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Summer Stakes Elite Sale July 29, 2017

New Market Hall

2:00 pm

Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center Louisville, KY

LRF Northern Joy C062 SimAngus


9/1/15 S A V Brilliance 8077

DDA Dameron Northern Light

Dameron Northern Miss 0109


SVF Steel Force S701

CLRWTR Joys Shades

SS Miley’s Back Purebred


JF Ebonys Joy 5105R


10 -0.1 61 98 7 23 53 0.25 0.71 117

7/04/16 170D MCM Top Grade 018X

Hook’s Broadway 11B

3 HF Serena

Hook’s Water Lily 89W Mr NLC Upgrade U8676 Miss Knockout 74T

Zeis PCGF Perfection

GWS Ebonys Trademark 6N JM Dice H25-L24


8 1.7 61 86 6 15 45 0.14 0.81 113

• Here is a yearling heifer that is attractive, classy, feminine and well balanced. Miley’s Back is sired by the Janssen Farms high selling bull, JF Back In Black out of the legendary producer Kenco Miley Cottontail. Cottontail has earned her stripes and more because of her superior production and track record. She several years ago became a household name in the seed stock arena and her progeny of both sexes continue to add to the history making cow family. Mileys Back has been to a few shows already and got a few wins however again her best is yet to come as a future donor cow. This March yearling is sleek, deep sided and complete. The family has strong roots. • AId to W/C Executive Order, ASA#2900283 on 5/10/17 •

Consignor... Sloup Simmentals & Happy 6 Simmentals, 402.641.5132

Eggersman D201

STCC CLRWTR Serena 6170 3249705


STF Royal Affair Z44M

Miley Cottontail 2 KenCo

Consignor... Long Ridge Farm, 502.321.1131



JF Back In Black 406B

• This female has been a standout since day one. As many breeders are aware of the donors, Joys Shade and Ebonys Joy which have been a staple to the Clearwater program with many of the progeny being past contenders and champions at past Sweepstakes and others shows as well. Joy C062 was a division winner at the Kentucky State Fair. This female is the right type and kind being super big ribbed with tons of volume. A full brother was high indexing and high selling at the 2014 IBEP performance tested bull sale. Lucky was Reserve Champion at the Hoosier Beef Congress, Champion at the Ky Beef Expo and division champion at the NAILE. Another family member Shady Lady is a donor for Knapper and was a many time Champion for Olivia. We hate to sell this good one however we will be proud to watch her make an impact in another program and be a profitable and rewarding at the same time. • AId to W/C No Remorse, ASA#2614801 due on Sept. 2017 •



2 3.8 74 110 7 20 57 0.32 1.20 120

• Here is Serena’s natural calf by Broadway and yes we feel with loads of confidence this lady will be an awesome brood cow and will be an elite producer for some program. In the 2008 Sweepstakes show Serena’s dam Knockout 74T was champion female for Lauren Hobbs in the Jr and open shows under Mc Curry and Bloomberg. Years have passed and Serena has taken the breed by storm being a dominant producer with high sellers after high sellers. In the show ring at the past AJSA National four daughters dominated the top overall. Whether it is the Sweepstakes, Denver, North American, Indiana State Fair or an AJSA show Serena progeny end up at the back drop. Serena has exceeded the million dollar mark in revenue with sons valued to $184,000 and daughters up to $100,000. Here will be the only daughter ever sired by Broadway out of Serena and 5 to 10 years down the road this baldie female will have her own story to tell. • Consignor... Trennepohl Family Farm & Clearwater Simmentals, 765.620.1700





