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TRADITIONALLY DIFFERENT Let’s go! The best tips on culture, nature and Bavaria's most beautiful festivals

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Astonishing history Where Bavarian history lives on in castles and monuments

Servus! Bavaria, the state in the south east of Germany, is a holiday region with beautiful cities of culture, unique nature and living customs. Bavaria is also traditionally different. Let this magazine show you not only how vibrant the history of Bavaria is, but also how inspiring customs and traditions can be for a modern, casual attitude to life. We also provide you with numerous tips on walking trails, cycling tours, city trips, cultural events and – last but not least – culinary delights. The editorial team of the Bavaria Magazine wishes you happy reading!

Sommerach Bamberg



Rothenburg ob der Tauber




16 IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS: herdsman Florian Karg spends his summers up in the mountains




ALLGÄU/ Oberaudorf BAVARIAN SWABIA Ammergauer Alps


Grainau Obermaiselstein



Alpenwelt Karwendel


In the fantasy kingdom Bavaria’s history lives on in its castles


City histories The diversity of Bavaria’s way of life


Beer and glamour Bavaria’s cuisine has it all – from traditional to creative


Out into the fresh air The loveliest activities in the mountains and lowlands



AN GUADN! The tastes of Bavaria. Whether it’s outdoors or indoors, traditional or with a creative touch


Celebrating Bavarian-style The liveliest festivals from ancient customs to techno


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20 WINEMAKERS IN PARTY MODE: Andi Weigand raises a toast to guests at the Iphöfer wine festival “77&Friends”


Enter &


The prize It’s not always about the beer. Bavaria makes gin too. As proved by the four young distillers from Lohr am Main who distil their gin from local ingredients. Spring water, the needles of local Douglas firs and fragrant apples from their parents’ orchard are the basic ingredients of this award-winning spirit, which bears the name “Snow White”. If you’re lucky, you could win a bottle of “Snow White”! Simply register online by 30/09/2020 using the following link: www.bavaria.by/competition-gin

Bavaria Magazine 2020



hether Linderhof Palace, Her­ renchiemsee New Palace or the King's House on Schachen – the buildings of the Bavarian King Ludwig II from the 19th century are luxurious even by royal standards. For example, Linder­ hof Palace near Garmisch­Partenkirchen is something straight out of a fairy tale. A cheerful and playful pleasure palace in the rococo style, all in white, surrounded by a lovingly laid­out garden with bub­ bling fountains, grottos and pavilions. Ludwig had this dream world created all for himself. Here he sat on an orien­ tal­inspired peacock throne, waited on by turbaned servants; there he bathed in a heated, electrically illuminated pond in an artificial Venus grotto.

Kilos of gold leaf and a hall of mirrors with 2,000 candles Even more magnificent is Herrenchiem­ see New Palace, situated on an island in Lake Chiemsee, where five kilograms of gold leaf were used just for the decora­ tion. It is also called the “Bavarian Ver­ sailles” because Ludwig II was a great admirer of the French king Louis XIV.

Fairy tale glitz and glamour: Linderhof Palace


Historic Bavaria



In the fantasy kingdom Whether you let yourself be enchanted by fairy tale castles or linger in awe in a hall of fame: Bavaria's illustrious history is very much alive. Take a walk through it!

Bavaria Magazine 2020


Today’s heroes: evening atmosphere at the Walhalla hall of fame near Regensburg

“He saw in him the embodiment of an ideal monarch”, says Veronika End­ licher, the warden of Herrenchiemsee New Palace. With the hall of mirrors, the Fairy Tale King even trumped the Sun King: 75 metres long, it sparkled with almost 2,000 candles. Ludwig II of the House of Wittels­ bach was a sophisticated, imaginative and artistically talented regent. As a lover of all things beautiful, fine and splendid he spared no expense: he spent 16 milli­ on marks on Herrenchiemsee, some 180 million euros in today’s money. Quite a hit for the state’s coffers. However, his subjects loved their Ludwig warmly and intimately, and his fairy tale castles are still one of the largest and most popular historical attractions in Bavaria. The King’s House on Schachen, on the other hand, appears relatively simple – at least from the outside. Ludwig II, who loved the Alps above all else, wanted a house in the high mountains. On top of Schachen at a height of 1866 metres, he


Royal Bavaria: Herrenchiemsee palace gardens with warden Veronika Endlicher Below: the King’s House on Schachen

Historic Bavaria

Modelled on Versailles: the 75-metre-long hall of mirrors at Herrenchiemsee New Palace

Ludwig II. wanted to recreate the world of the French Sun King.

