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Baywatch Spring Editorial

Welcome to the Spring Edition of The Baywatch Magazine. As we distribute this new edition we look forward to the sunshine and warmth of the Spring and Summer months, and of course to the visits of our family and friends.

Now is the time to get out the paint pots, start weeding and begin to spruce up your property in readiness for the BBQ season, pool parties and those long summer days of relaxing and enjoyment. Spring is in the air! Here at Baywatch we’re going to help you along the way. How, we hear you ask? Well on the 1st April we will be launching our very own Internet Radio Station, Radio Baywatch. No, this is not an April fool’s joke, just take a look at page 14 and read all about it. It will be fun, entertaining, packed full of good music and give you lots to listen to during your day. The trial will last for the month of April and thereafter we will evaluate it to see if we can make it a permanent feature for the English speaking communities of the Costa de La Luz. It’s easy to access via our website so go on, tune in and happy listening! Amy, Rob, Colin and Julia; The Baywatch Team Many thanks to Les Rowe from the Luz Photographic Group, for kindly providing the stunning photograph on the front cover of this edition of The Baywatch Magazine. For more information about the Photographic Club, please see their article on page 22



Easter Chick Competition

A little game to get you in the Easter spirit, there are 10 easter chicks hidden in the pages of this edition of the Baywatch Magazine.....see how many you can find and once you have found them all, email your answers to us at and we will give you a shout out and play you a song! Happy Easter from all at Baywatch!



Prostate Cancer

Learn the facts and recognise the symptoms By Dr Amy Simpson, PhD Cancer Research UK

What is the Prostate?

The prostate is a small gland located just below the bladder in males, surrounding the upper part of the urethra. It is part of the male reproductive system and secretes a number of important enzymes. In healthy males, the prostate gland is approximately the size and shape of a walnut.

Prostate Cancer

Like all cancers, cancer of the prostate develops when a single cell within the gland begins to multiply uncontrollably and forms a mass of cells, collectively called a tumour. The tumour can then restrict the normal bodily functions in the area in which it has grown and cause multiple health problems. It is also possible for some of the cancer cells to break away from the primary tumour and start secondary tumours in other parts of the body.

Spotting the Symptoms

Although the following symptoms can be a sign of prostate cancer, they can also be caused by other, not so serious, health problems. So if you do suffer from any of the symptoms below, it is important not to panic, but also just as important to get checked by your doctor.

• Difficulty or pain in passing urine • Having to rush to the toilet to pass urine • Frequent visits to the toilet, especially at night • Starting and stopping while urinating • Dribbling urine • Feeling of not having emptied the bladder fully

Less commonly: • Blood in the urine or semen • Impotence • Pain in the back, hips or pelvis

Going to the DoctorsT..

Although a trip to the doctors regarding this sort of problem can be awkward, it should be a fairly straight forward visit. The doctor will ask you about your symptoms and may suggest a blood test to investigate the level of a prostate specific antigen or PSA (a protein produced by the prostate), in you bloodstream. High levels of this protein can indicate prostate cancer but other diagnostic tests will also be carried out for confirmation before complete diagnosis. The doctor may also do a physical examination to see if the prostate is enlarged. More Information and Useful Contact Numbers: Prostate UK 020 8877 5840

No Need to Panic! Many cases of prostate cancer can be treated without long lasting damage to your health and some even remain untreated in healthy men for years and sometimes the cancer will out live the patient. Over 80% of 80 year old men have prostate cancer and can live quite healthily with it. Health and Happiness to All! Baywatch 2010


La Página de Salud Cáncer de Próstata

Obtenga información y reconozca los síntomas ¿Qué es la Próstata?

La próstata es una glándula pequeña situada justo debajo de la vejiga de los hombres, que rodea la parte superior de la uretra. Forma parte del sistema reproductor masculino y segrega una serie de importantes encimas. En varones saludables, dicha glándula tiene aproximadamente el tamaño y la forma de una nuez.

Cáncer de Próstata

Como todos los cánceres, el de próstata se desarrolla cuando una célula dentro de la glándula empieza a multiplicarse de forma incontrolable y forma una masa de células, que se conoce como tumor. El tumor puede restringir las funciones corporales normales en la zona de crecimiento y puede causar diversos problemas de salud. También es posible que algunas de las células cancerígenas se separen del tumor primario y empiecen a formar tumores secundarios en otras partes del cuerpo. Reconocer los Síntomas Aunque los siguientes síntomas pueden ser indicadores de un cáncer de próstata, podrían haber sido causados por otros problemas de salud menos serios. Así que si padece alguno de los síntomas siguientes, es importante no perder la calma y que su médico le haga un chequeo: • Dificultad o dolor al orinar • Tener que ir corriendo al servicio a orinar • Ir al servicio con mucha frecuencia, especialmente por la noche • Arranques y paradas a la hora de orinar • Gotear orina • Sensación de no haber vaciado la vejiga por completo Síntomas menos comunes: • Sangre en orina o semen • Impotencia • Dolor en la espalda, caderas o pelvis

Ir al MédicoT.. Aunque una visita al médico por este motivo pueda resultar un tanto embarazosa, debería tratarse de una visita bastante simple. El médico le hará preguntas acerca de los síntomas y es posible que sugiera un análisis de sangre para ver el nivel en sangre de un antígeno prostático específico (proteína producida por la próstata). Niveles elevados de esta proteína son indicadores de cáncer de próstata aunque se realizarán otras pruebas para poder confirmar dicho diagnóstico con total seguridad. También es posible que el médico realice una exploración para comprobar si la próstata ha aumentado de tamaño.

Aunque no hay que asustarse....ya que en muchos casos no es necesario tratar durante muchos años el cáncer de próstata en pacientes sanos e incluso a veces el cáncer puede durar más tiempo que el propio paciente. Más del 80% de varones de 80 años padecen de cáncer de próstata y pueden vivir con éste de una manera bastante saludable. Salud y Felicidad para Todos


The surgery can be found at C/Commandante Paz Varela, No. 2, Jerez de la Frontera. Opening hours 10am - 2pm and 5pm - 8pm by appt only

To advertise your health related business here call us on 856 101 803 or 697 552 936 or email OR........ For the opportunity to talk about your profession on Radio Baywatch please call us or email



Wife: "There's trouble with the car. It has water in the carburetor." Husband: "Water in the carburetor? That's ridiculous." Wife: "I tell you the car has water in the carburetor." Husband: "You don't even know what a carburetor is. Where's the car?" Wife: "In the swimming pool."



Baywatch Puzzle Page

Test your Geographical knowledge with our Themed Crossword and why not have a go at the Sudoku Puzzle too, an old favourite. Solutions on page 46



A man was sitting on the sofa watching TV when he heard his wife's voice from the kitchen. "What would you like for dinner my Love ? Chicken, beef or lamb ?"

He said, "Thank you, I'll have the chicken."

