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Q3 Dear Members, The Housing Movement is growing! Our commitment to strengthen the economic and political reach of our industry over the past several years is succeeding in big and small ways. In the third quarter of 2017 we found ourselves engaging with elected officials, arguing in court for fairness in transportation fees, spreading the housing affordability message across social media platforms and in the press, and recognizing elected officials who paved the way for housing’s most successful legislative session in decades. It was also a time for our rebranded advocacy program to press forward as Housing First Minnesota. We are pleased with the rollout of Housing First Minnesota, a brand that reflects we are the first resource on housing issues, and it ties to our strategic goal to elevate housing as a top issue that policy makers and influencers consider. In the courts, in city halls and at the Capitol, we are now Housing First Minnesota, your advocacy team. As we look forward to a strong finish to 2017, we embrace our next challenge: growing the housing movement. Learn more on how you can help us grow the housing movement on page 3. Onward,

David Siegel Executive Director

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Q3 • 2017

James Vagle Director of Advocacy

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HOUSING MOVEMENT SIGN UP FOR THE HOUSING FIRST ADVOCATE NETWORK Are you willing to contact your elected officials on behalf of the housing industry? Join Housing First Advocate Network. When our industry is faced with challenges, it’s important elected officials hear directly from their constituents in the industry. The Housing First Advocate Network is a grassroots network utilized to advocate for the industry at all levels of government.

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Q3 • 2017

Stay Up To Date On The Latest Industry & News Information With suppliers, regulators, elected officials and all 10,000 licensed Minnesota contractors receiving our newspaper, we’re excited to share the latest and most significant information that can help our housing community grow. With growth and timely information, Housing First Minnesota will be better able to influence our government and regulators at all levels as they make decisions affecting homeownership and affordability.

Presented by Housing First Minnesota, this digital news platform and quarterly publication provides accurate and useful updates about the housing industry. Housing Industry News is a powerful publication for influencing and unifying the industry’s collective voice.

@HousingFirstMN | Housing First Minnesota


Q3 • 2017

Housing First Minnesota board member, Charlie Bradburn, shows Congressman Paulsen (CD3-R) the ABC Millwork production facility in Chanhassen, Minn.


LEGISLATIVE ADVOCACY Housing First Minnesota seeks to share the impact of current and proposed legislation with elected officials at the federal, state and local levels. We work to influence the process to ensure that our builders and remodelers can continue to build safe, durable homes at a price families can afford. Through testimony, one-on-one conversations, providing background materials, data and position statements, Housing First Minnesota strives to have elected officials support legislation that promotes housing and homeownership.

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Q3 • 2017


Housing Laws Now in Effect Several of Housing First Minnesota’s legislative initiatives are now law in Minnesota.

First-Time Homebuyer Savings Account Effective Date: For taxable years beginning after Dec. 31 of 2016 The First-Time Homebuyer Savings Account was a leading proposal of the homeownership initiative. Importantly, this program is NOT a government handout. Instead, it encourages Minnesotans to save more of their own money by providing tax deductions and incentives to help achieve the dream of owning a home. The Law States: •

Individuals can deposit money annually into an FDICinsured savings account.

The account can be opened at any Minnesota bank or credit union.

Contributions to the account receive a state tax deduction on interest earned. Individuals can deposit up to $14,000 annually, while married joint filers can deposit up to $28,000 per year.

Parents or grandparents could set up an account AND receive a deduction from their own state taxes. The plan applies to first-time homebuyers and those reentering the housing market, if they have not owned a home within the past three years.


Rep. Greg Davids (R-Preston)

 win Home Sprinkler T Fix, Continuation of BATC v DLI

Remove Barriers to Developing Condos/Townhomes

Effective Date: June 5, 2017

Effective Date: Aug. 1, 2017

For the past four years, BATC has been fighting against mandated sprinklers in any single-family or twin home construction. Following the landmark victory in BATC v. DLI where the sprinkler mandate was struck down in one and two-family homes, the industry faced a new challenge—the court decision and code definition weren’t aligned. The 2017 legislature addressed this technical issue with both the Senate and the House of Representatives voting unanimously for HF 792. This bill had broad support including Housing First Minnesota and the Builders Association of Minnesota. The law directs the Department of Labor and Industry to modify Minnesota’s Building Code to match the national building code. The legislation follows the Minnesota Court of Appeals’ directive in BATC v. DLI, where the sprinkler mandate in one and twofamily homes was struck down. Housing First Minnesota will continue to seek a permanent statutory solution to the sprinkler policy issue. Absent establishing an affirmative position in statute, the sprinkler debate will begin again in the next code cycle, which starts in late 2017.


