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This frame was taken from the Animal Planet series “Jockeys”, starring local jockeys Mike Smith and Chantel Sutherland.

Local Jockeys Star in TV Series— But Now, Focus is on Derby Day

Approximately 350 people attended Saturday’s reunion of Armenian Scouts and their families in Pasadena Saturday evening. I was privileged enough to be invited to the lavish, catered affair Saturday at the AGBU building on Altadena in Pasadena. Sponsored in part by AGBU which is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Armenian identity and heritage through humanitarian, educational, and cultural programs As the guests arrived and greeted friends from years past, I couldn’t help but feel the stalwart emotions even though I didn’t understand one word spoken. Luckily, I later had a translator who clued me into the various speeches by visiting scout masters from as far away as Australia. As guests arrived they were visibly stunned with how each of their former scouting friends had changed and spent a lot of time looking at all the photos from the past that ac-

cented the walls of the AGBU hall. In fact, many guests were uploading photos they were taking on Saturday evening to Facebook for their friends in Iran who were eagerly awaiting postings of photos and details of the event. Technology that simply didn’t exist in the early days of scouting have now become a mainstream tool for almost all involved. This particular scouting group celebrating 40 years was founded by Shahen Vartanian in October of 1968 in Tehran at a local AGBU elementary school called Nevart Gulbenkian. For the first few years the group was called Gulbenkian School Scouts Group. The name changed to AGBU Scouts Group in mid 70s. The group started with 20 plus boy scouts. A few weeks later a girl’s scout group was added with more than 10 members. The group was headed by Jemma Ghazarian who is now the honorary head of the group in

Scouts on 14


Starting last February, Animal Planet began a TV series on the cable-only network that purports to show the lifestyle of jockeys. The series was shot at Fairplex in Pomona, Santa Anita racetrack, and at the residences of the seven jockeys featured. Much of the simulated drama surrounded the Oak Tree Meet at Santa Anita this past year. The sort of reality-TV,

soap-opera, docu-drama show intercuts scenes of jockeys Jon Court, Aaron Gryder, Mike Smith, Alex Solis, Kayla Stra, Chantal Sutherland and Joe Talamo taking viewers behind the scenes at Santa Anita, as well as affording an inside look at these famous jockey’s activities at the track, plus intimate peeks of them at home with their families and friends.

The show, “Jockeys” has attracted a wide viewing audience that reached more than 9.2 million during its 12 half-hour segments, Animal Planet says. That has prompted the cable channel to commission a second season of seven episodes which will be expanded to a full hour. The extended series is now set to begin in August. Officials at Animal Planet believe that hour-long

segments will allow a deeper look into the world of racing, horses and the track. Jockeys Garrett Gomez and Corey Nakatani will be added to the “cast” in the second series. Jon Court leaves the series due to a move to the Midwest. Mike Smith, named to the Hall of Fame in 2003, and his girlfriend, jockey Chantal Sutherland, are fea-

1,000 Expected at Monrovia Library Dedication Saturday Jockey on 3

Sheriff’s Charge Two in Last Year’ Slaying of 16-Year-Old Sammantha Salas in Monrovia Rayshawn Blackwell a nd Nick leis Blackwell, who a re bot h a l ready i n c u s t ody for on pre v iou s of fen se s , w i l l be charged with the Jan 26, 2008 slaying of Salas and the attempted murder of her unident if ied fr iend. T he hea r i ng or ig i na l ly slated for last week has

Sevak Simonian, pictured in his official Armenian Scout uniform, was one of 350 guests at the huge 40th Reunion of Scouts at the Armenian Benevolent General Union -Photo by Terry Miller

been postponed until mid April. Monrovia Police Chief Roger Johnson said he was del ight ed t he t wo have been charged with Samantha Salas’ murder. Johnson credits the Monrovia Police Dept. and Sheriff’s homicide bureau as well

Salas on 3 -Photo By John Stephens

Nearly 1,000 Monrovians are expected to be on hand Saturday for the dedication of the community’s new Public Library building. That’s the number of community members who have responded to an open invitation to attend. The ceremony is set for 11 a.m. on Saturday, April 4 in Library Park on Myrtle Avenue between Lime and Palm Avenues in Monrovia’s Old Town. Featured will be a chance

to walk through the nearlyfinished Library. An official opening of the new facility is set for Saturday, May 16, as part of the community’s Monrovia Day celebration, but attendees will get a sneak preview at the dedication this week. The event will take place in front of the new building in a re-modeled Library Park that, when completed, will feature a new fountain,

1,000 on 12

APRIL 2 - APRIL 8, 2009 2





By Dorothy Denne



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When I’m not writing, I’m often reading. As I was reading this morning, there was a line that caused the reminisce button in my brain to click on and here I go. I’m writing. One of the characters in the book said he leaves his door unlocked as a matter of convenience. Friends know to walk in. If the doorbell rings, it’s a signal that a stranger is at the door. He makes a choice whether to answer or not. His method wasn’t what struck me, it was the unlocked door. That started a stream of memories. When I was a child, we rarely locked our doors, either on the farm or after we moved into town. When we did, we used what was called a Skeleton Key. I think it fit every door in the county. With no air conditioning and no electric fans, really hot and humid nights made sleeping difficult. On the farm, we would often sleep on the porch. In town, those nights brought us downstairs to sleep on the floor. Mom usually hooked the screen door because there was a bar a couple of blocks down the street. One night, before she started hooking it, an over imbiber wandered in, thinking it was his house. Nobody shot anybody. He apologized and wandered on. I remember, too, the Fuller brush men, the vacuum sweeper salesmen, the Bible salesmen and the encyclopedia salesmen. They were always freely invited into the house to show their wares. Mom occasionally bought some cleaning supplies from the Fuller men. She never bought a vacuum because on the farm we had not had electricity so, in town, for years we continued the practice of sweeping the rugs with a broom or hand carpet sweeper at least once a week then hanging them over the clothesline twice a year and beating the devil out of them. Remember non-homogenized milk delivered to our doors in glass bottles? The cream separated to the top. In the mid-western and eastern winters, as the temperature dropped the cream froze and rose, sometimes passing the top of the bottle with its little cardboard cap perched on top. In the warm or hot weather, if no one answered his knock, the milkman simply walked in and put the milk in the icebox. The icebox was later replaced by a refrigerator (sucking on an ice cube was never as much fun as sucking an ice chip from the iceman), but the milkman still walked in the unlocked kitchen door. Mom would tell the Bible salesmen we didn’t need a Bible. We already had the family one which not only included the scriptures but our own family info as to who begot whom. Sometimes the strangers would be invited in anyway to have a glass of tea or whatever. They would go through Mom’s pages with her, all the time trying to convince her that she should start a new Bible. It never worked. One salesman hit the jackpot. He was selling an encyclopedia called The Lincoln Library. It was only one volume, but about 14 inches thick. At least it looked that thick to a seven year old girl. He promised Mom it would make me smart. She bought it. What can I say? The doors are now locked.



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Independent PASADENA

APRIL 2 - APRIL 8, 2009




-Photos By Terry Miller

•By Susan Motander•

Imagine the Tournament of Roses House in miniature and you have the 2009 Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts. It does require imagination to think of a 10,000 sq. ft. house set on approximately 2 acres as a miniature anything, but this is. The similarity between the two Italian Renaissance Revival homes is not surprising. Both were designed by G. Lawrence Stimson for his parents. After living in the house on South Orange Grove for a few years, the parents found the house to large and requested a smaller one in the same style. This San Marino mansion is a result of that more modest effort. This year the Showcase House will be open from April 19 through May 17. On Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday, the house is open from 9:00 a.m. until 3:45 p.m. and on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:45 p.m. The house is closed on Mondays. This is the 60th anniversary of the volunteer organization which produces the showcase house and the 45th annual house. Twenty two designers worked on the interior of the house and nine on the exterior and gardens. Proceeds from the sale of tickets to tour the house benefit the programs of the organization which include their Music Mobile™, an instrumental music competition and a youth concert. In addition the organization also provides grants for music and art programs throughout the San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles County. As usual, the creativity of the designers is evident in everything from the metal studded, leather upholstered ceiling in the library to the

uniquely low crystal chandelier flashing light throughout the “Debutante’s Bedroom.� One of the most dramatic spaces is the completely remodeled Master Suite which features not just the usual bedroom, bath and closet, but also a sitting room complete with a wet bar and a terrace with a 700 Lb. stone fountain (imagine getting that up the staircase). Throughout the house there are spectacular views of the San Gabriel Mountains and the neighborhood surrounding the house. Ever y cor ner of t he home has been redesigned. The basement has been transformed in a separate suite with two bedrooms, a kitchen, media room and

day the Showcase House is open at 10:30 A.M. and 1:30 P.M. Tickets are not required to visit the shops, gardens or the restaurant at Showcase House. The restaurant is open during the hours the house is open for al fresco dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as for snacks and beverages. Be aware that only flat shoes are allowed in the house. There is no photography on the showcase property. Large purses, bags and backpacks are not allowed. The house and its gardens are on several levels and require that those attending be able to climb up and down stairs. There is no parking near the house itself, but

office. There is a detached Tea House with an indoor/ outdoor koi pond allowing the fish to swim between the two spaces. The outdoor spaces include a container vegetable garden, an outdoor kitchen and bar, pool and even a lush native and low water plant garden. There is a greenhouse and, of course, a tennis court. Presiding over all the gardens is a huge jade ox. Tickets to view the house are now available by phone, (714) 442-3872, and on line at www.PasadenaShowcase. org. Prime Time tickets are $35 in advance or $40 at the house. These tickets are for tours between 9 A.M. and 1:45 P.M. on weekdays and all day on weekends. Weekday Matinee tickets for tours between 2 P.M. and 3:45 P.M. on Tuesday and 2 P.M. to 7:45 P.M. on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are also available at $30 in advance and $35 at the door. As usual there will also be shops at the showcase house (part of the proceeds from the sales at the shops also benefit the showcase’s projects promoting the arts and music). Docent lead Garden Tours are held each

there is complimentary parking and shuttle service from the Rose Bowl, Lot 1. On April 19 and 25 parking will be at Pasadena City College, Lots 10 & 11 (Northeast and Southwest corners of Green and Holliston. More information can be obtained at the organization’s web site:

Jockey from 1 tured players in the series. Showing their personal lives, there are scenes of them moving into a new townhouse in Sierra Madre late last year. While they chide each ot her about portioning out closet space and other trivial personal matters, there is plenty of footage of races that often show the physical rigors and dangers encountered dur ing t he sprints. “There are no ifs or when’s about it,â€? Smith says in the first episode, “you’re going to get hurt. The only question is, how bad.â€? The comment highlights the action pictured of the extreme competitiveness and physical nature of racing. The camera, dramatically positioned at the Santa Anita track, site captures the thrills and spills of racing a visual demonstration of the physical harm that jockeys face in every race. The series is enjoyable, if a bit overly dramatic at times. Does this mean that Smith could be an up and coming actor? No, he demures. “I really enjoy doing the show—it tells a lot about jockeys and their lives. Still, it can be boring waiting for set ups and on-camera trying to act natural,â€? he says. Among Smith’s accomplishments in his 28-year professional career, is winner of the Preakness, Kentucky Derby and 10 Breeder Cup races. Canadian-born Sutherland takes it all in stride, but then as one of Canada’s top riders and with her upward trend in this year’s jockey standings (at the current Santa Anita meet she is 11th as of this week) she has faced more hurdles than a camera lens. But she sees herself as competing here successfully. “There’s a lot of competitiveness [at the track] especially with the trainers‌we’re competing among ourselves and it’s the trainers and owners we want to ride for.â€? Top ranked trainer, Bob Baffert, agrees. Baffert, a long-time Arcadia resident, is a three-time Kentucky Derby winner and is now a finalist in the nomination to be named to the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame. Hall of Fame winners will be announced on August 14 in Saratoga, NY. Baffert is also seen in the “Jockeyâ€? series. The highly competitive Baffert holds the Santa Anita Derby record for most wins by a trainer. Young jockey Joe Talamo, (he is 19 years-old) lives in Monrovia, and his exper iences a round t he hardened professionals is another centerpiece of the TV show. Talamo is now the 4th ranked jockey at the

Cover Story


Santa Anita winter meet and eleventh in terms of purse winnings. Aaron Gryder, a West Covina native and local resident, speaks about the tough competitive nature of racing in several of the episodes. This season, Gryder holds the 13th rank in jockey standings. W hile t he T V show is enticing to viewers, the point of the series is to entice a new generation to thoroughbred horseracing and specifically to Santa Anita. Several of the jockeys are now preparing for an important race which will occur at Santa Anita on Saturday, April 4. Derby Day, the 72nd running of the Santa Anita Derby, is this Saturday. A battle between Pioneer of t he Nile and Pamplemousse seems to be the centerpiece of what the $750,000 guaranteed purse for the race is all about. Other activities at the track on Derby Day will include a 5K run and a special booksigning by Lafitte Pincay, Jr., in a pre-release of “Lafitte: Anatomy of a Winner� an autobiography of racing’s winning-est jockey which gives a critical look at the man, his lifestyle and details of his 39-year career. Information for racegoers: Gates at Santa Anita Park open at 10:30 a.m. with the first post at 12:00 p.m.


The City of Arcadia has announced the closure of Baldwin Ave. from the Foothill Freeway to Huntington Dr. to vehicular traffic from 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. on Saturday, April 4 to accommodate the Santa Anita Derby Day 5K Walk and Run. Santa Anita Westfield Shopping Mall will be closed to vehicles during that same period. Clocker’s Corner at Santa Anita Racetrack will be available by entering through Gate 5 located on the eastern side of the track at Colorado Place and Huntington Drive. Clocker’s Corner will open at 5 a.m. and remain open throughout the day. Gates at Santa Anita open for the Santa Anita Derby at 10:30 a.m. with the first post at 12:00 a.m.


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APRIL 2 - APRIL 8, 2009


Art of Living

•Bill Peters Music News and Reviews•

San Gabriel Valley Music News Now Online

Jacob Harrington decided to put on three additional eyes for his art project.

