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2 BAY MAGAZINE FALL 2023 3 ALL HOMES ARE TO BE ENERGY STAR® CERTIFIED Look for high performance homes built to EPA’s ENERGY STAR Homes Program. ENERGY STAR Homes offer enduring quality, value-adding energy efficiency features and a combination of materials and equipment that deliver better performance and an overall superior level of quality. New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program™ is brought to you by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities and does not endorse any one particular builder. Information can be found at Walters Architecture, LLC. Lic # N.J. 21AC00111000 This inviting new location is home to Walters Sales Office, Walters Architecture and a modern design studio offering a one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive custom home building experience for you. Start your homebuilding journey with the custom home building experts at the new Walters sales office, where your dream can become a reality. 701 Central Avenue • Ship Bottom, NJ 08008 609.361.7000 The blueprint for success. Discover a world of possibilities at our new Ship Bottom office - Now Open!
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At Hackensack Meridian Southern Ocean Medical Center, we’re elevating the care available to our community. From nationally recognized heart, stroke, and maternity care, to complex surgical services such as minimally invasive weight loss surgery and orthopedics, and a comprehensive cancer program - we’re ready.

Scan the QR code or call 844-HMH-WELL to find a physician. 5
Source: U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals 2022 – 2023. High Performing Heart Failure, Stroke and Maternity Care.
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Warmth, Joy, and Discovery

Welcome to the Fall 2023 edition of our magazine, where we embark on a journey of inspiration and discovery across the realms of home design, interior décor, tech, gardening, and so much more. As we embrace the magical season of fall, we are thrilled to present you with an array of captivating articles that will indulge your senses and ignite your creativity.

In this edition, we celebrate the beauty of home design and interior décor, exploring the latest trends that breathe life into living spaces. Discover the wonders of smart home technology, as we delve into the innovations that elevate the modern living experience to new heights of convenience and efficiency. For all the green thumbs out there, our gardening section is brimming with local expert tips and tricks to nurture your outdoor havens into flourishing sanctuaries.

As the crisp autumn air sets in, fashionistas can dive into our Fall Fashion and Beauty Trends, showcasing the season’s chicest styles and cozy ensembles. For those seeking a harmonious blend of body and mind, our Yoga Workouts offer transformative practices to cultivate balance and inner peace.

Love is in the air as we feature the heartwarming Wedding Bliss of a new couple, sharing their love story and the magic of their special day. Alongside celebrating love, we also focus on health and wellness, providing insightful tips on harnessing the power of Vitamin D for optimal well-being.

In our Feed Your Mind food section, tantalize your taste buds with delectable recipes that celebrate the bounty of fall produce, nourishing both body and soul. In this issue, we also commemorate a milestone, as Jetty celebrates 20 years of serving our community with unwavering dedication and support.

Finally, we are delighted to present our feature story on the St. Francis Community Center, an integral part of our community that touches the lives of many. We explore the center’s mission, its offerings, and the wonderful impact it has on individuals and families in our midst.

We hope you find this edition as delightful and captivating as we have enjoyed creating it. May it inspire you to explore new horizons, nurture your passions, and savor the beauty of life in all its magnificent colors on this lovely little barrier island we call home.

Wishing you a season filled with warmth, joy, and discovery.

The Founders

12 BAY MAGAZINE FALL 2023 FOUNDERS NOTE 13 Building Fine Custom Homes on Long Beach Island

We Buy Property!

FALL 15 342 W. 9th Street, Ship Bottom 609.361.0011 THE JERSEY SHORE’S #1 DESIGN-BUILD FIRM SINCE 1990 NJ ARCH LIC# 21AI01038700 NJ PLANNING LIC# 33LI00413700 BLDR REG# 13VH04273700 Build with an Architect™

The Five Year Journey ISLAND’S



Once upon a sandbar, more than a half century ago, the southernmost tip of Long Beach Island was home to some 140-plus mobile homes. The trailer park sat on a five acre tract, owned by local investor and arguably LBI’s oldest surfer, Bob Muroff.

Then came that fateful day in October, 2012 when a famous storm named Sandy tore across the Holgate landscape, scattering trailers over inlet and marsh. Muroff made the difficult decision to sell to a national developer who presented building plans for sixty-plus substandard lots with reduced side yards. This proposal was ultimately denied, as the projected density was far higher than what was allowed for by Long Beach Township.

This presented a unique opportunity for LBI Builder-Architect, Michael Pagnotta, who was approached by local realtor, Ed Freeman of Re/Max Barnegat Bay Realty, about potentially purchasing the project.

“I was living down in Holgate to actually get away from my day-to-day work,” Pagnotta recalls. “I really didn’t want to build in my own neighborhood. I certainly empathized with the people who had lost their homes and their special spot on LBI. After giving it some thought, I realized that if the land was going to be developed either way, then we would be the best ones to work with the people of Holgate.”

Pagnotta reached an agreement with Muroff to purchase the land for $12,500,000, which was only just the beginning. He and his team still needed to come up with a plan that would be acceptable to the community while also being financially viable for the company.

“We proposed a reduced number of homes,” he says. “Forty two homes total, with forty of them being on 50’ x 100’ lots and two on 40’ x 100’ lots. As architects and builders with vast development experience, we knew of very few projects of this magnitude on LBI over the past thirty years. We were challenged with designing a series of homes that would sit well on the site while taking advantage of Holgate’s incredible water views.”

Closing on the property in November of 2018, the Pagnotta team got right to work. Infrastructure improvement was priority one, with sewer and water installations on Pershing, Roosevelt and Harding Avenues required before any building could commence.

The building site consisted of flat, sandy ground with sparse vegetation, which was vacant only due to the storm. With concerns about impervious coverage, Pagnotta’s proposal incorporated washed stone driveways in lieu of pavers to allow stormwater run-off from each home to be contained on site with bioswales - vegetated, shallow, landscaped depressions designed to capture, treat, and infiltrate runoff as it moves downstream.

Nearby residents know and love Holgate’s rugged, natural townscape, which is largely absent of sidewalks and street lights. Pagnotta honored this aesthetic and also integrated passive solar design concepts, promoting Holgate’s already sustainably-forward community, laid back and in touch with nature.

By May of 2019, Island’s End hosted its Grand Opening event with a fully furnished sales model open for tours and sales consultations. Each of the six models boasts a reverse-living layout consisting of four or five bedrooms, 17

high ceilings, plenty of windows for natural light and rooftop decks for appreciating the natural surroundings. Each home offers multiple living spaces for large groups to utilize and enjoy. With such a high priority placed on outdoor living, each home has screen porches and outdoor kitchens, and all but about ten properties include in-ground pools.

“Our designs are an amalgam of the best designs we’ve done over thirty years on LBI,” Pagnotta says. “We not only built them at Island’s End, we have built many like them in other places all across the island.”

Buyers selected a lot and a model, then worked closely with the Pagnotta design team. Options and finishes were not limited to a strict palette of materials and homes were initially delivered approximately ten months after setting the pilings.

Things were moving right along up until March of 2020, when the global pandemic shut down the whole world. Like all companies, Pagnotta had to reimagine how to do business as they could no longer meet with buyers in person. There were also restrictions on how many workers could be on a job site at one time. Supply chains grew unstable and the resulting outcome included extended timelines and burgeoning budgets.

Despite these obstacles, Pagnotta kept building. As the lockdown lifted, the demand for beach houses only grew, in an unprecedented surge of work-from-home buyers ushering in competitive bids to work and live on the island. At one point Pagnotta received twelve new contracts for new builds within a ten day period. Meanwhile, inflation had set in and construction prices soared to historic highs.

Photos by John Martinelli

At the onset of the project, long before the pandemic, the smallest model had been priced just under one million dollars. This price point was decided in order to make financial sense, especially given that Holgate hadn’t otherwise historically supported higher numbers. By the end of the project, though, Island’s End homes were selling for just under two million dollars, with vacant lots moving quicker than the company could break ground.

Pressure to complete houses within projected timelines increased too. On record pace, the development was completed in July of 2023, despite the setbacks caused by Covid, supply chain difficulties and shifting expectations from buyers. The project changed the landscape of Holgate while also transforming the company.

As Pagnotta delivered the last home, he was struck with the realization that they had built so much more than just forty houses. This development, and the residents who support it, served to revitalize a loyal community with strong roots that has been forever changed by an unexpected storm and an unprecedented pandemic. Pagnotta’s philosophy from the start was to do far more than just build new homes.

“We made it a priority to be good neighbors.”

Whether removing truckloads of trash from the wildlife refuge during beach clean ups, to participating in annual dune plantings, Pagnotta and his team made it their mission to support the Holgate community. One of the fire hydrants that the company recently installed was used to fight a fire in an adjacent oceanfront home and two Pagnotta field employees helped rescue an owner and their beloved dog.

Holgate’s newest residents understand how special Holgate is and are now creating memories of their own at the southernmost tip of the sandbar. They may come from various places, but together they are part of this coastal community’s future. They have brought with them a renewed excitement and zeal for this very special end of Long Beach Island. 19
20 BAY MAGAZINE FALL 2023 The Reynolds Group Mark Reynolds cell: 609-226-6273 Luke Reynolds cell: 609-618-1207 12001 Long Beach Blvd., Haven Beach, NJ 08008 • 609-492-1277 Your LBI Real Estate Partners 21


Thinking INSIDE

The importance of a ground level or detached garage to homeowners on LBI cannot be overstated. Besides sheltering vehicles, they provide necessary storage space for every summertime essential at the beach--from surf boards to outdoor furniture from HVAC equipment to outdoor appliances. Often overlooked in this drab, though indispensable environment, is the untapped potential for development. By thinking ‘inside’ the box, these cavernous spaces can be transformed into multi-functional and highly aesthetic entertainment rooms that bridge the gap between interior and exterior, day and nighttime living.

Written by Elaine Sisko, Reynolds Landscaping Staff Writer Photos by Michael Spark

The refurbishment of garage and storage units into useable outdoor living space is most applicable for the typical, compact property lot on LBI, where strict Township zoning codes and setback regulations can make outward expansion a challenge. Forced to decide between a lounging area or a dining pad, a swimming pool or an outdoor kitchen, in many cases homeowners must pare down their ‘musthave’ outdoor features or be forced to function in a cramped environment. Expanding inward into a ground level garage or repurposing a detached garage, creates no addition to the footprint of impervious space on the property yet improves accessibility for expanded backyard development.

Wall and ceiling treatments, low-voltage lighting and decorative enhancements to piling

supports can transform dark, nondescript recesses into cozy living niches that encourage congregation, relaxation and entertainment. Hardwood ceiling accents and natural stone tiled walls and floors define the style and ambiance of the al fresco living environment. Marine grade roping or natural wood accents can be applied to structural pilings to enhance or conceal their appearance.

Outdoor kitchens and sitting bar counters along with outdoor furniture, dining tables and daybeds can define the function of these open-air rooms promoting congenial gatherings with family and friends. Accessory equipment including flat-screen televisions, ceiling fans, ping pong and pool tables and other gaming equipment can create an all-weather hub for both daylight and nighttime entertainment.


While al fresco conversion rooms are intended to be open to the outdoor elements, bridging interior and exterior living, secure, enclosed spaces, can be created though the incorporation of doors and screens. Double-wide French doors and automated retractable hurricane shutters built into detached garages and ground level garage conversions create a weather-proof enclosure from the outside environment during the off-season or when homeowners are away from the property for an extended period of time.

The addition of a functional, aesthetic garage conversion does not necessarily preclude functional storage space within the garage—it simply consolidates this utilitarian function into a designated section. In a detached garage, storage space can be designed into the back section of the unit—behind a false wall. Alternatively, in a ground level garage, storage space and any ductwork and utility equipment can be allotted to one half of the garage freeing up the remaining area for development.

While limited space and restrictive zoning codes can make outward development problematic, by thinking ‘inside’ the box to re-purpose under-utilized garage facilities, design solutions can be found to maximize functional living space without compromise to basic utilitarian requirements. Beautiful and multi-functional al fresco garage conversion spaces can provide an aesthetic, all-weather environment to maximize outdoor living from sunrise to sunset.

To learn more about garage conversion solutions that will fit aesthetically and functionally into your property and maximize outdoor living, please contact Luke Reynolds or Brian Swank at Reynolds Landscaping 609-597-6099. Alternatively, to review select garage conversion projects designed and installed by Reynolds Landscaping, we invite you to peruse the Photo Gallery of the Reynolds website at www.reynoldslandscaping. com, for ideas and inspiration. Reynolds Landscaping and Garden Shop is located at 201 East Bay Avenue in Manahawkin, NJ. 25

Small Items That Make a BIG Change

The Power of Interior Design Accessories

When it comes to interior design, it’s often the small details that make a big impact. Russ Heckman, an interior designer at Oskar Huber, recently demonstrated the transformative potential of accessories in a client’s home. Rather than completely replacing the existing furniture, Heckman utilized a carefully curated selection of accessories, including lighting fixtures, artwork, pillows, and area rugs, to update and personalize the homeowners’ new space. The results were astonishing, showcasing how these seemingly minor additions can bring a fresh perspective, inject character, and completely transform the ambiance of a home.


Accessories hold the key to unlocking the hidden potential of any space. They are the finishing touches that tie the elements of a room together, creating harmony and conveying the homeowner’s personal style. While larger furniture pieces provide the foundation, accessories add depth, texture, and personality, elevating a space from ordinary to extraordinary.

Heckman’s theory was put to test in “the blue room” (which is a queen guest room) with very contemporary design and hardware that brought the room alive. He infused different textures into the room— there was no traditional nightstand next to the bed—but rather glass top nightstand with a blue-and-white swirled top (that resembles marble, but it is glass) and a metal base.

One of the most powerful tools in interior design is lighting. With strategic placement and the right fixtures, lighting can set the mood, highlight architectural features, and accentuate artwork. By incorporating new lighting fixtures, Heckman effectively changed the ambiance of the client’s home, casting a warm glow that created a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.


He went into each of the 5 bedrooms and accented them with lamps, coordinating the lighting with the preexisting furniture and color theme of the room. He was able to add color and design, shapes and substance through lamps and in the form of colors. He varied textures and cobalt navy blues in some rooms, while others got cream and white colored accent lamps. In one standout bedroom, the maps that coordinated with the desk and nightstand, actually resemble tranquil ocean waves.

Artwork has the remarkable ability to evoke emotions and reflect personal taste. By carefully selecting pieces that resonate with the homeowner’s style and preferences, Heckman introduced a captivating visual narrative into the space. Whether through vibrant paintings, captivating photographs, or sculptural pieces, the artwork became a focal point that added character and depth to the home.

Together with the client, they hung approximately 60 pieces of artwork, everything from nautical starfish to sculptures on the wall in the entryway. Black and white framed prints coincided with the misses’ love for contemporary (the loft area has a bulk of the contemporary artwork) and Heckman was able to work this beautifully into the theme of the house—even though the art itself was not beachy.

The strategic use of pillows, throws, and textiles can instantly revitalize a room. Heckman introduced a range of textures, patterns, and colors that complemented the existing furniture, injecting vibrancy and comfort. These small accents breathed new life into the space, adding a layer of visual interest and creating a

sense of coziness. Tuft pillows in the bunk rooms, starfish pillow accents very sophisticated chairs in all the bedrooms all added to the elevated vibe of the décor. The Blue room was adorned with a gray stripe and dark blue leather piping chair upholstery, and the guest room was adorned with a horizontal striped sitting chair instead of the traditionally vertical stripes. The second primary bedroom evoked a silver rocker with a plethora of blue accents, and paired with a very contemporary white martini table beside it.

Area rugs serve as a foundation for defining specific areas within a room while adding warmth and texture. By introducing carefully chosen rugs, Heckman delineated spaces, visually separated different areas, such as the living and dining area, and tied together the overall design concept. The rugs not only added visual interest but also provided a touch of luxury underfoot.

Through the strategic use of accessories, Heckman helped the client infuse their own personal style and personality into the home. By incorporating elements that resonated with the client’s tastes, the space became a true reflection of their identity. This personalized touch created a sense of comfort, belonging, and authenticity that made the house truly feel like a home.

Heckman’s project showcases the profound impact that accessories can have in interior design. By harnessing the power of lighting, artwork, pillows, area rugs, and other small elements, a home can be transformed and personalized without the need for extensive furniture replacements. This highlights the significance of paying attention to the intricate details that shape the overall aesthetic. Interior design is a dynamic art form, and by recognizing the potential of accessories, homeowners can embark on a journey of self-expression, creating spaces that are visually captivating, emotionally fulfilling, and uniquely their own. 31
32 BAY MAGAZINE FALL 2023 10 years of LONG BEACH ISLAND LEISURE AND LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE WWW.BAY-MAGAZINE.COM | GARY@BAY-MAG.COM 33 West Creek, NJ | (609) 342-6000 Registered Builder 046441 HIC Lic# 13VH04124900
The Fir st Thing We Build Is A Relationship

You just don’t know where to find that last perfect accessory that you’re picturing... or that elusive chair to complete your vision? Well guess what. We DO. We have all the things you need to complete your dream home, priced from practically free to unaffordable. Call us today and tell us what you’re looking for.

34 BAY MAGAZINE FALL 2023 ANOTHER SUMMER ANOTHER SUMMER ...and your house on LBI still isn’t done? Gunning River Mall Barnegat, New Jersey 609.622.2950 THOM SWEENEY INTERIORS
MEMBER ASID Shower Doors | Commercial Glass | Glass Railings Aluminum Doors & Windows | Mirrors All Glass Entrance | Specialty Glass SOUTH JERSEY’S LARGEST FRAMELESS SHOWER DOOR SHOWROOM TwinGlassC Manahawkin Egg Harbor Twp. Showrooms 601 NJ-72, Beach Haven West, NJ LBI@TwinGlass.Net | 609.488.2521 3164 Fire Rd Egg Harbor Township NJ 08234 | 609.645.8834 |609.645.8834 | Info@TwinGlass.Net



In his Ask the Decorator series, Thom Sweeney answers readers’ inquiries and shares his tips for decorating coastal homes like a professional.

