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136 26 / BAYOU HEALTH Focusing on Nutrition and Lifestyle Factors to Help You Achieve a Healthy Hormonal Balance

102 / FINDING BALANCE How Yoga Helped Donna Ponder Achieve Happiness, Success and a Little Bit of Calm in a Demanding World

40 / POSED FOR SUCCESS Vanelis Rivera Demonstates Yoga Sequences as a Guide to Unite with the Aspects of Yourself You Want to Radiate in 2019

124 / HERE’S TO HEALTH Eating Trends to Embrace and Avoid in 2019

60 / BAYOU EATS With the Desire to Bring More Authentic Thai Flavor to Northeast Louisiana, Owner Kohn Keomaly Established Basil Restaurant 80 / THE BEST BEAUTY PRODUCTS Local Experts Recommend These Products to Add to Your Beauty Regimen



164 / SINGING OUT TO THE BLACK WALL Frontwoman and Guitarist of Her Band, the Seratones, AJ Haynes Racks-Up an Impressive Vitae Over the Last Two Years

/ WINGS OF HOPE A P R I L 2 0 1 8176 Kimber Hanchey Has a Knack for

136 / REDEFINING AESTHETICS Dr. Janine Hopkins Created Her Own Skincare Line, RX and M.D. Minerals in an Effort to Provide Her Patients with Beneficial and Clean Products 142 / BAYOULIFE’S 2019 TOP DOCS Our Inaugural List of the Top People That Devote Their Talents to Make Our Community Healthy and Happy

Expressing Her Faith Through Paintings. Out of a Need to Help Raise Money for the Team Seth Foundation, Her Passion For The Arts Evolved 184 / POWER PLAYERS These Four Fitness Powerhouses Tell Us Their Secrets to Maintaining A Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle




the crew at BayouLife Magazine. It seems like this year flew by and the last three months were a whirlwind of events, work and changes. With a trip to Disney under our belts and weeks of non-stop work, I gained about eight pounds this month – so, a good diet and exercise plan will be at the top of this year’s resolutions. I’ve researched every diet on the market (not every diet, but a lot of them) and I’ve found that a good balance of healthy, clean eating and exercise works best for me. However, I will make another attempt at Whole30 this January before Mardi Gras season is in full effect. I’m not sure what else I will put on the to-do list, or if I will ever choose a “word of the year.” But, I will attempt to live my best life and spend more time this year with my family and friends. Health & Wellness is the theme of this month’s issue. The New Year marks a time for fresh beginnings and healthy living, and we’ve gathered information to help you on your quest to a healthier lifestyle. On pages 26-30, Shannon Dahlum talks about focusing on nutrition and lifestyle factors to help you achieve a healthy hormonal balance, rather than focusing simply on fat loss. On pages 40-43, Vanelis Rivera, our resident writer and yogi, takes us through a few basic and more advanced yoga poses to help get your heart pumping and your mind balanced. Heather Land, is a self-healer, both by choice and necessity. One of her staples is homemade bone broth, which she says “gives the satisfying aromatics of a meal and warms you from the inside out.” Find her article on page 112.

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PUBLISHER & OWNER Cassie Livingston As a former athlete, I have a great appreciation for people who maintain an active lifestyle. On pages 184-187, we talk to four fitness powerhouses who give us their secrets to maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We are proud to announce our innaugural Top Doctors issue. We sent over 1,200 letters to local medical professionals’ offices, and asked them who they would recommend in particular categories. We do know that this list is by no means an all-inclusive and encompassing list, and we do not recommend changing your medical provider because of this list. We are extremely lucky to have a large pool of medical professionals in Northeast Louisiana, and are thankful for all the amazing people that devote their talents to make our community healthy and happy. See our Top Doctors on pages 141. There are so many great articles in this month’s magazine. We hope you enjoy reading through the only locally-owned, home-delivered monthly publication in North Louisiana. Thank you for your continued support of local businesses.


Bullet Journaling, pg 20 photo by Kelly Moore Clark

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Washington Wine and Spirits Bringing in the New Year


E WANT TO START THE NEW YEAR OFF WITH a gigantic thank you to all of our customers for making 2018 such a fantastic year. We are kicking off 2019 with our Third Annual Winter and Whiskey Tasting, which will be held on Thursday, January 31st from 4:30-7:00 p.m. This event is a can’t miss for any whiskey lover, with over 60 stunning whiskies. You are sure to find some must haves for your collection. You never know when something great will be hitting the shelves at Washington Wine and Spirits. Let’s kick off the New Year with Whisky Advocate’s Top 20 list of 2018. Here are some of our favorite bottles: #1: Nikka from the Barrel-Arrived in May #2: Knob Creek Cask Strength Rye-Arrived in June #3: Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Heritage Barrel-Arrived in September #5: Crown Royal Noble Collection 13 year old Blender’s MashArrived in April #7: Laphroaig 10 year old Cask Strength-Continuously stocked #9: 1792 Bottled in Bond-Coming Soon, more below #10: Belle Meade Cask Strength Reserve-Arrived in November #11: Little Book-Arrived in April #14: High West Double Rye-Continuously stocked For more information, check out We are always searching for the next great whiskey. Here are some of our top picks from Whisky Advocate’s Top 20 picks of 2018. Here’s what we have had from the Top 20 over the course of the year, and gives you an idea of why you should shop regularly with us. We are very excited that the #9 whiskey of the year is 1792 Bottled in Bond, which happens to be our next barrel selection. If you are not familiar with store barrel picks here’s a small crash course: They are selected by the staff of the store, they come from the best rickhouses, and the barrels come from the top 1% of the distiller’s stock. These barrels take your favorite whiskies up another notch in flavor and quality. This particular barrel of 1792 Bottled in Bond was handpicked for us by the master distiller Danny Kahn himself, and we’ll have a select number of bottles signed by him personally. This will be a must have for any collection.


This past year, we were thankful to have hosted several incredible wine dinners with some great wineries, such as Duckhorn Vineyards, Silver Oak Vineyards and Paul Hobbs. This year, we will continue to put together these dinners and hope to see you there enjoying our great pairings. We have also hosted several meet and greets with world class winemakers, such as Brandon Allen (Slo Down Wines), Jeff Gafner (Saxon Brown) and Buck Milbrandt (Milbrandt Vineyards). It is an awesome experience talking with these winemakers and learning their philosophies, when it comes to their wines. They are happy to share their growing practices, barrel selection, blending and even the ideas behind the labels on the bottles. We look forward to meeting more great producers and hope to enjoy these events alongside you. Stop by and get your steaks, wine and spirits all in one stop! We proudly offer Doe’s Eat Place uncooked steaks to take home and put on the grill, or for your next trip to the hunting camp! 6 oz Filet - $9.75 10 oz Filet - $16.24 14 oz Bone-In Filet - $39.99 1.5 lb Bone In Strip - $20.99 20 oz Ribeye - $21.24 2 lb Bone In Ribeye - $35.98 1.5 lb T-Bone - $20.99 2 lb T-Bone - $27.98 2.5 lb Porterhouse - $39.98 3 lb Porterhouse - $47.97 2-5 lb Sirloin - $9.99/lb If you don’t want to miss out on any of our special events, in store tastings or special offers, please sign up for our email list and make sure to like us on Facebook. We are open Monday-Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. From outstanding barrel picks and dinners to incredible meet and greets with winemakers, we have had such an amazing time being your spirits guides since 2016, and we look forward to providing you the best service and selection for all of North Louisiana for years to come.


Embracing Your Well-being in the New Year It is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year for You BY BEATRICE TATEM, PH.D., LPC-S, NCC, ACS


T IS THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR FOR YOU, your mind, body and soul. Start the New Year off with a focus on self by taking care of your health and well-being. The New Year can be an exciting time, overflowing with the promise of fresh starts, new beginnings and positive change. Every year, in preparation for the New Year, many people make a mental promise to be healthier, happier and better. For many the New Year serves as an opportunity to recommit to their physical and mental health and over all well-being. Unfortunately, much of the talk of bringing change to ones life is short lived and peters out almost as soon as the changes are considered. In fact, research shows only one out of four will actually stick to his or her resolution or promise to self. This is attributed in part to the tendency to overlook the importance of ones overall wellness and therefore when setting resolutions fail to address well-being as an on-going lifestyle change for the better. A clear distinction is frequently made between “mind” and “body,” but when considering one’s mental health and physical health, the two should not be thought of as separate. We must be cognizant of the fact health includes our mind and body. There is the saying, “your mental health affects your physical health and your physical health impacts your mental health.“ As a practitioner and provider of mental health services I believe this saying to be true. Poor physical health can lead to an increased risk of developing mental health problems. Similarly, poor mental health can have a negative impact on physical health, leading to an increased risk of some conditions. When considering the psychological well-being of a client, it is my desire to work in concert with medical doctors treating the physical symptoms of a condition. It is critical to take the time to care for you, all of you, your mind, body and soul. Well-being is a personal state, which includes our mind and body. These aspects of who we are have great influence on the other ultimately affecting our sense of balance. Well-being is a dynamic process – amounting to a sustained feeling of harmony, purpose, energy, safety, sense of self and peace of mind. Start the New Year off making healthy decisions. Strive to be better, healthier and happier. Explore the various areas of your life and identify where in your life you need to find wellbeing for yourself. When considering the ways you can achieve more balance in your life, acknowledge the impact of your mental health on


your physical health…when we thrive in one area we tend to do well in another. Be mindful that changing is hard to do and although the change may be better in the long run, it may mean having to make adjustments. Sparkle and shine in the New Year, eat smarter, exercise regularly, reflect routinely, relax often, reach your goals and simply be. Sleep well and rest. It has been found that sleep helps boost our immune functioning and improves memory. Exercise and walk everyday. I am amongst the first to say I need to lose the 20 pounds I gained in 2018, and yet I find it easier each morning and each evening to take the elevator as opposed to the stairs. Like many I have been going to the gym all year and have yet to arrive and work out. Getting proper exercise is essential for physical health and weight management; it helps to improve our mood and sleep patterns. Avoid eating while on the phone, in front of a screen or when distracted. Instead, eat mindfully, watching your intake and savoring what you eat. Adopt an attitude of gratitude. Take time out daily to reflect on what you are grateful for. This daily mental check-in is a way to redirect and shift our perspective from the “what is not going right” to a shift in focus on “what is going right.” Reminding ourselves of the everyday positive aspects of our lives aids in creating a sense of balance and perspective that can enhance wellbeing. When addressing issues of the mind and body, add a little soul to it and consider the connectedness of the mind, body and soul. Taking care of your body and responding to emotions in a healthy way can create a wave-like effect of positive health throughout your life. Creating resolutions is easy; however, following through with them past the month of January is more challenging. Avoid fizzing out of the January momentum of resolution setting. Be realistic when setting goals, select reasonable and doable goals that can be incorporated in your life throughout the year. At Wellness Initiatives, LLC, we encourage everyone to take the initiative towards their wellness. Start the New Year off with the goal of taking care of your mental and physical health and make this your healthiest happiest year ever. Happy New Years! For more information about counseling services and outreach programming, contact Dr. Tatem at Wellness Initiatives, LLC 1900 North 18th Street, Suite 414, Monroe, La 71201, 318-410-1555 or at com.


Why Have a PCP? St. Francis Medical Group PCPs


O YOU CURRENTLY HAVE A PRIMARY CARE PROVIDER (PCP)? A doctor or nurse practitioner who knows your medical history and who you can call when the flu strikes or you come in contact with poison ivy? Your PCP is not just someone to call when you're not feeling your best. Instead, they serve as the gatekeeper of your health; someone who can not only get you feeling better, but help you stay healthier, longer. Why should you have a PCP? A PCP helps you navigate through the healthcare jungle. They can help you understand your health and health concerns, as well as screen for issues, such as high cholesterol and depression. Your PCP is someone who understands your health history and can help control chronic illnesses and monitor for new problems. How often should you see your PCP? In order to best manage your health, you should visit your PCP at least once a year, but did you know that some diagnoses call for more frequent visits? Controlled Hypertension – Every 6 months* Controlled Diabetes Hemoglobin A1C 7mg/dl < 7 – Every 3-6 months* Diabetes Hemoglobin A1C 7mg/dl > 7 – Every 3 months* High cholesterol – Every 12 months* Peripheral vascular disease – Every 6 months* Coronary artery disease – Every 6 months* Chronic kidney disease – Every 6 months* COPD/Asthma – Every 6 months* *Suggestions are only estimates. What screenings can a PCP provide? Your PCP can screen for many health concerns and help you understand those results. Some screenings include: • Arthritis • Cholesterol • Asthma • COPD • Depression • Blood pressure • Cancer screening measures • Diabetes What should patients expect from a PCP appointment? At your first appointment with a new PCP, your physician will usually perform a full physical exam and discuss your complete medical history. For men, a physical exam usually includes: • Height, weight, blood pressure, pulse and temperature measurement • General examination of eyes, ears, throat, lymph nodes, lungs, heart, abdomen, liver, spleen and neurologic function • For men under 40, a hernia check and testicular exam • For men over 40, a rectal exam For women, a physical exam usually includes: • Height, weight, blood pressure, pulse and temperature measurement • General examination of eyes, ears, throat, lymph nodes, lungs, heart, abdomen, liver, spleen and neurologic function Most importantly, your PCP should always provide time to talk and answer your questions. It’s never too late to establish a new PCP, and we are here to help. Visit and start your journey toward a healthier you. WWW.BAYOULIFEMAG.COM | JANUARY 2019 13

Alumni Spotlight ULM Alum: Dr. John Davis


GRADUATE OF NEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL IN 1986, JOHN A. Davis, M.D. knew he wanted to serve in the medical field. His leaning toward medicine is the reason he chose ULM, beacause of the university’s reputable pre-medicine and pre-dentistry programs were well-known throughout the state. The training and education he received as an undergraduate at ULM prepared John exceptionally well. The deans at LSU knew ULM students were ready for the challenges of medical school, and John feels grateful for his years at this institution. The challenging undergraduate curriculum, taught by devoted and caring professors helped stimulate student success. Beginning his journey in his hometown and eventually moving back to serve his hometown community was an unplanned privilege for Dr. John Davis. Dr. William Norris taught histology and embryology at ULM from 1965-1990. During John’s tenure, he remembers Norris being tough, yet fair. He covered dense material in incredible detail and was easy to listen to. John served as president of Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED), an honor fraternity for pre-med and pre-dental students, created by Norris. At a time when job shadowing was nonexistent, the medical professionals brought in by the fraternity showed future graduates around their offices and would talk to them about the reality of their futures in medicine. With one brother as a dentist, G. Michael Davis, D.D.S. and another as a doctor, Paul “Corky” Davis, M.D. also ULM alumni, John wasn’t quite sure which path he wanted to take, but his experience at ULM solidified his choice of medicine. Dr. Beverly Ricks taught human physiology, and was able to simplify difficult concepts. The courses taught by Norris and Ricks were the foundation of medical school, and John recalls his first year at LSU being primarily review thanks to the extensive preparation of ULM’s undergraduate program. Along with AED, John was a member of Phi Kappa Phi, a “selective honor society for all disciplines,” and Mortar Board. He played intramural football, basketball and softball with the Baptist Student Union (BSU) on campus. Athletic in high school, this love of activity and competition continued throughout medical school, residency and even into his career where John played with a church softball team. His involvement on campus, paired with a rigorous academic schedule, taught John to handle pressure, a skill definitely valuable during medical school and residency. He graduated ULM in 1990, then LSU Medical School in Shreveport in 1994, and completed his residency in radiology at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas in 1998. 14 JANUARY 2019 | WWW.BAYOULIFEMAG.COM

Although he was uncertain where his future might take him after training, when John learned of the opportunity to move back to his hometown, he jumped at the chance to become a member of Radiology Associates and has been working at St. Francis Medical Center ever since. His group also covers Monroe Surgical Hospital and Affinity Health Group. He is amazed at how much pathology this community and region has for its size, so his career is both challenging and fulfilling as a physician. With the extensive nature of specialists in Monroe, John is honored to work in this medical community. Serving the people in his hometown is both a pleasure and a blessing. His parents George and Barbara Davis still live locally. And he married his wife of twenty years, Dr. Kristi Davis, D.D.S. shortly before moving home. Kristi almost immediately began working as an associate professor in the dental hygiene department at ULM and is also an associate with Dr. Howard John, D.D.S. in Monroe. Kristi is originally from Texarkana, and the couple has two boys. Grant is 17 and attends Neville High School, and Garrett is 12 and goes to Grace Episcopal School. Dr. Davis acknowledges the impact ULM has had on his own life and the community he serves. Having an esteemed four-year institution that graduates many of our local healthcare professionals including: pharmacists, nurses, future doctors and dentists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, dental hygienists and medical technologists directly influences the size and scope of our medical community. And directly related to his field, ULM graduates outstanding Radiologic Technologists that Dr. Davis is proud to work with every day. We need more physicians with an aging population, and John is excited about the new Doctor of Osteopathy program coming to ULM. The broad institution of higher learning benefits Monroe and the surrounding areas, improving quality of life for its residents and investing in its future. The ULM Alumni Association reaches, connects and celebrates alumni and friends to build lifelong relationships, and commit to the university’s missions of academic freedom, scholarship, diversity, excellence, integrity and service. We represent alumni who honor the traditions of our university and who share a sense of achievement and pride. We create a network of professionals, establish scholarships and advocate for our University through community engagement. Members of the Alumni Association support countless initiatives, and annual memberships are just $35. To learn more or to become a member, please visit our new alumni network at

National Catholic Schools Week Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School • St. Frederick High School • Jesus the Good Shepherd Catholic School


T. FREDERICK HIGH SCHOOL, OUR Lady of Fatima School and Jesus the Good Shepherd School will celebrate National Catholic Schools Week from Sunday, January 27th through Saturday, February 2nd. Locally and nationally, Catholic school students will have the opportunity to participate in community service projects, spirit days, games, Masses and other activities to commemorate this annual celebration of Catholic schools. Locally, students from all three Catholic schools will participate in the Religion Scholars’ Bowl in Shreveport on Thursday, January 31st along with an All Catholic Schools’ Mass at St. Frederick’s Marsh Memorial Gym on Monday, January 28th at 9:30 a.m. All three local Catholic schools will host an open house in their respective schools during Catholic Schools Week. JGS School will host a pep rally and open house on Thursday, January 31st from 6 - 7:00 p.m., Our Lady of Fatima Open House will be on Thursday, January 31st at 6:00 p.m. and SFHS will host an open house on Tuesday, January 29th from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. These CSW events will highlight the value a Catholic education provides, as well as the importance of strong academics, moral development, self-discipline and respect for self and others. The theme for the 2019 National CSW is “Catholic Schools: Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed.” This year’s theme places emphasis on faith development, academic excellence and dedication to community service, which are all integral components of a Catholic school education. Catholic teaching is rooted in the belief that faith and charity go hand in hand. “And now abideth faith, hope, and charity, these three. But the greatest of these is charity” (1 Cor 13:13). It is our hope, collectively, that the


effort we put into the education of our students now will be evident throughout their lives and will forever lead them in a positive direction. Why choose a Catholic Education? High academic standards grounded in strong moral values and high graduation rates are reasons why Catholic schools and their graduates make a significant contribution to our society locally and nationally. Every Catholic student receives a faith-based, academically excellent education that forms them in mind, body and spirit. Also, Catholic education isn’t reserved solely for Catholic children of Catholic parents and upper income families. Of the nearly 2 million students enrolled in Catholic schools across our nation, approximately 18.4% (345,000) of those students are non-Catholic and 21% are racial minorities. Currently there are 61 publiclyfinanced programs across the U.S. assisting with financial resources that allow parents to exercise a choice in the school their child attends. Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School, serving grades Pre K4-6th, and Jesus the Good Shepherd Catholic School, serving grades Pre K3-6th, are primary feeder schools for St. Frederick High School. SFHS class of 2018 accumulated approximately $4 million in scholarships with an ACT composite score class average of 25, well above the national average of 21. The top 10% of the 2017/18 graduating class scored an average of 30 or higher on the ACT, with 100% of graduates qualifying for TOPS and graduating with an average of 30 dual enrollment hours. Senior classman, Julian Jones, was selected as a National Merit Scholar semi-finalist for 2018. All three local Catholic schools are active

participants in STEM education, using many STEM-based lesson plans in the classrooms and intermittently integrating the two primary schools using STEM projects and activities. There are a multitude of reasons to choose to send your children to a Catholic school; however, the National Catholic Educational Association has narrowed it down to the following reasons to choose Catholic schools: • We offer an education that combines Catholic Faith and teachings with academic excellence. • We partner with parents in the faith formation of their children. • We set high standards for student achievement and help them succeed. • We provide a balanced academic curriculum that integrates faith, culture and life. • We use technology effectively to enhance education. • We instill in students the value of service to others. • We teach children respect of self and others. • We emphasize moral development and selfdiscipline. • We prepare students to be productive citizens and future leaders. • We have a 99.3% high school graduation rate on the national level and a 100% graduation rate locally (SFHS). • We cultivate a faculty and staff who are dedicated, caring and effective. • We provide a safe and welcoming environment for all. Jesus the Good Shepherd School, Our Lady of Fatima School and St. Frederick High School invite prospective students and their families to visit each school to witness first-hand how these schools benefit each student and the Northeast Louisiana area.


Beers to Your Health! Surprising Health Benefits of Beer



HEN IT COMES TO ALCOHOL consumption (and just about everything), moderation is key. When consumed responsibly and in moderation, there are actually some surprising benefits hiding in your favorite brews. How’s that for good news? Decreases Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke Beer lowers inflammation, thinning blood and preventing clots which can block coronary arteries. Dark ales and stouts (Guinness and Flying Tiger Milk Stout, e.g.) are especially effective in this area. Small amounts of alcohol improve blood flow. Thanks to its ability to thin blood, it can also prevent clots in the heart, neck and brain, which significantly reduces the risk of ischaemic strokes, the most common type of stroke. Increases Good Cholesterol Moderate beer consumption leads to higher levels of high density lipoprotein (HDL), or good cholesterol. This good cholesterol helps remove low density lipoprotein (LDL), or bad cholesterol, and plaque buildup in arteries. Along with a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fish, and nuts, beer can be a part of your path to healthy cholesterol levels. Strengthens Your Bones Osteoporosis is a concern for most aging Americans, but especially for women. The good news is that beer contains dietary silicone, which supports bone health and development. Numerous studies have found that beer drinkers have increased bone density and are less likely to suffer from osteoporosis


than non drinkers. Boosts Nutrients Beer contains a host of nutrients that support overall health. Different beers boast different benefits, but since most are made with whole grains (wheat, maize, rice) and fruits and spices, you’re usually ingesting soluble fiber and even small amounts of iron, potassium, and magnesium. Bonus: magnesium is known to help insomnia and anxiety. Dogfish Head Seaquench Ale, awarded best low cal beer by Men’s Health Magazine two years running, has the added benefit of sea salt and black lime juice, giving it more electrolytes than Gatorade. Lowers Risk of Kidney Stones In addition to providing important nutrients, beer is over 90 percent water, an important part of the body’s defense against painful kidney stones. A study conducted in Finland found that drinking a bottle of beer each day can reduce the risk of kidney stones by up to 40 percent. The authors of the study observed that magnesium intake and beer consumption were inversely associated with risk of kidney stones. Improves Eye Health Beer is chock full of antioxidants. These antioxidants can actually help protect your eyes by preventing mitochondrial damage, which can cause cataracts in later life. Darker beers have more antioxidants than lighter beers. Darker ales and stouts may reduce the incidence of atherosclerosis and cataracts by as much as 50 percent.

Boosts Mental Health Tasting beer can trigger a release of dopamine in your brain, leaving you with a calmer, more relaxed feeling. A study conducted by the Indiana University School of Medicine found that the taste of beer alone, without any intoxicating effect from the alcohol, can elicit dopamine activity in the brain’s reward centers. Some studies also suggest that drinking beer can protect against neurodegenerative disease, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Minimizes Cancer Risk The use of hops in the brewing process produces a very important flavonoid compound called xanthohumol. This powerful antioxidant has been shown to potentially reduce cancer risk, specifically prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women. Studies even suggest that hops have potential for preventing menopausal hot flashes. Again, moderation is always the key when consuming any alcoholic beverage. But when consumed moderately, there can be numerous benefits to your overall health. So, raise a pint to your health! Be sure to like Choice Brands on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with local happenings and new product releases. In addition, you’ll find links to beer related articles, fun recipes, and much more! Find us at facebook. com/choicebrands,, and


Bullet Journal

MY JOURNEY INTO A CRAFT OF INSIGHT AND ORGANIZATION article by Cassie Livingston and photograph by Kelly Moore Clark

words listed, I still couldn't settle on one word that would help define my entire year. Maybe commitment should have been my election. We continued our class with the "wheel of life." This concept helps you consider each area of your life in turn and assess what's off balance. As such, it helps you to identify areas that need more attention. Sadly, I found that family and friends was an area that I had been neglecting. This wheel is centered in the front of my bullet journal now, and helps guide me to visioning the main areas that I need work on, so that I don't get out of balance. Don't get me wrong, while I believe in finding harmony and having good intentions to get myself centered, I have crashed and burned a few times this year, but have always found a way back with self-reflection. For me, my bullet journal is a notebook that accomodates a huge variety of planning schemes. It's a planner that is customized by me. From my daily tasks to my calender, meal planning to a weigh-loss tracker, my journal is full of personalized to-do lists, thoughts on paper and a brainstorming notepad. The bullet journal doesn't have to be perfect, you don't have to be a prodoodler to use it. It's about adaptability and accountability for me – the doodles are an added bonus. I do get a little jealous when I see people with a cup full of fun markers, a cup of coffee and two hours to spend relaxing with their journals. But, journaling does require a little "me" time, and is a great way to destress and get organized. If you are looking to start journaling in 2019 – here are some of my suggestions: 1. Start with a class. I could have watched YouTube videos, but hands-on learning was beneficial for a gal that has trouble staying focused. 2. Invest in a bullet journal. I've read that two of the best are Moleskine and Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks. They have durable covers and are easy to carry in a bag.


'm really not sure what prompted me to click on the link that Melanie Massey posted on Facebook last year. She was offering a class on bullet journaling and finding your "word of the year." I've never been a really crafty person. Don't get me wrong, I can craft...I just choose not to. It's easy for me to transfer those responsibilites to my right hand woman and craft queen, Melanie Moffett. But, on the occasion, I decided crafting for a night was what was on the docket. When I showed up, I took a seat beside Erin Love, the author


of our monthly column, Ask Erin. She was no stranger to a Mojoy class and had her materials neatly assembled in front of her, and a bottle of wine which she generously shared – and I more than needed. We started the class with a conversation about choosing your "word of the year." I eventually ordered One Word That Will Change Your Life by Dan Britton, Jimmy Page and Jon Gordon and read it from cover to cover in an attempt to choose my 'word.' I will admit that I never actually chose my word. Even after a follow-up call from Erin and a handout with suggested

3. Have fun with materials. I have a stash of washi tape, watercolors and colorful markers and pencils. Remember that bullet journaling doesn't have to be an art project to make it a successful endeavor. Have fun and find what system works best for you For a list of classes and retreats that Melanie offers at Mojoy, check out her website at Also, there are YouTube videos and Instagrams dedicated to helping you find your bullet journaling sweet spot.

REDEFINE “HAVING IT ALL” article by Laura W. Clark


ew Year’s Resolutions thrilled me as a child. I imagined January 1 as a reset button, a chance to accomplish everything. My resolutions changed over the years: filling my sticker album with Strawberry Shortcake in the 1980s, attending Lollapalooza and Lilith Fair in the 1990s, and moving to Minneapolis to pursue my journalism career in the early 2000s. Before I  gave birth to  my son Weston, I devoted most of my energy to my work. He changed everything. My New Year’s  resolutions  before his birth in January  of  2014 included this sentence: “Try to have it all.”   Striving to “have it all” has caused significant angst among women, including female celebrities who are frequently asked how they manage work and family. Actor Keira Knightley famously responded: “Are you going to ask all the men that question tonight?” I believe the question is usually innocent, but still, it induces guilt, especially in mothers. It is impossible to devote 100 percent of one’s life to  both  career and family,  yet  mothers are often subjected to unrealistic expectations.   I have experienced many challenges, but perhaps none greater than the first time I left my 10-month-old son at daycare. I can still hear him, in a confused tone, crying out: “Mama? Mama?” I quickly walked to my car, as the teacher instructed me to do. Then I cried driving to work. This pattern continued for at least three months. I did not want to leave him, but I also wanted to  succeed  in the professional world. One day, coming home from a successful photo shoot at a surgical hospital where I directed communications, I found three-year-old Weston crying. I asked him what was wrong, and he said:  “I just missed  you, Mama, and you weren’t here.”  My light mood dissipated as I looked into his big blue eyes and saw his tears.    I was fortunate when I gave birth to Weston. My boss let me work part-time from home during that first year, and we managed to arrange in-home care until he attended full-time daycare at 10 months old. Then I began researching the pros and cons of staying at home versus joining the workforce. I read hundreds of articles, and I asked friends about their choices and why they made them. One stay-at-home mother said to me: “I just couldn’t leave my baby. I couldn’t do it.” I remember thinking: “What does that say about me, that I can?”  This friend  decided to quit her full-time job and


work part-time from home. She made sacrifices, so she could feel at peace with her decision. She wrote to me, “I think balance is the biggest struggle of motherhood.” Our struggles are not unique. Becky Gillespie and Hollee Temple, authors of Good Enough is the New Perfect: Finding Success in Modern Motherhood, surveyed approximately 900 working moms born between 1965 and 1980, interviewing them  about sacrifices, victories, priorities and challenges as they tried to juggle work and family. The survey “overwhelmingly confirmed” that the “constant need to be the best at everything” was the most significant deterrent to balancing work and family.    The most successful women made conscious sacrifices; they did not attempt to conquer everything, because they understood they could not. These women learned to expect the best from themselves without needing to be the best always. Perhaps most importantly, they proactively chose their sacrifices and made ­­creative adjustments, allowing them to feel more content. They envisioned what their lives could be, and they tried not to make decisions based on fear or guilt.   Nearly 75 percent of women surveyed made changes to their professional lives to accommodate motherhood. A quarter took advantage of flexible scheduling with the same employer; almost a fifth switched to part-time work with the same employer; 15 percent accepted a new full-time job with more flexibility; 10 percent chose a part-time opportunity with a new employee; 10 percent started freelancing, and 11 percent started their own business. Eight percent quit their jobs to stay at home.    We can’t have it all, all of the time. We can treasure moments of joy, whether it be at work or at home. If I am with Weston, I try to stop thinking about my to-do list at work. And if I’m at the office, I try to reframe the nagging guilt that seeps into my workday. Lastly, I try not to compare myself to other mothers, which is tempting when observing their Pinterest-worthy classroom treats. (I’m more of a Little Debbie kind of Mom).   Please remember this: You are not alone as you navigate these decisions, and as my pediatrician once said, if you’re thinking about this struggle at all, you’re already a great mother, because you care. Laura W. Clark, owner of Vivian’s Voice, LLC, a communications consulting company, can be reached at


SHOULD YOU BE A V E G E TA R I A N ? by Erin Sharplin Love


remember the exact moment that I decided to begin my transition into a vegetarian lifestyle and willingly recall it, when I am asked why I don’t eat meat. As an animal-lover, I never associated the meat on my plate with the animal that had to die to put it there. Although I won’t recount the whole story here, let’s suffice it to say that one interaction with a cow immediately changed my heart and mind. On that day seventeen years ago, I stopped eating red meat. And, after only four years of no red meat, I quit all meat. My only exception is eating a little seafood. My mantra is “If it has a heartbeat and bleeds red blood,” I don’t eat it. So, I eat crawfish, shrimp, crab, etc. In the beginning, I did have a few cravings (pepperoni and Sonic coneys), but all I had to do was remember what I was eating, and the cravings passed. Plus, I found some AWESOME dupes for both pepperoni and hot dogs! All in all, though, I have never doubted nor regretted by decision to go vegetarian. I feel healthier, stronger and at peace with myself. Enough about me, though! Let’s see if becoming a vegetarian could be the right decision for you! Along with animal welfare, there are more reasons you may be considering it. Let’s delve into them a bit! Animal Welfare – On average you could be saving 100 to 500 animals a year by not consuming meat. Although life at the slaughterhouse and in factory farms SHOULD be talked about, I am extremely


sensitive to the subject and don’t want to subject myself to rehashing what I already know, so I will not be delving into that here. If you want to learn more, I urge you to watch the documentaries “Fork Over Knives” and/or “Food, Inc.” for more information. Health – Many studies show a direct association between plant-based diets and low mortality rates. Most of the differences are shown in the reduction of heart disease and cancer in vegetarian patients. Think about it...there is zero cholesterol in anything plant-based! Environmental – In addition to saving one animal life a day, vegetarians are estimated to save 20 pounds of CO2 emissions, 30 square feet of forest, 40 pounds of grain, and 1,100 gallons of water. In my opinion, we may be saving the planet!! Financial – A pound of beans costs approximately $1.75, whereas, a pound of beef costs approximately $3.75. Enough said. Is your interest peaked? Or are you bit skeptical still? If you are skeptical, I bet I know one of the questions you have – “But, where will I get my protein from?” Let me help! Do you still have reservations or questions? Here are a few that might be on your mind and my answers to each: 1. “Where will I eat?” In my experience, most restaurants will accommodate a vegetarian. I often order just side items at a steakhouse or ask to cut the meat in an entrée. I may get odd looks, but they never have a problem with leaving the meat off! 2. “Will others treat me differently?” I

have never been ostracized (at least not that I know of), because I don’t eat meat. Most often people are curious as to why I chose this lifestyle. 3. “Will I lose weight?” That is a definite possibility – IF YOU EAT CORRECTLY! You will not lose weight if you are eating only bread, pasta and candy, for instance. 4. “How will I cook for my family?” Let me let you in on a little secret –Neither my husband nor my children, are vegetarian! In fact, my husband is FAR from it. My kids were vegetarian while in my belly, but once they became interested in what Daddy was eating, I let them try it and make their own decision about what they want to eat. As they get older, I will explain to them the reasons I don’t eat meat, and they can make their own choice then, too. With that said, I don’t cook meat, except on a few occasions. If my husband wants meat, he cooks it, out of respect for me and my choices. I really don’t like to cook, and therefore, I search out recipes that are quick and easy! Needless to say, Pinterest has become my best friend! The above questions are some that I often get when others find out that I am vegetarian. If you happen to have any other questions, please feel free to email them to me! I am happy to help you make the transition into vegetarianism or simply address your curiosity – Furthermore, I would love to hear from anyone else who is already vegetarian! Let’s exchange tips and recipes!



article by SHANNON DAHLUM and photos by JAMIE DAHLUM

Stop cutting calories By focusing on nutrition and lifestyle factors to help you achieve a healthy hormonal balance, rather than focusing simply on fat loss, losing excess fat will seem almost effortless. A healthy, balanced body will naturally settle at a healthy weight.


he holidays are over which means the race is now on to shed those extra pounds gained. Gym memberships are exploding, and everyone is searching for the newest diet program that promises the fastest results. Most of the time, even if we do find a diet that helps us shed weight, the weight inevitably comes back. Or if we manage to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, we still can’t seem to tighten up our trouble spots, like those pesky love handles or that disproportionately large rear end. The reason this happens is because we’re focusing on entirely the wrong thing. Your body is always working to maintain balance. When something in your system gets out of balance, the body compensates. Take body temperature, for example. Your core body temperature is tightly regulated; if it gets either too high or too low, it can be extremely dangerous, and even deadly. When you’re cold, you shiver. Shivering is an involuntary reaction that helps raise your temperature. On the other hand, if you get hot, you sweat, which is how your body cools itself down. Just as sweating and shivering are symptoms of temperature imbalances, excess fat storage is a symptom of an underlying imbalance. By focusing simply on weight loss, you’re really just attempting to cover up a symptom. Without fixing the underlying cause, you won’t be successful in maintaining weight loss for long. If you’re sweating outside in 100 degree heat, you can continue wiping your brow with a towel, but you won’t actually stop sweating until you move inside, where the temperature is cooler. So what’s the underlying cause that’s creating the excess fat storage? Most of us understand that weight gain is a problem with energy balance; more calories are going in than are being burned. Sometimes, this can very well be the case. But this


oversimplified understanding of the very complex human body drives us to go on low calorie diets, which winds up leading to slower metabolisms and even more fat storage in the long run. So what’s the deal? How do you achieve a healthy internal balance that will lead to a healthy bodyweight? The answer is hormones. Fat storage is driven by hormones. Why were you able to effortlessly stay lean in high school, but once you hit middle age, the weight just started accumulating out of control? Hormones. Why is it that men tend to stay leaner in their lower bodies while women hold weight in their thighs? Hormones. By focusing on nutrition and lifestyle factors to help you achieve a healthy hormonal balance, rather than focusing

simply on fat loss, losing excess fat will seem almost effortless. A healthy, balanced body will naturally settle at a healthy weight.

Support Your Liver Before focusing on any particular hormone imbalance, it’s vital that you nourish your liver. Your liver is your body’s main detoxifying organ, but it’s also responsible for processing your hormones. With all the toxins you’re exposed to daily in your environment and from poor quality food, your liver is working overtime. It barely has any energy or time left for processing your hormones. An overworked, sluggish liver simply can’t help your body maintain healthy hormone levels effectively! The most important thing you can do to help your liver is to ease its burden.

Ditch synthetically frangranced candles and air fresheners for an essential oil diffuser

Minimize your toxic exposure as much as you can. While there’s no way to avoid toxins completely, you can make a big impact on what your liver has to deal with by minimizing the toxins in your own home. Replace harsh, chemical containing cleaning products with those that are natural and plant based. Ditch your synthetically fragranced candles and air fresheners, and start using an essential oil diffuser. Recycle your plastic food storage and drinking containers and use glass instead. Swap your chemical containing skincare products for natural ones that are free of artificial thickeners, binders and preservatives. Choose organic produce whenever you can and cut back as much as possible on processed foods, alcohol and refined sugar. Completely overhauling everything you currently use in your home is pretty

overwhelming, so don’t feel like it’s something you need to do all at once! Next time you finish your bottle of drugstore brand body lotion or laundry detergent, choose a safer product from Fiesta Nutrition Center, in Monroe, to replace it with. Just swap out one product at a time. Every change you make will make a difference in the amount of hormone-disrupting toxins you come into contact with. Along with minimizing the toxic burden your liver has to deal with, you also need to be sure you’re providing it with the nutrients it needs in order to do it’s job well. If you aren’t eating at least five (more is better!) vegetables and/or fruits each day, you aren’t doing enough for your liver. This is why it’s important to stop focusing simply on decreasing calories for fat loss, and instead, work on increasing nutrients to

optimize your body’s functioning. Fresh, organic fruits and veggies are very cleansing, especially greens, so aim to include them at every meal. Consider joining the Inglewood Farms CSA, which you can do at For His Temple Family Foods in West Monroe. You’ll receive a box of freshly harvested, local, organic produce every week from their farm in Alexandria! You can also pick up a hot lunch made with those organic ingredients while you’re at For His Temple, and a few more to stock your fridge with for later. At every meal, cover two thirds of your plate with veggies and/or fruit, the other third with a protein source, and add in a source of healthy fat. Veggies for breakfast can feel foreign, so I recommend a green smoothie full of liver supporting fruits and veggies. The fruit does a great job of masking the taste of the veggies. If you’d rather have something warm, try sautéed veggies with your eggs or a veggie omelet. If you need snacks during the day, stick with fresh fruit. It’s convenient and portable, and far more nutrient dense than the packaged snack foods on store shelves. Of course, they’re also free of the chemicals and additives that contribute to the burden on your liver. There are other simple ways to give your detoxification system an extra boost, too. Adding freshly squeezed lemon to your water is a good one! The peels of lemons contain even more detoxification support than the juice, so try sprinkling some lemon zest over salads or fish. Drink green tea regularly (matcha is especially detoxifying), or try an herbal tea for liver support, which will often include herbs, like dandelion and milk thistle. For many, just working on the steps above for supporting the liver is enough to achieve healthy weight loss and maintenance. But some find that while their overall weight is much healthier, they still have disproportionately large “trouble spots.” There may be areas of the body that seem like they just won’t budge. And while you’ve probably heard that it isn’t possible to target trouble spots, don’t give up hope! It’s true that you can’t target fat loss from one particular area through dieting and exercise, but these areas could be giving you clues about possible hormone imbalances. Working on these hormonal imbalances is how you can target those trouble spots! Let’s dive into a few of the most common hormonal trouble spots and actions you can take to help bring them back into balance… WWW.BAYOULIFEMAG.COM | JANUARY 2019 27

Insulin Resistance and Love Handles

Cortisol and Belly Bulge The standard American diet is loaded with refined carbohydrates and sugar. When you eat any form of carbs, your body breaks it down into glucose, which is the simplest form of sugar. The glucose enters your bloodstream, and any that isn’t immediately used as fuel gets picked up by insulin. Insulin’s job is to keep your blood sugar levels down, so it carries the excess glucose away, to be stored in other areas of the body. Insulin essentially knocks on the doors of these storage sites, and once the doors are opened, the insulin can carry the glucose inside. Imagine having an annoying neighbor who constantly knocked on your door and rang the doorbell. At first, you’d go to the door to see what he wanted. But after the thirty-fourth time, you’d probably start turning the lights off and hiding under the couch, hoping he’d assume you weren’t home. After a few days of not answering the door, your neighbor would begin to worry something had happened to you, so he’d enlist the help of some other neighbors. Then they’d all stand outside, banging on the door and calling your name. With Avoid: • All refined carbohydrates • All forms of added sugar • Refined oils, like canola oil, vegetable oil, and all other nut or seed oils

all that noise, you couldn’t ignore them anymore and finally wound up answering the door. This is what happens inside your body with overconsumption of refined carbs. Insulin is the annoying neighbor who is always knocking on the door at the glucose storage sites. The storage sites stop opening their doors, so more insulin comes to help out. Together, they can make a loud enough racket to get those doors opened. This is insulin resistance; it means your body has to release more insulin than normal to clear sugar from your bloodstream. The area of your body that tends to give a good clue about your level of insulin resistance is your love handles. If the sides of your waist seem to hold on to an amount of fat that’s disproportionate to the rest of your body, you may need to focus on recovering your insulin sensitivity. To do this, you’ll need to keep your insulin levels low for a period of time. This is done by avoiding refined carbs, and possibly limiting complex carbs for a period of time, as well.