-Photos By Terry Miller

LOCAL CREATIVE ARTISTS PITCH IN FOR ROOM 13 AT ELIOT SCHOOL One of only Two Innovative Art after-school-projects in the US •By Terry Miller•

Cheyenne Goddard, 12, is into Japanese animation and is a big fan of BIZ Media. Her goal at the ripe old age of twelve is be an animator for that company. Cheyenne was one of about 20 plus students when we visited the program last Thursday. She explained to us what this class meant to her as she drew an animated girl on the back of this reporter’s notepad. Cheyenne said, without stopping to look up while she was drawing, that this was what she hopes to do when she gets out of school. Judging from the style she already has, she’s well on the way to becoming a successful artist in her chosen field. If room 13 offers anything, it might just open the doors for this talented young artist to pursue her dreams. 11 Year old Matt Klein was working on a watercolor and said “ It’s cool up here “ referring to the Classroom 13. “My regular art teacher (during the school day) is great but a bit more strict than Room 13.” Klein added. He said he gained a great deal of knowledge from Patty Hurley as he watched here do landscapes and with her encouragement, created his own. Room 13 is based on four cornerstones principals: 1 Creative Freedom and Expression. 2. Philosophical

Inquiry. 3. Business practices and 4. Reciprocal learning. The original idea for Room 13 came via young Scottish artist Robert Farley, who hoped to have a creative, unstructured art class after school. Seems simple enough, but many school districts across the world have strict rules and guidelines that they have to follow that limit what art teachers can and cannot do. The 6th – 8th grade students at Eliot School on Lake Avenue were immersed in the program for two weeks before they started to attend two days a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It all began in 1994 when a group of students established their own art studio in Room 13, Caol Primary School near Fort William, Scotland. They ran the studio as a business, raising funds to buy art materials and employ a professional artist in residence to work with them. Slowly and organically, Room 13 grew to establish a network of such studios throughout the UK and abroad. Drawing on the talents of the many skilled individuals who associate with the international studio network, Room 13 now offers professionally run courses and creative workshops,

painting holidays, expeditions, training and all manner of creative development for ‘adults of all ages.’ Room 13 offers a unique experience which aims to be different, challenging, engaging and above all, fun. Room 13 is a social enterprise organization which encompasses an expanding network of linked studios worldwide. Surrounding these studios is an international community of artists, educators, thinkers and other professionals who share their work

Beacon Media News announced today that in addition to its news beat covering community news for Arcadia, Monrovia, Sierra Madre and Pasadena, a new webpage begins today devoted to a complete coverage of music news in the San Gabriel Valley. John Stephens, editor of the Beacon Media newspapers, has named Bill Peters, music reviewer and reporter for Beacon Media, as Music Editor for the on-line service. “Called ‘Bill Peters Music News and Reviews’ the page will for the first time offer news

and information of interest on the internet to residents of our coverage area. Beacon Media newspapers has consistently covered classical music on a weekly basis since 1998 and is proud to continue that tradition on the internet with daily updates to our local music scene,” Stephens said. Peters said he hopes to offer the community a combination of music news, an events calendar. The site will also contain information about the people who are involved in music in our area, our music organizations, musicians and

the happenings that are not regularly reported here. “As we develop the site,” Peters noted, “we will rely on music groups to provide information about their concerts, personnel, and the music they will play. We encourage any groups planning concerts to send an e mail with information, pictures and even MP3 tracks that we can post to whet the appetite for the really good music being heard in our area.” The e mail address is

and their thinking. While we were visiting the class last week, a local artist, Don Watson, stopped by to see first hand, what all the fun was about. So excited was this cartoon set artist, who worked on the original Flintstones ( among others) during the golden era of cartooning, that he offered his services as a guest art teacher. He showed those in attendance on Thursday how a sponge is used in painting some backgrounds. The founding members of Room 13 at Eliot School in the PUSD school district are Paddy Hurley and Tom Coston of the Lightbringer Project and Jessica and Andrew Edelstein of Project Design Studio who are Artistic Directors. These four individuals have set the creative juices

flowing in these young minds starting Feb 23. “It’s the one thing that’s not part of the structured school day, that offers the students ownership over their own time, their own creative expression, and, ultimately, their own learning.” – said Patricia Hurley, managing Director of Room 13. “Being able to put in a creative studio at a school that is ready for it, is our quest. But it costs money to do that, in people and materials. And we are hoping that individuals and contributors support this initiative and its value in the school culture.” -Tom Coston, President Once studios are set up, they become self-sustaining, with a little help from artist friends and art lovers in the community.

Jessica a nd A ndrew Edelstein of Project Design Studio are Artistic Directors for Room 13 USA. Jessica also represents tbwa/ chiat/day who is a supporter of the Room 13 initiative worldwide. A ndrew Edelstein showed us a unique portfolio of digital photo portraits that the students had shot themselves of their peers using available light. Edlestein set up a camera on a tripod and the rest was essentially up to the kids. The stunning results would make any professional see the wonderful artistic potential in these young teens. The students were excited with not only photography but the way the images show their individual character. The images stood out more than the conventional generic “school portrait” public schools tend to use for their yearbooks. Edelstein has big plans for the photographs these students create. He hopes to encourage the students and powers that be in the school board to allow the students the self expression to use their images in the yearbooks and eventually get away from the forula photographs that are associated with the companies that shoot school portraits on contract basis. Anyone who wishes to know more about the program should visit: www., or or call Patricia Hurley locally at 626.590.1134. They are always in need of art supplies so anything you donate would be most welcome.

APRIL 2 - APRIL 8, 2009 5


Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa in Rancho Mirage By Greg Aragon

R a ncho L a s Pa l ma s Resort & Spa in Rancho Mirage is a magical place in the middle of the desert, but is no optical illusion. It is 240 lush acres of lakes, pools, palm trees, flowers, fountains, golfing greens, beautiful Spanish Colonial A rch itect u re a nd much more. I recently escaped to the resort for a weekend of relaxation and culinary delight. My g e t aw ay b eg a n when a friend and I checked into an elegant suite, overlooking the resort’s lake and 27-hole Ted Robinsondesigned golf course. Spacious and quiet, the room featured a large flat screen TV, two queen beds, minibar, coffee-maker, bathroom with vanity area, and free

wireless Internet. T he a men it ies were plush, but the suite’s best feature was its lake-front patio. Here we sipped coffee in the morning and wine at night, while enjoying warm desert wind and watching golfers on the green and ducks and swans in t he water. Beyond the patio, the Rancho Las Palmas spreads out like a Hawaiian village with Spanish Architecture. The resort’s desert palette is a soothing mixture of beige, sand and ivory colored structures. Around every corner are archways, French doors, swirling staircases, trickling fountains and healthy gardens. And between every opening there are swaying palm trees, whispering in the wind. One of my favorite resort locations was the relaxing adults-only Tranquility Pool. For those who like

Salas from 1 poned to April 15. as the gang task force who worked closely toget her on this investigation. T he shoot i ng c a me du r i ng a t u r f ba t tle bet w e e n black and Latino ga ng s i n the Monrovia area. Salas mother’ Jeanette Chavez, said she was notified of the arrests last evening. Cousi ns R ayshaw n Bla ck wel l a nd Nick lei s Blackwell were scheduled t o a ppea r i n Pa s a den a Superior Court on Thursday for an arraignment, but the hearing was post-

Cover Story

The city of Monrovia recent ly pu rcha sed t he house in which the Blackwell’s resided and where numerous gang shootings have taken place on Sherman Avenue. Wednesday morning the city demolished the house with plans to have the property be used by Monrovia Reads and Plays and, possibly, to use it for the building of more Habitat for Humanity housing like the units currently under construction only a few doors north on Sherman Ave. Jeanette Chavez, mother of the slain 16 -year-old, was on hand to witness the demolition, agreeing with Mayor Ha mmond a fter -

peaceful pool settings, this is a great place to unwind. And for those who bring their kids there is Splashtopia, a two-acre water adventure, with a 425 -foot lazy river; two, 100-ft.-long water slides; a waterfall; a sandy beach; a café and bar; and a huge swimming pool, with fountains and sprinklers. When I visited in late March, Splashtopia was packed with happy kids and their families. T he k id s may have Splashtopia, but when it comes to classy and creative food, the resort offers the bluEmber Restaurant for grownups. Exuding a desert hip atmosphere, bluEmber invites guests to dine inside in style or outside by a crackling fireplace. We ate inside at a carved wooden table next to large windows looking over the resort. Our meal began with wards that the event offered some small amount of catharsis in what has been a long, emot iona l year for the family. Ms. Chavez said that it was not as satisfying, however, as seeing the two Blackwell cousins appear in court last Thursday. “You should have seen them when they found out what they were going to be charged with,” said Ms. Chavez. “But t he whole time I was in the courthouse, I didn’t cry,” she said proudly. Until recently the case went u n solved , despit e me d i a c ove r a g e a nd a $2 0,0 0 0 of fered by t he county Board of Supervisors.



seared Ahi tuna lollipops, an incredible appetizer creation, featuring tuna cubes on wooden lollipop sticks bathing in a spicy Asian BBQ sauce. Created by bluEmber chef Shannon Olvera, this dish is worth a

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This Saturday

Saturday, April 4, 2009 The $750,000 Santa Anita Derby is the last major California stakes for 3-year-olds heading to the Kentucky Derby. It’s a great day of racing and a great day at the Park.

DERBY T-SHIRT GIVEAWAY All fans will receive a FREE* Derby Day T-Shirt. This year’s T-Shirt boasts the official 2009 Santa Anita Derby program page on the back. It’s a spectacular day of racing and the T-Shirt is a perfect souvenir to take home absolutely FREE. *With admission, while supplies last. Available at Santa Anita Park only.

KLOS SHAKIN’ BAKE FESTIVAL Enjoy live music from Mark Farner, formerly of Grand Funk Railroad, presented by KLOS. Plus, check out the Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Pageant and Model Search.

First Race: 12:00 NOON • Gates Open: 10:00 AM 285 W. Huntington Dr., Arcadia, CA 91007

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Subscriptions and individual tickets available for Cal Phil Festival on the Green and Cal Phil at Walt Disney Concert Hall

676 E. Green

There’s a reason over 4000 music lovers from throughout Southern California regularly include Cal Phil Festival on the Green at The Arboretum in Arcadia on their list of “must visitâ€? summer destinations. As the upcoming season’s brochure for Cal Phil Festival on the Green and Cal Phil at Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles proudly proclaims, “Whichever venue you choose, you’ll laugh, learn and live the music like never before.â€? “This is our best, most exciting season yet,â€? says Dr. Victor Vener, founder and music director of the California Philharmonic. “Of course, I say this every season – but it’s absolutely true. Cal Phil just keeps getting better and better.â€? The 2009 “Summer Magicâ€? season will open on June 27 at The Arboretum and June 28 at Walt Disney Concert Hall with “By George!â€? featuring works by famous ‘Georges’ from George Handel to George Gershwin. Upcoming productions also include “Basically Beatlesâ€? on July 11 and 12, with the world renowned Beatles cover band, The Fab Four; Street, Pasadena (626) 795-8085 “Swords and Chivalryâ€? on July 25 and 26, which will explore music of courage, daring and CONTRACT LIC: 283612 romance, from Braveheart and Camelot to Kiss Me Kate ; “Movie Magicâ€? on August 8 and 9, with excerpts from blockbuster soundtracks from classics like Gone With the Wind to 2008 Academy Award winning The Curious Case of Benjamin Button; and Broadway’s Best, highlighting moments from Tony-award winning productions ranging from Wicked, Mamma Mia!, Gypsy and Hairspray to The Merry Widow and Die Fledermaus. “The special ‘summer magic’ of Cal Phil is that we truly offer something for everyone,â€? says Tom O’Connor, Executive Director. “And when it comes to music you’ve salon & day spa never experienced before, there’s no one better to guide you on your journey than our Maestro. He has a doctorate in musicology‌but he also has a great sense of humor. It’s a magical combination.â€? Entering into the equation as well is a roster of renowned 501 S. Myrtle Avenue, Monrovia, California 91016 guest artists. These include soprano Henrietta Davis and 4BMPOMPDBUFEJO0ME5PXO.POSPWJB Salon located in Old Town Monrovia 626.357.0017 bass baritone Cedric Berry, on June 27 and 28; The Fab Four and organist Phil Smith on July 11 and 12; Pipe and drum band Cabar Feidh and pianist Robert Thies on July 25 and 26; violinist Armen Anassian on August 8 and 9; and soprano Khori Dastoor and tenor Danny Gurwin on August 22 and 23. )PVST “Hopefully you’ve received a brochure in your mailbox,â€? 5VFTEBZoɨVSTEBZ says Cal Phil’s composer-in-residence Roger Allen Ward, whose Symphony No. 1 will receive its World Premiere on July 'SJEBZo4BUVSEBZ 11 and 12. “But don’t hesitate to contact us, if you haven’t.â€? TBMPOQSJDJOHPOUIFCBDL Cal Phil on 9


hair skin





Lynda Linforth L.P.S.N. NASM Certified


626.447.1049 by appointment only

JUST IN TIME FOR SUMMER SEASON! Whether you are a bride to be or just want to get into shape for summer, this class will help you reach your fitness goals. A semi-private personal training class to get ladies into either bride or bikini shape, or both! Class size is limited to maintain individual attention. The Class Concentrates on weight loss, toning, cardio conditioning and resistance training. Nutrition advice from a licensed nutritionist is also included!

1000’s Of Used Books New Books / Rentals Special Orders 204 So. First Ave. Arcadia, CA 91006 Phone/Fax 626

446 2525


7 APRIL 2 - APRIL 8, 2009

Music News •By SierraMadreSue Behrens•

LAND, 8pm. 1814 W. Foothill Blvd. 909-981-5515. Beer/wine, burgers, dogs & homemade potato chips. Band plays in big, outdoor patio. Their first (and hopefully not last) time here. Classic Rock that sounds “just like the record!”

SAT. 4/4 -

MERCY & THE MERKETTES @ THE BUCCANEER LOUNGE IN SIERRA MADRE, 9:30pm. 70 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. Full bar, no cover, pool table, free parking. 21 & over. Packed house. R&B, Funk, Disco, Motown, Rock.

SAT. 4/4 -



Birthday Boy TIM TUTWILER (pictured, left) will be celebrating this weekend at the BUCCANEER LOUNGE in SIERRA MADRE. On FRIDAY, APRIL 3rd he’ll be doing his Rock duo thang with buddy Eric, opening for Psychedelic/Alt-Rock band THE SUNDOWNERS, and then on Saturday night he’ll be doing the sound for Disco Dance divas, MERCY & THE MERKETTES (Mercy pictured on the right.) So drop by one or both nights and wish him well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIM!

FRI. 4/3 The MELLOW D’z (DAVE OSTI AND DEANNA COGAN) @ THE MAYAN BAR (inside the Aztec Hotel) in MONROVIA, 6 - 9pm Happy Hour. 311 W. Foothill Blvd. 626-358-3231. NO COVER. Full bar, food, coldest beer in town! Acoustic Guitar, vocals. “Hot Chick, Cool Dude & Music to suit your mood!”