Sen. Karin Housley (R-St. Mary’s Point)

PA G E 6 | A D V O C A C Y U P D AT E

Rep. Tama Theis (R-St. Cloud)

Q3 • 2017

HF1538 (Chapter 87), amends the Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act to provide for construction defect claims. A Housing First Minnesota task force has complied a CommonInterest Community work plan, which is available to all Housing First Minnesota subscribers. The Law Requires: •

That a homeowners association mail each member of the association the nature of construction defect claim, the relief sought and the HOA proposal to fund the litigation.

The homeowners association to receive majority approval from its members to proceed with a construction defect claim.

Prior to any construction defect claim, both parties must agree to mediation.

The association’s board of directors shall prepare and approve a written preventative maintenance plan, maintenance schedule and maintenance budget for the common elements. The association shall follow the approved preventative maintenance plan.

Expands the definition of a construction defect claim.


Sen. Rich Draheim (R-Madison Lake)

Rep. Dennis Smith (R-Maple Grove)

Public Notice for Housing Moratorium Effective Date: Aug. 1, 2017 On Monday, May 15, Gov. Dayton vetoed HF 330, a bill that would have required public notice prior to the implementation of a housing moratorium. In his veto letter, Gov. Dayton stated: “Should a subsequent bill provide for a majority vote instead of two-thirds, I would reconsider this legislation.” Housing First Minnesota continued to work with legislative leaders and Gov. Dayton to find common ground on this issue in the closing days of the legislative session. And with that, the provision was included as part of the Jobs and Economic Growth Omnibus Bill, SF 1456, that Gov. Dayton signed into law. The Law Requires: •

A 10-day notice and a public hearing before enacting a moratorium that would regulate, restrict or prohibit activities relating to housing.


Sen. Kari Dziedzic (DFL-Minneapolis)

Rep. Jim Nash (R-Waconia)

Sen. Dan Hall (R-Burnsville)


Congressional Round-Up: Industry Leaders Discuss Labor, Regulatory Pressures Housing First Minnesota hosted two members of Minnesota’s Congressional delegation over the summer. Rep. Erik Paulsen (CD-3) and Rep. Jason Lewis (CD-2) met with Housing First Minnesota to discuss the labor challenges and regulatory pressures facing the housing industry. Congressmen Paulsen and Lewis serve the highest growth areas of the state where their constituents are impacted by the reduced inventory and increased costs associated with these challenges. These conversations provide opportunities for deeper policy discussions, with the hope that over time this industry engagement with our congressional delegation will lead to a more balanced regulatory structure and an enhanced labor market.

Housing First Minnesota board member Charlie Bradburn shows Congressman Paulsen (CD3-R) the ABC Millwork production facility in Chanhassen, Minn.

“Conversations with elected officials are key to elevating the issues that face the housing industry.” David Siegel, Housing First Minnesota Executive Director

Congressman Jason Lewis (CD-2) speaks with members at a model home in Lakeville, Minn.

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Q3 • 2017

2 PA G E 8 | A D V O C A C Y U P D AT E

LEGAL ADVOCACY When an unfavorable or abusive law or rule must be challenged in court, Housing First Minnesota steps up via our Legal Defense Fund. Legal advocacy is the last line of defense for the industry.

Q3 • 2017


Harstad v. Woodbury Landmark Victory For Homeowners and Housing Industry The Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled in favor of developer Marty Harstad in his case against the City of Woodbury’s traffic impact fees. This case, which is a victory to homeowners and Minnesota’s housing industry, highlights a growing home affordability issue: city fees forced on developers that add thousands of dollars to the price of a home. While many see parallels to Country Joe v. City of Eagan, the Court of Appeals’ decision in Harstad has an even greater impact to our industry. In the Court’s decision, Judge Diane Bratvold said Woodbury “lacks express or implied authority” to impose impact fees for projects outside of the development agreement.