Include: • Lots of veggies and fruit* • Sources of healthy fats, like fatty fish, avocado and raw nuts • 1 tablespoon of organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar in a glass of water 1-3 times daily (this is known to decrease fasting glucose levels)

• Consider supplementing with magnesium, zinc and fish oil (check with your healthcare provider first) • Depending on your level of insulin resistance, you may find that you need to limit your fruit intake to 2-3 daily servings or less, or stick with lower sugar varieties only, like berries.

Cortisol is one of your stress hormones, and chronic stress leads to chronically elevated cortisol. A disproportionately large amount of fat stored in the belly can indicate that you may have chronically high levels of cortisol. Not only that, but an increased waist circumference is also associated with an increased risk of heart attacks. There are two types of stress: mental/ emotional and physical. Mental stress is essentially anything that creates a feeling of not being in control. It’s important to remember that there is nothing physical that causes mental stress; it’s the way you react to a situation that creates the stress response. Your body is always working to maintain balance, and anything that throws off the balance is a physical stress. A certain amount of physical stress is good, because the process of recovering from that stress makes your body stronger and healthier. Take exercise, for example. Working out is a stress on your body, but the recovery process is how you get stronger. After being slightly

Lifestyle Factors That Improve Resistance: • Resistance training (studies show that insulin resistance begins in the lower body, so don’t skip leg day!) • High intensity interval training • Finish eating your last meal 2-3 hours before bed and wait at least 10 hours before

having your first meal the following day • Experiment with intermittent fasting, but only if elevated cortisol isn’t an issue for you (more on that next) • Practice stress management techniques, because stress elevates blood sugar, too!

injured from a heavy lifting session, your muscles heal, and with consistency, will come back just a bit stronger each time. Physical stress can be a positive stimulant for your body, but when it becomes greater than what your body can recover from, it’s detrimental. Some things that can contribute to physical stress is over eating or under eating, not enough or too much exercise, lack of sleep or nutrients, eating foods you’re sensitive or allergic to, stimulants like coffee or energy drinks, processed food and alcohol… the list could go on forever! Learning how to manage stress is vital, because when it gets out of control, it can be the catalyst that pulls your other hormones out of balance, too. Avoid: • Caffeine and other stimulants • Alcohol • Refined carbs and added sugar • Refined oils, like canola oil, vegetable oil and all other nut or seed oils • Long term low carb diets, which can elevate cortisol • Exercising for long durations (keep it under 45 minutes) • Eating on the run and overeating • Gluten and dairy, which are common sources of food sensitivities Include: • Lots of veggies and fruit, but restrict those high in sugar or starch (like dried fruit, bananas and potatoes) • High fiber complex carbs, like legumes and gluten free whole grains • Healthy sources of fat • A serving of protein at every meal • Consider taking a high quality fish oil supplement, and a multivitamin and mineral supplement (check with your healthcare provider first) • Try adding in an additional vitamin B complex supplement Lifestyle factors than can decrease cortisol: • Focus on consistent, easy movement, like long walks • Resistance training is beneficial, but rest between sets rather than moving as fast as you can • Limit cardio to short sessions of high intensity interval training 1-3 times per week (less than 20 minutes per session) • Go to bed by 10:30 every night and get at least 7 hours of sleep • Eat regularly and don’t skip meals • Meditation, yoga and/or breathing practices • Set aside time to do things you enjoy and spend time with people you love Several studies on the use of aromatherapy as a method for combating stress have been very promising. A 2012 study on 83 subjects with prehypertension or hypertension had part of the group inhale an essential oil blend (containing lavender, ylangylang, marjoram and neroli) over a 24 hour period. A placebo group inhaled an artificial fragrance for the same duration, and a control group did neither. The group inhaling the pure essential oils had significantly reduced daytime blood pressure and salivary cortisol levels in comparison with the placebo and control groups. Another study, done in 2015 on 41 women, found that being exposed to bergamot essential oil for only fifteen minutes significantly reduced cortisol levels. Similarly, a study on thirty anxious children undergoing dental procedures found that exposing them to orange essential oil during their visits dramatically reduced cortisol levels and heart rate.

Add resistance training and high intensity interval workouts to decrease estrogen

Estrogen and the Pear Shape


strogen is known as a female sex hormone, but men produce it, too, in lower quantities. It naturally promotes fat storage around the tops of the legs and rear end. The problem that could potentially throw your balance out of whack doesn’t have to do with the estrogen your body naturally produces, but with estrogen-like compounds you’re exposed to in your environment. Chemical fragrances, preservatives and plastics that are found in abundance in many of the products we use everyday often contain these estrogen-like compounds. These compounds, called xenoestrogens, act like estrogen in your body, but not quite. Rather than excreting the excess (which happens with your naturally produced estrogen), these xenoestrogens confuse your system and can build up in your body over time. A healthy amount of fat storage in the thighs and derriére of a woman can indicate healthy fertility, but when this area is out of proportion to the rest of her body, it can be an indication of excess estrogen, or a buildup of xenoestrogens. Other symptoms that women may experience with excess estrogen is uncomfortable PMS or menopause symptoms or painful periods. In men, an imbalance of estrogen to testosterone can promote fat storage in the chest. WWW.BAYOULIFEMAG.COM | JANUARY 2019 29

What You Can Do To Help Lower Excess Estrogen Avoid: • Produce treated with pesticides • Dairy and meat from animals given hormones • F  armed fish, which can be high in xenoestrogen promoting PCBs • Refined foods and sugar • Alcohol (consumption can increase estrogen levels for 24 hours) • L  imit caffeine (studies show more than two cups of coffee per day can increase estrogen levels in women)

Include: • Lots of fiber, which binds to excess estrogen so it can be excreted it from the body • Three daily servings of cruciferous veggies like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and kale (rich in phytochemicals that modify the way your body uses estrogen) • Consider supplementing with DIM, a compound in those cruciferous veggies that boosts estrogen clearing • Two tablespoons of ground flax seeds, twice daily, which can help flush excess estrogen

Lifestyle factors that can decrease excess estrogen: • Replacing plastic water bottles and food containers with glass. • Swapping home cleaning and body care products containing synthetic chemicals for natural alternatives. • Resistance training and high intensity interval workouts. Long, moderate intensity cardio using your legs (like long runs or spin session) may actually promote excess fat storage in the legs.


here are other common hormone related trouble spots, too. For example, the upper back (bra strap area) may be related to a sluggish thyroid. Low testosterone in women may lead to excess fat storage on the backs of the upper arms, and in men, it may lead to excess storage on the chest. No matter what imbalances may be going on under the cover, though, it’s important to start with a healthy foundation. You’ve probably noticed there’s a recurring theme when it comes to maintaining hormonal balance; eat real food and avoid the fake stuff. What you put inside your body creates the foundation for how well it’s able to function and maintain balance. Top that with healthy sleep and movement patterns, adequate sun exposure and quality time spent with people you love, and you have the perfect recipe not only to fit into your favorite jeans, but to feel your absolute best. There’s no way around it. If you want to prioritize the way your body looks, you have to prioritize your health.

Start your day with a cleansing green smoothie bowl, topped with granola. Many store bought granolas are loaded with sugar and refined oils, which can exacerbate hormonal imbalances. Avoid the unhealthy ingredients with this simple recipe! Green Smoothie Bowl serves 2

Ingredients 2 cups of baby spinach 1/2 cup frozen pineapple 1/2 cup frozen mango 1 banana 2 tablespoons of chia seeds or ground flax seeds 1-2 cups coconut water or unsweetened coconut milk 1 serving of unflavored collagen peptides or protein powder of choice Optional: 1 teaspoon spirulina powder for an added detoxifying boost Optional: raw honey to taste


Directions Blend all ingredients together in a high speed blender until smooth. Adjust the amount of liquid, based on how thick you want your smoothie. Feel free to swap out the pineapple and mango for any other frozen fruit you like! Wild blueberries are one of my favorites and are a good lower sugar option.

Directions Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Massage all ingredients together by hand on a large cookie sheet until the dry ingredients are evenly coated with the oil and syrup. Bake in a single layer until the granola is evenly toasted, about 10 minutes. Let cool and store in a closed glass container.

For the granola Ingredients 2 cups of raw, organic, gluten free rolled oats 3/4 cups of mixed raw nuts and seeds 2-3 tablespoons of pure maple syrup 2 tablespoons extra virgin coconut oil 1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon Pinch of salt

For more tips and information on health, nutrition and fitness, visit Shannon Dahlum’s website at and Octane Training at




Embracing natural beauty goes beyond what we put on our face, it also what we put on our bodies – like deodorants and antiperspirants. However, very few people want to compromise when it comes to body odor and stinky arm pits. We sampled some popular aluminum-free deodorants in an effort to help you ward of the funk, while choosing a safe, effective alternative to chemical-laden antiperspirants.



I’ve already eliminated gluten from my diet (thanks Celiac Disease) so I’m hyperaware of ingredients in food and it was only natural that I started paying attention to ingredients in cosmetics, lotions and deodorant. I knew I wanted a product that was aluminum and paraben free. The aluminum in deodorants is what makes it an antiperspirant, so while this product doesn’t stop sweating, it does help with stink and stains. I tried a couple of different scents and this one is by far my favorite with its clean and fresh smell. While you do have to “warm” it up under your arm before you apply it, I think that is worth knowing you aren’t applying harsh chemicals and ingredients. ~ ASHLEY HUBENTHAL

Both of our favorite deodorants are produced by the company, Schmidt’s. I loved the Lavender + Sage scent, and this deodorant seemed to be effective through a hard workout. Like most of the aluminum-free deodorants I reviewed, it does have a ‘pit’ life, and by the end of the day, it was closer to Lavender + Sage, with a hint of funk. However, it was by far my favorite and what I still wear. I would definitely recommend heeding the directions, and hold it on your underarm before applying because the crystal deodorant stones needs time to soften – or else you may lose some skin. ~ CASSIE LIVINGSTON




This aluminum free deodorant has the natural deodorizing effect of Neem Oil, along with soothing lavender and chamomile. It relies on the antiseptic properties of tea tree oil for underarm control. It smelled great, applied easily, but just couldn’t hold up to a hard workout.

This stick deodorant neutralizes odors without altering the natural perspiration process. The smell is delicately perfumed, but doesn’t last long. It is the smoothest application of any of the deodorants we tested. However, the fresh scent and easy application doesn’t make up for the short deodorizing effect.

This deodorant was harsh for my skin, and after days of using it, I immediately broke out under my armpits. I love lavender scented products, and this was no exception. It smelled dreamy. But, it does need to “warm up” before applying. If it didn’t break me out, this would have been one of my favorites.



Historical Impressions

• A light technology that was originally developed for plant experiments on space shuttles can be used to reduce the painful side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment in cancer patients, who have bone marrow or stem cell transplants. • A cool suit is used to circulate coolant to lower body temperature. This dramatically improves of treatment of symptoms of multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spina bifida and other conditions.



was recently at a local hospital and marveled at how much certain technology has changed over the past 10-15 years. Research in various medical fields is constantly underway, but some of the most important breakthroughs have been due to aerospace medical technology research for our astronauts and military aviators. NASA can claim at least partial credit for a wide variety of medical innovations that were released in past years- from ear thermometers to automatic insulin pumps to implantable heart defibrillators. The more that is known about how the various systems within the human body react to G-forces, weightlessness, radiation and the other conditions encountered in aerospace, the better able we will be to ensure the health of our pilots and astronauts, as well as those explorers who will journey once again to the moon and eventually Mars and beyond. Observing the behavior of microbes and other organisms in space can also generate insights into the behavior of organisms on earth, however, and perhaps lead to better understanding of infectious diseases and the immune system’s response to them. An increased understanding of bone-strength and loss of bone-mass could help address issues for patients suffering from weak bones or muscle-wasting diseases. Studying the effects of a gravityfree environment may yield insights into vertigo, dizziness, balance problems and inner ear problems. Notwithstanding the exciting developments still to come, medicine has already benefitted from recent aerospace medical research. Many of the recent applications relate to the actual treatment


of medical conditions: • A portable unit was developed to monitor the metabolic health of space explorers and measure oxygen deficiency in aviators. A variation of this device will be used by hospitals to monitor the rate of oxygen intake by patients. • A “cool” type of laser, called an excimer laser, uses fiber-optic catheters which offer precise non-surgical cleanings of clogged arteries and fewer complications than the balloon angioplasty method that was previously used. • Engineers in Houston worked to develop an artificial heart pump based on the space shuttle’s fuel pumps. This heart pump can keep people healthy, as they wait for heart transplants and sometimes even obviate the need for a transplant. • Multiple NASA technologies were used in programmable pacemakers that connect to a physician’s computer and regulate heart rate. • An advanced ultrasound instrument is available for serious burn cases to immediately assess depth of damage, improve patient treatment and save lives. • Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are now used in brain cancer surgery. • The foam used to insulate space shuttle external tanks can be used for better and less expensive molds for artificial arms and legs. • You may have heard how astronauts lose bone mass while in zero-G conditions. Research into this condition has produced an anticoagulant management system for patients diagnosed with a chronic cardiovascular disease. • An image-processing technique developed by NASA detects eye problems in very young children.

Patient care has also benefited from aerospace medicine: • NASA satellite technology helped create a human tissue stimulator that is implanted in the body to help control chronic pain and involuntary motion disorders through electrical stimulation of targeted nerve centers or particular areas of the brain. • Voice-controlled wheelchairs respond to 35 one-word voice commands, thus helping patients to perform simple, everyday tasks. In regards to women’s health, a solar cell sensor was modified for breast cancer detection to determine exactly when x-ray film has been optimally exposed. This reduces a woman’s exposure to radiation and doubles the number of patient exams per machine. If cancer is detected, Hubble Space Telescope technology has been used to develop a non-surgical digital imaging breast biopsy system that greatly reduces the time, cost, pain and other effects associated with traditional surgical biopsies. Obstetrics may seem far afield from aerospace but applications are even found in this area of medicine. Miniature transmitters developed for aerospace have been adapted to monitor a fetus inside the womb. Forceps with fiber optics now permit doctors to measure the pressure applied to a baby’s head during delivery. Research benefits are not restricted to advanced first world nations like our own. Since deadly chorine gas is the last thing you want in a closed environment, iodine water purification systems were developed for spaceflight. These can also be used for municipal water treatment systems in developing nations. As you can see, our heath and health care would be far less advanced were it not for research conducted on the rigorous conditions encountered during spaceflight and military aviation.

BY GUY MILLER Vice Chair-Chennault Aviation and Military Museum


The Secret Is Out

The Woman’s Clinic Is Now Offering Expanded Services For Women’s Health and Beauty


O, THIS IS A NEW SPACE FOR YOU to see us? You know us; The Woman’s Clinic has been around for more than 50 years. One of us probably delivered your children or maybe you came to see us for a treatment that improved your quality of life. We’ve always been there for you when you needed us. So why are we here now? Well, it’s always been the mission of The Woman’s Clinic to provide total care for today’s woman. To live up to that, there are times we must expand the care we provide. In today’s world, confidence and lifestyle satisfaction are part of caring for today’s woman. With that in mind, we knew it was time to expand our services to provide that care. To decide the best way to help improve the confidence and lifestyle satisfaction for women in Northeast Louisiana, we wanted to offer a range of services that would be able to accommodate a variety of different patient needs. We settled on three treatment types that offer the range of services we were looking for. In a recent survey of American women, 70% worry about developing a tummy bulge. 81% are concerned about maintaining their body shape and 45% are afraid cellulite will remain a concern. To address this, we will be offering a non-invasive body contouring product called Velashape. VelaShape III™ technology combines infrared light and bipolar radio frequency. This type of system stimulates the growth of new and better collagen and elastin. Velashape has been clinically proven to work on a variety of different treatments including: • Cellulite Reduction • Body Contouring


• Shrinking of Fat Cells • Skin Tightening In clinical trials, the body contouring power of Velashape led to a reduction of one whole dress size after treatment. Each treatment lasts about fifteen minutes and most patients describe the treatment as feeling like a warm massage. For many women, skin imperfections can impact self-confidence. We also know women considering facial rejuvenation procedures are inhibited by high cost, pain, downtime and side effects. We found that Sublative and Sublime skin treatments are an ideal solution. Sublative treatments improve the superficial imperfections of skin’s tone and texture by precisely directing bi-polar radio frequency into the skin. Healthy skin around the treated area accelerates the healing process of the skin and new collagen and skin cells are produced. Sublime treatments improve facial contour and overall skin quality by heating dermal tissue with combined bi-polar radio frequency and light energy, stimulating collagen production. Both treatments have been clinically proven to treat the following: • Stretch marks • Acne scaring • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles • Eye rejuvenation These treatments provide the results you desire without the worry of more invasive procedures. They penetrate more deeply than creams and peels and address your skin’s overall tone and texture more effectively than injectables. And while results with more invasive procedures may be dramatic, few are

willing to incur the cost, risk, or downtime. While we’ve always been your go to place for gynecology, we are always expanding treatment there as well. No woman wants to lack confidence with intimacy. It is an important part of everyone’s satisfaction with life. To help with this, we will offer an in-office non-surgical treatment that uses laser energy in gynecological applications, called CO2RE Intima. CO2RE Intima is a medical laser that delivers controlled CO2 energy to the tissue improving skin tone, texture and appearance. Among its many uses it has been proven to treat the following: • Mild to moderate urinary incontinence • Helps correct post child birth and menopausal changes • Non-hormonal treatment for dryness • Improved confidence with intimacy We know the thought of laser treatments in such a personal area may give some women pause. CO2RE Intima is FDA approved for a range of gynecological uses and patients experience mild to no discomfort with little downtime. If you would like to hear more about any of these options, please give us a call at (318)388-4030 to schedule a consultation. You can also visit us online at thewomansclinic. net and request a consultation. Be sure to like us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates and information from The Woman’s Clinic, too. Pictured Above – Bottom Row: Dr. Erin Gullatt, Dr. Sara Klug, Dr. Dawn Pennebaker, Dr. Adrienne Williams; Top Row: Dr. Amber Shemwell, Dr. Jason Wilson, Dr. David Bryan, Dr. Terry Tugwell, Dr. Won Lee, Dr. Laura Petty


Brides, Beaus, and Bubbly ULM Hosts First Annual Bridal Event on January 13th


EED TO HOST A UNIQUE, ONE OF A KIND EVENT? You can find everything you need on the campus of the University of Louisiana Monroe. ULM’s Event Services Department supports campus and community partners with an array of facilities and services for your next event, conference or meeting. With three facilities - Bayou Pointe, The Terrace and The Hangar - you are guaranteed to find the perfect space for your event. They are committed to providing ULM and the surrounding communities with the latest in event industry expertise and customer service.  ULM Event Services Department is your first stop for events and is the leader in implementing standards for event services across Northeast Louisiana.   The newest event facility on campus, Bayou Pointe Event Center, sets the standard for excellence in Northeast Louisiana.  In 2015, ULM began the renovation process of the former Oxford Natatorium into a Student Event Center. Officially opening in March of 2018, Bayou Pointe sets the standard for excellence when it comes to events in Northeast Louisiana. It provides everyone from brides to businesses a premier event venue that makes design and production easy on the client. The 37,000 square foot facility provides an indoor and outdoor venue for many types of events such as weddings, receptions, meetings, lectures, workshops, conferences banquets and social functions.  The experienced staff is ready to provide guidance and suggestions to help ensure the success of your event.  The amenities include ballrooms, an 83 seat theater, a Reception Hall, an Outdoor Patio and Stage, audiovisual equipment, a dance floor and a stage.  All of this AND a beautiful bayou view! Located on the seventh floor of the ULM Library, The Terrace at the University of Louisiana Monroe offers views unlike anywhere else in town. The Terrace is available for groups on the ULM campus and the community. This space can be booked for conferences, meetings, receptions or social events. The Terrace boasts a spacious ballroom and overlooks beautiful Bayou DeSiard and beyond. Onsite food and dining services are available, or you may choose from one of our approved caterers. The Terrace also houses small meeting rooms, which overlook the ULM campus and the surrounding area. 38 JANUARY 2019 | WWW.BAYOULIFEMAG.COM

Another option on the campus of ULM is the Hanger. With over 60,000 sq.ft. of space, the Hangar, formerly the ULM SUB and Student Center, can provide space for many different types of events such as meetings, lectures, workshops, conferences, banquets, balls, wedding receptions and festivals. The Hangar is in the heart of ULM’s scenic campus and adjacent to Warhawk Circle.  The ULM Event Services Department is ready to provide clients with premium service that cannot be found anywhere else in the Twin Cities. It is their goal to make your event one that is remembered. No matter the event, the spaces offered on the campus of ULM will help ensure it will be successful, beautiful and most importantly, easy on you! They are excited to announce their first vendor event, where you can learn more about the spaces and what the campus has to offer, especially for local brides! The inaugural Bridal Event - Brides, Beaus, and Bubbly will take place Sunday January 13, 2019 from 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. at the Bayou Pointe Event Center. But this event just isn’t just for brides, it is for everyone - guys that means you, too! There will be food and drinks, including beer, wine and nonalcoholic options, as well as interaction with local vendors. There will even be a special area, just for guys, where they can relax and watch some football. So bring your beau, your mom, your maid of honor and have some fun while planning your special event! But, the event is not just for brides and grooms - anyone planning to host an event is invited to come out and see what the campus of ULM and local vendors have to offer. There are even special rates available for active alumni, non-profit organizations and student organizations. For more information, you can contact ULM Event Services at 342-1900 or




hen it comes to a practice like yoga, it’s not about the handstands, deep backbends or touching your toes, but the manner in which we execute the poses, whether it’s a primary pose like a forward fold or just sitting in meditation. Yoga is not a mindless practice. It’s one rooted in connection. It allows us to sift through the feelings and thoughts that have built up through the day, so we can recognize and better sync with our true character. As the New Year launches, use the following sequences as a guide to unite with the aspects of yourself you want to radiate in 2019.


photography by Kelly Moore Clark model and writer Vanelis Rivera athletic wear available at K-Sera Boutique

STRENGTH: Core & Torso Stability


Cow Pose (Bitilasana) and Cat Pose (Marjaryasana) Flow

Flow between these two poses for a gentle massage of the spine and internal organs. On the inhale, lift the upper torso and on the exhale round the spine, contracting the abdominals for further lengthening of the back body.


S pinal Balance

From table pose (hands and knees), on an inhale extend right leg back. Try to keep a straight line from crown to heel of extended leg. If well balanced, on an inhale extend the left arm. Find stability through the core as you keep limbs active and extended.

Cow Pose Balance

Lower the left arm to the mat, keeping the right leg lifted. Slightly turn left leg outward for support. Rotate right hip open, keeping core and leg active. Start to balance your right hand on a block, or extending the right arm, opening the rib cage. Keep tailbone lengthened and not pressing back. 40 JANUARY 2019 | WWW.BAYOULIFEMAG.COM


BALANCE: Find Your Roots Extended Hand-To-Big-Toe Pose A (Utthita Hasta Padangustasana)

From a neutral and aligned standing position, bend the right knee so that it is aligned with your hip. Proceed to clasp your peace fingers around your big toe. Inhale and extend the leg forward, flexing the foot, pressing out through the heel. Only keep the grasp if you can maintain a lengthened torso. If your hamstrings are tight, use a strap to loop around the foot of the extended leg. Breath steadily through the nose.


Exte nded Hand-ToBig-Toe Pose B (Utthita Hasta Padangustasana)

Keeping your gaze fixed for balance and maintaining an active core, open the leg to the side. Use the same alignment cues from pose A, making sure to engage the right glute.

Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

Bend the knee of the lifted leg and rest the sole of the foot over the knee of the standing leg or close to your pelvis. Make sure the torso remains lengthened. As you press through the ball and heel of your standing foot, keep your gaze fixed, breathing steady.

CHA LLENGE POSE Since our vision contributes to our ability to balance, closing the eyes forces the body to compensate. Challenge your stabilizing muscles for about three to five breaths.


FLOW: Follow the Breath




Cobra (Bhujangasana) “Baby Cobra” Variation

From plank, slowly lower to your mat (making sure elbows don’t flay out). Press the tops of the feet (pointed) and the pubic bone toward the mat. Allow your legs to provide power and support of the spine while you extend your upper torso. It’s important that the back muscles do the action of spinal extension here.

Technically, plank is not a traditional yoga pose, but it is a common transition pose and a fantastic pose to activate the major muscles of the body. Hands should be shoulder-width apart. Look at the floor in front of you, keep legs extended and activate glutes to avoid “sagging” hips.

4 3 Lunge (Vanarasana) D ownward Facing D og (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

From Cobra, transition back into plank then press the hips up and backward, as you press the front torso toward the thighs (similar to a forward fold). Foremost, keep the spine lengthened, even if you have to bend the knees slightly.


From Downward Facing Dog, raise the right leg. On an exhale, step it between the hands. Keep the right knee stacked over the right ankle while you keep the left leg straight. Weight should be distributed between the front foot and ball of the back foot. Align crown to heel in a straight line.

S plits, modification (Hanumanasana) Lower the left knee to the mat and slowly sink the hips toward the back heel. On an inhale, lengthen the spine and right leg, supporting yourself with your hands. Align crown to tailbone.


CONNECT: Find Your Ground Boat Pose (Navasana)

Sit back onto your two sitting bones and tailbone. On an exhale, bend your knees, then lift your feet off the floor, so that your shins are parallel to the mat. Keep torso lengthened and core active.

S eated For ward Bend (Paschimo ttanasana)

Sit on the floor with the sitting bones evenly pressed into the mat and legs straight in front of you. Flex the feet and press through your heels. On an inhale, lengthen the torso and lean forward from the hip joints, not the waist. Clasp peace fingers around big toes. If your hamstrings are tight, use a strap for support.


C H ALLENGE P O S E Elephantâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Tr unk Pose (Eka Hasta Bhujasana)

Place your right knee over your upper left arm, as high up by the shoulder as possible. Using your inner thigh muscles, squeeze your left knee to your left shoulder and push your left shoulder back against your left knee. Push your hands into the floor, engage your core, and lift yourself off the floor.

Archer Pose I (Akarna Dhanurasana), preparation

Keeping the spine long, lift the left leg with your finger clasp or strap, bend the knee and press it past the torso, bringing it under your armpit. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t let knee move to the side; try to keep it pressed close to the torso. Heel of the left foot should be parallel to left knee.



Skincare and beauty isn’t just for women anymore, as these hot trends in men’s health demonstrate. Article by Michael DeVault

Regardless of the treatment you’re seeking, though, it all comes down to looking your best, feeling your best and being at the top of your performance.


he modern man faces a new frontier in keeping up appearances. In recent years, men’s grooming and skincare practices have changed. Gone are the days of a disposable razor and a bit of Ivory soap. In their place: a complex regimen of daily ablutions and products meant to help preserve and maintain youth, vitality and health. Professional Laser Center’s Dr. Victor Zuckerman says a lot has changed in men’s skin and aesthetic care in recent years, and it’s not all just on the surface, either. In fact, much of what men are coming into the center for these days goes far beyond skin deep. When Zuckerman meets with his male patients, their concerns tend to come from key areas. They’re looking to maintain youthful appearance by eliminating or diminishing wrinkles and creases, they’re concerned about hair loss or removal, or they’re beginning to experience the effects of testosterone decline. It all comes down to a new paradigm in today’s world: Men are no longer immune to the societal effects of aging. “The most common things I am seeing are men who are either working with the public and want to look younger, older men who’re having to compete with younger men in the business world and don’t want to give their age away, and men who are transitioning in their lives in the dating world,” Zuckerman explains. Men are becoming more conscious of what Zuckerman calls “selfie wrinkles.” These are the glabella--the furrow between the eyes, wrinkled or creased brows and 44 JANUARY 2019 | WWW.BAYOULIFEMAG.COM

crow’s feet around the eyes. Think about taking a selfie, a big smile on your face, and all of the areas where dark lines form. Those are areas of concern for many men, and that’s where Brotox comes in. “Botox for men--we call it Brotox--can help reduce lines and wrinkles in the forehead, relax the glabella, and even diminish crow’s feet,” Zuckerman says. While Botox in these regions helps, Zuckerman points out that men seeking remedies aren’t looking for a 100% restoration. Instead, they want to reduce the appearance some and shave off a few years. “Some men like a few wrinkles for character, but not to the point of looking angry.” Men’s hair care has also changed dramatically in recent years. As men age, their hair can thin, bald spots may emerge, and this can lead to self-consciousness or premature aging. In previous years, beyond Rogain or a hair transplant, little could be done. That’s no longer the case, as Zuckerman shares. “We have some really great products that help with hair growth--particularly a new treatment called AntiAge MD,” he says. “This is a product that can only be used by a certified physician who knows how to use and apply the product.” AntiAge MD features microneedle stamping of bio-signaled drugs that facilitate a rejuvenation of hair follicles. This new treatment performs differently than older Finasteride-based therapies. “This actually tells the hairs to wake up and grow,” Zuckerman says. But, he notes, it’s not a quick fix. “Usually, we treat a patient

once a month, and it takes about four months before they start seeing hair growth.” The benefit of the process over other drug-based therapies is efficacy, while AntiAge MD also costs roughly a quarter of traditional hair transplant treatments. That makes it an effective choice for men seeking to restore their hair without wrecking their wallets. Hair of a different kind also plays a huge part in men’s aesthetic care and grooming these days. Men are becoming more conscious of how their body hair impacts self-image and attractiveness. That’s where laser hair removal comes in. “If you’re a wooly bear and it’s too thick on your chest or back, you can come in for laser hair removal,” Zuckerman says. With permanent laser hair removal, men can spare themselves the repeated skin trauma of shaving unwanted hair and the pain of waxing. “It’s permanent, and it’s done under physician guidance.” One final area of aging treatments men are focusing on is testosterone replacement therapy. As men age, it’s natural for them to lose testosterone, which the body produces naturally. Here, Zuckerman cautions against what he calls the “T.V. treatment.” “You’ll hear on the T.V. and radio that men will lose 1-2% of testosterone every year, and then they’ll push their product, whether it’s Viagra for sexual health or a supplement to boost testosterone from the health store,” he says. “But the only thing that will actually boost testosterone is to give testosterone, and only a doctor can give you testosterone.” Testosterone replacement therapy comes by way of a daily cream, weekly shots or subcutaneous pellets inserted quarterly. It’s not only an important component of treating sexual disfunction, either. Testosterone replacement can restore skin glow and put a “natural pep” back into a man’s gait. Regardless of the treatment you’re seeking, though, it all comes down to looking your best, feeling your best and being at the top of your performance. And that’s why it’s important to determine the best course of action with a physician’s guidance. “Lots of good studies will say, if you look in the mirror and like what you see in the morning and feel you’re at your best, you’re going to have a good day,” Zuckerman says.



YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE This sophisticated gown features a plunging v neckline with illusion and beads modesty insert on the fitted rhinestone, spaghetti strap bodice with back cut out and beading. The long, A-line skirt has inverted pleats and a back sweep train.

GREEN WITH ENVY This simple mermaid silhouette features spaghetti straps that cascade over the shoulder revealing a sexy lace up back. We love the way the dress falls and the simple emerald. shimmer

MERMAID LOVE This sassy irridescent two piece sheath is made of sequins and velvet. This ontrend prom style is complete with a lace up back. Brush your hands against the sequins to altenate colors. This dreamy mermaid look is one of this season’s favorites.

MIDNIGHT SKY This midnight teal prom dress screams sophistication. The rhinestone collar adds a bit of bling to the body-hugging dress. Featuring a long front slit and deep V back, this dress is a shimmering dream.


FAUX APPEAL This one shoulder column dress made of faux leather and embellished with crystal beads along the strap that cascades over the shoulder and down the open back. The material is stunning and will guarantee you stand-out this prom season.

EMERALD CITY This dress features a plunging v-cut neckline with mesh insert, as well as two thin spaghetti straps. A fitted silhouette made up of a satin material will show off all your curves. Finished with a sexy open back and sweep train.

Getting Your Zzzzs Sleep is one of the most vital – and overlooked – aspects of healthy living. Michael DeVault walks us through the A to Zzzzs of quality sleep and the benefits.


t’s a mistake we all make. At the end of the day, just one more task needs to be completed or, sure—we can steal an extra 30 minutes for another episode of Parks and Rec on Netflix. After all, we can sleep when we’re dead. Right? These days, the mounting scientific consensus is that borrowing a few extra minutes from your nightly snooze is one of the most damaging habits you can develop. Put another way, sure you can sleep when you’re dead, but if you’re not getting enough sleep every night, death will come a lot sooner than you think. “The damage from sleep deficiency can occur in an instant (such as a car crash), or it can harm you over time,” says researchers at the National Institutes for Health. “For example, ongoing sleep deficiency can raise your risk for some chronic health problems. It also can affect how well you think, react, work, learn and get along with others.” A lack of sleep, it seems, will affect every aspect of your life. Whether you’ve been gaining weight or just getting the midafternoon red-eye at work, the cure may well be the same: a good night’s sleep. According to the NIH, routinely getting a good night’s sleep can improve brain health and performance, reduce the risk of obesity, and help you avoid the kinds of mistakes that can lead to car accidents or


workplace injuries. “Sleep helps your brain work properly,” the NIH notes. “While you’re sleeping, your brain is preparing for the next day. It’s forming new pathways to help you learn and remember information.” Whether you’re learning a new skill or your kids are navigating their way through high school biology, sleeping plays a vital role in helping keep your brain operating at peak condition. That’s not where it stops, either. “Sleep is involved in healing and repair of your heart and blood vessels,” NIH researchers say. “Ongoing sleep deficiency has been linked to increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.” Even your hormones can be affected if you don’t get your nightly snooze. Without enough sleep, you can feel more hungry, and that makes you eat more. Children aren’t immune either, and good sleep can help kids maintain healthy levels of growth hormones. “Some people aren't aware of the risks of sleep deficiency,” according to the NIH. “In fact, they may not even realize that they're sleep deficient. Even with limited or poor-quality sleep, they may still think that they can function well.” So how much sleep is enough? The answer depends largely on how old you are.

Infants require tons of sleep – up to 16 hours a day, while children up to the age of two can need 14 hours. By the age of 12, sleep requirements should fall somewhere between 9 and 12 hours a day. Eventually, though, sleep needs decrease to the more typical “eight hour night” around the age of 18. In adulthood, somewhere between 7 and 8 hours a night are the norm. It’s important to know the needed sleep in order to avoid a condition called sleep debt. “If you routinely lose sleep or choose to sleep less than needed, the sleep loss adds up,” NIH research states. “For example, if you lose 2 hours of sleep each night, you'll have a sleep debt of 14 hours after a week.” Researchers suggest individuals who are concerned about their sleeping patterns maintain a sleep diary. Write down the time you go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning. It’s also important to keep track of how you feel in the morning, when you wake up. Are you alert and rested? Or are you having trouble getting out of bed? In the end, if you believe you’re sleep deprived, there are strategies you can discuss with your doctor to improve the quantity and quality of sleep. Your doctor may recommend a sleep study to further assess your needs. At the end of the day, it’s all about shutting your eyes and shutting down for the night.



Thinking Outside the Box This Hunting Season


anuary can be a wonderful time to hunt. For duck hunters in North Louisiana, this is the time to make it happen. Ducks are moving in on the arctic fronts, the geese are here to stay and the hope is for good cold weather with little rain, so that any remaining deer not breeding will get in on the secondary rut in the eastern parishes. However, this can be a very aggravating time to hunt. Ducks are not hitting fields with feeding being the driving force. Most of the grains are long gone, and they are hitting these fields to rest and to attempt to grab any scraps left over. Where I hunt, we generally wait and flood for the last split for this very region with a minimum goal of setting aside fields we planted, so we have groceries for the ducks during January. Like most duck hunters, our first split left much to be desired this year as there was not enough freezing weather north of us to push our ducks down. When the set asides and the CRP’s to the north don’t freeze over, the ducks have no reason to move. We did have one day after a front where my woods’ holes were covered with mallards and gadwall. However, it was short lived, as a warm front came in the next day and off they went. This was pretty much the story all over. Reports of a lot of teal limits abounded and that usually means no big ducks. But don’t give up hope. As the critters 50 JANUARY 2019 | WWW.BAYOULIFEMAG.COM

showed early in the year, I am looking for a cold winter. Deer were hooking and scrapping early, squirrels rutted early and even insects were gathering and nesting early. This has always been an indicator of cold weather. This is while I sit here in November, writing this piece and it is 79 degrees outside. Only in Louisiana can we have a record snow early in November, but turn around two weeks early and be wearing flip flops and shorts. Guess it is time to go fishing. But back to our subject. One of the things I would like to recommend is to change your tactics for deer in January. The deer have been pressured, gone through a hard breeding season and have seen every tactic and method known to conquer them. However, they can be patterned easily in January, as they have abandoned the rut patterns and are back to their primary movements. Here are some things that have worked well for me: • Hunt the moon. If the moon is bright, hunt only during the hours of 10-3. A deer eats every 6 hours. If they are feeding right before daylight, be in your stand 6 hours after you have them on game cameras. • Stop hunting the same stand, with the same approach, with the same food. Change up. Always approach your stand down wind. Take the time to de-scent. Walk in, don’t ride in. If you are like me, you need the exercise.

• D  on’t hunt every day. If you constantly hunt the same stand every day, you will leave your scent or be seen and big boy will not show up while you are there. • L  eave the does alone until the last week. These does are to a buck like a crane is to a duck. Confidence that there are no humans or predators around. January is the time I will pass up the does until I absolutely have to take any remaining ones for DMAP. However, if you were smart, you took your does with a stick and string early so this is not a factor. • U  se cover/confidence scents. Stay away from deer smells and go to natural scents like acorn or pine, depending on where you hunt. • D  eer grunting still works, but mostly on young bucks who have not bred. Bucks will be separated, and big boy will usually come in alone. • H  unt the major periods. One hour before and one hour after the major posted feeding periods is when deer feed the heaviest. Be there and be prepared. For duck hunters, I can attest to what not to do after many years of hunting and as a guide. I have seen hunters get in my blind and high ball at high flyers and literally have a red face from trying to coax these birds in. During January, remember that these ducks have come all the way down the flyway and have heard every kind of calling and seen every decoy set up that can be placed. The way to have success is to quiet down the calls to a chuckle. Soft calling plays on a duck’s curiosity. I stay away from any motion decoys except for two shaker decoys and one jerk string. The other overlooked thing is to re-brush your blind. I know that takes work but it is well worth it. Brush gets old and faded, pulled away and blown apart. Taking one hour to re-brush the pit or blind can make a huge difference. Another great option, if you have it, is to lose the blind. Last year, I probably killed more ducks between my blinds or in corners just leaning on a tree than I did in my blind. Sure it is nice to be comfortable, but comfort takes a back seat when it comes to bird watching or watching feathers fly. Anyone in North Louisiana that hunts can give you their two cents on what works and what doesn’t. Be a sponge. Whether it is at your local hunting outlet, an online chat room or in person, listen to what is being said for some new tricks and tips. Not everyone uses the same tactics, but I assure you of one thing: If you will start thinking out of the box and with a change your hunting methods, the result can be unbelievable.


CHRISTMAS PARADE FLOAT CONTEST AWARDS The Kiwanis Club of Greater Ouachita Christmas Parade was held on December 1. Floats were decorated according to this year’s theme, “Christmas, The Greatest Show on Earth.” Along with the parade, the Kiwanis Club of Greater Ouachita and the Monroe-West Monroe Convention and Visitors Bureau held a Float Contest. This year’s winners were: 1st Place: George Welch Elementary Cheerleaders; 2nd Place: Faith Chapel Pentecostal Church; 3rd Place: WOHS Student Council; and Honorable Mention: The Fight. The floats were judged on five criteria: Use of Theme, Quality/Variety of Throws, Design/Creativity, Costumes, and Holiday Spirit. Congratulations to the winners!

As seen in ArchDaily, the Dallas AIA Honor Award for the Built Design Awards was presented to Bodron+Fruit for their Preston Hollow Residence. The AIA Dallas Design Awards celebrate outstanding achievement in architectural design by the AIA Dallas chapter members and AIA Northeast Texas section members. Founders of Bodron + Fruit, Interior Designer and Monroe-native Mil Bodron and Architect Svend Fruit, AIA, established the firm in 1998 and have contributed to many wellknown modern homes in Dallas and beyond.

MR. P’S TEES On a recent trip the Big Apple, owner of Mr. P’s Tees, Lissy Compton and her mom, Anne Sanders, scored tickets to GMA Day with Michael Strahan and Sara Haines. During a commercial break, Lissy got the opportunity to give Michael Strahan one of her Mr. P’s Tees. He even snapped a picture with The Rack Pack design. Mr. P’s Tees is a line of baby, youth and adult original designs printed on tees, tanks, long sleeves and sweatshirts. All of the designs are hand-drawn by Lissy and inspired by life in North Louisiana.


