bare.

Why this way to escape her woes?

“Nomadland” may seem way too long. But music helps it move along

Great Recession caused things to change.

the van culture makes this unique of-

Including real people who are part of

Also, kudos to actor David Strathairn for his gentle performance as Fern’s admirer. Their short dancing and precious dinner plates interactions are priceless! Writer/director Chloé Zhao deserves credit for this adapted version of Jessica Bruder’s novel. She managed to put everything together with meticulous

“Your Residential and Commercial Flooring Experts”



care. Joshua James Richards’ cinematography adds beauty to the film, and Ludovico Einaudi’s


We’ll bring samples to you * 1 Year Warranty on Installations * free estimates * we have MANY window coverings!!

pensive, melancholy music helps set the mood in many scenes. For me, “ Nomadland” ends up being poetry in motion. "I’ve always been deeply drawn to the open road – an idea I find to be quintessentially American – the endless search for what’s beyond the horizon…It was the spirit of the Old West and it’s still the spirit of today.” --- Chloé Zhao (Released by Searchlight Pictures

300 Dozier * Cañon City, CO 81212 * Open M-F: 7-5, Sat: 8-Noon




and rated “R” by MMPA. Available on Hulu)


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Prayer For Prisoners Int'l 2021 Golf Benefit PROUD SPONSOR OF THE PFPI GOLF BENEFIT

Pueblo La Junta and Lamar

CONSIDER THIS DISTRESSING statistic: 72% of children of

offenders will end up in jail and/or prison. Prayer For Prisoners International Golf Benefit will help lower the rate at which prisoners return to prison. Your Donation Will Help Continue Studies and Services for Men and Women in Prison. Every Penny of Profit Will Be Used to Reach More Offenders Who Will Then be Able to Show Not Just Say How They Have Changed. A Transformed Mom or Dad Change Be The Turning Point For Their Children To Stay Out of Jail and Prison. Here are the rates at which offenders return to prison for another crime or violation of parole. • Nationally 65% (65 of 100 return to prison) • Colorado 49% (49 of 100 return to prison) • Prisoners involved with PFP

and other faith-based ministries 12% (only 12 of 100 return to prison) By working together, we can make changes in this horrific statistic. HOW YOU CAN HELP 1. Play in the Tournament 2. Contact Rick, Tyler, or Jan and ask about our Special Rate for your foursome & sponsorship. Hole Sponsorship For the $100.00 level, your rep may distribute your company flyers/coupons at the tee box reserved for you. Hole Sponsor: 1. $100.01+ --Diamond 2. $100.00--Gold 3. $75.00--Silver 4. $50.00--Bronze

6. Gift Certificate You can help reach men and women and they will be equipped to reach and teach their children that a life of crime is not acceptable. PFPI began in 1987 and currently reaches over 650 prisons across the U.S. and international prisons. We are Colorado State sales and use tax exempt. We are an approved 501-C3 EIN Number 84-

Gift Prizes, Gift Certificates: 5. Prize Donation

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TWO CEMETERY PLOTS for sale; side by side. $1,800 at Imperial Gardens. Retail price $2800 each. Must sell! Call (719) 470-9299


cleaning, moving, painting, animal Devotion Lot 148, grave 1 & 2, Lot LPs. Also sheet music from same care, misc work. Please call or email. 149 grave 3 & 4. Asking $4000 for period. Also 10 and 12 cent comThank you. God Bless. Canon City all or $2000 for two. 719-248-3167 ics. (719) 566-7975 after 11:00am Area ONLY (719)778-7570 #0421



VETERANS LOOKING CEMETERY LOTS FOR WANTED: VINYL RECORDS: FOR looking for yard, house, sale. Imperial Cemetery, Garden of from 1950s and 1960s; 45s, 78s,


I AM A PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL looking to buy a

used motorcycle and it doesn't have to run. Please call 719-




Washington, DC license plates. I will pay for both car and motorcycle plates. If you have any to sell, please call me at 301-



ARE YOU ELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE HOME CARE THROUGH MEDICAID but don't know where to go? Are you currently receiving care but want to change your agency? If you're looking for quality home care, with a full suite of non-medical services...

