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Lampert Lumb Lumber ber has recently launch launched hed the Lampert Lumbe Lumber er Professional Builder program. program The program ha has as been established to p provide a rigorous unbiased unbia ased review of a builde builder’s er’s business practices an and nd business relationship relationships. ps. The review focuses on the practices that are a most im important mportant to homeowner homeowners rs in selecting a home builder b or remodeler remodeler. r.. Ple Please ease contact us to see iif you qualify for this exciting e new program.

5 Conven Convenient nient Metro Locations: Loca ations: Apple pple V Valley.........952-432-0600 Valley a y.........952-432-0600 alley .........952-432 2-0600 North Branch.......651-674-4415 anch.......651-674-4415 4415 Lake E Elmo..........651-739-5400 Elmo..........651-739 9-5400 R Rockford...........763-498-7228 ockford d...........763-498-72 228 St. Croix Falls.........715-483 Falls.........715-483-3229 3-3229 orr visit us online at: www m

LB Lampert L ampert Lumber Lum mber Professional P ro ofessional B Builder uilder

Size matters


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Advertising Directory Aaronwood Finish Carpentry, Inc......inside back cover Andersen Windows ................................................2, 3 Brush Masters ...........................................................47 The Builders Group....................................................59 Builders Insurance Services (Divsion of RJR Insurance) ..................................25 CenterPoint Energy....................................................41 Central Marble Products, Inc....................................45 Corporate 4 Insurance Agency ........inside back cover Erosion Works............................................................55 Hedberg Landscape & Masonry Supplies...............19 In-Focus Systems.......................................................29 IDC-Automatic ...........................................................33 Installed Building Solutions, LLC..............................51 Lampert Lumber................................inside front cover Lyman Lumber Co......................................................31 Marvin Windows & Doors..........................................5


Minnesota Department of Health..............................7 Molin Concrete Products Company..........................53 NAHB .........................................................................55 Orion Home Systems ................................................25 Pella Windows & Doors............................................13 ProBuild........................................................................9 Schwieters Companies, Inc................................51, 57 Shaw/Stewart Lumber Co........................................25 Solar Midwest, Inc./Solatube ..................................51 Southview Design .....................................................23 Stein Agency..............................................................53 SuperAmerica/SuperFleet ........................................43 Synergy Products, LLC.................................back cover Thermo-Tech Windows, Inc......................................45 Trimpac, Inc................................................................55 Warners’ Stellian Co., Inc. ..........................................1 Wells Fargo Home Mortgage...................................15 Woodmax, LLC...........................................................53







David Siegel BATC Executive Director

See the associates who are BATC Elite Partners.

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It’s been a busy first quarter of 2012 here at BATC. In fact, as we take just a minute to catch our breath, it occurred to us that with so much happening, we ought to give you a recap. You want to feel comfortable that your membership investment has a significant return, and one way to demonstrate that is to share the progress we’ve made.

Common Interest Communities: We have begun a deeper dive into the challenges builders are seeing facing lawsuits from homeowners associations. We have elected not to pursue legislation this session so as not to detract from other priorities. But we will continue to work toward a legislative resolution to this difficult issue.



In a legislative session in which many industry trade associations have adopted a low profile, BATC and its state affiliate BAM have been unusually active. Here are some key issues we’ve been addressing: Fire Sprinklers: Our top priority for this session is working to prevent a mandate in the upcoming building code requiring fire sprinklers in singlefamily homes. This is an exceptionally delicate issue. Rest assured, our lobbying team and the BAM lobbying team are working with laser-focus on this issue. Moratoria, Development Contracts and Park Fees: Our bill has three key provisions – It protects completed development applications from moratoria; prohibits terms and conditions in a development contract that are not authorized by law and clarifies the determination of park fees to ensure they remain in line with the overall cost of building the home. This bill has advanced out of Committee in the Senate and has passed off the House floor.

Featuring some 225 booths and nearly 900 attendees, the Minnesota Builders Show held February 23 at the Minneapolis Convention Center, was once again a major success. The quality of attendees was excellent, our exhibitors reported. The mood of the attendees was positive and networking was occurring faster than Roadrunner being chased by Coyote. We’re already making plans for

the 2013 show taking place February 21 at the Convention Center. If you haven’t yet scoped out the photos (Mardi Gras Theme), be sure to visit our Plumb Level Square (PLS) Blog for a great photo gallery. You can get there from our website.

WE HID IT. A nail is hidden somewhere in every issue of the Builders’ Digest, including the one you’re holding right now. It could be anywhere – tucked into a photo or stuck in a drawing… in a margin… in the text body… even used as an exclamation point at the end of a headline. It resembles a real-life nail and looks something like this…

FIND THIS The nail above is just an example – it is not the real one hidden for this issue’s contest. We’ve concealed the real one elsewhere in this issue, and it could be a different color or size. Keep in mind, the Spike Club logo’s nail does not count. Paul Hoyt with Hoyt When Construction, Inc. found the nail on page 14 memof the January - March bers 2012 issue of the find the Builders’ Digest nail, they can email or fax a note to the Builders Association of the Twin Cities, telling what page it’s on. Participants will be entered into a drawing to win a business-card size ad in this publication or a set of member labels (non-electronic version). All other entries receive $20 in BATC Bucks. Entries must be received by May 15, 2012.

found it!

Found the nail? Email the page number of your guess to Or, mail or fax to: BATC Nail Hunt, 2960 Centre Pointe Dr., Roseville, MN 55113 Fax: 651.697.7575.

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Visit your local Marvin dealer today for more information and to discuss solutions for your next project.

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|| A

WORD FROM OUR PRESIDENT Executive Director David Siegel


Curt Christensen LeeLyn Construction

In this new world of home building and remodeling, one key to success is building an effective team. Part of our team at BATC is our Public Policy Committee and its initiatives. One way we can create champions for our team at the Minnesota legislature is by showing our support for specific candidates that care about our issues. We can do that with our new Housing First Fund and I’ll tell you more about that fund here. On January 21, 2010, in a 5-4 decision with wide ranging impact, the US Supreme Court ruled that the First Amendment prohibits government from placing limits on independent spending for political purposes by corporations and unions. This major decision changed the landscape of politics dramatically. The decision has caused the creation of what are known as Super PACs, large funds that



can now take corporate (and union) contributions and spend the money on independent expenditures in support of candidates. By independent, we mean spending not coordinated with the candidate. The Public Policy Committee of BATC, in a move with great foresight, brought to our Board of Directors the idea of forming our own independent expenditure fund shortly after the Supreme Court ruling. The BATC Board saw the benefit of such an effort and created the Housing First Fund. In the 2010 election cycle, BATC’s Housing First Fund had its inaugural voyage, supporting three candidates with independent advertising expenditures. Housing First vetted a number of candidates and selected these three to support based on their views toward the home building and remodeling industry. All three won their races and have continued to be friends of housing. Now, as we approach the November 2012 election, we are eager for Housing First to flex its muscle. All 201 legislative seats in Minnesota are up for election. Due to redistricting, some 30 seats will be open in this election, as well as many others that will be hotly contested. Our job as your trade association is to help elect Senators and Rep-


resentatives who support our industry. Housing First is bi-partisan – whether Republican or Democrat is not the issue – the key is whether a candidate supports our positions. As knowledge of Super PACS grows, their importance in the election process increases as well. We expect these independent expenditure funds to play a huge role at the national and state level in elections. You’re already seeing their impact on the presidential race. With our 2010 experience guiding us, BATC is ready to grow Housing First and make a substantial difference in the election on behalf of Minnesota’s builders, remodelers and associates. You play a critical role in this success by supporting Housing First. Shortly after the current legislative session is completed, we’ll be holding an important Housing First fundraiser. Unlike standard PACS, Housing First can accept corporate checks (due to the Supreme Court decision). Our ask will be simple – join us at the fundraiser and make a contribution to help us help our industry. Watch for the invite and be sure to make your contribution to Housing First. You can make a huge difference for our industry.

Editor & Director of Marketing Wendy Danks Publishing Manager Dawnita Parmely Graphics Coordinator Casey Hafner Accounting Manager Ron DeCoux Administrative Assistant Heather Litchy Administrative Assistant/Publishing Linda Jacobson Advertising Sales Kori Meewes Brad Meewes BATC Foundation Executive Director Jan Berg Communications Coordinator Katy Ervin Director of Administrative Services Maxine Miller EXECUTIVE BOARD President Curt Christensen Lee Lyn Construction LLC Builder Vice President Pamela Belz Senior Housing Partners Associate Vice President John Zirbes Lyman Lumber Past Associate Vice President Jon Coty, Lampert Lumber Co. Secretary Kerry Mulcrone Kerry & Co. Treasurer Shawn Nelson New Spaces Immeditate Past President Rich Riemersma Imperial Homes, Inc. Past President Council Representative Rick Kot R.A. Kot Homes, Inc.

Director of Public Policy & MN Green Path Executive Director James Vagle Educational Coordinator Beth Graham Marketing & Events Manager Nicole Coon Membership Representative Deb Earl Public Policy Assistant Mary Schweich Receptionist Dawn Marka

BOARD OF DIRECTORS BATC RemodelersSM Bob Michels, Bob Michels Construction, Inc. Large Volume Builders Chris Contreras Ryland Homes Membership Pattie Martin Glowing Hearth & Home Parade of Homes Paul Donnay Donnay Homes, Inc. Public Policy Jason McCarty Westwood Professional Services, Inc. Small Volume Builders Larry Cramer, L. Cramer Designers & Builders National Director Kathe Ostrom C.N. Ostrom & Son At-Large Member Marv McDaris Pulte Homes of MN At-Large Member Todd Polifka Brush Masters

The BUILDERS’ DIGEST magazine is the official publication of the Builders Association of the Twin Cities (BATC). The BUILDERS’ DIGEST is published and distributed four times per year to its members and others associated with the building industry. Neither the advertisers, nor the BATC, will be responsible or liable for misinformation, misprints, typographical errors, etc., herein contained. For advertising rates, resource file or address change information, contact the BATC. Suggestions, ideas and letters are welcome. If circumstances require, the BATC reserves the right to increase or decrease the number of BUILDERS’ DIGEST issues published on an annual basis.

