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BCIT FOUNDATION report on giving 2009–2010 forging partnerships, changing lives


contents leadership message.............................................. 4 student focus. .......................................................... 5 expanding student opportunities

annual gifts.................................................................... 6

advancing teaching and learning

major gifts and gifts-in-kind. ..................................... 8

funding future educational opportunities endowments. .............................................................. 10 building community through corporate engagement

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Cover photo (l to r): Suzanne Lee and Carmela Santorelli, students in the Food Technology diploma program, Euclid Seeram, Program Head, Medical Imaging


report on g i v i n g 2 0 0 9 – 2 0 1 0

b c i t f o u n dation

BCIT Vision: Integral . to the economic, social and environmental prosperity . of British Columbia.


leadership message

It is through the generosity of donors that BCIT has succeeded in advancing the state-of-practice for the benefit of our students and industry, and that BCIT students have received substantial funding support and recognition for their educational pursuits.

For more than four decades, with the help of countless donors, BCIT has led the way in providing students with an applied education that enables them to exceed their employer’s expectations. BCIT graduates are immediately productive and innovative contributors to the workplace and to their communities. Through their lifelong career successes our graduates are what make BCIT integral to the economic, social and environmental prosperity of the province.

David Podmore, Chair, BCIT Foundation Board of Directors


report on g i v i n g 2 0 0 9 – 2 0 1 0

In this report the BCIT Foundation gratefully recognizes our sponsorship partners and generous donors who support annual, major and endowed giving at BCIT. The stories tell of the impact these gifts have in assisting our students achieve their educational goals, and in resourcing the institute to provide the best possible learning environment for students and faculty. We trust that by learning about a few compelling, positive outcomes made possible by you, our donors, you will see that your investment and support of BCIT and BCIT students is indeed important and has a lasting impact for generations to come. We sincerely thank you and look forward to sharing many more success stories in the years ahead.

Don Wright, President, British Columbia Institute of Technology

laurie clarke, Vice President, Development and Executive Director, BCIT Foundation and Alumni Association

b c i t f o u n dation

student focus Concert Properties and industry partners support students in the Trades The options for students considering a trades career have never been so good at BCIT. Through our Trades Discovery program, students are able to explore several career choices in the construction, transportation and manufacturing fields, before choosing to enroll in a full-time program. The program has also offered financial support to our learners since 2001, thanks to Concert Properties Ltd. and its industry partners who aim to increase the number of skilled workers entering the field. “We are very impressed with the quality of work that BCIT graduates bring to the workplace, and we believe our continued investment in students ensures the province’s growth,” said David Podmore, chairman and CEO, Concert Properties Ltd., and chair of the BCIT Foundation Board of Directors. For new graduate Francis Bayabay, it took six years for his dream to come true. After emigrating from the Philippines to Vancouver at 17 and graduating from high school, Francis worked with Robeez Footwear for two years in order to save for his education. The 23-year-old graduated from the BCIT

Electrical Foundation program in February 2010. “One of my sisters took a student loan to pay for the BCIT Nursing program and is also receiving support from my parents,” he said. “With my youngest sister still in high school and living at home, it was important for me to help out financially by taking care of my own expenses.” When he enrolled in the four-month BCIT Trades Discovery program, Francis was grateful to receive a $200 grant that covered the cost of his textbooks. After registering in a full-time trades option, he received a further $1,500. “This support meant being able to write my exams without the weight of financial stress,” said Francis. “The generosity of Concert Properties Ltd. and its industry partners really helped me to focus more on my education.” According to program head Tamara Pongracz, donor support also reinforces for students that their choice to be a skilled tradesperson is honourable, respected and crucial to BC’s economic prosperity.


