Virginia Simmental Assoc Sim-Sensation Sale 2024

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19, 2024

Rockingham County Fairgrounds, Harrisonburg, VA 2:30 PM

April 19, 2024 2:30 PM

Rockingham County Fairgrounds, Harrisonburg, VA

Sale Day Phones

859.987.5758, Doug Parke

423.506.8844, Drew Hatmaker

540.557.7263, Chad Joines

Herd Health

All cattle will have interstate health charts required for shipping into other sections of the United States. All Bred females will have been pregnancy examined.

Purchaser’s Risk

Each animal becomes the property of, and therefore the risk of the purchaser as soon as sold. It shall be the obligation of the seller to see that animals are fed and cared for (free of charge) until loaded for shipment or until the expiration of 24 hours after the sale, whichever occurs first.


Insurance for your purchases will be available sale day at the clerk’s desk through Jamie Secondino • 812.208.0956


All persons who attend the sale do so at their own risk. Neither the owners nor the sale manager assume liability legal or otherwise for any accidents or loss of property. As the sale manager, DP Sales Management is only an agent for the seller and has no responsibilities other than those involved in conducting the sale

Sale Terms & Conditions

All buyer numbers will only be issued with a valid ID and payment is due day of sale. DP Sales Management, LLC would appreciate timely settlement of receivables within 15 days of date of sale. Any person not complying with that guideline will be pursued legally. Cattle will not be transferred until paid for in full. Announcements made from the auction to sale time Cattle will sell under Suggested Sale Terms and Conditions of the American Simmental Association

Virginia Simmental Assoc Officers

Chad Joines, President 540.557.7263

Allen Heishman, Vice President


Dana Campbell, Secretary/Treasurer 434.277.9104

Bid Onliine at

Virginia Simmental Assoc. Annual Meeting to be announced.

Virginia Cattlemen’s Association dinner to be announced.

Inn Express, Sale Headquarters 3325 S. Main St. Harrisonburg,
540.433.9999 Candlewood Inn 540.437.1400 Super 8 540.433.8888
to Virginia Beef Expo – Rockingham County Fairgrounds
I-81 South to Exit, 243, follow Route 11 South, 2 miles to Rockingham County Fairgrounds.
I-81 North to Exit 240, follow Route 11 North, 1.5 miles to Rockingham County Fairgrounds. Air Transportation Dulles International Airport 120 miles Roanoke Regional Airport 105 miles Sale Manager Sale Staff Tommy Carper, Auctioneer Matthew Lucas 540.315.6156 Chad Joines 540.557.7263 Ashby Herd Health, Sale Vet 540.433.0430 Sale Consultants DP Sales Management Doug Parke 859.421.6100 Drew Hatmaker 423.506.8844 Charlie Thomas 336.575.5461 Virginia Beef Expo Staff Tom McCall, President 540.292.0192 Chris Wojo, Vendors 540.292.0192 Chad Joines 540.557.7263
Bryan Wyatt 423.240.5533
& Debbie Parke
& Holli Hatmaker 423.506.8844 153 Bourbon Hills • Paris KY
• e-mail:
Motels Holiday
Directions Directions
859.421.6100 Drew
40361 859.987.5758

Expo Oaklynne H74L

D 1

Stephen Farm under the direction of Bill Seay started in the Simmental business in I972. Billy has been a Simmental promoter and breeder for many years. Billy started with his Simmental herd in sales with his friend Donald Virts of Virts Simmental. Both Billy and Donald loved supporting kids and having fun with all. Billy loves Simmental, and Angus but most importantly producing Simmental cattle. Billy made a donation of a heifer last and the proceeds going to the Virginia Juniors. This year when Billy heard about the Virginia Simmental Association and Juniors were going to be hosting the 2025 AJSA Eastern Regional in Harrisonburg, Billy wanted to step up again with even more genetics and really good female. The heifer is S/F Expo Oaklynne H74L, ASA 4334748; this elite female is in the top 5% for MWW, top 15% for TI, WW, YW, and MM in the 20% for API, ADG, top 25% for CE and REA. The others EPDs are way above the average. The heifer will be a part of providing fund raising but more importantly the advancing the kids and young adults across the state of Virginia. Billy requirement was to be done at the Virginia Simmental sale at the Virginia Beef Expo. I would encourage everyone to thank Billy and go up and shake his hand. Several individuals told Billy he didn’t have to do again his reply I want to do again. If you want to step up you can purchase semen on S/F Omaha 2VH.