Remington Lock N Load 54U

W/C Bullseye 3064A

4 HPF Sazerac Z074

Miss Werning KP 85432U HTP/SVF Duracell T52 CLRWTR Sazerac W94B


13 -1.5 54 81 9 19 46 0.10 1.00 126

• Here is one to consider on sale day at the Summer Stakes. Sazerac D210 is loaded with potential and is backed by years of Sweepstakes history and a cow family that continues to excel in a big way. In the 2005 Sweepstakes D201 great grand dam Meyers Queen Sazerac claimed grand champion % in the Junior and Open shows for Holli Parke. Sazerac got off to a great start and the positive results just keep stacking up time and time again. The Eggersman family invested in HPF Sazerac and in the 2014 show HPF Sazerac Z074 claimed Reserve Grand in the open show and Grand Champion in the Jr Show. Since Sazerac has been in production a family member has been in the winner’s circle each year for Hudson Pines and many other breeders as well. Bullseye only adds to the equation here in is this top notch fall born red standout. D201 is deep, wide based, correct and with all the goods and ready to go. The roots were planted years ago and continue to flourish. •

Consignor... Cameron Eggersman, 812.216.2056

CCF Jestress B79 - full sib to Lot 6

HF Serena Pregnancies

JAS Jestress 9015 x Combustible

Choice of Heifer Pregnancy


HF Serena x Mr CCF 20-20 Due 11/5/17 HF Serena x LLSF Uprising Z925 Due 11/19/17 HF Serena x Colburn Primo 5153 Due 12/17/17




SVF Steel Force S701

FBF1 Combustible

• Here is one of the big highlights at the Summer Stakes no doubt. Serena is the dominant donor in the breed today and each calf crop creates quite a stir along with her many progeny commanding attention in the show ring and her daughters and granddaughters coming into production. In today’s growing Simmental industry Serena is making a huge impact. The list is long on her accomplishments and high sellers. Clearwater Farms is offering choice of Heifer calf pregnancies. The options are 20/20, Uprising and Colburn Primo. 20/20 is doing an excellent job for Hartman Cattle and C and C Farms and many others breeders as well. Congrats to C & C from breeding such a great individual. Uprising bred by Jerry Lee has set records for Art Farley and Blackford Cattle and his progeny and sons continue to excel. No matter what your selection we at Clearwater feel all the matings will be a hit and produce loads of genetic merit and be financially rewarding as well. Thanks to David Dillon for purchasing the Loaded Up pregnancy in last year’s Summer Stakes. •


Consignor... Clear Water Simmentals, 812.498.2840

6 JAS Jestress 9015

Lazy H Burn Baby Burn R34 B C Lookout 7024 Gambles Jestress 9035

12 1.4 59 96 5 20 50 0.41 0.81 125

• Here is a special pregnancy. We purchased some elite embryos from C&C and with some luck we got three pregnancies. So we are offering a pregnancy due Dec. 8th 2017. This is a full sib to last year’s champion female exhibited by Morgan Mc Daniel and C & C Farms. Miss CCF Jestress B79 was a popular champion and won Grand female and also won the Knic Overpeck Memorial trophy for Supreme overall. This tremendous female also won the Eastern Regional’s and was Ga National Supreme Champion female. In the C & C online sale this spring 10 daughters sold for an average over 10,000 and the top at 26,000. The pregnancy is due Dec 8th and the recipient cow is SS Sizzlin ASA 2504556 Pb. DOB 3/12/09 FOB Seward, Neb. A full sib to the great Miss CCF Jestress B79. •

Consignor... Sloup Simmentals, 618.841.6763

Full sib to pregnancy

Bramlets Beautiful x Classified Heifer Calf Pregnancy

10/1/17 Mr TR Hammer 308A ET Due

TKCC Classified


Ford RJ Dolly Y83 S A V Resource 1441

Bramlets Beautiful A325

HPF Ms Beautiful Z054

SS/PRS Cottontail x WS Revival Proj EPDs


7 1.9 72 117 3 23 59 0.18 0.99 98

• At Bramlet Simmentals we always enjoy being a part of the Sweepstakes. Matter of fact, we have kind of grown up at that show. The most influential cows at our farm is the donor Bramlets Beautiful A325 and her dam HPF Ms Beauitful S054. Numerous progeny have been to the Sweepstakes and commanded attention and been in the winner’s circle. Blake Bauer exhibited a Saughatchee daughter Y242 to the Champion spot in 2013. Y100 shown by Shelby Ison is a past champion at the Hoosier Beef Congress and the Indiana State Fair and now is a successful donor; Taylor Hale has much success with X054 with her Pioneer donor. She is a past champion and now her progeny is doing the same. To name a few breeders that done well with this family are Jordan Reynolds, Hudson Pines, Wright Way, Southern Jewell, Sloup, Diamond A, Mickalya Lyons and many more. It looks like Classified is doing a superb job so we feel that is a sure thing. •

