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Anesthesiology Programs Summer 2019 Edition


Congratulations to the MS Class of 2019

Alumni Spotlight: Drew Freeman, DNP Class 2018

Master of Science in Anesthesiology Class of 2019 students celebrate grauation (p. 3)

Drew discusses his education, new leadership role, and how earning a DNP improved his practice (p. 5)

Barry University SRNAs win Beach Bowl 2019 Florida Association of Nurse Anesthetists Sand & Surf Symposium

Inside Congratulations to the MS Anesthesiology Class of 2019 (p. 3) Alumni Spotlight: Drew Freeman, DNP Class of 2018 (p. 5) Student Spotlight: Kelly Nickell, MS 2020, saves a life (p. 7) Earn your Post-Master's DNP (p. 9) News & Announcements (p. 10)

Trivia (p. 12)

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Trivia Corner Nurse anesthetists have been providing anesthesia care to patients in the United States for more than 150 years. The CRNA credential came into existence in which year? (Answer on page 12)

From the Director's Desk Rebecca Lee, DNP, CRNA Director, Anesthesiology Programs I hope this finds you well and enjoying the summer! We are delighted to connect with you again for this summer edition of The Anesthesia Circuit.

While summer is a time of rest and relaxation, the Anesthesiology Department remains busy as usual! This May, we celebrated the Master of Science in Anesthesiology Class of 2019 graduates as they embark on their CRNA careers. We are proud to see another outstanding group of students begin this next chapter. Barry University also embarks on a new chapter in July as we welcome a new president, Mike Allen, PhD. Dr. Allen will follow Sister Linda Bevilacqua, OP, Ph.D. as Barry University's seventh president. Dr. Allen has a proven track record of contributing to students' development, well-being and success. We look forward to the future under his leadership. We encourage you to share your stories with us and keep in touch! It is always a privilege to hear from our alumni. Sincerely, Dr. Rebecca Lee




Congratulations to the MS Anesthesiology Class of 2019! In May 2019, we celebrated the Master of Science in Anesthesiology Class of 2019 as they began their CRNA careers. A Black & White Dinner Reception was held at the Hyatt Regency Miami on Friday, May 10 with a Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, May 11 at the James L. Knight Center in Miami.







Alumni Spotlight: Drew Freeman, DNP, CRNA We caught up with Drew Freeman, DNP, CRNA who earned his DNP with Specialization in Anesthesiology in July 2018. We spoke about his practice, experiences as a CRNA, and how his practice has changed since earning his DNP at Barry University.

Where do you currently reside? Chicago, IL

Which CRNA program did you attend and in what year did you graduate? Kaiser Permanente School of Anesthesia California State University Fullerton - MSN - 2010 Barry University - DNP - 2018

How long have you been a practicing CRNA? Nine years.

Describe your professional practice.

I am currently the Regional Director of CRNA Services in Chicago for NorthStar Anesthesia.

Are you actively involved in the AANA or a state association of nurse anesthesia?

Active member only currently. Attend AANA and state level conferences for CME and on behalf of my anesthesia company to recruit future and experienced CRNAs.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite parts of my job is my ability to still maintain my clinical practice while developing my leadership skills and having an overall positive impact on improving the practice and work environment of my entire team.

What particular trait or habit makes you an excellent CRNA?

First, I would say my bedside manner, and ability to always (or almost always) carry a smile on my face and be a positive impact on the entire OR team. Second, as clichĂŠ as it sounds, my impeccable attention to detail and organizational skills.





What is your most memorable moment as a CRNA?

Hands down one of my most memorable moments will always be having provided anesthesia care on a mission trip to pediatric burn patients for six days in Lusaka, Zambia.

What do you enjoy doing during your time off from work?

I play competitive indoor and beach volleyball, spend time walking and playing fetch with my dogs in the park and go swimming in the lake or playing in the snow during winter. I love to travel with my husband, explore the different neighborhoods and new restaurants in Chicago, and I love spending time with my family and friends

How did your degree from Barry University assist with your professional career?

The program enhanced my ability to navigate the collection, evaluation, and translation of evidence into developing, implementing, and evaluating practice changes. Additionally, I am now more confident in my skills to positively affect practice change through both written proposals and policies. I gained a greater understanding of health care law, ethics, and business management, as well as the challenges that can exist while navigating these areas. I also further developed my leadership potential and managerial skill sets. Completing my DNP degree at Barry gave me the prowess to expand my anesthesia career both clinically and in a leadership capacity that have facilitated my success in my new professional role.