Stephaven Farm • Bill Seay 804.514.5586

5/8 SM ASA# 4334748 5/24/23 Tattoo H74L ADJ BW 74 15 0.6 89 142 8.1 30 75 0.55 0.84 156 CE BW WW YW MCE Milk MWW Marb REA API E W A Peyton642 S/F Omaha 2VH S/F Beacon Queen 2VE
SIRE DAM Stephaven Farm • Bill Seay 804.514.5586 S/F Omaha 2VH Semen D 2 1/2 SM SEMEN ASA# 3891307 Tattoo 2VH 17 0.2 98 160 8.7 28 79 0.8 0.81 169 CE BW WW YW MCE Milk MWW Marb REA API Quaker Hill
SIRE DAM S/F Expo Oaklynne H74L S/F Omaha 2VH JUNE 18 – 22, 2024 • HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI 5 or 10 Units of Semen
S/F King Beacon C74E S/F Queen Bee B74H S/F Hyline Queen W74B
Manning 4EX9 E
A Peyton 642 E W A 444 Of 968
Hook’s Beacon 56B
Beacon Queen 2VE
Club Queen 2VZ

3 Embryos ASA# 3433826

Gambles Hot Rod Silveiras Style 9303

Silveiras Elba 2520

If you haven’t heard of HFSC Foxy Lady HF6 get ready to see her highlighted for years to come. She has been one of the most incredible young females to walk the East Coast in 2019 and continues to prove her worth in her progeny. She was named breed champion or supreme champion over 15 times in 7 different states during show career. Consistency runs in her blood as a full sister was named calf Champion% Simmental at KILE in 2022 and went on to be top seller in the annual Full Circle Farms Fall on line sale. The sales of her progeny exceed $80,000.00 and she is amongst the most influential in Simmental programs across the country. HF6 stamps her phenotype in her calves and different matings. Here is an opportunity for you to choose from these two sires. These two bulls don’t need any introduction. JSUL SOMETHING ABOUT MARY 8421 SAM is one of the hottest, sought after bulls in the Simmental breed. Then WHO DA MAN, the notorious Maine-Anjou bull, we were fortunate enough to be able to flush Foxy Lady to this bull, what an opportunity. It will be exciting to see these calves hit the ground. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Guarantee (1) 60 day pregnancy if completed by a certified embryologist within (1) calendar year of purchase. Embryos are located at Trans Ova and shipping arrangements need to be made within 30 days of purchase. HF6 owned with Full Circle Farm. Hillcrest Farm •

We purchased some embryos from Hillcrest Farms Gary Bertrand family. We got along great on conception so we decided to offer Emerald. All the females look alike this is favorite by many at different shows. Emerald is a May heifer. I asked my daughter Bella if she wanted to write a footnote or some comments. She immediately said if this baldie isn’t marked in your catalog you don’t have a very good eye. Before I stopped Bella from talking from her excitement, her comments continued. This Remedy is all show. Emerald catches your eye and keeps your attention as she glides across the show ring. This May heifer puts it all together, with her clean extended front end and good from the ground up. One thing, Bella comments on like others is her cool markings. Bella’s final comment, people say watch out for the good ones, well here is one. Read some of the footnotes on Foxy and you get more of the story. Pond View FArm

