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August 24, 2018

August 24, 2018

Older than the hills




June 23, 2018 — Written in an English garden, behind the The Galaxie Hotel in Oxford, England Why is it that we frantically resist Acknowledging the passages of time? We cling to fading youth with knobbled fist Instead of recognizing the sublime. A friend of mine completed sixty years, But when they called him “senior” was appalled. I’d like to give appeasement to his fears, Despite the fact he’s old and growing bald.

But contemplate the hill from off some distance — You’ll see the greater strength she’s gently wearing. Through quiet observation and persistence The hill exudes a wise, eternal bearing. A rocky mountaintop lies starkly barren Without the flourishing of earth’s erosion. It needs the stream, the birch, the wolf, the heron, In order to engage in life’s explosion.

“He’s old as time;” “He’s older than the dirt,” Say Hallmark cards that seek to entertain. But time is infinite, and I assert That dirt’s as precious as the sun and rain.

Upon a hill there’s rich and fertile soil Where beast and forest multiply and thrive. From gnat to bear entanglements embroil, And hills engender everything alive.

I’m only just beginning to be old, And on my bucket list of future thrills Is that I’ll still be vital when I’m told That I am someone “older than the hills.”

I’ve had my days of jutting high with pride, But I don’t mind the calm that age fulfills. As agents of eternity, let’s glide Toward noble lifetimes, older than the hills.

Take me to the river

Just think about the years a hill abides, Beginning as a jagged mountain tower. Millennia have beaten down her sides Reducing both her grandeur and her power.

Women of all ages find benefit, growth in fly-fishing.

Learning the Four Part Cast. PHOTO COURTESY OF EVELYN KING

Place for Retirement Facility! The Residence Fusion (207) 930-7037 (207) 930 -7031 Located at The Residence


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Richard Warren



TO ADVERTISE Contact Linda Hayes

many years. But Trout Unlimited, a group once suffering from a lack of new participants, made the decision in recent years to change their support base by actively recruiting women.

Trout Unlimited is a national organization with more than 140,000 volunteers in chapters

Belfast, ME 04915



ike some other male-dominated activities, fly fishing has been a flat-growth sport for

Occupa onal Therapy Speech & Language Therapy Fitness Memberships Therapy available to all ages

all around the country. Its mission is to conserve, protect, and restore North America’s trout and salmon fisheries and their watersheds—and they do plenty of fly-fishing, too. In Maine, the Sebago Chapter of Trout Unlimited is the largest chapter in the state. Many of its members are 55 years old and up.

Coralie Cross

Amy Allen, Marcie Coombs, Ben Cyr, Callie Picard, Carolina Rave


PHOTO: Evelyn King with a native Brook

Trout. Photo Courtesy of Evelyn King.

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In 2014, the Sebago Chapter handed the task of actively recruiting female members to its then newlyelected vice president, Evelyn King. With the help of a few other female TU members, King set up a table at the annual meeting and immediately began increasing the membership of the organization. Today, Maine TU Women Flyfishers is a non-profit social organization for Maine women who love to fly-fish or are interested in learning. The non-profit group has no membership fees, and is dedicated to introducing and instructing women in the sport. During the winter there are monthly meetings, usually at a restaurant or bar that has enough space for 20 or so women to gather and talk. During the spring through fall seasons, a variety of expeditions take place. The group ranges in age from 20 to well over 70. While younger people are often willing to venture into the woods and waters alone, seniors sometimes find it not only more fun but safer to have companions. It’s a way to enjoy company and feel comfortable in an activity we love.



August 24, 2018

August 24, 2018 As a member myself, I’ve found a number of factors contributing to women’s growing interest in TU and fly-fishing in general.

I always choose something I need to learn. The first on that trip was to have a simpler go-to method of tying on flies while on the water. The second was to learn to connect the tippet to the leader. Number one was something I had done, although often with difficulty. Number two I had

COMPANIONSHIP: “I just wanted to see who the other women who fish

always left to my husband.

are,” said one member. “My husband and I used to fish all the time, but I have not gone since he passed away. I am looking forward to being able to fish with others again,” said another. “This is something I have always wanted to try, but did not know how to go about learning. It is so nice to have this group to show me!”

INSTRUCTION: Meetings and classes have covered everything imaginable about this particular way of catching fish. There have been basic and advanced casting lessons, and indoor demonstrations of how and why a rod and line work as they should. Group fly tying lessons are available as well as entomology lessons linking the bug, its life cycles, and the flies that imitate them.