Veronika Endlicher, Warden at Herrenchiemsee

had an airy wooden house built which, with its pine parlours, is only remini­ scent of the Bavarian mountains on the ground floor. On the upper floor, Ludwig gave free rein to his oriental enthusi­ asm and created a room that resembles something out of One Thousand and One Nights – with velvet divans, pea­ cock feathers, stained glass windows and fountains. What would his grandfather, Ludwig I, have made of that? This Bavarian king was also a great builder, but as an admi­ rer of ancient Greek culture, he leaned entirely on the classical world. The best

example is Walhalla, the hall of fame near Regensburg, opened in 1842, where the busts of meritorious Germans can be found. It resembles the Parthenon on the Acropolis in Athens.

For more information on Historic Bavaria visit www.bavaria.by/historic

Bavaria Magazine 2020


Historic Bavaria

Discover the past Old streets, magnificent buildings with uneSCO World Heritage status and ancient, friendly markets – the state of Bavaria has a long history that visitors can experience in many different ways. Here we present some of the highlights

BEAUTIFUL MIDDLE AGES NÖRDLINGEN this medieval city is surrounded by Germany’s only completely preserved city wall. You can walk along this 2.7 km fortification – and enjoy wonderful views over the romantic maze of Nördlingen’s streets. visitors to the “Daniel” bell tower will also see the entire city spread out at their feet. a special feature of this tower is the watchman, known as the “türmer”. Every evening, he gives the watchman’s cry over the rooftops, following an ancient tradition: “so, G`sell, so!”. www.noerdlingen.de

AN OLD BUILDING IN A NEW GUISE EYRICHSHOF CASTLE Built around 1330, Eyrichshof lies to the north of Bamberg and looks back on a long and eventful history. these old walls have experienced many festivals over the years. Events are still held here on an annual basis – but with a more contemporary feel. For example, the Garden Festival at Whitsun, where 190 selected exhibitors display flowers, fashion and regional specialities. then the “rösler open-air” at the end of July, featuring musical greats such as the Boss Hoss and rainhard Fendrich, and the Winter Market at the beginning of November with its “magical” atmosphere. www.rotenhan.com; www.facebook.com/eyrichshof

DISCOVER WORLD HERITAGE BAMBERG the history of Bamberg began almost exactly 1,000 years ago when it was founded by Emperor Heinrich ii. today, its houses still look as they did in the Middle ages, as the old town centre has been perfectly preserved, giving the city its uneSCO World Heritage status. The newly created World Heritage visitor centre brings this unique city history to life at first hand. With an exhibition space of 220 square metres, interactive stations convey thrilling insights into the development of the city. www.bamberg.info


H i sto r i c Bava r i a

The small booths of the Christkindlmarkt look like alpine huts

ring out the bells ALPENWELT KARWENDEL When the town of Mittenwald smells of roasted almonds and mulled wine and the sound of christmas carols echoes through the streets, then the christkindlmarkt is back. Every year in mid-December, for four days the hand-crafted wooden stalls transform the centre of Mittenwald, known for its violin making, into a winter fairy tale land. around the violin Museum and the Baroque parish church of st. Peter and Paul, visitors can stroll between the stalls admiring handicrafts, soft toys made of wool and felt, christmas tree decorations, wooden toys, nativity scenes and much more.

local music groups play Christmas carols on harps, trombones and flutes, creating a reflective atmosphere. the events programme is equally atmospheric: visitors can relax on a romantic carriage ride through the town, listen to fairy tales over tea and biscuits, or take part in guided tours

TIP: A visit to the Violin Museum with demonstration workshop (Photo). It is housed in one of the oldest buildings in Mittenwald. The exhibition displays the craft of violin making and how it has evolved over three centuries

of murals and churches. However, the market in Mittenwald is not the only christmas highlight of the alpenwelt Karwendel. Guests can marvel at all manner of homemade delights at the christkindlmarkt in Krün. at the end of November, Wallgau is home to the “adventsmarkt der sinne” – a “market of the senses” set up between the old rows of houses in this town. www.alpenwelt-karwendel.de