Thom Sweeney is an interior designer with more than 30 years’ experience creating breathtakingly experiential residential, hospitality, commercial and retail environments on Long Beach Island and beyond. Passionate about creating interiors that are personal, distinctive and inspired, he has produced some of the most elite Manhattan brownstones to Palm Beach mansions, as well as all of the island’s Weddings of Distinction venues. Thom has designed both the largest and the smallest homes on LBI—and many more in between. His retail showroom, Thom Sweeney Interiors, is located within The Gunning River Mall at 849 West Bay Avenue in Barnegat, follow his firm on Instagram @ThomSweeneyInteriors

Q. Have you always been an Interior Designer?

A. No. I was in the advertising business for over 30 years. I ended up being the Creative Director of an ad agency, which started out with two partners—their wives who worked in the office, and me—and ended up with 64 employees. We handled just about every major developer in the Philadelphia Market: Toll Brothers, Orleans, Pulte, et alia ad nauseum.

As part of the marketing team, I sat in on the presentations that the Interior Designers would make for each new community. After one particular presentation, Bob Scarborough (the iconic, legendary South Jersey developer who literally turned sleepy little Delaware Township into what is today known as Cherry Hill), turned to me and asked me what I thought. I said I thought that the designs were beautiful, but that they had completely missed his target market. (At the agency we developed the demographics that told us exactly who our clients’ homebuyers were, where they lived, and what their socio-economic profile was. We based our media buys and creative strategies purely on those Demographics. We KNEW who these customers of our clients were, and what they liked, and we advertised TO them.)

So, I told Bob that I would like him to give me the opportunity to design one of his models based on demographics rather than on style trends or aesthetics. He agreed. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but

I knew I would figure it out. I thought of the answer on the way home that night, and asked my wife Helen if she would like to open a design firm! She was the perfect partner: She had exquisite taste and she LOVED to shop. Imagine, I thought, being able to have her shop with other people’s money instead of mine. Jackpot! Well, the model we designed was a great success, and after a couple of years of wearing two creative hats (one agency, one design) I opted for the latter and my partner bought me out of the agency, and off Helen and I went to start New Home Interiors, whose raison d’etre was designing model homes for developers…until the building boom crashed.

We quickly diversified into contract and residential design, which has kept me busy for all these many years. I think any success I have enjoyed is undoubtedly based on my ability to read people, and to give them what they want – even though it is usually more apparent to me at the time than it is to them. So, thank you, Villanova for the BS in Psychology which has helped me really understand people. Thank you, Dad for your prescient and sage advice, as well as that special something in our DNA that has not skipped a generation in the Sweeney clan—and continues on through my three sons; we call it “our Irish gift.” And finally, thank you dear Lord for the creativity you have bestowed on me, without which none of this would have ever been possible. 35

A Real Estate Team of the Highest Caliber

The real estate industry continues to surprise us all with its sustained growth and tenacity, and that trend is only amplified on our little island. But despite its humble stretch of just eighteen miles, Long Beach Island is home to the nation’s #1 performing RE/MAX real estate team, as of this writing—The Freeman Group of RE/MAX at Barnegat Bay.

Founded nearly two decades ago by Ed Freeman Sr., it has remained a small firm by design, known for being a tight-knit team who intimately knows their community and their industry. Ed received a B.S. from the School of Commerce and Finance at Villanova University, then went on to spend the early part of his career working on Wall Street at Merrill Lynch and Kidder Peabody, gaining valuable financial insight that continues to serve him and his clients today. Never afraid to take on a challenge and ardently believing in following your passions, he then pivoted to establish a few business ventures, founding Freeman’s Fish Company in Maplewood, one of the best known retail-wholesale seafood providers in New Jersey, and the beloved Pearl Street Market in Beach Haven. The connections he made and relationships he grew from both his time on Wall Street and these small businesses organically evolved into the creation of his real estate business. He puts his footing behind the idea that “when you have good intentions,

everything else follows,” and the success of The Freeman Group has proven it to be true.

He is quick to point out, though, that there are three other members of The Freeman Group who each bring something unique to the table, and it is truly the team of four together that make the magic happen.

Ed Freeman Jr. joined his father in 2016. He brings a solid foundation from the Virginia Military Institute and infuses his signature energy into every aspect of the business. Ed Jr.’s passion lies especially in understanding market trends, and he delivers this in-depth knowledge to expertly guide The Freeman Group’s clients into sound financial investments. He views part of his responsibility to their clients as taking the time to explain “That they are not spending; rather investing or reallocating their assets into an alternative vehicle that, in may cases, will outperform…and one which will simultaneously provide quality family times and memories.” His sound counsel has guided many clients into expanding their financial portfolio in ways they would have never imagined on their own.

Tammy Laureigh entered the team from outside the family, but has quickly become an integral member of The Freeman Group. Her high level of expertise


is shaped from her time in the US Air Force, decades of sales experience running family-owned businesses, along with over 20 years of real estate experience. She has a solid grasp of luxury residential properties on LBI and throughout various coastal towns in New Jersey, offering a unique perspective helpful in finding a perfect match for buyers.

Joseph Freeman is the newest team member. Following over a decade as an accomplished sales director in Arizona, where he serviced accounts such as CVS, MLB, and Nutritional Products, he heeded the call to return to Long Beach Island. His background allows him to closely understand the needs and wants of their clients on a level not often seen in the industry.

Combined, they form quite the powerhouse, though Ed Sr. is distinctly modest about the high level of success they have achieved as the #2 performing RE/MAX real estate group worldwide. He explains, quite genuinely, that it is simply their adherence to two overarching philosophies that has naturally guided them to where they are today. “Start each day to help people solve their problems and answer their questions” and “Do what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it.”

Their clients have formed immense trust in this quartet of experts stemming directly from these straightforward guiding principles. Additionally, in both living and working on Long Beach Island, The Freeman Group has cultivated a profound knowledge of the community and is well-informed in regard to a host of nuanced details pertinent to selling and buying real estate on a barrier island. Well aware of common pitfalls in local real estate transactions, they work diligently to solve problems that haven’t even happened yet, creating a stress-free experience for their clients. Their well-tuned harmony as a group forms creative solutions and a comprehensive view of the market, akin, in the words of Ed Jr, to “a winning locker room.”

To add to their internal synergy, The Freeman Group has curated a strong, responsive support group of industry professionals who share a similar ethic to guide them in areas where they may not be the expert. They work very closely with Michael Pagnotta to offer their clients access to the premier architecture and construction firm on the island. They have also formed a stellar relationship with Jeff Schneider of U.S. Bank, who has been a tremendous asset in lending for their clients. The Freeman Group has carefully selected the best in land surveyors, attorneys and more for every step of the real estate journey.

While buying and selling a home can often be overwhelming, clients feel a high level of comfort and assurance with The Freeman Group. Since 2017 they have sold over $1,000,000,000 worth of real estate exclusively on Long Beach Island and they are consistently the #1 producing group not only on LBI, but all of Ocean County. Having real estate agents of the highest caliber right at our fingertips is indeed a gift, and The Freeman Group takes pride in providing their clients a truly premier experience. 37
38 BAY MAGAZINE FALL 2023 JOSEPH MANZO PRESIDENT 609-339-9254 800-865-1031 JOSEPH@ELITE1031.COM WWW.ELITE1031.COM Let’s sit down and have a conversation to help you grow your business from a different perspective. Defer 100% capital gains taxes Increased tax shelter Increased cash Flow Make estate planning easier Sell an investment property and invest in another like kind property INVESTORS Potential to make multiple commissions Become a 1031 exchange expert in your market Increase your portfolio REALTORS

Welcoming you Home

The front door of your house does quite a bit of heavy lifting. It makes a statement about your home’s style. It greets guests arriving for a dinner party. It welcomes you back home after a long day of work. It is the vessel through which people literally pass in and out of our lives, so it deserves some special consideration. As a Therma-Tru Certified Door System Installer and Certified Contractor of Andersen Windows & Doors, Woodhaven Lumber is your perfect partner for the process of replacing your entry door.

The first question for many is simply how to know when a door should be replaced. Other than wanting to change it out for aesthetics, homeowners can look directly to the function of their door. In our hot, humid summers, older doors with wood jambs often stick, and conversely, during the dry winter, you may notice an unwelcome draft. Trouble locking the door is another indicator that it may be time to have it replaced.

While seemingly straightforward, there are actually many points to consider in choosing a new door, and it’s helpful to have an expert on your side to walk you through the pros and cons of each option. Here enters Woodhaven’s Manager of Residential Supply and Install, Bill McDermott. He believes in a hands-on, customer-centric approach, meeting you at your home for an initial consultation. Bill stresses that this is a no pressure meeting, simply a time to educate the homeowner.

The first step is usually assessing the overall look you are trying to achieve so that Bill can hone in on the appropriate selections in his catalog. Over the past decade he has seen many customers gravitate toward an increasingly modern look. They are often choosing more glass, wanting the natural light to stream in. For customers looking to balance that openness with privacy, there are a number of glass options which do just that. With his high level of in-depth industry knowledge, Bill brings to light a range of possibilities and alternatives of which a homeowner is often unaware. For example, when a customer is looking to replace an existing center hall door and transom window, Bill may suggest removing the transom window altogether and instead replacing it with an extra-tall one-piece door, thus offering a more dramatic entry to the home. 41

Once the type of door is chosen, the homeowner needs to select what kind of finish will enhance the look of their home. Their fiberglass options look exactly like wood without any of the wear and tear issues, offering a warmth that can be so classic in a beach house. Alternatively, Bill also brings color charts for those looking to add a fun pop of color to their house through a painted door. He encourages customers to consider choosing pre-finished doors, as they typically come with a manufacturer guarantee lasting upwards of thirty years with virtually no maintenance.

Finally there are quite a few finishing touches to consider. The hardware must be selected, which is just as important as the door itself, since it is handled countless times each day. Thankfully Woodhaven has a special partnership with Schlage to provide plenty of options, along with a lifetime warranty—an invaluable perk with our harsh coastal weather. Bill also goes through the kick plate, the sill, and optional accessories like the eye hole. Even the interior and exterior trim options are reviewed to really tie everything together and offer that “wow factor.”

These same points of consideration carry through to Woodhaven’s other exterior doors beyond just the front entry, including garage entry doors, patio doors, or their show-stopping thirty foot wide “Big Doors,” with a few additional factors to evaluate. The most significant element in these other entry doors that many of us unknowingly overlook is simply the way in which they encourage the flow of your whole home, both functionally and aesthetically. Garage entry doors must meet firecode, of course, while simultaneously matching or complementing the other interior doors of the home. Patio doors have performance upgrades to offer increased protection from the elements, even able to withstand 165 mph winds.

Bill knows location is a critical factor when making choices for exterior doors. In our coastal climate, there are specific recommendations he makes to help the


door better withstand the sand, salt and wind that can be so deteriorating. Oceanfront and bayfront homes have more heat gain to consider and Bill can walk homeowners through these minor nuances. Things like insulated glass and a low-E coating can be important selections for energy savings.

Often a homeowner opts to take this initial consultation a step further and visit Bill in the Manahawkin showroom before placing their order. Here customers can physically open and close various door options to better understand the difference in upgrades.

As with their other offerings, Woodhaven’s team also takes care of the install, ensuring a seamless process. In that initial meeting, Bill takes all of the appropriate measurements and assesses the details pertinent to installation. All of this information is conveyed directly to his installation team.

Beyond just the sentimental symbol of your life and home, entry doors also hold an important role as a protector from the elements. Heading into the fall, with the possibilities of hurricanes and cold weather ahead, it may be time to visit Woodhaven and learn more about their exterior door replacements. In the realm of home improvement projects, replacing your front door is a low-cost, big-return investment, both for visual impact and energy savings. 43

A Backyard Game Oasis

Written by Jenna Cowperthwaite
Photo by Sheena Lynn

We enjoy Long Beach Island for the laid back atmosphere; the glorious feeling of escape from the weight of the “real world;” the meaningful time shared with family and friends. And this is, whether consciously or subconsciously, in large part due to the external beach environment. Namely the distant sound of waves and the sweet-salty smell of the ocean. So why not continue to enjoy all of this island goodness with extended time spent outdoors in our home environment too? The team at David Ash Jr Landscaping Company has a solution that goes beyond the traditional pool and tiki bar—a backyard game oasis. They will completely customize the space to your family’s personality and interests, while keeping it both beautiful and functional. Let’s explore some of the options you can incorporate to keep family and friends entertained for hours in the fresh air.


A backyard putting green encourages you to work on your golf game any time—avoiding the usual summertime traffic to boot. This simple touch of extravagance can offer quite the lure in entertaining, while simultaneously providing the comfort and freedom of home.


Cornhole is an activity that both adults and kids can enjoy together, enhancing the multigenerational aspect of beach living. Its inherent competition, though seemingly lighthearted, can make for some delightfully rowdy evenings. When a skilled contractor like David Ash builds your court, game regulations and dimensions are taken into consideration while seamlessly working the area into your landscaping for a beautiful effect.


If cornhole isn’t your thing, perhaps a custom bocce ball court can add that coveted amusement factor to your backyard. The perfect combination of fun and challenging, this time-honored game is rapidly regaining popularity and can also be enjoyed by all ages. Who doesn’t love a lawn game in which the whole family can get involved? David Ash will help you choose the ideal location in your yard to install this lively element.


A welcome escape from the stoned areas around most houses, David Ash offers several options of high-end turf grass that can completely transform your backyard. A shady place under the crepe myrtle becomes a lush location for quiet meditation or private yoga sessions. Treat the furry member of your family to special dog turf, with its realistic look, high pile and ability to drain quickly. Boasting antimicrobial treatments that prevent pet waste odors and very little maintenance, their paws get a welcome break as they enjoy the outdoors with you, making everyone happy. Even the little ones can enjoy running barefoot across the yard on the safe, clean turf.

All of these options improve the value of your home and maximize your space. Multi-generational and multi-use, they are everything a true beach house needs. The beautiful, dynamic outdoor game areas custom created by David Ash Landscaping offer the perfect compromise to enjoying the fresh beachy air within the comfort of your own yard. 47

Outside the box.

As experts and outside-the-box thinkers when designing and building homes all along Long Beach Island, Walters knows the lay of the land in and out and can find the ideal location to build the home that suits your lifestyle and respects your financing needs. By your side every step of the way, they offer one stop shopping with in-house real estate, architecture and custom home services at the Jersey Shore. 49

Whether it be troubleshooting layout issues to comply with various building codes or pushing the envelope on design, Walters Homes works closely with their clients to create whatever style they are looking for. A Harvey Cedars beachfront estate, the latest undertaking, shows the caliber of what’s possible within the Walters Homes and Architecture umbrella. A masterful fusion of NJ coastal vibes meets SoCal, infused with added inspiration from Miami modern and Hamptons elegance. The initial impression of this ultra-high-end oasis immediately conveys the message that one is about to enter something exceptionally different.

Upon entering the home, a clean, modern hallway leads visitors to a gorgeous staircase spanning all three floors. With floating, bleached oak treads and clear glass railings, the stairs feel as airy as an ocean breeze and keep the open-concept space flowing gracefully. At the touch of a button, inlaid lights illuminate one’s steps as you move from one level to the next, a subtle yet luxurious feature.

On the second floor, three guest suites, one with an adjoining bedroom, ensure that everyone is comfortable during their stay. Each suite reveals exquisite views of the beach, ultra-plush bedding and beautiful wood flooring. A bonus living room provides the ideal space for children to gather and an outdoor terrace allows guests to enjoy a private morning cup of coffee with the peaceful sound of waves crashing. An office situated on this level affords a quiet workspace with a sliding glass door, showcasing a built-in desk and shelving.

The many nuances that make this home the striking estate that it is are the result not only of the extraordinary vision of Matt Gaudet-Walters, Director of Business Development for Walters, but also of using industry veteran Arnold Boyle, AIA, who understands the integral building blocks of our island. Walters’ 3-d modeling program presented an unparalleled experience in simulating a true rendering of the completed house, but it was still an absolute thrill to view the actual finished product.

“We embraced the priceless opportunity to spend a great deal of time in this unique home to further refine the design and foundational elements,” said Gaudet-Walters. “We’re excited to open our new office this Summer 2023 and make the homebuilding process as smooth and enjoyable as possible for our clients.” Walters’ impressive new office with a modern aesthetic is located at 701 Central Avenue. It can be seen upon entering or exiting Long Beach Island, across from Ron Jon Surf Shop and adjacent to The Gateway LBI.

The Architecture Studio and Design Center are just a couple highlights of the new building. “The Walters Architectural division continues to assess and reinvent home designs based on what the public desires to see in their future homes,” said Arnold. “Our goal is to ‘future-proof’ your home by personalizing it to make it more in line with how you live now.” The Design Center is led by Interior Designer Janelle Welch, who helps homebuyers select all the finishes and colors for your new home. We personally walk our clients through every step of the process to ensure they are getting a home that is livable, unique and exactly the way they envisioned it to be,” said Janelle.

“We have connected to our homebuyers in new and different ways and promise to continue to do our part in making their home buying dreams a reality in whatever way they feel most comfortable,” said Gaudet-Walters. “That has always been, and will continue to be, what inspires so many families to build with Walters.” 51
Build your new home today! Call 609.361.7000 or visit

COASTAL CREATIVE COLLABORATION A Celebration of Design Vision and Expert Execution

Picture a serene, coastal paradise, with sun-kissed ripples on the surface of the water, bringing the kind of relaxation that can only feel like the stuff of dreams. Across the rolling dunes and just beyond the shimmering shoreline of Long Beach Island’s sandy beaches, is a hidden gem: a breathtaking custom lagoon-front home, built by Ziman Development, and brought to vibrant life by the special touches of Serenity Design. Immediately upon entrance to this captivating canal home, an indelible creative bond between builder, designer and homeowner shines forth. Shared vision and fine attention to detail have given way to a home that transcends the ordinary, from the meticulous tile selections to the thoughtful placement of a humble picture frame on the console table. Each textile decision and finishing touch has been carefully and lovingly crafted with care, passion, and tasteful touches of whimsy. The result is a space infused with an ambiance of sophistication interwoven with a cozy, comfortable charm.


