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The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper







The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper

Years of Service We are proud to be your community newspaper and have great pleasure in producing this

Special Souvenir Edition

to mark 95 years of chronicling your local news.

Established 1918 Wednesday, September 4, 2013 “The Leader” 95 Years, September 4, 2013 - 1



95 The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper

The Leader office in 1925.


A publisher’s view


Founding editor


Ink in my veins


Front pages, 1918 – 2013

10 Brett Alsop, sales manager 10-12



Alicia Ludi-Schutz, photographer


The Leader office circa 1973.

13 Social Scene 13 Our reader’s views 14 Emma Moreland, senior journalist 14,15

News stories The Leader office in 1982 with new printing press being installed through the roof.

16 Caitlin Faint, graphic designer 17 Our reader’s views 18 Adam Brown, apprentice printer 19 New arrivals 20-21


22 Weddings 22-23



and team

For helping the Barossa stay in touch

The only

95 fantastic years


2 - “The Leader” 95 Years, September 4, 2013




The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper

Current editor/ publisher of The Leader Mr Tony Robinson.

From 1918-2013: A publisher’s view

It was to be the new Penny Journal of the Barossa so read the front page article of the first edition of The Leader on July 24, 1918. From the very first issue The Leader has gone on to serve the Barossa and surrounding districts for 95 years. Throughout its time The Leader has had to continually change and innovate in order to survive. As strange as it may be it has been computers, the internet and digital imaging which might be seen as competing mediums that have saved newspapers in the changing media world. The founding editor, William Kirkby Robinson had a philosophy of including as many local names as possible in his news pages. This concept added with as many local faces as possible in pictures has continued to be one of the great strengths of a local newspaper like The Leader. Our objective has always been to produce a truly local newspaper as well as to champion the Barossa and districts, its needs and best interests. Indeed Kirkby Robinson, followed by his son, Rae were both dedicated newspaper men who gave their all for their

newspaper and the community with which they served. At the helm of The Leader they consistently promoted the Barossa’s growth, development and success stories. We have always endeavoured to publish attractive, entertaining and informative products using in-house state of the art technology and printing presses. Regular feedback and ideas on content improvement are both sought and encouraged from our readers and a 2012 readership survey by Adelaide firm, Square Holes indicated The Leader has actually climbed further in its popularity stakes as The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper. It is pleasing to report that contrary to world trends, The Leader has recorded growing circulation and increasing page number in recent years. As we pay tribute to our forebears, we remain committed to producing the best regional newspaper possible that is as relevant as ever to the Barossa and surrounding communities and we look forward in continuing to serve you, our valued readers and advertisers. Tony Robinson, Publisher


your paper Welcome to this special souvenir edition to mark The Leader 95th year of publication. Throughout its existence technology has transformed the way your newspaper has evolved since 1918. The newspaper today is more colourful, there is more emphasis on page design and through digital cameras and computerisation we can publish almost immediately. However one of the fundamental requirements of Kirkby Robinson is as applicable today as it was in 1918, the paper’s commitment to serve you, our reader – and that means local content is of paramount importance. Through the local newspaper we are entrusted with conveying your local news of the day, both good and bad, and offering a look into the heart and soul of our community, its people, events, issues, achievements, dreams and disappointments. We are here to support every valuable cause, question authorities, celebrate good deeds, give the reader a voice and offer business an opportunity to improve their business. We are mindful too that what is today’s news is tomorrow’s history and so we are recording information for generations to come. We hope that readers will enjoy this souvenir edition which delves into the newspaper’s history and tells the story about just some of the very special people who help bring The Leader to you every week. Tony Robinson, Editor

The Leader office as we see it today.

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3 Murray Street, Angaston | Ph: (08) 8561 0830 E: | W:

Trading 7 days a week: Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm, Sunday & Public Holidays 10am - 5pm, Closed Good Friday & Christmas Day. “The Leader” 95 Years, September 4, 2013 - 3

95 The Leader to lead all other newspapers 1918


The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper

Mr Kirkby Robinson typing up newscopy on a typewriter that his son Tony still keeps in his office today.

With a promised fortune to be inherited in Victoria, the Robinson family migrated from Scotland in the early 1900’s. However, on arrival to Australia the family discovered it was a different clan of Robinsons who were to receive the inheritance. So with everything sold up to move to Australia and the realisation that the family weren’t to become wealthy Australian farmers, Kirkby’s father commenced a blacksmith shop while Kirkby at the age of 18 years decided to start his very own newspaper, The Kowree Leader at Edenhope, Victoria. Sadly and unknown to him at the time, he had started a newspaper just before the outbreak of World War I. So with money soon tightening up he decided to sell up and began working for various newspapers in the Wimmera area. A number of openings developed with employment offered in South Australia. No doubt when he and his wife, Agnes moved to Angaston there was much they liked about the area. He was always determined to commence and own his own newspaper again so with World War I still not over, he decided to commence his first edition which he named The Leader on July 24, 1918. He named it The Leader because he wanted it to be a newspaper that led all others. Planning ahead, he had brought over with him all the previous plant and equipment used for printing his newspaper in Edenhope and left in storage until he commenced his own newspaper, The Leader. It is hard to imagine what life must have been like. With virtually four months to go before the end of World War I, conditions would have been tough no doubt. Many a businessman told him at the time he wouldn’t last the year out. He was said to have started the business with basically only the clothes he stood up in and little money to back him. lly. wife Mo is However, with a determined mind that he h h it nw Robinso couldn’t fail, Kirkby went about canvassing local Mr Rae businesses to ensure he had the necessary support

