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2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E

TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S W H E R E T H E WA T E R MEETS THE SOUL.............4 B E AU T I F U L B AY F I E L D . . . . . . 6 FOUR SEASONS................8 EXPERIENCE.................... 10

ADVENTURE........................... 10

K AY A K . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 0 HIKE...................................... 10 B I K E .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 0

LETTER from the


I'm a traveler, and I’m one of those people who likes to talk to strangers. It’s amazing what you can learn while waiting to board a flight or just sitting around the table at a conference lunch. Sooner or later someone asks the question: “So, where are you from?”

“Bayfield, Wisconsin” I answer proudly. And nine times out of ten the response I get back is, “Oh, we love Bayfield! We were there once for the Apple Festival!”. “Thank you for visiting and I hope you will come back for another Apple Festival soon” I reply, but then I ask them more questions: “Which do you prefer more: strawberries, blueberries, cherries, raspberries or blackberries?” “Have you ever gazed into a star filled sky from a pitch-black beach?”

“Would you like to ride on a dog sled?” “When was the last time you sat on a boat and watched the world sail by?” “Have you ever tried whitefish livers?” No matter how they answer the questions, I always respond, “Well, you need to come to Bayfield when it’s not Apple Fest!” Now I love everything that comes with the celebration of the apple harvest, but there is so much to do in Bayfield yearround, I can’t begin to list it all. But that’s why this Visitor’s Guide is bigger this year. So, I invite you to come back in the fall for the Apple Festival again, but I challenge you to find a reason to visit us in each of the other seasons. Because, “Bayfield, It’s not just for Apple Fest anymore!”

E X P L O R E B A Y F I E L D ' S T R A I L S .. . 1 3

SAIL LAKE SUPERIOR.............. 14

MARINAS................................ 16

C R U I S E S & B O A T T O U R S .. . . . . . . . . 1 8

REL AX & LEARN...................... 20

S H O P .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 2

A R T S & C U LT U R E . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 6

H I S TO RY O F B AY F I E L D . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 0

2 0 1 9 E V E N T S.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 2 S TA Y . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 8 TEAR-OUT MAP DINE ..............................44 B E R RY FA R M S & O RC H A R D S.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 8 G A T E WA Y T O T H E A P O S T L E I S L A N D S.. . . . . . . . . . . 5 0 M A D E L I N E I S L A N D .. . . . . . . . . . 5 2 SOUTH SHORE.................54 DRIVE THE S C E N I C B Y WA Y . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 6 B AY F I E L D W E D D I N G S.. . . . . . 5 8 P R O F E S S I O N A L S E R V I C E S .6 0

“Do you enjoy Art Festivals?” “Did you know it takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of maple syrup?” “Where do you think the greatest concentrations of black bears in North America is?”

Gordon T. Ringberg MAYOR OF BAYFIELD

© 2019, Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau EDITOR: DAVID EADES, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE BAYFIELD CHAMBER AND VISITOR BUREAU A special thank you to Ruth Goetz, the inspiration behind creating this Travel Guide.

B AY F I E L D . O R G


At the far northern edge of Wisconsin, a peninsula reaches into the largest freshwater lake in the world—Lake Superior. And from the end of that peninsula a beautiful chain of islands, shaped by wind and waves, stretches out across the water like green jewels set in cobalt blue. There, nestled on the shore, where the mainland and the islands meet the lake, is Bayfield.

In one way or another, every piece of Bayfield has been shaped by the Big Lake. Wind and waves carved the red sandstone cliffs and caves that climb from the rolling seas and deposited the white sand beaches. From the brownstone quarries and commercial fishing that put Bayfield on the map to the kayaking and sailing for which it's famous today, in one way or another everything ties back to Lake Superior.

Lake Superior is ever present here. It is at once powerful and serene, humbling and inviting. The Big Lake can hold you in a comforting embrace or rage with almost cruel indifference, making it easy to ascribe a personality to the water. But regardless of it's mood, the Lake is a constant companion, a factor in every day.

And with that inexorable tie to every facet of life in this place, the lake also becomes a part of you. For those who have made the lake a part of their life, visiting Lake Superior is like returning to the welcoming home of an old friend again and again. Bayfield is that home, a place where the water meets the soul.

Even Bayfield's rich agricultural tradition of fruit production is made possible by the lake, it's water helping to mitigate the otherwise harsh weather of Northern Wisconsin.



2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E

B AY F I E L D . O R G




B AY F I E L D Wisconsin's Smallest City, the Berry Capital of the State, and the Gateway to the Apostle Islands. The list goes on from there. Bayfield holds many distinctions, but underneath all the titles and accolades it is also simply and strikingly beautiful. A small city on the shores of the Big Lake. Plan your adventure and see beautiful Bayfield for yourself. Boasting a year round population of only 487, Bayfield holds an out sized collection of distinctions for it's size including the title of Wisconsin's Smallest City. With a climate tempered by proximity to the greatest of the great lakes—Lake Superior— and protected by rolling hills, Bayfield is famous for it's agriculture, especially fruit production—a rare thing in such northern latitudes. Apple orchards abound in the hills outside of town. Local berry growers produce some of the largest crops of blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries in the Midwest, earning Bayfield the title of Official Berry Capital of the State. In addition to the apples and berries that made Bayfield famous, farmers are growing everything from aronia berries to zucchini, and processing their crops into all kinds of amazing products. Find cider, jellies, jams, preserves, pickles, honey, bakery, and more at the many farm stores on Bayfield's "Fruit Loop." Several wineries and a new hard cidery are also transforming local fruits into libations. Treat yourself to a tasting while you're here. The local food doesn't stop 6

there either. Bayfield is also home to one of the remaining sustainable fisheries on the Great Lakes—whitefish. Local fisherman bring in a daily catch of salmon, trout, burbot, and whitefish during the season, providing restaurants in the area with fresh healthy seafood from some of the cleanest water in the world. Restaurants offer visitors whitefish in a myriad of styles baked, boiled, fried, and smoked. Some even offer whitefish livers, a local delicacy (sautéed or fried). The waters around Bayfield also draw sport fisherman in every season seeking the catch of a lifetime from the deep cold waters of Lake Superior. Bayfield's historic and vibrant downtown has the feel of a different time. While many cities watched their shops and inns lose out to big box stores and chain hotels, Bayfield held strong. Our downtown is very much alive, storefronts filled with locally owned shops and galleries. A stroll through downtown reveals the brilliant work of the many artisans who call Bayfield home. Real restaurants feature menus for every palate from beautifully plated five-course

2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E

meals to classic pub burgers. Our hotels, inns, and famous bed & breakfasts—many within walking distance of downtown—give visitors the comfort of home with a personal touch you won't find anywhere else. The area is steeped in natural beauty. Hike to waterfalls, cross-country ski through hemlock forests, explore miles of lakeshore. And, of course, Bayfield is the Gateway to the Apostle Islands, a chain of twenty-two islands reaching north and east from the Bayfield peninsula into Lake Superior (learn more on page 50). Bayfield is home to the ferry terminal that connects travelers (and

their vehicles) from the mainland to the only currently inhabited island in the archipelago, Madeline Island. The Madeline Island Ferry Line runs several times a day throughout the year whenever the channel is free enough from ice to operate. In years when the ice is thick enough to hold the weight of cars, a road opens across the channel between Bayfield and La Pointe, the small town on Madeline Island, allowing residents and visitors to drive across the lake for a few short weeks at the peak of winter. Come explore Wisconsin's North Coast for yourself. Start planning your Bayfield adventure today. Below: a view of Bayfield in autumn when trees all over town burst out in brilliant color. Check the Fall Color Report on BAYFIELD.ORG throughout the fall to see when color is nearing peak . Next page: the Bayfield harbor at dawn. In the summer months, sailboats and motorize craft fill the slips at several marinas in the area. Bayfield's proximity to the Apostle Islands offers boaters the shortest trip to beautiful locations throughout the archipelago.

Information. Inspiration. 104.7 Washburn | 89.9 Brule | 88.5 Superior | wpr.org Wisconsin and the World.

B AY F I E L D . O R G



summer STRIKING IN EVERY SEASON The deep red of sandstone cliffs and tranquil blue of Lake Superior in the summer. The dazzling white of new fallen snow and the sparkle of ice against a winter sky. The fleeting scarlet blaze of maples and deep ripe red of apples in the fall. The delicate first greens and bright yellow blooms of spring. Bayfield has something striking to see in every season. And just like Bayfield has something beautiful to see in every season, there's also plenty to do in every season. Paddle through the sea caves in summer and tour the Apostle Islands by sailboat. Sip wine and watch the sunset. Swim in the biggest freshwater lake in the world. Drive the back roads in the fall to see the changing


spring SPRING



2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E

winter leaves and pick apples in the orchards overlooking the lake. Dine on all the abundance of local farms in restaurants downtown. Return in winter to ski through old growth forests or hike across the ice to witness the splendor of the ice caves. Brave the winter cold to watch mushers and their teams compete in the Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race in February. Join us in spring for the blooming of the daffodils and stroll down historic Rittenhouse Avenue past shops and restaurants. Tour galleries and watch local artisans at work. Watch the last of the ice disappear from the lake to be replaced by sails on the horizon once again. Each season is markedly different, but each in it's own way a part of life here in Bayfield.

fall B AY F I E L D . O R G



EXPERIENCE ADVENTURE Bayfield is filled with adventure. Paddle the Apostle Islands, ride single-track mountain bike trails, backcountry ski the National Forest, sail Lake Superior, and mush a team of sled dogs. Plan your adventure.

BIKE Ride more than 15 miles of world-class single track just outside of Bayfield at Mt. Ashwabay Ski and Recreation Area or cruise the beautiful back-roads of Bayfield County and the Chequamegon Nicolet National Forest. Bundle up and fat bike across the frozen lake. We have options for every type of rider. Over the last 4 years, trail designers based in the Southwest along with a team of local workers and volunteers have built some of the best single track in the Midwest, with new expansions to the system every year. Riders can choose from approachable family-friendly routes through the woods or challenging loops complete with expert level technical features. And many of the loops treat riders with amazing views of Lake Superior. Further South, visitors can tie into the main block of the Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association trail system which also includes rides for a broad range of skill levels. Travelers can rent bikes and shop for gear, outdoor clothing, and supplies at Trek & Trail or Howl Adventure Center, just outside of Bayfield, and from Solstice Outdoors in Ashland.

HIKE Stroll next to rolling rivers beneath towering pines. Walk barefoot on miles of white sand beach. Skirt the edge of ancient sandstone cliffs and feel the boom of surf colliding with the sea caves below. Discover hidden waterfalls and see wildlife at home in the landscape. With countless trail heads in the area, hikers have a multitude of options to choose from. Many have breathtaking lake views including trails that start right in town.

K AYA K Kayak the Apostle Islands or the mainland sea caves with ACA certified guides. Find the trip that fits your group from multiday excursions complete with wilderness camping to a relaxed afternoon paddle. 10


2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E

Living Adventure, Inc. 88260 State Highway 13, Bayfield, WI 54814

livingadventure.com (715) 779-9503 From absolute beginners to expert paddlers, Bayfield has something to offer for every skill level. Learn tips and techniques to make your trips more enjoyable and safer. Hone your paddling skills and explore Wisconsin's beautiful North Coast at the same time.

SKI Good snow is the key to good skiing. And Northern Wisconsin has it. With an average of almost one hundred inches of snow each year often lasting from late November to early May, Bayfield is the perfect place to ski. With miles and miles of groomed cross country trails or the lift-served runs of Mt. Ashwabay Ski and Recreation Area (just a few miles south of town), there are great opportunities for every type of skier.

PLAN YOUR ADVENTURE: Apostle Islands Kayaks

Bayfield's premiere and longest standing Apostle Islands sea kayaking outfitter for safety and quality of experience; as uniquely recognized by Trip Advisor with four consecutive annual Certificate of Excellence awards.

Tr e k & Tr a i l 7 Washington Avenue, Bayfield, WI 54814

trek-trail.com (800) 354-TREK (8735) Offering day & overnight sea kayaking adventures among the Apostle Islands. Kayak instruction courses, rentals, shuttle services, retail boats, gear and apparel available. Located across from the ferry dock downtown Bayfield.

Wo l f s o n g Adventures in Mushing 86990 S Pratt Road, Bayfield, WI 54814


N 690 Main Street, La Pointe, WI 54850

(715) 779-5561


Learn to drive our teams of sled dogs or ride along with us. Hands-on 4-hour Morning Adventure or 2-1/2 hour Afternoon Run. Season begins midDecember. Office at Howl Clothing & Adventure, downtown Bayfield. Open daily.

(715) 747-3636 Kayak to the caves and cliffs on Big Bay. Morning and afternoon guided tours. Check in across from Joni’s Beach, downtown La Pointe. Children free or half price. Sales and instruction.

Howl Adventure Center 35265 S County Highway J, Bayfield, WI 54814

howlinbayfield.com (715) 779-5561 Awesome new outdoor store located just south of Bayfield featuring bike rental, repair, new & used bike sales, fat bikes & e-bikes. Free demos, onsite mountain bike, xc ski & snowshoe trails. Outdoor clothing & gear for all your adventures! Open daily.

To find a full listing of adventure related businesses, go to: BAYFIELD.ORG/ADVENTURE WHEEL CHAIR ACCESSIBLE ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS OPEN YEAR ROUND SERVE ALCOHOL Top to bottom: A snowboarder at Mt. Aswabay. A mountain biker rides single track features on the local trails. A group of kaykakers paddle along the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. Cross country skiers glide on miles of groomed trails through the State and National Forest.

Guided Sea Kayak Tours of the APOSTLE ISLANDs National Lakeshore -including-

SEA CAVEs and full day & overnight

island trips -plus-

instruction, RENTALS,

Kayaks, gear & apparel

Book your trip Now.

800-354-8735 BAYFIELD, WI





Located in downtown Bayfield on Broad and Wilson 715-779-5408 • recreationandfitnessresources.org

25-meter Saline Pool · Hot Tub · Sauna Daily Lap Swim · Daily Open Swim

Racquetball Court · Fitness Room

*Except for major holidays

Memberships · Punch Cards · Day Passes Campers & Boaters “Shower Only” Rate


Real Estate Brokerage & Property Management Services





2 1 5 R I T T E N H O U S E AV E , B AY F I E L D (715) 779-5000 • Agent@WindseekerRealty.co m W I N D S E E K E R R E A L T Y . C O M


Cook your dinner on a campfire, sleep under the stars, and soak in all the natural beauty of the Bayfield peninsula. Camping is the perfect way to experience Bayfield. You can find everything from remote wilderness campsites in the Apostle Islands (permit required) to RV sites with utility hooks-ups and a beautiful view just minutes outside of town.