She said " You're having soup, I was talking


R A D I O BAY W ATC H ! by Colin Wood, Station Manager

The Radio Baywatch Internet Radio Station trial will launch at 10am on the 1st April, and no this is not an April Fool joke. We will be broadcasting a live breakfast show on this date to kick start the station and thereafter we hope to run from 10am to 10pm each day until the end of April with a wide variety of continuous music to suit all tastes. OK, so why are we doing this and how do you listen? Well it's fun, it's entertaining and we aim to link our part of Spain with the UK and the rest of the world. The station will primarily be for our community and will involve local people. We will be marketing the station actively in the UK and will be broadcasting a number of shows which will forge close ties with listeners here and abroad. From here listeners will be able to communicate with friends and family back in the UK via our regular 'Request Shows', they will also enjoy a regular weekday breakfast show and a 'specialised' late evening show. We also plan weekend shows with guest presenters. The trial will last for 1 month and will be used to determine listener levels, costs, feedback and the viability of it becoming a permanent station. The costs involved in setting up this station are considerable, and it is vital that you communicate with us and interact as much as possible with our presenters, because it is only with your help that we can make this work. As we increase the number of presenters, we hope to be able to extend the quantity and range of live shows covering a spectrum of diverse music genres and topics of local and national interest, both here and abroad. Try it for yourself, it couldn't be easier and the quality is equal to FM radio. All you need is a PC with access to the internet and a set of speakers/headphones plugged into your computer. To listen to Radio Baywatch just visit our website at and follow thelinks from the front page (for best results you will need to have the latest version of Macromedia Flash Player installed and a Broadband/ADSL internet connection). You may have to wait a short amount of time for the player to synchronise with the station. If you have any difficulties in listening during the transmission, then just refresh your page and click PLAY again. If you do not have Macromedia Flash Player installed on your computer you may wish to download and install our very own RADIO BAYWATCH PLAYER which will install on to your desktop and give you easy direct access to our station. Again just follow the instructions on our website. (Virus checked and clean) I need to mention one very important point. Internet Radio broadcast ‘airtime’ is allocated to stations by way of ‘Listener Slots’. The more slots you buy, the more listeners can tune in simultaneously, but of course more slots means more costs to the station. At any one time, if we have more listeners than slots, then some people will not be able to tune in until a slot becomes vacant, but of course people will drop in and out of the station at various times during the day, and so it is only likely to be at peak times that we may run out of slots. We can monitor listener levels in real time and we will be making constant adjustments to the number of slots we have so that no-one will miss out. Our website also explains how you can listen to the station without having your PC turned on, how you can find the weekly broadcast schedule, how to send in requests via the online Request Form, and also how you can join the Radio Baywatch Team as a Presenter. So that’s it! Switch on your PC, visit our website and get listening!

Don’t forget to send in those requests to and mention your friends and family


Pool ownership, care and maintenance. Spring is an ideal time to check out your pool to ensure everything is working for the coming season. All of our pools are maintained throughout the Winter but if you have covered, over wintered or neglected yours in any way a pre-season check is vital. Do your bits work? Your pool pump should operate quietly. Excessive noise indicates a problem. The pool pump should be protected with a safety trip switch, is this working? Is the pump clean? Empty out the pre-filter. Does the timer that controls it work? Equipment that has stood all winter in a damp and corrosive environment can often fail. Check out the sand filter. Is the sand at the correct level in the vessel, is it free flowing. Use a specific cleaning product or replace the sand if it is in poor condition. Look out for leaks from seals and pipe joints. The multi-valve should be lubricated and internal seals in good condition. Check out all the valves, skimmer, main drain and hoover are working. Opening one at a time will highlight a blockage or problem. Take a look at the pool itself. If your pool is tiled look at the grout between the tiles. Grouting can deteriorate quickly. What causes this? Incorrect ‘water balance‘. In this case chiefly the ‘PH’ and ‘Calcium Hardness’. Acidic and ‘soft’ water will dissolve the plaster in your cement pool. Consider draining the pool to repair the problem areas of grout. Once sorted and refilled, ‘balance’ the pool water. The water chemistry is the key, keep this correct and you’ll have less problems. Have you any questions about pool care? Contact Billie (0034) 658 382 237 or email

Piscinas, cuidado y mantenimiento. La primavera es el mejor momento para comprobar que todo el equipo funcione bien. Nuestras piscinas se mantienen todo el año pero tal vez, la suya haya estado cubierta o simplemente olvidada durante el invierno. ¿Funciona todo correctamente? Compruebe que el sistema de seguridad de la bomba funciona, que no hay ruidos excesivos ya que estos son señal de futuros problemas. Vacíe el prefiltro. ¿Funciona el temporizador? A veces, el entorno excesivamente húmedo daña el equipo. Compruebe el filtro, ¿tiene suficiente arena? ¿esta en buenas condiciones para que el filtrado sea el adecuado? Si no lo está, utilice un producto especifico o sustituya la arena. Compruebe que no haya perdidas en tuberías y juntas. Hay que lubricar la multiválvula y asegurarse de que las dos The Clearwater team enjoys caring for juntas interiores están en buen estado. Compruebe swimming pools here in Chiclana and Conil. también las válvulas de fondo, skimmers y barredera. Si las abrimos y cerramos de una en una podríamos detectar atascos. Ahora observe su piscina, ¿tiene gresite? ¿cómo está la lechada? Esta suele perderse o bien con el tiempo o por un pobre mantenimiento del agua. Un pH acidico hace que el cemento se disuelva. Si su piscina necesita una nueva lechada, asegúrese de que el agua con la que la llene este perfectamente equilibrada para evitar nuevos problemas. El ajuste adecuado de los productos para tratar el agua es la clave para un optimo funcionamiento de la piscina. Si tiene algun problema sobre el mantenimiento de su piscina, pongase en contacto con Billie.


Local Tourist Attractions – Spring Days Out

Below are some local features and attractions in and around the Cadiz Bay region that you may not have heard about but they may take your interest.....

La Cava – Taberna Flamenca in Cadiz

c/Antonio López, 16 bajo 11004 Cádiz, tel: 956 211 866 La Cava is a traditio-

nal Spanish tavern with a distinctive flamenco feel to its décor and furnishings. It offers both good food and an excellent array of Flamenco performances along with music and a wonderful traditional flamenco atmosphere. The restaurant offers typical traditional fare and they recommend their local wines (manzanilla, fino, muscatel), but also keep excellent stocks of Rioja, white, red or rosé wine and sangria. The entertainment is pure Flamenco magic, watched from your table, and lasts about an hour and a half. There are 5 artists: a singer, a guitarist, a drummer and two dancers. Opening hours from Oct to June are from 21:30 to 23:00 Tues, Thurs and Saturdays. From July to Sept, open from 22:00 to 23:30 everyday

Arabic Baths in Jerez - Hammam Andalusi Arabic Baths

Calle Salvador, 6, 11403, Jerez De La Frontera, Costa de la Luz, tel: 956 349 066 For a really relaxing treat, visit the Hammam Baths in the old part of Jerez, near the Cathedral, where they offer specialist treatments at reasonable prices along with a calming dip in the soothing Arabian Baths to relieve the stresses of daily life! Open 7 days a week, bath session times: 10.00,, 16.00, 18.00, 20.00 and 22.00 For more information on the treatments and offers see their website:

Museum of Spanish Dolls in Chiclana – Marin Dolls “Spanish Dolls for the World” Camino de la Barquilla, Naves 1-5, 11.130 CHICLANA (CADIZ). Tel: 956 400 067 - 956 400 051

The Marin Doll company founded in 1928 by Mr. José Marín, makes Spanish Dolls for all those shops dedicated to souvenirs, gifts and collectors and which have spread all throughout Spain and abroad. There are two different trademarks of dolls: MARÍN, devoted to the making of typical Spanish costumes and MENTA Y CANELA (MINT AND CINNAMON) devoted to the fabrication of porcelain dolls of high design, both for gifts and for collectors. The museum shows where the dolls are made with great craftsmanship and shows the history of the company since its foundation in 1928 (Signposted to and near Eroski)