The kitchen is the heart of the home, and what first catches the eye is the spectacular lagoon-front bay views enjoyable when seated at the stunning brass framed counter stools, complete with textured cane details and vinyl seats. Satisfying in both aesthetic as well as practicality, the stools can handle everything from a soggy bathing suit bottom to spilled milk.

The powder room is a quaint oasis of tranquility and style. A sparking Thassos and Blue Celeste mosaic floor shimmers underfoot while the chunky, braided grasscloth wallpaper sets off the space with coastal charm. Brass fixtures and accents tie it all together, marrying simple beauty with a soft spirit of luxury.

The family room, located just off of the primary bedroom is adorned with a serene oasis wallpaper mural wall which pops behind a light blue sofa. It’s the perfect space for savoring morning coffee, basking in the serene atmosphere, and unwinding with a well-deserved glass of wine following a post-beach day shower. The soothing color palette creates an inviting sanctuary that beckons all to rest, recharge, and enjoy the little pleasantries in life.

What truly sets this lagoon-front home apart is the harmony achieved through the magic of the creative collaboration that has transformed a mere beach house into a heavenly haven that enchants the senses and uplifts the soul. It’s a place where spills are welcome, laughter fills the air, and indelible memories are made. Whether you find yourself lingering in the sumptuous kitchen, gazing at the mesmerizing tilework, or surrendering to the tranquility of the family room, one thing is certain, this home doesn’t make it easy to leave.

This luxurious lagoon-front beauty is a true testament to and celebration of the power of creativity, teamwork, and the simple joys that come from a well-designed space. It’s a place where dreams come true and where the lines between home and paradise become delightfully blurred.

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Everything for the Home of your Dreams



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Intelligent Design

Keeping your finger on the pulse of the home design and rebuilding industries’ latest trends is one thing; but knowing how these new developments directly relate to the community whom you serve takes a great deal of insight. Amiano and Son shine in their nuanced understanding of how people live on Long Beach Island and frequently adjust their designs accordingly. Sophia Amiano, the island’s preferred designer, has noticed a significant difference over the last few years in how people use their homes here. The COVID-19 pandemic propelled remote working and led to an increased number of second homeowners spending more time at their beach house. Moreover, even those who have gone back to regular work and school schedules have sustained the mental and emotional shift from COVID, in that they yearn to daily live life to its fullest. And, naturally, that means more time spent in their happy place. Sophia works to enhance their experience by incorporating some thoughtful changes into their home design.

People often focus on the big picture when completing a renovation or remodel. But Sophia reminds them that “the little details are just as important. This encompasses not only visual design elements, but also features that affect the way we live, including technology.” In meeting with her clients, she helps them study the way they use their home. No longer are people shutting off the water, locking the doors and saying goodbye to their house on Labor Day weekend, only to open it again Memorial Day. They are frequently


sneaking back to the island for every nice weekend through autumn, hosting Thanksgiving dinner steps from the sandy beach, and even opening gifts around a nautically-decorated Christmas tree. To help this new way of living flow more easily, a host of contemporary technology seamlessly makes our homes more accessible and worry-free. Sophia expertly guides her clients on what options are available and how to implement them in their homes.

When designing a kitchen, there are a few features she likes to integrate. She often recommends selecting kitchen appliances that can be controlled remotely. This provides peace of mind when driving back to your primary home and worrying that you’ve accidentally left the oven on. It is even possible to arrange automatic filter and detergent replacements, adjust the temperature of your fridge and oven, and monitor ice production to ensure a refreshing cocktail can be enjoyed upon arrival. The other source of stress in the kitchen is water leaks, so Sophia knows nearly all of her clients benefit from a Moen Smart Leak Detector placed under their sink and dishwasher (and the laundry room!). It is a small, unobtrusive, standalone device, and if it senses any kind of moisture, it immediately sends a notification to the homeowner. Used in conjunction with the Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff, the homeowner can then completely turn off the water to their home with the click of a button. Flo also works on its own to track the temperature and pressure of your home’s water, as well as the usage.

As she scopes out the master bath and bedroom layout, there are special touches Sophia employs to add an oasis-like experience. Moen offers a Smart Shower device, allowing you to control your shower through voice activation. This means you can start your shower while still waking up in bed, and the app will send notification when the shower is ready according to your custom-made preferences. You can even set the time of your shower to automatically keep with a strict morning schedule. For another touch of luxe comfort, Sophia has found that her clients love Hunter Douglas motorized shades. Simply set timers for your blinds to open and close at specific times or choose to do it on your own schedule with the touch of a button. Not only do they enhance daily living convenience, but they amplify your privacy and security, and improve the energy efficiency of your home.

These shades are often carried into the general living spaces, along with a few other thoughtful additions that serve to ease the responsibility of a second home. Sophia has seen many of her clients enjoy the simple luxury of being able to get their home prepped and ready for their arrival through their smartphone. Homeowners can turn down their air conditioning, or, conversely, crank up the heat in the winter. Is it worth noting that this temperature-controlled climate also positively influences some of the design materials Sophia is able to recommend. Carefully curated lighting can even be adjusted through an app, enhancing the atmosphere of your home. Many of these conveniences are incorporated specifically through Lutron products. With the app, a voice assistant or a simple touch of the keypad, your home’s lights, shades and more can be controlled for effortless comfort in a beautiful design.

Amiano & Son is well-versed in how to implement technology in their home building and remodeling to create superior designs. Sophia’s goal in working with her clients is to beautifully marry a gorgeous home with the latest tech advances to ease our already-stressful, busy lives. Make an appointment to meet with her in their Ship Bottom showroom to talk about your next home project.

66 BAY MAGAZINE FALL 2023 1968 You won’t find them in ordinary kitchens. Or at ordinary stores. Sub-Zero, the preservation specialist. Wolf, the cooking specialist. Cove, the dishwashing specialist. Find them exclusively at your local kitchen specialist. 491a Main Street West Creek, NJ 08092 609-597-3571 Monday & Thursday: 9 am – 8 pm Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday: 9 am – 6 pm Saturday: 9 am – 4 pm

At the Intersection of ART NATURE & ARCHITECTURE

Perhaps the most important trait of a successful business owner is the ability to truly understand their clientele, and Rick Aitken of A. Richard Aitken, Jr. Builders knows exactly what his clients want.

A fifth-generation master carpenter, Aitken, along with his daughter Heather and their team of 55 employees, values clear communication and collaboration to build strong relationships with their clients to bring their visions to life. “Our market is a cross of art, nature and architecture,” Aitken says.

Aitken Builders have been in business on Long Beach Island for over three decades, and during that time they’ve cultivated more than 600 client relationships with local residents who have trusted the team for new build custom homes, additions and renovations, Andersen windows parts and services, and more.

The story behind this three-story summer home stunner begins with an investor who was building a spec home who knew that Aitken and team were the ones for the job. “As a full-service company, we handled all aspects from actually finding the lot, getting the CAFRA footprint, onboarding architect Jay Madden, and following all regulations to create three stories of living space,” Aitken explains. In fact, in building this unique home, he followed the old structure – a large A-frame home, nestled on an angle – and kept the original footprint.

Photo by Ryan Machese

Aitken and Madden, of Jay Madden Architect, a full-service firm specializing in custom homes on LBI, worked together to maximize the oceanfront lot, capturing as much natural light and ocean views as possible.

Those browsing luxury real estate on the island won’t be strangers to an Aitken/Madden collaboration. The synergy between builder and architect can make or break the home building process, but by working in lockstep, Aitken was able to bring Madden’s drawings to life. “If you take a set of an architect’s drawings, and share it with five different builders, you’re going to end up with five different, distinct houses,” Aitken says.

The homeowner first came across the new build when construction was well underway– the basic finishes were already selected and the plumbing fixtures were weeks from being installed. While the homeowner did not know Aitken personally prior to the start of this project, he felt confident in the many referrals he received and impressed by Aitken’s other builds on the island.

While Aitken’s work speaks for itself, his flexibility and commitment in keeping to a tight timeline was another deciding factor for the homeowner in choosing to stick with the firm.

The timing ended up being perfect–the home purchase came just in time for the new owner to work with Aitken to add custom touches to the house. Among the list of must-haves? A home theater, wine cellar and custom Irish pub.

The reverse living layout features a total of six bedrooms, each complete with en suite bathrooms, and three additional bathrooms in the home. All of the bedrooms have at least a partial view of the ocean, and many of the bedrooms open up to one of the home’s three decks.

The first floor features two full custom garages, specially made to minimize condensation for optimal motorcycle storage (the homeowner is an enthusiast), as well as the wine cellar and a bedroom suite.

The second floor, an entertainer’s dream, contains a large family room which opens up to the pool deck, featuring an inground pool laid into mahogany decking, overlooking the ocean at just the right angle for a full view. On this level is also the custom Irish pub com-

Photos by Michael Spark

plete with two unique nine-foot surfboards – an idea that Aitken conceptualized and brought to life by retrofitting handcrafted surfboards, locally made by a Beach Haven artisan, to recreate the original boards first used when the sport was invented in the Pacific Islands.

The top floor contains the living room, dining room, laundry room, master bedroom and kitchen featuring an oversized walk-in pantry. The open living areas contain a cathedral ceiling–a nod to the original A-frame structure–and opens to another deck, complete with firepit.

The rooftop deck of the home is where Aitken’s philos-

ophy of “we never say no to the homeowner” shines. Rising up from the deck is a set of powder coated aluminum stairs leading to an elevated crow’s nest surrounded by glass rails for unobstructed views, an addition safely and cleverly brought to life by Aitken utilizing steel after a “what if?” conversation with the homeowner.

“Long Beach Island is flip flops, not high heels,” Aitken says. “Our clients want to come and have fun, they want to be proud of their homes and entertain their friends. Our homes are nice, but they’re a ‘come in, kick back and take your shoes off kind of nice.’” Sounds like the makings of a perfect summer on the island for years to come. 71
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Technology made Easy

There are countless advantages to using technology to help manage your home, and those benefits are only amplified when geared toward a second home. But even though technology has become a significant part of our everyday lives, it can often feel intimidating to manage within the realm of your home. An antithesis to the many fragmented DIY options, working with a company like Elite Smart Home makes it easy, putting all the pieces of the puzzle together for you in one custom system. They focus equally on performance and aesthetics, giving you the ultimate end product.

The systems provided by Elite Smart Home converge around convenience, entertainment, and safety. Much as you meet with an electrician or a plumber as you plan the inner workings of your home during new construction, you also meet with Gregg and his team. They use the blueprints of your house to design a fully integrated, wholehome system tailored to your unique needs.

The foundation for all of the home’s technology lies in one central unit, Control4, a top-notch system offering superior home automation. Elite Smart Home is one of New Jersey’s biggest dealers for Control4 and with their level of experience can build out the features best-suited for your family. In this centralized system, all of the different components of your smart home talk to one another through a single interface, whether it be a small touch screen mounted to a wall in your home or an app on your smartphone. Essentially, your lighting, music,


climate control, security system and more are all controlled together. And to make it even more user-friendly, this system is so sophisticated that you are not required to learn specific commands or speak in an overly enunciated manner. For example, you could naturally ask your device to close your shades or drapes or blinds— whichever term is used in your household; all options will be computed by your smart home. Understanding this general ease of functionality, it then becomes fun to build out your automated home.

Some components of Elite’s system are designed simply to make your life easier. Your home can prepare itself for your morning rise, return from work, or bedtime routine with the touch of a button. Lighting is adjusted, motorized TVs are stored away and blinds are opened. Leaving your house for an extended period of time suddenly becomes stress free, as water is automatically shut off and household temperature adjusted when you employ a straightforward pre-set function.

The pleasure of entertaining is enhanced through specific smart home features as well, a perfect complement for a beach house that regularly hosts company. Color-changing accent lighting under cabinets, along baseboards or tucked into your stair railing adds a special touch of glamour that houseguests always notice. A whole-house music system can be recessed through architectural speakers which deliver very high quality

sound while being almost invisible; even going so far as to have the speaker finish matched exactly to your ceiling paint. A host of outdoor entertainment options carried by Elite elevate the experience of life at the beach even more.

The safety options available for your smart home are important in our crazy world, but even more so for a home that may be miles away from your primary location. With everything remotely accessible, you can keep a close watch on your home even when you are not there. Your Smart Home system can announce through a whole-house speaker system when a car is in the driveway or send notification directly to your phone. If a human is detected, lights can immediately illuminate, plus entry door and garage door locks can be engaged. Clients find the peace of mind which this state-of-the-art system lends is priceless.

As you work with Elite to create your custom smart home, they pay careful attention to enhance daily living without disrupting the environment with technology. And, just as important, everything they use is guaranteed to hold up to the salt air and humidity. Following completion of the initial plan, an in-person meeting in their Surf City showroom allows you to interact with their recommendations and make any necessary tweaks. Once everything is installed, one of Elite Smart Home’s technicians will visit your home to give you a personal-

ized tutorial in working your new system. One of the best bonuses in using a small, experienced company is the hands-on attention every customer receives. They work with you to program different modes pertinent to your family’s lifestyle. With so much to learn, they often come back a few days or weeks later to troubleshoot points of confusion. Their focus is on a long-term relationship with their clients, and they put a lot of effort into always being accessible. They offer 24/7 support service with a live person, remote troubleshooting and priority scheduling to get a technician on site when needed.

A true smart home makes your life more convenient and your home safer, more comfortable and easier to enjoy. The professionals at Elite Smart Home give you the most professional and thorough design and installation, while allowing you, the homeowner, to completely customize every facet.

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It was Time

A Spectacular Home Renovation Journey in Harvey Cedars

In the charming beach town of Harvey Cedars, located on idyllic Long Beach Island, one couple recently made a bold decision to embark on a complete renovation of their bayfront home.

For years, the homeowners have built cherished memories within the walls of their summer home, which is complete with a private dock and boat lift. It is a sanctuary where they have created treasured traditions, particularly fishing and sailing with their children and grandchildren. However, as time went by, the familiar interiors began to feel outdated and lacked the vibrancy and functionality that the homeowners desired. As summers at the shore with their growing family became a significant priority, the homeowners realized that it was time for a fresh start.

With the addition of five grandkids, plans for a “refresh” developed into a decision to undertake a comprehensive renovation, fully embracing the opportunity to redefine their kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and living spaces. Their inspiration stemmed from a desire to enhance functionality, expand their living space, and create inviting bedrooms for their time together on Long Beach Island. With a determination to transform their home into a breathtaking haven, they assembled a team of experts. Knowing that such an undertaking required expertise and a meticulous approach, the homeowner carefully selected a team of professionals to guide them through the renovation process. They


enlisted the services of architect Jay Madden to create a blueprint that maximized both the structural integrity and the breathtaking bay views. They collaborated with S.A.H. Builders to execute the construction phase with precision and attention to detail. They hired Mark Reynolds of Reynolds Landscaping to completely redesign their outdoor living space with new pavers, a built-in barbeque, fire pit, seating area and tons of lush flora.

However, the missing piece to bring their vision to life was an experienced interior designer, which led them to partner with Thom Sweeney Interiors to help craft their vision and navigate the intricate design process, taking them on an inspiring journey towards creating a truly remarkable space.

Thom proved to be an invaluable partner throughout the renovation journey. With his vast experience and keen eye for design, he and his team seamlessly merged the homeowners’ aspirations with their professional expertise. Together, they embarked on a collaborative exploration of color palettes, textures, and furniture selections, ensuring that every aspect of the renovation aligned with the ultimate goal for a fresh, inviting, and harmonious space.

Sweeney’s extensive knowledge and network of trusted suppliers and craftsmen streamlined the selection and procurement of materials, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. With open communication and regular updates, the homeowner felt supported every step of the way, confident that their vision was being brought to life.

As part of the comprehensive renovation, the bedrooms and bathrooms took center stage. The homeowners drew inspiration for their renovation from the captivating and timeless aesthetic of Serena & Lily. Enthralled by the brand’s signature blend of coastal charm, sophisticated elegance, and relaxed comfort, they sought to infuse their bayfront home with a similar ambiance, which became the guiding principles for their renovation project. With the help of Thom Sweeney Interiors, they skillfully translated the clean lines, airy textures, and soothing color palettes associated with that aesthetic into a breathtaking transformation, creating a space that beautifully encapsulated the serene and inviting atmosphere they envisioned.

The Thom Sweeney Interiors team worked closely with the homeowners to create the ultimate personalized haven spaces, selecting elegant wallpapers, luxurious fixtures, complementary furniture, and innovative 83

design elements to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. From modern vanities to stunning tilework, every detail was meticulously chosen to reflect the homeowner’s unique style and create an oasis of tranquility for each one of their children and grandchildren to enjoy while staying in their home.

Thom and his team infused new life into every room. With careful consideration of color schemes, lighting, and furnishings, they orchestrated a cohesive and inviting atmosphere throughout the home. From selecting statement pieces to sourcing high-quality materials, they curated a space that exuded warmth, sophistication, and comfort. Putting their utmost trust in the design team, the homeowners took a leap of faith and embraced their expertise to make bold design choices that would elevate their home’s aesthetic to new heights. One such example was the suggestion to incorporate a striking, bold wallpaper in the entryway—a design element that the homeowner initially hesitated to consider. However, recognizing the Sweeney team’s vision and talent, they decided to venture outside their comfort zone. To their delight, the bold wallpaper (and idea to bump out the wall to make a closet and bench area) became an exquisite statement area, transforming the entryway into a captivating and welcoming space.

While the homeowners chose to retain the existing layout of her kitchen, they recognized the importance of enhancing its functionality and refreshing its design to better accommodate their growing family. To achieve this, they collaborated with a kitchen designer to implement strategic updates such as extending the kitchen island to allow for additional counter stools, providing ample seating for family and friends to gather around the bar. This expansion not only increased the capacity for shared meals and lively conversations but also created a more inviting and inclusive atmosphere. The cooktop was upgraded to a larger size, catering to the homeowner’s passion for culinary exploration and ensuring ample space for preparing and sharing delicious meals. With the added counter space, the kitchen became more efficient, enabling the homeowners to better engage in the joy of cooking and prepare meals for their family with ease. Thom’s team was there to help choose wall paint colors and ensure the décor details all blended with the rest of the home.