expanding student opportunities

annual gifts

Sara Wilk, Human Resource Management Certificate student


report on g i v i n g 2 0 0 9 – 2 0 1 0

b c i t f o u n dation

$1 MILLION GOAL IN SIGHT AS ALUMNI GIVE BACK IN RECORD NUMBERS In November 2009, BCIT launched its first Alumni Calling Campaign to reconnect with graduates of all ages. In just five weeks, BCIT student callers spoke to 4,800 alumni and raised almost $30,000 towards the Alumni Association Scholarship and Bursary Endowment. The fund total was increased to more than $985,000, close to its target of $1 million. Callers also updated alumni contact information and increased awareness of alumni benefits. “It was nice to work on a project that benefited students in financial need,” said student caller Sara Wilk, who will soon graduate from the Human Resource Management Certificate program. During the calls, many graduates inspired callers like Sara when they shared stories about their own student and work experiences. “I’ve come to appreciate that BCIT graduates have a lot of pride in their school, and a sincere interest in today’s

bCIT Alumni Calling Campaign student callers and staff, April 2010.

campus activities and in the achievements of current students,” she said. Adam Pion, President of the BCIT Alumni Association, said, “Strengthening the relationships between alumni, students and BCIT was an encouraging result of the campaign. As we head towards BCIT’s 50th anniversary in 2014, we look forward to building on the success of this campaign so alumni can play a large part in the milestone celebrations.”

DONORS SHOW COMMITMENT TO STUDENT SUCCESS It is with heartfelt thanks that we recognize our annual donors’ unwavering commitment to student success over the past year, as demonstrated by their donations of more than $939,000 to fund student awards, scholarships and bursaries. Every award makes a difference to the recipient: entrance awards increase access

to education, bursaries relieve financial pressures, and graduating awards and scholarships both encourage and recognize achievement. These annual gifts provide much needed ongoing funding for student support and enable students to complete their studies and establish successful careers.



advancing teaching and learning


major gifts and gifts-in-kind

report on g i v i n g 2 0 0 9 – 2 0 1 0

b c i t f o u n dation

LOCKHEED MARTIN, WESTERN ECONOMIC DIVERSIFICATION CANADA AND NGRAIN SUPPORT 3D LEARNING AT BCIT BCIT students can now manipulate virtual objects from rail cars to knee joints, explore an aircraft engine and its internal components, and even disassemble and assemble it using communication devices such as laptops and tablets. This is thanks to a USD $1 million grant from Lockheed Martin, a CAD $500,000 contribution from the Government of Canada through Western Economic Diversification Canada and $380,000 in software and technology contributions from NGRAIN (Canada) Corporation, which together launched the CUBE: BCIT’s 3D Simulation Development Lab. This visionary initiative, unique to BCIT, will transform the way we teach and learn. Integrating 3D simulations into curriculum will place virtual models of expensive, rare and modern equipment in the hands of every student, anytime, anywhere. Learners will be able to explore complex components, systems and concepts in the 3D virtual world, with

almost unlimited practice on challenging tasks, before they touch the real thing. “The CUBE enables BCIT to meet the changing expectations of a new generation of learners who are digitally connected and who view 3D virtual learning environments as natural extensions to their education,” said Chris Golding, vice president, Learning and Technology Services at BCIT. “Our students will be able to digest information more quickly, and also achieve a much higher level of learning than previously possible.” By encouraging adept problem solving and preparing students to move seamlessly into the workplace, the CUBE reinforces BCIT’s commitment to educating practitioners capable of being immediately productive, being a source of new ideas and advancing the state-of-practice. Lockheed Martin is a global aerospace company based in the United States. Western Economic Diversification Canada is responsible for strengthening western innovation, business development, entrepreneurship and community economic development. Vancouver-based NGRAIN provides 3D visualization and simulation solutions for training and maintenance of complex equipment.

GIFTS TRANSFORM THE LEARNING EXPERIENCE Major cash and in-kind gifts are instrumental in supporting BCIT’s ongoing response to British Columbia’s changing economic, social and environmental needs. By updating equipment in the classroom and changing the way students are educated, these gifts help ensure our students learn in environments that reflect real work settings.