Bavaria Magazine 2020


Colourful beer tasting at “’s handwerk” in Sonthofen


Star quality at the tavern Traditional pub grub and gourmet cuisine, Bavaria can do both – sometimes even under the same roof. All over the country, there are gourmet restaurants, inns and beer gardens


meteorite impact once created the famous Nördlinger Ries, a round volcanic crater in Bavarian Swabia. The region knows a thing or two about celestial bodies. Michelin stars, for example. One has been sparkling continuously above the restaurant “Meyers Keller” in Nördlin­ gen on the Romantic Road since 2009. Owner Joachim “Jockl” Kaiser is the man behind the food. His secret: newly interpreted traditional recipes, regional products, plus fun and curiosity. Gour­ met creations are complemented by inn


Muk Röhrl from Gaststätte Röhrl in Eilsbrunn near Regensburg talking to guests


Jockl Kaiser from the Michelin-starred restaurant “Meyers Keller” also cooks Bavarian style

classics such as Maultaschen. Kaiser defi­ nitely recommends a beer to accompany the fine dining menu – and also brings together different culinary worlds. Both are typical for Bavaria. There are first-class gourmet restaurants all over the state. But Bavaria also lovingly cultivates its inn and brewing culture: in the summer, people often sit together in the beer garden and enjoy Bavarian classics like Bavarian pretzels, Obazdn

or sausage salad with fresh draft beer. The young Muk Röhrl, whose inn of the same name is regarded as the oldest in the world, has a particularly beautiful beer garden. But a modern, contempo­ rary wind is also blowing through many Bavarian inns. A lovely example of this is “’s handwerk” in Sonthofen, Allgäu, where landlord Uli Brandl serves craft food and beer, made with love and skill, mostly from regional produce.

For more information on Bavarian cuisine, visit www.bavaria.by/ experiences/food-drink

Bavaria Magazine 2020



Bavarian city stories

Some boast baroque features, others are half-timbered and one is even an island in a lake: Bavaria's cities are diverse – each one is an attraction in itself


citiEs & rEGioNs

Colourful beauty Bavaria's cities are diverse: they are historical and modern, busy and idyllic, forward-looking and nostalgic. some boast splendid baroque features, like Würzburg on the river Main. in others, such as regensburg with its old town that has been declared a World Heritage Site by uneSCO, the Middle ages seem to live on. lindau, on the other hand, lies atmospherically on an island in lake Constance, and Munich is not only the capital of Bavaria, but

Bavarian lifestyle: the Viktualienmarkt in Munich

Wine bar with a view: Würzburg and the cathedral

Bavaria Magazine 2020

thanks to its cultural offerings and joie de vivre, it is the city with the highest quality of life in Germany. all the cities have one thing in common, however – the incomparable Bavarian way of life. www.bavaria.by/ cities


From Coburg to Eichstätt

What’s going on here? Whether they have an imperial, residence, episcopal or trading past, the character of Bavaria’s cities has been forged by their history. Over the years, this has given rise to many different cultural offerings, events and attractions – a tour through Franconia

A holiday mood makes itself felt on the Erlangen city beach by the castle

From city to city

and Forchheim. the prince-bishops have left traces of their magnificence in the episcopal city of Eichstätt, as in Würzburg, Bamberg and aschaffenburg. these 15 places are known collectively as the “cities of Franconia”. www.cities-of-franconia.com

FRANCONIA the region of Franconia in the north of Bavaria is one of Germany’s most impressive tourist and holiday destinations. this is due not only to its huge scenic diversity but also to its many attractive cities.

Naturally, each city has its own personality and its own turbulent history. Nuremberg, Fürth and Erlangen form a triangle full of rich experiences. along the river Main, the city personalities of aschaffenburg, schweinfurt and Kulmbach as well as the uneSCO World Heritage Sites of Würzburg, Bamberg and Bayreuth line up like pearls on a string. ansbach and coburg have an aristocratic appeal, while the Middle ages are brought to life in rothenburg ob der tauber, Dinkelsbühl


The Würzburg Residence is a symbol of the erstwhile power of the prince-bishops

citiEs & rEGioNs

Garmisch-Partenkirchen lies in an idyllic location at the foot of the Zugspitze

From ancient to modern GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN Enjoy the culture and treat yourself to regional specialities, discover small, local shops as you stroll through the streets, and marvel at the splendid murals painted on the building facades. all year round, Garmisch-Partenkirchen boasts a wealth of cultural activities, traditional handicrafts, native products and local specialities. summer is a particularly colourful time in Garmisch-Partenkirchen: the programme of events includes theatre, music, art and cabaret. “Music in the Park”, for example, stages live concerts every day from the middle of May to the beginning of october – from Bavarian music to viennese waltzes and from operetta melodies to swing, there is something for every taste.