The homeowners’ passion for antiquing and appreciating timeless pieces also found a perfect match in Thom Sweeney Interiors. With a deep understanding of their love for vintage treasures, Thom and his team skillfully breathed new life into the existing furniture pieces, infusing them with a renewed purpose through thoughtful reupholstery and refinishing. The cherished antique furniture became stunning focal points that seamlessly blended with the refreshed design aesthetic. Each piece was meticulously transformed to not only align with the overall vision of the home but also preserve the character and charm that made them so beloved. The collaboration between the homeowner and design team allowed some of the older, treasured items to shine once again, adding a touch of nostalgia and personal history to the beautifully revamped space.

The decision to undertake a complete renovation can be daunting, but for these homeowners in Harvey Cedars, it was a transformative journey that resulted in the realization of their dream home. Through the expertise and collaboration of architect, contractor, and design team, the trifecta successfully brought the homeowners’ vision to life, breathing new energy into every space. The rejuvenated home now reflects their unique personality, while seamlessly blending style, comfort, and functionality. With their remarkable renovation complete, the homeowners are now able to cherish their bayfront retreat, a testament to the power of embracing change and investing in the beauty of their surroundings. 85
86 BAY MAGAZINE FALL 2023 LBI’S PREMIER INTERIOR DESIGN DESTINATION FOR 30 YEARS WE LISTEN. WE DESIGN. YOU ENJOY. I nter I or D es I gn | F urn I ture | B e D & B ath L I nens L I ght I ng | W I n D o W t reatments 1012 C entral a ve , S hip B ottom | 609.361.9297 B etweenthe S heet S nj . C om | info @ B etweenthe S heet S nj . C om It is available for free download here: FONT 1: ADOBE CASLON SEMIBOLD FONT 2: MONTSERRAT REGULAR Between the Sheets, LLC. Logo Identity Manual | © 2022 20 Lemons, LLC. | All rights reserved. 20 Lemons hereby states that enclosed final identity has been selected by, approved by, and is the property of the client. All content in this manual has been compiled to allow the identity to live beyond its inner workings at 20 Lemons. The layout and content development used in creating the selected identity will remain the property of 20 Lemons. If you have any questions regarding the use of the presented identity that are not addressed within this manual, contact 20 Lemons at 732.207.7114 or

Creating your own Cut Flower Garden

Cutting flowers are blooms that are grown for the purpose of cutting from the garden. They can then be placed in vases and used throughout your home. Not only will these flowers add color and dimension to the garden, but they will allow you to have fresh flowers on your counter each week.

There are five main groups of cutting flowers including focals, spikes, discs, fillers, and airy blooms. It is ideal if you can grow a some of each type, allowing for your design to have a variety of texture and movement, creating the most stunning arrangement.

Some of our favorites

Focal: Peonies, hydrangea, dahlias, zinnias, and ranunculus

Spikes: Snapdragon, stock, salvia, and celosia

Disc: Hellebores, marigolds, yarrow, and rudbeckia

Filler: Queen Anne’s lace, Mint and Basil

Airy “Dancing” Blooms: Gomphrena, scabiosa, guara, and bachelor’s button


Tips to keep in mind when growing a cut flower garden.

Make sure to use a good amount of hearty compost in your soil.

Fertilize every few weeks.

Some plants may require staking to allow for upright, straight stems. Only water at the base of the plant, ideally in the morning.

Cut deep into the plant allowing for more branching and blooms.

Cut your blooms in the morning or at night and hydrate well.

Keep in mind that some varieties of plants will bloom over and over and produce flowers throughout the season, while others (like peonies) will have one bloom period.

The most important part of having a cutting garden is to enjoy the process. We are planting seeds of hope, then nurturing the plants, patiently waiting for them to bloom, and finally embracing our most creative side while designing the final arrangement.

VISIT OUR VILLAGE OF SHOPS Home • Garden • Gift • Café • Ladies Apparel • Children’s Boutique • Floral Market Our happy place... is full of flowers. 201 EAST BAY AVENUE, MANAHAWKIN • 609.597.6099 • REYNOLDSGARDENSHOP.COM


“Everything was great. We love Brenda!”

-Nicole from Waretown, NJ

“Absolutely amazing! Marieli’s Crew was phenomenal! Over the top!

-Jennifer from Stafford, NJ

been with
crew for years and this is the best cleaning we’ve received!”
the Results Speak for Themselves
-Stephen from Barnegat, NJ We Let
CLEANING SERVICE 93 342 W. 9th Street ~ Ship Bottom NJ 08008 Build with an Architect ™ (609) 361-0011 NJ ARCH LIC# 21AI01038700 NJ PLANNING LIC# 33LI00413700 BLDR REG# 13VH04273700

Introducing The POWER OF ONE from Valley National Bank

Valley's unique POWER OF ONE construction financing program combines the construction phase and the permanent phase into one convenient process.

Now you can build the home of your dreams and:

• Gain peace of mind knowing you only have to go through the loan process once

• Enjoy one defined rate structure for the life of your loan

• Count on professional support from a team of banking and constructing professionals who want to make sure your home is delivered on time

A lender that's there for you

For more than 90 years, Valley has provided buyers with specialized lending knowledge along with exceptional service. If you're interested in a free mortgage consultation, pre-qualification or preapproval, please reach out to us. We'd like to help turn your dream of building your next home into reality

Home Loan Consultant

Home Loan Consultant

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NMLS# 263964

Valley National Bank

561 Atlantic City Boulevard/Rt 9

Bayville, NJ 08721

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O: 877-914-9500

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C: 732-241-2678

O: 877-914-9500

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F: 732-358-0302

F: 732-358-0302

2022 2023 95

all about comfort

Five 0 Six Surf Boutique is the essential costal lifestyle shop in LBI, with a second location in St. Augustine Florida the creative possibilities are endless for curating a quality wardrobe with unique and staple pieces. Both locations are open all year round and with the summer heat finally cooling off, Fall 2023 is weaving its magic up and down the shores of LBI.

The parallels between the Summer and Fall 2023 seasons knit a seamless transition this year and at Five 0 Six they are all about comfort, versatility, and quality. Elevated neutrals have been making their mark as a closet pillar for the last few seasons, providing a classic way to bring timeless structure to a wardrobe. It is the modern version of a uniform where you can grab pieces you know work and are stylish without having to over think an outfit.

At first it would not appear that an overly structured look works in a relaxed coastal setting, however, utilizing tailored pieces such as a blazer or pleated pants allows you to mix in classic casuals like a white shirt and sneakers that elevate the look and create seamless transition from day to night; from work to play. Taking for example the Texas Checkered Overall and pairing them with a navy or black blazer transform any summer piece into a fall go to.

Photos by Ally Jordan

Five 0 Six has curated quality vacation wear pieces that are becoming less limited to only vacation and have evolved into everyday staples. Take the summer with you and let the “Beachcomber” style radiate as the weather starts to cool off. The Adrienne Crochet Hanky Top brings depth and texture to an outfit and can go directly from the beach to dinner with a few simple swaps- adding a turtleneck underneath, wide leg denim, crisp white sneakers and gold jewelry and you are ready for a night by the firepit with a hot-toddy or hot-chocolate.

Sun-soaked linen, breezy fabrics, fun flirty tropical prints make perfect layering pieces with a sweater or blazer, paired with denim or classic trousers. Finishing the look with gold accessories and a classic leather sandal tie it all together. Within the boutique look for the brand Z-Supply for all of your “Beachcomber” pieces, from classic tees to blazers and jersey pants they carry it all and


the quality is fantastic.

Utilizing prints and texture is a creative way to add diversity to your wardrobe and embrace different trends this fall season. If you are a neutral gal and want to keep the monochromatic color pallet going, choosing pieces that have fall florals in a muted color pallet provide depth to your outfit without compromising the aesthetic. Pops of color add depth to any look and while Barbie pink has dominated the summer if you are looking to bring that pop into the fall swap out pink for a bright bold red. Think accessory pieces in velvet to give a look depth.

Of course, you can always keep the Barbie trend going into the fall and utilize a darker shade of pink too. A fun way color is emerging this fall is via printed textured coats. Not wanting to commit to an entire look a coat is a great layering tool that can showcase a trend / style without having to fully commit. If you were swept away by the summer block busters, the Barbenheimer trend combines all the juxtaposition that fashion has been fully embracing the last few seasons. It’s Elle Woods meets The Devil Wears Prada; it’s the Millennial fashion trend Renaissance through the Gen Z lens, it’s fun and flirty with vintage structure and flair.

I cannot stress enough to check out the boutique’s jewelry selection. The gold pieces are dainty and bring the much-needed shimmer to any look while balancing casual and luxury all at the same time. Five 0 Six’s selection of gold hoops are delicate and classic; whether you go for the High Tide Hoops or Crystal Beach Hoops they are the perfect accessory to any outfit. If rings are more your speed, then there are a ton of options for layering, mixing and matching. My personal favorite is the Gold Happy Daze Ring that brings a little extra smile and sunshine to your day.

Five 0 Six Boutique is located at 506 Long Beach Blvd in Surf City. Stop on in and see all the treasures their boutique has to offer; you will not be disappointed! 99

Family Medical Care Urgent Care Service

Family Medical Care

853 Mill Creek Rd


wellness-nj com


Wellness visits

Family Medical Care

853 Mill Creek Rd

Chronic disease management


Women’s Health

wellness-nj com


Urgent Care Services

853 Mill Creek Rd


wellness-nj com


Urgent Care Services

Treatment of acute illness

853 Mill Creek Rd.

Physicals (annual, sports and DOT)


Ear problems/irrigation


Physicals (annual, sports and DOT)

Wellness visits

Weight management counseling

Chronic disease management

Women’s Health


Physicals (annual, sports and DOT)

Weight management counseling

Musculoskeletal injuries



Treatment of acute illness

Medication (including tetanus)

Nebulizer treatments

Physicals (annual, sports and DOT)

Burn treatment

Ear problems/irrigation

Foreign object removal

Musculoskeletal injuries

Incision & drainage


Splint placement

Medication (including tetanus)

Nebulizer treatments

Suture repair & removal

IV therapy

Burn treatment

Foreign object removal

Incision & drainage

Splint placement

Suture repair & removal

IV therapy

At Well, our goal is to get you feeling your absolute best. An IV fluid and electrolyte infusion and a vitamin

boost will provide a quick and much needed solution to replenish, rehydrate, regroup and reboot…To be well.

853 Mill Creek Rd. Manahawkin | 609.756.4667 609-529-0303 | | 853 Mill Creek Rd. Manahawkin, NJ | @wellhydration Hydration Pre-Game | Group Bookings |

Embracing Beauty’s Autumnal Palette: Fall 2023 Trends

As the vibrant hues of summer begin to wane, a new season dawns, bringing with it a fresh wave of beauty trends that encapsulate the essence of fall. With nature’s canvas transforming into a tapestry of golden leaves and dusky hues, the beauty industry takes inspiration from this enchanting metamorphosis. Fall 2023 trends are all about embracing the seasonal change and reimagining beauty in a way that complements the autumnal spirit. From warm and earthy tones to innovative skincare rituals, this editorial delves into the captivating world of beauty trends that promise to mesmerize and captivate throughout the Fall 2023 season.

Earthy Glow: Embracing Natural Radiance

Gone are the days of heavily contoured faces and overdone highlighters. Fall 2023 ushers in a shift towards embracing natural radiance with an earthy glow. A subtle touch of bronzer and a gentle flush of blush on the cheeks create a soft, sun-kissed glow that enhances the natural features. Dewy and luminous skin becomes the epitome of beauty, exuding an effortless elegance that complements the autumnal backdrop. The trend focuses on nourishing and pampering the skin, allowing its natural brilliance to shine through.

Sunset Hues: The Colorful Odyssey

Fall 2023 brings a striking departure from traditional autumnal shades, as the beauty industry embraces vibrant sunset hues. Rich terracotta, burnt orange, and fiery reds are adorned on eyelids, lips, and cheeks, capturing the captivating allure of the setting sun. Makeup aficionados can experiment with smoky sunset eyes or opt for bold lips that echo the colors of dusk. This trend is all about celebrating the beauty of nature’s breathtaking transition, infusing warmth and vibrancy into our daily beauty routines.

Rejuvenating Rituals: Sustainable Skincare

Fall 2023 heralds a resurgence of sustainable skincare rituals, embracing natural ingredients and eco-conscious practices. Consumers are increasingly drawn to clean beauty products that prioritize ethical sourcing and environmentally friendly packaging. Brands are re- 101

sponding to this shift by offering eco-luxe formulations enriched with botanical extracts and active ingredients that nourish and protect the skin during the seasonal transition. From cruelty-free serums to compostable packaging, beauty enthusiasts can indulge in conscious beauty choices that are gentle on both skin and planet.

The Power of Self-Expression: Playful Nail Art

Fall 2023 encourages self-expression and creativity, even at our fingertips. Nail art takes center stage, allowing individuals to showcase their unique personalities through playful designs and intricate patterns. From geometric shapes to subtle metallic accents and ombre shading, nails become a canvas for artistic expression. Non-toxic nail polishes and eco-friendly manicure sets further support conscious beauty practices, ensuring that beauty trends align with personal values.

Textured Tresses: The Art of Effortless Hair Say goodbye to rigid hairstyles and embrace the beauty of effortlessly tousled tresses for Fall 2023. This season is all about celebrating the natural texture of hair, whether it’s luscious curls, voluminous waves, or sleek frizz-free coils. Hair products that enhance texture and hold without stiffness are gaining popularity, as women seek easy-to-maintain hairstyles that exude a touch of bohemian charm. The trend allows for the expression of individuality and the freedom to embrace the beauty of diverse hair textures.

Sustainable Sensuality: Perfumes with Purpose

Fragrance trends for Fall 2023 are all about embracing sustainable sensuality. Conscious consumers seek perfumes crafted from natural essences and responsibly sourced ingredients. Perfumers are blending captivating scents inspired by the season, such as warm amber, woody notes, and comforting vanilla, all while staying true to their commitment to sustainability. Each fragrance becomes a journey into the scents of autumn, evoking memories of crisp air and crackling bonfires.

Fall 2023 beauty trends transport us into a world of vibrancy, warmth, and sustainability. From the enchanting hues of sunset-inspired makeup to the celebration of natural radiance and the allure of playful nail art, this season’s trends invite us to embrace beauty that mirrors the breathtaking transformation of autumn. With a renewed focus on sustainable skincare and conscious choices, the fall and winter season presents an opportunity for us to express ourselves authentically, sustainably, and exquisitely, all while experiencing the joy of beauty’s captivating autumnal palette. 103

What’s Your Why? Exploring Yoga Bohemia’s Sacred Space

Our lives are bustling, teeming with distractions. In a world that constantly demands our attention, yoga has emerged as a refuge—an oasis where individuals seek solace, self-discovery and a deeper connection with their inner selves.

Yoga Bohemia beckons you to discover the true essence of yoga—an intimate voyage within oneself. Here, we delve into the profound question: What is your why? What led you to the mat, and what continues to draw you back? These questions serve as catalysts for a deeper connection with the self, allowing you to unlock the profound benefits of your practice. For practitioner Judy, her practice at Yoga Bohemia transcends the realm of mere physical exercise.

“Why I am dedicated to my yoga practice has so many answers. It is my peace, my place, my escape. Life is stressful, but yoga puts everything into perspective. The journey isn’t without its challenges, and at times, it feels like an arduous task, even akin to torture, nevertheless, my affection for yoga remains unshakable.” - Judy

Yoga Bohemia is a sanctuary where body and mind unite, where strength and flexibility coalesce and where the breath guides the flow. Here, experienced instructors nurture an environment of acceptance and exploration, gently guiding you through dynamic sequences that invite you to delve deeper into your practice.

“Yoga had always intrigued me, and one day, I decided to take a class at a local church. From that moment on, my journey with yoga began, and I’ve never regretted it. Returning to the practice regularly allows me to push my physical boundaries and discover my body’s potential. Moreover, I find immense joy in exploring the theories and captivating stories woven into each pose, unraveling the ‘whys’ behind them.” - Chris

Whether you seek inner peace, stress relief, or a connection to your physical being, our studio embraces your unique motivations, fostering an environment where your practice can truly flourish. 105

As you step onto the mat, the studio’s serene ambiance envelops you, embracing both beginner and seasoned yogis alike. Regardless of age, body, or how you practice, yoga greets all with a welcoming heart and allows for the development of the self. When Louise found Yoga Bohemia, this yoga practice was initiated and has continued ever since:

“As a cancer survivor, my daily routine revolves around yoga. As soon as I wake in the morning I plan out which classes I will take that day. All other plans come secondary to my practice. Even at the age of 83, I wholeheartedly embrace this practice, valuing its contribution to both mental clarity and physical prowess. Recognizing the significance of mindful movement, I am devoted to challenging and innovative approaches in my practice.”

Beyond the physicality of yoga, our studio extends an invitation to explore the realms of mindfulness and self-awareness. Within its sacred space, time slows down, and you are encouraged to let go of external burdens and reconnect with your inner self.

After a tragic loss, the pain left Wendy in a place where she didn’t know how to move on. However, after finding a beach yoga class, she discovered the beauty of yoga and was able to start moving forward:

“Yoga saved my life. With time and patience this beautiful practice taught me how to find peace within my mind and to feel joy and gratitude in my heart despite the devastating death of my son. The physical practice strengthened me both inside and out and learning to focus on my breath and combine it with movement is a powerful tool that brings calm, focus, and the ability to be still in the present moment. It has helped me cultivate the ability to relate to the world and the things that happen in this life in a new and beautiful way.” - Wendy S.

Each session on the mat is an opportunity to embrace the present moment, to listen to the whispers of your soul, and to cultivate a deeper understanding of your own being. As you breathe and move, the space becomes a sanctuary where you can nourish your mind, body, and spirit—a place where the path to self-discovery unfolds.

