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Nov 28 - 30 Treviso, Italy

Nov 28 30 Nov 28 - 30 Treviso, Italy Treviso, Italy UC





















Atlantic Challenge Cup

Letter from the BCA Board Team USA, Congratulations on being selected to represent Team USA at the 5th annual Atlantic Challenge Cup. The time has finally come to unite with the top competitors from Europe and celebrate your accomplishments, hard work, and inevitable perseverance it has taken to get you to this day. Congratulations again, you did it! This will be an experience that will last a lifetime. Your selection to participate in this event is a clear validation of your performance as one of the top-rated pool players amongst your peers. Being selected as a member of Team USA is a tremendous honor, and wearing the red, white and blue while competing at the highest level in your sport is not only a dream come true – it’s a career milestone. Be thankful for all of the people that believe in and support you. Surrounding yourself with good feelings will enable you to be confident when it comes time to compete and you will naturally enjoy and appreciate this experience even more. While in Treviso, Italy be sure to take in each moment of this journey. Some of the most valuable experiences you will make will not be from a pool table but from the people you meet. Some of these people, peers, and friends will be in your life forever. Be sure to take a few of moments to enjoy as much as you can, and share your enthusiasm and passion for this great sport with everyone you meet. One piece of advice that we will offer for your competition is to continue to focus on the things that help got you here, do what you do, don’t change a thing and trust in yourself. Remember, the same routines that helped you do well at local, national, and even international events are the routines that will lead you to do your personal best during the Atlantic Challenge Cup. As of today, you not only represent yourself, but your family, your friends, and also the United States of America. Have an amazing time, you have earned it! We will be cheering for you! Go Team USA and Good luck! —Billiard Congress of America Board of Directors

Atlantic Challenge Cup

Pro Tips and Tricks

Jerry Briesath

“I know it’s tough with all that’s going on but it is important to get enough sleep.”

LoreeJon Hasson BCA Hall of Famer

“The most important thing in my opinion is to never give up! I have won almost all of my championships from behind. I don’t care what the score is, or how bad it looks, you need to dig deep and get back one game at a time. Fight for every ball and opportunity every time you are back at the table.”

Johan Rusnik

“One thing you need to focus on is handling the circumstances and pressure. The only way to do that is to stay calm and focus on your task, which is the next ball, the next rack, the next break.”

Nick Varner BCA Hall of Famer

“One of the toughest things about traveling to Europe is the time difference. Once of the worst things that I ever did was going to sleep during the day instead of toughing it out and not trying to stay up until the night.”

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Atlantic Challenge Cup

About the Venue Premier Best Western BHR Treviso Hotel Via Postumia Castellana, 231055 Treviso, Italy | +39 0422 3730 | This 4-star Best Western International facility is a dream come true for many of its visitors. Located near the gates of Treviso, the hotel has 133 rooms, a wellness and fitness center with a panoramic view of the historic city. The BHR offers free WiFi throughout the property, availability to city bike rentals, charging stations for Teslas and other electric cars, accommodations for pets, Kinder House provides services for parents and kids, and Sky Sports channels are in all guest room displayed on one of their Smart TVs. The BHR is strategically positioned, only 2 km from Treviso’s airport and 30 minutes away from Venice’s international stopover. The hotel has been provided with the best security systems, envisaged by non-European normative, using exclusively fireproof material and a fire sprinkler system. All areas are kept under video surveillance and can be monitored from the reception area. All rooms are equipped with the latest audio and video technologies: automatic regulation of air condition, dimmable illumination, soundproof ceilings, walls and moveable walls. The BHR is very familiar with hosting cue sport events. In May of 2019, The BHR hosted the 2019 Treviso Open. The event was won by Polish Player Konrad Jusczyszyn. who defeated the Ivar Sairs from the Netherlands 9-6. The defending champion and Atlantic Challenge Cup alum, Fedor Gorst (Russia) defeated Mateusa Sniegocki (Poland) 9-7 in the 2018 Treviso Open. One the Women’s side, and another ACC alum, Kristina Tkach (Russia) won the Treviso Open the past two years, and in 2019 defeated fellow ACC Team Europe teammate Marharyta Fefilava.


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Atlantic Challenge Cup

Team USA Bios Captain Allison Fisher

BCA Hall of Famer Allison Fisher, aka the Duchess of Doom, won her first world title at the age of 17 and added another 11 world titles to her name. And although she is still very much competitive in the professional ranks, she enjoys finding time to give back to the future of our sport and help share her wisdom with Team USA.