There have also been field trips to stores to examine and select Beginning fly tying class. PHOTO COURTESY OF EVELYN KING

appropriate clothing from top to toe. After member Nancy Taylor

By the end of the weekend, I could do both. A bonus came when we

brought her “boat bag” that contains everything she needs for fishing,

went fishing a few days later and I could tie on flies for both of us while

several women purchased heavy duty knives to prevent disasters if a

he took care of other gear.

canoe or other watercraft should get entangled. Many members now carry a whistle in their vest or pack as well as stream thermometers.

On subsequent trips I have always learned at least one new trick. Some of those trips have been with my life-long partner—once we start doing things for ourselves, it is hard not to strive for that extra bit of pride that comes with doing things ourselves.

INDEPENDENCE: Some women find that when they fish with a male partner, be he a husband, boyfriend, nephew, son, or son-in-law, there is a tendency to rely on the male’s experience and perceived expertise. He might suggest places to go, flies to use, and waters to explore, and might make decision about flies to use or even tie on the fly. It is easy to neglect the development of one’s own abilities if there’s someone else who’s happy to do these things.

As a member myself, I have found that when we fish with other women, it encourages us to do as much as we can. It takes away the bit of excuse we have for not doing things we find difficult or scary. It takes away our “girl” card. My husband and I had been attending the annual TU dinner, meeting, and auction for several years before the women’s program was introduced. We had purchased trips through the auctions, and one year I bought myself a four-piece “puddle” rod. However, I was reluctant to follow my husband’s suggestion to sign up for a trip with the new women’s group. Why, I asked myself, did I need to fish with other women when I had my own partner to go with? Why should I spend that much money for a guided trip? His counter was that he had gone on many similar trips, and this one was quite a bargain. I relented to the idea that I might be able to learn the “good spots” from a professional that I would be able to share. It happened exactly as planned. We caught lots of salmon, trout, and chub, and the guilt disappeared when I later took my husband to the same places with very similar success. However, the experience had given me much more. It had given me a A group looks over maps for good spots to fish. PHOTO COURTESY OF EVELYN KING

bit of independence. Other experienced fishing women I have met have said the same thing.

2018 Maine TU Women Flyfishers. PHOTO COURTESY OF EVELYN KING





Angels ●

August 24, 2018

among us

August 24, 2018 “What surprised me with caregiving was how quickly love replaces fear and courage overcame hesitations. Washing a client’s face with a rag, and being able to feel their features through the material. Here’s a precious person who needs a little help, and it humbles me, fills me with joy, fills me with honor that I’m there to help in such a simple way. Through doing small things, we are all great in our own way.”


couple of years ago I had the opportunity to listen to a very gifted

“We all have heard the old saying ‘timing is everything.’ In the eyes and hearts of our seniors who have chosen the homecare route, ‘our time is their everything!’ Things I love to hear from our clients is ‘Thank God you are here,’ ‘I have been waiting for you!’ or ‘I have missed you!’ Homecare offers the safety and security that seniors need daily. It also offers socialization and the one-on-one time nursing homes can’t completely offer. It’s an honor to be a caregiver. To put a smile on their face and make their day better. It means everything to me!”

speaker at a conference. Although I cannot remember the bulk of his




speech, one thing in particular has never left me. He spoke of the word

What he mentioned that day was the meaning of “Angel.” Angel comes from the Latin

“Working at Visiting Angels, I feel that we are their guardian angels to light the way and help them through their journey and struggles. We are ready to assist with managing hygiene tasks, cleaning, laundry, assisting with medications, and medical appointments, which all improve their quality of life. With an angel by your side you are never alone! I take pride in doing that.”

word angelus, meaning “messenger.” That is what struck me: messenger. That is precisely


“Angel.” This is a word we are all familiar with. It conjures up a

variety of images or feelings for many of us. A beautiful creature with wings, or perhaps a feeling of being protected from harm.


How to save for

retirement after 50 W

and many such professionals may feel a need to save

deficit of $4.3 trillion, meaning they have $4.3 trillion

a response to television ads urging

more as their retirements draw ever closer.

less in retirement savings than they should.

viewers to save for retirement, or

Saving for retirement might seem like a no-brainer,

Men and women over 50 who have retirement

their own financial savvy, many of

but the National Institute on Retirement Security

savings deficits may need to go beyond depositing


notes that, in 2017, almost 40 million households in

more money in their retirement accounts in order to

what we are, or have the opportunity to be, at Visiting Angels. A messenger of hope, of

importance of saving for retirement from the

the United States had no retirement savings at all.

live comfortably and pay their bills in retirement. The

comfort, of belonging, or a thousand other things nearly impossible to put to words.

moment they receive their first paychecks. But men

In addition, the Employee Benefit Research Institute

following are a few simple ways to start saving more

and women over 50 may not have been so practical,

found that Americans have a retirement savings

for retirement.

