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DO’s & DON’Ts from the PROS Do-it-yourself projects can be extremely satisfying, but even the most confident DIYer should know when to hire a professional. We’ve developed this special advertising section to guide you to the experts in the home improvement industry. You’ll find valuable how-to tips, easy fixes, and information from some of the most trusted sources in our area.


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225.290.4800 | jrconstructionsolutions.com | E Q


HIRE THE PRO There are two types of concrete … concrete that is cracked and concrete that will crack. What can be done to minimize it? Concrete cracking is unpreventable, but it can be controlled. Cracking can be caused by a combination of variables, but most of the time it is too much water added to the mix, which causes shrinkage. When concrete hardens and dries, it also shrinks. The wetter the concrete mix, the greater the shrinkage will be. A low water-to-cement ratio is key to producing quality concrete. Choosing a professional who knows the allowable water for the mix being poured is imperative. We ensure that preventative measures are taken before and during the concrete pour to reduce cracking after the concrete has cured.

Is there a better time of year to pour concrete? Contrary to popular belief, a sunny hot day is NOT the best time to pour and finish concrete. The best results happen when concrete is poured on an overcast damp day because you want moisture. A temperature of 55 degrees is ideal, and you need the temperature to remain stable for three to four days following the pour. Stay away from windy days because wind can cause too much water to evaporate from the surface quickly. In south Louisiana, we have to pour on hot sunny days so we recommend blocking direct sun with a barrier to prevent stresses and cracking. We suggest using a burlap to cover exposed parts of slab including garage, patios and porches.    

What type of projects does your company handle? We focus on concrete foundations, flatwork and wood framing construction. Our clients range from custom home builders and commercial contractors to individual homeowners. Our jobs can range from 500 square feet to 25,000 square feet. Really, nothing is too big or too small.      

Will you be managing the project and do you have others who work for you? JR Construction has a team of on-site managers, skilled concrete finishers and frame carpenters. We pride ourselves on offering a streamlined service that allows us to quickly estimate plans, reduce cycle time and execute the highest quality of work. Together, our company has over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Why do I have cracks in my driveway? Driveways are a heavy load so over time the dirt beneath cannot support the weight, which results in an uneven and cracked driveway. Often, ground water has washed soil out causing the ground beneath your driveway to become unstable. Driveways can be a focal point of your home. Therefore, it is important to maintain and repair your driveway and flatwork to keep your property value up and prevent future damage. We specialize in driveway demo and repairs, as well as sidewalk and pool deck repairs.


Logan Patty


Use a sprinkler to spray your new concrete with water 5-10 times per day. It’s known as moist curing, and it allows the moisture in the concrete to evaporate slowly and can make your concrete 50% stronger.

17534 Old Jefferson Hwy, Ste A3 | Prairieville, LA 225.290.4800 | jrconstructionsolutions.com @jrcsolutionsbr


HIRE THE PRO What kind of jobs does your company handle?

property to ensure that your trees and shrubs remain beautiful and healthy every season.

Our crews have extensive training, skills, and equipment to handle any kind of tree service. We provide tree and shrub pruning and trimming, emergency tree removal, stump grinding and removal, land and lot clearing, cabling and bracing, hazardous tree assessment, and plant health care. We handle both commercial and residential—no project is too big or small for Monster Tree.

How do you know when a tree should be removed from a property?

Yes, we work as a team and all of our members are professionals. Our tree health and removal services are conducted by experienced specialists that include arborists, climbers, and operators. Our goal is to execute every job with maximum safety and respect for the customer’s property. 

What are the most common trees in our neighborhoods? In southeast Louisiana, we love our native trees. Magnolias, bald cypress, live oaks, red and sugar maples, crape myrtles, flowering dogwoods, and pines are all found here. Others include holly, river birch, palm, pecan, satsuma and fig.

Do trees really require seasonal maintenance and care? Yes. Natural and man-made environmental conditions and dramatic weather patterns cause stressful situations for trees, which then invite pests and disease problems. Homeowners usually don’t see a problem until the tree begins to decline. Our arborists evaluate your entire

Amy Paine & Walter Paine OWNERS

How can trees help our homes? Besides being a source of pride and serenity, trees are natural art in our outdoor spaces. A well-placed healthy tree will reduce the cost of utilities, increase property value and curb appeal, provide clean air, improve our water, reduce erosion, and create a habitat for wildlife. Trees are beautiful living resources and we should take care good care of them because they take good care of us. 


Will you be managing the project?

It is based on many factors. Monster arborists can recommend the best plan of action for your trees in any situation. We do our best to trim, prune, or improve the health of trees rather than remove them. When it is necessary, however, we provide options for replacement. We can transplant large trees to your property effectively and safely, and we offer services like fertilization, pest and disease control, deep root feeding, and state-of-the-art trunk injections. Our fully insured workmanship is guaranteed to be both effective and environmentally friendly.