FRI. 4/3 -

MDB @ JUANITA’S RESTAURANT & BAR IN HIGHLAND PARK, 8pm sharp. Featuring “The Rescuer” Dan Fisher on Keys, “Stringman” Jeff Ingwalson on Bass, Doug “Downtown” Birmingham on Drums; with songs by Guitarist, Matt Davis. 5930 York Blvd. 323-254-4200. $5 cover. Beer/wine, Mexican food. Also appearing: The 454’s, P’Cow, Good Grief, and Spider Problem. Sounds like Rock to me!

FRI. 4/3 -

TIM TUTWILER (and friend Eric, whose last name I don’t know) and the SUNDOWNERS @ THE BUCCANEER LOUNGE IN SIERRA MADRE, 9:30pm. 70 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-355-9045. Full bar, no cover, pool table. Birthday boy Tim & Eric doin’ the Rock duo thang for the first set.

SAT. 4/4 -

BARRY “BIG B” BRENNER @ FIREFLY BISTRO IN SOUTH PASADENA, 11am - 2pm. 1009 El Centro. 626-441-2443 . All ages. Saturday BLUES Brunch under a big breezy tent. The Mission St. Gold Line station is just a short walk away, and makes for a nice outing. http://www.bigbbrenner. com/

SAT. 4/4 -

Open Mic Night @ the FRETHOUSE in Covina. 309 N. Citrus Ave. (626) 339-7020. Always on the first Saturday of the month, and just one dollar for performers or audience. Sign-up starts at 7:30. If there aren’t enough slots for everybody they’ll make a list for the next month, and call you. Each act gets two songs or ten minutes, whichever comes first. The show starts at 8:00. They’ll have desserts and coffee ready. Bring your friends and family and join the show!

MARTINI DIARIES featuring JEFF STETSON & friends @ COLOMBO’S ITALIAN STEAK HOUSE IN EAGLE ROCK, 10pm - 1am. 1833 Colorado Blvd. 323-254-9138. Full kitchen & bar. Jeff sez: first set will be Jazz & then evolve into “Acid-Lounge-JazzRock!” 1st & 3rd Saturdays of each month.

SUN. 4/5 -

BARRY “BIG B” BRENNER @ FIREFLY BISTRO IN SOUTH PASADENA, 11am - 2pm. 1009 El Centro. 626-441-2443 . All ages. BLUES Brunch under a big breezy tent. http://www.bigbbrenner. com/

SUN. 4/5 -

Have Lunch with NEW ASTROTURF @ CAFE 322 IN SIERRA MADRE, 1:30 - 4:30pm. 322 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-836-5414. Full bar and great Italian food in a comfy setting. Bring the family! Acoustic Folk/Rock, Classic Country.

SUN. 4/5 -

THE DRIVE @ CHRONIC CANTINA IN UPLAND, 3 - 6pm. 220 N. Central Ave. 909-931-4410. Keith Neal on Guitar & vocals, Javany Martinez on Bass & vocals, Buggs Manocchi on Drums & vocals. Classic Rock Music. Starting a weekly gig (but CALL FIRST ‘cause last week they cancelled.)

SUN. 4/5 -

OLD CALIFORNIO, I SEE HAWKS IN L.A., and WHISPERING PINES @ THE GRAND OLE ECHO IN ECHO PARK, 5pm. 1822 Sunset Blvd., L.A. First show of the season. Free admission, all ages. BBQ on the patio. Americana, Alt-Country. OLD CALIFORNIO’s CD release party. They were awesome at the Buc last week!

SUN. 4/5 -

“OPERA TO BROADWAY” VOCAL PERFORMANCES @ CAFE 322 IN SIERRA MADRE, 7pm. 322 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-836-5414. Full bar and great Italian food. Every Sunday evening. Get there early - they pack ‘em in!

4/7 -

“TAPAS TUESDAY” @ MARY’S MARKET & CANYON CAFE IN SIERRA MADRE CANYON with BRIAN GUTHRIE, KEN PERRY & ANNIE M, 6 - 7pm (acoustic Guitars, vocals) and STEVEN RADICE & JEAN SUDBURY, 7 - 9pm (Ukulele, Violin, Mandolin, vocals) 561 Woodland Ave. 626-355-4534. Cozy venue, YUMMY FOOD! “TUESDAY NIGHT TRIVIA” @ CAFE 322 with QUIZ MASTER MIDGE, 8pm. $2 to play, CASH or gift certificates to the top 3 teams. 322 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-836-5414.

WED. 4/8 -

aka MAX BUDA @ CAFE 322 IN SIERRA MADRE, 8 - 11pm. 322 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-8365414. No cover, full bar & great Italian food. Eclectic jazzy rock stuff from Chester & the boys. “WEDNESDAY NIGHT PLATTER PARTY” @ THE BUCCANEER, 9pm. Bring your favorite LP records and Dan Besocke will play entire sides on his turntable, commercial free! 70 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-355-9045.

FRI. 4/10 -

LISA FINNIE & FRIENDS @ CAFE 322 IN SIERRA MADRE, 8 - 11pm. 322 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-836-5414. Full bar and great Italian food. No cover, all ages. Country/Western/Jazz torch singer and guitar player.

The MELLOW D’z (DAVE OSTI AND DEANNA COGAN) @ THE MAYAN BAR (inside the Aztec Hotel) in MONROVIA, 6 - 9pm Happy Hour. 311 W. Foothill Blvd. 626-358-3231. NO COVER. Full bar, food, coldest beer in town! Acoustic Guitar, vocals. “Hot Chick, Cool Dude & Music to suit your mood!” APRIL 11th - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!


Music News on 9

SAT. 4/4 -

SAT. 4/4 -

SAT. 4/11 -

APRIL 2 - APRIL 8, 2009 8

L a Petite France Bakery and Cafe 411 E. Huntington Drive # 101D Arcadia, CA 91006 Tel: (626) 445-0392 Fax: (626) 445-0235

Plan ahead for Easter! At La Petite France Bakery, we offer the traditional Hot Cross Buns, Chocolate Easter Eggs, Easter Cookies and more! For special orders, contact Chef Daniel and he will suggest great Easter treats for your family and friends to enjoy! Traditional Thai Cuisine

Distinctive Food at Moderate Prices

Pad Thai 3500 E. Colorado

(Between Madre & Rosemead)

(626) 568-9288



Apricot Delight | Serves: Plenty

RecipeBox Reflections

American Fare

By Deborah Ann Neely

I guess you know by now I love to plan a party. My mother’s 80th birthday party was so much fun to plan that I have committed to the 85th birthday as well. I am hoping I will not have to supply quite as much wine at the next one but who knows? I got through labor twice by focusing on the next Christmas party I had to plan. It is an obsession but a fun one!! My next venture is to host a Stock the Bar shower for a favorite neighbor’s daughter and her fiancé. I decided that an oldfashioned cocktail party would be fun and I love a theme to help me with ideas. Now I am not talking corny and no games please but just an ambience to make a party feel special. My plan for drinks will be to have the usual wine and beer but to also set up a martini bar to honor Dean Martin and his “pack”. I am creating four different recipe cards for a variety of martinis and I will have all the ingredients needed for each concoction. One of the recipes will be for a favorite chocolate martini for the dessert part of the evening, in hopes we can draw the men into the den when it is time to open the gifts. There are so many flavors for the martini now but I definitely plan to have a regular dirty martini to satisfy those not in to the fruity taste. I turned to my mother for the food ideas since she was always the queen of parties in the 50’s and 60’s. Yes, she still does quite well with entertaining but I needed the recipes from her “prime”! We decided to utilize the chafing dish for sweet and sour meatballs, a recipe I shared in an earlier article. We are going to put together the traditional spinach balls, cheese dip, and salmon platter. I do intend to serve a hot dish I had last weekend at a

Aprico t Delig ht 2 pkg. c ream c heese (1 fine), s /3 less fat wo oftened rks 1 jar a p r i c 1 lb. ba ot pres e c 2 cups on, cooked an rves pecans , toaste d crumbled da 1 to 2 T bls. soy nd chopped sauce ust because it was such a hit. party just

6070 N. Irwindale Ave., Suites A-D · Irwindale, CA 626.969.6100 M - F 7:00 AM - 2:30 PM Catering Available 24/7

“Where Great Food is a Work of Art!”TM

pread your cream cheese in a serving dish about the size of a 2 quart casserole. ca Spread Mix oy sauce and apricot preserves. preserves Use as much soy as you prefer your soy prefer. Spread this mixture over the cream cheese. I toasted the pecans in a bit of butter and I think it adds a great deal of flavor, as butter always does!! Sprinkle the pecans over the dish and next a layer of your crumbled bacon. Warn the mixture slightly in the oven. This goes the best with Wheat Thins or a similar cracker. We were competing for the last bite of this dish and begged the men not to cook steaks for us because we were stuffed with apricot delight, along with a few martinis. Never put the women at the table of appetizers. My party is in a few weeks but be sure I am planning Easter lunch too and will report on my tried and true spring casseroles next week. Please share some party dishes with us on the blog this week. Memorial Day is on the horizon too!

Free Admission

Since 1977

Place Your Ad Here!

Cameron’s Seafood With porthole shaped mirrors and wallmounted fish (sorry, no singing ones) giving this place the classic feel of a seaside fish camp, you’re sure to forget your an hour from the coast. Dine in or take home cuts from the seafood market. 1978 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, (626) 793-FISH Shrimp House Casual, comfortable, simple, and family operated for over 48 years. If you’re tired of the typical chain dining experience, give the little guy a try! Daily hand-breaded, huge Jumbo Shrimp, will haunt your taste buds for the rest of your days. Soon you will join generations of Shrimp House fanatics. It’s seafood you will crave. Shrimp, fish filets, steaks, chicken, salads, and food to go. 4488 E. Live Oak Ave, Arcadia (626) 445-6369, (626) 448-8742, www.

California Cuisine Picasso’s Café, Bakery & Catering Co. Try our upscale fast casual gourmet Restaurant and Bakery, conduct business in Picasso’s Private Dining Rooms, or explore other fresh food choices with our Corporate Catering division. Celebrating 20 Years of Business, and Awarded San Gabriel Valley’s Small Business of the Year 2008, we are focused on providing quality food products and events, consistent service, and competitive prices. Experience our ever-growing selection of menus, services, presentation styles, and creativity; at Picasso’s, Great Food is a true “work of art!” Catering Available 24/7 at or (626) 969-6100. 6070 N. Irwindale Ave., Suite A-D Irwindale, CA

Coffee, Sweets & Such La Petite France Bakery Not just cakes and desserts but a plethora of choices even not on the menu! Just ask for Chef Daniel and he will immediately come up with catering ideas from breakfast, lunch to a sumptuous cavalcade of home-cooked Mediterranean cuisine. 411 E. Huntington Dr. Arcadia, (626) 445-0392. Patticakes: The dessert Company Located in Altadena and featuring such heavenly and huge dessert delights as: Truffle dark chocolate flourless cake with dark chocolate truffle cream. finished with chocolate curls. Or if that’s not quite your cup of tea, try their old fashion :four layers of Devil’s Food chocolate cake with a white chocolate mousse center. Glazed with dark chocolate ganache. 1900 North Allen, Altadena (626) 794-1128


Corfu Restaurant Family owned Greek and International homestyle cuisine set in a casually comfortable décor. Dishes range from waffles to rack of lamb with everything prepared from scratch. 48 W. Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre, (626) 355-5993


Restaurant Lozano A menu peppered with Italian and Mexican dishes like a crispy goat cheese quesadilla with baby spinach accentuate Lozano’s elegant creativity. 44 N. Baldwin Ave., Sierra Madre, (626) 355-5945


Markets held first Sunday every month 1570 E. Colorado • (626) 585-7906 Parking on Hill & Del Mar

Benefiting students for thirty years.

Call Andrea @ 626.301.1010 or FOR AMAZING RATES!

Pad Thai You can’t go wrong with the namesake dish at this colorful place with pink booths, bright blue table cloths and red napkins. The garlic pepper mushroom entrée is a favorite among vegetarians. 3500 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, (626) 568-9288 President Thai Spacious, elegantly attired where hospitality reigns and classic cuisine rules. Wide range of selections from apps to entrees and unique specials. 498 S. Rosemead Blvd., Pasadena, (626) 578-9814


9 APRIL 2 - APRIL 8, 2009


Cal Phil from 6 available for 3 concerts or 5 at 111 South Grand Avenue

Season brochures are available, simply by visiting Cal Phil at 1120 Huntington Drive in San Marino or calling 626.300.8200. Performances at Cal Phil Festival on the Green start at 7:30 p.m., with the gates of The Arboretum opening at 5:30 p.m. for picnicking. The Arboretum is located at 301 North Baldwin Avenue in Arcadia. Tickets range from $20 to $95, with subscriptions

concerts. To purchase tickets for Cal Phil Festival on the Green, call 626.300.8200 or visit Box office hours are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Sunday afternoon matinee performances at Cal Phil at Walt Disney Concert Hall begin at 2 p.m., with pre-concert “Talks with the Maestro” at 1 p.m. Walt Disney Concert Hall. Walt Disney Concert Hall is located

Music News from 7 BARRY “BIG B” BRENNER @ FIREFLY BISTRO IN SOUTH PASADENA, 11am - 2pm. 1009 El Centro. 626-441-2443 . All ages. Saturday BLUES Brunch under a big breezy tent. The Mission St. Gold Line station is just a short walk away, and makes for a nice outing. http://www.bigbbrenner. com/

SAT. 4/11 -

SHANTYTOWN @ THE BUCCANEER LOUNGE IN SIERRA MADRE, 9:30pm. 70 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-355-9045. Full bar, no cover, cheap drinks. Classic Rock Jams, Blues. These guys are great! shantytown1

SAT. 4/11 -

FATSO JETSON doin’ the late late show @ CAFE 322, 11pm or so. 322 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-836-5414. Full bar, no cover. Great Italian food if you get there earlier for dinner & enjoy the Jazz band. Hard Rock from Mario & Larry, etc.


BARRY “BIG B” BRENNER @ FIREFLY BISTRO IN SOUTH PASADENA, 11am - 2pm. 1009 El Centro. 626-441-2443 . All ages. BLUES Brunch under a big breezy tent. http://www.bigbbrenner. com/

SUN. 4/12 -

in Los A ngeles. Ticket s range from $25 to $90, with subscriptions available for 3 concerts or 5 concerts. To purchase tickets, call 213.365.3500 or visit www. Box office hours are from noon till 6 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday (March through June 7); noon to 5 p.m., Tuesday through Friday ( June 9 through August); and on concert Sundays from noon till 2:30 p.m.