at the “Heimatwochen” (Homeland Weeks) in midsummer, the locals bring their deep association with their customs to life for visitors. Festival processions, national costume groups,

TIP: The new Zugspitz Arena Bayern-Tirol CARD allows holiday makers to enjoy numerous leisure facilities at discounted prices in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Grainau and the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena

The Ludwigstraße is famous for its colourfully painted houses

“schuhplattler”, “Goaßlschnalzer” and “steinheber” parade through the streets of this alpine city. amid the festive decorations of the beer tents, visitors get a genuine glimpse of these traditional customs, as the local population wear their traditional costumes, sing their traditional songs and dance the old dances. all accompanied, naturally, by a freshly poured beer and a hearty snack. www.gapa.de

Bavaria Magazine 2020


Summer in the mountains BAD HINDELANG Bavaria has many beautiful alpine meadows in its mountains – and many of them offer refreshments. alpine farmers like Florian Karg do not just look after livestock, but provide food and drink for walkers too. Karg and his family spend their summer months on the Plättele alpe in the Bavarian alps – with a lot of cows, not much space, no electricity and no running water. on the other hand, they are able to live in direct contact with nature. it’s a slower pace of life. and in the winter? Florian Karg appears on stage – as an opera singer. www.bavaria.by/ nature

F LO RIAN K ARG, ALPINE HERDSMAN “When it’s time to leave the alpine meadows, I like to do one last walk along the Jubiläumsweg trail, a high route with fantastic views of the Allgäu mountain valleys.”


n aT ure & OuT dOOr S


Higher, further, greener Bavaria may not have alpine peaks everywhere. But the whole region is full of great landscapes for explorers who enjoy being outdoors

Bavaria Magazine 2020


Enjoying nature

On land and in the water Hiking with bathing kit, strolling along the river, exploring the forest with a ranger or relaxing in the heart of nature – Bavaria’s diverse landscapes are ideal for leisure activities of all kinds. Here we suggest some options

ACTIVE HOLIDAY AT ANY TIME OF YEAR  OBERAUDORF  Whether you prefer summer or winter, nature observation or self-discovery – Oberaudorf has everything you could possibly want, and offers families, connoisseurs and sports enthusiasts a whole range of activities. In summer, hikers and cyclists can enjoy unforgettable summit experiences and cool off in one of the many lakes. In the snows of winter, in contrast, the region is a paradise for tobogganing, downhill and cross-country skiing. And in both summer and winter, you can see out the day with a hearty meal in one of its convivial restaurants. www.tourismus-oberaudorf.de


the foot of the Karwendel mountains, glaciers have left countless lakes behind. Krün marks the starting point for a circular walk to the Barmsee, Grubsee and Geroldsee lakes with their crystal-clear water and impressive mountain panoramas. Instead of crampons and rope, the best items to carry on this hike are towels, bathers and some money for ice cream. The Three Lake hiking trail is a 13-kilometre circuit, starting and finishing at the Krottenkopfstraße walkers’ car park. Along the way, hikers are rewarded by rich and varied scenery, some beautiful views and, naturally, the occa­ sional dip into fresh, cold water. www.alpenweltkarwendel.de


N a t u r e & O u t d oo r s

A hint of Italy on three rivers  PASSAU  Seagulls soar overhead, gentle

waves paint a fine pattern on the surface of the water and there’s a touch of the south in the air. The special charm of Passau is particularly in evidence where the old town projects out into the con­ fluence of the Danube, the Inn and the Ilz like a peninsula – or the prow of a ship. Everywhere you go in the City of Three Rivers, you can hear the murmuring and lapping of water. Yet even more surprises await visitors here: a stroll through the narrow, twisting streets reveals a city scape that was created in the 17th century by Italian Baroque master builders. High towers, colourful facades, secluded squares and riverside promenades with Mediterranean flair. www.passau.de