CAMPGROUNDS: Apostle Islands Area Campground 85150 Trailer Court Road, Bayfield, WI 54814


EXPLORE B AY F I E L D’ S TRAILS: C O N S E R VAT I O N N O W, B E A U T Y FOREVER The natural beauty of Bayfield is yours to explore! We hope you’ll enjoy the scenic splendor and quiet majesty of our unique landscape. The City and Town of Bayfield, in collaboration with Landmark Conservancy (formerly Bayfield Regional Conservancy) and a host of volunteers, protect and maintain accessible trails for the enjoyment of residents and visitors alike. Two of our most cherished trails are located just steps from downtown. The Brownstone Trail begins at a kiosk on South 3rd Street and Wilson Avenue and follows an old railway corridor along the Lake Superior shoreline. Named for its dramatic brownstone cliffs, the trail offers over 2 miles of easy terrain, scenic views, and important habitat for migratory birds. This walking and biking path was established in 1996 by Bayfield Regional

(715) 779-5524 Conservancy in partnership with private landowners along the trail. It connects Bayfield’s downtown with Wild Rice Retreat and the marinas at Pikes Bay and Port Superior. The Gil Larsen Nature Trail follows the Big Ravine’s forest stream under Bayfield’s famous Iron Bridge. Named for Gilbert Larsen, a noted Wisconsin conservationist who grew up near the ravine, this quaint half-mile trail features boardwalks, interpretive signs, and a variety of majestic trees that regrew in the wake of Bayfield’s great flood in 1942. Access the trail from the parking area at Washington Avenue and Broad Street. Conservation projects, like these two beloved trails, are a continued priority for our local municipalities and our regional land trust, Landmark Conservancy. We understand the importance of creating and protecting special places where people can connect with nature. Please respect the beauty of these trails, along with their neighboring properties, vegetation, and resident wildlife.

One mile from Bayfield. 55 sites, water, electric, sewer at most. Roomy, level sites. Separate tent area. Dump station. Clean, hot showers. Ice and wood available. Camp Cabins. Clean, safe, friendly. Open Memorial Day weekendApple Fest.

Dalrymple Campground-City of Bayfield 86070 State Highway 13, Bayfield, WI 54814

cityofbayfield.com (715) 779-5712 Offer 28 sites with electric but no other modern amenities. Water & wood available & lots of peace & quiet. No reservations. Beautiful views of Lake Superior.

Help us conserve Wisconsin’s natural legacy for everyone, forever.

For a full list of campgrounds in the Bayfield area, go to:

For more information about Landmark Conservancy, visit landmarkwi.org


B AY F I E L D . O R G





2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E

Clear the breakwater at the mouth of the harbor and turn into the wind to raise the sails. Cleat the lines and let the breeze take hold. Feel the boat heel softly with every gust, rolling gently over the waves. Tack past sea stacks and caves. Thread through the archipelago to watch the sunset over big open water. This is sailing on Lake Superior, and it's like nowhere else on Earth. The Apostle Islands are one of the top destinations for sailors on the Great Lakes. The wild beauty of the islands and sheltered channels offer perfect conditions. And you can enjoy the same amazing sailing, even if you don't have your own vessel.

Book a sailboat cruise with one of several charters that run out of the city harbor right in downtown Bayfield. Choose from an afternoon cruise or overnight trips into the islands. You can even try your hand at the wheel by signing up for sailing school. Or if you already know how to captain your own ship, you can charter a bare boat and plan your own cruise in the Apostle Islands. And don't miss Bayfield Race Week (June 29-July 5), when boats and crews from across the United States and Canada meet in Bayfield for a week-long regatta. The event includes daily races in channel between Bayfield and Madeline Island.

SAILING CHARTERS: Animaashi Sailing Company Bayfield City Dock - S/V Sarah’s Joy (1st finger pier on right) Bayfield, WI 54814

animaashi.com (715) 779-5468 Enjoy hands-on or full relaxation sailing aboard our spacious 34’ sloop “Sarah’s Joy” Captained half-day, all-day & evening trips available. Located on Bayield’s City Dock. Reservations recommended. Come–Sail Away! Green certified. 9:30am-5pm

Dreamcatcher Sailing 100 Rittenhouse Avenue, Bayfield, WI 54814

dreamcatchersailing.com (715) 779-5561 Captained short sails, day trips & overnights. Explore the Islands & sea caves while relaxing or learn to sail! Couples, families & groups up to 18. Trips run from Bayfield City Dock. Office in Howl Clothing & Adventure, downtown Bayfield. Open daily year round.

Superior Charters & Ya c h t S a l e s 34475 Port Superior Road, Bayfield, WI 54814

superiorcharters.com (715) 779-5124 Your adventure starts aboard a private yacht selected from the largest sailboat fleet on the lake! Enroll in our sailing school, bare boat charter, or enjoy a relaxing Captained trip. Sail the Apostle Islands on our fleet of 30'-50' sailboats including Cruising Catamaran. Book online at superiorcharters.com

To learn more about these and other sailing opportunities go to: BAYFIELD.ORG/ADVENTURE

B AY F I E L D . O R G



National Marina of the Year

Exceptional Amenities: *Portside Bar & Restaurant *Heated Outdoor Pool & Patio *Private Showers & Restrooms *RV Parking *Fully stocked Ship Store *Year Round Service Department *Slip sales, rentals & transient Availability *Outdoor Storage & More!

Lake Superior’s Premier Resort Marina Just 2 miles South of Bayfield on Hwy 13 34480 Port Superior Road Bayfield, WI 54814 715-779-5360

• Slips Available • Boat Repair & Vessel Parts • Extremely Weather Safe Harbor

11⁄2 miles south of Bayfield on State Hwy. 13 84190 Pikes Bay Road • Bayfield WI 54814


www.pikesbaymarina.com 16

2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E



LO C A L M A R I N A S :

More than a dozen weather-safe marinas serve the Apostle Islands and Chequamegon Bay offereing boaters ample opportunities to launch or store boats, buy fuel, get repairs and much more. Each marina has its own advantages, and visitors can find an option that best suites their needs. Many of the local marinas have slips available for the season or short term transient docking available for temporary stays. Please call ahead to make arrangements for your vessel.

Apostle Islands Marina

Apostle Islands Marina is right next to downtown Bayfield and offers easy access to Madeline Island just across the channel. Pike's Bay Marina, winner of the 2018 Marina of the Year, is just one and half miles south of Bayfield and recently opened a new state-of-the-art marine repair facility. Port Superior Marina offers guests showers, access to the clubhouse and pool, and an onsite restaurant. The ship stores at the local marinas offer more than just boat hardware and equipment. They also offer supplies like water, drinks, snacks, camping and fishing equipment, and more. Most importantly, boaters can get navigational charts, an absolute must for traveling in the Apsotle Islands or Chequamegon Bay. Even boats equiped with a GPS navigational system should still carry a paper chart, and staff at local marinas can help to provide up to date information about conditions on the water. Boaters should also make sure that their vessel complies with all the safety requirements before leaving shore including adequate PFD's and other safety equipment required by the US Coast Guard. Need more information about what you should have on board? Contact one of the marinas for more information.

107 Manypenny Avenue, Bayfield, WI 54814

apostleislandsmarina.com (715) 779-5661 Only marina located downtown Bayfield, just steps from restaurants & shopping. Makes ideal base to explore Bayfield & the Apostle Islands. Seasonal & guest dockage, Ships Store, nautical gifts & clothing, full-service.

Pikes Bay Marina 84190 Pikes Bay Road, Bayfield, WI 54814

pikesbaymarina.com (715) 779-3900 Pikes Bay Marina is located 1 1/2 Miles South of Bayfield. It’s a state-of-the-art marina with first class amenities in an extremely weather-safe harbor. Slips available.

Po r t Su p e r i o r Ma r i n a 34480 Port Superior Road, Bayfield, WI 54814

63 Sites - 50/30 Amp - Sewer/ Water/ Electric aiacamping.com (715) 779-5524


Ɩ Q÷ůX

p o r t s u p e r i o r. c o m (715) 779-5360 A premiere resort marina, weather-safe slips, boats up to 66', all utilities, free Wi-Fi, ship store, service dept., fuel, showers, clubhouse, swimming pool, restaurant, slips available-ownership, rentals, or guest dockage.

Superior Charters & Ya c h t S a l e s Large RV Sites - Camp Cabins - Moped Rentals 1 Mile South of Bayfield

34475 Port Superior Road, Bayfield, WI 54814

superiorcharters.com (715) 779-5124

・Transient Dockage ・Area’s Largest Ship Store ・Marine Repair & Restoration ・Memberships Available

We offer a wide selection of new and previouslyenjoyed fresh water boats. Exclusive regional dealer of Jeanneau Yachts & Lagoon Catamarans. "Try before you buy" through Superior Charters. See our current listings at SuperiorYachts.net. Offices at 100 Manypenny and Port Superior Marina.

For a full list of marinas and marine repair facilities in the Bayfield and Chequamegon Bay area, go to: BAYFIELD.ORG/CAMPGROUNDS-MARINAS

633 Fort Road, La Pointe, WI



B AY F I E L D . O R G



CRUISES & BOAT TOURS The Apostle Islands are big. The outer most islands in the chain are more than 20 miles away from the mainland. And while the protected waters in between the islands can be a great place to kayak or sail, it's hard to cover that much distance in a short time. So, for many travelers the best way to see as much of the islands as possible is by cruise boat, charter vessel, or water taxi.

for themselves in the Apostles. See lighthouses, sea stacks, rugged sandstone caves, and beautiful beaches.

See the beauty of the islands and learn about how they were formed by wind, waves, and ice. Hear the history of the people that have called this place home and how they built a unique life

Looking to actually set foot on some of the islands and explore on your own? Several local charter vessels can bring you to the island of your choice for a day of hiking or an overnight camping trip.

You can choose from several tours offered by Apostle Islands Cruises including the popular Grand Tour on their new ultra-stable catamaran, Archipelago. Or experience the mainland sea caves up close from a more nimble vessel with Good Earth Outfitters in Cornucopia.

Apostle Islands Cruises 2 N Front St, Bayfield WI 54814

(800) 323-7619 (715) 779-3925 apostleisland.com Scenic, narrated island cruises & glass-bottom boat tours. Island shuttles, sunsetcruises, shipwrecks, lighthouse cruises & lighthouse tours. Mid-May to Mid-October. Voted best in Wisconsin!

Good Earth O u t f i t t e r s , L LC 22670 Siskiwit Bay Parkway, Cornucopia, WI 54827

good-earth-outfitters.com (715) 742-3910 Come explore the world famous mainland sea caves or a trip to historic Sand Island aboard our 25 foot powerboat and enjoy the majestic beauty of Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands. Our quaint gift shop located in the marina district of Cornucopia, WI is the starting point for our adventures.

To find a full list of cruises , tours, and water taxis, go to: BAYFIELD.ORG/ADVENTURE

Above: An Apostle Islands Cruises vessel departs from Bayfield for a tour in the Aposlte Islands National Lakeshore. At left: A view of the peninsula that holds the mainland sea caves near Meyers Beach. 18


2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E

Caution: Your camera finger may get tired


B AY F I E L D . O R G




RELAX & LEARN Learn new skills, explore the past at local museums, or just take a deep breath and relax. Find the options that fit with your perfect Bayfield vacation. You can enroll in a week long photography class or study writing with accomplished authors at the Madeline Island School of the Arts. Find the balance you've been looking for during a yoga workshop at Wild Rice Retreat. Or just pamper yourself with a massage from Superior Body Massage & Spa.

Pieces of Bayfield's past on display at the Bayfield Maritime Museum.

The Bayfield Rec Center, right next to downtown, is open to visitors year round (day, month, and long-term passes are available). The facility includes a 25 meter salt-water pool, hot tub, sauna, racquet ball court, and a fitness room with treadmills, elliptical machines, weight lifting equipment, rowing machine and stationary bikes. While your here, immerse yourself in the rich history of the area. Bayfield County is home to the more museums per capita than any other county in Wisconsin, including two amazing museums, both in easy walking distance from downtown. The Bayfield Heritage Association Museum hosts a variety of exhibits about the history of the Bayfield area including information about logging, quarrying sandstone, and a special exhibit about the flood of 1942.

M AY 1 0 - J U N E 9 , 2 0 1 9

The Bayfield Maritime Museum features beautiful exhibits about Bayfield's proud maritime history with information about shipping and commercial fishing on the Great Lakes. The Maritime Museum also works with local boat builders and volunteers to build reproductions of classic Lake Superior boats as a demonstration for the public. And if you plan to drive the Scenic Byway (see page 56) make stops at the Washburn Culutral Center and the Green Shed in Cornucopia along the way. With so many great ways to relax and learn, you may never want to leave. And that's fine too.

R E L A X & L E A R N i n B AY F I E L D : Bayfield Heritage Association 30 N Broad Street, Bayfield, WI 54814

bafieldheritage.org (715) 779-5958 Venture back in time and learn about the people, industries, events, and places that define this region at our free museum in downtown Bayfield.

L e g e n d a r y Wa t e r s R e s o r t and Casino 37600 Onigamiing Drive, Red Cliff, WI

legendarywaters.com (800) 226-8478 The only resort and casino nestled on the shores of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. Lake Superior's premier South Shore destination. Escape ordinary-Experience legendary!



2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E

Madeline Island School of the Arts 978 Middle Road, La Pointe, WI 54850

madelineschool.com (715) 747-2054 Five-day workshops for adults in writing, painting, quilting, and photography. Summer workshops on the island MayOctober. Modern lodging, delicious meals. Ranked in top five destinations for art workshops in the country. Winter workshops in Tucson, AZ and Santa Fe, NM.

Recreation and Fitness Rescources-Bayfield Rec Center 140 S Broad Street, Bayfield, WI 54814

recreationandfitnessresources.or g (715) 779-5408 Play, workout, and relax in our indoor pool, hot tub, sauna, fitness room, and racquetball court in the heart of downtown Bayfield! Daily lap and open times.