10. Line of rotation 11. Give ___ rest 12. Obtained 13. In the manner of 18. Single piece of information 22. All over again 24. Honeycomb unit 26. Yorkshire river 27. Juniper 28. North Carolina college 31. Panache 32. Rewards for waiting 33. Han ___ was a “Star Wars” character 35. Cab 36. Ridge of rock 37. Electrically charged particles 39. Freedom from need, labor, or pain 42. Most gruesome 43. Goes out with 45. Kinfolk 46. Rival of Helena 48. Country 49. Fix beforehand 50. Loathe 51. ___ Fideles 55. Gladden 56. ___ cava 57. Initial stake in a hand of poker 59. Donkey 60. ___ bin ein Berliner 61. Long March leader 63. ___ anglais (English horn);

Grant Park Easter Softball - All Are Welcome! Not A League - Just For Fun & The Love Of The Game! Corner Of Cordova & Michigan In Pasadena, 3 Blocks West Of Pcc. Batting Practice 12:30, Game Time Asap. Bring Your Glove, Bat, Chair, Ice Chest, Guitar, Ukulele, Etc.

SUN. 4/12 -

Mercy Is Taking Easter Sunday Off From Cafe 322... she’ll be back on the 26th.

SUN. 4/12 -

“OPERA TO BROADWAY” VOCAL PERFORMANCES @ CAFE 322 IN SIERRA MADRE, 7pm. 322 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-836-5414. Full bar and great Italian food. Every Sunday evening. Get there early - they pack ‘em in!

MON. 4/13 -

Opening Day @ Dodger Stadium! Go Dodgers! Please remember to call and verify all info. before making plans. Everything is subject to change. This is show biz, after all... Hope to see you out & about, SierraMadreSue P.S. Please Help My Friends The Sheds Win A Spot On The Vans Warped Tour ‘09! Go to: and register first. Then you can VOTE once every day, to have them play in L.A., San Diego and Ventura. They deserve it! THANK YOU!


49. Palm Pilot, e.g. 52. Conditions 53. Meadow 54. Went in 56. Prospect 58. Erase 59. Actress Anouk 62. Becomes larger 64. Examines closely 65. Siouan speaker 66. Student’s hurdle 67. Weaned pig 68. Dweeb 69. Kitchen addition

1. Gaucho’s weapon 5. Done for 9. Coniferous evergreen forest 14. Warts and all 15. On or towards the Mediterranean, for example 16. Laud 17. Introverted 19. Lasso 20. Decapitate 21. Former Russian rulers 23. Controversial 25. Hydrocarbon suffix 26. starter 29. Computer key 30. Unnecessary 33. Refine metal 34. Eccentric person 35. The Stooges, e.g. 38. Cleaning agent 40. Hammer end 41. Greek god of the winds 44. HOMES, e.g. 47. Generation of offspring totally unlike parent


1. Old Scottish bullion coin Last Week’s Solution 2. Willows 3. Consisting of stone 4. Remains of a fire 5. Small fish 6. Country bordered by Canada and Mexico 7. “She turned me into a ___! ...I got better...” 8. Topeka’s state 9. Worldly


Or, “the numbers must occur only once”

5 2




2 7



4 5 7



3 2 8



8 8

4 9

Fill the 9 X 9 grid so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3 X3 regions contain the digits from 1 to 9 only once each. Solutions run the following week.

Last Week’s Solution

4 8 6


9 1

4 2 5 8 6 3 7 1 9

7 8 6 9 1 5 4 2 3

1 3 9 2 7 4 8 6 5

5 4 3 7 8 2 1 9 6

9 1 8 4 5 6 2 3 7

6 7 2 3 9 1 5 4 8

3 6 1 5 2 7 9 8 4

2 9 7 6 4 8 3 5 1

8 5 4 1 3 9 6 7 2

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35 South First Ave.

626.446.7346 Open Mon - Sat 10:30am-5:00pm

Carbohydrates Are Good For You


return trip. We followed this with a beet & goat cheese salad and a bluEmber BLT wedge salad. For the main course I choose Cajun swordfish with a spicy corn relish, mashed potatoes and fresh ca r rot s a nd squash. My friend enjoyed surf and turf with petite filet mignon and Australian lobster tail. After dinner we relaxed by the fire pit and listened to live acoustic music. In the morning I hit the fitness room, where I worked out with actor Mario Lopez, who was also staying at the resort. Rancho Las Palmas Resort and Spa is located at 41-000 Bob Hope Drive, Rancho Mirage, 92270. For more info, current specials, spa and golf packages, call (866) 423-1195 or (760) 568-2727 or visit:

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Lic # 511185

Second Time Around

By Lynda Linforth


All Major Credit Cards Accepted


•Training Tips•


Greg from 5

Send us your thoughts:

APRIL 2 - APRIL 8, 2009 10

The economical way to promote your business

Call 626-301-1010 or email advertising@ beaconmedianews. com

I’m really glad to see that the Diet Industry has allowed the lowly Carbohydrate back into our lives after a good 5 years of ousting. Much like the come backs of Brittany Spears (headshaving and rehab) and Fat (trans and unsaturated), Carbohydrates have now been allocated the titles “good and bad” and have been down graded from being the enemy, to something a dieter reluctantly lets back into their diet, with the proviso that they don’t gain any weight. Because, apparently it’s the carbohydrate’s fault. Carbohydrates are split into three groups: simple (sugar), complex (starch), and fiber. One thing the multi-million dollar Diet Industry doesn’t report is that carbohydrates give us the energy to perform all body functions and muscular exertion. The Industry also omits to point out that if we reduce our intake of carbohydrate, then we are often getting rid of a valuable source of fiber. Furthermore, fat burns on a carbohydrate flame meaning that carbohydrates regulate the digestion and utilization of the fats we take in. Isn’t the whole point of dieting to lose fat? Therefore, why would we omit the very thing that decides whether it is stored or used? Notwithstanding, I think it is important to point out the difference between the media-labeled “good” and “bad” carbohydrate. Obviously, the more natural the food source, the healthier and this correlates to carbohydrates too. Carbohydrates that are high in fiber, are the best combination as the fiber helps to regulate the body’s absorption of glucose, and in turn regulates insulin levels. Eating a high starch, natural food and its attached fiber (baked potato and skin) is far healthier than eating the starch alone. “Bad Carbohydrates” often refers to a more processed food; a food that is high in carbohydrate rather than just a simple or complex. For example, brown rice would be a “good carbohydrate” and crackers would be a “bad carbohydrate” because of the amount of processing. Bad carbohydrates also include potato chips, cookies, cake, and white bread. It is very important to note that “bad carbohydrates” are often unhealthy because they are very high in saturated fat and sugar, not just that they are high in carbohydrate. That misunderstanding is how carbohydrates became the enemy in first place. In conclusion, there is no special formula to losing weight; it is calories in versus calories out. People who lose weight on diets that cut out one of the major components that our bodies require to survive (protein, carbohydrate or fat), is doing so because they have reduced their caloric intake not because Carbohydrates are BAD!! Lynda Linforth owns Train Inc., a personal training studio in Arcadia that offers fitness programs for all needs and abilities. Specializing in post rehab, all trainers are nationally certified through either ACE or NASM and Lynda is a Licensed Nutritionist. Please ask about our Self Defense and Bride and Bikini Boot Camp classes at 626 447 1049 or at

Pet of the Week

Selina from last time is still available. King, an adorable seven year old, cattle dog mix is looking for a new home. This handsome fellow is even cuter in person. He likes long walks and is a really fun dog to have around. If you can give him a home, please come meet him today! The regular dog adoption fee is $110, which includes medical care prior to adoption, spaying or neutering, vaccinations, and a follow-up visit with a participating vet. King qualifies for our Senior for Senior program in which a person over 60 can adopt a pet over five for free! Please call 626-792-7151 and ask for A246009 or come to the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA, 361 S. Raymond Ave, Pasadena CA, 91105. Our adoption hours are 11-3 Sunday, 9-4 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and 9-3 Saturday. Directions and photos of all pets updated hourly may be found

Top 1% of Prudential Realtors Nationwide Reni Rose (626) 355-8400 110 Coburn, Sierra Madre Offered at $1,365,000.

A Perfect 10 -- Stunning is the only way to describe it - Built in 2004, this magnificent 3500+ sf home is one of a kind. There are 3 large master suites (one downstairs) including an impressive secluded master with sumptuous bath and tranquil view of the mountains/valley, plus the Jack & Jill bedrooms and 5 baths. Other features include soaring ceilings, expansive windows, large family room, gourmet kitchen & breakfast area with window seating, wood flooring, plantation shutters & more. Call today for more details and for a private showing of the PERFECT 10!

838 Wick Lane, Glendora Offered at $1,295,000.


Country living just 30 miles from Los Angeles! Build your dream home on this wonderfully private and secluded property which is zoned for horses and consists of about 8 acres with approximately 2.2 of them being on a gentle slope. There is a possible development opportunity to build 2 to 3 homes. Buyer to verify with the City of Glendora.

2075 Santa Anita Avenue Offered at $1,195,000.

Special Financing creates an awesome opportunity to own this prestigious home in North Sierra Madre and an added bonus of ARCADIA SCHOOLS. Even Julia Childs would love the remodeled kitchen and new appliances. With over 3,000 sf of luxury on a 15,000 sf lot you can enjoy the sounds of the backyard waterfall or simply relax in the spa. Your family and guests will arrive on the circular driveway and enter to enjoy the many amenities including 2 family rooms, wood flooring, plus 5 spacious bedrooms and 3 updated baths. Call for details on the special financing being offered.

1946 Alta Oaks, Arcadia LI N E ST W IN G


11 APRIL 2 - APRIL 8, 2009

Offered at $1,150,000.

Offering Arcadia Schools, this home is located is the highly desirable “Highlands” community of North Arcadia. It has been lovingly maintained for the past 44 years and was updated in 1997. The rooms are spacious and light filled. The 12,781 sf lot offers a spacious back yard with sparkling pool, mountain view, lanai and patio. The home is 2,217 sf with a family room, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 fireplaces and CA & heat. This one won’t last!

321 E. Grandview, Sierra Madre Offered at 1,075,000.

Extraordinary in Detail – This house has a rich blend of history and craftsmanship. It was built in the 1890’s and its design reflects discriminating taste and art. The master suite is enhanced with a spectacular view from the balcony and steam sauna. You can entertain handsomely in the large country kitchen or around the saltwater pool and spa. Additional features include: family room, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2,621 sf home, 12,297 sf lot, tranquil mountain view and detached music room. If character, privacy and warmth are in your plans, this home is just right for you! Call to preview before it is too late.

2025 Carolwood, Arcadia, Ca Offered at $1,048,000.

Situated in Highland Oaks with awarding winning Arcadia Schools, this home offers: : 2,985 sq.ft. (which includes the 664 sq.ft. of basement) with a 22,440 sf lot., 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, family room, 2 fireplaces, 2-car attached garage & a 664 sf finished basement currently being used as a media room and 5th bedroom.

1912 S. 7th Place, Arcadia Offered at: $848,000

Close your eyes -- and picture your special home. This lovely updated home is really something special. Located in the much sought after Arcadia School District, this open and airy home features 3 fireplaces, a master suite with walk-in closet and luxurious new bath, Jack & Jill bedrooms, an oversized garage with tons of storage and a sparkling pool. Offers: 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2,355 sf home, a 7,196 sf lot, updated with copper plumbing, electrical, a new roof and is ready for you to just move in! To see this special home call 626-355-8400.

-Photos By Terry Miller

rights activist from Villa Park Community Center to Jackie Robinson Center. The ethnicaly diverse group of young people sent a message of peace and love in a community that has had more than its fair share of racial violence in recent years and months.

324 E. Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre ES I CR N OW

Everyone’s talking about it, Peace on Earth that is. On Saturday one hundred plus youths and concerned parents took to Pasadena streets to get their message across. Honoring the legacy of Caesar Chavez, the hundred strong group marched in solidarity with the farm worker

Offered at $848,000.

Situated on a large 11,134 sf lot, this property is for those who love to entertain. Spacious living room w/vaulted ceiling and fireplace. Large kitchen opens to Family Room. Kitchen has wood flooring, Sub-Zero refrigerator,water purifier, self-cleaning double ovens, built-in desk. Sliding doors from Family Room to deck w/large lattice covered patio and private rear yard. Master Suite w/his & hers closets. Home is 2,222 sf, 4 Bedrooms, 2 Updated Baths, 3-Car Garage w/storage & work bench.

1745 La Cresta, Pasadena Offered at $848,000.

Owner remembers the architect as being a Frank Lloyd Wright understudy. This home offers wonderful tranquil views of the mountains and Brookside Golf Course. For those who love to golf, this property is conveniently located just one mile from the Brookside Country Club. The floor plan is open and spacious and offers pleasant views from almost every room of the home. There are modern touches, walls of windows, new carpeting and new interior paint. 2,238 sq. ft. home, 3 beds, 2.5 baths, 2250 sq.ft.lot

50 W. Dayton, Pasadena Offered at $798,000 or lease $3,200/mo. Old Town Pasadena – truly urban living at its finest! This dramatic loft-style, single level condo located on the top floor is just steps from fine dining, shops, theaters and the Gold Line. The complex epitomizes today’s trend of a live/ work lifestyle – ideal for the sophisticated buyer looking for an ultra modern living environment complete with industrial design elements. Features: soaring 14-foot ceilings, fireplace, stainless steel accents, GE Monogram stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, separate laundry room, 1379 Sq. Ft., 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 2 Balconies, 2 parking spaces.

180 Santa Anita Court, Sierra Madre Offered at $608,000

This cottage has loads of curb appeal and is located just a short walk to the quaint village of Sierra Madre & Sierra Vista Park. The inviting and open floor plan will inspire you to entertain or simply have a quiet evening at home. This 1165 sq. ft. home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The lot is 6,318 sq. ft. There is a 400 sq.ft. attic which will be great for storage. The yard has been professionally landscaped and has auto sprinklers.

Email: • Website:


12 APRIL 2 - APRIL 8, 2009

1,000 from 1 walkways, seating areas, lawns, play area, war and veterans memorials and a grand entrance from Myrtle Avenue to the Library building. Attendees on Saturday will be able to learn about and register for Library services and programs at booths set up on Myrtle in front of the park. Keynote speaker, and officiating at the unveiling of the dedication plaque, will be Mayor Rob Hammond, who is retiring from office on May 5. A short ceremony and the plaque unveiling will precede the opening of the building to public tours.

The new 28,000-square-foot facility is twice the size of the building it replaces. Work began on the structure in early December, 2007, paid for with funds from a March, 2007 voter-approved bond measure. The new facility features considerably more space for books, periodicals, tapes and DVDs; a Community Room and public restrooms; a Heritage Room; adult, children and teen areas; homework rooms; a literacy services area; an expanded reference section; individual sitting areas; self-checkout machines; banks of free public computers and a Friends of the Library store.

NEW DUARTE LIBRARY MANAGER TO START APRIL 6 The Los Angeles County Library has named Reed Strege to be the new Community Library Manager for the Duarte Library starting Monday, April 6.