We recognize the forward-thinking investments made by our major donors and thank them for continuing to advance the quality of education at BCIT to the benefit of British Columbia and beyond.


funding future educational opportunities


BCAA: A MODEL OF PHILANTHROPIC LEADERSHIP James Arial was grateful to receive a financial graduation award from the BCAA Endowment this March in recognition of his leadership and high academic standing in the Automotive Technician program. “The program at BCIT pushes each student to become the absolute best they can be,” said James. “This award has encouraged me to continue striving for excellence as I enter my career.” Since the 1970s, BCAA has supported BCIT students and programs through various initiatives. The company’s first endowment for student awards was created in 1991 and over the years two more funds were established, totalling more than $40,000. The most recent endowment, the BCAA Bill Bullis Leadership Fund, was created in Bill’s honour by BCAA’s Board of Directors when he retired as President and CEO this year. A member of the BCIT Foundation Board of Directors, Bill wanted students in BCIT’s Automotive programs to receive financial aid for their education.

10 report on g i v i n g 2 0 0 9 – 2 0 1 0

BCAA has also generously sponsored major institute events, including the BCIT Distinguished Alumni Awards, the BCIT Careers Fair, and the Student Auto Skills Competition. “In addition to working together for the community, BCAA benefits directly when our employees upgrade their skills at BCIT or when we hire graduates of BCIT programs,” said John Evans, the company’s senior vice president and chief human resources officer. “BCIT is highly regarded for its focus on technical and business programs that align with BCAA’s needs.” Laurie Clarke, BCIT’s vice president, Development, applauds BCAA’s exceptional generosity and philanthropic leadership. “Thanks to BCAA’s ongoing commitments, students have better access to education, and we have the sponsorship support to promote BCIT within the province.” The British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) is a not-for-profit member services organization with more than 782,000 members in British Columbia and the Yukon.

b c i t f o u n dation

l to r: James Arial, 2010 Automotive Technician Program graduate, Bill Bullis, retired president and CEO, BCAA, and member of the BCIT Foundation Board of Directors

ENDOWMENTS CREATE A LASTING LEGACY FOR EDUCATION Every endowment helps build a stronger foundation for the future of BCIT and its students. Today, more than 345 endowments valued at $16.7 million generate funds in perpetuity, primarily for student aid and awards, and increasingly for specific programs and research. There are many reasons for establishing endowments. At BCIT, almost half were established in memory of a family member, friend, or colleague, often to help students in programs related to the person being honoured. Other funds have been created by companies, associations and individuals wishing to advance student opportunities.

Endowments also provide sustainable funding so that BCIT can address emerging priorities. The institute’s first $1 million research endowment, funded by the Real Estate Foundation of BC and BC Housing last year, supports research into areas of sustainability such as green roofs and living walls, renewable energy and life cycle analysis. We thank the many generous donors who last year gave more than $1.2 million to establish new endowments and increase the value of existing funds. This support ensures that students will receive meaningful support for generations to come and BCIT can continue advancing the state-of-practice.


building community through corporate engagement


HSBC Bank Canada takes action on conservation HSBC Bank Canada became a key supporter of the Rivers Institute at BCIT through lead sponsorship of World Rivers Day and employee participation in creek-side Rivers Institute activities. Last summer, HSBC employees and BCIT faculty experts worked side-by-side to continue the restoration of Guichon Creek at the BCIT Burnaby campus in preparation for World Rivers Day. Local HSBC volunteers removed non-native vegetation, released trout, and planted native species along the creek’s banks. Held on the last Sunday in September, World Rivers Day is an international conservation effort involving millions of people in 30 countries in stream clean-up, fish enhancement projects, and riverside celebrations. Organized by the Rivers Institute at BCIT, which is chaired by Mark Angelo, the event was endorsed in 2005 by the United Nations University and its International Network of Water, Environment, and Health. “We are very grateful to HSBC Bank Canada for providing this critical funding and support of World Rivers Day,” said Mark Angelo. “This is a great example of how an international organization can encourage local employees to take action in restoring and conserving their environments.” “The environment is an important focus of our organization, which is why we support