Gary Bertrand 774.272.1236 HFSC Foxy Lady HF6
SIRE DAM 1 A 12 1.7 73 114 4.9 16 53 0.07 0.78 121 CE BW WW YW MCE Milk MWW Marb REA API JSUL Something About Mary, ASA#3565879 Proj EPDs - 3 IVF Sexed Heifer Guaranteeing 1 Preg. 9 2.0 57 85 3 16 44 0.3 0.58 97 CE BW WW YW MCE Milk MWW Marb REA API Who Da Man Proj EPDs - 3 Conventional IVF Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Preg. 1 B
Jass/JS Optimizer 58X Cherokee Steel Lady Lazy H Faith Y500
Shane Smithson
Pond View Emerald 2 3/4 SM ASA# 4239148 5/5/23 Tattoo L505 ADJ BW 12 1.4 73 115 4.1 18 54 0 0.79 108 CE BW WW YW MCE Milk MWW Marb REA API HPF/HILL
SO Remedy 7F B&K Cream Soda 8D Silveiras
Uprising C104
Style 9303 HFSC Foxy Lady HF6
Steel Lady
HFSC Foxy Lady HF6 Pond View Emerald HFSC Foxy Lady HF6 Daughters

TX Lianna

CCR Anchor 9071B LLSF Vantage Point F398


TX Alexis


HPF Rite 2 Luv 398D

Leachman Cadillac L025A

Tx Lianna comes to you in an attractive yet powerful package big hipped strong topped sleek fronted and she’s sound to the ground with a big foot and correct in her angles. Sired by Vantage point whose daughters make excellent females great udders and puppy dog dispositions. On the Bottom side of her pedigree she goes back to TX Rhianna past supreme champion at the NC state fair. She will be an asset to anyone’s herd.

TX Enterprises

• Charlie Thomas 336.575.5461

CWL Willa L9



KWA Law Maker 59C

RSF G157

STF Arsenal DT14 FSF Winnie FSF Endeavor SIRE DAM

STF Miss Much More157Y


A solid red open female, going back to Silver Towne Farm genetics is sound made with lots of potential in her future. A deep middle, smooth fronted female.

CWL Siimmentals • Whitney Lee 304.668.1319

HS Mamba’s Lady L818

WLE Copacetic E02

WLE Black Mamba G203


78 11 2.9 77

CMFM Touch Of Gold D203

Mr HOC Broker

Belle HS Lady C 527

E&B Lady E161 Precision 527 SIRE DAM


The mating of HS Lady C527 to Black Mamba has produced another steller set of heifers for us. L818 is the kind of heifer everyone can use. She’s deep, she’s wide and stout yet very feminine throughout. She can work in the show ring and then come home to make a great donor. Don’t miss her!

Holly Spring Simmentals • Mark 540.722.7679 Kathy 540.270.7678

HS Mamba’s Lady L818

SM ASA# 4262203 1/5/23 Tattoo L815 ADJ BW 80 12 1.6 80 123 4.7 21 61 0.18 0.8 107
SM ASA# 4215092 2/15/23 Tattoo L9 ADJ BW 79
2.3 67 101 3.7 22 55 0.07 0.77 121 CE BW WW YW MCE Milk MWW Marb REA API
3/4 SM ASA#
125 7.5
57 0.16 0.87 110
4297171 2/27/23
TX Lianna

PFS Lexous L6

PFS Lexous L6

Pond View Margarita

PFS Lorie L2


Elba 2520 W/C Loaded Up 1119Y

Sweet`N Me Up 217F

Sweet Emotion 42Z

Here is an exciting young female with a big time Simmental pedigree! She is out of our Sweet’n Me Up donor that we purchased from Stewarts and out of the show heifer making deceased Style. Show this heifr if you would like then put her in your donor pen.

Penley Farm Simmentals • Jim Bob 276.722.2272

W/C Bankroll 811D Pond View Finesse HPF Melody Z020 SIRE

Here is one that should be in a juniors hand at the 2025 AJSA Eastern Regional’s. Margarita has class, style, grace and being balanced from end to end. If you desire to be at the top and earn some purple this March female should do that for sure. The best thing at the end of show career Margarita will a productive and excellent cow and produce the right and should be easy to mate bulls in our industry today. Her Bankroll dam is doing her part and we for more calves out of Finesse. One to watch on sale day. Pond View Farm • Shane Smith 443.463.4635


HTP/SVF Duracell T52

THSF Lover Boy B33

Primo’s Jet

PFK Optimus Girl 9B SIRE DAM

RP/MP Right To Love 015U

Colburn Primo 5153


A March female here that is ready for you to take back to your operation and breed to the bull of your choice. A Lover Boy daughter going back to Colburn Primo means that she should make offspring that are pretty to look at. A 3/4 blood female gives you a lot of options on your breeding choices. We know that you will have great return on your investment in the future.