Torre Tavira in Cadiz is the biggest watch tower in the city. Near the market and the Plaza de Flores, however you may need a map to help you find it. Tel: 956 212 910 It is also home to the Cámera Oscura; a 'camera' which projects a moving picture of the whole of Cádiz into a large dish shaped screen. It is really interesting. An expert will give you a talk about what you are looking at in Spanish, English, French or German. The camera is open from 10-6 during the summer. Each session lasts about 30 mins. Also you can go to the top of the tower where you get a spectacular view of the bay of Cádiz. It really is breathtaking. Cádiz looks even more beautiful from above than in the streets! You can also see a short film on the history of Cádiz and the tower. It is approximately 4 euros to enter. Dolphin Safari in Tarifa A two hour boat trip along the coast of Taria provides the amazing opportunity to see dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. The whale watching tours operate several times per day (depending on the weather). Before and during the trips, their staff will be at your disposal to provide you with information and answer your questions. Cost per person per trip is €30. They say that on 98% of their trips they will encounter animals and that on the rare cases of not finding whales or dolphins they will arrange another trip. A great day out with family and friends! For more information see their website at or Tel: 956 62 70 08


Advertise your car or motor vehicle here for just 20€ per module. For more information or to advertise your car/van/scooter with Baywatch please call us on 856 101 803 or 697 552 936 or email your details to us at PEUGEOT 206 HDI LHD, Year 2002 Fully and regularly serviced. ITV 2011 and fully taxed €2,750 ONO For more information call Angela on 956 495 409

Has your house suffered from damp and mildew over the winter months? Here´s how to remove all traces of it ready for summer! Dried Mildew: removal agent: Salt or lemon juice Rub with damp salt or a lemon and leave in the sun for at least 12 hours.

Mildew on shower curtains, removal agent: Chlorine bleach Sponge or soak in dilute bleach and machine wash with detergent.

Mildew on white cotton and linen removal agent: Household chlorine bleach Soak in diluted bleach then thoroughly rinse and wash. Mildew on white synthetics removal agent: Hydrogen peroxide Soak in one part hydrogen peroxide to nine parts water. Rinse and wash.




We work closely with Andaluz Homes Estate Agency and some of the properties listed are placed with them under their terms & conditions of sale. Those marked with a red ‘P’ indicate a private sale and attract no sales commission. It costs just €40 for a single display advert such as those shown below Short Term Rental Accomodation Chiclana de la Frontera Veguetas Chiclana El Marquesado, Chiclana (P)


€320,000 (P)

REDUCED PRICE Available by the night, week or any Beautifully presented villa, 3 term to suit. One double bedroom double bedrooms, 2 bath/shower Spacious, well maintained Chalet with luxury en-suite, lounge with Property approx 250 sqm. 1250 sqm plot rooms. Modern kitchen, built-in sky TV, Hi-fi, kitchen/diner. All newly Pages refurbished. Private parking& pool. appliances. Spacious living room, Lounge, fitted kitchen,3 beds, 2 private swimming pool, barbecue baths, air-con throughout, pool, Pets welcome. More details see landline 7 mins to beach. area. Satellite TV, Covered or call Call Baywatch or 956 495 409 terrace. Plot size 1000sqm. Carol on 678 745 025 Chiclana de la Frontera

€365,000 (P)

Chiclana de la Frontera


Great villa with landscaped garden 3 double bedrooms. 2 bathrooms. Attractive modern villa close to La Spacious lounge with built-in Barrosa. Spacious living room, 3 fireplace. Modern fitted kitchen with double beds, spacious lounge, 3 Covered terrace. Shaded BBQ sun terraces, 9x5 pool, built-in BBQ irrigation system, part air-con, great area.Off-road car parking, satellite TV, Internet & phone rental potential. Call Martin on Plot size: 700sqm 677 072 731 Conil de la Frontera


2 generously sized houses, main house 2 double bed, 2 bathrooms plus guest house, 2 double bedrooms 1 bathroom, private swimming pool and spacious living areas. Fully fitted open plan kitchen

Conil de la Frontera


El Marquesado, Chiclana

€249,000 (P)

Spacious villa. 4 bedrooms 3 ensuite. lounge 6x5m, dining room and fitted kitchen. 190sqm. Outside laundry and separate workshop. Large pool 10x5. Parking space for 3 vehicles and electric door entry. Plot size 900sqm. Call Baywatch or Ken on 951242874

Conil de la Frontera €158,500

Great value "Cortijo Style" prop-

Stunning luxury villa situated close to erty in a tranquill residential location a popular golf course close to Conil. 4 on the outskirts of Conil. 2 good double bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 sized bedrooms. Office/Study room, kitchens, 2 living rooms and a sepaspacious living room. Family rate studio (possible 5th bedroom) bath/shower room, fully equipped

plus a self contained guest house within the grounds.

fitted kitchen. Plot size: Apprx


Property Page (Continued) If you are a private seller or a commercial agent, you can advertise

your property for sale or rent here. This magazine is read by thousands of people each edition and is also available to download online. Plus if you advertise here we will design for you a free webpage and give a free months rental on our website Call 856 101 803 or Email for more info on any of these properties Vejer de la Frontera La Barrosa, Chiclana Vejer de la Frontera €292,500 €489,000 €218,000

Lovely detached villa with private pool and low maintenance garden close to the beaches of La Barrosa. 3 double bedrooms. 2 bathrooms, 1 ensuite. Modern fitted kitchen. Open plan living room. Satellite TV, off-road parking BBQ area, Plot size 575sqm Chiclana de la Frontera


Luxury villa with pool and large garden situated in a unique situation enjoying county views. Close to beaches and golf courses. 3 double bedrooms, 3 modern bathrooms. New fitted kitchen. Good sized lounge/dining room

Beautifull restored 5 bedroom Beautiful country retreat in rural country house with courtyard and location. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, private pool. Comprises of a main house with 4 bedrooms and 2 bath- fitted ‘country’ kitchen, spacious rooms, plus a self-contained apart- lounge/dining room, roof terrace stable/outbuilding. 5,200sqm plot ment with an additional bedroom Living space approx 250 sqm and bathroom, 2 fitted kitchens and central heating throughout

To place a private advert in this section for your property please call Sales on 856 101 803 or email:

Remember there is no commission charged for private sales.

Chiclana de la Frontera (P) 2x 3 bedroom homes situated together. Total price €430,000

Spacious villa with private pool, masterbedroom en-suite with walk-in wardrobe plus two further double bedrooms. Extra large lounge, kitchen and family bathroom. Enclosed porch. 160sqm on 1,000m plot


Second house, 3 double bedrooms with 1 en-suite, plus family bathroom, lounge and kitchen/diner. 115sqm on 1,000sqm plot. Ideal family home with second home for income. Pool. Call Baywatch or Ken on 951242874

Pinar de Los Guisos/Rana Verde €339,950 (P)


Luxurious 5 double bedroom villa. 2 bathrooms and laundry room. Pool. Large fitted kitchen and lounge For more information Call Martin on 677 072 731

There is much more information, and many more photos relating to all of our properties on our website at

Follow the link to the property section.