Superior Body Massage & Spa 33 N First Street, #105, Bayfield, WI 54814

superiorbodymassage.com (715) 209-0428 Offering therapeutic and relaxation massage, facials, spa treatments, manicures and pedicures in downtown Bayfield. Our serene and convenient location is perfect for individuals, couples, and groups. Online appointment scheduling available.

To find a full listing of businesses offering relaxing experiences in Bayfield, go to: BAYFIELD.ORG/LEARN and BAYFIELD.ORG/RELAX.

B AY F I E L D . O R G




Bodin Fisheries 208 Wilson Avenue, Bayfield WI 54814

bodinfisheries.com (715) 779-3301 Located alongside of the commercial fishing docks, where the fish come into town daily between 1–3 pm. Fresh and smoked whitefish, trout, and seasonally herring. Best smoked fish in Bayfield.

Brownstone Centre 121 Rittenhouse Avenue, Bayfield, WI 54814

(715) 779-5571 Locally-owned shop featuring women’s sportswear, jewelry and accessories. We also carry nautical gifts, home decor, Hallmark cards & children’s toys. We are also Bayfield’s creative energy outlet for yarn enthusiasts.

SHOP Our shops aren't just in our community, they're a part of our community. They provide good jobs and sponsor special events like Apple Festival and the Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race. They support our local food pantry. They work hard to keep our downtown vibrant and alive. And, of course, they offer visitors a great shopping experience in Bayfield. Stroll down historic Rittenhouse Avenue in downtown Bayfield and you'll pass one window after another filled with everything from outdoor gear to nautical souvenirs to fine hand-made jewelry and everything in between. And, while you're looking, notice that every shop is truly unique. There are no chains, no discount stores; just real businesses in a thriving downtown. Now hop in the car for a quick drive up to the orchards and visit farm stands selling fresh fruit along with jellies and jams, cider and gifts. Stop in at Eckel's Pottery just on the edge of town and see artisans creating beautiful ceramics. Stop in the tasting room at Copper Crow Distillery and try a cocktail with their signature vodka or rum before picking up a few bottles to stock the cabinet at home. Pick up smoked Lake Superior whitefish from Bodin Fisheries and pair it with the perfect wine from Bayfield Wine & Spirits before heading to the beach for a picnic lunch. Visit Trek & Trail on the lake front in Bayfield to gear up for your next kayaking adventure. Swing in to Howl Adventure Center to pick up a new helmet or new tire before you head for the mountain bike trails. 22

2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E

Whether you're checking off gifts on the holiday shopping list for the whole family or just looking for that perfect little momento from your Bayfield vacation, hit the streets and shop. You won't be disappointed.

Copper Crow D i s t i l l e r y , L LC 37395 State Highway 13, Bayfield, WI 54814

coppercrowdistiller y.com

PL ACES TO SHOP: Apfelhaus Cidery

(715) 779-0275 Distilled spirits crafted in small batches using fresh regional ingredients. Enjoy a tour and tasting. Relax with a cocktail made from our featured spirits. We are a destination, distilled.

86565 County Highway J, Bayfield, WI 54814

facebook.com/ apfelhausecidery (715) 779-5404 May-October Artisinal and small batch cider, nestled on a hill overlooking the majestic islands of Lake Superior at Hauser's Superior View Farm. From blossom to bottle. Made right. Right here.

Bayfield Winery/ Se ve n Po n d s Wi n e r y

Keeper of the Light 19 Front Street, Bayfield, WI 54814

keeperofthelight.net (715) 779-5619 Nautical Gifts & Souvenirs: collectibles, boat & home décor, maps & posters, clothing, Tilley hats, jewelry, windsocks, rocks, toys, puzzles, books, soap, postcards, pirate booty, mermaids, glassware & more.

87380 Betzold Road, Bayfield, WI 54814

wineriesonbetzoldroad.com (715) 779-3274 Escape to the wineries for a unique wine experience. Enjoy a wide variety of local, hand-crafted wines, food from the scratch kitchen, and pastoral views of the vineyards and orchard.

Stone's Throw 40 S Second Street, Bayfield, WI 54814

stonesthrowbayfield.com (715) 779-5200 Gallery with many local & nearly local artisans, loads of both playful & serious works of art & craft

Sweet Sailing 120 Rittenhouse Avenue, Bayfield WI 54814

(715) 779-3682 Tempt your sweet tooth, sooth your appetite, and please the eye in Sweet Sailing Where we feature home-style fudge, salt water taffy, candy, gourmet foods, kitchen and home decor.

For a complete list of places to shop in and around Bayfield, go to: BAYFIELD.ORG/SHOP






13 S. SECOND ST • BAYFIELD, WI 54814 • (715) 913-0141







3 5 2 6 5




J ,

B AY F I E L D ,


5 4 8 1 4




Bayfield VG Ad 2019 3.66x2.365.qxp_Layout 1 10/12/18 12:13 PM Page 1

L ake Superior R ocks! Subscribe & Get the 2019 Lake Superior Travel Guide FREE! www.LakeSuperior.com 888-BIG LAKE (888-244-5253)

Escape, Enjoy, Experience...

Family Owned Orchard, Vineyard, & Kitchen 87380 Betzold Rd. Bayfield, WI 715-779-3274 wineriesonbetzoldroad.com



2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E

B AY F I E L D . O R G




A R T S & C U LT U R E

Bayfield has a long history with the arts. The inspiring beauty of Lake Superior and the small, tight-knit community have drawn artists of all stripes from across the country. Many start out as visitors to the area and eventually decide to make northern Wisconsin their home. From painters, jewelers, and sculptors to woodworkers, musicians, and actors, Bayfield has a big art scene.

Catch live music under the blue canvas circus tent at the Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua. Headlining performers and house shows take the stage at this one-of-a-kind venue every Friday and Saturday night from May until September with additional shows on some Sundays and weeknights. In the summer, the sidewalls of the tent are lifted to let the cool evening air into the tent nestled at the base of Mt. Ashwabay. Seeing a show at the tent is completely unique.

Yonder Mountain String Band plays to a packed tent during a summer show. Headlining performers from all types of musical traditions make Big Top Chautauqua a stop on their tours. From blues and jazz to folk and pop, seeing a show at the Big Blue Tent is a one of a kind experience. And don't miss the house shows featuring the Blue Canvas Orchestra. See what's on the 2019 schedule by going to bigtop.org 26


2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E

Even big name performers on national tours often comment on how special it is to be at the Big Top. If you've never been, you just have to see for yourself. To see an up-to-date list of concerts and performers or to buy tickets, go to: BIGTOP.ORG While you're in Bayfield, visit the many studios and galleries in and around Bayfield to see hand-made work by talented local artisans including many who invite visitors to watch them at work. Find exquisite hand-made jewelry inspired by Lake Superior at Silverwaves Jewelry. Stop in the Bates Art Gallery to see painting, photography, and other work exclusively from artists living and working in the region. To find striking indoor and outdoor sculptures walk over to Kerr Studio overlooking the lakefront.

Located in beautiful Bayfield, Wisconsin!

See one-of-a-kind watercolors at the Austin Miller Gallery on Ski Hill Road. And find beautiful ceramic work by local artists at Eckel's Pottery on the edge of town, a cornerstone of the Bayfield arts community for more than 50 years. Plus, join us on July 20 and 21 for the 2019 Festival of Arts, an annual two-day juried fine art show held in memorial park on the shores of Lake Superior (see page 33 for more information).

A R T S & C U LT U R E : Austin Miller Studio & Galler y 33615 Ski Hill Road, Bayfield, WI 54814

austinmillerstudio.com (715) 779-5336 Watercolor, silk & acrylic paintings by Bayfield artist Francie Austin Miller. For 30 years, Francie has welcomed visitors into her gallery and custom frame shop loft to view her collection of originals, prints and cards.


Bayfield Inn Art Galler y

Custom Jewelry Design | Jewelry Workshops Lake Superior Stones & Designs | Repairs

20 Rittenhouse Avenue, Bayfield, WI 54814

thebayfieldinn.com (715) 779-3363 Original works of art by local painters and artists. Watercolors, oils, acrylics, & mixed media showcased in the Bayfield Inn lobby. New show every June!

B i g To p C h a u t a u q u a 32525 Ski Hill Road, Bayfield WI 54814

bigtop.org (715) 373-5552 • (888) 244-8368 Join us in an intimate canvas tent nestled near the shores of Lake Superior for more than 60 concerts each year, including international headliners, regional talent, and original productions.

204 Rittenhouse Avenue Bayfield, WI

(414) 550-7015 info@silverwaves.net

www.SILVERWAVES.net (continued on following page) B AY F I E L D . O R G



(continued from previous page)

Kerr Studio & Galler y 21 Front Street, Bayfield, WI 54814

kerrart.com (715) 779-5790 Elegant everyday designs in gold, silver, titanium, bronze, copper, steel, and aluminum. Earrings, custom fitted bracelets, wall vases, flowers, windchimes, indoor/outdoor sculpture, "Knotical" key rings.

S i l v e r w a v e s Je w e l r y , L LC 204 Rittenhouse Avenue, Suite 101, Bayfield, WI 54814

silverwaves.net (414) 550-7015 Organic jewelry designs inspired by Lake Superior, waves, and the natural world. Lake Superior agates, greenstone, and other regional stones.

For a full listing of arts & culture opportunities in Bayfield and the surrounding area, go to: BAYFIELD.ORG/ARTS



2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E

Above: An artist in Oulu, Wisconsin turns molten glass into striking art. Bottom: the sunrises over quiet streets in downtown Bayfield, home to many shops and galleries featuring the work of local artisans.

Where do you go for a hands-on, environmental education? YOU GO NORTH

If it’s Unplanned, Unexpected and Can’t Wait



northland.edu · ashland wi

1615 Maple Lane, Ashland, WI 54806 715-685-5500 • ashlandmmc.com B AY F I E L D . O R G



same year to herald the thriving quarry industry and the village’s passage into maturity. Bayfield’s population peaked at 2,692 in 1910 (Wisconsin Blue Book). Prominent businesses at the time included the Wachsmuth Lumber Company (formerly the R.D. Pike Lumber Mill), the Bayfield Canning Co. which processed fruit and other foods from the area’s abundant farms, and A. Booth and Son’s Packing Company (commercial fishing). Bayfield was booming. But, the Flood of 1942 devastated and transformed Bayfield forever. A deluge of water, sand and large boulders washed down through two large ravines into town, causing fires and wiping out homes and businesses, and depositing up to five feet of sand fill along the shoreline. It was a major set back, but the Bayfield community banded together to reclaim and rebuild.

HISTORY OF B AY F I E L D The history of our region traces back over 13,000 years. Native Americans, fur traders, timber and mine workers, farmers, fishers, business men and women, writers, artists and visitors have all left their mark on Bayfield over the centuries.

Bayfield’s fresh air and spectacular setting have attracted tourists for decades. It continues to be a popular destination for those seeking to enjoy Lake Superior and explore the Apostle Islands. We hope you enjoy your time here. Be sure to stop into our local history museums to learn more: the Bayfield Heritage Association, Bayfield Maritime Museum, and the Madeline Island Museum, and check out other historic sites around town (see fold-out map).

Prior to European settlement, indigenous people lived in large settlements, planting and harvesting crops and creating pottery, art and tools – artifacts that give us clues into early civilization about 3,000 years ago. This region is home to the Lake Superior Band of Chippewa (Ojibwe). Madeline Island is still the spiritual center for many Ojibwe who migrated from eastern regions around the Great Lakes, including the influential Chief Buffalo (ca. 1759 – 1855). French traders first came to the Chequamegon Bay in 1659 and, for the next two hundred years, the French, British, and Americans participated in the fur trade. Some 160 years later, in 1823, a young British Admiralty surveyor arrived in the area. Over the next two years, Henry Wolsey Bayfield worked to produce accurate maps of the Chequamegon Bay. In his honor, the new town on the shores of Lake Superior was named “Bayfield.” The 1850s were a turning point for the region. In 1855, the “Soo” locks at Sault St. Marie, Michigan opened, allowing for the first large ships to enter Lake Superior. Early boats included the schooner Algonquin, the first to use Bayfield’s new city dock, and the steamer Lady Elgin who brought with her engineers and carpenters that would build the City’s saw mill. In 1856, Henry Rice platted Bayfield and immigrants quickly came to take advantage of the rich fishing and the abundance of lumber. At the time, Bayfield had dreams of becoming a great inland harbor city, one to rival Chicago. The railroad steamed into Bayfield in 1883, opening up land transportation. Brownstone quarrying and tourism were just beginning to gather strength. Bayfield was booming: boasting schools, churches, lodges, hotels, and boarding houses. An impressive sandstone courthouse (now the National Park Service Headquarters on Washington Avenue) was constructed the 30

2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E

Top: A panoramic view of Bayfield taken in 1910 by H.L. Van Cleave. Above left: Swimmers pose on the City Dock on New Year's Day circa 1920. Above: Workers move debri from the street after the flood of 1942.