• Penley Farm Simmentals • Jim Bob Penley 276.722.2272 PFS

1/2 SM ASA# 4339872 2/23/23 Tattoo L6 ADJ BW 87 12 0.9 66 98 5.8 15 48 0.3 0.56 119 CE BW WW YW MCE Milk MWW Marb REA API GamblesHot
Style 9303
View Margarita
3/4/23 Tattoo L020 ADJ BW 11 1.3 68 98 5.7 18 52 -0.01 0.79 107 CE BW WW YW MCE Milk MWW Marb REA API
LLSF Uprising Z925 WS Revival SS Noreen
Lorie L2
3/4 SM ASA# 4339869 3/18/23 Tattoo L2 ADJ BW 69 11 1.1 78 113 3.3 22 61 0.37 0.62 127
SSC Sweet ‘N Me Up 217F - dam of Lot 6

Green Haven Elba L04




JASS On The Mark 69D

LYLE Mr. Marked And Ready

GREE Miss Steel Force D359

GEFF County O

GCC Elba 140G

GCC Elba A734

Check out this blaze faced April 3/4 blood. Sired by a previous high selling bull in the Simsensation sale, and out of a County O daughter directly out of the Griswold program. Elba L04 offers a no holes type package with enough stoutness and dimension while tieing in high to her shoulder and maintaining a cleaner feminine front end. Her disposition will be great for the show ring and her pedigree will serve her well in the pasture.

Green Haven Farm • Loren Fogle 540.325.6580

10 5/8

Edenhurst Maya


Primary Candidate


KTMR Liberty Lady ET

CSCX Bandwagon 513A

Edenhurst 92 B3


Juniors pay attention here her mother has produced some pretty cool heifers that have all been retained until now. She sells halter broke and ready to hang some banners for the lucky new owner, just a May baby, don’t get out bid on this one she will make you a show heifer and go on to be a great cow.

Edenhurst Farm • Justin 540.295.0261 Autumn 540.219.0707

SPL Crocus 364L




LLSF Pay To Believe ZU194

DMCC Hitman116G

DMCC Annabelle 3A

Mr TR Hammer 308A ET

CGW/HVW Crocus F364

WLE Crocus U56

Power in the cow family! Don’t miss the opportunity to evaluate this one’s pedigree. 364L goes back to the prolific, high selling donor damn U56. This cow family generates the most productive, perfect uddered, and aesthetically pleasing front pasture brood cows. 364L comes to you in a quiet, docile, heavy muscled, moderately framed package with a blaze face to boot. Stouten up your replacement pen on sale day. Sells halter broke.

SPL Cattle Co. • Sam Leech 540.290.9955

WLE Crocus U56 - granddam of 364L

5/18/23 Tattoo 518L ADJ BW 8 2.2 62 89 3.2 21 52 0.17 0.59 101 CE BW WW YW MCE Milk MWW Marb REA API KRMS
3/4 SM ASA# 4246225 4/30/23 Tattoo L04 ADJ BW 10 1.8 67 97 2.3 13 47 -0.08 0.84 88 CE BW WW YW MCE Milk MWW Marb REA API
Green Haven Elba L04 Edenhurst Maya
PB SM ASA# 4321781 9/13/23 Tattoo 364L ADJ BW 84 11 2.5 79 119 5.4 20 59 0.09 0.66 122 CE BW WW YW MCE Milk MWW Marb REA API

This percentage female is backed with the Savannah cow family that has been the backbone of the Virginia Tech herd. She has an abundance of rib shape and phenotype that will lead her to the back drop and the front pasture. The dam of this sired by Oracle has produced other offspring that has gone on and done a great job in the herd. If you are in the market for a very gentle heifer for a junior member L367 would to tie in to. Sells Open

Juniors, don’t miss checking this one out sale day. We were not able to picture her due to weather and her young age, but rest assured, she’s one you’ll want. Her donor dam. Belle HS Lady C527 by MR HOC Broker was an excellent show heifer and she has been producing the right kind no matter who we flushed her to. We sold two of her maternal sisters by Relentless as lots 1A and 1B in the last years sale and HS Mamba’s Lady L818 is pictured in this sale. This will be our first offering of a daughter by GEFF County O. Lady O is very stylish, black with just enough white on her face to really make her stand out. She’ll have two seasons of showing ahead of her and then make a great donor cow herself.