A blonde gets a job as a teacher. She notices a boy in the field standing alone, while all the other kids are running around having fun. She takes pity on him and decides to speak to him. 'You ok?' she says. 'Yes.' he says. 'You can go and play with the other kids you know' she says. 'It's best I stay here.' he says. 'Why?' says the blonde. The boy says: "Because I'm the flippin’ goal keeper"

Treat your Toes this summer with Biosculpture Gel Nails

Summer is just around the corner and therefore out come the strappy sandles and comfortable flip flops...but what if your toe nails haven´t seen the light of day for a while? Well, why not try bio sculpture gel nails for your toes? Bio Sculpture Gel is a one component nail treatment that strengthens and promotes the growth of natural nails. Applied onto a prepared nail our product cures under a UVA light, leaving the nail strong but flexible with a natural glossy finish. Applied with a non-chip permanent polish, it is great for on the beach, in the sea and by the pool. Nails should last 4-6 weeks Lisa´s Nails are now offering a great deal with a full pedicure including the Bio gel nails treatment for just 30€ (not in conjunction with any other offer). Or Bio nails only for 20€. For more information or to book your appointment,

The Baywatch Group Can Now Offer Unique advertising opportunities for your business or services in: Magazine Print, Magazine Online, Website advertising and now on the Radio! We can provide individual services or package deals are also available. To discuss your advertising options, call us call Lisa on 697 354 130 on 856 101 803 or 697 552 936

Boost Your Business With Baywatch!


Luz Photographic Group

The Luz Photographic Group was formed last June(2009) in Chiclana by Les Rowe to help interested parties in developing their knowledge & skills relative to the taking, processing & presentation of photographs, whether they be film based or digitally captured. The group is open to all adults (beginners through to experienced) with such interests. Meetings are held weekly, currently Tuesday mornings, local to Chiclana, but incorporate organised visits to places of interest for the purposes of taking pictures under Les’ guidance e.g Chiclana Markets, Cadiz, Jerez, Sancti Petri Port, Medina Sidonia, Roche etc. To date there has been no requirement for any fees to be paid. We car share & buy our own coffees when out and about! We have also undertaken table top, macro & studio portraiture sessions plus lessons on mounting and presenting pictures. Members are encouraged to share their pictures within the group & put them up for critical analysis to aid the process of improvement. A recent development has been the introduction of an ‘internal’ theme competition as a means of promoting new picture taking. The February theme was ‘Movement’ which drew 13 entries from 7 members, Les judging that Jackie Chalmer’s picture of Maisie being worthy of top marks. (See photograph top right) Bottom right photo courtesy of Jenny Bloom. Prior to moving to Spain, Les was the chairman of a well run camera club in the South of England and was a visiting judge to Surrey Photographic Shows Federation member clubs, providing commentary whilst marking club and inter-club competitions. With over 30 years of experience Les has covered most areas of photography and used all types of cameras and associated equipment and is keen to help others get the most from theirs. For more in-

formation please contact Les Rowe on 627126388 Or Email


MotoGP in Jerez May 2010

MotoGP is the world’s premier motorcycling championship, with a season of 18 Grand Prix in 14 countries bringing together the world’s top motorcycle manufacturers such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Ducati, Kawasaki, Aprilia and KTM - plus an elite crop of riders from every corner of the globe.


The current MotoGP World Champion is Italian Fiat Yamaha superstar Valentino Rossi (pictured right) who returned to the pinnacle with his seventh premier class title in true style in 2009. The championship saw Australian Casey Stoner of the Ducati Marlboro team, who sensationally won the 2007 Valentino Rossi title in just his second season in the premier class – finish runner-up behind Fiat YaRossi. Every year the MotoGP takes over the Circuito De Jerez which maha Team becomes filled with the hype and excitement connected with all motor sports

Friday, 30 April 2010 Final Practice 1 (FP1)

125 FP 1

12:40 - 13:40

MotoGP FP1 13:55 - 14:55

Moto2 FP1 15:10 - 16:10

Saturday, 01 May 2010 Final Practice 2 (FP2)

Sunday, 02 May 2010

Warm Ups 08:40 - 09:00 125 FP2 09:00 - 09:40 125 Warm Up MotoGP FP2 09:55 - 10:55 Moto2 Warm Up 09:10 - 09:30 Moto2 FP2 11:10 - 12:10 MotoGP Warm Up 09:40Qualifying Practice (QP) 10:00 Races 125 QP 13:00 - 13:40 11:00 MotoGP QP 13:55 - 14:55 125 RACE 12:15 Moto2 QP 15:10 - 15:55 Moto2 RACE MotoGP RACE 14:00

Jerez Race Circuit - Aerial View


The Riders /Los Motoristas 5


Andrea Dovizioso

Repsol Honda Team

Colin Edwards


Randy De Puniet LCR Honda MotoGP


Marco Melandri San Carlo Honda Gresini


Marco Simoncelli

San Carlo Honda Gresini

Yamaha Tech 3


Alvaro Bautista

Rizla Suzuki MotoGP


Mika Kallio

Pramac Racing


Loris Capirossi

Rizla Suzuki MotoGP



Hiroshi Aoyama

Interwetten Honda MotoGP Team


Dani Pedrosa

Repsol Team Honda


Hector Barbera Aspar Ducati


Nicky Hayden Ducati Marlboro

Ben Spires

Yamaha Tech 3


Casey Stoner

Ducati Marlboro Team


Aleix Espargaro Pramac Racing


Jorge Lorenzo Fiat Yamaha

The Circuits Calendar/Calendario 2010

11th April/Abril - Losail, Qatar 25th April/Abril - Motegi, Japan 2nd May/Mayo - Jerez, Spain 23rd May/Mayo - Le Mans, France 6th June/Junio - Mugello, Italy 20th June/Junio - Silverstone, UK 26th June/Junio - Assen, Netherlands 4th July/Julio - Circuito de Catalunya 18th July/Julio - Sachsenring, Germany


25th July/Julio - Laguna Seca, United States 15th August/Agosto - Brno, Czech 29th August/Agosto - Indianapolis, USA 5th September/Septiembre - Misano, San Marino 19th September/Septiembre - Hungary 10th October/Octubre - Sepang, Malaysia 17th October/Octubre - Phillip Island, Australia 31st October/Octubre - Estoril, Portugal 7th November/Noviembre - Valencia, Spain

Grand Prix Weekends

On a Grand Prix weekend there are three individual races, one for each of MotoGP’s three categories:

MotoGP – the ultimate test for the finest talents in motorcycle racing, in which maximum engine displacement capacity is now the aforementioned 800cc (four-stroke engines) and the minimum age for riders is 18. 250 – the intermediate category where maximum engine displacement capacity is 250cc (twin cylinder engines) and the minimum age for riders is 16.

Jerez Circuit Information:

125 – the class which offers young riders the chance to take their first step into Grand Prix, where maximum engine displacement capacity is 125cc (single cylinder engines), the maximum age for riders is 28 (or 25 years of age for wild-card riders or for newly contracted riders participating in a 125cc race for the first time) and the minimum age is 15 years old.

Circuit records: MotoGP: 1’39.818, V. Rossi ’09, Yamaha 250cc: 1’43.338, A. Bautista ’09, Aprilia 125cc: 1’47.057, J. Simon ’09, Aprilia 2009 winners: MotoGP: V. Rossi (ITA), Yamaha 250cc: H. Aoyama (JPN), Honda 125cc: B. Smith (GBR), Aprilia

To get to Jerez Circuit: Take National Road N-IV direction to Jerez. After 2 km take the road signposted “Sevilla”. Drive along and follow signposts that indicate “Circuito”, which will lead you onto the Andalusian Road A-382.