From that point on, at each orientation that I am present for, I share this story with

These are just a few examples of the caring hearts that surround Visiting Angels. What an honor to be part of

each new “Angel” as they begin their career with us. I challenge each person, myself

this amazing group of people. If we are lucky enough to be a blessing to our clients, believe me, we are equally

included, to pause a minute at the start of each shift and decide, “What am I going to be

blessed by them. An exchange of wisdom and comfort that is difficult to put to words but brings meaning and

a messenger of today?” There is power in that pause and it allows us to impact and be

value to each of our days. Thank you to all of our “Angels”—your work does not go unseen.


hether it’s advice from their parents,




impacted by those around us in ways that are often unexpected. Please read the stories of just a few of the “Angels” that I have the privilege of working alongside at Visiting Angels.

To read the complete stories, please visit our website at Call or email us to see how we can help you or your loved one.

REDIRECT NON-ESSENTIAL EXPENSES INTO SAVINGS. Some retirement accounts, such as IRAs, are governed by deposit limits. But others, such as 401(k) retirement plans, have no such limits. Men and women can examine their spending habits in an effort to find areas where they can cut back on nonessential expenses, such as cable television subscriptions and dining out. Any money saved each month can then be redirected into savings and/or retirement accounts.

RECONSIDER YOUR RETIREMENT DATE. Deciding to work past the age of 65 is another way men and women over 50 can save more for retirement. Many professionals now continue working past the age of 65 for a variety of reasons. Some may suspect they’ll grow bored in retirement, while others may keep working out of financial need. Others may simply love their jobs and want to keep going until their passion runs out. Regardless of the reason, working past the age of 65 allows men and women to keep earning and saving for retirement, while also delaying the first withdrawal from their retirement savings accounts.

RECONSIDER YOUR CURRENT AND FUTURE LIVING SITUATION. Housing costs are many people’s most considerable expense, and that won’t necessarily change in retirement. Even men and women who have paid off their mortgages may benefit by moving to a region with lower taxes or staying in the same area but downsizing to a smaller home where their taxes and utility bills will be lower. Adults who decide to move to more affordable areas or into smaller, less expensive homes can then redirect the money they are saving into interest-bearing retirement or savings accounts. Many people begin saving for retirement the moment they cash their first professional paycheck. But even adults over the age of 50 sometimes feel a need to save more as their retirement dates draw closer, and there are many ways to do just that.




August 24, 2018

Senior living benefits


he need for assisted living or memory care is never a planned life event. In

Here are a few of the most commonly discovered benefits:

fact, just 37% of Mainers think they

(you may not know about)


NO MORE HOME MAINTENANCE: Mowing removal— these become increasingly more


difficult the older one gets, especially if

69% actually will, according to

seniors who join a senior living community


When loved ones can no longer live safely

come from situations where they were living

living communities remove the burden of

alone, or when it becomes overwhelming

alone and may not have had the best eating


for family members to provide effective care

habits. Regularly-scheduled meals and between-

at home, it may be time to look into senior

meal snacks that are available to all residents

care options such as private assisted living

and are well-rounded and nutritious make

NO MORE FEELINGS OF UNEASE OR INSECURITY: Unfortunately, many elderly fall prey to

apartments, traditional assisted living, or

eating right an easy task.

scams or fear break-ins. Licensed senior living

memory care communities specially designed




Selfless sorts



Volunteering, giving back might be keys to long life.

the lawn, washing the floor, laundry, snow

will ever need long-term care, but

August 24, 2018



BY ALAN CROWELL hen Melody Joliat isn’t at work

People with a greater sense of purpose have a

on her accelerated master’s

lower chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease

degree in social work, she can

and other types of dementia, said Fachiol. And

often be found volunteering at

even when people who feel they have meaning

Eastern Maine Medical Center.

communities are required to have strict emer-

It is part of a promise the 76-year-old made when

in their life do have Alzheimer’s disease, they don’t show as many symptoms as people with

for individuals affected by Alzheimer’s disease


gency protocols and security systems in place

or other memory impairments.

seniors living alone can become isolated,

for resident safety. Residents are also regularly

“It was a terrible time for me, but I said if I get

Brain scans of people who are performing

she didn’t think she was going to survive cancer.

Alzheimer’s who do not have a sense of meaning.