Holly Spring Simmental • Kathy Powers 540.270.7678

HS Lady O L843 13 3/4 SM ASA# 4334502 9/20/23 Tattoo L843 ADJ BW 70 5 4.8 79 123 2.1 12 52 0.11 0.89 97 CE BW WW YW MCE Milk MWW Marb REA API W/C Loaded Up 1119Y Geff County O Ruby NFF Rhythm 475B Mr HOC Broker Belle HS Lady C
527 E&B Lady E161 Precision 527
Virginia Tech Savannah L367 12 1/2 SM ASA# 4259710 9/1/23 Tattoo L367 ADJ BW 64 13 -2.9 64 77 5.8 13 44 0.36 0.32 122 CE
SIRE DAM Virginia
Savannah L367 Belle HS Lady C 527 – dam of Lot 13 GEFF County O - sire of Lot 13
Virginia Tech • Chad Joines 540.557.7263
REA API C&C McKinley 3000 EXAR
Follow Me F163 DUNK-W Maxine HR 505C HILB Oracle C033R VPI Savannah G995 ET VPI Savannah C573 ET

PFS Hazel H14

PB SM ASA# 3831288 9/23/20 Tattoo H14 ADJ BW 59

CLRS After Shock 604 A

CLRS Dividend 405D


PFS Candy E12

CLRS Bonnia 405 B

JBP Ms Pinkie Doo SIRE DAM

WLE Uno Mas X549


15 -1.2 76 113 6 22 60 0.18 0.58 139

Hazel is sired by Dividend which is bull that has excellent epds across the board. Hazel is in the top 15 % for CE and BW. She comes with a heifer sired by Jerry Lee’s bull Draft Pick. The rewards are big when you take home a Draft Pick.

• PE to PFS K17 (ASA#4221369) from 2/25/24 to 4/1/24

14A Heifer BD 11/27/23 Tattoo L31 ADJ BW 82 lb

Sire LLSF Draft Pick H383, ASA# 3804789

Penley Farm Simmentals • Jim Bob Penley 276.722.2272

PB SM ASA# 3508901 10/12/17

PFS Candy E12 15

CNS Dream On L186

JBP Ms Pinkie Doo Niko SIRE DAM

WLE Uno Mas X549

Shawnee Miss 770P

TSF Cruiseliner M20H

Candy is Uno Mas that offers calving ease and low birth. In several generations Candy goes back to the breeding of Mike Walters and Tom Clark. That is worth a lot right there, 2 cowmen known for good genetics. On the calf side and bred to the Sweet n Me Up is nothing but good. Jack is a Pays to Believe x Sweet Emotion x Steel My Heart and B80.

• PE to PFS K17 (ASA#4221369) from 2/25/24 to 4/1/24

15A Bull BD 12/26/23 Tattoo L35 ADJ BW 80 lb

Sire PFS Jack J16, ASA#4022042

Penley Farm Simmentals • Rachel Penley 276.722.0308

W/C Lock Down 206Z WS Stepping Stone B44

WS Ms Upgrade Z15

HTP SVF In Dew Time

MVS Miss Looky Me W2

HPF MS Looky Here L056 SIRE DAM

We thought a consignment being a 3 n 1 would be of interest for any kind of operation especially going into a Simmental herd. This young cow has done an excellent job with her first calf, a bull which sold to Thorn Creek Farms and Beacon heifer sold to long time breeder Ken Mohler. This Stepping Stone x In Dew Time female goes back to several top cows on the bottom side of the pedigree. The heifer at side is a son Pays to Believe out of our donor, Sweet n Me Up and bred to a Copacetic son out of Sweet n Me Up. Just a sweet deal.