Drew Freeman with DNP faculty advisor Melissa Machan, DNP, CRNA Drew Freeman with DNP Program Administration Jennifer Havenstein, DNAP, CRNA and Rebecca Lee, DNP, CRNA




Student Spotlight: Kelly Nickell, SRNA Class 2020, saves a life Story and photos from Lake Mary Life May/June 2019 | Vol. 17 | Issue 3

Barry University SRNA Kelly Nickell happened to be in the right place at the right time on Saturday, February 9, 2019. While shopping at a Sam's Club in Sanford, FL with her husband, Seminole County Sherrif's Deputy Kyle Nickell, the two spotted a man on the ground in the parking lot. Kyle dialed 911 as Kelly started CPR. “He was in agonal breathing,” explains Kelly, who worked in a hospital ICU for many years and recognized that the man was in sudden cardiac arrest. “His body was shutting down, and it was only a matter of minutes before brain damage and permanent effects would set in.” What happened next can only be attributed to the quick decision-making of Kelly and Kyle, the selfless service of Lake Mary Police and Fire Departments, and coincidence. “If we had caught one more traffic light or gone down another aisle, the outcome could have been very different,” says Kyle. “The whole system worked beautifully,” said Chief Frank Cornier of the Lake Mary Fire Department as he described the amazing twists of fate and picture-perfect response that all came together to save someone’s life.

Click here to read the full story in the Lake Mary Life!

Join our family of CRNAs who learn together and stay together

Barry University

DNP with Specialization in Anesthesiology About the Program: - NO EXTRA CLINICAL HOURS - Designed specifically for CRNAs - Flexible, online coursework & assignments - Supportive faculty who treat you as colleagues - High quality education you can afford

Tuition Breadown: Tuition (flat rate)

$1,000 per month $24,000 total program

Program Fee

$1,500 per year (August)

Technology Fee

$75 per semester



To learn more, contact: Carolyn Urso 305-899-3246 or

Curriculum: - Healthcare Informatics for DNP - Role of the DNP - Scientific Foundations of the DNP - Leadership, Policy & Interdisciplinary Collaboration - Applied Biostatistics - Translational Research for the DNP - Legal & Ethical Issues for Advanced Practice Nursing - Finance & Business Management in Anesthesia Practice - Advances in Anesthesia Practice - Perioperative Safety, Risk Reduction, & Outcomes Assessment - Advanced Health Assessment & Differential Diagnosis - DNP Scholarly Project (semesters 5-6)

Total length: 2 years, part-time Classes begin in August Apply at:




News & Announcements Barry University welcomes Mike Allen, PhD as new President Following a national search, Barry University’s Board of Trustees has named Mike Allen, Ph.D., as the university’s seventh president. Allen, who currently serves as vice president for student affairs at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., will assume the role of president on July 1. Allen will become the first man and lay person to lead Barry University since its founding in 1940. Featuring two colleges and six schools, the university has a student enrollment of more than 7,000. He succeeds Sister Linda Bevilacqua, OP, Ph.D., who has served as Barry’s president since 2004 and will become President Emerita effective July 1. Bevilacqua announced her retirement in June 2018. "I am honored to be named the seventh president of Barry University. During the presidential search process, I have been overwhelmed with appreciation for the values that anchor and define this university community,” Allen said. “I pledge during my time as president to continue the inspiring work of Sister Linda, who has led the university to unprecedented levels of growth and success during her tenure. As president, I will always be cognizant that our students are the epicenter of our community. They are the reason we come together in this space and they are our greatest hope for a promising future. I can’t wait to get started.”

Anesthesiology Programs welcome Cynthia Collins, PhD., DNSc., APRN, ANP, GNP as full-time professor The Anesthesiology Programs welcomed Dr. Cynthia Collins to our fulltime faculty on July 1, 2019. She received her BSN from Niagara University in New York and a dual MSN in Community Health and AdultGeriatric Primary Care, as well as a DNSc. and a PhD in Nursing Science from The Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. Dr. Collins is an experienced educator of advanced practice nurses at the MSN, DNP, and PhD levels. She is proficient in the development and evaluation of curricula for graduate nursing programs, including distance/online learning. Dr. Collins has previously served as the Director of Nursing Education for a major medical center, adjunct professor to nursing and medical colleges, a Supervisory Nurse Consultant to Federal Healthcare Programs and Clinics, a Nurse Consultant to the Division of Nursing (HHS), a practicing Adult-Gerontology NP, and is a decorated veteran officer of the U.S. Air Force Nurse Corps.