Brickyard Creek Development Group LAKE SHORE LOTS


Located two miles North of Bayfield, Wisconsin

...an expression of enjoyment through preservation.  Private Beach


At The Dock In Downtown Bayfield

 Walking Trails  City Sewer (some sites)  Roys Point Marina LAKE SUPERIOR • APOSTLE ISLAND NATIONAL LAKESHORE • BAYFIELD


Adjacent to Cornucopia Beach off West Spirit Point Road

Step Back in Time BAYFIELD


...where homes are not on the land,but of the land. Trail to Beach  Fiber Optics  City Sewer


Visit Our Free History Museum 30 N. Broad St., Downtown Bayfield 715.779.5958 | bayfieldheritage.org

Brickyard Creek Realty, LLC 1-877-675-8551 • Bayfield: 715-779-0282 • Cornucopia: 715-742-3326

PO Box 1436, Bayfield, WI 54814 bcsales@brickyardcreek.com

www.brickyardcreekrealty.com B AY F I E L D . O R G


2019 EVENTS J A N U A RY Winter Recreation Report Available on bayfield.org 715-779-3397 Jan. 1-7 Glassblowing Demonstrations and Classes Oulu Glass Gallery 715-372-4160 www.ouluglassgallery.com Jan. 12 - March 9 Friday Youth Nights Mt. Ashwabay Recreation Area 715-779-3227 mtashwabay.org Jan. 12 – Feb. 16 MADski youth Learn to ski board camp. Mt. Ashwabay Recreation Area 715-779-3227 mtashwabay.org Jan. 12 Sleigh and Cutter Rally Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center 715-685-9983 nglvc.org Jan. 21 Observation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day Northland College northland.edu/calendar Jan. 25 9th Annual WritersRead Northland College northland.edu/calendar

Feb. 16 23rd Annual Book Across the Bay BATB Community Grant Program 800-284-9484 batb.org Feb. 14-17 Valentine’s Romance and Dinner Packages Old Rittenhouse Inn 800-779-2129 rittenhouseinn.com Feb. 17 Bike Across the Bay Fat Bike Race North Coast Cycling Association northcoastcycling.com 715-373-2114 Feb. 24 King/Queen of the Mountain Race Weekend Mt. Ashwabay Recreation Area 715-779-3227 mtashwabay.org

M A R C H March 1 - 3 Bayfield Winter Festival Bayfield Rec Center 715-779-5408 recreationandfitnessresources.org March 7-17 Fantastic Mr. Fox Stagenorth – Washburn www.stagenorth.com

Jan. 25-27 Love Letters Stagenorth Washburn stagenorth.com

March 9 57th annual Mt. Ashwabay Spring Carnival Mt. Ashwabay Recreation Area 715-779-3227 mtashwabay.org


March 16 45th Annual Spring Powwow Northland College www.northland.edu/icc

Winter Recreation Report Available on bayfield.org 715-779-3335 Feb. 1-2 Red Wine Weekend Old Rittenhouse Inn 800-779-2129 rittenhouseinn.com

Feb. 1-3 24th Annual Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race Watch 50 dog sled teams compete! Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau, 715-779-3335 bayfield.org/aisdr

Feb. 2 Ashwabay Summit Cross Country Race Mt. Ashwabay Recreation Area 715-779-3227 mtashwabay.org Feb 15 Kick off Book Across the Bay with a Polka Party on the Bay Maslowski Beach Ashland northland.edu/polka

March 30 Chequamegon Symphony Spring Concert Northland College northland.edu

A P R I L Watch for blooming daffodils! In season—perennials, bedding plants, fruit trees, shrubs, ornamental bushes April 1 Northland Jazz Concert Northland College northland.edu April 5-6 Red Wine Weekend Old Rittenhouse Inn 800-779-2129 rittenhouseinn.com April 8 Northland College Choral Concert Northland College northland.edu April 9 Northland Symphonic Band Concert Northland College northland.edu

April 21 Easter Brunch Old Rittenhouse Inn 800-779-2129 rittenhouseinn.com April 26 Spring Fling and Annual Membership Party North Coast Cycling Association northcoastcycling.com 715-373-2114

M AY Admire over 50,000 blooming daffodils, a vibrant mosaic of roadside lupine & rolling orchards of apple blossoms May 1 through Memorial Day Red Barn Plant Sale Hauser’s Superior View Farm 715-779-5404 www.superiorviewfarm.com

May 24 Madeline Island Museum Community Open House 715-747-2415 madelineislandmuseum.org May 25 Madeline Island Museum opens for the season 715-747-2415 madelineislandmuseum.org May 25 Apple Blossom Fun Run and Bike Tour Friends of the Bayfield Carnegie Public Library 715-779-3879 bayfieldappleblossomrunandride. org/ May 25 Commencement at Northland College northland.edu/calendar May 25-26 Cornucopia Spring Fling/Town-wide Yard Sale cornucopiawisconsin.net

May 3-5 A Night of Shorts Stagenorth – Washburn www.stagenorth.com

May 25-27 Memorial Weekend Regatta WYC-AIS 715-779-3419 wyc.org/ais

May 10 WPR’s “Garden Talk” with Larry Meiller & Bayfield in Bloom Garden Expo

May 26 Annual Wine Tasting on Madeline Island La Pointe Center Art Guild & Gallery 715-747-3321

Bayfield Lakeside Pavilion, Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau 715-779-3335 bayfield.org

May 10 - June 9 Bayfield in Bloom

Bayfield Chamber & Visitors Bureau, 715-779-3335 bayfield.org May 12 Mother’s Day Brunch Old Rittenhouse Inn 800-779-2129 rittenhouseinn.com May 16-18 13th Annual Chequamegon Bay Birding and Nature Festival Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce 800-284-9484 birdandnaturefest.com May 18 Apostle Island Cruises begin running Apostle Island Cruises 800-323-7619 apostleisland.com May 18 Madeline Island Marathon and Half Marathon Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce 715-747-2801 madelineislandmarathon.com May 18 House to House Garage Sale Ashland Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce 800-284-9484 visitashland.com

May 27 Memorial Day Ceremony Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce 715-747-2801 madelineisland.com

J U N E June 1 Bayfield Garden Tour

Tour several of Bayfield’s best kept & beautiful gardens, Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau 715-779-3335 bayfield.org June 1 16th Annual Native Plant Sale Landmark Conservancy landmarkwi.org June 1-2 Madeline Island Visitor Appreciation Weekend Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce 715-747-2801 madelineisland.com June 1-2 Open House Big Bay State Park on Madeline Island Free park admission 715-747-6425 www.dnr.state.wi.us/org/land/ parks/specific/bigbay/ June 1-2 Madeline Island Museum Visitor Appreciation Weekend Half-price admission 715-747-2415 madelineislandmuseum.org (continued on page 34)

EVENTS LISTED IN RED are organized by the Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau. Learn more at BAYFIELD.ORG or call (715) 779-3335 32

2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E


Races begin at 10am on both days, with half of the total race distance completed each day. There are two main races: a 10-dog, 80-mile race and a 6 dog, 60-mile race. There’s also a 40-mile Sportsmens’ Race, a 6 to 8-mile Family Race and a 6 to 8-mile Youth Race (16 and under). Multiple spectator locations are available with amenities including a warming tent, concessions and bonfires. For more information go to: B AY F I E L D.O RG/A P O S T L E - I S L A N D S - S L E D - D O G - R AC E

B AY F I E L D I N B LO O M M AY 1 0 t o J U N E 9 , 2 0 1 9

A month-long celebration of spring in Northern Wisconsin. Special events include a live WPR Broadcast of Garden Talk, a garden expo and the Northern Native Plant Sale at the historic Lakeside Pavilion in downtown Bayfield, tours of local gardens featuring presenations and by many of the gardeners themselves, and the annual Blessing of the Fleet For more information go to: B AY F I E L D . O R G / B AY F I E L D - I N - B L O O M


J U LY 2 0 & 2 1 , 2 0 1 9

A juried fine art show held on the shores of Lake Superior in Downtown Bayfield. People from across the country apply to present their work at the festival and a jury of local artists choose more than 50 artists to participate on the two-day outdoor show. The show includes work by photographers, sculptors, jewelers, painters, textile artists and more. Judges at the event recognize five best in show winners and present awards at the event. For more information go to: B AY F I E L D . O R G / F E S T I VA L - A RT S

B AY F I E L D A P P L E F E S T I VA L OCTOBER 4-6, 2019

A celebration of the autumn harvest and Bayfield’s agricultural heritage. Tour the orchards and wineries, peruse fine arts and crafts while sampling local foods at more than 60 food booths. Live music by the Blue Canvas Orchestra of Big Top Chautauqua and a carnival round out the offerings. Special events include the Coronation of the Apple Queen, the apple peeling contest, and a Saturday evening fish fry at the historic Bayfield Lakeside Pavilion. The festival culminates with the Grand Parade, featuring a mass band with 400 participants playing On Wisconsin as they march down historic Rittenhouse Avenue, to Lake Superior. For more information go to: B AY F I E L D . O R G / B AY F I E L D - A P P L E - F E S T I VA L

B AY F I E L D . O R G


2019 EVENTS ( C O N T I N U E D )

(continued from page 32)

June 9 Blessing of the Fleet

Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau 715-779-3335 bayfield.org June 13 Chequamegon Chef’s Exhibition Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce 715-747-2801 madelineisland.com June 13 - 16 Eat, Skate, and Play Weekend Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce 715-747-2801 madelineisland.com June 13 The Cornucopia Museum opens for the season cornucopiawisconsin.net June 15 Apostle Islands Inline Skate Marathon and ALMT Half Marathon Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce 715-682-2500 apostleislandsinline.com June 16 Traditional Games on the Green Madeline Island Museum madelineislandmuseum.org June 18-September 3 Concerts by the Lake Free music every Tuesday in Memorial Park, begins at 7pm, Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau 715-779-3335 bayfield.org June 22 Superior Vistas Bike Tour 800-284-9484 superiorvistas.org June 22-July 7 Glassblowing classes
Oulu Glass Gallery 715-372-4160 ouluglassgallery.com June 27 – September 5 Thursdays Cornucopia Summer Concert Series Cornucopia Coffee and Sweet Shoppe Cornucopiawisconsin.net June 29 Reel Paddling Film Festival at Bayfield Lakeside Pavilion Trek & Trail, 715-779-3595 trek-trail.com/ June 29 Around the Islands Sailboat Race WYC-AIS 715-779-3419 wyc.org/ais

J U LY July 3 P4: Pedal, Paddle, Plod & Plunge Quadrathlon madelineislandp4@gmail.com June 29 - July 5 Bayfield Race Week Regatta WYC-AIS 715-779-3419 bayfieldraceweek.org July 4 4th of July Festivities & Fireworks Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau 715-779-3335 bayfield.org July 4 Madeline Island 4th of July Celebration Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce 715-747-2801 madelineisland.com July 4 A Day on the Green Madeline Island Museum 715-747-2415 madelineislandmuseum.org July 5,6,7 Annual Red Cliff Traditional Pow Wow 715-779-3700 redcliff-nsn.gov July 6 Fourth of July Celebration and Fireworks Cornucopia Beach cornucopiawisconsin.net July 7 74th Annual Cornucopia Fish Fry Cornucopia Club cornucopiawisconsin.net

July 20-21 57th Annual Festival of Arts and Gallery Tour

Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau 715-779-3335 bayfield.org July 20 Art on the Bay 2019 Wild Rice Retreat CBAC Fundraising Extravaganza, Chequamegon Bay Arts Council 715-373-5143 cbayarts.org July 20 Bay Days 1-mile, 5k & 10k Fun Run Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce ashlandbaydays.com 800-284-9484 July 21 Little Minnow Kids’ Triathlon Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce ashlandbaydays.com 800-284-9484

A U G U S T August 3 Point to La Pointe Swim Bayfield Area Recreation Center 715-779-5408 recreationandfitnessresources.org/ point-to-la-pointe.html Aug. 4 Madeline Island Fun Ride North Coast Cycling Association 715-373-2114 northcoastcycling.com

July 7 Cornucopia Library Annual Book Sale cornucopiawisconsin.net

August 8-11 Bayfield County Fair Bayfield County 715-373-6125x7 www.bayfieldcounty.org/244/ Bayfield-County-Fair

July 7 Annual Pie Social at Immanuel Lutheran Church cornucopiawisconsin.net

August 10 Cornucopia Day a celebration of hope cornucopiawisconsin.net

July 19-21 Ashland Bay Days Festival Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce ashlandbaydays.com 800-284-9484

August 15-18 Ashland County Fair ashlandcofair.org

July 19 Bethesda Annual Fish Fry Bethesda Lutheran Church 715-779-5611 bethesdalutheranbayfield.org July 12-14 Connecting CulturesExploring the Lake Superior Fur Trade Madeline Island Museum 715-747-2415 madelineislandmuseum. wisconsinhistory.org

Aug. 17-18 Anishinaabe Cultural Days Madeline Island Museum 715-747-2415 madelineislandmuseum. wisconsinhistory.org Aug. 17-18 Herbster Studio Art Tour herbsterstudioarttour.com

August 31 -Sept.2 Hulings Regatta WYC-AIS 715-779-3419 wyc.org/ais

S E P T E M B E R Sept. 6-8 Classic Boat & Schooner Rendezvous Bayfield City Dock lakesuperiortallships.org/ Sept. 7 Cornucopia Art Crawl Cornucopia, 602-809-8731 cornucopiawisconsin.net Sept. 7 21st Annual Mural Fest & Classic Car Show Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce www.visitashland.com 800-284-9484 Sept. 21-22 Dobson Cup WYC-AIS 715-779-3419 wyc.org/ais

Sept. 25 Apple Pie and Dessert Contest and Tasting

Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau 715-779-3335 bayfield.org

Sept. 25 Senior Social

Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau 715-779-3335 bayfield.org Sept. 26-29 Fall Festival: An open campus weekend for alumni, friends, and neighbors Northland College northland.edu/ fallfestival Sept. 27 Harvest Trail Dinner Northland College northland.edu/calendar/ Sept. 27-28 44th Annual Red Clay Classic Car Race ABC Raceway ashchamb@centurytel.net Sept. 28-29 Commemorating the Treaty of 1854 Madeline Island Museum 715-747-2415 madelineislandmuseum. wisconsinhistory.org

August 27 - Sept. 14 24th Annual Apostle Islands Lighthouse Celebration 715-779-5619 lighthousecelebration.com

EVENTS LISTED IN RED are organized by the Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau. Learn more at BAYFIELD.ORG or call (715) 779-3335 34

2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E

O C T O B E R Oct. 4-6 58th Annual Bayfield Apple Festival

Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau 715-779-3335 Visit bayfield.org/applefestival for a complete list of events.