Affinity Health Group Affinity Welcomes Dr. Kevin Bunn


FFINITY HEALTH GROUP (AFFINITY) CONTINUES TO bring new faces to the medical community in Ouachita Parish. We believe by bringing in new medical professionals we can increase the quality of medical care for locals by offering a diversity of expertise and care options. The most recent addition to the Affinity team is Dr. Kevin Bunn, whose medical journey took him from Georgia, where he studied athletic training and sports medicine, to North Carolina, where he earned his Doctor of Medicine to become an Orthopedic surgeon. His experience there allowed him to study orthopedic surgery, adult reconstructive surgery and total joint replacement surgery, which became his specialty. Dr. Bunn treats patients, who need their hips and knees replaced due to severe joint pain, arthritis or fractures. Total joint replacement ensures that the pain-ridden joint is removed entirely and replaced with a manufactured alternative. Although joint replacement may seem like a drastic step, orthopedic surgeons have been performing these operations since the 1960s. Around 700,000 total knee replacements and 400,000 total hip replacements are performed every year in the United States alone. Dr. Bunn’s patients, however, aren’t just a statistic. He became interested in orthopedic surgery while studying sports medicine. As an athletic trainer, the student athletes he treated went through surgeries, and later, he was by the side of his grandmother as she had her own knee replacement surgery. “Watching that surgery and seeing her recovery really piqued my interest,” he says. His experiences have helped him view each of his patients with care and compassion. Although his specialty is hip and knee replacements, Dr. Bunn also looks forward to treating patients of all ages for common injuries and fractures. His sports medicine background has prepared him to provide quality care for injured athletes as well. Dr. Bunn’s expertise and commitment to his patients make him a valuable asset to Affinity and the citizens of Northeast Louisiana. He says, “What drew me to Affinity is that they’re very patient-centered. The overall plan that Dr. Jones started several years ago of treating patients as people, that’s really what drew me to Affinity.” He is especially enthusiastic to be working in a group with other orthopedic surgeons and specialists from other areas, which he says encourages collaboration and provides an opportunity for him and his fellow


doctors to care for patients as a whole, “not just one body part or organ system.” With his family in tow, Dr. Bunn is excited to start the new year in a new home and offer his best care to the people of this great community. He is the second new orthopedic surgeon to make the big move to Affinity in the last year, following Dr. James Extine, along with his wife, Kimberly Extine, Nurse Practitioner. They represent the new wave of talent Affinity hopes to continue to attract to our area. Doctors with varied experience outside the area offer a different perspective on the community, and doctors who have recently graduated medical school are prepared to implement the newest and most effective medical technologies. Each physician provides new eyes to view the medical condition of our region, and each viewpoint is essential for a well-rounded, healthy community. Dr. Bunn’s commitment to his practice as well as our community and Affinity itself is a testament to our growing, healthy region. Between our new medical providers and the veterans of Affinity, you’re in good hands. Entrust your medical care to someone who is not only invested in you and your health, but also your community. Call 807-4900 today to schedule an appointment! Affinity Health Group: Improving Lives, Improving Care. Affinity providers and their staff serve over 20 clinics in north Louisiana. Affinity employs a total of over 500 medical and administrative professionals. Affi­nity is committed to service, patient satisfaction, healthy solutions and overall wellness of patients. For more information about Affi­nity Health Group, visit www.myaffi­nityhealth. com or call 318-807-7875. Affinity complies with applicable Federal and State civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex or any other legally protected characteristic. ATTENTION: If you have limited English proficiency, language assistance services, free of charge, are available to you. Call 1-866-860-7510 (TTY: 1-866-524-5144). ATENCIÓN: si habla español, tiene a su disposición servicios gratuitos de asistencia lingüística. Llame al 1-866-860-7510 (TTY: 1-866-524-5144). ATTENTION: Si vous parlez français, des services d’aide linguistique vous sont proposés gratuitement. Appelez le 1-866-860-7510 (ATS: 1-866-524-5144).


New Year. New Ideas. New You. Cathi French Roberts & Lori French


A Few of Our Favorite Things Doterra Essential Oils for everyday health and well being

Olas Oral Care mouthrinse for literally the best clean feeling

hat a perfect time to discover new ways to add to your health, beauty and wellness routine! One of the best parts of discovering anything new is that it quite possibly is not so new after all. It was just waiting to be unearthed by the next generation…one beautiful layer at a time.

Erno Lazlo Phelityl Cleansing oil that has been a “must” for quite a few generations

Eve Lom cleansing cloths for complete gentle take-off Vicks Vapor Rub for an old fashioned fix and that needed protection from winter heat

Chamomile tea with lemon for restful sleep and sweet dreams

Skincare brand Drunk Elephant’s magic Baby Facial, twice a week

Inner reflection by limiting screen time and picking up a favorite book to escape instead


The Gardens at Georgia Tucker All-Inclusive Assisted Living Community in the Heart of Monroe’s Garden District


EW LIFE HAS BEGUN AT THE HISTORIC GEORGIA Tucker Elementary School. The site has been completely restored and returned to its grandeur and is now an assisted living community – The Gardens at Georgia Tucker. The building is located in the heart of the Garden District in Monroe. The school was built in 1920 on land donated by Colonel Frank P. Stubbs in honor of his mother, Georgia Tucker Stubbs. Georgia had a daughter who married Dr. Robert Layton and built the Layton Castle on South Grand so the family has quite an extensive connection to the Monroe area and its development. The school is one of the last remaining examples of Mediterranean Revival architecture in northern Louisiana. The architecture style came into prominence in the 1920s and 1930s evolving from rekindled interest in Italian Renaissance palaces and seaside villas dating from the sixteenth century. This style is primarily found in California and Florida, typically multistory and based on a rectangular floor plan and features massive, symmetrical primary façades. Tile roofs, arches and keystones are also characteristics of this style. All the features can be seen in the architecture of Georgia Tucker Elementary School, which closed in 1999. The school board had planned to renovate the building and make it a central office, but those plans changed, allowing for this new opportunity.   The Gardens at Georgia Tucker officially opened in August of 2018. There are two phases. In the first phase, there are 20 apartments- a mix of studio, one bedroom, one bedroom deluxe and two-bedrooms. Residential apartments are located off of the large school hallways.  The former auditorium is home to a large common area for visiting, entertaining, church services, movies and more. Amenities include a beauty salon, bistro for catered meals, laundry facilities, ice cream parlor/bar area. The ice cream parlor/bar area also serves as the location for games and puzzles. Also, there is a gorgeous garden area for residents to enjoy as well. There are 40 more apartments planned for the second phase. The entire building has a comfortable and homey feel, adding to the Garden District charm of the neighborhood. In addition to the 40 apartments being added there will be a full operating kitchen 56 JANUARY 2019 | WWW.BAYOULIFEMAG.COM

and a nice size dining room to serve all of our residents living at the gardens at Georgia Tucker. Also, there will be more common areas added in the new phase.    The residents living at The Gardens of Georgia Tucker live an active lifestyle, so regularly scheduled events throughout the month are very important to them. Some of the activities can include a trip to the movies, restaurants, shopping, ballet, museums or indoor events, such as entertainment, happy hour, monthly birthday bash, playing games, painting and so much more!   The Gardens at Georgia Tucker is an ALL-INCLUSIVE Assisted Living Community, which means everything is included. Services include meals. Meals are served restaurant-style three times a day. Fresh coffee, baked goods, snacks and fresh fruit are also available throughout the day. Also, included are electricity, cable, phone, internet, beauty/ barber shop, housekeeping, laundry services, maintenance, scheduled transportation, water, trash and lawn maintenance. Staff is also available for personal assistance twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.  Van transportation is important for our residents to doctor visits and errands. We do have many that still drive, but we do offer scheduled transportation as needed. Small pets are welcome at The Gardens at Georgia Tucker (a small pet deposit required).  If you or a family member are interested in The Gardens at Georgia Tucker, you can find more information on our website - You can reach out to the administrator, Shelby Dunn, by calling 318-538-0040 to set up a tour or for more information. You can always stop by to say hello or see the facility for yourself. Come experience the good life at The Gardens at Georgia Tucker, and you will immediately feel the difference!


I REMEMBER taking advantage of new beginnings a r t i cl e by PAUL L I PE

I REMEMBER how much I enjoyed school during my senior high Besides improvement with the books, I became involved in other school years, perhaps because those three years had a major impact on my activities and was chosen President of my senior class. Attending a new life. It was during that time that I began to appreciate the fact that God school afforded me a new environment and presented me with new had given me some “gifts” that could be useful in serving Him. Let opportunities. There were probably several things me share briefly how this came about, that contributed to the transformation because my story may prove to be an in my outlook and in my productivity, encouragement to some of you. but a chief factor was the new I grew up in a small college town beginning at a new school. We would in North Carolina and spent grades do well to take better advantage of one-thru-nine attending an equally our new beginnings. small school. Most of my classmates This brings me to the point I want to were sons and daughters of college make this month. The New Year, 2019, professors, doctors, dentists or other offers us a new beginning. It may be professional people. I, on the other that, for some, or many of us, the past hand, was from a family of very year held lots of disappointments, modest means. Unfortunately, this even some major failures. With God’s caused me, and perhaps some of my grace, we can put them behind us and teachers, to consider me not quite on look ahead with hope. Listen to what the same level as my fellow students. the apostle Paul said, “Forgetting The result was that, in a class of fewer what is behind and straining toward than 30 pupils, my academic ranking what is ahead, I press on…to win the was somewhere in the middle – I prize for which God has called me…” thought that was the best I could do. (Philippians 3:13-14). There was something that It is not wise to let our yesterdays happened in my ninth year that was, perhaps, an indication of things to “IT IS NOT WISE TO LET OUR YESTERDAYS have too much effect on our todays and our tomorrows. Surely, we need come. Students in each high school HAVE TOO MUCH EFFECT ON OUR to learn from the past, but we cannot class were required to write a speech TODAYS AND OUR TOMORROWS.” afford to allow past disappointments on an assigned topic. To my surprise, or failures to paralyze us or prevent and probably to the surprise of everyone else, my speech was selected to represent the freshman class. us from living positively in the present. Let us profit from our mistakes My sister, who had not succumbed to the idea that those living “across- and move on. One more thing: Let us also not dwell too long on past the-tracks” could not be successful, and who was President of the Senior Class, also was chosen as the top speech writer in the twelth grade. Who accomplishments. Last year’s bumper crop does not guarantee a big harvest this year, so let’s be grateful for past blessings and then let’s give would have thought it?! Certainly not I. A new consolidated high school had been built to house tenth- it our best in an attempt to have a productive new year. Resting on past to-twelvth grade students from five area towns, and I began my tenth laurels can be harmful, so let’s thank God for past success, but then let’s year in a new environment and with new opportunities. Those three work hard in pursuit of future achievements. May your New Year be one in which you take advantage of new years at North High School were both happy and fulfilling. Instead of about 25 classmates, there were over 150 in my grade; and instead of opportunities, and may you use those opportunities to grow into the scholastic ranking in the middle of the sophomores, I was much closer person our God created you to be. I pray that yours will be a Happy to the top. By the time of our graduation, I had gotten much better. New Year! 58 JANUARY 2019 | WWW.BAYOULIFEMAG.COM


With the desire to bring more authentic Thai flavor to northeast Louisiana, owner Kohn Keomaly established Basil Restaurant. article by V A N E L I S R I V E R A and photography by A N D R E W B A I L E Y


he culinary herb basil is usually associated with Italian flavors in the form of pesto, caprese salad, and a pizza topping. But that’s not the only basil leaf making tasty waves in regionally-centered dishes. Thai basil, distinguished by its small, narrow leaves and purple stems, has a taste described as a cross between anise and licorice. Slightly spicy, it’s a perfect pairing for Southeast Asian cuisine, especially for the dishes of Thailand. Though you may never venture into the thick northern Thai jungles and river raft in Chiang Mai, walk through intricate Buddhist temples in the nation’s capitol Bangkok, or scooter through the ocean-view hills of Phuket (though you should), Monroe’s very own Basil Thai & Sushi Bar provides their customers with the next best Thai experience the area has to offer. With the intention of bringing “more authentic Thai flavor” to the Monroe community, owner Kohn Keomaly, affectionately known as Mr. K by some customers, opened Basil in April 2018. Hailing from Laos, the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia hugged between Thailand in the west and Vietnam in the east, Keomaly is clearly well-versed in authentic Southeast Asian flavors. He also owns Café Rawz in West Monroe, a well-established and much loved Asian Fusion staple. Basil offers a diverse menu, brimming with authentic flavors from Thailand and Vietnam, sure to please a plethora of palates. Concentrating on the three trademarks of Thai cuisine: spicy, sweet and sour tastes, Basil uses slightly altered recipes, making more use of Napa cabbage, celery, squash and zucchini and emphasizing the strong aromatic components and spicy edge that keep customers returning. Their Vietnamese selections are also a profusion of spices and coveted fragrances, that, unlike the Thai curry-based dishes, are more soup based noodle dishes. Of course, Thai dishes are most notable for their spice level, but one person’s spice may be another’s mild, which is why the restaurant encourages the customization of spice, serving a spice carousel with pepper oil, red pepper flakes, jalapeños and peanuts, as well as designating the degree of hotness in some fixed-spice dishes on the menu. Order tip: Ask your server about levels of spice or ask for the ‘no spice’ option. A total of eleven pages make up the Basil menu, perhaps intimidating to novice diners, but the menu, categorized by type of dish, is easy to navigate. General Manager Sun Murphy has enjoyed every dish on the menu, a feat to be envied. She highly recommends diners to begin their Basil experience with the Salt & Pepper Squid or the Baked Mussels. Additionally, customers have a choice of twenty-six appetizers. The next

category on the menu are the salads. Expand your veggie tendencies here and try the Papaya Salad. This salad, made from shredded unripe papaya, is tangy and hot. It can be an incredibly refreshing addition to your dining experience. Unless you are used to spice, you’ll want to order this salad mild or choose the ‘no spice’ option. Either way, it’s crisp, fresh taste warrants a try. The next two categories of the menu are where you’ll want to order for the rest of our wayward Louisiana winter— curries and soups. The curry selections are mostly traditional Thai. Curry pastes tend to be a thick purée of fresh ingredients like lemongrass, ginger, chiles and/or herbs. These pastes are sizzled in oil, which brings out their aromatic qualities, then thinned with coconut milk. The Green Curry dish, hailing from central Thailand, is known as the hottest of the curries, but that heat gets soothed by the coconut milk and lime juice. Basil adds bamboo shoots, bell peppers, mixed vegetables, and tops this liquidy curry with basil leaves. Another fiery curry from central Thailand is their Red Curry. The color comes from copious amounts of red chilies in the paste. The Yellow Curry bowl is particularly rich, with added potatoes, carrots, onions and bell peppers. A BayouLife favorite is the Panang Curry bowl—coconut milk with bamboo shoots, bell peppers, mushrooms and Thai Panang sauce. Panang is a type of red curry but sweeter than other Thai curries. Murphy’s favorite curry is the Paratha Curry—coconut milk with potatoes and carrots in a yellow curry sauce. This particular curry is served with paratha bread, an Indian flatbread slightly thinner than the popular naan. No matter the designated hotness of your choice of curry, the bold flavors and the delectable vegetables and meat, paired with steamed rice, creates a warm, satisfying dish that’s sure to please your stomach and warm you up. The soup options are traditional Vietnamese, and of all the three soups, the one that the doctor ordered is none other than the mighty Pho. This Vietnamese rice noodle soup is arguably medicinal. If you’re sick, all you need is some Sprite and some Pho! Beyond a dish, the manner it’s served is an experience. A large white porcelain bowl contains beef broth and thinly sliced beef (though customers can choose from chicken, beef, meatball or shrimp), red onions, green onions and your choice of either rice noodles or egg noodles. On a separate plate: basil, cilantro, bean sprouts, thin jalapeño slices and one slice of lime await your fingers. You can either add the herbs as presented or craftily piece them apart, drizzling them to your soup, as if you were preparing a home-cooked meal. You can also add hoisin and/or sriracha for a custom taste. The serving could feed two, so it’s a pho-nomenal date-night entree! Lastly, impress your server the next time you visit a Southeast Asian restaurant by pronouncing the dish correctly—“fuh.” The Thai entrées and noodle dishes each take up a full page on the Basil menu. With your choice of chicken, beef, shrimp, or seafood, entrées come with steamed rice or fried rice for an additional charge. Murphy’s favorite is the Mongolian Beef: carrots, bean sprouts, sesame seeds and black pepper. Regardless of your choice of protein, the Mongolian sauce is what Murphy claims to be the ‘end all’ of the dish—it’s simply delicious. Though a traditionally Chinese dish, the General Tso is a customer favorite. Also, one of the spiciest entrées is the Thai Spicy Basil: a saute of bamboo shoots, jalapeño, basil, mushroom, baby corn, white onion, bell peppers and garlic.

The Thai noodle selections are also a collage of ingredients, a savory combustion of your next favorite meal. Next, enter the Pad Thai: rice noodles stir-fried with onions, egg, bean sprouts and peanuts. The last couple of pages of the Basil menu boasts an impressive selection of about seventy-six sushi rolls. Seemingly endless combinations of finely rolled pieces of art will make it difficult for any sushi devotee to order just one roll. Most sushi-lovers have their go-to roll and go-to seafood—shrimp, tuna, crab, eel, yellow tail, salmon, crawfish, calamari—but at Basil, exploring the rolls is almost inevitable. Containing shrimp tempura and crab mix topped with avocados, the Green Dragon is a straight forward start for anyone that loves avocado. The Temptation is slightly more involved, with shrimp tempura, crab mix, cream cheese topped with crab sticks, served with sweet soy, spicy mayo, wasabi cream and BBQ sauce— unquestionably one for the pros. Another fresh avocado favorite is the Crunchy Shrimp: tempura crunch mixed with crab meat and shrimp and fresh avocado. Customer-favorite, Crazy Maki, contains tempura fried spicy tuna, crab mix, cream cheese and jalapeño, served with sweet soy and spicy mayo. It doesn’t matter which bite-size morsel you try, sit at Basil’s chic sushi bar and witness for yourself the craft of sushi-making. It’s customary to begin a dining experience with the drink menu, but at Basil, you may want to end with it as well. You can start the night with any of their alcoholic beverages, including a variety of sakes, cocktails, beers and wine, but definitely end the night with any three of the following delightful beverages. The Thai Tea is a treat! Comparable to a creamsicle, it’s made from strong black or red tea, sweetened with condensed milk, and served over ice. Great dessert drinks are the boba or “bubble” teas. These Taiwanese tea-based drinks contain tea and flavors of milk (strawberry, taro, almond, mango, matcha, milk tea, avocado, peach, honeydew, papaya, jackfruit and banana). Traditionally, they are topped with 64 JANUARY 2019 | WWW.BAYOULIFEMAG.COM

chewy tapioca pearls, but if you opt out of the chewy fun, Basil can make your boba over ice or blended. The best treat you can give yourself is the Vietnamese style coffee, served either hot or cold. This international java-delight is served in a glass cup. An aromatic brew is poured over condensed milk, which you are meant to stir together, forming a rich coffee drink with a hint of hazelnut. It will be difficult for any coffee lover to have just one glass (BayouLife had two back-to-back). Some say that a good restaurant isn’t measured by the menu, décor or restaurant prices, as much as the number of people inside. And though that quality indicator is apparent at Basil, their interior articulates an already stunning food experience. Simple vibrance is immediately visible in the restaurant’s spaciously elegant interior. Plenty of seating means comfortable and laid-back dining, which is enhanced by low hanging soft-light fixtures and a sleek dark wood banquette with bamboo lining. A semi-circle shaped, fully-stocked bar seats about ten guests. And, of course, the sushi bar forms its own island. Who wouldn’t want to get marooned there? Fast service, quality food and great prices is the driving force of Basil Thai & Sushi Bar. Staking a claim on “authentic Thai” is clearly not their only exploit. A stand-alone background that spans three Southeast Asian countries makes this restaurant’s dishes another beloved multicultural addition to our thriving and diverse Northeast Louisiana community. Proof that, like most things in life, food is never just one thing. At Basil, it’s apparent that food represents the delicious sharing, engaging and communicating of cultures near and far. Basil is located at 1118 Oliver Road, Monroe. They are open Monday through Thursday between 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. On Friday and Saturday dinner is extended until 10 p.m.. Call them at (318) 605-2996 to order for pick-up and/or learn more about their menu. Give them a follow on Facebook!


The ULTRA Lifestyle Live Healthy and Active with More Low-Carb Choices


ICHELOB ULTRA™ APPEALS TO A WIDE AUDIENCE of beer drinkers that are interested in a superior tasting light beer that also promotes a healthy, active, social lifestyle. In an era when many beer drinkers are looking for the newest, hoppiest or most local brew, it is surprising that a light beer that has been around for nearly 15 years has emerged as one of the fastest growing brands in the business. The Michelob family has been around a long time, has brought us many great-iconic beers such as, Michelob Lager, Michelob Light and Michelob Amber Bock. In 2002, they introduced Michelob ULTRA, and it has actually proven to be the fastest growing brand in the business, as Michelob Ultra remains the largest share gainer in the US, now for eight consecutive quarters. Appealing to active people of all ages, the Michelob ULTRA™ family promotes the “ULTRA™ lifestyle,” Michelob ULTRA supports an active, social lifestyle and is proud to be a sponsor of athletic events across the country, ranging from running and cycling competitions to golf tournaments. NATIONALLY SPONSORED PARTNERSHIPS: • Ultra Fit Fest • Rock N Roll Marathon Series • Trirock Triathlon Series • O  fficial Beer sponsor of the PGA, LPGA, Champions Tour, Web. com Tour In addition to national partnerships, along with Michelob Ultra, Marsala Beverage partners with local charities/non profits to sponsor many Running Events, Golf Tournaments and Tennis Tournaments. Partnering with these particular events, allows Michelob Ultra to be shared among adults while enjoying the Ultra Lifestyle.  It’s positioning – call it inspirational for the aspirational -reflects a clear understanding that people today, especially the younger, more affluent people that represent the brand’s target audience, are inspired to live an all-together healthier lifestyle. Not dieting or eating less fattening food, but pursuing healthier choices 66 JANUARY 2019 | WWW.BAYOULIFEMAG.COM

in all aspects of life. Since Michelob ULTRA™ was introduced in 2002, its high end American-style has appealed to the masses. People who are interested in a low carb lifestyle finally had an option to choose from when it came to beer. Its subtle fruit and citrus aromas compliment this light-bodied beer’s smooth and refreshing taste. One year after its introduction, Michelob ULTRA™ became the fastest-growing new brand in the industry and was a phenomenal hit among adult fitness enthusiasts, adult consumers living an active lifestyle and those looking for a great-tasting beer with lower carbohydrates and fewer calories. The original Michelob ULTRA™ has 4.2% alcohol by volume, 95 calories and only 2.6 grams of carbs per serving, making it one of the lowest carb beer choices on the market. But Michelob ULTRA™ isn’t the only choice when it comes to low carb brew. The ULTR family offers many choices for a wide variety of taste. • Michelob ULTRA™ Amber is a beer that is full in flavor and rich in color with great amber taste and 3.7g of carbs, 114 calories and 5% alcohol by volume. • Michelob ULTRA™ Lime Cactus boasts a refreshing lime taste, perfect for summer days. With 4% alcohol by volume, 95 calories, and only 5.5 grams of carbs per serving it makes a great choice for healthy beer drinkers. • Made with organic grains from the country’s finest fields, Michelob ULTRA™ Pure Gold is a light lager with a superior, golden taste. With only 2.5 carbs and 85 calories, Pure Gold is triple filtered and brewed free of artificial colors and flavors. Please find us at or follow us on social media: Facebook: Marsala Beverage Twitter: @marsalabeverage1 Instagram: @marsalabeverage


Eating Clean


For His Temple Family Foods in West Monroe is known for delicious down-home cooking minus the gluten and packed with clean, organic flavors. These collard greens are locally sourced and cooked with Mahaffey Farms ham, just like owner Dana Milfordâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s grandmother made. Photography by Kelly Moore Clark

WHAT YOUâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;LL NEED:

1 lb local, organic collard greens 1 lb local, pastured ham hocks 1/2 lb organic onion 3 T organic minced garlic salt and pepper to taste Cut stems from collards and mince well. Cut leaves in small squares. In large dutch oven, cover ham hocks with water. Add minced stems, onion and garlic. Simmer covered for about 1.5 hours. Checking water level and adding as needed to keep hocks covered.

Remove hocks to cool. Add chopped leaves to pot and simmer for about 1.5 hours until tender. Pick ham from hocks and add to collards. Make some gluten free, dairy free, organic cornbread and pig out!



Power Bowl

The Good Earth Juice and Salad Bar inside Fiesta Nutrition Center has created this nutritional powerhouse that will nourish your body with antioxidants, potassium, vitamins and a power boost of clean energy. Photography by Kelly Moore Clark

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: frozen açaí coconut flakes locally-sourced honey granola strawberries sliced bananas frozen blueberries dried goji berries

Layer the ingredients in a bowl with frozen açaí on the bottom. Customize ingredients to your liking. Finish it with a touch of honey and sprinkle of coconut flakes.




2 large carrots chopped 3 sticks of celery chopped 1/2 onion 1 tablespoon olive oil 2 medium potatoes 2 small turnips peeled and diced 3 cloves garlic minced 1 tablespoon flour 1 can diced tomatoes with juices 4 cups vegetable broth 1 cup water 1 can white beans drained 1 can red kidney beans 6 dashes Italian seasoning 1 small bunch kale 1 cup frozen peas salt + pepper to taste

SOUP’S ON This easy vegetable and bean soup is a quick, healthy and hearty meal. You can customize it with leftovers or whatever veggies you have in the refrigerator. Photography by Kelly Moore Clark

Prep carrots, celery and onion. Add to a large pot over medium heat with the olive oil. Sauté for 8-10 minutes. Stir in garlic and flour and cook for 30 seconds. Add diced tomatoes, vegetable broth, turnips, potatoes, water, beans and seasoning. Increase heat to high and bring to boil. Cover with a lid and reduce to simmer for about 25 minutes or until veggies are tender. Add the shredded kale and peas and cook for an additional 10 minutes. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and serve.


Your Hometown Urologist Helping Patients Regain Control of Their Bodies and Their Lives


OBERT D. MARX, M.D. IS THIS COMMUNITY’S hometown, board certified urologist. He was born and raised right here in Monroe, Louisiana. He graduated from NLU, now ULM, and graduated from medical school and completed his residency at LSU Shreveport. Dr. Marx has traveled extensively working with the leaders of the field in order to keep up with the latest and most successful techniques in incontinence. He has been specializing in this field for over thirty years and conveniently operates at Glenwood, Monroe Surgical and P&S. Dr. Marx has 24/7 call coverage with other local urologists. He has a standing relationship with each of the other doctors he shares call with and enjoys working with them and his other peers. The office has a wonderful, knowledgeable staff that has worked with him for many years and the majority of his time in private practice, ensuring good continuity of care. It truly is a family practice that loves taking care of its community. Specializing in female urology since 1998, Dr. Marx is boardcertified, offering specialized care for female incontinence. Dr. Marx promises caring, confidential consultations and personalized solutions for any related problem such as: bladder prolapse, removal of mesh, InterStim urethral bulking. He also treats male incontinence. Vasectomies are done in the office with a no cut technique. Bladder prolapse is one of the problems Dr. Marx specializes in correcting. A woman might feel an ache in her lower abdomen. Or she may have trouble urinating. Maybe sexual intercourse is uncomfortable. If you experience any of these, the problem might be your bladder. The bladder sits in sort of a “hammock” of muscle and tissue inside your abdomen. When the tissue gets weak, the bladder can break through it and press into your vagina. Doctors call this bladder prolapse. It’s a common condition, and it’s treatable. If you presently have a device, such as a pessary, this can easily be treated with an outpatient surgical procedure. Dr Marx is pleased to provide cutting edge bladder neuromodulation techniques. This is also known as “Medtronic Bladder Pacemaker.” Dr Marx has been implanting InterStims for


eight years. His staff is also thoroughly educated in support of this treatment. If your doctor says “you must live with it,” you might not have to. InterStim is a device that is implanted during a minimally invasive outpatient procedure. InterStim works by sending small electronic pulses to the sacral nerves, controlling the muscles that regulate urinary function. Whatever level of severity your problem is, Robert D. Marx, M.D. and his dedicated staff are ready to assist you. They specialize in all areas of urology and male and female incontinence and will consult with you on an individual basis to determine the appropriate solution for your particular problem. Their staff will work with you and your insurance company to ensure fast payment processing and help answer any other questions you may have. Dr. Marx prides himself on the personal attention he provides each patient. He understands that this is a sensitive time for you. Dr. Marx has decades of experience providing careful, appropriate treatment to put you at ease. The office’s goal is to make you feel comfortable, so you can openly address your problems and let us help you fix it. Conveniently located in the Glenwood Medical Mall, Dr. Marx and his staff are happy to be accepting new patients. Contact them today for an appointment. Helping patients regain control of their bodies and their lives. 102 Thomas Road, Suite 108, West Monroe, LA 71291 Phone: 318-329-8464 Fax: 877-301-5648 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Friday: 9 a.m.-noon Closed Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday


What is Classical Pilates? Local Studio Offers Private and Group Classes BY MARCIA DONALD, OWNER AND FOUNDER


OFTEN GET ASKED WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE between Classical Pilates and Pilates. Classical Pilates is the actual exercises executed in the order Joseph Pilates created with his intentions.  Classical Pilates covers only the actual exercises that Mr. Pilates created. These exercises are verified through The Elders, Pilates instructors who trained under Joseph Pilates himself.  A Classical teacher might create a modification that will assist a client to be able to do the ideal version of the exercise, but it is a preparatory exercise intended to develop into Mr. Pilates creation. Bon Temps Classical Pilates stays true to the classical method that Joseph Pilates created and we do not venture into our own works or works of other teachers that claimed to be teaching Pilates. Our instructors believe that teaching Pilates the way Mr. Pilates intended is the only way that truly crafts the body and mind into balance.  The exercises are simple enough and challenging enough to delve into for a lifetime. The Method of exercises consists of over 500 variations that can be done on each of the apparatus in our studio  Mr. Pilates created a set order of exercises on the mat and the reformer, which is an apparatus in a pilates studio. A Classical teacher follows this order every time they work with a client  The method of exercises are broken up into three different levels. These levels are called systems. Each system has a certain order that exercises must be taught in order for your body to be physically ready for the next exercise   The three systems are labeled Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Every new client at Bon Temps Classical Pilates starts at the Beginner System regardless of age or level of fitness. We use this system to evaluate our clients and get them connected to their core which Joseph Pilates called “The Power House.” The Intermediate System can be taught when the body is physically accessible and can be appropriately challenged with more difficult exercises. The Advanced System is for clients that are devoted to Pilates and practice at least three days a week. The Pilates System order warms up the body, lengthens, tones and cools it down. His order strengthens and stretches the torso, arms and legs in all planes of movement. The order challenges our


clients in a progression with and then against gravity: lying down, sitting up, kneeling, and standing. Classical Pilates teaches functional movement.  The older we get simple tasks like getting up and down off of the floor and chairs can be difficult without core strength. The Methods sole purpose is to connect your mind with your core so that you will be able to move in a way that will help you continue all of the things that you enjoy doing in your life. Bon Temps Classical Pilates first and foremost uses Joseph Pilates brilliant Method of exercises to strengthens your core which is the “Power House” and in charge of strengthening every other muscle in your body. It is widely known that the most popular New Years resolution is getting back into shape. Unfortunately, that   resolution is often thrown by the wayside by February. We often forget that starting out small instead of making a drastic change in our overall wellbeing can be difficult. But what if we started out small? What if you just focused on your core, the muscles that support and stabilize every move that you make in your body? Pilates is just the exercise that will work those intrinsic muscles in your abdominals, back, shoulders and pelvis. Taking private and group classes at Bon Temps Classical Pilates will be a great step in not only getting fit, but also preventing future injuries. Cheers to a Happy New Year and a  Stronger Core! And speaking of the New Year, Bon Temps Pilates will soon be expanding its horizons by offering several new yoga classes. Created to not only awaken the mind-body connection, our yoga classes will engage the senses.  Such sessions will include: River-  a class that includes dynamic movement, mobility and strength exercises to train the body for improved motion; Flow through life with grace and ease; Rootsthis balancing practice will set the foundation of strength, stability, stretch, and stamina for a sustainable yoga practice; Bloom- a steady powerful flow to energize your day and awaken your inner light; Earth- a grounding, gentle, meditative experience.  Choose your adventure! We look forward to being your guide on your wellness journey. 


Beauty Bar

Stylist Jamie Brown Can Help You Accomplish Your Hair Goals for the New Year


ITH THE NEW YEAR COMES THE OPPORTUNITY to transform your look! And that is just what Jamie Brown at the Beauty Bar offers! Jamie has been a stylist for 13 years and is currently at The Beauty Bar, located in Sterlington, just north of Monroe. Jamie is a native of Monroe, having graduated from Ouachita Christian School and attending beauty school immediately after. “I have always wanted to be in this industry,” said Jamie. Growing up, my grandmother was a beautician, and I always played ‘beauty shop’ at her house. It is in my blood, and I am proud to to continue working in this industry.” Jamie especially enjoys making people feel good and lifting their spirits after sitting in her chair. “I love talking to my clients, encouraging them and helping them achieve their hair goals.” One of the things Jamie specializes in is hair extensions using the Great Lengths HairUWear system. Jamie has attended special classes and training to work with these extensions. Great Lengths patented protein polymer bond ensures a quick and simple application either with heat or ultrasound system. Bonds are made from synthetic keratin mimicking the molecular structure of natural keratin found in human hair and skin and maintaining a pH value of 5.5 to be compatible with your hair, scalp and skin. You will recognize quality extensions when they are not easily distinguishable from your own hair and when the bonding is very thin, almost invisible. These particular extensions last from six to nine months, which is longer than other extensions. You can also participate in your regular activities, such as swimming, going to the beach, exercising and participating in sports. Of course, extensions are a great way to add length to your hair but there are several other reasons that they are well worth investing in! Color - If you are wanting to experiment with different colors in your hair but aren’t sure how it will look or worry about damaging your hair, extensions are a great solution. You can add color, lowlights, highlights and more without the long term commitment or causing any damage. Volume - If you have thinning hair or want to create extra body, extensions are a great way to accomplish that. Even if you have fine


hair, extensions can add volume and thickness with maintaining a natural look. Style - Hair extensions can make any hair style more beautiful and interesting. When you add length, volume or color with extensions, you can make any braid, bun or top knot more voluminous and interesting. Special Occasions - Hair extensions are a great way to get your dream hair on your dream wedding day, prom or other special occasion. You can add body or length to create an elegant updo or cascading curls. Jamie is also an expert in the new trend - lash lifts! 2019 is the year to ditch the eyelash curler and endless tubes of mascara. Jamie uses the Elleebana Lash Lift, which gets luscious, curled, dark lashes for six to eight weeks! It’s a semi-permanent treatment that enhances your natural lashes, making them appear fuller and longer. Jamie uses a unique technique combining a lifting lotion and silicone rods to lift your natural lashes. You’ll get curl and volume without that weird kink you sometimes get from clamping down with a curler. No need for eyelash extensions and the associated aftercare. She has had clients with longer, healthier lashes from getting lash lifts! The formula is conditioning, nourishing, and formaldehyde free! A lash lift typically lasts eight to ten weeks but can vary from person to person. There is no need for any maintenance appointments in between, but you will need to have the process repeated every six to eight weeks to lift the new hair growth.  Whether you are looking to have a fresh look with a lash lift, add some drama with extensions or simply want a new cut and color, Jamie can help you accomplish your hair goals. Call her today to set up a consultation and see what she can do for you! She is just one of the members of the Beauty Bar family. Led by owner Lauren Halley Jones, the rest of the team includes Wendy Thompson, Kristin Pruitt and apprentice, Taylor Wells. They are looking forward to making you beautiful this year!



This product utilizes an innovative microemulsion technology, this potent retinol, blended with plant stem cell antioxidants and bio-mimetic proteins, helps reverse the signs of aging and aids in the prevention of future damage. Available at NEW BEGINNINGS WELLNESS CENTER & SPA

This anti aging cream is formulated with a maximized concentration of lipids: 2% pure ceramides, 4% natural cholesterol, and 2% fatty acids. This unique lipid correction cream contains the first 2:4:2 cholesterol-dominant ratio to help restore skinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s external barrier and support natural self-repair, while potently nourishing aging skin for improvement in the visible appearance of skin smoothness, laxity, pores and overall radiance. Available at SPA NOUVELLE




This is a two part product treatment regimen. Step 1 is a facial firming therapy product with plant extracts and peptides to relax and diminish fine lines. Step 2 is a dermal reconstructing therapy that stimulates collagen rebuilding to firm and tighten the skin, combined with ceramides to plump and sodium hyaluronate for intense hydration. The ultimate antiaging dual therapy even for mature skin. Available at HOPKINS DERMATOLOGY


Restore your skin’s ability to heal itself with AnteAGE® regenerating serum. This elegant formula quickly absorbs into your skin, and contains physiologically balanced Stem Cytokines™, potent peptides and protective Antioxidants. Utilizing nanotechnology, this symphony of ingredients act in concert to deliver powerful results at the cellular level. The AnteAGE Accelerator is a performance driven treatment rich in powerful moisturizers and revitalizing actives. Available at PROFESSIONAL LASER CENTER


Daily Power Defense is formulated with retinol, enzymes and antioxidants to help repair damaged cells and protect against future damage. This skin restorer promotes collagen production, uses DNA repair enzymes to enhance your skin’s recovery capabilities and encourages cellular activity to aid in skin cell repair.


This lightweight serum is clinically proven to minimize the appearance of pores and helps eliminate surface shine thanks to its dual-action formula. It leaves your complexion looking smooth and free of flaws, with an instant matte finish. The Daily Power Defense and Instant Pore Refiner are available at MICKEL PLASTIC SURGERY

My Top Five Gardening

New Year’s Resolutions AR T ICL E BY P. AL L EN SMIT H


ore than 40 percent of people in this country make New Year’s resolutions, mostly related to saving money, losing weight or starting a new hobby. But I’m not going to talk about my exercise goals, how I plan to read more or my vow to use candles more in my everyday life (why save this magical light for special occasions?) I’m going to talk about the important stuff -- what I’m striving for in my garden in the coming year. Maybe you’ll be able to relate to a few of these. 5. Love my soil. A rich and successful garden begins and ends with healthy soil. I’m fortunate to live on a farm with an abundance of chicken manure (only a gardener can appreciate an abundance of chicken manure), so I make good use of that ready source of organic material to enrich my soil. In 2019, I vow to remain vigilant in the care and upkeep of my garden’s most valuable resource. 4. Step out of my plant comfort zone. I love petunias. I think it’s almost a requirement if you live in the south that you have a soft spot for this sweet, colorful annual. One reason I love them is because they’re reliable performers, so I know that I can rely on them in certain planters without a lot of thought. But is that lazy gardening? What if I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried some new combinations this year? Bacopa, Abutilon, Nicotiana and many other annuals are just as delightful. I vow to try some new plants in spots where I tend to rely on my old standby favorites. 3. Add more whimsy in the garden. I’ve always been a fan of whimsy. It’s one of my 12 principles of garden design. But it’s an easy one to let slide, because it’s usually not associated with function. On a day-to-day basis, I’m faced with things like hose spigots that don’t work, the necessity of moving farm equipment and other neverending chores, so you have to make time for whimsy. I think of it like exercise -- you know it’s good for you, but unless you make it a priority, there are too many other activities in your day that will take priority. I vow to reevaluate my garden art, pathways, container plantings and the overall garden experience with an eye for opportunities to incorporate more whimsy. 2. Share the wealth. I’ve been very fortunate in my gardening career, starting when I was just a kid, really, to have mentors, relatives and even neighbors share their garden knowledge and expertise with me. I really believe that gardeners are some of the best and most generous people in the world. I think of the times that someone has been gracious enough to share a start off a prized plant or grab a shovel on the spot and say, “Here, let me dig you up a piece.” I’ve At Right: Not only are these Allium bulbs gorgeous in the garden, but the flowers are excellent for drying. Just hang them upside down in a garage or storage room. photo by Ward Lile 82 JANUARY 2019 | WWW.BAYOULIFEMAG.COM

“I vow to reevaluate my garden art, pathways, container plantings and the overall garden experience with an eye for opportunities to incorporate more whimsy.”

Think outside the flowerbed and move some of those regulars that you find in a garden bed into containers. Get your hands in the soil and have some fun! photo by Mark Fonville

Adding whimsical plants to the garden is always at the top of my garden every year. photo by Steven Veach

never met a gardener who doesn’t love a free plant, and who usually generously reciprocates with plant gifts of their own. In 2019, I vow to look for ways that I can pay the gift of gardening forward to others as a way to repay those who have, and continue to be, so generous with me. 1. Enjoy the garden. This New Year’s resolution might seem like an odd one at first -- of course we garden for the enjoyment of it, right? But when I’m out in my garden, I’m not always seeing blooming roses, bees on the zinnias or flowers spilling out of the planters on the front porch. Instead, I’m seeing the barn that needs to be painted, the shovels left out in the rain and the weeding that needs to be done. Why is it so easy to see the “flaws” in the garden and sometimes so difficult to just step back, and...enjoy? I vow to take more time in the coming year to stop, take a breath and enjoy the beauty of the plants, animals and farm around me. What about you? What would you like to change in your gardening life this year? Regardless, I hope the coming year brings you and your loved ones more peace, joy and candles.