“A statutory city lacks express or implied authority under Minn. Stat. § 462.358, subd. 2a (2016), to impose a road assessment as a condition for its approval of a developer’s subdivision application.” Minnesota Court of Appeals, Harstad v. Woodbury

Harstad v. Woodbury front page coverage in both Twin Cities daily newspapers

Legal Defense Fund Update Housing First Minnesota is in the final stages of forming the Legal Defense Fund as a stand-alone entity. In July, the Legal Defense Fund committee examined several different ways for the Fund to operate. The BATC Board of Directors agreed with the Fund’s assessment that a stand-alone entity provided the best path for the Fund and authorized its formation at the September Board meeting.

Housing First Minnesota Legal Defense Fund Roster Jason McCarty (Chair)

Westwood Professional Services

John Anue Lennar

With this ruling, the Court of Appeals makes it clear to cities that they are no longer able to use impact fee consent as a condition to approve of development agreements. Housing First Minnesota has taken an active role in the case issuing a friend-of-the-court brief in support of Harstad along with Rochester-area developer Frank Kottschade and the National Association of Home Builders. The City of Woodbury has until late October to appeal the case to the Minnesota Supreme Court. Should the case be appealed and heard by the Supreme Court, Housing First Minnesota will continue to play an active role in this landmark home affordability case.

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Q3 • 2017

Pam Belz

Presbyterian Homes

Ed Englebrecht Pella Windows

Frank Kottschade North American Realty

Nick Erickson

Housing First Minnesota Staff

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REGULATORY ADVOCACY Housing First Minnesota strives to illustrate the cumulative effect of multiple regulatory impacts on home building and remodeling. This involves working with government agencies to ensure that regulations applied to our industry are common sense, necessary and based on sound science.

Q3 • 2017


Leading the Industry on Minnesota’s RRP/Lead Paint Rules Housing First Minnesota has been out front advocating for affordability as Minnesota seeks to take local custody of the RRP (Lead Paint) Rule from the EPA. In July, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) issued the first draft of its proposed RRP Rules. The proposal included several deviations from the EPA Rule that would have doubled remodeling costs of pre-1978 homes in Minnesota.

Housing First Minnesota and RRP: 1.) Cost Analysis

Housing First Minnesota prepared a cost analysis, highlighting significant cost increases to Minnesota homeowners under the initial proposed RRP Rules.

MN REALTORS, NARI-MN and Housing First Minnesota discuss Minnesota’s RRP rules.

2.) Industry Group Meetings

Housing First Minnesota organized and hosted meetings with industry groups including, MN REALTORS, National Association of the Remodeling Industry – MN Chapter, Contractors Association of Minnesota, Minnesota Multi-Family Housing Association and Central Minnesota Builders Association.

3.) Alternative Proposals Housing First Minnesota Presented two alternative proposals to MDH, asking for closer adherence to EPA Rule.

4.) Revisions

Opposition over cost concerns raised by Housing First Minnesota led to MDH revising its proposed RRP Rules (to be released soon). Housing First Minnesota will issue a revised cost analysis and work with MDH to keep remodeling affordable.

Opposing Stormwater Fee Increases The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is considering increasing permit fees for all its water quality programs, including construction stormwater permits. Housing First Minnesota was the sole voice for the industry speaking out against construction stormwater fee increases as any increase negatively effects home affordability. In its letter, Housing First Minnesota asked the MPCA to improve efficiencies before raising fees and asked the MPCA for clarity on how the agency plans to use any increased fee revenue. In addition to stormwater permit fee increase, the MPCA is in the final stages of preparing the initial draft of the 2018 Construction Stormwater Permit.

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Q3 • 2017


Sample CIC Maintenance Plan for Townhomes Now Available When the Housing First Minnesota-led effort to reform and encourage more multi-family development became law in August, it added a new requirement for homeowners associations and developers. Under the new law, the homeowners association board of directors shall prepare, approve and follow a written preventative maintenance plan, maintenance schedule and maintenance budget for the common elements of the property.

Housing First Minnesota has prepared a sample CIC maintenance plan for townhomes, available for free to all BATC members and Housing First Minnesota subscribers. Download at:

Legal and Regulatory Briefs BATC members and Housing First Minnesota subscribers can access important regulatory and legal information on’s new Regulatory & Legal Briefs members-only page:

Regulatory Briefs

Legal Briefs

Stormwater Permit

Radon Resistant Construction

Harstad v Woodbury Amicus Brief

Sprinkler Guide

Minnesota Energy Code

Harstad v Woodbury Ruling

Silica Rule Fact Sheet

EPA Lead Paint RRP Rule

Country Joe v Eagan Ruling

Silica Rule Table 1

Contractor Registration

BATC v DLI Ruling

Silica Rule Small Entity Guide

Asbestos Abatement

Download at:

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Q3 • 2017

4 PA G E 1 3 | A D V O C A C Y U P D AT E

ELECTORAL ADVOCACY Electoral Advocacy is critical to the success of our comprehensive advocacy program. It is essential to participate in the electoral process to get individuals who are friendly to our cause elected to public office. Housing First Minnesota uses its Housing First Fund and Housing First PAC to engage in the electoral process at the state and local levels.