Builders Association of the Twin Cities (BATC) 2960 Centre Pointe Drive Roseville, MN 55113-1182 Phone: 651-697-1954 • 651-697-7599 • NEWS EVERYDAY ON THE BLOG:Fax:WWW.BATC.ORG/BLOG

How the GOLD STANDARD can help sell more homes • Radon resistant homes are higher quality, with improved energy efficiency because of the state-of-the-art construction methods used. • Higher quality, radon resistant built homes attract more buyers, resulting in more sales and greater profits.

www.HEALTH.STATE.MN.US/GOLDSTANDARD To order a free radon resistant toolkit contact: Tom Standke - 651-201-5209

|| NEWS Career Landmark, 20 Years with BATC Linda Jacobson joined BATC in February 1992 as the receptionist and then she moved to Administrative Assistant for the Publishing Department. Having the most seniority of any staff member, she has been a steady presence at BATC for 20 years. Her kind spirit and warm personality has contributed to a large netLinda Jacobson work of friendships throughout her career and a highlight of her job is making lasting relationships with staff and BATC members. “I’ve met and have come to know hundreds of members throughout the years,” she explained, but my favorite part of the job is, “everyone that I work with; they’re all my second family.” Linda has two sons and seven grandchildren that she looks forward to spending more time with when she retires next year. A family cabin near Annandale is where Linda plans to spend most of her time. 8


Parade of Homes and MN Green Path display at the Home & Garden Show SM

It takes a lot of volunteer muscle to set up and staff the Home & Garden Show Booth. A special thanks to: • The BATC Foundation for use of the Chalet. • Furniture and Things for their awesome seating yet again. • Linders for the beautiful plants which continue to beautify our office. • Menards for helping cozy up our space with the outdoor carpeting. • Warners’ Stellian for the loan of the impressive grill - wish we could have kept it. • Clear Channel Media for helping us promote the Parade of Homes and Remodelers Showcase. • We can’t forget our awesome chalet chauffeur- Pat Hegseth of Great Plains Millwork, or Jim Kuiken of Accent Homes for helping install and decorate the booth.

Thank You Volunteers! Kelly Davert: Mingle Cabinetry Furnishings Design Susan Denk: White Crane Construction, LLC Dave Durst: Durst & Gans Building Corporation Katy Ervin: BATC Staff Tom Geoffroy: AMEK Custom Builders, Inc. Pat Hegseth: Great Plains Millwork Amy Hink Orfield Design Glenn Hofer: AMEK Custom Builders, Inc. Kevin Kamerud: White Crane Construction, LLC Tony Koval: Oakcrest Building Products Sharon Madison: Oakcrest Building Products Laura Orfield-Skrivseth: Orfield Design & Construction, Inc. Shayla Perkerewicz: BATC Intern

Make IBS Your Goal For 2013 If you didn’t go to IBS this year you missed out on a great opportunity. It’s the place to see what’s new in building materials, meet representatives from many of our vendors and suppliers, and to network with some of the best remodeling and new home contractors in the nation. It was especially rewarding to me to see a smile on every face, and optimism in builders and vendors alike as we look at 2012 and beyond. New to me this year was what they called "Centrals." These APRIL/JUNE 2012

Mike & Merri Roos: Surface Specialists Metro, Inc. Andrew Schmidt: AMEK Custom Builders, Inc. Matthew Schmidt: AMEK Custom Builders, Inc. Mark Schmidt: AMEK Custom Builders, Inc. Paul Schmidt: AMEK Custom Builders, Inc. Jeff Thompson: J. Thompson & Associates, LLC Kathy Trimble: Kathy Trimble Custom Homes, Inc. Mike Wright: Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp.

By James Madsen, James Barton Design Build

were areas set aside for defined interests so that you could network with other individuals going through the same things as we are. I personally spent a lot of time at the "Remodeling Central" room where I had the opportunity to see that in Minnesota we are not the only area of the country adapting to the "New Normal." You also missed out on some great socializing with your fellow MN members both on Wednesday and Thursday nights. It didn’t

matter if you were a remodeler or a builder, we all found common topics to discuss and to enjoy and celebrate our companies’ survival and the success of our BATC organization. What I have found is if you get involved you don’t feel alone, you realize you have people that are concerned and will help in your business success. If we help each other become more professional and successful it brings the whole industry up. My goal next year is to double the number of

people from MN as the 2013 IBS show is in Las Vegas and is a great venue. We have talked about more MN scheduled events to enhance the networking experience and for new attendees making them feel welcome and really see the true value of networking and staying on top of an ever changing industry. "See you next year!” James Madsen can be reached at or 952-431-1670.





BATC University (CAPS) April 17, 18 & 20, 2012 BATC Seminar Room Keeping industry professionals on top of building guidelines, trends, and programs through accredited education classes. Contact

Young Professionals Feed My Starving Children Voluteer Event April 18, 2012 FMSC Coon Rapids Location Join BATC's Young Professionals at our Annual Volunteer Event Feed My Starving Children. One bag of food provides highly nutritious meals for six children! Register at

Sales & Marketing Council Seminar: Housing From the Relationship Up May 2, 2012 BATC Seminar Room Get three hours of Real Estate Continuing Education (pending) while you hear how to adapt to the new reality of selling real estate and new homes. Register at

BATC RemodelersSM Council Round Table May 3, 2012 SLH Home Systems Showroom Get together with other remodelers to share your thoughts, concerns and ideas. BATC Remodelers new Round Table discussions are designed to bring this important niche together to learn and grow. Register at

Showroom Mixer May 3, 2012 SLH Home Systems Showroom Join BATC members and the folks at SLH Home Systems showroom for a great evening of networking and refreshments, plus a tour of SLH’s gorgeous showroom. Register at

Professional Women in Building Council Luncheon We’ve got a sweet summer of events planned. See for details



May 8, 2012 BATC Seminar Room Mark your calendars and join BATC’s Professional Women for lunch. Speaker will be announced soon. Check online for details. Register at


50+ Housing Council Luncheon

Walleye Invitational Fishing Tournament

May 17, 2012 BATC Seminar Room

June 15, 2012 Lake Mille Lacs

Mark your calendars to join BATC members who work in the 50+ market. Check online for details. Register at

Reel in some summertime fun as we discover who has the best fish story! Info and Registration at

Young Professionals – Managing Your Business Online Identity May 22, 2012 BATC Seminar Room You can’t leave your online identity to chance, join us for a great howto session. Contact

Fall Parade of Homes / Remodelers Showcase® Entry Deadline May 23, 2012 BATC Seminar Room Yep, it’s time to enter the fall tours! Get the early bird discount when you enter by May 23. Download forms mid-April at

Membership Drive May 23, 2012 BATC Seminar Room Help us grow! Join our membership drive. Contact

JUNE BBQ Member Mixer – Sponsored by ProBuild June 11, 2012 BATC Seminar Room Parking Lot

Remodeler of Merit Awards Banquet (ROMA) June 28, 2012 St. Paul Hotel The ROMA Awards recognize excellence in remodeling. This is the night for comradery and networking with members of the Association. In addition, we award the Remodeler of the Year, honoring their excellence in remodeling. Register at

JULY Young Professionals Winery Visit July - Date TBD, 2012 Location TBD Last year it was beer, this year, wine! Our YPs do know how to have fun.

Boat Cruise on Lake Minnetonka hosted by BATC RemodelersSM Council July 12, 2012 Lake Minnetonka You don’t have to be a remodeler to join us as we sail the lake, dine and network. Register at

Join your fellow BATC members in celebrating the beginning of Summer with an old fashioned BBQ! Yards games, delicious BBQ and cocktails on the house! Register at NEWS EVERYDAY ON THE BLOG: WWW.BATC.ORG/BLOG



Showroom Mixer

BATC Remodelers Round Table

August 2, 2012 MN Exteriors Mix and mingle with your peeps while checking out Minnesota Exterior’s beautiful showroom. Register at

Golf Tournament at Prestwick GC August 7, 2012 Prestwick Golf Course Tee up for a great day at the links. Register at

Sales & Marketing Council: Idea Pour August 8, 2012 Location TBD Our second Mocha Meeting now as a happy hour — offering your favorite brand of sales and marketing ideas. Register at

Build Your Dream Team – Young Professionals Event August 16, 2012 BATC Seminar Room Learn how you’ll go further, faster with the right people on your side. Details online mid-year.


September 6, 2012 BATC Seminar Room Get together with other remodelers to share your thoughts, concerns and ideas. BATC Remodelers new Round Table discussions are designed to bring this important niche together to learn and grow. Register at

Parade of Homes and Remodelers Showcase® September 8-30, 2012 September 28-30, 2012 View more information at

Professional Women in Building Council Luncheon September 11, 2012 BATC Seminar Room Join BATC’s female movers and shakers! Register at

Chili Cook-Off Mixer – Sponsored by ProBuild September 18, 2012 BATC Seminar Room Get your spicy on! Cook or just eat. Register at

Parade of Homes Booth at the State Fair August 23 - September 3, 2012 MN State Fair Grounds We’ll be handing out Guidebooks while we feast on fair food! Join us at our booth. Look for details online by mid-summer.

OCT. Awards of Excellence Gala October 13, 2012 Marriott Minneapolis SW The night BATC’s best come out and shine. Register at


50+ Housing Council Luncheon October 18, 2012 BATC Seminar Room Marketing to the fastest growing demographic segment? Then you need to be here! Register at

YP’s Business Succession Planning October 23, 2012 BATC Seminar Room Make sure your business stays strong even after you slow down. Register at

Past Directors Dinner October 25, 2012 Location TBD Meet up with BATC past and present leaders. Register at

Developers Council Luncheon October 29, 2012 BATC Seminar Room Calling all land developers! Register at

2013 Spring Parade of Homes / Remodelers Showcase® Entry Deadline November 14, 2012 BATC Office View more info at

50+ Housing Council Luncheon November 29, 2012 BATC Seminar Room You don’t have to be an old fogie to get a lot out of this! Register at

DEC. Professional Women in Building Council Luncheon December 4, 2012 BATC Seminar Room Girl Power is our middle name. Join us. Register at

BATC RemodelersSM Council Holiday Lunch December 5, 2012 BATC Seminar Room


Ring in the holidays with us. Register at

Design Charrette November 7, 2012 BATC Seminar Room

Holiday Food Drive Member Mixer

Get expert advice as you speed date with top BATC designers. Register at

December 6, 2012 BATC Seminar Room

Dinner Meeting / BATC Buck Auction / 2013 Board Announced – Sponsored by ProBuild November 13, 2012 BATC Seminar Room Spend all those bucks on fabulous stuff! Register at

Bring non-perishable food to make someone else’s holiday a bit brighter. Register at

find it all at





JOIN THE BATC REMODELERSSM COUNCIL as we share Remodeling tips and ideas in each issue of the Builders’ Digest. DON’T MISS our round-tables in person, either. Register to attend the BATC Remodelers Round Table Discussions during 2012 – the next one will be held on May 3rd at 3:00 pm prior to the Member Showroom Mixer. Reserve your spot online at



Our Panel:

What hardware and software helps you succeed in business?