Nov. 28 Thanksgiving Dinner Old Rittenhouse Inn 800-779-2129 rittenhouseinn.com November 24 Hunter’s Dinner Cornucopia Community Center cornucopiawisconsin.net

Nov. 29-Dec. 16 Holiday Shop Hop Bayfield Chamber

Oct. 5-6 Bayfield Carnegie Library Book Sale Bayfield Carnegie Library 715-7793953 bayfieldlibrary.org

& Visitor Bureau 715-779-3335 bayfield.org

Oct. 12 WhistleStop Marathon and Half-Marathon Ashland Chamber of Commerce 800-284-9484 visitashland.com

Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau 715-779-3335 bayfield.org

Oct. 19 Madeline Island Fall Fest Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce 715-747-2801 madelineisland.com Oct. 20 Last day of cruises Apostle Islands Cruises 800-323-7619 apostleislands.com Oct. 25-26 Fall Brew Weekend Old Rittenhouse Inn 800-779-2129 rittenhouseinn.com

Nov. 30 Holiday Tree Lighting

Nov. 22 & 23 Black Friday and Small Business Saturday - 50% off Store-wide Encore Resale Store 715-779-3455 corecr.org/encore-resale-store.html Nov. 30 Madeline Island Holiday Boutique Madeline Island Museum 715-747-2415 madelineislandmuseumfriends.org

CONCERTS BY THE LAKE Every Tuesday from June 18 until September 3, Bayfield hosts a live musical performance in Memorial Park as part of the Concerts by the Lake series. Each event is sponsored by a local business and features a different band or performer. The concerts are held on the shores of Lake Superior right next to Downtown and the City harbor and are open to the public free of charge. For more information about Concerts by the Lake and to see an updated list of performers as it becomes available go to: BAYFIELD.ORG/CONCERTS-BY-THE-LAKE

D E C E M B E R N OV E M B E R Nov. 1-2 Red Wine Weekend Old Rittenhouse Inn 800-779-2129 rittenhouseinn.com November 2 Chick-uamegon Women’s 5K/10K Walk/Run & Bike Race Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce chick-uamegon.com 800-284-9484 Nov. 8 - 10 The Apple Branch Christmas Open House Sunset Valley Orchard 715-7795510 sunsetvalleyorchard.com November 16 36th Annual Lutefisk & Swedish Meatball Supper at Bethesda Lutheran Church 109 S. 6th Street 715-779-5611 bethesdalutheranbayfield.org/

Dec. Wassail Concerts Old Rittenhouse Inn 800-779-2129 rittenhouseinn.com

Dec. 7 Holiday Spirit Gallery Tour

Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau 715-779-3335 bayfield.org

Dec. 6 Shop Local for the Holidays Night Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau 715-779-3335 bayfield.org

Dec. 14 Santa Arrives on Madeline Island Ferry

Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau 715-779-3335 bayfield.org Dec. 31 New Year’s Eve Celebrations Old Rittenhouse Inn 800-779-2129 rittenhouseinn.com

For a full calendar of events updated throughout the year, go to:


H O M E TOW N H O L I D AY S There isn’t a more festive place than Bayfield during the holidays. Sparkling lights decorate a vibrant downtown filled with shops and galleries. Participate in the holiday shop hop, support the food pantry during Shop Local for the Holidays night, and meet Santa when he arrives on the Madeline Island Ferry Line. To learn more about the Hometown Holidays in Bayfield, go to: BAYFIELD.ORG/HOMETOWN-HOLIDAYS B AY F I E L D . O R G


Rooms with a view....

Open Year Around l Lakeside Trail l Clean & Quiet l Comfortable l

Kitchenettes l Family Units l Smoke-Free l WiFi l

SEAGULL BAY MOTEL Jeanne & Mike Goodier l Abby & Jacob Rathlef l



www.seagullbay.com 715-779-5558 325 South 7th Street, Bayfield, WI

2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E

Enjoying your trip? Loving the area? We can help you get your little slice of Bayfield Peninsula paradise!

Come for the Music. Come back for the


Over 35 years of providing professional and personable real estate services including Buyer Agency Winfield_FullPageAd_5.375x8.5_101911.pdf



6:33:28 AM

10 N. 1st St. • Bayfield, WI 54814 overlooking the shores 715-779-5807 • email: realty@apostleislands.com

of scenic Lake Superior...











Open 12 months a year Nightly or Monthly rentals 360˚ virtual tours at www.WinfieldInn.com Beautifully landscaped gardens & ponds Minutes from Downtown and Ferry Snowmobile access Gift shop and gardens open to the public

Bayfields most experienced vacation rental company. for reservations • property availability • location & rate information • special offers

225 East Lynde Avenue • Bayfield, WI 54814

Join us in summer 2019 for more than 60 concerts including international headliners, regional talent, and original productions – all in an intimate 900 seat canvas tent nestled near the shores of Lake Superior.

BIGTOP.ORG | 715-373-5552 B AY F I E L D . O R G


LO D G I N G O P T I O N S : Ada O'day Condos

STAY Where you choose to stay during your trip to Bayfield, can easily set the tone for your entire visit. From cozy condos on the hillside to modern hotel rooms on the lakeshore to rustic cabins in the woods, Bayfield has the right place for any trip and any traveler. With many options—at various price points—available within easy walking distance of downtown shops and restaurants, the Madeline Island Ferry Line, and the city harbor, it's easy to park your car and explore Wisconsin's Smallest City on foot. Looking for something a little more rustic? Find cabins outside of town with private beaches on Lake Superior or classic northwoods hotels with easy access to the trails and gravel roads of the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. Hike to a private yurt with views of the Big Lake. The historic Old Rittenhouse Inn, a long-standing cornerstone of downtown Bayfield and home to the Landmark Restaurant, is one of the oldest bed and breakfasts in the state. Still clad in it's original Victorian woodwork and stained glass, the inn offers lavish rooms that recall Bayfield's bountiful past. The Bayfield Inn offers modern lakeview rooms and lakeside outdoor dining at the Deck, overlooking the city harbor. And maybe just as important as what you will find in beautiful Bayfield, is what you won't find: big corporate chain hotels. In an effort to maintain a thriving business community, Bayfield has made a conscious effort to foster and support true local businesses. From the biggest hotels in town to the smallest rental cottage, the lodging options in Bayfield are real, local businesses. They're involved in our community. They are partners in the events that make Bayfield one of a kind. So, while you enjoy the view of the lakeshore in fall from the window of your motel, you can also enjoy knowing that what you pay for lodging supports a real community, not a franchise. With so many options it's easy to find the perfect place to stay for your Bayfield adventure. 38

2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E

34 N Second Street, Bayfield, WI 54814

thebayfieldinn.com (715) 779-3363 (800) 382-0995

ApostleRentals.com: A n d r e w Ta t e C o n d o #200 10 N First Street, Bayfield, WI 54814

apostlerentals.com (715) 371-0171

These 1, 2, & 3-bedroom condos offer modern amenities, fireplaces, private deck/patios, partial to excellent Lake Superior views, and a great central downtown location.

1/2 block from Bayfield harbor dock. Downtown Bayfield, walk to everything. Sleeps 4, balcony window views of Madeline, harbor, Bayfield. Kitchen, WiFi, 40” flat screen, pets, off-street parking, AC, fireplace, K-bed, Q-sofa sleeper. Email: info@apostlerentals.com

Kids OK, Kitchen

Pets OK, Kitchen

Condo: peak/off-season $209-299/$149249

Condo: peak/off-season $279-299/$159

A n d r e w Ta t e C o n d o s #201 & #202

ApostleRentals.com: F i r s t & Wa s h i n g t o n Condo #201

24 N First Street, Bayfield, WI 54814

33 N First Street #201, Bayfield, WI 54814

thebayfieldinn.com (715) 779-3363 (800) 382-0995 These luxury 1 & 2-bedroom condos are in the heart of downtown adjacent to the Bayfield Inn. Both units offer full kitchens, modern amenities, private parking, and private decks with stunning harbor views. Kids OK, Kitchen Condo: peak/off-season $209-279/$149229

Apostle Pines 34745 Madeline Trail, Bayfield, WI 54814

winfieldinn.com (715) 779-3252 Lakeview cottages at Apostle Highlands Golf Course. Decks & screened porches. Fireplace, kitchen, hardwood floors, 2 bedrooms, 1 3/4 baths, AC, WiFi, and gas grills. Kids OK, Kitchen Condo: peak/off-season $275/$170

apostlerentals.com (715) 371-0171 Perfect for groups. Walk to everything, 1 block from ferry. Downtown Bayfield. Lake views, sleeps 9, 2-1/2 baths. Super kitchen, off-street parking, fireplace, deck, WiFi, 2 flat TVs/Blu-Ray, AC, washer/dryer. Kids OK, Kitchen Condo

ApostleRentals.com: F i r s t & Wa s h i n g t o n Condo #203 33 N First Street #203, Bayfield, WI 54814

apostlerentals.com (715) 371-0171 1 block from ferry, balcony views of Basswood Island. Sleeps 8, 2 bathrooms, off-street parking, WiFi, kitchen, pet friendly. AC, fireplace, washer, dryer. 40” flat screen. Walk to everything. Downtown Bayfield. Kids OK, Kitchen Condo: peak/off-season $329-349/$219

Plan your adventure.

ApostleRentals.com: F i r s t & Wa s h i n g t o n Condo #204

Bayfield Crossings

33 N First Street #204, Bayfield, WI 54814

apostlerentals.com (715) 371-0171 Spacious 2 BR. Walk to everything, 1 block from ferry. Downtown Bayfield. Sleeps 6 (Q, 2 twin, sleeper). Super kitchen, offstreet parking, fireplace, deck, WiFi, flat TV/Blu-Ray, AC, washer/dryer. Kids OK, Kitchen Condo

Artesian House Bed & Breakfast 84100 Hatchery Road, Bayfield, WI 54814

artesianhouse.com (715) 779-5992 Contemporary inn on 25 wooded acres near town, lake, Big Top Chautauqua & Mt Ashwabay. Private baths, entrances, spacious deck, all first-floor rooms, and WiFi. Hemlock room has jacuzzi. Enjoy our soaring great room with woodstove. Locally sourced light breakfast. 2 Night minimum.

117 S First Street, Bayfield, WI 54814

Bayfield on the Lake Condos


10 S First Street, Bayfield, WI 54814

(715) 779-3252


Downtown condo across from the marina. Great room with vaulted ceiling, kitchen, WiFi, AC, whirlpool tub, cable, laundry, and deck. Smoke-free.

(715) 779-3363 (800) 382-0995

Condo: peak/off-season $160/$110

Lakefront & downtown, these updated condos have spectacular Lake Superior views! Walking distance to shops, restaurants, parks, attractions & more. Enjoy private deck/patio, private parking, & modern amenities. #201 & 202

Bayfield Inn, The

Kids OK, Kitchen

20 Rittenhouse Avenue, Bayfield, WI 54814

Condo: peak/off-season $279-299/$209249

Kids OK, Kitchen

thebayfieldinn.com (715) 779-3363 Stay. Dine. Relax. The Bayfield Inn has 21 modern rooms with luxurious amenities on the shores of Lake Superior, downtown Bayfield! Onsite restaurant & lounge. Private parking. Any season, any meal, any traveler. Kids OK Hotel/Motel/Inn: peak/off-season $179249/$99-199

Kids OK

Bayfield on the Lake Condos

B&B: peak/off-season $159-189/$129-149

10 S First Street, Bayfield, WI 54814


At Ships Quarters 20 N Broad Street, Bayfield, WI 54814

apostlerentals.com (715) 371-0171 Renovated downtown 1900's home with outside decks, queen beds, Jacuzzi's, coffee pot, microwave and refrigerators. Three individual main floor suites. Twobedroom apartment upstairs that sleeps 8 with full kitchen and living room. Kids OK upstairs.

(715) 779-3252

Bayview Beach House 81675 Bayview Park Road

Washburn, WI 54891

winfieldinn.com (715) 779-3252 300’ of private sandy shoreline and the Onion River winds through the property. 3 bedrooms, 3/4 & 1/2 baths, wood-burning fireplace, charcoal grill. Kids OK, Kitchen Rental Home: peak/off-season $320/$180

Boatworks Condos #203 & #204

Luxurious lakefront condos next to Marina, overlooking the Apostle Islands - best view in town! 1-4 bedrooms, decks, full kitchen, fireplace, laundry, cable, phone, AC, internet, whirlpool tub. Smoke-free.

107 Manypenny Avenue, , Bayfield, WI 54814

#100, 101, 103, 301, & 303

With a downtown location, private parking, full kitchens & modern amenities, Boatworks Condos offer convenience and lake views! Both units have 2 bedrooms and private decks overlooking the marina.

Kids OK, Kitchen Condo: peak/off-season $235-345/$130260

thebayfieldinn.com (715) 779-3363 (800) 382-0995


Kids OK, Kitchen

Suites, Guest Room: peak/off-season $169259 May to October

Condo: peak/off-season $229-279/$149229




B AY F I E L D . O R G




Bodin-Ski House 12 N First Street, Bayfield, WI 54814

D e Pe r r y s o n the Lake

Greunke's First Street Inn


88905 Merchant Road, Bayfield, WI 54814

17 Rittenhouse Avenue, Bayfield, WI 54814

(715) 779-3363 (800) 382-0995

(715) 779-9771


Lake Superior up close! Three upper level suites with private bath right on the Big Lake. TV, AC, grills, fire-pits, small beach. Quiet location 3 miles north of Bayfield.

(715) 779-5480

This charming 5-bedroom home is perfect for large families or groups. It comes fully equipped with everything you'll need for your stay, and the downtown location is just 1/2 block from Lake Superior! Kids OK, Kitchen Rental Home: peak/off-season $650/ Closed for Winter


Centrally located in Bayfield near attractions and shopping. Onsite restaurant, pizza, and fish boil. Listed in directory of Wisconsin’s Historic Inns and “Let’s Go Guide to the U.S.” Ample parking. 2-night min., July-September.

Suites: peak/off-season $125-175

Fo'c'sle Inn, The

Kids OK Hotel/Motel/Inn: peak/off-season $85175/$75-150

22580 State Highway 13, Cornucopia, WI 54827

Brickyard Cottages 37510 Madeline Trail, Bayfield, WI 54814

winfieldinn.com (715) 779-3252 Cottages are situated on 70 acres of wooded land, 3 miles north of Bayfield. Some have lake view. Studio–4 bedroom. Kitchens, cable, phones, fireplaces, and screened porches. Some with WiFi.

siskiwitbay.com (715) 742-3337 In picturesque harbor of Cornucopia. Private rooms with own entry and bath. Breakfast served to the room. Striking views over Lake Superior. Kids OK

Ha r b o r’s Ed g e Mo t e l 33 N Front St, Bayfield WI 54814

harborsedgemotel.com (715) 779-3962 21 modern smoke-free rooms. Downtown Bayfield on the waterfront. Kitchenettes & suites available. In-room coffee, cable TV, AC, 2-night min., WiFi available.

B&B: peak/off-season $139/$135 Kitchen, Kids OK

Kids OK, Kitchen Cabin: peak/off-season $180-330/$160-180

Garden Guest House 23 S First Street, Bayfield, WI 54814


Brownstone Suites 117 Manypenny Avenue, Bayfield, WI 54814

thebayfieldinn.com (715) 779-3363 (800) 382-0995 Brownstone Suite has a great location downtown near daytime and nighttime activities. There's a full kitchen, private parking, & partial lake view in this cozy suite.