For more information and to buy tickets, see the official MotoGP website:


Gran Premio de España Jerez 2010

El MotoGP es el campeonato más importante de motociclismo del mundo, y cada temporada consta de 18 Grandes Premios celebrados en 14 países diferentes y que reúne a los mejores fabricantes de motos como Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Ducati, Kawasaki, Aprilia y KTM, además de una élite de motoristas procedentes de todo el mundo. El vigente campeón del MotoGP es Valentino Rossi, la estrella italiana del equipo Fiat Yamaha (imagen de la derecha) que volvió a la cima con su séptimo título en la categoría reina en 2009. En ese campeonato, el australiano Casey Stoner del equipo Ducati Marlboro, que ganó de manera sensacional en el 2007 en su segunda temporada en la categoría reina, acabo segundo por detrás de Rossi. Todos los años, el MotoGP toma el control del Circuito de Jerez con el alboroto y las emociones que todos los deportes de

motor conllevan.

Los Fines de Semana de los Grandes Premios En el fin de semana de un Gran Premio se celebran tres carreras diferentes, cada una de ellas correspondiente a una de las tres categorías del MotoGP:

MotoGP – el mayor reto para los mejores talentos del motociclismo, donde la mayor cilindrada permitida es 800cc (motor de cuatro tiempos) y la edad mínima para competir es de 18 años. 250 – es la categoría intermedia donde la mayor cilindrada permitida es 250cc (motores de dos cilindros) y la edad mínima para competir es de 16 años.

125 – es la categoría que ofrece a los motoristas más jóvenes la oportunidad de hacer sus primeros pinitos en los Grandes Premios, donde la mayor cilindrada permitida es 125cc (motores de un cilindro), la edad máxima para competir es de 28 años (o de 25 para aquellos motoristas invitados o recientemente contratados y que participan por primera vez en una carrera de 125cc) y la edad mínima es de 15 años.

46 Valentino Rossi Fiat Yamaha Team

Información del Circuito de Jerez

Historial del Circuito MotoGP 1’39.818, V. Rossi ’09, Yamaha 250cc 1’43.338, A. Bautista ’09, Aprilia 125cc 1’47.057, J. Simon ’09, Aprilia Ganadores en 2009 MotoGP V. Rossi (ITA), Yamaha 250cc H. Aoyama (JPN), Honda 125cc B. Smith (GBR), Aprilia

Cómo llegar al Circuito de Jerez: Tome la N-IV dirección Jerez. Pasados 2 km tome la carretera indicada como “Sevilla”. Siga por esta carretera hasta que vea las señales del “Circuito”, que le llevarán a la carretera regional A-382.


Hi everyone. Here are the latest updates on our Chifra activities.

Integration & Spanish Classes: We’re over half way through our 12 week Spanish classes and all signs are that everyone is enjoying them and improving their Spanish. We are working on a plan which will let us continue for another 10 week session to take us up to summer. Then, if the membership wants to continue, we will work on starting up again in September. A positive consequence of the Spanish classes is the integration of our community with our Spanish neighbours at the Centro del Dia de Mayores (the day centre for those of us with a few more years under our belt). A number of our students have joined the centre and are partaking of some of their many activities. Membership of the centre is free and their activities are many, including a variety of trips within and outside of Spain.

Housing & Legalisation: AGB - As you may already know, despite the many concerns that were raised, the Chiclana AGB was approved on March 12th in an extended council meeting. We have already been in contact with the council to inform our members what to do next; and will shortly be holding a special meeting. Please check our web page at White/Green Land - Chifra has been working hard on behalf of our members to help more people become legalised, or at least have their electricity re-connected. I’ve had several meetings regarding the "new-new AGB" which should be modified and released for public consumption in the near future and supersede the current AGB in less than two years. The council have promised me that it will include several areas that were left out the last time round. So some areas that are classified as white/green could now be in with a chance! I have seen sketches and approximations of how it may look. It seems better than the original and includes reduced costs and the ability to pay a monthly amount instead of all of it at one time. To most of us it’s still not perfect, but in my opinion it is palatable, and certainly much better than losing a large number of houses. Membership: Since starting our 2010 membership drive we added over a hundred new members, and have 330 currently. We are adding more each week. Keep up the pressure; remember, the more voices we have the louder we make our points to the Ayuntamiento, and the stronger we are as a group. Also keep in mind that the cost of membership is zero this year. So please keep encouraging your neighbors and friends to join usZwe’re learning and getting better all the time!

Age Concern: We had a great presentation by Age Concern at the Teatro Moderno, that was attended by over a hundred people. We have found a couple people who are interested in getting involved and helping set up an operation in Chiclana, but the more the merrier. Anyone interested can contact Yvonne Ferrier at You can expect to hear more on this soon.

It finally Looks like "Spring is in the air"! Best wishes, Roger Alan Holmes - President ChiFRA

NB: The CHIFRA Events Committee is looking for live entertainment for their local social events. We require solo artists, groups, bands, DJs & cabaret acts. Please contact Jan King 625 205 655. Many thanks.


“Whats On” in and around The Cádiz Province April and May 2010

Semana Santa Semana Santa is Easter Week all over Spain and it is celebrated in many towns and cities across the region with dramatic street parades based on The Passion of Christ. This year it starts on Sunday 28th March to Sunday 4th April, and don’t forget the 1st and 2nd of April are holidays in Spain, so enjoy the long weekend!

The following areas celebrate Semana Santa from 28th March to 4th April 2010 Barbate, Cadiz, Conil de la Frontera: (Starts Monday 29th March – 4th April) Chiclana de la Frontera, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Jerez de la Frontera, Medina Sidona, San Fernando (Starts Monday 29th March – 4th April), Tarifa, Vejer de la Frontera (Starts Monday 29th March – 4th April)

Other Local Events:

Friday 14th April – 18th April: Spring fair in Vejer de la Frontera. Celebration of spring with flamenco atmosphere and amusement park games and attractions

Thursday 22nd - 25th April - Mamma Mia! The musical live at the Teatro Villamarta, Calle Romero Martínez, 11402 Jerez tel; 956 14 96 85. For more information see the website or to buy tickets online go to: Friday 23rd April - Saint George´s Day - Patron Saint of England

Thursday 29th April - 2nd May - Mamma Mia! The musical live at the Gran Teatro Falla, Plaza Fr gela, 11003 Cadiz, tel; 956 22 08 94. For more information see the website or to buy tickets online go to: Friday 30th April - Sunday 2nd May – MotoGP in Jerez. The pinnacle of motorbike racing at the Jerez circuit. Main race held on Sunday 2nd May at 2pm. For more information please see the article in this edition of Baywatch Saturday 1st May -3rd May: Festival of the May Crosses in Tarifa. A magnificent display of floral crosses in the main square where locals and visitors crowd around enjoying drinks and tapas Sunday 2nd May: Festival of the May Crosses in Conil de la Frontera (see above for details)

Sunday 2nd May: Mother´s Day in Spain

Sunday 2nd – 9th May: Horse fair in Jerez. Firework displays, marquees and impressive parades, daily attractions and shows by many horsemen and women, with typical Spanish dress and music. Well worth a visit.

Thursday 13th – 17th May Spring Fair and Festival of Fine Wine in El Puerto de Santa Maria. Local celebrations stemming from ancestral welcoming of the Earths fruits in springtime.

Friday 14th – 16th May: Romeria in honour of San Isidro (San José de Malcocinado) in Medina Sidona

Friday 21st May – 29th May: Festival of African Cinema in Tarifa. For more information see their website at

Has Your House Suffered with Damp? Helpful hints from Graham´s Upholstery!