Consignor... Bramlet Simmentals, 618.841.6763

Heifer Calf Pregnancy



LLSF Uprising Z925

WS Revival


SS Noreen CNS Pays To Dream T759

SS/PRS Cottontail 1166Z

KenCo Miley Cottontail


8 2.0 67 96 5 15 48 0.10 0.84 116

• Cottontail and her daughters need little introduction, the daughters seem to speak for themselves and Cottontail herself still is creating a stir producing show stoppers and bulls that impact many herds. 1166Z the Pays to Dream x Cottontail donor is one of the best daughters to date. HTP and Bramlet purchased this young donor from Sloup Simmental and she is doing a great job. This spring at the Mid American sale at the Illinois Beef Expo a fall open by Revival was selected by Scott Foreman from Iowa for 7100. This will be a full sib pregnancy. She was an exceptional, sleek made and complete female. This mating is proven so rest assured and be ready to have some fun with this family member. The pregnancy is FOB Harrisburg, Ill. •

Consignor... HTP Simmentals & Bramlet Simmentals, 618.841.6763

EKHCC Red Jewel

SEweepstakes A mbryo uction

HPF Misti U353

Red Jewel, HPF Misti & Ebonys Charm Pregnancy Choice of Pregnancy

EKHCC Red Jewel x HC Power Drive 88H HPF Misti U353 x WS All-Around Z35 SVF NJC Ebonys Charm x Hook’s Broadway (heifer calf pregnancy)


9/2017 9/2017 Due 9/2017 Due

• We never can decide so we will let you choose from these three pregnancies due the Sept. 2017. We are a young program however proud of what we have assembled and marketed up to this point. Red Jewell continues to overwhelm us after each calf crop. Red Jewell continues to impress everyone and her progeny continues to be at the top here in South Dakota. Several daughters have sold in the excess of $20,000 and her embryos sales have been strong with the buyers being extremely pleased. Charlie Thomas has been a good buyer and super pleased with his keepers. Micheal Denning and the Dodge family have super females that will impact their programs for many years. A flush in our spring online sale sold to Bryan Strommen and Terry Ellingson. The Red Jewell pregnancy is sired by the legendary HC Power Drive. Genetics you don’t find. HPF Misti is a super baldie with a great track record. Her genetics have been instrumental for Hudson Pines and Lazy H and several of her progeny have done well at past Sweepstakes. Don’t let me mating to All Around slip by. Ebony Charm was bred in Kentucky however has made an impact across the country. Krieger Farms purchased one of her top daughters. Charm is still a beast of a cow and daughter of the matriarch Ebony Antoinette. Pregnancy is sired by Hooks Broadway. All genetics are proven with loads of upside. Call or any details and we hope to see you at the Sweepstakes. FOB Hudson, South Dakota. •



A special Thank You to Hudson Pines Farm for their 32 years of support and dedication to the Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes show. Thanks to Circle M for their support of the Sweepstakes and their sponsorship of the Showmanship Showdown. Also, thanks to all the breeders each year who help fund this great show thru embryo and semen donations plus fun auction items. We want to thank and show our appreciation to the sale staff for assisting each year at the Summer Stakes. And of course most important of all is the exhibitors and the Sweepstakes board members.

