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GINUE Centre | Story Time English Course Description

Story Time English




The aims of the this course are to acclimatise children to

The aims of the Story time English course are:

1 x 1 hour per week. 4 weeks in total

working with a native English speaking teacher, get them used to classroom routines and help them adapt to English

being used throughout the lesson. We use the same

To enrich your child’s understanding of spoken English and provide some opportunities for speaking

communicative methodology that we employ teaching

To build your child’s motivation for learning English

children at 1A. The lessons will each be based around one

To help your child adapt to a classroom led by an

story book that the teacher will use with the children. There

English speaking teacher and develop confidence and

is no course books that parents need to buy for the course.

skills to participate effectively in this environment. This

The lessons develop English listening skills with some

will help your child adjust more easily to studying

speaking. There is no reading and writing at such an early

English in courses at elementary school level, such as

level. The lessons also develop the children’s understanding

our Starting Out courses (1A and 1B).

of basic classroom language and instructions from the teacher.

COURSE FEES 85,000 Won