About this time of year when you look around your house thoughts of spring cleaning come to mind. This winter has been especially cold and wet (understatement), and many properties have suffered considerably. Roofs have leaked, flooding has occurred and condensation has formed in many places. We have found the most useful piece of equipment to be the dehumidifier.

Blackened walls/paintwork need to be cleaned using a bleach based product to kill the mould spores and thoroughly dried before repainting if necessary.

The best way to clean your rugs, sofas, floors etc. is by the hot water extraction method, using a biodegradable chemical that sanitizes as well as cleaning and does not leave a sticky residue. Grahams Upholstery Cleaning uses this method and he will happily give advice or a no obligation quote if you give him a call on 667 299 471


I've sure got old! I've had two bypass surgeries, a hip replacement, new knees, fought prostate cancer but got diabetes. I'm half blind and can't hear anything quieter than a jet engine. I take 40 different medications that make me dizzy, winded, and subject to blackouts. I have bouts with dementia, poor circulation and can hardly feel my hands and feet any-more. Can't remember if I'm 89 or 98. Have lost all my friends. But, thank God, I still have my driver's licence!

Golf Tips by Don Ross “DON’T GRIP THE GRIP”

Don Ross FeelGolf School is based at Sherry Golf Club, Jerez. See for further details


In all the years that I have taught golf I have never seen a bad grip. I don’t think that Golf Pride or any other grip manufacturer would sell bad grips. If they did they’d be out of business! I will now show you how to ‘hold’ the grip and not ‘grip’ the ‘grip’.

The size of an object determines how you hold it. A football is large taking your whole hand to hold it. A cricket ball being smaller is positioned more in the fingers than the hand. A tennis ball being smaller is more in the fingers and less in the palm. A golf ball being smaller still will sit only in your fingers. The same applies to holding the grip of any sporting equipment. A golf grip is the thinnest of any sporting equipment that you will ever use, unless you call darts a sport and not a drinking hobby!

How often when you buy a new glove from the pro shop and go to the range to practice do you find a hole appearing in the area of the black dot of the glove shown? This is because you are holding the grip of the glove in the wrong place. You probably think that you are letting go, so you hold tighter and after another 20 balls get a pain in your left elbow. This used to be called tennis elbow, today it´s called golf elbow! The majority of golfers place the grip of the club along this red line and I´m sorry to say it is the wrong place. Because the end of the grip is now covering the black dot, hence the hole. (Same black dot, red line added from the first knuckle joint of the index finger, through to the heel of the hand.)

Same black dot, same red line only green line added. The grip of the club sits on the finger side of the green line. When you close your left hand down you will now see that the black dot is not in contact with the grip, hence no hole.

Then adding the right hand to the grip is simple. Hold a golf ball with your thumb and index finger, (in the position you would throw the ball) alongside the grip and then drop the ball and place your fingers around the grip in a similar position as shown by the image here. You will now notice that the green thumb line has disappeared. It is under the lifeline below your thumb. Remember when placing your right hand on the grip to pull it up towards your left to make the thumb line disappear and not wrap the right hand round the grip. Holding Fingers and feeling fingers: The first three fingers of your left hand hold the grip with a little pressure. Pinkie, ring and middle fingers. Thumb and idex are only for feeling; you exert no pressure on them at all. When applying your right hand to the grip holding fingers are your middle and ring fingers again your thumb and index inger are only for feeling. The thumb pad and index finger tip must be on the grip. I have seen many articles on the grip where the author has lost the plot by explaining that the right thumb pad and index finger should touch. I once saw this explained with the aid of a football lacing needle being held between the index tip and thumb pad. This allows you to feel the lacing needle. If your thumb pad and index fingers are not touching the grip how can you feel the club head, the most important feeling in golf.

It is not important with which connection you use, the interlocking, the overlapping or the baseball as long as you can feel the clubhead weight in your right hand. You now have a good hand position on a good Grip! I have seen good golfer holding the grip badly, bad golfers holding the grip badly but have never seen a good hand connection play badly. All levels of players can hit bad shots but good hands make good players. Your hands are your lifeline in golf, place them well on the grip and you will give yourself all of the chances to improve your golf. NEXT ISSUE: Gorilla Shoulders and a Duck’s Ass - POSTURE


Having Trouble Tuning in Your TV after the storms? Here are some Freesat and Sky Veiwing Tips By Steve Harris, Electrician

As most Feesat sky viewers know by now the old blue sky viewing cards have been turned off and need replacing if you want to watch channel 108, sky 3,channel 174 five usa and channel 176 fiver you will need a new white sky card.If you have family or friends still living in the UK they can order up to 5 freesat from sky cards at any one address without causing suspicion from sky tv. It is best to get the new card activated first in the UK and the card will then work out here in any sky box if this is not possible then you will need a UK mobile with some credit on it, as the call can take up to 15 mins, or you can use a skype phone via a computer either will work enabling you to activate your new card.You can still get channel 5 on other channels by adding channel 5 to your other channels section in the memory of the sky box. There have been a lot of requests to re print the frequencies and details of the various ITV regions that are available to sky viewers via other channels. If you experience signal problems following strong winds or during rain/bad weather it is advisable to tune to one of the following ITV regions;





Don,t forget that the strongest signal for BBC 1 is found on channel 974 BBC1 LONDON,971 BBC1 SCOTLAND and 972 BBC1 WALES changing to these channels will improve you chances of a better signal during poor weather.Once these start to break up you will only find that channel 501 sky news after this goes then forget tv its torrential rain.If you find that you satellite system breaks up in light rain then you may have an alignment problem ,LNB fault,cable fault or just a low gain sky box. Still the best sky box for this area is without doubt the PACE ds430n or the earlier model the PACE 2600 both these boxes have a high gain tuner and can still be bought via EBAY or second hand via the UK. The recent bad weather has highlighted a few problems with cable degradation allowing water to travel inside the cable and eventually terminally damage the sky box.If your system is 4-5 years old it maybe time top rewire it as the extreme weather here will eventually damage external cables here SO CHECK YOUR SKY CABLES PLEASE! TDT (terrestrial digital tv) Local TV news as most people will be aware by now Spain is going digital with its terrestrial television transmission.Most spanish antennas are suitable for recieving the new TDT (spanish for our UK freeview) signals however you will need either a modern LCD/PLASMA tv or at least a TDT set top box to get the 30 odd digital channels. It is then possible to watch Spanish tv and change the language of some programmes and most films and have an English sound track too. For further free information do not hesitate to contact Steve for more individual advice on 679195027

Rachel Williams finishes the Seville Marathon in 4 hours and 1 minute!


As you may have seen in the last edition of The Baywatch Magazine (Feb/March 2010) we reported that Rachel Williams was due to run the Seville Marathon to raise money for Cancer Reseach UK. We are now pleased to inform you that Rachel finished the 26.1mile run in 4 hours and 1 minute! A huge achievement for Rachel and a great cause. With the help and support of family, friends and Baywatch readers, Rachel was able to raise a massive ÂŁ661 (total donanations at time of going to press) for Cancer Research UK. This is well over her target of ÂŁ500, so well done to Rachel and a huge thank you to all those who donated.