Consignor... Hilltop Simmentals, 605.929.3749

Miss CCF Sheza Bonnie Y61 x Profit



HF Venus x LLSF Pays To Believe

2 Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy

2 Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy

LLSF Pays To Believe ZU194

ASA# 2911662


Miss CCF Sheza Bonnie Y61



HF Venus

ASA# 2259166

ASA# 2659897

ASA# 2584183

• Sweepstakes history at its best. Most breeders remember 2009 when Sheza Looker won the Jr

• In the 2008 Sweepstakes show Miss Knockout 74T claimed champion honors in

Nationals and couple weeks later, full sisters Sheza Bandit and Sheza Looker were champion and reserve at the Sweepstakes. In 2008 Sheza Looker was reserve grand at the Sweepstakes. Sheza Bonnie a daughter of Sheza Looker will go down as one of best with the CCF prefix and backed by the legendary Gambles Hot Rod. Bonnie herself attracted loads of attention by cattlemen across the country. Bonnie herself was Reserve Sr. calf at the 2012 show and was reserve grand at the North American in 2013 and division champion at Denver. Profit is the other side of equation and he is stamping his look and completeness in his progeny and they are in big demand selling for record prices. Bonnie and Profit combined for only success. The story will go on.

the Jr and Open shows. Knockout is the dam of the full sisters, HF Venus and HF Serena. Knockout is now owned by Hobbs Farm, Jones Show Cattle and 102 River Ridge. Another important daughter of Knockout of 74T and a half sister to Venus is HPF Borne Knockout Y030 which claimed Reserve Grand at the North American and was the high seller last fall at the HPF Living Legacy sale going to Shoal Creek for 65,000. Of course, Pays to Believe was a North American champion and highly proven.

Consignor... Circle T Simmentals, 615.849.6510 & C&C Farms, 706.215.1251

Consignor... Hobbs Farms, 765.438.3366

LLSF Keepsake W914 x JASS On the Mark

HPF Queens Supreme X321 x HPF Quantum Leap Z952

2 Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy

HPF Quantum Leap Z952


ASA# 2649657


HPF Queens Supreme X321

JASS On The Mark 69D

ASA# 2535329

Champion bull at the 2014 show and Queen Supreme was Grand Champion female and then claimed the Knic Overpeck Memorial Supreme Champion award. We want to acknowledge the HPF prefix on both of these animals and again thank them for the years of support to the Sweepstakes, as they were one of the original founders 32 years ago. Buy into proven genetics from proven programs. Also, thanks to Circle M Farms the owner of Quantum Leap for their support of the Sweepstakes and the sponsorship of the Circle M Showmanship Showdown.

Consignor... Rocking P Livestock, 606.584.7581J


she continues to add to her list of top sellers and purple banner winners. As a past high seller at Denver, Keepsake continues to pay her way thru her superior offspring. Last year at the 2016 North American Select sale a High Regard daughter sold for $20,000 going to Campbell Land and Cattle Co. Larry Ashorn and family purchased a daughter out of the Ohio Beef Expo and she continues to earn some purple as well. If you want to be up front select these embryos out of the Loaded Up son from Griswold Cattle Co., Jass On the Mark. •

Consignor... Greenhorn Cattle Co, 937.470.6552

JS Flatout Flirty x WS All- Around

SVF Sazerac Y227

ASA# 2590677

she was the one most of breeders wanted as well. This Sazerac descendant has the ‘Wow’ factor and is quite impressive as you can see by her updated photo. Sazerac Y227 will have several good ones so now is the time to get involved. The family is proven time and time again. Stop by the farm when you in the area, we will glad to show you Y227 and her offspring. Y227 grand dam was champion female in the 2005 Sweepstakes and some of her descdants make to the back drop each year.

Consignor... Knapper Cattle Co, 765.585.1208

2 Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy

WS All-Around Z35


• Several years we made a great purchase at the SVF Family Tradition sale. Yes,

ASA# 2419373


ASA# 2498287

• Keepsake was a bred and owned AJSA National champion in her day however

3 Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy

CNS Pays to Dream T759

ASA# 3210989


LLSF Keepsake W194

SVF Sazerac Y227 x CNS Pays To Dream

2 Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy


• Genetics from two Sweepstakes champions, Quantum Leap was Grand

ASA# 2675740


JS Flatout Flirty 46T

ASA# 2435596

• We don’t make it ever year to be Sweepstakes however love the show and always try to be supportive. We are proud to offer these embryos out of our top donor Flatout Flirty. Again, in last year’s Midwest Made sale Flirty progeny and embryos stole the show. Daughters sold for $13,000, $10,000, $8,000, $6,500 and $5,100 going to Griswold, Circle M, Larry Bailey, and Allen Edwards. Remember this is the same family that produced the 2015 -2016 Triple Crown winner, JS Black Satin ( Boots). Also, JS Revolver owned by Clearwater and Accelerated Genetics is a Flatout Flirty son. Embryos are sired by WS All Around. The progeny will be in the top 10% for weaning, MCE, MWW and in the top 25% for API. •