SHAWN: We are moving away from major hardware. We had our server crash (three of five redundant hard drives failed at the same time) and voice system die. Fortunately we had backups in the server and I had a friend with a spare old voicemail system. We now have a VOIP phone system with much better features than our older system. We are moving to a cloud server system for our files. This also allows us to share files and storage with our partners. As an example, our photos are accessible to our web developer and graphic designer. Our video-

grapher uploads directly to our server. When my laptop died I just got a new one and reconnected to our cloud.

DAVID: Hardware: Being the novice with technology, obviously we are all linked together with our computers. We also have them linked to a fast copy machine which will do color, scans, copies of 11x17. We use smart phones. We plan on adding note books this year and learning how to link the phones, note books, and computers together. Software: We use Quick-

books Pro to do all of our payroll, quarterly government taxes, 1099's, track our certificates of insurance, job costs, payables, P&L's and balance sheets. We use Chief Architect for presentations and some of our smaller type plans. I'm old school and I do my estimates long hand with firm bids in writing from our subs and suppliers. We use all of the contracts and other legal documents from BATC and modify them to fit our purposes.

ANDY: Hardware - Apple iMac, iPhone, iPad, Ricoh copier/scanner. Software -

Quickbooks 2011 Contractor Edition, Apple's Basic Software

TOM: My computer was built by Data Doctors, so I'm not sure what you want to call it. All of my software is Microsoft, Excel, Word and Outlook. I have an accountant that takes care of all of my accounting, payroll, taxes, etc. All payroll taxes have to be done electronically now and so many other things are paperless, it's scary crazy to me. Working on getting a new estimating program in the near future, probably from Knutson and Assoc.

Shawn Nelson New Spaces

David Durst Durst and Gans Building Corporation

Andy Michels Bob Michels Construction

SHAWN: Cell phone with email for all employees. Communication is the most impor-

What’s the one technology that is most important to your business?

tant thing that we do.

Tom Ellis

DAVE: Any type of technology that makes us faster and more professional. Linking all

Ellis Builders (not pictured)

of our electronic equipment together like phones, laptops, note books, and hard wired computers. Any kind of user-friendly hardware or software for an old guy like me.

ANDY: I don't think living without the computer is really possible these days, although successful businesses were built without any of the above. The iPhone / iPad is definitely a useful tool, all can be done via computer. They all work together which makes it difficult to do away with any of them.

TOM: My computer and Blackberry are essential to me. I'm a small company, but communication is key. I also have an Epson Workforce printer, scanner, fax.







Get News Now. Read all about public policy news on the blog at

FUN WITH NUMBERS Mark Twain famously stated that ‘there are lies, damn lies, and statistics.’ While there may be some truth to his statement, those of us in the homebuilding industry have come to rely heavily on information, statistics, projections, and analysis to help us guide our businesses coming out of the worst housing market since the great depression. Here’s a look at statistics that have come across our desk in the last three months that, when pieced together, tell us much, even if Mark Twain disagrees. In short, the numbers show that the Twin Cities continues to grow in numbers and in political/economic importance to our state.There is also fresh data that confirms earlier trending on green certification. Perhaps best of all, we continue to enjoy significantly better unemployment rates than many places, besting the national unemployment average by a full three percentage points. Of course there are still many challenges in front of us, including gas prices, home values, and the uncertainty of a fragile economic recovery in a presidential election year. But it has been a long time since the collection of indicators has shown this many nuggets of optimism – enjoy the numbers.

NAHB predicts that residential remodeling will rise 8.9 percent in 2012. In the fourth quarter of 2011, the Remodeling Market Index component measuring current market conditions rose to 48.4 from 43.0 in the previous quarter. The RMI component measuring future indicators of remodeling business was also positive, increasing to 44.8 from 40.4 in the previous quarter.

5.5% Twin Cities Unemployment Rate, which ties us with Portland, OR and Washington, DC as the lowest (and best) among major cities. Interestingly, 10 of the top 20 unemployment rates by city in the United States are in our area: Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota & Wisconsin.


2.2012 8.5% US Unemployment Rate in February 2012


214 465




This reflects a 500 percent increase in the market today, further cementing BATC’s belief that the market is going to increase its focus on energy efficiency and certified projects in the future. Go MN Greenpath!

Minnesota’s rank among the 50 states in unemployment numbers

-28.1% The inventory of homes for sale compared to a year ago. Now at a 4.6 month supply, the local housing market shows an improving absorption rate.


Number of Twin Cities residential units authorized in January 2011

of legislative districts in Minnesota are now located in BATC territory,

Number of Twin Cities residential units authorized in January 2012

following the redistricting decision rendered by Courts in February. Every ten years legislative and congressional districts are redrawn to reflect census and demographic changes in the state.

Of the price of a new home, on average, attributable to regulation. For a $250,000 home, an astounding $62,500 is attributable to regulation, the majority of which occurs in the development process. This number is a constant reminder that our vigilance at the local, state, and national policy arenas is of vital importance to our recovery. 14

Of the economic activity in Minnesota occurs in the Twin Cities metro, according to Greater MSP.

The size of green homes certification market by 2016 according to McGraw-Hill’s Projections

The best February since the real estate downturn began in 2006, according to the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors.



4.180% APR for 30-Year Fixed loan on 3.12.12


is the average forecasted increase in new homes sold according Hanley-Wood. 769 of 940 markets are expected to see growth in new homes sold in 2012 over 2011.


Drive more traffic. Sell more homes.® Look to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage for the people, products, programs and services that can help you sell more homes

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Bob Michels

Bob Michels Construction, Inc. Builders Association of the Twin Cities RemodelersSM Council

Q&A Get to know BATC’S Board of Directors For the next three issues of Builders’ Digest, we’re getting to the nuts and bolts of BATC’s leadership by asking questions that get at the heart of their passions and in the head of their personal philosophies.

How did you become involved with BATC? I became involved with the St. Paul Builders Association in 1975. I was on the board of directors for the St. Paul Association when we hired Bob Hanson to be our Executive Director. After leaving a great "Builder 20 Club" in 2006, I became more involved in the local affairs by joining the Remodelers Council. I have learned a lot and have enjoyed meeting many new people by "getting involved" at BATC. I love the people that make a living in the home building business and want to give back and make the road a bit smoother for the younger folks embarking on the same road I have been on all of my life.

This issue, meet three big name board members who have already made a lasting impression on the building industry. Hear from Bob Michels, 2011 Builder of the Year and two-generation BATC member, originally joining BATC by his father as Michels Construction Co. in 1967. 2012 BAM Hall of Fame inductee and 2012 Remodeler of the Year, Kathe Ostrom, who has been a member of BATC since 1988. Finally, hear from fellow 2012 BAM Hall of Fame inductee Larry Cramer, who joined BATC in 1977, is also in the hot seat cleverly answering our questions.

What keeps you motivated/interested in the work that you do? As a boy, I always was the kid building forts and tree houses in the neighborhood, with anyone that wanted to help and my father began taking me to work when I was in my teens. In the 60's and 70's I enjoyed being with talented builders that could construct any house my father could design and sell. Today, my motivation is to please my customers and work for their best interests. Like my dad, I enjoy working with talented men and women that help to create the homes and remodeling projects that I design and sell to my customers. That’s what truly keeps me interested.

What’s the best advice you have ever been given? If you have a gut feeling about not working with a customer, walk away and find a new customer to work with. There will be money ahead by doing so. Always trust your gut.

Where would we find you on your day off? In the winter you will find me snowmobiling. In the summer you will find me on my motorcycle.

 Like getting to know your leadership team? Stay tuned, more to come in each issue!

Stay Tuned...

Where is the furthest you’ve traveled? I have traveled throughout most of the United States (including Alaska), some interesting parts of Canada (Winnipeg, Montreal and Quebec) and Central America. Of these places, the old fortress City of Quebec is the most fascinating. I want to spend more time in the Western United States this summer on my motorcycle. I do wish to travel through Germany, Eastern Europe and Russia after reading books about Peter the Great that detail his travels and what he did during his lifetime.

Final thoughts on being a BATC member and BATC Board member? Many firms belong to BATC but do not join committees or attend the many social opportunities put forth- Where are they going wrong? To get the full benefit of membership in any organization, you get far more in return by making a contribution of your time. If you want to play ball, you have to be in the stadium.





Kathe Ostrom

Larry Cramer

C.N. Ostrom & Son, Inc NAHB Directors Committee

L. Cramer Designers & Builders Small Volume Builders Committee

How did you become involved with BATC?

How did you become involved with BATC?

I came as a spouse to the Remodeler Council meetings and next thing I knew I was elected President! I stayed with BATC because I came to respect the education that I received about codes and legislation that impacted my business and my bottom line.

I valued the knowledge and counsel of experienced builders when I started my custom home business. I also welcomed the opportunities provided from participation in the Parade of Homes. Throughout the years, the BATC membership has been a strong voice for both the industry and the home buyers we serve.

What keeps you motivated/interested in the work that you do? For my business, I believe remodeling can change people’s lives. I really enjoy feeling like I helped someone change their physical environment that resulted in greater enjoyment of their home and refuge. Taking the box and making it a jewel box. For my association work, I believe that one person, through a team like BATC/BAM/NAHB, can make a difference in the licensing, regulation and legislation that affect our business and my bottom line. It is truly exciting, sometimes frustrating, but always interesting, to watch the interplay of our team players working at the Capitol.

What keeps you motivated/interested in the work that you do? Custom home building is continuously changing -- the materials, the technology, the architecture, the interior design influences, clients habits and hobbies. After many years I still wake up each morning and look forward to what the day will bring.

What’s the best advice you have ever been given? Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life.

Where would we find you on your day off? What’s the best advice you have ever been given? If you can’t be a good example, be a horrible warning. Where would we find you on your day off? Curled up with a good book, eating potato chips and drinking wine…not necessarily in that order.

Where is the furthest you’ve traveled? LLao LLao Resort in Bariloche, Patagonia Argentina. I dream of someday going to Australia and New Zealand.