If you have a local news story or a special event or achievement you would like to share with the readers of Baywatch, please contact one of our team with the details on 856 101 803 or 697 552 936 or at



Baywatch Restaurant Guide

A brief description of your favourite local restaurant plus check out any special deals they may have to offer! Price Per Head Above €20

Opening Hours Restaurant Description In the commercial centre Bellamar, opposite the public pine park in El Castillo La Barrosa, owners Santi and Viki offer traditional Spanish cuisine, Open (Playa de specialising in fresh fish from the bay, a wide range of tapas and Everyday La Iberian meats. El Castillo is ideally placed in a busy commercial Barrosa) centre and also offers itself to parties and celebrations. 627 472 585 International cuisine, idyllic peaceful surroundings and good quality Sat 1pm-4pm & La Patria food. Average 3 courses €30 including wine. Varied A la Carte menu. 8pm-11pm (near La Weekend Buffets Now Available, 16€ per person. Only fresh produce Sundays and Muela) used. Children’s portions and extensive wine list available, with Bank Holidays 1pm-4pm traditional sherries from the region. Tel: 956 448 463

Dr Pedro Velez road, by the Oxford college, Chiclana centre. International cuisine, diverse menu, steaks a house speciality. Average 3 course meal €30 including wine. Booking for weekend essential. Free drink after your meal with this Baywatch! Tel: 956 538 084 On the road towards Conil, opposite Hostal Berpi. Chef from the La Cazuela Canaries serves typical Canarian food in a pleasant atmosphere. Average 3 course meal €20-25 with wine, menu del dia available for Los Duques €9.90 Free brandy or liquor after your meal with this copy of Baywatch! Tel:637 564 202 Old coast road N-340 towards Algeciras) and take exit for La Muela. The Hotel Creative Mediterranean and Asian style menu. Average 3 course Sindhura meal €25 without wine. Weekend lunch a la carte at €21 without (La Muela) wine. Sat curry and dessert €13.50. Views overlooking the countryside of La Muela & Vejer. English spoken. Tel: 956 448 568 Los Candiles Central Chiclana

Price Per Head Below €20

Open evenings and lunchtimes Closed Mondays

Open Midday - 4pm Evenings 8pm Closed Thursdays Restaurant Open 7 nights a week for dinner. Lunch at weekends only

Central Pago del Humo. Well presented, good varied venta menu, Casa Blas specialises in local meat dishes. Congenial atmosphere, good mix Open All Day Everyday (Venta la of English and Spanish. Average 3 course meal with wine €15-20, Sor- menu del dia (Mon to Fri) €7.50 with a drink. presa) Tel: 956 239 019 or 627 418 418 Rincon Canaries Central Plaza Chiclana

Conveniently placed in new market complex, owned and run by Canarian chef Benny and his wife. English spoken. Traditional Open all day Canarian food, menu del dia only €5 for 3 courses plus bread and a 8am ´til Midnight drink. Freshly cooked English breakfast served daily only €3.50 Three course evening menu also available for €12 Tel: 956 532 843 Avda de Los Descubrimentos, Central Chiclana. Chinese buffet. Wide Open every The Wok range of raw meat, fish & veg, cooked to your liking, plus range of sauces. day Chiclana €10.95 adults lunch(€5.50 children) and evening €12.95 adults (€5.50 Midday-4pm children) Free after dinner drink with Baywatch! Tel: 956 533 371 7.30pm-12



BAYWATCH RECOMMEND Valentine´s Day Meal at La Patria Julia and Colin from the Baywatch team had a very pleasant evening on St Valentine’s night at the charming and popular Restaurant Patria, La Muela. It was a special four course set menu of curried mussel soup, tuna and foie gras, duck breast with yucca rosti and scrumptious chocolate tea tart with Pedro Ximenez. All the courses had lots of other lovely flavours tucked in and all cooked to perfection. The atmosphere was congenial, the lights soft, the music sweet and with lots of romantic touches. The service was spot on, plus the price right for that special evening out, top marks. Thank you


Pet Page

Tips on Introducing a New Dog into your Family Home


If you are thinking of helping out the local animal charities by introducing a new, stray dog into your home, either in a permanent or foster situation, it is important to remember a few tips to ensure both you and your dog live in harmony together. 1) Preparing your home: When your dog arrives at your house you should leave it to explore its new surroundings but without leaving it alone too long. You should choose a warm and quiet place, without distraction, for your new dog to sleep

2) Getting to Know the Family The members of the family should be introduced to your new dog one by one but they should be sitting in front of the dog to make it feel secure.

3) Feeding Time A new dog in the household needs its own food bowl and a separate bowl for the water. When choosing food for your new dog it is wise to choose the most complete and healthiest mix. It is not advisable to give your new dog food from your plate or any sorts of bones as these can do them serious harm.

4) Keeping your Dog Clean It is essential that young animals get brushed regularly to get rid of all the dead hair and dirt. This also stimulates their blood circulation and helps keep the fur shiny and glossy and also gets your dog accustomed to being petted by people.

5) Training your dog: the sooner the better One of the first things to teach your new dog is to recognise its name; a good way is to use the name when serving its food. It is also 7) Sterilization important to praise the dog when they have been Sterilization of your dog is a good idea as it will reduces the over population and abandonment good and done as they have been told. problem in local areas, it also reduces the aggressiveness as in 6) Learning to travel It is important for your dog to become accustomed general, animals tend to return from to travelling by car and also to the noises of the the vets more obedient and less street. Start with short journeys territorial after sterilization. It is also a good idea in the car, maybe 5-10 minutes, to talk to your vet about sterilization and animal until your dog iscomfortable and behaviour. sitting down for the duration of This information is guaranteed by the Dra. Guadalupe Mir贸 titular Prof. of Parasitology and Infectious the journey. Diseases of the Veterinary Faculty of the UCM


La Página de las Mascotas

Útiles consejos sobre cómo introducir un nuevo perro en tu hogar 1) Preparar el hogar Cuando tu perro llegue a casa debes dejar que explore el entorno sin dejarlo solo mucho rato. Debes escoger un lugar caliente, sin corriente y tranquilo para que pueda dormir 2) Conocer a la familia Los miembros de la familia podrán presentarse de uno en uno, pero tú deberás estar delante para que se sienta seguro

3) Alimentación El pienso es el alimento más completo y casi siempre el más saludable. No le des nunca ni comida de tu plato, ni huesos de ninguna clase, ya que pueden producirle graves consecuencias

4) La higiene de tu mascota el cepillado regular es esencial para los animales jóvenes puesto que elimina el pelo muerto y la suciedad; estimula la circulación sanguínea aportando brillo al pelaje y ayunda a que tu perro se acostumbre al trato con la gente

Loving Siamese Cat, Needs A New Home

5) El entrenamiento de tu mascota : cuanto Please can you help antes, mejor me??? Una de las primeras cosas que debes enseñar a tu cachorro es a que reconoza su nombre, As my owner is going utilizándolo por ejemplo cuando le sirvas la comida. back to England, I Es importante que le felicites cuando haga las am cosas bien looking for a new home. My name is 6) Empezando a viajar Es importante que tu perro se acostumbre a los ruidos de la calle paulatinamente y, sobre todo, a viajar en coche. Realiza trayectos cortos (5-10 minutos) y, poco a poco aumenta la duración hasta que se sienta cómodo

Koshka and I am a very handsome male Siamese cat. I am 18 months old, house trained, neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated. I am extremely loving and love being nursed. I am used to dogs, but will not mix with other cats. I hope you will help me and if you can, please.... Telephone: Lesley 956409437 or

7) Esterilización Thank You Es una forma efectiva de evitar la superpoblación y 646446989 el abandono. Además, ayuda a reducir la agresiviEsta información está avalada por la Dra. dad, ya que, generalmente, los animales esterilizaGuadalupe Miró Prof. titular de Parasitología y dos se vuelven más obedientes y menos

Enfermedades Infecciosas de la Facultad territoriales. Es importante pedir consejo al Baywatch 2010 Veterinaria de la UCM veterinario

New Animal Charity In Chiclana


A new animal charity is being established to rehome stray and abandoned dogs in the Chiclana area. The charity, called Happy End/Final Feliz, has grown from the work of Margarita Gloersen, who has been caring for lost animals for some years and now has more than a dozen dogs awaiting permanent homes.