for advertising and commercial printing should he commence his newspaper in Angaston. So with the required support evident, Kirkby and his supportive wife, Agnes, started gathering news and commenced selling advertising for their first edition, which he termed the “New Penny Journal.” It was a four page publication with a circulation of around 1,000 copies. Using a rented stone barn at the back of a home in Angaston main street, Kirkby and Agnes would work late into the evening many a night typesetting and printing the newspaper. In those days it was quite common for a good deal of the newspaper to be completely handset using individual letters of type. The press too was said to be fairly cumbersome and awkward to use. The late Mr Bill Shemmeld soon became the first employee, an apprentice printer. Around 1925 the couple purchased land and built their own “Leader” office in Dean Street, Angaston. In the ensuing years to follow under Kirkby’s leadership, the business premises was given a number of building extensions to house the growing array of equipment and facilities together with the increasing number of staff. Kirkby’s only son, Rae later joined the business in 1932, aged 14. Agnes Robinson died in 1965 aged 74 years. Kirkby and Rae continued together to build a strong presence in the community. As Kirkby was growing older and declining in health, grandson, Tony joined the business in 1973. Kirkby died in 1976, aged 82 years. On May 6, 1976, a week after Kirkby’s death, Rae accepted the title of editor. Rae and Tony continued to expand the operation, adding further modern machinery, building more extensions and expanding the number of staff due to the growth of the business. Rae passed away suddenly in 1990, aged 71 years. He was well respected in the Barossa Valley community as photographer, reporter, commercial print manager and friend to many. Today The Leader has a strong future with Tony and Angela’s sons, Peter, Darren and Adam representing the fourth generation Robinsons involved in the family business.

Founding editor loved his community While The Leader celebrates its 95th Anniversary this year there is much to reflect upon in achieving not just one of the State’s finest country newspapers but also The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper, a feat not easily achieved. As the third generation family member working in the business Tony Robinson sees it as a real privilege to have now worked with all three other generations in the business with his sons, Peter, Darren and Adam representing the fourth generation all actively involved in the business. “My grandfather, Mr Kirkby Robinson was an absolutely gifted man for his time. Not only was he the founder of The Leader but he probably did more for community service than people gave him credit,” said Tony. He loved to serve his community through becoming involved in local organisations, where he was generally elected either president or secretary. “Kirkby’s wife, Agnes was equally involved in the community too. Just like her husband, Agnes would not only serve on the committees but also wrote up articles for The Leader after her meetings. Mr Kirkby Robinson quoted from the very first edition of The Leader said, “We want to give a journal that will get right into the hearts of the people of this big district and be regarded as the real home paper, and we want to merit all the support we receive.”

Kirkby’s supportive wife, Agnes, helped to create a successful newspaper business alongside her husband

RIGHT: Kirkby Robinson adjusting the paper tension on the Duplex web fed printing press circa 1950.

From one South Australian family owned business to another...

We’d like to say

Thank You

for years of true support.


Congratulations on 95 years of giving Barossa businesses a quality voice

4 - “The Leader” 95 Years, September 4, 2013




The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper

Mr Tony Robinson and his wife Angela with their sons Darren, Adam and Peter.

Ink in my veins by Tony Robinson

The first memories of my grandfather, the founder of this well respected newspaper, The Leader, was that he was extremely gifted with words and he knew exactly how to use them to best advantage, whether it was a newspaper article he was writing or as a speech he was giving. As a young child I remember grandfather to be the heaviest cigarette smoker I had ever known and he loved his daily cup of tea. The cup of tea was so large in fact at meal time that he had his own oversize cup which he nicknamed “his swimming pool”. It was capable of holding three normal size cups of tea and grandfather would often have two “swimming pool” size cups of tea at each meal time. He had a little pet dog named Tootie which used to sit on a cushion each day at a small corner while grandfather # was at work on the Intertype machine. The dog would stay with him all day until it was time to go home. As a child I always found great fascination watching my father and grandfather working these machines virtually seven days a week to produce the newspaper. This was the beginning of my future. When I first started work I was given all the odd jobs to do. One of these I quite liked was to walk down to the post office each day to collect the mail. There was quite a lot to be collected too because there was no fax or internet to send material. I also used to call on the Angaston Railway Station to collect the metal printing blocks that were used for printing the newspaper advertisements. A great deal of hand set type was used in those days for setting newspaper headlines and in some of the ON AVERAGE advertisements. This was another of my early jobs to put away correctly all this type into all the right type cases. Within a short time I became so competent at knowing about the type that even the senior tradesmen would come up to me to ask where such and such type was? on LUXAFLEX ® Another regular job was to clean down the Intertype NEWSTYLE Polyresinmachines Shutters and sweep up all the lead trimmings in readiness for the lead to be melted down for recycling. My father taught me the skill of operating the Intertype

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so that I could help set news for the paper, a role which I thoroughly enjoyed. As the newspaper was all typeset by hot metal in those days one of the jobs that came with the work was to re-melt the lead type used for the linecasting machines. It was a job that was undertaken every fortnight, converting the typeset stories and advertisements from lead type into fresh ingots of type metal to be recycled for the Intertype machines. I learned a lot working under my father as editor because he knew just so many different ways to take a photograph and how to get news scoops. He taught me editing skills and day to day running of the business. He didn’t have a telephone in his own office so everytime someone wanted to speak to him on the phone he had to hold up one of the two main telephone lines. It was goodM exercise ID for him walking ® all the way from the back of the office to the YEAR reception counter but not very efficient. When the newspaper converted to computer typesetting and offset printing I became more involved in editorial and advertising. I was editing almost a quarter of the newspaper when my father passed away suddenly in January, 1990, aged 71 years. The pressure was then on as I not only had to help my mother organise a funeral but I had to then edit the next issue of the newspaper. There was little time to be taken off work. However, knew in fRom my heart that my father’s LoweR Ithe shade the top teachings would help to prepare me in taking the business to the next level. My wife, Angela happily took on a greater involvement to help me run the business and together we developed some very successful business ideas. In 1991 plans were drawn up to extend The Leader building. A new front reception area and rooms were included for the sales team, journalists and a well designed pre-press room were built. I was even able to then have my own office after previously sharing a facility with two accounts staff. The new building assisted the growth of The Leader with