Strege has been with the County of Los Angeles Public Library since July 2007. During that time, he has worked as a Teen and Reference Services Librarian at the City Terrace Library in unincorporated East Los Angeles. A native of Washington State, Reed received his Master of Library and Information Science degree from the University of Washington in 2007. His interests include services for youth, building vibrant collections, and integrating new technology into the library. The Duarte Library is located at 1301 Buena Vista St. For more information, call the Duarte Library at (626) 358-1865.

Principal of W.A. Lewitt Primary school, Nerand Harrilall (left) and Pietermaritzburg, South African Rotary ClubÊs President, Peter Keyworth pose in front of students from the school who are clutching their new school supplies.

QUOTA'A SALUTE TO STARS The Monrovia-Duarte Quota Club is hosting a luncheon to honor three local “Stars” which Quota is defining as individuals who are working for a better world. The honorees are Dr. Sylvia Domotor, Ulises Gutierrez and Linda Wright. The luncheon will be held on Wednesday, April 8 at the Doubletree Hotel in Monrovia. Domotor is the driving force behind Dr. Domotor’s Animal House Veterinary Hospital and in that capacity cares for local pets. In addition she participates in many animal related events including the Whiskers ‘n Tails Pet Fair and Wiggle, Waggle, Walk. She also provides low or no cost veterinary services for seeing eye dogs and works with Guiding Eyes for the Blind. She has also been deeply involved in Monrovia’s Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society. Gutierrez started his adult life as a gang member and drug addict, but through a call to faith has transformed his life and now leads a ministry that dedicates its efforts to empowering young people. His story and that of his Monrovia Youth Alliance are inspirational. Wright is best known as the owner/operator of Movement Unlimited Fitness Center. She is being honored for her volunteer work with people with physical challenges, specifically working with wheelchair bound and others in exercise programs at her center. The cost of the luncheon is $35.00. Paid reservations are due April 3. For further information contact Mary Ann Mayer at (626) 359-8052.

MONROVIA PAIR BACK AFTER LOBBYING FOR FEDERAL FUNDS Monrovia’s Mayor and City Manager are back from Washington D.C. after meeting with government officials to lobby for a portion of Monrovia’s share in the federal economic stimulus package. Major Rob Hammond and City Manager Scott Ochoa traveled to Washington to secure the funding in an upcoming appropriations bill. At stake is $260,000 in additional funding designated for Station Square at the Gold Line’s future light rail depot. Already, $4.5 million in federal money has been designated for the project. When secured, the additional $260,000 will bring federal assistance for the project to $4.76 million. Hammond and Ochoa had meetings with both Congressional Representatives David Drier and Adam Schiff, in addition to staff members from the offices of Senator Diane Feinstein, Representative Grace Napolitano and Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis. “We had good, fruitful discussions with all involved,” said Mayor Hammond, “and I remain optimistic about securing the funding.”

Duarte Public Safety to Host Neighborhood Barbeque April 4

Foothill Workforce Investment Board will Bring Out Mobile Training Unit to Assist Residents with Employment Services; Cal-Am Water, Burrtec, Edison, SheriffÊs, and Foothill Unity Center also on Hand With Information The City of Duarte Public Safety Department will host a Neighborhood Barbeque for residents at Otis Gordon Park on Saturday, April 4 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Otis Gordon Park is located at 2351 Central Ave. The barbeque is a family affair and the entire community is invited to enjoy free hot dogs, lemonade and entertainment by a deejay. It will also be an opportunity for residents to learn about services available to the community, and meet and talk with Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies, Mayor John Fasana and other City Council members and City staff. Representatives from Cal Am Water, Southern California Edison and Burrtec Waste Services will offer information about their new programs and services. In keeping with the City’s “green” commitment, Burrtec is transitioning from their existing diesel fleet to new alternative fuel trucks. One of its new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Trash Trucks will be on display at the park. Non-profit organizations serving the area, Foothill Unity Center and Foothill Family Services, will be available to answer any questions. The Foothill Workforce Investment Board will also be bringing out its Mobile Training Unit to assist local residents with employment services. For more information, contact Aida Torres at, or call (626) 359-5671, ext. 316.


Sarah Elizabeth Pfau of Monrovia made the Seattle Pacific University 2008 Autumn Quarter Dean’s List. Students on the Dean’s List have completed at least 12 credits and attained a 3.50 or higher grade point average. Congratulations Sarah!

l i r Ap

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2002 BELLA VISTA AVENUE, ARCADIA.Stunning Tuscan masterpiece on estate sized lot. Cathedral ceilings, foyer w/ custom iron front door, grand master suite with retreat, formal dining room with coffered ceilings. Excellent Arcadia schools. (B2002)


E US HO 1-5 N E . OP SUN


601 SYCAMORE DRIVE, SAN GABRIEL. No. San Gabriel location. Spacious 3BR, 2BA with master suite, formal dining room, kitchen that opens into family room w/ fireplace. The home is built around a central patio with large oak tree. Ready to sell. (S601)



540 Trayer Ave. Beautiful 3bdrm 2bth home remodeled w/marble counters, dual sinks, ceramic floor, high quality appliances, solid maple cabinets, granite countertops, breakfast area, dining room w/ FP, living room w/double entry doors, separate laundry room, 3 car garage, Mountain Views, Turnkey home ready to move-in. (T540)



CENTURY 21 LUDECKE, INC. (626) 445-0123





Fantastic Opportunity to own 2 homes on a lot, adjacent to Arcadia, on a 10,000 sq. ft. lot. Each home has a nice size yard and own parking. Please call agent for viewing. (WAL)

CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. 626-301-1888



T h i s 3 b d r m 2 b t h To w n H o m e i s a n e n d u n i t c l o s e to restaurants and transportation. Very well maintained, hardwood floors in the entry & dining area, large master suite, south facing unit and low HOA fees. (M320)

CENTURY 21 LUDECKE, INC. (626) 445-0123



2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, condominium in the heart of Pasadena. Close proximity to Old Town Pasadena and the South Lake street, park your car and walk to all the restaurants, shopping and coffee shops. Open floor plan. Renovated complex with pool, spa, gum and recreation room. Low association. Great price. (M355)

CENTURY 21 VILLAGE, INC. (626) 355-1451


This home is move-in ready. Property is NOT an REO or short sale. Features two large bedrooms, 2baths one with huge master bath, very large kitchen with breakfast nook, bar counter, and a eating area for the dining room table, perfect for entertaining, large service/laundry room that can be used as a third bedroom if converted and laundry put in garage. (E142)

CENTURY 21 LUDECKE, INC. (626) 445-0123



This executive style condo shows like a model home. Located in a beautiful, well maintained gated complex. Kitchen with granite counters and stainless appliances. Nice patio for outdoor dining. (ORA)

CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 301-1888



This home is move-in ready. Property is NOT an REO or short sale. Features two large bedrooms, 2baths one with huge master bath, very large kitchen with breakfast nook, bar counter, and a eating area for the dining room table, perfect for entertaining, large service/laundry room that can be used as a third bedroom if converted and laundry put in garage. (E142)


Hard to find newer PUD has 5 bedrooms, 3 baths with 1 bedroom located downstairs. Master has walk-in closet and spa tub. Built in 2004 with 2,588 sq. ft. of living space on 5,188 lot. (R2595)



This beautiful 4bdrm 2bth home has mountain views, sparkling pool, 2 fountains, covered patio, topiary and sego palms located on a quiet cul-de-sac. Two master suites, large foyer, formal dining room, FP, kitchen w/modern appliances & eating area ceramic tile counters, 2 first floor bdrms and upstairs family room w/balcony. (File #A8815)

CENTURY 21 LUDECKE, INC. (626) 445-0123



3 bedrooms, 1 ¾ baths, fireplace, 1540 sq.ft., new roof, separate formal dining room & eat in kitchen, master suite with bath. 6808 sf.ft. lot (M3542)


CENTURY 21 VILLAGE INC. (626) 355-1451




633 W. Olive, Monrovia.Two bedrooms, one bath, living room with lots of windows, indoor’laundry room, update plumbing & electrical, newer roof, detached garage, close to park, Old Town, shopping and transportation.(O633)

CENTURY 21 VILLAGE, INC. (626) 355-1451



Spacious 5 bedrooms, 2 baths, remodeled living room, dining room, Kitchen. New wood flooring, new carpeting, scrapped ceilings. Master bathroom is in the middle of updating, needs shower, sink and flooring, backyard with RV parking, patio and pool that needs resurfacing, double detached garage. (E1951)


This Bank Owned home has it all. Vaulted ceilings, spacious living room, a dream kitchen with granite counter tops, built-in cook top/chef’s island, opens up to the family room, fireplace and built-in aquarium. Upstairs laundry room, 4 spacious bedrooms with master suite including private bath, walk in closets and balcony. Relaxing backyard, covered patio, fountain and built-in BBQ. Attached double garage, close to schools & shopping. (C30511)

CENTURY 21 VILLAGE, INC. (626) 355-1451



This beautiful home features 2 bedrooms and 1 remodeled bath. Newly installed bamboo hardwood flooring throughout, new paint inside and out, newer roof, FA/ CA and much more! Close to City of Hope. (BRO)

CENTURY 21 VILLAGE, INC. (626) 355-1451

CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 301-1888




CENTURY 21 ADAMS & BARNES •(626) 358-1858


CENTURY 21 LUDECKE, INC. (626) 445-0123 E US HO 1-4 N E . OP SUN



This 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath is in good condition and features large family room with fireplace, covered patio and 2 car attached garage. Large yard located on a cul-de-sac with nice curb appeal. (MAS)

CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. 626-301-1888

658 S. Wabash, Glendora.Bright, clean 3 BR, 1BA home upgraded with beautiful refinished hardwood floors. Large private backyard with screened in patio. Carport plus 2-car garage. Great Glendora area. (W658)

CENTURY 21 Adams&Barnes



Great 2 bedroom unit in terrific neighborhood. Master Bedroom with large closet and 3/4 bath. Full bathroom in hallway. Living room with large windows, dining area and kitchen with lots of storage space. Two underground garage parking spaces with storage compartments. Near shopping and La Salle High School. (MIC)

(626) 301-1888



Very clean 2 bedroom, 2 bath home in the Village Gates! Tons of amenities for the price. Granite counter tops in bathrooms and kitchen with covered parking. (C1830)



(626) 358-1858

(626) 301-1888

(626) 445-0123

(626) 355-1451











Adults $24.95 Seniors $20.95 Children 4yrs – 12yrs $14.95 (3yrs & younger) free

•Obituary• Mrs. Ann Blake (March 10, 1916 - March 6, 2009) Mrs. Ann Blake, ninety-three, an Arcarcadia resident for over er 50 years, passed away peacefully at her home on March 6th with her loving family in attendance. She was a career homemaker and the wife of Griffin S. Blake, a former president of the Arcadia Asso-ciation of Realtors, rs, who predeceased her

in 2006. Mrs. Blake is survived by her daughter Caroline Blake of Los Angeles, so Robert Blake of Arcadia, and sister, Mrs. Forrest Hightower of Summerville, South Carolina. Interment will take place next to her husband at the Seal Cemetery in Washington Parish, Louisiana.

Scouts from 1 around 100 in 1980, after the

700 West Huntington Dr. Monrovia CA 91016 For Reservations call 626- 531-8025

Tehran. In the third year, 1971, a cub scouts group was added to the organization, headed by Armineh Hovsepian, who later married the founder. The following year a Brownie group was added, along with groups of boys and girls Venturers. The total number of members increased through the years. It reached 500 plus in 1977. Then it collapsed to

Iranian Revolution. It increased again to up to 300, but it never quite reached the previous heights again. Vartanian was the scout master until 1986. He moved to Sydney Australia where he continues his scouting activities with local Armenian organizations. The group continues activities to this day in Tehran with

Scouts on 15


The Gold Standard

ww $499,000




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-4 E OP UN 1 S



500 W. Montecito Ave., Sierra Madre. This 3,536 Sq.Ft. Home Is Perfect For 2 Families. Features Include 4 Bed/ 4 Bath, With 2 Master Bedrooms, 1 With Nursery/Office Attached, Formal Dining, Living Room With Fireplace & Gourmet Kitchen W/Granite Counters. Take The Elevator Down To Separate Living Quarters With Its Own Kitchen, Fireplace And Entrance. Large 12,000 Lot With Great Curb Appeal! (Mon)

CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 301-1888



1250 Canedo Place, Pasadena. This wonderful family home w/3bdrm 2bth is located in the San Rafael Hill Area. This home offers privacy & seclusion. Charming updated interior, warm, sunny, extra large windows and French doors, lush green views, remodeled gourmet kitchen, granite counters, stainless steel appliances, custom cabinetry, hardwood floors, formal dining room, patio w/ BBQ, direct access garage and so much more. Must See!!! (C1250)

CENTURY 21 LUDECKE, INC. (626) 445-0123


CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 301-1888


Pre-foreclosure! Horse Ranch, working Equestrian Dressage Farm located near PGA Golf Course. Five acres with Craftsman style home, 4bdrms 3bths, FP, dining room, recreation room, professional Dressage training and instruction. USDF qualified training facilities, 17 boarding stalls, a circular arena. Lots of income potential. (C38834)

CENTURY 21 LUDECKE, INC. (626) 445-0123



Located in Sierra Madre front home has 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, living room, dining room, laundry/utility room, central air & heat, bamboo and hardwood floors, dog run, yard and basement. Rear home has 1 bedroom,1 bath, tile floors, newer kitchen and detached laundry/storage room. Charming cottage style 1246 sq.ft. on 6615 sq.ft. lot. (G241)

CENTURY 21 VILLAGE INC. (626) 355-1451






208 Ramona Ave., Sierra Madre. This gorgeous 4 bedroom is situated on a large, beautifully landscaped lot (0ver 13,000 sq.ft.) and features include, gourmet kitchen with top of the line appliances including a wine cooler, beautiful remodeled baths, onyx trimmed fireplaces, dual pane windows, plantation shutters, fantastic patio with fireplace, and so much more!!! (RAM)


VERY LOW ASSOCIATION DUES! $339,000 316 GENOA STREET #A, MONROVIA.This is truly a turn key condo with views of the mountains and very low association dues! Desirable front unit with a bright and airy floor plan. 2 master suites with full baths, hardwood floors in the living areas and much more! This is a must see! (G316)


CENTURY 21 ADAMS & BARNES •(626) 358-1858

CENTURY 21 ADAMS & BARNES • (626) 358-1858

CENTURY 21 VILLAGE, INC. (626) 355-1451


4-Plex by golf course. Rental income $3,700 month. 4-Plex – 2 studios + 2 1 bedrooms. Each unit has garage. (B3212)





(626) 358-1858

(626) 301-1888

(626) 445-0123

(626) 355-1451










10595 Haverly St, El Monte. Nice starter home at the end of a cul-de-sac street in El Monte. Bright & airy, open floor plan, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, granite counter top in kitchen, dining area, living room, new Laminate wood floors thru-out, 2 car detached garage with new door. (H10595)

15 APRIL 2 - APRIL 8, 2009

7 Dwarfs from 24 Stephens’ manifesto. Graphic Art director for the Billion Dollar Newspaper conglomerate, Thom Ta t t o oYo u Too, said that he w a s de lighted about the news of the page three girls and personally offered to turn American’s into newspaper readers again. “I think we’ll start with a 3-D” edition said Thom in a rare interview. I can see the advertisers loving this…”we’ll hand out special glasses and I’m definitely down with that”, he said.

