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barney parsons Industrial design portfolio 2017

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Hello. I am a recent graduate from Northumbria University, having studied BA (Hons) Design for Industry. My design approach orientates around creating positive social benefits and influencing behavioural change through well designed meaningful products and experiences. I believe that design can bring innovation in businesses, influence social change and alter the way we live.



King James’s School (A, A, D) Northumbria University BA (Hons) Design for Industry Semester Abroad Yeungnam University (Deagu, South Korea)

Salon Project: ASA Designers Northern Design Centre 4 months So Vibrant Internship 1 Month iKoustic Freelance 2015 + Slim Design, Amsterdam 6 Months 2nd in Northern Housing Consortium Competition

salon project designers


NORTHERN Housing Consortium



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Otto Street Stools Salon Project F+shr Illic TheRe Project Portal Chop Chop

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How 12_05_17

Otto Otto is a series of interactive street stools creating a playful environment in our public space. Encouraging the likelihood of positive social interaction, they promote engagement between people taking a short break in public areas.

6 7


Why should we create spaces that encourage more social interaction? They can help to develop a sense of community pride and ownership. They can help build a true sense of community among people of diverse origins, backgrounds. They can expand children’s horizons through interactions with people who have different cultures and points of view promoting individuals’ understanding of one another’s culture and humanity.

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Design Process Research Street Ethnography Street Habits Social Seating Experiment Modeling Form Iterations Concrete Samples Concrete Machetes Rhino Iterations Seat Modeling Interaction Prototyping Spring Testing Screw Iterations

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Swivel, Spring, Screw The playful interactions of the Swivel, Spring and Screw, create an environment that encourages engagement between users. The rotary aspect of the seating subtly encourages face to face seating, whilst nurturing the common habit of fidgeting.

12 13


The stools will be situated near town centres in spaces such as squares or pedestrianised boulevards. The spacing of the stools adhere to the social requirements of personal space to feel comfortable next to a stranger.

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How 03_04_15

Salon Project In.form is a series of Everyday Kitchen appliances designed for the Circular Economy. A placement in conjunction with Adrian Stokes the owner of ‘ASA Designers’ focused on re-designing everyday objects. Centered around the massive impact these have on the environment.

salon project designers


16 17


2050 2000 1950


90% of homes own both a kettle and toaster.

782000 Tonnes of small appliances are put into landfill each year.


The worlds population set to hit 10 billion by 2050.


Raw Material



Circular Economy Collection

End Of Product Life



18 19


Design Process Time lines of Everyday Objects: History, usage, parts and existing products. Dismantling Existing Products. Workshop 1: Simple/Complex, Emotional attachment, Customer loyalty and Materials. Workshop 2: Cool/Price wall, customer profiles. Northumberland Street & Online surveys: Product longevity, end of life and purchase decisions. Concept Sketches Modeling

20 21


In.form The induction heating system allows the vessels to be nonelectrical items. The ceramic design permits the kettle to be heated on a regular hob. The form of both vessels act as an visual indicator for water level. The same recess on the toaster acts as a handle when removing crumbs. The modular design of the toaster provides the users with an easily accessible and repairable system.

22 23

Services Purchase


£10 Annual Subscription.

Life Time Warranty.








The instruction booklet and website provide all the information the users may need to repair the products at home and can be used to order any spare parts needed.





The community repairing service, allows local handymen or electricians to become qualified In.form repairers. Our website then puts the users in touch with community repairers local to their area.

Home Repair

Community Repairer

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How 12_10_15

f+shr Project aimed at preserving the marine biology and ecosystems that are being damaged and put under threat by over-fishing. Brief given at Yeungnam University, orientated around designing a Product that utilises IoT alongside an GUI Proposal.

26 27


80% of all current fisheries are fully or over exploited.

For every 1lb of targeted species caught, there is up to 5lbs of untargeted species caught.

Our current demand is over 90 million tonnes of fish per year.

28 29


Design Process Class Ideation. Presenting User Story board and product process time line. Sketching and 3D Modeling Realization process bring ideas to life through sketching and Rhino GUI Proposal How the application will function and look alongside the product. 3D Printing Using our CAD files we printed our final models.

30 31


16°C 7.9 pH Blue Fin Tuna

Angel Fish

F+Shr utilises the numerous scuba divers around the world and turns them into mass research group, collecting various data from around the world.

32 33




GPS Tracks the users locations and distances, as well as monitoring migratory patterns of species.

Where users can upload pictures record their dives and post articles to their streams.

Fish Recognition


Software recognises the fish through shape and body movement. Allowing the user to record the fish seen.