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its increasing number of pages each week. Again in 1995 another extension was built, increasing the size of the pre-press room, adding a training and meeting room and new kitchen where all staff can come together and enjoy their many morning teas. Prior to this we worked closely with the local builder at the time, John and Leonie Kruger of Angaston and their contractors who were wonderful people to work with. Many of the staff can recall the working conditions in the original office which was crowded, hot in summer and very cold in winter, and with this in mind we were keen to upgrade this area. Again in 1997 we gave John the challenge of re-building the print room whilst still keeping the printing presses operating. With excellent all year round working conditions, this allowed us to install and extend our Goss printing line to cater for the increased demand in colour newspapers. Our children’s involvement started at an early age when they would bring sections of the printed paper to the collating staff where the sections are inserted prior to distribution. Then in their high school years sons, Peter and Darren would help to make the negatives for printing plates on a Tuesday evening. Peter left high school to take up an apprenticeship in printing at The Leader. He is now the Commercial Printing Manager. Darren has since joined the business taking on a role in sales. He is now Director of Advertising Sales and Marketing. ‡ Adam works every Tuesday night, helping to collate the newspaper. Throughout my years in the newspaper industry I have met some characters but the ones I most remember are my father and grandfather who taught me their love for the newspaper industry. I am sure my Raise predecessors would be very proud knowing the shade that 95 years later hard work and determination is fRomtheir the bottom still being continued on with the fourth generation showing such enthusiasm in the print media.



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Congratulations to The Leader on reaching 95 years in business

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“The Leader” 95 Years, September 4, 2013 - 5




The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper

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al Ju l st ly art 24 ed ,1 h 91 ere 8 .

23 ,1 92 5



l Ju 5





Congratulations to the Management and Staff at

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Congratulations and best wishes to the Robinson family and Staff at The Leader on your 95th Birthday! We’re proud suppliers of mobile phones to keep The Leader reps connected.

on 95 Wonderful years of publishing. We are very proud of our association and wish you well for the years ahead. Ph: 8562 2900 | Barossa Mall, Nuriootpa

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6 - “The Leader” 95 Years, September 4, 2013

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The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper

ly Ju




5 95 ,1 28

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Goss and The Leader delivering a quality local newspaper to the Barossa

Congratulations on 95 Years Goss Graphic Systems Phone (03) 9560 1666 | Fax (03) 9560 1999 DR6683

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“The Leader” 95 Years, September 4, 2013 - 7




The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper



5 98 ,1 24


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ly Ju 5




Nuriootpa High School

In a year when Australia is searching for a true leader Barossa’s favourite paper turns 95 Happy Birthday to The Leader From the entire team at HWR Media & Communications.

Nuriootpa High School has enjoyed a partnership with “The Leader” over many decades and looks forward to the future journey together, as we continue to strive for excellence in this unique community.

Proud to be associated with The Leader for a third of its life and for many years to come. DR6742

Congratulations on 95 years of continued excellence DR6689

8 - “The Leader” 95 Years, September 4, 2013

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The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper

ly Ju 5 00 ,2 20

95 Ju ye ly ars 24 la , 2 te 01 r.. 3 . T he B a r o ssa ’ s Favo ur i te Newspa per Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Volume 95, No. 4766




Ph: 8564 2035 Fax: 8564 3084



The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper

Years of Service

THERESA WHITEHEAD, Secretary of Good Shepherd Lutheran School

A two day regional red wine tasting initiated by the Barossa Grape and Wine Association (BGWA) has the potential to allow more Barossa labels to be sold in alcohol retailer, Dan Murphy’s. BGWA hosted the retailer’s representatives where they tasted more than 120 wines across more than 30 Barossa labels. A dinner held at Peter Lehmann Winery, Tanunda gave producers a chance to talk with the buyers, share the story behind their label and gain valuable feedback from the group. Mr James March, BGWA CEO, said the initiative was a chance to showcase the region and assist wineries in getting their wine on the shelves. “It was a good selection of wines… that show strong regional representation and it was an opportunity for wineries to take

The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper Priceline Pharmacy Tanunda

GRAND OPENING Thursday 11th April

Schwarz Wine Company owner, Mr Jason Schwarz currently sells his wine at Artisans of Barossa but welcomed the opportunity to showcase his wines to Dan Murphy’s representatives last week.

Paying less is a beautiful thing Proudly SA Family

advantage of the winery team in the region,” said Mr March. “It was also an opportunity for wineries that weren’t necessarily doing business with Dan Murphy’s and for them to submit their wine through the regional association.” Mr March said the representatives were keen to explore the region and were impressed by the association’s branding and marketing initiatives. It is the second time the association has taken on this initiative as they create opportunities for local wineries and growers. “This is a strong example of us working to pursue these opportunities with some good commercial outcomes,” said Mr March. “What we are hoping to do is set up an annual two day tasting and will look to continue to pursue opportunities for wineries to have the interaction.” Among the wineries to submit their wine was Schwarz Wine Company based at Bethany. Mr Jason Schwarz, winemaker and owner, said the experience was a chance to showcase their wine.

Continued page 4

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“Good Shepherd Lutheran School, Angaston sends their congratulations to Tony and Angela Robinson at The Leader on achieving their 95 Years of Service. We are happy to have been associated with The Robinson family for many years. The Leader staff have always produced the best quality of photos and articles for Good Shepherd, supporting our marketing efforts and keeping the local community in touch with the wonderful education programmes that are on offer. There has been equal opportunity and coverage for all local schools in the Barossa, government and non government schools alike, as The Leader Newspaper articles have shown the Robinson family supports them all with positive reviews. The school community of GSLS love seeing their school showcased as The Leader has not held back their splash of colour and generosity of space for our many articles. Take a read and you will notice that the articles in the newspaper are of a very positive, happy nature – there is no doom or gloom. There is no better way to find out what is happening in your local community but through The Leader.”