My wife and I have a sailboat that we keep at the Lake City Marina. We take advantage of sunny days sailing on Lake Pepin. The Minnesota and Wisconsin bluff views provide a beautiful backdrop as we relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Where is the furthest you’ve traveled? We have traveled extensively throughout Europe but one of our most memorable experiences was setting sail from Athens to Istanbul. The white washed buildings and blue domes of Santorini were spectacular and Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar was remarkable. These legendary sites combined history with biblical scenic beauty, that was incredible.





In light of the branding work BATC is doing, we thought members might be interested in learning a little more about branding – what it is and why it’s important.

What is a Brand?

BRANDING BASICS By Nicki Gibbs Beehive PR


Let’s start with the basics. A brand is • Owned by the marketplace (surprise!) – it’s what your customers believe about your company or product • Something that lives in people’s minds – and that “something” can and does change over time • Based on experiences and perceptions – it is earned over time and is more than the sum of its parts A brand is not • Owned by the organization (sorry.) • Defined by a name and logo – that’s part of your brand, but not all of it Now think about some of the best known brands in the world – Coca-Cola, Apple, Nike, Google, McDonalds – just to name a few. You know their names. You know what they do. You might be able to describe their “personality.” And more importantly, you probably have an opinion or a reaction when you hear their names – they are either brands you like and choose to buy, or you don’t. Whether or not you like a brand is no accident. A brand invests a lot of time and effort creating a perception that helps you choose it based on the feeling you associate with it. So why do companies go to all the trouble to build and promote brands?

Masonry Selection Center: 975 Nathan Ln. N. Plymouth, MN 55441 Appointments: 763-225-0551 Masonry Warehouse: 1135 Nathan Ln. N. Phone: 763-225-0540


Benefits of Brand Equity


more likely to have their products purchased at a premium price


more likely to have their stock recommended


There is actual, monetary value to a brand – it’s called brand equity. Companies like Coca-Cola and Apple count their brands assets. Here’s why – strong brands are: • 7 times more likely to have their products/services purchased at a premium price • 5 times more likely to have their stock recommended • 4 times more likely to be recommended as a good place to work • 3 times more likely to be recommended as a good joint venture partner • 1.5 times more likely to receive the benefit of the doubt in a crisis

Keys to Successful Branding

more likely to be recommended as a good place to work


How do you build a strong brand? As with most things in marketing, keeping it simple is best. Studies prove that a single-minded message is important; the impact from a powerful, clear idea sets you apart. Consistency is also critical – in what you say, how you say it and what you do.

Brand Differentiation

more likely to be recommended as a good joint venture partner


more likely to receive the benefit of the doubt in a crisis

About the Author: Nicki Gibbs is vice president, business development and strategic planning, for Beehive PR. This role is a perfect match for her professional passions and strengths. Nicki is a take-no-prisoners strategist with a knack for inspiring clients and teams to think and act in powerful ways. And she can get to the sweet spot of an opportunity or challenge at warp speed. Her clients have described her as charmingly persuasive and rock steady under pressure.

Finally, differentiating your brand is what separates your business from the competition. This is even more important as the number of choices in any given segment or category continues to grow. It must be easy for customers to buy what they want from you, even if there are multiple options available. Let’s take pizza for example. Pizza’s pizza, right? Well, that depends. Looking for fast pizza? Call Domino’s. Want a good home-baked option? Try Papa Murphy’s. Looking for variety – Pizza Hut has it all. Yes, it’s all pizza, but the brand helps customers make a choice based on what they want or need. So what can Minnesota builders, remodelers and BATC learn about branding from these big national brands? Whether your company is large or small, a strong brand will help your customers: • Find you • Remember you • Make a decision about you • Pay for what they know and value about you

Contact Nicki at





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BATC PHYSICAL SHOWS STRONG ASSOCIATION Over the past six years, our industry has faced never-before-seen challenges. BATC and our members made significant changes to adapt to the new economic realities. Now, with the launch of Minnesota’s Green Path, an uptick in economic activity (the preliminary reports from the Parade are the best in years), and the complete rebuilding of the Parade of Homes website, our Board of Directors hired a PR and branding firm, Beehive PR to assess where we stand in the market and point us in a direction for growth for membership, sponsorship and advertising. The study involved a comprehensive membership survey, one-on-one interviews with a broad range of industry and state influencers, a media coverage assessment, website analytics and search, as well as a review of white papers, presentations and legislative updates.

BATC Gets a Solid Grade – Members Should be Proud The good news is that BATC got a solid grade. Here are several highlights from the research: • Association members are satisfied and loyal • Parade of Homes and Remodelers Showcase are huge assets • Advocacy and legislative efforts are unparalleled • BATC staff is respected and appreciated • Green Path is getting a warm reception

• • • • •

Advocate Helpful Credible Proactive Industry Leading

Members Are Engaged and Loyal Nearly 90 percent of members are likely to recommend BATC to someone else in the industry, nearly 93 percent are likely to renew. In fact, some 60 percent have been members for more than 10 years, while 21 percent have been members between six and 10 years. Also, 92 percent are very satisfied, satisfied or somewhat satisfied with their membership experience. Key membership benefits form a threelegged stool: • Marketing • Advocacy • Industry Connections.

We’ve Got Work to do and Opportunity Ahead But of course we can improve. We learned that we offer so many programs, services and offerings that our mission and message are diluted. It will be necessary to prune and focus BATC’s efforts around our mission, vision and brand position for our Association to grow. In addition, the study suggests that

BEEHIVE PR BATC Survey Results:

Words Tell the Story Here are several of the words that arose in a word cloud created about BATC: • Professional • A Resource 22




BEE HIVE PR BATC Survey Results:

Hands H ands

Free. F Fr ree ee. the “rivalry” between builders, remodelers and associates continues and all involved must make extra effort to be inclusive and welcoming as BATC seeks to be the glue bringing the industry together.

With W ith Southview Desi Design ign as your landscape partner, your handss ar aree fr free ee to sell and build mor anage your business, moree jobs. Ma Manage not your landscape contr ccontractor. actor.

Research Leads to a Brand Pyramid Beehive used its in-depth research to develop a brand pyramid for BATC. Here are some of the words that help define our brand personality: • Influential • Trusted • Respected • Rock solid • Focused • Action-Oriented Ours is an organization that gets things done. As a result, members are confident, optimistic, determined, and loyal. They feel they are part of something important, and at the same time, they see BATC as fun and full of positive energy.

Next Steps








Ê Ê (651) 455-8238 45 55-8238

xxx/tpvuiwjfxeftjho/dpn x xx/tpvuiwjfxeftjho/dpn

BATC has begun rolling out the mission, vision and brand position adopted by the Board of Directors as a result of the umbrella branding strategy survey. Design of a new logo has begun as part of the effort as well. Watch for more BATC branding news in coming issues of Builders’ Digest. NEWS EVERYDAY ON THE BLOG: WWW.BATC.ORG/BLOG




> EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR LETTER {continued from page 4}

MN GREEN PATH KICKS OFF TO THE PUBLIC After a year in development, our new BATC Green Building Program, Minnesota’s Green Path, introduced itself to the general public via the Spring Parade of Homes®. With 24 Green Path homes in the tour offering game cards for prizes, and strong recognition in the Guidebook, in our promotion and advertising and on the website, Green Path is generating activity. At a special press event held in late February, more than thirty participants, including local reporters and Minnesota media outlets, attended and were introduced to the program. Members of the press watched a video clip, toured a MN Green Path home, heard from a MN Green Path builder and from Don Shelby, whose home is master certified on Minnesota's Green Path. The press event resulted in



coverage on KARE 11, WCCO, Fox9, KSTP Channel 5, and Cable Northwest Channel 12 plus in the Star Tribune, with more coverage anticipated when MN Green Path gives away an energy-efficient new Volkswagen Jetta TDI (green car of the year) on April 13th. New research points to growing interest and importance of green building. If you’re not yet on the Path, contact Mary Schweich at BATC at or 651-6977572.

PARADE OF HOMES / REMODELERS SHOWCASE® VISITORS READY TO BUY Sure we’ve been putting on the Parade of Homes and Remodelers Showcase for years. But that doesn’t make it any less important or any less significant an effort. With beautiful covers, great distribution at Holiday Station Stores, the State Fair and the Home and Garden


Show, our guidebooks continue to drive traffic to Parade Homes. And the marketing campaign is powerful indeed. Early reports are that traffic is exceptionally good. Have we finally turned the economic corner? And even as we put on the Spring Parade of Homes, we are at work on a rebuild of the Parade of Homes website for a launch in the fall. What a major and exciting under taking. Since the Parade of Homes brand is one of BATC’s signature items, it makes sense to engage in this major investment. We’re confident that this state-of-the-art website will be ever more important in driving traffic to our member builders and remodelers.

BATC UNIVERSITY GETS RAVE REVIEWS More than 400 students have already taken BATC University courses this January, February and March, and as I write this, two major courses have yet to take place: Certified Aging in

Place Specialist (CAPS) and our Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting course. It appears this will be the strongest year for BATC University in the past three. For those who took classes through BATC, thank you. We’ve had wonderful comments about the quality, variety and professionalism of our courses. And the free lunch doesn’t hurt, either.

BEEHIVE PR BUILDS UMBRELLA BRANDING STRATEGY Beehive Public Relations is helping BATC understand its brand identity and bringing together the many facets of our Association. Remember, we’ve got the BATC Foundation. We’ve got MN Green Path. We have public policy efforts. We have networking and education and we’ve got the core of BATC itself. Not to mention the Parade of Homes and Remodelers Showcase. How do we bring all of these elements together into a brand pyramid that creates growth and new revenue for BATC? To reach its recommendations, which are expected shortly, Beehive completed a member survey, conducted one-on-one phone interviews, and examined a substantial amount of secondary research. We have learned that BATC staff is highly respected and appreciated. We know members are satisfied and loyal. The Parade of Homes and Remodelers Showcase are very valuable assets. Our advocacy and legislative efforts are unparalleled and members want to hear more on this. Green Path is getting a warm reception. Our next task is to bring all of this research and further insight into a brand pyramid that will create powerful messages for growth


Your Dream. Our Details.

Photo courtesy of Classic Homes

Trusted, reliable, unconditional customer satisfaction from Orion Home Systems. It’s enough to make you hurry home.

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Call us at 651.994.0666 to arrange your obligation free consulation today.