Cover Story

Discovery Camp

“We’ve entered into deep Mu rdoch Ter r it o ry here, so we may have to change the header to “Three on 3” but that’s okay Thom said, “ I’ll have to spend a little more time on this page than most…” he laughed . Circulation Manager and former Presidential candidate on the libertarian ticket. Joe Polk, said he wasn’t sure how he would handle all the excess press run, though he said that the company was planning to double the water rations for the Beacon Media delivery camels in anticipation of the new load.

First Lutheran Church and School 9123 Broadway, Temple City, CA 91780

Summer Day Camp

• Individual Door Alarms • Coded Gate Access • Video Surveillance • Roll-Up Doors • Covered Loading Area • Climate-Controlled Units • Business or Personal Storage and more! • Satisfaction Guarantee

Preschool through 7th grade

June 22nd - August 14, 2009 Offering daily instruction in the Christian faith as well as academic enrichment in curricular areas. Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks are provided.

Professionally Managed by TNT Self Storage Management

Daily child care from 7 am to 6 pm and weekly field trips are included. Only $175 per week or $600 per 4 week session!


For more information please call (626) 287-0968, or email

Scouts from 14 about 200 scouts. Founded in Cairo in 1906 by a group of eminent individuals under the guidance of Boghos Noubar Pacha, the A.G.B.U. is perhaps the most important of Armenian charity organizations throughout the world. Today it is established in over thirty countries and operates in cooperation with its 22,000 members to achieve its goals of a purely humanitarian nature. Scouting in Armenia began sometime around 1912. Scouting developed abroad among the refugees who had survived the genocide of 19151916 or those that had fled the new communist occupation. Scouting then ceased to exist in Armenia. In 1929, The World Scout Bureau recognized the Association of Armenian Scouts (HAI ARI) based in France, while the association did not have its own territorial base, it made an exception. This Scout Association was the first and only association to receive recognition as an exile Scout Association. In 1989, communism collapsed and the independent Republic of Armenia emerged in 1991. The French based As-

ing the 144th member. There are approximately 20,000 Armenians in the San Gabriel Valley and Glendale’s Armenian population has surged by 65 percent since 1990, with more than one in four of Glendale’s residents now claiming Armenian descent Glendale, which has the highest concentration of Armenians outside Armenia, is now home to over 52,000, up from 31,402 in 1990. Aside from Asian Americans, Armenian’s are one of the fastest growing immigrant populations in the U.S. Few of us know much about the rich culture and diversity of these people who are our friends and neighbors. Scouting in Iran became

sociation of Armenian Scouts in Exile, expressed their wish that Scouting in Armenia should become a part of the World Scouting Organization as soon as possible. It helped in the process of creating a national Scout Organization in Armenia. In 1994, HASK (Armenian National Scout Movement) was officially founded. Hask has over 2,035 members, boys and girls, spread throughout the entire country. The French exile group expressed its desire to withdraw from World membership in order to allow Scouting in Armenia to become a member of the World Organization. In April 1997, the Armenian National Scout Movement was accepted into WOSM, becom-

Sunday Worship: 8 and 10:45 a.m. Sunday School: (all ages) 9:15 a.m. Sunday Eve - “Praise” Worship 7:00 p.m. or Monday Worship - 7:00 p.m.

one of the only ways boys and girls could co-exist in a social way after the revolution of 1978. Subsequently many moved from Iran and made a new home in the United States. Another key person in the organizational success of the reunion was Rick Keshishi from Studio 55 in Monrovia. Monrovia’s Studio 55 printed and displayed the historic photos and an comprehensive slide show documenting the last 40 years Armenian Scouting, its service as well as those who participated in so many events, so may years ago. As guests wined and dined, speakers reminisced about their years in scouting and how it helped them evolve as young, proud, productive adults.

OUR SAVIOR LUTHERAN CHURCH 512 W. Duarte Road, Arcadia (626) 447-7690


11:15 AM

11:15 AM

11:15 AM

R e v. P a u l S . B e c k • S e n i o r P a s t o r

Jason J. Lee Attorney at Law A premier law firm Real estate & biz litigation Wills, trusts, probate, & conservatorship Free consultations for Arcadia residents

SSaturday t d appts t available il bll

Tel: (626) 396-9397


Fax: (626) 396-9114

California Realty


(626) 355-1600





Love the Lot - Fruit trees and oaks with a mountain view cover this 17,000 sq ft lot. Entertain from the privacy of the secluded deck and prepare your feast from a designer kitchen. Maple floors and plantation shutters adorn this traditional 3 bed/1.75 bath home. Tired of hunting? Come and see this treasure. SIERRA MADRE $998,000 (MON265)

Loads of curb appeal in Sierra Madre located just a distance to the quaint village. This 1165 sq. ft. home has 3 bd and 2ba. This Lot is 6,318 sq. ft.There is a 400 sq. attic which will be great for storage. Professionally landscaped yard with auto sprinklers. SIERRA MADRE $608,000 (SAN180)

Location-location-location - This home is perfectly located. It sits at the base of Gold Hill and is within walking distance to Old Town, Markets and Transportation. You can sit on the wood deck and watch the wild life or sip tea on the side patio. This home shows a lot of character with its Bachelder fireplace, hardwood flooring and French doors. You could get an $8,000 tax credit when buying this home. MONROVIA $599,900 (MYR)

California Bungalow shows traditional flair - with period moldings, hardware floors throughout, and a California basement. The livingroom has a Batchelder fireplace with built-in bookshelves. There is a back house that could be used as a private office, artists studio, rental or extended family. PASADENA $498,888 (ROO)

Don’t rent and rave!(Buy and Save) –This Townhome is an awesome opportunity to own a home in the Temple City School District. Dual master suites, Balcony, central air, direct garage access, pool, clubhouse, Don’t be left out! Make an appointment to see this home today! TEMPLE CITY $448,000 (BRO)



LOOKING FOR A CHANGE OF CAREER? FREE REAL ESTATE SCHOOL* MONDAY EVENING FROM 6-30PM • 8-30PM At the Sierra Madre Office • 115 W. Sierra Madre Blvd Call 626 355-1600 • *Call for details


APRIL 2 - APRIL 8, 2009



School•Religion•Community Activities•Social

EGGS-TRA FUN PLANNED AT MONROVIA SPRING EGG HUNT AND YMCA HEALTHY KIDS EVENT Kids and their families will be in for loads of healthy fun when the annual City of Monrovia Spring Egg Hunt and Santa Anita Family YMCA Healthy Kids Day combine as one big event on Saturday, April 11. The fun takes place from 10 a.m. to 12 noon at Recreation Park, 620 S. Shamrock Ave., in Monrovia. In addition to the popular egg hunt which annually attracts as many as 2,000 kids, this year’s event will offer a wide variety of activities for all ages, including games, contests, stage performances and demonstrations. Family games will include an

egg relay, three-legged race, and wheelbarrow race. There will also be carnival games. Purchase a wristband for $10 for unlimited carnival games and booths. Dozens of exhibitors will offer free giveaways and information to help keep kids healthy, active and safe. Among the exhibitors will be the Monrovia Unified School District Nutrition Network, City of Monrovia Fire Dept., Monrovia Reads and Plays, Juice it Up, Trader Joes, Premier Design, and Healthy Families affiliated with Nancy Bond Insurance in Monrovia.

Arcadia Celebrates Indian New Years’ Day ItÊs Ugadi in Andhra & Karnataka!

Parents can get a head-start on summer by registering kids for one of the many exciting summer camp experiences offered by the Santa Anita Family YMCA. A non-refundable $5 deposit will reserve a camp spot. Those who register will receive a free backpack, water bottle, and Frisbee, and a chance to win a Disneyland Family Fun-Pack. For more information call the Santa Anita Family YMCA at (626) 359-9244 or the City of Monrovia Department of Community Services at (626) 256-8246. -Photos By Terry Miller

Japan Day Celebrated at Dana School in Conjunction With Japan Stakes at Santa Anita Park Dana middle school students were treated to a special day of Japanese culture Friday when sumo wrestlers and karate experts graced the auditorium stage to the childrens’ delight. In addition to the martial arts, Dana Middle School classes had the opportunity to learn about origami and calligraphy, videos about Japan and its culture as well as the opportunity to try on Samurai Warrior outfits and headgear. Sumo wrestlers Troy Collins and Dan explained to the students that the ancient art of Sumo is about respect for one another and deep understanding of the culture from where it was borne. Karate experts Tstomu Takahashi and Takeshi Saito worked a few routines and held the audience spellbound. Meanwhile at the Track for Japan Stakes: A former leading trainer in the United States who returned late last year from a one-year suspension for a medication violation, Patrick Biancone on Saturday realized his second victory since his reinstatement when Stream Cat captured Santa Anita’s 53rd running of the Grade III, $100,000 Tokyo City Cup at 1 ½ miles. After a ground saving ride along the rail, jockey Joseph Talamo sent Stream Cat to the lead in midstretch and they had enough in reserve to stave off the fast-closing bid of favored Big Booster by a neck with Medjool another two lengths back in third. “I knew Big Booster would be coming,” said Talamo, “so at the quarter pole, I wanted to kick away from him and hold on if I could. It

-Photos By Terry Miller

worked out great.” The winning time over Santa Anita’s Pro-Ride surface was 2:31.92. Big Booster, the 6-5 favorite who had closed belatedly for third in last year’s Tokyo City Cup, was returning from a five-month freshening for trainer Mike Mitchell. Stream Cat, sent off at odds of 9-2, was coming off a tenth place finish in the $1 million Santa Anita Handicap on March 7. Prior to Saturday’s start, Biancone removed the blinkers that Stream Cat had worn since early in his career, and the equipment change seemed significant. “Going longer, I wanted him to relax quicker,” explained the 56-yearold French-born trainer. “Sometimes, on older horses, when you take off the blinkers, it’s roughly the same effect

as when you put them on. You can change their style, you know?” Stream Cat returned $11.40, $4.20 and $3.40 to his backers. Big Booster, ridden by Rafael Bejarano, paid $2.80 and $2.40 while the show price on Medjool, with Michael Baze aboard, was $6.40. Biancone had entered the day with but a single victory from 47 starters this year, that win coming with Nownownow in the Grade II San Fernando Stakes at Santa Anita on Jan. 17 with Talamo in the saddle. It has been a tedious climb back for the trainer who led the nation in purse earnings in 2006 when banking over $5.3 million and who trained Horse of the Year All Along in 1983. Owned by Fab Oak Stable, Hurley and Goldthorp, Stream Cat earned $60,000 for the partnership which brought the 6-year-old gelding’s career figure to $705,610 from a lifetime record of 7-1-4 in 22 starts. Earlier in the afternoon, Triumphant Flight scored an upset victory in the 52nd running of the $87,800 San Miguel Stakes for 3-year-olds when setting the pace under Victor Espinoza and finishing one-half length ahead of Charlie’s Moment while covering six furlongs in 1:09.54. Despite two wins and two seconds in four previous starts including a three-length victory in the $123,000 Barretts Juvenile at Fairplex Park last September, Triumphant Flyer was dismissed at odds of 7-1, second longest in the field of six. The California-bred son of Chullo paid $16.40, $6.40 and $3.20.

Japan on 17

Last Monday morning “RupaYoga”, which is held at the Elk’s Lodge on Huntington Drive in Arcadia, offered a unique and educational Indian instrumental music concert by Geetha and Frank Bennets for the seniors and the handicapped who attend Rupa Dore’s regular fun yoga class. The Hindus of Nepal begin their new year Nava Varsha in the third week of March, and the people of Kashmir start the Kashmiri Lunar year - Navreh - in the second week of March. The southern Indian states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh begin their new year - Ugadi - in late March or early April. The Maharashtrians celebrate their new year Gudhi Padwa, during the same time. The Telugu and the Kannada New Year falls on the first day of the month of Chaitra (MarchApril). People in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka states in the South of India believe that Lord Brahma began the creation of the universe on this auspicious day of Ugadi.

People prepare for the New Year by cleaning and washing their houses and buying new clothes. On the Ugadi day they decorate their houses with mango leaves and “rangoli” designs, and pray for a prosperous new year, and visit the temples to listen to the yearly “Panchangasravanam” as priests make predictions for the coming year. Ugadi is also known as an auspicious day to embark on any new endeavor. In Maharashtra, the New Year is celebrated as Gudhi Padwa - a festival that heralds the advent of spring (March-April). Early on the morning of the first day of the Chaitra month, people finish their ablutions, wear new clothes and decorate their houses with colorful “rangoli” patterns. A silk banner is raised and worshipped, and greetings and sweets are exchanged. People hang “gudhis” on their windows on this day to celebrate Mother Nature’s bounty. A “gudi” is a decorated pole with a brass or a silver vessel placed on it.