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The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper



Our reader’s views...

Retailer shows interest

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“The Leader” 95 Years, September 4, 2013 - 9


95 Sales manager says 2013

The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper

Sales manager at The Leader, Mr Brett Alsop.

he loves newspapers Mr Brett Alsop, sales manager at The Leader, says he loves newspapers. “I find it both rewarding and exciting seeing something I created for a client in print in the paper each week,” he remarked. Commencing work at The Leader in 1987 as a young 18 year old, Brett has now clocked up 25 years’ service with the newspaper, making him the longest serving salesperson with the company. Now sales manager with The Leader, Brett said he remembered commencing employment with The Leader, just after having finished his exams at Nuriootpa High School. “When I first started I only had a small work area. I had a small trolley on wheels to use as my desk. Eventually I moved into a purpose built sales room. “I took photographs for advertisements using film cameras. Film rolls were hand rolled off into individual canisters by another staff member. “In those days when I took the photographs I had to just hope for the best that the film would come out all right but now with the latest Nikon digital camera I can preview the image and re-take it if necessary before I leave the client’s business premises. “When I started we didn’t have a fax machine and it was nothing to have to drive great distances like Freeling just to deliver a proof to a client. Then the fax machine came in and everything changed. “I used to help Les Schulz push up the reels of newsprint because we didn’t have a forklift at the time. Then I helped to put the reels of paper onto the press together with putting on the printing plates. “In those days we used film negatives of each page and I used to help opaque out the unwanted sections. I guess I took on all these little jobs because I wanted an insight into what each department did each week. “My highlight was 20 years ago when I was given the opportunity to accompany Tony Robinson on a trip to Canada and Chicago, visiting the newspapers

there to look at their operations and learn about the new technology in colour printing which The Leader was just planning to introduce. I also learnt some wonderful ideas in advertising. “The interesting thing is that before I started working at the newspaper I always looked forward to every Wednesday when dad bought The Leader home. It was the only newspaper we bought on a regular basis. “With the new office building of today at The Leader we have new telephones together with a lot of other modern technology which makes selling advertising much easier. “Now when clients want something immediately we are able to email colour proposals directly to them. “Over the years I have built up a lot of long term relationships with many customers and some good friendships have developed. “I can remember one of the first businesses I called on, Tanunda Fodder and the proprietor, Trevor Weatherall. Now I am calling on the same business but Trevor’s son, Brett is now the proprietor. “With a passion for the motor vehicle industry, I am pleased to see how so many of my motor vehicle dealer clients have expanded in my time. Some have grown quite significantly. “When I sell advertising it is good to know that everything is done well and the client gets results. One such achievement was a proud moment in 2007 when I won the Country Press of S.A. best advertisement award for an advertisement I designed for Barossa Mitre 10. “I have learnt a lot about various businesses in the Barossa. Some people ask me if I ever get sick of what I am doing? But I say no because every day is different. You never stop learning in this industry. The Leader has provided me with a good deal of training, sending me to Adelaide and interstate over the years.

“The Leader” December 15, 1955

“The Leader” November 22, 1995

“The Leader” July 30, 1925

“The Leader” September 3, 1925

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Bruce, Lorna and Craig are proud to have a long standing association with The Leader newspaper. Congratulations on 95 years.




The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper

“The Leader” June 20, 1935

“The Leader” July 23, 1925

“The Leader” July 23, 1925

“The Leader” July 23, 1925

“The Leader” February 28 1935

“The Leader” July 23, 1925

“The Leader” July 30, 1925

“The Leader” March 10, 1955

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Congratulations on 95 years of service to the community. “The Leader” 95 Years, September 4, 2013 - 11




Life through the lens The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper

Seeing contemporary history unfold through the viewfinder of a camera is what one employee at The Leader has been doing for the last twenty years. Alicia Ludi-Schutz, who is the longest serving employee in the editorial department of the 95 year old newspaper, grew up seeing her grandparents and parents reading The Leader each week and cutting out snippets for the family scrap book. “I saw the ad for a cadet photographer in the employment section of The Leader and thought ‘that’s me’. I loved taking photos with Dad’s SLR camera so I thought I would apply. “I can still remember the first photo I took at work, it was of children in the Angaston pool learning to swim during the school holidays. It ran on the front page – I couldn’t believe it. Talk about jumping in the deep end!” she said. During her time at The Leader, Alicia has seen many highs and lows of life in the Valley and its surrounding districts. “I’ve met some incredible people and photographed a full spectrum of emotions and events, you can’t help getting caught up in it all,” she said. She describes being sent to cover a major siege at Nuriootpa and being part of the media pack that photographed Queen Elizabeth II. Alicia was there for the first Tour Down Under and has covered every one since. She’s photographed babies just hours old and then those same children, years later graduating from high school. She’s been witness to jubilant celebrations on Grand Final day and seen the heartache of players after losing by one point. There’s been bank robberies, floods, frosts and fires. OAM recipients and Reception students on their first day of school – it’s all been seen through her lens. “No two days are the same. I’ve been sent to photograph

Photographer at The Leader, Ms Alicia Ludi-Schutz.

men in suits at the council chambers in the morning and waded through muddy paddocks with a farmer, trying to capture his award winning pigs in the afternoon,” she laughs. “The best part about being a photographer is you get to see people achieve what they set out to do and be witness to some major life events,” she said. However, some assignments she is sent to are harrowing, like having to cover horrific murders and road fatalities. “I’ve found myself comforting parents who have broken down in tears after losing their son in a road crash. Growing up in the Barossa means, more often than not, you will know the people involved,” she said. During the past twenty years, advances in technology within the field of photography have been many. Alicia started out using film which she rolled by hand. She developed dozens of rolls each week in a dark room, standing at an enlarger and printing black and white images by hand using chemical baths. “As well as news and sports photographs, I had to develop all the car photos that appeared in adverts each week, it took days,” she said. Now the dark room has been replaced by an Apple Macintosh computer and images are captured digitally and down loaded ready for print in a fraction of the time. Photos are emailed to The Leader from the community each week, so the newspaper’s photographic coverage has never been more extensive. Highlights are many for Alicia, but the most rewarding thing is seeing the next generation of Leader readers discover their local newspaper and making it part of their lives. “I photographed my nephew once, he was only four. When I asked him if he saw his photo in the paper he said, in utter wonder that he was not only in Mummy and Daddy’s paper, but Nanna’s paper too!”