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INTRODUCING MINGLE CABINETRY FURNISHINGS DESIGN As we all know, the past few years have seen a tremendous shake-up in the building and remodeling industry. One of the effects of this upheaval has been a reduction in product and design resources available to customers who are building or remodeling. As a result, Mingle’s customers have been increasingly asking for assistance with the many selections that are part of the process. So what started out years ago as a cabinet design showroom has evolved to meet the needs of today’s customers. Mingle is an innovative 26


new home design resource, with a showroom that features custom cabinetry, countertops, flooring,

convenient, one-stop design concept that eliminates the need for clients to travel from one showroom to

“The showroom is like a state-ofthe-art model home...We want them (customers) to sit on the furniture, open cabinet drawers, measure kitchen islands – we want them to imagine living in these spaces.” - Kelly Davert, General Manager of Mingle

furniture, accessories, and interior design services for the entire home. Mingle is a


another, lugging boxes of accumulated samples all over town. Mingle’s design

Get social with Mingle On Facebook search “Mingledesign” to view our photo gallery

team has the expertise to work closely with customers to understand their desires, as well as their budget, and to make their dreams come true. They will ensure that all components of the project are coordinated and will team with the builder, remodeler or designer to help keep the project on track. Mingle’s new 20,000 square-foot showroom, which will be opening this summer in Plymouth, features over 75 displays which showcase a wide range of exciting solutions for the entire home.


Right: The Studio M Interiors team, Mellissa Musgjerd, Annie Graunke and Kristen McCormick

Mingle’s customers can freely explore full-sized kitchens, bathrooms, and family rooms. Visitors will also find a billiards room with adjoining wine cellar and working bar, a full-scale home theatre, laundry rooms, bedrooms, and an abundance of furniture and accessories. Fireplaces, home automation, lighting, and sound systems are also integrated with the various showroom displays. Kelly Davert, General Manager of Mingle, explains, “The showroom is like a state-of-the-art model home. Our full-sized room displays offer customers the opportunity to experience the look and feel of a space. We want them to sit on the furniture, open cabinet drawers, measure kitchen islands – we want them to imagine living in these spaces.” For many customers, this is also the time to invest in new or updated home furnishings. In keeping with Mingle’s objective to provide comprehensive, coordinated solutions for the homeowner, the company has established its own interior design studio, Studio M Interiors. Studio M assists customers in all aspects of interior design, including space planning, interior elevations, as well as wide-ranging selections of furniture, fabrics,

window treatments, and accessories. Mingle takes pride in its many partnerships with builders, remodelers and designers. The company has a solid track record and years of experience working with building professionals to enhance the customer’s overall experience. Its new destination showroom and expanded staff of designers underscores its commitment to addressing a critical need in the building industry. In the true spirit of a


partnership, Mingle works closely with the contractor to ensure that no detail is overlooked. “In the end,” Davert said, “Mingle makes a complex project enjoyable for both the homeowner and the builder.” The results speak for themselves.




BATC MEMBER BBQ MIXER • JUNE 11, 2012 Register at



awards a night filled with fresh inspiration

Thursday, June 28th at the St. Paul Hotel

banquet Co-Presenting Sponsor:

Red Carpet Sponsor:

Glamour Sponsors:

Bling Sponsors:


Early Bird Pricing Until May 23, 2012.

“This spring was the best Parade we’ve had in 25 years.” -- TED KOWALSKI, JB WOODFITTER SPRING PREVIEW 2012

Use the Parade of Homes to sell your product.

September 8 - 30

September 28 - 30

Fall Parade of Homes Events September 8 - 30, 2012 Reserve your ad by July 2, 2012. Contact Deb at 651-697-7562 or

photo gallery

MN Builders Show (MBS) Wow, what a day! Some 900 builders, remodelers, architects and designers descended upon the 225 booths to learn more about our fabulous Associate members. This year featured a parade through the booth isles, a new MN Green Path Pavilion, a demo stage, a cash drawing and a casino night in partnership with BAM.

MBS: (from left to right, top to bottom) Early bird visitors begin to fill the aisles. Our New Orleans Band welcomed MBS visitors. Would Mardi Gras be complete without representation from the Vatican? Well no, but what a look-alike. Talk about stick-built, the guys at Carpentry Contractors Co. showed how it’s done. 2012 BATC President Curt Christensen, Lee Lyn Construction, led the Mardi Gras Parade. The Mardi Gras Parade attracted jesters and we think the Phantom of the opera, too. The MN Green Path Pavilion showed off the Volkswagen Jetta TDI, the Green Path Go contest grand prize. Mardi Gras colors (purple, gold and green) were everywhere! Dual Jeffs (Wilken and Gillespie) kept the Aaronwood booth hopping. Who are those masked Mardi Gras-ers staffing the ReferrelBuzz booth? KFAN deejay extraordinaire, Common Man, Dan Cole, lent his vocal stylings to MBS announcements. Brett Remme, In-Focus Systems, joined the Parade. The BATC Foundation Chalet was on hand, too. 36




photo gallery

Thank You to our Sponsors Grand Marshal Sponsors:

Royalty Sponsors:

Join us on February at the Minneapolis Convention Center for the 2013 show!

2/21/2013 Juke Joint Bar Sponsors: Bayer Built Woodworks, Inc. Fireside Hearth & Home IDC-Automatic J.J.Vanderson & Co. Lampert Lumber Lanyard Sponsor: Marvin Windows & Doors

MBS: More masked participants knew how to dress up the Parade. Tina brought a tall-dark-and-handsome to help staff The Builders Group booth. After MBS, a few members got lucky (while another couple hundred had a lot of fun) at the BATC/BAM Casino night. Our very own MBS Mardi Gras Jester, Jon Coty. Blue was the color of the night for Select Exteriors. KFAN’s Dan Cole attracted fans everywhere he went. BATC staffers Dawnita Parmely and Maxine Miller boasted feather headdresses. The $500 drawing drew a crowd at the end of the day, with Curt Christensen handing off the cash to winner Kevin Roesler, Roesler Construction and Design.





photo gallery

MBS: BATC Foundation Luncheon Featured speaker, Don Shelby, gave the Foundation’s thank you and recognition lunch a bit of celebrity before the Minnesota Builders Show opened.

Foundation Luncheon: (from left to right, top to bottom) Happy and thankful new homeowner, Hussein Ahmed was on hand. Foundation leadership was well represented with Katie Harms, Scherer Bros. Lumber; Pat Hegseth, Great Plains Millwork; and chair Sara Anderson. The Vang family enjoyed the lunch as they thanked the Foundation for renovating their basement with the help of builder partner, Showcase Renovations. Curt Christensen with keynote speaker Don Shelby. The food was great!

Panel Discussion: (from left to right, top to bottom) Panellists Tom Gilaspy and Elliot Eisenberg with BATC’s Public Policy Chair, Jason McCarty, Westwood Professional Services, before Jason opened the discussion.




MBS: Panel Discussion After lunch and before the show floor opened, BATC members soaked up some valuable information from our economics panel, NAHB Senior Economist, Elliot Eisenberg, and MN State Demographer, Tom Gilaspy.


photo gallery

January BATC Dinner Meeting Installation of our 2012 BATC Board (and bidding adieu to those departing) was made special at the DoubleTree Hotel in St. Louis Park on January 5th with the addition of motivational speaker Ross Bernstein. Sponsored by:

January Dinner Meeting: (from left to right, top to bottom) Jon Coty, Lamperts. Jim Kuiken, Accent Homes and Joan Knight, Knight & Associates. Shawn Nelson, New Spaces and Kathe Ostrom, C.N.Ostrom & Son. Past Presidents Gary Aulik, Aulik & Associates, Chris Thompson, On the Level, and Rich Riemersma, Imperial Homes. 2012 BATC President Curt Christensen, Lee Lyn Construction receives the gavel from 2011 President Rich Riemersma, Imperial Homes. David Siegel, BATC Executive Director presenting outgoing BATC Foundation Chair Sara Anderson her thank you plaque. Curt Christensen passing the “Golden Gavel” to outgoing president Rich Riemersma. 2012 BATC board members swearing their oath of office. Deb Earl, BATC Membership Representative thanking Kerry Mulcrone, Mulcrone & Associates, for her work as Sales & Marketing chair. Rick Lappin and Sue Worsham, Lappin Lighting. Bonnie and Frank Kottschade, North American Realty with Larry Cramer, L. Cramer Designers + Builders. Speaker Ross Bernstein motivated and entertained. Andy and Bob Michels, Bob Michels Construction. NEWS EVERYDAY ON THE BLOG: WWW.BATC.ORG/BLOG




photo gallery

MN Green Path Press Event/Launch WCCO-TV and Cable Channel 12 both brought cameras to the official launch of MN Green Path on March 1st. Members noshed with the reporters and heard from Don Shelby, a new MN Green Path homeowner.

See MN Green Path list of sponsors on page 21.

MN Green Path Press Event: (from left to right, top to bottom) Alexandra Renslow, Channel 12 reporter getting ready to interview Don Shelby, a proud MN Green Path homeowner. Kathy Alexander, Alexander Design Group and member of the Green Path board with Deb Earl, BATC. Curt Christensen, Lee Lyn Construction with Bob McDonald, McDonald Construction. Tom Standke, MN Dept. of Health with Alexandra Renslow, Channel 12. Channel 12 interviewing Don Shelby. Bob McDonald, McDonald Construction and Jon Coty, Lampert Lumber Co. Pete Hartman, ProBuild, Mike Swanson, Weis Builders and Kathy Alexander, Alexander Design Group. Ross Anderson, RSR and Curt Christensen, Lee Lynn Construction. Don Shelby with Tim Liester, Lyman Lumber and Tom Standke, MN Dept. of Health. WCCO TV and Cable Channel 12 reporters with VIPs watching the MN Green Path video. Don Shelby explaining why his new home is a MN Green Path home. Getting ready for the press event.



CenterPoint Energy offers a variety of rebates that make it easy to give your homeowners and customers what they prefer: the savings, environmental benefits and energy efficiency of natural gas. CenterPoint Energy rebate offerings include: Natural gas fireplaces $75 rebate for a direct vent fireplace, insert or free-standing stove with electronic ignition Heating systems $400 rebates for qualifying forced-air natural gas furnaces $500 rebates for qualifying natural gas boilers Water heater rebates $100 rebates for qualifying natural gas storage tank water heaters $200 rebate for installing a qualifying indirect water heater with a 91% AFUE or greater natural gas condensing boiler Request the rebate paperwork from your heating dealer, plumber and fireplace dealer for all qualifying equipment installations on CenterPoint Energy service lines.