When it comes to plants you can create a design that involves a combination of materials or you can choose to plant only one variety. photo by Mark Fonville

P. Allen Smith is an author, television host and conservationist with a passion for American style. His show “Garden Home” airs on LPB, KLTM, KLPA and AETN. Check your local listings for “Garden Style.” Smith uses his Arkansas home, Moss Mountain Farm, as an epicenter for promoting the local food movement, organic gardening and the preservation of heritage poultry breeds. He created his farm to serve as a place of inspiration, education and conservation and provides visitors from around the country with tours of his property, which may be booked at



Meredith’s Musings 730 Hours |


By Meredith McKinnie

t’s 2 a.m., and I’m sitting cross legged on my couch. Thump, thump, thump, the incessant beat of the machine is consistent, a drumbeat, yet softer like a pulse. The two feet of tubing attached to the bottles held steady by my bare thighs fill with condensation from the milk being pulled from my swollen breasts. I stay still for fifteen minutes scrolling Instagram stories and randomly glancing down at my progress. The sounds tell me when I’m almost finished, though sometimes one breast will pause and then sputter a few more squirts before giving up. I will wake again at 6 a.m. to repeat the process, and then again every two to three hours throughout the day. By the end of my daughter’s first year, I had spent 730 hours attached to this machine, providing sustenance for my child. And though most days I couldn’t imagine continuing the madness demanded by this commitment, now I’m so grateful I could.


I never felt pressure. My mother breastfed me a few weeks before succumbing to the struggle, and dad always insisted mothers “starve them to death trying to prove a point.” I knew breastfeeding had become “trendy,” for lack of a better word, with new mothers.With the societal emphasis on everything being natural, it makes sense. When asked throughout my pregnancy whether I planned to breastfeed, my response was always, “I’ll try.” The question is silly, as if any of us know what we’ll do in a situation so life-changing. Pumping came easy to me; her latching did not. I struggled with positioning, back pain, seeing her face over the mass of flesh that is my bosom. She would scrunch her face in aggravation and I would rage at the absurdity of the process. But the pump didn’t fight me. The pump is predictable, on-call, and didn’t scrunch its face at me. The pump felt natural. When the hormones raced, I threw

bottles, dumped milk in frustration when it didn’t meet the ounce line I deemed worthy of my sacrifice. I’d yell when it was time to pump and didn’t want to stop what I was doing. I would beg her to give me a few more minutes to meet the ounce line when she would cry for my attention. I resented Husband’s inability to do this for me. His nipples are useless. I had just gotten my body back, and attaching to the pump felt like months of rehab, sucking the life out of me more than pregnancy already had. But in those 15 minute stretches, I learned to be still. The short tubes require little movement. It forces me to pause. And though there are no roses to smell, I think, reflecting on my role as her mother. And while it is inconvenient that only I can do this, I feel a sense of pride that only I can do this for her. I was mothering my way; I found Meredith’s version of a maternal gesture. Not everyone can or wants to, and no mother should be expected to do anything other than what is best for her and her baby. And no one knows that but her. This is my journey, my story, my experience with breastfeeding. It’s my body’s contribution beyond the egg. I’m more grateful for sticking with it, for committing to seeing the year through. I had a freezer full of milk. I could have lessened the number of times I pumped a day, but routines are hard to break. When I returned to school this past fall, two weeks after her first birthday, I wasn’t carrying a pump. I lightened my load by one bag. I no longer had to position my errands around having to transfer the day’s product to the nearest refrigerator. My life inevitably simplified. My body was entirely my own again. She will not remember the 730 hours I spent on pause, tethered to a machine that made feeding her much easier, but I will.

Paper Whites Paper whites or (Narcissus papyraceus) are popular plants to have indoors during the winter months and holidays. Paper whites are the original â&#x20AC;&#x153;Just Add Waterâ&#x20AC;? plant. While paperwhite bulbs can be planted in soil, more commonly they are grown in pots or dishes with some stones or marbles to anchor them in place and a little water. Photo by Kelly Moore Clark. Styling by Taylor Bennett.

plant CARE Pick a container in which to grow paperwhites indoors; a shallow container is best. Choose a watertight container if you are using pea gravel to grow paperwhites and a container with an adequate drainage hole to grow paperwhites in potting soil. Prepare the container and growing medium. To grow paperwhites in gravel, fill the container about half full with pea gravel. To grow paperwhites in potting soil, place a rock or pot shard over the drainage hole and fill the pot about half full with potting soil. Plant the bulbs. Set the bulbs on top of either gravel or soil with their pointed ends up. Place the bulbs close together but not touching each other. Add more gravel or potting soil, so that it covers up the bottom two-thirds of the paperwhites, leaving the top one-third of the bulbs exposed. Water well. Water the paperwhites planted in potting soil until the water runs out of the bottom of the pot. Water the paperwhites planted in gravel until it is level with the bottom of the bulbs; they should not be covered in water.


ar t i cle b y K enny C o vin g to n


With Kenny

The Luck Factor, Control Your Variables


have never liked the word “luck.” I rarely use it, and my fishing partners will back me up on that. I do, however, believe the people who have the best luck and even the worse luck put themselves in position to be the benefactor or the receiving end of either one. It was once stated that luck is simply “preparedness meeting opportunity.” Rick Clunn once said, “If you are ever going to seriously get into bass fishing seriously, you have to forget one thing; that is luck, which has very little, if anything to do with it. Fishing is an art and a science. It can be learned. The level you achieve in it is up to you.” In fishing, regardless of the kind you do, no more prophetic statement has ever been made. My preparation to spend a day on the water, to some, is overkill. My preparation for tournament competition, even for single day events, takes hours to complete. I get that many people don’t want to go to the extreme that I do in being prepared, but it is that mindset that helps me become successful on the water. If I correctly do my job in preparing for a tournament day then a lot of the variables that come into play in determining the outcome of an event are taken out of the equation. What many anglers equate to bad luck is many times a variable, had they taken time to address, wouldn’t have caused a negative effect on a fishing day. I hear examples of this all the time. Things like “well my batteries died on me at lunch, and I wasn’t able to fish in the wind.” My first thought is how long has it been since you checked your batteries life and were they charged properly. Another one I hear is, “I must have had ten bites, but I only caught two of them.” My thought goes to what kind of hook were you using, did you have the


correct rod and reel setup for the technique you were using. Like I said before, to some my thinking is overkill. But if you want to be successful or have more successful days on the water, it’s not. There are two types of variables in bass fishing, controlled and uncontrolled. The controlled variable are things you can do that prevent a lot of the bad luck other fishermen always like to blame their fates on. Check your line, your hooks, your rod and reels and the list goes on and on. Just make sure you have everything in place to be successful. Give yourself the opportunity to benefit when good fortune comes your way. Uncontrolled variables are things such as fishing pressure, weather, water fluctuations or conditions. These things you can’t control you should still prepare for, so when they do happen they will not have as adverse effect is if you weren’t prepared. Things like having back up spots when fishing a tournament on a crowded weekend. Or having the proper clothing to deal with changing weather conditions. These controlled variables are very important to fishing success but they are often overlooked. Lake conditions are a good example of an uncontrolled variable. Until I see the body of water I am fishing, I can’t be totally certain about the conditions. However, by doing some research, I can get a general idea of the opportunities a lake will present and I can prepare accordingly. What is the lake level? Has it rained in the past week or so? What is the time of year? Is it a body of water that tends to be clear or does it get muddy? All of these things play a role in addressing something that is completely out of my control. But by doing so it allows me to prepare for whatever lake conditions I may encounter. By now you are probably saying, “Is all this really needed? I just want to go fishing?” I get and understand that. My way of doing things is not set in stone; it’s just what works for me. Here are a few suggestions that will help you become a better fisherman and enjoy your time on the water without making a cast…… Learn your equipment. This may seem kind of odd but get a basic understanding of how your boat and motor work. Learn how to replace a trolling motor or even your big engines prop. Have the correct tools on board in case something happens and you need a quick fix. Nothing ruins a fishing day quite like being towed in by another angler. Learn your rod/reels and actual fishing equipment. What rod is good for a particular technique? What reel is not in working order keeping it from being used properly? How long has it been since I changed the line? Do I have the right hooks? By paying attention to a few small details you will increase your chances of being successful on the water. Don’t overlook the obvious. Often times the things that happen to us on the water are things, once they happen, irk us because we knew to look for them in the first place. Such as putting the plug in the boat, making sure you have the boat keys or having your life jacket. Is there enough gas in the boat? If it is summertime, do I have enough water to drink? These things, while seemingly simple, can be trip killers, so make sure you address them. Well, it looks like we have run out of space again for another month! Time sure flies when you are having fun, and this article was no exception. I hope we were able to share some tips and information that will help you enjoy the sport of fishing even more. As always, please be careful in the outdoors, and for those of you on the water, catch one for me! Happy New Year everyone! See you next month!


Fabulous Fabric

Give Your Home a Fresh Start This New Year


HIS COMING YEAR OF 2019 will mark Fabulous Fabric’s 20th Anniversary, and we are so excited to celebrate it with you. As we continue to grow, we would love to play some part in serving your home décor needs and wishes. Fabulous Fabric has taken various forms over the years, and at one point was housed in four locations in two states, but we always came back to Monroe and West Monroe, where the story first began. Time goes by so quickly, and the New Year always puts you into a reflective frame of mind. Our clients and customers are geographically as diverse as their style preferences and interests. Visitors from Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama and Kansas drop by, and thanks to cyberspace and social media, many more have shopped our store from the comfort of their homes and offices. What can be more gratifying and thrilling


than helping someone realize a more beautiful, comfortable, and uniquely designed home to fit their unique lifestyle? Whether it is for your home or your professional environment, we always look forward to hearing about your plans, dreams and ideas. As it turns out, fabric can really have a life changing effect, and that is no exaggeration. Clients bring in requests to help them in recovering a chair or couch. The stories of the memories and how much the item is held affection, warm, and lasting memories is always apparent. We are inevitably drawn into the project with a desire to see the best possible outcome. That brings me to our unsung heroes. The designers and decorators who come into your homes and workspaces to make a lasting improvement and beautify our spaces. They come in keeping us up-to-date on current upcoming trends sharing their ideas

and talents with us all. Our region is rich in talent and artistic expertise. We love all of our designers, decorators and artisan friends and clientele. So many relationships started as professional consult and grew into really quality friendships. Thank you for letting Fabulous Fabric play a part, whether with a small pillow or a large multilevel project, our purpose is to help you create an environment that reflects your individual style and expression. We would love the chance to help you find the right upholstery fabric for your new or existing furnishings, or maybe we can help you find just the right stye and fabrics to dress your window, we literally have thousands of ideas. And it doesn’t just mean fabrics. We have custom services available for window coverings, as well as home accessories, like lamps, rugs, wallpapers and furniture. Above all, thank you for your confidence you have placed with us and your loyalty to our trade. We appreciate each and every person who comes into our store. Even if it is only to browse and take in some color therapy. So here’s to hopefully 20 more years to come! Come in and let us create something fabulous for every room in your home.


Relieving Stress and Depression Let Spa Nouvelle Take Away Those Winter Blues


HAT’S A WRAP. THE ORNAMENTS have been neatly tucked into the attic, the hustle and bustle now seems a distant memory and people are settling into the new year. It’s often a time of reflection and change, but for many the stress of the new year becomes overwhelming. It’s easy to overassess about accomplishments or lack thereof, or maybe it’s just a feeling of uneasiness after a holiday calendar jammed packed has finally resolved. If this seems familiar, take time to relax and rejuvenate at Spa Nouvelle. Taking time for a massage is as important for people dealing with depression as it is with someone with a sports injury or arthritis. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, clinical trials suggest that massage therapy may help relieve depression. A 60-minute massage can


lower cortisol, a hormone that’s produced in response to stress by an average of 30 percent. And when cortisol levels decline, serotonin – one of the body’s anti-pain mechanisms – increases by an average of 28 percent after receiving a massage. By lowering cortisol and increasing serotonin, you’re boosting your body’s ability to fight off pain, anxiety and feelings of sadness, according to professionals at the Mayo Clinic. Partners Mary Beth Dickerson, Ana Lopez Hale, Drew Farr and Wendy Newsom all have a passion for health and beauty. They understand that their business provides a safe and nurturing place for individuals to relax, refocus and find clarity. With an attentive approach to relaxation and skincare health, it’s no surprise that the staff of Spa Nouvelle has won top prizes in the BayouBuzz Awards since its inception.

For many clients who are living with anxiety and depression, and the day-today symptoms those feeling bring, the staff at Spa Nouvelle are here to help. From personalized essential oil infusions to CBD oils, signatures service from Spa Nouvelle are guaranteed to offer relief and rejuvenation. If you are one of the many who are suffering after the holiday season, or if you are overloaded with extra stress, make an appointment today. Start the new year with a new sense of relief, empowerment and mind-body connection. For a list of services, visit their website at spa Spa Nouvelle is located at 1705 Lamy Lane in Monroe. Call them at 318.816.4949, and like them on Facebook and Instagram for special offers and appointment openings.

Introducing BodyTite Derma MediQ Teams Up with Dr. Daryl Marx


OR THE PAST THIRTEEN YEARS, Dr. Saidi Sowma-Fakhre has been providing state-of-the-art medically supervised beauty regimens at Derma MediQ. Dr. Sowma-Fakhre is Board Certified in Aesthetic Medicine and Pediatrics. Starting in January, she is pleased to be partnering with Dr. Daryl Marx to bring a new procedure to Northeast Louisiana. BodyTite by InMode is a minimally invasive body contouring system that uses Radio-Frequency Assisted Lipolysis technology. In combination with traditional tumescent liposuction, Dr. Marx will be performing these two fat-reducing procedures at Derma MediQ. Daryl Marx, M.D. is a general surgeon specializing in General, Bariatric and RoboticAssisted surgery using advanced minimally invasive techniques. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Surgery and board certified by the American College of Surgeons. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree

from Louisiana State University of Medicine in New Orleans, LA, and continued his surgical internship and residency there, graduating in 2003. Dr. Marxâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s surgical expertise combined with the aesthetic background of Dr. SowmaFakhre guarantees an exciting partnership for those looking for a procedure that offers significant, long-lasting fat-reducing results. WHAT IS BODYTITE? BodyTite is a great solution for individuals, who are looking to reduce fat without the saggy, wrinkly skin. It also helps to improve skin laxity after weight loss or due to aging. BodyTite is a minimally invasive procedure that shapes, contracts and lifts without the scalpel or large scarring. You are left with surgical-like results without prolonged downtime. WHAT AREAS CAN BE TREATED? If you can imagine it: stomach, arms,

chest, knees and inner/outer thighs are some of the most common treatment zones. Multiple areas can be treated in one visit. Each zone will take approximately 15 minutes of treatment. Results can be seen immediately, with best results noticeable after six weeks, and continuing up to 12 months. And, depending on the treatment area, downtime can be from 1-2 days up to 10 days. If you are looking for a treatment that will treat fat in stubborn areas while tightening skin, the combination of BodyTite and liposuction will sculpt your body into its ultimate shape. The staff at Derma MediQ in partnership with Dr. Daryl Marx not only has an eye for aesthetics, but the medical knowledge necessary to safely provide patients with the relaxed, rejuvenated and sculpted look they want. Schedule your consultation today for this breakthrough fat-reducing and skin tightening procedure.


Third Annual Empty Bowls Event A Steaming Hot Serving of Food, Art and Music Set for January 26th


HE FOOD BANK OF NORTHEAST LOUISIANA’S 3RD Annual Empty Bowls event will be held on Saturday, January 26th from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. at The HUB in Downtown Monroe. This is a unique fundraiser where artists come together to craft and donate hundreds of bowls to be taken home by ticket holders. The goal is to raise awareness for hunger while also raising critical funds to provide food assistance to those struggling with hunger in our community. With the price of an all-inclusive event ticket, guests can choose a beautiful bowl to take home as a reminder of all of the empty bowls in our community. A tasting of signature dishes will be served from multiple local restaurants including: Parish Restaurant, Uptown Downtown Ruston, Chef Pat Nolan, Grown and Grazed, Health with Hope, The Fat Pelican, Taste of India, The Good Earth Salad and Juice Bar, For His Temple Family Foods, Willie’s Food Truck Park, Thurman’s Food Factory, JAC’s Tailgaters, Copeland’s, Wing Stop and Dreux Coffee. The delicious food will be accompanied by live music from local musicians Joe Haydel and Dave Hill. Back by popular demand, ceramics artist Alyssa Guidry will be on site doing a pottery demonstration, and artist Leigh Buffington will be painting a piece that will go to one lucky auction winner. There will be numerous art and gift items available in the silent auction thanks to the generosity of local donors. For the kids, there will be fun activities like face painting to enjoy. This event wouldn’t be possible without the many talented artists who donate bowls. This year, attendees can choose bowls from Ann Currie, Gary Ratcliff, Brooke Cassady, Alyssa Guidry, Kyle Triplett, Stacey Medaries, Sheila Floyd, Kaitlin Self, Maddie Fowler, Betty Crouch, Megan Smith, Kathy Hosking, Paula Meredith, Sarah Hoffman and more! Each ticket purchased for this event helps to support the mission of the Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana. In the 12-parish region the Food Bank serves, over 71,000 people struggle with hunger. The Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana is the largest hunger relief organization in the region. They partner with over 60 nonprofits that operate food pantries or meal programs, forming a network that serves people facing hunger throughout Northeast Louisiana. In addition, the Food Bank operates three programs that directly provide food to those most vulnerable – our children and seniors. For more information about the Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana’s work in the community, please visit Empty Bowls tickets are on sale now, with a limited number of allinclusive tickets available. Ticket prices range from $10 - $40, and can be purchased at, or by calling 318-322-3567. Get yours today and enjoy this fantastic community event for a great cause!


Bayou Dental Group Dental Implants



T’S TIME TO GIVE YOURSELF THE SMILE YOU DESERVE. If you’ve been avoiding cameras or meals with your friends, you need to call Bayou Dental Group. Our Monroe, LA dentists can give you a smile solution that looks and feels as good as your natural teeth. And Dr. Finley can place and restore your dental implants all in one office. There are several benefits to choosing dental implants: • T  hey are the closest in function and appearance to your natural teeth. • You’ll feel an increase in your self-confidence when you have a full, beautiful smile. • B  ecause they are not removable, you won’t have to worry about keeping up with your teeth. • E  at all of your favorite foods, regardless of how hard, sticky or crunchy they may be! • Speak clearly and with ease. • T  here’s no risk of slipping; they are anchored to your jawbone. • T  his is a long-term solution. With proper care, they can last a lifetime! • P  atients with dental implants have had decreases in the amount of bone loss. If you’re unsure about the cost of a full set of dental implants, you might benefit from a denture supported by four or six implants. Trust Your Smile To Our Expert Dental Care Having your implants placed and restored in one office means you’ll receive consistent care throughout the entire process. There’s no risk of anything falling through the cracks, because you’ll have the same doctor and staff from start to finish. We use cutting-edge technology, including cone beam radiography, which takes the guesswork out of implant placement, and digital X-rays that allow instant feedback. After your consultation, Dr. Finley will perform a thorough examination, during which he will: • Check your mouth and bite • Do a 3D scan • Check bone levels • Take measurements for full dental implants The implant is then placed and allowed to fuse with bone. Next, Dr. Finley will take impressions to make the final restoration. Finally, the dental crown, bridge or denture is attached to the implant or implants. This entire process (and healing between procedures) will take a few short months to complete.

Call us now at 318-323-9303 to see how we can make you smile!


Fiesta Nutrtion Center Fiesta’s Top Ten for 2019


IESTA NUTRITION CENTER, this area’s most extensive health “supermarket,’ is geared up for 2019 with the latest supplements, body care items and natural foods making headlines. The team at Fiesta has the experience (and enthusiasm) to suggest the right products geared to everyone’s specific needs. The staff came up with this list of hot products that are creating a buzz in the natural food world and can be found locally at Fiesta! 1. CBD: Sold over the counter, CBD is a phytocannabinoid found in agricultural hemp. This plant has a wide range of sideeffect-free benefits. Fiesta markets brands that use the best extraction processes and can provide third-party certificates of analysis. The CBD products come in liquids, caps and topical balms. 2. COLLAGEN: Repair, restore and


maintain skin, hair, muscles and joints naturally. 3. ELDERBERY: This remarkable berry has been been used for centuries for its antiviral properties and is now a household staple suitable for the whole family. It is available in syrups, gummies, capsules and tea. Fiesta is proud to recommend the AndiLynn’s brand syrup that is made from Louisiana berries and processed in fresh, small batches. 4. TUMERIC: Customers are embracing foods that are anti-inflammatory. The most widely used in supplementation is the extract from turmeric (curcumin). 5. COFFEE: Delicious and unique coffee drinks can be found at the popular DREAUX COFFEE SHOP, located inside Fiesta. Trained barristas offer fresh-brewed pour-overs and various original takes on coffee and tea. 6. DIY BODYCARE: It’s fun and

economical to make your own body-care products to suit your needs and tastes. Bring your ingredient list to Fiesta! 7. CANNABIS BODY CARE: Skin care products formulated with hemp (cannabis sativa) stem cells. 8. CONSUMING LITTLE OR NO MEAT: Fiesta is hearing from customers a trend of people not desiring meats as much as they once did. Many meals are meatless or may consist of a vegan or vegetarian substitute as a protein source. 9. VEGETABLE OF THE YEAR The winner is a repeat from last year… cauliflower! Darling to the low-carb world… unique foods are being offered from it, like pizza crust, chips and crackers. 10. DELIVERY AND PICK UP SERVICE The GOOD EARTH JUICE AND SALAD BAR (located inside Fiesta) is participating with UBER EATS delivery service! Download the app and have fresh, healthy foods delivered. Fiesta also offers the old-school method of customers calling in 318-387-8446 and having your products ready at the counter or carried out to your vehicle. Fiesta prides itself in its customer service, and this is another way to show it!

Frozen Fat, Thinner You CoolSculpting Succeeds Where Resolutions Fail BY TIMOTHY J. MICKEL, MD, CERTIFIED, AMERICAN BOARD OF PLASTIC SURGERY


OW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU grabbed that roll of fat on your lower abdomen or the back of your hip and said, “Too bad somebody can’t just melt this off.” Well, it’s almost January – a new year, a fresh start, an opportunity to reset the clock in the annual cycle of life. Just like last year, you could make a resolution to get rid of your rolls the old-fashioned way: exercise more and eat less. But, for most of us, a New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other. Good news—there’s a more effective way. About eight years ago, the FDA cleared a new technique called CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting gently chills the fat layer. It has been clinically proven to reduce bulges of unwanted fat, without needles, without incisions and—most importantly—without downtime. Too good to be true? I thought so—until I tried it myself. I went back to work immediately after the procedure, went to an event that evening and swam half a mile the next day! Best of all, my love handles are noticeably smaller. Mickel

Plastic Surgery introduced this procedure to this area in 2010, and the results have been impressive. CoolSculpting uses an ingenious concept, called cryolipolysis, developed by researchers at Harvard Medical School. The device delivers precise, even cooling to the fat layer causing fat cells to rupture and slowly release their contents. The fatty material is picked up by the lymphatic system and processed just like holiday fudge or eggnog. Improvement is gradual and progressive, peaking at three months. Patients in the initial studies experienced a 20-25% reduction in the thickness of the fat in the area treated. The procedure is repeated at 8 - 10 week intervals until the desired result is achieved. Only one area can be treated at a time, and the procedure takes about an hour per area. No sedation is needed, so you can drive yourself to and from the office. No compression garments are necessary after the treatments, and you can literally return to your normal activities, including exercise, immediately.

Our experience over the past year indicates that while some improvement is noticeable after one treatment, most patients require two to three sessions for an optimal result. Of course, the procedure is not for everyone. The ideal patient is close to their ideal weight and has relatively small, localized areas of fat without a lot of saggy skin. If you are morbidly obese, this is not for you. If you are moderately obese, you still need a disciplined program of diet and exercise and may require liposuction and excisional body contouring for an optimal result. But if you are reasonably fit, close to your ideal weight, yet in spite of Body Pump, cycling classes, half marathons and countless New Year’s resolutions still have areas of unwanted fat, then CoolSculpting may be right for you. As Mark Twain said, “New Year’s Day is the accepted time to make your annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them.” It’s true. Most of us abandon our New Year’s resolutions before the end of January. But don’t worry, there may still be hope for those unwanted areas of localized fat. Call Mickel Plastic Surgery at 388-2050 today to see if CoolSculpting is right for you!


Bayou Pages Books for a Healthy, Beautiful, Enriched Life BY MICHAEL DEVAULT

There’s just something about New York City at Christmas. The people seem happier, there’s a bounce to their step, and bundled beneath all those layers of wool, their faces glow. Over the past few years, I’ve noticed a change not only in the people but also the food available there. Oh, to be clear, there’s still nothing like real, New York pizza, and of course there’s still a hot dog vendor on every corner. But a plethora of juice bars, veggie joints and farm-to-table restaurants are crowding out the other fast food choices. There’s even a build-yourown salad bar in Penn Station. Then I wondered…(Sorry! I couldn’t resist that one!) If New Yorkers can get in on the healthy living act, fitting quality food and a healthy lifestyle into their bustling lives, is there room for the same in the lives of everyone else in the country? To help you in your journey to a healthy, beautiful and informed you, here are five books to feed your brain and your body.


HAPPINESS The Happiness Playbook: How Mindfulness and Healthy Living Can Help You Find Happiness and Peace By Lindsay Nova Calvert We get it. You’re stressed out. So what? So is everyone else! There’s probably not much you can do about the tight finances, that mountain of credit card statements or all of those projects your boss keeps throwing on you. If it seems like your entire life is being driven by a society intent on keeping you in a state of constant struggle, you’re not alone. Better still, there is a way out, according to Lindsay Nova Calvert’s The Happiness Playbook: How Mindfulness and Healthy Living Can Help You Find Happiness and Peace. In The Happiness Playbook, Calvert demythologizes the factors that are stressing Americans. By first pulling back the curtain on stress, Calvert exposes the root cause—grinding days, poor diets and little focus beyond survival mode—that underpin our stressful lives. She goes on to identify the two main ways people cope: by over indulgence or by retreating into an nearly ascetic existence of spin class and kale. But don’t fret, because Calvert argues there’s far more to life in America than these two paths offer. Throughout The Happiness Playbook, Calvert outlines ways to find your center, using meditation and mindfulness techniques to help reach inner peace and improve your overall quality of life, while simultaneously helping you break the endless cycle of stress-relief-stress that it seems we’re all locked in.

HEALTH Master The Day: Eat, Move and Live Better With The Power of Daily Habits By Alexander Heyne It’s no secret that exercise and healthy eating are key components of a healthful lifestyle. However, what many may not realize is that one of the foundations of healthy lifestyles isn’t the foods or even the workouts. It’s having the habits engrained into everyday life. That’s the thrust of Alexander Heyne’s Master The Day: Eat, Move and Live Better With The Power of Daily Habits. Heyne identifies nine core habits of individuals who’ve shed more than 100 pounds and kept it off for years. In Master The Day, he argues that these nine habits are nearly universal to all healthy lifestyles and, through carefully applying them to your own decisions, you too can achieve lasting health, including weight loss, exercise and positive energy. Readers of Heyne’s blog will be familiar with many of the tropes he employs to drive home his point, but in Master The Day, he lays out concise, clear and easy to follow steps for even the most amateur novice in the world of healthy lifestyles. Master your future with Master The Day.



Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour By Dita Von Teese

Healthy Healing: A Guide to Working Out Grief Using the Power of Exercise and Endorphins By Michelle Steinke-Baumgard When Michelle SteinkeBaumgard’s husband died in a plane crash, she didn’t know where to turn for help coping with the reality of being a widowed mother of two young children. A chance encounter led her to the path out of her grief: exercise. This is the story she tells in Healthy Healing: A Guide to Working Out Grief Using the Power of Exercise and Endorphins, at once a guidebook for managing the stages of grief and a how-to for unlocking the power of your own body to help you heal. Born out of Steinke-Baumgard’s own experiences, which she recorded for years on her “Fit Widow” blog, Healthy Healing provides both instruction and encouragement to the newly bereaved, providing them with the steps they need to begin their exercise-driven healing. At the same time, Steinke-Baumgard’s book helps readers realize the most important lesson of all: you’re not alone. Backed by more than twenty years’ worth of scientific inquiry, SteinkeBaumgard has crafted a book that’s at once a heartbreaking memoir and powerful aid in directing you towards the light at the end of the tunnel. Healthy Healing is the one book anyone coping with loss needs to read.

BEAUTY The Atlas of Beauty: Women of the World in 500 Portraits By Mihaela Noroc Mihaela Noroc is a familiar name in the world of photography. For more than a decade, her photos have ranked among the internet’s most popular. Now comes a collection unparalleled in its bredth and ambition, The Atlas of Beauty: Women of the World in 500 Portraits. Noroc assembled the portraits during her travels around the world, highlighting the lives, cultures, and natural beauty of 500 women from more than 50 countries. Each photo is accompanied by the stories behind the picture, tales from the women’s lives and cultures. At once a work of photojournalism and cultural anthropology, Noroc’s Atlas provides viewers with a look inside the women she’s captured with her lens. From London and New York to the banks of the Nile, Noroc’s chronicle takes a long, slow look at the notion of beautiful and provides the many faces of beauty with a striking new aesthetic. The Atlas of Beauty is one book photography lovers won’t want to miss.

Dita Von Teese is an enigma in the world of fashion and entertainment. She’s appeared on the runways representing top designers in the industry, graced the cover of countless magazines and is credited with the revival of the touring burlesque. From beneath the blackest of black bangs, her smiling eyes have captivated and inspired countless women (and more than a few men) to pursue their more eclectic and eccentric tastes. With Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour, Von Teese puts her mark on the fashion how-to. Your Beauty Mark catalogues the products, processes and techniques Von Teese utilizes to capture her iconic, timeless look. She also brings advice and guidance from industry experts from more than a dozen fields. The result is a healthy-living and beauty extravaganza that will have you reaching for that red lipstick, so you can let your inner bombshell loose. Illustrated by master photographer and illustrator Adele Mildred, Your Beauty Mark provides all of the stepby-step instruction and timesaving tips you need to release your inner Marilyn or frame those Bette Davis eyes.


for His Temple Family Foods Now Offering Exciting Options for 2019


HIS MONTH MARKS FOUR YEARS THAT FOR HIS Temple Family Foods has been serving the community with their gluten free, dairy free “real” food. What started out as take-home meals only has expanded into daily lunch offerings, baked goods, casseroles to order, Meal RX options and more. And while the new year can often lead to diets, owner Dana Milford sees her food as a lifestyle. She is truly committed to offering nourishing and healthy foods for the community. She and her crew, which includes her daughter Hannah and daughter-in-law Katelyn, prepare and serve 100% gluten free and dairy free foods with primarily organic ingredients and only use pastured meats. They have a passion for supporting local farms and food artisans that “do it right” by raising, growing and creating the best food for both bodies and taste buds. They are proud to work with local farmers and are excited about showcasing their vegetables, meats and more. In fact, Dana has a special Farm to Table dinner planned for Saturday, February 16. This special event is by reservation only with limited seating. “This is our way of showcasing our local farmers, being able to enjoy local food from local people and breaking bread with one another, gluten free bread, of course,” says Dana. This dinner has a south Louisiana theme and will feature grits and grillades, greens, bread pudding and more. Local farmers include Brown Family Blueberry Farm and Ridgetop Farms in West Monroe, TNT Plantery in Monroe, Edible Zen in Farmerville, Mahaffey Farms in Haughton, Inglewood in Alexandria and Delta Blues Rice from Mississippi. The dining room will be transformed with design and décor from Heather Land and guests can bring a wine to enjoy with their meal. There is a maximum of 24 people, so reserve your spot today! You can find more information on Facebook or call 791-5956. Dana plans on having these types of dinners throughout 2019, so stay tuned! Another exciting option for His Temple offers is their Meal Rx. Each week, Dana posts the menu for the following week, and you can choose from 4, 8 or 12 meals that can be picked up the following week. Meals are available as single dishes or a main dish with sides and are perfect for people on-the-go, a family that recently had a baby or someone recovering from an illness. “The name comes from the fact that I truly believe food is medicine and can heal the body!” says Dana. You can visit for His temple Monday through Friday and grab lunch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. There is also a small market, where you can find ingredients, gluten free bread, snacks, condiments, sauces and more. In the freezer section, you can grab take out dishes and casseroles, too!


Quitting Smoking Isn't Easy And Smokers Are Tired of Hearing About It... • • • •

Smokers have heard the same lines countless times: Cigarettes will kill you. Do you know how much money you could save? You’re killing your loved ones with secondhand smoke. When I quit, I put them down and never smoked again. Why can’t you do that?

Breaking the nicotine addiction cycle is one of the most difficult cycles to break. Consider how easily cigarettes can be purchased – walk into a gas station, grocery store, large discount store and even pharmacies, and cigarettes are prominently displayed. Advertisements are placed at eye level where children (future tobacco consumers) can see them and become familiar at an early age. It’s true. Look back at documents released during lawsuits against the tobacco industry in which they referred to youth-targeting strategies with phrases such as “Eye Level is Buy Level” and “They got lips? We want them.” Smokers who truly want to break their addiction can access a lifechanging program right here in Northeast Louisiana. “If you aren’t ready, though, don’t call,” said Rebecca Mixon, St. Francis Tobacco Cessation Program manager. “We frequently get calls from people who say someone talked them into it. We can tell they don’t want to make an appointment. Those are the people who were nagged into calling. If they don’t truly want to quit, all the information and support in the world won’t help.” Roxanne McCormick, Tobacco Cessation Coordinator, explained that sometimes those calls take a turn. “Sometimes, after they learn about the program, you can almost hear their arms unfold over the phone,” she said. “Their defenses come down, and they’re a little more ready to listen. They just needed to be told about quitting in a nicer way.” According to Ashley Norsworthy, Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist, “Our program is comprehensive and evidence-based, but we do more than educate our patients. We make sure they understand and that they know we care about their success. We offer support for a full year of their cessation journey.” Marie Easterling, Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist, says the cost of smoking often brings patients to the program. “The average cost of a pack of cigarettes is $5.42 in Louisiana, which means a pack a day costs nearly $2,000 a year,” Marie said. “When smokers try to quit, they often use over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapy or prescription medications. These medications are costly, even with insurance.” To cover the cost of medications and counseling, the program connects qualified participants with the Smoking Cessation Trust, which was created by funding in 2011 from a 14-year class action lawsuit which ordered certain tobacco companies to fund a program to benefit Louisiana smokers. To Qualify For Benefits, You Must: • Be a resident of Louisiana, • Have had your first cigarette before September 1, 1988. If you know someone who is ready to quit, give them our number. If you’re a smoker who is ready, we can help. Quitting may not be easy, but getting started is. Call (318) 966-QUIT. WWW.BAYOULIFEMAG.COM | JANUARY 2019 101




onna Ponder is a busy woman. In addition to being a mom of three, she’s also an entrepreneur, the owner of two yoga studios in Monroe and Ruston. It’s a delicate balance, keeping all the balls in the air, but Donna makes it seem almost effortless. Almost. “I like getting up in the morning,” she says. She admits it’s a struggle to keep a business open and running, but she loves what she does. Her students make the effort worth it. “I enjoy the people.” Donna opened her first yoga studio in 2012. But manifested the studio, as she calls it, five years earlier in 2007. “That’s when I started writing and thinking about it,” she says. It was a long journey from her roots in north central Louisiana, but it’s a journey that helped shape her into the entrepreneur she would eventually become. Owning yoga studios in Monroe and Ruston is a far cry from her days at Campti High School in Campti, Louisiana. Then again, entrepreneurship kind of runs in her family. And that’s the beginning of her story. Donna’s grandmother owned a small grocery store in their community. Her parents and other family members helped run the business. It was hard, rewarding work in a community that valued a good day’s work and quality merchandise. “They’d cut meats and sell canned goods and produce,” Donna says of the store, which was situated on College Avenue, across from Northwestern State University. “People had accounts, and they’d come in, buy what they needed, and then pay their tabs at the end of the month.” By the time Donna was five, her parents had opened a second business, this one catering to people in the arts and education. They sold high-end art supplies to the thriving community of artists in Natchitoches. They also provided teaching aids, school supplies, cards and gifts. “They catered a lot to the university and to area schools,” Donna recalls. Between the grocery store and her parents’ second business, she spent a lot of time in retail. “I just grew up in that environment.” Donna worked for the family business and learned the importance of paying attention to the business. She graduated from Campti in 1987, and by the time college rolled around, she had caught the retail bug. She majored in Fashion Merchandising with minor in Business Marketing, at Northwestern State University, in Natchitoches, Louisiana. “When I was young, I enjoyed clothing,” she recalls. “Clothing, to me, is a way to express yourself. You can be different every time you walk out of your room.” With the study of fashion, she was able to pull together a lot of threads of interest. In addition to her retail experience and entrepreneurial spirit, Donna’s studies also enabled her to explore other passions, such as textiles. “I also enjoyed sewing a lot,” Donna says. “Fabrics and textile arts interested me at the time.” She graduated and headed off to an internship in Dallas, working in one of Dillard’s flagship stores at NorthPark Center, a high-end retail hub situated inside the Loop and at the heart of the posh, north Dallas community. A billiondollar shopping mall, NorthPark Center is home to more


than 200 shops and is one of the nation’s top-performing shopping spaces. It’s also where she began to realize that her future was not going to be in retail. “The fast pace of retail was fun and exciting, but I realized the hours were not conducive to having a family.” At the same time, she felt the tug of domestic life calling. She knew it was time to make a change and begin growing her family. Doing so would require a change, though what that change would be she wasn’t sure. But she knew she liked kids, so that seemed like a good fit. “For a bit of time, I went back to school and started a graduate degree at Texas Woman’s University,” Donna says. “I studied early childhood development.” During an internship, she realized that working with a small group of children is very different than working with a group of 25 children. “A teacher of small children must have the utmost love, patience and a high tolerance for chaos.” After an observation-based internship, she decided to change course. “I got my feet wet fast, and I was able to decide very quickly it wasn’t the work for me,” she says. But staying at home still wasn’t an option for Donna, so she returned to where she was most comfortable. Donna accepted a position at Casual Corner. “I worked there, in Dallas, at a high-volume mall and moved up with them quickly,” Donna says. “I was promoted and eventually got my own store.” It seemed like retail would be where she made her career. But Fate intervened. Her husband accepted a job in New Orleans, and there wasn’t an equal opportunity to transfer into in the New Orleans market. If she decided to stay with Casual Corner, she’d have to take a tremendous pay cut. So she struck out in search of a new position and was quickly snatched up by Gymboree, the children’s clothing store. Blending her retail experience and her love of children, Gymboree made a good home until she had her first son. “While I was pregnant, I decided I was going to stay at home for the pregnancy,” she says. She never returned to Gymboree. Three months after her son was born, the family relocated to Ruston to be near his grandparents. Two years later, a second son was born, and four years after that, her third son came into the world. Three boys in north Louisiana took a lot of energy and effort. At the same time, family life with small children can be stressful, even for the most seasoned career woman. “Right after my youngest son was born, I took my first yoga class,” Donna says. “When I chose my first yoga class, it was really interesting how it made me feel. I can articulate it and explain why--now. But at the time? I just knew it made me feel really good.” With life centered around her family, she knew she had not been tending to herself the way she needed to. She wasn’t centered, and like many moms, she felt herself lurching from activity to crisis to engagement over and over again. “I knew I had to do something to get myself back in order, so I joined my local gym and started working out,” she says. “But I’m really not an athletic person. I was never into dance, sports or any of that.”


iving our lifestyle in our culture, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s important to start with

paying attention to breath, because that really anchors you to the present moment."

Yoga combined the physical effects of a good workout with an inward focus that she found fulfilling. She wanted more. So she began consuming everything she could find on the subject. Over the next few months, she read books, magazine articles, dove into the subject on the Web and attended workshops. At every opportunity, Donna sought to expand her horizons to learn more about the subject. “My yoga practice woke me up,” she says. “It made me aware of the things I did for other people just to keep peace. It’s not that there’s anything bad in doing that, but you can end up compromising who you are. Practicing made me aware of that and made me have less fear of going after the kinds of things I wanted.” One of the most important components of the transformation was the focus on breathing and meditation. Breathing is key, Donna points out, to finding your center. Now that it’s her job to help people discover their personal center on a yoga mat, she explains it much better than she could have when she was just starting out. “In this inner war with the ego, it’s always, ‘Which one’s going to win?’” she says. “That’s your battle, not mine. But I’m going to be there to coach you through, reminding you about breathing calmly as we move through all this stuff.” In 2007, Donna began her 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training with Baron Baptiste and completed this training in 2009. Donna has also trained in anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff; detox sequencing and community activism with Seane Corn; Advanced Teacher Training with Stacy Dockins; Spirituality with Philip Urso; Life Coaching with Deborah Williamson; etc.. Blue Sky Yoga/ Donna Ponder, is a registered Yoga School with the Yoga Alliance. Teacher trainings occur yearly at Blue Sky Yoga. 106 JANUARY 2019 | WWW.BAYOULIFEMAG.COM

She opened the first Blue Sky Yoga Studio in 2012 in a small space tucked near the back of a retail strip on Tower Drive. Two years later, she opened her Ruston studio. Along the way, she’s added instructors and practices, expanding both the kinds of services they offer and the variety of classes students can take part in. She tries to offer something suitable for everyone, whether it’s a Hot Yoga class or chair yoga. “If you’re not an athletic bird, a gym can be uncomfortable,” she says. “Maybe you don’t know how to use the machines or you’ve never really done that kind of thing before.” Then there are the mirrors, the bright lights and the constant focus on everything you’re doing. All of that’s missing in Blue Sky Yoga. “There are no mirrors in my space,” she says. “I find that there’s a freedom in telling people that the only thing that matters is that you control your breath during the class.” Whether it’s moving between poses or holding a pose longer than you think might be comfortable, Donna emphasizes it’s all about air supply. Learning to breathe calmly can be one of the most challenging aspects of the practice. “Most people in our culture can’t sit and meditate, nor do they practice it,” she says. “Living our lifestyle in our culture, it’s important to start with paying attention to breath, because that really anchors you to the present moment.” After just a few weeks of practice, Donna says people begin to see repeated actions and how those actions can affect outcomes. “You become aware of these patterns, and if you don’t like the outcomes of the things you’re doing over and over again, when you have a practice that allows you the time and space to focus, it allows you to observe how you react,” Donna says. “Just being in that pose a little longer gives you a different viewpoint and helps everything stop, so you can observe.” In that observation lies the key to the practice, to finding center and ultimately to achieving the balance so many people seem to be searching for. That’s how it was with Donna. “Today, I lead a love-based life, not a fear-based life,” she says. That focus was challenged earlier this year when she decided to vacate her original studio in favor of a larger space. It was challenging, but she faced it with the courage and tenacity of someone equipped to take one step at a time. The new space on Forsythe Avenue in Monroe was almost 3,600 feet, but it needed a lot of work. She learned to do as much as she could, from dealing with state inspectors and building permits to grouting floor tile, painting and running wires. “Anything I could do, I did,” she says. Even this challenging experience proved to be rewarding. Now she has space for multiple classes simultaneously, and her practice has a better space with better energy and, most importantly, better visibility. The practice is growing, and it’s still true that there are no mirrors. After all, yoga is all about you. “As humans, we look across the room and want to do what they’re doing,” she says. “But that’s not what yoga is about. You have to focus on you and what’s on your mat.”