“The Leader” September 3, 1925

“The Leader” February 28, 1935

“The Leader” December 15, 1955

“The Leader” September 17, 1925


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Congratulations to THE LEADER Celebrating 95 years of publishing. Proud suppliers of Kleenheat Gas.

Congratulations to the team at The Leader on your 95th anniversary

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The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper

Our reader’s views... “I like the presentation and diversity of local news in The Leader. There is well balanced reporting of items. I enjoy the lot of it really, everything about the paper.” TREVOR MODISTACH, Nuriootpa


vember 29, 19

“The Leader” No

“I like the support The Leader gives to service clubs. The newspaper shows the value of what we do in the community in helping get our messages out to everyone. I enjoy the social pages to see what all my friends are doing. It’s really a well balanced publication.” BEV STEPHENSON, Tanunda

“The Leader

” December

“The Leader” February 2,

6, 1995

“It’s a pleasure to pick up The Leader. In fact it’s the only newspaper I get every week. It’s a terrific newspaper with human interest stories relating to the Barossa. I love the paper. In fact when I am finished reading The Leader each week I put the newspaper aside for a former employee of mine who calls in to collect them every few months and then he takes them home to read too.”




From David ShaneJaensch Koch and thethe team From and team at Bridgestone Select Nuriootpa. at Bridgestone Select Nuriootpa. PENR ICE R D MUR RAY ST

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“The Leader” Ja

nuary 30, 1964

uary 2, 2005 he Leader” Febr



Nick Champion MP

Federal Member for Wakefield

congratulates  Printing Press Equipment Suppliers  Engineering Services

The Leader Newspaper on 95 years of service to the Barossa Community

To all at


Congratulations for 95 outstanding years in business, from the team at

Ph. 8284 2422 DR6625

Global Press Technologies Pty. Ltd. +61 0400 240 320

 

The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper

 DR6641

Congratulations and best wishes to management and staff at The Leader newspaper as you celebrate 95 wonderful years.

Faith Lutheran College | Magnolia Road, Tanunda SA 5352 T 8561 4200 | F 8563 2408 | E | W “The Leader” 95 Years, September 4, 2013 - 13




The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper

Senior journalist at The Leader, Ms Emma Moreland.

“The Leader” March 1, 1945

No two days are the same for Emma Each day is different and you don’t know who you will meet next with a story, that’s journalism in the eyes of The Leader senior journalist, Emma Moreland. Emma reflects on nearly 10 years with The Leader, where she started as a cadet journalist with little understanding of the region and its people. It didn’t take her long to realise the importance of paying close attention to detail, how to spell the German surnames she had never heard before and interact with the community as is needed to be a successful country journalist. Today, she has the title of being the longest serving journalist with The Leader, one she says is an honour to value. But she pays tribute to the many people across the region who have supported her in the position and trusted her to get the story right. “When I moved to the Barossa in 2002, I never imagined I would still be here today,” said Emma. “I really have enjoyed the opportunity to cover a variety of issues and to work in a newspaper that is family owned and operated. “I wouldn’t be where I am, or have established a great understanding of the region, if it weren’t for a number of individuals who allowed me into their home or business to tell their story and share their knowledge of the region.” Looking back over the years, Emma said there are many stories and issues that stand out as she covers school news and happenings, sport, community news items, fires and police news, through to local, state and federal government issues and

business milestones. “I can still remember my first front page on the closure of Kiddy Park,” said Emma. “But I really enjoy being able to source the local news which helps to inform our readers about what’s happening in their backyard. “I’ve found reading council agendas and minutes and sifting through the State Parliament’s Hansard has allowed me to cover some great stories, including when our local MP said he would paint the Robin Bridge in Nuriootpa.” It was early in her career that Emma realised the power of print and the important role The Leader has in the region. “We have the ability to capture the events which are later referred to in history books,” said Emma. “While at times some news stories and events are hard to deal with, or challenging to cover, I think we owe it to the valued readers to report them.” Headlines and news pages aside, Emma said being part of a vibrant community where people are proud to be part of the region has been a rewarding aspect to her role. She admits she has developed a greater appreciation for the region, its people and all it has to offer. “My role is challenging and rewarding, I have the opportunity to meet so many people and each day is different,” said Emma. “Coupled with the Barossa lifestyle, it is a privilege to be part of the Barossa and the region’s favourite newspaper as we celebrate 95 years of The Leader.”

“The Leader” February 20, 1985 DR6691

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The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper

“The Leader” February 2, 2005 “The Leader” May 12, 1955

“The Leader” January 18, 1945 “The Leader” January 4, 1945

“The Leader” June 27, 1935

December 13, 1995

y 11, 1995

“The Leader” Januar

“The Leader” March 5, 1964

“The Leader” March 14, 1935

“The Leader” February 27, 1964


Australia Day Tour Down The Under Rex Jack Bobridge Track

Barossa Council loves sharing its good news stories in the community.

Brenton Miegel

Wyndham Rogers

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Congratulations to the Leader on 95 years of covering local stories.

Teusner & Co - servicing generations of families and businesses in the Barossa Valley, its surrounding areas and Kangaroo Island.

“The Leader” 95 Years, September 4, 2013 - 15




The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper

Graphic designer at The Leader, Ms Caitlin Faint.