**Call (719) 201-9474

or visit **

IN EXCELLENT CONDITION SWM 5'9" ROCKVILLE: loves 2016 Ford Escape Titanium. One to dance, seeking 50ish female with owner (Senior). 60,000 miles. energy of 40-yr old for companionPrice $22,500. For more info call ship. Elaine at 303-345-3023 #0421 Phone: 301-310-9761 #0521

TWO (2) IMPERIAL GARDENS cemetery plots for sale. Lo-

cated in the Garden of Last Supper section.Lot #935 spaces 1 & 2 includes vaults. Selling Price for the two plots is $4,200.00 Contact: J. Patti 719-252-7892


PUEBLO WEST: 4 BEDROOM, 2 bath home; 3BR, 2B home and 2 furnished rooms with Private Baths.




PERMANENT EXTERIOR LIGHTING FOR YOUR HOME TrimLight is an amazing new product that offers year-round lighting. Fully warrantied and offers safety and security. No more ladders, broken bulbs, or tangled wires. Free estimates for professional installation.

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SPECIALIZING IN SENIOR house cleaning and home


help.... affordable..Pueblo area.... references....Call Debby 719FOR PRISONERS 564-5865......HOME HELPING #0521 INTERNATIONAL is offering HANDS.

with Bruno E2 lift on rear of vehicle. (New motor on EZ-Lift). PRAYER $1,700 Ken Jones (719) 307-5771



Christians an opportunity to bless prisoners with Christmas cards. An amazing mission opportunity. Perfectly safe and incredibly rewarding. Call: Jan or Rick at 719-2756971.

LOOKING FOR PART-TIME income?? Do you enjoy working with people? This is flexible schedule, independent (but with plenty of support), commission #0421 SPECIALIZING IN SPECIAL work. Needs ramps, doors painting, Call or text the Senior Beacon at plus much more. Carl 251- (719) 247-6580


no answer, please leave a message #0521w

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Contact Kathleen 719-5660534




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SENIOR CLASSIFIED AD REQUEST This classified ad section of the Senior Beacon carries advertising of all sorts. The cost is $15.00 for the first 20 words or less and $.25 for each word over twenty words. TO PLACE AN AD either: (1) Write your ad in the space provided below. Please print clearly. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________ Your Name:______________________ Then mail ad and check (send no cash) to: Senior Beacon

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Faster Processing Of Disability Claims For People With Alzheimer’s Disease TODAY MORE THAN 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease. Since the onset of Alzheimer’s can occur in people before they retire, it may strike during an individual’s working years; preventing gainful employment as the disease progresses. As a result, people must come to grips with a devastating diagnosis while losing their salary and benefits. People with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers must figure out how they’ll pay for care. Our benefits and services are vital to people with early-onset Alzheimer’s who are unable to work and have no other source of income. For over a decade, Social Security has included Alzheimer’s disease in our Compassionate Allowances program. The Compassionate Allowances program identifies debilitating diseases and medical conditions so severe they obviously meet our disability standards. Compassionate Allowances allow for faster processing of disability claims for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, mixed-dementia, and Primary Progressive Aphasia. You can read more about our Compassionate Allowances program at compassionateallowances. To learn more about how Social Security disability insurance works, visit our disability page at Please share these resources with friends and family. FINANCIAL LITERACY MONTH, A PERFECT TIME TO PLAN FOR YOUR FUTURE April is Financial Literacy Month, a time focused on educating people about the importance of planning for a secure financial future. Social Security is a vital part of any financial plan. We have online tools to help you understand your potential Social Security benefits and how they fit into your financial future. You should periodically review your Social Security Statement with your personal my Social Security account at Your Statement is an easy-to-read summary of the estimated benefits you and your family could receive, including