Tattoo Blue

Save the Date for St. Frederick High School’s Annual Fundraiser


RE YOU READY FOR A ROCK ‘N Roll night to remember? How about the most brilliant Rolling Stones songs to dance the night away? Mark your calendars for a spectacular “Tattoo Blue” evening as St. Frederick High School hosts its annual fundraiser and auction at Bayou DeSiard Country Club on Saturday, February 2, 2019. To ”Start You Up,” you will fancy oneof-a-kind auction items. Featuring a wide array of exotic travel packages, decadent local dining choices, weekend getaways for girls or guys, relaxing beach trips, hunting trips, exciting sports packages and even a new furry companion to adopt, there is definitely something for everyone. The selection of original art pieces and bespoke collector’s items you won’t find anywhere else will keep you bidding until the final call. We want all our guests to enjoy the evening while supporting a great cause. The evening’s menu will feature British-inspired

fare and an array of festive spirits. The amazing music of the internationally known band, Satisfaction, will make sure “Wild Horses” couldn’t keep you away. Saturday, February 2, 2019, will be brilliantly fantastic with Rolling Stones music to keep you more than a tad entertained! The St. Frederick Parents’ Association is proud to host this evening as funds raised will go toward many current and on-going project and improvements. Our Warrior family’s support has been a valuable link in maintaining and improving our school. Please consider becoming a “Tattoo Blue” sponsor to help in our efforts that include improving our students’ parking, providing teacher holiday bonuses, coordinating Fun Food Friday, hosting the new parents orientation, contributing funding for safety technology, and organizing teacher appreciation week for all our dedicated teachers, staff and administration. What a brilliant way to have a marvelous return on

your tax deductable investment! Whether you are an alumni, parent, grandparent, future Warrior family or just enjoy supporting our area schools, we are excited to share that your participation is the cornerstone for so many positive things! We invite everyone in the community to enjoy a memorable and fun night of entertainment shared with family and friends. Please save the date for February 2, 2019, for St. Fred’s “Tattoo Blue” featuring music by international band, Satisfaction. Your best Rolling Stones attire is optional and having a sensational night is guaranteed “Satisfaction!” Tickets are $50 per person. For sponsorship questions or more information please contact Jill Wier at jill.wier@gmail. com or Michelle Moore at michellemoore4@ Tickets can also be purchased on the SFHS website,


Chicken Salad Chick

Try Our New Special for Those Cold January Days!


HICKEN SALAD CHICK, THE nation’s only Southern inspired, fast casual chicken salad restaurant concept, opened its doors in Monroe, Louisiana on April 25th and has not slowed down since. Located at 1191 Lamy Lane, this location is owned and operated by Monroe natives, Ashley Keever, Krista Rhymes and Matthew Miller. The Chicken Salad Chick concept, born in Auburn, AL was established in 2008 in the kitchen of founder, Stacy Brown. When Stacy discovered that the local county health department would not allow her to continue making and selling her delicious recipes out of her home kitchen, she overcame that obstacle by launching her first restaurant with the business expertise of her future husband and fellow founder, Kevin Brown. Together, they opened a small takeout restaurant, which quickly grew; the company now has 90 restaurants across the Southeast.


Chicken Salad Chick serves full-flavored, Southern-style chicken salad made from scratch and served from the heart. With more than a dozen original chicken salad flavors as well as fresh side salads, gourmet soups, signature sandwiches and delicious desserts, Chicken Salad Chick’s robust menu is a perfect fit for any guest. The Monroe Chick is open from 10:30 a.m. - 8 p.m. for dine-in and carryout orders. Chicken Salad Chick also features a catering menu with assorted mini-croissant platters, fruit trays, executive-style boxed lunches and desert platters. From bridal showers, to teacher lunches, tailgate parties and holiday soirees, Chicken Salad Chick can tailor your order to fit any occasion. For the month of January, Chicken Salad Chick will be offering a half sandwich and a cup of soup for $6.99. Pair your favorite half sandwich with the soup of the day for creative

flavor combinations. Want to warm up on a these chilly nights? Don’t forget about the loaded potato soup served everyday, which features a rich, mouth watering broth and all your favorite baked potato toppings. Also, try crowd pleasers served on certain days like the soul warming Broccoli Cheese-Monday, Tomato Bisque-Tuesday, Chicken TortillaWednesday, Chicken Artichoke FlorentineThursday, Tomato Bisque-Friday and Chicken Artichoke Florentine-Saturday. From intimate gatherings to large corporate events, let the Chick cater your next event. For more information on menu items and store hours, please “like” the Monroe Chicken Salad Chick Facebook page at www. or visit the website at www.ChickenSaladChick. com/Monroe.

Reclaim Your WellBeing And Sexuality Now Offering Pellet and Shockwave Therapy BY JUDY WAGONER


OTHER NATURE PLAYS A DIRTY trick on men and women with the passage of time. Just as we begin to enjoy our lives as empty-nesters, our bodies seem to change overnight, as we cope with night sweats, ballooning weight, fuzzy thinking, aching joints, loss of stamina and libido. What’s happening to cause these symptoms? With aging comes the plummeting of our hormone levels, which wreaks havoc on our bodies! Women are accustomed to  the fluxes of hormones. It’s been the story of their lives. It all begins with their first period. If they experience pregnancy, their world is really turned upside down, as hormone levels rise and then quickly drop after birth.  As they approach menopause, the changes can be even more severe. This is when the reproductive system is preparing to shut down. This decline of hormone levels, along with the subsequent breakdown of the body, is nature’s way of making sure you

don’t live forever, making room for the next generation. While not as disruptive as menopause, men’s sex hormones also decline at mid-life and earlier. It’s called Andropause. Testosterone is the main culprit of their symptoms. After age 30, most men begin to experience a gradual decline in testosterone, falling one to two percent a year. Low testosterone leads to reduced libido or sex drive, quality of life, well being and overall health. It corresponds to obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and high blood pressure. It can create symptoms of brain fog, depression and lethargy. Also, cardiovascular disease and heart attacks are higher in men with low testosterone. The good news is you don’t have to suffer and resign yourself to the infirmities of advancing age.  A simple solution is to replace your lost hormones with human identical hormones, which are available to both men and women.

Human identical hormones have the same molecular structure as those produced by the body. They look identical to your own hormones — estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid, growth hormone and insulin. They’re taken from natural sources, such as soybeans or yams, and are more easily absorbed by the body than other types of Hormone Replacement Therapy. They come in the form of creams, pellets, pills, injections and patches. Dr. Victor Zuckerman, a Diplomat in the American Academy of Anti-Aging, and Medical Director at Professional Laser Center, has been prescribing Hormone Replacement Therapy for almost a decade. He is now offering testosterone pellet insertion for both men and women.  Dr. Zuckerman implants the tiny pellets under the skin near the hip, where they slowly release a stable, steady, optimum dose of testosterone over the course of three to six months.  We are also offering Extracorporeal ShockWave Therapy for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction or to improve Sexual Performance. Hormone Replacement Therapy can change your life! It is YOUR MOST POWERFUL WEAPON in the war on aging. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Zuckerman, call 318-3619066.  For a list of all of our services, please visit our website at 


Northminster Church Welcomes Co-Pastors At Northminster, Everyone is a Minister


ORTHMINSTER CHURCH IN Monroe welcomes its new Senior CoPastors, Rev. Claire Helton and Rev. Zachary Helton, who began their ministry with us during Advent. The Heltons are both natives of Pensacola, Florida. Joining them are their sons James, age 3, and Peter, age 1. They are graduates of the George W. Truett Theological Seminary at Baylor University. Claire did her undergraduate work at Stetson University and Zach at the University of Alabama. They previously served on staff together at Lake Shore Baptist Church in Waco, Texas. “We are so excited to be a part of Northminster Church,” Claire and Zach shared. “This is a cultural moment when the world needs faith communities, like this one, who are committed to radical welcome and to the relentless pursuit of God’s justice and who aren’t afraid of breaking the mold in order to


get there. It is a privilege to be able to join in that good work alongside this congregation, and we are looking forward to the days ahead!” Northminster will celebrate its 30th anniversary this year. The Heltons follow the Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy, Northminster’s Senior Pastor for twenty-four years and Dr. Steve Jolly, the church’s Intentional Interim Pastor for nineteen months.  Northminster Church shares a common mission with all congregations that give priority to the corporate worship of God, relate with compassionate sensitivity and generosity to people in need, and function prophetically as a salty catalyst for both justice and mercy in their respective communities, as well as in the larger world. The spirit of Northminster is one of inclusion, ecumenism, boldness, openmindedness and mutual respect. Through sacred scripture, beautiful music, thoughtful litany, personal prayer

and meaningful sermons, we worship God together. In times of study, we are a church which values hard questions over easy answers and wrestles with what it means to be a follower of Jesus in our 21st  Century lives while delighting in the warm and openhearted friendship of being together as God’s people. Yet our faith calls us  to live outside the walls of the church through prophetic lives that relate to all people with compassion and grace. We take seriously the scriptural call to do justice, love mercy and humbly walk with God to transform our world.  You are always welcome here, and  we hope you’ll join us soon. We pray you find Northminster offers you and all those with you a life-giving, hopeful and loving place to worship, learn, question, serve and pray. We’d love to see you! If you seek to know more about our congregation, feel free to contact us at 318388-3717 or visit our website at

Three Tips for Fresh Eating in the New Year Coburn’s Kitchen & Bath Showroom Offers Advice


HE NEW YEAR IS HERE, AND IT’S time for us to make good on those healthier resolutions, but finding ways to eat fresh can be tough. Dining out is often unreliable, and finding pre-cooked, wholesome meals can be expensive. When time allows, however, cooking at home is best – especially when you can select fresh, seasonal ingredients from your local grocer. To prepare for your healthy eating quest, you’ll want to properly sort and store the ingredients you’ve purchased. Luckily, there are a few simple tricks to getting the most out of the fresh foods you’ve invested in. 1.  Shop With the Season in Mind. When buying fruits and veggies, it’s always a good idea to plan your menu around ingredients that are in season. This will help you keep costs low while still allowing you to eat healthy. This time of year, grapefruit, kale, cabbage, leeks, broccoli, tangerines and turnips are ripe

for the picking and make for healthy eating all season long. 2. Know Your Food. Here’s a secret: Not everything goes in the refrigerator! Different produce requires different storage conditions, and without taking this into account, your goods will go bad faster than expected. Some foods, like bananas, potatoes, onions and lemons are better left in a room temperature environment. Others, like strawberries, apples, broccoli and carrots, prefer colder spaces. Separate open-air produce from those requiring refrigeration, and place them in a dry place within your kitchen. Try to avoid placing them directly beneath air vents as these can introduce contaminants or cause temperature fluctuations. 3.  Optimize Your Refrigeration Space. For everything that requires refrigeration, make sure you have a clean, produceappropriate place in your refrigerator. For

best results, use an appliance that provides functionality for both fruits and vegetables. The two groups have slightly different storage requirements that affect how quickly they ripen and expire. Some brands, like KitchenAid, offer “fool-proof” crisper drawers that help you determine which setting is most appropriate for your produce. Low moisture (open setting) is best for fruits and vegetables with skins. Higher moisture (closed) keeps moist air in the crisper for storage of fresh, leafy vegetables. COUNT ON COBURN’S If your kitchen is ready for an upgrade, visit a Coburn’s Kitchen & Bath Showroom for appliance options and guidance. Our consultants are committed to customer satisfaction and will ensure your purchase delivers the value and performance you expect.


article and photography by Heather Land


DELIVERING NUTRITIONAL EXCELLENCE WITH A SIMPLE, BONE BROTH The turn of a New Year is always marked by resolution – a resolution to get fit, get organized, lose weight, the start or re-start of something, etc. I understand where the heart of it comes from - a resolution to start anew, make changes in our life - though I don’t necessarily practice making resolutions at the New Year myself. For me, it’s like saying I’ll start fresh on Monday, as if that makes a difference. START NOW, any day, any time. Every minute of every day - rather, every breath is potential for a fresh start. How-


ever, if you have made New Year’s Resolutions, keep them! But begin by asking yourself,“Why?” Why do you want to resolve to (fill-in-the-blank) and really give it purpose and meaning - legs to stand on, if you will. Don’t let it be empty resolve, based on shallow notions of change alone. This month’s sipper is a bit different. I’ve left the Whiskey on the shelf in favor of something with a full resolve to heal. Bone Broth. In fact, as I write this, I am sipping on turkey bone broth from my Thanksgiv-

ing bird. It might just be one of my favorite batches so far. When I was a growing up, we rarely (to almost never) ever went to the doctor’s office. In fact, I can recall on one hand how many times I actually went as a child. If we were sick, we rested, drank fluids and sipped on broth my mom made. Whether it was stock from the carcass of a chicken she roasted, the broth from a pot of soup or even a simple cube of bouillon in a mug, she insisted we each sip it. So, it has been ingrained in me in the same way most people view Chicken Noodle Soup (which, by the way, is BROTH).

I am a self-healer, both by choice and necessity. Each week, I make a batch for the freezer (roughly 3 quarts) and each day, I take some out, heat it up and pour it immediately into my thermos to sip on all day long. My nine-year-old loves it, as well. And because she eats like a bird, I take advantage of this even adding a small pad of organic, real butter to a mug. It gives the satisfying aromatics of a meal and warms you from the inside out. I have graduated from the oldschool method of sticking around the house all day to simmer a pot of bones for 24 hours (yep, real life) to an instapot that allows me to throw it all in and forget about it for 10 hours. What’s the big deal with bone broth? Well, if regular maintenance and a good oiling keeps mechanics running smoothly; bone broth is the oil to both our joints and guts. By comparison, and like anything with actual nutritional value, a good bone broth starts with high quality, organic, slightly meaty bones. When you make broth you are extracting the nutrients from the meat, bones, marrow, etc. Ever wonder why the meat right next to the bone is always the tastiest or wonder why an animal would love to sit and naw on a bone? Cat’s out of the bag - thats where all the nutrients are. Animal instincts never lie. Inside of the bones you find marrow, considered a delicacy in many cultures, which produces gelatin - also found in the cartilage. The nutrients that gelatin gives your body nurture and protect your gut lining to help reduce inflammation and stressors. It also absorbs easily into the bloodstream to give some TLC to your central nervous system. Provides you with a dose of collagen… Oh, and it just soothes your soul to sit and sip a mug of velvety-smooth broth.

SOOTHE YOUR SOUL The nutrients that gelatin gives your body nurture and protect your gut lining to help reduce inflammation and stressors.

You don’t want to draw chemical-laden nutrients or toxins from conventional meats sold in super markets. Seek a local farmer or health-food supplier for a bag of good beef/pork/lamb bones, or save your pasture-raised roasted chicken/turkey carcass. No waste. Nose to tail. So whether I am starting my broth with a leftover or beginning with fresh bones (marrow bones, knuckles, necks, legs, etc), no bit will go to waste. Once I have made the broth, the bones go to my puppers to give their insides some TLC and their spirits some great joy. The goal is to produce a broth that is gelatinous. This means once it has settled, it will produce a layer of fat on the top that solidifies and the rest is like jello (only until you heat up a serving). This is a sign you have extracted all the good stuff out. These are good fats people - they are the flavor, the healing goodness. Obviously, beef bones typically render a denser broth being they typically begin with a meatier, fattier bone. Chicken and turkey do not tend to solidify but also do not lack on wonderful flavor. And here, the solid layer on the top is perfect to scoop out and roast veggies or fry an egg in. Which we may just do next. WWW.BAYOULIFEMAG.COM | JANUARY 2019 113

Sunday afternoon cold-weather cooking.

Roasted Chicken, braised mustard greens, mashed turnips and bone broth roasted root veggies. Here, I used the solidified fat off the top of my beef bone broth. You could use the bone broth alone to toss or braise with. And you can literally substitute any veggies you would like, creating endless combinations. You may also steep some fresh garlic when warming your broth. On Sundays, I cook to clean out the fridge. This ensures my fresh ingredients don’t go to waste. At the moment, I have a bundle of beautiful, purple daikon radishes, carrots, and lemons. The radishes are a bit peppery; the carrots, sweet; and the lemon zest bright and fresh. The flavor of the broth lends to the feel of having roasted them right next to the cut of meat. Minimal ingredients; perfect balance. Preheat your oven to 450º. Line a baking sheet with parchment.


I don’t weigh them, but a rough guesstimate would be that about 2 lbs of bones will make around 3 quarts of quality broth. You don’t want to spread them too thin by diluting them with too much water in the process. And no worries if you don’t season well to start, you can always add a pinch of salt in the warming process or until you have the hang of it. When working with raw, fresh bones, line a baking sheet with parchment, generously salt your bones with Himalayan sea salt and roast until browned and fragrant. Add the bones to a heavy stock pot or insta-pot, cover with water, toss in 3 bay leaves, some black peppercorns, a bit of sea salt (at least a teaspoon), 2 oz apple cider vinegar and any fresh herbs you might have. Slow cook on the stovetop for at least 8-10 hours (or up to 24 hours), or set the insta-pot to 10 hours and forget about it. 114 JANUARY 2019 | WWW.BAYOULIFEMAG.COM

Should you set it to cook overnight, don’t worry that it sits on warm until the next day - it will only get better. Using a mesh strainer or a nut milk bag, strain your broth into a large bowl. TASTE YOUR BROTH HERE! Does it need more salt? Add it here.) This way you have a clean broth, free from any bits of herbs or the breakdown remains of the proteins. I allow the broth to cool a bit to a warm temperature. I then transfer the broth into clear, BPA-free, plastic freezer containers (mixing a few quarts with a few pints) and store in freezer. Each day, I pull one out, heat it up, pour it into my thermos and sip all day. I throw the remaining carcass of poultries to my chickens and any other bones I store in the fridge for treats for the dogs. Putting the “excess” to good use… let’s make dinner, shall we?

I washed and peeled both the radishes and the carrots. Here, you may either slice them with a knife or with a mandolin (on thickest slice setting). I tossed the slices with the warmed bone broth oil and generously salted and peppered them. Do not be surprised if the cool vegetables cause the oil to start to solidify, this is normal. Roast in the oven (middle rack) for 20 minutes. Toss, spread and continue to roast 20 minutes more. Upon removing them from the oven, season with more salt to taste and zest a lemon over the top. Tossing the zest into the hot veggies releases the oil from the lemon, adding another layer of flavor to the dish. Any crisp pieces add a nice crunch but be sure to remove any overly blackened small bits that would otherwise make for a bitter bite.

OTHER WAYS TO INCORPORATE YOUR BONE BROTH: • Substitute bone broth for water in mashed potatoes or when boiling rice • Use it in marinades, stews/soups, gravies • Pour a bit of warm broth over the top of your pet’s dry food for a winter treat to warm their belly

Healthy, Happy Smiles in the New Year

Let Dr. Patrick McGee Show You How Your Smile Can Change Your Life


NEW YEAR, A FRESH START. HAVE you been putting off yourself? Your goals? Your health? There is just no better time than January to make a resolution for YOU. And at our office, we would love to help you commit to achieving those goals. Whether that’s healthier teeth and gums, a whiter, straighter smile or replacing missing teeth, we can help! Dr. McGee and staff are excited to bring you to your goals in 2019! We recently began offering a new inoffice whitening treatment, and the results have been amazing! Patients routinely leave the office with a smile that is 2-3 shades whiter. The in-office bleaching is done by Dr. McGee’s wonderful hygienists and typically takes between one to two hours to complete. Patients have been ecstatic about the outcomes. Patients also leave the office with a custom at-home bleaching kit to enhance and maintain their new white smile. The bleaching

procedure works exceptionally well for those pesky coffee and wine stains from those holiday get togethers! In order to better serve our patients, Dr. McGee has set new goals for himself for 2019 and beyond. He is currently enrolling in dual graduate degrees by enrolling in a Ph.D. program in molecular sciences and nanotechnology at Louisiana Tech University and in a Master’s program in pharmacology and toxicology through Michigan State University. Both of these programs will integrate medical sciences and biomedical engineering, so that Dr. McGee can provide you, the patient, with more predictable outcomes in surgical and reconstructive dental procedures. While the process will be very long, the end results will be a one-of-a-kind dental practice for our region. As always, we invite you to come by and visit our practice. We don’t believe in

the corporate approach to dentistry and still believe that the single doctor practice model is something of which to be proud. Our patients value the one-on-one doctor/patient experience that we can provide and as a result our practice continues to grow exponentially. Whether you are interested in routine dental care and prevention; cosmetic enhancements such as whitening, veneers or Invisalign; various options to replace missing teeth, or even full-mouth extractions and dentures; we can help you achieve a smile that is beautiful as well as functional. So if you’re ready to turn this year into YOUR year, call us. We can show you how your smile can change your life.


Infant Swim Resource Chelsie Summerville Offers Swimming Training to Monroe and the Surrounding Areas


WIMMING SEASON IS RIGHT around the corner! We need to get those children skilled before summer hits! Hi! My name is Chelsie Summerville. I have been married to my husband, Patrick, for 5 years. We have two precious little girls Aniston (3) and Meritt(1). I own a cozy, little retail store, named Woodstock, in the Garden District of Monroe Louisiana.     I have become extremely passionate about the ISR program from a personal incident that happened to my daughter, in the summer of 2017. Aniston was enrolled in traditional swim lessons for two consecutive summers.   After a full day of the beach, my husband and I were rinsing our feet. She slipped off of the step into the pool, bobbing under the water. I was standing a foot from her. It was THAT FAST. I yanked her out and she started crying immediately! She started screaming, “I don’t want to sink!”      Long story short... it scared me! Drowning is the leading cause of death in children ages one to four and number two in children ages


one to fourteen. It is completely silent and takes less than 30 seconds for a child’s lungs to fill up with water. 69% of drowning accidents happen with children, when they were not expected to be swimming, and a child is 17 times more likely to drown in water than be killed in a car. How did I not know all of this? Why aren’t we watching videos in the hospital about water safety? Why are our pediatricians not informing us about this? I needed the comfort of knowing that if one of my girls found the water alone they would have the tools to survive. ISR was the only answer. The next morning, I texted the local ISR Instructor, Lori Barnidge at 7 a.m. I had two friends who had kids enrolled in ISR. I was positive that Lori and ISR would give me the peace of mind I needed. We began lessons immediately! By the end of training, Aniston was swimming across Lori’s pool doing the ISR Self-Rescue swim-float-swim sequence! It was amazing! Fast forward to this summer 2018... both girls were enrolled in ISR with

Lori. Aniston is doing the swim-float-swim sequence refresher and Meritt (at one year old) has learned to float! While I was watching a lesson one day, Lori mentioned she had a huge waiting list! I was immediately intrigued! After much thought, prayer and encouragement, I decided to pursue God’s calling for me to complete the ISR Instructor Training Program with my amazing master instructor Emily Foreman! In August, I left my family for six weeks to become a certified ISR Instructor. I want every child to have access to these life-saving lessons. One moment of inattention should not cost a child his or her life. My goal, in alignment with ISR’s mission, is that “Not One More Child Drowns” and “to reach the next child before he reaches the water alone.” If I save one life,  it will be totally worth it! To view my schedule please visit scheduler_util/public_cgi/signup_choices. cgi?site=csummerville. First session begins February 4th, 2019. Second session April 1st. Register now! Lessons are one-on-one, 10 minutes a day, for 4-6 weeks, for more information on lessons, feel free to contact me! Chelsie Summerville, Certified ISR Instructor |

Doctor Recommended... Well, Sort of... Key Millwork Offers Tips to Protect Yourself and Your Family


REPARING FOOD SAFELY… WE all know that it’s very important to prepare food safely to help stop harmful bacteria from spreading and growing. Key Millwork has introduced the Galley Sink to many area residents helping them take steps to protect themselves and their families from the spread of harmful bacteria. After all, the right equipment is critical to the task! Your kitchen is no exception. The Galley sink makes food safety practices effortless! Keep worktops clean. Before you start preparing food, it’s important that worktops, kitchen utensils and chopping boards are clean. To perform even the simplest tasks in a non-Galley kitchen requires a lot of stopping and starting. How many times will you rinse that cutting board during preparation before all the ingredients are cleaned? The Galley has multiple cutting boards to keep foods separate. The pull down sink spray conveniently rinses the boards while you brush them off when the

boards are dropped down into the waiting sink below! Three cutting boards are included in the culinary kit that comes with the Galley Workstation 7 pictured above, as well as two drying racks, two platforms that hold the two 7.2 quart 11” colanders, and two 7.2 quart 11” bowls! Let Key Millwork reinvent your kitchen… Much more than a sink, the Galley is a workstation able to accommodate anything! Visit the Key Millwork showrooms to see this display for a ‘hands on’ experience! Cook foods to the right temperature. Key Millwork also has cooking products that are “just what the doctor ordered!” Per USDA guidelines, potentially hazardous food that stays in the temperature “danger zone,” 40-140° F, for more than 2 hours should be discarded. To avoid the danger zone, keep cooked food hot until ready to eat, then refrigerate immediately. Our Wolf cooking products are designed to maintain desired temperatures with some of the tightest

industry variances on the market and have the ability to get them to that temperature quickly. CHILL! Refrigerate leftovers promptly. Cooling hot foods via the refrigerator or freezer is problematic, even for a Sub-Zero! Warm foods stay warm well after an hour, and actually raise the temperature, increasing the risk of spoilage. Chill food rapidly by dividing warm leftovers into small quantities. Dunk your sealed foods in ice water, and then refrigerate. And the best refrigeration products?... SubZero. Built and tested to the highest standards, Sub-Zero is a food preservation system! That’s why Key Millwork has been proud to offer Sub-Zero to our customers for over 30 years! When it comes to appliances, cabinetry, doors, windows AND decorative tile, the ‘prescription’ for quality and service is Key Millwork!


Simply Lou Some People Feel the Rain, Others Just Get Wet article and illustration by Lou Davenport original drawing


thought I would start 2019 off by writing about one of my favorite musicians, Bob Dylan. There’s so much information about his 6 decades as a singer, songwriter, artist, Nobel Peace Prize for literature winner and soon to be distiller of “Heaven’s Gate,” a 7-year-aged top shelf bourbon. I’ll never cover his entire life in one column. This will just be some thoughts and trivial facts I’ve learned along the way about this incredibly eccentric and super talented man. “The answer my friend, is blowin’, in the wind, the answer is blowin’ in the wind” Robert Allen Zimmerman, born May 24, 1941 to Abe and Beatrice Zimmerman in Hibbing, Minnesota. That’s his real name. There’s so many stories and tales of how he became “Bob Dylan” nobody knows what is true or not. He likes to make up stuff, probably because he hates giving interviews. There’s half truths and outright lies about everything he says. He did not get the name “Dylan” from his mother nor was he ever an orphan from Chicago, Oklahoma or New Mexico. He 118 JANUARY 2019 | WWW.BAYOULIFEMAG.COM

was not the illegitimate son of “carnies” out of Cheyenne, Wyoming. My favorite was he lived with a tribe of Sioux Indians although there were no Sioux Indians anywhere near Hibbing, Minnesota. “Don’t think twice, it’s alright” He grew up in a middle class neighborhood in Duluth, Minnesota. His house was the only stucco house in the neighborhood, and he lived there until he graduated from high school in 1959. Dylan had a good childhood, although he was alone a lot of the time. Both of his parents worked, and he was left to entertain himself most of the time. He had few friends, because he was “odd.” He was a thinker, a loner and a dreamer way back then. He sat beside the railroad tracks for hours and dreamed of all the places he’d go, but the truth is, he never caught a freight and rode the rails with the hobos. “Ain’t it just like the night to play tricks when you’re trying’ to be so quiet” His best “friend” was basically his radio, and he listened and dreamed. He had an “insatiable yearning to see what was in the

world.” It was probably frustrating for a kid so imaginative, so hungry for knowledge and wishing for a stage for his untapped creative abilities in Duluth, Minnesota in the 50’s. “Lay lady lay, lay across my big brass bed” I first heard Bob Dylan when I was fourteen, and although I loved the music, I had no idea what he was singing about. Some songs’ meanings were obvious, but most were a bit strange to my ear. But I also love the interesting word combinations and the strange characters of which he sings. I never tried to figure what the songs meant, I just liked them. I find them very visual. At fourteen, I sure didn’t know anything about “analytical analysis” and even now, I don’t know much more. Let the work speak for itself! Some of the analyses of Dylan’s songs really try to give meaning to something that doesn’t mean anything! People read a lot of things into some of them. But, maybe that is what makes Dylan so great! You can interpret them any way you want! He sure doesn’t care! He’s been quoted as saying “I’m sick of people asking, ‘What does it mean?’ It means nothing! They’re just songs!” “Johnny’s in the basement, mixin’ up the medicine” I read once that Dylan just loves words. He loves to put different combinations together to see how they sound. If he likes them, they stay. Same with sounds. Do certain ones sound good together? Do they not? Do the sounds and the word combinations work together? I love that about him! He is definitely enjoying what he’s doing and if he plays a little prank on us, that’s even better with him! “The rag man draws circles up and down the block” I’m definitely no expert on Bob Dylan, but I think I’ve read enough and listened enough to be able to say I think he would be a difficult man to deal with. He is very private, in fact, at the moment, nobody seems to really knows where he lives. If he does grant an interview, he may answer questions; he may not. He’s been known to be arrogant and downright mean. I think I’d be so intimidated by him I wouldn’t be able to speak. Oh! He also hates for fans to tell him how much certain songs mean to them. Yeah, I’d be a little scared of him. I hope it’s just a defensive mechanism, since he values his privacy. I really hate thinking of him as a mean old man, but, even so, I still love his music. “Lord knows I’ve paid some dues getting’ through, Tangled Up in Blue” Dylan has been an artist/musician for 6 decades and during those decades he and his style of music have changed right along with the times. When he quit being a “folk artist” and started using his electric guitar, his fans rebelled. They hated his new sound. But he just kept on keeping on, and there again, I like that about him. He really does paint a lot of

his album covers and does metal sculptures as well. “What’s a sweetheart like you doin’ in a place like this?” His looks have changed through the years, too. His hair is still crazy and wild (his trademark) but sometimes he has worn eyeliner, had a pencil thin mustache or a scraggly beard and bigger “stache.” His clothes have changed, too. He was real big on cowboy style suits for a while, along with cowboy hats. Other times he’ll have a “lounge act” looking suit. You just never know. He’s never static. He enjoys keeping fans wondering what he’ll do next. “You got a tight connection to my heart” Dylan, as many rock stars do, developed a severe drug problem. He was spiraling out of control when someone talked him into taking a break. He was completely burned out and needed a long rest. As legend goes, Dylan was riding his motorcycle and wrecked. (not true) Supposedly, he suffered a head injury, so all of his upcoming obligations could be put “on hold.” That rest probably saved his life. “Don’t get up gentlemen, I’m only passing through. Things have changed.” “The Band” and he got together that summer while he was taking some time off. They rented a big house near Woodstock, NY and ended up recording together. They were

his “house” band for awhile. The recordings they made were made into an album called “Big Pink.” In the last few years, Dylan gave some of his unfinished lyrics and poems to producer, T. Bone Burnett. He assembled several musicians and singers, and they took the lyrics and turned them into finished songs. They named the album, “The Basement Tapes II.” “There must be some way outta here, said the joker to the thief” Dylan was married to the mother of his five children, Sara, for many years. After dealing with his touring, drinking, drugging and just being “un-involved” they finally divorced. His career was already suffering and record sales were lower than ever. He tried many large tours but his popularity was still “tanking.” Needless to say, he lost a lot more than his family, he lost his best friends. “I don’t know what I’m gonna do, I was alright til I fell in love with you” It was about this time Dylan, who is Jewish, found Christianity and “preached” to anyone who would listen, he had been reborn. His concerts changed completely and were mostly gospel songs with gospel back up singers. His new songs were not well received. His audience came to see him, the real Bob they knew and appreciated not “Brother Bob Dylan.”

“It’s soon after midnight and I’ve got a date with the fairy queen” Years of hard work, touring, drugs and drink finally began to take their toll. Dylan decided to slow down and concentrate on writing. He is quoted, “I can only be me, whoever that is.” That is one of my favorite sayings, and it is true in his case. I think he finally figured out his fans liked the style of music that had first attracted them. In 1997, “Time Out of Mind,” debuted and was one of his most successful albums to date. In 2001, “Love and Theft” was a smash, followed in 2006 by “Modern Times.” “A Hard Rain is Gonna Fall” His latest albums have been songs taken from the “Great American Songbook.” His unique voice gives these classics a brand new unique sound. “Shadows in the Night, 2015,” “Fallen Angels, 2016,” and the latest “Triplicate” came out in 2017. All of them include such classics such as “The Old Black Magic,” “It Had to Be You,” and “Stardust.” Bob is a pretty good “crooner!” And I hope he keeps “on keepin’ on for a long, long time!” Happy New Year, Y’all! “She wears an Egyptian ring that sparkles before she speaks. She’s a hypnotist collector, you are a walking antique.”


Seeds of the Past for the Future 9th Annual January Gardening Seminar and Seed Swap


ENNESSEE NATIVE JOHN COYKENDALL IS A SEED saver, Master Gardener, farmer and artist. We could also add ethnobotanist, anthropologist and historian to that list of titles. John will be the keynote speaker at the Northeast Louisiana Master Gardeners Association’s ninth annual January gardening seminar held in conjunction with Ag Expo. The event is held at the West Monroe Convention Center, 901 Ridge Avenue in West Monroe. Doors will open at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday, January 19th. Admission is $20.00 per person. John Coykendall has amassed a collection of several hundred heirloom-variety vegetable seeds. A number of these varieties come from Washington Parish and surrounding areas of southern Louisiana and Mississippi. Since the early 1970s, John has been volunteering in the Mile Branch Exhibit of the Franklinton Free Fair. It is during his annual visits to Washington Parish that he tracks down seeds, many of which are all but extinct. More than that, John also collects the stories behind the seeds. Over the decades, John has filled dozens of Moleskine notebooks with stories and illustrations that tell the histories of the families that have farmed those lands for generations. By chance, filmmaker and LPB producer Christina Melton found John tending his gardens at the posh Blackberry Farm in the Great Smoky Mountains and became fascinated with the seeds, the stories and John himself. It’s easy to see why John is as down to earth and homespun as a Smoky Mountain barn dance. Melton parlayed John’s collections of seeds and stories into an awardwinning documentary that aired on LPB last winter. “Deeply Rooted: John Coykendall’s Journey to Save Our Seeds and Stories” won the 2018 Humanities Documentary Film Award from the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities. John’s stories and illustrations have been compiled into a book of the same title that is forthcoming from LSU Press. This will be the ninth annual seminar presented by the Northeast Louisiana Master Gardeners Association. Past keynote speakers include horticultural luminaries, such as Barbara Pleasant, Roger Swain, Melinda Myers, Peter Hatch and the LSU AgCenter’s own Dan Gill, host of the Get It Growing radio and television segments. In honor of John Coykendall, the 2019 seminar will also be a seed swap! So, bring seeds to share! Refreshments, door prizes, a grand prize raffle, a selection of vendors and three expert speakers make the $20.00 worth every cent. We hope you will join us.


Top 5 Dental New Year’s Resolutions Dr. Bagwell and Dr. Johnston Give Tips for 2019


ENTAL HEALTH IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR overall wellness and the new year is a great time to create resolutions to improve your oral health. Resolutions can range from simply doing a better job flossing to choosing healthier foods. Here are some tips on how to have a healthier 2019!   IMPROVE TOOTH BRUSHING You should be brushing twice a day with a soft bristled toothbrush at a 45 degree angle toward your gum line for a full two minutes. You can set a timer on your phone or invest in an electric toothbrush that automatically cuts off at 2 minutes. Change your toothbrush every three months or when the bristles are frayed. Make sure you are brushing at night. Not brushing your teeth at night allows acid producing bacteria to sit undisturbed on your teeth for 6+ hours, depending on how long you sleep.   COMMIT TO FLOSSING Brushing alone isn’t good enough. The bristles  only reach about two-thirds of your tooth surface.  Dental floss reaches in-between your gums and under your gum tissue where toothbrush bristles cannot always reach. Try and floss once per day to help prevent cavities and gum disease.    EAT MORE MOUTH-HEALTHY FOODS There is a direct link between the amount of sugar a person eats and the amount of tooth decay he or she has so you should cut back on sugar. The bacteria in your mouth that cause tooth decay thrive off of sugar that you consume. Cutting back on sugar can cut your risk for tooth decay considerably. Next time you have the urge for something sweet, trying putting it to rest with products that contain xylitol, a natural sugar with less calories and carbs than sugar.     KEEP REGULAR AND RECOMMENDED DENTAL APPOINTMENTS  Keeping regular dental appointments allows the hygienists and dentist to closely monitor your oral health. Gum disease and cavities do not hurt at the beginning stages.  Once they have progressed and treatment is needed is when you begin to feel them. Detecting problems early is important, because prevention is cheaper than restorations.   SMILE MORE! Smiling is contagious and immediately improves your mood.  When a smile flashes across your face, the feel-good neurotransmittersdopamine, endorphins and serotonin- are all released.  Your immune system can be boosted, stress relieved and blood pressure lowered. Smiling also makes you look more attractive and confident. Your smile is something that should be worn often, so keep on smiling!    Help give your mouth a fighting chance this New Year and make the switch to these healthy habits! Be sure to visit Dr. Jan T. Bagwell and Dr. Jessica J. Johnston to help keep your mouth healthy in 2019.