Q3 • 2017


Gubernatorial Candidates Discuss Housing Issues 1


Gubernatorial Candidates Who Have Met With Housing First Minnesota 1. Representative Paul Thissen (DFL, Minneapolis) 3 5

2. State Auditor Rebecca Otto (DFL, May)


3. Senator Dave Osmek (R, Mound) 4. Ramsey County Commissioner Blake Huffman (R, Hamline-Midway)


5. Representative Matt Dean (R, Dellwood) 6. Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson (R, Plymouth)

The housing industry makes up approximately 15 percent of Minnesota’s GDP, second only to the healthcare industry. From providing good-paying jobs for construction workers to building the American dream, the housing industry is an integral part of Minnesota’s economy. That’s why Housing First Minnesota is inviting candidates for governor to discuss the regulatory pressures and workforce challenges facing the industry. Over the past two months, numerous candidates have met with the task group of industry leaders to engage in a conversation about the future of the state of Minnesota.

@HousingFirstMN | Housing First Minnesota


Housing Industry Advocate Advances in Bloomington City Council Race Shawn Nelson, Housing Industry Advocate and former BATC President, placed second in the Aug. 8 primary for Bloomington City Council-District 2. With his second place finish out of four candidates, Nelson advances to the Nov. 7 general election. He will face Eldon Spencer in the two-person race. Nelson owns and operates his remodeling business, New Spaces, in Bloomington. He is also a longtime Bloomington resident, husband to Ann, and father of two daughters. “Housing policy has to be a a priority for Bloomington. We need a mix of housing options for our community. We need to plan for our boomers transitioning to smaller houses, continue to attract families, and make it possible to provide workforce housing.” — Shawn Nelson, Candidate for Bloomington City Council

PA G E 1 4 | A D V O C A C Y U P D AT E

Q3 • 2017


ISSUE ADVOCACY & OUTREACH The advent of social media, technology and the internet have substantially elevated the opportunities for issue advocacy. Issue advocacy refers to social media, digital and traditional advertising on broad political issues. The goal is to engage and persuade the public positively in support of our advocacy agenda. Additional outreach and events with elected officials and the public help to share the good work of the housing industry.

PA G E 1 5 | A D V O C A C Y U P D AT E

Q3 • 2017



Housing First Minnesota Honors 29 Minnesota Legislators with Housing Leadership Award Housing First Minnesota, the state’s leading voice for homebuilders and remodelers, has recognized 29 Minnesota Legislators as recipients of the 2017 Housing Leadership Awards. The nomination recognizes legislators for their efforts throughout the 2017 legislative session to promote homeownership at a price families can afford. In addition to the Housing Leadership Awards, Housing First Minnesota annually awards a Legislator of the Year to a member or members of the Minnesota Legislature who have championed the advancement of promoting building safe, durable houses at a price families can afford. The recipients of this award work closely with Housing First Minnesota to introduce or support legislation that advances housing and homeownership. The 2017 Legislator(s) of the Year will be announced at the Building Industry Gala (BIG Night) on Oct. 26.


Representative Kurt Daudt

Representative Greg Davids

Representative Pat Garofalo

Representative Jon Koznick

Representative Eric Lucero

Representative Paul Marquart

Representative Jim Nash

Representative Anne Neu

Representative Gene Pelowski, Jr.

Representative Joyce Peppin

Representative Roz Peterson

Representative Dennis Smith

Representative Tama Theis

Representative Bob Vogel

Senator Paul Anderson

Senator Tom Bakk

Senator Rich Draheim

Senator Kari Dziedzic

Senator Melisa Franzen

Senator Paul Gazelka

Senator Dan Hall

Senator Karin Housley

Senator Mary Kiffmeyer

Senator Warren Limmer

Senator Matt Little

Senator Eric Pratt

Senator Jerry Relph

Senator David Senjem

Senator Torrey Westrom

Housing Leadership Award Recipients Recipients of the Housing Leadership Award received a certificate and letter of appreciation.