Here at Yoga Bohemia, we stand as a beacon of self-inquiry and expression, inviting you to explore, discover, and reconnect. We invite your unique motivations, offering a diverse range of classes and workshops to accommodate every individual’s needs. So, whether

you seek physical transformation, inner peace, or a momentary escape from the chaos of everyday life, Yoga Bohemia is here to guide you along the path. Step onto the mat and let the transformative power of yoga unfold, unveiling the infinite possibilities that reside within you.

At Yoga Bohemia, we honor and celebrate the individual motivations that bring people to the mat. Here, an hour on the mat becomes a respite, an opportunity to recalibrate, and an invitation to reconnect with your innermost being and connect with your best self.

“I practice to remember who I am. Life is filled with external stimuli and I sometimes feel constantly bombarded with information and noise from the world around me. My Yoga practice allows me to withdraw from the outside, reconnect with my body, calm my mind and just sit in the presence of me. I practice to remember me.” - Jody D.

The yoga practice becomes a sacred ritual, a reminder that you are worthy of self-care and self-love. So, as you step onto the mat, remember to honor your why, embrace the transformative power of yoga, and allow your practice to become an intimate expression of your true self.

Visit to learn more about Yoga Bohemia’s various locations and class offerings. HEALTHY LIVING 107

We support food pantries & educate the public about basic food needs in Southern Ocean County

We are a local, all volunteer non-profit organization with a mission to support local food pantries as they assist our residents with their basic food needs and to help educate the public of the basic food needs of individuals and families in our area.

DONATE TODAY! 109 1700 long beach blvd. surf city | 609 494 1802 | @shoplittlebungalow Home | Clothing | Apothecary | Gift | Accessories | Custom Gift Baskets Call (609) 991-7002 for a free Virtual or In-Home Design Consultation or visit us online at Showroom: 7 Eves Drive, Ste 150, Marlton, NJ 08053 ©2023 Closet Factory. All rights reserved. NJ# 13VH09550600 RE07PF GARAGE the art of organization CLOSETS • GARAGES • HOME OFFICES • ENTERTAINMENT CENTERS • WALL BEDS • PANTRIES • CRAFT ROOMS • LAUNDRY ROOMS • MUD ROOMS • WINE ROOMS TIME TO GET IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT WITH A NEW GARAGE Rev-up

The Mighty Sunshine Vitamin:

Unlocking the Power of Vitamin D for Optimal Health

In the realm of essential nutrients, one that often goes overlooked but holds tremendous significance for our overall well-being is Vitamin D. Despite its importance, more than 50% of the population remains deficient in this vital nutrient. Often referred to as the “sunshine vitamin,” Vitamin D plays a crucial role in not only maintaining strong bones, but also in supporting immune function and promoting overall health.

Let us delve into the numerous benefits of Vitamin D, exploring its impact on various aspects of our physical and mental well-being. By shedding light on the importance of maintaining adequate Vitamin D levels and providing insights into natural sources and supplementation, it will empower you to prioritize this essential nutrient for your optimal health.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin which has long been known to assist the body absorb and retain calcium

and phosphorus. Both of these minerals are crucial for building and preserving healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D has been shown to improve respiratory infections, cognitive health and musculoskeletal pain, reduce inflammation, strengthen immunity, and retard some cancer cell growth—especially colorectal cancer.

Vitamin D refers to a family of compounds that are derived from cholesterol. The two main forms of vitamin D are vitamin D2, which is found in some plants and better known as ergocalciferol, and vitamin D3 which is found in certain animal tissue and often referred to as cholecalciferol. Both of these vitamins are precursors to potent metabolites and fall into the category of prohormones.

Vitamin D can be obtained from our diet, but few foods naturally contain vitamin D. Our primary source of vitamin D comes from exposure to ultraviolet light from


the sun. Initially, vitamin D is biologically inert and must undergo two hydroxylation processes within the body for activation. These hydroxylation processes occur in the liver and kidneys to form the physiologically active metabolite known as calcitriol. At this juncture, activated vitamin D is ready to go to work playing its diverse and incredible role in our physical and mental wellbeing.

The acceptable range for Vitamin D levels in the blood is between 30 ng/ml to 100 ng/ml (nanogram/milliliter), 50 ng/ml is ideal. Some physical signs of inadequate vitamin D serum levels include fatigue, bone pain, muscle cramps, muscle weakness, muscle aches and mood changes.

If your blood test reveals an insufficient level of vitamin D, then dietary supplementation may be worth considering to achieve your recommended daily intake. When purchasing a vitamin D supplement, you will have to choose between two different forms: Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3.

There is an ongoing debate whether Vitamin D3 is better than Vitamin D2 at achieving adequate blood levels of the vitamin. A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials comparing the effects of vitamin D2 and D3 supplements on blood levels found that the vitamin D3 supplement tended to raise blood concentrations and sustained those levels longer than vitamin D2. Some experts cite vitamin D3 as the preferred form as it is produced in the body from sunlight exposure and is found in more foods.

Vitamin D3 is synthesized in the body when a chemical reaction occurs within the human skin and a steroid (7-dehydrocolesterol) is broken down by the sun’s ultra-violet light. Uncertainties concerning the optimal amount of sun exposure needed to synthesis adequate vitamin D levels makes it difficult to provide accurate sun exposure guidelines.

Vitamin D research suggests that approximately 5 to 20 minutes of sun exposure, preferably earlier in the day without sunscreen, can provide sufficient vitamin D synthesis. Using sunscreen can reduce vitamin D3 absorption by approximately 90%.

However, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer; therefore, it is important to avoid excessive

sun exposure. Other conditions that can decrease vitamin D synthesis are: wearing clothing which fully covers the skin, mostly during the winter months and spending limited time outdoors.

Seniors have a reduced ability to convert ultra-violet light to vitamin D3 due to changes in their skin and spending more time indoors. If you live in the northern latitudes, as on Long Beach Island, during the fall and winter seasons, vitamin D synthesis will diminish as ultra-violet rays become weaker. Here is where the “snow birds” have a distinct advantage when they head south. The body can store excess vitamin D3 synthesized during the summer; however, this vitamin D3 must last through the winter and if it doesn’t, a deficiency could develop.

Vitamin D deficiency was first described more than 300 years ago as a disorder called rickets. Vitamin D deficiency can be caused by limited sunlight exposure, a diet deficient in vitamin D, poor absorption as a result of gastrointestinal disease, abnormal vitamin D metabolism caused by certain medications or kidney disease. People with vitamin D deficiency cannot absorb calcium efficiently and consequently develop low serum calcium concentrations with high parathyroid hormone concentrations which regulates calcium levels. The low serum calcium concentrations can result in poorly calcified bones.

Unlike the water-soluble vitamins B and C, surplus vitamin D, which is stored in the body, can sometimes reach toxic levels, a condition called hypervitaminosis D. An individual experiencing hypervitaminosis D may complain of muscle weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting. Since vitamin D is involved in the intestinal absorption and mobilization of calcium, excessive vitamin D can cause abnormally high calcium concentrations in the blood (hypercalcemia). As a result, there can be widespread deposition of calcium throughout the body particularly in the kidney. Toxic manifestations have been observed in adults receiving 50,000 to 100,000 IU of vitamin D daily for more than a week on a sustained basis.

Now that we have an idea of what happens when we don’t get enough of or get too much of vitamin D, the question is: “how much vitamin D is recommended on a daily basis?” As with many nutritional requirements, there has been extensive 111

debate over the recommended daily allowance of vitamin D.

Recent studies indicate that we may need more vitamin D than previously thought. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the recommended dietary allowances for vitamin D are: 1 to 70 years –600 IU (15 mcg) and over 70 years – 800 IU (20 mcg). However, many other countries and professional societies have different guidelines. For example, the Endocrine Society states that in order to maintain adequate vitamin D serum level, adults need 1,500 to 2,000 IU daily and children should have 1,000 IU daily. In the United Kingdom, the government recommends 400 IU (10 mcg) daily for its citizens from 4 years and older.

So, how much is optimal? Well, in my humble opinion, in order to be accurate, add the vitamin D serum level to the yearly blood test that’s ordered from your primary care physician. If your vitamin D serum level is inadequate, then you can increase your intake of vitamin D.

How do you increase your serum level of vitamin D?

As suggested earlier, judicious exposure to sunlight is a good place to start. Supplementation with vitamin D3 possibly using a multivitamin which usually contains 400 IU or add vitamin D3 supplementation based upon your blood analysis.

Increase foods which contain vitamin D, such as fresh fatty fish (salmon, tuna, trout, sardines or swordfish), cod liver oil, which is packed with vitamin D as well as omega 3, supports heart and brain health. Mushrooms, beef liver, egg yolks and cheese also contain small amounts of vitamin D. Foods fortified with vitamin D such as low-fat milk as well as soy, almond and oat milks and orange juice can help. Ready-to-eat cereals are also fortified with vitamin D.

As you can see, vitamin D has many essential health benefits. Maintaining proper levels of vitamin D can reduce the risk of several diseases, improve your immunity and mood plus helps relieve musculoskeletal pain. Monitoring your vitamin D serum level is not difficult and is as easy as adding it to your yearly blood testing. A little sunshine goes a long way. So, let the sun shine in and stay healthy.

Serving LBI’s Favorite Coffee Since 2004 Open year-round in Surf City Daily from 7am - 6pm HEALTHY LIVING
We restore healthy spine function and ENHANCE quality of life Ted Siciliano, D.C. | Manahawkin Chiropractic Center 720 South Main Street Route 9 South Manahawkin, New Jersey 609-597-9333 | Non-surgical treatment of Spinal Stenosis | Herniated Discs of the Cervical or Lumbar Spine Degenerative Disc Disease | Neck pain with or without arm pain | Sciatica

Surf’s Up

Black Sheep Studios Implements Functional Surf Training Program

Surfers looking to improve their form in the water can now take their craft to dry land. Devon Karvan, owner of Black Sheep Studios, is thinking outside the board and offering Functional Surf Training classes at her Long Beach Island studio.

In launching this new circuit training program, Karvan has collaborated with Steff ‘Mags’ Magallanes - professional skimboarder and founder of Sandy Avocado Surf, an LBI-based organization dedicated to nurturing a community of young surfers, skateboarders, yogis and artists. This year, Magallanes has joined the ranks of the expert trainers at Black Sheep Studios, adding her discipline to the fitness hub’s extensive repertoire of classes.

“Over the past decade, I’ve had the privilege of teaching as a surfing and skimboarding coach. In 2019, I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training with Yoga Bohemia. And this year, I accomplished something truly groundbreaking - becoming the first DFI Coach in the United States,” said Magallanes. 115

Last year, Magallanes spent her off-season in Costa Rica training with DFI Surf Training founder Valentin Gomez. The DFI Training System is a unique, holistic training methodology that focuses on surf-specific physical demands for its fitness curriculum.

“We recognize that all parts of the body are interconnected and work together to achieve efficient movement,” said Magallanes. “This approach relies on human functional anatomy - we strengthen the body and work on mobility during Functional Training Classes.”

Surfing, after all, can be a laborious pursuit. While seasoned surfers make the sport look effortless, paddling out, popping-up and executing skillful maneuvers requires a heap of energy and coordination. That’s why proper surf-specific workouts incorporate movements that mimic the instability of a surfboard and the unpredictability of


the sea. Functional surf exercise routines are meant to increase strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance so that when you finally hit the water, you’ll be prepared for any possible scenario.

“The aim [with Functional Surf Training] is to correct common postural anomalies, as these imbalances limit efficient movement and hinder progress in practice,” said Magallanes. “This is a full body workout!”

But the program isn’t just for board riders. While Functional Surf Training was initially designed with surfers in mind, any willing participant looking to improve their strength, endurance and flexibility could (and should) partake.

“Functional Training is a fantastic fit for anyone embarking on an athletic journey, regardless of their background or experience,” said Magallanes.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers are welcome.

“Our approach is unique. We focus on improving overall physical integration, which enhances daily movements on and off the board. The best part is that this circuit style training is fun and suitable for all fitness levels. Classes are tailored to you!”

Functional Surf Training classes are offered at Black Sheep Studios on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30 pm and Sundays at 9:15am. For more information, visit 117 HEALTHY LIVING

Kitchen + Pub, hotel adventure park, WEDdings + more

Welcome to the ultimate destination for fun with friends and family! Located just a few miles from the coast, this one-of-akind destination offers everything you need to kick back and have some fun! From beautiful weddings and events to our laidback Kitchen + Pub, thrilling Adventure Park and Arcade come explore everything The Mainland has to offer.


Ann Coen Photography Ann Coen Photography 119
120 BAY MAGAZINE FALL 2023 YOUR GO TO SHOP FOR AUTO CARE Trust a shop that offers all kinds of auto services, all at affordable prices. We work on individual vehicles, fleet vehicles and more. Stop by today to learn more about how we can get your car back into tiptop shape. We offer transmission tune ups, transmission repair, brake pads, rotors, quick oil changes, engine services, engine repair & more! Contact us today to learn more. 700 NJ-72 Manahawkin, NJ 08050 609.597.3815 | M-F 8am-5pm | Saturday 8am-1pm 101 S. WEST AVE | BEACH HAVEN | 609.492.2300 | TUCKERSTAVERN-LBI.COM GREAT FOOD, VIEWS & VIBES OPEN YEAR ROUND TT Bay Mag Half Page Fall 23.indd 1 7/18/2023 3:51:33 PM 121 Contemporary Meets Coastal Just blocks from the beach + bay, The Boulevard is designed to meet the needs of travelers looking to explore the island and enjoy modern amenities during their stay. | @theblvdhotel | 609-467-8990 13401 long beach blvd, beach haven gardens, NJ 08008 josh ketcham
Photo by Michael Spark

St. Francis Community Center A Pillar of Support for Long Beach Island


Since its opening on July 5, 1972, the St. Francis Community Center in Brant Beach on Long Beach Island has become an invaluable asset for residents and visitors alike. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the center serves as a hub of activity, offering a wide range of programs, camps, and support services to people of all ages. Through its dedication to the community, the St. Francis Community Center has become a beacon of hope and a lifeline for those in need.

It is important to note that the St. Francis Parish and the St. Francis Community Center are two separate entities with distinct roles and functions, even though at one point in their history they affiliated with each other. While the St. Francis Parish refers to the religious church community primarily focused on providing spiritual services, conducting religious ceremonies, and encompasses the church, clergy, and the congregation, the St. Francis Community Center, on the other hand, is a non-denominational, non-profit organization that operates independently from the parish to serve the community.

The St. Francis Community Center, also known as the LBI Community Center, is a community-focused entity that aims to enhance the quality of life for individuals and families within the Southern Ocean County area. The center provides a wide range of programs, activities, and services to meet the diverse needs of the community. These include educational workshops, recreational activities, fitness classes, senior programs, youth programs, support services for less fortunate families, and more.

The Community Center serves as a gathering place and a hub of community engagement. It operates various facilities including a regulation gymnasium; competition-size indoor pool; two heated outdoor pools; men’s and women’s locker rooms for pool members; classrooms; meeting rooms; hospitality desks and offices, multipurpose rooms. The center actively seeks community involvement through volunteer opportunities, fundraising events, and collaboration with other organizations. Its mission is to promote personal growth, well-being, and community connection.

Photos by Michael John Murphy

St. Francis Community Center offers an array of enriching programs for children of all ages. These programs include educational workshops, recreational activities, and sports leagues. The Center’s commitment to fostering personal growth and development among the youth is exemplified through initiatives such as arts and crafts programs, sports programs and after-school activities. They host a co-ed youth basketball league throughout the winter and basketball camps instructed by local high school coaches. By providing a safe and nurturing environment, the Center plays a crucial role in helping children build a strong foundation for their future.

Children’s Services:

The community center is a year-round licensed child care center servicing children from 13 months to 13 years of age. The child care programs consist of toddler (13months to 2 ½ ), preschool (3-5 years) and school-aged (513years) children. The St. Francis Preschool is a 4-star Grow NJ Kids program. Grow NJ Kids is a state-sponsored initiative to raise the quality of child care and early learning throughout New Jersey. The center also participates in a subsidized voucher program in conjunction with Children’s Home Society of New Jersey to assist income eligible families with childcare costs.

Their “Vacation Club: Summer Camp” is open to all Ocean County children who attend an Ocean County School the last school year and are permanent residents of the county. The program is a full-day summer camp that provides a comprehensive array of activities in arts and crafts, cooking, sports, daily swimming and weekly field trips. The primary goal of Vacation Club is to provide a secure environment for school-aged children who are in need of supervised care during the summer, while offering enjoyable and positive social experiences that support and develop physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. Children explore recreational indoor and outdoor activities, make friends and grow in confidence and self-esteem.

Additionally, part-time camps and recreational programs offered for a variety of age groups throughout the summer include basketball clinics, yoga camps, writing courses, Tai Chi classes, pickleball, etc.

Photos by Michael John Murphy

Senior Services

Recognizing the value and wisdom that senior citizens bring to the community, the St. Francis Community Center is a place where seniors can engage with their peers, stay active, and continue to lead fulfilling lives. The Center ensures their well-being, fosters a sense of belonging, combats isolation, and promotes healthy aging by offering various tailored programs and resources designed specifically for seniors.

The programs help seniors engage in meaningful activities and continue their lifelong learning journey. Some of these include senior fitness classes including aerobics and chair yoga, walking, social events including daily card games, mahjong, and educational seminars specifically catered to the needs and interests of senior citizens. This year the Long Beach Island Police Department hosted a talk on senior scams and the Long Beach Island Beach Patro presented a class on CPR. Last year, the Senior Services Department assisted nearly 3,000 seniors apply for meals on wheels, PAAD (Pharmaceutical Assistance for Aged and Disabled), Medicare, SHIP (State Health Insurance Program) and Lifeline Assistance. All services are offered free of charge.

Social events and educational seminars provide opportunities for seniors to connect with peers. The Center also offers support services, such as transportation assistance, to ensure accessibility and ease of participation in the programs. With a focus on fostering a sense of

belonging and promoting healthy aging, the St. Francis Center’s Senior Services play a vital role in enriching the lives of senior citizens from South Toms River to Little Egg Harbor.