“Real local insurance”


6 Second Street, Nuriootpa Situated behind Linkes Butcher next to Community Store

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KERRIE WOODARDS ‘We share a pride and passion about looking after locals’


Proud to be associated with The Leader for over 25 years

Leader job created a lucky break

The Leader has a mix of long serving staff and young people who have only been with the company several years, one such younger staff member is Caitlin Faint who has worked with the company as a graphic designer in the pre-press section for the past three and a half years. Caitlin had studied art at high school and was always very creative so she saw an opening for her future with a design course at university. “I loved it. It was great,” Caitlin remarked. After studying graphic design at University of S.A. for three years Caitlin initially worked for an Adelaide book publisher for about a year. She was sick of the city life and wanted to come back to the country and it just so happened her mother noticed an opening for a graphic designer advertised in The Leader. “I was very lucky to get the job at The Leader because there is not a lot offering in my line of work in the country really,” Caitlin explained. “In my short time at The Leader I have seen quite a few changes in the way things are being produced, such as the new Food & Wine quarter fold publication. “I think the quality of the work is getting better through modern technology. The business is really moving with the times and always trying out something different.” Much of Caitlin’s work at The Leader is quite varied from typesetting news stories to designing advertisements for clients. She also spends a good deal of her week doing page layouts for the newspaper and even helps process the printing plates.

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Congratulations to The Leader on 95 outstanding years of publication. DR6669

E| W| www.graphic

16 - “The Leader” 95 Years, September 4, 2013


77 King William Street, Kent Town | Ph: 8363 4466 Fax: 8363 4464

As The Leader also operates a busy commercial printing section, Caitlin is also responsible for designing much of the printing work for brochures, DL flyers and other interesting lines of work. She says Peter Robinson has taught her quite a lot on the printing side and she has found this knowledge beneficial in knowing more about the printing process. Caitlin is also a dedicated member of The Leader health and safety committee and likes to be seen as an approachable person should any staff have any problems. In being a good graphic designer, Caitlin says you need to be creative and have an eye for making the advertisement stand out along with having an idea of how it will look on the page. She is ever mindful that she is working for the client and finds great satisfaction at the end of the week when she sees she has done a good job. “It really is a great sense of accomplishment,” she added. Most Mondays and Tuesdays you will find Caitlin extremely busy at her computer as she prepares to produce what she terms another great product of The Leader. “I like being busy and The Leader is a product that is so meaningful for the public. The workload can get a little crazy sometimes but it always gets done. “There is always something to do. There’s no opportunity for twiddling my thumbs. But I like it that way. I always like to be busy. I also like being challenged and get the brain working. “I really enjoy my work. It is varied and as a graphic artist you can be as creative as you want to be. “Receiving email responses back from satisfied clients is always a positive reinforcement of my work so I enjoy a real sense of accomplishment. It’s definitely not a boring job. “I also enjoy the friendship with the people I work with. It’s such a friendly atmosphere at The Leader and a nice place to work. They are a lot of lovely, encouraging people who make up a really good team. It really does help if you all work together as we do,” Caitlin concluded.




The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper

Our reader’s views... “The well balanced editorial each week is what I like in The Leader. Coming from a big city and now moving to the Barossa, I have come to appreciate the opinions and support of the community. I think it’s an excellent newspaper. I also like to be able to find all the coming events so easily on the back page of the newspaper.” MAUREEN EDWARDS, Tanunda

“My family get The Leader each week and quite often I get to read it at work too. I love the sport section because I used to play netball for Angaston so it’s good to keep up to date on how the teams are going. Plus it’s local and keeps me up to date with what’s happening in the Barossa and not everywhere else.” MIRANDA CRADDOCK, Angaston

“It’s a good newspaper. I love the sport and the general news about the Barossa. For 33 years I have been getting the newspaper. If you want to know anything about the Barossa it’s in The Leader.”

“The Leader” February 2, 2005



“The Leader” March 8, 1995

“The Leader” July, 1985 DR6608

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Congratulations to Newspaper on 95 years of providing a quality newspaper to the Barossa.


P: 8563 0265 F: 8563 0253 E: W: 193 Murray Street, Tanunda, South Australia 5352 ABN 14 725 309 328

“The Leader” 95 Years, September 4, 2013 - 17


Youngest recruit enjoys the variety



The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper

As the youngest new recruit at The Leader, Adam Brown, aged 19, of Greenock, says he was encouraged by his mother to apply to an advertisement for a printing apprenticeship with The Leader. He says he wasn’t initially planning to undertake an apprenticeship but in his eight months with the company he has no regrets, saying he most enjoys the variety of different things he gets to do each day. Adam admits his favourite work is the design side, using the computer. He also is responsible for assisting in the commercial printing department as well as helping out on the big Goss newspaper printing presses. He has enjoyed learning about and helping to operate the Muller Martini stitch and trim line installed earlier this year. He even helps with newspaper deliveries on Wednesdays as well as digital printing, operating the guillotine, stapler and more recently learning the sheetfed printing with Heidelberg presses. “I have certainly been learning a lot of different things to do with printing. Peter Robinson and Paul Graue, both in printing and Caitlin Faint from pre-press have been really good to me with training. “I find it satisfying to get a job done and the client is happy with it. Just last week a client sent me a letter of thanks and that was really nice. “Going to the TAFE School of Printing is good because then I get to see how other tradespeople do things.

Apprentice printer at The Leader, Mr Adam Brown.

1 Gawler St Nuriootpa 8562 0300


Barossa Village would like to congratulate The Leader for celebrating 95 years of service.

“The Leader” April 26, 1995

Complete Range of Office & Business Supplies in the Barossa

Office National Barossa is privileged and honoured to be associated with the Robinson family and The Leader newspaper. DR6606











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18 - “The Leader” 95 Years, September 4, 2013




The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper

“The Leader” June

21, 1995

Oakley Shaun, son of Kate and Shaun Copeland, was born at Tanunda War Memorial Hospital on February 12, weighing 7lbs 13ozs. A little brother for Calvin.