17 APRIL 2 - APRIL 8, 2009

TheGoodLife By Wally Hage


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Not long ago my live-in “Shopaholic Partner” sauntered up to me and asked, “What do I think of Dolls with Tattoos. Now, I was shockingly taken back for a moment with that question and considering my many years of experience in admiring the fairer sex, I said, “Frankly my dear, a day at the beach watching the waves, curves and the sparsely clad bikini-set, is something nice to ponder and think about! Her exasperated reply, ”Oh! Is that all you think about?” I quickly replied, “Well Honey, you have told me many times it is very healthy to keep good thoughts throughout the day!” This was the immediate end of our conversation that I thought was going quite well. Several days later the subject of Dolls with Tattoos came up once again. This time I listened intently as the “Tattoo Lady” had displayed on her worktable a variety of tattoo samples. With a curious sly smile and a twinkle in her eye, she asked me which tattoo did I like best? Immediately I became worried. This may be her late arriving mid-life crisis. I visualized seeing a tattoo upon her ankle, shoulder or some other more discretely hidden location. Unknowingly, “Her I Gotcha” retaliation was now in-place for my earlier flippant remarks. I gullibly swallowed her hook, as I was concerned that hiding behind this tattoo subject could be many other strange interests such as, body piercing, leather jackets and hip-hop music. I thought how could this demure, quiet, feminine Grandmother be indulging in such cult-like thoughts and possible behaviors. When I began my difficult inquiry with her into the subject...she immediately turn-on me with a strange grin and said, “WALLACE”, which is my formal name that is never used in our house, “haven’t you heard that “Barbie” is turning 50 this year and she will be flaunting a tattoo or two?” Well, since my doll collection does not include a beautifully tattooed Barbie doll, I was thinking perhaps I should keep in touch with the changing times.” My comment was, “Oh, sure you should also consider a butterfly tattoo upon your shoulder. Her immediate reply, floored me as she said “You know I was trying to please you by giving you first choice of one of the sample tattoos that I was considering!” Her “I Gotcha Trap” just snapped shut and so did my mouth in disbelief! Her sly smile and grin ear to ear made me realize that her acting career had just gotten an Academy Award. I had been fooled! At this point of her revenge, I promised “The Doll Lady” that next time she introduces an outrageous subject, that I will be much more tuned into her … acting abilities. The Tattooed Doll conversation finally became serious and my most admired sweetheart began to state her poignant views upon the questionable display of “body art”, body piercing, pregnant, and divorced doll gal pals for children to enjoy. She indicated her desire to label this type of children’s play dolls as the “Tramp Dolls” of playtime. She did not want to corrupt her doll collection with this disgusting type of dolls.

Japan from 16 the wire, he picked it up.” Added Kruljac, “He’s Charlie’Moment, who edged favored Turk by one length while ridden by Danny Sorenson, paid $4.60 and $2.60. Turk, with Joel Rosario in the saddle, returned $2.40 to show. “This horse has such a big heart,” Espinoza said after dismounting from the winner trained by Eric Kruljac. “He’s tried hard in all of his races. Today, we had the one hole, so we really didn’t have much choice except to just let him run away from there. The fractions (22.44 and 45.49) helped us. From the three eights pole to

just a nice, gutty colt.” The winning purse of $57,480 boosted Triumphant Flight’s earnings to $206,543 for owner Tyler Seltzer. The colt was purchased for $36,000 at the Barretts October Sale in 2007. Santa Anita presents a pair of stakes features on Sunday when a nine-race program commences at 12 p.m. Co-featured are the Grade III, $100,000 Santa Paula Stakes for 3-year-old fillies and the $125,000 Sensational Star Handicap for California-breds.

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APRIL 2 - APRIL 8, 2009

Social Whirl

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By Floretta Lauber

„Body Language and Legends‰ I had never heard an Indian story teller before. On March 15th, the Arcadia Historical Society presented one of the most fascinating and somewhat metaphysical telling of myths and legends ever of the Tongva Indian Triby by Mark Frank Acuña. When he spoke of the eagle, he took on the look and movements of an eagle, the same of the raven and owl. Each story had a moral lesson, but the legends kept young and old watching with undivided attention. The Tongva tribe are Indians of the San Gabriel Valley. Mr. Acuña attended both San Gabriel Mission Grammar School and San Gabriel Mission High School, graduating in 1955. He received his A.A. from Mt. San Antonio Community College in 1957, then spent a year studying at San Luis Rey Mission, and returned to school at California State University at Los Angeles and received a B.A. (1964) and an M.A. (1966) in English and art history, graduating Summa Cum Laude. He taught English and California Indian Studies at Mt. San Antonio Community College for 32 years where he became an advisor to both the Chicano Student Union and the Native American Student Association. He was awarded Educator of the Year in 1986 and after retiring, received a Professor Emeritus Award in 1998. He worked for the Gabrieleno-Tongva Tribal Council as “Dance Captain,” retiring from that position in March of 2000. He was a tribal language teacher and was cultural liaison between the Council and the City of Santa Fe Springs and the Tongva Village Project, the City of San Gabriel and the Smith Park Expansion and the Red Box-San Gabriel Mountain Native American Interpretive Center, where he is presently the tribal ethnobotanist. Refreshments were served by Society members at the conclusion of the meeting. President Ruth Dunlop thanked all who contributed to the successful program.

„Sierra Madre Civic Club Hosts Fiesta Party‰ Ole! says Sierra Madre Civic Club, inviting you to a Mexican Fiesta as they hold their annual luncheon and auction Saturday, April 18, 11:30 a.m. This will take place in La Salle High School Auditorium, corner of W. Sierra Madre Boulevard and Michillinda Avenue. An afternoon of fun and excitement is promised by co-chairs Nancy Fox, Vickie Vernon and Suzanne Decker. Highlighting the day is the auction with a variety of over 100 quality items that can be won for only a nominal donation. Returning is Anita Thompson, auctioneer extraordinaire, who keeps the action moving at a fast pace and always with her great humor. There will also be a silent auction and a gorgeous money hat designed by Sheila Woehler that will pay a whopping $250 to the lucky winner (a true Mexican hat dance). Darlene Crook and Marlene Enmark have planned a menu of delicious salads for the lunch. For tickets ($20 each) or more information, contact Fox at (626) 355-8696.

ceilings. A traditional teahouse with a koi pond and a wrap around creek grace one of the lovely garden areas. In addition to this elegant estate, Stimson is also famous for his design of the South Orange Grove Wrigley Mansion, headquarters for the Pasadena Tournament of Roses. You are certain to be delighted by the magical transformation of the interior of the mansion by this year’s top designers. Afterwards, you are welcome to enjoy the gardens with a docent-led tour or leisurely explore them on your own. The gardens are a testament to the creative talents of our many landscape designers. In 1943, aftwr 26 years of Stimson family ownership, the property was sold to the family of Dr. Charles H. Strub. As executive vice president of the Los Angeles Turf Club, Dr. Strub was known as the “guiding spirit” for the development of Santa Anita Park racetrack. The home was occupied by the Strub family until Mrs. Strub’s death in 1968. Enjoy a snack, light breakfast, lunch or early dinner in the Restaurant at Showcase and meander through the Shops at Showcase as you hunt for unique items to purchase. The gardens, restaurant and shops are open to the public without a ticket any day during Showcase hours. For information and tickets, log onto www.

Showcase House.

-Photo By Terry Miller

They make it happen. The VIPs of the San Gabriel Valley Music Theatre (l-r) Richard Allen, music director; Rikki Lugo, renowned choreographer; Sally Baldwin, president of the S.G.V.M.T., with her husband, Mayor Harry Baldwin of San Gabriel.

„At Fremont Centre Theatre‰ Beneath Rippling Water, written and performed by Sybyl Walker and directed by Gregg T. Daniel, is a compelling, hilarious and disturbing trilogy about navigating the maze of secrets, life and love. Utilizing drama, comedy, song and spoken word, Walker creates unforgettable portraits of three unique and fascinating women in love. As we meet them and 12 other men and women that inhabit their worlds, we are taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Journey into the depths of what lies beneath the surface of their lives - the joys and the vulnerabilities, and experience a very human story about hope, love and reclaiming oneself. Beneath Rippling Water will run April 17-May3 and May 15-17, Friday and Saturday, at 8 p.m., Sunday at 3 p.m., at Fremont Centre Theatre, 1000 Fremont Ave. (at El Centro), South Pasadena. Tickets are $25; students and seniors $20. For reservations or more information, call (866) 811-4111 (Theratermania). Online ticketing available at Star power Christopher Sanders, as Emile de Becque, with a multitude of credits, flew in from the East Coast for this concert. Shown here with his co-star, Victoria Strong as Nellie, a veteran of the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse, having played 12 roles on that state.

It will be a Mexican Fiesta when Sierra Madre Civic Club holds its annual lunch and auction on April 18. Co-chairs (l-r) are Nancy Fox, Vickie Vernon and Suzanne Decker.

„45th Annual Pasadena Showcase House to Open 4/19‰ Prominently situated on over two lush acres, the 2009 Pasadena Showcase House of Design was created by the renowned Pasadena architect, G. Lawrence Stimson. This magnificent Italian Renaissance Revival estate features many luxurious details, such as the grand marble staircase, acanthus scroll columns and exquisitely paneled

Lindburg McPherson, chair of the most successful Mardi Gras soiree ever. Over 500 guests made merry at the Fat Tuesday affair held in the Santa Anita Clubhouse where $75,000 was raised for Methodist Hospital Foundation.

Descendents of the Tongva tribe (l-r) Gloria Olsen and Vivian Barthelemy, pose with story teller Mark Acuña at Arcadia Historical Society program.

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Residential Burglary.

Outside Assist ă Los Angeles SheriffÊs Department.

On March 19 at 11:55 a.m., officers responded to the 400 block of South Canyon regarding two male juveniles walking back and forth from the front to the side of a residence. The teens were seen carrying a safe away from the property and left in an older Honda Accord parked east of the location. The suspects entered the residence through an unlocked rear door, right after the residents left the home. Investigation continuing

On March 20 at 8:36 p.m., Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department air support called Monrovia Police Department and requested officers to assist a deputy who was attempting to detain a burglary suspect in the City of Duarte. The family of the suspect was becoming threatening toward the deputy. Officers responded and assisted the deputy with this incident.

Vandalism Arrest.

Hit and Run Traffic Collision.

On March 19 at 2:28 p.m., officers responded to the 800 block of West Walnut after a caller reported two male subjects writing graffiti on mailboxes. The officers arrived and located the two suspects. The reporting party positively identified the two suspects and they were arrested. The reporting party will be receiving the $100 graffiti bounty for reporting the incident, which led to the arrest of the vandals.

On March 21 at 2:48 a.m., a driver in a white Toyota pickup truck was driving south on Peck Road when he hit a parked vehicle. The driver in the white truck fled the scene southbound. Officers responded and searched the area, but the suspect was not located. The damaged vehicle was stored as the owner could not be located. Investigation continuing.

Suspicious Person / Receiving Stolen Property / Suspect Arrested. On March 20 at 3:15 a.m., officers were called to Hidden Valley regarding a suspicious person seen tampering with vehicles. An area check was made, but the subject was not located. A short time later, a male subject matching the description of the suspicious person was seen walking in the 200 block of North Mayflower. He was contacted and found to be in possession of property which belonged to a victim on Patrician Way. The suspect was then arrested for possession of stolen property. Investigation continuing.

Grand Theft Auto. On March 20 at 7:01 a.m., officers went to the 200 block of West Lemon regarding the theft of a vehicle. On their arrival, the victim reported his 1993 Honda stolen. The victim parked and secured his vehicle in front of the location the evening before at about 9 p.m. He returned the next morning at 7 a.m. and his vehicle was missing. No broken glass was found on the ground where it had been parked. Investigation continuing.

Vehicle versus Pedestrian Injury Traffic Collision. On March 20 at 5:33 p.m., officers responded to the 100 block of East Pomona regarding a traffic collision involving a vehicle and a 5 year old pedestrian. Officers arrived and summoned Monrovia Fire Department paramedics to tend to the young boy. Apparently, he was with an older brother and was attempting to walk across Myrtle to be with another older brother. He stepped between two parked cars and walked out unexpectedly into the street and was struck by a vehicle. He was taken to a hospital where his injuries were determined to be minor and he was later released.

Residential Burglary. On March 21 at 12:49 p.m., an officer went to the 800 block of West Olive regarding a burglary. On arrival, the victim told the officer that he had been working out of town between March 8 and March 19. He had left his garage door unlocked. When he returned, he went into his garage and discovered some plumbing and bathroom accessories missing. Neighbors were contacted, but no one saw anything unusual. Investigation continuing.

Outside Assist ă El Monte Police Department. On March 21 at approximately 4:12 p.m., Victorville Police Department was in pursuit of a stolen vehicle. The suspect was reported to be suicidal and had a gun. They turned over the pursuit to the California Highway Patrol. When the vehicle went into El Monte, CHP turned over the pursuit to El Monte Police Department. The pursuit ended in a business parking lot at Magnolia and Huntington in Monrovia. The suspect was taken into custody without incident. Monrovia officers assisted in traffic control only during the incident.

SIERRA MADRE Sunday, March 15th:

9:53 PM - Identity Theft, 300 block Toyon Road. Citibank alerted a resident of two unauthorized purchases made at Wal-Mart. The purchases were made with in a two hour period, Sunday, 3/15/2009 between 7:37 pm and 9:35 pm at different stores. The total estimated loss is $1,284.91.

Monday, March 16th: 5:28 AM – Arrest, Domestic battery, Vista Circle Drive. Officers responded to a call of an physical assault in-progress. Officers determined an argument escalated to a fight where a man struck another man, causing a laceration to the victim’s forehead. The suspect was arrested for

BLOTTERS the crime and transported to the LA County Jail facility for remand. 10:07 PM – Arrest, Suspender/revoked driver’s license, 180 South Michillinda Ave. A motorist was stopped for a traffic violation. A records check revealed the man was driving on a suspended driver’s license. He was cited for the violation and released of a written promise to appear.

Wednesday, March 18th: 1:23 PM – Lost or stolen license plate, 00 block North Baldwin Ave. A motorist reported the rear license plate from her car was missing. The license plate was discovered missing at 11:00 am Wednesday, 3/18/2009. The car was parked in the rear parking lot of Bean Town. 10:28 PM – Arrest, Suspended/revoked driver’s license, 1900 block Santa Anita Ave. A motorist was stopped for a traffic violation. During the investigation the driver was unable to produce a picture ID. The driver was arrested and transported to the Sierra Madre Jail for identification. He was booked for driving unlicensed and suspended; he was issued a citation and released on a written promise to appear. The driver’s vehicle was towed.

Thursday, March 19th: 4:10 PM – Petty theft, 400 block West Sierra Madre Blvd. R/P reports his air compressor was stolen from his apartment’s carport. The crime occurred between 10:00 pm Tuesday, 3/17 and 12:00 pm Thursday, 3/19. The loss was estimated at $200.00.

Saturday, March 21st: 11:23 AM – Theft from a vehicle, 300 block Camillo Street. Two pairs of glasses and a CD case were stolen from an unlocked pick-up truck. The crime occurred between 12:00 pm Friday, 3/20/2009 and 8:30 am Saturday, 3/21/2009. The loss was estimated at $180.00.


advised that she received notification that several Borders’ stores were burglarized yesterday, so she checked her surveillance video. When reviewing the video, she discovered that two male Hispanic suspects stole about 50 DVD’s and Blue Ray movies. The total loss was about $2,000.