State of the Art Aquatics Center

The St. Francis Community Center features an impressive Aquatics Center, open seven days a week that offers a wide range of aquatic programs and activities for individuals of all ages. The Aquatics Center provides a dynamic and welcoming space for individuals and families to enjoy aquatic activities, enhance swimming skills, and engage in water-based fitness. With a focus on safety, education, and enjoyment, the aquatics center promotes a healthy and active lifestyle while fostering a sense of community among its participants. Some key features and programs of the Aquatics Center include:

Swimming Lessons:

The Aquatics Center at St. Francis Community Center offers comprehensive swimming lessons for individuals of all skill levels and ages. From beginner classes for children to advanced stroke technique training for young adults, there are programs tailored to meet the needs of every swimmer. Certified instructors provide personalized instruction, focusing on water safety, proper technique, and building confidence in the water.

Photos by Michael John Murphy

Open Swim:

The Aquatics Center provides designated open swim times for community members to enjoy recreational swimming. It offers a safe and supervised environment where individuals and families can splash, play, and relax in the pool. Open swim sessions are a great way for people of all ages to engage in physical activity, bond with family and friends, and unwind in the water. Daily Swim passes or pool memberships are required to utilize the open swim times at the Center, and this can be purchased as a Daily-Pass ($10 per person), a 2-month summer pass ($100 per person), or in 3-month ($160pp), 6-month ($250pp) or 1-year memberships ($310pp). Family rates, senior citizen and military disabled are also available, please visit the pool reception desk for open swim pool schedules for both the indoor and outdoor swimming facilities.

Aquatic Fitness Classes:

For those looking for a low-impact yet effective workout, the Aquatics Center offers a variety of aquatic fitness classes. These classes utilize the resistance and buoyancy of water to provide a challenging and joint-friendly exercise experience. Water aerobics, aqua Zumba, and arthritis aerobics and splash dance are some examples of the classes offered. Participants can enjoy the benefits of cardiovascular fitness, increased strength, and improved flexibility while having fun in the water.

Swim Team:

The St. Francis Sharks is the Community Center’s competitive summer swim team for youth who are interested in taking their swimming skills to the next level. Winning many 1st place titles for Long Beach Island in local competitions, the swim team provides training, coaching, and opportunities for participants to compete in swim meets. It not only promotes physical fitness and skill development but also fosters teamwork, discipline, and goal-setting among young swimmers. The Aquatics Center is also the “home” of the swim operation for Southern Regional High

School and Barnegat high school swim team. Each season, those teams practice Monday through Friday at the indoor pool and the Center hosts local and regional opposing schools for swim meets.

Special Programs:

The Aquatics Center also offers special programs to cater to specific needs and interests. These may include water safety courses, lifeguard training, boating safety certification courses. These specialized programs contribute to the overall inclusivity of the aquatics center and ensure that everyone in the surrounding communities can benefit from the facility.

Recreation Program:

The Recreation Department offers many programs and camps for both adults and children of all ages such as Basketball Camps, recreation camp games, yoga, tai chi, lacrosse flag football, tee ball, and soccer. They also offer indoor pickleball times year-round, along with open gym times.

Counseling Services

The St. Francis Community Center is dedicated to supporting the mental health and well-being of individuals in the community, offering a comprehensive range of counseling services. These services extend to various areas, including specialized counseling and 24-hour hotline (offered at no cost) for survivors of sexual abuse and assault.

Through individual and group counseling, the Center also provides a safe and nurturing environment for addressing anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns. Marital counseling is available to couples seeking guidance and support in navigating relationship challenges. Grief counseling assists individuals in processing loss and finding solace. Moreover, the Center offers behavioral counseling for children, empowering them to overcome challenges and develop positive coping strategies. Parenting support helps caregivers enhance their skills and strengthen family dynamics. 127

Family Support Services:

The St. Francis Community Center understands the challenges faced by families in need and has implemented several programs to provide support and assistance. Through its food drives and fully operating food pantry, emergency financial aid, and holiday assistance initiatives, the Center helps alleviate the burden of poverty and creates a pathway to stability. The Center’s annual Human Concerns Projects include providing back-to-school supplies to children in need, providing Thanksgiving meals to community members, and distributing the gift of warmth project through clothing, shoes, jackets and blankets.

The St. Francis Food Pantry, one of the most visited pantries in our region, is open Monday through Thursday from 10am-2pm and provides groceries to those in need. The pantry aids approximately 250 families per week and no one is ever turned away. Donations are received from collections at St. Francis Parish and the Center, local food drives and private donors. In addition to the list of items they are always desperately in need of at the food pantry, monetary donations and gift cards are also greatly appreciated so that fresh items and items in high demand can be purchased. Donors are asked to kindly drop donations off at the front desk of the Community Center or mail any checks (please make them payable to “St. Francis Human Concerns”) directly to St. Francis Human Concerns, 4700 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach Twp., NJ 08008. There is also an option to make donations through PayPal via their website, https://www.

Additionally, the Community Center offers job training and placement services, ensuring that individuals and families have access to the resources necessary to secure a brighter future. By addressing the immediate and long-term needs of less fortunate families, St. Francis Community Center plays a vital role in building a stronger, more resilient community.

The Center’s Family Support Services offers a wide variety of programs and services which help to support parents and families. Parents As Teacher’s services offers in-home services topregnant women, and parents of infants and children up to age three or entry into preschool, who are in need of infant and child development education. In addition, Parenting and Anger

Management groups are held in-person and virtually throughout the county. These groups are interactive and strive to support parents and individuals with the necessary tools to strengthen family relationships and enhance healthy coping skills.

Educational and Career Services:

These services include Educational and job readiness plans which are offered to participants in order to achieve self-sufficiency. Classes and workshops assist participants in increasing their educational level and gain employability skills.

128 BAY MAGAZINE FALL 2023, or through their Amazon Wishlist. Photos by Michael John Murphy

Fundraising and Community Support

In order to continue its invaluable work, St. Francis Community Center relies on the generosity of individuals and organizations within the community. The Center organizes various fundraising initiatives and events throughout the year, inviting community members to contribute their time, resources, or monetary donations. By actively participating in these endeavors, individuals can make a tangible difference in the lives of their neighbors and help secure the Center’s ongoing operation.

Some of these events include the 18-mile/12k Run, Summer Solstice Craft Show, Holiday Craft Show in November Swimming Under the Stars, Golf Outings, Super Plunge, and their annual fundraising raffle. (This year, apple products are on the ticket, and chances to purchase raffle tickets will be from August until December 29th). Last year’s Christmas Concert which features classical vocalists, the tenor and soprano duo, Dakota & Elle, performing beloved songs of the season in a 2-hour concert.

The St. Francis Community Center stands as a testament to the power of compassion and community support. For over five decades, this vital organization has been instrumental in enhancing the lives of individuals and families on Long Beach Island. Through its extensive range of programs and activities for children, senior citizens, and less fortunate families, the Center has fostered personal growth, provided essential support, and brought joy to countless lives. By donating time, resources, or money to St. Francis Community Center, residents and visitors alike have the opportunity to be part of this incredible endeavor and ensure the continued success of this beacon of hope on Long Beach Island. 129
Photo by Michael Spark

Hotel, Dining, Weddings & More

Hotel LBI offers the charm of a summer home paired with world class amenities. Relax in your well-appointed room, enjoy a cocktail and watch the sunset on the rooftop, or escape for a day of fun in the sun on our majestic island.

Ann Coen Photography Ann Coen Photography Joe Ticknow Photography
MAKE MEMORIES at the Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts + Sciences 120 Long Beach Boulevard, Loveladies, New Jersey, 08008 609.494.1241 x 101 Schedule your tour today
Photo credit: LeAnna Theresa Photography

Planner Bogath Weddings & Events

Photos by Amanda Bonneau Photography


PLANNER & DESIGNER | Bogath Events

PHOTOGRAPHER | Amanda Bonneau Photography

HAIR | Lavish Salon

MAKEUP | Cunningham Bridal

BRIDE’S DRESS SHOP | Free Love Bridal

INVITATIONS | Crisp Designs on Paper


CEREMONY VENUE | Spray Beach Chapel

FLORIST | Reynolds Garden Shop

CAKE | Sweet Melissa’s Boutique Bakery


MODELS | William + Alexandra 135 WEDDINGS
138 BAY MAGAZINE FALL 2023 EAT • STAY • PLAY 4401 Long Beach Blvd 609.494.1300 OPEN YEAR ROUND

Pop the question

Each couple has their own set of experiences and memories together that craft the story of their relationship. When it comes time to pop “THE question,” many seek a piece of custom- designed jewelry that speaks directly to them. At Atlantic City Jewelry, Master Jeweler and GIA-accredited gemologist, Chris Biele and his family, thrive doing just that—creating a one-of- a-kind engagement ring or wedding band to reflect a couple’s unique love.

When collaborating with a customer to design something not only beautiful, but also meaningful, the creative process for Chris always begins right where it should—with you. In the familial atmosphere of his shop, it is easy to get to know each couple. Chris’ son Bruno, his daughter Lea and his wife Ola work closely alongside Chris and often share in the experience of learning the details surrounding each couple’s journey of love. With a keen listening ear to truly understand each customer’s desire, Chris and his family hone in on the style and aesthetic that will ultimately be carried over into the jewelry. To that understanding Chris adds years of experience with a vast array of techniques. Chris will walk you through the many ways to customize your special ring:


Number of stones

Sometimes a couple will choose a symbolic number of stones to include in their ring as a way to depict the stages of their love story or a meaningful date. Some may want only a single center stone to represent the singular love they have for each other, while others will include smaller stones to represent special memories.

Unique diamonds

Perhaps they select a uniquely shaped diamond symbolic of something in their relationship. Or maybe there is a special family heirloom or vintage stone they would like included in their ring.

Special colors

Not every ring has to be traditional or understated. Sometimes a couple will choose to include colored gemstones to convey a special meaning or perhaps a birthstone. Some even just want a pop of color better suited to reflect their parter’s vibrant personality. 141
142 BAY MAGAZINE FALL 2023 (973) 477-1392
Photo Credit: Idalia Photography

Custom setting

A custom ring setting is another way to add a personal touch. A twist and turn band can offer interesting symbolism, too.

Hidden details

Sometimes a couple may choose to add a love knot, small stone, or engraving on the inside of the ring to create a special, hidden message.

Thoughtful metal

Even something as simple as the type of metal chosen can reflect your intimate understanding of your partner, selecting a particular metal to better hold up to their lifestyle or a color that is more flattering to their skin tone. They could go with the classic choice of gold, whether it be yellow, white or rose gold, while others may choose platinum, one of the rarest metals in the world, to be symbolic of their inimitable love.

During the initial consultation, a unified vision and budget are created, along with a hand-drawn sketch. Next, the Biele family utilizes the latest technology to produce CAD drawings and illustrations which offer a remarkably lifelike rendering of the custom piece. Once their client approves, an exact replica of the jewelry is molded in wax, in much the same fashion an old- world craftsman would create. The individual subtleties of each design are highlighted during this step. The lost-wax casting process, an ancient art, allows Chris to then translate the wax model into the final precious metal piece. Through contemporary refinements of this process,an extraordinary level of high precision is achieved. A fitting is done at this stage, unless, of course, the ring is a surprise. For the final touches, each sparkling stone is hand set, soldered in place, and polished to perfection.

Chris and his family encourage their clients to be actively involved throughout the process, and it often ends up being a gift for the giver, in return, to have such a cherished, intimate experience in creating such a special piece for their loved one. Despite the intricacy of the work, Chris delivers a flawless finish that enthralls his customers as they see their vision come to life.

With a long history rooted in fine European design, intricate handcrafting and a passion for creating unrivaled custom pieces, showcasing anything from oldworld elegance to a posh cosmopolitan style, Chris Biele and his family at Atlantic City Jewelry have helped many couples tell their unique love story. 143

Sarah and RJ Wedding Bliss One

Photographer: Lauren Wysocki

Venue: Forest Edge Farm

Florist: Wildflower Farm Florals

Church:  St Francis of Assisi Parish

Hair/Makeup: Beach House Spa

Cake: The Bake Works

Tent/Rentals: Ocean Tents & Party Rentals

Dessert Table: Build A Board NJ

Entertainment: SCE Event Group



RJ and I met working at a local digital marketing agency. We actually dated in secret for about 7 months because the office was a small, tight-knit group and we didn’t want to rock the boat. Before we ever started dating, I called him “work crush” to my friends and would try to time my clocking out so that he and I could walk out of the office to our cars at the same time. After we had been dating for a bit I found out that he had been doing the same exact thing!


RJ and I own a business together and were working on putting up a new website. We decided we needed new headshots for our “about” section, so we set up a time to take them on the beach in June. Looking back, I now realize how nervous and giddy he was when we walked up the sandy entrance, camera equipment in tow. He made me stand out in front of the water so he could set up his tripod and focus in on me to prepare the shot for our website. When everything was all set, he met me where I was standing in front of the camera. I was ready to take a photo but before I knew it he had already knelt down and whipped out a ring! I was completely shocked!


Your dream wedding awaits

The Wedding Bliss Expo is back to the delight of Brides for the 2024 season it has become an LBI staple that cannot be missed. The Wedding Bliss Expo is the creation of Bay Magazine, Bogath Weddings & Events and Weddings of Distinction, all of whom cater to the top tier of the Long Beach Island bridal market. Gary Henderson and Farrell Dunleavy, co-founders of Bay Magazine, along with Jeanne Coon-Bogath, the owner and lead planner of Bogath Weddings and Events, have joined forces to carefully curate a one-of-a-kind opportunity that provides the best hand-picked roster of high-quality exhibitors.

Mark your calendars as the beloved event returns March 2024, the fourth annual LBI Wedding Bliss Expo will be at Hotel LBI in Ship Bottom. The Expo provides the opportunity of a lifetime for couples by providing them with the ability to interact with their potential vendors prior to any decision making. All vendors in attendance are hand-picked for their outstanding quality, customer service, and attention to detail. The event is held in The Conservatory at Hotel LBI one of LBI’s dreamiest, most captivating venues.

The stunning, centrally located venue, Hotel LBI is transformed into a wedding wonderland to delight both couples and their nearest and dearest. Attendees are introduced to the area’s top creative professionals, industry leaders, planners, entertainers, and vendors while enjoying a chance to network, exchange ideas and walk away empowered and inspired.

The atmosphere of intimacy for attendees allows them to have the opportunity to see and interact with all vendors and potentially see which vendor is a good fit for their needs and wants. If you have ever been to a traditional Wedding Expo, the experience can be as daunting as scrolling through countless Google searches when you are in the early stages of planning. The LBI Wedding Bliss Expo is exactly what its namesake suggests… blissful.

A curated experience that yields a mutually beneficial relationships between prospective clients and vendors. In this type of intimate environment vendors can show and dive deeper into the services that they provide. Brides can see tangible examples of what they have been planning and start to piece together the vision for their wedding day. The joy of the dream becoming a reality is immeasurable. An “ah-ha” moment personified when you find the one element that will tie your entire day together.

No two weddings are the same and while the planning process has its intricacies, having the resources to help guide you through the wedding journey makes all the difference. The endless stages of prep and planning are a lot to take on all by yourself; the aid of a wedding planner in addition to your venue’s coordinator helps alleviate the worry of focusing every detail all at once and allows couples to be present and in the moment. The Wedding Expo allows couples to network with these professionals.

The opportunity to talk with vendors and wedding professionals beforehand expands a couples knowledge base beyond a venue’s “preferred vendor list” to open and endless possibilities. This year be sure to check out Soul N Rhytm Band as well as Expression Tuxedo.

Photo by Amanda Bonneau

The great debate when it comes to wedding planning seems to circle back to the question of DJ vs Live Band. Depending on your budget and personal style either is a fantastic option. However, there is a magic that comes with having a live band. The ability for the creative musical talents to read the room and help electrify and magnify the energy of the day through music. Keeping you and your guests dancing the night away into the early hours of the morning.

While the wedding industry tends to focus on the bride and all the details surrounding her fashion, we cannot forget the groom. There is power in hand crafted tailoring and having a tuxedo/ suit that is perfectly polished. Deceptively simple a tux is not one size fits all and having the extra time put in to find a suit that is crafted well and allows your groom to shine makes all the difference. The team at Expression Tuxedo knows how to magnify a groom’s inner joy through the power of a quality suit letting it become an extension of your soon to be handsome hubby.

LBI Venue Spotlight: Spray beach Hotel

The Spray Beach Oceanfront Hotel, located at 200 E 24th Street in Beach Haven is the only hotel on LBI with a beachfront bar, outdoor beach bar with the best views of the Atlantic. Drift Beach Bar and Restaurant offers a variety of signature cocktails and showcases the best and freshest seafood. Spray Beach provides the perfect backdrop for a beachfront wedding. The sound of waves crashing in the background as the smell of the saltwater perfumes the air around you and your guests. The hotel provides accessibility for couples and their guest. Get ready in one of the beach-front suites as your guest arrive, taking in the stunning sunset and dancing the night away all while feasting on the best costal dining. Whether you are having a micro wedding or lavish one the team at Spray Beach will help make your dreams a reality. 200 E 24th Street, Beach Haven, NJ 08008; info@; (609) 492-1501;

Fall Wedding Tips:

The power of the written word: Hiring friends or family for a wedding service may seem like sure thing, however, there are a ton of hidden factors to considering when outsourcing to loved ones. You wouldn’t choose a wedding venue without having a formal contract and while it may seem overly formal to have a friend / family member have an agreement – practically speaking a service is still being provided. Whether it is via a formal contract or written in an email having any type of documentation provides insurance for both you and the

friend/ family member who is providing the service. An agreement protects all parties involved. Most couples want to have someone they know, and trust provide a service that they admire and want for their big day. Ensuring that both parties are protected having a written agreement provides a level of professionalism and security. Another area to consider is that if you are inviting a friend / family member who is providing a service to your wedding as well, is to consider how they will be able to enjoy themselves on your big day while mixing business and leisure. Is that how you want them to celebrate and enjoy the day if they are working. It is also important to consider the compensation for the service that they are providing if it is great than / equal to a gift for the day; is it an even exchange? The vendor / guest experience is one that is often overlooked. Most venues provide a discounted rate for meals to your vendors who are working at your event (music, photography etc.) and most of those vendors will also discuss built in break time as well. Ultimately the choice for working with a friend / family member is up to each couple it is important to know the best way to protect both parties all while knowing you are having your wedding wants brought to life.

