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of knowledge in our shop. What I do is bring these things together and give perspective.” Sacoto, who’s been with Informa for 20 Informa Agribusiness Consulting is part years, says Agribusiness Consulting’s underof an integrated consultancy practice of the standing of the feedstock markets is more Agribusiness Intelligence vertical, integrat- than half the reason people come to the firm ing research and consulting units of several in recent years. “We work with biofuel probrands with a long history in the global food ducers, but historically it’s been on the feedand agriculture supply chain—from seed to stock side,” he says. “The bigger companies market. “Within that, renewable fuels like bio- know the biodiesel market, and they know the diesel is one segment that has become more linchpin is feedstock. The other is RIN pricimportant for us over the years,” says Juan ing and markets. We provide information and Sacoto, senior vice president. “Demand for perspective on these.” Sacoto says projections for clients inservices is heavy in renewable fuels.” The firm has highly specialized teams on the ground in volve a lot of scenario work. “We understand North America, South America and Europe. the good, bad and ugly of forecasting,” he “All three teams coordinate information,” says. “We try to give a sense of direction and proportion.” Sacoto says. Agribusiness Consulting works with With 125 analysts in specific, individualized teams stationed around the world, companies in every stage of the biodiesel Agribusiness Consulting is a powerhouse of chain, including logistics. “One of our many information with a plethora of historical and strengths is that we have an internal logistics forecast reports, databases and relationships. team following rail, truck and barge markets “We know the feedstock markets very well,” very closely,” Sacoto says. The company wants to grow alongside Sacoto says. “We have internal models, historical data, forward views. We have publications, the biodiesel industry. “We would like a larger we do price discovery, and we have that trans- market share of the midsize and smaller comparency and link to the feedstock manufactur- panies in the U.S.” he says. “There is where we ers—whether they are vegetable oil produc- can be of service—provide pricing forecasts ers or renderers. Big, medium or small, our and general strategy on how to position for DJULFRQVXOWLQJSULQWKDOISDJHSGI30 analysts are talking to them. We tap into a lot the next five years. We have enough years in


the business, and we tend to be optimistic or pessimistic based on the individual project. We bring a bit of reality to it.” He says another strength of the company is its impartiality. “We will tell you what we think,” Sacoto says, adding that the investment into biodiesel today is encouraging. “Cargill announced a new plant in Kansas, and others have recently expanded, or will,” Sacoto says. “People are taking the risk and see the future of renewable energy as prosperous. They have a longer view of just what EPA will do this year or next. We see smart capital moving into the sector, and it’s very encouraging.”

Dedicated consulting for the agribusiness sector Informa Agribusiness Consulting To adapt to change and stay competitive you need a partner. A partner with the breadth and depth of experience to offer industry-leading insights that you can act on. We take a global view on the entire agribusiness value chain, combining deep industry knowledge and strategic skills with authoritative proprietary data. So you can make the business decisions that matter with complete confidence.

What we offer: •

Market research/intelligence

Strategic planning

Market outlook

Feasibility analysis

Geospatial analysis

Economic impact

Business plans

Policy Analysis

Market & financial analysis

Risk management

M&A due diligence

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2017 Fall Biodiesel Magazine  

Federal, State Policies, Regulations; RIN QAP; Auditing, Accounting; Market Growth Issue

2017 Fall Biodiesel Magazine  

Federal, State Policies, Regulations; RIN QAP; Auditing, Accounting; Market Growth Issue