potential retirement, disability, and survivors benefits. Additionally, our Plan for Retirement tool in your my Social Security account allows you to run various benefit estimate scenarios. You can compare different future earnings and retirement benefit start dates for how they could affect your benefit amount. Start improving your financial literacy today by logging in to your my Social Security account. If you don’t have an account, create one at NEW FACT SHEETS ADDED TO YOUR ONLINE STATEMENT Your Social Security Statement tells you how much you or your family can expect to receive in disability, survivors, and retirement benefits. It also provides a record of your earnings history and other valuable information. And now it’s even better! We’ve added new fact sheets to

accompany the online Statement. The fact sheets are designed to provide clear and useful information, based on your age group and earnings. They can help you better understand Social Security programs and benefits. The new Statement fact sheets cover the following topics: * Retirement readiness for workers in four age groups. * Workers with non-covered earnings who may be subject to the Windfall Elimination Provision and Government Pension Offset. * Social Security basics for new workers. * How people become eligible for benefits (for people who have not earned enough work credits). * How additional work can increase your future benefits. * Medicare readiness for workers age 62 and up. The best way to get access to your

Statement and the new fact sheets is by using your personal my Social Security account. If you don’t have a personal my Social Security account, be sure to create one at www.

To learn more, visit our Social Security Statement webpage at www. Please share these resources with your friends and family.

Tick Tock Shop Complete Watch and Clock Sales and Service

Timeless Gifts for Mom!

7 North Circle Drive • Colorado Springs, CO 80909 719.475.8585

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SOCIAL SECURITY & YOU Question: How can I get a copy of my Social Security Statement? Answer: You can get your personal Social Security Statement online by using your my Social Security account. If you don’t yet have an account, you can easily create one. Your online Statement gives you secure and convenient access to your earnings records. It also shows estimates for retirement, disability, and survivors benefits you and your family may be eligible for. To set up or use your account to get your online Social Security Statement, go to We also mail Statements to workers attaining ages 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 and older three months prior to their birthday if they don’t receive Social Security benefits and don’t have a my Social Security account. Question: I’m trying to figure out how much I need to save for my retirement. Does the government offer any help with financial education? Answer: Yes. For starters, you may want to find out what you can expect from Social Security with a visit to Social Security’s Retirement Estimator at estimator. The Financial Literacy and Education Commission has a website that can help you with the basics of financial education: Finally, you’ll want to check out the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which offers educational information on a number of financial matters, including mortgages, credit cards, retirement, and other big decisions. Visit the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at Question: How do I change my citizenship status on Social Security’s records? Answer: To change your citizenship status shown in Social Security records: *Complete an application for a Social Security card (Form SS-5), which you can find online at www. html; and *Provide documents proving your: *New or revised citizenship status (We can only accept certain documents as proof of citizenship. These include your U.S. passport, a Certificate of Naturalization, or a Certificate of Citizenship. If you are not a U.S. citizen, Social Security will ask to see your current immigration documents); *Age; and *Identity. *Next, take (or mail) your completed application and documents to your local Social Security office. All documents must be either originals or copies certified by the issuing agency. We cannot accept photocopies or notarized copies of documents. For more information, visit