For more information about this past Wedding Expo and to read about featured vendors and the upcoming you can visit:

Photos by Ann Coen Photography

The Farm

The “opening checklist” is growing smaller and smaller at The Farm on Main as they prepare for their first full season of weddings this fall. While details inside of the brand new Wedding Barn are finalized and installed, the landscape of the farm continues to develop as well. Across the sprawling farm grounds, guests of the property will see new features everywhere they look. The Horse Stables are complete (and now house four new residents), the Fire Pit and Cocktail Areas tout fresh grass and plantings, and at the top of the hill, parked right next to The Starlight Barn, an antique Ford awaits guests and cargo for use around the farm.

With this year’s fall wedding schedule finalized, that there is still some room on the schedule for smaller, more intimate events such as bridal showers, anniversary dinners, birthdays, micro weddings, and more. More information on smaller events will be available soon, but for now, take a peek at this recent styled shoot filled with great ideas for an outdoor party at The Farm on Main!

As construction wraps up at The Farm on Main and the first weddings are rolled out, group tours will be on pause until November. When this first set of weddings has concluded, the Farm will be celebrating its inaugural season with a Grand Opening and Vendor Showcase Event in mid-November. This event will feature The Farm on Main’s Preferred Vendors and other Guest Businesses while showing off the interior and exterior of the new Wedding Barn and surrounding areas. More information on this event will be available at The Farm on Main’s official website,, and @ thefarmonmain on Instagram. 155
Attire @sinkrswim_Ibi | Florals @wildflowerfarmflorals | Food @sunnyraeskitchen Picnic Set Up @picnicperfectlbi | Tableware @thedunemarket | Venue @thefarmonmain
437 Route 9 Bayville, NJ 732.269.6699 Estate Buyers and Appraisers
Photo by Delaney Dobson

Casey and Pat Wedding Bliss Two

Wedding Planner + Design | Bogath Weddings & Events

Photographer | Melanie Cassie Photography

Reception Venue | Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club

Bar | Neptunes Wine & Liquors

Mobile Bar | The Roving Bar

Photo Booth | Norma Jean the Vintage Machine

Catering | Kate & Ally’s

Cinematography | 18 Mile Media

Hair | Sweet Hair Peace

Makeup | Make Me Up Eva

Ceremony Venue | St. Thomas Aquinas, Beach Haven

Florist | Lily in the Valley

Cake | Crust & Crumb

The Band | EBE Entertainment, Rio

Signage | Karson & Co.

Specialty Rentals | Rustic Drift

Tent Rentals | Ocean Tents

Transportation | Shooboo Trolley Co.



Pat and I met at work on my first day out at our client site in October 2017. We originally bonded over our love of music. We both love classic rock and the band that initially connected us was Led Zeppelin. We were friends for about a whole year before we started dating and the rest is history!


Pat proposed to me on my parents’ front porch in Beach Haven. We’ve been coming to their house together for 3 years now and we’ve had some of our favorite memories here. We both love the beach, being together and being with family more than anything. He planned for 5 months with my family and his family to pull off the big surprise. They tricked me into thinking we were going to happy hour with friends of ours at 4pm so we all got ready early enough. My sister and best friend kept saying “let’s dress extra cute since we haven’t been out since COVID!” so i ended up putting on a dress. I came downstairs and Pat asked if he could talk to me on the porch and then got down on one knee and proposed. He had a professional photographer (Melanie Cassie!!) and his family came out from where they were hiding around the corner and we had a whole big celebration with both families, with a wonderful dinner at Tucker’s!

164 BAY MAGAZINE FALL 2023 Craft Beer Barrel Aged Cocktails New American Food Local Farms 1302 Long Beach Blvd, Ship Bottom New Jersey 08008 (609) 494-8848 Brunch Saturday and Sunday Happy Hour Daily Oysters Rehearsal Dinners Showers Private Parties Open Daily Year Round 4TH ST, BARNEGAT LIGHT NEW JERSEY 08006 609.494.2100 DAYMARKLBI.COM RAW BAR FRESH LOCAL SEAFOOD WEDDING RECEPTIONS PRIVATE EVENTS REHEARSAL DINNERS CEREMONIES AT THE LIGHTHOUSE OPEN YEAR ROUND DAILY LUNCH|DINNER|BRUNCH HAPPY HOUR

Oceanfront Lodging, Dining

Weddings & Events

With sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean, Spray Beach Oceanfront Hotel combines local coastal influences with modern amenities for an exceptional experience.

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Recipes and photos by Susan Von Brachel and Robin Chase feed your mind FEED YOUR MIND

Strawberry Limeade with Basil


1 cup sliced strawberries, fresh Juice of half a lime

3 T honey

4 cups seltzer water Ice cubes

Garnish: Fresh strawberries Fresh basil leaves


Puree one cup of strawberries with the lime juice and honey in a blender.

In a large pitcher, combine the seltzer and strawberry puree. Add the remaining sliced strawberries and basil leaves and place in the fridge for at least 20 minutes. Serve over ice and garnish with strawberries and basil

Roasted Corn Ribs with Lime Crema


4 corn ears, cut in half and quartered

2 T olive oil

1 tsp garlic powder

½ tsp chili powder

½ tsp smoked paprika

½ tsp salt

½ tsp pepper


Preheat oven to 400°F. Prep the corn cobs. Mix olive oil and spices and add to corn in until well-coated (in plastic bag). Marinate for 1 hour. Place corn in a single layer on baking sheet and bake for 25-35 minutes.

Lime Crema


8 oz sour cream

1 lime, juiced and zested

1 garlic clove, minced

¼ tsp. salt


Zest the lime and squeeze lime juice into a small bowl. Add the sour cream, garlic and salt to the bowl and stir togethr until creamy. Sprinkle additional lime zest over roasted corn.


Chimichurri Chicken Thighs


2 lbs boneless skinless chicken thighs

½ cup fresh cilantro, fresh

½ cup fresh parsley, fresh 1 T fresh oregano

1 small shallot, peeled

2 cloves garlic, peeled

½ jalapeno pepper, seeded 1 T lemon juice

1 T red wine vinegar

½ cup olive oil 1 tsp. salt pepper


Combine the cilantro, parsley, oregano, shallot, garlic, and jalapeño in a food processor

Add lemon juice, red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, and pepper and process until finely chopped. Place chicken in a baking dish, season with salt and pepper, and cover with a ¼ cup of the chimichurri. Turn to coat the chicken completely. Marinate for at least one hour in the fridge. Heat the grill to medium high. Grill the chicken about 5-6 minutes per side.


Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella with Balsamic Glaze


Tomatoes, halved

8 oz. mozzarella, sliced Fresh basil leaves, torn

2 T balsamic glaze Olive oil

Salt Pepper

Directions: Add tomatoes, basil and mozzerella to bowl and drizzle with balsamic glaze and olive oil. Add salt and pepper to taste.


Apple Cream Cheese Handpies


1 Box Ready Made Pie Crust 1 Can Apple Pie Filling

1 Egg, beaten

3.5 oz Cream Cheese, cut into cubes 1 Cup Cinnamon Sugar


Preheat oven to 400°F. Place parchment paper on baking sheet.

Roll out pie crusts and cut into circles using a drinking glass

Place pie crust circles about an inch apart and place 2 tbsp of apple pie filling in center. Add cream cheese cubes on top of pie filling. Place additional pie crust on top of each and crimp the edges with a fork. Cut an “X” on top and brush with egg wash. Sprinkle cinnamon sugar on each pie and bake for about 15-20 minutes or until golden brown.

Remove from oven and let cool for 5 minutes. Serve with vanilla ice cream. Enjoy!

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Cooking with Heart

Jeff Alberti loved cooking from the beginning. The art of it, the fast-paced nature, the camaraderie and human connection, the being a part of something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

In the 1980s, as a young boy growing up in Agawam, M.A., Alberti remembers cooking with his mother and grandmother. He enjoyed the process of helping them make comfort foods: corned beef and cabbage, beef stew, crockpot dinners, and baked goods.

He remembers eating meals with his family; coming together over shared food and conversation. Even then, he knew there was something special about the creation and enjoyment of food.

That initial enjoyment led to a passion for cooking that took Alberti to kitchens around the country—and the world—before he landed a job as a cook with Fearless Restaurant Group 21 years ago.

F.R.G., has 10 restaurants located throughout the Philadelphia region and two on Long Beach Island: Daddy O in Brant Beach and Tuckers Tavern in Beach Haven.

For the last seven years, as the Culinary Director for Daddy O and Tuckers Tavern, Alberti has developed diverse, creative menus. He imparts his culinary knowledge on the cooking staff, but more than that: he leads by example with patience and kindness.

Alberti, who resides in Manahawkin with his wife Heather, and children Ky, 13, and Lilly, 7, got his start in the restaurant industry as a teenager. He took his first job at age 14 at a small diner near his home. He worked his way up the ranks from dishwasher to “toast and butter boy,” to short order cook, making waffles and french toast for the breakfast crowd.

Written by Susan Field Photo by Michael John Murphy

“When working as a short order cook, I knew [the industry] was something amazing,” he says. “ I saw people from all walks of life working together in the kitchen.”

After high school, Alberti worked summers at seasonal restaurants in Cape Cod. Within a couple of years, he was working at two restaurants each summer, gaining valuable experience and making money to pay for college.

“I got a lot of experience in high-volume cooking, fine dining, and cooking lobster and seafood. I learned what to do and what not to do,” Alberti says.

The seasonal, temporary nature of restaurant jos influenced Alberti to lean into his adventurous nature and the opportunity to travel.

In 1996, after graduating from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, R.I. with a degree in Culinary Arts, Alberti continued to work summers in Cape Cod. During the winters, he’d hit the road and travel west to Jackson Hole Wyoming and Lake Tahoe, California.

His experiences ranged from working at base lodges at ski resorts, to Caesar’s Palace, to a sushi restaurant. The western culture, lifestyle, and culinary influences were different from the East Coast, giving Alberti experience with new foods and styles of cooking.

“I was cooking elk and deep braises. I was making heavy, homey, comfort foods and soups,” he says.

In the early 2000s, Alberti landed a role that was pivotal in the expansion of his culinary horizons. He was hired as a personal chef to a Russian real estate mogul on a private yacht.

Alberti traveled the Caribbean Sea around South and Central America on the 152-foot yacht for nearly a year. He worked and lived alongside deckhands and staff from all over the world. Their diverse cultures introduced him to new foods.

When the yacht docked in countries, such as Honduras, Venezuela, and Guatemala, Alberti ate local foods and explored the markets, seeking fresh and unique ingredients to recreate dishes he’d sampled.

“I fell in love with Caribbean cuisine,” he says. In a time before access to the internet was commonplace, there were no recipes to follow, so Alberti experimented with flavors and recipes through trial and error.

Following his year at sea, Alberti worked under James Beard award-winning chef Jean Marie Lacroix at his namesake restaurant, Lacroix at the Rittenhouse, in Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square.

“In my short time at Lacroix, I learned more about discipline and respect for ingredients than I did in years at other places,” Alberti says. “Jean Marie is an amazing person who taught me to be grateful for everyone in the kitchen. He would shake my hand and say, ‘thank you,’ after a hard dinner service, a tradition I carry on.

In 2002, when Alberti got a job at F.R.G.’s former restaurant, Plantation, in Harvey Cedars, he continued to “stage,” or work as an unpaid intern, at Lacroix on his day off.

When Alberti was promoted to Culinary Director with F.R.G., in 2016, he began implementing ideas to revitalize and rebrand Daddy O.

“It was always known for great food, but for years it had the perception of being a special occasion place. I wanted to make it a more approachable, fun place for everyone all the time,” Alberti says. To make Daddy O feel more accessible to the local people

and help cultivate customer loyalty, Alberti pushed to keep the restaurant open during the winter and to develop themed nights to interest customers throughout the week. Last year, Daddy O expanded its offerings to serve brunch.

The restaurant, now open all year, also has a half-priced sushi night on Thursdays, and a Pau Hana Happy Hour menu, which is Hawaiian-themed (Pau Hana means “finished with work” in Hawaiian).

“On the Pau Hana menu, we have a Spam Roll: a flatbread with pork and pineapple, an Aloha Roll with spicy crab salad, avocado, mango and eel sauce, and Pau Hana sliders: Hawaiin slow braised pork with a Hawaiin sweet roll,” Alberti says.

The fresh, tropical foods he experienced while working on the yacht figure prominently in the bounty- of- the-sea menu at Tuckers and the surf-culture menu at Daddy O today.

At Tuckers, the menu promotes local aquaculture with lots of fresh oysters from the Barnegat Oyster Collective, local tuna, and a catch of the day.

“At Daddy O, we make a nice ceviche in the summer, we do tuna tacos with wakame, soy sauce and spicy mayo,” Alberti says. “Our tuna tacos are our number one best-selling appetizer. We also have sushi with fresh, light flavors, very conducive to summertime.” After more than 30 years in the industry, Alberti has developed a thoughtful philosophy of cooking. Simple, fresh ingredients can create lasting memories that are bigger than the meal itself.

“Food should be yummy and understandable. Homemade pasta has three or four ingredients, but it’s so good. You remember a fresh bowl of pasta,” he says. “I think about how I can create memories for customers.”

Alberti describes the cuisine at Daddy O as “American bistro with a modern take on classics.” Popular menu favorites are the Chick-Fil-O Sandwich: buttermilk fried chicken with kimchi mayo and house pickles on a brioche roll; Flamin’ Hot Ramen, with pork belly, beech mushrooms, bok choy, and poached egg garnished with flaming hot cheetos; and Buffalo Wingless: a fresh take on buffalo wings—boneless chicken, tempura breaded, tossed in a thai chile and lime glaze, with candied celery.

A new item at Daddy O this season is Colossal Crab & Shrimp Scampi, an innovative spin on Spaghetti-Os. The dish features colossal crab with Gulf shrimp, spaghetti os, broccoli rabe, garlic, sun dried tomatoes, summer corn with basil butter, and a cornbread crumble.

“I had fun with using classic ingredients, but in an upscale version that you’ll remember eating,” Alberti says.

He sees inspiration everywhere and ideas are constant-

ly flowing. He collaborates with chefs at his restaurants to create new dishes.

“I’m always writing down ideas. I have a document on my computer that’s between 50-100 pages long,” Alberti says. “Ideas evolve. We had a duck confit wonton morph into a duck and chestnut flatbread that ultimately became a caramelized duck breast tostada with chestnut salpicón and green apple verde.”

Alberti hopes to inspire the next generation of cooks in his kitchens, but more importantly, he hopes to teach good character.

“In the kitchen, culinary talent is currency. Some people are rich with talent, but they don’t have the patience to teach. My legacy will hopefully be to help people become well-rounded and rich in all aspects: to have the ability to hold their own at the stove and lead by example, but to have the richness of character to share knowledge, to be patient, and to have an understanding of life,” he says. “I hope I can inspire others to interact with kindness and humbleness.”

Alberti also hopes to create a legacy in the dining room— helping families make memories over meals.

“People chose to spend events in their lives with us, whether it be funeral dinners, or engagement dinners, and multigenerational family dinners. I hope they look back and remember our food for the right reasons,” he says.

“It’s called culinary arts, but everything is temporary. It could take 8 hours to make a dish, but it’s only art for a moment, and then it’s a devoured plate of food. I hope that for the moment the food lives, it will be remembered.” 179
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Key to a successful Vegetable Garden

Nothing is more mouth-watering than fruits and vegetables eaten fresh off the stem from your very own garden. Recipes taste better, marinades are more flavorful and herbs taste tangier when ingredients are garden ripe. Despite their abundance on grocery store shelves, however, there is nothing simple or easy about vegetable gardening--proper planting and care is essential to produce healthy and tasty produce. Below are answers to a few basic questions to help improve your chances for a productive bounty.

When should I plant my vegetables?

The proper planting time for vegetables is essential for their survival and is determined by the average minimum temperature in your Hardiness Zone—for Manahawkin and environs, this is Zone 7.

There are two types of vegetable plants—’cool season’ vegetables and ‘warm season’ vegetables. ‘Cool season’ vegetables can typically be planted between 2-4 weeks prior to the date of the average last spring frost. These include beets, broccholi, cabbage, carrots, lettuce, onions, peas, potatoes, radishes, kale and collard. ‘Warm season’ vegetables include beans, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, squash and tomatoes and must be planted

after the last threat of frost—typically after May 15th in Zone 7.

Be advised, however, that there are always exceptions to the rules—for example, in the spring of 2020 when we experienced our final frost advisory in mid-May. It is always prudent to check local weather forecasting trends or seek the advice of local garden experts at Reynolds Landscaping before moving forward with your planting schedule.

Do my vegetable plants need any special care?

Vegetables are the ‘prima-donnas’ of the garden when compared to flowering trees, shrubs and perennials. They are shallow rooted, fairly tender and do not compete well for nutrients and water when compared to other plants.

They need soil that is well-drained and high in organic matter—the ‘vegetable soil mix’ sold at Reynolds Landscaping will more than suffice. They benefit from continuous fertilization—preferably a slow-release fertilizer that will feed the plant over time. A top-dressing of mulch will not only deter weeds but also help maintain a consistent soil temperature and soil moisture.

Q&A with Peg Reynolds

Full sun to part shade is needed to successfully grow vegetable plants. Consider the following guidelines for sunlight requirements when locating your vegetables in the garden:

‘Warm Season’ vegetables

(tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, squash, beans): a minimum of 6-8 hours

‘Rooty Vegetables’

(carrots, potatoes, turnip): 6 hours minimum

‘Leafy Greens”

(spinach, lettuce, endive): 4-5 hours minimum

What are the watering requirements for my vegetable plants?

Remember, vegetable plants are 75% to 90% water—they need consistent, regular watering to survive. It is also best to water in the morning and to water at the plant base—evening watering and overhead watering allows water to collect on the leaves making them susceptible to mildew and other leaf pathogens. An automatic irrigation system or soaker hose system is recommended so that water is applied slowly and directly to the root system.