Motel: peak/off season $90-150/$60-$110

(715) 779-3363 (800) 382-0995 Five units with modern décor & amenities. 3 of the units have kitchenettes & lake view decks. One garden level unit has a full kitchen and one is a cozy queen room. Kids OK, Kitchen Suites: peak/off-season $119-$279/$129229

Harbor View Lodging 308 N Second Street, Bayfield, WI 54814

s h e i l a s h a r b o r v i e w. c o m (715) 779-9797 Charming 2-room suite on hill overlooking harbor. Walk to ferry, excursion boats, sailing, kayaking, restaurants, shops & churches. 3-night minimum Memorial Day-Apple Fest. AC, private bath & deck. $20 ea. additional person nightly. Cable & WiFi. Kids OK, Kitchen Suites: peak/off-season $130/Closed Winter

Kids OK, Kitchen Suites: peak/off-season $209-229/$149-199

Carriage House, The

Garden House Bed & Breakfast

Hidden Cottage

9255 Sunnyside Lane, Port Wing, WI 54865

20 N First Street, Bayfield, WI 54814


34755 Chequamegon Road, Bayfield, WI 54814

(715) 774-3705


Surrounded by gardens, Garden House combines a quiet retreat with the contemporary B&B experience. Near Lake Superior's sand beaches. In-house fine art gallery. Full breakfast served.

(715) 779-3252 Beautiful 2-bedroom lake view home, minutes from downtown Bayfield. Home has an open floor plan, hard- wood floors and large deck with view of Lake Superior. Kids OK, Kitchen Rental Home: peak/off-season $285/$170 40

2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E

thebayfieldinn.com (715) 779-3363 (800) 382-0995 A charming rustic 1-bedroom cottage secluded, yet downtown near shops, restaurants, and attractions. Offers a full kitchen & private parking. Pet friendly and cozy.

Kids OK B&B: peak/off-season $80-120

Kids OK, Pets OK, Kitchen Rental Home: peak/off-season $159-179/ Closed for Winter

on Lake Superior T h e Wa s h bu r n I nn 7 15 . 3 7 3 . 5 6 7 1

A day to Remember... a View you wont forget Photo by Artful Eye Photography

H a r b or V i e w E v e n t C e n t e r 7 15 . 2 0 9 . 7 2 7 9

H a r b or V i e w L ou ng e & L a k e s i de Pat io 7 15 . 3 7 3 . 5 4 9 2

128 Harbor View Dr. Washburn, WI 54891 www.washburninn.com

B AY F I E L D . O R G



Hidden Cove

Old Rittenhouse Inn

902 Superior Avenue, Washburn, WI 54891

301 Rittenhouse Avenue, Bayfield, WI 54814




(715) 779-3252

(715) 779-5111

2-bedroom private cottage with a stunning view of Lake Superior. Located 10 miles south of Bayfield. Wood fire- place, deck, outdoor fire-ring, private swimming cove.

Old Rittenhouse Inn offers world class lodging and dining, with 20 guest rooms and a full service restaurant onsite. Find quiet season rates and special events at rittenhouseinn.com

Kids OK, Kitchen Rental Home: peak/off-season $300/$170

Kids OK B&B: peak/off-season $165-395/$140-335

Isaac Wing House

The Pilot House Bed & Breakfast 101 Washington Avenue, Bayfield, WI 54814


17 S First Street, Bayfield, WI 54814


(715) 371-0171

(800) 382-0995

Only one block up from the Ferry! Four rental suites, all with private bathrooms, some with jacuzzis. Lake views, flat screen TVs, WiFi, AC. Walk to everything!

In an 1872 downtown home with water views, and spacious suites with kitchenettes, private baths, comfy beds. WiFi, AC. Enjoy beautiful gardens & sunrises, and the convenience of downtown.

Kids OK B&B: peak/off-season $179-219/$129-149

Kids OK, Pets OK, Kitchen Hotel/Motel/Inn: peak/off-season $139279/$89-189

Island View Lodging

Ole and Lena's Place 85685 Woodland Trail, Bayfield, WI 54814


86720 Island View Lane, Bayfield, WI 54814

(715) 779-3060


The comfort of the woods with convenience of nearby lake & downtown. 4 units featuring kitchen, WiFi, AC, satellite, gas grill, outdoor fireplace, deck & porch. Perfect for groups & individuals. 2-night minimum, weekends.

(715) 600-3607 Located 1 mile from Bayfield. Large private suites: kitchens, dining, living, bath, bedroom w/queen bed. All suites w/lake view & access. B&B includes full breakfast. 2-night minimum, May-Oct. Cabin & Suites: peak/off-season $180-$220

L e g e n d a r y Wa t e r s Resort and Casino 37600 Onigamiing Drive, Red Cliff, WI

legendarywaters.com (800) 226-8478 The only resort and casino nestled on the shores of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. Lake Superior's premier South Shore destination. Escape ordinaryExperience legendary! Kids OK, Hotel/Motel/Inn & Lodge/Resort: $170-250/$80-170 42


2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E

Kids OK, Pets OK, Kitchen Suites & Guest Room: peak/off-season $80-150/$70-125

Pine Cottage 86020 Meyers-Olson Road, Bayfield, WI 54814

winfieldinn.com (715) 779-3252 Pine Woods: Studio with 3/4 bath, fridge, microwave, coffee maker. Pine Lake: 1 bedroom, bath, kitchen, lakeview. Both with WiFi, AC, cable, deck, gas grill. Can be combined for a 2-bedroom cottage. Kids OK, Kitchen Rental Home: peak/off-season $200250/$160-200

Pinehurst Inn Bed & Breakfast

Winfield Inn & Gardens

83645 State Highway 13, Bayfield, WI 54814


225 E Lynde Avenue, Bayfield, WI 54814

(715) 779-3676


One of the top-rated bed & breakfasts in Bayfield, located on 3 1/2 acres with incredible white pines and gorgeous gardens. Each room with private bath. Free amenities include: outdoor sauna, hearty 3-course breakfast, afternoon snack, non-alcoholic beverages, and Wi-Fi. B&B: peak/off-season $160-245/$130-190

(715) 779-3252 Largest lodging facility with 3 acres of gardens on the shores of Lake Superior. Refrigerators, kitchens, cable, AC, WiFi, coffee, private patios & balconies.

Silvernail Guest House

Po r t Su p e r i o r Lakefront Condos

249 Rittenhouse Avenue, Bayfield, WI 54814

34405 Port Superior Road, Bayfield, WI 54814

In the heart of downtown Bayfield newly updated historic Bayfield guest house. (4) jacuzzi Suites & (1) 2-bedroom suite. Walk to everything! WIFI Flat Screen’s Cable TV, AC.

winfieldinn.com (715) 779-3252 Condos located at Port Superior Marina. 2 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, kitchen, wood fireplace, cable, AC, gas grills, some with WiFi. Waterfront decks & boat slips.

apostlerentals.com (715) 371-0171

Kids OK Suites: peak/off-season $169-189/$129-149

Sailor's Solace Cottages 85640 Woodland Trail, Bayfield, WI 54814

sailorssolace.com (715) 779-3320 Open all year! Two cottages in a peaceful, quiet, wooded setting. Fully equipped kitchen. Outdoor fire pit, gas grill. 2 night minimum all year. Kids OK, Kitchen Cabin: peak/off-season $150/$90

Seagull Bay Motel 325 S Seventh Street, Bayfield, WI 54814

seagullbay.com (715) 779-5558 Lake view, hiking trail, in town, smoke-free property, wireless internet access, cable TV, refrigerators, micro- waves, coffee makers, decks, picnic tables, Big Top Chautauqua shuttle. 2-night min., Fri-Sat weekends. Kids OK, Pets OK Hotel/Motel/Inn: peak/off-season $110/$59

Condo, Suites, & Hotel/Motel/Inn $120-210/$100-140

Wo o d s i d e C o t t a g e s of Bayfield 84790 State Highway 13, Bayfield, WI 54814

woodsidecottages.com (715) 779-5600

Kids OK, Kitchen Condo: peak/off-season $245/$140

Kids OK, Pets OK, Kitchen

Steeple Hill 308 N Second Street, Bayfield, WI 54814

s h e i l a s h a r b o r v i e w. c o m

1-3 Bedrooms, jacuzzis, kitchens, W-Fi, Brownstone Trail. Come stay with us and experience Bayfield! Located 1/2 mile south of downtown at Highway 13 and County Highway J. Kids OK, Kitchen

(715) 779-9797

Cabin & Lodge/Resort: peak/off-season $149-299/$99-249

Upper & lower units with panoramic Lake Superior view, overlooking historic district. Whirlpool tub, shower, microwave, coffeepot, mini-fridge, cable, WiFi, AC, and private deck. Smoke-free. Three short blocks to shops and docks.

For a full list of places to stay in Bayfield, go to: BAYFIELD.ORG/STAY

Kids OK Suites: peak/off-season $145-160


Use our simple online tool to help you choose where to stay during your trip to Bayfield. Click on "Lodging Availability" in the upper right hand corner of any page on BAYFIELD.ORG (or under MENU on a mobile device). Enter the date you plan to arrive along with how many nights you plan to stay and you'll see a list of the lodging options that have space available during that time. Plan your stay at:




DINE For a small city, Bayfield is big on places to eat. We have fine dining and haute cuisine, cozy breakfast spots and classic ice cream shops, or just a classic pub burger if that's what you're looking for. Bayfield’s many enticing restaurant options make it one of the best places to go in Wisconsin for those who love good food. Many of our chefs take daily inspiration from Bayfield’s locally-grown and everchanging harvest of fresh berries, apples and local produce, along with the day’s catch of fresh Lake Superior fish. Sample seasonal soups and chowders, try a pie, hot out of the oven, paired with a cup of fresh coffee from one of the downtown coffee shops. And don’t miss your chance to try some of the amazing local fish featured at many of Bayfield’s restaurants. Dessert, anyone? Try homemade ice cream or a slice of famous wine bread. Fresh fudge, candy and saltwater taffy can be found in the shops along Rittenhouse Avenue. And don’t leave town without some pies, apple cider donuts, smoked and fresh fish, jellies, jams, fruits, cider and fresh roasted coffee to share with friends and family! There’s nothing better than the taste of Bayfield.

Bayfield Winery/ Se ve n Po n d s Wi n e r y

Greunke's First Street Inn

87380 Betzold Road, Bayfield, WI 54814

17 Rittenhouse Avenue, Bayfield, WI 54814



(715) 779-3274

(715) 779-5480

Escape to the wineries for a unique wine experience. Enjoy a wide variety of local, hand-crafted wines, food from the scratch kitchen, and pastoral views of the vineyards and orchard.

Quintessentially Bayfield: serving blueberry pancakes to salty sailors for 7 decades! Featuring Trout Hemingway & whitefish livers. 40s/50s decor. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, fish boils. Centrally located with ample parking.

Café Coco-Artisan Baker y & Good Eats 146 W Bayfield Street, Washburn, WI 54891

coconorth.com (715) 373-2253 Local ingredients, bread, pastries, desserts, breakfast, lunch. Wedding catering. Come enjoy the bounty of the Bayfield Penninsula open 7 days a week 361 days a year.

C r e a m e r y B a r, T h e

Lakeside Dining Room & Lounge at the Bayfield Inn 20 Rittenhouse Avenue, Bayfield, WI 54814

thebayfieldinn.com (715) 779-3363 (800) 382-0995 Excellent breakfast, lunch, & dinner with spectacular Lake Superior views! Enjoy classic breakfasts, fresh fish, steaks, pasta, & more in the Lakeside Dining Room. The Lounge offers a full bar & lighter fare menu.

31 S First Street, Bayfield, WI 54814

facebook.com/ TheCreameryBar (715) 913-0180 A full bar with indoor & outdoor seating, great selection, and great service. Watch your favorite sports on our bog screens with surround sound. Bayfield's hot spot for nightlife! Complimentary WiFi.

Deck at the Bayfield Inn, The

L e g e n d a r y Wa t e r s Resort & Casino 37600 Onigamiing Drive, Red Cliff, WI

legendarywaters.com (800) 226-8478 The only resort and casino nestled on the shores of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. Lake Superior's premier South Shore destination. Escape ordinaryExperience legendary!

20 Rittenhouse Avenue, Bayfield, WI 54814

thebayfieldinn.com (715) 779-3363 (80) 382-0995 Enjoy the best view in Bayfield from the rooftop of the Bayfield Inn! Serving lunch and full bar daily in summer with live music weekends June-Labor Day.

WHEEL CHAIR ACCESSIBLE Top: Classic eggs benedict from Manypenny Bistro. Above: A hot chicken sandwich served al fresco on the Deck at the Bayfield Inn. 44

2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E


Maggie's 257 Manypenny Ave, Bayfield WI 54814

maggies-bayfield.com (715) 779-5641 “Legendary eatery” with flamingo decor that must be seen to be believed! Daily specials featuring fresh Bayfield fruits, vegetables & fish. Serving lunch & dinner year ’round.

Morty's Pub 108 Rittenhouse Avenue, Bayfield, WI 54814

mortyspub.com (715) 779-3996 With over 80 domestic and craft beers, cocktails, and wine, we've got something for everyone! Hungry? Morty's offers awesome burgers, fresh Lake Superior Whitefish and appetizers. Stop by before Big Top Chautauqua! Then hop on the free Big Top shuttle which is directly across the street. Locally owned since 1935.

Old Rittenhouse Inn's Landmark Restaurant 301 Rittenhouse Avenue, Bayfield, WI 54814

rittenhouseinn.com (715) 779-5111 Old Rittenhouse Inn offers world class lodging and dining, with 20 guest rooms and a full service restaurant onsite. Find quiet season rates and special events at rittenhouseinn.com

Po r t s i d e Ba r & Re s t a u ra n t 34480 Port Superior Road, Bayfield, WI 34480

bayfieldportside.com (715) 779-5360 Fine dining in a casual marina setting. Spectacular lake views, overlooking Port Superior Marina. Featuring steavjs, seafood, pasta, fresh fish, and succulent prime rib. Great wine list! Indoor & outdoor seating. 2 miles south of Bayfield, Highway 13.

S g t . Pe p p e r o n i ' s P i z z a To G o 21 S First Street, Bayfield, WI 54814

greunkesinn.com/sgt-pepperonis-pizza (715) 779-0153 Serving delicious pizza to the Bayfield area since 1997. Offering specialty & custom topping pizzas for take-out, delivery, or dine-in at Greunke’s Restaurant. Open 7 days a week!