• PE to PFS K17 (ASA#4221369) from 2/25/24 to 4/1/24

16A Heifer BD 12/30/23 Tattoo L38 ADJ BW 72 lb

Sire PFS Jack J16, ASA#4022042

Farm Simmentals

Tattoo E12 ADJ BW 72 13 -0.1 71 100 4.7 29 65 0.27 0.62 134
E6 16 PB SM ASA# 3508894 10/4/17 Tattoo E6 ADJ BW 86 10 2.7 82 122 2.7 29 70 0.01 0.72 116
• Jim Bob 276.722.2272 PFS Bubbles
Marb REA
LLSF Draft Pick H383 - 14A Sire WLE
SVF In Dew Time - grandsire of Lot 16
Uno Mas X549 - reference sire HTP


HTP/SVF Duracell T52

THSF Lover Boy B33

RP/MP Right To Love 015U

GEFF County O

County Queen

LLWQueen Of Spades 22FET


9 1.9 80 115 3.5 22 62 0.18

Offering a purebred February bull. L05 stems from a pedigree that is built for success. Sired by Lover Boy out of a County O cow. L05 is stout featured, square in his hip and offers added extension with less leather on his front end. His feet and legs are designed for the long haul and will be a great addition to any breeding program.

Green Haven Farm • Loren Fogle 540.325.6580 Green Haven County Queens Love


CWL Loverboy L7

HTP/SVF Duracell T52 THSF Lover Boy B33

Carmen 951 KBS Limelight 28E SIRE DAM

RP/MP Right To Love 015U

Hoover Dam

This Lover Boy son is a stout herd sire prospect. His grandam was Champion Cow / Calf Pair at the 2019 AJSA Eastern Regional Simmental Classic with this bull’s dam at her side. With calving ease on both sides of his pedigree, growth, and eye appeal, he’s a complete package.

CWL Simmentals • Whitney lee 304.668.1319



Edenhurst Arnado

KRMS Primary Candidate

Edenhurst Contender

KTMR Liberty Lady ET

HPF Love Me Dont U Y514 SIRE

FBF1 Absolute

HPF/Borne Love Me E040

3/4 SM ASA# 4238829 11/10/21 Tattoo 119J 8 2.3

If you want to add some power into your herd with added eye appeal, be sure to check out this brockle face. His first calves have hit the ground here and are very impressive. Bid with confidence on him, he is built for longevity and his mother is a pretty special lady around here stemming from the Hudson pines program don’t miss him sale day!

Edenhurst Farm • Autumn 540.295.0261

3/4 SM ASA#
2/18/23 Tattoo L7 ADJ BW 70
69 103 4.9 25 60 0.3 0.62 128
12 -0.3
3.5 21 52
0.66 93
62 91
Tattoo L05 ADJ BW 78
PB SM ASA# 4331058 2/18/23
Green Haven County Queens Love Dam of Lot 18 as calf Edenhurst Arnado


Who doesn’t love a blaze face? Long bodied and structurally correct. His dam has been a real asset to our operation and we have retained many of her heifers and bulls. Both sides of his pedigree translate into maternal traits and pounds at weaning. Be sure to have him on your list on sale day. Edenhurst Farm • Autumn 540.295.0261


Commerical Cow 4/16/20 Tattoo 2018H

TJ Main Event 503B

Mohlers Main Event H02


DRCK Beth B52


2018H is the cattlemen’s kind. Maternal, soft, and has the running gear under her to last. Her first calf went straight back into our replacement pen with no hesitation. If you’re looking for a female that’s in it for the long haul look no further.

• AI’d to Pres Big Ballin 912G (ACAReg# 399900) Due 4/11/24

Rafter P Ranches • Charlie 540.460.6194


Commerical Cow 1/10/22 Tattoo 2009K

TJ Main Event 503B


Commercial Cow SIRE DAM

Mohlers Main Event H02

DRCK Beth B52

2009K has always been one of our favorites. She’s ladylike and refined, but still offers a punch of three-dimensional shape. If you like them flashy she’s your kind.