ssnumber. Question: I heard there is a Social Security video available in American Sign Language. Where can I find it? Answer: Yes, it’s true. The video is called “Social Security, SSI and Medicare: What You Need to Know About These Vital Programs.” The video is available in American Sign Language and it presents important information about our programs. You can watch the video now at The video is a part of our larger collection of on-demand videos and webinars available at and at Question: I worked for the last 10 years and I now have my 40 credits. Does this mean that I get the maximum Social Security retirement benefit? Answer: Probably not. The 40 credits are the minimum number you need to qualify for retirement benefits. However, we do not base your benefit amount on those credits; it's based on your earnings over a lifetime of work. To learn more about how you earn Social Security credits and how they work, read or listen to our publication How You Earn Credits, available at www. Question: Are Social Security numbers reassigned after a person dies? Answer: No. We do not reassign Social Security numbers. In all, we have assigned more than 460 million Social Security numbers. Each year we assign about 5.5 million new numbers. There are over one billion combinations of the nine-digit Social Security number. As a result, the current system has enough new numbers to last for several more generations. For more information about Social Security, visit our website at www. Question: My daughter just joined a non-profit charity and is helping victims of natural disasters. She gets a salary. We were wondering if she has to pay Social Security tax. Answer: Yes, people who work for non-profits and who receive a salary must pay Social Security tax just like everyone else. It is commendable that she is helping people in need. But the fact is that she is also a wage-earner. Those wages and the Social Security tax she pays on them

will offer her financial relief in the future, when it comes time to apply for Social Security. So she is really helping herself, too. For more information, visit our electronic publication, How You Earn Credits at Question: Is it illegal to laminate your Social Security card? Answer: No, it is not illegal, but we discourage it. It’s best not to laminate your card. Laminated cards make it difficult — sometimes even impossible — to detect important security features and an employer may refuse to accept them. The Social Security Act requires the Commissioner of Social Security to issue cards that cannot be counterfeited. We incorporate many features that protect the card’s integrity. They include highly specialized paper and printing techniques, some of which are invisible to the naked eye. Keep your Social Security card in a safe place with your other important papers. Do not carry it with you. Learn more at www.socialsecurity. gov. Question: How can I get proof of my benefits to apply for a loan? Answer: If you need proof you get Social Security benefits, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or Medicare, you can request a benefit verification letter online through your personal my Social Security account at myaccount. This letter is sometimes called a “budget letter,” a “benefits letter,” a “proof of income letter,” or a “proof of award letter.” You even can select the information you want included in your online benefit verification letter. Question: I recently applied for a replacement Social Security card, but I might be moving before it arrives in the mail. What should I do if I move before I get it? Answer: Once we have verified all your documents and processed your application, it takes approximately 10 to 14 days to receive your replacement Social Security card. If you move after applying for your new card, notify the post office of your change of address and the post office will forward your card to your new address. If you do not receive your card, please contact your local Social Security office. To get a replacement, you will have to resubmit your evidence of identity and United States citizenship, or your lawful immigration status and authority to work. You can learn more at


◀ FROM MARKET PAGE 3 down and during months of market crisis they’ve actually gone up while the market has gone down. That’s the power of assets that are negatively correlated to the market. So keep plugging away in the domestic markets, sell your gains, produce high portfolio income, and be prepared with safety assets and cash for buying low.

by giving us what we deserve, but by seeing the possibility of change within our hearts. Jesus knew that what people need more than anything is not just our forgiveness in words but to hear us acknowledge to others “I forgive you because I am like you and I need forgiveness,” or “I forgive you because I believe you are worth it. Your value to me is more than what you have done wrong. I see the good in you and I am willing to fight for your redemption.” The world expects us to be like them, but when we fight for them by offering forgiveness, it can change their eternity. Our forgiveness can become the key to reaching that person with the power of the Gospel. True Victory and joy come from looking Beyond people and the hurts of life. In following Christ's example, we find the victory he has for us as we live in genuine forgiveness.