For questions, contact: David Poretti, 612-321-4386 or 800-234-5800 ext.4386,

Š2012 CenterPoint Energy 120634


MINNETONKA • JULY 12, 2012 Register at PRESENTED BY:


Welcome New BATC Members Joining the Builders Association of the Twin Cities is the first step in becoming more active in your industry and in working to gain more business. The following companies have joined BATC over the last three months. Please take a moment to welcome the newest members of our association.

NEW MEMBERS Abbotts Paint and Carpet 1808 Grand Avenue St. Paul, MN 55105 Mike Keenan 651-698-5518

Advanced Design Contracting 2306 Bear Court White Bear Lake, MN 55110 Foster Hackett III 651-795-8875

Designer Marketplace

Garry Insurancenter

Minnesota Rusco, Inc.

160 Glenwood Avenue N. Minneapolis, MN 55405 Jeff Farahan 612-381-8508

2555 E. 7th Avenue N. St. Paul, MN 55109 Shelby Allen 651-777-8361

5558 Smetana Drive Minnetonka, MN 55343 Mel Hazelwood 952-935-9669

Dorglass, Inc.

Innovative Foundation Supportworks

Modern Design Cabinetry

6008 Culligan Way Minnetonka, MN 55345 Harvey Schmidt 952-253-0097

Ehlen Creative Communications LLC

Amalia G. Construction, Inc. 430 Pond Promenade Chanhassen, MN 55317 Todd Goldwasser 952-292-3717

12841 Belle Aire Drive Champlin, MN 55316 Mark Ehlen 612-201-0652

Energy Construction 7351 Kirkwood Lane N., #130 Maple Grove, MN 55369 Keegan Wallace 763-489-7777

Apex Construction Management, LLC 3711 Pineview Drive St. Paul, MN 55127 John Biancini 651-653-6300

Erotas Building Corporation

Auben Residential Exteriors & Home Remodeling, LLC 1486 Steiger Lake Lane Victoria, MN 55386 Richard Shelly 952-657-2865

21930 Minnetonka Boulevard Excelsior, MN 55331 David Erotas 952-401-4300

Expert Construction, Inc. 250 Industrial Boulevard Norwood Young America, MN 55397 Matthew McIntosh 952-467-2622

Ben Quie & Sons, LLC 2422 Como Avenue St. Paul, MN 55108 Thomas Quie 651-645-5429

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp.

Bob’s Wood Specialties/Credit River Granite 14200 Ewing Avenue S. Burnsville, MN 55306 Bob Eckelman 952-890-4700

3001 Metro Drive, #280 Bloomington, MN 55425 Mike Wright 952-851-8974

Flashing by Design

Danberry Building Corp. 5413 Manitou Road Tonka Bay, MN 55331 Jeff Danberry 952-474-5990

P.O. Box 774 Forest Lake, MN 55025 Scott Bennett 651-462-4700

1100 Holstein Drive NE Pine City, MN 55063 George Sell 888-202-4242

Ironwood Carpentry, LLC 443 Union Place, #101 Excelsior, MN 55331 Jesse Steinwand 952-201-7937

PO Box 147, 209 Paul Avenue S. Cologne, MN 55322 Troy Eiden 952-466-4766

Noble Custom Homes, Inc. 411 – 3rd Street N., #110 Waite Park, MN 56387 Steven Noble 320-202-9811

Old Towne Glass Company P.O. Box 3667 Mankato, MN 56002 Douglas Smith 507-451-1000

3050 Echo Lake Avenue, #400 Mahtomedi, MN 55115 Ben Schwieger 651-307-6788

PHH Home Loans J. Brown Homes Inc. 25220 Grizzly Court Wyoming, MN 55092 Jeff Brown 651-982-0998

7550 France Avenue S., #340 Edina, MN 55435 Mary Baymler 952-844-6300

LP Building Products

P.P.G. – Pittsburgh Paints

2020 Deer Trail Lane Owatonna, MN 55060 Brent Cederstrom 507-413-2490

7557 Washington Avenue S. Edina, MN 55439 John Skjerping 952-941-1114

McGowan Design Build, Inc. 13033 Ridgedale Drive, #324 Minnetonka, MN 55305 John McGowan 952-212-1966

MetLife 1845 Bayard Avenue St. Paul, MN 55116 Sean Mooney 651-285-9667

Replacement Housing Services, LLC 5200 Willson Road, #150 Edina, MN 55424 Lon Oberpriller 952-836-2665

RJA Cabinetry & Design, LLC 4121 MacIver Avenue NE St. Michael, MN 55376 Roger Asp 763-515-6302

If you’re aware of prospective BATC members, please let Member Representative, Deb Earl know; or 651-697-7562.





Robert Thomas Homes, Inc.

Town & Country Fence

16972 Brandtjen Farm Drive Lakeville, MN 55044 Todd Stutz 952-322-8752

8511 Xylon Avenue N. Brooklyn Park, MN 55445 Mike Bistodeau 763-425-5050

Rockstar Design, LLC 3837 Glenhurst Avenue S. St. Louis Park, MN 55416 Poul Andersen 612-221-6396

Romens Interiors, Inc. 7820 Eden Prairie Road Eden Prairie, MN 55347 Virginia Romens 952-933-0097

Roncor Construction 10740 Lyndale Avenue S., #11E Bloomington, MN 55420 Ronald Baker 952-888-5578

Sedley Development, LLC 2460 Emerald Trail Minnetonka, MN 55305 Michael Sedley 612-889-0906

Set To Show 7825 Wayzata Boulevard St. Louis Park, MN 55426 Janet Lawrence 952-224-2131


Town and Country Granite 21170 Eaton Avenue, Ste. C Farmington, MN 55024 Dave Preston 651-463-7885

Tru Value Homes, LLC 5475 Meadow Lane Elko, MN 55020 Timothy Giles 952-461-3985

Twin City Fireplace & Stone Company, Inc. 6521 Cecilia Circle Edina, MN 55439 Chris Becker 952-941-2685

Woodruff Home Advisors Inc. 11271 – 148th Street N. Stillwater, MN 55082 Paul Woodruff 612-599-9749

Wyatt Companies 5116 Mirror Lakes Edina, MN 55436 James Deanovic 612-799-5399

576 Bielenberg Drive Woodbury, MN 55125 Shelley Branson 651-403-3267

Terrance Eid Construction, Inc. 3977 Golfview Drive Jordan, MN 55352 Terrance Eid 952-492-2772

Help Strengthen our Association. Do Business with a BATC Member.

Quality that’s Quality that’s easy easy tto ow arm up p to. to. warm ESObVS`Sfb`S[SaO`S\][ObQVb]bVSW\acZObW\U^]eS`]T ESObVS`Sfb`S[SaO`S\][ObQVb]bVSW\acZObW\U^]eS`]T B VS`[]4Wb^`S[Wc[dW\gZ`S^ZOQS[S\beW\R]eaT`][BVS`[] BVS`[]4Wb^`S[Wc[dW\gZ`S^ZOQS[S\beW\R]eaT`][BVS`[] B SQV•1cab][Âżbb]g]c`a^SQab][OYSW\abOZZObW]\SOagO\R 1cab][Âżbb]g]c`a^SQab][OYSW\abOZZObW]\SOagO\R BSQV Q]\ab`cQbSReWbVRc`OPZSZ]eW\bS\O\QSdW\gZO\RR]cPZS Q ]\ab`cQbSReWbVRc`OPZSZ]eW\bS\O\QSdW\gZO\RR]cPZS aab`S\UbVW\acZObSRUZOaaBVS`[]BSQVeW\R]ea^`]dWRSgSO`a b`S\UbVW\acZObSRUZOaaBVS`[]BSQVeW\R]ea^`]dWRSgSO`a ]TQ][T]`bS\S`UgaOdW\UaO\RPSOcbWTcZdWSea ] TQ][T]`bS\S`UgaOdW\UaO\RPSOcbWTcZdWSea

!  # # ' '" " Â’&%%#$##'Â’bbeW\R]eaQ][ Â’&%%#$##'Â’bbeW\R]eaQ][ NEWS EVERYDAY ON THE BLOG: WWW.BATC.ORG/BLOG








some pretty simple math but, when you add up the numbers, the value of membership is greatly strengthened and the face of the organization remains true to the industry it represents when we continue to grow together.


If everyone were to recruit one new member to BATC this year alone, the Builders Association would double in size. We realize that this is

See complete list of spike points at

Thank you to all of our members who recruited new members in the last quarter. For an updated Spike listing visit

Sara Anderson


Todd Bjerstedt, McDonald Remodeling, Inc. Scott Busyn, Great Neighborhood Homes, Inc.


Larry Cramer, L. Cramer Designers & Builders






Jon Coty, Lampert Lumber

Pam Belz, Senior Housing Partners

Bob Michels, Bob Michels Construction, Inc.

Curt Christensen, Lee Lyn Construction, LLC

John Zirbes, Lyman Lumber Co.

Pattie Martin, Glowing Hearth & Home



Trace Dokken, McGowen & Dokken Remodeling and Design

Kori Meewes, and more by Kori Kerry Mulcrone, Kerry & Co. Rich Riemersma, Imperial Homes, Inc.

Steve Hanson, Freiers Electric & Heating, Inc. Becky Harasyn, Xcel Energy Monique Janu, MJ’s Contract Appliance, Inc. Tim Leister, Lyman Lumber Co. James Madsen, James Barton Design Build, Inc. Mike McCalvy, Remodeling Consultants, Inc. Jason McCarty, Westwood Professional Services Brad Meewes, and more by Kori Peter Murlowski, TimberCraft Remodeling Shawn Nelson, New Spaces Kathe Ostrom, C.N. Ostrom & Son, Inc. Todd Polifka, Brush Masters Ruth Petermann, Send Out Cards by Petermann Enterprises Matt Reiland, Johnson Reiland Builders & Remodelers Tom Voigt, United Products Corp.