Lightning protection reduces the risk of damage to trees or the structures they are near. It is often a low-cost and high-value preventative measure, and it’s a good protection for a tree with sentimental importance.

What are tree hazards? Trees with structural defects that are unstable or those with dangling or damaged branches are among the most dangerous. A large tree is not dangerous in and of itself unless it poses a potential hazard due to damage, disease, injury, or instability. Our arborists are experts in identifying those that pose a danger.

32674 Cypress Drive | Springfield, LA 225.414.6619 | www.whymonster.com/gbr



225batonrouge.com  |  [225] April 2020 




Pinnacle Exterior Construction specializes in building luxury outdoor living environments including outdoor kitchens, pools, pergolas, fireplaces, patios, landscapes, fences, bulkheads, retaining walls and more.

CALL US TODAY for a complimentary consultation! 225.757.6138 | pecbuilt.com |


• AD WILL RUN AS IS unless revision requests are received within 24 hours. • Additional revisions must be requested and may be subject to production fees. SPECIAL Carefully check this ad for: CORRECT ADDRESS • CORRECT PHONE NUMBER • ANY TYPOS ADVERTISING SECTION This ad design © Louisiana Business, Inc. 2020. All rights reserved. Phone 225-928-1700 • Fax 225-926-1329


Creating an exceptional technology & entertainment experience ... from the start.




Lighting Control

Whole House Audio

Video Surveillance

Energy Management

Distributed Video

Smart Home Automation

24 Hour Alarm Monitoring

Outdoor Entertainment System

Whole Home Automation



[225] April 2020  |  225batonrouge.com






A C I E X P E R T S. C O M





What sets your company apart from others?

What do you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years?

Our customers always come first and we believe in keeping them happy. We stand out from other companies because of our customer service, attention to detail, and reliability. We also offer reasonable prices for repairs and service. We never miss a call from a customer because we know how important time is when servicing pools.

Earn more customers and grow our team. In the next 5 years, we’d like to service numerous residential and commercial pools each week in Baton Rouge and the surrounding parishes. We’d also like to have a brick and mortar store for supplies so our clients can pick up anything they need.

We know how to make personal connections. We listen to our clients and communicate with them in a timely manner. They know they can reach our owner David Adams any time … he introduces himself in person so they know who they are dealing with.

What is your industry’s hot trend for 2020?


How do you build relationships? Take time to educate yourself on pool maintenance and upkeep. We can provide you with all the information you need.

Automation of equipment. Our customers are excited that they can now use a special app on their mobile devices to control all of their pool and spa equipment.

3644 Partridge Lane 225.316.2804 | thepoolboysinc@outlook.com


HIRE THE PRO The most common signs for roof replacement are interior leaks or spots on the ceiling, missing or broken shingles, light shining through the attic, sagging areas of the roof and granule loss. Many homeowners reach out to us when they notice visible damage, but often, the damage has started long before then. This is why it is so important to have a trained and licensed roofing professional conduct a thorough evaluation of your home. The best part? Cypress Roofing conducts these for free. The second best part? We are honest. If you don’t need any work, we will tell you.

Should I wait until after hurricane season to get my roof repaired? The short answer is no. Many of our clients tell us they want to wait until a hurricane hits. This is exactly the opposite of what you should do. Most homeowner policies charge a different deductible if you file due to a named storm. Most are 2% of your home’s value. (Example: a $300,000 home, which would

normally have a $500-$1000 deductible is now $6,000.) Call us—we have a proven system in place to work with your insurance company. Friends don’t let friends file an insurance claim alone.  

Can my roof be repaired or should it be replaced? Good question. We won’t know until we inspect it. In many cases, if the damage is found early, then an easy fix can be made. So call now rather than later.

Why should you choose Cypress Roofing? We believe people have the right to work with an honest company. We are familyowned and operated—a mom and her three adult children—and in every case, we put the needs of our homeowners before our own. Every time, not just when we feel like it. Our livelihoods are at stake. Our reputation in our community and our church are at stake. We take business and relationships very seriously.  (Joshua 1:6)


How do I know if I need a new roof?

Many insurance companies state in their policies that your roof should be inspected on a yearly basis. This is great advice … just mark your calendar.

Located in Gonzales 225.450.5507 | cypressroofingla.com @CypressRoofingLA



Over 24 years experience

CUSTOM BUILDING • R EMODELING • ADDITIONS contact us today at 225.678.1482 or e3homes.net


HIRE THE PRO Do I need a finish on my wood countertop? Yes, we offer the choice of a natural finish with mineral oil and beeswax conditioner (like our cutting boards) or a durable polyurethane finish which is the most popular choice. If you have children, we recommend polyurethane in order to withstand wear and tear. The natural finish choice may require more upkeep. Customers choose the natural finish because they like the look and can cut directly on the surface.

What can I expect in terms of durability? With time, a wood countertop may begin to show some wear and tear. The finish may need to be reapplied or the entire surface sanded and refinished. Expect to refinish wood countertops after 10 to 20 years depending on the amount and type of use they get.