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He is Risen

“And the angel answered and said unto the women, do not be afraid; for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified. He is not here; for He is risen.” Matthew 28:5-6 What does Easter mean to us and what difference does it make in our lives that Jesus has risen? Even though I enjoy all of the “fun” Written on 3-29-2021 things about Easter, even as a child I knew the true meaning of this special Ronald S. Phillips is a Pueblo native day. This is the day when we are and an independent financial advisor. reminded that Jesus truly lived; that Order a free copy of his book Investing He was born, died for our sins, and To Win by leaving a message at (719) rose again – and this day should have 220-3005. Visit or email a significant impact on our lives. Jesus was born, lived and ministered to the multitudes, was compelled to bear His own cross to a FROM LIGHT PAGE 6 hill outside Jerusalem, was nailed to that cross, died and was buried in a 23:34). On first hearing that, it seems stone tomb. (I have personally been My deep gratitude to my friend, wrong. They knew exactly what they Tom Miller, for this excellent piece on to the empty tomb on two different were doing. It was premeditated. It was planned. But we must get a pic- the power of the cross and the redeem- occasions, it is life-changing) But, three days later, when the stone ture of the kind of knowledge Jesus ing blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. covering the entry to the tomb was was referencing - the people couldn't You can find Tom’s testimony and rolled away, in an instant, history was more of his work at TommyTidbits. see or discern spiritual truth. changed forever. For while religious The cross enables us to see people com. Tom wrote the foreword in my leaders have come and gone, the fact second book. His legacy lives on. My differently, to recognize they are in remains – only One stepped forth prayer is that I finish life as well as my the same position as us. The lost are friend Tom Miller who went home to from the tomb. Only One has risen not the enemy; they are the prize; from the dead. Only One has conJesus last fall. (Jan) they are worth fighting for. In esquered death. Only One offers the sence Jesus said, “I can forgive them promise of eternal life to those who © 2021 Jan McLaughlin. Jan can because I know they aren't the enefollow Him. my. They are being manipulated by be contacted by e-mail Jansmail@ Jesus said, “I am the resurrection evil and I see them as worth saving.” and the life, he who believes in Me Jesus did not win the battle with evil

will live, even though he dies, and whoever lives and believes in Me will never die.” John 11:25-26 So what difference does Easter make? We can celebrate victory of life over death; we can give our children and grandchildren the promise that Jesus lives, and we can declare that Jesus is Lord over all of our lives. The greatest joy we can have is to know the Risen Savior. I can’t image the joy they felt when they gathered at the tomb that day and saw that the stone was rolled away. Have a very blessed Easter!! Kay Owen-Larson is the co-founder and President of Crossroads Ministries and the founder of the Crossroads School of Chaplaincy. 2021 marks her 58th year in ministry. An author, speaker, teacher and pastor, she has a heart for the elderly and would like to see many of them come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in their last days.


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GLEN VOLLMECKE Author: "Intermission a Place in Time."