In general, water is needed most during the first few weeks of development, immediately after planting and during the development of edible plant parts. Watering needs are greater for container plantings which can dry out rapidly from exposure to the dry, hot sun. Water your container vegetables daily to prevent stress on the plants.

Finally, monitor the physical appearance of the plant leaves to determine their watering needs. If a plant begins to wilt and the green color of the leaves begin to fade, watering is most likely needed. On the other hand, yellow leaves are an indication that the plant is receiving too much water, so reduce water amounts.

To learn more about the proper care of fruit, vegetables and herb plants or to purchase your starter plants from a vast and well-tested selection of garden varieties, visit Reynolds Garden Shop and Garden Center located at 201 East Bay Avenue in Manahawkin, NJ. Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 9:00am to 6:00pm and on Sunday from 10:00am until 5:00pm. 183
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Music Is Life

Chris Fritz, of Manahawkin, like so many musicians, has always loved music. He picked up a guitar as a preteen and has not looked back. Chris is self taught and learned to play by ear. Inspired by Heavy Metal and Punk bands while coming of age in the 80’s, these days Chris gravitates more to classic rock, socially conscious, solo artists like Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen. Chris has been a staple in the local music scene for decades playing solo, with partners or as a member of a band. Mostly known for his fun, live acoustic shows covering rock classics he will on occasion play originals with a band.

Matt Burton: You cover a wide variety of music, do any of the songs you play have any personal meaning to you?

Chris Fritz: On any given day, lyrics can strike me differently. One song that comes to mind is a ballad from Springsteen called, “Racing In The Street”. He sings about a guy who goes racing his muscle car in the streets after work every night with his buddy. Well, through most of my 30s and 40s, I did the same thing, but on a carbon fiber racing bicycle, driving to some hot shot group ride an hour away then racing in the street for 30 miles then going home. It was a very selfish hobby, much like Springsteen’s character’s hobby in the song. Bruce sings of those pains in the lyrics and they hit me sometimes… so I just don’t play it often!

MB: Is there a song or two in particular that are a personal favorite to cover?

CF: This always changes too, but I’d say there are three songs I love to perform: “Thunder Road” from Bruce, “Learning To Fly” from [Tom] Petty and “3AM” from Matchbox Twenty. “3AM” actually goes back to my very first acoustic cover gig in 1999!

MB: When I saw you play at The Black Whale in Beach Haven it looked like you were kind of “winging it” with your set, yet seemed very comfortable doing so.

Photos by Nora Ann Robinson of Peace, Love Photography
Q&A by Matt Burton

CF: I 100% wing my set lists when I play solo. I’m also more likely to play a song I have never played beforeor have not played in ten years.

MB: Do you employ any hacks or tricks to help you?

CF: I’d say my best friend in tech development is the iPad and internet. Having a jukebox for a brain and lyrics at my fingertips has really opened up the possibilities I didn’t have when I first started!

MB: But you seem to play and sing with a lot of confidence, do you ever second guess yourself or worry you might lose the crowd if you flub a song? Because every time I see you everyone is having a great time. I certainly do not see it.

CF: I second guess myself at every gig, every set, every song! No shit! And of course I have lost a crowd before. It comes with the territory. I may go into a set all 70’s singer song writer vibe and they are ready for Morgan Wallen! Sorry my bad!

MB: What’s your favorite kind of gig?

CF: A bar where the patrons are close to me or private parties. The private gigs are usually great because they know who I am and like me.

MB: I bet! Nothing like having a group totally there for you. What do you hope the audience gets out of your performance?

CF: I hope they get what music does for everyoneprovides whatever level of escape that they seek. My regulars come to dance. I have to tell them to keep their tambourines in their cars! Then there are others who chill and socialize with friends while I play in the background- it doesn’t matter to me as long as everyone is having a good time. Bottom line- as I tell myself, my wife and daughters before every gig- I just don’t want to suck!

MB: I don’t think you have to worry about that! What’s the best thing about playing on LBI?

CF: I think we have one of the richest music scenes on the East Coast! By that I mean there’s no short supply of gigs OR musicians. It’s twelve months a year, five to seven nights a week. I do wish we did have more venues hosting original music. There is a lot of potential considering there are so many engaging music fans on LBI and it’s such an artistic community.

MB: I totally agree. Would you like to take your musical career to the next level? Maybe go to Nashville?

CF: I make a comfortable living to supplement my “day job”. Playing music I love right here next to home. I have the support of so many amazing people, I wouldn’t want to play anywhere else. I am writing, recording my own music and releasing it on my own terms with no stress. These opportunities were not possible for me back in ’92! Life is good!

MB: Speaking of “day jobs”, you were a Stafford Township Police Officer, right? Weren’t you a DARE (The Drug Abuse Resistance Education program) officer for Southern Regional High School (SRHS in Manahawkin)?

CF: That’s right. I was a Stafford Police Officer for 26 years. Part of my duties included running the DARE program in our school districts.

MB: Have you used your love and knowledge of music to help create a bond or a way to connect with the kids? Or get involved some with the music program at the high school?

CF: I’ve always tried to incorporate music into any of the programs I was involved in at the schools. Music is a great way to bridge gaps and build trust with the kids. I am currently employed at SRHS as a security officer. Some ways I am able to use music is through hosting 187
Photos by Photo Credit Matt Burton

“Acoustic Cafe” events, assist with guitar classes and perform in the school holiday assembly!

MB: What is the “Acoustic Cafe”?

CF: I try to identify kids who are musicians and may want to perform and invite them to do so. It runs from 7:30 - 10:30 am like an open mic type of format. I do it with the SRHS autism program. A few of those kids perform too and they serve coffee and refreshments. Kids get out of class for free on most occasions and will come to the cafe and hang outing enjoy the

music. It is an awesome event.

Making a difference through music on both ends of the spectrum. Introducing music to kids, giving them the confidence to perform and then playing at a local watering hole for adults to connect, reminisce and have fun. Or what I always like to think of as therapy.

You can see and hear Chris Fritz play every Thursday night at the Black Whale Bar and Fish House in Beach Haven. He also plays bass as a member of The Impulsives. 189

Explore LBI

The Southern Ocean Chamber is ready to round out their 109th year, and hope you join them supporting local business this fall.

LBI Chowderfest Free Vendor Village and Ticketed Chowder Cook Off happening September 30

Get ready for an outstanding day by the bay as the Southern Ocean Chamber Association presents, the fest features top bands, local vendors, festival merchandise, delicious food, and drink on tap options for purchase. The family-friendly event takes place on Saturday, September 30, from 10 am to 6 pm at Taylor Avenue Waterfront in Beach Haven. No tickets are needed for entry. Leashed pets are welcome. Hands on activities with Ocean County Parks 250th Anniversary Revolutionary Trailer, Pup Tent Pet Hydration Station, Bywatyr Shop’s base camp area will feature Shore-style seating, picnic tables and conversation pits and so much more! (The rain date is Sunday, October 1.)

The 2023 Cook-off Classic will be presented adjacent to the vendor village featuring eight local restaurants vying for your vote for red and white chowder champion. The long-standing charity will host the tasting, the Hunger Foundation of Southern Ocean with proceeds from ticket sales benefitting food pantries that exclusively service the LBI region. Cook-off hours are scheduled 11 am to 3:30 pm. Tickets for sampling will be available for advance online purchase by visiting the Hunger Foundation at

Why say good bye to summer savings, when the LBI Mobile Pass is loaded full of special offers? Get new discounts updated right to your mobile device in time for upcoming plans. Registration is free, along with a link that can be saved to the home screen of your mobile device. Participating businesses will be sharing exclusive regional coupons, giveaways, or discounts to passholders. The pass also highlights free attractions and military discounts https://www.

d d h N Saturday, September 30, 2023 V I S I T L B I R E G I O N . C O M C H O W D E R F E S T . C O M SAVINGS PASS Long Beach Island Region SEE MORE & SPEND LESS J O I N O U R N E W S L E T T E R Subscribe Now!

Igniting an Oyster Renaissance

In the bays, inlets and rivers ultimately emptying into our little pocket of the Atlantic Ocean exists a surprising multitude of farms. Oyster farms, that is, thanks to a small but mighty band of farmers “igniting an oyster renaissance.” Until the 1950s, oystering was a way of life for so many local families, offering the bay communities a close connection to the waters and an opportunity to earn a solid living. Sadly, exploitation, raw sewage, and destruction of habitat all contributed to a severe decline in the oyster population, and with that, the loss of a way of life for so many. Over the past decade, however, several sustainable oyster farmers have established themselves to carry on the local tradition.


The mission of the Jetty Rock Foundation is to protect our oceans and waterways, and support those who build their lives around them.




All Men's Charitable Surf Contest


68th Street Beach

Brant Beach, NJ | 8am-5pm



Celebrate Our Local Oyster Industry

OCTOBER 7, 2023

LBT Municipal Parking Lot Brant Beach, NJ | 11am-4pm


For more information on the Jetty Rock Foundation and our summer events, please scan the QR code

The Barnegat Oyster Collective (BOC) is a group of eleven independent farms working together to keep our waters clean and our coastal ecosystem healthy through the simple act of stewarding a strong oyster population. Oyster farming has actually become the fastest growing agricultural industry in New Jersey. And with 90% of seafood in the US being imported, these farmers have the important role of boldly promoting a different model—seafood directly from (oyster) seed to farm to plate.

This is no small feat. Though an oyster is consumed in mere seconds, it actually takes two years for it to reach that point. These farmers are driven by growing their oysters in the most sustainable way possible, while still managing to create an exceptional-tasting product. Interestingly, the location of the farm itself largely affects the flavor of the oyster. Some are crisp and salty, others sweet and complex. Some farmers even notice a change in the taste of their oysters depending on the time of year, due mainly to the difference in water chemistry from the prevailing winds.

The subtle nuances, in both taste and appearance, in one humble little shellfish are staggering, and though the farms utilize different production metods and cultivate unique flavor variations, they all work together to make their superior product easily accessible to the public. Manypeople are intimidated by oysters, but our local farmers offer many resources to assuage any doubt or uncertainty. The Collective provides recipes, prep tips and storage instructions. Shucking classes are scheduled at various events throughout the year, both on and off the island. And through the Collective’s website, it is easy to have oysters delivered right to your door, with both subscription and one-time purchase options.

The locally produced 2017 film The Oyster Farmers, still as timely as ever, is another great resource to get an in-depth look at this industry. The film documents the decline of the oysters and captures a captivating perspective of hope and dedication in today’s local farmers, bringing us along in their hard work restoring the native oyster population. It is available to rent or buy on Amazon.

Long Beach Township, The Jetty Rock Foundation, and Stockton University have come to-

gether over the past several years to further support the oyster industry and restoration work in the bay. They developed an incredibly innovative shell recycling program and provide a variety of education outreach options so that all of us can understand the importance of properly using cured clam and oyster shells for reef and shoreline restoration (LBTfieldstation. com) .

They manage to do it in compelling ways, such at The Jetty Rock Foundation’s 5th annual Shellabration. Hosted October 7th at the 68th Street Brant Beach Long Beach Township Municipal Building parking lot, the event has free admission and is fun for the entire family. Enjoy live music, delicious coastal-inspired food, locally distilled spirits, a shucking contest and more, all in celebration of oysters. (

The most exciting new development for the BOC is the purchase of a 1 acre working waterfront. According to co-founder Matt Gregg, their goal is to “reach economic viability for the industry by building out a nursery and producing seed for the growing oyster farms. It will act as an interface for the public to visit and learn about and eat oysters. Right now about 300,000 oysters pass through the property every month.”

The centuries of men and women who have daily paid homage to the magnificent oyster would be proud to see the resurgence of the industry though these local farms in The Barnegat Oyster Collective. Raw, grilled, broiled or fried, there are so many ways to support the sustainable seafood movement and enjoy the small batch delicacies passionately cultivated inour waters. 195

Celebrating Twenty Years of Life and Love in the Water

Despite the modern, hyper-local vibe of the Jetty brand, they actually boast a rich, vibrant history and continue to transcend coastal limits from east to west. Their Cinderella-esque story has taken them from a small garage in Manahawkin, NJ promoting just three t-shirt designs to becoming the top surf-inspired lifestyle company from the East Coast with two full seasonal apparel lines every year; albeit through hard work, grit, and no fairy godmother. As they celebrate twenty years of business, glimpses of an exciting future abound. They have successfully immersed themselves in a California-centric industry and shine welcome light on the dynamic coastal scene of Long Beach Island and its surrounding communities.


Jetty’s humble beginning, as a group of young men starting out in a modest “garage studio” and holding a simple vision of gratitude and dedication to the body of water that gave them life, has remained its anchor over these past two decades. Twenty years later, Jetty has graduated from a cluttered garage to operating in three separate buildings with over seventy-five employees, and there are now more than seven hundred retailers nationwide telling the Jetty story. But they remain forever loyal to the community in which they took root and hold it as their home base.

The Jetty lifestyle brand of clothing quickly won the hearts of those who appreciate the coastal aesthetic. Embracing the notoriously unpredictable nature of east coast waves, Jetty authentically represents people who continuously find fulfillment in these waters. Through the passion of its customers, the

brand has naturally evolved to carry its mission beyond apparel through three additional branches.

In a world over-saturated with options, their screen-printing division, Jetty Ink, offers an easy choice for brands looking to print high quality merchandise with the help of a hands-on company. Jetty Ink uses the best, eco-conscious materials in the industry and carefully vets all of the products used in their shop. They manifest a deliberate emphasis on reducing waste and inspiring a better way to live, graciously impacting brands beyond their own who partner with Jetty Ink for custom printing.

Jetty Brewing Company is the more lighthearted branch of their business. While still adhering to their sustainability commitment, their signature brews embody a celebration of life and love for adventure. Their beers are a great way to cap off a


long day of fishing or surfing. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to taste their special anniversary edition beer: 20 Years Under the Hazy Sun!

After Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the Jetty brand formed the Jetty Rock Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization with a focus on giving back and making a positive impact through charitable work on Long Beach Island and throughout the region. Through annual fundraising events like Hop Sauce Fest, Arctic Outreach, Coquina Jam, Clam Jam and Shellabration, the Jetty Rock Foundation (JRF) brings the community together and showcases the importance of water beyond just recreation. They promote the island’s long-term sustainability and well-being, investing in local schools, recreational facilities, environmental preservation, and disaster recovery. Their monetary aid is further magnified by the sense of empowerment they promote in the greater community to thrive and build a resilient future together.

The all-encompassing link between these different facets of Jetty’s business is quite simple; the love of water. Whether it be fishing, surfing, kayaking or paddle boarding; oceans, lakes or rivers. Stoked for the next twenty years, Jetty remains steadfast in their vision. They will strengthen their commitment to superior products, focusing on the most eco-conscious processes and longest-lasting materials, in order to better our world. Their approachable transparency and commitment to their customers will remain a cornerstone of their business, allowing them to authentically serve those who work and play in the water. 199
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Guests will have the opportunity to tour this gorgeous venue while enjoying bubbles and bites provided by VIVAMEE Hospitality. This event is devoted to providing engaged couples with the resources they need to plan their big day. Reserve your tickets today- your dream wedding awaits you! 201
us on October 29th, 2023 from 11am-2pm at the highly anticipated LBI National Golf & Resort for an inspiring bridal event. The First Look will feature the area’s top wedding professionals including premier photographers, florists, entertainment vendors, and many more!



MARCH 10, 2024

Wedding Bliss Expo is a brand in the world of exquisite and luxurious weddings. The Wedding Bliss Expo show is for brides with high attention to detail and interests in the finest design-led products and services. Our stunning centrally-located venue of Hotel LBI will be transformed into a wedding wonderland to delight both couples and the industry alike as attendees are introduced to the area’s top creative professionals, industry leaders, planners, entertainers and vendors while enjoying a chance to network, exchange ideas and walk away empowered and inspired.

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Introducing the BOULEVARD hotel

Driving south on Long Beach Island, a strikingly sleek, slate gray building catches your eye. Complimented by pops of warm wood and elements of vintage brick, it is nearly unrecognizable from what it once was. Now the most premier boutique hotel on Long Beach Island, The Boulevard Hotel has taken up residence within the walls of what was formerly the Mariner Inn. Following suit with her sister hotels, Hotel LBI and the Spray Beach Oceanfront Hotel, The Boulevard adopts a special piece of Long Beach Island history and elevates it into a desirable, contemporary retreat.

Nestled directly between the ocean and the bay in the quaint Beach Haven Gardens neighborhood, The Boulevard is among good company. Its location boasts easy walking distance not only to the beach, but also to Township parks and recreation areas where guests can enjoy a morning cup of coffee and treat from the local bakery or an energizing game of pickleball. The neighborhood is also home to great spaces to enjoy a casual burger and beer, a delicious seafood meal, or even a late-night pizza. Live music, bike rentals, and charming gift shops nearby offer off-beach entertainment, and


sweet, european-inspired balconies at the hotel allow guests to take in the vibrant life of the area while enjoying a glass of wine. An easy drive or bike ride into downtown Beach Haven allows visitors to explore the shops at Bay Village or relish a fun evening for the kids at Fantasy Island’s amusement park.

The rich, lively community is echoed within the hotel, as well. Though the bones of the space are indeed historic, the facility has had a complete refresh to offer the most welcoming and modern of amenities. Fresh, local artwork graces the walls of the common areas and makes guests feel right at home in their rooms. Distinctly LBI coastal decor and furniture build a beautifully curated


space that invites guests to bask in the island atmosphere. Boulevard suites, family bunk rooms and a variety of standard guest rooms accommodate couples looking for a getaway, families enjoying a beach vacation, and everyone in between.

Striving to provide an oasis-experience, an outdoor heated pool and The Rec Room provide a respite from the sun and sand. Only a few blocks away, its sister property, The Spray Beach

Oceanfront Hotel, welcomes Boulevard guests for an oceanfront cocktail or unique coastal fare in their Drift Beach Bar and Restaurant.

Luxe touches within the confines of comfort make The Boulevard Hotel a new Long Beach Island icon. They invite you to book a stay or reserve a block of rooms for your next event and celebrate all that the area has to offer. 207
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