Rich Riemersma, BATC 2011 President and Pattie Martin, 2011 Spike of the Year






Katie Harms of Scherer Bros. Lumber, Don Shelby and Sara Anderson at the Foundation Luncheon

For more information about our projects, fundraisers, or to donate, please contact Executive Director Jan Berg, 651-697-7562,

CAUSE FOR CELEBRATION A cause dear to the Twin Cities community and BATC’s heart is the work of its charitable arm, the BATC Foundation, which completed a series of life-changing projects and welcomed home several deserving families in 2011. To honor the Builder Partners, Dream Homes, volunteers and donors who made significant contributions to the Foundation this past year, a special recognition luncheon was held at the MN Builders Show in February. Former

WCCO anchor Don Shelby served as guest speaker to honor the work of the Foundation and to support BATC’s green building practices. In 2011, the Foundation celebrated the homecoming of a blinded war veteran, welcoming him back to a newly remodeled and safety-renovated home. The BATC Foundation reconstructed and expanded a two-bedroom, one-bath rambler to welcome a deserving family of seven home to a space that would accommodate them,

and the Foundation increased the quality of air flow in the home of a single mother and her asthmatic daughter. A partnership with Habitat enabled the Foundation to build several homes in Shakopee. We sent a final build trip to earthquake-torn Haiti in partnership with World Wide Village. The Foundation is looking forward to partnering with Rebuilding Together Twin Cities to work on three homes beginning in April.

THANK YOU TO OUR 2011 DONORS, VOLUNTEERS AND PARTNERS CURETON PROJECT Builder Partner, James Barton Design Build, Inc. All, Inc. Alside Installed Sales Solutions Automated Building Componets – Kitchen Division Automated Building Componets – Millwork Division Berquist & Son, Inc. Boyer Masonry & Concrete, Inc. Cambria CityScape Contractors, Inc. Cree Donnely Tile and Stone, Inc. First Supply Franke Construction, LLC HDL Hirshfields, Inc. Insinkerator Installed Building Solutions Kohler Krech Exteriors Lamperts Lumber Lyman Lumber Company MCI Paint & Drywall, Inc. Nu Heat ProBuild 48


Quartz Surfaces RBC Tile and Stone, Inc. Sikkens South Metro Plumbing & Heating Southview Design Sportsman Electric Southern Lights Sedgwick Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Whirlpool Cleaning: Bob Bennett Jon Coty Katie Harms John Zirbes

GARAGE SALE Thank you to Midwest Home Magazine and the Midwest Home Show for hosting our sale. Volunteers: Sara Anderson Bob Bennett Scott Coyle Katie Harms Pat Hegseth Donna Hill Patrick Jacobson Trace Mills APRIL/JUNE 2012

Jerry Peterson Cary Shaich Dean Soderbeck John Zirbes Dunwoody Students: Brent Barber Anthony Dauk Robert Osum Jeff Hoehn Jesse Lovejoy Corrie Turner Robert Weckwerth Andrew Wegner Members Donating Garage Sale Items: Ace Midwest Moving Deerbrooke Homes by Mark Bennett Gonyea Homes, Inc K. Hovnanian Homes of Minnesota Key Land Homes Lappin Lighting - JH Larson Nor-Son, Inc. Ryland Homes Dean Soderbeck Design & Construction Star-Supply TJB Homes, Inc. Warners’ Stellian Company, Inc. Zawadski Homes

HABITAT HOME: 1632 PHILIPP WAY Thank you to project manager Mike McCalvy (Emeritus BATC Member, Remodeling Consultants, Inc.) Alside Josh Adams Jeff Bloch Brush Masters Loren Carlson Carpentry Contractors Corp. Jare Condon Jon Coty Ron DeCoux Matt Hanish Steve Henjum Installed Building Solutions Patrick Jacobson Peter Jacobson Kate Liberko Brad Meewes Minnesota Insealators, Inc. National Home Security, Inc. Ed Near Perkins Quantum Business Group Brent Remme Ruby Tuesdays Scherer Bros. Lumber David Siegel

Kathy Trimble Darren Wyman John Zirbes

VANG PROJECT Allied Electric B&D Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Biffs, Inc. Carl Hanson Drywall, Inc. Pro Coat LLC Scherer Bros. Lumber Showcase Renovations, Inc. Zahler Heating & Air Conditioning

BATC FOUNDATION BOARD Sara J. Anderson Gary Aulik Robert Bennett Marty Gergen Matt Hanish Katie Harms Pat Hegseth Donna Hill Patrick Jacobson James Madsen Mike McCalvy Trace Mills Jerry Peterson Stephen Roche Cary Shaich Dean Soderbeck Steve Williams John Zirbes

BATC FOUNDATION SUPPORTERS First Financial Merchant Services Timothy Hassett JJ Vanderson & Co. Lennar Rottlund Homes Sherwin Williams Marty Siegel Coldwell Banker Thompson Plumbing Corp. Peterson, Peterson & Assoc., PLC

PULTE GOLF TOURNAMENT Pulte Homes of Minnesota, LLC Contract Interiors, Inc. Fireside Hearth & Home Florstar Sales, Inc. Foley & Mansfield Harkraft, Inc. Installed Building Solutions J & W Asphalt Lyman Lumber & ABC Millwork Manor Concrete Construction, Inc. Muska Lighting, Inc. Princess Marble & Granite Shaw Industries

SILENT AUCTION BATC Blue Plate Restaurants Clear Channel Fireside Hearth & Home Fox News Channel 9 Grand Casino Katie Harms KS95 KSTP Channel 5 Lodge Hotels & Resorts Murrays Oaks of Olivet, Michelle Olson WCCO TV

DREAM HOMES Charles Cudd DeNovo, LLC DiGiacomo Homes, Inc. Highmark Builders, Inc. House Lift Ispiri, LLC John Kraemer & Sons M/A/Peterson Designbuild, Inc. Smuckler Custom Builders Stonewood LLC Summit DesignBuild



photo gallery

Young Professionals Social Night BATC’s Young Professionals know how to enjoy getting together. Here they gathered at BATC for networking and camaraderie (not to mention fun) on January 24th. Sponsored by:

Young Professionals Social Night: (from left to right, top to bottom) Julie Warner, Warners’ Stellian Co., Inc., Tom Aulik, Aulik & Associates, Inc. and Jessica Ludenia, Water Doctors. Marc Cabrera, Pella Windows & Doors and Nicole Coon, BATC Staff playing cards. Doug Town and Edwin Figueroa, Mingle Cabinetry Furnishings Design (YP’s sponsor). Julie Warner, Warners’ Stellian Co., Inc., Tom Aulik, Aulik & Associates, Inc. and Tara Niebeling, Midwest Home. Ryan Ohr, IKO. Tara Niebeling, Midwest Home. Justin Spoelstra, Preferred Interactive LLC/Your Personal Designer chatting it up with fellow young professionals. Gabe Christenson, a non-member checking out what BATC YP’s are all about with Jay Bartolain, Lampert Lumber. ‘Peace, Love, Tile’ from RBC Tile, Tarry Logsdon, Amy Thompson and Kelli Gmach. Tarry Logsdon thanks Mingle Cabinetry Furnishings Design, YP’s exclusive sponsor. 50




• • • •


Waterproofing 8"5$)%0(t56''/%3* 8"3./%3* 'PVOEBUJPO$PBUJOHTt%SBJO5JMF 'PVOEBUJPO*OTVMBUJPO

The Insulation and Waterproofing Professionals

651.463.9333 ~ Proudly Serving the Entire Metro Area and Outreaching Communities ~

Spray Foam


Interior Solutions


New and Existing Construction Residential and Commercial -JD#$





photo gallery

BATC University

Sponsored by:

Contractor (and Real Estate) CE credits are more fun at BATC! This winter, 420 members and non-members earned their credits at 12 classes held between January and the end of March 2012.

BATC Booth at the Minneapolis Home & Garden Show Once again BATC handed out nearly 5,000 Parade of HomesSM and Remodelers Showcase® Guidebooks at the spring Home & Garden Show. Thanks to the many BATC members who helped staff our booth, and thanks to the BATC Foundation for letting us show off in the Chalet!





Structural Precast Concrete For 2-Level Garages

Sport Court Under Garage

What Would What Wou uld You You Put Put Under YOUR U d Y OU UR Garage? G ? Phone: 651-786-7722 Email: P





photo gallery

International Builders Show (IBS) Fun was the order of the evening for the 75 Minnesotans who joined BATC’s Hospitality Mixer on February 9th at Copper Canyon Grill in Orlando during the 2012 International Builders Show. Hope to see you next year. Sponsored by:

International Builders Show (IBS): (from left to right, top to bottom) Rich Robinson, Member Rebate Program, Gary Grassle, Contractor Software Group, KC Chermak, Pillar Homes Partner and Curt Swanson, Swanson Homes. Keith Kylmala, Kylmala Truss with Kathe Ostrom, C.N. Ostrom & Son. Craig Plekkenpol, Plekkenpol Builders and Doug Nelson, New Spaces. J. Sven Gustafson, Stonewood LLC with Kori and Brad Meewes, and more by Kori; Len Pratt, Pratt Homes with Mike McCalvy, BATC Emeritus Member, and Michael Noonan, Noonan Land Development.

SMC Mocha Meeting: (from left to right, top to bottom) Gathering for conversation. Kerry Mulcrone, Mulcrone & Associates; Melissa Johnson, Fieldstone Family Homes and chair Jenny Johnson, IDC-Automatic. Justin Spoelstra, Preferred Interactive LLC/Your Personal Designer keeping everything lively.

SMC Mocha Meeting Members of our Sales & Marketing Council hosted their first Mocha Meeting, gathering at a local coffee shop to talk shop about sales and marketing. More are planned later this year. Council Events Sponsored by:









NAHB members can get a $5001 private offer toward the purchase or lease of most new GM vehicles. Learn more at


Offer valid toward the purchase or lease of ne ew 2010, 2011 and 2012 Buick, Chevrolet, and GMC models excluding Chevrolet Camaro Convertible and Chevrolet Volt. Not available with some other offers. Not valid on prior purchases. Program m subject to change without notice. See dealer for details. Take delivery by 1/3/12. ©2011 General Motors LLC

We specialize in:


• Rough Cut Mowing • Silt Fence Installation • Hydro Seeding • Seed and Mulch • Tree and Safety Fence • Inlet Protection • Erosion Blanket

It is a 10” geotextile fabric sewn together and filled with recycled wood product. It’s reusable and can be easily moved to another location. The Minnesota Mulch Log is a very effective perimeter control device and is more aesthetically pleasing providing a great alternative to silt fence. • Reusable • Low Maintenance • Ditch Checks • Cost Effective

Professional & Complete 763-262-SILT (7458) NEWS EVERYDAY ON THE BLOG: WWW.BATC.ORG/BLOG

• Inlet Protection • Perimeter Control • Easy to Install • Self Anchoring

Call Roger for a Quote! APRIL/JUNE 2012





STAYING CONNECTED Welcome to Member News. This is the place to learn about what's happening in the lives of BATC members. We feature awards, births, marriages, condolences, promotions, new hires, and all sorts of other milestones. So remember to send us all your important news!

