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Early career international research leadership and capacity building University of Leeds Judith Lamie, January 2012

The University of Leeds ‐context Total Number of Research Staff=2543 Total Number of permanent early career staff= 385 Total Number of Post Graduate Research Students=2897

International Early Career Research support - Key activities

Supporting innovation in research and education on a global scale through interdisciplinary  collaboration, faculty and student exchange and eLearning

WUN MEMBERS 2011 University of Bergen University of Alberta  University of Bristol 

Nanjing University

University of Leeds

Zhejiang University 

University of Sheffield University of Southampton University of York University of Washington‐Seattle The Pennsylvania State University University of Wisconsin Madison

Chinese University of Hong Kong

University of Rochester  University of Sydney University of Cape Town

University of Western  Australia University of Auckland 

WORLD LEADING GRADUATE EDUCATION PROGRAMME • Funding for short term research visits to partner institutions through  the WUN Research Mobility Programme‐ over 100 funded since 2000  • A series of Virtual Seminars  • International Summer schools and master‐classes • Post‐graduate e‐journals

Fund for International Research Collaborations (FIRC) • Research collaborations between Leeds and a min of 2 international  partners (WUN +)

• ‘Seed’ funding to get ambitious international projects started (up to  £20K)

• Aim is for Leeds to lead external funding bids and establish sustainable  collaborations

CASE STUDY 1‐Accerlerating Research Dr. Rong Jun Chen ‐ Senior  Translational Research Fellow in  organic chemistry

A interdisciplinary network  focussing on  the application of multi‐functional nano‐ systems for targeted drug delivery

Progress in less than 2 years: • 2  conferences organised • 4 papers • 1 patent • 2 book chapters • 2 grants  • 4 grants in pipeline

CASE STUDY 2‐Growing a network Dr. Shona Hunter‐ Early career researcher  in Sociology and Social Policy


South Africa

A interdisciplinary network  focussing  on  the  challenges  and  prospects  of  increasingly  ethnically  diverse  societies




Australia South Africa

USA Germany


New Zealand Canada


Switzerlan d France

White Spaces network


USA Denmark France

Finland Italy Lithuania Spain Netherland s

Practitioner Australia

South Africa

CASE STUDY 3 ‐ Connecting Excellence WELMEC ‐ Centre of Excellence in Medical Engineering

Creating relationships and opportunities for early career  researchers so that they may have the chance to create rich and  diverse research projects.

16 judith lamie leeds breakout 3  

16 judith lamie leeds breakout 3

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