Coach Mark Wilson (St. Louis, MO)

Mark is a world-renowned billiard coach and has worked with the majority of professional players at one time or another. He is no stranger to team billiard events being the coach of Mosconi Cup’s Team USA from 2015 – 2017, as well as working with Allison and the Atlantic Challenge Cup’s Team USA last year.

April Larson (Bloomington, MN)

The Grinder, April Larson is the only two-time MVP of the Atlantic Challenge Cup and this year will mark an unprecedented 5th appearance in the ACC. April has racked up a pretty impressive pool playing resume outside the ACC, winning the BEF Junior National Championships five times and placing third in her first WPBA professional event.

Aryana Lynch (Allen, TX)

As the 2018 U16 BEF Junior National Champion, Aryana is no stranger to very competitive and intense matchups. She has also racked up victories at the BEF Texas State 9-Ball Championship, and in the Gold Women’s Division at this year’s BCAPL Championships. This is Aryana’s first Atlantic Challenge Cup but she is ready to work with her new team to challenge for this year’s Cup!

Kaiden Hunkins (Waukesha, WI)

This is Kaiden’s second year representing Team USA in the Atlantic Challenge Cup, and it comes on the heels of his second BEF Junior National Championship. Kaiden, or K-Rip as his friends like to call him, has put down the baseball bat, put the motorcycle in the garage and is now 100% focused and committed to doing everything possible to help Team USA win its first ACC.

Lukas Fracasso-Verner (Wallingford, CT)

This is Lukas’ first year representing Team USA in the Atlantic Challenge Cup. This year, he collected a silver medal at the BEF Junior National Championships in the U18 Division, eventually getting double dipped and losing hill-hill to K-Rip in the finals. But he won’t let that one loss get him down as a nine-time BEF Junior State Champion, 2018 Ginky Memorial Champion and 2018 Robert Dionne Memorial Champion he is ready to represent and win the ACC for the USA.

Mahkeal Parris (St. Croix, VI)

In 2018 Mahkeal won the U17 Division at the WPA’s Junior World Championships in Moscow, Russia. When asked how he performed so well in Moscow, he said, “Hard work, practice, practice and more practice, and of course a lot of layers with a really big coat, because Russia was cold, even indoors!” Now, after participating in this year’s Mosconi Cup selection process in Las Vegas, and the Atlantic Challenge Cup team camp in Newark, Mahkeal believes he’s ready to show his skills to the world, again!

Ricky Evans (St. Peters, MO)

This is Ricky’s third time representing Team USA in the Atlantic Challenge Cup, and he is the only person to have a sibling also play in this event. His older brother Nick Evans was on the ACC’s inaugural Team USA and has the highest winning percentage of any Team USA member. Ricky said he not only wants to win and bring the Cup home but he also wants to win every single match so his winning percentage will increase and give him bragging rights over his brother.

Atlantic Challenge Cup

Team USA STATS PLAYER April Larson Chris Robinson Drake Niepoetter Joey Tate Josh Franklin Justin Martin Kaiden Hunkins Manny Perez Michelle Jiang Nathan Childress Nick Evans Ricky Evans Ryan Ponton Serena Black Shane Wolford Sierra Reams Taylor Hansen Tyler Brandom * MVP

# GAMES % GAMES PLAYED WON 161 32 58 15 29 13 29 41 24 23 55 42 22 27 91 24 45 23

39.13% 46.88% 48.28% 40.00% 48.28% 30.77% 24.14% 39.02% 37.50% 34.78% 54.55% 28.57% 40.91% 25.93% 36.26% 33.33% 42.22% 39.13%

YEARS PLAYED 2015*, 2016, 2017, 2018* 2016 2015 2018 2015 2018 2018 2017* 2018 2017 2015 2016, 2017 2016* 2016 2016, 2017, 2018 2017 2015 2015

ut ck o t che newes our alers de



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January 24 – February 1

Atlantic Challenge Cup

Official ACC Schedule TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 26 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Free practice on own practice tables.

7:30 - 10:00 PM


10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Each team will have 2 hours practice on their own practice table with an hour for each team using the match table.

12:30 PM

Snacks/Lunch in Venice

7:30 PM

Dinner in hotel

9:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Each team will have 2 hours practice on their own practice table with an hour for each team also using the match table. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 28

11:00 AM Match 1

Team match, all six players play 1 rack each in a team race to 6, girls play girls.

12:00 PM Match 2

Triples, 2 boys with 1 girl play a rack each in a race to 6.