Awards/Honors College City Design-Build Takes Home COTY Award College City Design-Build, Inc. is proud to have earned the 2011 COTY award for outstanding achievement in the category of Entire House Under $250,000.The award-winning condo-conversion project in Edina's Centennial Lakes neighborhood was designed by Bonnie Trowbridge, CCDB Lead Designer, who worked closely with the homeowners to create the home they were dreaming of. Jerry Novak, Job Supervisor, led the construction crew through each phase.

Bill Gray Named President of Uponor North America

Nicolelli Architects Win Best of 50+ Housing Award

Uponor is excited to share the election of Bill Gray to the position of president at Uponor North America, effective February 15, 2012. Gray is also a member of the Uponor Group executive committee and has served as the vice president for UNA Sales since June 2011, where he was responsible for the leadership of all Uponor North American sales efforts in the U.S. and Canada. Previously, he was general manager for Uponor Ltd. in Canada for three years where he oversaw all Canadian operations, including sales, marketing, demand management and technical and customer service.

Gene Nicolelli, Jr., Principal of Nicolelli Architects won the 2012 gold GENE NICOLELLI achievement award for “Best Detached Home on the Boards” at the The Best in 50+ Housing Awards Ceremony held on February 9, 2012 at the International Builders Show in Orlando, Florida.

TC Business Magazine Honors Cary Shaich, for the second year in a row Congratulations to Cary Shaich for being named a 2012 Five Star Business Insurance and Benefits Professional by Twin Cities Business Magazine for a second year in a row! This award recognizes exceptional service and overall satisfaction as indicated by clients, peers and industry experts. Winners of this award are part of a select group of fewer than seven percent of business insurance and benefits professionals in theTwin Cities area.

Orfield Design & Construction ‘ACE’ it The 2012 Achievement in Consumer Excellence (ACE) award was presented to Orfield Design & Construction, Inc. this January. The company was given this honor for providing an elite level of service to its customers, who were given the opportunity to rate remodeling service providers in the categories of quality, responsiveness, meeting deadlines, professionalsim, and communication.




The NAHB’s 50+ Housing Awards are viewed by the industry and the media as a showcase for innovation, emerging trends and quality housing for the mature demographic. See the winning entry and other plans in the series.

for the Minnesota residential construction industry. Help us congratulate the following Twin Cities recipients of the 2012 State Industry Awards: Twin Cities • Advocacy Award - Rick Kot, R.A. Kot Homes • Advocacy Award – George Cundy, Cundy Santine & Associates Architects • Hall of Fame – Larry Cramer, L. Cramer Designers & Builders • Hall of Fame – Kathe Ostrom, C.N. Ostrom & Son • Remodeler of the Year – Kathe Ostrom, C.N. Ostrom & Son Statewide • Hall of Fame - Marvin Windows and Doors, the first company to be inducted into the MN Building Industry Hall of Fame

Southern Lights is in the Spotlight

State Industry Award Winners The annual BAM awards recognize the outstanding accomplishments and citizenship of companies and individuals within the industry, association and community. BAM’s mission is to help members excel in the residential construction industry, as well as to recognize and uplift members of excellence and provide a model

We were all aglow when we heard that Southern Lights received the 23rd annual ARTS award for Lighting Showroom of the Year. The ARTS award is one of the most prestigious awards in the decorative lighting industry and recognizes excellence from retailers, manufacturers, sales representatives and designers.


MILESTONES AND COOL STUFF A-Round of A-Paws Mary Jo Lageson (and dog Casey) from James Barton Design Build coordinated with Woof Dah doggy daycare in Burnsville to raise money for the Golden Valley Humane Society. Mary Jo set up gift tags with items needed on a tree in the Woof Dah lobby asking customers to donate. JBDB is a drop off site for food donations for Pets of the Homeless and also takes donations for the Animal Humane Society. Visit and click on “company” and again on “community” to see more.

ON THE MOVE Got News? Send it on over!


Over 60 Students Visit Uponor

More than 60 pre-engineering students from Henry Sibley High School in Mendota Heights visited the Uponor North American headquarters in Apple Valley to learn about new innovations in radiant heating and cooling. The students were excited to explore plumbing and fire sprinkler systems, using crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) tubing. The visit also helped to encourage science and technology education in Minnesota schools.

products and systems,” says Bill Gray, vice president, Uponor Sales.

Rubble Has Moved!

BIG news at Rubble Tile. Rubble has moved to a fabulous new location in St. Louis Park. The new Rubble Tile is Fun. Fashion Forward. Friendly. Fast. Funky. First. Fresh. It’s the place to find unique products that will turn something ordinary into a work of art. Be sure to stop by their showroom and office at 7003 W Lake Street, St. Louis Park, MN 55426.

Uponor Expands Representation Abroad Uponor has expanded its reach into Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean with Victory Management Solutions, Inc. (VMS). VMS will represent Uponor radiant heating and cooling, plumbing and fire sprinkler systems for commercial and residential applications. “With this new partnership, we’re well positioned to educate a new market that has very little exposure to PEX

NEW PEOPLE & PROMOTIONS Long Joins Larkin Hoffman’s Government Relations Practice Larkin Hoffman’s Government Relations practice welcomes attorney Robert C. Long, who brings with him many years of experience. He was Vice President of Corporate Services and Development at NAI Welsh. He has been a three-term member of the St. Paul City Council, a partner in the Kennedy & Graven law firm, and was a Special Assistant Attorney General in the Office of the Minnesota Attorney General. As a law clerk in the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office he worked in both the civil and criminal divisions and has been a staff aide to former St. Paul Mayor George Latimer, and a Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Finish Carpentry Millwork Cabinetry

Update Your Profile We’ve built a new online home for you with enhanced features, improved usability, and {woot-woot} you control your own profile. It’s easy - Log on today!


Exterior Doors Windows

Prefinish Hardware Design Studio

Product/Service Description: Convenient one Call 100% delivery & install simplifies the process & keeps you on schedule. Our experienced & professional team, along with state of the art millwork & prefinish equipment, allow for a quality experience from start to finish. Visit our web sites for additional photos, equipment capabilities & more information. 13925 Fenway Blvd. N. Hugo, MN 55038 office 651-407-1618




Minnesota Justice Foundation. He has a B.A. in Political Science from Macalester College, summa cum laude, 1981, and his J.D. from the University of Minnesota, cum laude, 1985.

ing Westwood’s national wind and solar solutions. Now, he is focusing on developing and implementing Westwood’s improved quality management system.

The Quantum Business Group Welcomes New Reps

Ispiri Welcomes Bjorn Freudenthal to the Design Team Full service design, build and remodeling company, Ispiri, is proud to announce the addition of Bjorn Freudenthal to their Woodbury design team as the Director of Sales and Marketing. Freudenthal comes to Ispiri with fresh ideas and global perspectives due to his Finnish and U.S. citizenship. Freudenthal’s formal education includes the Helsinki Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration, though he has been involved in the U.S. Residential Remodeling Industry since 1999 and has won several local, regional and national design awards for his remodeling work in Twin Cities. Freudenthal holds a CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialist) certification from the NAHB. Coupled with the overall sophistication, experience and integrity of Ispiri, Freudenthal makes a unique addition to their design team. visit

Top Notch Quality Management Westwood Professional Services, Inc. will initiate an enhanced quality management initiative in 2012 to support the company’s vision for scalability and growth. The initiative will be led by long-time employee, shareholder and project manager, Chris Moehrl, PE, PS. Moehrl began working with Westwood in 1994 as a civil engineer, land surveyor, and project CHRIS MOEHRL manager in the residential and commercial groups. He joined Westwood’s renewable energy team in 2006 and has played a vital role in develop-



of our very own Maxine Miller, Director of Administrative Services at BATC. Bobby was born 1.9.12 at 5:32 PM and weighed in at an even 10 lbs, 20" long. This is Maxine’s sixth grandchild and her daughter’s fourth child. Congratulations!


Kerri Lundrigan and Ward Westphal have joined Richard Quandt as manufacturers' reps for the Quantum Business Group. QBG markets high performance insulations, water proofing systems, and anti-graffiti/anti-corrosion products to the residential and commercial marketplace.

Our deepest condolences to Deb Earl (BATC) and her family on the passing of her father, Jim Schlueter, in February. Jim was 85 years young and enjoyed a 38year career with GE in their appliance division. He is survived by his wife of 58 years, 4 children and 10 grandchildren. He will be greatly missed.

Matt Kresel Joins the Northstar, Inc. Associate Sales Team

Honoring the Life of Jim Chalmers

Northstar Associates, Inc. welcomes Matt Kresel, their newest addition. Kresel joins the team as Northstar’s new sales representative, bringing with him 21 years of experience in both the lumber yard and distribution channels.

CONGRATULATIONS Welcome Baby Evie We’re so happy to announce the birth of Becky Harasyn’s BABY EVIE granddaughter, Evie (pronounced EVEie) Jayne. Evie was born Tuesday morning 12-13-11, 3:23 AM, 20 1/2" long. Nona Becky, who works at Xcel Energy, had the pleasure of being there when she was born! Big brother Jackson (aka Bear) is loving his baby sister. Congratulations!

Our hearts go out to Cynthia Thomes (KitchenCraft) for the loss of her father, who passed away January 30, 2012 at age 82. Jim will always be remembered for his kindness, loyalty and wonderful sense of humor. 1947 graduate of Washburn High School where he participated in baseball, basketball, hockey, wrestling and golden gloves. His sports passion continued into his adult life where he coached many softball and hockey teams. In addition to cheering for all of his favorite MN sports teams, Jim enjoyed spending time outdoors gardening, golfing and animals. Jim was a member of the Chatmoss Country Club, Piedmont Arts Association, First Presbyterian Church and the SPCA in Martinsville, VA. Jim also served on the Board of Directors of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturerss Association, former president of Medallion Kitchens, Waconia, MN, and owner/founder of Air Seal Window Company and served in the Army as a draftsman.



A BATC Baby is Born We are thrilled to celebrate the birth of Robert Allen BABY ROBERT Hagen (aka Bobby), the newest grandson



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