“The Leader” June 21, 199

“The Leader” March 6, 2013



The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper


A partnership built on trust, integrity and mutual respect Level 7, 157 Walker St, North Sydney “The Leader” January 26,


“The Leader” January 26, 2005

Norske Skog is proud to be a long term supplier of publication papers to The Leader. We look forward to your continued success in the Barossa Valley.

Local know-how, regional commitment, global strength. DR6688

“The Leader” 95 Years, September 4, 2013 - 19




The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper

“The Leader” May 3, 1995

“The Leader” May 31, 1995


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“The Leader” April 18, 1935

“The Leader” July 24, 1985

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Congratulations to The Leader for being an integral part of the Barossa community for 95 years. During my 20 years involvement with this iconic family-owned newspaper I have had nothing but wonderful experiences. I congratulate Tony and Angela and the team on their commitment to providing such a valuable, informative service to the Barossa.

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The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper

“The Leader” May 19, 1955

“The Leader” August 18, 1955

Proud suppliers of quality paper to

Congratulations on 95 years of printing and publishing.

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“The Leader” June 14, 1995


The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper

Brissett Rollers



Congratulations to DR6698

on their 95th Anniversary!!

NEW SOUTH WALES (02) 9559 3900 VICTORIA (03) 9587 4111 QUEENSLAND (07) 3344 4255 AUSTRALIA-WIDE (1800) 249 992 “The Leader” 95 Years, September 4, 2013 - 21




The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper

“The Leader” December 15, 1955

“The Leader” December 6,


“The Leader” June 14, 1995

Keyneton MCC and The Leader – A partnership some 63 years strong! When the Keyneton MCC was ‘born’ in July, 1950 in Joe Doddridge’s lounge room at Keyneton, the ‘birth notice’ was put into The Leader advertising the fact, meaning the connection between the Keyneton MCC and The Leader started from day one of the Club, and now, as The Leader celebrates its 95th year, that connection is still going strong. Over the past 63 years of the Keyneton MCC the bond has continued to grow and as of 2013, the 95th year of The Leader, the bond is as strong as it has ever been. From general KMCC Club Notes, to Special Features, like ‘The


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Congratulations and best wishes to Tony, Angela, family and staff on producing a quality newspaper for the last 95 years.

Keyneton Kids’ that ran earlier this year, The Leader can lay claim to have played a big part in the growth of the KMCC, especially with the continued promotion of and support given to the Club. The Leader has always found time and space in its pages to fit an article, or a photograph, of a KMCC event or Champion, usually in a prominent position, and for many years, before the advent of the internet and social media, was the voice of the Club, and the main stay in the Club promoting and publishing their events, and the successes of its members. For this the KMCC will always be grateful, especially in the dark days of the middle 1960’s, when the Club almost folded, and a call to arms was made in a bid to entice new members and keep the Club afloat, with The Leader being used as one of the ways to entice new members. Did it work? Well, here we are, nearly 50 years later, celebrating this long lasting union. As with The Leader being a family owned business that has now gone through a number of generations there are two families that have had a hand in both camps through the years, and, now into their third generation, are still reading, and sometimes featured in The Leader’s pages, with this being the Evans and Warnest families. Daisy and Hugh Evans and Liam and Tess Wa r n e s t are

third generation KMCC members, the grand children of KMCC Life Members, Ross Evans and Ken Warnest, with Ross’ wife, Shirley and Ken both long time employees at The Leader. Shirley on the front desk and Ken working one of the old printing presses. As time went on both Shirley and Ken’s sons, Nigel and Andrew, started to ride for the KMCC and both also held the position of Publicity Officer for the Club, regularly supplying stories of Club activities to The Leader, with Andrew holding the position many times through the years for a total of more than 10 years total. This is perhaps a great strength that both the KMCC and The Leader share, being built on generations, as families like Barratt, Williams, Petts, Zander, Weichert, Beckmann, Hunter, Kraft and many, many more have spent many generations reading The Leader, so have they had 2 or more generations as members of the KMCC. The Leader has covered the growth of the Keyneton MCC from meeting in member’s homes, to the shed behind Porter’s Garage, and finally to Wilton Hall, and has shared in its successes, like celebrating Australian Champions like Diener & Holmes and David Holt, the running of Australian and South Australian Championship events, to mourning the loss of Champions and Life Members like Mike Connors, Craig Schmidt, ‘Wack & Willie’, Geoff Warnest and more. The Keyneton Motorcycle Club would like to thank The Leader for the last 63 years of friendship; the Club looks forward to the next 63 years of working side by side to promote motorcycling in the Barossa Valley and surrounding areas. The Club would also like to congratulate The Leader, and the Robinson family and their mighty crew, on 95 years of bringing the news of the Barossa and its surrounds to everyone’s front doors, an awesome achievement in anyone’s eyes! Second generation KMCC member, Sofie Kraft (left) and third generation member, Tess Warnest, granddaughter of KMCC Life Member and former The Leader employee, Ken Warnest, get together at a photo shoot for the next KMCC event to be promoted in The Leader, the 2013 Taste Eden Valley SA Women’s Cup in September of this year.

Barossa Service Station is proud of its continued relationship with “The Leader” over many decades.