Floors That Are New Years Resolution Worthy Always Better Prices, Always Better Service


IM’S FLOOR DÉCOR IN WEST MONROE, IS ONE OF the best flooring and home décor stores in the area. They can give a personalized free estimate, and the staff will work with you until you have exactly what you dreamed. From flooring to tile work and from kitchen backsplashes to custom showers, Kim’s Floor Décor can do it all. Comfort, durability, style and cost are key considerations, when choosing floors for your home. Whether you are building or looking to replace your current floors, Kim’s Floor Décor is the choice for you. They specialize in flooring for residential, commercial and even multi-family/apartment style buildings. Kim’s staff can help you design amazing floors to create a great look. Whether it’s laminate flooring or vinyl flooring, hardwoods, tile or carpet, they have everything you need to design the perfect look. At Kim’s, they have the most competitive prices in Northeast Louisiana. With quality products and materials and a professional execution of service, Kim’s Floor Décor’s wants to provide our community with beautiful and quality floors at a reasonable price. They don’t just stop at floors. Kim’s team does tile work for kitchens and bathrooms, as well. If you have a design in mind, then stop by the showroom and let Kim’s Floor Decor help with the realization of your dream. When deciding which type of flooring is best for you, your home or your business, Kim’s can help. Their knowledgable staff can show you examples and provide you with some information about each type of flooring. In their showroom, one can simply select the exact type of flooring the would be perfect. Flooring made simple. Kim’s offers quality work done by quality people. If you are looking to build or remodel, please consider Kim’s Floor Décor. They will help you every step of the way, through the design process to the installation and more. They have the lowest prices in town on materials and installation. With free estimates, you can’t go wrong. Call Kim’s today, and let this be the beginning of having the home you have always envisioned. Kim’s Floor Décor 1309 Glenwood Dr. West Monroe, LA 71291 Phone: 318-323-0646 • Cell: 318-953-3671 Open Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday by appointment 2018 Bayou Buzz Awards Finalist 2018 Best of The Delta Winner


Northeast Imaging Now Approved for Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Louisiana Worker’s Compensation Patients


ORTHEAST IMAGING CENTER IN MONROE HAS announced that it is now able to accept imaging patients who are covered by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Louisiana, as well as Louisiana Worker’s Compensation patients. Northeast Imaging, which opened in late summer of 2018, uses advanced MRI imaging technology operated by experienced and certified imaging technicians in a convenient, nearby and safe setting. “We’re pleased to be able to help even more area residents receive physician prescribed MRI services with our authorization by Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Louisiana Worker’s Compensation,” commented Jana Whatley Elkins, Marketing Director for Northeast Imaging. She adds, “Through our affordable low rate pricing for MRI services, including cash options, and with our expanded insurance coverages, we are able to save imaging patients up to several hundreds of dollars for their MRI imaging session.” The advanced MRI imaging technology of Northeast Imaging allows a patient’s physician to obtain very high resolution imaging of the patient’s body for use in developing effective treatment programs. In support of the patient’s physician, Northeast Imaging performs MRI imaging of a broad range of body sections including spine, neck, pelvic areas, brain, the vascular system, musculoskeletal among other areas. The GE MRI technology found at Northeast Imaging is among the highest quality systems available and allows for high resolution images to be obtained and provided to the referring physician. Once images are obtained, radiologists with Northeast Imaging read and interpret the results and provide their findings to the physician or other referring party. The MRI imagery obtained along with the interpretation of the radiologist provides the referring physician a tremendous tool to use in the diagnosis and ultimate treatment of their patient’s medical condition. All MRI technicians at Northeast Imaging are certified by the American College of Radiology (ACR) and imaging results are interpreted by experienced radiologists. All staff of Northeast Imaging practice a high level of customer service, being sensitive to the patients schedule, concerns and comfort. They are also centered on providing the results back to the referring physician or others, as quickly as possible. MRI imaging appointments can be obtained by calling 318-570-4985 during the center’s office hours of Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. More information on the MRI service can also be obtained at that number.





ou’ve pulled out that notepad, scratched out a few resolutions and then, you discover your list from last year. If you’re like most people, chances are that list looks a whole lot like it looked in January of last year and the year before. And, if you’re like a lot of us, losing that holiday 20 ranks somewhere near the top. Walk into any grocer, book shop or convenience store and you’ll be bombarded by how-to guides for losing weight “and keeping it off.” Yes, it’s the New Year. That means it’s time for a gazillion fad diets to sweep the nation. But fear not, because this January, BayouLife has enlisted the help of some of the region’s top dieticians to eliminate the hype, blow up the myths and lay out guidelines for what will work to help you become the best version of you. One of the biggest trends registered dietician Andi Holyfield is seeing is the rise of the subscription food box. On some level, she admits, the idea kind of makes sense. However, there are significant drawbacks. “It’s costing the customer four times the amount of money you’d spend if you just went to the grocery story to pick up your own fruits, vegetables and meats,” Holyfield tells BayouLife. “I think it’s a total waste of money. And, you really have no way of knowing how fresh the products are when they’re shipped out.” Fresh, whole ingredients are an integral component of healthy eating and consistent weight loss, according to Amanda Hodges, who works as a registered dietician for Vantage. Her advice echoes Holyfield when underscoring the importance of the ingredients you eat. “As long as you’re choosing fresh, whole ingredients and preparing them with healthy methods, then you’re good, because you’re eating a variety of foods prepared in a healthy manner,” Hodges says. That’s not to say there aren’t reasons to watch the kinds of foods you’re eating. People with disease states such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or celiac disease, of course, have to mind eating foods that are appropriate to their dietary needs, making sure to avoid foods that place additional

stress on their bodies. As Health With Hope’s namesake, Hope Anderson puts it, “Nutrition isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.” Anderson suggests that a successful diet should be nutritional and customizable to fit each individual’s needs. “There’s no such thing as a magic bullet,” Anderson says. “If you want to lose weight and be healthy, it’s really ‘Slow and steady wins the race.’” That means out are the laundry list of fad diets permeating shelves. Each of our diet experts noted that new clients come in every day with a plan of action based on how Insert Diet Here promises to help them lose weight fast and get healthy, and that’s usually just not the case. “The majority of my patients started with a gluten-free diet or the Whole 30 diet,” says Hodges. “The Daniel Fast is popular too, and that’s in addition to the normal paleo and keto diets, which are still quite popular.” All of those diets, though, include significant restrictions that either make them difficult to adhere to or, worse, plateau out quickly after just a few weeks’ effort. That’s what Anderson frequently sees in her practice. “It always goes back to carbohydrates,” Anderson says. “Low-carb diets are always the quick-fix people are looking for to lose weight. And it works-in the short run. Everyone loses weight in the first two weeks, but a lot of that is water weight.” That’s where registered dietitians come in. After losing 25 pounds or so on their bookshelf diet plan, many individuals seek out the advice of a dietician, because they recognize they can’t stay on the restrictive diet for the rest of their lives. “It’s possible to do that, but most people don’t,” Anderson notes. “They just go back to the old way and swing in the other direction.” Speak to almost any dietician, and they’ll suggest a middle road: the balanced, healthy diet. That’s where Anderson, Holyfield, and Hodges try to help center their clients’ dietary intake. “I have a philosophy that you can save room for cake and kale,” Anderson says. “No food should be off the table. It shouldn’t be all-or-nothing, black or white.” For Holyfield, the boxed meal kits and

restricted diets take all the fun out of eating, because they eliminate too much enjoyment. She believes healthy eating should be affordable, attainable and fun. “There’s just something about going to the grocery store and picking out your own food,” Holyfield says. “The mail-order meal kits take the creativity out of it.” Much of Holyfield’s practice centers on working with her clients to establish attainable goals and help them learn to plan meals that don’t take a lot of time and effort yet are still delicious and nutritious. That doesn’t have to mean you’re spending hours a day at the cutting board, either. “People want convenience,” Holyfield notes. “That’s the name of the game right now.” Holyfield also points out that virtually every individual should seek out the assistance of a registered dietician. Their services are affordable, and in many cases, insurance companies will cover the expense. “A registered dietician can get a person out of their rut and show them that dieting correctly can be fun and effective,” Holyfield says. “For 365 days a year, the whole family can afford to eat healthy and get involved in a better diet.” Hodges also notes that working with a registered dietician is a good way to eliminate the tension and aggravation that comes with dieting. Recent studies show that dietary stress may be just as important a factor in diet success as anything else. That’s because people tend to resist doing things that are more difficult, and that includes the food they’re choosing. With the understanding that nutrition requires choosing healthy, whole ingredients, Hodges notes that stress of any kind can lead to its own list of ailments. Inflammation plays a huge role in almost every dietary outcome, as well. That inflammation starts at the cellular level and grows, because it is a symptom of something that is wrong, a root problem that a good, healthy eating plan can fix. “It’s not so much watching the calories, or the ingredients, or the macro ingredients,” Hodges says. “We need to enjoy our food, not feel stressed about what we’re eating, because that makes a difference as well.” WWW.BAYOULIFEMAG.COM | JANUARY 2019 125

New Reception Hall to Fit Your Dreams

Park Manor in Bastrop


HISTORICAL VENUE WITH ALL OF THE MODERN amenities, Park Manor is updating and expanding to bring only the best to the brides of Northeast Louisiana. 150 acres of rolling hills and rustic woodlands await you and the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Elegant, beautiful, accessible and accommodating are the words that describe Park Manor. Perfect for any event or photo session. The property includes an amazing plantation home front with a brick walkway, a breath-taking bridal cottage and dressing room, and the brand new enclosed reception hall that is perfect for any season. Any weather, any season. Park Manor would like to reveal their newly renovated and expanded reception hall that can host your wedding guests, if the weather does not permit an outdoor wedding. The new reception hall can accommodate your guests for the ceremony, as well as the reception, if need be. It is large enough for food, dancing, tables and chairs, a fireplace and a large flat screen T.V. that is perfect for slide-shows. It comes complete with its own sound system and whether it’s hot or cold outside, the hall has heat and air-conditioning. Park Manor has designed the new reception hall to go with all wedding décor. The reception hall features a modern farm house look, with three windows at the center that were designed and built in the 1850s. These windows were installed as the focal point of this grand space and would make a beautiful background for a ceremony. The plantation home itself was built in the 1860s. Its beauty and history make it the perfect location for a wedding. The front of the house is adorned with large white columns, a balcony and grand doorway and can be easily decorated to match each brides’ particular style. The brick pathway leads from the bridal cottage all the way to the front steps up to the house, and one can simply envision themselves walking down the aisle. Before the wedding, brides can get ready and enjoy the day in the private Bridal Cottage on the property. Decorated in a dreamy rustic vintage style, the bridal cottage is the perfect place for the bride and her bridesmaids to relax before the big event. Schedule your appointment now to view for yourself the exciting new changes that Park Manor has accomplished. Tammy Warner would love the chance to help you make your dream wedding a reality. Call her at 318.239.2146 or you can email her at


The Art of Facial and Body Contouring Dr. Hopkins has Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Solutions


ANINE HOPKINS, M.D., F.A.A.D. IS A BOARD-CERTIFIED dermatologist and experienced physician practicing in Monroe, LA since 1996. She received training through a progressive dermatology program with an emphasis on surgical and cosmetic dermatology at Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans, Department of Dermatology. Dr. Hopkins’ practice focuses on skin cancer prevention and detection, general dermatology, laser treatments and cosmetic procedures with an emphasis on nonsurgical facial aesthetics and body contouring. Dr. Hopkins lectures at educational meetings on both laser and facial aesthetics. She uses her expertise, education and training to focus on what will work best specifically for each patient’s skin and body type. Dr. Hopkins’ Exclusive Trinity of Anti-Aging During her career, Dr. Hopkins has been immersed in cultivating advanced, non-surgical procedures to help her patients look their best. She explains, “When consulting patients for cosmetic concerns, I find it essential to evaluate both the health and general appearance of their skin. I examine patients carefully from all angles to determine the degree of collagen and volume loss in the areas of concern. Using a combination of neuromodulators, fillers, and laser treatments which I refer to as the “Trinity of Anti-Aging,” my patients enjoy significant improvements in their appearances without looking over-done.” Uniquely combining her artistic eye with the science behind FDA approved fillers, neuromodulators and laser treatments, Dr. Hopkins produces remarkable results for her patients, without the risks and downtime of surgical procedures or novice injectors. Body Contouring In addition to providing the Trinity of Anti-Aging for facial aesthetics, Dr. Hopkins offers body contouring to reduce areas of unwanted fat and to tighten the skin. She offers several non-surgical treatments, such as Kybella, TruSculpt iD, Fotona TightSculpt and SculpSure. Dr. Hopkins explains, “When I began my practice, liposuction was the only option to treat areas of unwanted fat. Although I still perform liposuction with great results, it is a surgical procedure, and has certain risks and downtime for patients. Newer options, like TruSculpt iD, treat multiple areas of unwanted fat in 15 minutes with less cost, pain and no downtime. We can also add the Fotona TightSculpt procedure, to tighten skin laxity, reduce wrinkles and target stretch marks anywhere on the body.” Dr. Hopkins tailors these non-surgical treatments to target individual patient needs. To learn more, join us February 28,2019 from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. at Bayou DeSiard Country Club as Dr. Hopkins explains these advanced nonsurgical treatments.


Consent and Confidentiality



he various confidentiality laws, minor consent laws and reporting responsibilities of medical providers can be overwhelming and confusing for teens and their parents. Teens’ concerns about confidentiality is the #1 reason they might not seek medical care. Understanding what youth can and cannot consent to and what is truly confidential can make the difference between good sexual health and poor health outcomes. In most cases, minors residing in the state of Louisiana may consent to medical treatment without the permission of their parents. However, they must obtain the consent of their parents where more controversial issues are concerned, such as abortion or sterilization. No medical professional in Louisiana is required by law to inform parents of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV; however, Louisiana state law does allow clinicians to inform parents of these issues, even if the minor objects to the release of information. The only exception is if the medical provider is at a Title X (pronounced “title ten”) clinic. Adolescents seeking services may go to any Title X clinic for a wide range of confidential services without parental consent or notification.


Monica L. Coleman is the Director of Education and Training at Teen Health Mississippi, a nonprofit organization that works to ensure all young people in Mississippi have access to high-quality sex education and youth-friendly healthcare services. Monica is a certified rehabilitation counselor and provisionally certified addictions counselor. Monica earned B.A. in Journalism from the University of Texas at Arlington, B.S. is Psychology from the University of Houston, and M.S. in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Memphis. Monica leads Teen Health Mississippi’s efforts to provide training, professional development and technical assistance to educators, youth-serving professionals and healthcare providers in the state to ensure they have the information, resources and skills to meet the sexual and reproductive health needs of the youth they serve.

Q: Why is important for parents to talk to their children about medical consent and confidentiality? A: Young people often turn to and listen to their parents for advice on matters important when transitioning to adulthood. Talking to young people about medical consent and confidentiality is one of those conversations helpful for preparing young people to manage their health lifelong. When parents talk to young people about medical consent, one important topic to mention is sexual and reproductive healthcare. This is an area of healthcare where young people can provide their own medical consent at certain clinics and with certain providers. When parents let young people know where and how they can access this type of healthcare, young people can feel supported to seek and speak with healthcare providers for their sexual and reproductive health needs. Parents also can feel confident that young people are getting what they need during a healthcare visit, if they have already gone through what to expect with them. A good way to start the conversation is having an open conversation about the universal values of respect, responsibility and caring that we all expect, when we visit a healthcare provider. Q: What are some of the short- and long-term outcomes of avoiding medical care because of confidentiality concerns? A: For many young people, confidentiality is the top concern that gets in their way of accessing care. Some young people worry that their parents or guardians will be notified. It makes sense that confidentiality is extremely important for young people while they are developing their identity and sensitive of any labeling that may negatively be associated

with their name and reputation, if their confidentiality is breeched. Making the decision to seek care can be especially anxiety-provoking and risky for young people, but not seeking and receiving care can cause severe short- and long-term outcomes. Short-term outcomes of avoiding medical care may include the worsening of the illness or infection. The sooner a provider can detect the symptom(s), the better they can diagnose and provide treatment. Long-term outcomes of avoiding medical care may include development of a chronic illness or infection that could have been prevented with proper care. Another long-term outcome could include the practice of lifetime avoidance of health care, which can be subsequently passed down to generations. Q: What is Title X and why do these clinics operate differently from other medical providers? A: Title X is a federal grant program that was created in 1970 to support access to family planning services. Title X funding is issued to health centers across the country to ensure access to a wide range of family planning and other preventive health services for low-income or uninsured individuals, including young people. Title X is the only federal grant program dedicated solely to providing individuals with comprehensive family planning and related preventive health services. At a Title X funded center, healthcare providers must allow minors to obtain confidential family planning services on their own consent, even if state law explicitly requires parental consent or notification for such services. Family planning services include: physical exams; family planning counseling and education on all contraceptive methods; testing for pregnancy, HIV and sexually transmitted infections; birth control supplies; sterilization, including counseling, education and referral; pre-conception counseling to help plan your pregnancy; and care coordination for high-risk patients.

Teensâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; concerns about confidentiality is the #1 reason they might not seek medical care.

Q: Where can my young person get Title X services in northeast Louisiana? A: To locate a Title X funded clinic, search online at It is important to have resources such as Title X services available to ensure young people have access to the confidential healthcare services and resources they need to live healthy and happy lives. In Monroe, the Ouachita Parish Health Unit, 1650 DeSiard St, Monroe (318-361-7370) is a Title X funded clinic and offers complete confidentiality to youth seeking services.

Jan Daniels, Youth Development Director at the Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Coalition, works with professionals like Monica to provide medically accurate information to parents and youth about sexual health. Call Jan at (318) 323-8775 or go to to learn more about educational opportunities for parents and youth.


Exciting New Partnership with the Junior League of Monroe The Cinderella Project of Monroe Hosts 9th Annual Giveaway


HE CINDERELLA PROJECT OF  MONROE IS IN ITS NINTH year and provides local junior and senior girls prom dresses, while building self-esteem, self-confidence and the importance of giving back to others. The Cinderella Project of Monroe is collecting prom dresses throughout the month of January for its dress giveaway in the spring. “We have collected hundreds of dresses since we started and been able to serve hundreds of girls right here in our community,” said Ashley Hubenthal, Director of The Cinderella Project of Monroe. Dresses should be age appropriate and suitable for a high school student, clean and in good condition. Donations can be dropped off at Raising Cane’s on Louisville Ave., Raising Cane’s in West Monroe, Raising Cane’s in Ruston, HerringStone’s Boutique, Eleven 26 Boutique, Rodéo Boutique of Ruston, any of the three D&D Cleaners locations and The Junior League of Monroe. After the dresses are collected, The Cinderella Project will host a Dress Giveaway on March 9th that is open to area junior and senior high school girls. Each girl is assigned a personal shopper to help pick out a dress and try dresses on. This year, The Cinderella Project is excited to announce a new partnership with The Junior League of Monroe. “The Junior League of Monroe is an organization of women committed to promoting


voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving communities through the effective action so this is a natural fit,” said Cydni Hanks, 2018 - 2019 President of the League. “We have helped with The Cinderella Project for years, and it has become something our members are passionate about and are excited about helping the project grow even more.” With the partnership of the Junior League, The Cinderella Project will have even more volunteers to help ensure the event is a success and reach even more girls throughout northeast Louisiana. The League House, located on Cameron Street in Monroe, will also host the annual dress giveaway. “With a new venue and even more volunteers to help with the project, we are excited going into our ninth year!” said Ashley Hubenthal, who has overseen The Cinderella Project of Monroe since its inception. “The Junior League has been a pivotal part of our growth and this partnership with help us grow and succeed even more.” The Cinderella Project of Monroe is already looking for volunteers for the Dress Giveaway in the spring. If you would like to get involved or make a monetary donation, please contact cinderellaprojectmonroe@ For more information on The Cinderella Project of Monroe, please visit or CinderellaProjectMonroe.

Andi Holyfield Offers Eat To Lose Program Helps People with Personal Weight Loss Struggles


LOT CAN HAPPEN IN SIX WEEKS. IN MAY 2018, Katie Price made the decision to reach out to Andi Holyfield for help with lifestyle changes after failing on numerous diet attempts. She started Eat to Lose at 222 lbs. and a size 18. In the first six weeks she was able to drop 22 lbs. to jumpstart her true weight loss journey. 12 months later thanks to Eat to Lose, Katie has lost 90 pounds and is now a size 4- without special foods- diet pills- or a $13,000 gastric sleeve surgery! Katie is only 25 and on her way to become a successful lawyer. She knew she did not want a fad diet or a risky surgery to achieve her healthy weight loss. With Andi’s personal guidance, Katie exceeded her weight loss goals and even adopted a Bluetick Coonhound dog from the shelter that also needed to shed some unhealthy weight. She lost unhealthy relationships during this journey but gained a friend for life with her dog, named Forrest Gump. Katie dropped 22 lbs. in only six weeks and Forrest Gump shed 20 pounds. “I loved how simple Eat to Lose is with no gimmicks. It is not a fad, temporary diet, but a lifestyle change. Andi taught me how to effectively meal prep and Eat to Lose is an easy grab and go system that works with my busy schedule,” says Katie. “I have struggled with low confidence, depression and fear of others judging me due to my health. For the past four years I attempted

most of the fad diets only to lose and gain back the weight because purchasing pre-packaged foods did not teach me how to do it on my own. Eat to Lose gave me my confidence, self-worth and my health back.” Feeling grateful, Katie is well on her way to taking the Louisiana Bar exam in February! “There is no doubt from a medical stand point that Eat to Lose brings numerous health benefits,” says Dr. Daven Spires, an Eat to Lose Graduate who has lost over 96 pounds and has kept the weight off. Eat to Lose is a six-week weight-loss program for all ages and most clients lose at least one size in 21 days and by the end are down 2-3 sizes/4-6% body fat/and drop 2 levels of visceral fat, which is the dangerous fat deep in the abdomen that can cause heart attacks. This program has been successful for 20 years, since Andi educates the patient on how to make informed choices, understand trick food labels, enjoy their favorite restaurants, consider portions with out calorie counting and manage food cravings. Andi offers live webinars, computer applications and can come to your personal place of business. Corporate wellness has been her most popular program that offers large groups a healthy program at a low cost that all can afford. If you have finally had enough of the diet pills, and the silly pre-packaged foods, then Eat to Lose is for you.


Hormone Replacement Therapy Miracle or Menace? BY LUCY DOUGLAS , MSN, APRN, FNP-C


HERE ARE PROBABLY FEW healthcare topics that are so polarizing and generate such heated debate as the subject of hormone therapy. Hormone Replacement Therapy in the post-menopausal woman can be a God-send, but is it really safe? Menopause has been referred to as a condition of “living decay,” and one New York gynecologist, Dr. Robert Wilson author of the 1966 book Feminine Forever, advocated the use of estrogen to save women from “the tragedy of menopause.” I would personally agree that life-altering hot flashes emanating from a human flame thrower, mood swings, weight gain, and my personal favorite, vaginal dryness, complemented by the disappearing libido, are tragedies of monumental proportion! It’s interesting to me though that there is such division amongst healthcare professionals on this topic. I talk to women


every day in my practice who express concern about using hormones because of what they’ve read/ heard, or they have been told by other providers that under no circumstances will they be prescribed hormone therapy, because it causes cancer. The lack of balance in treatment is certainly tragic and disrespectful to the woman having out-of-body menopausal symptoms. The most well-known study regarding hormone therapy was the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) of 2002 which reported on the effects of animal-derived, synthetic estrogen and progestin. The preliminary conclusions were that the hormone treatment increased the risk of heart disease, stroke, blood clots and breast cancer, and that the risks of HRT outweighed the benefits. There are other researchers and professionals within the medical community who disagree with the

conclusions of the WHI. They assert that there were problems with the study in that the researchers used the wrong estrogen (Premarin is not a human hormone), they used the wrong progesterone (Provera is not a human hormone and actually blocks progesterone receptors), they used the wrong route of administration (oral estrogens INCREASE inflammation), and they used the wrong women, post-menopausal women age 50-79. Although the WHI study was designed to evaluate the role of HRT in the prevention of diseases related to aging, many women and their providers abandoned HRT as therapy for menopausal symptoms, and that is a shame. In 2011, a consensus statement by the International Menopause Society (IMS) regarding HT stated the following: “The excessive conservatism engendered by the presentation to the media of the first results of the WHI in 2002 has disadvantaged nearly a decade of women who may have missed the therapeutic window to reduce their future cardiovascular, fracture and dementia risk.” I feel women should be educated and empowered to make their own decisions about something so important for their long term health.

Radiology Associates of Monroe Welcoming Dr. Meagan Uzee


HEN DR. MEAGAN UZEE interviewed for a diagnostic radiology position with Radiology Associates in Monroe, she felt like she had come home. From the beginning, the Winnfield native was drawn to radiologists that are genuine and make you feel like family. It’s no wonder. All of this 10-person physician group either earned their education and returned to serve this area, or their lifelong professional careers have been here. A huge advancement in the medical community, the history of radiology  can be traced back to  Wilhelm Roentgen  taking the first x-ray of a person - specifically his wife’s hand in 1895. Now 123 years later, there have been many milestones and individual contributions performed in imaging departments around the world. “I love my job! Radiology makes a lot of sense to me, because I think in 3D and

everything is in 3D in this line of work. Even though we’re generally not face-to-face with patients, we have a hand in helping a lot of patients each day,” Dr. Uzee said. Board certified by the American Board of Radiology, Dr. Uzee received her medical degree from LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport, Louisiana. She completed her residency in diagnostic radiology at Texas A&M’s Scott and White Memorial Hospital in Temple, Texas. She achieved her fellowship in Neuroradiology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Her practice, in addition to general diagnostic radiology, will have an emphasis on Neuroradiology. “From a medical perspective, the Mayo Clinic was one of the best experiences I could have had. You see very few “normals” there. There was such breadth and variety of cases with some challenge every day. What most people get to see once or twice in their career,

I was able to see multiple times a year.” Even so, it was time to head home to Louisiana with her husband, Greg, and their “fur-baby” family. This was, after all, the area where she grew up fishing and hunting with her dad, being an active participant in church music programs with her mom, and learning piano from her grandfather, which actually led to a piano performance minor in college. Seven of Radiology Associates radiologists are subspecialty trained, with fellowship training in neuroradiology, interventional neuroradiology, vascular and interventional radiology, MRI, Ultrasound, CT, Abdominal Imaging and Body MRI. “There is basically nothing we don’t do or won’t do, which is amazing for a group of our size in a relatively small town. We are always looking out for the patient first. It’s one of the best things about this job,” said Dr. Uzee.


AKA Honors Dr. Bruno with CAMEO Award for Dedication to Education, Diversity, Community


r. Nick J. Bruno, President of the University of Louisiana Monroe, has been recognized for his outstanding work in education, diversity and the community with the CAMEO Award from Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Omicron Iota Chapter. The awards ceremony was Nov. 16 at Delta Community College with the theme “Exemplifying Excellence Through Service.” CAMEO stands for Community Service, Arts, Medicine, Education, Organization. The CAMEO Awards began in 2003 when, according to the sorority, they “chose to celebrate those in the community who gave tirelessly of their time and talents to promote the greater good of mankind.” Bruno was chosen because, “Your visionary impact on our community and your dedication has earned you the right to be honored …,” according to AKA-OIO.


“I am honored by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Omicron Iota Omega Chapter for presenting me with their CAMEO Award for Education,” said Bruno. “This organization is acutely aware that to support education is to support the future. And that future is students; students who have as much right as we do to an education, but they don’t yet have the right to secure it. That responsibility is up to us.” Patricia Turner, AKA-OIO member and Co-Chairman of the 12th Annual CAMEO Awards, stated of Bruno’s selection, “ … for over 40 years, Dr. Bruno has made exceptional strides in his career as an educator. We respect and salute all of his achievements, but ultimately selected to honor him for arriving in Monroe and reaching out to the community by creating the Business and Community Advisory Committee, a group that analyzes the workforce needs of the region."

“This is the type of vision that creates jobs by pulling and keeping businesses in the area. It pulls people of all ethnicities together and seeks to bridge the divide and celebrates diversity. And, yes, we honor him for his love of family, his love for ULM and this entire community and for his candor, commitment and courage; we remain proud to have honored this outstanding educator!" she said. Turner cited Bruno’s community impact as a champion of diversity, stating, “We honor him for his direct approach to tackling the growing anguish of his ULM minority students by hosting a race forum to hear their concerns; and for his continuous support of the ULM Black Alumni Organization which is evident by his recurrent attendance at their biennial reunions.” Bruno was recognized at the event by keynote speaker Rick Gallot, President of Grambling State University and CAMEO event organizers Patricia Turner, CoChairman; LaTanga Blackson, Mistress of Ceremony; Kimberly Davis, Chaplain; Raven Owens, President; Kathy Gray, Co-Chairman; and Judge Aisha Clark.

The Century Village Athletic Club is Open for Business! New Year Specials Starting in Januarty


HEN DESIGNING THE Century Village Athletic Club, our team had one goal in mind: Member Satisfaction. We assembled an experienced and certified group of fitness professionals and combined that with a state-of–the art facility to bring something new, inviting and fun to the Monroe and Sterlington areas. Hudson Biedenharn brings his business degree and top-of-the-line Cooper Institute Certification to own and operate this club. His vision is that of an easy going and inviting environment with user friendly, industry leading equipment. At 6,000 square feet, the club is outfitted with the most biomechanically correct equipment on the market, which not only work great, but also reduce your risk for injury. Century Village Athletic Club operates with no franchise constraints. Being independently owned and operated, we have

the flexibility to bring unique and exciting class formats to our group exercise schedule. Our certified instructors are enthusiastic and ultrafriendly, and they have the know-how to administer safe, fun and welcoming classes. Group classes are open to members and nonmembers alike. The direction of this club is based on member feedback…100%! We have the freedom to change our schedules and offerings to accommodate our members’ wants and needs, and we value that opportunity. We cater to you, and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Century Village Athletic Club will help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals. With conveniences like key card access, the cleanest showers and locker room facilities in the area, and a convenient location across from CenturyLink HQ in the new Century Tower, we are sure we have everything you need to accomplish your health and fitness

goals. A comprehensive nutrition and dietetics program, a wide range of exciting class options from Zumba to Yoga, and the cleanest and friendliest environment you’ll find will keep you motivated and excited to get back to the club! And the most amazing thing about this club just may be the price! With the flexibility to waive initiation fees and long-term contracts, offer corporate discounts, and keep our rates much below what you would expect to pay, this facility will fill up quick. Just in time to work on those New Year’s resolutions, Century Village Athletic Club is offering several specials to get you fit for 2019! When you sign up for a year, you will receive the first month free! Plus, there are free group exercise classes throughout the month of January, and you can get one free personal training session for free! Start your new and energized life with us at the Century Village Athletic Club!



Redefining Aesthetics Dr. Janine Hopkins of Hopkins Dermatology created her own skincare line, RX and M.D. Minerals in an effort to provide her patients with beneficial and clean products


our skin is your body’s biggest defender and protector, so using skin care products that are not aiding in that defense is impractical. While there are many product lines that say their skin care is the best, most of the products being mass marketed are not actually delivering results to consumers. These types of products are not helpful, beneficial and, in most cases, not affordable. Dr. Janine Hopkins of Hopkins Dermatology wants her patients to receive the most beneficial and clean products at an affordable price, which is why she started her own skin care and makeup line: RX and M.D. Minerals. Dr. Hopkins has been practicing dermatology for over twenty years, and during that time saw her patients spending large amounts of money on skin care products that didn’t necessarily achieve their desired goals of fighting anti-aging and keeping their skin healthy. Some of these brands were also not medical grade, which meant that the product would most likely not achieve any result. When people think of the phrase “medical grade,” they see nothing but dollar signs. There is a false idea that medical grade skin care products, or dermatologist recommended products, can be more expensive than a high dollar makeup line, and, as Dr. Hopkins states, “You can spend more money on name-brand skin care lines like Estée Lauder than you can on medical grade skin care products.” In her conception of RX and Minerals, Dr. Hopkins first knew that she wanted to give her local patients skin care products that were more affordable and beneficial than the more expensive name-brand products. She also realized that she wanted her skin care products to be clean and contain minimal ingredients.

article by REBEKAH BARNES photography by KELLY MO ORE CL ARK


When developing RX and Minerals, Hopkins scrutinized the multiple ingredients being used in previously available skin care products. In order for topical products to deliver results and keep skin healthy, they must have active ingredients delivered to the skin. Hopkins explains “Big products being mass marketed are not necessarily delivering active ingredients to customers, and if we’re doing something to our skin, we need to be using products that are helpful and beneficial.” As a dermatologist, Hopkins also has be careful about what products she is recommending and what her patients are using, as well as making sure the ingredients used are active when they are delivered to the skin. She also only relies on ingredients scientifically proven to achieve positive results. Hopkins’s idea for her skin care line also came from the need to prevent wrinkles and anti-aging in thin places of skin where Botox could not be injected, but where a product could be topically applied. On top of this, Hopkins also wanted a product line, which was hypoallergenic and free of parabens, oil, synthetic colors and fragrances to suit the needs of her clients diverse skin conditions. So, both RX and Minerals ingredients labels read almost like a cookbook, as their ingredient base is fairly simple and clean. Now, “clean” does not mean “organic,” but it does mean that Hopkins’s products contain minimum, but optimum and essential, active ingredients for skin health, such as Niacinamide (a form of Vitamin B3), antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and retinol.

“Big products being mass marketed are not necessarily delivering active ingredients to customers, and if we’re doing something to our skin, we need to be using products that are helpful and beneficial.”


s people get older, their immune systems tend to get a little lazy and downregulate. The cells aren’t able to repair themselves as they did before. If there is environmental damage, like a sunburn; or a mutation such as cancer, the cells aren’t as equipped to fight back. This is where Niacinamide comes in. Niacinamide can interact with the cells and, as Hopkins explains, “help upregulate the repair mechanism,” repairing the damage and keeping skin looking healthier. This is a major benefit of Niacinamide, but not the only one. People don’t just want to be healthy, they want to look healthy, too. Niacinamide is the foremost ingredient in Hopkins’s Needle Free Serum and is found in other RX and Minerals products, as well. Niacinamide not only helps skin cells repair and upregulate, but it also allows cells to rejuvenate and fight aging, which is also an important job of antioxidants. In addition to Niacinamide, many of Hopkins’s products, such as the sheer physical sunscreen RX: Protect, also contain Green Tea Polyphenols, one of the most potent antioxidants, which reduces 138 JANUARY 2019 | WWW.BAYOULIFEMAG.COM

free radicals to help fight the aging process. Dr. Hopkins advises that antioxidants and formulas, like RX: Protect which contain sunscreen, need to be used every day and specifically applied in the morning so that “When you walk out the door, your skin is already protected.” Dr. Hopkins explains the role of antioxidants in skin care as being like bubble wrap around skin cells. When patients apply antioxidants, the antioxidants are absorbed into the skin tissue, protecting the cells and reducing free radicals. And if the antioxidant is the bubble wrap of the cell, then Hopkins describes sunscreen as being the box you ship those cells in. While skin needs to be protected, it also must be moisturized. Hyaluronic acid is another ingredient found in most of Hopkins’ products that keeps skin moisturized. “Hydration is like giving your skin a big drink of water,” says Dr. Hopkins, “and hyaluronic acid is how the skin achieves that moisturized state.” While fillers containing a purified hyaluronic gel plumps and hydrates by being injected into the skin, applying the hyaluronic acid on the skin binds water to keep skin hydrated. Hyaluronic acid already exists in the body, but sometimes it becomes depleted, or some just don’t have enough of it, such as those who suffer from eczema. The RX: Hydrate serum, offered by Hopkins Dermatology contains hyaluronic acid to treat skin conditions that cause dryness. Another crucial ingredient that Hopkins knew she wanted in her skin care line was retinol. Retinol is an active ingredient that helps repair skin and treat discoloration. Hopkins needed a product that would help treat her patients acne, and, at the time, there was no one product that was affordable, contained the necessary active ingredients and didn’t include unnecessary fragrances and other irritants. Around this time, Hopkins’s son was in need of acne treatment pads that didn’t dry out and irritate his skin, so Hopkins developed the RX: Repair, which are retinol treatment pads that quickly penetrate and boost retinol levels in the skin to help repair and rejuvenate skin cells. Before Hopkins began treating her patients with a new skin care line, she first created M.D. Minerals.

M.D. Minerals predates the RX line and was created about ten years ago, when Hopkins’s teenage daughter was looking for a brand of makeup that would conceal her blemishes without irritating them. At the time, the makeup brand Bare Minerals had just been created, but there was nothing like that available in Monroe, Louisiana. There was no Sephora or Ulta that offered mineral based makeup lines for people with skin irritations. Ordering online was always an option, but with makeup sometimes that can be a risk, because there is no way of knowing if the color matches skin tone or if it might irritate the skin. Dr. Hopkins also saw many patients who were having allergic reactions, or breakouts, to particular makeup brands. During this time, Hopkins’s daughter had also begun modeling and was suffering from breakouts due to the amount and quality of makeup she would wear. Because there was nothing locally available to fit her daughter’s or patient’s needs, Hopkins realized that she needed to find a solution to this problem and developed M.D. Minerals. All M.D. Minerals products are made in the United States and, like the RX line, they are also clean. They contain natural ingredients, like coconut oil in their concealer, which helps heal blemishes, and anti-inflammatory minerals that help to reduce the appearance of redness. All M.D. Minerals products are infused with antioxidants to prevent the makeup from clumping and with vanilla bean extract, which helps hydrate the skin. Dr. Hopkins explains that M.D. wMinerals gives her confidence “to know that whatever our patients are putting on their skin is beneficial and not going to cause adverse effects.” Minerals isn’t just great for your skin, it also looks good, too. There are a wide variety of bright colors to choose from, and in addition to the core collection, M.D. Minerals adds seasonal palettes to their repertoire. Hopkins has also included a men’s collection in M.D. Minerals to cover blemishes or dark under-eye circles. The key word for both RX and M.D. Minerals is “clean,” something that Hopkins is very proud of as she can guarantee that her products are hypoallergenic and free of unnecessary chemicals. Being someone who is allergic to almost everything, Hopkins personally knew the importance of having a skin care line that was free of irritants. In addition to wanting products that contained essential ingredients to promote skin care, Hopkins also wanted products “that patients knew I would stand behind and be willing to put my name on.” By working with a company specializing in skin care, Dr. Hopkins was able to tailor a collection of products that were backed by science and had efficacy to fit the needs of her practice. When asked during her medical school interview what she would be if she could not be a doctor, Dr. Hopkins replied, “I’d be a teacher.” Now Hopkins is both an educator and a medical professional. Her passion for her profession shines through her ability to teach her patients about active ingredients and which skin care products are right for them, a feat that is in no way small. What makes Hopkins’s progressive skin care unique is not just the “clean” technology of every product, but that all products are topical, needle-free and beneficial to a wide range of skin issues and that their creator is passionate about finding solutions and creating products to treat her patients. Hopkins Dermatalogy specializes in many different areas of skin care, including body scultping, cosmetic dermatology, medical dermatology and skin cancer treatment. In addition, Hopkins treats men and women across the Ark-La-Miss area. For more information, please call (318) 317-4855 or visit



A FRESH PARENTING PROSPECT Starting the New Year Off with a New Outlook on Raising Your Kids article by Cindy G. Foust


appy New Year BayouLife community, in what is now the year 2019. It sounds like a space odyssey type number actually, but here we are on the cusp of another new year…a year that will be fresh with new promise and opportunities. These new promises and opportunities usually start with New Year’s resolutions that revolve around everything from losing weight to saving money. I, too, had been giving a lot of thought to what my goals and expectations will be for this next year when a friend of mine emailed me the transcript of the eulogy given by George W. Bush for this father, the late president George H.W. Bush. Now before you get your tinsel in a tangle (you know most of you still have it out), this has nothing to do with politics, but rather, more to do with honoring the end of someone’s life, someone who lived with great dignity and character. When I was reading through the transcript, I was struck by the following quote from President Bush’s eulogy: “In his inaugural address, the 41st President of the United States said this, ‘We cannot hope only to leave our children a bigger car, a bigger bank account; we must hope to give them a sense of what it means to be a loyal friend, a loving parent, a citizen who leaves his home, his neighborhood, and town better than he found it. What do we want the men and women who work with us to say when we are no longer there? That we are more driven to succeed than anyone around us or that we stopped to ask if a sick child had gotten better and stayed a moment there to trade a word of friendship?’” Now this, readers, to quote my 13-year old daughter, this is everything. These few words really gave me some things to chew on…and despite your political affiliations, I hope they will give you a few things that will give you pause as well. First, I don’t think the President was being critical of being “driven” or “successful,”


but that we shouldn’t be so consumed with leaving a big estate at the court house for our kids. Rather, that we should be there for our children, and instill in them values that they see in us. Wait. Like my kids might actually be a reflection of me? Wait. Like am I a good parent? A good friend? A good neighbor? As I

usually do, I got to thinking…what “reflection” my children are seeing. I used to think it was important for them to see me working hard to build something from a “zero” and never give up on your dreams…no matter how long it might take to realize it. But as I get older, I find that there are more substantial legacies that I should be concerned about leaving my children with…legacies that really have nothing to do with how much money I have in my bank account for them to spend once I am gone. And these same legacies, as so astutely pointed out by President Bush, are legacies that have everything to do with being a good, engaged parent; a parent who has high moral expectations for their children and consequences when they aren’t met; for being a parent who loves their children

unconditionally, no matter what flaws they have or mistakes they make (we are all flawed, by the way); for setting an example of being a friend that is loyal and dependable, so that they too, will be a loyal and dependable friends; and for being a good citizen who thinks of others before they think of themselves. Wow…that’s a lot of legacy shoes to fill. But by the same token, the biggest gift that God has given us is our children, and the biggest responsibility that we have been charged with is raising them to be adults who will be responsible, loving and kind-hearted people (that’s not in a parenting manual anywhere, by the way, just straight out of the Ollie Caples Road parenting manual my parents used.) Oh…and law-abiding, don’t forget teaching them to stay within the confines of the law. Any of this speaking to you as well, readers? Jackie Kennedy once said “If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do matters very much.” Do you ever find yourself grading your parenting skills? Of course we all do, or maybe you don’t ever think about it, but there are some days I think I’m an A+ and some days I feel like an Fbut here’s the thing, I’m trying…in all other areas of my life, that I might give a halfway attempt at, parenting always gets my best effort, even on days when I “bungle,” and there are plenty of those days. So, what says you, readers? Are we ready to start this new year with fresh parenting prospects together? This month marks my six-year anniversary with BayouLife and good grief am I all over the place some months. But boy, do I try to keep our topics on current, relevant family issues and encourage all things that will enhance and strengthen the bonds of our families. There’s definitely safety in numbers, and I like the idea of having an entire community to “co-parent” with. So, thanks for being “co-pilots” with me on this parenting journey, because no matter how old we grow to be, it will always be the most important role we play.

BayouLife Magazineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

TOP DOCS 2019 We are proud to announce our innaugural Top Doctors issue. We sent over 1,200 letters to local medical professionalsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; offices, and asked them who they would recommend in particular categories. We do know that this list is by no means an all-inclusive and encompassing list, and we do not recommend changing your medical provider because of this list. We are extremely lucky to have a large pool of medical professionals in Northeast Louisiana, and are thankful for all the amazing people that devote their talents to make our community healthy and happy.