Using the Mini USB when uploading your dive information and syncing with the cloud.

Endangered Species

Data and News

This service allows scientists to estimate fish populations and track their migratory patterns of species.

Live streams with various environmental articles and graphs are uploaded.

Temperature/Acidity Sensors


Two main factors contributing to the reduced fish population, monitored worldwide.

The two cameras allow users to take wide angle pictures of what they see.

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How 28_02_15

Illic The illic series is a range of garden products with elegantly designed interactions between nature and time, to help people living with dementia keep a sense of time and routine. 2nd Place in the Northern Housing Consortium Competition for ‘Living with Dementia’.

NORTHERN Housing Consortium

36 37


1in 6 people will be affected by Dementia.

People live with Dementia in the UK.

Every 5 seconds a person is diagnosed with Dementia.

Confidence Self Identity

Self esteem Independence Self expression

38 39


Design Process Site Visit to Appleton Lodge: Provided a range of objects representing escapism and routine to patients living with dementia. Story Boards Produced storyboards to map out early concepts with pros and cons. Final Concepts Finalization of proposals and sketching ideation. Prototyping Process: Sand Blasting, Lighting tests, Spray painting.

40 41


Illic Series Tempus is an automated bird feeder that feeds birds at specific parts of the day to give a sense of routine to the people observing it. Lucida is a set of ambient lights with a variety of colours that can be placed around the garden to subtly encourage actions at certain times. Hortus is a clip designed to attach to trellis’ on which people can insert pictures or newspaper articles etc. creating a family tree like wall of memories.

42 43

How 02_12_16

TheRe Educating children about the value of plastic giving the next generation the knowledge and awareness for a more circular future.

44 45


Understand Educating children with an understanding of the value within plastic, and the possibilities of it in a circular economy.

Make Creating products from school children’s own plastic waste will encourage them to respect their own environmental impact.

Release These touch points can instigate a conversation about recycling and our current consumer behaviours.

46 47


Teaching Equipment Key Stage appropriate Lesson Plans, Phase one of the Circular School Programme, Plastic and Waste Cards and Acrylic geometric building disks.

Collaborators Information FabLabs Educational Programmes and extra curricular activities available local to the schools area, Precious Plastics Machine Booklet and contact numbers of certified local engineers.

HDPE Moulding Set Plywood mould, TheRe Project inspiration booklet,metal baking tray, four G clamps and HDPE sample tile.

HDPE Moulding Process

48 49



Education How

Precious Plastics have designed and released the blueprints of a range of basic plastic forming machines.

The Local Council can be involved in large community events, such as mass recycling to build Homeless Shelters.

FMCG Companies to have a corporate responsibility ensuring all plastics are clearly labelled and could standardise materials to increase circularity.

Local Handymen can become trained in building and repairing the Precious Plastic machines at their local FabLabs.

Ellen Macarthur foundation collaborates with educational partners to offer a variety of scholarships.

The families of the children will be more aware of the plastic waste they create, thus improving their existing recycling habits.

Universities have already started offering Circular Economy orientated business courses and degrees alongside the Ellen Macarthur Foundation. Through friends talking they could become more involved and get inspired to continue learning at FABlabs weekly.

The International University programme would allow students to travel and learn around the world. Teachers and students get to do more interactive lessons, providing opportunities for creativity which is a rarity within the current curriculum.

50 51

How 12_02_16

Portale A re-imagined television that displays digital imagery, through artists releasing Art Relics on USB. Creating a tangible collection of a digital world.

52 53


Each Portal is unique in its form from the mineral chosen by the customer. The artwork can be purchased online or through the monthly subscriptions of curated art.

54 55

Hold for Power


Slide to Scroll

Tap to Select

Artists release tangible USBs in book like cases with other imagery and information about the Artist.

56 57

How 10_11_15

Chop chop A ergonomically designed chopping board with a built in scale that works alongside an app providing the user with a library of recipes.

58 59


Send recipes to the board via bluetooth. The indicator on the handle illuminates as a visual representation of the weight. 60 61


Quick Food Preparation Can rapidly alter the weights of the ingredients according to the quantity needed.

Cooking Suggestions An algorithm suggests recipes according to the ingredients you us most within your cooking.

Online Recipe Platform The option of purchasing recipe books for a lot less than a hard book or you could download recipes from television shows.

62 63

Thank you.

Industrial Design Portfolio 2017  

A collection of my designs and relevant experience, from the past 4 years of studying 'Design for Industry at Northumbria University.

Industrial Design Portfolio 2017  

A collection of my designs and relevant experience, from the past 4 years of studying 'Design for Industry at Northumbria University.