Stray and abandoned animals, principally dogs, are a problem throughout the Chiclana area and especially around El Marquesado, which is one of the nearest rural areas to the city itself. The new charity is being managed by a group of British and Spanish volunteers. Their first priority is to find permanent homes for the dogs now in Margarita’s care, while the long-term aim is to establish an organization for receiving animals and settling them into temporary homes until new owners can be found.

To do this the group needs funds. One source of income is a car-boot sale held every Sunday between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. beside the Autoservicio Santa Ana and venta Casa Curro on the Carretera del Marquesado. Donations of items for sale are always welcome. Other fund-raising events, including a sponsored walk, are scheduled for the Spring.

Just as important, though, are people willing to provide foster homes for the dogs while permanent homes are found. This might mean caring for a dog for up to three months. The charity will pay for food and vets’ bills, and will only offer healthy dogs for fostering.

Details of the charity’s work can be found on its website and further details from

En Chiclana, Una Nueva Organización Benéfica para Animales

Se crea una nueva organización benéfica para dar viviendas a perros perdidos y abandonados en la zona de Chiclana. La organización, de nombre Happy End/Final Feliz, ha nacido del trabajo de Margarita Gloersen, que ha cuidado animales perdidos unos años y actualmente tiene más que doce perros que esperan viviendas permanentes. Animales perdidos y abandonados ofrecen un problema para la zona de Chiclana, especialmente cerca del Marquesado, que es la zona rural más cercana a la dicha ciudad. La dirección de la nueva organización es realizada por un grupo de voluntarios ingleses y españoles. Su primera prioridad es solicitar viviendas para los perros que ahora cuida Margarita. El objetivo a largo plazo es establecer una organización para recibir animales y darles casas de acogida hasta que se pueden hallar dueños nuevos. Con este propósito el grupo necesita dinero. Una fuente de dinero es el mercadillo que tiene lugar cada domingo de las 10 a las 14 delante del Autoservicio Santa Ana y venta Casa Curro, Carretera del Marquesado. Donativos de cosas para vender son siempre bienvenidos. Otros aconteciementos de fondos, que incluyen una caminata patrocinada, tendrán lugar en la primavera. Igualmente importantes son las personas que ofrecerán casas de acogida mientras se busca viviendas permanentes. Puede ser necesario cuidar un perro durante hasta tres meses. La organización paga comida y facturas veterinarias y ofrece solo perros sanos a las casas de acogida. Se puede encontrar detalles del trabajo de la organización en su sitio web


Animal Charity Event February 2010 Donations Gratefully Received

We are very pleased to report that the animal charity event held at the Venta la Sorpresa (casa Blas) on Saturday 20th February was a great success. There was a huge turn out filling the venta to the max and with entertainment by Kris Cody and Lee Dean along with a fantastic raffle organised by Helen Hardy of K9 Dog Grooming, what more could we ask for! A great time was had by all and the 3 animal charites Feliz Final, KIMBA and Hanni and Micheal´s dog re-homing group were thrilled to receive their donantions last month. In total Helen Hardy of K9 presenting the money to the well deserved charities. the event raised a wonderful 803€ (393€ from the raffle and 408€ from donations on the night). This money was split betAbove Micheal (dogs re-homing ween the charities and will go towards vets bills, food and group) and Concha (KIMBA) shelter for the hundreds of homeless animals in and around Below Jacky from Feliz Final. Chiclana. On behalf of these charities we would like to thank all those who came along to support the event as well as Helen Hardy and all those who helped organise it, and to Kris and Lee for the entertainment. Also a personal thank you from Helen and Kris to Lee Dean for helping out especially as Kris was a little under the weather that night - they would have struggled without him! We would also like to thank Blas and his staff for their efficiency, plus the donation that was given by Blas. A big thank you to everyone who donated raffle prizes and helped make it such a good collection to display! Lets look forward to the next event! Well Done Everyone!



Community News


If you have any community events you would like to advertise, or announcements you would like us to make, please call Baywatch on 856 101 803 or 697 552 936 or email us with the details at and we will happily broadcast them for you, free of charge.

CHICLANA WOMEN´S BREAKFAST CLUB Next meeting for breakfast at The Lemon Tree on Monday 5th April at 10.00. Guest speaker Florist Margo Stevens gives a talk on Flower Arranging and Monday 3rd May Allison, qualified Gemologist from Tesoro´s Jewellers, the theme is precious jewels and gemstones. Call Marie Brown on 956 534 443 or Sue Clark on 956 403 498 to book your breakfast. PARENT & TODDLER GROUP at the Lemon Tree 10.30 to 12.30 on the first and third Saturday of every month. Open to all children of pre-school age and their parents plus any would be mothers in the next 9 months! Organised by Nic Litchfield call 670 865 439 for further information. KEEP FIT PLAY NETBALL! Chiclana locally organised Ladies Netball Team, currently have 17 ladies who meet on a Sunday morning at 11 until 12.30 at Millagrosa (a house near the garden centre next to Venta Florin in Chiclana). Subs 2€. Any age, any ability! Just a lot of fun and giggling. Call Lisa on 697 354 130 for further details.

KEEP FIT PLAY TENNIS! Players meet at 11am – 1pm every Sunday morning at the Matchpoint Tennis Courts, Novo Sancti Petri. New players always welcome - all levels and abilities. Call Suzanne on 664 410 719 for further information

QUIZ NIGHTS every other Monday at Casa Alphonso, Rana Verde Camping, Chiclana. Good fun, cash prizes and raffle. Reasonably priced drinks and food available. Dates: 12th & 26th April and 10th & 24th May. New teams/players very welcome.

KIMBA CAR BOOT SALE Every Sunday 11am-3pm. New Venue - located in the heart of El Marquesado, at the Marquesado Neighbours' Association, past Venta Casa Curro and Venta El Rodeo. Very affordable tapas at the Association's bar. Nice ambiance, pony rides for the children. Excellent public buses both from Chiclana (line 230) and from Puerto Real. KIMBA are also pleased to say they have two new volunteers thanks to Baywatch! BROWNS BAR WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENTS includes Chicken Bingo every other Tuesday, mini quiz on a Wednesday and a free fun quiz on Sundays at 9pm, as well as a full range of sports available to watch on Sky TV and ESPN. See their ad on Page 36 for more details.

CHIFRA The Chiclana Foreign Residents’ Association (ChiFRA) next fund raising social event is a Dinner Dance on Friday 21st May 2010 at the Pico de Oro in Chiclana town. If their last doo is anything to go by, it will be extremely good value for money, the food will be good, the atmosphere terrific and an excellent time will be had! Emails will be sent to members giving all the details and full information will be on the ChiFRA web page in due course. So besides having a good time, make a note in your diary and support ChiFRA´s fund raising events.

NEW ANIMAL CHARITY FINAL FELIZ - Car Boot Sale held every Sunday between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. beside the Autoservicio Santa Ana and venta Casa Curro on the Carretera del Marquesado. Donations of items for sale are always welcome. WEEKEND KARAOKE AT BAR NEROS Every Friday and Saturday night join in the fun with karaoke at Neros Bar in La Barrosa, go on, give us a tune!


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