News & Announcements Barry University welcomes Avonny Bennett-Hankins, DNP, CRNA and Kim Crosse, DNP, CRNA as Adjunct Faculty for Simulation Dr. Avonny Bennett-Hankins, DNP, CRNA joined Barry University as Adjunct Faculty for Simulation and Clinical Coordinator in the spring of 2019. She is a practicing CRNA in South Florida since 2007. After 11 years in various nursing areas including neonatal and pediatric intensive care, she earned a Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia from the University of Maryland Baltimore in 2007. She earned her Post-Master's DNP with Specialization in Anesthesiology from Barry University in 2015. Dr. BennettHankins works for Envision and Anesco providing anesthesia in hospitals, surgery centers and in solo practice in doctor and dentist offices. She is a full-time CRNA with Broward Health Coral Springs and part-time with Envision. She also serves as the co-clinical coordinator at Broward Health Coral Springs. Dr. Kimberly Crosse, DNP, CRNA joined Barry University as Adjunct Faculty for Simulation in the spring of 2019. She is a practicing CRNA in South Florida since 2010. Dr. Crosse earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Miami in 2005 and began her career in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, FL. She earned her Master of Science in Anesthesiology from Barry University in 2010 and Post-Master's DNP with Specialization in Anesthesiology from Barry University in 2014. "My end goal has always been to become a Nurse Educator. I want to educate the next generation of nurses and nurse anesthetists to take care of my family and me with the love and compassion that was instilled in me."

Irene Gray, SRNA Class of 2020, assists with pediatric bronchoscopies Irene Gray, SRNA in the Class of 2020, served on an interdisciplinary team during eight pediatric bronchoscopies at Palms West Hospital in Loxahatchee, Florida in May 2019. The team consisted of a pulmonologist, anesthesiologist, SRNA, CRNA, endoscopy technician, endoscopy nurse, PACU nurse, and PACU charge nurse. Preop, OR and PACU areas were set up inside the PICU unit. "The Pulmonologist was so friendly and truly loves his job inside and out," Gray wrote about her experience. "I am so proud to be a Barry student and can’t wait to be a CRNA graduate in less than a year." Irene is part of the West Palm Beach cohort and will earn her Master of Science in Anesthesiology in May 2020.




News & Announcements SRNAs Kim Pham and Sarah Wild network with Daniel Sullivan, MD Tampa SRNAs Kim Pham and Sarah Wild from the Master of Science in Anesthesiology Class of 2020 had the opportunity to network with esteemed physician Daniel Sullivan, MD, who serves as the Associate Center Director for Clinical Science at the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute in Tampa, FL. Kim and Sarah interviewed Dr. Sullivan about his practice and important topics in nurse anesthesia. The interview was facilitiated by Michael Steighner, CRNA and Clinical Coordinator for Barry University, during Kim and Sarah's clinical residency.

Pictured (left to right): Sarah Wild, SRNA, Daniel Sullivan, MD and Kim Pham, SRNA

Open Position: Professor/Associate Professor of Anesthesiology Barry University, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Anesthesiology Program is seeking a full-time faculty member for the Hollywood classroom with travel to four (4) other geographical classroom sites for the entry level DNP in Anesthesiology. This position would also involve teaching didactic courses in the Post-Master’s Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) with a Specialization in Anesthesiology. Both programs utilize innovative curricula through technologymediated synchronous and asynchronous instruction. The entry level DNP Program is a full time 36 month intensive residency program with students located in five geographical locations. The locations are Ocala, Orlando, Tampa, West Palm and South Florida. Faculty must be flexible to teach from all locations as needed but primarily the South Florida location. The Post Masters DNP with a Specialization in Anesthesiology is a 24 month part time completion DNP program utilizing blended distance learning. The Post Masters DNP Program requires synchronous webinars, scholarly project advising and face to face meetings with students. Some administrative responsibilities are also expected with this role. New favorable compensation!

More information at

Open Position: Adjunct Faculty, Clinical Coordinator The Clinical Coordinator of the Barry University Anesthesiology Program provides a liaison of communication and contact between students, faculty, and program director.

More information at




We are stronger together. We ask you to join us in supporting the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists and your state associations. These organizations advance the nurse anesthesia profession and advocate for the important issues facing our practice.

Join us and the many thousands of CRNAs already involved. Let your contributions and voice be heard!

Trivia Answer: According to the AANA, the CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) credential came into existence in 1956.

Join us in Chicago! AANA 2019 Annual Congress Meeting August 9-13, 2019 Hyatt Regency Chicago, IL

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