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King James’s School A-Levels: Product Design, Music Technology, Physical Education.

Gap Year: South East Asia, Australia, South America

Northumbria University Design for Industry 2013 +

Salon Initiative

About Me Hello, my name is Barney Parsons and I am an Industrial Designer from Newcastle. I have spent my last 4 months studying Industrial Design in South Korea. My Hobbies and interests include: drums, photography, cooking, travelling, sport, health and fitness, music and films.


SoVibrant Internship

iKoustic Consultancy

Yeungnam University Daegu, South Korea


Looking for Placement











A placement in conjunction with Adrian Stokes the owner of ‘ASA Designers’ focused on re-designing everyday objects. Centered around the massive impact these have on the environment.

2050 2000 1950


90% of homes own both a kettle and toaster.

782000 Tonnes of small appliances are put into landfill each year in the UK alone.

The worlds population set to hit 10 billion by 2050.


Raw Material



Circular Economy Collection

End Of Product Life




The Story Behind the Story....


As part of the ‘In.form‘ we designed an animation running parallel to our brand values and ‘Why’ things need to change.

Design Process Dismantling Existing Products. Time lines of Everyday Objects: History, usage, parts and existing products. Workshop 1: Simple/Complex, Emotional attachment, Customer loyalty and Materials. Workshop 2: Cool/Price wall, customer profiles. Northumberland Street & Online surveys: Product longevity, end of life and purchase decisions. Ideation Modelling Prototyping

The induction heating system allows the vessels to be non-electrical items. The ceramic design permits the kettle to be heated on a regular hob.

The modular design of the toaster provides the users with an easily accessible and repairable system.

The form of both vessels act as an visual indicator for water level. The same recess on the toaster acts as a handle when removing crumbs.

Servi Repair

Home Repair Home





Annual Su

Life Time

The detailed instruction booklet and website provide all the information the users may need to repair the products at home and the website can be used to order any spare parts needed.


ices Purchase

Community Repairer Contact








The community repairing service, allows local handymen or electricians to become qualified In.Form repairers. Our website then puts the users in touch with community repairers local to their area.




Project aimed at preserving the marine biology and ecosystems that are being damaged and put under threat by over-fishing.

Yeungnam University, Deagu , South Korea.

80% of all current fisheries are fully explioted or over exploited.

For every 1lb of targeted species caught, there is up to 5lbs of untargeted species caught.

Our current demand is over 90 million tonnes of fish per year.

Design Process Class Ideation.

Presenting User Story board and product process time line.

Sketching and 3D Modeling

Realization process bring ideas to life through sketching and Rhino

GUI Proposal

How the application will function and look alongside the product

3D Printing

Using our CAD files we printed our final models.

F+Shr utilises the numerous scuba divers around the world and turns them into mass research group,collecting various data from around the world.

Collecting Data 16째C 7.9 pH Blue Fin Tuna

Angel Fish

Connecting a Commuinty

Navigation Uses the location of the user to track migratory patterns of species and track the distance the user has swum.

Fish Recognition Software recognises the fish through shape and body movement. Allowing the user to record the fish seen.

Endangered Species This service allows scientists to estimate fish populations and track their migratory patterns of species.

Temperature/Acidity Sensors Two main factors contributing to the reduced fish population, monitored worldwide in important protected areas



Profile Where users can upload pictures record their dives and post articles to their streams.

Synchronising Using the Mini USB when uploading your dive information and syncing with the cloud

Data and News Live streams with various environmental articles and graphs are uploaded.

Photos The two cameras allow users to take wide angle pictures of what they see..



illic illic Series.


A Competition set up by the Northern Housing Consortium, focussed around aiding the growing number of people in the UK living with Dementia

NORTHERN Housing Consortium

Runners Up

People live with Dementia in the UK. 1in 6 people will be affected by Dementia.

Every 5 seconds a person is diagnosed with Dementia.


Design Process Site Visit to Appleton Lodge

Provided a range of objects representing escapism and routine to patients living with dementia. Story Boards: Produced storyboards to map out early concepts with pros and cons.

Final Concepts

Finalization of proposals and sketching ideation.

Prototyping Process:

Sand Blasting, Lighting tests, Spray painting,



illic illic Series.

The illic series is a range of garden products with elegantly designed interactions between nature and time, to help people living with dementia keep a sense of time and routine.


Lucida A set of ambient lights with a variety of colours that can be placed around the garden to insinuate respective.

Hortus Hortus is a clip designed to attach to trellis’ on which people can insert pictures or newspaper articles etc. creating a family tree like wall of memories.

Tempus An automated bird feeder that feeds birds at specific parts of the day to give a sense of routine to the people observing it.

Sunf lower H urs A naturally simple timepiece.

자연 간단한 시간

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chopchop ChopChop ChopCHOP Chopchop

A ergonomically designed chopping board with a built in scale that works alongside an app providing the user with a library of recipes.

Yeungnam University, Deagu , South Korea.

Send recipes to the board via blueooth. The indicator on the handle illuminates as a visual representation of the weight.

Quick Food Preparation Can rapidly alter the weights of the ingredients according to the quantity needed.

Cooking Suggestions An algorithm suggests recipes according to the ingredients you us most within your cooking.

Online Recipe Platform The option of purchasing recipe books for a lot less than a hard book or you could download recipes from television shows.

NHS Live Project Anxiety and Distraction Designing a Mobile Chemotherapy unit with York NHS focussing on Anxiety and Distraction.


Patients want to have knowledge about the entire chemotherapy process.

Some patients feel lost in the system and can feel insignificant.


Patients feel more relaxed in a familiar environment.

Listening to supportive things from friends or family patients feel less anxious.

Familiarity Offering a visual itinerary of the chemotherapy process and setting up an online community with local meet ups arranged with local patients and nurses.

Audio Relaxation Provide the Patient with a collection of Audio samples of loved ones reassuring them allowing them to prevent anxiety when they are on their own, thus in turn reducing anxiety for loved ones that can’t always be there.

Welcome Pack Our welcome pack has been specifically designed for a more personal relationship between patients and the staff. We wanted to create something that will make the patient feel like an individual and to ease their anxiety associated with Chemotherapy.

It’s the Little Things A series of personalised items, influencing the patients to feel important and create a more personal relationship with other patients and the faculty.

Personal Development Rekindling an old hobby or starting a new one can act as a distraction method for the patients, providing them with an activity that they can get involved in and focus on, thus reducing anxiety and providing vital talking points between patients and staff, creating a better, more personal relationship.


Industrial Design Portfolio 2016  

I am Barnaby Parsons, a design for Industry student from Northumbria University and this is my 2016 Portfolio. I am currently looking for an...

Industrial Design Portfolio 2016  

I am Barnaby Parsons, a design for Industry student from Northumbria University and this is my 2016 Portfolio. I am currently looking for an...