Mandy Simpson OWNER

The number one reason people choose wood countertops is because of their beauty. They can give any kitchen or bar a warmth that can’t be achieved by other countertop materials. We construct our countertops from pieces of hardwood laminated together with glue for strength and stability. They provide a smooth organic landing surface, one that is wonderfully forgiving, gentle on dishware, and able to absorb the noise of a busy household. Another great selling point is that wood can be revived if damaged. If it gets dinged, stained, or gouged, you can refinish it. People are also drawn to the warmth of wood and the fact that it is eco-friendly.

What types of wood can a customer choose? The variety of woods available is impressive, from subtly grained maple to deep rich walnut to the swampy greens and browns of Louisiana sinker cypress. We will work with you to select the perfect wood or mix of woods to match the aesthetics of your home or commercial space.


Why are more people choosing wood countertops?

There is no maintenance required for a polyurethane finish. You can use any kind of kitchen cleaning product on it. For our natural finish, you will have to re-wax the countertop if it begins to look dull. 

6401 Bluebonnet Blvd. | 504.435.1485 nolaboards.com | info@nolaboards.com @nolacuttingboards


HIRE THE PRO At what temperature should I set my thermostat? The ideal temperature is 78 degrees in the summer and 68 degrees in the winter. Some people may have different desired set points. Remember: the colder your thermostat is set in the summer and the warmer it is set in the winter, the more the system will need to run and the more it will increase utility consumption.

Which air filter should I use? The more restrictive an air filter is, the more particulates it will catch. A particulate is a particle of solid or liquid matter suspended in the air. The more particulates in the air filter, the more difficult it is for air to pass through to the HVAC system. In turn the system performs less efficiently and works harder. By maintaining a clean system, you ensure a longer life for your equipment. We recommend investing in a high performance and less restrictive air filtration system.

Why does my AC system need a drain line? GENERAL MANAGER

Can I improve my indoor air quality? Yes. There are many products available today that can dramatically improve your indoor air quality. Different types of filters, UV lights, duct cleaning, and whole house filtration systems are all beneficial to improving a home or business’s air quality.

What does it mean to “balance air flow”? Many people have an issue with not getting enough air to one side of the house or a specific room. For example, you may have a problem with the master bedroom getting too warm when the door is closed. We recommend having your duct system checked for proper air balance. We can provide solutions to fix balance air flow issues.

While an AC system is running, it is cooling and dehumidifying the home at the same time. It pulls humidity from the air and drains it to your sewer system or outside your home through your condensation drain line.

How often should I have my HVAC system serviced? Your central heating and cooling system should be cleaned and checked by a professional at least once a year. We recommend having your heating system serviced in the fall or winter and your AC system serviced in the spring or summer.


Sam Abrams

To keep your AC drain line clear, use a high-quality air filtration system. Pour a quarter cup of white distilled vinegar in the drain line once a month to prevent bacteria and algae from building up.

231 American Way | Port Allen | 225.749.2169 3101 Government St | Baton Rouge | 225.412.6252



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Once your concrete has hardened, cover the exposed slab with a layer of burlap or straw to keep it moist and to protect from excessive sun. JR Construction Solutions


Many insurance companies include in their policies that you should have your roof inspected on a yearly basis. This is great advice, mark your calendar. Cypress Roofing

A well-placed healthy tree will reduce the cost of utilities, increase property value and curb appeal, provide clean air, improve our water, reduce erosion, and create a habitat for wildlife. Monster Tree Service

4 5

We recommend having your heating system serviced in the fall or winter and your AC system serviced in the spring or summer. Buddy’s A-1 Air Conditioning & Heating

Maintaining your pool is not just a seasonal thing. It’s a year-round process that should be taken seriously in order to keep you from incurring major costs on your pool. The Pool Boys

The state of Louisiana requires for new construction to have a five-year structural warranty. Level Homes provides a 10year structural warranty through the 2-10 HBW and a oneyear workmanship warranty and two-year systems warranty. Level Homes

Wood is eco-friendly. If you decide to change your countertop or redo your kitchen completely, your wood countertop does not have to end up in a landfill. NOLA Boards



Always do your research when looking for prospective contractors. Get referrals from someone reputable in the industry and ask to speak with past clients. E3 Homes

Did you know that pool plaster has a lifespan of approximately 15 years? If you notice a loose gritty material at the bottom of the pool or start to see grey gunite showing through on benches and steps, it’s time to replace the plaster! Pinnacle Exterior Construction




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[225] Magazine's 2020 Hire the Pro  

Do-it-yourself projects can be extremely satisfying, but even the most confident DIYer should know when to hire a professional. We’ve develo...

[225] Magazine's 2020 Hire the Pro  

Do-it-yourself projects can be extremely satisfying, but even the most confident DIYer should know when to hire a professional. We’ve develo...