1:30 - 2:30 PM

Lunch Break

3:00 PM

Match 3

Triples, 2 boys with 1 girl (not used in match 2).

4:00 PM

Match 4

Girls scotch doubles.

6:00 - 7:30 PM

Dinner Break

8:00 PM

Match 5

Boys scotch doubles.

9:00 PM

Match 6

Boys singles (not used in match 5).

10:00 PM Match 7

Boys singles (not used in match 5 & 6). *All times listed are standard Italian time zone

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 29 11:00 AM Match 8 12:00 PM Match 9

Girls singles. Mixed scotch doubles girl/boy.

1:30 - 2:30 PM

Lunch Break Mixed scotch doubles girl/boy (boy/girl not used in match 9). Girls singles (not used in match 8). Boys singles (not used in matches 6 & 7).

2:30 PM

Match 10

3:30 PM 4:30 PM

Match 11 Match 12

6:00 - 7:30 PM 8:00 PM

Match 13

9:00 PM

Match 14

Dinner Break Mixed scotch doubles girl/boy (boys not used in match 9 & 10). Mixed scotch doubles girl/boy (boys not used in match 9 & 10 & 13). Boys scotch doubles (boys not used in match 13 & 14).

10:00 PM Match 15

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 30 12:00 PM Match 16 1:00 PM

Match 17

2:00 - 3:00 PM 3:00 PM Match 18 4:00 PM Match 19 5:00 PM Match 20 6:00 PM Match 21 10:00 PM

Team match, all six players play 1 rack each in a team race to 6, girls play girls. Triples, 2 boys with 1 girl play a rack each in a race to 6. Lunch Break Triples, 2 boys with 1 girl (not used in match 2). Girls scotch doubles. Boys scotch doubles. Boys singles (not used in match 5). Banquet

Event Format: 9-Ball, alternate break. Each match is a race to 6 with all matches on a shot clock of 25 seconds +10 seconds and 1 extension of 25 seconds per rack. Player Shirts and Dress Code: Shirts will be provided by the organizer. Players must provide: black shoes (they can be sports shoes if they are all black), and black dress pants. No other sponsor logos are allowed on the player’s attire worn in the arena. *All times listed are standard Italian time zone

Atlantic Challenge Cup

Past ACC Teams

2018: EUROPE 11 – 0 USA (LAS VEGAS, NV)

TEAM EU: Fedor Gorst (Russia), Patrick Hoffman (Germany), Weronika Karwick (Poland), Jan Van Lierop (Netherlands), Valeriia Trushevskaya (Russia), Wiktor Zielinski (Poland), Team Captain Tomas Brikmanis (Lithuania)


TEAM EU: Maxim Dudanets (Russia), Patrick Hoffman (Germany), Diana Khodjaeva (Belgium), Daniel Maciol (Poland), Kristina Tkach (Russia), Wiktor Zielinski (Poland). Team Captain Albin Oushan (Austria)

TEAM USA: Nathan Childress (VA), Ricky Evans (MO), April Larson (MN), Manny Perez (KS), Sierra Reams (VA), Shane Wolford (VA). Team Captain Johnny Archer (GA)

2016: EUROPE 11 – 3 USA (CHICAGO, IL)

TEAM EU: Krystian Cwikla (Poland), Maxim Dudanets (Russia), Diana Khodjeava (Belgium), Andreas Madsen (Denmark), Vitaly Patsura (Ukraine), Kristina Tkach (Russia). Team Captain Tomas Brikmanis (Lithuania)

TEAM USA: Kaiden Hunkins (Wisconsin), Michelle Jiang (Massachusetts), April Larson (Minnesota), Justin Martin (North Carolina), Joey Tate (Illinois), Shane Wolford (Virginia), Team Captain Allison Fisher (Charlotte), and Team Coach Mark Wilson (St. Louis)

TEAM USA: Serena Black (IL), Ricky Evans (MO), April Larson (MN), Ryan Ponton (IL), Chris Robinson-Reinhold (CA), Shane Wolford (VA). Team Captain Earl Munson (AL).


TEAM EU: Maxim Dudanets (Russia), Margaret Feilova (Belarus), Patryk Statkiewicz (Poland), Daniel Tangudd (Sweden), Kristina Tkach (Russia), Raphal Wahl (Germany). Team Captain Sandra Hoff (Germany).

TEAM USA: Tyler Brandom (MA), Nick Evans (MO), Josh Franklin (IL), Taylor Hansen (MN), April Larson (MN), Drake Niepoetter (IL). Team Captain Earl Munson (AL).