BayouLife Top Docs 2019

Ricky Caples, DDS, Chris Robinson, dds and Sarah George, dds, MS Caples & Robinson Orthodontics 2210 Forsythe Avenue | Monroe, LA | 318.325.9655 | Meet Ricky Caples, D.D.S. Dr. Ricky Caples has been practicing orthodontics since 1993. He is a graduate of the Louisiana State University School of Dentistry, where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. Dr. Caples continued his orthodontic training at Louisiana State University as well. He is a board-certified member of the American Board of Orthodontics. Dr. Caples is also a member of the LSU School of Dentistry Alumni Board and the J.M. Chadha Educational Board. He is Chair of the Development Committee for the LSU School of Dentistry. He is an active member in several organizations including the American Association of Orthodontists, the Louisiana Association of Orthodontists, the Louisiana Dental Association, the American Dental Association and the Northeast Louisiana Dental Association. In his spare time, Dr. Caples enjoys spending time with his family. He is the father of two children and the grandfather of two. He is also a collector car buff, enjoys turkey hunting and travel with his wife, Lynna. Meet Chris Robinson, D.D.S. Dr. Chris Robinson graduated from Louisiana State University School of Dentistry, where he earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. He completed his orthodontic specialty training at Louisiana State University as well. Dr. Robinson has been in private practice since 2001. He is a board-certified member of the American Board of Orthodontics. Additionally, Dr. Robinson is a member of numerous organizations including the American Association of Orthodontists, the Louisiana Association of Orthodontists, the Louisiana Dental Association, the American Dental Association and the Northeast Louisiana Dental Association. Dr. Robinson enjoys staying active in community events and volunteers his time and services. He participates in the Give Kids a Smile Day program and also serves on the Cleft Palate Team of Northeast Louisiana. Outside of the office, Dr. Robinson likes spending time with his wife and three kids. He also enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors. Meet Sarah George, D.D.S., M.S. Dr. Sarah George was born and raised in Monroe, LA. Sarah attended  Neville High School,  where she was Valedictorian.  She graduated summa cum laude from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge with  a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and a minor in Chemistry.  Dr. George earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree  at Louisiana State University School of Dentistry in New Orleans. There she was a member of the Omicron Kappa Upsilon National Honor Society and the C. Edmund Kells Honor Society. She received the Chancellor’s Award upon graduation in 2015.   After


finishing her dental degree, she completed  an additional threeyear orthodontic residency program at Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, Texas.  There she received her Orthodontic Certificate and Master of Science in Oral Biology.  Sarah just recently became a board-certified member of the American Board of Orthodontics. Sarah is also a member of the American Association of Orthodontics and American Dental Association.    Outside of orthodontics, Sarah loves spending time with friends and family, running, reading and traveling.   For 25 years our practice has focused on giving our patients optimal treatment to create the perfect smile. As Northeast Louisiana’s only Diplomates of the American Board of Orthodontics, Invisalign Preferred Providers, and certified professionals in the Invisalign Master’s course our goals haven’t changed. Drs. Ricky Caples, Chris Robinson and Sarah George are committed to providing you with excellent orthodontic care in a comfortable environment. You deserve a skilled, experienced orthodontic team that can help you ensure great oral health. Experience what patient-centered care can do for you. We welcome new patients of all ages and strive to accommodate all. Your orthodontic care experience is fully personalized at Caples and Robinson. Our friendly, knowledgeable team will address every question and concern. Your oral health needs, goals and priorities are the focus of your customized treatment plan. We want to work with you to create the beautiful, healthy smile of your dreams. We have five locations across Northeastern Louisiana. If you have an emergency outside of our operating hours, please call as soon as possible to schedule follow-up care. We will ensure you receive the orthodontic treatment you need in a timely manner. We have a team member on call 24 hours, 7 days a week to cater to emergencies. At Caples & Robinson Orthodontics, we offer advanced solutions for your treatment. Our practice is a leader in comfortable and accelerated orthodontics. Depending on your needs, we may recommend: • Invisalign™ • Damon™ Braces • Clarity™ Advanced Braces • iTero® imaging • Orthognathic Surgery • Retainers To get started on your healthier, more beautiful smile, contact our office for a consultation 318-325-9655. Each new member to the Caples & Robinson family is entitled to a free orthodontic consultation.

BayouLife Top Docs 2019


BayouLife Top Docs 2019

Terry O. Thomas, Ph. D. HealthPoint Center, LLC 1818 Avenue of America | Monroe, LA 318.348.6171

Terry O. Thomas, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist working full-time at HealthPoint Center, LLC, a multidisciplinary private practice in Monroe, LA. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, a Master of Science in Psychology (with a concentration in Psychometrics) and a Master of Arts in Gerontology from the University of Louisiana at Monroe. He earned his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Louisiana Tech University and completed his doctoral residency at the University of Arkansas for Medical Science (UAMS) in the Department of Psychiatry at Arkansas Children’s Hospital’s Child Study Center. He is currently enrolled in a post-doctoral clinical psychopharmacology program to become a medical psychologist. Dr. Thomas has worked in the field of mental health since 1994 and has been affiliated with a variety of public (Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center) and private programs and agencies. He has conduced research and taught at UAMS, ULM and Louisiana Tech. His clinical interests focus on the assessment and treatment of emotional and behavioral disorders in children, adolescents and adults. He also works with couples and families in crisis. Dr. Thomas is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Louisiana Psychological Association (LPA). He serves on the Board of Learning Tech/ Quest School and is a member of the Rotary Club of Monroe. Dr. Thomas’ practice, HealthPoint Center is comprised of licensed specialists in Psychiatry, Psychology, Counseling, Addiction, Social Work, Nutrition, and Speech Language Pathology. They provide comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and treatment for children, adolescents and adults. For six years, HealthPoint has been providing quality care to our community. Dr. Thomas is married to Mary Ann Hales Thomas, who is a speech-language pathologist, and they have four adult children.


BayouLife Top Docs 2019

LOUISIANA PAIN CARE John Ledbetter, MD • Vincent Forte, MD Hardy Gordon, MD • Ron Ellis, MD 210 Layton Avenue | Monroe, LA 1809 Northpointe Lane, Ste. 101 | Ruston, LA 318.323.6405 | For over 24 years, Louisiana Pain Care, LLC has been in practice addressing a burgeoning medical need in our community and the ArkLa-Miss area. Founder John L. Ledbetter, MD, and partners, Vincent Forte, MD, Hardy Gordon, MD and Ron Ellis, MD are honored to be highlighted as this area top recommended doctors for pain management. Following Dr. Ledbetter’s residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, he moved back to Monroe and join Anesthesia Associates. Working at Anesthesia Associates is where he realized that there was a real and practical need for interventional pain management. When the clinic opened its doors on December 1, 1994, it was clear that there was a demand for interventional pain management, and their practice grew quickly. Within four months Dr. Ledbetter was too busy with the pain clinic to continue doing anesthesiology, which ultimately led to a natural separation from the anesthesia group and a sole focus on the pain management clinic.

Dr. Vince Forte is originally from White Castle, LA and a graduate of LSU Medical School in New Orleans. He then went to Birmingham to complete his anesthesia training. Soon after Vince arrived in Monroe, he’d become interested in pain management, and ultimately completed his fellowship and joined Louisiana Pain Care in 2002. Dr. Hardy Gordon received fellowship training in pain management from the University of Alabama-Birmingham. He is a board-certified anesthesiologist and is board certified in pain medicine. After receiving his medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia, he went on to become chief resident in anesthesiology and perioperative medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina. Dr. Gordon’s main goal is to have his patients return to the activities that they love and enjoy. Dr. Ron Ellis received his medical degree from Louisiana State University School of Medicine at Shreveport. He completed his residency in anesthesiology at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, after which he served our country in the United States Navy. During his time in the Navy, he developed a growing interest and skill in the specialty of pain management. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Anesthesiology in both anesthesiology and pain management and a diplomate of the American Board of Pain Medicine. Louisiana Pain Care is the only board-certified, fellowship-trained pain management physicians in northeast Louisiana. Their entire focus is the evaluation and non-surgical treatment of acute or chronic pain problems. Their mission is to provide the highest quality and up-todate interventional and clinical pain management care to patients in our community. They are all committed to remaining on the cutting edge of technological and pharmaceutical advancements.


BayouLife Top Docs 2019

Thomas J. Gullatt, mD St. Francis Medical Group

Hospitalist Program at St. Francis Medical Center 318.966.4541 | Dr. Thomas Gullatt graduated from LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport in 1984, in Internal Medicine in 1987 and Pulmonary Disease in 1989. He was in private practice for 15 years in Monroe before joining St. Francis as the Medical Director of the Hospitalist Program. Dr. Gullatt is Board Certified in both Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Disease and is a Fellow with the American College of Chest Physicians. In addition to seeing patients, he serves as President and Chairman of the St. Francis Medical Group Board of Directors. Dr. Gullatt is passionate about his patients and his practice and says, “Being a physician gives me the opportunity to help people through difficult life periods with care and compassion.” Dr. Gullatt and his wife, Denise, are the proud parents of two children, Emily and husband, Taylor Byrd with grandchildren, Anna Claire, Jackson and another one on the way and Dr. Thomas Ryan and wife, Morgan, and grandchild Graham. In his spare time, he spends his time with his family, is involved at his church, enjoys LSU athletics and fishing.

TOP Pulmonologist

Ulka D. Sule, MS.LDN.RD.CDE. St. Francis Medical Group Practices at the St. Francis Primary Care Clinic at 2600 Tower Drive in the Community Health Center in Monroe. Also provides diabetes group education at St. Francis Primary Care ClinicCypress in West Monroe 318.966.4074 |


Ulka Sule received her Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics from M.S. University, Baroda, India and her Master’s Degree in Dietetics from Louisiana Tech. She has been practicing for 36 years at St. Francis Medical Center. Ulka is a Certified Diabetes Educator and specializes in Diabetes Self-Management. In addition to her clinic-based work, she assists patients enrolled in the St. Francis Cardiac Rehab Program. She finds it very rewarding when patients express a sense of accomplishment when their diabetes-related numbers improve and they feel better overall. “I find that patients are bombarded with a lot of information and misinformation, and it is important to provide education that is clinically sound and meets gold standards for disease management,” said Ulka. She has been married to Dileep Sule for 50 years. They have two children: a daughter, Sangeeta, who is a Pediatric Rheumatologist in Washington, DC, and a son, Sandeep, who is an Otolaryngologist in Dallas, TX. They have one grandson.

BayouLife Top Docs 2019

Thomas A. Gulick, MD St. Francis Medical Group Inside St. Francis Medical Center, Ste. 320 318.966.6550 |

Dr. Thomas Gulick graduated from LSU Health Sciences Medical School in Shreveport in 1977, followed by Medical College of Georgia Hospital in Augusta, Georgia, in 1982 in Neurology. He has been a practicing Neurologist for 36 years. Dr. Gulick joined the St. Francis Medical Staff in 1982 and is now a member of the St. Francis Medical Group. He currently serves as a Neurologist at St. Francis Medical Center. Dr. Gulick is passionate about the practice of neurology and enjoys his field because it is always challenging. He resides in Monroe and is married with three children. Dr. Gulick enjoys trail riding in his spare time.


Ronald C. Hubbard Sr., MD St. Francis Medical Group

St. Francis Primary Care Clinic in St. Francis Community Health Center 2600 Tower Drive Ste. 309 | Monroe, LA 318.966.6575 |

TOP Internist

Dr. Ronald Hubbard has served as a physician for 30 years. He graduated from LSU Health Sciences Center Medical School Shreveport in 1985. He also completed his internship and residency at LSU Health Sciences Center Medical School – Shreveport. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine. Dr. Hubbard became a member of the St. Francis Medical Staff in 1998, and currently practices as a member of the St. Francis Medical Group. He also serves as Vice Chairman of the St. Francis Medical Group Board of Directors. Dr. Hubbard loves taking care of his patients and, in his free time, enjoys reading, astronomy, model air planes traveling and cooking. Dr. Hubbard and his wife, Connie, are the proud parents of two children: daughter – Jennifer; son and daughterin-law: Collins and Mallory, along with granddaughter Harper.


BayouLife Top Docs 2019

Courtney McCullough Weston, MSN, APRN, FNP-C St. Francis Medical Group St. Francis Primary Care Clinic at St. Francis Community Health Center 2600 Tower Drive, Ste. 309 | Monroe, LA 318.966.6575 |

Courtney Weston graduated from the University of Louisiana at Monroe with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and from Grambling State University with a Master’s Degree in Nursing. She has practiced for ten years as a Nurse Practitioner (NP) and is a Board Certified Family NP. Courtney is very passionate about taking care of her patients as a whole being: mentally, physically and spiritually. “I love being a nurse practitioner, because I feel like it is a calling, not just a job,” says Courtney. “I knew I was going to be a nurse at the age of 4. My grandmother, who was a nurse, talked to her patients like they were family, and they loved her. I wanted that! She has always been my inspiration to be the best nurse I could be.” Being a NP makes Courtney feel like she can really make a difference in her patients’ lives and finds no greater joy than helping a patient improve their quality of life by improving their health. Courtney is married to Brian Weston, and they have two daughters, Mackenzie and Maddie.


TOP Nurse Practitioner

BayouLife Top Docs 2019

William C. Johnston, D.D.S. Arrow Dental Center 1561 Bienville Drive, Monroe, LA 318.361.0381

Dr. William Johnston is from Monroe, LA and attended Northeast Louisiana University, now ULM, for his undergraduate degree. He graduated LSU School of Dentistry in 1983, and he has been in practice for over 30 years. As the founder of Arrow Dental, he strives to provide his patients the best in dental care. He has attended continuing education courses in esthetic dentistry, CEREC crown and bridge design and dental implant placement and restoration. Dr. Leigh Ann Robinson is a native of Monroe and a graduate of Neville High School. She received her Bachelors degree from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and went on to complete dental school at LSU School of Dentistry in New Orleans. Dr. Robinson has been a wonderful addition to Arrow Dental since June of 2017. She has attended specialized training in procedures to deliver Botox and currently provides this service to her patients in addition to quality dental procedures. Dr. Daniel Sharbono has been a valued asset to the Arrow Dental

team since June 2018. He is from Shreveport and attended Northwestern State University for his undergraduate degree. Later, he graduated LSU School of Dentistry in New Orleans and has been practicing since June 2017. He aims to provide excellent dental care for all patients tailored to their needs. Dr. Sharbono has also attended training for Botox administration and can provide this service to patients. Dr. Johnston, along with Drs. Robinson and Sharbono and staff, welcome all of our patients, and those who havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t found them yet, to their new location at 1561 Bienville Dr. in Monroe. With this new move, Arrow Dental will be growing leaps and bounds! They are moving from a 1,600 sq ft. building to a 6,300 sq. ft.building and this new space will allow them to help even more patients and the community as a whole. Not only will they have more space in a state-of-the-art facility, but they will extend their hours and be open six days a week, including Saturdays. This is just another way that Arrow Dental works to accommodate their patients and makes seeing the dentist a breeze!


BayouLife Top Docs 2019

Hospice Compassus Charles Morgan, MD • Michael O’Neal, MD Shane Phillips, MD • Mohammad Mousa, MD 2213 Justice Street | Monroe, LA   100 S. Trenton Street | Ruston, LA 318.322.0062 Since 1998, Compassus has been providing excellence in end of life care to the residents of Northeast La. With programs in Monroe and Ruston, Compassus is able to provide care that reaches into our outlying communities and bring compassionate, quality services to patients and families when they need it most. Our Monroe location is led by our Medical Director of 14 years, Dr. Charles (Chuck) Morgan, Jr and our Associate Medical Director, Dr. Michael O’Neal. Dr. Shane Phillips is our Medical Director for the Ruston program and leads that team with assistance from Associate Medical Director, Dr. Mohammad Mousa. Our dedicated care team brings over 100 combined years of hospice experience to care for patients and families facing their end

top hospice 150 JANUARY 2019 | WWW.BAYOULIFEMAG.COM

of life journey. We are proud to live and work in the communities we serve. We would like to thank the medical community for recognizing Compassus as their preferred hospice provider and commit to continuing to provide excellent service to our patients, their families and the healthcare professionals who entrust us with their care. Why Hospice? As a Hospice Nurse and Administrator I often get asked, “Why hospice?” For me, the answer is simple. I want to change the way we die in America. Death is such a taboo subject. We are all going to die at some point, yet for the most part, we don’t want to talk about it. We don’t talk to our families and loved ones about our wishes. And as a result, way too often, we end up spending the last days or weeks of our lives in the hospital undergoing tests and treatments that are not prolonging our life, but prolonging our death. At Compassus, we want every person battling a chronic or life limiting illness to understand that there is no such thing as “nothing else we can do,” and that alternatively choosing to focus on living every day to its fullest without “doing everything possible” is not “giving up,” but taking control of your life and living it your way! — Dana Jennings, RN, Executive Director If you have questions, please visit our website @ www.compassus. com/monroe, or call 318-322-0062.

BayouLife Top Docs 2019

WALTER SARTOR, MD The Surgery Clinic of Northeast Louisiana 312 Grammont Street, Ste.303 Monroe, LA 318.398.2984

Dr. Walter Moss Sartor earned his B.S. and M.D. from Tulane University. He completed his residency in General Surgery at the University of Maryland. Dr. Sartor, a board-certified general surgeon with over 20 years of experience, is trained in advanced laparoscopic procedures and robotic surgery. He is sought out as a general surgeon for reflux procedures, as well as a full spectrum of other surgical procedures. Since 2003, he has offered weight loss surgery to northeast Louisiana. In 2007, he saw the need for a comprehensive weight loss surgery program and opened the Louisiana Center for Weight Loss Surgery, which has since become an ASMBS Center of Excellence, the first and only one in Northeast Louisiana.   He was the first to offer sleeve gastrectomy in north Louisiana in 2008 and continues to provide quality care with a low complication rate.   Dr. Sartor has served as chief of surgery at Monroe Surgical Hospital and St Francis Medical Center.   He is a fellow of both the American College of Surgeons and the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.   He is also a member of the Ouachita Medical Society and the Louisiana state chapters of ACS and ASMBS. Dr. Sartor and his family are active in our community.  He enjoys playing guitar, pedal steel and vocals for two regional bands, “Gumbo Dynamite” and “Code Blue & The Flatliners.” In December of 2018, along with Dr. Bart Liles and Dr. Patrick Smith, Dr. Sartor founded The Surgery Clinic of Northeast Louisiana located at 312 Grammont Street, Suite 303, in Monroe. Contact The Surgery Clinic at 318.398.2984.


BayouLife Top Docs 2019

Gordon G. Grant IV, DC Shell Chiropractic 3219 Sterlington Road Monroe, LA 318.387.5388

Dr. GG Grant grew up in Ruston and graduated from Louisiana Tech in 2001. In 2005, he graduated from Parker University in Dallas, Texas with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2005. Right after school, Dr. Grant began to work at Shell Chiropractor in Monroe. He is in his thirteenth year and practices along side Dr. Brett Bryant and Dr. Scott Martinez. While Dr. Grant does see patients of all ages, from pediatric to later in life, most of the people that walk through the door are coming in as result of injury or affliction. “Most people who come to see me are hurting and in pain,” said Dr. Grant. “They are limited in their daily activities, and my goal is to get them back to their normal routine, free of pain.” For the past 11 years, Dr. Grant has worked with ULM athletes, as well as student athletes from St. Fred’s, Neville, Ouachita and other local schools. “I am very passionate about educating younger athletes on how to stay healthy, whether they eventually play professionally or not,” said Dr. Grant. “I really like to educate people on their body and how to maintain their spinal health.” One of the things that sets Dr. Grant apart is that he works well with the entire medical community as he works to get patients healthy. “I believe it is so important to work together to help patients,” said Dr. Grant. “I work with other doctors, orthopedic specialists and physicians, for the betterment and overall health of my patients. I am just another person helping a patient feel their best.” He prides himself on being honest with his patients and making recommendations to other physicians, doing whatever it takes for a patient’s health and wellbeing. Dr. Grant resides in Monroe with his wife, Heather. He has two boys and a little girl. Lake is a freshman at Neville, Hunt is in 7th grade at St. Frederick and Griffyn is in Pre-K. In his spare time, Dr. Grant enjoys spending time with his family, duck hunting and playing golf.


BayouLife Top Docs 2019

JODY MOSS, O.D. Moss Eyecare

3300 Sterlington Road, Monroe, LA 318.387.5657 Dr. Joseph C. Moss (Jody Moss) graduated from the University of Louisiana at Monroe with a Bachelors of Science degree in 2001. He then went on to attend the University of Houston, where he earned his Doctor of Optometry degree in 2008. Dr. Moss is a third generation optometrist. He has been practicing independent optometry for ten years. Dr. Moss provides routine vision exams and medical eye exams, including treatment of glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, dry eye complications and foreign body removal. He also focuses on fitting patients in multi-focal contacts. At Moss Eyecare, you will find a caring team of professionals dedicated to providing high quality personalized eye care for the whole family. They value their patient relationships and strive to improve their quality of life and vision through uncompromised service and stateof-the-art technology. Dr. Moss and his staff are a close-working team, dedicated to meeting the vision care needs of the people of Monroe and the surrounding area. Their friendly receptionists are the first smiling

faces you will see when you visit the office. To complement their modern facilities, their team works with the latest and greatest technologies to best assess the health of your eyes. Dr. Moss and the experienced staff will take the time to answer all of your questions, review and explain your medical and vision insurance benefits, discuss treatment options and provide the highest quality eye health treatments available. Built on the foundation of patient convenience and satisfaction, Moss Eyecare serves all of your familyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s eye care needs under one roof. The mission of Moss Eyecare is to provide quality vision care that exceeds the expectations of their patients. Moss Eyecare values integrity and is committed to provide professional relationships with their patients and their community. You can find Moss Eyecare on 165 North, 3300 Sterlington Road in Monroe, across the highway from Skatetown. Visit their website at for more information, or give them a call today at 318-387-5657.


BayouLife Top Docs 2019

ARON’S PHARMACY 1209 N. 18th Street, Monroe, LA 318.323.2242 Aron’s Pharmacy was founded in downtown Monroe by David Aron in 1940. In 1964, Aron’s moved to their current location at 1209 North 18th Street in the heart of Midtown Monroe, and it has been there ever since. After David passed away in 1971, his son Carl took over the family business. Carl graduated from The University of Mississippi with a degree in pharmacy, and after graduation served in the United States Army.  Upon completion of his military service, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he continued to practice pharmacy until marrying his wife, Donna, and moving back to Monroe to work with his dad in the family business.  His favorite thing about the pharmacy is the people he helps. He is also involved in the community and in organizations and boards like the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy. As President of the Board, he has the pleasure of meeting and speaking


with his pharmacy peers across the state. This position allows him to maintain the latest practices and information of pharmacy in the state that he then shares with his customers on a daily basis. This is just one of the reasons that Aron’s Pharmacy is a respected and trusted home town business. With over 75 years in the business, Aron’s have a full service pharmacy with free deliveries in the Twin City area, and they accept Medicare and all third party insurance. The friendly staff and great customer service has made Aron’s one of the top recommended pharmacies in the area. Aron’s carries more than just medications and prescriptions. They carry a variety of gifts that are perfect for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, Graduation, Christmas and more. In fact, during the holiday season, the store practically transforms into Santa’s workshop with gifts,

goodies and Russell Stover candies. There is also the well-known grill in the back with burgers, fries and shakes that Monroe natives have been enjoying for years! Whether you are looking to fill a prescription, grab a gift, have lunch or just see a friendly face, Aron’s is your place! “Donna and I truly want to express our thanks to all our customers for giving us the opportunity to protect the health and welfare of each and everyone of you. It’s a pleasure.” - Carl Aron

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James Altick Jr., M.D. Altick Dermatology 2804 Kilpatrick Boulevard Monroe, LA 318.387.2545

Dr. James Altick is originally from Monroe and graduated from River Oaks School in 1983. He went on to graduate from the University of Louisiana Monroe in 1987, LSU Shreveport Medical School in 1991 and LSU New Orleans in Dermatology in 1995. His private practice is located in the heart of Monroe ,and he sees a variety of patients from one to one hundred years old. They also come from all over, not just the Twin Cities. Dr. Altick has patients from South Arkansas to Alexandria, rural communities throughout Northeast Louisiana and as far as Mississippi. “I see people from all walks of life with a variety of issues from skin cancer to rashes to minor surgeries,” said Dr. Altick. “But what I enjoy most about my job is the people and getting to know them. I am passionate about serving my patients.” He strives to visit with each patient, answer any questions they have and never make them feel rushed. In 2018, Dr. Altick expanded his practice to include a cosmetic side, with his wife, Dr. Helena Altick. They are located in the same office and offer Botox and injectables, as well as microneedling, which helps with hair loss, skin rejuvenation and acne scars. They have also partnered with Dr. Leslie Baumann out of Miami and are excited to offer Skin Type Solutions, a scientifically-derived resource developed and powered by dermatologists from around the world to provide unbiased and credible information for consumers and the beauty industry. The skin care line is based on an innovate skintyping system and helps patients identify which of the 16 different types of skin they have and helps create a personal skin type profile, explanations as to why your skin acts the way it does and matches you with products that are most suitable for your skin type. Both James and Helena are involved in the community and passionate about giving back, particularly through the Trey Altick Foundation, which they founded to honor their son, Trey, after his passing. They also have three daughters, Frances, Hannah and Abi, who share their passion of the game of tennis.


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W. Jason Read, MD Read Eye Center 2600 Tower Drive, Ste. 111 Monroe, LA 318.387.3881

A true outdoorsman, Dr. Jason Read, at Read Eye Center, enjoys fishing, biking, photography and can be caught using his engineering skills in the yard of his home that he shares with his wife and three children. Their family enjoys hiking and traveling to football games on weekends. He has dedicated his life and medical practice to helping the Northeast Louisiana community. Dr. Read is a Board-certified ophthalmologist specializing in cataract surgery and the treatment of glaucoma and diabetic patients. He is certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology. Dr. Read is a native Mississippian who has an undergraduate degree in Biological Engineering from Mississippi State University. He graduated from the University of Mississippi School of Medicine in 1997. He completed residency training in ophthalmology at the University of Mississippi in 2001 and has been Board Certified since 2002. Dr. Read has practiced in the Monroe area since 2005, before opening Read Eye Center in February of 2011. Read Eye Center strives to give patients the best care in a professional, yet friendly environment. They continually update their technology to provide their patients with the latest equipment and treatments available. In addition to surgery, laser and medical treatments, Read Eye Center has an optical that offers designer frames and sunglasses. Dr. Read is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, and the Louisiana State Medical Society. He currently serves on the Northeast Louisiana Physician Hospital Organization Board and the Specialty Management Services of Ouachita Board. He served as a past president of the Ouachita Medical Society. Dr. Read is a member of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. He enjoys participating and teaming on the St. Paul’s Men’s Retreat Ministry. He is truly humbled and thankful to be recommended as the top Ophthalmologist by the medical professionals in our community.

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BayouLife Top Docs 2019

Eric T. Geist, D.D.S. Oral Surgery Associates 2003 Forsythe Avenue | Monroe, LA 620 S. Trenton Street | Ruston, LA  318.388.2621 Monroe | 318.254.0018 Ruston

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are the only dental specialists recognized by the American Dental Association who receive four to six consecutive years of hospital-based surgical and anesthesia training prior to being certified to practice. Board certification from the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons requires completing an additional two yearlong examination process after successful completion of an accredited residency program. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons train alongside medical residents in internal medicine, general surgery, anesthesia and several other medical specialties. Their training focuses primarily on the function and anatomy of the face, mouth and jaws. This training makes oral and maxillofacial surgeons uniquely and extensively qualified to diagnosis and treat conditions affecting this anatomical region.

Doctors Geist, Willis, Fowlkes and Gregory are all board certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons serving the northeast Louisiana community. They offer the most advanced care in oral surgical procedures. They utilize the areas only computer topography(CT) guided dynamic surgical navigation system to provide the most accurate and advanced dental implant surgical placement. They work closely with area dentists to provide a 4-hour smile procedure, in which patients receive a new smile supported by dental implants in as little time as a single morning. In addition to dental implant surgery, they also specialize in wisdom tooth removal, advanced oral bone grafting, corrective jaw surgery, oral and maxillofacial pathology, TMJ disorders and obstructive sleep apnea. Oral Surgery Associates of Northeast Louisiana would like to congratulate our own Dr. Eric Geist on being selected as a Top Doctor in our community. Dr. Geist has been serving our community for over 30 years and has served as president of numerous professional organizations including the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. If you are interested in finding out if you are a candidate for dental implants or any of the other services that we provide, please contact our office at 318-388-2621 or visit our website at We have offices in Monroe and Ruston. Our fully qualified surgeons are happy to discuss your surgical options with you.


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TIMOTHY J. MICKEL, MD F.A.C.S. Mickel Plastic Surgery 903 N. 2nd Street | Monroe, LA   318.388.2050 Dr. Mickel is a board certified plastic surgeon. A third generation Monroyan, he was born at St. Francis Hospital, raised in the Garden District and graduated from Neville High School. Dr Mickel attended  Vanderbilt University, where he graduated cum laude with a B.A. in Psychology. He received his medical degree from LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans and was a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor society. Dr Mickel completed a full five-year general surgery residency program at Parkland Hospital in Dallas and earned board certification in general surgery in 1988. He went on to complete his plastic surgery training at Parkland/UT Southwestern Medical Center in 1990 and is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. As a plastic surgery resident, Dr. Mickel’s research on frontal sinus fractures won national acclaim, including the prestigious Snyder Award, given to the plastic surgery resident, who presents the best paper at the annual meeting of the Plastic Surgery Research Council.


Dr. Mickel returned to his hometown in 1990 to begin a practice in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Over the decades, he has focused on cosmetic surgery, breast cancer reconstruction and repair of cleft lip and palate. Dr Mickel is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Southeastern Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the American Cleft Palate Association and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Mickel has given back to his community in numerous ways, since he returned here almost 30 years ago.  He is Medical Director of the Northeast Louisiana regional cleft lip and palate clinic and the plastic surgery clinic at the Parish Health Unit. He has served on the Grace Episcopal School board, the St. Frederick school council and was a founding board member of the Northeast Louisiana Children’s Museum.  He has served as chairman of the Monroe Historical Preservation Commission for over a decade and is active in his church. But the achievement he is most proud of is raising five wonderful children with Stephanie, his wife of over 30 years. An avid outdoorsman, Dr Mickel has hunted dove, duck, squirrel and deer in the woods and fields of north Louisiana, since he was a boy. He enjoys hiking and water skiing in the warmer months and snow skiing in the winter.  To stay fit enough to pursue these hobbies, he is passionate about exercise -   biking, swimming and doing cardio and weight training on a regular basis.  In the ever-changing field of plastic surgery, Dr. Mickel strives to stay current, investing  in proven technology and offering  the latest techniques to help you look your best.

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lee miller, MD

ENT Associates of Northeast Louisiana 2802 Kilpatrick Boulevard Monroe, LA 318.855.6282

Born in Monroe and raised in Lake Providence, Dr. Lee Miller provides comprehensive ear, nose and throat care for northeast Louisiana. He finished his undergraduate studies at Tulane University, earned his doctorate of medicine from LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport, and completed his residency in otolaryngology, head and neck surgery at LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans. Dr. Miller served as an otolaryngologist for four years in the United States Air Force, teaching residents as a member of the faculty at Wilford Hall Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas. In 2008, he deployed to Joint Base Balad, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom as part of the head and neck surgical trauma team. While deployed, Lee worked closely with colleagues in neurosurgery, ophthalmology and oral maxillofacial surgery to provide emergency trauma care to wounded coalition forces, local national Iraqi civilians and enemy combatants. He also participated in an otologic surgery mission to Riobamba, Ecuador. Upon completion of his active duty service commitment, Dr. Miller returned home to north Louisiana. A dedicated husband and father of three children, he has practiced in Monroe for nine years. Board certified in both otolaryngology and sleep medicine, Dr. Miller specializes in the diagnosis and management of all ear, nose and throat disorders. Particular areas of interest include ear and hearing disorders, adult and pediatric sleep apnea, chronic sinusitis and allergic rhinitis. The physicians and staff at ENT Associates of Northeast Louisiana are passionate about delivering health care to our patients, combining our depth of experience with the most advanced techniques and up-to-date technology. We are experts in the full spectrum of otolaryngology. Service oriented and patient centric, we look forward to serving you and your family.

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Martin Joseph deGravelle, Jr., M.D. North Louisiana Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Clinic 1501 Louisville Avenue Monroe, LA 318.362.4411 Dr. Martin deGravelle is a quintessential Louisiana man. Born and raised in New Iberia, LA, he is an avid outdoorsman, who loves to hunt and fish, as well as coach his daughterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s softball team. He and his wife, Dana, of Delhi, LA have two beautiful daughters, Camille (9) and Corinne (3). Dr. deGravelle received his B.S. in Zoology at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and then went on to receive his M.S. in Ichthyology at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. He returned to Louisiana to attend medical school at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in Shreveport, Louisiana. After medical school, Dr. deGravelle completed his residency in Orthopaedic Surgery at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. Afterwards, he moved to Pittsburgh, PA to complete a fellowship in shoulder, elbow and hand surgery before joining the North Louisiana Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Clinic in 2012. He was drawn to this practice because of the excellent group of surgeons covering the full array of orthopaedic specialties. He is Board Certified in both Orthopaedic Surgery and Hand Surgery. As well, he is an active member of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand, the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgery, and the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons. He was also recently distinguished by his acceptance into the American Shoulder and Elbow Society (one of only two members in north Louisiana).

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J. Michael Barraza, M.D. AND Blake E. McGehee, M.D. Radiology Associates 318.387.3453 | J. Michael Barraza, M.D. Dr. Barraza attended medical school at Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans, LA. He did an internship at the Swedish Hospital Medical Center in Seattle, WA and finished his residency in Diagnostic Radiology at University of Washington Affiliated Hospitals in Seattle, WA. He received his fellowship in Neuroradiology at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD and Interventional Neuroradiology at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, TN. He is also Board Certified by the American Board of Radiology. His Professional Memberships/Associations include: American Society of Neuroradiology, American Society of Pediatric Neuroradiology, Radiological Society of North America, Louisiana State Radiological Society and Ouachita Parish Medical Society.

Blake E. McGehee, M.D. Dr. McGehee attended medical school at University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston, Texas. He participated in an internship at Carraway Methodist Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama. He then finished his residency in Diagnostic Radiology at Wake Forest University in Winston Salem, North Carolina. He received his fellowship in Diagnostic Neuroradiology at Wake Forest University in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Dr. McGehee is also certified by the American Board of Radiology. His Professional Memberships/Associations include: American Roentgen Ray Society, American College of Radiology and Radiological Society of North America A mechanical thrombectomy is one of the unique procedures performed by Dr. Barraza and Dr. McGehee. This acute stroke intervention is only available in this area at St Francis Medical Center. The treatment removes clots that block large blood vessels in the brain. Every minute counts when restoring blood flow to the brain. Timely restoration of blood flow can lead to better outcomes for stroke patients. We are very fortunate to have this procedure available in our area. Considered experts in their field, Radiology Associates group consists of ten physicians with advanced training. The group provides a full range of imaging services including neuroradiology, musculoskeletal radiology, body imaging, interventional radiology and breast imaging. The radiologists partner with referring physicians to assist in diagnosing medical conditions which results in better patient care.


BayouLife Top Docs 2019 Allergist

Michael F. Zambie, M.D. 909 N. 3rd Street Monroe, La (318) 322-5555


Deborah D. Cowan, Au. D., CCC-A Acadian Hearing and Balance 107 Contempo Avenue, Suite 3 West Monroe, La (318) 410-9095


Greg Sampognaro, M.D. Affinity Health Group 2516 Broadmoor Boulevard Monroe, LA (318) 322-7726


Gordon G. Grant IV, DC Shell Chiropractic 3219 Sterlington Road Monroe, LA (318) 387-5388


William C. Johnston, D.D.S. Arrow Dental Center 1561 Bienville Drive Monroe, LA (318) 361-0381


James Altick Jr., M.D. Altick Dermatology 2804 Kilpatrick Boulevard Monroe, La (318) 387-2545


Trudy H. Sanson, M.D. 102 Thomas Road Monroe, La (318) 387-0641

Gastroenterologist Arthur E. Richert, M.D. Gastroenterology Clinic 611 Grammont Street Monroe, La (318) 325-2634 (318) 966-6575

General Medicine / Family Doctor


Gregory Green, M.D. Affinity Health Group 920 Oliver Road Monroe, La (318) 329-9202

General Surgeon

Walter M Sartor, M.D. The Surgery Clinic of Northeast Louisiana 312 Grammont Street, Suite 303 Monroe, La (318) 398-2984


Hospice Compassus 2213 Justice Street | Monroe, La 100 S Trenton Street | Ruston, La (318) 322-0062


Ronald C. Hubbard, M.D. St. Francis Medical Center (318) 966-6575 Michael Sampognaro, M.D. Affinity Health Group 1 Bancroft Circle Monroe, LA (318) 361-0995


Thomas A. Gulick, M.D. St. Francis Medical Center (318) 966-6550


Marshall A. Cain, M.D. 2485 Tower Drive #9 Monroe, La (318) 600-4159

Nurse Practitioner

Courtney McCullough Weston, NP MSN, APRN, FNP-C St. Francis Medical Center


Orthopedic Surgeon

Ulka Sule, LDN St. Francis Medical Center (318) 966-4074

Sidney L. Bailey, M.D. Martin J. deGravelle Jr., M.D. North Louisiana Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Clinic 1501 Louisville Avenue (318) 362-4411



Amber Shemwell, M.D. The Womanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Clinic 312 Grammont Street, Suite 300 Monroe, La (318) 388-4030

Occupational Therapist

Laura McDonald, LOTR/CRT Affinity Health Group 1325 Louisville Ave. Monroe, LA (318) 807-1500


W. Jason Read, M.D. Read Eye Center 2600 Tower Drive, Suite 111 Monroe, La (318) 387-3881


Jody Moss, O.D. Moss Eyecare 3300 Sterlington Road Monroe, La (318) 387-5657

Oral Surgeon

Eric T. Geist, D.D.S. Oral Surgery Associates 2003 Forsythe Avenue Monroe, La | (318) 388-2621 620 S Trenton Street | Ruston, La (318) 254-0018


Chris Robinson, D.D.S. Caples & Robinson Orthodontics (318) 325-9655


David Gardner, M.D., DPM Glenwood Foot & Ankle 102 Thomas Road, Suite 106 (318) 322-5506


Frank Weinholt, M.D. 414 Pine Street Monroe, La (318) 322-8462


Lee A. Miller, M.D. Ear, Nose & Throat Associates of Northeast Louisiana 2802 Kilpatrick Boulevard Monroe, La (318) 855-6282

Terry Thomas, Ph.D. HealthPoint Center 1818 Avenue of America Monroe, La (318) 998-2700

Pain Management

Thomas J. Gullatt, M.D. St. Francis Medical Center (318) 966-4541

John L. Ledbetter, M.D. Louisiana Pain Care (318) 323-6405


William Liles, M.D., FCAP Delta Pathology


Joaquin P. Rosales, M.D. 104 Contempo Avenue West Monroe, La (318) 807-1360


Aronâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pharmacy 1209 N. 18th Street Monroe, LA (318) 323-2242

Physical Therapist

Stacey G. Majure, DPT Affinity Health Group 1325 Louisville Avenue Monroe, LA (318) 807-1500

Plastic Surgeon

Timothy J. Mickel, M.D., F.A.C.S. Mickel Plastic Surgery 903 N. 2nd Street Monroe, La (318) 388-2050



J. Michael Barraza, M.D. Blake E. McGehee, M.D. Radiology Associates (318) 387-3453


Jyothi Mallepalli, M.D. The Arthritis and Diabetes Clinic 3402 Magnolia Cove Monroe, La (318) 388-5830

Speech Therapist

Stephanie Durham Affinity Health Group 1325 Louisville Avenue Monroe, La (318) 807-1500


Brad Johnson, M.D. The Urology Clinic 2516 Broadmoor Boulevard Monroe, La (318) 387-9420

Twin City Ballet Company On Saturday, December 1st, Twin City Ballet Company kicked off the holiday season with their Holly Jolly Breakfast and Festival of Trees event in conjuction with the annual Christmas Gala. The lobby of the Jack Howard Theatre at the Monroe Civic Center was a Winter Wonderland, filled with Christmas trees of all sizes and shapes, Santa’s workshop and so much more! Patrons enjoyed preperformance refreshments from Marsala Beverage and much more as they browsed silent auction packages and placed bids on their favorite trees. This year, the company presented Joe Istre’s exciting production of The Guardians of Christmas. Children and adults alike delighted in watching Santa, Jack Frost, the Easter Bunny, the Sandman and the Tooth Fairy travel the world in hopes of finding one special child with enough belief to fill Santa’s Magical Hope Chest. In addition, Leaia Alsup’s Peace on Earth wowed the audience as it celebrated the true meanting of Christmas with choreography set to traditional hymns and contemporary voices. It was truly a spectacular evening!





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On the BayouScene 1 Cathy and Ellie Semmes 2 Ana and Olivia Lou Vines 3 Donna Pilcher and Cherie Siratt 4 Cindy Foust, Taylor Hines and Paula Ford 5 Lila and Ivy and Mary Napoli with Will McHugh 6 L ola Kate Johnson, Linda Lou Bourland, Sydney and Georgia Moffett 7 Breanna, Orum and Audrey Young 8 Ruthie and Stephanie Gonzales 9B  randi, Cooper and Annie Cole with Angel Grace Foust 10 Keeton, Miles, Marlee and Anna Redding 11 Kim Taylor and Judy Green 12 Ross and Marci Bryant 13 Emma Siratt, Arabella, Jessica and Alora Kirkland 14 Caroline and Jennifer O’Neal 15 A  nnie Cole, Cindy Foust and Georgia Moffett 16 B  randi Cole, Meredith Pilcher and Linda Lou Bourland 17 Sandy Dansby, Barrie and Maré Brennan 14




9 11

12 16

13 17


SINGING OUT TO THE BACK WALL Frontwoman and guitarist of her band, the Seratones, AJ Haynes racks-up an impressive vitae over the last two years including performing in NPR’s Tiny Desk, touring the United Kingdom, spotlighting in British Vogue, featuring in Nylon Magazine, and recognized in Fender’s Jazzmaster’s 60th anniversary.

article by VANELIS RIVERA photography by ANDREW BAILEY




I grew up on flower-child music for a good chunk of my childhood, which explains a lot.”