From Scottish lore: Salt. Holy prayers. Red thread or ribbon attached

Faerie pranks and over the front door, or tied to cattle's tails could discourage witches, little other revealing information: people and faes. Also protection ensues by tying red cloth around chilWhile submitting dren's chests. Ancient mold from churchyards. Daisy chains. Stones clarifications of the traditional, continental/ with holes protect horses. worldly faerie lore, we'll also delve into their complex temperaments mortals visiting faerie hills at night children's chests. Ancient mold from which include codes and ethics such as 'wasting disease.' Typically utterly dissimilar to our own. Dechurchyards. Daisy chains. Stones they're found by morning languishing spite their stature all faes skillfully on the fae hills weak and exhausted, can bestow good or ill luck at will with holes protect horses. St. John's incapable of moving. Changelings on the subject of their choosing. endured infant paralysis which inWort. Horse shoes with their moon (No exceptions.) Subsequently cluded lame legs and hunched backs. prior awareness is immensely Faerie existence indisputably account symbol combined with iron are also valuable. Heaven help those giving for blight and diseases which destroy offence to these creatures. Despite complete and entire crops, usually very effective. A twig of a broom. A collective concepts a fae's impish happening due to the recklessness of activities, can quickly turn vindicmere mortals. They're quick to disrupt sock under the bed, or knife under tive, malicious and even perilby tangling human hair, or by knotous. The 'Wee Folk' suggestions ting horse's manes. All known as 'elf the pillow. Batches of thorns atop a implying 'Harmless Creatures' locks.' Walking alone at night can reamong other innocent representafaerie hill will release children incarsult in dire consequences, therefore try tional language means zilch. The turning your clothes inside out, and if female species especially can be cerated by the faeries. seeing a dancing ring of faeries throw deadly vindictive towards gullible an inside out glove onto the center of The innumerable precautions specmales of our species, and their their fire. vulnerability is exposed time after Next, from folk lore of the ages ified above will help ensure security. time, resulting in a distressing we'll enlist a vital list of actions which outcome. Terrible is the revenge of thwart faerie visits: The writer William Henderson's an angered faerie. Tempt not fate. A knife in the doorway. A nail in the Pinching fingers of the faeries are pocket. Scissors hung over the babies' stories 'Notes on the Folklore of the responsible for a mortal's cramps, bed. A Bible. Running water. Bread. bruising, and rheumatism, all A crucifix decorating the cake, avoids Northern Counties of England and incurred due to the faerie's irritadances of the faes. tion, for whatever reason. Many the Borders.' (1869) His interpretaFrom Scottish lore: Salt. Holy other illnesses are sustained by prayers. tion of the 'bogie' spirit is full of fun Red thread rather than mean spirited. This being or ribbon relishes humor and hilarity, allowattached over the ing cats to drink milk from spilled front door, or kaipots on the farm. Unravelling tied to cattle's knitting and disabling the spinning tails wheel causes havoc and fun. He could disimitates the maid's boyfriend's voice courage witches, causing mayhem and confusion. In little people conclusion you'll now have a fair and faes. Also understanding of the differences in protection the faerie domain and beyond. ensues by tying Keep your minds open and above red cloth all observe and be prepared… around


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David M. Shribman is a North Shore native and Pulitzer Prize winner


tal Nutrition Assistance Program, and the earned-income tax credit. And this winter, Sen. Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, floated the idea of making direct bank deposits of $3,000 a year for children between the ages of 6 and 17. All of this, including the Biden plan — derided by 21st-century conservatives as a giveaway to favored constituencies — is a repudiation of the New Deal/Great Society ethos. Nixon, true to the dark side of his persona, pilloried his 1972 presidential opponent, Democratic Sen. George McGovern, for preferring a similar "demogrant" plan; the Nixon forces portrayed his plan to provide $1,000 to every American every year as a slippery slope to socialism. "The growing interest in cash payments is an admission that welfare programs aren't working," said former Republican Sen. Robert Kasten of Wisconsin, who served on both the budget and appropriations committees. "The question is how to structure aid so people can serve their own interests," said Donald W. McNemar, who teaches international relations at Bentley University in Massachusetts. "The notion is to make people sustainable in the long

run. It's the old idea about teaching people to fish so they can eat for a lifetime rather than giving them a fish for one day's dining. It also gives people independence and dignity." That idea does not have universal appeal. "You want the money to be used the way you want it to be used," said Raphael S. Cohen, a RAND Corp. senior political scientist who studies foreign aid. That's part of the criticism that the Biden plan is receiving from Republicans, who as a mass voted against the virus-relief plan — just as every Democrat opposed the Trump tax cuts and every Republican voted against the Obamacare health plan. "It's a one-shot affair and it will get some people over the hump, but it doesn't provide the long-term assistance that some people need," said Sen. Rob Portman, an Ohio Republican who is not running for reelection. And at the same time, critics believe that a substantial portion of the money provided by the Biden plan will be employed more as savings than as stimulus, with the final effect being to billow the deficit and

pass the costs on to future generations of American taxpayers. "Someday, this bill will have to be paid," said former GOP Sen. Judd Gregg of New Hampshire, a onetime Budget Committee chairman. "Maybe, it will provoke a currency crisis with people losing confidence with the dollar, and then our standard of living could be in danger, because if there is a loss of confidence in the currency, we lose everything. The only thing that is saving us right now is that all the other industrialized countries are printing money like crazy, too. When it catches up to us, it catches up to the world."