Consignor... JS Simmentals, 515.979.9713

SSC Victoria Secret x TNGL Grand Fortune

Lazy H Shez Too Cool x Mr CCF 20-20

2 Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy

TNGLE Grand Fortune Z467


ASA# 2654876


ASA# 2880062

Consignor... Mast Simmentals, 740.260.6620

2 Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy

ASA# 2494553

• In the history of the 32 years of the Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes there have been many dominant cows however if you trace back the cow that would pop up the most would be JBH Sheza Dandy. Lazy H Shez Too Cool is the dam of the high selling Victoria Secret and her full brother SSC Shell Shocked. Shell Shocked commanded $18,000 going to KenCo Cattle Co. and Fenton Farms. This donor exhibits strength, power, base width and depth combined with the ability to keep her offspring complete and appealing to the eye. Shez Too Cool extended pedigree reads Dream On, STF Too Red, Lady Luck, Sheza Dandy Too and Sheza Dandy. In the 1998 Sweepstakes BCS Sheza Dandy Too claimed calf champion in the open show and Grand Champion honors in the Jr show. 20/20 is a home run sire and is doing a phenomenal job for Hartman Cattle Co and C and C Farms.

Stars and Stripes sale Victoria Secret and her heifer calf at side attracted attention on many breeders across the country. When the gavel fell the new owner was Andy Mast commanding $36,000. Embryos sold well at the North American and the Ohio Beef Expo. The Uno Mas heifer at her side sold at the Ohio Beef Expo commanding $13,000 going to Kody Sasser. Grand Fortune is great selection for this awesome baldie donor and no doubt will be a huge hit.


Lazy H Shez Too Cool W58

• Victoria Secret is a rising young star and a past champion as well. At the 2016

GCC Steel’n Sunshine x HPF Quantum Leap

ASA# 2964446

Mr CCF 20-20


SSC Victorias Secret 49B

2 Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy

Consignor... Stewart Simmentals, 717. 350.5235


THSF Miss Lovely B57 Embryos

2 Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy

THSF Ms Lovely B57, ASA# 2983441 x TKCC Classified, ASA# 3028710 HPF Quantum Leap Z952


ASA# 2649657


GCC Steel’n Sunshine 143C

THSF Ms Lovely B57, ASA# 2983441 x CDI Innovator 325D, ASA# 3152448 ASA# 3040776

• Here is a SVF Steel Force donor that is young and just starting into production as a donor. This is a super attractive, long necked, deep flanked, soft made, and well designed from end to end. This female has no holes and will be able to transmit all the positives and produce fault free marketable offspring. This half blood Steel Force daughter was produced in the Griswold program. With studying all the elite and top notch progeny by the 2014 Sweepstakes champion bull, HPF Quantum Leap is an easy selection. SVF Steel Force still ranks as one of the most used bulls in our breed. The SVF prefix and breeding has been in many championship pedigrees at the past Sweepstakes. •

THSF Ms Lovely B57, ASA# 2983441 x Zeis Real Steel A23, ASA# 2770310

Consignor... Thompson Livestock, 405.612.8457

• Right to Love 015U and Queen Valentine have been big impact females in the breed

and their progeny have been in the winner’s circle time and time again. Rocking P has done an excellent job with that line of genetics. In the 2008 North American we selected Right to Love as the high seller. After winning the American Royal she went into production and left us several top notch daughters. Lovely is one of her best. This red baldie Freedom daughter has all the correct parts and is a whale of a female. Miss Lovely was 9th overall at the 2016 AJSA Jr Nationals. The Right to Love 015U progeny have been winners for a long list of breeders however Hudson Pines has done exceptional with sons and daughters with a another long list of high sellers. This red baldie exceptional donor has been flushed to Zeis Real Steel and the exceptional young bull, CDI Innovator owned by JS and Wayward Hill. •