• AI’d to Pres Big Ballin 912G (ACAReg# 399900). Due 6/01/24

Rafter P Ranches • Charlie 540.460.6194

3/4 SM ASA# 4341526 11/13/21 Tattoo 317J 7 2.1 60 87 3.7 20 50 0.19 0.57 107 CE BW WW YW MCE Milk MWW Marb REA API KRMS
Edenhurst All Around Candidate Edenhurst Princess Sandeens SOS KTMR Liberty Lady ET Miss USA SIRE DAM
Edenhurst Freeman
SIRE DAM 2018H 2009K

20 Open Commercial Heifers

KRMS Primary Candidate

Edenhurst Contender

KTMR Liberty Lady ET

Directly from our replacement pen, Simmental Influenced open heifers. Whether you are looking to breed for show, registered, or commercial herds these Simmental genetics will add great material traits and higher weaning weights in an attractive package to any herd. Let these young ladies go to work for you.

Grimsley 540.295.0261

Commercial Simmental SIRE DAM 23 A 23 B 23 C 23 D 23 E 23 F 23 G 23 H 23 I 23 J 23 K 23 L 23 M 23 N 23 O 23 P 23 Q 23 R 23 S 23 T

Full sister to famed female makers Driver and Dream Catcher. This donor has produced well over $1 Million in progeny sales for Wager, Effling, and Hartman. She’s raised a multitude of high selling bulls and females most notably the $115,000 WAGR Thunderstruck and the $45,000 WAGR Playmate 438A heifer that Morgan Moore showed to Champion Division 4 at NAILE in 2014. Cedar Hill Farms • Matt Moulden 540.550.1279 Jeff 540.550.3365

WAGR Lullaby 703T 3 Grade 1 & 2 IVF RSF Embryos ASA# 2394865 Nichols Legacy G151 CNS Dream On L186 CNS Sheeza Dream K107W Hart Subzero G322 3C Melody M668 BZ 3C Crocus G374 BZ SIRE DAM 24 A 12 1.6 70 107 5.2 18 53 0.02 0.87 119 CE BW WW YW MCE Milk MWW Marb REA API SO Remedy 7F, ASA#3419044 Proj EPDs - 3 Grade 1&2 IVF RSF Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Preg. 7 3.2 70 103 2.3 11 46 0.11 0.94 118 CE BW WW YW MCE Milk MWW Marb REA API GEFF County O, ASA#3289219 Proj EPDs - 3 IVF Sexed Heifer Guaranteeing 1 Preg. 24 C 10 3.5 78 115 4.4 19 58 0.05 1.07 120 CE BW WW YW MCE Milk MWW Marb REA API Next Level, ASA#3981484 Proj EPDs - 3 IVF Sexed Heifer Guaranteeing 1 Preg. 24 B 910G was a $75,000 show heifer purchased and campaigned by Sarah Sullivan. This show heifer quickly advanced into the donor pen and we are extremely excitedand honored to have her as a part of our program. 910G is a massive, big bellied, heavy boned, sound made ground pounder of a cow. With an incredible udder shape and cow family to back her up that is second to none. Her first progeny have knocked it out of the park and we are proud to give you the opportunity to buy into this amazing cow with these two matings. Mast Simmental • Andy Mast 740.260.6620 STECK Forever Lady 910G ET x Holtcamp CLAC Change Is Coming 25 3 Embryos IVF Non-Sorted ASA# 3679124 11 1.7 79 121 5.8 18 58 0.06 0.63 106 CE BW WW YW MCE Milk MWW Marb REA API WLE Copacetic E02 Holtkamp CLAC Change Is Coming Miss Sugar Shake 84D SC Pay the Price C11 STECK Forever Lady 910G ET Fair View Forever Lady 643D SIRE DAM PROJ EPDS WAGR Lullaby 703T - reference dam STECK Forever Lady 910G - reference dam

3 Embryos ASA# 2880062

GWS Ebony sTrademark 6N

Remington Secret Weapon 185

Aubreys Black Blaze II 5T

CNS Dream On L186

Lazy H Shez Too cool W58

SS/Rew Too Cool S365

26 B Beyonce is one of those incredible donor cows that when you put an embryo in you can count on it sticking and when you put it in you have to say that’s gotta be good. In the last 18 months we have had a 70% conception rate on her IVF embryos. This cow doesn’t miss, her incredible mass, big, sound feet and perfect udder shape give a consistency that is incredibly. We have three Sam heifers and they are three of the very best we have ever had and and I believe these Copes will be even better. Coping With Destiny is undoubtedly the hottest bull in the breed and for very good reason! And now his semen is selling for over $800. • Mast Simmental