Congratulations on your 95th Anniversary. • Mechanical repairs and servicing to all makes and models


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The Barossa’s Favourite Newspaper

“The Leader” December 6,


From one family business to another... well done Since opening the doors on their Tanunda pottery shop in 1988, Wohlers have been consistently using The Leader to communicate their product and service to the Barossa community. Daryl and Marilyn Wohlers were quick to recognise that the professional, quality service of the Robinson family and their newspaper was the exact fit for promoting Wohlers family business. Be it a sale, product launch, corporate image, community message or celebration, The Leader has successfully supported Wohlers with effective advertising year after year, continuously meeting and exceeding expectations. This professional relationship from one family business to another in the Barossa community is a perfect example of true support and dedication to the success of each others business. “Tony Robinson and his family have been a part of the Wohlers success story”, said owner Daryl Wohlers. “As Wohlers have moved from strength to strength, The Leader Newspaper has been there to support each development – I think of them as family in business” added Daryl. Starting their advertising campaign with Tony Robinson and now working closely with Tony’s son, Darren along with

The Leader’s 95 years of careful family succession planning, has proven to Wohlers that this is a local family business that is here to stay. “Tony has taught Darren well” said Daryl Wohlers. “He is a brilliant young businessman and it is fantastic to have the next generation of the Robinson family working closely with the next generation of my company.” For 95 years The Leader and the Robinson family have been giving the Barossa community a weekly in site into a region that they call home ‘I always look forward to my read of The Leader in Rumours Café on Wednesday morning’” said Marilyn Wohlers. “It keeps everyone in the valley up to date and….in a way, connects the community.” Daryl and Marilyn Wohlers would like to thank Tony, Angela and their family for being a part of their own story and look forward to many more years of supporting one another as South Australian local family businesses. :Congratulations on 95 years of a family who has loved what they do and shown it in their product and service,” said owners Daryl and Marilyn Wohlers. “Here’s to the next 95 years of The Leader Newspaper.”

PHOTO: Daryl and Marilyn Wohlers looking over copies of their favourite newspaper with their talented young team of Managers. From left: Lana Edwards, Marketing Manager; Marilyn Wohlers; Daryl Wohlers; James Fear, Furniture Manager Tanunda; Jess Fulton, PA to GM.

“95 years on and still going strong”


from all the team at DR6637

Agfa Graphics is pleased to be a long term partner of The Leader newspaper and we congratulate you on your 95 year celebrations.


We are very proud of our long-standing association with The Leader - Congratulations on 95 wonderful years of publishing.

• PIZZA • COFFEE • FOOD • WINE View our menus online:


30 Murray Street, Angaston | Phone 8564 2901

“The Leader” 95 Years, September 4, 2013 - 23




After 95 years, we believe that we have established a really good newspaper. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what our clients have to say...

The Leader is our local paper of choice. When we need to get our messages out to The Co-op members we find The Leader has what we need. It’s a reliable weekly publication, it’s a cost effective way of communicating, it gives us the commercial outcomes we need and it has the coverage and readership we require. Plus it has the bonus of working with a pro-active and positive team.


We have used The Leader Newspaper for our advertising for many years and found that they were very helpful when we celebrated our 100 years in business. It’s also great to see the newspaper reach the milestone of 95 years. We find it a pleasure working with Darren who is very helpful and always willing to put in the hard yards to help us out. We wish The Leader all the best and look forward to working with both Darren and the team in the future. DAVID WALL, Manager Retail Shops, Angas Park Fruit Company

The Robinson family should be very proud of their outstanding weekly publication The Leader. This family has a long and proud heritage of producing a consistent high quality newspaper with a constant strong commitment to servicing the Barossa people – readers and advertisers alike. As part of a local family owned business also, whose income is primarily derived from other business in our immediate region, I understand the importance of concentrating on the local people. It’s evident by The Leader content the Robinson family do as well which I believe is the cornerstone of this newspaper’s success.

ANTHONY SEMMLER, Sales Manager, Office National Barossa

The Leader is a respected local paper that supports the local area including businesses and local activities. The Leader is a good resource to find out what’s happening in the Valley and to utilise local businesses. We have found The Leader to be a great way to promote our products and it produces excellent results. I wish to personally congratulate Tony, Angela, Brett and the team on The Leader’s 95th year in business. Thank you for your friendship and I look forward to continuing our business partnership. LEON BONDARENKO, General Manager, Elizabeth Mitsubishi, Barossa Hyundai, Barossa Mitsubishi

Working with Darren and the team at The Leader is always an enjoyable experience. In a tight market, I want to be assured that I am receiving the best service, advise and a competitive price. Because Darren also works within a family owned and operated business, I believe he has the advantage of understanding my business and my requirements. I am always impressed with the quality of print and the increasing page number indicated that The Leader is also generating good returns from other businesses. Two family businesses working together.

The Leader Newspaper delivers effective results time and time again for Wohlers product offers, sales and promotions. As a means of communication to Wohlers Gawler and Barossa Valley customers, The Leader is a supportive media channel that always delivers. Darren Robinson’s experience and knowledge of how to create maximum impact from your adverts and advertising campaign is an excellent advantage to all of his clients. Working with Darren Robinson and achieving brilliant advertising results is an excellent part of my role at Wohlers. I hope to continue working closely with The Leader and Darren throughout my career. LANA EDWARDS, Marketing Manager, Wohlers Richmond and Tanunda

ADAM HUNT, Owner/Manager, Harvey World Travel Barossa Valley

Barossa Real Estate has been associated with The Leader for almost 30 years equating to some 1500 publications. During this time The Leader has been a critical part of our property marketing and has been instrumental in the sale of thousands of properties. For many buyers and sellers The Leader is their first port of call when researching a property transaction. Tony and Brett lead a committed and hard-working team and we would like to thank them for their invaluable assistance over the years. PETER FAIRWEATHER, Director, Barossa Real Estate Ltd RLA1997

You too can also enjoy the benefits of promoting your business within The Leader. Now is a great time to contact your local advertising representative to discuss a structured marketing plan to help achieve the desired results for your business.

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24 - “The Leader” 95 Years, September 4, 2013

95 years of The Leader Newspaper - The Barossa's Favourite Newspaper  

Barossa Valley based, "The Leader" newspaper celebrates 95 years of publishing in 2013. This special supplement celebrates our proud milesto...

95 years of The Leader Newspaper - The Barossa's Favourite Newspaper  

Barossa Valley based, "The Leader" newspaper celebrates 95 years of publishing in 2013. This special supplement celebrates our proud milesto...