Navigating the options when it comes to senior

especially if they are homebound. At a

checked in on from staff who are onsite 24/7, as

through it, I am going to give back all of the love

altruistic behavior (behavior that helps others)

care can be stressful for many families, and the

senior living community, residents share in

well as by their fellow residents.

that was given to me,” said Joliat.

also indicate that doing acts of kindness boosts

transition into a senior living community can be

regularly-scheduled activities and programs,

a highly emotional time for all involved. It’s not

enjoy meals served in common dining areas,

Living on one’s own as a senior has many

younger than her years, which may be partly

uncommon for caregivers and loved ones to ex-

and have the opportunity to connect with

challenges, as does caring for an elderly loved

due to the fact that she swims a mile most days,

Fachiol said that when she talks to patients

Volunteering and giving back to her community

fulfill a life-long dream of earning her degree.

perience feelings of inadequacy or guilt. Thank-

others who have similar interests. These

one. Senior living communities provide much

walks five miles with her husband after dinner,

who are concerned about their health, they are

has been a way of life for Joliat, whether it was serv-

It was a dream that had been deferred, first to

fully, after a resident is settled, many benefits

opportunities aid in banishing boredom

more than personal care and safety—they

and does yoga before bed.

sometimes surprised by the importance she places

ing as cub scout leader when she was a young moth-

raise a family and follow her husband’s mili-

beyond safety and proper physical care of living

and loneliness, improving overall mood and

offer the opportunity for residents to enjoy an

on social contacts and activities like volunteering.

er or spending time with seriously ill patients today.

tary career, and then a second time when she

at a senior living community become apparent.

quality of life.

enriched life and greater wellbeing.

Well past retirement age, Joliat seems much

But while her exercise regime would be PHOTO: ©PHOTOGRAPHEE.EU/ADOBE STOCK

Eastern Maine Medical Center volunteer Melody Joliat (on right) with EMMC Staff Nurse Kelly Hiller. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

circuits in the brain that help combat apathy and depression.

impressive at any age, according to a body of

Often, people who are concerned about their

After finishing chemotherapy in November

research that is now over a half-century old,

cognitive health are involved with activities

of 2011, it was only a matter of months before

Characteristically, Joliat hopes to use her

the social connections and sense of purpose

like crossword puzzles and online programs

she was back at EMMC filling out paperwork

degree to help others, just as the nurses at

that Joliat fosters through volunteering and her

designed to stimulate mental activity.

to become a volunteer.

EMMC helped her.

master’s program may be just as important to her health and wellbeing. A study carried out by Harvard researchers in 1965 found that men and women who did not have strong social connections were more than twice as likely to die over a nine-year period as those who had strong social and community ties. Many subsequent studies found similar

“They just gave me a lot of hope and that is


results. Among the health problems that get worse with loneliness are depression, anxiety, dementia, and cardiovascular disease. That body of research helped prompt the

was diagnosed with cancer.

what brought me into social work… because I just love trying to help people and nurture people.” Joliat graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Maine with a bachelor’s degree in social work in May. She began the accelerated Master of Social Work program the very next day. When she finishes the accelerated program, Joliat hopes to become a clinical social worker

Others put their faith in supplements. One

These days she brings lunch to oncology

woman was taking so many supplements that

patients and if they seem discouraged, she

she was losing weight.

sometimes shares her own story.

United Kingdom to create a “ministry of

While crossword puzzles and brain stimulating

She also volunteers with palliative care

loneliness” earlier this year to foster better

activities are certainly not harmful, Fachiol said

patients, spending time with patients who have

social ties among groups that are suffering social

that from a medical point of view there is little

serious and often incurable illnesses.

isolation, such as elderly people who have lost

in the way of data that proves their effectiveness

their partners.

when it comes to fending off Alzheimer’s.

Dr. Cosmina Fachiol, an Eastern Maine

Instead of spending thousands of dollars

Medical Center geriatrician, said that for many

on supplements or doing a dozen crossword

people, the problem of losing social connections

puzzles every day, Fachiol tells her patients to

begins when they retire and lose contact with

look for ways to spend more time with people in

their work family.

meaningful ways.

Sometimes those patients are not able to speak or respond, but Joliat will hold their hand, read a poem or simply spend time with them so that they are not alone. Every day is a gift, one to be filled with purpose, she says. “Every day when I get up I look out the

Loss of a partner can compound that isolation.

“Go to church if you haven’t gone in a while.

window and up at the sky … and I say ‘OK God,

Volunteering not only helps people by

Have lunch with a friend. Do whatever you find

where are you going to send me. Send me out

increasing social contact, it is also associated

meaningful. Take your grandchild to a movie,”

there and I am going to do it.’”

with a greater sense of purpose.

said Dr. Fachiol.