Atlantic Challenge Cup

Team Europe STATS PLAYER Andreas Madsen Daniel Maciol Daniel Tangudd Diana Khodjaeva Fedor Gorst Jan van Lierop Kristina Tkach Krystian Cwilka Marharyta Fefilava Maskim Dudanets Patrick Hoffman Patryk Statkiewicz Raphael Wahl Valeriia Trushevskaia Vitaliy Patsura Weronika Karwik Wiktor Zielinski * MVP

# GAMES % GAMES PLAYED WON 29 21 45 67 12 33 102 22 51 96 55 33 44 33 23 24 38

58.62% 71.43% 62.22% 68.66% 75.00% 57.58% 62.75% 59.09% 54.90% 61.46% 69.09% 33.33% 45.45% 63.64% 69.57% 58.33% 63.16%

YEARS PLAYED 2016 2017 2015* 2016, 2017 2018 2018 2015, 2016, 2017 2016 2015 2015, 2016, 2017 2017*, 2018 2015 2015 2018* 2016* 2018 2017, 2018


C U E & C A S E I N C . | W W W. C U E A N D C A S E . C O M | ( 8 0 0 ) 8 3 5 - 7 6 6 5

Atlantic Challenge Cup

Ten fun facts about Italy is the fifth most visited country in the world, welcoming some 1 Italy 46 million foreign visitors annually. It’s also the fifth most populous country in Europe. Italy is known for being the original production area for 2 Treviso, Prosecco wine and the popular Italian dessert Tiramisu. colors of the Italian flag–green, white, and red–have special 3 The meaning. Green represents hope, white represents faith, and red signals charity. be surprised if your hotel in Italy doesn’t have a 17th floor. 4 Don’t Italians believe that this number is unlucky because when the Roman numeral for 17 (XVII) is rearranged it looks like VIXI, which means “I have lived,” a symbol that’s associated with death.

5 Some of the most well-known artists and authors – including Dante, 6 Da Vinci, and Michelangelo–are from Italy. Italians are known for communicating with hand gestures and facial 7 expressions. They’re also known for being late! On average, Italians eat half a pound of bread a day. In fact, bread not meant to be an appetizer. Rather, Italians use it to wipe the 8 isremaining sauce off their plate. Italy is home to the world’s oldest university, the University of Bologna founded in 1088.

9 Believe it or not, volleyball is a very popular sport in Italy. In fact, 10 the Italian Volleyball League is one of the most well-respected and talented leagues in the world.

Italians consume over 45 bottles of wine per year, per capita. That’s almost one a week.


I N T R O D U C I N G T H E N E X T B I G L E A P I N J U M P C U E T E C H N O L O G Y.

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Atlantic Challenge Cup

Team Europe Bios Coach Tomas Brikmanis

Tomas is the president of the Lithuanian Pool Federation, Director of the Youth for the EPBF, and is a four-time coach of Team Europe in the Atlantic Challenge Cup. Tomas once said, “The impact of the Atlantic Challenge Cup is immeasurable. It not only raises awareness of this great game but it brings a whole other level to youth pool.”

2019 20 19

Sanjin Pehlivanovic (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

This Bosnian pool player won gold in the U17 division at the 2017 WPA Jr. 9-Ball World Championship in Moscow, Russia, defeating Robbie Capito from Hong Kong. More recently this talented pool player became a two-time junior European Pool Champion winning events in 8-Ball, 9-Ball and 10-Ball.

20 19 2019

Jan Van Lierop (Netherlands)

Nick named “DJ” for his exquisite taste in music, his true passion is playing pool. Sinking the final 9-Ball in the 2018 Atlantic Challenge Cup was a dream come true, but is only a small sample size of his pool playing abilities. Jan received this year’s spot-on Team Europe because he was the highest ranked junior on the 2019 EPBF Euro Tour.

Wiktor Zielinski (Poland)

This is Wiktor’s third appearance for Team Europe in the Atlantic Challenge Cup, and his accomplishment in this event alone is stunning. In 2017, as the youngest member on the team, he made the final 9-Ball to give Team Europe their 3rd win of the event and in total he boasts a whopping 63% winning percentage for ACC play.

Nov 28 - 30 Treviso, Italy














Nov 28 - 30 Treviso, Italy

Christian FrÖhlich (Germany)

Although this is Christian’s first year to be a part of Team Europe and the Atlantic Challenge Cup, this is not his first year playing pool. Christian is a four-time National Junior Champion of Germany, and was the 2018 European Junior Vice Champion of 9-Ball. In 2018 he finished with a bronze medal at the WPA Jr. 9-Ball World Championship in Moscow, and he was the 2019 EPBF junior championship winner in 8-Ball and Straight Pool.