12 report on g i v i n g 2 0 0 9 – 2 0 1 0

l to r: Alex Gray, AVP, Trade and Supply Chain, HSBC Bank Canada, Mark Angelo, Chair, The Rivers Institute at BCIT, Matthew Bosrock, Deputy CEO, HSBC Bank Canada, and Laurie Clarke, Vice President, Development and Executive Director, BCIT Foundation and Alumni Association.

initiatives such as World Rivers Day,” said Matthew Bosrock, deputy CEO, HSBC Bank Canada. “This event gives both HSBC employees and members of the community exposure to the importance of our waterways and the opportunity to participate in restoration activities.” HSBC employees will continue their hands-on support protecting local waterways through future Rivers Institute projects.

b c i t f o u n dation


Corporate sponsorship plays a vital role in the success of BCIT and our students, in part by enabling major events to keep students, alumni, and employers connected.

Direct Insurance BCIT Alumni Open Golf Tournament. Sponsorship also enables BCIT to undertake major initiatives such as World Rivers Day.

With sponsorship support from industry partners, we hold information and networking events such as Careers Fair, recognition events like the Distinguished Alumni Awards, and fundraising events like the Canadian

When developing sponsorship opportunities, we work with sponsors to ensure that everyone benefits from the partnership, and that together we continue to build BCIT’s legacy.


bcit foundation performance report

for the period april 1, 2009 to march 31, 2010

revenue generation

growth of endowed funds

total revenue $7,705,807 INVESTMENT INCOME $530,559














GIFTS-IN-KIND $2,708,027

Number of endowments held as of March 31, 2010 5000000

Number of cash donors

Number of gift-in-kind donors Total number of donors

14 report on g i v i n g 2 0 0 9 – 2 0 1 0


345 15000000 893 52 945

b c i t f o u n dation


bcit foundation board of directors

as of march 31, 2010

Chair David Podmore

Chairman and CEO, Concert Properties Ltd. and Concert Real Estate Corporation Directors Anthony Barke

Partner, Audit, Deloitte & Touche LLP Peter Blake

CEO, Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers Catherine Aczel Boivie

Senior Vice President, . Information Technology, Vancity and CEO, . Inventure Solutions Vancity Centre

Senior Vice President, Institute for Learning, BMO Bank of Montreal Catherine Smith

Secretary, BCIT Foundation . and Vice President, Legal Services, . Best Buy Canada Ltd. Anibal Valente

Vice President and District Manager, . PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc. Don Wright

President, BCIT

Bob Bryant

Council of Governors Joan Harrison

Chairman Emeritus, TBWA Canada

Human Resources Services

Bill Bullis

G. Wynne Powell

President and CEO, BCAA (Retired)

President and CEO, London Drugs Ltd.

Laurie Clarke

Wendy Slavin

Vice President, Development, . and Executive Director, . BCIT Foundation and Alumni Association

Senior Vice President, Retail Markets, . Western Region, CIBC (Retired)

Maureen Enser

Chair, BCIT Board of Governors . and Executive Director, . Urban Development Institute Gord Huston

Treasurer, BCIT Foundation, . and Chief Executive Officer, . First West Credit Union Don Kasian

President, Kasian Architecture . Interior Design and Planning Ltd. Moray Keith

President, Dueck GM Dan Mott

President, Mott Electric

Richard Rudderham

Recognizing Our Donors The BCIT Foundation thanks all our donors who gave so generously between April 1, 2009 and March 31, 2010. Your gifts make a significant difference to the lives of students and to teaching at BCIT. As part of the Foundation’s commitment to sustainability, we have placed our Annual Honour Roll online at If you do not have access to the Internet or you would like a printed copy of this year’s Honour Roll, please contact us at 604.432.8803.

Adam Pion


President, BCIT Alumni Association and Portfolio Manager, PionMatifat, ScotiaMcLeod Wealth Management

For more information on the latest news at BCIT, please visit


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BCIT Foundation Report on Giving 2009–2010  

The BCIT Foundation secures gifts that support BCIT Schools in creating opportunities and enhancing the learning experience of our students....

BCIT Foundation Report on Giving 2009–2010  

The BCIT Foundation secures gifts that support BCIT Schools in creating opportunities and enhancing the learning experience of our students....