Shhhh. Don't tell Joe Biden, but he is the modern incarnation of Richard M. Nixon. Senior Beacon serves Pueblo, El Not with Watergate. Not Paso, Fremont and the 12 surroundwith Nixon's heritage as a cold ing counties that make up most warrior. Not with his instinct of Southeastern Colorado. It is a for scheming against his enemonthly newspaper dedicated to mies. inform, serve, educate and entertain But with his $1.9 trillion the Senior Community of these arecoronavirus-relief bill, Biden as. Subscriptions are available, preis taking a page from Nixon's paid with order, at $34.95 for one 12-month period. Send your order approach to fighting poverty. to the mailing list below. And at the same time, Biden inadvertently is taking aim at Publication of advertising contained herein does not necessarinearly a century of Democratly constitute endorsement. Signed ic dogma on social-welfare columns are the opinions of the programs. writers and not necessarily that More than 50 years ago, of the publisher. Senior Beacon Nixon — employing the is locally owned and operated. Benjamin Disraeli approach of Founded in February of 1982. using liberal means to achieve conservative goals — startled BEACON NEWS GROUP Washington with his guard/b/a Senior Beacon P.O. Box 8485 anteed-income plan, which Pueblo, CO 81008 passed in the House but stalled Publisher in the Senate. The Nixon plan Beacon News Group was designed to attack poverty Publisher Emeritus, CCO and hunger — and essentialServing Cañon City, CO, for Over a Century James R. Grasso ly to replace welfare — with Advertising Manager a negative income tax that · Single and double rooms Ronald S. Phillips More of a Family would send a flood of money · Free Wi-fi Advertising Executives to the poor. Than a “Facility” · Flat-screen tv in every room Jan McLaughlin Its 21st-century incarnation Rick Forman · Persons with disability accessible is the Biden plan to provide Mark Phillips · Relaxing environment as much as $12,800 to some Jim Grasso families of four in the form of · Mature trees Graphic Design and Layout stimulus checks plus expanded · Gazebos Christine Ina Casillas child tax credits. · Chapel and beauty shop on-site Distribution Manager "The big surprise is that this Braden Phillips 1020 N. 15th Street was the way Nixon wanted IT Support to handle things," said John Cañon City, CO 81212 Robin Eckelberry Roy Price, a Nixon domestic Business Hours: affairs aide who, with Daniel Monday Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM *Closed Saturday - Sunday Patrick Moynihan, a Harvard Staff is on premises 24/7 professor who later became a Democratic senator from New Call Tisha or Marisela at (719) 275-7451 719-247-6580 York, helped shape the Nixon Family Assistance Plan. SUBMISSIONS: Senior Beacon welto schedule a tour comes reader contributions in the form Though the Nixon plan, of senior groups news, stories, poetproviding nearly $11,500 in All views expressed in these pages are that of the ry, recipes and happenings. Letters to 2021 dollars to a family of the Editor must be typed and double author/s and not necessarily endorsed by the four, never was enacted, the spaced, signed with address and phone Beacon or Beacon News Group. philosophy behind it spawned More of a FamilySenior Single and double rooms (with living submitted. area and dining area)is the Deadline Than a “Facility” Further, by reading this paper you agree to a Hold Harmless Agreement pertain- number the expansion of food stamps, 10th of the month prior to publication. to the publisher (Evergrowth Media, LLC), it's principals, and all writers. We believeing that providing comnow known as the SupplemenCopyright 2021-Evergrowth Media, LLC Free Wifi passionate, affordable assisted · care is essential. Your loved ones Flat-screen tv in every room deserve to live a full life even after the years they could take care of Persons with disability accessible (no stairs — all elevators and themselves. That’s why our deramps) pendable caregivers are trained to cater to their overall well-being, Relaxing environment comfort, and happiness.

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