J Haynes pauses the BayouLife interview as a plane buzzes over Ki’ Mexico in Shreveport, Louisiana. While initially annoying, she almost instinctively matches the pitch of the encompassing whooshing of the engines. Throughout the interview, Haynes speaks in a steady, low voice that demands total attention. Her careful word choices and nuanced ideas have the ability to engulf like mist, and when she sings, there’s no telling whether what comes out will be a slow burn, a wildfire, or a complete combustion. Frontwoman and guitarist of her band, the Seratones, Haynes racks-up an impressive vitae over the last two years, including performing in NPR’s Tiny Desk, touring the United Kingdom, spotlighting in British Vogue, featuring in Nylon Magazine, and recognized in Fender’s Jazzmaster’s 60th anniversary. Her prodigious musical journey has smalltown roots. Born in Yokosuka, Japan to a mother from Ilocos, Philippines and father from Columbia, Louisiana, her multifaceted upbringing led her to hone her powerful singing voice first at a Methodist church in Japan and then, upon moving, at the Brownsville Baptist Church in Columbia, which she still attends “every now and then.” Her most organic pull to music started with her mother, a bossa nova singer who had her own band. Haynes believes her otherworldly draw to the Brazilian music staple comes from before she was born. “Every time I hear ‘Girl from Ipanema’ I know I’ve heard that in the womb,” she says. She praises the song’s ease and pull. Before the Seratones, the exuberance and un-containability of joyful noise inspired her; whereas now, she tries to find the ease of sound in whichever way the body happens to be in a given day, which is mentally hard but is what she deems bossa nova embodies. “I grew up on flower-child music for a good chunk of my childhood, which explains a lot,” laughs Haynes, referring to the amount of doo-wop music she would listen to when living with her mother. Her favorite song at the time, “Turn! Turn! Turn!” by the Byrds speaks to her precocious nature that only exacerbated as she matured.

Singing in church while growing up was a form of coming of age for Haynes. At the time, Kirk Franklin and new gospel started to peak in influence. She experienced the old hymns and old spirituals alongside the new R&B, allowing her to notice the sundry ways that gospel could reach people. “People talk about churches like they are monoliths, and they are not. I think really cool churches create a safe space for people,” says Haynes, especially in black history, when churches were pivotal to social change. They are a place for people to have fellowship and to exchange ideas, she emphasizes, also adding, “What is part of me and my experience in the church is that communion. The communion of sound and a willing audience. But also a tough one.” Because the church she practiced in had no sound amplification, she learned to use her voice as a way to reach the back wall without a microphone. “That’s what is the most powerful thing of being in a church. It’s not the church itself, but it’s the sound. It’s the people in it. It’s that dialogue of that exchange of sound,” she says. In high school, Haynes began appreciating jazz and got into into jazz vocalists, like Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Anita O’Day and Sarah Vaughan. Developing a fine-tuned ear meant she grew distinct and precise tastes. For instance, she loves Etta James, but she values James more for doing Jazz standards: “She’s got such a powerful of-the-earth voice, so to hear her exercise a lot of restraint is really the sexiest thing to me.” That jazz is no longer en vogue frightens her. She recognizes that at a deeply human level, the role of a singer is to tell a story. “There’s subtlety, there’s phrasing that you can really bend a word and wrap it around meaning. Something that Billie Holiday did exceptionally well,” she explains. Haynes, unquestionably, narratively sings, which is probably why she didn’t make it into the center when she participated in choir. In high school, she sang in the New Dimensions Choir based out of St. Paul’s Methodist Church. Her choir director’s instructions sometimes ring in her inner monologues: “You need to watch your breathing here.” Admitting she didn’t have the voice for choir, she credits the experience with giving her the structure that allowed her to have a better understanding of what her voice is capable of, which some argue is whatever she wants to make it. She sings from her feet, she says, as if to say that her voice comes from her roots.

Voice only couldn’t satiate her musical desires. She picked up the guitar at eighteen, seeing it as the means to an end, a song writing tool that she could use to communicate ideas to other people. Presently, she’s having a reignited infatuation with the guitar. “Now I get it. Now I can start to understand how the voice and the guitar can move together,” she says. She innately always attempts to find a melody, comparing the process to having a metal detector always chasing valuable relics. Sometimes a melody is something she just stumbles upon, “like treasure on a beach,” but usually, “you have to get your metal detector out.” Either way, Haynes fills up rooms with sound. It’s the kind of thing she makes you feel, before you hear it. Vocally and instrumentally, she subverts sound without any obligation to parameters. When it comes to her music, something is always at the cusp of happening, most likely provoked by an appreciation for far-reaching musical legacies. “So much of all of our music is a cultural exchange,” she says in regards to her time as World Music Director at KSCL 91.3 Shreveport. It allowed her to have an extensive lexicon from which to create a story: “Our experiences are sometimes bigger than what we’ve been born into.” When we don’t have the tools for expression, borrowing and weaving from other contexts becomes a necessity. “Let’s get a Latin beat, put some fuzz on it, and the story is a retelling of David and Bathsheba, but the woman gets to win,” says Haynes off the cuff, referring to some of her composing process. Casually, she’ll name drop obscure music artists like Robi Draco Rosa from Puerto Rico and Los York’s from Peru. Her music knowledge is as impressive as her poise, each particular and mindful. Though a formidable performer, Haynes values the sweatbased work that happens behind the curtain. “People think they want success, but they don’t want to see the sausage factory of success. For me that’s the most fascinating part,” she says, commenting on the process as being more tangible than the result. The magic on stage is only possible because of the 168 JANUARY 2019 | WWW.BAYOULIFEMAG.COM

grueling labor behind the scenes, which makes the performance more meaningful. She believes that music performances are about remaining present and living in the moment of sound exchange: “A moment is there, then it’s gone.” She takes cues from artists like Sam Cooke, who would have a pristine studio version of his tracks, but then after hearing his Live at Harlem Square you’re left asking: “What just happened?” It’s her job and goal to play around with time and space, something a smartphone will never capture, so she prefers memories to pixels. “There is a world that comes together in each song. And I’m able to interpret those in different ways. I definitely go into a trance state,” says Haynes. The band is currently working on their second LP, which is a major shift from their first album Get Gone (2016), described as “raw energy-driven punk sounds and soul, with an occasional jazz swing.” The new album concerns itself with the creation of intimate spaces. Intentionally veering from her usually powerful vocals, she strives to capture the sound of singing in someone’s ear. She explores her power as a woman and what that means in each track, finding it empowering to play with her own power. It’s a form of living with the pent-up rage of time and experience, all while telling her story in an unapologetically honest way. “This record is about soul power,” she says, “It’s not always the showy singing that pulls what the story is,” which refers to the restraint she found so powerful in jazz vocalists. AJ Haynes’ cool, calm demeanor definitely has a lot of bite. The teeth come out in her passion for keeping her songs alive by finding new ways to interpret them on stage. It can be heard with each strum of her guitar and each powerful vocal belt. It can be felt in her profound fixed stare. One track at a time, Haynes creates a little bit of mystery, intrigue and danger that contains the capacity to reach the back wall of any space she occupies—a space that starts with earth and ends in the ether. Follow the Seratones on Facebook and Instagram, and enjoy their swaggering music on Spotify and/or iTunes.


St Francis Foundation Celebration


The St. Francis Foundation held a thank you celebration on Wednesday, November 28 at the Bayou Desiard Country Club. The event was to thank local media, sponsors and supporters and attendees visited while they enjoyed refreshments and fellowship. The St. Francis Foundation recently held their annual 2 Cars, 2 Winners raffle, raising $236,000. Money raised by the foundation has allowed them to purchase NicView Streaming Camera System and transport isolette for the NICU, hearing screener, jaundice meter and warmette for the Newborn Nursery and an ultrasound machine for moms and babies.


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On the BayouScene 1 Aimee Kane and Laura Daniel 2 Carole Kilpatrick and Laura Kilpatrick Marchelos 3 William and Jennifer Sparks 4 Charles Marsala and Mac Oliver 5 Donna Massey, Nina Johnson and Rev. Everett Slack 6 Kerrigan and Kerri May 7 Nell Seegers and Kayla Armstrong 8 Chris and Jessica Duncan 9 Ross Wolkart and Jeremy Rogers 10 Brenda Marsala and Alise Oliver 11 James Davison, Aimee Kane and Kristin Wolkart 12 G  erald McClowskey, Jeremy and Tammy Rogers 13 Malcolm and Jo Ross Maddox, Evelyn Johnson and Sabrina Hogan 14 Dr. Bob Seegers and Dr. Chico Rosales 15 L ynn Kindrix and David Canal 16 Bob and Sherri Holladay

6 9


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Annual Holiday Tasting Event On November 29, 2018, Washington Wine and Spirits held their third annual Holiday Tasting at Washington Plaza in downtown Monroe. There were over 60 products featuring holiday favorites such as sparkling wines, big red wines, bourbon and more. All in all, there were over 90 products poured for attendees to enjoy! Washington Wine and Spirits is located in Washington Plaza, just across from Doeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Eat Place. They offer a wide selection of wine, spirits and beers. They have the largest selection of specialty Bourbons and Scotches around, wines that have been specially hand-selected and a beer selection that is made up of only hard-to-find Old World beers and unique American craft brews.




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On the BayouScene 1 Chanda Crews and Allee Clark 2 Brian Carter and Herman Ferdinandez 3 Tyler Harris and Garrett Brown 4 Brian Smith and Eli Gable 5 Abram and Twainna Calhoun 6 Marion and Bill Willson 7 Wendy Freeman, Zack Adams and Harrison Cascio 8 Zachary Johnson, Simona Rodriguez and Harrison Cascio 9 Stuart Scalia, Donna Ashbrook and Chanda Crews 10 Brad and Molly Lomax, and Paul Steen 11 GiGi Roberts, Marcie Barron and Brittany Collins 12 Lila Strode, Chanda Crews and Allee Clark 13 Patricia Bailey, Tatia Sims, Keyonya Williams and Michelle Johnson 14 Louis and Landon Luffey and Reggie Carroll 15 Hope Anderson, Onna Gallagher 16 Stewart and Hannah Felkel 17 Tom and Amy Henderson and Daniel Dunn 18 Lila Strode, Carol Dreyfus and Chip Strode










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NCLAC Holiday Arts Tour On November 15 and 16, NCLAC hosted its Holiday Art Crawl, a community centered event where Rustonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s artists, downtown merchants and Christmas shoppers all supported each other! This is an annual tradition in Ruston and something everyone looks forward to. In addition to paintings and photography, the event featured woodwork, handmade jewelry, calligraphy and more. There was a variety of music represented as well, from a cappella and body percussion. Fine Line Supply was the title sponsor of the event, and it was supported by a grant from the Louisiana Division of the Arts, Office of Cultural Development, Depart of Culture, Recreation and Tourism in cooperation with the Louisiana State Arts Council and administered by the Shreveport Regional Arts Council.





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On the BayouScene 1 Emily Pullin 2 Meredith Nichols and Sandra Hart 3 E mily Ezell 4 Allison and Dylan Elliott 5 Amy Bell and Drake Doumit 6 Jake Dugard 7 Molly Engen 8 Amanda Roe and Caylan Dowden 9B  etthany Roberts 10 Paul Auttonberry 11 Shannon Inman 12 Elizabeth Vidos and Cameron Vidos 13 Jesse and Amy James 14 Cathy Godley 15 Lyka Bajana and Noelle Lee



10 12






Holiday Open House To celebrate this most joyous holiday season, The Wellspring invited friends and neighbors to join them at their annual Holiday Open House that was held on Thursday, December 6 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The event took place at their administration building located at 1515 Jackson Street in Monroe. Guests enjoyed some delicious food catered by Thurmanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Food Factory and were able to meet with The Wellspring staff. Tours were given of their historic administration building, which was beautifully decorated for the holiday season. The Wellspring would like to thank the community for their continued support and everyone who came out to the Holiday Open House.








On the BayouScene 1 Sarah Copeland and Rachel Niblett 2 Jackie Moody and Connie Shaw 3 Keshia Williams and Dollie Gaddis 4 Kim Staten, Sierra Foley and Eileene Victorian 5N  et Stidham, Carol Bonner and Cindy and Ken Saterfield 6D  olly Smith, Jane Brandon, Chuck and Christy Gwin 7 Ramona Caldwell, Lisa Longenbaugh and Caroline Cascio 8 Janet Durden and Valerie Bowman 9A  shley Doughty Able and John Cowling 10 Jennifer Brady and Courtney Kinman 11 Cindy Roach and Jessica Puckett 12 Bob Collier and Teresa Shumate 13 Caroline Cascio and Christy Gwin 14 Kathi Savage, Susan Gardener and Robyn Johnson 15 Ken Page and Will Varner 16 Evelyn Aubrey and Bobbie Lee 17 Kristie Hodges and Cassy Futch



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Midtown Monroe Open Houses


On Thursday, December 6, 2018 several Midtown Monroe merchants hosted a Christmas Open House and invited guests to shop, sip and be merry as they got ready for the holiday season. Everyone visited all of the shops and enjoyed refreshments while they visited. We stopped by Parterre on Park Avenue and visited with owner Joey Haddad at his unique garden shop. Then we went on to Artistic Designs just up the road to see the unique framing options Lenece Laseter has to offer. Then it was on to the Murray Place Shopping Center. We stopped in Levee Gallery and saw a variety of emerging artists’ works, visited with the always impeccably dressed Ron Alexander, did a little shopping for ourselves at Hemline with Josh and Leslie Culp and got some holiday hair tips from Rebecca Weatherly at Arlette. We popped into Fiesta and heard some live jazz, while we visited with owner Angie O’Pry. The last stop of the night was Louisiana Purchases, where we added some items to our wish list with owner Emily Lane!


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On the BayouScene 1 Margaret Moses and Holly Ratcliff 2C  risten Lambrecht, Angie O’Pry and Ellen Hicks 3 Taylor Fisher and Nancy Bershen 4 Julie Crews and Jana Giles 5R  ebecca Weatherly and Suzan Betts 6 Julie Cupples and Emily Lane 7A  nnie Richardson and Brooke Cassady 8 Mekala Hunter, Anita Wilson and Tom Byrd 9 S ydney Leija and Reagan Ducote 10 Chris Gilmer and Ron Alexander 11 Caron McPherson, Beth Welch and Aimee Kane 12 Rachel Soong, and Josh and Leslie Culp 13 Kate Zaiee, Wendy Napoli, Megan Andrew and Ella Napoli 14 Charlotte Breard, Joey Haddad and Brucie Mintz 15 M  eg Breard and Miranda Hemrick 16 Lenece Laseter and Larry Cavalier 17 Kathy Biedenharn, Barbara Sharp, Catherine McVea and Robin Sharp



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article by APRIL CLARK HONAKER and photography by BRAD ARENDER




n September 28, 2011, the lives of Kimber Hanchey and her family were forever changed. That day, her son Seth, who was 17 at the time, was struck from behind on his bike by an 81-year-old woman driving a van. His body imploded her windshield and was thrown nearly 170 feet into a concrete guardrail. The first EMT on the scene, Jessica Trichel, said the back of Seth’s head felt like mush as she tried to stabilize it for ventilation, and he coded on scene twice before being transported by medevac to LSU Shreveport’s Trauma Center. When Seth reached LSU, he was rushed to surgery, where doctors removed the left side of his skull to relieve the swelling on his brain. Given the brain damage and trauma to his body, Seth was not expected to live through the night. But Seth did live. And now he’s a walking miracle. More than that, he’s a running, bike riding, powerlifting, bear-hug giving miracle. Seth went from being completely paralyzed on his right side to winning one gold, two silver and one bronze medal in powerlifting at the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games in Seattle, Washington. But despite Seth’s physical recovery, his brain injury has left some lasting marks. Because of the damage, Seth now struggles to express himself verbally. He knows what he wants to say, but the damage to his communication pathways has made it harder for him to get the words out. Still, he continues to persevere and can now hold conversations and get his messages across, even if he has to rely on pictures or other means. Considering Kimber and her family were told Seth would never run again, would never speak or understand sentences again, and would never be able to express emotions or have a sense of humor again, his recovery has been full of surprises. But those surprises have been wrought through faith, hope and a lot of hard work. Seth’s journey has been full of obstacles, but he’s developed a personal motto that keeps him motivated: “Quitting lasts forever, pain lasts for a moment, so push through it.” His story is one of hope, especially for others who’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury. To reach a broader audience with Seth’s story and to make a difference in the lives of children who’ve suffered brain injuries, Kimber started the Team Seth Foundation. As Kimber started Team Seth, she found herself praying for God to give her a way to raise funds, and painting was God’s answer. Although Kimber is not trained as an artist, she’s always been creative and has always had a strong sense of personal style. “I’m not afraid to be loud,” she said. When country chic was “in” during the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, Kimber also painted designs on furniture and hand-painted woodcrafts for herself. So when she felt God was telling her to paint, she wasn’t afraid to dive in. “I had this image in my head,” she said, “and it’s developed into a passion.” Over the last year, Kimber’s work has evolved


tremendously. Her earliest works were small paintings of wings. “I thought they would be a beautiful symbol,” she said, and she called them “Wings of Hope.” Along the way, many of the people she and Seth have met have felt led to purchase them—for example, a producer at ESPN and a cinematographer for Erwin Brothers Entertainment. She’s thrilled that people have taken such an interest in the “Wings of Hope,” but her more recent works are much larger in scale and include silhouettes of angels comforting people in despair. “People need hope,” she said, “and that’s the one thing we were so desperate for after Seth’s accident.” Kimber insists that her paintings are best appreciated in person. Not only do the works carry a powerful spiritual message; they are also heavily textured and have a metallic glaze that shimmers in the light. “They have different dimensions,” she said, “and the metallic glaze gives them something extra.” Another important feature for Kimber is that the figural silhouettes leave much to the imagination. “Anyone can see themselves in the paintings,” she said. Although most of the paintings have grown out of the despair she felt in the aftermath of Seth’s accident, Kimber has also been known to paint from others’ pain. For example, her daughter, Sierrah, endured two miscarriages before delivering her now one-year-old son. Knowing others have shared Sierrah’s pain, Kimber created “Angel of Refuge,” Series #3, which depicts an angel holding an infant and standing over a mother at graveside. The woman who purchased the painting could relate to it in a very personal way. “It was beautiful how the painting had my daughter in mind but ministered a healing and peace and comfort to her,” Kimber said. In her “Angels of Refuge” series, Kimber has also dedicated paintings to women diagnosed with breast cancer and others struggling with grief and despair. She hopes that her paintings make people feel loved and that seeing them feels like a hug. “Because I’m a hugger, and I can feel when people are going through things,” she said, “I want to comfort and put people at ease and say something that will bring them peace. I want them to know they’re not alone, and they’re not forgotten.” When she paints, Kimber prays over the people she’s painting for with a meaning or a message, and she believes God already has the person she’s painting for in mind. “I think a lot of times people need to see or touch something they can connect their faith and hope to,” she said, and she hopes her paintings can provide that for them. Although each painting carries with it a message of comfort, they all unfold a little a differently. In addition to being a painter, Kimber is a singer, so she compared the way a painting unfolds to the way a song unfolds. “It takes on its own personality,” she said. In December, Kimber had her first major art exhibition called “Angels Among Us” at Ruston Artisans in Ruston, Louisiana. It was a huge opportunity for her and for Team Seth. “I love how one painting, when it’s hung in a gallery, can touch many people in different ways—how it opens the door to share my story,” she said. For Kimber, painting is a way of expressing herself without words. Because this is something Seth struggles with daily, painting also allows her to relate to him in a new way. As one would expect, Seth has changed a lot since the accident. Before the accident, he was a full-time youth pastor at Power Church International and a full-time


I love how one painting,

when it’s hung in a gallery, can touch many people in different ways— how it opens the door to share my story.”

nursing student, but he was also a devoted athlete. In fact, on the day of the accident, Seth wasn’t on the average bike ride, he was on a 60-mile bike ride as part of his training for an upcoming Ironman Triathlon. After he was released from the hospital, Seth’s dad and brother-in-law helped him recover by locking arms with him and walking with him up and down the driveway. His dad recalls the day Seth just pushed them off and struck out on his own. He said, “I’ll never forget that day.” Within the first year, Seth was running again and even competed in a 5K. Given that his whole right side was paralyzed after the accident, his physical recovery has been remarkable to watch. Seth is stronger than ever. He’s 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs 320 pounds. According to Kimber, if you add his totals for all the powerlifting events he competes in, Seth can lift over 1,500 pounds. If you didn’t know Seth, his stature might be intimidating, but Kimber said, “He’s very compassionate. He’s like a big ole bear and gives the best hugs.” Like Kimber, Seth can sense when others are in pain. “He’s very aware,” she said, “and can be the biggest comfort. I hope my paintings come through that way. I hope they give reassurance.” Kimber and her family have endured so much as a result of Seth’s accident, and her paintings have been birthed out of those feelings of pain, tragedy, fear, despair and grief, but she said, “Even the darkest thing can turn into something incredibly beautiful.” Of the accident, she said, “It’s the worst thing that happened to us, but it’s also the best thing that’s happened for us.” Many positive things were set in motion as a result of that day. Kimber would not be reaching others with her paintings and Seth’s story of hope, if he had not been struck while riding his bike. In addition, the Team Seth Foundation would not exist. Team Seth’s mission is to bring awareness to traumatic brain injury and to support children who’ve sustained them, and every painting Kimber sells helps them carry out that mission. WWW.BAYOULIFEMAG.COM | JANUARY 2019 179

“ I LIKE TO THINK THE PAINTINGS ARE HEIRLOOMS THAT CAN BE PASSED DOWN – HEIRLOOMS OF HOPE AND FAITH THAT CAN HELP OTHERS THROUGH A TOUGH TIME, AND IN ADDITION THEY’RE HELPING A GOOD CAUSE.” Kimber said, “My favorite thing is to encourage others to believe they can, when they’ve been told they can’t.” She loves people, especially people with disabilities, and she’s passionate about advocating for them. “I’ve become skilled at cutting through red tape and putting a door or window where they’ve been told there weren’t any,” she said. “Out of default, I became Seth’s voice, and out of that, I’ve become a voice for many. When you’re aware of how vital you are, you can’t just wander through your day. You’re on a path of purpose.” She believes there are people waiting for you to be a light to them, and she strives to be that light and share that light in any way she can. Every angel she paints glows and shimmers. She hopes they will serve as a reminder that the light of God’s love has no boundaries. “I hope the angels breathe upon them in a secret place—that they shine a light in the darkest place.” If that place is one of trauma or addiction, tragedy or loss, she hopes her paintings can shed light and love there. “I hope that they feel, rescued,” she said. For Kimber and her family, angels are not just symbols. They’re real. According to Kimber, Seth has conveyed to them many times that he’s seen angels. He’s also insisted that when he coded after the accident, he was told by God to go back. Kimber, too, has experienced a kind of angelic comfort. “There were times,” she said, “when I felt such despair, but I felt a peace—a comfort—that passed my reality, and I felt like God was there, and He saw me, and He heard me, and then that peace came—past the pain, past the reality. It’s like breathing out. You don’t have to hold on to any of it. You can just let it all pour out.” Because her paintings capture how she felt in those moments, she hopes they help others find that same sense of comfort and release, not only for those who purchase them, but also for generations to come. “I like to think they are heirlooms that can be passed down—heirlooms of hope and faith that can help others through a tough time,” she said, “and in addition, they’re helping a good cause.” 180 JANUARY 2019 | WWW.BAYOULIFEMAG.COM

Christmas Open House Saturday, December 8, 2018 was a busy day at Material Things, located in the heart of Monroe. The unique home décor, gift and design store enjoyed a taste of Italy as they welcomed guest Andy D’Auria with Dismero Oil. Everyone knows and loves Andy and enjoyed listening to his wealth of knowledge, when it came to the olive oil straight from the shores of Lake Garda in Italy. There were olive oil tastings, small bites and cocktails while guests picked up gifts for loved ones…and themselves. The team behind KayBaby was there with Blood Marys and their newest concoction - smoked spicy rub. Owner Joyce Sims is an impeccable hostess, and we love visiting with her any chance we get!

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Downtown Gallery Crawl On Thursday, December 6th The Downtown Gallery Crawl celebrated the holidays by bringing epic art for all the good boys and girls in Northeast Louisiana. The Palace Gallery’s Holiday Market was buzzing with art enthusiasts looking for handmade, one-of-a-kind gifts. Jason Byron Nelson was at the Outside Gallery making magic happen with a new exhibition of original paintings. Emery Thibodeaux exhibited at The Garrett House, and Jenny Ellerbe and Anna Rowan displayed new works at Upstairs Gallery. Performer BUNKI was on scene shooting a video for her song, “Dem Saints,” and many other talented performers and artists participated in this month’s Downtown Gallery Crawl.




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Jim Taylor Chevrolet Buick On Tuesday, November 27, 2018, Jim Taylor Chevrolet Buick in Rayville celebrated a ribbon cutting and launch of their new logo and look. Guests enjoyed a special cake to mark the occasion, and everyone went home with Jim Taylor swag, including cups, shirts, keychains and more. The local dealership is owned by Tanya Pesek and operated by General Manager Erik Etzel. Tanya credits her late dad, Jim Taylor, with the success of the dealership and commitment to the community and looks forward to many years to come!





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These four fitness powerhouses tell us their secrets to maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Articles by Meredith McKinnie and Photography by Kelly Moore Clark MARCIA DONALD, a Louisiana native, grew up watching her mother, a registered nurse exercise and prepare healthy meals. She remembers attending yoga classes with her mom at two years old. Growing up with lots of activity, such as playing tennis, running cross country and dance prepared her for a lifetime of healthy living. Always interested in food and nutrition, Marcia majored in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism at The University of Southern Miss. She loved group exercise classes and was more motivated when other people were around. Marcia’s daughter Katelyn learned by her mother’s example and is working on a degree in Clinical Kinesiology at Louisiana Tech and plans on attending graduate school to pursue a career as a Physical Therapist. Two generations were influenced by a mother’s example.

Marcia opened the first and only Classical Pilates studio in Northeast Louisiana 14 months ago. The studio, Bon Temps Classical Pilates, is located on on Antique Alley in West Monroe. She began doing pilates several years ago after a severe knee injury prevented her from doing any strenuous exercise. She realized that her new classical approach to pilates not only rehabilitated her knee but it also gave her a new insight into making her workout safe and effective mentally and physically. Classical Pilates is performed the way Joseph Pilates intended. His birth in the late 1800s parallels the age of her studio building, a perfect fit to honor the traditional methods of the practice. When a friend was going through training with a national company to get certified in Classical Pilates, Marcia decided to go through the 600 hour apprenticeship, focusing on the classical method, which is the art of controlled movements, which look and feel like a workout when properly manifested, if practiced consistently, just like Joseph Pilates intended. She owns and teaches classes and one-on-one sessions at Bon Temps, along with certified Classical Pilates instructors Sherri Betz and Katie Morstead. Marcia believes in at least 30 minutes of exercise five days a week and not eating after 6 pm. A balanced diet is essential, and she doesn’t leave out any food group. She recognizes people are busy and finding time to cook and buy good ingredients is hard. She recommends food prepping for four to five days during the week. The other two days, go to a restaurant or eat leftovers. Investing in yourself and your wellbeing is worth it.

TY GOODIN Ty Goodin’s passion for fitness began as a teenager, when he asked for dumbbells for his thirteenth birthday. He played football and lived an active lifestyle until his mid-twenties, when his grandmother passed. The loss sent Ty into a depression, and for two years, he was not in a good mental state. Walking to a neighbor’s house one day, he had trouble breathing and his chest felt tight, and he knew he needed to get back into shape. He felt lethargic, and didn’t want to continue feeling or looking that way. He purchased a gym membership and started eating healthy, and his body and mindset began to strengthen. For the last four years, Ty has been a health and wellness coach, helping people create meal and snack plans to live a healthy, active lifestyle mentally, physically and spiritually. He insists all three aspects are imperative for one’s

well being. Ty owns Fit Time 365 on North 4th in Monroe, a fitness center and smoothie bar in one location. When people come into Fit Time, Ty promises a “huge smile or a hug,” depending on one’s comfort level. The classes are fun, more of an experience. The “party workouts” are to upbeat music and always different. Though the classes have the same title, they’re always different, led by Ty or the two other Fit Time coaches, Deanna Mabon and Jasmine Miles. Fit Time offers daily, biweekly or monthly memberships, no long term contracts. TY calls the people who visit Fit Time his “fitness family.” Members are taken care of with wellness evaluations, guided nutrition and workout plans, and a private Facebook group for support. Ty knows there’s no perfect way to get healthy. Just make positive changes to be a better version of yourself. Ty recognized when he was going to a gym, there was no member to gym relationship; people looked lost. At Fit Time, he takes people by the hand and caters a plan to fit their needs. People want to feel a part of something, invested, and Ty knows he must invest in them.


HEATHER HADDAD A dancer at four years old, Heather Haddad fell in love with the “art of discipline.” Always wanting to be like her father, a Neville athlete, she recognized that athletics didn’t come naturally to her like dancing; she had to work hard. That grounding in physical activity cemented Heather’s desire to take care of herself. She knew she had to go against the norm, learn how to feed and fuel herself properly and not just conform to what society says she should do. Studying and seeking out information on her own became the focus. She doesn’t trust diets that change overnight. Fitness tries marketing to everyone, and Heather asked, “What can I do for me?” Without looking outside her own box, Heather centralized her own goals, focused on her own body. She claims people have to know themselves first, their faults and triggers. Small commitments are essential, and she never rewards herself with food, insisting on doing something nice instead. As a trainer at Monroe Athletic Club, Heather emphasizes “baby steps” for her members, working slowly toward a goal. A triathlete, Heather qualified for the US age divisional Olympic triathlon group. She’s run half and full marathons, always challenging herself. She trains all age groups at the MAC. During physical assessments, she looks for “form, flexibility and body composition.” Stressing the importance of eating right, Heather tells clients, “I can’t slap the fork out of your face,” but reminds them that food affects sleep and work performance as well. Consistency is key. While Heather focuses on eating well and exercising, she also devotes adequate time to her family and spiritual life. She admits devoting too much time to one area can be detrimental. In an effort to not take herself too seriously, she makes choices day-to-day, but listens to her body. When she eats too much of the wrong thing, she feels foggy, and it’s a reminder to stay the course. “We get one body, a temple, and we have to respect it. This is not a rehearsal; it’s real life.”

The physical aspect of the body is easy to change; it’s the mental aspect that’s hard.

JOHN BLUNSCHI As a search and rescue swimmer in the Navy, fitness has always been imperative for John Blunschi. A former high school athlete in track and field, John began studying exercise physiology at Northwestern. He got involved with martial arts and in the early 90s, spent considerable time with the Gracie family, who started the first UFC. John met a lot of crucial people who changed his way of thinking. He learned the “physical aspect of the body is easy to change; it’s the mental aspect that’s hard.” Though he had a mental toughness from his time in the Service, he knew he needed to explore it deeper and changed his major to psychology. “The human body can withstand ten times more than the average mind thinks it can.” The focus on the mind is how Gorilla Fitness began, where John trains clients and practices jiu jitsu. In sports, athletes are taught to be explosive, where as jiu jitsu is the opposite. It was created for the weaker, smaller guy to have a chance against a larger opponent and is all about “technique, timing and strategy.” At Gorilla Fitness, John creates workout periods, sometimes 2 or 3 months, emphasizing “longevity, movement and mobility.” He wants to build quality of life for people ten years down the road. “As you get older, no one cares how much you squat or how much you bench press.” John admits he’s “over the top” on diet and tells people not to do what he does. He knows it’s hard living in this area because of our culture. But honestly, “we eat too much.” John is lucky to train with some phenomenal athletes in the world, like Olympians and UFC fighters. To stay at their athletic peak, they only feed enough fuel to get through a cycle of a workout. They want that absolute hunger at the end of a workout, so they can refuel, but they don’t over refuel. John insists eating is akin to filling up your car, “When you’re pumping gas, and the pump clicks, just put it up.”

Uptown Girl Ribbon Cutting


On, Tuesday, November 27, 2019, Uptown Girl Boutique celebrated their new ownership with a ribbon cutting. The mother-daughter duo of Deborah Foley and Deidra Foley recently purchased the preteen and tween girls clothing boutique and are excited to offer clothes and be involved in the community. The Monroe Chamber of Commerce was on hand for the occasion, as was Miss Louisiana Holli’ Conway, as well as friends and family. The shop carries quality clothing, shoes and accessories that are reasonably priced and fashionable.




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Marty and Mark’s Ribbon Cutting



On Thursday, November 29, Marty and Mark’s celebrated with a ribbon cutting with the West MonroeWest Ouachita Chamber of Commerce. Guests mixed and mingled, while they browsed some of the jewelry and watches on display and enjoyed light refreshments. West Monroe Mayor Staci Albritton was on hand to say a few words and thank the business for being a part of historic downtown West Monroe. Owners Marty Grassi and Mark Bennett offer jewelry and watch repair, as well as carry a selection of speciality jewelry items, as well as pre-owned Rolex watches.


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On the BayouScene 1M  ayor Staci Albritton and Courtney Hornsby 2 Haley Branch and Jennifer McMillion 3 Katelyn and Jaxson Gaspart 4M  arty Grassi and Mark Bennett 5 Dorothy and James Pitman 6 Tommy Block and Paughnee Hale 7 Lloydelle Hopkins and Jennie Grassi 188 JANUARY 2019 | WWW.BAYOULIFEMAG.COM




New Year, New Knee?

5 Questions to Ask Your Orthopedic Surgeon Before Total Knee Replacement BY VAL IRION, MD


OUR KNEE PAIN OR KNEE instability has finally gotten to the point where you made an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, and they have confirmed that you are indeed a candidate for a total knee replacement. The key word in the last sentence is CANDIDATE! Taking an active role when talking with your surgeon and asking questions is one of the best ways to ensure you and your doctor are on the same page. It is highly important that your clinical reality and your treatment options correlate. Here are (5) questions that can help you choose the best course of treatment:

infection rate. Specialists Hospital Shreveport is a physician-owned hospital that focuses solely on orthopedic and spine surgeries. You can visit or www. to learn more about your surgeon and the hospital where your surgery is being performed.

“Do we have to do this now, or can we revisit it later?” You tell me! First and foremost, as an orthopedic surgeon, my job is to evaluate your condition and give you options. If it is determined you are a candidate for a total knee replacement, you are bone on bone, surgery is one option, but you must tell me whether you want to undergo surgery. You may also consider non-surgical options, like injections or physical therapy.

“How long will my recovery be after total knee replacement?” This is relative to your current health and activity level. It is important that we discuss your personal expectations and needs with the clinical reality of this surgery. I like for my patients to be up walking and moving about 2 to 4 hours after their surgery and work with an inpatient physical therapist twice daily during their hospital stay. Typically, my total knee patients will go home 1 to 2 days after their surgery and will be up walking on their own with use of a walker. At Specialists, we send our total knee patients home with an exercise guide and instructions to follow daily and strongly encourage patients to get into an outpatient physical therapy program to accelerate their healthy recovery.

“Should I get a second opinion?” My partners and I at Specialists strongly encourage our patients to do their research prior to their total knee replacement. First and foremost, research your surgeon and the hospital where your surgery is being performed. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid are a great and non-biased resource for patients to gather more information about hospitals- particularly, a hospital’s

“Is there anything I can do on my own to improve my outcome both before and after my total knee replacement?” Definitely! Once you are scheduled for surgery, I encourage patients to make some simple changes to their diet and to start doing some designated pre-op knee exercises daily. Activity before your surgery is the first step you can take towards a healthy recovery. One basic change to diet is increasing your water


intake by at least 32-64 ounces a day. Increasing water intake initiates healthy kidney function, which can offset some of the side effects of anesthesia, like nausea and constipation. Following your surgery, it is very important to do your knee exercises every day, devoting at least 20 to 30 minutes one to two times a day and building up to an hour a day, in addition to any outpatient physical therapy you may be following. “What questions haven’t I asked that I should have?” As an orthopedic surgeon, I can explain in detail the specifics and intricacies of total knee replacement, but it is very important that you ask questions that are specific to you. Choosing to have total knee replacement is going to mean making some lifestyle changes. Just because you have a new high functioning joint doesn’t mean your mind is suddenly going to want to increase your activity level and do your exercises. Know your own reality, and if you are struggling with how you are going to manage your recovery, let’s work together to devise a plan before surgery. Val Irion, MD is a fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicineboth surgical and nonsurgical approaches. Dr. Irion is passionate about Mako Robotic Partial/Total Knee Replacement and is excited about the next phase of orthopedic robotic surgery- Mako Robotic Shoulder Replacement. Dr. Irion practices at Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana located in Shreveport and Bossier City. To schedule an evaluation, please call (866) 759.9679


Tonore’s Holiday Wine Tasting On Thursday, November 15, Tonore’s Wine Cellar’s held their annual holiday wine tasting. Attendees had the chance to sample over 50 wines from distributors while chatting and learning about the wines. This year, proceeds benefitted The Rotary Club of the Twin Cities. This is just one organization that Tonore’s helps throughout the year to support the community. Open since 1935, Tonore’s is located on Louisville Avenue in Monroe. Owner Russell Kicey has years of experience in the industry and is proud to offer a wide selection of wine, beer and spirits.

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Calendar of Events For a full list of event happenings in Northeast Louisiana, see our website at January 5 FREE Children's Drop-In Activity There’s plenty to do at the Masur Museum of Art Saturday, January 5, 2019! It’s the first Drop-In Activity of 2019! Best of all it’s FREE for children of all ages! Drop by the museum any time between 2:00 – 5:00 p.m., peruse out their current exhibition, complete their scavenger hunt for a prize and get creative with their Curator of Education, Jenny. Children will work on an art project that relates either through subject matter, medium, or technique, to the exhibition currently on display. When they’re finished, they’ll have a beautiful work of art to take home! Venue: Masur Museum of Art 1400 South Grand, Monroe Hours: 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. Cost: Free Phone: 318-239-2237 January 13 Brides, Beaus, and Bubbly Enjoy Monroe's newest Bridal Event - Brides, Beaus, and Bubbly! Enjoy a glass of wine or a cold beer as you meet with the area's premier wedding vendors! The first 200 guests will receive a swag bag and will be entered into the drawing for door prizes. Tickets can be purchased at the door. Venue: Bayou Pointe Student Event Center 100 Warhawk Way, Monroe Hours: 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. Cost: $10 per person $15 per couple Phone: 318-342-5216 January 19 NELA Master Gardener January Gardening Seminar Stop by the West Monroe Convention Center on November 19th for the NELA Master Gardener January Gardening Seminar! The seminar features keynote speaker John Koykendall, Dr. Allen Owens and Larry Stephenson. Door prizes, seed swap, vendors and more! Venue: West Monroe Convention Center 901 Ridge Avenue, West Monroe

Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Cost: $20 Phone: 318-323-2251 January 21 Full Moon Walk Join Black Bayou for a ranger walk to watch the full moon rise! Meet at the Learning Center. Venue: Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge 480 Richland Pl Drive, Monroe Hours: 6:00 p.m. Phone: 318-387-1114 January 26 2nd Annual St. Vincent dePaul Community Pharmacy: Poor Man's Run The ULM College of Pharmacy will be hosting its 2nd Annual St. Vincent dePaul Community Pharmacy: Poor Man's Run. This family-friendly event is a charity 5K race and 1-mile fun run sponsored by the Pharmacy Council to raise money for our community's local non-profit pharmacy, St. Vincent DePaul Community Pharmacy. For more information concerning the race, visit Venue: ULM School of Pharmacy 1800 Bienville Dr, Monroe Hours: 8:00 - 11:00 a.m. Cost: $10 – $30 Phone: 318-342-3800 Beginning Oil Painting for Adults Students will learn beginning oil painting techniques including color mixing, blending, textures, shading and more! Each student will paint an 8x10 oil painting. All materials are supplied. Class is limited, so payment is required in advance. Venue: Masur Museum of Art 1400 South Grand, Monroe Hours: 12:00 - 4:00 p.m. Cost: $40 Phone: 318-329-2237 Platforms and Polyester The annual Platforms and Polyester is back! This year's theme is Woodstock. So, break

out the suede and fringe and get ready to party! Save this date for the grooviest tie-dye and fringe dancing event with over 600 of your closest friends. "Meet the Press" from Biloxi, MS, food and spirits, costume contest and more. Venue: West Monroe Convention Center 901 Ridge Avenue, West Monroe Hours: 7:00 - 11:00 p.m. Cost: $35-$600 Phone: 318-396-5000 Cancer Foundation League Gala 20 19 Fundraiser to raise money for the Cancer Foundation League. The CFL is committed to improving the financial, emotional and physical well-being of cancer patients in Northeast Louisiana. Gala is an evening of live Entertainment and complementary beer, wine and Hors d’oeuvres. Venue: Bayou DeSiard Country Club 3501 Forsythe Avenue, Monroe Hours: 7:00 p.m. Cost: $100 per person Phone: 318-966-1953 Empty Bowls - A Serving of Food Art and Music Join the Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana for a family friendly lunch event and support the fight against hunger in our community. Empty Bowls is a unique fundraiser where artists come together to craft and donate hundreds of bowls to be sold as part of the ticket price. A tasting of signature dishes from multiple local restaurants will be served, accompanied by live music, art, activities and a silent auction. With a $40 ticket, guests can choose a beautiful bowl to take home as a reminder of all the empty bowls in our community. $20 ticket gets you into the event and all the food and activities. $10 for kids under 12, and 5 and under get in free. Visit www. for tickets and more info. Venue: The Hub 201 Washington St.,

Monroe Hours: 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Cost: $20-$40 Phone: 318-322-3567 January 31-March 13 Exhibition Reception - Acts of Faith: Selections from the Collection of Will and Cheryl Sutton The Gallery by Origin Bank at the Monroe Regional Airport presents Acts of Faith: Selections from the Collection of Will and Cheryl Sutton on view at the Monroe Regional Airport. This exhibition celebrates spiritual experience through the eyes of notable 20th and 21st Century African American artists. Faith, and the tenacity to act upon it, is a central theme among the artworks. Venue: MLU Monroe Regional Airport 5400 Operations Road #201, Monroe Hours: 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Cost: Free Phone: 318-239-2237 Enjoy your stay in MonroeWest Monroe! We at the Monroe-West Monroe Convention and Visitor’s Bureau hope you have a great stay here! Please feel free to call us at 800-843-1872, if you have any questions. You may also stop by our offices at 601 Constitution Drive, West Monroe for brochures, coupons and additional information. Visit www.monroe-westmonroe. org for information about events in Ouachita Parish and visit for events in Lincoln Parish.


BayouLife January 2019  
BayouLife January 2019