Consignor... Hadden Simmentals, 712.281.2690

Semen L ots 19

HILB Oracle C033R LLSF Uprising Z925 x SS Baby’s Breath


JASS On The Mark 69D W/C Loaded Up x JASS Sable’s Time


SFG The Judge D633 CCR Cowboy Cut x SFG Queen 801

Consignor... Badger Creek, 620.794.7601

HILB Oracle C033R

ASA# 2993610

5 Units Sexed Heifer Semen

ASA# 3210989

Consignor... Griswold Ranch & Kent Jaeke, 405.780.3300

10 Units

ASA# 3208952

JASS On The Mark 69D

SFG The Judge D633

SSC Shell Shocked

HPF/HILL Saban C104

LLSF Charged Up D66

LLSF Better Believe It D64

CDI Mainline 265D

HPF Optimizer A512

IR Fully Loaded B16

JC Engineer 102C

Consignor... Willie Morris, Joel DeNio & Heartland Simmentals, 319.269.0844

5 Units


SSC Shell Shocked Remington Secret Weapon x Lazy H Shez Too Cool


HPF/HILL Saban C104 LLSF Uprising x RP/MP Right To Love


LLSF Charged Up D66 LLSF Pays To Dream x LLSF Cayenne


LLSF Better Believe It D64 LLSF Pays To Believe x LLSF Cayenne

ASA# 2880060

Consignor... KenCo Cattle Co & Fenton Farms, 601.498.4946

10 Units

ASA# 2975488

Consignor... B&K Simmentals, 931.607.9171

10 Units

Consignor... Lee Simmentals, 573.881.5629

ASA# 3152726

5 Units

Consignor... Lee Simmentals & Wade Rodgers, 573.881.5629

ASA# 3152728

5 Units

Selling 10 Units Choice of Semen of Hillstown Sires •

Consignor... Hillstown Farms, 618.978.0531


CDI Mainline 265D TJ Main Event 503B x Hook’s Beyonce 82B


HPF Optimizer A512 JASS/JS Optimizer x HPF Rachels Dream


IR Fully Loaded B16 W/C United x IR Ms Geneva


JC Engineer 102C GW Lucky Boy x Hooks Zola

ASA# 3152346

ASA# 2728015

ASA# 2942929

ASA# 2976529

Summer Breeders Sweepstakes Schedule

Friday, July 28th

12:00 Noon Junior Steer Show, Junior Percentage Heifer Show, Junior Percentage Cow/Calf Show,

Nathan Adkins Memorial Scholarship Presentation, Peter Courtney Supreme Bred & Owned Memorial

Saturday, July 29th 10:00 am

Junior Showmanship, Rookie Showmanship, Circle M Farms Showmanship Showdown

2:00 pm

Barn Social – New Market Hall Herdsman Award, Embryo Auction, Summer Stakes Elite Heifer Auction

Sunday, July 30th 9:00 am

Percentage Cow/Calf Pair Show, Percentage Bull Show, Percentage Female Show, Percentage Group Classes Show

Purebred Cow/Calf Pair Show, Purebred Bull Show, Purebred Female Show, Knic Overpeck Supreme Champion Memorial, Purebred Group Classes Show

Sweepstakes Coordinator:

Jame Secondino Krieger 812.208.0956 Sweepstakes Chairman:

Cliff Orley 717.269.0128 Secretary:

Holli Hatmaker 859.707.5248 Treasurer:

Ronnie Creek 270.725.6730 Embryo Auction Chairman:

Doug Parke 859.421.6100

Hotel Headquarters:

Four Points Sheraton 502.753.5555

Contact for details or to leave a bid.

Watch the website or facebook page for updates, semen lots, videos and other auction items.

w w w. s i m m e n t a l b r e e d e r s s w e e p s t a ke s. c o m

Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes Summer Stakes Elite Sale  

Selling Simmental and SimAngus Genetics Bred Heifers, Open Heifers, Pregnancies, Genetic Packages and Semen

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