Minnesota Senate

Minnesota House of Representatives

Senator Paul Anderson (Plymouth)

Representative Kurt Daudt (Crown)

Senator Tom Bakk (Cook)

Representative Greg Davids (Preston)

Senator Rich Draheim (Owatonna)

Representative Pat Garofalo (Farmington)

Senator Kari Dziedzic (Minneapolis)

Representative Jon Koznick (Lakeville)

Senator Melisa Franzen (Edina)

Representative Eric Lucero (Dayton)

Senator Paul Gazelka (Brainerd)

Representative Paul Marquart (Dilworth)

Senator Dan Hall (Burnsville)

Representative Jim Nash (Waconia)

Senator Karin Housley (Stillwater)

Representative Anne Neu (North Branch)

Senator Mary Kiffmeyer (Big Lake)

Representative Gene Pelowski, Jr. (Winona)

Senator Warren Limmer (Maple Grove) Representative Joyce Peppin (Rogers) Senator Matt Little (Lakeville)

Representative Roz Peterson (Burnsville)

Senator Eric Pratt (Prior Lake)

Representative Dennis Smith (Maple Grove)

Senator Jerry Relph (St. Cloud)

Representative Tama Theis (St. Cloud)

Senator David Senjem (Rochester)

Representative Bob Vogel (Elko New Market)

Senator Torrey Westrom (Elbow Lake)

PA G E 1 6 | A D V O C A C Y U P D AT E

Q3 • 2017


A Very Special Dream Home for Homeless Veteran Families Working in collaboration with the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (MACV), Lennar and its trade partners built a five-bedroom residence to house veteran families as they transition from homelessness. Owned and operated by MACV, the home is a special place for families as they receive the support and tools they need to get back on their feet. The home, the latest project from the BATC Foundation, was completed in nine weeks and is the first home MACV will operate that provides housing for homeless veterans with their families. Representatives from Lennar Minnesota, the BATC Foundation and MACV, along with Sen. Foung Hawj, Rep. Sheldon Johnson, Connie Haddeland representing Rep. Betty McCollum and Kurt Johnson representing Sen. Amy Klobuchar, shared their appreciation for the dedication and work put into the home at a key ceremony on Saturday, Sept. 9.

At the key ceremony, guests were invited to tour the 3,791-square-foot home featuring five bedrooms, four bathrooms and a detached two-car garage. The MACV home is intricately designed to accommodate wheelchair access with laundry, island kitchen, great room with its full height stone fireplace, owner’s suite and private bathroom all on the main level. It also features Lennar’s exclusive Wi-Fi certified program. The MACV home is meant to be a sign of appreciation, from all the participants involved, to the veterans and their families who have fearlessly served this country. “This home displayed and revealed the most important things that I’m proud of, and that’s really the spirit of America and the spirit of Americans,” Bill Burgess, division president of Lennar Minnesota, said at the key ceremony. The hope is that this home will function as a safe haven for veterans and their families during their period of transition.

“It may seem like a tiny drop of golden rain in the bucket to some people, but it means a lot to the people on the east side of St. Paul.” State Senator Foung Hawj, (DFL, St. Paul)

“As you walk through, reflect on the skill, pride and passion all the tradesmen put into this home.” Bill Burgess, Division President of Lennar Minnesota

PA G E 1 7 | A D V O C A C Y U P D AT E

Q3 • 2017


Housing Industry Gathers at Minnesota State Fair Members of Housing First Minnesota, the Minnesota REALTORS, the Saint Paul Area Association of REALTORS (SPAAR) and the Minneapolis Area Association of REALTORS (MAAR) gathered at the Minnesota State Fair to promote homeownership and housing affordability on Monday, Aug. 28 for Housing Day at the Fair. Hundreds of housing industry members spread the word of the importance of homeownership and called attention to the new First-Time Homebuyer Savings Account recently passed by the Minnesota legislature.