Wild by Nature Deli 100 Rittenhouse Avenue, Bayfield, WI 54814 Entrance on First Street


LAKE SUPERIOR WHITEFISH Commercial fishing is a rich part of Bayfield's history. The waters in and around the Apostle Islands hold more spawning ground and habitat for fish than the rest of Lake Superior combined. From the early days of European settlement in the area fishing has been a way of life providing healthy protein year round for the people of this area and a key export from the area driving the local economy. Today, because of good science-based resource management, sustainable commercial fishing continues to be a part of Bayfield's future as well. During the summer months commercial fishing tugs (like the one shown above) bring in a sustainable harvest of whitefish, along with other species like brown trout and coho, from the waters around the Apostle Islands and the South Shore. Many of the fishermen in the area bring their daily catch to Bodin Fisheries on Bayfield's waterfront. A third generation fish processing plant, Bodin Fisheries, processes packages, and distributes the daily catch to restaurants and grocery stores through out the area. From the Big Lake to your plate in a day. That's about as fresh as food can get. From classic fish boil to fried whitefish tacos, many of the restaurants in Bayfield and the surrounding area offer fresh caught Lake Superior fish served just about any way you want. That includes a local delicacy: fried whitefish livers. And when it comes to livers it seems like people either love 'em or hate 'em, there's not a lot of middle ground. But wherever you stand, everyone agrees, it's pure Bayfield.

(715) 779-5075 Sandwiches, salads, wraps, breakfast burritos, cold drinks, snacks for your pack, coffee and tea, and Wisconsin cheese, with a healthy twist—All to go.

For a full list of dining options in Bayfield, go to: BAYFIELD.ORG/DINE

Top: A classic Great Lakes Fishing Tug navigates rough water in the channel between Bayfield and Madeline Island. Middle: For generations local fishermen have been bringing their catch to the Bodin's Fisherie for processing. Above: Fried whitefish livers served with peppers and onions at Maggie's in Bayfield. B AY F I E L D . O R G



STAY WITH US 2521 Lake Shore Drive West • 715.685.2583




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Purchase of $25 or more

Grocery & Deli chequamegonfoodcoop.com 700 Main Street West Ashland, WI (715)682-8251

fresh • organic • LocaL BVG


2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E

NER H/DIN ld.com C N LU bayfie iesa m gg

257 Manypenny Avenue Bayfield

B AY F I E L D . O R G



FARMS & ORCHARDS Bayfield’s location next to Lake Superior, the rolling hills outside of town, and the shelter created by the Apostle Islands creates a unique micro-climate that's perfect for growing fruit. During the summer months, you can find fresh strawberries, sweet and tart cherries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries at the farms and orchards along the Bayfield Fruit Loop (see back of fold-out map). Bayfield’s berry farms and orchards also offer pick your own options all season long. The Official Berry Capital of Wisconsin, Bayfield proudly supports its local farmers and offers a weekly farmers market downtown through the growing season. And you can check the Berry Farm and Orchard Report throughout the season to see an updated list of what's available. Go to: BAYFIELD.ORG/ORCHARD-REPORTS As the leaves turn and the temperatures drop, the apple orchards begin their fall harvest, offering apples of every size and flavor, including many heirloom varieties. Join us for Bayfield Apple Festival, a celebration of the fall harvest. The annual three day festival starts on the first Friday 48

2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E

in October and draws up to 60,000 people to Bayfield to enjoy all things apple. Learn more about Apple Festival on page 33. Agriculture is a proud part of Bayfield's history. The fruit industry began in earnest with the first commercial orchard planted by William Knight in 1905. Having observed the success of backyard fruit trees, he purchased land outside of the city and planted twenty acres in cherries and twenty acres in apples. One year later he planted thousands more and kickstarted the agricultural region that we know today. Some of those original trees still produce apples and can be found at Hauser’s Superior View Farm, located on County Highway J, 2 miles outside of Bayfield.


Bayfield Apple Company 87540 County Highway J, Bayfield, WI 54814

bayfieldapple.com (715) 779-5700 Fifteen varieties of apples, pears, strawberries, blueberries, & asparagus— grown with sustainable practices. Apple cider, jams, apple and currant mustards. Honey, maple syrup, hard cider, apple brats, local food & gifts.

Hauser's Superior V i e w Fa r m 86565 County Highway J, Bayfield, WI 54814

superiorviewfarm.com (715) 779-5404 May-October 100+ years, 5 generations, 1928 Sears barn with Lake Superior view. Greenhouse, cherries, blueberries, apples, homemade products, cider, & gifts plus the new Apfelhaus Cidery—handcrafted hard cider!

For a full list of farms and orchards near Bayfield see the fold-out map in the center of this guide or go to: BAYFIELD.ORG/ORCHARDS

Historic 1928 SEARS Mail-Order Barn

– Over 100 Years - 5 Generations – • Perennials & Annuals

Famous Red Barn Plant Sale in May

• Berries & Apples • Hard Cider Made right. Right here. • Homemade Jams & Jellies • Vintage Farm Collections Open Daily May–Oct • 10am-5pm 86565 County Highway J, Bayfield, WI

www.superiorviewfarm.com | 715-779-5404

B AY F I E L D . O R G



The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is part of the National Park Service and includes twenty-one of the twenty-two islands in the archipelago and a block of shore on the mainland that includes the Meyer's Beach Sea Caves. For more information about the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore go to: WWW.NPS.GOV/APIS Or contact: APOSTLE ISLAND NATIONAL LAKESHORE HEADQUARTERS (715) 779-3397 415 Washington Avenue Bayfield, WI 54814



2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E

THE GATEWAY TO THE APOSTLE ISLANDS The Bayfield Peninsula and the twenty-two islands that grace the waters reaching North and East into the Big Lake have drawn people to this place for thousands of years. The power of Lake Superior and the beauty of the islands captures the hearts of visitors like few other places on earth. The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, part of the National Park Service, encompasses twenty-one of the twenty-two islands and a block of mainland shoreline. Designated as National Lakeshore in 1970, the park protects and preserves the natural beauty of the archipelago for everyone. Travelers come from across the country and around the world to explore the islands by sailboat, kayak, and tour vessel, taking in the red sandstone shorelines and hiking the wild forested interior. The mainland unit of the park features the popular sea caves, accessible by kayak and boat charter in summer. In wintertime, these sea caves become the celebrated ice caves, which draw visitors from around the world to explore their beautiful splendor. The ice caves form every winter and can be viewed from the trail above, which is accessible year-round. However, when conditions are right, the ice beneath the caves becomes solid enough to support foot traffic and visitors are able to enter the caves and view the ice formations up close. Always be sure to check with the local authorities before heading out on the ice, as the conditions can change very quickly and safety is of the utmost importance. The trail above the caves begins at the Meyers Beach parking lot, 18 miles north of Bayfield and 5 miles east of Cornucopia, on State Highway 13.

America. But be advised, cold water and rapidly changing weather can make Lake Superior a dangerous place, especially for beginners. First-time paddlers are encouraged to join a guided expedition, which makes it simple and safe to kayak Lake Superior. While planning your kayaking adventure, choose from a number of guided half-day, whole-day or multi-day trips, or arrange to rent your own kayak at one of Bayfield’s kayaking outfitters. Experienced leaders will provide instruction on how to safely use the boats and can lead visitors to the most spectacular sites. Trips leave from multiple locations between Bayfield and Cornucopia, located at the northern tip of the Bayfield Peninsula, about 21 miles outside of Bayfield. Hiking and camping on the Apostle Islands, which offer up old growth forests, historic fishing camps and well-maintained trails, are bucket list adventures. A total wilderness experience can be had mere miles from the comforts of downtown Bayfield. Camping is allowed on 19 of the islands and boat shuttles are offered to the campgrounds on Oak and Stockton Islands. Campers must secure a permit beforehand, at the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Headquarters in Bayfield or online, along with maps and information about the islands. The Headquarters also features exhibits about the park and more information to help you plan your trip. If a day trip is more your style, hiking shuttles are offered multiple times a week to the popular destination of Stockton Island, which has its own ranger station and the famous singing sands of Julian Bay.

The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is also home to the largest and most complete collection of historic lighthouses in the nation. Once a critical aid to navigation, these structures are now a reminder of a bygone time. All of the lighthouses are viewable by boat and some are open to the public. The Michigan Island and Raspberry Island lighthouses were recently restored and ranger-guided tours are provided there during the summer months. Experienced sailors consider the waters surrounding the Apostle Islands to be some of the best recreational boating in the world. The area offers more than dozen weather-safe marinas, many sailing charters, and boating services offering visitors a wide variety of ways to experience the islands first hand. The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore also offers some of the best kayaking anywhere in North B AY F I E L D . O R G







2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E

Madeline Island School of the Arts

Madeline Island is the largest of the Apostle Islands and the only one not included in the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. It sits 2.5 miles across the channel from Bayfield and during the spring, summer and fall it is accessible via the Madeline Island Ferry Line or private watercraft. Visitors from Bayfield can walk, take a bike, or drive their vehicles aboard the ferry for a visit to Madeline Island. In the summer months, the ferry leaves every 30 minutes during the day and the trip takes about 25 minutes each way. In the winter, when the lake is frozen, travelers to and from Madeline Island can often use the Ice Road to drive back and forth. Visitors arrive on the island at the historic town of La Pointe, with a year-round population of about 250. Boasting shops, restaurants, lodging and a marina, La Pointe also features a Wisconsin Historical Society museum and a golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr. For those interested in the outdoors, Madeline Island offers Big Bay State Park and Big Bay Town Park, each with its own campground, swimming beach and hiking trails. Madeline Island is the spiritual center of the Lake Superior Chippewa, and is named for Madeleine Cadotte, also known as Ikwesewe, the daughter of the Ojibwe chief White Crane. Ikwesewe was married to Michael Cadotte, a prominent fur trader and head of the trading post in the early 1800’s, which at that time was managed by John Jacob Astor’s American Fur Company. The Anishinaabe name for Madeline Island is Mooningwanekaaning, which means Home of the Golden Breasted Woodpecker. Public signage on Madeline Island is bilingual, with place names written in both English and Anishinaabe.

978 Middle Road, La Pointe, WI 54850

madelineschool.com (715) 747-2054

Madeline Island Fe r r y Li n e

Five-day workshops for adults in writing, painting, quilting, and photography. Summer workshops on the island May-October. Modern lodging, delicious meals. Ranked in top five destinations for art workshops in the country. Winter workshops in Tucson, AZ and Santa Fe, NM.

100 Main Street, La Pointe, WI 54850

madferry.com (715) 747-2051 Walk, drive, or bike on board. Enjoy the spectacular 20 minute ride between Bayfield and Madeline Island. Trips run every 1/2 hour during the summer. Scheduled service April through January.

Madeline Island Museum

M a d e l i n e I s l a n d Ya c h t Club 633 Old Fort Road, La Pointe, WI 54850

miyc.net (715) 747-2655 Beautiful, tranquil and protected full-service marina: gas, diesel, pumpout, transient dockage, area’s largest ship store, marine repair and restoration. Island ambience. Walk to shops/restaurants. Memberships available!

226 Colonel Woods Avenue, La Pointe, WI 54850

madelineislandmuseum.org (715) 747-2415 Encounter our island culture! Make connections from the Ojibwe and European Fur Traders and discover island life through exhibits and special events that explore the communities that made the island home. Open May 25-October 19.

Wo o d s H a l l G a l l e r y & Studios 721 Main Street, La Pointe, WI 54850

woodshall.com (715) 747-3943 Woods Hall offers a year round studio & gallery space for local artists since the 1950's. Our gallery boasts a beautiful selection of artisan crafted wares & fine art all made by island artists.


For a more attractions and businesses on Madeline Island, go to: BAYFIELD.ORG/MADELINE-ISLAND

B AY F I E L D . O R G


Fireworks lanuch from the breakwater in Cornucopia, Wisconsin during the small towns annual Fourth of July celebration.


Red Cliff

From Bayfield, follow State Highway 13, the Wisconsin Lake Superior Scenic Byway, 21 miles north, as it makes its way along the Bayfield Peninsula until you arrive in Cornucopia, Wisconsin’s northernmost town and home to the famous sea cave at Meyers Beach. This community has a historic marina that provides a safe harbor for commercial fishing vessels and pleasure craft alike.

Home to the Red Cliff Band of the Lake Superior Chippewa, Red Cliff is a small town 2 miles North of Bayfield. With a beautiful view of Basswood Island from Legendary Waters Resort & Casino­ (complete with campground, marina, sports grill, and cultural museum), Red Cliff offers something for every visitor. Experience Anishinaabe culuture at the annual Pow Wow and explore the first-ever Tribal National Park at Frog Bay just outside of town.

Herbster Continue on for 8 miles until you reach the village of Herbster. This former logging community, is now a quiet hamlet characterized by natural beauty, outdoor family activities, and quality art (see ad for Herbster Studio Art Tour on page 37). With its popular campground right on the shore of Lake Superior and adjacent sandy beach, Herbster is a mecca for the outdoor lovers and family fun. Nearby is the pristine Bark Bay Slough State Natural Area, where you can canoe and kayak amongst rare species of flora and fauna. Just beyond the Bark Bay Slough is a boat launching site on Bark Bay, popular with fishermen and kayakers. Within walking distance from the beach and campground is the historic log cabin gym.

Po r t Wi n g The final stop is Port Wing, another 8 miles further and named for one of Bayfield’s prominent early residents, Col. Isaac Wing. This community has two historic churches and a restored saloon, each of which have been converted into art galleries.


2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E

For more information about attractions and businesses on the South Shore, go to: BAYFIELD.ORG/SOUTH-SHORE

Welcome to our backyard... ESCAPE ORDINARY

Experience Legendary

LEGENDARY WATERS RESORT & CASINO The only Resort and Casino within the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore National Park CASINO HOTEL EVENT CENTER SPORTS BAR & GRILL SNACK BAR LOUNGE CAMPGROUNDS MARINA 1 (800) 226-8478 TOLL FREE WWW.LEGENDARYWATERS.COM Located 3 Miles North of Bayfield, WI on Highway 13

B AY F I E L D . O R G
























The Wisconsin Lake Superior Byway received its official State of Wisconsin confirmation in fall of 2012. This 70-mile stretch of STH 13 follows the shoreline of Lake Superior from the roundabout intersection of US 2 and STH13 to the intersection of County Road H and STH13 in the Town of Cloverland. It is a snapshot of the geological, historical, cultural, ecological and recreational diversity of the region, featuring breathtaking scenic views of forests, pristine sandy beaches, quaint harbor towns, historic fishing villages and small farms.