Ammergauer Alps, which lies between the Zugspitze and Neuschwanstein Castle, the Oberammergau Passion Plays will be taking place for the 42nd time from May to October 2022. The play about the suffering and death of Jesus Christ has been performed every ten years since 1634. However, the nature reserve has plenty more to offer. For example, new guided tours with a ranger can be enjoyed throughout the year. Which rare flora and fauna are at home here? How can you walk through this area without harming nature? The rangers impart exciting information about the region. www.ammergauer-alpen.de

WELLNESS OASIS AT THE FOOT OF THE ZUGSPITZE  GRAINAU  Good for body and soul: Surrounded by trees and

with views up to the Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain, the Hotel am Badersee near Garmisch-Partenkirchen boasts an idyllic location. In each of the 135 rooms, all furnished with lots of wood, guests feel a sense of well-being from the moment they arrive. The Landhaus Spa, complete with massages and sauna facilities, is the ideal place to relax. The in-house Restaurant Werdenfels with views of the Zugspitze serves both Bavarian and international cuisine – most of which is made from regional products. With its beautiful setting in the heart of nature, the hotel is the perfect base for walking, mountain biking or climbing tours in the Wetterstein Mountains. www.hotelambadersee.de/en

Bavaria Magazine 2020



And always a reason to celebrate Bavarians always find something to celebrate. Whether they are in the country or the city, holding a beer tankard or a wine glass, listening to live music or a DJ: there’s always an occasion for merriment and fun


FeSTiValS & e VenTS

On the DJ desk: winemaker andi Weigand

Dancing with the winemaker IPHOFEN NEAR WÜRZBURG Franconia is well-known for its lively wine festivals, but only one is organised by an ex-student community. “77 & Friends” is the name of the young winemakers who studied together at the viticultural college in Geisenheim and who now invite visitors to the Franconian town of iphofen for a weekend at the beginning of august, where one of them, andi Weigand, runs his family winery. it is the party of the year: guests sit by the ancient rödelseer tor – enjoying the wines made by the seven hosts, tucking into local specialities and celebrating the summer in fine spirits until late in the night. andi and his friends also provide the music by way of a DJ console, playing ambient, house and tech-house music, “all on vinyl. We love the contrast of the old and the new!” explains andi. His grandmother is also part of the line-up, performing Franconian songs.


Half-timbering, lanterns and DJ sets: “77&Friends” wine festival in Iphofen Bavaria Magazine 2020


Listen to the brass band music!  FREMDINGEN NEAR NÖRDLINGEN  Over three days in July,

a clearing in a forest in the Donau-Ries district in the far west of Bavaria is transformed into a vibrant soundboard – at the “Blasius” brass band festival. Around 2,000 visitors, including many musicians, meet and play together, with bands of all sizes blasting out stirring music from the stage. The programme is not just dedicated to traditional Bavarian alpine music but also includes hip-hop and modern sounds.

Human Maypole in Bavaria: “Wettkraxeln” is a traditional spectacle

A bit of pitch brings success  ROTTENSTUBEN NEAR PASSAU  Climbing the Maypole is just one of Bavaria’s many traditional festivals: thousands of spectators come to watch and cheer as a group of young men and women try to clamber barefoot up the Maypole. The fastest can make it up to the first crossbar, ten metres up, in just a few seconds. As well as climbing, Maypole acrobatics are also part of the display: daring figures up in the air swing on ropes and turn somersaults – their imagination knows no limits. Climbing the Maypole in the Lower Bavarian town of Rottenstuben on Whit Monday is the highlight of the Maypole festivities in Bavaria. As well as good technique, the climbers need warm pitch, which is prepared by heating tree resin and honey. This gives them the grip they need.


More information about events in Bavaria can be found at www.bavaria.by/ events

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Bavaria Magazine 2020


Colourful Bavaria: young creatives freshen up traditions Do you know Barbara Stadler? With her fashion label “Diese Elli”, the young woman from the Munich area interprets Bavarian traditional costume in a very contemporary way – as a velvet top with a wide swinging skirt and a silk sash. Barbara is one of the many young Bavarian creatives who are connected to their home region with love and passion and are inspired by tradition and customs to create something new. Want to read more stories about creative Bavaria? www.bavaria.by/creative

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Magazine "Bavaria - traditionally different", 2020  

Bavaria, the state in the south east of Germany, is a holiday region with beautiful cities of culture, unique nature and living customs. Bav...

Magazine "Bavaria - traditionally different", 2020  

Bavaria, the state in the south east of Germany, is a holiday region with beautiful cities of culture, unique nature and living customs. Bav...

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