PA G E 1 8 | A D V O C A C Y U P D AT E

Q3 • 2017


Housing First Minnesota & MN REALTORS Talk State of Housing and Economy More than 100 housing industry members gathered for the Third Annual Eggs & Economics Mid-Year Summit on Wednesday, July 20. The event marked yet another opportunity that Housing First Minnesota and the Minnesota REALTORS have partnered on behalf of the industry. The half-day summit began with a 2017 legislative update from David Siegel, Housing First Minnesota executive director and Chris Galler, Minnesota REALTORS CEO. Each mentioned the powerful impact of the inaugural Housing Day at the Capitol where more than 600 housing advocate spoke with 85 percent of the Minnesota Legislature. Additionally, they highlighted the legislative victories including the creation of the FirstTime Homebuyer Savings Account, the new requirement for Public Notice for Housing Moratorium, the removal of barriers for condo and townhome development and the realignment of the townhome definition.

“From 2010-2015, an overwhelmingly majority of Minnesota’s growth, 88%, occurred in the seven-county metro.” Susan Brower, Minnesota State Demographer

The day continued as Minnesota State Demographer Susan Brower discussed the past, current and future growth of Minnesota. She discussed the labor force squeeze the housing industry is currently seeing and mentioned that labor force projections from the Minnesota Demographic Center foresee almost no growth in the future workforce of Minnesota. From there a panel of housing industry experts including Bob Michels, president of Housing First Minnesota and Patty Zuzek, president of the Minnesota REALTORS, discussed current inventory, energy efficiency, affordability and more. Finally, the day concluded with an economic insight from economist Ed Kashmarek. He discussed three key points:

Economic Growth is Historically Weak It’s a Seller’s Housing Market Interest Rates are Rising Despite the demand for housing, homebuilders are having a difficult time providing inventory due to lack of labor. And the inventory they are able to provide is rarely at the entry-level price point due to the increasing regulatory burdens.

PA G E 1 9 | A D V O C A C Y U P D AT E

Q3 • 2017

“Labor, labor, labor. This is the #1 challenge of our industry in the coming years. We are seeing a shortage of framers, roofers, carpenters and more.” Bob Michels, President of Housing First Minnesota

IN THE MEDIA seen & heard Broadcast News Coverage

Mark Foster, Housing First Minnesota, interviewed by CCX News

Newspaper Coverage

Online Coverage

PA G E 2 0 | A D V O C A C Y U P D AT E

Q3 • 2017

David Siegel, Housing First Minnesota, interviewed by Fox 9

Mike DeVoe, CalAtlantic Homes, interviewed by CCX News

IN THE MEDIA seen & heard Social Media

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Q3 • 2017



Coming Up Local Government Issues Working Group (LGIWG) Roundtable

Legislative Agenda

Governor Candidate Meetings

Nov. 1, 12:00 p.m. | BATC Board Room

Housing First Minnesota’s Public Policy Committee will be finalizing the 2018 Legislative Agenda for Minnesota’s housing industry. With workforce and regulatory issues holding back the industry, expect common sense solutions to be front and center in 2018.

Harstad v. Woodbury

Regulatory Affairs

The City of Woodbury has until late October to appeal the Harstad v. Woodbury decision from the Minnesota Court of Appeals. If appealed, the Minnesota Supreme Court will decide whether or not to hear the case. Housing First Minnesota will continue to play an active role in any appeal.

Q4 will be busy as DLI begins the process of updating Minnesota’s building and energy codes, the PCA issues the 2018 Construction Stormwater Permit and MDH moves forward on its RRP Rules. Housing First’s Regulatory Subcommittee will continue to play an active role, advocating increased affordability.

The LGIWG, part of Housing First Minnesota’s industryleading advocacy efforts, is meeting to discuss how local fees reduce home affordability and add delays to projects. The meeting is open to all BATC members and Housing First Minnesota subscribers.

During Q4, Housing First Minnesota will continue to host meetings with major gubernatorial candidates to discuss housing and workforce issues as well as how each candidate looks to address the home affordability crisis in Minnesota.

Save the Date

MAR 14

Housing Day at the Capitol 2018 Mark your calendars. Housing Day at the Capitol is set for Wednesday, March 14, 2018. Last year’s event was our largest Day at the Capitol yet. Watch your email for registration information.

Intercontinental Hotel, St. Paul

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Housing First Minnesota Advocacy Update - Q3 2017  

In the third quarter of 2017, Housing First Minnesota engaged with elected officials, argued in court for fairness in transportation fees, s...

Housing First Minnesota Advocacy Update - Q3 2017  

In the third quarter of 2017, Housing First Minnesota engaged with elected officials, argued in court for fairness in transportation fees, s...