Tuesday, March 17: Around 10:10 a.m., a victim came to the station to report an identity theft incident. Unknown suspect(s) acquired the victim’s personal information, made fraudulent charges on two different credit cards, and withdrew cash from his checking account. The total loss to date is almost $3,000. Officers were called to the AMC Theaters located at Westfield mall around 8:00 p.m. regarding a man detained for vandalism. Investigation revealed that a 28-year-old male Caucasian was under the influence of multiple prescription medications and alcohol, and he began suffering hallucinations. Believing that he was being followed, he went into a family restroom at the theater and used a cigarette lighter to set off the sprinkler system, resulting in the flooding of the restroom and the main hallway. It was determined that the subject was a danger to himself so he was transported to a hospital for a 72-hour hold.

Wednesday, March 18: A traffic stop was initiated in the 100 block of East Huntington around 12:24 a.m. for several vehicle code violations. A 38-year-old male Asian driver was contacted and it was determined that he was operating the vehicle while under the influence of an alcoholic beverage. He was arrested at the scene without incident. The Department received several extortion reports over the past few days regarding a man calling the victims and demanding $30,000. He also threatened to harm the victims and their family members if he did not get the money. Because the suspect made so many calls to numerous victims throughout the area, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will be handling the cases.

Sunday, March 15:

Thursday, March 19:

Between 9:00 p.m. on March 14 and 12:10 a.m. on March 15, an auto burglary occurred in the 100 block of North First. Unknown suspect(s) smashed a car window and stole a purse, camera, and clothing items for a total reported loss of almost $4,000. Macy’s loss prevention personnel advised that they had detained a female juvenile for theft around 2:00 p.m. The girl took clothing items into a fitting room, cut the security sensors with scissors, concealed them in a shopping bag, and left the store. Additional stolen property from Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, Spencer’s Gifts, and Cali-ONE were also recovered. The 16-year-old Caucasian was arrested for commercial burglary and possession of burglary tool.

A theft investigation was conducted at the high school, and it revealed that several male students were involved in stealing cell phones from other students’ backpacks. The stolen cell phones were then sold. A 15-year-old Caucasian student was arrested for grand theft from person; a 15-year-old Hispanic and a 16-year-old Caucasian were arrested for receiving stolen property; two other students were suspended from school for attempted theft. Around 2:17 p.m., units were dispatched to Westfield mall regarding a male subject detained by security personnel for sexual battery. Investigation revealed that a 24-year-old male Asian suspect groped and rubbed his hands across intimate parts of 7 employees at Gilly Hicks. A private person’s arrest was made, and the man was taken into custody.

Monday, March 16:

Shortly after 11:00 a.m., a victim came to the station to file an identity theft report. Unknown suspect(s) obtained the victim’s personal information by unknown means, acquired a Kohl’s credit card, and made gift card purchases totaling $1,500. Units responded to Borders located at Westfield mall around 4:58 p.m. regarding a commercial burglary that occurred between 6:23 p.m. and 6:39 p.m. on March 15. The manager

Friday, March 20: Loss prevention personnel from JC Penney advised that they had detained a female juvenile for theft around 1:00 p.m. The girl was seen concealing merchandise in bags hanging from a baby stroller. A private person’s arrest was made, and the 16-year-old Hispanic was taken

Blotters on 22


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cell phone. This position is commission only. Send cover letter and resume to or fax to 626-301-0445.

Bid Documents (including the more detailed Notice Inviting Bids included therein) for more complete information regarding the Project and submission of bids.

office of the CITY CLERK no later than 11:00 a.m. on April 21, 2009. All Bids will be publicly opened, examined and read aloud at the CITY CLERK’S OFFICE at that time. Bids shall be valid for 60 days after the bid opening date. Bids must be accompanied by cash, a certified or cashier’s check, or a Bid Bond in favor of the Owner in an amount not less than ten percent (10%) of the submitted Total Bid Price. Prior to award of the Contract, the successful bidder will be required to furnish a Performance Bond and a Payment Bond, each in the amount of one hundred percent (100%) of the Total Bid Price, on the forms provided and in the manner described in the Bid Documents. Contractor shall comply with PCC § 4108 with respect to subcontractor bond requirements.

CITY OF ARCADIA NOTICES CITY OF ARCADIA NOTICE INVITING BIDS APRIL 2009 The City of Arcadia (Owner) will receive sealed bids for the TRAFFIC SIGNAL MODIFICATION AT HUNTINGTON DRIVE AND FIRST AVENUE AND SANTA ANITA AVENUE AND SANTA CLARA STREET Project. The Project, which involves furnishing and installing traffic signal poles, vehicle and pedestrian indications, LED’s, video and ILD detection, safety lighting, conduits, conductors, signage and pavement striping and markings, must be completed within 90 calendar days, as provided in the Bid and Contract Documents. Bidders are strongly encouraged to review the

Bids must be submitted to the Owner on the Owner’s Contract Bid Forms. Prospective Bidders may obtain Bid Documents only from the DEVELOPMENT SERVICES DEPARTMENT/ ENGINEERING DIVISION at the following address: 240 W. Huntington Drive, Arcadia, CA. 91066-6021, (626) 574-5486. Please contact the DEVELOPMENT SERVICES DEPARTMENT/ ENGINEERING DIVISION for more information, including availability of Bid Documents and mailing costs. One or more Pre-Bid Conference and Site Walks will be held on the date(s), at the time(s) and under the conditions indicated in the Bid Documents. Bidder SHOULD attend. All Bids must be addressed, sealed in an envelope and received by the

Medical Assistant needed 4 busy Derm Office. 25hrs/wk + Health Benefits. Fax Resume w Refs 626- 821- 9576

FOR SALE Drum Kit w/ Cymbals

Pursuant to B&P Code § 7028.15 and PCC § 3300, Contractors shall possess the following California Contractor’s license(s) in order to perform the Work: C-10. Subcontractors must

5 piece drum kit with 2 cymbals + hi-hat. Kit has everything you need and more: throne, drum and cymbal noise-dampening pads, all cymbal stands and bass pedal. Everything works well. It’s an off-brand (Pulse Percussion), and could maybe use some heads, but all in all this is a very decent setup for the price. Call John at 626.789.6169.

Mountain Bike Trek 4300 hardtail mountain bike with front fork shock absorber. Purchased in 2005, the bike has very limited wear. Two sets of tires come with the bike as well. Costs $480 new, asking $200. Email

possess the appro¬priate licenses for each specialty subcontracted.

Blotters from21

Bidders are advised that this Contract is a public work for purposes of the California Labor Code, which requires payment of prevailing wages. Owner has obtained from the Director of the Department of Industrial Relations the general prevailing rates, and will place them on file at the Owner’s office and make them available to any interested party upon request.

into custody for grand theft. Almost $720 in property was recovered. She was later cited and released to her father who was present while she committed the thefts. Around 7:00 p.m., units responded to the 600 block of Fairview in reference to a domestic disturbance. A male suspect was contacted but he refused to open the front door and was belligerent towards the officers. After 24 minutes, the suspect finally complied and opened the door but he continued to ignore officers’ orders. The 22-year-old Asian was eventually taken into custody for obstructing/resisting.

Pursuant to PCC § 22300, the successful Contractor may substitute securities equivalent to monies withheld by the Owner. Owner reserves the right to reject any or all Bids, to waive any informality or irregularity in any Bid received, and to be the sole judge of the merits of the respective Bids received. CITY OF ARCADIA Publsih March 26 & April 2, 2009

cer mom car. $9,000 obo. (626) 512-7050

MISC NEW SPA in Arcadid, Best facility + best massage. $50/Hr. 1st ave + Calif St, (626) 453-6762

2005 Dodge Grand Caravan Minivan. Auto, low mileage, front/rear/a/c, many extras. Great Soc-

Saturday, March 21:

Between 5:00 p.m. on March 20 and 8:15 a.m. on March 21, a grand theft occurred at REI, 214 North Santa Anita. Unknown suspect(s) stole a $2,500 bicycle from the store. Shortly after 5:00 p.m., officers were sent to Borders regarding shoplifting suspects who had returned to the store. The manager recognized the suspects as those who had stolen DVD’s and Blue Ray movies on March 15. Private persons’ arrests were made, and Hispanic suspects, ages 18 and 40, were taken into custody for commercial burglary.

23 APRIL 2 - APRIL 8, 2009

The Doozies

By Tom Gammill

ADVERTISING ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE A confident self-starter who can work in a fast-paced deadline oriented environment. Provide solutions for their advertising and marketing needs.


Products offered are Newspaper advertising and Internet advertising.

By Jeff Corriveau

Independent PASADENA

Capitol South

Join our Sierra Madre William Warren team and be part of our next exciting phase of expansion.


Call us at 626.301.1010 Send Resumes to $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

By Emilio Santoyo

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Coin Connection: 39 Years of Experience

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„Surveilling your lives for profit‰

Bureaucrat BEACON



, NO. 9

FOOLS EDITION News, Arts, Opinions and Community Events Since 1996


Left-Handed Lobby Wins Class Action Suit against Newspaper Publishers In yet another harsh blow to the already struggling newspaper industry, the U.S. Supreme Court Monday handed down a judgment intended to correct years of discrimination against the country’s lefthanded, newspaper-reading populous. “For too many years we have been victims of the discriminatory printing practices of a decidedly right-handed industry,” proclaimed the group’s leader from a special order


•By Lord Wadsworth Frumplesmeier•

left-hand megaphone on the courthouse steps. “Never again will we be forced to turn tabloid pages thusly,” she continued, becoming frustrated as she struggled to open copy of the day’s New York Post. The nation’s newspaper publishers, busy rearranging their printing presses and mouse pads to comply with the new standards, were grossly unavailable for comment.

SIERRA MADRE WEEKLY PUBLISHER BUYS AIG, THE STAR NEWS AND 6 OF THE 7 DWARVES •By Sir Snotty Windbag III• Pictured here in front of the international headquarters of world renowned news service Beacon Media, President Barack Obama was heard to comment, “Now let’s all go get some pizza, okay? Great.”

Obama Administration Announces Guarantee of All Beacon Media Advertising Buys •By Lord Wadsworth Frumplesmeier•

Following close on the heels of their recent guarantee of all General Motors warrantees, the Obama Administration has announced its financial backing of all advertising purchases with news publishing empire Beacon Media, Inc. The move, which

is being hailed as the greatest boon to the newspaper industry since the fabled, serendipitous discovery of “Times New Roman”, promises to reimburse all funds spent with the publisher on advertising campaigns which fail to yield the desired results. “What we’re going to


-Jonathon O’Reilly, U.S. Commecre Secretary

•Lady Hilda Crimplesberry-Zaynab•

Sierra Madre local Jonathan O’Reilly told reporters after becoming the nation’s commerce secretary that he was surprised to have been appointed, hav ing been “sure some politician would get it.” He said, “Yeah, I was a long shot.”

O’Reilly, a longtime furniture sales representative and father of two boys, had a plethora of broadcast and print interviews within three days of joining Obama’s cabinet. He told Larry King on Tuesday night that his role models include Bruce Springsteen, Barry Bonds and Vin Diesel. In his thirty-minute chat with The King, O’Reilly confessed to “fooling” the IRS “once or twice.” But he assured the public of his trustworthiness. He said, “Those were my younger years. I liked to test the law like any other self-respecting thirty-six year old, you know?” He laughed. O’Reilly said he does not know precisely what the responsibilities of a commerce secretary are but is sure he’ll “figure something out on the plan,” he told King.

do”, said the President in a rare, unscheduled appearance outside Beacon Media’s Chestnut Ave. headquarters, “is make sure that Main Street knows that the U.S. government is behind them one-hundred percent [when they choose to advertise with Beacon Media.]”

Though the details of the plan are sparse, the President did say that such payments will be made either from the massive TARP bailout fund, or in the cash resale equivalent in 1997 Chevrolet Cavaliers, a large kitty of which the government recently found itself the proud owner.

Distressing Unemployment Figures Show Uncle Sam Now Unemployed

•By Sir Snotty Windbag III•

Seen here ‘busking‘ for a bailout of some kind, Uncle Sam was seen strolling down Sierra Madre Blvd last week playing a cheap Stradivarius he bought from one of his Republican congressman when he got his pink slip from voters in November. Sam who has until now

been virtually guaranteed employment for life was said to be suicidal as he wandered aimlessly down towards Arcadia, muttering unintelligible somethings. Paramedics were called and Sam was taken to a nearby sanatorium where he now rests comfortably atop a stack of American flags.

Contrary to industry analysts thinking that newspapers are on the way out in this Google infested, worm ridden environment, Beacon Media publisher Von Raess and Co-Publisher Sir John Stephens today announced that their mega-corporation has acquired the Notorius AIG and renamed the company anagram to - All Is Good! Slated for the CEO position of the company is Stephen Colbert. They still plan on insurance services for their new acquisition but are believed to have a new philosophy on making money. “We are gonna offer free health, life, home and car insurance to anyone who can tell us why supermarkets have “express” checkout lanes but allow people to use hundreds of coupons for a purchase of 15 items or less. Additionally the Beacon Empire, which puts out 5 million newspapers around the city of Sierra Madre, will buy out the illegally published ”Mountain View Observer” and another little-known struggling daily, the Pasadena Star News. It seems that the MVO publisher has finally agreed with her two readers and the L.A. County Superior Court that “the time has come for a change.” Scribe D. Lee Marvin is devastated by the news and plans on retiring his quill. It’s this philosophy that has taken what was once just an Arcadia dream, Core Media, to Beacon Media’s appointed place of the newspaper map, on Chestnut Street in Monrovia. As for the Star News

staffers reaction, no one could be reached for comment as the entire staff was outside Octomum’s house (except former f latfooted crime blog reporter Frank G. who was busy eating raw fish with the Pasadena Chief of Police on Monday ) on the breaking-wind story of another baby’s diaper arriving, making a deposit and subsequently being thrown into t he landfill behind Octomum’s house where thousands of seagulls are hovering night and day for the lastest in the pickins. But photorazzi Raul Roa of the Star News has just been assigned a photo story that will make octomum look like yesterday’s diapers. The veteran photog will now cover the minute by minute doings of Major Bill Bogaard. Bogaard was recently promoted by the Pasadena Independent, to this high ranking position as Bogy had been “mayor for far too long.” We needed “a change in direction in the city council” admitted Sid & Nancy Tyler. “Bogaard has been cracking that whip for so long, it is about time we promoted him.” Subsequently Bogaard will now wear Military fatigues to Council meetings and coverage will stream live via India through Pasadena Now and Then’s new website sect ion called “ Stars and Stripes Now and Forever.” Plans for the Star News’ future include a total redesign and offering a page 3 girl to the mix. “It worked in the UK” according to rising newspaper magnate, John

7 Dwarfs on 15

2009_04_02_Monrovia Weekly  

Jockey on 3 1,000 on 12 Salas on 3 THURSDAY, APRIL 2 - APRIL 8, 2009 VOLUME 14, NO. 27 been postponed until mid April. Monrovia Police Chief...

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