13 ! (








well as a Heritage Museum and a Maritime Muse




local specialty!

Walk the Brownstone Trail along an old railroad



8 13 9 ( !

" )J




Learn the history of Bayfield by taking the Wate

along the shore with informational signage alon






take the Gil Larson Nature Trail (part of the Big

System) which starts by a historic apple shed, c under a beautiful old iron bridge and ends at a




taste of Lake Superior or enjoy local flavors at o

restaurants. If you’re brave, try the whitefish live


some fresh or smoked fish from a commercial fi


KIOSK LOCATION: Frog Bay Tribal National Park



Just north of Bayfield, Red Cliff is home to the R

of Lake Superior Chippewa and offers visitors a

unique sites and experiences, including Legend



C " )

Resort & Casino which includes many displays a



history and culture of the native Anishinaabe pe




excellent RV camping and a marina which offer shower facilities in the resort.


The marina provides a convenient gateway to th

Islands for boaters and kayakers. Scenic sandsto

characterize the shoreline along with large wetl




A " )


13 ! (

at the sandy mouths of pristine rivers and strea


is also the home of the first Tribal National Park


A beautiful hiking trail, boardwalk and footbridg



through primordial boreal forest to a beautiful s offering a view of 5 of the Apostle Islands.




Another treasure is Point De Tour, a rustic camp



the water’s edge on the northern-most tip of th


which is connected to miles of trails for hikers a to explore.


Red Cliff is also home to the only health clinic o

A newly constructed 38,500 square foot commu



B " )

clinic provides medical, pharmacy, optical and d

to members of the Tribe as well as the general p



Experience traditional Chippewa culture during


annual Pow Wow or during Cultural Days. A num

murals located in buildings throughout the rese


The beauty of the byway is experienced through the stories and scenery that embrace the majesty of Lake Superior. One billion years in the making, it is the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area, and the third largest by volume. Sandstone cliffs along the byway showcase millions of years of wave action on this largest of the Great Lakes. National, state, county and local concentrations of natural resource areas are unsurpassed.



2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E




Heading out of Red Cliff and around the tip of t


2 £ ¤ !

the Byway passes through farm fields interspers

forested areas where logging has been and con

an important part of the local economy. County

£ ¤ 63 !

you to Little Sand Bay, where the Town of Russe

campground and the Apostle Islands National L




KIOSK LOCATION: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Bono Creek Launch

The Wisconsin Lake Superior Scenic Byway (WLSSB) begins at the Whittlesey Creek National Wildlife Refuge, an important estuary, wetland area and bird migration route. The Refuge was established in 1998 in an effort to restore coaster brook trout, a native trout that spawns in Whittlesey Creek and spends its adult life in Lake Superior. This is one of 12 fresh water estuaries, known as the “String of Pearls,” that exist along the Lake Superior shoreline in this area. The refuge has been designated a Globally Important Bird Area by the American Bird Conservancy and provides environmental education opportunities via the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center. The six mile drive to Washburn parallels the shoreline of the Chequamegon Bay and crosses numerous streams that flow from the highlands above.



KIOSK LOCATION: Thompson’s West End Park

The historic City of Washburn is situated on the shore of the Washburn Ranger District of the Chequamegon-Nicolet

For more information about the byway and points of interest along the route, go to WWW.LAKESUPERIORBYWAY.ORG.

manages a fish hatchery, which is open for publ

G " )


KIOSK LOCATION: Little Sand Bay Campground

Lake Superior and is the county seat as well as home of

Becoming a scenic byway is not an easy process. The highway has to be part of the state highway system (a numbered state or federal highway other than an interstate) at least 30 miles long, offer travelers outstanding scenic views or historic resources combined with recreational and cultural attributes, and be initiated and supported by local groups and governments. Twelve local governments and the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa cooperated to make the byway a reality.

highlight the traditional Chippewa way of life. R


National Forest. Washburn was a “boom town” from 1880 into the 1920’s where brownstone was quarried and shipped

seasonally. There is also a swimming beach, ma





KIOSK LOCATION: Bayview Beach Park


brownstone buildings on the National Historic Register, along

Leaving Washburn and traveling the twelve miles north to

The Town of Bayfield is “L-shaped” so you’ll drive through

with the Washburn Historical Museum and Cultural Center.

the City of Bayfield, the visitor drives through gently rolling

two separate sections. Entering the section north of Bayview,

all over the country. The county courthouse is one of three

There is also a Historic District that includes the “DuPont

open fields with a mixed hardwood backdrop which gives

the traveler is greeted by a magnificent vista of Lake

Row” houses, which were built by the DuPont Company for

way to pine and cedar forests. Within the first mile out of

Superior and the Apostle Islands as the Byway climbs into

employees who worked just south of town at the largest

Washburn is the Houghton Falls State Natural Area where

the hills of Bayfield and hugs the shore of Lake Superior.

dynamite plant in the world during World War I.

you’ll encounter beautiful gorges, waterfalls and glens. Large

Visitors can enjoy a 1.5 mile walking trail along the Lake Superior shoreline with scenic views and sand beaches along the way with interpretive signage about the lumber

fields of lupine bloom along the Byway in late spring. A bit further along Hwy 13 you’ll see another estuary where the Onion and Sioux rivers merge into Lake Superior. This

Ski Hill Road leads to the Mt. Ashwabay Ski and Recreation Area with both downhill and cross-country skiing in the winter and mountain bike trails in the summer. It is also the summer home of Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua where

Historic sites in this area include the Les Voigt State Fish

Bayfield Apple Festival (starting the first Friday in October) which is recognized as one of the best fall harvest festivals in

interpretive signage along its route, leading to a sand beach.

the nation.

The northern section of the Town of Bayfield (located

The city’s historic district covers most of the downtown

between Red Cliff and Cornucopia/Town of Bell) has the best

area and features architecture ranging from quaint cottages

access for kayaks to the mainland sea caves at Meyers Beach,

to magnificent Victorian homes. Guided and self-guided

which is part of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore and

walking tours give visitors the chance to hear colorful stories

Gaylord Nelson Wilderness Area. During the winter months these caves are transformed into a winter wonderland, which become accessible occasionally when the conditions allow a hike across frozen Lake Superior. There is also a hiking trail

and tourism history. The walking trail follows the Historic

is where the sand beaches along the Town of Bayview’s

both local and national acts perform under a 950-seat

on the cliffs above the shoreline where you can view the

Maritime Trail where many artifacts from shipwrecks can be

1.5 mile shoreline give a clear view of Madeline Island, the

canvas tent. The local “Blue Canvas Orchestra” shows offer

caves from above.

viewed underwater. The city is punctuated by two beautiful

largest of the Apostle Islands.

lakefront campgrounds – Thompson’s West End Park on one end of town with a sand beach, artesian well and boat launch, and Memorial Park on the east, offering views of and access to the lake via a stairway. Washburn has a strong arts community and is home to many shops, galleries and restaurants as well as some pubs offering live music and a performing arts theater.

Traveling north, scenic views start to become visible through the wooded shoreline and are a reminder that the great lake “Gitche Gumee” is still nearby.

a glimpse into the history and culture of the area through original songs and visual images that will leave an imprint on your heart. The rolling hills near the big lake offer a unique microclimate which is conducive to growing fruit, so watch for signs

Parts of the County Forest in this area are actively logged and managed as an important part of the local economy.


from the past, sometimes told by costumed characters. In addition to its well-preserved architecture, Bayfield is the “Gateway to the Apostle Islands” and is known worldwide

launch at the site.




Just past Meyers Beach Road (see “Town of Bay

section”), the view opens up and the hills of nor

Minnesota are visible in the distance. The Byway

a steep descent into Cornucopia, Wisconsin’s no town. The harbor provides a protected port for

fishing vessels and pleasure craft. Fill your wate

the artesian well near the beach and take some

the Green Shed Museum which offers a peek at

as a premiere sailing and kayaking destination. The

years of life on the rugged South Shore of Lake

headquarters of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is

will find boat charters, a fishery with fresh and s

located in a historic brownstone building. The visitor center

shops, galleries and even lodging at the marina.

provides fascinating information about the islands and the lighthouses, which together comprise the largest single collection of lighthouses in the nation. Watch the video to



directing you to over a dozen orchards and fruit farms in the area. Bayfield is the “Berry Capital of Wisconsin,” boasting

Midwest” by the Chicago Tribune. It is home to the annual

Hatchery (another locally quarried brownstone structure) as well as the Salmo Trail with historic and environmental

Descending the hill into downtown Bayfield, a breathtaking

find out more about this special place. The islands can be accessed via cruise boat, sailing or power boat charter, kayak, or a ferry to Madeline Island, which is

the state’s largest raspberry producer and the largest

view of Lake Superior welcomes you. The smallest city in

the only island with year-round residents and the only one

organic blueberry crop. Bayfield also has the widest (and

Wisconsin, Bayfield has a population of just 487. It has been

of the 22 islands that is not a part of the National Lakeshore.

best) variety of apples in Wisconsin!

named, not once but twice, as the “Best Little Town in the

Downtown Bayfield is filled with many shops and galleries as









P l a n y o u r a d v e n t u r e b y v i s i t i n g B AY F I E L D . O R G B AY F I E L D . O R G





2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E

Photo credits: (left column top to bottom) HLP Studio, PS139 Photography, HLP Studio, On3 Wedding Photography (center coulmn top to bottom) On3 Wedding Photography, On3 Wedding Photography, SV Heart Photography, Jaimee Morse. (right column top to bottom) On3 Wedding Photography, HLP Studio, On3 Wedding Photography, HLP Studio.

Local businesses to help with your wedding: Bayfield Lakeside Pa v i l i o n 2 E Front Street, Bayfield, WI 54814

cityofbayfield.com/lakesidepavilion.html (715) 779-5712 This historic lakeside facility is perfect for events of all types & sizes. Seating for 200! Please call or email cityclerk@cityofbay eld.com to make your reservations.

Lace & Brass Events PO Box 104, Cornucopia, WI 54827

laceandbrassevents.com (715) 600-1822 Bayfield Weddings Wedding and elopement planner based in Bayfield, Wisconsin. Services include wedding planning, day-of coordination, event design, and all-inclusive elopement packages. See more information on our website.

W i l d H o l l o w Fa r m 42395 Berweger Road, Ashland, WI 54806

wildhollowfarm.com (715) 278-3978

Bayfield is the perfect place for your perfect day. Whether you're planning a formal ceremony complete with black ties and flowing gowns or a barefoot wedding on the beach, Bayfield has everything you need to make your wedding exactly what you want it to be. Step one in planning your Bayfield weddings is choosing a venue. From the historic Lakeside Pavilion, located downtown directly on the lake, to a private tour boat cruise through the Apostle Islands, the possibilities are endless. And Bayfield has a whole host of local vendors to help with food, wine, flowers and more. With over 100 lodging properties available, including hotels, B&B’s, cabins, cottages and condos, your guests will appreciate the diversity of accommodations available. And there's plenty more to enjoy during their stay By choosing a distinctive destination you may find your guests extending their own stay to spend time exploring the area and all it has to offer. To find more information to help you plan you're Bayfield wedding go to: BAYFIELDWEDDINGS.COM

Floral design for weddings and events using freshcut flowers grown here on the farm. Our design aesthetic captures and reflects the natural beauty and evolution of the seasons.

To find a full list of wedding vendors in the and around Bayfield, go to: BAYFIELDWEDDINGS.COM


B AY F I E L D . O R G



PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Bayfield and the surrounding area are home to a thriving business community that provides the supplies and services you need to make your home or build your business here on Wisconsin’s North Coast. Our utility providers, contractors, suppliers, and businesses are interested in helping you design and implement systems that work for you. Better yet, many of the service professionals working in our area are also members of this community with a vested interest in working with their friends and neighbors to make Bayfield a great place to live. Bayfield is Wisconsin’s smallest city, but our business community still has a big reach. From construction services and utilities to architectural design and business support, Bayfield has all the professional services you need to make your home and build your business here on the shores of Lake Superior.

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Accounting Architecture/Interior Design Building Trades Cleaning Services Economic Development Education Event Center Excavating Financial/Investment Government Graphic Design Health/Wellness Insurance

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Medical Services Photography Printing/Media Property Maintenance Property Management Real Estate Septic Systems Signs and Awards Tourism Transportation Services Utility Waste Management/ Recycling Web Design

For a full list of professional services offered in the Bayfield area, go to: BAYFIELD.ORG/PROFESSIONAL-SERVICES

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: Apostle Islands Realty 10 N First Street, Bayfield, WI 54814

apostleislands.com (715) 779-5807 30 years of professional real estate services on the Bayfield Peninsula, South Shore and Madeline Island. Lakefront, city, rural and commercial properties to accommodate your lifestyle and recreational activities. Experience. Integrity. Results.

B r i c k y a r d C r e e k R e a l t y L LC 87810 Brickyard Creek Road, Bayfield, WI 54814

brickyardcreekrealty.com (715) 779-0282 Marketing environmentally sensitive lakeshore and lakeview lots & four-season cottage communities: Brickyard Creek in Bayfield, Sawgrass in Cornucopia, and Fire Hill in the Bayfield Orchard area.

Fissinger Chiropractic 215 Rittenhouse Avenue, Bayfield WI 54814

fissingerchiropractic.com (612) 791-6741 $25 per visit. Walk-In with sign-up sheet. Cash or check only. Open Tuesday -Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-1. No hidden costs or gimmicks.

Windseeker Realty 215 Rittenhouse Ave, Bayfield, WI 54814

windseekerrealty.com (715) 779-5000 Your trusted advisors for Bayfield and beyond, offering real estate brokerage and property management services on the South Shore of Lake Superior.

Love where you work. B AY F I E L D C O U N T Y E D C . C O M 60

2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E




WITC is an Equal Opportunity/Access/Affirmative Action/Veterans/Disability Employer and Educator. B AY F I E L D . O R G





2 0 1 9 B AY F I E L D T R AV E L G U I D E

Up to 25 trips per day Largest of the Apostle Islands Lake Superior, Wisconsin

madferry.com 715-747-2O51 Hike • Bike • Swim • Kayak • Relax • Canoe 2O minutes between Bayfield and Madeline Island B AY F I E L D . O R G



B AY F I E L D C H A M B E R & V I S I T O R B U R E A U PO BOX 138 • 42 S. BROAD STREET B AY F I E L D , W I 5 4 8 1 4

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2019 Bayfield Travel Guide  

2019 Bayfield Travel Guide  

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