My Nguyen (Sweden)

This will be My’s first time representing Team Europe in the Atlantic Challenge Cup, but she’s no stranger to excellent pool playing. Already a part of the Predator Pro Team, My is coming to the ACC ready to compete. In 2013 at 11 year’s old she got the opportunity to compete against BCA Hall of Famer Earl Strickland, and although she lost, it was a very impressive showing as she only lost 11-8.

2019 20 19

Darya Siranchuk (Ukraine)

20 19 2019

Like My, Christian, and Sanjin, this will be Darya’s first time competing in the Atlantic Challenge Cup. Although she is new to the ACC she is a true competitor in every sense of the word. This past June she won the junior girls’ Ukrainian Championship in all four disciplines, plus the 8-Ball Ukrainian Championship, becoming the first female champion in the event’s history…all while playing with a cast on her broken right leg.

Nov 28 - 30 Treviso, Italy FO













Nov 28 - 30 Treviso, Italy

Atlantic Challenge Cup

Travel Tips for Americans There are plenty of American travelers that strive to blend in when they travel, and do as the locals and chalk up unusual cultural exchanges to fascinating new life experiences. Then, there are those who will prowl around the cobblestone streets of Europe with their New England Patriots jerseys, loudly complaining about aching feet, or the lack of air-conditioners, all while being led by their selfie stick. It’s why the term “Ugly American” exist, and its why Canadians put maple leaf emblems on their luggage. The two most common complaints about American travelers are the noise and the arrogance. Many people will say that you can hear Americans before you can see them. We also tend to give the impression that we are better than everyone else. But honestly this is just the tip of the iceberg. For more insight into how you might rub a local the wrong way, here are 7 etiquette tips for international travel that may help you avoid looking like an “Ugly American.”

Know some of the language

Do you need to be able to recite some local poet? No, absolutely not, but it would be very appreciated if you were able to say hello, please, thank you, and excuse me. If nothing else, download a language app to help translate as you go. English



Hello / Goodbye



Good Day / Good Evening



Good Evening



How are you?

Come stai?

(koh-meh stahy)

Yes / No

Si / No

(see / noh)


Per Favorre

(pehr fah-voh-reh)

Thank You



You’re Welcome



Dress the part

Traveling often means you dress for comfort. However, if you’re visiting tourist attractions, or going out to a nice restaurant you should step it up in style and not completely leave your hotel room looking like a tank top flipflop billboard for American consumerism.

Don’t fuss with your food

Experiencing another culture’s food is one of the greatest incentives to travel. Staying in your comfort zone means you’ll be missing out. Not everything will be a hit, but some local delight is certain to capture your taste buds.

Respect local customs

Showing sensitivity to cultural differences does not mean you have to adopt them permanently. They do, however, expect you to take a step back, watch, learn, and appreciate (or at least respect) how things are done where you are. Don’t judge. It’s not about you.

Don’t compare everything to home

No, you’re not at home anymore. If you were, you’d be preparing for your Thanksgiving Day traditions. Things may be less efficient here. The cola you like may not be on tap. Things aren’t better or worse. They’re just different, and thank goodness for that.

Go with the flow

Shhhh! It happens. Luggage gets lost. Rooms aren’t exactly as advertised. Service is slow. Streets are dirty. Buses are smelly. This stuff happens everywhere. The question is, are you going to let it ruin your experience, or are you going to let it ride, see where the day takes you, and maybe, just maybe, have a great adventure?

Use common sense, stay safe

Most of the time, you’ll be perfectly safe, but precautions are required. Keep an eye on your bag/wallet. Don’t trust everyone you meet, but don’t act like you’re expecting every local to rob you. Don’t assume that every place will take a credit card. Only take with you what cash you’ll reasonably need. Always have a way for parents, captains, and friends to be able to locate and contact you.

Atlantic Challenge Cup

Notes and Autographs

Atlantic Challenge Cup

Notes and Autographs

2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

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2019 Atlantic Challenge Cup Team USA Travel Booklet  

Launched in 2015, the Atlantic Challenge Cup features the best youth players from Europe and America in a Mosconi Cup style event. Six playe...

2019 Atlantic Challenge Cup Team USA Travel Booklet  

Launched in 2015, the Atlantic Challenge Cup features the best youth players from Europe and America in a Mosconi Cup style event. Six playe...