Surviving cancer also meant a chance to

with an agency or hospital. “There are a lot of hurt people out there in this community. I would like to be able to make a difference in somebody’s life, to give them some hope.” At 76, she worries that she might not be as marketable as someone younger, but she hopes her experience will help balance the scales. “I have a better understanding of who I am and what life is about,” she said. Life is not about getting a six-figure job, or wearing designer clothes, and it is not lived through screens and social media. There are a lot of obstacles to overcome in life but at its bottom, life is caring for the people around you, she said. “It is about giving love and receiving love in a genuine way, without an agenda attached,” she said.



August 24, 2018

August 24, 2018

Tips and tricks

for cruises


ruising can be an ideal vacation for people of any age, but particularly for seniors. Cruises combine all-inclusive meal packages with accommodations, breathtaking

ports of call, and pre-arranged activities so vacationers do not have to lift a finger for days on end. Cruising also can be a social activity, meaning singletons can meet


up with other like-minded people and enjoy the cruising experience together. Whether a person is new to cruising or is a seasoned ocean or river traveler, there are always techniques to try to score great deals or enjoy the experience even further. Consider these tips and tricks, courtesy of Royal Caribbean, The Cruise Critic, the Travel Channel, and other vacationing experts.

RESEARCH THE SHIPS, AND NOT JUST THE CRUISE LINES. Cruise lines each offer their own amenities and are known for certain features. One cruise line may be a better match for young singles, while others may cater to families. In addition, certain ships may have their own special features such as water slides, athletic events, casinos, and more. Choose a ship that meets your needs.

How traveling after turning 50 can be great


ncreased opportunities to travel is one aspect of reaching 50 that excites many

ARRIVE THE NIGHT BEFORE. There’s no need to rush to the port to board the ship. Extend the vacation a little further by arriving a night or two before and checking into a nearby hotel. Some hotels may offer free parking or shuttle service to the ship.

men and women. Nielsen reports that, over the next five years, around 80 million Americans will fit into the 50+ age bracket. Many of these people will have extra time to devote to leisure activities. AARP, the leading nonprofit organization for

aging adults, says that of the people with AARP memberships, nearly two-thirds take

CHOOSE A CLOSE PORT. Select a port within driving distance to avoid airline costs and the extra hassles of coordinating luggage and travel to the port.

advantage of travel discounts and other benefits in a typical year. The following are some such travel perks.

BOOK DINING AHEAD OF TIME. Cruise ships often have a main dining room and then

AGE CAN MEAN DISCOUNTS. The minimum age to qualify for “senior” discounts varies

specialty restaurants. If you want a particular meal, make reservations before leaving port. Certain

among companies and for different products and services, so it’s up to travelers to see what

restaurants may offer discounts or perks, such as a free bottle of wine or premiere seating.

is available to them. Not all companies advertise their senior discounts. Read reviews in travel forums or on travel websites to find out which brands or places offer the best deals.

UNDERSTAND WHAT’S INCLUDED. Cruise ships have many foods and drinks that are included in the packaged price. Certain branded items, such as specialty coffees or ice creams, may

MORE DISCRETIONARY TIME. Even if retirement is a ways down the road, older adults

be available at an additional charge, as are premium drinks. But chances are you can find a free,

may have accrued more vacation time than their younger colleagues. That time can be

similar version elsewhere on the ship.

translated into longer or more frequent trips.

EXPLORE SPECIAL DISCOUNTS. When shopping for a cruise, see if there are discounts

AGE-BASED MEMBERSHIPS. Reaching age 50 or 60 may entitle people to join groups that

available for seniors, teachers, people in the military, or those who belong to certain clubs. Cruises

negotiate deals for their members. For example, the minimum membership age for AARP

often love to incentivize, so it pays to ask about discount pricing.

is 50, meaning travelers who join AARP can enjoy discounts roughly five years before they’re eligible for senior discounts offered by other organizations.

MAKE A LIST OF ACTIVITIES. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by all of the offerings on a cruise ship, so much so that there’s some stress over trying to fit it all in. Recognize that you can’t

TRAVEL DURING OFF SEASONS. When not constrained by school schedules, men and

see or hear it all, and prioritize what’s important to you. Make sure you have plenty of time to relax.

women over 50 can travel during times of the year when prices are most affordable. This means savings and smaller crowds. This flexibility also can translate into airline discounts,

BOOK AT THE RIGHT TIME. Cruises may be more available after Labor Day when kids go back to school and the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas when others are too busy to travel. Cruising can be an ideal vacation for travelers who are savvy enough to do their research.

as men and women over 50 with no time constraints can choose to be standby passengers in exchange for discounted or free tickets.





August 24, 2018

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