SSC Victorias Secret 498 is a phenomenal cow with a lot of power, style and perfcrmance. It’s no wonder that Victorias Secret has fans across the nation with her eye catching appearance that cannot be denied. Not only does Victorias Secret have an incredible number of daughters in donor pens across the nation but she has also produced a vast number of successtul show heilers. Her son PVSM Victorious, is an incredible powertul red baldy individual that is now having semen marketed through Cattle Visions. Buy with confidence and don’t miss out on this and don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

Mast Simmental • karl Mast 740.685.7014 SSC Victorias Secret 49B Embryos

10 1.8 71 104 3.8 21 57 0.19 0.91 121 CE BW WW YW MCE Milk MWW Marb REA API W/C Relentless 32C, ASA#3045559 Proj EPDs - 3 Sexed Heifer Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Preg. 12 1.9 70 95 3.8 20 54 0.15 0.93 119 CE BW WW YW MCE Milk MWW Marb REA API SC Pay The Price ASA#3981484 Proj EPDs - 3 IVF Non-Sorted Heifer Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Preg.
x TJSC Coping With Destiny 27 3 IVF Sexed Heifer Embryos Guranteeing 1 Pregnancy ASA# 2864713 11 3 70 100 4.1 17 52 -0.16 0.75 102 CE BW WW YW MCE Milk MWW Marb REA API
Mast 740.260.6620 STF
WLE Copacetic E02 TJSC Coping With Destiny 9K TJSC Diamonds Destiny 134C
Mr. HOC Broker STF Beyonce 260B STF Onyx 451W
EPDS SSC Victorias Secret 49B - reference dam STF Beyonce 260B - reference dam TJSC Coping With Destiny - reference sire

BSKF Red Velvet is one of the best, softest made Sequoia daughter out there. This $40,000 donor that is just getting her momentum going. Red Velvet is a full sister to the $205,000 W/C Bank On It 273H. If you are looking for marketable genetics that exude quality and have a story to tell. Her very first son PHFC Revive 200K sold last year in the SimMagic sale for $30,000 and is now selingl semen in Cattle Vision. • Mast Simmental • karl Mast 740.685.7014

BSKF Red Velvet x SO Remedy 28 3 Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy ASA# 3736631 12 2.6 80 122 5.6 23 63 0.06 1.04 116 CE BW WW YW MCE Milk MWW Marb REA API HPF/HILL Uprising C104 SO Remedy 7F B&K Cream Soda 8D W/C Bankroll
BSKF Red Velvet KS
SIRE DAM PROJ EPDS 4 Units of Semen Bobby Phillips 812.701.7842 ZKCC Chopper 844U 29 PB SM Semen ASA# 2453413 Tattoo 844U 5 3.8 68 92 0.7 12 46 -0.09 0.92 93 CE BW WW YW MCE Milk MWW Marb REA API CNS Dream On L186 SVF Steel Force S701 SVF Sheza Beauty L901 Meyer Ranch 734 MS Meyer 31S1 Of TH Rodrock Ms Blk Bear 31N SIRE DAM 5 or 10 units of semen. Mast Simmental • Andy Mast 740.260.6620 W/C Alamo H23 30 3/4 SM Semen ASA# 3808074 Tattoo H23 12 0.3 78 111 6.7 26 64 0.18 0.95 124 CE BW WW YW MCE Milk MWW Marb REA API W/C Loaded Up 1119Y W/C Bankroll 811D Miss Werning KP 8543U W/C Executive Order 8543B K-lerDolly’s Queen 609D GW Miss GPRD 028X SIRE DAM BSKF Red Velvet - reference dam ZKCC Chopper 844U - reference W/C Alamo H23 - reference BSKF Red Velvet Son BSKF Red Velvet Daugther
Miss Sequoia Y770


Doug & Debbie Parke

Drew & Holli Hatmaker



153 Bourbon Hills • Paris KY 40361


19, 2024

2:30 PM

Rockingham County Fairgrounds, Harrisonburg, VA

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